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When I found out there was a tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot contest going on I just had to do something, so I did this...

This is my entry to the "Manipulated fractal" category, even if it is rather "raw" I did some post work (fog/background) in Photoshop.

It is a hybrid mandelbox cut in half, so you can see the mandelbrot-set cut surface of the mandelbulbs within the box.

Mandelbulb 3D & Photoshop & Me

WOW, I just found out I won! :D :keiross: :D
Thank you all for nice comments and faves!
And big thanks to the jury!!! :bow:

I just have to link to a thread I started over at fractalforums that connects these new 3D mandelbulbs and mandelboxes to Benoit Mandelbrot in a lovely manner: [link]
Sadly we never got a second answer...
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Raw Fractal

Benoit Mandelbrot on YouTube: [link]
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For the Mandelbrot Tribute Contest --> [link]

- Category: raw fractals -

Ultra Fractal 5.03
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Made with Fractal Explorer :iconmonkeydanceplz:

Entry for the Mandelbrot Tribute Contest :dance:

Category: Raw fractal

Good luck everyone!

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This is a multi-layered fractal created 100% in Ultra Fractal as part of my Ultra Fractal Fantasy Scenes series.

It is my entry for the Mandelbrot Tribute Contest, more as my tribute to him than for any other reason [link] and is a Raw fractal.

My gallery and all the images contained therein are Copyright ©2006-2010 AnnaKirsten. All rights reserved. None of the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted, borrowed, duplicated, printed, downloaded, or uploaded in any way without my express written permission. This includes downloading for desktop wallpaper.

My images do not belong to the public domain.

Other Ultra Fractal Ocean Scenes [link]

My Ultra Fractal Flora Gallery [link]
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A tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractals who died 14 Oct 2010. We owe him a lot. Close up view is recommanded :aww:

Raw fractal, made in UF.
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Mandelbrot tribute contest. Manipulated fractal.

A tribute to a great man who discovered hidden paradigm of the world.
:peace: :weed: :peace:
Ultra Fractal 5, Incendia 1.3
Resources: "Hi res Mandelbrot Dmaps"
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Download for 1280x960 resolution

Category: Raw Fractals :)

A deep magnification of a 2D slice of the 12-dimensional :omg: :faint: heptic parameter space. The heptic parameter space (for 7th degree polynomials) is the the full analogy to the 2-dimensional quadratic parameter space where the ordinary Mandelbrot set is situated.

This is a bud in the cracking region of the motive Swirl Eruption. The location is entirely inside the coalescing sets M2 - M5, in fact the midst of the 3-diveded continent in the motive Blushing Mummy. The motive is drawn with respect to the set M1. If it instead had been drawn with respect to the set M6, the mandel buds had had been complete with no “defects”. Note: Buds of the Mandelbrot set are also regarded to mini copies of the entire set, as ALL the structures of the entire Mandelbrot set are there in every bud :omg: See article 13 in my Chaotic series. For that reason I think that this motive will fit this contest.

Ultra Fractal, formula Heptic Parameterspace3 in the sp3-module written by my dear friend Stig Pettersson, Greenseng here at DeviantART. All his modules, as well as mine can be downloaded from [link]

Below the parameter file, play and have fun :

BeautyOfTheDyingMandy {
title="Beauty of the Dying Mandy" width=640 height=480 layers=1
credits="Ingvar Kullberg;11/13/2010"
caption="M1" opacity=100 method=multipass
center=-1.2870081295621/0.05186972815783 magn=4893.668
maxiter=25000 filename="sp3.ufm" entry="HepticParameterspace3"
p_PlottedPlane="1.(a-real,a-imag)" p_M=M1 p_SetBorders=no p_hide=yes
p_areal=0.0 p_aimag=0.0 p_breal=0.5 p_bimag=0.0 p_creal=0.5
p_cimag=0.0 p_dreal=0.5 p_dimag=0.0 p_ereal=0.5 p_eimag=0.0
p_freal=0.0 p_fimag=0.0 p_xrot=0.0 p_yrot=0.0 p_xrott=0.0
p_yrott=0.0 p_xrotu=0.0 p_yrotu=0.0 p_xrotv=0.0 p_yrotv=0.0
p_xrotr=0.0 p_yrotr=0.0 p_xrots=0.0 p_yrots=0.0 p_xrota=0.0
p_yrota=0.0 p_xrotb=0.0 p_yrotb=0.0 p_xrotc=0.0 p_yrotc=0.0
p_xrotd=0.0 p_yrotd=0.0 p_zrot=0.0 p_LocalRot=no p_diff=no
p_bailout=100.0 p_dbailout=1E-6
transfer=arctan filename="spr.ucl" entry="ContinousPotential"
p_auto=yes p_auton=2.0 p_n=1.0 p_numfact=1.0 p_scale=1.0 p_smooth=no
p_epsilon=0.5 p_illustr=no p_limiton=no p_limit=0.1 p_index3=0.0
p_index1=0.99 p_index2=0.0 p_speed=0.5 p_acc=1.0 p_clog=yes
p_power=2.0 p_reversed=no p_test=no p_testvalue=0.7 p_index4=0.29
smooth=yes rotation=74 index=38 color=17919 index=97 color=62945
index=148 color=2170435 index=198 color=65530 index=227 color=329215
index=290 color=11075591 index=374 color=32
smooth=no index=0 opacity=255
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in category Raw Fractal

I've devoted a part of my life to this man's invention.
He deserves respect

wallpaper 1920x1200
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