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American Horst Wessel Lied
Rise up! Rise Up! You stalwart men of action!
The time has come to form up ranks again!
Against us march the violent leftists and reaction!
Once more our banner flies into the fray!
So sound the call – the Battle Cry of Freedom!
So sound the call – we stand prepared to fight!
Our voices swell in one accord to state our mission:
To save our land and all that’s good and right!
We hail the dawn; the dawn of our salvation,
America – a land of liberty!
May God on high protect us and our sacred nation!
And us give us strength; a people proud and free!
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Team A OR B
This here year is an election year.
This old year is an election year!
Now I am part of team B.
And I am part of team A.
And what we are you see.
Is explained today.
Now it don’t matter.
Part of A or B.
Because we are
Always right, see?
Now it don’t come to play.
Either that or this.
Team B or A.
We don’t need to slap a wrist.
Now I’m a part of team B.
And I of A.
Now one thing I have to say.
It ain’t no matter a fact.
The fact you’re team B.
Is a bit nauseating you see?
Now in fact.
We ain’t no different.
Cause, black or white,
Red or brown.
Only a few of us are right.
I belong to Team A.
And I’m with B.
Now as it occurs to me.
You right? No you ain’t.
You see, you’ve gone
And tainted up,
The place.
Something fierce.
Now before I start.
And you I pierce.
I must admit.
You’re a bit different
Than Team B.
Now I’m a part of
Team A.
Because simply put,
That’s the only way.
For anyone can see.
There ain’t n
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