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The Maleficious Empire: Mirror, Mirror #6

Grimhilde, the Lady Regent, the Evil Queen of Snow White, had had better days.
A few moments ago, she was about to slice herself a small sliver of catharsis after a long and trying evening wrestling with riots, failed assassination attempts and literal inner demons. Unfortunately, she hadn't expected for her unconscious prey to be, well, conscious. And kicking. And armed. So there she was, in the corner of a dirty cell, loomed over by the troublemakers who made such a mess of things for her army. 
Their leader, who in a certain light could have passed for Snow White's twin sister, resembled nothing more than a warped manifestation of her guilt-ridden nightmares; dressed head to toe in the princess's own blue and yellow dress, smattered with blood. Her own blood. Oh, and she was holding a knife. Which also had her blood. Speaking of, quite a bit of it w
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The Gospel According to Me
In other words, why in the world do I follow, serve, and love Jesus?
Well, there’s a good bit of reasons, not sorted by importance: all of them are pretty relevant.
I realize I’m made in the image of God as a human being, which I understand I’m made for a lot more than what I think I am.  In the Christian understanding of humanity being made in the image of God, it means not only are we merely accountable to a Creator, but it means we share a lot of positive attributes of God (to an extent, if we see God as being omnipotent).  We’re like an icon of God of sorts, reflecting the heavenly on earth, originally.  But if one is familiar with the Genesis account, things didn’t stay that way.
The things that I’ve limited myself to do because of my desires that don’t glorify God in a negative sense (sin) is what blurs my real purpose and destiny.  Thus, because of this wisdom of good and evil we’ve all embraced has giv
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A Meeting in the Park
Max was at the park for some time outside. He had always come here very often with Sam and their friends to play or relaxed under a tree to draw, both of which he always loved and enjoyed. As Max continued walking to the tree, he looked around, looking left and right multiple times. He saw nobody there but him, it was just what he wanted. Max went and sat under the tree. Beginning to do something rarely seen. He started to sing.
No one except family and very close friends knew about this little hobby. However, he was very shy about others hearing him sing. When Lili heard Max singing, he ran off and couldn't look at her from being so embarrassed.
Despite how embarrassed singing in front of others made him, Max had an angelic sounding singing voice. And anyone lucky enough to hear him always complimented him.
As soon as his song was finished, Max smiled having enjoyed himself. What Max didn't expect was someone sitting on the other side of the tree with him.
"That was a nice song." Anot
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The Importance of Character Diversity
Ultimately, this gets back to the foundations of why we as a human race tell stories. We want to communicate ideas, spread knowledge, share secrets, engage with our contemporaries, entertain, inspire, call to action, and move people. Sure, you can do most of those things without telling a story, but stories are powerful because they connect with people on an emotional level. In order to make this connection, people have to relate to the story and feel like it’s their story, like they are a part of it and it was made for them. They have to see themselves or a version of themselves in the story so that it speaks to them personally as well as to the universal emotions in all of us. If some are singled out or left out, stories lose a bit of their power—or a lot of it.
With all the ideologically and emotionally charged politics at the forefront of social discourse right now, it’s easy to think diversity in stories (or in anything) is about being politically correct and try
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SasoDei: A Love For Gas
[Authors note: this is a more sexual story from me, bloody yaoi, so if you don't like fart fetish or erotica, get off my page, if you do, keep reading]
It was kind of a pretty cloudy day, two people, more specifically, Sasori and Deidara, after an accident in the lair, these two where told to stay with each other for the night, the two turned up at the place they where told to go, an abandoned house in a forest not too far from the lair, it was just a regular wooden house, but what would happen tonight was....something else.
Deidara: so...this is the place?
Sasori: yes
Deidara: I'm not sure about this's old and run down, it looks like it will collapse at any time
Sasori: stop complaining brat, go inside or I'll take you inside myself
Deidara: alright, jeez you're moody!
They both walk in, it's just as it looks on the outside, run down and shitty, they both sit down due to walking for awhile
Deidara: jeez this place is shitty, it looks like something went on a rampage, and i
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HLT: Birthday Shenanigans :iconotato-otato:Otato-Otato 2 0
MY Top 5 Best and Worst Danganronpa Characters Pt2
A/N: Just a head's up, I get a little emotional during this part. Even more than with the previous characters on this list...That's right, I'm more emotional HERE than the last part! Let that sink in... :XD:
#3 Best: Warriors of Hope (Masaru Daimon, Kotoko Utsugi, Nagisa Shingetsu and Jataro Kemuri)
"And as the hero and the leader, I'm gonna be the new ruler of this town!" ~ Masaru Daimon
“I'm from the Hate Planet, where being hated makes you feel good. And it's easier to just be hated.”  ~ Jataro Kemuri
“My favorite food is pre-shelled chestnuts. My least favorite food is un-shelled chestnuts. Kyaa! Were you surprised that they were both chestnuts?!” ~ Kotoko Utsugi
“Listen, being an adult or child has nothing to do with anything. If you have power, you can overturn the natural order.” ~ Nagisa Shingetsu
What's this?! A villain you say? Well yes, your story as only as good as your villain after all. While there aren't that many villain
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Something's Toxic in this Room... RP
This is a pretty "jump-in" RP right here, so here's what's going on. You and your friend, girlfriend, or sister went to see your best friend, me, who called you over and asked you to bring someone along to my house, since I had something "special" to show you two and I knew you would love it very much so since you and her were both very short in stature and well... I was already pretty tall. One day the same toxins I used to create my ray gun with, I decided to use and made into gas, so I then placed into a hose and was ready to put air into the living room where you and here were waiting for me, and then your female other notices something strange.
"Ugh... Something doesn't smell right in here." She said, feeling that sense of danger or something not right.
Before we start, let me know what you would like to happen (Height (Shrink or Growth), Inflation, Muscle Growth, etc...)
* Age for character's should be around no younger than 17 years old, a
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Meine Erfahrungen mit Yannik Teil 2
Es ist schon eine Woche her das ich mich mit Yannik angefreundet hatte und wir verbrachten sehr viel Zeit nach der Schule mit kitzeln. Ich hatte das Gefühl das es langsam Zeit wird das ich ihn mal richtig auskitzle. Die ersten Tage waren nur nebensächliches kitzeln wie in die Seiten stoßen oder mal die Füße kitzeln aber nie richtig. Nun wollte ich es mit ihm machen und fragte ihn ob er bock hätte heute zu mir zu kommen. Er stimmte zu und wir trafen uns nach der Schule bei mir. Erst zockten wir etwas an der PS4 und am PC aber uns wurde schnell langweilig. Das war der Punkt an dem ich zuschlagen wollte. "Hey Yannik hast du lust was anderes zu machen?" fragte ich ihn. " JA was schlägst du denn vor?" erwiederte er. " Nun ich dachte mir das ich dich auf mein Bett fessle und dich auskitzle. Hättest du Lust drauf?".  Er schaute mich erst ganz verdutzt an und sagte dann grinsend: " JA das wäre eine super Idee ich wollte dich das eh irgendwann m
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The Human Termite
If you are sensitive or squeamish to this sort of stuff (because, you know...political correctness :-/) ...I-I-I-I-I don't know why you are here. Why are looking at this story in the first place, God! If you are, please kindly go away and look at my other stories that are less of this. Or don't look at them at all. My name is Bob and that is my condition (I'm usually not like this)
Zane throws his gym bag onto his bed, stripping off the tie around his neck in a vigorous manner but his face showing an unsettling sadistic smile, looking out the hotel apartment window into the dark night sky now bright with the fire and the chaos below. Explosions. Screams. Cars parking. Winged creatures flying down from the giant grey hole in the sky. Giant ships, thousands of the descending down onto the city. It was his time. T
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The Child-LocoRoco Adventures Part 1
Part 1: ‘Kulche and the Mystery Fairy’
It was morning time in Perculoka. Kulche was just waking up from his sleep and coming outside from his den when someone friendly came towards him. It was Tiny Dill. “Morning, Kulche!” Tiny Dill smiled “Are you ready for an exciting adventure?” “Ehtohleh!” replied Kulche. Tiny Dill was pleased. “Follow me, Kulche” Tiny Dill replied back and he flew off with Kulche following him.
Somewhere in Perculoka, 2 more LocoRoco children were waiting by the Nyokki caves. One of them was Soleagon who is a charteuse LocoRoco with a curl at the tip-end of his appendix while the other LocoRoco was Snowfley who is a crystal-purple LocoRoco with a crystal-blue 8-pointed star-shape on the tip-end of her appendix.
“Tooey-Tooey! Kulche” The yellow child-LocoRoco introduced himself to Soleagon and Snowfley.
“Soleagon” The chartreuse child-LocoRoco replied to Kulche with a big smile.
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Rebuilding Recovery Raquel
“’Cause my mind won’t stop, it’s just 11 blocks, I know that you’re home….Someone stop me please from hurting myself, ‘cause I’m two blocks away and you’re hurting my health…Somebody stop me, I should be going home” - “11 Blocks” by Wrabel
My #RecoveryHome lies amongst Hope Avenue and the Recovery Residence stone marking. My Recovery Home houses a rainbow lighthouse to the right of my home’s property, and a gazebo to the left of the house. The house has heart shaped skylights on the roof, and a green front door with a pastel yellow, pink and green iris in the center. There’s a stationary room within my Recovery Home and the hilltop residence overlooks a small town down below. There’s a Barnes & Noble, a Target, a Paper Store and Michael’s Arts and Crafts store down there. There’s probably a café, too. And there’s definitely a library--probably one like the Thomas Crane
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A Question for Matt the Ex-Soldier and Todd Bullis
Me: "So if you really care about others, why are you two dudes using hell as a psychological weapon of fear against others? I mean here's a more accurate analogy when you "warn people" (or should we say, instill fear into people), using hell, to intimidate them." You two are basically using hell like it's a big scary gun that you can point at people to get them to do what you want whether they like it or not."
Everything I said above also applies to another jerk who employs fear like a weapon known as Tony Miano, as he uses the exact same scare tactic you two fear-mongering jerks use.
The whole thing above is all simply my second response to this video:
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Tammy Goes to the Lake
DISCLAIMER: This story contains absolutely no sexual content whatsoever. If that is what you seek, please seek help instead. This story was not written by me, but by my friend Starwarrior. I am posting these stories here on his behalf.
Nestled within the depths of a national park was a large, deep lake.  Upon this lake, a modestly sized recreational boat sat bobbing in the water.  On the stern of the boat, reclining in a cushioned seat, was thirty five year old Lisa.  The blonde woman, dressed in a bathing suit, sunned herself as she listened to the muffled commotion coming from within the cabin.  Her nine year old boy, Oliver, was inside and judging from the noise she heard he was getting quite a workout.  Though the closed door somewhat muted the sounds within she could still hear his wild and hysterical laughter.  She had heard the laughter running non stop for the past forty minutes and she found herself wondering if she would even have a little boy fo
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Alice's Boyfriend Part 1(?)
*Beep, Beep, Beep!*
Startled out of a very pleasant slumber, Troy jerked up and groaned, letting his eyes re-focus before realizing he wasn't in his room..... "Urgh...."  He was in the living room, when did he get here...? And if he wasn't in his room, then that couldn't have been his alarm clock.... he didn't even have one, actually.... "Erm...." He thought for a second before it hit him. Suddenly his eyes shot open, he grabbed his smartphone from off the coffee table beside the couch, turning it on.
Yup, there was a reminder to pick Alice up from school.....
"Ah crud...." He face-palmed, grumbling to himself for not being ready like he was supposed to be. He still had his lazy house clothes on and everything.... now he had to rush and get ready!
After a quick wash up and getting dressed as fast as he could, he quickly headed out and hoped he wouldn't get there too late.... As he pushed his way through the forest and
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Pet Shop Decoy
Pet Shop Decoy
And suddenly! RABBITS!
Jimmy was very confused about what he was seeing when it happened. He had just been walking down the sidewalk minding his own business when three rabbits ran out through a doorway and onto the sidewalk and straight past them. It happened so fast he didn't even have time to react; but he was relatively certain that at least one of the bunnies had been wearing an eye patch and another one had large backpack attached to it, which were both very strange things. He turned in the direction they ran by but this point he could barely make out their fuzzy little tails disappearing into the distance. He then looked to the door they had come out of and saw it appeared to be a small pet shop. After hesitating for a few seconds he stepped inside and looked around.
"Hello?" Jimmy had to duck his head under hanging bird cages as he stepped in. The place was filled with cages for various animals including birds, dogs, cats, gerbils, mice, lizards, ferrets and even
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Theory Homer Simpson has Mild mental retardation
The Define of Mental Retardation: The symptoms of mental retardation are broken out by the level of the condition below. Mild intellectual disability: From birth to age six, these children are able to develop social and communication skills, but their motor skills are slightly impaired. In late adolescence, they can usually read at a sixth-grade level.
I don't think Homer has Mental Retardation. The reason why Homer is Stupid. Is because he has a crayon in his brain over this picture:
In the episode called: "HOMR". Everyone founds out about the crayon in Brain. After removing the Crayon from The Brain. Homer Simpson has the same I.Q. as Lisa Simpson. In the same episode Homer Simpson goes back to his normal-self.
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Pissed Off Rant about Rants
You know what annoys me and pisses me off?
A person doing a rant about what annoys and pisses him/her off, then posting that as an art deviation (or journal deviation).
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Hope for the Hopeless_Page 3
You raise your arm, but that motion unbalances you. You tip over and plummet to your knees. You put your hands out to break your fall but Heidi kicks you in the elbow, sending your face smashing into the floor. Your glasses twist up like a slinky, shattering seconds later. Pain rivets through your nose as the empty frames are propelled up into your eyeballs. Before you can recover, Heidi grabs the collar of your shirt, hoisting you upright. She tips you back, obviously scrutinising the damage. You feel her squashing your cheeks inwards to form a puckered expression.
“I thought kids were made of rubber. Whaddya know? I guess not. You’re heavy than I expected.”
She shakes you when you flail your arms and legs.
“Oi! Stop struggling you little shit. You’re only making things for yourself.”
Luckily you don’t need your vision to remember where the Portal3 is to call mum and dad.
You fake her out, going limp. She throws you down to the floor and it ta
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Innocence: The Series- Episode 9
The smell of salt, grease and fast food was in the air as the simple lair of comfort food was becoming a bit crowded from the sudden lunch rush. There were people waiting in line for their meals, and some where becoming a bit impatient. Either that, or they were holding their nose from the odor in the room.
For sitting at one of the two seated tables in the lobby were Phillip and Terra, both happily eating and chatting away. Phillip had a half eaten hamburger and a side of fries in front of him, and Terra had a box of chicken nuggets, also with fries, in front of her. 
Phillip took a bite of one of his fries.
"Mmm... Can't remember the last time I had french fries... We mostly just eat vegetables and things we can cook over a fire."
She smiled.
He looked at her.
"Doing okay?"
She nodded.
"Yeah, just... Nothing."
He shrugged and dipped fry in a dipping sauce.
"So... How long have you been eating out of the trash?"
She looked around, thinking.
"A while... Maybe a year..."
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el monstruo vagabundo 6
Capitulo 6:
Una semana paso y han se encontraba aun en aquel poblado para recuperarse de sus heridas, pero sin sacarse de la mente a milo comparando su primer encuentro con su yo actual.
Ella solo suspiro diciendo debió pasarle algo muy horrible como a mí pero aun así tengo que encontrarlo, ¡no puedo dejarlo asi! Dijo ella determinada mientras comenzaba a prepararse con provisiones en el mercado del pueblo para emprender su búsqueda por milo y aquel monstruo que destruyo su hogar.
Paso un rato ahora Ella caminaba ya con su mochila casi llena en su espalda ya algo cansada de tanta compra sentándose en la plaza del pueblo mientras miro a la gente, mirando unos sonrientes, unos preocupados, otros más apurados o estresados, así como niños jugando solo pensado al ver todo eso ¨¿cómo es que pueden juzgarlo de una forma tan cruel?¨ solo por ser un poco diferente.
En aquel momento ella suspiro recordando cuando milo esta
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The Vanishing Hitchiker
“Repeat it back to me.” Andrew always needed someone to accompany him to the store, someone who wasn’t a floppy piece of paper he would ignore even as he held on the wheel.
“Water, meat, and eggs.”
“What about frosting?”
“Mom says she has some in the cellar,” said Brett with a snort. “If you ask me I’m positive that crap must’ve gone-”
“Just a sec there, Brett.” Andrew pulled the car off the road and up to the side of college-aged girl. Her sad eyes came alive when she saw someone had not only seen but came over her. Brett rolled down the window and met her face to face.
“You goin' somewhere?”
The girl corked her head to the side and spoke as though she had a frog in her throat. “Just past the little market.” The men let her sit in the back where she wasted no time chatting it up with them as if she was a long-time friend. Of course, this wasn’t by her liking. Brett a
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Plassy Class Pre-Dreadnought Battleship
Ship Type: Battleship 1 Jpn
Weight: 5196 tons
H.P.: 4200
Armor: 20cm (200mm) Max
Citadel: 59% of Ship
Boiler: 6, Boilers
Output: 10800 hp
Turbine: 4, Turbines
Engine Efficiency: 100%
Velocity: 21 knots
Searchlight: 6
Command Cap.: 61
Radar Range: 23 km
Sonar Range: 6 km
0 Total
4x3 25cm/50 10" Naval Guns
4x2 20cm/55 8" Naval Guns
12x1 10cm/50 4" Naval Guns
4x1 7.7mm Machine Guns
:iconhellomon100:Hellomon100 2 0