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Short Stories

Did You Know You're Being Watched When You Sleep?
Did you know you're being watched when you sleep?
No, not by your parents or family member.
I mean the thing that looks like a jacket in your closet in the dark.
The shadow moving across the wall.
Everything looks normal, and that's exactly what they want you to think.
Have you ever woken up multiple times at night?
Ever wondered why?
No, it's not from a waking dream.
It's a body reflexes. A sense. Like when you know that someone is next to you and you aren't even touching them.
That's what happens when it comes towards you. You wake up. Because your body sense someone there.
Where does it mostly hide?
The shadows. That why it can look like anything.
But the one place it likes to hide the most is on the ceiling.
Where it knows when your asleep and when your awake. And can always watch.
Can you see it?
That's probably the scariest part... Yes.
You just don't know it.
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Carpenter Wolf
Carpenter Wolf
~ ~ ~
It was a bright and sunny Tuesday Afternoon in June.  It was a scorching 23 degrees outside, alright for runners who wanted to work up a sweat, or anybody who wanted to get a tan.  But even in these hot conditions, some people still had to work.
Seventeen-year-old Hunter, was walking in the local forest where he lived.  He was an athletic young man sporting a light brown buzz cut hairstyle, and blue eyes.  He was dressed in a grey v-neck t-shirt, blue jogging trousers, and some black and red Salomon trainers.  He also wore a digital sports watch on his left wrist.
Hunter was studying to be a carpenter in college, liking getting his hands dirty.  He sometime found, that this helped him to remain calm, stopping him from getting violent with people, and instead doing something productive, at least to keep his mind off things.
Hunter was walking along a dusty path, under the shade of the dense trees.  With the sunlight trying
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   Terrified breaths of a bounded girl. She was dressed in what looked like a hospital gown, her hair a tangled and greasy mess, and her face tear-stained. Otherwise, untouched.
   She shifted in discomfort, trying to loosen the restraints that held her to the swivel chair. The mousy woman swung her feet, her toes barely scraping against the floor as she tried to roll towards the exit.
   The woman came to a dead stop at the sound of humming, her body going tense. But, humming was the only thing to be heard. When the humming stopped, the girl loosened up slightly, feeling tears start to prick her eyes. She started to tremble again, staring at the door.
   After a few tense moments, she completely loosened up, thinking that her captor wouldn’t come for a visit just yet.
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The Exchange Student
Madden sighed. Another day, another feeling of isolation.
Being an exchange student in Taiwan at 10 years old wasn't easy. Well, technically Madden was not exactly an exchange student. It was more in the lines of staying with two decrepit old people about 3 hours plane flight away from his home and studying in a foreign country while his parents tried to settle down back home getting their bearings and life back together.
His father, doting a parent as he may be, was met with a tough time in his job due to cutbacks and reallocation of funds and staff after it was bought over by a competitor at its brink of bankruptcy, and with a new boss not as forgiving as his old one, he couldn't make all ends meet. Not with a child around to take care of anyways.
So to lighten the burden a little, Madden's mother, who was born and bred in the delightful country of Taiwan, decided to drop him off at her parents' place and study there temporarily until their life gets back into order again. They went
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