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Human Nature

What is life I asked my friend.
"What is life?" I asked my friend the other day. She replied to me by saying "Not much." 
It's like.. nothing really, compared to the things around us.
To what we are, to what is inside us, and what will become.
It's nothing.
Everyone stresses about life, when there really isn't any of it.
Everyone stresses about school and work and everything that doesn't really affect the world in any way.
What is the point of sitting inside and study so that this place called a school can test your brain that is literally nothing?
Just throwing your life away with no matter, while on that time you could have done so much more that still wouldn't matter for the world, but would matter to you!
Go for a walk!
Get high and drunk!
Do what YOU enjoy!
But it still wouldn't matter for the world's circle, but it would matter to you.
If you don't want to go study to that stupid test, then don't. Because it wouldn't matter if you failed or not.
Life is just an illution to what we really s
:iconyuzurudropa:YuzuruDropa 5 7
Street Vice
street vice spakeith snake rites tongue tied half blade sighed marginalized ~
:iconmihihathi:mihihathi 1 0
Sick Society
Don't listen to the
Sick society; let your-
self be ruled within
The mind may say the
World is right, but the heart will
Tell you where there's sin
Don't listen to the
Sick society; let your
Soul escape its cage
Find peace inside the
Avid wreckage; expression
Of our coldest rage
Destroying ourselves
As we spin through the vacuum
That is outer space
Metallic insides
Crush feelings old as time; an
Older, wiser race
I can't tell if we're
Stupid, or just ignorant
Only God can tell
But if we're not light-
bound in travel, surely we
Are heading for hell
:iconmelodyofamemory:MelodyofaMemory 1 0
The Fault
I am so scared. I can't shake away the pain. The fault was kept blind. by this time that takes away. by this time that takes away...
so open your eyes to see what lies ahead.
I fear that the future won't be so bright.
you will cause your own demise, as the light starts to shine, as your darkness falls, and the truth comes to life.
This is how you lose it all.
The same twisted lies, was it worth it all?
I can't shake away the pain. from the past that takes away. from my life and everyday. the fault was kept blind as you lie to me. as you lied to me.
Time to realize and think back, from time to time that ticks by.
So open your eyes, realize that you're not ok, and quit wasting time, quit lying to me, and to everybody that you know and everyone that you love.
Everyone you hurt.
This is how you lose it all.
The same twisted lies, was it worth it all?
:iconemaginativeme:EmaginativeMe 0 0
Is it that hard for you to channel?
Nitpicking at every little thing
Finding the negatives
In everything
Pushing out everything else
I can't be happy
Not when you're not
Because every positive thing I say,  
You turn negative  
Turn into something that you can moan and groan about
It's so simple
See the glass half full
Look at the bright side of rain
See that not everything is terrible  
You can't seem to do it
Not even for me
:iconkatima07:Katima07 1 0
When the sun's light can no longer dispel my inner darkness....

The light of the sun merely shows
A path that few I know ever walk;
The time of day, so far as I know,
Is filled with empty talk.
Long, long years of abuse and careless thoughts
Have gathered thick, dark clouds across my mind,
So that a quick but not so hasty retreat within
Is the only re lief that I can find.
Here, in the darkened corridors,
The shadows whisper soothing words;
Words that, in the sun and light of day,
I scarcely ever heard.
"Be at peace, my child."
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 4 0
Glass Faces
Quiet staring faces,
Looking in the windows,
Cold and clammy faces,
watching all of your woes.
Cry out they won't hear you,
call out and they'll stare,
beg for all that you're worth,
plead with them to care.
Watch their staring faces,
Your woes will drift away,
you're looking out the window,
you're one of them today.
:iconthedemoninside:TheDemonInside 2 0
Life will be
I love you
I need you
You don’t care
You don’t know
Know yourself
Know the pain
Pain makes gain
Pain is life
Life is an illusion
Life is suffering
Suffering breeds character
Suffering makes strength
Strength serves strength
Strength serves us all
All I want
All I need
Need to breathe
Need my space
Space to grow
Space to roam
Roam the hills
Roam the hells
Hells we find
Hells we make
Make it up
Make it right
Right to left
Right to survival
Survival of the fittest
Survival of the vicious
Viscious little words
Viscious little looks
Looks can kill
Looks like rain
Rain rain go away
Rain another day
Day turns to night
Day that blinds
Blinds to the truth
Blinds to my failure
Failure to launch
Failure to grow
Grow up
Grow into more
More to hold
More to be
Be what you are
Be something greater
Greater than you yet know
Are you ready?
:iconshihsntz:ShihSnTz 3 5
One day as the years fly by
We all wait and wait to die
Because that’s life and its trash
And that’s really quite sad
But then one day a man stepped out
Out of the crowd so loud
He said to the crowd why are we here
Is this our purpose the only thing we hear?
No says the man yelling out loud we will do things our own way
And make our parents so proud
So, rise up with me now out of the crowd
Our voices are kike drums
Feel the fire running through our lungs
So, sing with me now, step out of the crowd
Let’s take our fate back
Lets do It now
:iconalexthelegend11:AlextheLegend11 3 2
stories told, and retold
spring may come, in pale version
she is doubting the plan, my windswept anna
but she is not mine (and cannot be)
not in this ditchwater aftermath-
this orbital refrain:
I satellite and spin, grinning fool
foil to the fates of a lonely, lonely man
she is a light, inescapable and unknown
a jezebel supernova sent to ruin with hope
soon she will realize, when time judges us unfit
that she is only photographing storms
that I am lovebroke, lost--
here, the heavy sky will fall
and she will stay
a familiar image on the horizon
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 2 1
echo, the half of
every little thing that's not easy
on you, and not good for me
(sound tracks, cigarette smoke
and empty bottles litter the road,
it's all bad ideas with
the worst intentions,
and i'm not sorry i left you
in pieces while you built
me up with the best intentions)
:icontoxic--sunrise:toxic--sunrise 2 0
March 28, 2017
Do you regret having met her?
:iconcholie:cholie 1 0
Twisted Cerebration
Tasteless words turn
And hot as
In a mouth
That's soldered shut
Salted hearts
Become corroded
But they do beat the loudest
It stands to reason
One should falter
On lies
Never bidden
By time
One sheltered by pain
Turns around
But never looks behind
Walks a staircase
With closed eyes
Seeking solitude
Opens a door but
Breaks a window
In an empty room
:iconwestrose557:westrose557 0 0
Self-Hatred and Self-Love
The basis of true love is the similarity of selves,
where however the male is a positive and the feminine a negative growth of one tree.
Yet therefore also the enemy of true love is the want of self-love.
For if one does not love oneself, one then also does not love the one that one loves.
One loves him or her, but there is a split in the feelings between the love
both of self and the beloved, and hatred of both.
One who hates himself is not incapable of loving himself or another,
but rather, as is the case with hatreds, both loves and hates himself
and both loves and hates his beloved.
The love however may be permanent and spiritual,
the hatred merely ephemeral and temporal, an illusion of self-abnegation.
To love one who hates herself is therefore to be both loved and hated.
The love however is stronger than the hate, as one can see.
Indeed, it is the true love which is more hated by the self-hating,
because the true love is more like the self, which is hated.
The self-hater feels no
:iconelgaed:Elgaed 0 0
Picture This
People running through trees and grass
In meadows or in parks.
Cars parked as people walk
To their destinations instead.
Unsure of their future but unafraid
Remaining in the present.
Everyone is laughing and having a good time.
Time may not wait for no man but they still
Have fun and focus on their friends and family.
Its so very easy to see why
Someone would take pictures of these things.
:iconnikoranasha:Nikoranasha 1 0
A Day Younger
Never have I been
afraid to work
From the beginning
I tried my best
doing all I could
trying to amount
to something
And I tried
I really, really tried
Yesterday was important
to the both of us
I was enthusiastic
to help
But I messed
everything up
I was a day
I'm wiser now
Now I know
that if it gets
to be too much
It's okay to slow
down and pay
close attention
To be accurate
And to ask for
Stop trying to prove
You're enough
Don't suffer
quietly because of
I did but
I was a day
I'm wiser now
:iconsandwren:SandWren 0 0
Low Effort
revel in the experience of emotion
at least you're alive
better people have lived for far shorter times
that emptiness you feel
is only possible with the hope of acceptance
dont deny the butterflies aren't your favourite thing
I wish that words came this easy always
I wish my lips could write
:iconzumbum:zumbum 0 0
El Tiempo, La Historia y la Ignorancia
Los días pasan de forma cíclica y la redundante monotonía asola las lentas horas como si el tiempo no fuera mas que un intento inútil del ser humano para registrar su aburrimiento auto-destructivo, como si el tiempo no fuera mas que una burda ilusión de progreso auto-impuesta en harás de observar el futuro con una vaga esperanza de mejora y perdonar el presente con la excusa de que no todo pasado fue mejor.
El hombre no contempla su propio pasado y mantiene su ignorancia arrogante en alto mientras comete los mismos errores una y otra vez, excusando su fracaso constante con falacias ideologías, delirios religiosos o prepotencias políticas, eludiendo la responsabilidad de sus actos con la miserable mentira de la impotencia.
Nos escondemos de nuestro pasado violento y salvajismo primigenio con la ilusión del progreso, con la idea arrogante de un cambio en nosotros, con la falsa premisa de un humano moderno mas civilizado y tolerante, nos escuda
:iconteiryef:Teiryef 0 0
What do u see in the world today?
Hate, greed, love or peace, or maybe none of these
When u go outside and walk the streets what will u see
What will await u? love or hate? Or something else entirely
What do u want, what do u need?
Go out right now and find it love, peace, hate or greed
When you walk, the streets think about these things
Do it not for me but for u find what u want to see
So, I’ll ask u again what do u want to see in the world today?
Love, greed, hate or peace?
:iconalexthelegend11:AlextheLegend11 2 0
One man says that to be pious is to transcend desire.
Another man says it is to obey the book.
I say it is nothing more than to love the woman.
But the woman is desire, and the book tells lies about the woman.
The wise man thus puts the book in the fire,
and follows the desire of his beloved.
:iconelgaed:Elgaed 1 0
die Fehler des Mutigen
Jener, welcher keine Fehler machen will, besitzt keinen Mut.
Er ist wie ein Tier voller Angst, das keine Versuche macht, Nahrung zu finden,
obwohl es da schon verhungert.
:iconelgaed:Elgaed 1 0
Water goes with Water
The earth-man is a punisher to the water-woman.
He is wholly incompatible with her independence, self-sufficiency and isolation.
He cannot stand it, is clingy, jealous, and then, indeed, cheats on her for another
that gives him more a feeling of potency, as he senses that he does not satisfy water.
The earth-woman is a seducer and a punisher of the water-man.
She is, like the earth-man, one who cannot stand self-sufficiency and independence,
who has high demands not met by water, and who does not respect him or his work.
May water and earth therefore separate, for the better,
and may water and water come together, for the reward.
:iconelgaed:Elgaed 0 0