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               so short the time
               with a loved one
               so long the time
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 10 11
it's hard but I don't regret...
Sadness and tears
can't bother me
they are Always there
never leave
make me dance...
still without the person I wanna see
but at least the hope is there
he'll one day belong to only me
I love him oh so dear
but I wonder what he thinks of me
sometimes it scares me.
:iconsmallandsilent:Smallandsilent 4 10
No one to pray for me
There is no one left to pray for me,
but I don't feel the sorrow one bit.
I have already made my peace with the emptiness
and the final chapter has long since been writ.
The only thing left now are the closing statements...
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 4 3
=no title=
nothing compares to you, indeed.
each minute of your silence makes my skin bleed,
and digs down at me, furious as a hurt beast.
but what's your reason, tell me why you remain, at least?
if i'm such a bother in your days, why don't you leave?
don't stay by my side, i have nothing more to feed
your greed and vengeance, sick hunger for power
all to blame myself for something i haven't done
why destroy me
claim it's all for my own good
when our friendship never even truly begun?
:iconkobrakaiii:kobrakaiii 3 1
you spent a summer of drunken
nights trying to convince me
I didn’t love you,
trying to yank out your roots
seamlessly so i could be free
of you.
my darling, you didn’t see through
my daisy-chest breast that i
love dandelions in my heart.
I have room for all
kinds of love and rather than
beat it down, let it grow.
it is winter now, love, and though
you couldn’t get to tearing yourself
from my veins i am not in
love with you anymore.
so kiss me.
catch the snow outside the
windowpane on my tongue,
taste the absence of romance in
my teeth.
get out of the habit of telling me
my garden is full of weeds; whisper your
tactless sweetness into my neck -
pull my hair and push deeper in.
you are planted here, sunflower girl,
nothing you can say will
make me pull you out.
:iconcosmicdusty:CosmicDusty 3 0
Can she
Can she be smart
Can she be a sex bomb
Can she be faithful
Can she talks french
Can she be serious
Can she be funny
Can she be soft
Can she sees me as a god
Can she wants children
Can she likes my familly and friends
Can she likes my cats
Can she be my spotlight in the darkness
:iconartsinblood:ArtsInBlood 3 3
Free Falling
Open roads
Empty thoughts
Chasing speeds
Through the dark
Silent whispers
Words unsaid
Pounding out
Inside my head
An empty seat
Next to me
In the car
Where you should be
Music blaring
Through the still
As I try so hard
Just to fill
All these empty thoughts
Of where each of us should be
But driving through the darkness
Alone, finally I feel free
:iconoreoapocalypse:OreoApocalypse 3 0
Dream Catcher
I write my dreams in the dark.
Senseless and repeating.
I don't believe in
The truth?
The lie...?
Anything's a truth to the
right person.
Anything feels right to the
wrong person.
I forgot where I was going with this.
Nobody wants to hear their vehicle get lost,
navigation ended because
your prime destination was a 
mirage and if only you had
some water
because now
your car is broken down and you're 
stuck. Stuck. I forgot.
I forgot.
I forgot what it felt like
to sing, to have 
your heart vocalise and whistle
Tune up, lefty-loosey, but "loose enough to
breathe fine," right?
I forgot! Not what comes next
but how it feels to breathe because
it's not just a collar choking me,
it's the air and the feeling of flesh
on flesh, and I can feel blood on my hands, but
nobody else is around.
Nobody else.
Just a knife.
That's a pen.
Nobody could have dreamed like this and
Nobody could have written anything in my dark.
:icononeiric-canid:Oneiric-Canid 3 0
A High Five and A Hello [ONE SHOT]
When I met you, I thought nothing of you..
When I saw you again  I began to like you...
And when I saw you once more, that liking turned into something more.
We barely know each other, yet I feel this way.. And this feeling is so new.. Too new.. I've never felt this way about anyone before.
When I'm alone, and I see you through the door, I begin to tremble and shake.. It gets hard to breath and my heart pounds..
When I'm in a crowd, and I see you, I look for a moment.. But then turn away.. In fear you'd catch me staring...
In my mind I wonder what cuddling with you would feel like. At home I doubt you'd ever feel the same for me.
I want to talk to you more.. But my mind can't think of anything to say.. And I end up doing the same thing we always do when we see each other on sunday..
A High five, and a "Hello"...
:iconsubspace-frost:SubSpace-Frost 2 0
I Always Knew (Vent)
I always knew I was weak.
I always knew I fuck up everything.
I always knew I was a bad partner.
I always knew it would happen this way.
I always knew a simple "Sorry" would never fix anything.
I always knew these scars I have meant I attempted to end my life.
I always knew I was a waste of people's time.
I'm glad I know these things because I've been hiding it all with a simple fake smile, and I always pretend that I'm fine.
I always wanted to know..
Should I end it all?
Because people don't appreciate me or who I am anymore.
:iconliliimi:LilIimi 2 2
I thought I was healing.
Healing from the battle that went on between my heart and mind.
Picking up the pieces and counting the dead.
Burying old memories in the form of past friends.
Cries of the wounded echoed off my body like a symphony of hopelessness.
Tears falling for the loved ones forgotten and killed too soon.
Walls of defense are built, hard exteriors are worn.
I've won the battle, but am losing the war.
:icondanceswithhippies:danceswithhippies 2 0
The Grass Grows
The grass grows in the small breeze
By the riverside, and I
Shared the rhythm of its sway,
And mine was the same reflection
Of green shadows in green light.
But now the grass grows alone
And the wind passes through it alone
For I have been too deep a dreamer
But never an able swimmer,
And even such a small river as this
Has become for me bottomless,
As I wade deeper and deeper.
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 2 0
I honestly couldn't tell you why I like you.
You're the opposite of anything any girl should be attracted to.
Player. Asshole. Drug dealer. Violent. Reckless. Idiotic. Drunk.
So many other unmentionables, a mile long list
of things that are wrong with you.
So why am I here, thinking about you, wondering what you're doing?
Why am I here, wishing you hadn't graduated last year?
Why am I here, crushing on you? Thinking we could make it?
You're honestly pitiful in every single way.
Manipulative. Rude. Short-tempered. Perverted.
And yet I'm here, hoping you're thinking about me as I'm thinking about you.
Perhaps we're looking up at the same stars.
Or are you looking up at the same starts with another girl?
I don't blame you, not one bit.
I'm.. I'm nothing compared to the girls you hang around.
So why do you look at me the way you do?
Why do you flirt with me and be nice and playful with me?
Why do you seem to.. have an interest in me?
Surely it's a mistake. You flirt with all girls,
:iconloveiie:loveIie 2 2
Indescribable Pain
Wishing it was just a horrible nightmare
But it's oh so real, these pits of despair

Such pain to drive in the heart of
Wanting to just forget this and let it be

Bloody needles do so pierce
A thousand tiny memories in their prick
Never leaving, agonisingly latched on
Oh how they  always stick

Oh how I see reminders everywhere
Heart sinks and then does deflate
You are everything I love Yet everything I hate

As my eyes close there you remain
My body is wretched I feel truly slain

I think of you every god damn day
A thousand words I want to say

Because oh how you'd never truly know
The infliction you have caused
The suffering i bestow

I couldn't describe enough in words
But it's worse than any physical pain
nothing's clear, I see blood in the rain

Ribs are shattering I cannot breathe
Constant questions of why did you leave

Every breathe is filled with thorns
You grew flowers inside my lungs
But oh how they are
:iconmooniexdakota:mooniexdakota 1 0
sometimes i feel like writing a song or a poem
about like
running away, y'know?
or like tryna get away, or get back to something
but i don't have anyone like
to write about
and sometimes that makes me really sad
maybe i'm like
trying to run away from myself?
shit man
this isn't even worth typing
:iconisthatgouge:IsThatGouge 1 4
Never forget
Do you hear me sing,
Oh do you here this whispering
Which say : « Rejoin me my love,
Down there, on the forgotten road,
Where for the first time
We met, oh we kiss ».
It says right, we must meet
What ever happend, despite the day
And despite the night, as it is said :
« Did you forgot me my love,
Away from the old road,
I 'll never forget you ».
Musiciens, poets, artits,
All this people with huge soul,
Strong men, warriors and soldiers,
Powerful men, the rich and others
And the poorest, none of them
Is diserving you.
Me, less than the others, me
Who abandon you, leave you.
I only know how to sing
And my songs are ugly :
« Je ne suis qu'un pauvre homme
Qui chante pour survivre, ne m'écoute pas ».
Me who, alone, will never forget you.
:iconreigja:Reigja 1 0
Small Loan Of a Million Dollars
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:iconsupertrd:supertrd 1 0
sloppy bows
she is seven
and she wears her hair in braids
with green ribbons that her mother ties in the mornings
into sloppy bows—
she walks through her days with
fire in her cheeks and a chill
at the tip of her nose.
she has only one front tooth
and the children pull her braids,
unknot her green ribbons,
though the other children do not phase her.
she is thirteen,
and she still wears her hair in braids
but with rubber bands at the bottom
that have yet to snap on her—
she refuses to go home,
doing homework next to the janitors at 5pm
on a tuesday with the young boy
who makes her laugh over quadratic equations
and compliments her hair
and her blushing cheeks
and her little button nose
she is eighteen
and he finally questions her about the braids,
she mutters something
of strong native american women,
of cleopatra
of her father thinking they’re pretty;
the fire in her cheeks
and the chill at the tip of her nose
makes him realize why she doesn’t let him touch her
she is still
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 2 0
This Is For Him
This isn't for the chasers,
or even the ones I've chased,
the hookups, the down lows,
the under a weeks, the come-and-gos,
the projects, the lifeless,
the fuckboys, the hot mess,
the side hoes or the dicks,
the Stockholms or the bricks.
This for the one and only.
This is for the one that lifts me up,
the one that pulls me in,
the one that makes me feel valid,
the one that gives me everything
that I would ever need.
This is for him,
not for her or them,
not for anyone else.
I've written lots of things
that had someone in mind
but I've twisted them for others,
I've rewired my words with different meanings.
How disgusting.
How is it that I write things,
the most personal things,
I bleed my heart out into ink for one
but then weeks later it's for another?
So let me make this clear,
my back and forth ends now.
And it's not for me, not for them
they're nothing but vague ghosts,
I'm doing this for him,
the one I love the most.
My words aren't being twisted
to fit a certain bill anymore
and I'
:icongoldenbynature:GoldenByNature 1 0
Feeding these Ireful Times
We’ve heard
But we hardly know
We speak, enraged
Never stalling to breathe
'Till we strain for a wisp
In the upswell of anger
No mercy in our words
For our fellow man’s a fool
Who couldn’t possibly know
We cascade like dams
In a thunderous decline
And surge with distress  
With venom and vile
:iconloftydreams101:Loftydreams101 1 0
Um menino tão doce
Carinhoso até o Sol nascer
Foi tanto amor que me trouxe
Que me cuidou até o Sol descer
Não importa como está o dia
Ou como foi que aconteceu
Minha tristeza tornou-se alegria
E um sorriso pra você apareceu
Apaixonada pela tua companhia
Minhas noites se alongam
Agradeço por todas vezes que sorria
E por toda alegria que prolonga
Tudo o que né traz
É completo de alegria
Seja com a lua e as estrelas
Ou até raiar o dia.
:iconmarinaf:MarinaF 1 0
When is the Past?
Car is shaking
Impossible to draw
Thinking about all the things I just saw
Got tired
Time spent
Stars in the sky
Shoes to tie
Keep on your mask
The pain won't last
Soon this will all be a part of the past
:iconpeanutbutterpotato:PeanutButterPotato 1 0