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Louise breathed a sigh of relief as the countryside gave way to city outskirts after two hours stuck in the car with Mother, who was adamant she couldn't concentrate on the road when the radio was on.
"Now I want you to take little Lisa and play outside as soon as we get there," said Mother. Strange how she could talk while driving but not listen. "I don't want her within earshot when I sit her parents down."
"Sure, Mum."
Lisa's parents were just getting started on what was sure to be an ugly divorce, and Mother being Mother just had to get involved and make things worse. She was right though, at seven years old 'little Lisa' was probably having a hard enough time with the split already. She didn't need to be in the middle of the maelstrom that was about to get kicked up.
Lisa. A cute enough kid with her button nose and freckles, but Louise didn't like her all that much. She had this old patchwork rabbit she dragged around everywhere. Even the carrot it held had been stitched together
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The Age of Change
Everyone has something they fear most, whether it’s something as common as darkness and monsters or as silly as the mascot of a brand of cereal. On All Hallows Eve, the scariest time of the year, these fears become even more terrifying, bone-chilling, spine-tingling, and paranoia-perpetuating. On this night, five individuals will come face-to-face with what they fear most, and the results will be anything but pretty. This time, we present to you a story about a young boy, who loves being a big kid and showing off that fact to those he deems beneath him. It was only a few short years since he himself had been one of those little kids, still wearing diapers and unable to pronounce things as well as an adult could. Tonight, he will be reminded that every person was once a baby, even The Age of Change!
Four-year-old Dylan always prided himself on being a big kid. The brown-haired, green-eyed boy saw himself above those younger than him, especially those that were stil
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Greed: Minister Gay and his Seven Wives
So it has come to this; the most powerful and wealthiest man in the history of Singapore, yet so evil that he is able to outstand any serial killer and murderer in the world, and kill them off in an instant, even if they all worked together to try and stop him. Born during the British colonisation, he was known to have broken Henry the Eighth's record of the number of wives he had married, with a total of seven. This is the story of Minister Emanuel Jiangguo Gay.
Emanuel was born on June 15th, 1819, in the area in the East of Singapore, which is now known as Bedok. He is of mixed Eurasian origin, with his mother being an immigrant from what is now Chengdu, and his father a wealthy English merchant. Emanuel’s life was like an ordinary one, with common ups and downs at the time. He even travelled on trading voyages with his father to faraway lands in all the continents throughout time.
But despite how he became the most evil man in Singapore’s history still remains a mystery,
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The Reporter
She felt the hand wrap around her hair and she knew it was over. She pleaded for her life, and the killer let out a cold chuckle. The weapon swung towards her neck...
October 30, 2015. 
The car stopped in front of the rusty iron gate. Eliza stepped out into the bitter October cold, wrapping her arms around her to keep the wind from sneaking under her  shirt. She examined the gate. A mess of vines and cobwebs clung to the rungs. Hidden beneath them was an equally rusted lock. Eliza examined it. The chain broke free at the touch of her hand. A decoy.
Thankful to get out of the cold, Eliza reentered her car and started up the windy driveway. Halfway up, she stopped. The path was strewn with broken glass, bricks, siding, shingles, random food containers and similar rubbish, and many other things Eliza couldn't make out. She cursed and left her car in the driveway. 
Eliza hiked around
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Goretober Day 23
    “What crazy weather we have been having these past few days. Monday had a high of 88 degrees, Tuesday suddenly dropped into the mid 50s and then on Wednesday is rose into the 70s.  I tell you, mother nature can’t seem to make up her mind. As for the rest of the week we are looking at temperatures in the mid 60s to upper 70s and tonight will also be the third full moon, a rare event to happen these past few days. Back to you Dave.”
    “Thank you Carl. In a special news report, police have found yet another dead body mauled to death in the woods. This makes the body count up to seven so far, with bodies being found in the woods or even randomly in the streets. We are not able to release the pictures due to the graphic content of the victims and paying respect to the families who lost their loved ones. Police say that the killings are from  some sort of wild animal from the woods while speculations and rumors spread of s
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The Girl and The Vampire: Catchin' Z's
"Ahhomigod!" She shouted when she woke to see him looming over her.
"Morning, Curly," he leaned in closer, "sleep well?"
She shoved him away. "Screw you."
"You smell different when you're asleep," he said with a devious smile.
She rolled her eyes. "You going to school today?"
"Nope, can't. Still laying low."
"Awesome, I don't have to deal with you," she pushed past him to her bathroom.
She shut the door but continued to speak. "Do not touch anything of mine, hear me?"
"Yeah, of course," he didn't sound like he was lying. "I'm probably going to catch some z's."
"Great," she emerged from the bathroom. "I'm going to ask you to step into the closet now. No peaking. I will kill you."
"Wouldn't dream of it," he said as he walked into the closet. "Mostly 'cause I don't dream."
"Shut it."
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A Halloween Short Story By Me! (Part 2)
Adeline looked around, after closing the door, as she made her way into the castle. Adeline saw a torch on one of the castle walls, and she got the torch from the wall to light her way around the castle. As Adeline made her way using the torch to light up the castle, she stumbled into what looked like a bedchamber.  Adeline looked around the chamber, it looked like no one had slept in there for a long time, but it did look nice,  and it had a fireplace that looked vacant, and the room had a nice bed, and the room also had stained glass windows. I wonder who could have slept in here a long time ago. Adeline thought.  
Adeline continued to look around the bedchamber, when suddenly Adeline heard what sounded like a quick whoosh of someone or something rushing right past her!  Adeline quickly turned around only to see that no one was there. That’s strange; I swear I thought I heard something Adeline thought. Maybe it’s just the wind Adeline thought.  Ad
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    I can’t remember anything earlier than going out after dinner to purchase and carry home a few servings of soft serve ice cream for my parents and I to celebrate my new job. I remember that the meal was large and hearty, leaving me fairly lulled and cumbersome by the weight. “Emilia,” my mother had said, “would it be too much trouble to ask you to go out? I know you work better in the dark, and that you have a little friend behind the creamery counter you could haggle with.” I remember being in a rather positive mood, and agreeing. I faintly remember pulling on my black jacket, shouldering my bag, and accepting some money from my father on the way out.
   Now it all recollects more clearly. It was autumn, so the sky became dusk earlier than the days of the past. Outside it was dark, as dinner was eaten lately in the evening in my family’s household. It was overcast. The town was nearby, as we lived in the suburbs surround
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Alice Nightingale Origin Story // WIP?
25th, December
Run. Keep running. Don’t stop.
Those five words were the only thing running through their mind.
Run. Keep running. Don’t stop.
Heavy footsteps crushed the snow below as a trail of blood was left behind on the snow.
Run. Keep running. Don’t stop.
So much blood lost, vision blurring.
No.. No no no! Run. Keep running.. don’t.. stop..
Suddenly, a hooded figure trips and stumbles against the snow but at the same time, holds a bundle of cloth close to them protectively in their arms.
The bundle of cloth suddenly let out a cry as the hooded figure props themselves against a tree. Its.. a baby!
“Shh.. baby no, mommy’s here.. please don’t cry,” the hooded figure whispers to the baby as if trying to comfort it.
The hooded figure repeated the same line, each time weaker than the last. Eventually, the baby became quiet.
The hooded figure smiled and placed the bundle in their lap as tears
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Do you know this feeling which appears after a long run? Your breath becomes shallow, your vision gets dizzy. In your mind you have only one thought, run. Run, run, run. After few minutes, you don't pay attention to your weakness. You are ignoring fire in your lungs, under your feet. You are focusing only on running. But then you stop and turn around. What do you see? A forest. You take a deep breath and smile, seeing the sun. It's morning. Do you see how your nightmares crawl back into the darkness? Everything is disappearing. Just like you. Rays of the sun slowly burn your skin. That's right, the running caused it. Your only thought was to run, but why? Now you know. YOU are the nightmare. But it's too late.
And now tell me, are you still afraid of the darkness?
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Mad+Man // by Haley Frye
It was a quiet, breezy night. The full moon was out. In an old house, trouble was brewing. A young man, with eyes black and cold, was making a potion. Moans and screams of pain came from the cages behind him. He smiled, knowing that he was almost done. He took a boy out of one of the test tubes and shook him. Then, he poke holes into his veins, one by one. Then, he shook the boy again. Plop plop plop. The blood went into the cauldron. The man laugh maniacally, then hooked him into the test tube, attached metal tubular devices to the holes. The wires quickly drained him like a human raisin. He left the boy's corpse in the tube, for he was done with it now. The man snapped his fingers, and his monster came out from it's cage. "Y-y-yessssss massster????" The thing called out with a hint of agony in it's voice. The man signed to him, I want you to take this potion to my client. He asked for it. It replied, "Sssssssuuuuurrrre................."
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Courage: Windmill Vandals Fan-Fiction part 2 of 3
Courage The Cowardly Dog's Windmill Vandals: Their Beginning, Their Fall and Their Return
A fan-fiction by Stetson Herrick and inspired by the Courage Episode Windmill Vandals.
Part 2: The Fall of The Windmill Vandals
After receiving their new found power from The Great Shirley, The Vandals the mounted up and tried making another attack, only to find themselves thwarted yet again. After another few attempts, The Vandals came to the conclusion that maybe her powers needed some time to fully activate, and that in their excited rush, they tried taking the windmill before this activation occurred. For now, they would relent, but they would return.
A few days later, they mounted another attempt. They still failed. Confounded and angered, The Vandals rode back to Shirley's dwelling. When they inquired about their failure and claimed she did not empower them, she said she gave them powers. This time, they got much more physical and grabbed her, dragged her to their faces, and demanded what po
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