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Post-Teen (Mature)

The Perfect Belly Button (Part 1)
It was second period English class. The time was around ten thirty AM, and Andrew was really bored. This was the twelfth day of the semester, and Andrew realized that he had a long semester ahead of him. He was very antsy because none of his friends were in the class and the only time his friend was a class with him was his next class, third period biology. Andrew decided to gaze around his classroom and let his eyes wander. He noticed that about much of his class was female. Most of the girls were moderately attractive, and he didn’t pay attention to them that much. His teacher Ms. Burnette, minded her own business for most of class and didn’t pay attention to much of what was going on. The only time she needed the class’s attention was when she was teaching. The desks were assembled in rows, and the teacher’s desk was in the back corner, making it rather difficult to see her.
Ms. Burnette had been assigned a teacher’s aide at the beginning of the semeste
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Paul and Mary 1 - Meeting Mary
Paul and Mary
by Bobby Laurel
This story is a pure fiction. The places and characters are fictitious. If they resemble anybody you know, it is just by chance. The story deals with pretending phenomenon. If you are not familiar with the topic, you can find more information all over Internet. There are many sites and discussion forums, where you can get explanation of the psychological phenomenon as well as meet other pretenders.
So seek, read, learn and try to understand before you criticize.
My name is Paul. I am a normal guy, single, almost thirty. I go to work every day as anybody else, watch TV as anybody else, side with my favorite soccer club as anybody else. But still there is a strange crazy side of my personality that I hide from the people who know me. I am a high myopia pretender.
Since my early childhood I have always been fascinated with glasses. I liked girls and women with glasses. I wanted to wear glasses myself too. As I grew older I became more and more obsessed
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