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Corruption Ch. 11
Chapter 11
    When Mario, Sonic, Knuckles, Papyrus, Sans, Undyne, Petra, Axel, Gabriel, and Soren returned to the villa, it was super late at night. Everyone had been asleep for hours. Not wanting to bother the others, they headed to bed. After finding out what Bowser and Eggman told them, they were a bit shaken by what their theory was. They decided it was best to put it off until morning.
    Morning came, and everyone who was back at the villa was awake. However, Aiden, Maya, Gill, and Frisk weren’t present.
    “Frisk, are you around here?” Asriel called out. He checked near Frisk’s bed and saw that her jacket and shoes were missing.
    “Mom, dad, I think Frisk went out last night,” he told them.
    “She’s not here?” Toriel asked with a worried look.
    “Maya and Aiden are gone to,” said
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This fanfic is rated PG+ for Sequences of Cartoon Violence/Mild Action,
Cartoon/Rude Humor, Language Throughout, Some Mild Sensuality
and Thematic Elements
Rick is going back to his apartment or gonna be his last because he quits his job
from being suffered by that self centered woman which he doesn't like very much.
As he going back to his place, his landlord came about to be very upset.
RICK: Uh, oh.
Sir, about that payment......
(Tiny Toons showed up)
RICK: I can explain.
MR. WINTERS: I don't like them. (smiles) I LOVE THEM!
RICK: Huh?
MR. WINTERS: They're the funniest cartoon cahracters
that I never got laughed out loud by them ever.
They can stay as long as they want. Next Payment for later.
RICK: Won't happen this time, Sir. I quit my job.
RICK: There's that heartless woman of a boss making my life miserable.
I hate that w
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The Teacher's Kidnapping Ch.1
    Matthew Sanderson was fairly new in the teaching world. In fact, he had only been teaching for about 5 years, and at the age of 28, he was the youngest teacher on staff at both Scarborough Elementary school where he taught 5th grade, and at Sadaline University, where he taught a creative writing class on Monday nights. Mr. Sanderson was quite unique from most other teachers. First of all, he was a young man, and looked even younger. How many young men does one see teaching elementary school students? Second of all, he wasn’t very tall or muscular, but still very handsome in his own right and with a charm all of his own. His dark blue eyes were always full of joy and compassion for others, especially for his students. His optimistic attitude and boyish demeanor added energy to the room and to everyone around him, making him quite remarkable.
Tonight marked the end of the fall semester at Sadaline University. This was actually his first semester teaching at the U
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Jilly's Adventures..Chapter 2
CHAPTER 2….Treasure Hunt
 Jilly was back at the fishnet waiting until the beach was empty.  It had taken her longer than she expected to prepare for her ‘first real expedition’ on land.  There were some things that all adventurers shouldn’t be without.  She touched the large shark tooth that had been fashioned into a knife, held in place by a rope belt tied around her middle.  Also, tucked into the belt, were large seaweed fronds that can carry any treasure she finds.  And of course there was a hat that Cindy made for her out of woven reeds. 
As she watched the humans, she thought back to the reaction she got from Granny and Cindy when she recounted her first brave adventure onto the beach.  Granny’s eyes got so big Jilly thought they would pop out and Cindy yelled “You didn’t!” and her jaw dropped almost to the floor.  “Yes I did…and I didn’t explode or burst into flam
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The Winter Witch Ch.1 -The Hard Working Girl-
Years ago when Enya was little, her mother would always tell her stories of beings that could control the elements and by extension the seasons themselves. Those who could were seen as the most powerful, the bravest at what they did when defending the people from monsters, revered by kingdoms and those of mystical nature like the Sidhe or Elven-folk.
But there were those who would misunderstand and lash out while in anger wishing for those who had such power to no longer exist while others craved it for themselves and would do anything to claim it, even if it meant hurting people to do it.
So people with those powers would hide, no longer known by man, only now seen as a myth, Enya wondered time and time again why her mother would often tell those stories. Yet whenever she would try the topic would change or a person from the nearby village would come asking for assistance with something.
Such was life, yet as Enya lay in her bed, that was covered in thick warm furs with the wind howli
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Percy Jackson: Son Of Hypnos Chapter 17
With a groan, I woke up to shivering and cold sweat as Avery thrashed softly in my arms. My blue eyes took a minute to focus as I drug my fingers through Avery's blonde hair slowly, watching in concern as she called for Bri. 
So that's who she was dreaming of.
I sighed, cracking my neck as Avery's movements grew a bit more erratic. Sitting up, I wondered what I could do to make this better. I took a deep breath and was about to wake the daughter of Apollo when she promptly did it herself, shooting into a sitting position and nearly knocking me in the chin with her head. 
Her emerald eyes darted everywhere around the room and I held out my hands gently, ready to comfort her. 
"I'm fine." She responded, her voice gravelly as she looked at me hesitantly, realizing where she was. 
"No you're not-"
"Yes I am." Avery interrupted, sighing and closing her eyes with a grimace. She blinked once more and began scooting to the edge of the bed. "I just got up to go to t
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My Girls - An entrepreneurship story
As some of you know already, I am writing a book in English language. This is my very first book in a foreign language (I speak Brazilian Portuguese). There are some considerations about that: when you write in English, you must be direct, objective; in the other hand, in Portuguese you can write things, huh... more beautifully. Do not ask me which one of them is the best. I think both have pros and cons.

It was a new and very rich experience. Despite the fact I had to study grammar, punctuation and so on, I really liked to write in English.
This very first story, "My Girls – An entrepreneuship story" is about girls creating a company. They are between 22 and 26 years old. Some of them are finishing college; some of them are working already. I call them "girls," but I could call them "young adults" or "women." I prefer "girls." And, before you ask me, it is not a teen story; it is a business story. I have put my knowledge about marketing, mana
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The Teacher's Kidnapping Ch.3
    He woke up screaming, and Ninja yowled from being startled and jumped off the bed. Mr. Sanderson felt like there was an anvil on his chest and he had to gasp for air. His heart was pounding in his chest, and he was drenched in cold sweat. He looked around his dark room shaking to make sure he was in reality. He looked at his cat, whose fur was standing on end. “Sorry Ninja, I just had a terrible nightmare.” The alarm clock on his desk told him it was 3:13 in the morning. There was no way he was going to go back to sleep at this point, so he decided to get up and hop in the shower instead. The steam of the hot water helped calm him down quite a bit. “The best thing about having a nightmare,” he said to his reflection as he was fixing his tie, “is waking up from it.”
Matthew decided to leave for work extra early since he really had nothing better to do. He appreciated not having to fight heavy traffic on the freeway this morning. It
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Jilly's Adventure..Chapter 1
CHAPTER 1...The Beginning
Jilly sighed as she looked through the fishnet she was hiding behind and wondered if she would ever have the courage to go up onto the beach.  After coming to this same spot for many days to watch humans on the beach, she still had the dream of being able to play among the two legged ones.  They always seemed to have so much fun.
'I wonder if I will ever be able to move like they do and toss that round thing around like they do'  Jilly looked down at her own body and wished she was made different.  She didn't have legs....she just moved sort of fluidly because...well....she was a jellyfish and she called the ocean home rather than up top like the humans.  She did have arms and hands of sorts and was proud of those.
She looked back to where she came out of the water, then over at the sand.   The humans were mostly gone by now and she knew if she didn't try now, that it would be another day wasted.&
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The Teacher's Kidnapping Ch.4
The rest of the week went by smoothly. He slept better, and his appetite was returning. That Tuesday night was seemingly like any other. He stayed there late to catch up on work, so by the time he heard the knock on his classroom door, he was basically the only one to be found on the campus. He went to answer the door, and was greeted by two large men in black suits and sunglasses. “C-can I help you?”
“Mr. Sanderson?” is all the first man said.
“We are from Sadaline. Please come with us.” Mr. Sanderson was immediately filled with dread as he remembered the threats from last week. Matthew took a step back from them.
“No, I’m not going to go anywhere with you.”  They took a step toward him.
“Don’t make this hard on yourself.  Just come with us.” The frightened young man looked around for anything he could use to defend himself.
“No! Please just leave me alone!” He backed
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The Teacher's Kidnapping Ch.2
    A month had passed since Mr. Sanderson’s strange conversation with his student the last semester, and he was glad to return to his 5th grade class after a lovely winter vacation. His students were a little antsy coming back from winter break, and he had to take away quite a few Christmas toys, but other than that he was having a pretty good day.  He looked out the window of his classroom and saw that the sun was setting. Mr. Sanderson then looked down at his watch and saw that it was only 4:30 pm. “Darn sun, always setting early on me during the winter.”  He also noted that the snow on the ground was pretty light, but he heard that a huge snow fall was due for tonight, so he packed up this things and decided to leave early since he didn’t want to get stuck in snow traffic.
But just as he was about to leave, the phone rang. He decided to answer it in case it was something important. He walked over to the phone and picked it up.
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