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The Wolf and the Fighter
(Ryouko Ookami x Male Reader)
Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting in awhile so much has happened to me in a short amount of time. I lost a person in my family and things didn’t turn out so well between me and girl I was interested in. Following this it seemed that things went downhill between one of my friends and I. This caused me to feel lonely and depressed for a awhile, but now I’m starting to feel happy once more. Now I know that this isn’t Stand Together, but I feel a little burned out on RWBY related things so the the next chapter will be put on hold until further notice. During my hiatus, I watched Ookami-san which I thought was pretty good. I’m more or less a JoJo fanboy so it was a change in pace when I watched it. I also played a little of Shenmue too and it was pretty fun.
Now onto the story/oneshot, which is more or less an AU of Ookami-san. Some characters might be OOC so my bad. I changed a certain aspect of a character so that they could put up a
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Kidnapped Tied Up Tickle Torture: Part 1 (M/FF)
When they were young, the two girls had often enjoyed sleeping over at each other's houses. They would play games, tell spooky stories, and stay up late to watch movies. However, as the years went on the two of them had less and less time for Slumber Parties, and it became more and more childish and unappealing. After High School graduation they parted ways.
Flash forward seven years later, and the two girls have now become young women in their twenties. They had met each other incidentally while at a party in their home town, and after catching up and finding that they were still close friends, decided to do something they hadn't done in a long time: Have a sleepover!
That night, the two young women were relaxing in Mary's house. Rose, twenty-four, was 5"7 and had smooth brown hair that went down to her shoulders. Mary, twenty-three, was 5"6 and also had long hair, but with a raven, dark black color. They were both caucasian, though Mary was quite pale and Rose was more tan. The two o
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We’re the same, but cannot connect.
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The rainy days
If I could go back to those rainy days that I loved so very much, I would. I would surrender all of my wealth, all of the glory that my life up till now hath awarded me and I would return to those empty rain covered streets whereupon I first met you. I'd never liked the rain, but there in the midst of miserable sunlight shone a beauty I had never before seen, nor since. It wasn't her face that was particularly beautiful, although I would lying if I were to say she wasn't pretty, no it wasn't her face. To this day I have no idea why I saw in you such immeasurable beauty. It could have been in the mysterious and rare way in which you smiled up at the sky. It appeared as though you had been waiting for this moment your entire life, and once that second had passed you found yourself waiting for the next. Your umbrella had fallen to the ground, where upon it lay collecting water as though it were instead a bucket. How silly you looked. People stared at you as they walked by, but you didn't
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Meeting the Allies
England's Capital (1p/2p Hetalia X London Reader X Obsessive England)
Chapter 2
Warning there is jealous Iggy in this chapter and a lot of future chapters. Enjoy my sexy readers!]
-Character List;
.(Name) Kirkland: London
.Alfred F Jones: America
.Arthur Kirkland: England
.Yao Wang: China
.Francis Bonnefoy: France
.Ivan Braginski: Russia
.Matthew Williams: Canada
.梅花 (Méihuā): plum blossom (CHINESE)
.petite fille: little girl (FRENCH)
.beau petit lapin: beautiful little bunny (FRENCH)
.подсолнечника, да (podsolnechnika, da): sunflower, yes (RUSSIAN)
.Привет меня зовут (Privet menya zovut): Hello my name is
.подсолнечника (podsolnechnika): sunflower (RUSSIAN)
-//////////-(Chapter Two: Meeting Th
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One last goodbye...
The back of his neck burned. He had been walking for what seemed like forever down the familiar beach. He missed the golden sands, and the kiss of crisp ocean air as it pierced his nostrils. He looked down at his feet, and couldn't help but wonder; if the tides had not wiped this gritty slate clean every few hours, would he have walked in the same footsteps as her? Or even his own?
He shook his head, hoping to clear it of such a nonsensical question. It didn't matter now. She was gone.
He knelt down, the surf gently flowing between his toes. His fingers sifted through the loose, wet sand being pushed by the calm, salty blanket creeping toward the shore.
The soft, intoxicating whisper of the glossy waves drowned out the bustling city behind him. The crashing silence, broken only by one lonely seagull floating on the tired breeze. It came to rest on the only rock protruding from the reflected sky lines, dancing across the ripples and tumbling on the shifting liquid moguls. The bird squaw
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Another Gravitation fic, time time I wanted to write about the events of episode 6. People say that when Shuichi was beaten up by Taki's thugs, he was also gang raped to. Like many fans I was horrified, but when I rewatched the episode and from what I know from the manga, I begin to ask myself if Taki really is that sick and would go so far as to have someone raped. Is he really capable of it?
And if that happened I don't think Ken and Ma-kun would stick by him after that since they were shocked and horrified when Taki told them about what happened to Shuichi. So this leads to me thinking that he only had Shuichi beaten, and as for the pictures...well, you'll see.
This is just my intake of what really happened to Shuichi and what Taki told his bandmates. And heads up for a Gravitation headcanon in this story.
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Nameless Void
Her best friend couldn't save her.
Her apartment was a mess of works she had never completed. Or some she hadn't even got halfway through.
College was a laugh.
Her degree in acting got her nowhere.
She was set to do something with her life she did not love...and all that she cared about...her life's works...lay on the floor-simply making a mess.
On top of that, she had just recently discovered writer's block. She was sure there was plenty of things in the world to write about, just, at the moment,-she couldn't think of any of them.
She was in love with a guy she couldn't get in touch with.
Someone levels above her.
She thought, if only she could make it as a writer, as a something-then she'd have a chance...but there was no way she was making it today.
Not with her apartment like this and her bestie standing there glaring at her with her hands on her hips.
"When are you gonna get your life together?" She said in a stern tone.
"I mean, you've done nothing but waste time since day one."
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Chapter 2: Unexpected Visit
Aislin slowly ran her hand down her arm as the cool water poured down on her pale flesh. The group had finally had to leave Hershal’s farm. It ended up getting overrun by walkers. Sadly… they lost a few along the way. They were now staying at a prison which they had all worked hard to overrun and start a “home” there. The place was eerie but better than outside. Also… Lori was gone. The baby managed to survive, but not her…
Daryl ended up naming her Ass-Kicker, which Aislin couldn’t help but grin just thinking about it. He was surprisingly good with kids… very gentle and sweet. It brought his caring side out like he had for her that one night on the farm. Which, to Aislin’s disappointment, her and Daryl hadn’t had sex since… They still talked and Aislin occasionally was able to sneak a peck on the cheek sometimes but that was about it.
“Was the sex that bad…?” Aislin mumbled out loud in the shower.
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Gypsy Curse Ch1: Making Mischief
Chapter 1: Making Mischief
Bethany Swift was a good-looking college girl, with flowing brown hair. That’s where the compliments ended. She was snotty, conceited, and reveled in the misfortune of others. She had her group of girlfriends that she hung out with. Other than that, people either wanted to fuck her or punch her, some both.
It was a Friday afternoon. She was to meet up with her friends Sally and Rebecca at a Denny’s to hang out; and more than likely unscrew the top on the ketchup, or leave a full glass of water overturned on top of the laminated menus, etc. before they left.
She got out of class an hour before the other two did, so she had some time to kill. She stopped in the square next to Main Street to sit down. It was a somewhat decent park, if only a 100 or so feet on any side. After a few minutes of reading her books she got bored and decided cause a little mischief. She took the enormous wad of gum out of her mouth and left it on the bench across from hers,
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Battle Scars + Broken Homes (Zuko x Reader) 3/?
Warnings: Referenced/Implied Domestic Violence, Referenced/Implied Minor Character Death
Battle Scars + Broken Homes (Zuko x Reader) 3/?

For that moment in time, she looked completely content.
For all of time, she looked absolutely beautiful.
And I wouldn't change a millisecond.
(Name), 18 : Year of 102 AG - Fall
The carriage ride to the docks was very pleasant. It was sunset, so the sky was an array of oranges, pinks, and reds, instead of it's usual blue. 
Zuko being an honest gentleman offered me his hand to aid me out of the carriage.
"My lady." He presented his hand with an exaggerated bow, a smirk crossing his features.
"I think you're forgetting who exactly is royalty here." I said as I took his hand and stepped down from the carriage and stood in front of Zuko.
Keeping his grip on my hand, he looked
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Never Hurts To Dream
There's a question I always come across, everywhere I go and look. It's on Facebook, I get asked from different people I know. The question is, "So, what's on your mind?"
My mind? What's on my mind? Who wants to know? Who really wants to know the dreams I have, both night and day?
My mind is a compilation of things I don't understand. I've spent my whole life searching for one thing I have found somewhere I've never been.
"But how does that work?"
I don't know how, but it does.
What do you want me to say?
Well, I guess I'll tell you a story.
It started not too long ago. Something was discovered in someone when I wasn't looking. I just offered her my help, it's what I do. I like to help people, yet the conversations continued after that. They went long into the night, and started early in the morning. Even when we weren't talking, I was going over the messages in my head.
I once heard the question, "Have you ever been in love?" and I couldn't answer it. Apparently, that meant I hadn
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Jungle Kingdom: The Revival of Mii 2
"You're forgiven, and rest assured, I am fully aware of your kingdom's state of affairs.  As you ask, I will lend you my power in restoring it to prosperity,"  Mii smiled warmly at the little King, as she found the needy way he grabbed her hands adorable.  It looked like his passion for helping his kingdom was heavily overwhelming her request to take the formality down a notch, but that in and of itself was endearing.
"All that I ask in return for my blessing is tribute and worship, but I understand that, in these trying times, your people have little to give.  So how about I give you a little taste to help you prepare your first tribute: a feast in my honor?"  Mii gave him another wink, this time more teasing than sensual.
Meiah perked up the beamed. "Yes... Yes of course!" He smiled brightly. "That can be arranged! We have a royal garden where we cultivate our fruit and produce for the palace! It's been very light but I am eager to see you work! And the food
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Paul and Mary 1 - Meeting Mary
Paul and Mary
by Bobby Laurel
This story is a pure fiction. The places and characters are fictitious. If they resemble anybody you know, it is just by chance. The story deals with pretending phenomenon. If you are not familiar with the topic, you can find more information all over Internet. There are many sites and discussion forums, where you can get explanation of the psychological phenomenon as well as meet other pretenders.
So seek, read, learn and try to understand before you criticize.
My name is Paul. I am a normal guy, single, almost thirty. I go to work every day as anybody else, watch TV as anybody else, side with my favorite soccer club as anybody else. But still there is a strange crazy side of my personality that I hide from the people who know me. I am a high myopia pretender.
Since my early childhood I have always been fascinated with glasses. I liked girls and women with glasses. I wanted to wear glasses myself too. As I grew older I became more and more obsessed
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Choque de Universos - Primer Cambio (Capitulo 1)
Despues de una semana de diversiones, molestias, estres y tareas llego un ansiado dia viernes para mi.
Aunque para mi no fue la gran cosa ya que me tenia que quedar despues de clases por jugar futbol en el aula y romper una ventana.
Me levante con pereza e inicio la nueva rutina. Primero tuve que esperar a que tania se duchara para poder entrar yo, luego de cambiarnos baje a tomar desayuno pero ya no era "pacifico" era mas "ruidoso"
Entre a la cocina con Tania para ver un desastre armado por cuatro ases de la cocina. Aunque fue horrible el ruido fue un desayuno delicioso.
Luego saliendo de casa Adrian y Celeste se ofrecieron a llevarme en su auto, agregando el tiempo perdido fue la mejor opcion. Me subi a la parte de atras del auto para verlos besarse en casi cada uno de los semaforos hasta que llegue al colegio asqueada.
Para empezar mal, llegue tarde pero las clases se fueron volando gracias al sueño que tuve, dormi casi todas las clases. Lo peor fue despues cuando hubo un exame
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No Wings to Fly
Chapter 1
Just the Beginning
Upon the starry night sky fell a comet. A small comet. The comet fell in a forest so green and beautiful, but after that, they all burned down. A forest fire. The comet cracked open and revealed a fragile girl.
The sky started to get cloudy. After a few hours, it rained and had stopped the fire from expanding.
I sat up slowly. "Ugh, a headache." I cupped my forehead thinking it would help. Suddenly, blood slowly came flowing down my hand. "Is this... b-b-blood?" I fainted.
'Huh? Where am I?... Oh, I'm stuck in the same spiral staircase again. No matter if I go upstairs or down, I keep coming back to the same spot. A light bulb overhead shines, and it's the only light in the whole place. Even just a foot up the stairs, the light immediately shuts off and I'm left in complete darkness. The two choices I have is to get back to my place or walk to the next floor i
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[Chapter 12] No Regrets [Levi x Fem!Reader]
Pawing the ground impatiently, your horse rears its head and takes a couple of steps back when Levi approaches him. The large animal snorts, nostrils flaring when the short man in front of him reaches around his neck to grab the reins.
You knew better than to say anything – what Levi wanted, he did. No words necessary. Frustrating as it may be, you knew better than to get on his nerves this early in the morning, especially considering the way he snapped at your squad leader earlier when the man tried to splash a bucket of water on him. Granted, he got you and Isabel – not that you were proud of that or anything – but you were pretty sure that whatever Levi dished Flagon this morning was more than enough for the three of you combined. Actually, scratch that. Levi yelled at him enough for the four of you, and even then, just the four of you wasn’t going to cover it.
But whatever.
Flagon’s learned his lesson.
Guiding your white steed over to his black one, yo
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Meeting 2p!England
England's Capital (1p/2p Hetalia X London Reader X Obsessive England) chapter 3
[I'm going to keep their short because I don't what u guys waiting long and I'm on a tight schedule, but I think you guys will still be happy with an update anyway, -ßerewë(KBerr)]
                        =After the meeting=
Arthur and I walked out to his car. I was starting to feel nervous as we had gotten closer to the car, remembering what had happened last time we were left alone for a while. Arhtur jumped into his car after unlocking it. He looked at me as if waiting for me to also jump into the car. I hesitated for a second before getting in.
Thankfully he didn't try anything on me when we were driving home. Arhtur did occasionally glance my way. I still feel nervous, even though he isn't trying anything. I'm starting to think that Scotty must have had a talk with him after I went to bad that night...
The drive was shot and quick, w
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England's Capital (1p/2p Hetalia X London Reader X Obsessive England) chapter 1
[Here is a story with a obsessive almost yandere England. And various other male countries! Enjoy all of my sexies!]
-Character List;
.(Name) Kirkland: London
.Arthur Kirkland: England
-//////////-(Chapter One: Memory)-//////////-
Hi, my name is (Name) Kirkland. Well at least that is what it is now. My name use to be (Name) (Last Name). But that was so long ago. You see I am the personification of London. I use to be human. When I was five, I was taken in by the personification of England. He gave me the last name Kirkland to start a new life. Time with him was the best of my young life. That was until I started getting sick. When I turn seventeen I was taken into the hospital. There I found out that I had lung Cancer.
England did not want to loose me. So without my permission, he turned me into his captial. Now it is ten year later. I am twenty seven, but still physically seventeen. I am
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Choque De Universos - Vida Ordinaria (Prologo)
Me llamo Antonio, tengo 16 años, vivo en el piso de arriba de un pequeño edificio de dos pisos, el piso de abajo es el cafe de mi tia carola y en donde vivo, es como un departamento para los 6, que vivimos alli, que somos: mi hermano Marco, mi tia Carola, mi tio Jorge y por ultimo mis primas, gemelas, Diana y Silvia.
Vivo con mis tios porque cuando tenia 4 mi madre fallecio de cancer...y mi padre, murio en un accidente cuando tenia 10, mi vida es una mierda. Mi tio nos adopto a mi y a Marco aunque no tenia tanto dinero, y ahora estamos algo apretados.
Tengo un horario MUY completo y complicado. De lunes a viernes me Levanto a las 5:40 y corro a tomar el metro, Voy a clase en el colegio Saint Tenacious de 7:00 a 3:30; despues tengo un trabajo de medio tiempo, estoy los lunes, miercoles y viernes de 4:00 a 8:00 atendiendo mesas en el restaurante Tonio's, que lo administra un amigo de mi padre, luego de eso regreso a casa; Los Martes, Jueves en la noche y domingo en la tarde son
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