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I Don't Know What I'm Thinking Anymore
I rocked back and forth on the couch cushion as the therapist gazed into me. Even though I could recall a previous therapist telling me it was nothing to be ashamed of and it was just my way of consoling myself, I still felt like I looked crazy. But that was nothing new, I had always felt defective, for lack of a better word. Still, it was nothing I could ever get used to.
“Why do you think your anxiety is so high?” She asked.
I kept my gaze on the floor, rocking back and forth. “How do I explain my feelings right? There aren't words to explain this. The more I go on, the less sense everything makes.”  
The tears began to well up in my eyes, but I pushed them back. I didn't want to be pitied on top of everything else. Being pitied made me feel like the bad guy.
After a long pause, the therapist glanced at the clock. “Well, we are out of time. But next time, let's work on addressing your thoughts, okay?”
“My thoughts?”
“You fall
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A New Alliance (Vale Plot)
Featuring: Hekate, Klaus, Alar, Hellion

It seemed almost unfitting for Hekate's stature to be knee deep in recking mud, yet, here she was, and the Mistress did not see bothered by it. Her crimson bright pelt contrasted with the dark tones of the now low-lying swamp that covered Vektren's lands, but she almost blended with the landscape regardless, her steps light and careful across the watered soil. She frowned, taking a short but needed break to focus into smelling their surroundings, brows furrowed. It was hard to detect anything - the fierce water that had briefly eaten the world took away all the possible scents with it when receded.
She glanced over the shoulder, one glowing amber eye focusing in the dark form of Klaus right behind her. It was the first time the lady had decided to work directly and only with the enforcer, and she was doing so both in interest of creating some bound and to personally see what he was capable of. "Be alert
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10 Tips for Writing Science Fiction
10 Tips for Writing Science Fiction
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0
Chapter 2 “Genres” – Section 4 “Sci-fi”
“Science fiction has a way of letting you talk about where we are in the world and letting you be a bit of a pop philosopher without being didactic.” -Brit Marling

Today, we are going to talk about the grand and inclusive genre of science fiction. But as we continue to move along in these tutorials about genres, I feel there is something important to point out. Nearly all of the suggestions that I make are universal and can be applied to all other genres. I go into each tutorial, with the intention of applying the tips best suited to that particular genre; but that doesn't mean that any of them are exclusive. Additionally,
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The Dream That ended :iconpaarthurnaax:Paarthurnaax 3 0 'Evil' new MLP villain to be announced 9 November :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 111 111
Career of Evil - 10/28/16 (Rinjuken)
Career of Evil: 31 Looks at Super Sentai Villain Groups!

10/28/16: Rinjuken Akugata (Juken Sentai Gekiranger)

Usually when you have two polar opposite sides fighting one another in a Super Sentai, they don’t tend to have a similar origin with one another and a reason behind why one side has a grudge with the other.  Rinjuken, though, is one where the origins are actually parallel to that of the heroes: a martial arts style formed by three dissident warriors turning against their teacher (unknowingly influenced by an ancient dragon immortal known as Long), they fought a war against their former allies in the past until they and all their followers were sealed away, but at the cost of the seven Geki Juken warriors who defeated them becoming immortal animal spirits.  However, Rinjuken would have remained merely a sour note in Geki Juken’s history until the emergence of Rio, a former Geki Juken student who (also due to Long’s influence) tur
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Lore Tales - Unicorn - Check Up
"Say 'aw'."
Brunhild smiled as she checked Marisa's throat and teeth, pleased to see after a short look that everything was in order. She stepped back and wrote a few notes down on her clipboard before moving back to her desk.
The weeks had gone by as the training for the girls ebbed and flowed with their strength levels. Brunhild was diligent about making sure they trained to the best of their skill levels. Today, though, was their weekly day off, partially because Brunhild believed that while they were still getting used to the training, they needed to go at a pace suited for them. So she made sure they got at least one day off to relax.
The other reason for the day off was to give Marisa her weekly physical check up. Given the girl's brush with so much magic in such a short span of time, Brunhild knew that things weren't going to be simple for little girl. The age regression and memory lose had been simply the biggest and most obvious results of her absorption of magic on t
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Fun Fact #110
Despite what The Simpsons told you, Bluebeard was not a pirate.
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Hello and welcome back to Fillerween 3: Season of the Filler.
Horror movies seem to be doing alright now. For the longest time, I dreaded seeing new horror movie coming out, they looked dull and replied on cheap tactics to get people to easily jump and scream. It seemed the safest bet was watching old films that I already owned. Fortunately, the past three years have surprised me and given me some good films that I do like. True, while there still are some blunders tend to come out that fall back in the cracks of just making a product to make a quick buck, the past couple of years have seen some pretty good horror movies come out and do well. It was this year alone I saw three in the theaters, each one leaving me with some great satisfaction. And one of them came out this month not a week ago.
Which is odd when you hear about a prequel movie being made to, as numerous critics called it, one of the worst movies that came out of 2014. Ouija, released in October, told the story of a group
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A Grave Proposal Ch. 4
Chapter 4
    Jesse didn’t stop running until he made it back into town. The whole experience, being dragged into the land of the dead, accidentally proposing to Petra, and meeting the dead, was a bit shaky for him, but he finally made it back to his hometown.
    He rushed to the Johnsons’ mansion. He figured that his parents were there and were worried about him, and he had to speak to Olivia in private.
    Jesse stopped running and started to walk back up to the mansion. He took a deep breath and fixed his hair and his jacket before walking up to the doors. But before he could knock, he heard Mr. Johnson mutter angrily from inside.
    “Bah! As if we care about that Jesse boy! I only approve of the marriage so that we don’t end up in the poor house! Who cares if Olivia now wants to marry him for love!?” he heard Mr. Johnson say angrily.
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In a perfect world: to share
Ottilie sat very still, listening to the classes going on, to the students and teachers chatting about this and that. She did not have her partner's talent for hearing thoughts and for that she was very glad. As it was, she could hear too much already...
"In a perfect world..."
It was being said frequently today... and the answers were endless, unique as each that uttered the words. She frowned, so many cruel answers of self doubt.
And so she wondered herself... who would she want to be in a perfect world. She looked up at her partner.
"In a perfect world..." she started quietly, "I don't know who that person is... I suppose, I would want to be happy, but... I am happy now. I have bad days too... but I am still happy. I make mistakes... but I fix them. I learn. I grow. The person I am today is already improved from the person I was yesterday... I like who I am, I know her. I didn't once... but now... I like her and I wouldn't want to be anyone else. I am the person I want to be
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Bewitched (2005)
If there's one thing that's wrong with the remake of a TV show or movie, it's probably when the form of media in question is itself being remade. The film version of Bewitched is one such case, and as far as I know, it's a train wreck of bewitching proportions. And I do mean bewitching, ladies and gentlemen, because I am talking about how one movie messed up the saga of television's most famous witch, Samantha Stephens.
I was never a fan of the classic 60's sitcom, but at least two members of my family were: my mother and my younger sister, Rachel. Naturally, my mother, who was born in 1958, grew up watching the series during its initial run, but in her adulthood she found it duller than before, and she disliked the movie. Many years later Rachel watched it when it was rerun on TV Land, although she preferred I Dream of Jeannie – a show that was widely accused of ripping off Bewitched – better.
In the movie, we see Nicole Kidman as Isabel Bigelow, an actress who, like Saman
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The Swarm
The sky sadden
Blue turned to black
Lightning of blood cracked the skies
Growling thunder shook the clouds
Tears of flesh and dark rained upon the ground
The dirt died as ‘they’ set foot upon it
The Swarm arrived
One by one
Creatures and Corrupted
Poured like a flood of locus across the crops that was humanity
Soon the Corrupted grew
As Brother betrayed Brother
Sister slayed Sister
Parent murdered Child
Children massacred Parents
The Creatures swarmed
Like a force of ants seeking the next prey to appease the nest
Like bees flooding the skies in name of the hive
Days always darken when they arrive
Nights are long as light is dried
Worlds are drained
As life is extinguished upon it
And the next world feels the same
Than the next one
As The Swarm always hunger
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Morning Glory (HinataShoyouxMaleReader)
The sun is shining 
Waking up early 
Smiling brightly
Hearing the tweeting of the birds
Or so you thought.
You noticed that you're in you room and hugged the closest thing to you which supposed to be your pillow but instead the most cutest thing in the world that glob has ever created.
Hinata shoyou.
You look at him in awe and blush how your topless and only wearing a boxer
And how you were both in this kind of position.
The sun shines and hit Hinata's Orange hair which makes him look more cuter.
You heard him say your name and blush how cute he look.
You cupped his cheeks and smile like an idiot.
"Yes Sho-chan?"
You answer him still smiling and open his eyes which cause him to sit up straight and bump his head to your chin which cause you to fall on your bed and hit your back on the cold floor which makes you send shivers to your spine.
Hinata shouted like there's no tomorrow and causing him to fall on to
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Hillary Clinton Doll to Hit Stores!
Breaking News!  Mattel toys has released a new talking Hillary Doll!
Presenting Hillary Clinton: The All Talk, but No Action Doll!
The Doll can't move or anything and the only things it can say are: "I don't remember;" and "I don't recall!"
Supplies are limited and these dolls are selling fast.  So pick up your Hillary Clinton All Talk and No Action Doll today!
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Totally All Mixed Up Action episode 17
*there were farting noises going on in the night, keeping everyone awake except for Sam and Chelsea*
Cyd: Pizza..slam..rito.
*then in the morning*
Dirk: Did you catch that sick concert last night, bro?
Drake: Concert? All I heard was gas.
Josh: I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant, Drake.
Shelby: I told you Cyd had gaseous skills for days. I was like whoa, slow down, gas pedal. :O No wait, it was speed up.
Lizzie: I hardly got any sleep.
Gordo: Yep.
Jade: I feel fine.
Drake: I wonder what verse Cyd was farting out.
Josh: Well, it couldn’t have been Busta Rhymes’ verse from Look At Me Now. She already burped that verse in the last episode.
Shelby: Definitely wasn’t Rap God. I’m honestly clueless.
Gordo: Well, guys—
Loomer: That was the best thing I’ve heard in my sleep. Must have been like Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.
Gordo: No way. It wasn’t them.
Cyborg: My sensors indicate that it was—
Drake: Sandstorm by Darude?
Sam: Twista’
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I am going to send you a old flask
filled with small white stones, watered by my tears
I have slid inside my feelings for you, so intense, so complex, tied up
I added a long lock of my hair, wrapped around a sea horse
and my words for you
those to cure your wounded soul
When I will have disappeared
you will bring it on this infinite and icy beach which I like so much
by a day of big wind
and you will throw it in the grey and welcoming water
because it is a" bottle to the sea"
je vais t'envoyer un flacon ancien
rempli de petites pierres blanches, arrosées par mes larmes
j'ai glissé à l'intérieur mes sentiments pour toi, si intenses, si complexes, ligotés
j'ai ajouté une longue mèche de mes cheveux,enroulée autour d'un cheval de mer
et mes mots pour toi
ceux qui guérissent ton âme blessée
quand j'aurai disparu
tu l'emporteras sur ces plages infinies et glacées que j'aime tant
par un jour de grand vent
et tu le jetteras da
:iconsophiedereal:SophieDereal 2 4
The Nature of Dreams and your Creativity
Dreams are stories told directly by the subconscious itself, stories meant to be believed by our hearts.
Now, the subconscious adds, removes and transforms elements according to its needs. The subconscious doesn't care about being right, nor does it care about consistency and compliance. All it cares about is telling a story.
Oftentimes, if there's not enough details for the subconscious to use, it will event some, mixing or editing elements to form new ones. It's for this reason why interpretations regarding what has yet to be revealed tends to be highly inaccurate. What your subconscious thinks to be the truth may not be so according to what actually happens. This is so both for other realities as well as our own.
Your creative ability is heavily tied to one's subconscious. Thus, if you want to maximize it, see your own thoughts as a dream-like daydream, dreams that you have while awake. See it so even if you're not actually daydreaming at the moment.
How can you do this, you may ask
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That Girl - Part 01
By: SellCon2762
Ashlee Winters was an odd girl…a very odd girl, weird even. What was strange was that no one at Springbrook High School could figure her out. She was a sophomore girl of regular size, a little taller than normal but not abnormally big. Her features were very adequate but she hardly flaunted them and her appearance was such that she was hardly noticed. Ashlee had very few friends and talked with even fewer people than that. In class she would only talk when spoken to by a person of authority such as a teacher. She walked around the school carrying her books and her purse and rarely got any sort of look by others. Even bullies and mean girls were strangely discouraged from doing anything to her, and that was on their own volition. She was a strange person to crack since she didn’t really fall into any group. She like some of the things that geeks would enjoy, video games and playing board games with her friends, but she hardly had any smarts and care
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Angels of Heaven and Earth
Chapter Eight
“Prophecy? What prophecy? There’s a prophecy about me?” Tamrone didn’t quite understand how he got wrapped up in this whole thing!
“You are the most powerful of all my children.” God beamed at seeing his most sorrowed creation at last.
“I’m much honored father, but, other than joining the three sides, there must be more to this journey.” Tamrone was sure such a long journey would benefit him as well as others.
“If you go to Dark Angles and save the trapped angels Rose and Renna, they will give you their gifts.” God smiled.
“Gifts?” Tamrone knew he was a little weird, but he didn’t know that he had missed “Gifts” from two angels.
“The ability to love and understand slavery.” God explained.
“Look, Father, I don’t know what those are and people in 6th-9th grade tried to teach me, but I never learned. So-”
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Short Story - The Sleepover
One night, Harry and his friends were having a sleepover.
Harry told them to NOT disturb his father, because he's very busy in the basement. So he and friends agree to play video games....
Suddenly, the power shuts down....luckily Harry has his trusty flashlight. 
He asked if his friends are okay, and they said, "yes" but they were scared, and Kenny wants to ask Harry's father if he could fix the power.
But once again, Harry told him that he CANNOT disturb his father. He said that he gets angry when he's disturb.
3 minutes later, the battery for the flashlight runs out. Leaving nothing but darkness in the house. They can't see anything but their eyes.
Molly said that she can hear growling, Kenny assume that it was Harry's stomach....
.....but, Harry already ate Pizza before the sleepover.
....who's is making that noise?
Suddenly, a shadowy figure is eating Molly! She's screaming in terror!
Harry and Kenny are too scared to move!
After finishing Molly, the figure started to d
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MiloLissa Shorts: Breaking The Curse
I got another MiloLissa short for ya! In response to the Cubs making their first World Series since World War II ended, this one's gonna be set on the night of Game 6 of this year's National League Championship Series...and yes, Milo's a Cubs fan, but will be rooting for the Dodgers just to screw them up! ROLL TAPE!
It's a cool Saturday night in Swamp City, California. Everyone was decked out in LA Dodgers gear and they had converged on Jefferson County Middle School for a massive outdoor viewing party for Game 6 of the National League Championship Series...including 3 teens who have had more than their fair share of adventures - Milo Murphy, his girlfriend Melissa Chase and their friend Zack Underwood. Melissa and Zack were in Cubs gear. Milo on the other hand, was dressed in Dodger blue.
"Hey, Milo...why the Dodger blue?" asked his girlfriend.
"Remember Zack's first football game, Melissa?" Milo fired back. Melissa and Zack remembered that night all too well. It was
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