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Flash Fiction & Vignettes

Daykit Apprentice Assessment [ITR]
Agate hopped across the snowy ground, her stubby legs sinking into the cold, white fluff of leafbare after each step. Though she definitely did not seem to mind. Life in CreekClan was nice so far, much nicer than living with the soldiers. She had no particular grievances against any of them - could she, at such a young age, with such an upbeat attitude - but CreekClan seemed so much friendlier. More cats willing to play, to make friends. One of such friends was going to be the victim of an incoming onslaught of snow... and he better be thankful for it!
Crookedstick. A familiar name and pelt that Daykit would come rushing to once she was given an official Clan name. Daykit. So much different from the name her mama had given her, yet it still seemed to fit. It was nice and she liked it. The day brought forth such positive energy, she could only hope she gave the same energy to all her friends.
But back to what's important! Crookedstick was often the companion Daykit found herself running
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Plot: Conflict
Kaleb lounged on the sofa and sipped at his drink. His younger brother walked in about to say something, but his eyes went wide when he saw the bottle. “Isn’t that the last cream soda? Mom said I could have the last one!” he pouted, crossing his arms.
“Guess I beat you to it,” Kaleb said as he shrugged a shoulder. “She’ll buy more. It’s not that big of a deal.” He took another sip, staring right at Dylan as he did.
“That’s not fair!” Dylan stomped his foot and glared. “All you do is take my stuff, you…” he tried desperately to think of an insult. He wanted to pay his brother back for the years of stolen toys and treats, but his mind went blank.
“Okay,” Kaleb chuckled, shaking his head. He frowned when tears began to stream down Dylan’s cheeks.
“It’s not fair!” Dylan cried. He rubbed the tears off his cheeks, but they were replaced with more. There was only one t
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The Realm of Mages: Guide to Flame Mage Magic
    The Magic of the Flame Mages has existed for centuries, and has become a well-renowned type of magic throughout several realms. However, there are many things that about this type of magical art that have remained either unknown or misunderstood. Therefore, this specially designed guide has been drafted to give a brief overview of information on this unique practice, particularly aiming at non-native inhabitants of the Realm of Mages.
Artificial Fire vs. Pyromancing
   By the name alone, most individuals assume that Flame Mages are pyromancers; those that can control the element of fire and bend it to their will. Unfortunately, this name is rather misleading. Flame Mages can control already existing flames to a certain degree, due to the creators of AF descending from pyromancers, but they can NOT create elemental fire at will, nor can they create elemental flames to engulf or burn opponents. Instead of controlling 'fire' in a physical sense, th
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