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Rememberance of a Dying Soul
The light is fading
It tears me apart
Have you ever felt the struggle
Of fighting your own mind
The thought of something inside you
Keeping you from what you can do
What an enemy
Kicking you
Taking everything from you
Happiness dissipates
Please just spare me now
I don’t want to sink lower
This depth is where I have left my monsters behind
Where everything molding my foolish innocence
My childish confidence
My potential happiness and dreams of a new
Better world than this one
I am breaking every bone to keep myself awake
In this real world
Don’t suck me back in
I don’t want to be in a darkened place
Or a dream state
An escape is not freedom
It is where you go
When there is no other Hell to go to
It is where others have just left
Temporarily, obviously
No one can help you
This is on you
I bet you regret how you have become you
Scarred, tattered, obliterated
Do you even know what a soul is?
I’m not going to kneel down
You fucking parasite
Dig your
:iconviidith22:Viidith22 7 3
In the Reverie of Joy (Poem)

All is now peaceful
And the night is all silent
And until the dawn rises
Shall all remain quiet
The Sun greets the Earth
Which now blesses it with light
And marks the beginning of a day
That is now glowing bright
Time to wake up
Or sleep a bit more
For the day has begun
With so much in store
The smile on your face
From the day that started kind
As you let the day go on
With many things in mind
Just where to begin?
And what will you see?
Because the heart is so happy
In what appears as sweet glee
The day now commences
And there is work to be done
But a little bit of fun
Would never hurt anyone
So explore your own surroundings
And breath the fresh air
For life is so beautiful
At the whittling of your cares
For there is Joy in this world
And it's not hard to find
As it lifts your heart high
And sways gently the mind
Because even in the darkness
There is hope to be had
To find your inner Joy
And no longer stay sad
And this Joy that you seek
Is the cornerstone of the soul
That makes us
:iconjcsolis01:JCSolis01 6 2
And The Universe Said
One night
the stars were absent from the sky 
they found the universe and asked
"Why do we exist?"
And the universe said 
"To give light to this place, and show others the way."
the stars were satisfied with that
and returned to the skys
The next day, the plants found the universe and asked 
"Why do we exist?" 
And the universe said 
"You exist to give the world beauty and life."
the plants were satisfied 
and returned to the earth
The next day, the colors found the universe and asked
"Why do we exist?"
and the universe said
"To give different perspective, show more than just one answer to choose."
the colors were satisfied
and returned to their places 
The next night, the animals and humans found the unicerse and asked 
"why do we exist?"
and the universe said 
"To enjoy what else there is, to smile and persist. You exist to smile."
and the stars, plants, colors, animals and humans said 
"We don't need to exist, so why?"
and the univer
:iconfrozenjinga:FrozenJinga 11 0
I am more than the skin you see.
More than the air I breathe.
More than the intelligence inside me.
I. Am. More.
I am a world of potential,
a great ball of hope,
consumed with a passion
that widely goes unknown.
I. Am. More.
I am more than the labels
used to define me.
More than your expectations
and disappointments.
More than a weight,
age, or a face.
I. Am. More
I am thoughts without limits,
words outside a cage.
I am love,
even when it hurts.
I. Am. More.
:iconmyeternalescape:MyEternalEscape 4 1
Oops, Too Late!
The whole relationship was a lie.
This was never supposed to happen.
I was just desperate for love.
But losing you was something I couldn't imagine.
I stayed to make you stable.
But I guess that wasn’t working.
You still picked up that razor.
But when you broke your skin, I was smirking.
I showed you love to make you happy.
But that didn’t seem to have an effect.
You looked at me while walking away.
I guess seeing your blood was just perfect.
That’s okay, take that knife.
I don't care, it’s your choice.
Once you see what you’ll leave behind.
It’ll be too late to hear my sweet voice.
I guess I wasn’t enough.
To change your mind and make you stay.
I’m still regretting everything I did to you.
Since i’m the one that cried that day.
All the demons surrounding you.
You had nothing else to do.
Your final words stayed burning in my mind.
After thinking about all of this, i’m sorry I did this to you.
It’s too late to stop you ac
:iconunknowngoalkeeper:UnknownGoalkeeper 4 1
SolarSands - The Poem
This hero is from deviant lands,
our hero, Solar Sands.
He is no tyrant, that
is not for what he stands.
His arguments he writes,
with diligent hands.
To vore, fetishes, cheese pizza,
he withstands,
our savior, Solar Sands.
The groups of trash
he disbands,
the brave and bold, Solar Sands.
On disasters he crash-lands,
the great, Solar Sands.
His fans, willing to do handstands,
but he stays modest,
our lovely, Solar Sands.
After his rants,
left are only wastelands,
so does, our mighty Solar Sands.
He stays true to
what he believes in,
as his fame expands,
the wonderful, Solar Sands.
Leading us into the deep,
unexplored cringe wonderlands,
he loves doing that,
our one and only, Solar Sands.
Why I admire him so much,
I hope he understands,
my inspiration, Solar Sands.
:iconqtheredrat:QTheRedRat 4 0
so i wonder
i stay awake for hours
up until
the early morning light
up until
the birds croon
i toss and turn because
i'm scared
i wonder
and i'm terrified
i wonder
where i would be
if my only will
i stay awake
the bright blaze never arrives
the bird's great unfinished symphonies
so i wonder.
:iconivennaa:iVennaa 3 0
i miss you
i miss the way you smile
i miss the way you giggle
i miss the way you talk
i miss the way you walk
i miss you
i miss thee way you carry on
i miss the way you listen to mee
i wish you were here with me
:iconcandaybear:candaybear 3 0
Today the devil called me a flower, little does he know that my petals are thorns and I'm not as innocent as I was.
After that first dance the fire was lit and could not be snuffed out.
I gotta watch out, because now I'm a dragon trying not to breathe fire.
:icondiscontentcranium:discontentcranium 3 1
On the Tips of My Fingers
            On the tips of my fingers

        No more...
        Will I draw
        the 32 stars on your chest
        Lost are my senses
        and sensibilities
                          As dry
      are the liquid clouds
            above my head,
:iconkay-march:Kay-March 3 1
My mind is a bully
My life is not the problem,
the problem is me
My mind is creating darkness
In everything I see.
All of my hopes and all my desire
Feel the burning of my minds fearful fire.
I dream of love and laughter and fun
But everytime it comes my way, I just seem to run.
As I lay here inside my bed
Anxiety and fear is shouting in my head,
As I hide here inside my room
Like a bully my mind takes me,
Dragging me into doom.
:iconportisgirl:Portisgirl 3 2
Tic-Tac-Toe (Nobody Wins)
My thoughts are like cancer,
Swelling inside my head
And destroying any trace of healthy,
Rational thinking.
I'm losing my fight against my own thoughts,
This cancer-like substance is crushing me
And leaving me drowning in numbness,
I've sought out therapy--or what could be my chemo,
But I fear it's barely making a dent
In this hypothetical tumor.
:iconthediamondintherough:Thediamondintherough 2 0
memos to my eating disorder
1. i hate your guts.
2. i still feel pride when i tell people what you made me do.
3. you're sick. and twisted. and disgusting.
4. but so am i.
5. i'm sorry.
6. i was never good enough for you.
8. why are you always there?
9. why won't you go away?
10. i can't stop writing you love letters.
11. you make me want to throw up.
12. ironic, huh.
13. why are you even here?
14. why can't i get rid of you?
15. why don't i want to get rid of you?
16. i miss you. come back.
:iconsnowveins:snowveins 3 0
and words are words, darling,
but actions are actions,
when you look at me and smile,
but you glance away and frown,
who was in your mind just now?
:iconpepperriyu:PepperRiyu 2 0
Drowning Victim
The smell of chlorine burns my nostrils, as I sink farther and farther away, water filling my chest but I refuse to say the word, saying it makes this real, it's just a puddle compared to the ocean, the saline stings but I welcome it
I have stopped fighting against the scavengers and now I lie here with my arms retrained and smile at their greetings, calls like overly excited birds, sometimes I answer but I never sing, I don't sing, I never have sang not since
the woman in purple keeps coming back, she stares at me and I don't like it but it's irrelevant, im here for their pleasure, they can do with me as they please because
w h o wou ld believe y o u? wh o woul d believe yo u? Who Would Believe YOU
It's not like it matters, every word will be misconstrued it's all lumber, you will never be a house, much less a home, might as well just schedule the demolition now they all knew you'd fail
Manipulation of the mind, pins and needles and rods were stuck into the pin cushion, the woman in p
:icongraegirl:graegirl 2 1
I'm glad we stopped the
snowball before it kept rolling
rolling rolling down the hill.
I'm glad we were the ones
to shake on it and smash it to
several pieces, rather than a
not so well placed tree.
I'm glad that even though I'm sad,
and there's no more you and me,
I'm glad, though not together,
we'll still keep company.
:iconfrostfeather42:FrostFeather42 2 1
Forbidden Love
The ones you want to love
Are forbidden
Because everyone else wants to love them too
But only one can be the true victor,
So try as you might to be "the one,
You know it will never be,
Buried below with all the others
Lies your restless, forbidden love.
:icondespicableme1:DespicableMe1 2 0
Bin schwarzer Mohn
auf roten Blütenblatt
vielleicht auch Träne
auf verwelkter Blütenpracht
schweigend Stimme
zwischen Dir und Mir
suchend deine Fingerspitzen
fühlend, erahnend
Lippen welch so zart...
so zart und rein
Bin vergessenes Licht
abgebrannter Kerze
von Gestern her
schau auf vergilbtes Holz
längst gewesenes Sein
ach ja, schon längst getrunken
Flasche alten Weins
bin Kreisender, Tanzender
des Donners
nur Licht und Feuer
des Blitzes
er lässt mich niemals
© OC
:iconoldstreetblues:oldstreetblues 2 0
July 28
Numb body
Ran by a blank conscience
And empty thoughts
Living on meek hours of sleep
In this day and age
Where nothing sleeps
:iconscriptureangel:ScriptureAngel 0 0
July 26
My love for you
Deeper than I know
Or can comprehend
There’s nowhere I won’t go
No way I won’t bend
To be with you
Attraction is your gift
Like sweet honey to my lips
You pull me in
You brush my skin
And I burn for you
:iconscriptureangel:ScriptureAngel 0 0
Don't smile because everything is ok.
Smile because you deserve to be happy; and share it!
Don't smile because it looks nice.
Smile because it's contagious; and you never know who might need one.
Don't smile because you're "faking it."
Smile because when you change the way you look at things—everything changes!
Don't smile because your life is perfect.
Smile because you're grateful; a grateful life is a full life. Flaws and all.
A smile doesn't have to be a mask we wear, or a burden we bear. It can be our goal, our work in progress, our lifelong promise.
So smile!
One day you will mean it.
You just have to believe it.
:iconitzmeaudrey:ItzMeAudrey 0 0
Being close to you
Holding you
Feeling your warmth
Is more amazing
Than I could have ever imagined
I love you
:iconlaser-tag:laser-tag 1 0