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La Barbaconne (Aug. 1830) English Translation
O worthy sons and daughters of Belgium,
In who arose, great strength and zeal,
You patriots of the Fatherland,
All your dreams and hopes are made real!
Stay in arms, and refuse to waver,
So that every citizen may see:
The orange will bloom again forever,
Immortal, on the tree of Liberty!
To cries of murder, of rape, and of pillage,
The wicked all have rallied forth,
But by your steadfast courage,
You’ve driven them from Belgian earth!
Now purify this land together,
So all our cities may be free
We must graft the orange forever,
High onto the tree of Liberty!
And in you, who the Belgians are trusting,
O Nassau! Set firm our right!
Remain our protector and rightful King!
Be our pride in every nation’s sight!
Forswear the council of the hated,
Who would keep us in captivity,
And the orange will always ripen,
High upon the tree of Liberty!
But woe to you if our confidence betraying,
You devise to put us down,
To the muzzles of the gun, assaying,
In our blood, we will gladly dro
:iconbluteisen:BlutEisen 3 0
Never trust a school
I don't know what the fuck I have learnt
What I am supposed to do with that boring knowledge
I just know they crushed my mind and broke me inside
Win nothing, lose your mind, all because of a school
Never trust a school
Never go to school
Where brainwashers are I'll never go
With sons of bitches I'll never fuck
As I kid they washed my brain, taught this and that
I had to earn good marks and diplomas or so they said
They never told me for what purpose I had to study so hard
Win nothing, lose your mind, all because a school
Friendly advice
Never go to school
If you want to be a good man
Never trust a school
Stay away from these elitist bitches
Never go to school
Whatever they say or their empty promises
Never! Never! Never!
Never trust a school
They promised a happy life, a greet career
I'm broken for life, with my urge to revenge
I am trying to save your time, to save your life
Keep your mind safe, away from danger
Never trust a school
Never trust a fucking school.
:iconkhaoshornet:KhaosHornet 0 1