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Killing Time in the Elevator
I enjoy the morning as I walk into the elevator, giving the guy at the counter a hearty greeting. I never thought I would be working in such a big building, but here I am, heading for the fiftieth floor again. 
"Hold the elevator?" I hear a voice say. A woman quickly turns the corner, barely making her way into the elevator behind you. I stop the door with my shoe so that she has a chance to get in. As one might imagine, no one really uses stairs in the building, so sometimes waiting for an elevator can take ages.
"Whew, thanks," said the woman, "I thought I'd missed it." She reaches out and taps one of the higher buttons, heading all the way up to the 75th floor.
"No problem. I'm happy to help," I tell her. The way up is usually pretty uneventful, so my eyes are drawn to her automatically as the doors close.
She sighs and leans against the elevator wall. The elevator starts on its way up, going very slowly. It takes a full 30 seconds before the elevator hits 2. As I looked,
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Kryptonian Heritage - Chapter 4 - Femmuscle Growth
Kryptonian Heritage Chapter 4
By MagnusMagneto ( )
Commissioned by Cerebus873
All characters are property of their respective owners
[Usual author’s disclaimer:  Hundreds if not thousands of different writers have worked on the characters involved in an official capacity.  And countless more have used them in all forms of fanfiction and other creative endeavors, such as this one.  I have watched a fair amount of DC material, and read hundreds of comic books.  That said, while I will try to make the characterizations as true to form as I know them, my interpretation will always be different than yours.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy the story.  It is in my opinion, one of my stories most heavily driven by character development.]
1.)  Two weeks after the end of Chapter 3
Batlog: Project Kryptonian Goddess - Log Entry 4
“The incident from two weeks ago has been a paradigm shift.  Kara has thrown herself not only into
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Morbid Marsh
The swamp reeked of death. Despite the greenery and darting dragonflies the stench was hard to avoid as Parthas led the whimpering girl through the knee deep water.
“Keep quiet.” Parthas said gruffly as he glanced back at the human child.
She looked back at him, sniffling noisily as she wiped at her big brown eyes.
“Mister Dwarf,” she asked timidly. “Do, do you think I'll see my mommy and daddy again?”
Parthas didn't say anything, recalling the shattered caravan where he'd found the sobbing little girl. It was because of that mess that he'd decided to take them through the swamp. It was technically a short cut but Gods knew what could be lurking in the muck.
“We'll see.” he grunted gruffly.
He still didn't know the girl's name, nor did he really care. A dwarf wandering around with a human child wasn't exactly safe and he just wanted to see her to safety and see that she was taken care of. The last thing he needed was some Trinity nut thin
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[DotW RP] Ominous Winds

The sun was finally at its peak on the first cycle of Autumn. Already the wind was getting cooler. The trees were changing colors to match her russet colored fur. With the changing of seasons, Nahi was growing the more frightened. Though Dawnguard was allied with Heyl, the future ahead was not what frightened her. The fear came from inside her. What was..growing inside her. She could feel it, instinctively, she could feel it. She was pregnant. Nahi had made a trip to Sacred Isle every day to pray that these pups were blessed by the Gods. They had to be.
She had just got done returning from the Southern Borders, marking her territory. Planning on setting off to the North, she paused a moment she caught sight of the familiar figure of Felgar. He was one wolf she had been sure to try to avoid ever since she had Fitu had made the announcement of their mateship. Taking a deep breath, she knew she had to face him soo
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Odwaga to nie wszystko.
Zawszę mawiam, że odwaga to nie wszystko. Potrzeba sprytu, w jakimś stopniu przebiegłości i szczypty cwaniactwa. Słyszałem, że pewien kuguar wykrada jedzenie i sprawia zagrożenie... Oczywiście nie można dopuścić do tego by tak dobra okazja na awans się marnowała.
    Dziś był idealny dzień na polowanie, było pochmurno i niezbyt ciepło. Poszedłem tropem jedzenia, które pachniało Venderczykami, mają dość specyficzny zapach co ułatwiło mi tylko zadanie. Zapach prowadził na północ, skąd przybyłem. Nie wydaje mi się, żebym mijał terytorium jednego z kotów, może po prostu nie skupiłem na tym uwagi. Na jednym z drzew widać było ślady pazurów, z tego co wiem kuguary wciągają jedzenie na drzewa, które dla moich łap są bezkonkurencyjne. Znalazłe
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Two Moons Over: Fractured Humanity -Chapter Two-
            Xavier unlocked the door to his apartment.  The clicking of the tumblers always sounded unsettling to him, as if he could hear the echo of them bounce off an intruder that had beaten him home.
    The door swung open, and behold, there were no invaders waiting for him.  What a surprise that was.  He stepped in and closed the door shut behind him.  He left the lights off, and fumbled to find the switch.  He banged a knee into the coat hanger that he never used and flipped the switch as he wretched over to grab the throbbing joint.
    He looked at the room and a half that was his home, a barren place he neglected to fill with little trinkets and the like that made such spaces homes.  Or perhaps that was the job of family.  He had neither, but this would have to be a home even so.  He set his keys on the clean coffee table and then
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The Fanfare Of My Heart
Chapter 1
The market had just reached the town of Valenthia the fire breathers were at work showing off their skills, wanna be knights galloped up and down the sandy jousting ring, many spectators would  turn up to that  event, the village was filled with singing and dancing. A May pole stationed in the middle, boys and girls danced around it while people watched. 
An army of knights trotted through the town as they were returning, their horses hooves thudding against the mud till they reached the castle and their hooves clattered against the cobbled courtyard. I tacked up my ebony steed and I trotted into the courtyard catching a glance from one of the Knights on a Lippizaner with a red blanket on with white diamonds.
He and his horse bowed to me as I trotted past while the rest of the Knights only nodded to me. I kicked my horse in the ribs and we transitioned into a canter, the breeze blew my ebony hair back that had been crowned with a flowery garland, a ruby ribbon
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Lucid Dream
 The forest had been sleeping for years.
 And for the most part, it had done so in peace. Its creeks murmured their small thoughts, and the breeze yawned through its branches. Its moss thickened into moist pillows of blue and green, piled high among the rocks and shadows. Its trees grew together in gradual knots, like hands tangled with bedclothes in the restlessness of a dream.
 It dreamed often, and well. Dreams that took the shape of birds and chattered in the trees, ruffling their feathers and thrilled with their new existence. Others that troubled it for moments and took sinuous shapes in the darkness of the creeks, slipping like silver fish out of sight. Others still that it wouldn't acknowledge or allow to walk its paths, dreams lodged deep underground and left to make a living in the soil. Those had no names, and what little shape the packed earth would allow.
 Most often, it dreamed of her. It dreamed of having a body, feet to flex in the dirt or dip in the
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Eevee costume tf
John is just like any other boy he likes Pokémon and other things.  His favourite Pokémon are Eevee and its eeveelutions and Pikachu.  He always wanted to know what it was like to be one, but that never came true until now.
One day, the doorbell went off.  “Who’s that” he said as he opened the door.  He expected someone to be there, but there wasn’t anyone, just a box with no return address.  “Odd” he thought as he took it inside.  When he opened the box, he saw an Eevee costume, just in little bits.  “What’s this, an Eevee costume?”  He decided, seeing as it was there, he might as well try it on.  First of all, he put the eye pieces just behind his eyelids.  This caused his eyes to hurt, causing him to instinctively close them.  Once this happened, he found that he couldn’t open them as his eyes changed.  After a few minutes, he could finally open them, but
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.:The Crazed Wolf:.
Coven’s mind was abuzz with the events that have been happening up until this point and his wounds still ached with the freshness of the horror that he had only just escaped with the rest of his patrol just by the skin of their teeth. Immediately after, Coven made an announcement that would change the course of the pack for the rest of their time on this Path and perhaps any future Paths they choose to take instead. It was a weight on Coven’s shoulders to know that he was deciding the fate of others who had nothing but to rely on the pack but it was for the safety of Na’’em as a whole – he could not pity those who would become Ghosts upon the time they passed from this realm to the next. They were a danger to the ancient ways of the pack and therefore a danger to the true Na’’emmai.
He could not waver in his decisions.
But the weight of responsibility and the pain of wounds that were still healing from the treatment he had obtained made him wan
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Undyne The Undying! Undertale Bonus Chapter 1
    My name is Undyne. I am the captain of the Royal Guard that protects the Underground. This is the story of how I became known as the hero of monsters.
    I was a young fish girl living with a turtle monster named Gerson. I heard him tell stories of his days as the Hammer of Justice. Nowadays he just excavates lost history and runs a shop in Waterfall. I occasionally help him with the shop. I was inspired by his stories about the Delta Rune's prophecy and his days as a warrior and wanted to be like him when I grew up! I wanted to be a great hero of justice. A warrior among warriors. I wanted to become a great knight that can serve his majesty, King Asgore. I asked Gerson how I could do that.
    "Hey, Gerson! How do I become a hero like you?!"
    "Ahh... ambitious, are you?"
    I can understand why he would say that. I always was a very hotheaded girl. Never mind that, I needed a way to follow my dr
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Inanimate Connections (Ness TF)
I sat on my bed in my dim bedroom looking at my amiibo collection. I didn't use them since I don't have a Wii U but I'm a very active collector and amiibos interested me. I'm Cam and I'm 18 years old. I've always loved collecting things from rocks to feathers and now amiibos. My collection was almost complete, key word, ALMOST! I was missing just one, Ness. I couldn't find him anywhere! I managed to find some of the rarest ones but not Ness. It pisses me off. I decided I'd just go on amazon or kijiji and buy one off of there. I was sick of searching the same places. I found a pretty good deal on kijiji and e-mailed the guy and we figured things out within a day. I went to pick up the amiibo, it was amiibo 3 hour drive from my house, so a 6 hour drive in total but to me, it was worth it. When I arrived at the right building I knocked on the door and the guy answered immediately with the amiibo and... a hat in hi
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The log Natalyn sat on shifted as Angzund settled next to her and started packing an old pipe, scored with runes and darkened with much use. It had a clay bowl, but something about the stem seemed more solid than wood. Both of them had arrived early to the meeting stones, though early for the giant, nocturnal Wrazg meant sunset.
Natalyn had traveled with her mentor, Kallias, and his fellow Ilaeran diplomats, resting in a small but well-supplied outpost less than an hour's walk from the nearest entrance to Umazk, one of the Wrazg's smaller cavern-cities. It was agreed on by all that the human visitors would be safer if kept away from the new modifications being built for the main passages. At least, that was the official story, and everyone gratefully pretended to buy it.
Angzund had assisted her in building a fire to better allow her fellow humans to see and to keep the chill at bay as the night grew, but his attention had been primarily directed at his temperamental protege. Natalyn h
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A Friend in Need
The first day of a new school year is a harrowing time for anyone.  Even more so when it's a brand new school, where you won't know anyone else.  But for me, it was ten times worse than even that.  Not only was it all of the above, but it would also be my first day since the incident.
The day itself was actually a beautiful one.  The sun was up, the sky was blue, the birds were singing; it was if the whole world were trying to mock me specifically by showing the contrast to how I was feeling on the inside.  I was more than just nervous.  I was terrified.  I wanted to shrink away until I was nothing, so that I wouldn't have to feel the million pairs of eyes that it felt like were staring directly at me.
I clutched onto the black strap of my bag like a drowning man to a life preserver.  I kept my head down, hoping that if I didn't look at anyone, they wouldn't pay me any attention either.  I didn't so much as walk as I did shuffle, afraid to m
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[Fawnling] A cold night
Featuring: Melakr
Mentioning: Tikva
Year 765 of The New Age, Winter
Glenmore, Glenwood
It had been a gold winter, Melark had felt it. his coat had been thicker, thicker then whenever he was inside the herd, doing his job. Out here, in the open, he needed more fur to keep himself warm. But he became used to it. he became used to the forest, to the trees. He became used to the fact that he was no alone. he had left his group now a year ago. Some had left, to venture out on their own and the rest had made it into Haven ... at least he hoped so.
He himself? not so much. He had became used to the freedom ... probably one of the reasons why he hadn't felt good when he had returned. Now he had no longer any restrains around him, he was free. So going towards the place where Drustan and his group would be ... he would p
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Not Endorsed by Snickers
"Wait-wait, I think we can talk this out!" Lyel said loudly, throwing his hands up as he looked between the luxray and the blaziken now growling and facing off. "I really don't want us to fight-surely we could just talk and maybe go get a nice snack! I make some mean pokepuffs when I put my mind to it!" He was ignored and the lion beside him unleashed a roar, the champion taking a large step back to get away from the fight. "...uhhhhh-uhhhhhh I don't know what to do!"
He glanced over at the kindgra who was warily looking between the two pokemon. She curled her tail around her son and drew him back into his pouch protectively as her mouth bubbled up in warning. She would defend her baby with her life if need be. Lyel looked at her frowning and shook his head slowly. "It'll be okay, Jessie, I can return you to your pokeball!"
"I need to keep James safe, please do!" She turned to him and nodded shortly to which the champion was quickly retrieving the ball to do so. With a flash of red lig
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Mythanthrope, Wanda's Story, Part 5
The building was one of those slick ultramodern numbers. It resembled a confluence of geometric shapes and sharp curves, steel and glass plates juxtaposed with laminated wooden panels and windows. There appeared to be a large three-storied central interior with a few smaller two and single-storied additions on its west and east faces, though given the building's lack of symmetry this would only become apparent after careful examination. It was the kind of structure that might hold luxury condominiums, a concert hall or megachurch. Or the Chrysalis Corporation Training and Enrichment Center.
"Nice looking place," commented Wanda's mother pleasantly as she turned into sprawling parking lot.
"Yeah, I guess," said Wanda. She gazed out the passenger side window at the center, idly scratching the scales on her face. The Chrysalis building was situated in the center a recently constructed upscale shopping center adjoining the freeway. There were several chains, a wholesaler megastore, a home
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Skilsi's first big lesson
Hi everyone.It's me,Eris Morgan.Me and my bro are gonna work together on this story since it's kinda a tall order.Cause a two days ago,bro and I were called into the land of the dragons by someone new.So bro used his amulet of creation to create a dimensional rift to where the voice came from.Surprisingly,it turned out to have come from outside the Pradis village.So me and bro went into the rift and than we saw....a teenage Pradis girl.And surprisingly,she knew our names and gave us both a hug.
???:My friends.Andre and Eris.It has been such a long time.^^ we know you?
Eris:Yeah....just...who are you?
???:What?You two do not recognize me?It is I,Skilsi.
Eris:Is that you?
Skilsi:Yes.Hee hee.It is I.^^
Andre:Whoa!You've grown since the last time we met.
Eris:Last I recalled,you were just a kid.
Skilsi:I know.^^
*Suddenly,Angelena flies in*
Angelena:My brother!My sister!It has been a while.^^
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Religion Is Flesh And Wine And So Is War :iconbhaskarsdawritings:BhaskarsDAWritings 2 0
| An Uncle and Nephew's Day Out |
“Um..Uncle Cerb?”
The timid voice broke me from my train of thought, making me look down and back at the silver bay colt that stood behind my left flank. “Yes Agla? What is it?” I was off duty for the day, and had decided to visit my dear sister and her son. Ismat wasn’t around, more than likely off trading things for other stuff--and left Agla back at the leaf den they called home.
“Can you play with me today? Since Mum is out?” I could see the colt shuffling nervously from hoof to hoof, head lowered to the side with ears splayed. For a moment, I pressed the question to myself, wondering if I should or not before sighing. “Of course Agla. Anything you want to do?”
I turned so I could see him better, head lowering so I could press my nose to the top of his head. “Tag?” he questioned with a rather unsure tone--one I didn’t particularly like. “Hey None of that! No moping around Uncle Cerb...Capiche?”
I di
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CoR: One Last Time
Shian had left her Deeplight Forest to watch the final ritual take place. Her hood was drawn up hiding her face in the comforting shadows, just two long strands of blue hair fell to her side from underneath the hood. Her golden earrings swayed in the soft breeze that seemed to push her forward, closer and closer to the god stones. Her feet barely touched the ground with each step she took, her wings beating just often enough to keep up the light-footed pace.
Safely tugged inside Shian’s hood there was a small Cubone. A little creature who was clutching his wooden club as if he, too, felt the shifting balance of the world. There was just enough space for Sahm to balance himself on her shoulder, one little paw pressed just below Shian’s ear to keep himself steady. Midnight ran alongside them, wings tugged against his back as his paws carried him forward.
A shudder went through her as she reached the god stones where people and their deities had gathered. Her eyes darted from
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Floodedclan Assignment
"Training, HA" Fuzzypaw snickered to herself as she walked beside her mentor, Skybreath, whose jaws were parted in a large yawn.
"They just dont want us to doze all day" Skybreath replied, tempted to rub their eyes but deciding against it as they shook mud from their paws.
Fuzzypaw still snorted, knowing exactly why Mudstar was putting them on this patrol. They were training them for the -
"-Upcoming war!" Foxpaw thrilled, his eyes shinning excitedly as he practically skipped beside his fluffier friend. Fuzzypaw didn't nead to read the other's maw to know he was overjoyed with the potential of raiding clans. Maybe because of that one time he came to camp covered in scratches and bruises from the rushingclan apprentice's ambush? Ha. Loser couldn't hold his own against a fellow apprentice - he'd surely get smushed under the weight of a warrior!
Still, she nudged his shoudler with her own in a playful manner, to disguise the flash of concern that twisted her
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[Mothscouts] The Volcano Catastrophe
Cress lugged the giant science kit over to the center of the room where an empty desk sat. It was the “science workshop”. Mothcats of all ages were in the cozy room, some busy working on their own science projects while others were content to just chatter with one another. It was a gloomy rainy day but the hustle and bustle of the room seemed to lift everybody’s spirits. Cress paused in front of the table she was sharing with Vivianos, panting. “I brought, I brought the kit that Pinewatch was talking about.” She said breathlessly to the pretty grey mothcat with delicate blue butterfly wings. She glanced at the outside of the kit, examining the many labels and pictures displayed on the back. “We could make a rocket!” She suggested to Vivianos, pointing her paw at a picture of a styrofoam rocket covered in all sorts of wires and beeping technology. “It looks a bit too complex though…”
Vivianos looked at the back of the kit with
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