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Giving Thanks to God
Express gratitude in all things;
Take nothing for granted.
Refrain from grumbling;
Adorn your heart with thanksgiving,
For God has given us every good thing;
Yes God has given us every good and perfect thing.
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Freedom Through Control
It's all I have.
It's all I know.
It's all I need to do.
To eye the watch
Swinging back and forth
In the hands of you.
My keeper, My Master,
My everything,
You keep me in your hold
Like the watch swinging rhythmically
On that ornate chain of gold.
With every swing
I can descend
Into a deeper state of bliss.
Free will? No thanks.
Never needed it.
All I need is this.
To know no fear,
No hate, no pain.
To know only to obey.
For in obedience,
There's no dissonance
And life's troubles fade away.
Back and forth,
The gold watch swings,
Your words my entire world.
Deeply forever hypnotised,
My true happiness…
Finally unfurled.
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When the stop howling office machines...
Howl in new York came with new force, all Hell instantly went down...
Everywhere trouble a lot of trouble getting under the skin and warm where his burden.
Irritation takes over, nothing left to endure...
Anyway sooner or later to stop, anyway, sooner or later everything has to be temporarily forgotten.
He yawns a couple of times, hands up... raise the shoulder will lead in two, will take the wheel for four.
Lead as should all their, foot on the pedal will deliver... and with all the strength that builds up inside him to explode on the highway knocking down all the traffic ways, which are not caught.
Anyway you will not notice any not understand... anyway the cops again, with regards,
Behind him with a hiss rip through everything.
Hello, the Metropolis I'm back in your arms came... I came again to whistle, echo raise everywhere...
I came again to sit and bask in the beauty of the machine is «Fate» with a glass of wine in hand, sipping and grin every time we climb the stairs t
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Eternal love
Jeśli nie teraz, w tym życiu, to po nim.
Jeśli nie teraz, na chwilę, to na wieki wieków, z Tobą.
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Psalm 119:70 - Daily Bible Verse
Psalm 119:70
Their heart is as fat as grease, but I delight in thy law. (KJV)
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Love Multiples
He who kills his enemies, fights alone; but the man who disarms his enemies with love, will find himself surrounded by friends.
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Africa :iconobeythemba:ObeyThemba 1 0
We all wear masks. Something that we use to hide, to keep our thoughts close and hidden from others. Upon our masks is a design, a facade that we use to keep that madness at bay. A happy go lucky immature one, a serious sciency one, even one of false madness. I think that if we all took off our masks, we would be shocked at what we really are. But, who am I to say. All I can do is ask, what masks do you wear?
:icondraconichero61702:DraconicHero61702 1 1
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Things to Thank the Lord for
When I think of the sensory receptors in my lips
Which are at work when I smile, speak, eat, and kiss,
As well as all the elaborate design behind each of the five senses,
I give thanks the Lord my God for this!
When I think of how the trees replenish the air I breathe
And of how life lies dormant in an unplanted seed
Until it is sown into soil and nourished with rain and sunlight freely,
O Lord my God, I give thanks to Thee!
But, most of all, when I think of the gospel of my redemption
And of how the apostles and prophets are my foundation
To keep me safe from all manner of cunningly-devised deception,
I thank the Lord my God in joyful adoration!
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Proverbs 29:25 - Daily Bible Verse
Proverbs 29:25
The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe. (KJV)
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