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Zwischenraum [ger] :iconsymbiojoe:SymbioJoe 1 0
Tar Heel Sabbath
Breathe lightly on the world. Nowhere to go,
Nothing to do, and no one to convince.
Dawn can purple the Smokies without you.
How much, when you think about it, do we know?
One could pack all human experience
In a mountain's eyeblink. Walking now as new
(Very new) comers to this land, we're stel—"I see
Y'all there. Chicka-dee-dee-dee! Chicka-dee!"
:iconwinterofthesoul:WinteroftheSoul 0 1
Power of the Dragon Song
And so the day had come,
when a softly hymn begun.
In an instant the ground did hum,
as if to the sound of a rhymic drum
forever changing what will become.
The voice then rose higher some
and now the mountains began to thrum
as the smallest stones succumbed.
Within those mighty peaks abound
was a wonderful sight to astound.
For in one of the heaps of ground,
an onyx object did crown.
The curiousity was thrown around,
but now it pulses with the sound
as the heavenly tune falls down
upon this wonder's mound.
No sooner was there a crack,
that followed with a loudly smack,
only to be dwarfed by a deafening whack.
Stunned silence turned to a kind of thwack
with a quick and forceful bounding back,
that partly revealed, a type of sac.
Such a sight would take anyone aback!
Oh what a miracle, this stone of black!
The beautiful chime now rose so high.
It was clear it's end was nigh.
But after it's through, what to imply?
Is there some knowledge to app
:iconeclecticelle:EclecticElle 0 0
Walhalls Oden
Der Krieger liegt am Boden,
Valkyren ziehen ihn zu sich nach oben,
ihm erklingen sanft nun Walhalls Oden.
:iconizeberg92:IzeBerg92 0 0
The drink
My vacation
That warm numbing sensation
A necessary derivation
From my mind’s constant contemplation
My fixation
On the temptation
Leaves me empty, free from salvation
A downward spiral, like Archimedes’ equation
Always alone, an antiquation
This is endless cycle, my vocation
To appear normal, an obfuscation
So I repeat my palliation
Because, after all, the sweet libation
Soothes the pain towards enervation
So I drink…
:icontonyrowe1:TonyRowe1 0 0
With all your knowing how can you keep on going
Courage I always envy as excuses are plenty
Save me from my dread or leave me here instead
I’m not one to command deal with your life at hand
Go on and inspire all as I’ve begun to crawl
Someday they may look upon me and I can say proudly
Any can be great simply design your own fate
:iconlunarfixation:LunarFixation 0 0
Drunken Dreams [ger] :iconsymbiojoe:SymbioJoe 1 0 Musik Medley [ger] :iconsymbiojoe:SymbioJoe 1 0 Marienkfaer [ger] :iconsymbiojoe:SymbioJoe 0 0
Der Sternen Wacht
Starker Wind zu klarer Nacht,
der Mond scheint hell auf uns herab,
Nichts entgeht der Sternen Wacht.
:iconizeberg92:IzeBerg92 0 0
Rabe sieht und Rabe flieht,
am Wege nun noch eine Feder liegt,
im Winde Sie jetzt fliegt.
:iconizeberg92:IzeBerg92 0 0