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If Only Alice was wicked by leafty If Only Alice was wicked :iconleafty:leafty 254 1,274 Camelot's Tyrant Saint by NekoVOLTZIII Camelot's Tyrant Saint :iconnekovoltziii:NekoVOLTZIII 72 323
Frozen: The Love Between Two Sisters by AkiraAlion Frozen: The Love Between Two Sisters :iconakiraalion:AkiraAlion 126 373
Demon's Decision
“Okay. I’m in.” Sam Winchester shut the door to Ruby’s car, his voiced laced with determination and fear.
The demon he had destined himself to ride with looked over at him. She was half afraid that Sam had meant what he said, half nervous that he hadn’t. “What changed your mind?”
Sam sighed. “I don’t want to be doing this when I’m an old man.”
“Okay, Sam. Good.” Ruby didn’t mean that, but she started the car nonetheless, the engine coming to life with a strained roar.
As the car drove off through the battered alley, Ruby became more uncertain. She could tell Sam shared her fear. Neither of them spoke, and the only sound was the near absence rain silently crashing against the windows as Sam watched.
The entire drive was pointless, Ruby thought, but it gave her some time to understand what she now had to do and made the reality of the situation hit her harder than a train ever could. When Ruby was content
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Paint the World White by kupuruu Paint the World White :iconkupuruu:kupuruu 23 124 A Twist of Fate... by AMorton1846 A Twist of Fate... :iconamorton1846:AMorton1846 36 74 Hansel and Gretel by Kanilope Hansel and Gretel :iconkanilope:Kanilope 287 531
Missing Something
“You can’t do this!” John Winchester ran his rough fingers through his thin, black hair. “You’re not their father.”
Bobby Singer slammed a box of old, lore books on the table, furious at the situation. “Yeah? Well, I’m about as close as those boys will ever get, ‘cause you sure as hell ain’t their father either!”
“Don’t you say that,” John stood from his seat, both hands on the table, “don’t you dare say that.”
Bobby looked John straight in his eyes, neither of them willing to move from their positions. “We’re leavin’ first thing tomorrow, John.” Bobby lowered his voice, then shook his head as he turned away from him to find the other boxes.
“No.” John stood from his seat, walked over to the old drunk and grabbed his shoulder, turning Bobby to face him. “You’re not taking them. They’re my children.”
“You mi
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Alice In Wonderland - Twist Fate by 1Caro Alice In Wonderland - Twist Fate :icon1caro:1Caro 44 143 Corrupted Thorin Oakenshield by DemonHunteress Corrupted Thorin Oakenshield :icondemonhunteress:DemonHunteress 30 229 The Arkenstone is Mine by DemonHunteress The Arkenstone is Mine :icondemonhunteress:DemonHunteress 13 84 Snow White (The White Queen)- Twist Fate by DorseyDesignz Snow White (The White Queen)- Twist Fate :icondorseydesignz:DorseyDesignz 13 58 10985252 205611923135695 3579634203453317164 N by nguyen323 10985252 205611923135695 3579634203453317164 N :iconnguyen323:nguyen323 4 6 The Lake of the Swans - Pas de Deux by Eunjii The Lake of the Swans - Pas de Deux :iconeunjii:Eunjii 201 240 Mulan by AsherAv2 Mulan :iconasherav2:AsherAv2 90 140
It Ended Well (Good Hydra vs Evil Shield)
When we think everything is finished we have to do another little effort even when all seems bad...
-director Pierce!- Ward was running in the destroyed place with some documents in hand -we have all we need it for the new attack-Ward said -finally good notice when is going to be ready?- Pierce asked calmed -2 hours max sir, Baron Zemo tell us all the laboratory is working on it- Ward said  -good good, how is Skie?-Pierce asked -she...she is still in that room without wanting to talk sir- Ward looked disturbed  -you should talk to her, this is not for us- Pierce put his right hand in his shoulder -but for you, also, what we are doing is for the World...we need it to change we need to defeat S.H.I.E.L.D so the world will be in pace and as long i know she only talk to you right?- Ward was silent for a moments -she...betrayed me sir...honestly i don’t have nothing to talk with he-” he then goes to another room while Pierce continue walking to the Office.
Were Baron Z
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TwistFate-Undertwist by Snowyn-enigma TwistFate-Undertwist :iconsnowyn-enigma:Snowyn-enigma 11 110
Tom the Piper's Son
Once upon an inharmonious time, in a little town called Hamelin, the townspeople were plagued by the most brutal of rat infestations. Rats on window seals, rats in your soup, rats in your cupboards, rats running loose on the streets, and even rats in your shoes waiting to bite your toes off!
Yet in all this disarray, there was one rat who slept in a shoe but not with the intention of biting anyone’s toes off. He hath been tamed by human hands and was addressed by the human who tamed him as Garstang the Rat. His master’s was a little girl named Girta and she lived in a meager house at the edge of the infested town with her crippled grandmother and her younger brother: a crippled mute named Tom. Their father, who was both a butcher and a drunkard, had died by his own error the previous year and thus his children were left in the care of the stubborn old hag.
Garstang sensed, as animals can do, that Girta was very unhappy and when she was at her lowest, he would nuzzle her sid
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Evil Peach by 5Blue3 Evil Peach :icon5blue3:5Blue3 10 49 Evil Mad Hatter by ZiAdinda1808 Evil Mad Hatter :iconziadinda1808:ZiAdinda1808 20 54
Destruction So Divine
There was once a kingdom bordered by mist and mountains, lush with forests and crystalline rivers that twined over the land like trails of tears dripping down porcelain cheeks. This kingdom was ruled by a gracious king and queen, but when malicious forces too powerful for mortal rulers to counter threatened the realm, the true guardians of the kingdom came forth.
Sister fairies, each with their own unique powers and sacred connection to the soul of the universe itself, protected the kingdom. Their presence could be felt throughout the realm; it was evident in the vibrancy of the flowers and the sweet iciness of the water that flowed as lifeblood through the earth. The people adored the seven fairies who walked among them, each exuding a tangible aura of power that lifted their mortal hearts and sang to their souls. These seven sisters were each linked to the natural world, comprising together the purest form of harmony between magic and mortal life: the rainbow.
The youngest of these s
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Twist Fate: The Shadows in the Winds
I just wanted to be noticed....
                         I just wanted a friend.....
                     But nobody did......
          But nobody wanted to.....
                  Now I sit here, unnoticed....
                Now I sit here, alone.....
            As I sit, darkness consumes.....
         As I sit, saddness consumes.....
                      The darkness consumed....
                    The saddness consumed....
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Twist Fate: Vanellope and Turbo by Landana123 Twist Fate: Vanellope and Turbo :iconlandana123:Landana123 8 25 Candy~ Twist of Fate Contest Entry by milkystary Candy~ Twist of Fate Contest Entry :iconmilkystary:milkystary 12 24