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An Introduction to Mary Sues
I. What is a Mary Sue?

    A Mary Sue is a common term that can be seen and found in any fandom. I find that a Mary Sue is usually an OC, or original character. However, there are several cases where the Mary Sue is a canon character, a character from the actual series the fandom is centered around. A Mary Sue is, simply put, a perfect, unrealistic, idealized character with too little negative flaws that can be exploitable or cause any misfortune to said character.
    If your character is accused of being a Mary Sue, don't fret yet. Take a moment to analyze your character. I will type about how to identify and a step-by-step manuel about how to perform a Mary Sue Surgery. Let's first start with what kinds of Mary Sues there are before deeming if the OC you have is a Mary Sue.
II. Common Mary Sue Types
There are several types of Mary-Sues. If I try to list all of them here, this wouldn't really be an introduction to M
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