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The Disappearance of Ayumi Mano - III
"Ayumi?" a thirty-some year old kyudo sensei scratched his messy, curly hair. "No, I haven't seen her since the training ended. She left a bit later than the majority, helped me clean up the dojo. A great girl, she's contributing so much to the team..." his eyes got a bit daydreamy for a second before he continued. "Has something happened to her?"
"We don't know" Tammana shrugged, a concerned look on her face. "We can't reach her via phone since a few hours ago"
"Nothing's there" Nastia returned to the main hall from the changing room. "Her locker's open, nothing's left inside"
"Well damn..." the sensei caught the pair's disturbed feeling as well "...if I learn anything, I'll let ya know. That's really weird..."
"Thank you sir" Tammana bowed her head in gratitude. "And thank you for your time"
"Not a problem. I'm sure she's safe and sound somewhere out there"
* * *
"And?" Tammana asked as soon as the pavement around them got less crowded. They took a turn towards the less popula
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Strangers From The West
The sunset sky is a beautiful canvas
To gaze upon
It paints the setting
Of a story that will bewilder your imagination
Have you ever pictured yourself
In the hot, blazing desert
Walking around a saloon
You're taking in the environment,
All of a sudden...~
You're wondering what it'd be like to actually
Watch a fight between cowboys and gamblers take place?
In walks the coolest cat of them all
It ain't who you're expecting they'd be...~**
Someone who was alone for the longest time
Strutting the walk of a thousand miles
This person has trekked
A strong, fearsome man
With the heart of a lion
Rarely anyone knows about
An adequate handgun strapped to his leg
Cocked and loaded, ready at any time
His shoulders- broad and laden with burdens
Of a long and stressful life
~~~ Later in the scene ~~~
Would be a woman who would change his life
Could she be the cowgirl
Who knows a thing or two about herding cattle
Or could she be the saloon girl
Who kno
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Stained Veil: Chapter 8
"How many of you are there?" Asked Lexi "Do the math yourself." Scolded a recruit. Lexi reloaded her Uzi "Ok! I'll do it! So there were 70 Flamethrower gangsters then 10 to 15 of us died then you had 40 escapees then like 5 died so its at least 95 men you have Lexi." Estimated the recruit. "How much land do we control?" Asked Lexi, "Umm, strectching from 474 Fulton St to 300 Schermerhorn St." Answered a recruit. "I'm sure we could stretch to 61 Nevins St." Thought Lexi "But I like living near IHOP." Complained a recruit. "Oh! Don't forget that japanese place, Ganster Bombin'?" Added another recruit, "I'm sure its not Gangster Bombin'." Replied another recruit. "Its Ganso Ramen fools!" Shouted Lexi. "And we should not be talking about food right now! We are talking about getting more land!" "Now head to Nevins St. and get us more land!" 20 armed men marched Southeast at her will. "Commissioner Waynor, can I take the day off?" Requested Ellsnorth. "Fine, you may." Answered Waynor. Ellsno
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Villain CYOA: You chose Northeast...
Four of Earth's mightiest heroines are yours.  They bob up and down helplessly, trapped inside stasis tubes, unaware of anything around them, sleeping as peacefully as babies.  Vixen.  Black Canary.  Amazon Arrow.  Zatanna.  You take a moment to dwell on the magnitude of what you've accomplished so far.  You could stop now and the world would HAVE to give you the respect you deserve.
But you have MUCH, MUCH loftier goals.  And one of them has just burst through the door at the other end of the northeast corridor.

She's an alien from the planet Thanagar, reincarnated on Earth over and over again through the millenia, ever since her ship crash-landed in Ancient Egypt.  You've studied her very closely, you know all about her energy mace, her wings, the Nth metal that gives her power.  She is formidable, powerful, and almost indestructible.
And she looks angry.
Hawkgirl is in the air, that ener
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From Dusk 'til Dawn Chapter 10 Part 1
Chapter 10, Part 1
(Gill’s POV)
    My head felt like it was on fire. All evening, I hadn’t been focused on the real world around me. I’ve been off my medications before I came back up here to the mountain.
    The mountain where my sisters disappeared exactly a year ago.
    I’ve never felt so lost and empty before they disappeared. I mean, I’ve been dealing with a mental illness before Nell and Olivia vanished, but after I lost them, I felt my condition get worse. I had been switched to at least nine doctors in the past year, and Dr. Soren was my current psychiatrist.
    After I lost my sisters, I felt dead inside. I blamed myself for not being there to help them. I felt that it was all my fault, and I was a terrible brother.
    The others, they tried to help me out.
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Two sentence horror story - Mirror
I was getting ready in my mirror this morning. My reflection's gaze has gotten increasingly more resentful of me, she's coming soon.
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No Nothing :icondimensionportal:DimensionPortal 2 0
Gone. I made you think of someone, who? Who has left you? Where did they go? What did you do to stop it? I guarantee that in the scheme of things you couldn't have done anything to change them.
Everyone has their power and within that comes responsibility and therefore each individual has their own capabilities defining what is within their reach. They left you. It's not down to you nor does it mean you're to blame. When I was thirteen I was abandoned by my family and I coped because I didn't dwell on that change. At thirteen I faced the world.
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Death Battle! Fight: Deadpool vs Ban
The Englishman: It's time..
Vivian: For a...
The Psychopath: DEATH BATTLE!!!
Deadpool's eyes practically bulged out of his skull as he saw the bounty poster for Ban. 
Yellow Text Box: Holy crap, that guy's price is insane! We'll be set for life!
White Text Box: We could take care of Ellie without ever having to work again! 
"OKay, we're going to...Britannia? The [BLEEP]? Who names their country 'Britannia'? And again with the bleeps?" Deadpool asked, looking at the camera.
White Text Box: We do this joke almost every time we're featured by this author, a little originality would be nice.
"Whatever. To Britannia!" Wade overdramatically shouted. 
Ban raised an eyebrow at the loud crashing sound he heard at the tavern. 
"WOAH! WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT WAS?!" Hawk, the talking pig, squealed.
"I'll go check it out." Ban shrugged nonchalantly, "Captain, keep running the tavern." 
"On it!" Meliodas smiled a
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Fighting the Dead (TF Request)
    “Now… what did you say your name was again?”
    “Amanda, sir. Amanda West.” The curly-haired photojournalist smiled, holding up her camera. “I’m here to investigate the… supernatural events happening at this mall.”
    “Ah, you’re the freelancer that news website hired,” replied the manager, running his hand through his short brown hair. “Honestly, I really do think they’re just wasting time with this one. Absolutely nothing has happened here that can’t be explained logically.
    “Really?” Amanda frowned. “How do you explain that time when all of those boxes just flew off the shelves for no reason? Or the time everyone in that one store just fainted simultaneously? Or… or how about the time the entire building shook, but no one anywhere else felt a thing?”
    The manager raised his hand.
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Edgar Allan Poe.
Pestis eram vivus – moriens tua mors ero.
Vivendo era teu açoite – morto, serei tua morte.
Martinho Lutero
O horror e a fatalidade têm tido livre curso em todos os tempos. Porque então datar esta estória que vou contar? Basta dizer que, no período de que falo, havia, no interior da Hungria, uma crença bem assentada, embora oculta, nas doutrinas da metempsicose. Das próprias doutrinas, isto é, de sua falsidade, ou de sua probabilidade, nada direi. Afirmo, porém, que muito de nossa incredulidade (como diz La Bruyère, explicando todas as nossas infelicidades) vient de ne pouvoir être seul. ["Provém de não podermos estar sozinhos."] (1)
Mas havia na superstição húngara alguns pontos que tendiam fortemente para o absurdo. Diferiam os húngaros, bastante essencialmente, de suas autoridades do Oriente. Por exemplo: a alma, dizem eles – cito as palavras dum suti
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Dreaming in Static - Chapter 3
As the shuttle dove towards Earth, Andromeda pondered the situation.
She couldn't think of anything. Eleven androids had been killed. Only Andromeda remained. The ship appeared to have suffered no damage, other than being hit by a few asteroids. (Andromeda laughed at how sarcastic it sounded, even in her mind.) But the asteroids couldn't have been the cause of death. Asteroids didn't make heads fly off and leave one android undisturbed, unless the asteroids had somehow damaged the shuttle interface, thus sending radiation into the cabin and manipulating the androids' programming.
Andromeda sighed and leaned back in her chair. Although that didn't explain why she was the only survivor, it was the only theory that made any sense, so it'd have to suffice for now.
She piloted the ship toward a flat patch of land that was reserved for ship landings. It was in California somewhere, but she couldn't recall exactly what city it was in, which should've been impossible
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School in 2050
On planet Earth, bullying is a huge problem, humans harass each other without any clear reason. In an Argentine school, called "Escuela paraiso 42", bullying has become a widespread problem, with every class having at least one student victim of bullying. Many victims cut themselves, but nobody knows. The teachers were desperate, they didn't know what they should do, because it's hard to blame a single person, often hiding their bullying. It was hard to know what to do, they have tried everything, but nothing worked. Many victims are isolated from the rest of the school, having no friends, and not knowing to whom talk about this. The bullies have fun insulting and isolating the "losers", and show no remorse. Everything is messed up, and there is no hope. Is there actually no hope? Teachers don't know what to do, there is no light in this hell. The victims feel really sad and scared, and don't want to go to school anymore. But one day, a small fraction of hope is found, and the light ca
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Taming the Werewolf - 8
Amanda's co-workers didn't really notice that anything was really different since she had been attacked by the werewolf all those months ago. At least, they didn't show it on their faces. After the first transformation, she was jumpy and scared to death. She didn't want to hurt anyone, and she was repulsed by what she had become. She didn't know what would happen if anyone besides Jacob found out. She went to work that week because she didn't want anyone to suspect that she was different. Still, everyone at the office noticed how edgy she had become at the slightest mention of her name or the smallest tap on her shoulder. She would never be the same again.
If her co-workers had any concern, they hid it as best they could. They never said anything or acted too differently around her. But the werewolf could smell them. She picked up on what they felt. Not mind control in any sense, but more being receptive to their instincts. They would desire to back away from her when they felt their s
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Marina #7 Mean Mister Mustard Part 2
Marina nodded numbly, she couldn’t believe LeAnn Mustard-Cole had been shot when she was in not only in the house but just across the decking from her. She wondered if she could have done something to stop it, but it seemed there was nothing she could have done. Marina walked out the room, telling the expectant crowd what they’d found and was quickly followed out, about a minute later, by Rosa. She was insistent on calling her boss. Marina knew who that meant, her father’s best friend, Inspector Fidel Baudoux, but there was not a lot she could do about that now. She followed the others back towards the dining room, observing the reactions. Ricky, and Catherine seemed to be very upset, comforting one another as best they could. Cuthbert seemed upset, but like he was trying to hide it. Mr Mustard was even muted by the events they’d just witnessed. Sgt Rosa Miers was the only one still looking sharp, already on duty and looking for the person responsible. CJ, inter
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They taught me to fear the dark, and I did. For years I carried torches and kept matchboxes in my pockets, my feet automatically skirting the dark places, my heart skipping a beat or two whenever I wandered too close to a darker than dark place. For most of my life fear of the dark held me like a mother, keeping me safe. They taught me to fear the dark, and I did, but they forgot to mention what can happen in the light. I never thought to fear the light, or the things that thrive within it, and because of this I was blind.
By the time I made it to my twenties the fear, while still present, took up far less space in my mind. I felt safe, secure, and, perhaps oddly, accomplished. I was no longer a child and I suppose that, in some way, I felt that I had outgrown the possibility of bad things happening to me.
I was wrong.
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Abnormal Serenity: Chapter 1
Serah opened a cabinet in her desk, withdrawing a rather large folder, and placed in on the desk, it landed with a small thud, and shook the bottle of water sitting next to Serah. It was large as a novel one would find in the mystery section of the library, it had bright red [CAUTION] tape wrapped around it. She glared at the interviewer, then stared into the camera, allowing them to take in the image. "And now... we have Katherine Thárros."
"Katherine first appeared on our radar in 1883, came off an immigration boat from Hades under the name... Harleen Jade. She was arrested within six weeks for preventing a robbery. Now, you might be thinking, why would she be arrested? Well. She broke the guy's arm in four places, shattered his nose, and left him in a pool of piss n' blood. We let her off with a warning, told her not to do it again, yada-yada. Well, low and behold, we had to book her for vigilantism when we caught her breaking into a drug ring. This time,
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Anime Lanterns RP
In this RP you choose an anime character to be in the lantern corps. but which ring or color?
Anime Series
Kill La Kill
Baka and Test
Blue Exorcist
Other Anime Series you choose from including anime adaptations of video games
No 18+
No Sexual Content
TF and Hypnosis on anime character allowed
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Damla - Chapter 1
Chapter 2: TBA
  I wrote a poem based on last night's very sad dream: I couldn't recall much, but it was about somebody regretting what they did before death. Came from work, I yet felt that sad feeling; nothing good was on TV that time. I ''conjured'' a thought without being conscious: ''understand.'' I tried to understand the sensation: I had nowhere to go. Nevertheless, I could not perceive, but write what I did so far. I wanted to add more.
  I gave up to play a newly brought copy of "The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning". This was about a dragon saving the world from the Dark Master. It'd begun to rain on that Friday evening, adding up to my melancholy. I put the disc into the drive and my console automatically played. Logos and an intro movie were played and I went on to create a new game.
  The 1st cutscene
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Dr. Do-Too-Much Mooing! Ole Bluegut's Final Charge
   It was time. They had practiced and practiced, each taking a turn being lead, each being support and each being the prey. They worked in a cohesive unit that drilled time and again, and had studied their quarry extensively. They had decided on an herbivore for their target of choice, a great lumbering beastie known to them secretly as Ole Bluegut. Ole Bluegut was a musk ox that they had studied for weeks. They had watched as he chewed cud for hours, and would leave steaming piles of fun across the plain, or make steaming snow streams of a startling yellow shade. Yes, they knew him like family. And soon, he was going to come for dinner as their most honored guest in a sense.
  Date's Infernal Soul was eager for this moment. He was born to be a hunter, a brawler, a fighter dù jour. He dreamt of this time, this moment all of his life. The only thing that mattered more to him, ambitious dream wise, was stepping into the arena, hearing the crowds roar their cheers and
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