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Don't Ask
Whatever happen to the old days
Romance was real
Sex was later
But this is 2016
Quit being conservative, they say
But this is my decision
I decide for what's right for me
And my body
You want to use me for pleasure?
You want it now?
Walk away!
You disrespect me as a whole?
Empty handed is what you get
I am what I am
Dignity is what I hold
Courage is in my heart
Love holds me tight
I will keep on saying no
Until I say yes
I will hold on until I decide to let go
I will keep raining drops until the day a rainbow comes in my life
Don't ask me
Ask someone else
I am not the girl for you
:iconjayscriminal:jayscriminal 16 12
Transformed :iconluckyskittle:luckyskittle 2 0
Memory Fan Lyrics
Find me where the sunlight touches
A bed of flowers golden
I will wait forever, darling
To hear your soul is singing
You don't know that you belong here
When welcomed with a song, dear
Echoes through the night, forgotten
But I will not forget you
Found you where the sunlight shines on
A place that we can call home
Rest your head down for a while
You and I both are tired
We've seen things that no one else knows
Times that faded so long ago
You may think it's all closed off now
But my soul is always open
You won't know that you belong here
When in dark this song you will hear
Echoing in the night on deaf ears
But I remember you, dear
This memory will never fade
Our time will not be erased
I will wait forever, darling
To feel your soul is with me
:iconskystormchaoscore:SkystormChaosCore 12 1
Day 110 of 365 :iconmysticsparklewings:MysticSparkleWings 2 1 Sing a Song about Love :iconndzoodzoo:Ndzoodzoo 2 0
Surveillance State
The internet
Is googling your brain,
Reading your webpage thought life,
Downloading your private memory,
Surfing your net of emotions,
Connecting the dots
That make these
:iconfrank-jaspers:Frank-Jaspers 9 10
The Book of Mormon: Hello (Video game version)
Hello, my name is Lara Croft
And I would like to travel with you,
But please watch where you look!
Hello, I’m Sonic the Hedgehog
You’ll be cool with these emeralds,
Even if you’re too slow
Me and…my brother mean no harm
You simply won’t believe the charms
Of a bandicoot’s life
Hello, it’s a me Mario!
I would like to give you some
Flowers of fire and ice
Hello, I’m Ratchet and he’s Clank
Would you like come with us
To outer space today?
You can…combat race with your friends
Hell yeah!
Orange lightning’s here, ladies!
Though Daxter’s such a pain…
Come on!
Hello, you can call me Larry
And if you just follow my lead,
True love will come to you
Fat Princess:
Nothing to be afraid of here
You can become a master thief like me all dressed in blue
My nam
:icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 1 0
I'm a loner, too :iconjillsnipple6:JillsNipple6 2 0
Gotta keep the show on, gotta keep Rollin, make sure nothing stolen,
Cause I , cause I , cause I, I have g-l-I -C-H
In the system, gotta keep going on,
Cause got all night!!, cause it's alright!!
Just got keep it tight!! , because I'll be alright!! Tonight!!
Gotta move, so nothing can touch it ( touch it, touch it,) gotta keep safe ( safe , safe , safe)
Cause I got all night !!, cause it's alright!!!, because it's gotta be tonight
( tonight, tonight, tonight)
Cause i !!! , cause I!!, cause I , cause I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta keep the show on, gotta keep Rollin, make sure nothing stolen,
Because there a glitch in the system
:iconsnowbellangel:Snowbellangel 1 0
Love is... what...?
Love is beauty.
Love is ugly.
Love learning.
Love is turning,
Into an idiot.
Love is torture.
Love is release.
Love is caring.
Love is becoming,
A selfish bitch.
Love is healing.
Love is hurting.
Love is strength.
Love is caving,
Under the pressure to be,
What is love to you?
What is love to me?
That depends...
Love is making,
My stomach churn.
Butterflies or anxiety,
You choose your preferred term.
Why can't we rip out our hearts,
When love becomes too much?
Oh, right.
It's that stupid thing,
Called dying.
But maybe we could die.
Would that be okay?
Love is so pretty,
Do I really,
Want to leave it behind?
In the world,
Is wrong with me?
Keep giving,
Those fake smiles,
That turn into a bitter laugh.
Then the tears come,
Then the suicide,
Then the fear.
Then the maniacal cackle,
Then the thirst to kill.
Isn't it sweet?
Isn't it disgusting?
What is love to you?
What is love to me?
That depends...
Are you even trying,
Trying to answer?
Love is... what...?
:iconhowlovelyisthyrose:HowLovelyisThyRose 5 0
#BARS :iconjaydontae:jayDontae 1 0 Special Announcement Tomorrow... :iconjoshisjagged:joshisjagged 1 0 It will all turn to dust, and I love you. :iconsoullight-inthestorm:SoulLight-InTheStorm 0 0 Missingno :iconwolfgirldrawing:WOLFgirlDRAWING 1 0 Ambrosia y el brillo :iconstreetcount:StreetCount 0 0 Literary Fragment :icondemonianqueen:DemonianQueen 0 0 PROEM: EADEM MUTATA RESURGO :iconaeter-link:Aeter-Link 0 0 can't beat the voices :iconjazzybee40:jazzybee40 0 0
In Memorium Stanzas
As darkness, with its evil zeal
And speed, descends upon the sky
The night is fearsome to your eye
The stars above the clouds reveal
As overshadowed by the black
Have I so often been, the dawn
Seems far away and hope is gone
Jehovah knows the joy you lack
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 7 0
:iconscwibblingmadness:scwibblingmadness 0 0
My fat cat.
My cat was fat.
He never ate a rat.
He would always play.
Till the end of day.
His brothers ran away.
But he loved to stay.
He wayed a lot of pounds.
And sometimes made weird sounds.
He was always lazy.
And sometimes acted hazy.
He hated water.
He acted like it was a slater.
He never fought.
We loved him a lot.
But he did die.
I wish that was a lie.
:iconbaron-the-wolf:Baron-the-wolf 1 3