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Such Beautiful Wings
The sun never sets in Bool. Nor does it rise.
The sky is painted in perpetual twilight, all blushing and bruised, and here the air always smells of petrichor.
Children never seem to find the way in; their unprepared hearts divert them, and draw them into the darkness – into lands full of frightening things – until their fears return them to their proper beds, if they survive out there at all.
Only grown-ups will see the path that leads to this place, and even then, only they can pass through the gate unhindered.
I know this, because I am one of them.
I have been absent from this land for months, but the thought does not distress me. I had been working hard in mundane space since my last visit: caring for my mother through her illness, picking up the household groceries by myself every week, and always finishing my homework, even when I would rather be doing anything else. There, it isn’t much fun, to be honest; these days it feels like my friends all have so much more
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Wren Sisters Chap.35: Scars
                                                        *6 weeks later*
    "Okay Ms. Wren, let's remove those bandages."  A medical droid said as it started to unravel the bandages that covered Emily's face and eyes.  Being aboard Commander Sato's ship, she recieved all the medical attention she needed, and after weeks of being blindfolded and healing, it was time to remove the bandages.  The room was empty besides for Emily, the Medical Droid, and Sabine, who stood in the corner with her arms crossed.  The droid slowly removed the bandages one layer at a time.  Emily started to see the white glow of the lights.  She squinted since she was not used to the light.  "Sa-Sa-Sab?"  Emily asked.  "I'm
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The Proteus Academy of Magic: Chapter 1

The magnificent landscape that resembled a castle was the highlight of the small town, silver-plated coat of arms hanging above the entrance gate. 
This was the school grounds of the Proteus Academy of Magic, a relatively new mage school. What it offered was specialized education in the shapeshifting arts - headed by the best talents of transformation a student could want.
"Shapeshifting is an art that isn't pursued often in this day and age," said Ms. Marianne, 1st year teacher at the academy, "and we hope to offer a place where interested students can keep this unique branch of magic alive and well. It may be one of the more complicated schools of magic, but we believe it has useful potential and has a place in today's magic culture."
The curriculum at the academy was one that followed most other magecraft schools, with basics in most of the essentials. In its core focus however was emphasis on shapeshifting, which was not offered in many other scho
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Twilight's 'slutty' first kiss pisses off bronies :iconcuddlepug:Cuddlepug 37 226
Journal Entry 14
September 27th. Tuesday.
Generally felt like I was being watched again today. I know those rats are still around somewhere, but I haven't seen any since last week. I wouldn't be surprised if they've just gotten better at hiding themselves. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), the fact that I can't see them does very little for my paranoia.

Rusty seemed to be better, at least. Well, by "better", I mean more like himself, talking a lot and just doing everything that Rusty does during a typical day.
Except he had another coughing fit today. It definitely wasn't as intense as the first one, but it sounded just as nasty. Honestly, considering his recent go-through with sleeplessness, on top of this coughing, I'm getting a little worried about him. Still, he's acting like himself so I guess that's a good sign.
Overall, not much to talk about regarding today, and I've got homework to do tonight. Talk to you all tomorrow, I guess.
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Will you marry me?
"Wren, where are you?" Altari called, walking in through the front door of their small home above her work.
"In the bedroom!" Wren's voice sang, Altari's heart skipping a beat. She made her way to the bedroom, a slight spring in her step. She had went and gotten a more fancy outfit, since today was their 2 year anniversary. She walked into their bedroom and stopped, her eyes widening as she gasped. Wren stood in a forest green dress with capped sleeves that went down to her knees, while purple lace that was on her waist was the entire length of the skirt and hit the floor. Her hair was up in a bun, kept there by the hair comb with green and purple gems Altari gave her on her birthday last year. Wren turned to her, a smile on her face.
"Do you like it?" She asks, Altari smiling.
"I love anything you wear, darling." She moves over to Wren and wraps her in a hug.
"I'm glad you like it!" She giggled, hugging her back. Gods, Altari just wanted to tell her now, but she had to wait until the
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How I Would Handle: Blair Witch :icongeneralorder4:Generalorder4 2 10
My school adventures (Chapter One)
So this is just a compilation of things that happened at school. My name will be "Jordyn" (and this is not my real name)
I will say the first letter of my teachers' last names so I don't give away their identities. My friends will also have different names as well.
Ok let's begin:
Friday, September 16th: Third period
I walked out of the cafeteria and went down the  F hall wing and turned right, to the corridor outside. I opened the heavy door and walked outside, Mr. B's room route on my mind. Freshman looked at me as I walked, then continued talking to their friends. I came to the second round of doors and went inside, seeing the empty D hall lobby. Two seniors glanced at me as I walked up the stairs. They were skipping class no doubt. I got to the top and let out a breath, I needed some more exercise because the stairs are freaking steep. I walked into upper D hall and spotted room 206. I walked in to see Matt, he looked up and waved at me. I faked a smile and waved back, then sh
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Review of the 1st Presidential Debate
The first Presidential debate has wrapped up, and much of the country is in a flurry.  Overall, I think both did well, but Donald Trump had made some non squetor statements.  Hillary looked to be well rested and recovered from her bout with Phemonia and Donald Trump did not really resort to name-calling in the debate.  It was a nice clean debate, and had some sparring back and forth.  With Lester Holt moderating the debate, they had a tight ship to deal with.  Here's a look back at the highlights and the issues that they discussed.
In the section of America's national security, Trump slammed Clinton on her deals with Iran and letting ISIS grow unchecked.  Hillary accused him in this segment about being for the Iraq War, when Trump expicitly said that he was against it. It was quite a suprise that Hillary did not use the woman card in the debate, yet she called Donald Trump out on his alleged mistreatment of women and his female employees.  Donald Trum
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Treasure of an Ancient Goddess (GTS RP)
You're a treasure hunter, always looking for a chance to strike it rich by searching ancient ruins for priceless artifacts. For your entire career, you've been enticed by stories of the world's greatest treasure hoard, supposedly amassed by a powerful Goddess who ruled the entire world long ago before disappearing without a trace. Tales spoke of a temple lost to the ages where her boundless wealth sleeps to this day. An ocean of gold coins, jewels that none had laid eyes on before, even an entire golden castle were spoken of in old legends. Of course, the legends also spoke of a curse placed on the treasure, or even claimed that someone or something still guarded it. Regardless, finding this treasure has always been your dream, and now you're close to fulfilling it. But things aren't always so simple, and there's a catch when you find the treasure...
1) You find the treasure, only to learn that it is being guarded, whether by the Goddess herself, a massive female creature, o
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Every Episode of MLP: FiM Reviewed! The Intro
So I'm sure at least some of you are aware of my series, Every Episode of Family Guy Reviewed! Considering that I'm almost caught up with those reviews(as of this writing, I haven't finished the season 14 review), I figured that I should expand my Every Episode Reviewed series to include shows other than Family Guy. These will include shows I have seen and those I haven't. So after my Family Guy season 14 review is finished, I think the next show I will do is one that I'm very passionate about: MLP: FiM!
For those who have read my scorecard on this show, I should say that there is a bit of a problem when it comes to that. The ratings I have on there were based entirely on my personal feelings on the episode, as in how much I personally enjoy it. In retrospect, that was probably a mistake. It didn't really take into account the objective merits.
So here's how the rating system for this is going to work. I will give out two separate ratings for each episode(or movie). The first will be b
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The Experiment
Somehow, no one knew how, Hank had gotten a hold of a can of Gorilla Glue.
“Check this out,” Hank said. “Specs says it can lift 10 tons.”
“Bullshit,” said Ken.
“No, it really says that.”
“Yeah I believe it says that, but I say it’s bullshit.”
“Well how the hell are we gonna know? What do we even know of that weighs ten tons?”
They looked at each other, the way they did that made Waldorff excited, and a little uneasy.
“Salad,” bawled Hank. “Go get RJ. We need him.”
“What for?”
“You’ll see, just go get him.”
“But what should I tell him?” Waldorff was dubious. RJ didn’t come over for just any old thing.
“Tell him I said it’s important,” intoned Hank. Then he gave the hard eye, the one Waldorff had learned about in Rota last year, and Waldorff got while the gettin’ was good.
Fifteen minutes later they were out
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The Forgotten Chapter of Romulus Barbossa (Part 1)
26 years ago...
Barbossa scanned the night street around him. Like Cap'n Rackham said, Sargasso wasn' the nicest of places, but it was considerably more civilized then Tortorka. For starters, the pirate noticed that there was a stark lack of public health hazards and general violations of basic human rights, Barbossa relieved to find a planet that was not populated by drunken psychotic murderers.
Making his way down the street, Barbossa felt his dry throat. With his bag over his shoulder and his footlocker under his arm, the pirate's eye darted left and right in search of an inn. His eyes lit up when he saw a pub called the Capt. Sizer nearby, Barbossa's mouth watering at the idea of liquor.
"Eh, just one." Barbossa muttered to himself as he entered the bar.
Like most Frontier worlds, Barbossa didn't stand out that much. With his worn-out greatcoat and ragged shirt, he looked like the other travellers in the Capt. Sizer. All sorts of outlaws and thugs were seated around the tables, a c
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7 Annoying Things about YouTube
I made up this list of 7 Annoying things on In my opinion those 7 things makes the website: less enjoyable for anyone big or small.
1) Getting dislikes/negative comments over your skills. Feels like every-time someone click on your videos. Want you be a master, prefect at it. Or Would get mean and negative comments for example. I made up a series Highly Recommend Fallout 4 Mods. One comment got was the following: ''You know nothing about Mods/Modding''. Over giving out a opinion Fallout 4 Mods. Playing video games, reviewing, other things goes under this category. My answer always this:
Why does it matter toward you. Everyone has pros and cons. Does not help anyone being like that. Not everyone would agree the best course be Jerk toward them over-it.
2) Haters: Just all websites Haters ruin any website and community in many ways. I though YouTube was about Gaming, TV Shows, other-things. Not about hating on other because are different then yourself. I think this line summe
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Comment Needs my attention over Haters
The comment is the following: It's ok If people hate becuz their just giving opinions and I know their not trying to be mean. 
My reaction: I don't think being critical and negative classified having a opinion. With classic comments like: Go kill yourself, Stupid cunt with Down Syndrome, others. Not a opinion just show off with the power of the internet you can get away being a heartless person. 
There different freedom of speech and hatefully speech Hate in pure form is that.
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The reopening of Bound Fantasies
It was a pleasant night for Arturetta,Arthur,sis and myself.We were once again in bound fantasies after it was closed for some a rather long time.It had to be closed down earlier due to maintenance,renovations and so on.And after several weeks of work,Bound Fantasies was reopened for business.So Arturetta and the others were escorted by Liz and Ms.Carter inside the building.And we were all surprised with how it looked inside.It looked extremely awesome!
Trisha:Well everyone.Welcome back to bound fantasies.As you can see,we have a larger selection of items,a better workplace for you miss Armstrong,and also,there's some new vendors.
Liz:We have a new candy vendor for those who want to take some for the children.Or you can buy some individually in the front desk.
Andre:Heh heh.Already I'm liking the improvements here.Hey sis,we should take some candy to give to Ari and Hana.
Eris:Sounds good to me we need to pay for any?
Trisha:For you two,it's on the house.Just try not to t
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Repeat 1
OLD DISCO TAPES! Talking about how warm it is to have you guys in here, not really meaning it.
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Large Witch Academia [Mutual fWG]
Sniff Sniff…is this what you were talking about?” Akko asked hesitantly. The young, budding witch stood before her sleepy friend as a strange concoction bubbled in her hands. All Akko knew was that Sucy claimed that she had something that would help increase her magic powers, allowing her to be a better witch. “It doesn’t look 100% safe.”
Sucy let out a little cackle as she fiddled with her various potions “Will you relax? It’s not as if this is the same mix that Minotaur drank.” She hadn’t once looked at Akko since she gave her the potion bottle. “I made it just for you.”
“Okay but what exactly does it do?”
“Hmm? Oh!” Sucy realized she hadn’t exactly gone over the specifics of this new brew. “It’s like an energy drink. You chug some of it down and BAM! An abundance of magical energy flows through your body, allowing you to do anything!” She hastily muttered s
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historia de adagio 6
Pasan las horas y cada minuto es una tortura de pues de que Sonata y aria le pidieron a su vecina ayuda fueron rápido al hospital el doctor les digo que el bebé se adelantó antes de tiempo y que ahí pocas oportunidades del que el bebé de adagio no pode sobrevivir aria en un arranque de ira attacka al doctor pero luego la duerme Sonata se pone a llorar con la noticia siguen en espera hasta queta enfermera le disé que ya pueden pasa ah ver a su amiga entran al cuarto y ve ah adagio en la cama toda débil y cansada por el parto ahí el doctor les disé algo del bebé las 3 miran al doctor y creen que el bebé... no disen las chicas en eso la enfermera entra con algo en los brazos muestra que es y es la bebé y disen felicidades es una niña fuerte y sana adagio abrasa a su bebé la bebé mira a adagio y sabe que es su mamá y es ríe adagio llora de felicidad Sonata y aria mira a la bebé e igual que adagio llor
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Artie gazes out towards the horizon, watching as the sun slowly descends below the earth. The sky is a brilliant shade of oranges and yellows, the blues behind him gradually getting darker and darker. He holds up his soda against the sun, watching as the plastic lights up with a thousand colors. “I feel like everyone’s miles away from me.”
Alastar glances over from where they're perched on the roof of their car. “That’s because they are,” he points out. He takes a sip of his soda. “We’re literally parked on the side of the road, miles away from the next town.” He scrunches up his nose. “And it’s already sunset.” He hops down. "Come on, we should get going. “It’ll be dark soon.”
Artie hums, not getting down from the roof. “I don’t mean literally,” he says, swinging his legs in the air a few times as he takes another gulp. “I mean— Being here. It makes everything seem s
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FOP Review Season 0 Episode 1: The Pilot

To kick things off, we're going to start off with the pilot for the Fairly Oddparents!
Back in 1999, a show for random shorts got released on Nickelodeon, and it did what Cartoon Network did for 'What A Cartoon!'.  Many shorts were released on that show, be it for failed pilots for TV Shows or pilots that did well and got a few sequel shorts within 'Oh Yeah! Cartoons'.  The legacy of those pilot shorts ended in 2001, BUT three shows did get created for Nickelodeon.  The first two were 'Chalkzone!' and 'My Life As A Teenage Robot', both released a year and two years after 'Oh Yeah! Cartoons' was cancelled and both moved on to become classic shows...
The third show was Fairly Oddparents... and funny thing is, well, it actually got greenlit for their own show while they were still releasing pilots for the 'Oh Yeah! Cartoons' show!  So, it's safe to say that Fairly Oddparents was
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Jane, Defender of Decura Chapter 22
Ominous Audience
As the sun slowly began to rise over the mountain, the massive gates to the city of Bhaldural slowly opened, causing a large crowd to gather in front of it. Suddenly, several dozen dwarves dressed in silver and red armor marched out and formed a line to block the crowd.
"Please calmly form a line and prepare for a full inspection!" shouted one of the dwarves. "If you do not comply, you won't be allowed into Bhaldural!" Despite all the grumbling and groaning, the crowd quickly lined up.
"Security seems tighter than I remember" noted William from the back of the crowd. "Did something happen?"
"I've only been gone for a month" said Patti while scratching her head. "They always did inspections but those were rare and random. We should be fine though, I've got the correct papers so they won't take your weapons."
"That's a relief" said William before turning back to the drained Jane and Nate. "They might stop us if those two don't stay awake."
"That room... Built for
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