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Traditional Fixed Forms

Por-do-Sol da Idade-Media
Ela arrumou-se toda para a festa,
Vestiu a roupa mais especial...
Ficou com aparência sem igual
Com a coroa tríplice na testa.
A tanto de se ornar ela se presta
Na frente de um espelho de cristal...
Seu canto é uma cantiga divinal
De uma sombria e mítica floresta.
Chega então sua hora derradeira:
Despede-se da vida costumeira
E torna-se em mulher essa menina...
Assim, no pôr-do-sol da Idade-Média,
Essa dama que chama-se Comédia
Vem ao mundo dizendo "Estou divina!"
:iconjaimedeandruart:jaimedeandruart 3 1
Sun Dream
Dreams of you and dreams of I,
Were sailing through this dreamers head,
Adrift an ocean in the sky,
Of oranges and subtle reds,
Water-coloured cloudy thoughts,
Blended to a pastel teal,
And offered haven in their ports,
To any dreams I wished were real.
The beauty that this world displayed,
Would feed my ever hungry eyes,
Yet starved they stayed for all the days,
That you were absent from my side,
The Milky-Way above the palms,
The sunrise in a foreign land,
All did fall like shooting stars,
For longing of us hand in hand.
Your natural beauty ebbed and flowed,
Like waves upon my dreamy shore,
Receding tides that never slowed,
Were chased until my feet were sore,
And as the sun lay down to die,
Your face appeared a little while,
And lit my ever darkening sky,
With just a momentary smile.
:iconstejaywild:stejaywild 3 1
Organise Your World
Organise your world
And stay on top of things
Then you’ll have control
No matter what life brings!
Just clear out all the old
And welcome in the new
Keep tidy and quite clean
Is all you need to do!
:iconsevvysgirl:sevvysgirl 2 3
Wizard's Tower
Wizard’s Tower
By Shittier-Shiitake
I gazed upon his mighty tall tower,
It look as if it had lasted through hell,
The rage it held grew by the hour,
Until I was struck with a hot wild spell!
I looked up to see a weathered wizard,
He had a evil look, that nasty scowl,
In his beard were scraps of some gizzard,
It could make a lesser man scream and howl!
My rear seared,and plagued with unholy welts,
Would you believe,that he sent another,
I turned to see that he burned my felts,
Well a spell did come sailing, Oh Brother!
That day I never returned to this place,
In the fear,I’ll be magicked and displaced!
:iconshittier-shiitake:shittier-shiitake 0 0