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Sometimes I Forget...
Sometimes I forget
That my words,
Are more than whispers on deaf ears.
That my existence,
Is more than a stain on this world.
That my dreams,
Are more than foolish imagination.
That my life,
Is worth more than foolish games.
That my depression,
Is not all there is to existence...
Sometimes I forget,
That I am worth loving
That I am capable of hurting someone,
That my mistakes can be forgiven,
That I am
:iconsolonnight:SolonNight 10 3
Blind Seasons
with its blooming flowers
of white, pink and purple
        I'm blind to all of it
with its long thin letters
of white, grey, and black
        That's all I can see
with its lush grass
of green
        I'm blind to all of it
with its keyword set
of green, blue, and red
        That's all I can see
with its falling leaves
of red, yellow, and orange
        I'm blind to all of it
with its dots and lines
of red, green, and black
        That's all I can see
with its soft snow
of white
        I'm blind to all of it
is all I have left
of any colors
        That's all I can see
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 8 19
What Comes After 6?
Isabella was the first one
Oh, she was so sweet!
But why did I let my anger get to me?
This was more of a trick than a treat…
Charlotte was the next girl
Such beauty, like a goddess
I made the same mistake
Giving her a birthday gift: helplessness
Next one to fall was Cynthia
With her intelligence, she was going far in life
But I just had to come in and make it worse
I ruined it by passing her the knife
Little Marisa didn’t know what she felt
She was my little pot of gold
But when a few words were exchanged…
Her brain lost its mold…
Then came Brooke Cornelius…
My first love who couldn’t anymore
57 scars on each leg, and a chest full of suicide attempts
That rope didn’t let her feet touch the floor
My girlfriend is a combination of all 5
But she did attempt suicide
She was supposed to succeed…
But her heart gave her a second ride
Those were the 6 who loved me
The ones who had the right hearts
Yes, I miss my little 5 girls
But at least one d
:iconunknowngoalkeeper:UnknownGoalkeeper 5 0
Seal of fate
We were once ash and dust
In a world so unjust
The two of us born over and over
Feelings I once hoped dead
It was here that they led
We may finally get our closure
One can't forget what they saw
Such is the universe's law
Don't let it come, stop the night
Revive the dying light
You don't care but I always will
We are one but separate
Following dead etiquette
And this way our hearts remain still
The fate that I'm doomed to seek
Is re-enacting stories of antique
Will you look at me, heal the doubt
Grab my hand reaching out
'Cause this lovesickness hurts like cancer
A world of pain, world of loss
Proud, we carry the cross
No longer searching for the wrong answer
Though you hid the blood that you bled
The tragedy still stays in my head
Returned by time to earth's soil
Broken is my mortal coil
You kiss my lips now covered in white frost
You take my hand, cold as it is
Stiff with rigor mortis
Precious things tend to come at a cost
The rebellion of the pariah
Destroyed by a so called messiah
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 4 5
hung your name like an albatross about my
neck, I take pride in the weight.
:iconcomatose-comet:comatose-comet 4 0
Do Not Touch Me Please
Your hands, how they remind me of
her evil hands.
Tracing her long nails atop
of my skin.
Chills crawl up my boney spine
as if I have been submerged
into a bucket ice.
Your fingers against my back
throw me into a nervous
panic attack.
Even your shoulder against mine
sends me into the darkest
depths of my mind.
It’s not a joke when I back a way,
nor anti-socialism
when I stay inside all day.
I cannot recall when last I
left this house
in order to pass time
with my friends that I have missed so much,
but I have pushed them away
due to fear of being touched.
I am alone save for this illness of mine,
this illness which has cost me
so much time.
Irrational I have become,
a laughing stock
people who cannot understand
what this phobia does.
I hope to one day gather the strength
to leave and speak
to a doctor face to face.
To regain my friends and family,
to put this awful
past behind me.
Yet until that happens I will stay away,
from people, from society,
from the joys of the day
:iconlidsworth:lidsworth 6 1
Disregard Me
If you disregard me for the rest of our lives, can you survive?
If I look into this virtual reality of dreams, can I truly let you go?
If I ever rush, will I fall?
And if I fell, would you fall on your knees for salvation?
Because this world is laborious
And my system is weak,
My emotions are high,
And no matter how hard I try, I cannot sleep.
I cannot sleep in a laborious world where all I see is you.
I cannot look into a virtual reality of dreams if I can never let you go.
And I can never find salvation, if I do not fall.
So fall on your knees, help me beg for salvation.
Help me let you go, so we both can find ourselves.
Disregard me, let me go, because I swear all I see is you in this laborious world.
Disregard me, let me go, so we both can find salvation.
Disregard me, let me go, so we can both find ourselves.
Disregard me - look into the virtual reality.
Disregard me - look at all these dreams.
Disregard me - look at our salvation.
Disregard me - and let me go.
:iconelextrified:elextrified 4 3
Of Only those who care
Those others who followed me,
Didn't even bat an eye
When I did the math about it
Only 21% of my watchers care about me.
What really breaks me down
Somethings I don't want to see
Me in 2020,a high school graduate...
...But Watchers still at 63...
:iconlyrakagamine010:LyraKagamine010 4 35
As loved as you would be
Awaited and named carefully
Something went wrong
And so a little light is gone
Such is this world
Cruel and cold
Where everything gets shattered
And our minds... repeatedly battered
:icontezeze:Tezeze 5 2
i'll be your new-age juliet.
love me
like a prescription,
be my Vicodin;
numb me,
calm me,
rage me,
let me
love me
like a medicine bottle,
take me
until i'm empty,
take everything
that you need,
let's be pills
for each other,
be each other's
let's both take
too much,
let's both
:iconwhyles:Whyles 4 1
That kind of love
In this world,
So few are lucky enough to find love.
And when I say love,
I don't mean no high school love,
Nor do I mean some grade school crush.
I mean the kind of love,
That strikes your heart like a bullet that just emptied the chamber,
And sends shocks through your body like a bolt of lightning that just struck down from the sky.
The kind of love where that person is the only person on your mind.
Where you feel incomplete when they are not by your side.
Where you feel scared for them when you see them get hurt the tinniest bit.
Where you just simply feel at peace with the world when they are in your arms.
That is the love I'm talking about.
That is the love so few find in this world.
Which is why I count my blessings and thank God every night.
For it was you and you alone,
That graced my lonely heart with such love and emotions I had never experienced in my life.
Which is why,
I hope the word few,
Will eventually turn into most,
Or even into everyone.
For the love you and others h
:iconthetipofanatic:TheTiPoFanatic 3 5
I'll walk forever for you
autumn leaves are falling
so quiet
so peacefull
so lonely
Is that you on on the distance?
I wonder...
Is it just an reflection
Of my dream
My everlasting yearning
To walk with you
I'll try to reach
It seems so unattainable
So hopeless
Is it?
My eyes are closing
My heart is shutting
giving up
So close
But so far away...
Eternally I've been walking
Not in vain
But for you
This life
This never ending curse
Is tearing me apart
Like an wild beast
Like an million sharp blades
Through my heart
You are worth it
All of it
I shall rise
Over and over again
From this despair
Just so
I may be with you again
You are everything
Without you
Im nothing
:iconmiksux1:Miksux1 3 0
of men who
:iconkcasperluna10:kcasperluna10 3 8
Ode an die Nacht
Ode an die Nacht
Nur in der Kälte der Nachtluft schaffe ich es mich zu spüren
Ich hebe meine Arme
Der Nacht entgegen
Meine Lungen ziehen
Einen weiteren Atemzug
Meine Seele zieht
Zieht an meinem Verstand
Bis der Schmerz mich einholt
Bis die Einsamkeit mich verschlingt
:iconmondenscheinart:MondenscheinArt 2 0
Give me the desert
Give me the double rain
Give me the pain of failed crops
Give me the harvest of your inner plain
Let the winds of your soul roar
And I will stand -
My heart, the walls in the eye
Of your hidden hurricane
Send down your lightning
Hail me with hail, hale or harrowing
Kiss me with breezes
Tickle my toes with flowers from your spring
Be all that it is your are
No more and no less
And I will not turn my face from your everything
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 2 0
|Through The Pain|
It's quite hilarious,
How easy it is for you to give up on me,
The truth is the pain you cause me is various,
In so many ways you make my will weak.
You think you know better,
But honestly you are just digging yourself a grave,
Another crumpled letter,
Is how much of me you crave.
I'm sorry if some things just stick out,
But it really does seem I'm your last resort,
The only time you chase me down,
Is to only give me another retort.
You lied to me to my face,
You said I meant everything to you,
And I took these lies with an embrace,
Not caring if it was even true.
And look where that has landed me,
My feet back on the ground,
Reality slapped me right in the face and made me bleed,
As the truth pulled me back down.
The only thing that seems to seep out,
Are lies, lies, and more lies,
And yet I still gave you the benefit of the doubt,
But this experience has made me wise.
It's reverse psychology,
The opposite way around,
Again to me it's like a comedy,
I have to think backwards in order
:iconxkorrupted-kittenx:xKorrupted-Kittenx 2 0
Am I fine?
Am I fine
No I'm not fine
I'm slowly dying
I'm sorry for crying
I've been lying
About how I feel
All the time
I guess your right
My time is up
I'm so dumb
I've had enough
So I guess
I'm not fine
:iconjinxednekolover:JinxedNekoLover 2 12
autumn dreams
come, gentle spirit
i cannot touch you:
you are but a dream
and yet -
maybe i
can be a guide
to what you need.
maybe we
can get lost
i wonder if you feel
as lonely as i do.
I can sense you
and thoughts blow
like an autumn
rain flurry, right
through my head.
reality falls into
and i realise that
i no longer wonder
at the peculiarity
of my perception.
i wonder how much
of you
has become a part
of me.
please -
wander around
for as long as
you like. i shall
be a constant
in your
:icondragonfuture:dragonfuture 2 2
*Thoughts on Paper*
There's no greater
gratification than
witnessing the positive
or uncertain emotions
that you may give others
simply by putting your
thoughts on paper
You never know who
you may be inspiring
or giving strength to
just by expressing your
own feelings
It's an unplanned
and unexpected
sense of accomplishment
© taiowa72
April 23, 2016
:icontaiowa72:taiowa72 2 0
Change can be a bittersweet philosophy
Due to the vast amount of possibilities
It could lead the future towards a brilliant light
Or it could create distress that causes the dark to shroud everything in sight
Nature could bathe in such a light and nourish
Or it could scream silently in the dark and parish
There in the distance is the sight of a broken city
May the growing light not get closer than what nature could see
For such a heat was filling them with fear
To challenge such a force they wouldn’t dare
In the sky came brilliant flashes
Seen following the sky’s angel’s crashing
The sky touched the earth and the earth touches the sky
If this raining doesn’t stop the earth will surely die
You can change everything to be more advanced
But you can’t change history nor fully repent
All you can do is watch this change occur
And pray for the light to envelop and purify such a fear
:iconcookieastral:CookieAstral 2 0
Never Alone
The path is unclear,
fog hides the way.
The road,
Before you crumble,
take a leap
and trust
I'll be there to catch you.
At times,
it will be scary,
but know
you'll never walk alone.
:iconmyeternalescape:MyEternalEscape 2 0
I was born loving myself,
All smiles and laughter,
Not doubting a single thing
That happened in my life so far.
Years came by so soon,
And reality set in for me,
Watching friends pass by me,
Reading the current events
Around the world,
Wondering why I don't look like
The boy I'm supposed to be.
The self-love chipped away
Smiles shattered and laughter deranged,
There is no doubt that
I will die hating myself to the core.
:iconfacepalmtome:FacepalmToMe 2 3