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DEATH BATTLE: Vanoss VS Yandere-Chan

It was a regular day for Vanoss except that Wildcat transferred him and Delirious to a Japanese school, unfortunately he would usually get into trouble for not wearing a uniform or coming into class wearing his Owl mask and usually Delirious would sneak out of school to go some place more fun like the near by arcade, strip club, or the toy store that was selling abnormally huge teddy bears. Vanoss as usual was standing in the hall waiting for his teacher to give him a lecture on how to wear a
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Go Beyond

I'm here for a long time
Trying to be better for myself
Trying to be better for world
It's a daily choice
The choices will reveal our destiny
Many challenges
Many obstacles
Many ways
I'm strong
I'm conscious
I'm human
Everything is just part of the journey
And everything has your paper
In the end of all
What I did
What I said
Doesn't matter anymore
Because the now
It's all I can deal
It's all I'll know
Through the eyes
Through the smiles
Through beloved heart
Everything is just part of the journey
And everything has your paper
The sun knows what to do
The moon knows what to do
In the end of all
Everything will make sense
Just calm down
Just breath
Just to be present
Like watcher of your movie
What kind of movie you want to be?
It's a daily choice
Think about
You know what to do
You know how to do
Voices in your head is not by chance
Trust in the nature
Everything will make sense
Go beyond
The universe wants you stay safe
The universe wants see your joy
Go beyon
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Wed 19th Oct 2016.                                         9:20 pm
Dear Diary
Today we had an unusual day at school.
It had been attacked by an army of Donald Trumps!
It was very terrifying,but some students thought this was a joke and laughed at the Trump clones.But unfortunately,they obducted the students who thought this was hilarious and put them in the same cell as Hilary Clinton's!
How did I know this?Rumours.Duhhhhh!
Anyways,half of the school students have either evacuated and went home to cry at their mammys,or have been obducted.
The students and staff went crazy.It was chaos!
But luckily,the school's favourite student,Miss Dark The Excadrill,(AKA ME!) saved the day by saying "Go away you naughty old man!" to one of the clones.
He got scared and ran away,and the Trump clones were extremely stupid and gulliable,so once they saw one of their fellow clones run away in panic,so did
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RWBY Blood and Steel Megatron Sues for Peace
Ruby: It's over, Optimus! It's over!
Optimus: Perhaps, Ruby. Or perhaps not. *looks over to Megatron who is looking to the sky where Cybertron was*
Megatron: You felt it. You must have felt it. The draw of our world. It called to you just as forcefully as it calls to me. The difference between us is that I was willing to answer that call.
Optimus: No. It was never about Cybertron, any more than it was about Remnant now. It was always about you. Whatever nobility you may have had once, or think you've had, was long consumed by your overwhelming need to dominate all you see before you.
Megatron: Such pompousness from you, Prime. Your sanctimoniousness would be more impressive if we did not both know that the two of us are very much alike.
Optimus: We are nothing alike.
Megatron: I wanted to control Cybertron because I thought I was right. You fight me because you believe you are right.
Optimus: I am tired of your control.
Megatron: And I...
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To Where and Back Again Review
Ugh...stupid youtube and crap.Ok,this is gonna be a very...blunt review,just so you know.This is mostly because of the UK screwing us over and spamming the finale into our faces!Also,I tried looking for footage of the episode,but I only found footage of part 2-most of which reactions,which automatically put me off.The only link with part 1 is on dailymotion,which doesn't have the best speed.So I thought,"crap it",and decided to just go off of other reviews of the episode to get this over with.I also watched Dr.Wolf's review about a week before,so I at least know a little bit of it-but that's not the other reason why I'm making this so straightforward,and I'll get to that soon.For now,let's just get started.
So in Part 1,Starlight is invited back to her village for a festival.This is actually pretty cool,seeing as since the season five finale that place got brushed to the side.Though,Starlight's afraid even though she apologized in the aforementioned finale.It's understandable-I mean,sh
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Balanced solutions.
People often categorize solutions in two sections.
Good and evil.
Many people like to play the high, mighty force of good, denying all "evil" solutions.
Other people are just selfish, choosing the option which they believe best suits them.
However, it's not always so monochromatic.
In some cases, the kindest sounding solution is actually the most harmful.
In other cases, the selfish sounding solution is actually the most logical.
Likewise, the kindest sounding solution truly is the most logical, where as the selfish sounding solution is the most harmful.
For you see, solutions are not all about moral alignment.
There's more to it than good and evil.
You must think in the long run if you are to have even the slightest chance of making the right call.
You must think on a more neutral standpoint, not allowing your morality to cloud your higher judgement.
Yes, people will always have some moral bias, it's inevitable, it's the nature of all sapient creatures.
Just try to push out as much mo
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A list of the types of dragons in stories
Dragons are just like ice-cream: they come in different flavors. Throughout the centuries, and especially in our age, they have been imagined in the most various way possible, and that’s one of the reasons for why I like them so much. Of course some interpretations are more popular than others. And here is my list.
THE CLASSIC (Western). Your usual Western Mythology dragons: terrific creatures that either spread fear burning villages and eating people or guard treasures or, sometimes, kidnap princesses. They end up being slain by a magnificent knight, most of the times. Examples: Fafnir, St.George’s dragon, J.R.R. Tolkien dragons, Skyrim
THE CLASSIC (Eastern). Your usual Eastern Mythology dragons: divine serpentine beings that are so powerful and so wise (no, the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise isn’t about an eastern dragon) and bring good fortune. The most noble of all creatures. Examples: Shenron
THE FERALS. In these stories dragons are repre
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Early Morning Dreams
******* ASLEEP *******
They were sitting in a small room lit only by a desk lamp, its faint light bathing everything in mellow orange shades.
"I still can't fathom that there were that many." Her voice was loud, but it had that primordial feminine quality which could topple the highest mountain and melt the thickest sheet of ice. Even louder now that she was upset.
"You're overreacting. It's a single-digit number." As a perfect contrast and complement at the same time, his voice was deep, yet calm, steady and convincing. She wasn't convinced yet, though. He continued: "Does the quantity of experience really matter to you that much?"
Now she was becoming obviously irritated. "Of course it does. How can you share that with a number greater than one? I just don't understand."
His resolve didn't falter. "Share with one and only one person at a time. That's what I'm trying to tell you, who cares about quantity? It's the quality that matters, and you find that once, only once in a lifetime."
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So-So Power Rangers
(Disclaimer: The following is a non-profit unprofessional blog post written by an unprofessional blog poster. All purported facts and statement are little more than the subjective, biased opinion of said blog poster. In other words, don’t take anything I say too seriously.
Warning: Strawman Fallacy present)
So-So Power Rangers

Hollywood is in a weird place. With the rise of Home streaming, Netflix and Redbox taking away Box Office sales, they attempt to cash in while reducing risk by adopting any viable Intellectual Property known to make money. Lionsgate attempts to continue the trend in hopes of making money by rebooting Power Rangers, the popular sentai show made Saturday Morning show fixture by Saban. 
Having grown up with Power Rangers and being said target audience for this film, my initial reaction is... "okay what heck was that?" 
The common rule among critics is that you should not judge a film by its trailer or its marketing because chances are,
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The Chosen Ones: Awaken- Chapter 1
Voices. I hear voices. They're getting louder. Closer. Can I open my eyes? No. Keep eyes closed. Darkness. Go back to sleep. No. Wake up. Wake up!
My eyes flew open. A bright light was shining on me, the glare hurting my eyes. I quickly closed them shut again. I could hear alarmed voices now. This time, I opened my eyes slowly letting them adjust to the harsh brightness. I couldn't see very well, but I was pretty sure there were two people in front of me. I tried to move my head to get a better look to no avail. The motion felt weird. I turned to look at my hand and wiggled my fingers. More alarmed voices.
I wondered how I was doing this. How was I even thinking? Breathing? I seemed to be floating in some sort of liquid substance, yet I wasn't drowning? A loud beeping sound penetrated the quietness of my thoughts. A droning hum then washed out all sound. Was I sinking? The bottom of the contraption I'm in was getting closer... The liquid substance was draining. I flailed a bit,
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Testing again
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Servamp Anime Review
* Please note that I have only watched the anime of this series, so I do not know anything regarding the manga. My review is only based on the anime and what I watched. *
# of Episodes: 12
Rating: 17+
(I saw this online on a few websites, I don't really agree since I didn't find it that mature at all, really. My personal opinion would be more along the lines of TV-14 at most; just my personal opinion though.)
Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, Vampire
Release Date: July 2016
The story revolves around a high school student named Mahiru Shirota, a boy who likes simple things and dislikes difficult things. He picks up a stray black cat and gives him the name Kuro. He then forms a contract between the servant-vampire (Servamp) Kuro, called "Sleepy Ash". Mahiru is suddenly tossed into a war between the seven deadly servamps and their eighth sibling, Ts
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Shit My Son says 2k16
"if you take a bowl of cereal out of the sack, you have a bowl-less cereal in your sack"
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Big Brain
Griffin frowned, he pushed his glasses up. He looked around the new school, he sighed, all he saw was numbers, the kids where numbers, the angles they stood at, thats how he identified them, Griffin was a genius, and he knew that, Math and Science came easy, computers came easier, but people, that was a whole new ball park.
Griffin wasn’t like his adoptive father, Soren, Soren was bad at people, but he was better the Griffin, but Griffin wanted to be like his father, he peeked in his hood to see his small baby cat, Achibald, sleeping soundly, he smiled, for right now though, his kitty was enough.
~  ~ ~
Griffin rubbed his eyes, he heard his door slam open, to see his best friends, Diana, and Graham. He smiled a little and Archibald peeked out from under the pillow. Diana squealed and picked up the small orange cat, Graham squished his way next to Griffin.
His saviors.
They had saved him, in his darkest hours, the weight of his brain slowly making him go crazy, but just when
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A Grave Proposal Ch. 2
Chapter 2
    It was later at night. Jesse still hadn’t returned the Johnson’s mansion since he embarrassed himself and messed up at the rehearsal. He stood on a bridge that was at the edge of town. He still had the red flower that he wanted to give to Olivia. He looked at it as he had a sad look on his face and sighed.
    “Way to go, Jesse. You screwed up so easily at the rehearsal…” he muttered to himself.
    He sighed again and looked back at the town. It was night out, so everyone pretty much went indoors. Mobs were out, so very few people were out right now.
    But despite how it was dark out, Jesse decided to go for a walk into the woods. Whenever he needed to think things through or get something off of his mind, he would go for a walk. A walk helped him calm down and think of a way to handle what bothered him. He didn’t have a weapon with him, but he did
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The Secret of Sadaline ch.5
It was the last day of school, but Mr. Sanderson wasn’t very thrilled about it. Today was the deadline to choose whether or not to leave Scarborough. He looked at his beaming students, all eager for summer break to begin. He normally would do almost anything to see one of his students smile, but this time seeing their grins tore him up inside even more. The last thing he wanted was to leave them. However, if he chose not to and Mr. Miller filed a report, things could go very badly. He knew even if someone did accuse him of anything, he could prove his innocence. Even so, if someone reported anything, he knew there would still be an investigation. Even if he was found to be not guilty, it would still give him and his school a bad name. He wasn’t so worried about his own reputation as he was about everyone else in the school. Did he really want to put everyone through such a thing? At that moment, he knew what he had to do, although he did not want to do it.
When the last bel
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Sing her to Sleep
The basement was the only part of the house I hadn't explored yet. The unpacking took a week, our last minute decision to paint a few walls took forever, it was a solid month before I had any free time at all to enjoy our new home. The house was on six acres of land- some fields, some forest and I had been out most of the morning walking around the property with my dog Lila. We were out in the country, only few houses nearby and it was much quieter than I was used to, and I loved that. I made a cup of tea and headed for basement, curious about what I'd find down there, if anything. The light was dim, the air stale and there were a few boxes about, and spiders webs, lots of spider webs.
The room was small and there were two doors- one to my left, one to my right. To the right door I went and it creaked loudly as it opened. I found the light switch quick enough but didn't need it. Brilliant rays of sun were illuminating the one object in the room.  It was a bedframe, a
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People make Mistakes Nobodys Prefect
There is alot of pictures over the ideas that nobody’s prefect. I’m thinking to myself why should matter toward anyone if someone is not the master at something. Everyone has pros and cons about themselves.
I understand people mistakes, flaws over themselves, there content, other-things. Other people would rather insult, laugh at then, other-things. That is dis-respectful, in-mature, finally uncalled for. I’m asking too easy be extremely critical about anything rather then be sense-able, respectful, understand-able. Here is my response toward those people:
Should said to themselves: Nobody’s perfect but me. Asks the question:
I would rather not listen those type of people who focus too much everyone-flaws. It sure does matter. The answer is no.
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Zlote Piaski Egiptu - cz.9
Szli tak cicho jak tylko mogli. Adam i Elpis nawet zaczęli ciszej oddychać. Przed nimi rozciągały się absolutne ciemności. Prowadził ich Bolt, którego zmysły zdecydowanie przewyższały wrażliwością zmysły ferian. Czy inni mechaniczni również tak mają, Adam nie miał zielonego pojęcia, niemniej miło, że przynajmniej jedno z nich wie, co się wokół nich dzieje. A na razie, na całe szczęście, nie działo się nic. Na razie.
Kot syknął i zadrżał: wszędzie miał teraz piasek. Zresztą najwyraźniej nie tylko on, ale i Elpis, z tym, że ona miała na sobie mniej, wobec czego nie odczuwała tego aż tak mocno jak on, od stóp do głów w bandażach. Z niepokojem spojrzał na swoją ranną dłoń. Oby tylko nie dostał żadnego zakażenia, nie widzia
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7. An Obligatory Halloween Story
It was a crisp autumn night.
The wind whistled through the trees, filling the silent night with the mad quivering of leaves. Only the soft glow of the street lamps guided Mellie along her path home. The light of the full moon looked ominous in the sea of black clouds in the sky.
She looked around at the rows of residential houses that lined both side of the street. The lack of light at this late hour made them all looked haunted. There was barking in the distance that Mellie had trouble convincing herself were just that of domesticated dogs and not the wild coyotes that her mother constantly warned her about.
The sky overhead was thick with bare tree branches that hung over the street like an archway. Mellie avoided the shadows of the skeletal limbs reaching out for her on the sidewalk. The exercise kept her mind focused on something other than the ominousness of this dark night and the deep gloom that assailed her on all sides. But when Mellie  look behind her, she couldn’t
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Xenoforce II Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Life becomes “Ratchet”
(Disclaimer! I own nothing of Xenoblade or Ratchet and Clank!)
Anela and I were walking to an auto-shop store. (To the 4th wall) A lot of things are surprising in life. Like the kind where a small battery suddenly has the power to bring things to life. That being said when there comes that time to rebuild something and make it brand new, there’s no place like the auto-shop. And we’re going to this specific place because I know someone who works there. I switched to the scene from last chapter. (To the 4th wall) Him. Whoa, a 4th wall break inside a 4th wall break. That’s like 16 walls! Anyways, his name’s Ratchet. Later in the story he’s gonna be the Robin to my Batman except, both of us are just kids, and we fight bad guys during the day and the night. Wait… I’m sure Batman is seen during the day time too.
We went through the doors. “Welcome to Grimroth’s auto-shop,” said the owner
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Blackwoods Pt. 1
Foster let out a small sigh as he lounged back on the highest branch of his favorite tree, far above the forest floor. The autumn colored leaves around him were incredibly peaceful to rest amidst, this time of year perfect for making a truly beautiful canopy, as not many had yet fallen. The varying hues around him contrasted nicely with the charcoal tinted bark of the spindly trees this forest was known for, almost mocking a Halloween theme.
"Ah~" he exhaled gently, closing his eyes and basking in the cool sun-- at least, what of it came through the cloudy sky. With a content smile, he raised his arms and rested his head on his hands, stretching out upon the branch. The forest guardian, much like the territory he protected, was in true peace. That was, until he heard a rustling of leaves in the branches beside him, one of his eyes opening in time to see a few leaves
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