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she fixes me with every word she says
overly-honest tendencies bring
my mind in its entirety to
open air at the most
inconvenient moments --
I bare myself to near-strangers
almost as easily as i held my
next breath when i first saw you.
god, you nearly blinded me
with your brilliance.  a
thought process that never
stops finally slowed and you
asked me in a breaking,
breathless whisper for me
to bring you along for the ride.
I was never good at boys.
I was good with you.
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 4 3
Day 139 of 365 :iconmysticsparklewings:MysticSparkleWings 0 0
Ask them while they’re here, grab threads reflexes fresher can
Sterile new ideas, inject the conscience of their plan
Ask to be a burn inside a sunken treasure
Ask to have a turn of hearing sunken treasure
Gold made up of garbage, flimsy crowns we used to see
Pin them up to stand, describe the roadways surrounding
Ask them why they walked when wings they had invented
Ask them why they cried with tears that never wended
Tiny pots with fingers pointed up in searching
Crooked lots with numbers counting nonsense wording
Ask them why they stay with eyes that never tell them
Ask them while they last of kings astride their gold helm
Ask them while they’re here and listen out for hidden gems
Lost like raindrops thundered with the hoof beats on our hems
:iconmonocephalized:Monocephalized 4 0
A Miguel Hernandez :iconhedist:Hedist 0 0
Mary Jane
I'm not insane,
At least not
With Mary Jane
In my brain.
When I'm mad high,
Not just baked
But deep fried,
It's kinda hard to complain.
Weed is by my side,
It's always been there.
There's a lotta shit in life,
But when I'm stoned,
I don't care.
Feel a happy little kind of strange.
A little different for each strain.
Makes it easier to maintain,
So I'm in love with Mary Jane.
Give me an Indica,
And I'm gonna get a bit hyped,
But a productive kind of hyper,
So it's not a waste,
When crank up the volume,
And clean up my place.
Then there's the sativa,
The other kind,
Why your body
Might get lazy,
'Cause the high's in your mind.
Pop in a movie or a video game,
And just chill,
Because the day is more fun
When there's zombies to kill.
So if you ever need to relax,
Just blaze a fat sack.
Kick back,
Blaze tracks,
And keep it chill to the max,
Because even if,
Much like myself,
You're only half sane,
Mary Jane
Will ease the pain
On the other side of your brain.
I love you,
Mary Jane
:iconpsychosquatch:psychosquatch 2 0
Mando2345's Lament (Pinkie's Lament parody)
 For all my life, all I've wanted to do 
Was make some good art
But maybe I was wrong 
And Mando shouldn't make art at all 
I'll try to get up on my feet
And try a different task 
I'll find something new to do 
There's gotta be more to me than making a deviantion or two
I put made a bunch of stories, I made a Deviantart account
The sadness is all gone, now what is next for you? 
For you... 
Oh, I remember this one: my first deviantion. That's when I had my first watcher. And that's my first roleplay. I didn't even expect that one. [giggles]
Oh, look at those happiness 
All the things that I did 
I made them laugh, had such a blast 
A smile that's all their own 
They loved seeing me, the real Emily
Show them the time of their life like they've never known 
Like they've never known 
I've got to get back out there, have to show them that I tried 
For there's only one great writer girl -- that is Mando2345
Won't let
:iconmando2345:Mando2345 1 0
Moj svijet je crn i bijel
Moj svijet je crn i bijel,
sa malo zvuk i puno tišine.
Kao razvodnjeni akvarel
bez ikakve oštrine.
Boje su već nestale,
teksture izblijedjele.
Svjetlo se samo malo nazire,
do tla ono jedva dopire.
Moj svijet je crn i bijel,
nema tu boja, nema tu nade.
I takav je moj svijet cijel
kao jedan razvodnjeni akvarel.
:iconswenm:SwenM 0 0
Stronger than you (parody)
I'm Dizzy.
I may be meek.
But I never ganna listen to the likes of you because your hatred reek.
Right now, it's justice I seek.
I am tired of your unjust rules.
 So forget about using your own garden tools.
Let's go before things go nuts.
Try and take me down, cuz.
Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able.
Can't you see that my patience is too stable?
I can tell that you are really angry.
Probably mad cause a man already married me.
You just don't quit so we'll be here together
Fighting in this civil war forever.
If you tear me apart, I'll come back stronger.
And I'll be a better person than you are.
I know you lack looooove, loooooooove, loooooove.
You lack loooooooove, loooooooooove, looooooooove.
This is who I am.
This is not the end.
If you think you can stop me, well you need to try again.
But no matter how I talk to you, I can never make you see.
Do you just like the feeling of your heart filled up with bigotry?
Go ahead and try to change me if your able.
Your mentality is
:iconalex674:alex674 0 5
I Want
I heard him talk once about this person on the phone
But when I rang up there was nothing but a dialling tone
And I want to hear what he heard
And I want to hear what he heard
He saw her once running through the park
Said he felt it then, felt a little spark
And I want to see what he saw
And I want to feel what he felt
And I want to see what he saw
And I want to feel what he felt
I saw him once sitting in a cafe
And there you were sitting not so far away
And there you were sitting not so far away
:iconlonerforever:lonerforever 0 0
Mimikyuu's Rap Song Lyrics
Yo, Yo, Won't you please listen to this song?
This is Mimikyuu's rap
I'm not Pikachu, I'm Mimikyuu
I'm the always lonesome Mimikyuu
Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun is a little scary
I love dark places the most
I just wanted to get along with everyone
So I'm mimicking Pikachu
Don't these clothes look similar?
It's handmade, isn't that amazing?
You must never peak underneath!
Because if you look you might be cursed
I'm not Pikachu, I'm Mimikyuu
I'm not a ghost, I'm Mimikyuu
With my big claws, I'll protect you!
With thunderbolt, I can be useful to you!
I'll grow into a pokemon you can rely on so...
Please make me into your comrade!
I'm not Pikachu, I'm Mimikyuu
Let's become friends! I'm Mimikyuu!
I'm not Pikachu, I'm Mimikyuu
I'm the always lonesome Mimikyuu
I'm not Pikachu, I'm Mimikyuu
I'm not a ghost, I'm Mimikyuu
I'm not Pikachu, I'm Mimikyuu
Let's become friends! I'm Mimikyuu
Yo, Yo kiete kudasai
Mimkikyuu no rappu dayo
Pikachuu jyanai yo Mimikyuu dayo
Samishigariya  no Mimikyuu
:iconblkwingsgirl:Blkwingsgirl 0 0
Beast Wars: I'll Make A Feline Out Of You
Let's get down to business, to defeat the wolves
Did they send me kitties, when I asked for none?
You're the saddest cluster I ever met
But you can bet before we're through
Child, I'll make a feline out of you
Tranquil as a forest but on fire within
Once you find your center, you are sure to win
You're a spineless, pale, pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a feline out of you
I'm never gonna catch my breath
Say goodbye to those who knew me
Boy, was I a fool in school for cutting gym
That girl got 'em scared to death
Hope they don't see right through me
Now I really wish that I knew how to swim
We must be swift as the coursing river
With all the force of a great typhoon
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the cold side of the sun
Time is racing toward us till the wolves arrive
Heed my every order and you might survive
You're unsuited for the rage of war
So pack u
:iconghostgirl1998:Ghostgirl1998 0 0
What Do I Know
What Do I Know
Yussra MT Ebrahim
mercy is an option
for those in power
but some of them
just like the sight
of spirits being shattered
mercy was an option
but things went sour
when you wrecked me
and then mocked the wreck
like it never mattered
I turned out to be a bunny
in a cage full of lions
I came in with armor
but they flung it aside
not for fame, not for money
they did it to feel giant
my bunny nose was twitching
but I never thought to hide
mercy is an option
but your boot to my throat
sure makes you feel strong
mercy is an option
but when you call me foolish
when you call me wrong
it sure makes you feel smart
it sure makes you feel right
I sure feel bad for you
if your only delight
is taken at the expense of others
that makes you pretty weak
but what do I know? after all
you made sure I cannot speak
so I'm speaking in this poem
and you can be sure that by next week
this incident will be a funny tale
in my book of sass and cheek
but you will go on year after year
:icony9ssra:Y9ssra 4 16
Shadowed Clouds
A charcoal cast sky
Rains upon a barren land
Scarred children, silent.
:iconsushi-lion:Sushi-Lion 1 1
Rain wind falling leaves
Autumn’s beauty shows it’s face
As the summer leaves
:iconlunarfixation:LunarFixation 1 0
A moment in time
You are looking up
The evening sky, bright and clear
Lying in the grass
:iconizeberg92:IzeBerg92 1 0
a beautiful day
Herself, Miss Mieux and old Mule
out in the lanai
:iconcattservant:cattservant 2 2
I took a trip to wonderland
Where the walls are white
And the beds a sad blue.
Where the halls are filled
With children, all the same.
I fell into the rabbits hole
Where I found myself in
A living hell.
Where the food made me
Sick to my stomach
And tears were read as
I ventured out not to often
For they locked us in the
Red queen's castle.
We never disobeyed, for
We were in fear of the Red
Queen's guards keeping us
Longer than originally told.
I disappeared to a world
Where the mad hatter's word
Was law.
Where my mind could not
Make sense of things.
I took a trip to wonderland
And never thought it would be
That way.
I fell into the rabbits hole and
Clawed my way back out
Of it.
I closed the gate to the Red
Queen's Castle, finally
Escaping it.
I found may way back into
The a world where rhyme
And reason coincide.
I never want to go back to
:iconlioncat5401:lioncat5401 1 1
19/10/16 (V)
Petals floated on
Gentle currents, drifting as
Darkness descended
:iconvoidedword:voidedword 0 0
it's alive
if i could leave it be i would
but i can't see the tree for the wood
can't stop thinking what's the use
can't eye the life cause i lost the truth
:iconhotfooted:hotfooted 0 0
universale Systemkritik
Brot und Spiele für die Massen, bis der letzte Reissack fällt
ungestüm heißt's hoch die Tassen, in der schönen neuen Welt
Gefühle sind Privatvergnügen, Empathie gibt's nur gegen Geld
Wer soll all das nur bezahlen in dieser schönen neuen Welt
Jeder, dem die Hände gebunden, wirft mit Knüppeln, so dass ein anderer fällt
Ein Leben der Verhinderung in dieser schönen neuen Welt
Immer höher immer schneller
Quälität ist nichts was hält
Geplante Obzoleszenz der Gefühle in dieser schönen neuen Welt
:icontheyllfindyoudead:theyllfindyoudead 0 0
The empty frame
Fragments, glimmers, whispers and shadows,
so many pieces, never making the whole,
glimpses of might, of majesty, of joy,
so many parts, never reaching the sum,
grasping at straws and moonbeams,
the picture, I cannot complete.
:iconfolros:folros 0 0
Years of confusing solitude answered, exactly what was expected.
Driven insane with pain and irony, as all that free will directed.
And you can wait decades for your subjective perfection
But obviously a ladder only goes in one direction
The beginning, the end. No other connections
The good. The bad. Whatever your intentions
And at the end of the day we admit our invention
While virtues can help us stomach our reflection
Those ideas are like venom burning through my skin
Synonymous to bad. Impulsive like sin.
A parasite feeding, natural, justly in its course
Books written with complex  puzzles from a divine source
A push, a shove amplified into refined force
“A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse”
:iconnodevices-found:nodevices-found 0 0