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Thicksburg's idea of a Human Interest piece
"...without a briquette.
"In local news, the source of last week's mysterious 'loud voice' has been found.  Nineteen year old Jodie Westler, who moved here from Ohio just yesterday to enroll in FSU-Thicksburg's marine sentience ambassador program, has experienced minor precognitive visions since early high school, but found out this morning that she also has the power to reverberate her voice across time.  The first manifestation of this secondary power occurred at nine thirty nine this morning, five days after many Thicksburg residents heard her shout.  As witnessed by head of the marine sentience research department Jamal Kikett, his newest student was calling across a parking garage-- potentially the cause of the distortion and strong echoes heard days ago-- to her friend Louis, simply asking whether he preferred brats or hamburgers for lunch.  Recognizing her voice, Doctor Kikett notified authorities and escorted the bewildered young seer downtown.  Miss We
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FFM 2016 - Day 23 - Sadistic Joy
I revel in the pain of others.  I can't remember the first time I enjoyed punishing someone out of spite, but I really don't care at this point.  Usually, it starts when the victim does something that insults me.  And then, I pay it back to them threefold, so that they will know what they have done to me.  They cry, begging me to stop, but I take pleasure in such things.  They claim that I will pay for my actions, but they never follow through with them.  Such spineless worms, they are.  I am disgusted by the very thought of considering other options when I would rather take action.  Action is the only thing that evokes a response from the masses, so why would I just wait around for something to happen when I could make it happen?
The world just doesn't understand how I think, and they never will.
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Come back...
"Come back..." Plead the voices in your mind
They are the voices of the those you've loved
And those you've hated
All clamoring for your attention
They swarm
"It's all so much easier here." Their voices blend
in a seductive half whisper
"Come back..."
Images from yesteryear swirl in a colorful haze
The emotions excite you
Passion grumbles and stirs in your chest
Every avaricious thought, once held back
now flashes violently across your mind
Hours alter between Battlefields of Vengeance
and craven turpitude
A torrent sea of blaring emotion
It is your Passion unbridled
"It is all that matters..."
"It is all that is left..."
Yet, through dreary mists,
on the Isle of Forgetfulness
An empty-eyed child stands eerily on the bank
"Who are you?" You cry out,
your voice distant to yourself
The child raises its hoary head.
"I am everything you have forgotten..."
The child moans with many voices
and the waves around you hiss
"I am your Drive, your Will."
The child's voice's multiply.
"I am every T
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