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Introductions & Chapters

The Child-LocoRoco Adventures Part 1
Part 1: ‘Kulche and the Mystery Fairy’
It was morning time in Perculoka. Kulche was just waking up from his sleep and coming outside from his den when someone friendly came towards him. It was Tiny Dill. “Morning, Kulche!” Tiny Dill smiled “Are you ready for an exciting adventure?” “Ehtohleh!” replied Kulche. Tiny Dill was pleased. “Follow me, Kulche” Tiny Dill replied back and he flew off with Kulche following him.
Somewhere in Perculoka, 2 more LocoRoco children were waiting by the Nyokki caves. One of them was Soleagon who is a charteuse LocoRoco with a curl at the tip-end of his appendix while the other LocoRoco was Snowfley who is a crystal-purple LocoRoco with a crystal-blue 8-pointed star-shape on the tip-end of her appendix.
“Tooey-Tooey! Kulche” The yellow child-LocoRoco introduced himself to Soleagon and Snowfley.
“Soleagon” The chartreuse child-LocoRoco replied to Kulche with a big smile.
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Innocence: The Series- Episode 9
The smell of salt, grease and fast food was in the air as the simple lair of comfort food was becoming a bit crowded from the sudden lunch rush. There were people waiting in line for their meals, and some where becoming a bit impatient. Either that, or they were holding their nose from the odor in the room.
For sitting at one of the two seated tables in the lobby were Phillip and Terra, both happily eating and chatting away. Phillip had a half eaten hamburger and a side of fries in front of him, and Terra had a box of chicken nuggets, also with fries, in front of her. 
Phillip took a bite of one of his fries.
"Mmm... Can't remember the last time I had french fries... We mostly just eat vegetables and things we can cook over a fire."
She smiled.
He looked at her.
"Doing okay?"
She nodded.
"Yeah, just... Nothing."
He shrugged and dipped fry in a dipping sauce.
"So... How long have you been eating out of the trash?"
She looked around, thinking.
"A while... Maybe a year..."
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The girl who saw monsters 3
I dont know where to go. My class is full of them, monsters I mean. They talk to me and I can feel myself grow weaker. Their power is immens. At first they will act kind, they look like normal kids but when you are with them longer, they change...
They have charp edgy teeth, completely blank eyes and large hornes that could kill a man.
They attack mercilessly and leave nothing of you.
They are the distoyers of monsters.
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The Child-LocoRoco Adventures Part 5
Part 5: ‘Tears and a great rescue’
Kuroto roared with anger as Remi, Jingley all of the grown-up LocoRoco in the cage began to tremble with fear. Tiny Dill bravely moved towards the mind controlled Kuroto. “Kuroto...” he said to him “Please remember me. I’m your new friend.” “Kuroto, don’t you dare listen to Tiny Dill” the BuiBui said the dragon Kuroto “Attack!” Kuroto unleashed a breath of fire at Tiny Dill. Luckily, Tiny Dill dodged the flame with a cartwheel.
“We have to free Kuroto from the mind-control first...” Tiny Dill said to the MuiMui, the JuiJui, the other 8 mysterious fairies and the 8 LocoRoco children “...And then set Remi, Jingley and all of the grown-up LocoRoco free from the cage.”
“We got it, Tiny Dill!” replied the other 8 mysterious fairies as they unleashed a huge rainbow that could stun the dragon form Kuroto. “Oh no!” cried the BuiBui as the Mo
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The Child-LocoRoco Adventures Part 4
Part 4: ‘In a search for Kuroto’
When they went inside the dark cave, everything was pitch black but with a lot of glowing crystals. Then, Tiny Dill saw an entrance to a dimly lit area of the cave. “Hey!” he smiled “I bet Kuroto’s in that dimly lit area over there.” “Ehtohleh!” replied the 8 LocoRoco children. “We hope so” said the MuiMui. “Fantastic” smiled the JuiJui. “Let’s go!” cheered the other 8 mysterious fairies. However, when they got into the cave’s dim-lit area, there was no sign of Kuroto.
Suddenly, Kulche has found a sign in the cave’s dim-lit area. “Noi!” he cried as he called for Tiny Dill. Tiny Dill then came towards Kulche and looked at the sign. He read
“To brighten up this dimly lit area, you must light up 4 torches.”
The red mysterious fairy Kasaitai knew that lighting up torches was probably his job. “Hey! Tiny Dill” he sai
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The Child-LocoRoco Adventures Part 3
Part 3: ‘An Exploration in the mysterious, exotic forest’
Inside, the forest was very bright and colourful and full of exotic birds and reptiles. “Wow!” thought Tiny Dill as he looked around the forest areas “This forest looks quite like Jaojab but a lot friendlier and more colourful.” “Ehtohleh” smiled Cocoanuta as she saw some exotic birds flying around the forest treetops.
Suddenly, Kuroto heard a voice coming from the far side of the forest. It cried “Pekere-Teshi!”
Kasaitai turned around to look at Kuroto. “Did you hear something?” he asked. But Kuroto replied “Don’t know, Kasaitai... I might have heard a ghost...”
“Warronga!” said Soleagon and Tyleo as they came across something in the bushes. The 2 LocoRoco children looked in there and found some pickories. “There are also pickories found in this mysterious, exotic forest as well” laughed Pheonita.
Then suddenly, Kur
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The Child-LocoRoco Adventures Part 2
Part 2: ‘Cocoanuta’s Party’
As Kulche, Soleagon, Snowfley, Tiny Dill and the mysterious fairy arrived at the top of the Yamboona Tree, thanks to the Koona-Koona, they could hear the music and singing even more. When they got into one of the biggest dens at the top of the Yamboona Tree, there they saw the LocoRoco Sub-Team doing their performance on stage with a MuiMui, a JuiJui and the other 8 mysterious fairies watching them. Cocoanuta, who is the leader of the LocoRoco Sub-Team, was singing her image song ‘Tala-Tala Hamarae’ while Zulen, Tyleo, Patriina and Willotta were playing the music. Kulche, Soleagon, Snowfley, Tiny Dill and the mysterious fairy had found the other 8 mysterious fairies.
“I’m Kasaitai” said a red, mysterious fairy whose appendix on top of his head resembles a flame.
“I’m Pheonita” said an orange, mysterious fairy whose wings look like the wings of a phoenix when she spreads them out.
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