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My Happiness
:bulletpink:Dying in haunting pain....
Feeling I'm going insane..
There's no safe haven, no escape from the agony this time. 
I loved you...
you were the lonely star in my ominous sky
seeing you with them...
It's torturing me to the point where feel like I need to die....
:bulletblue:Vague memories with you, 
wanting to be with you,
I wanted to see you but I was too far away
You were my sky, 
That shimmers when nothing in this world would. 
Seeing you love another
has driven me to the point where death can't hurt me. 
:bulletpink: :bulletblue:My happiness is gone
the fanciful ray of hope in my soul
My loneliness is taking over my already somber mind
The cries for help, the hopelessness
The way you broke my heart in the crystal sky
and now it's time....
to bid my happiness goodbye....
:bulletpink: I can't look at you anymore,
though you are the only one my heart calls for
"HOW CAN YOU DO THIS?" is the only thing my mind screams out
You are my love....
the only t
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CYPRUS IS GREEK :iconwrathchildg:WrathChildG 35 33
Butt-tired, I wandered through the shimmering sands,
Bewildered in the butt-like dunes, my buttocks dead.
When finally despairing in the scorching lands,
Found by a monk, and to his oasis he led.
My thirst was quenched, the pious monk did query,
"What brings you to this hostile land of heat and dust?"
"Butts," I muttered, my own butt blistered and weary.
The Hermit did stare, so I leapt up and shrieked, "Butts!"
"I love butts!" I sang high at the top of my lungs.
Madly I cackled as butts pranced through my mind,
The hermit, most fearful, from his camp I was flung,
So the dunes, shapen like butts, I trudge for all time.
For all of my life on this butt-covered Earth,
A love of butts is how I have found the most worth.
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A Page Of Quotes Said By Me Part 2!!! :D
                                                "If She doesn't show Up I'm going to cry....not really but-"
                                                "HAY BATCH!!!"
                                                "Hello whore!"
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Nellie vs. Fiona (Parody of Another Galavant Song)

“Nellie vs. Fiona”
Parody of “I Don’t Like You” by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater
Performed by Fiona MacDiarmid and Janelle “Nellie” Shimizu-Hildebrand
Also Starring Angus MacDiarmid, Miguel “Pom-Pom” Suarez, and Robert MacDiarmid/Colonel Knight Rider

SCENE: In a dream, KR and Miguel are attending a possible future college stage play or musical with his adoptive cousin Nellie in it, whom his parents have not yet met and therefore do not trust.  Suddenly, Fiona, KR’s furious mother, barges into the theater and calls attention to herself.  Angus, KR’s father, whose sister eloped with Nellie’s father without Angus’ knowledge, stands behind Fiona.
FIONA [Spoken]: So, ye’re one of ma son Robert’s little Internet friends, aren’t ye’?  Stop givin’ him the ideas that make him write hate poems about his parents!  Yer stupid psychology is nothin’ but
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The Kanker Sisters Vs the PPG
The Kanker Sisters...
The Powerpuff Girls!

May, Marie, and Lee (Verse One)
May: *Snort* Lookie here, girls, it's some gussied up brats!
Marie: It's the superpowered losers: the Powdered Pup Girls!
Lee: The Calcified Kankers throw Powerpunks off the mat!
Kankers: Square dancin' with us, we'll take you for a whirl!
Lee: What's fun about Buttercup in the mud or Bubbles' bawlin'?
Marie: I think I've seen better action outta Fish Bowl two!
May: Better run home, girlfriends, your daddy's callin'!
Kankers: Cuz we just beat Professor till he was black and blue!
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (Verse One)
Bubbles: We won't let you lay a hand on the Professor, meanies!
Buttercup: I ain't scared of three twisted trailer park weenies!
Blossom: Twisted is right, these three are just obscene!
PPG: We'll knock you right back through your front door screen!
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"You should talk more. we're friends right?"
"Huh, right."
Friends. No just acquaintances, I don't want to get to attached.
"So do you want to go out?"
We're friends right?
"Hey, sorry I can't hang out today."
"Sorry, not today."
"Sorry, later."
"Sorry. maybe next time."
Liars who put on a mask of a kind smile.
You wanted me to talk more so I'll tell you why I don't talk.
The reason I never talk is because I'm that person everybody replaces after a while.
So it's a good thing for me to never get attached.
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A Dreamer
A Dreamer
Since I was a child, I always tried to reach something I could not.
Further away it was, more I wanted it, more desperate I was.

I looked at the night sky, wishing to become a star.
I whispered to trees, wishing they could answer me.
I loved the feeling of wind in my hair, wishing I could fly one day.
And I chased birds, wishing they stop flying away from me.
When I grew up a bit, I understood my dreams were naive.
Yet, didn't stop to think, about even more impossible things.

I reached for books, wishing to have the exciting life their characters had.
I reached for movies, wishing everything I saw and heard was for real.
Through knowledge I even tried to reach the stars, wishing to become an astronaut.
When it was time for the first love, I choose the one most unlikely of all.
As if some inner voice kept talking to me, to take either the hardest way, or stay.

When something is in my reach, I pretend it doesn't exist.
When a way become too easy to walk, I
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Great days
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The Artists Passion #1
There once was an artist.
He lived in a street not far away.
To paint was his passion,
To bring life to the canvas
His deepest desire.
He was excellent at his profession
But no one ever saw his art
Once he had finished a painting,
He sat down in front of it
And gazed at it for hours and days.
His walls were covered in art
For he never sold his creations.
To simply enjoy their beauty was enough.
To admire the vivid composition
Of magnificently chosen colours.
So the artist lived for years,
Avoiding other painters, other humans.
Just as his pictures were windows to another world,
He was happy to observe them from his home.
Until the day someone knocked on his door.
As he reluctantly opened the wooden gate,
He could barely stand the vision in front.
Te strength left his body
And his brush loudly hit the ground.
Only because he saw her bright shining eyes.
As her tender mouth opened,
A voice as clear as a crystal tickled his ears
He responded in a robotic manner
And as she laughed in delig
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Things in life
Things in life is not all things
Wrong & right
It is much more than something
Something more than a thing
Something more than a life
Living more than a thing
A thing to sing more than wings
More than a thing that fly
In things
A thing to go more than a slow
A slow to go fast
More than you know
A thing a thing
More than a swing
To swing away
Like a thing to bring
Bring a thing for someone
To fling
To fling a life
Not a stone to sin a win
A thing to lend a love
To begin
To begin a thing
A life
To your
A body
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Splat, splat!

Splat, Splat!

Written by Chris the Zorua
Splat, splat!
Will you fight back?
Splat, splat!
Spread your ink across the nation.
Splat, splat!
You will fight back!
Splat, splat!
It’s never too soon!
Never too soon to play Splatoon!
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There's a disease in my soul
And it spreads to my bones
Until I can't stand anymore
There's a disease in my mind
And it distorts my thoughts
Until I can't trust anymore
There's a disease in my heart
And it spreads to my eyes
Until I can't see anymore
This disease is slowly killing me
And no one sees
No one sees
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The Memory of You
The Memory of You
Track 3
Cheers For The Wicked
If I ever,
leave you behind,
I just want you to remember,
that I'm not gone.
And we'd be together,
to the end of time,
from the beginning line.
I just want you to remember,
that I'll never let go.
And when it all falls!
Please come home to me,
because I'll never let go,
never let go,
come to me!
(I'll never lose hope)
And when all the demons take ahold of me,
I'll make sure you get out and be set free,
I'll never let go,
never let go.
Please go on!
(without me)
[end chorus]
I'll never,
say goodbye,
even when I lay,
lay in that hospital bed.
And I feel no sorrow,
when death takes my hands I'll say,
"give me a chance, give me one last chance."
And when it all falls!
Please come home to me,
because I'll never let go,
never let go,
come to me!
(I'll never lose hope)
And when all the demons take ahold of me,
I'll make sure you get out and be set free,
I'll never let go,
never let go.
Please go on!
(without me)
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