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Venus [Popstar!Jean x Manager!Reader] AU
( Please listen while you read!)
A god.
To the hoard of screaming fans, drowning in the sound of the music, basking in the glory of the music’s dominion, they were witnessing the power of a god.
As you watched from backstage, scrutinizing Jean’s movements, listening to his voice, echo and reverberate round the vicinity, his gaze, eyes like glittering pools of amber, piercing through the hearts of his adoring audience, you understood this rather fanciful notion.
In fact, you were under that very spell yourself.
Growing up, you never imagined you would be here. You were simply childhood neighbors locked in a never ending battle against one another. From draping toilet paper over your trees, to egging his window, from stealing your dolls, to dressing his puppy up in those dolls’ clothing, not once did you two drop this fight. Topping the other’s prank with something far more dastardly immediately became the most important
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Newest Crewmember: Ch 22 (Something's Happened)
Alyen and L’Naym’s Quarters
6:10 AM

Nlians were by nature a gentle and peaceful race. But they were anything but weak; one couldn’t survive
in a harsh desert world without strength, intelligence and above all awareness.
All Nlians had an acute awareness of their environment and they were very good at sensing danger.
Pregnant Nlians’ senses were particularly heightened when it came to something that might affect
them or their young.
So when L’Naym jerked awake from a sound sleep…she knew that something had happened to the ship.
Alyen awoke beside her. “Beloved? What is it?”
L’Naym looked around. “I…don’t know. Something’s happened.”
There were no alarms, but Alyen wasn’t about to doubt his lifemate’s instincts. He reached for the COMM
near his side of the bed. He would have liked to have called Jim, but immediately shoved that thought aside.
If something was happening
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TnM Elements capitulo 3: Unknown.
3°  Unknown.
La chica entro a la casa y saludo a mi madre y al resto como si los conociera de toda la vida, cuando llego hasta nosotros saludo a  Jazz, Marie y luego a mí con sendos besos en las mejillas, los tres quedamos perplejos e incluso ruborizados ante la abrumadora chica.
- Chicos yo sé que esto es raro para ustedes, pero ella es mi hija- dijo Buford y nosotros no dejábamos de salir de nuestro asombro- ella es Anne-sophie Van Stomm…
- ¡Tu egues el chico melancoguico del avión!- la chica casi grito con un marcado acento francés, posando nuevamente su mirada en mi, Jazz y Marie me miraron al mismo tiempo. Yo no pude responder nada.
- A todo esto Anne- empezó a decir Buford- ¿Cómo está tu madre?- la chica lo miro hacia arriba y con una sonrisa contesto.
- Dice que aun esta vagamente integuesada en ti.
- Buena chica- fue lo que dijo Buford al oír esa frase.
Después de esa presentación la chica se
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Tony x Reader: Mornings
:bulletred: Tony x Reader: Mornings :bulletred: 

(F/n) Stark groaned softly as she opened her eyes past the sleep that had formed there. For a moment her sight refused to focus, but as the seconds ticked by, the room finally became clear. It was still dark outside, causing her body to question itself. But the alarm clock showed it to be nearing five a.m. in the morning. A decent enough time to rise, she thought. Though as she stretched her body and began to pop her stiff joints, she felt a hand creep to rest around her middle, locking her in place.
She didn’t have to turn over to know that her husband was staring at her. His gaze was one thing she’d never had to question. Even before they’d officially met, he’d been watching her. He’d flashed her quirky smiles from across the lecture hall, as he spoke to the promising college students of UCLA’s Science department. And sent her burning glances with his stunning dark eyes, t
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No More Dead Ghostz
File 001: Ghost Hunter
            A few tips lead me to believe that a young lady named: Olivia Maines was running amuck in the Danny Phantom universe.
            Olivia, born in a family that did not worship the dead, and found the premise of plots about ghosts very appalling; especially towards my one of my childhood heroes. Then she began making death fictions about how she finally defeats and kills Danny Phantom, all on her own, with no negative repercussions afterwards.
            After receiving a horrible backlash from the fans of the show, one of them, offered a chance to make her dream, a dark reality. Now she’s said to have won every single heart and mind of Danny’s worst enemies and has now bega
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WOW Stories
The Council

This story is based in a fanfic I just created some days ago by playing another Custom Map for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Called Clash of the Creeps. Where we control Centaurs/Bristlebacks as humans; Gnolls as Orcs; Naga as Undead and Satyrs as Night Elf. Yet with their own features and unique methods of expansion.  Here you can see it by your own eyes what I mean (sorry about it has comments on it) Anything created here is fictional about the events of WoW Legion Patch. This is enterteinment, either the chracters here are mine, Blizzard's or belongs to Clayton Lafontaine (RhamusVhailegh) the one who made the map.

"Have you foretold the expansion of the Twisting Nether yet?" an elderly voice came from behind darkness, as some others mumbles can be heard inside; within some kind of chamber where a spinning ring is giving a vision in pink-energy like screen about the events hap
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Escape The Planet pt5~ Im Sorry

          You and Drake share a look before dashing along the pool to the crates on either side, not paying attention to the ripples as the dance through the water. You reach the crate, removing the top and looking through the weapons swiftly, freezing when you hear water drops hitting the floor behind you. 
        "___!" Law calls out just as you dive to the side, the aquatic beast chomping down the crate behind you. 
        "Get away from her!" Drake shouts shooting at it and drawing it's attention. The Ophiuchus' tail slings from the water and smacks  him into a wall as it lunges at you. Diving away again, you twist and shoot it in the eye making it cry out a thrash, causing Baby5 to fall into the water and drawing it's attention suddenly. Your eyes widen and you swiftly pelt it with shower of shots. 
        "Don't look away from me!" You th
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Man of Steel + Vampire: Chapter 9
Man of Steel + Vampire
Chapter 9: Fan boys and a Vampire
Clark remained silent as he worked, while Ms. Nekonome wrote Japanese text one the chalkboard. Since being with Moka and Yukari, he was able to learn Japanese text a lot faster. From Moka’s claim, she said that she is able to speak Japanese, English and Chinese; being that she was taught English by her mother, and she learned Chinese from her older sister.
Every so often Clark would look up and stare out the window towards the forest as if there was something out amongst the dead trees.
It’s been a week since the incident with the Lizardmen, and Yukari declared her love for Clark. Since then the boy's life had become even more hectic. His mornings were pretty much the same as before, except that now he had Yukari to deal with alongside Moka and Kurumu.
It is a day until the bus finally returns and Clark wasn’t sure whether if he should leave or stay here. should he even be here in Yōkai Academy? Being an Al
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Male! Zarina x Fairy! Reader Pirate Fairy Ch. 5
Back at the kitchen, Tink and the gang were once again still imprisoned when they failed to escape on the first try. When they were on the floor, they tried to escape while Oppenheimer was too busy cooking. During the first escape
Some of them knew that there's no way to escape with Oppenheimer, keeping an eye on them while cooking.
"Come on, guys, we're gonna get out of this." assured Silvermist.
"Well, we wouldn't even be in it if our new garden fairy didn't grow branches willy-nilly!" exclaimed Rosetto.
Iridessie realized that Rosetto was blaming him for what happened.
"You're not saying this is my fault?" he implied.
"Hmm. If the flower fits."
Much to Iridessie's shock, he couldn't believe what Rosetto just said as they began to argue. Oppenheimer began to listen the jingle-like bickering.
"How can I cook with all that infernal jingle-jangling?" he asked to himself as he grabbed the knife. "There's only one thing to do."
And then, he cut something with the knife and had two carrot
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It's the year X792 in Fiore, a few weeks after the war have passed, in which the whole land fought against Alvarez. Fairy Tail and the other guilds had to struggle with so many enemies in the past. But this time it comes to a very different story. A story about a father with big goals and a daughter which one want finally be able to take revenge on him after this long time. This story brings us to Magnolia, the city in which the guild Fairy Tail is. As every time in this guild was everything and always busy. Especially loud through the conversations and other contests which they did. Whether it was a cardgame or something else. Somewhere in the middle of that large and filled guildhall, there are the Thunder god tribe and Laxus. At least, a part from the god tribes.
"Arisu and Ever are on a mission? Just the two of them?" Asked Bickslow surprised.
"Yes, in order to improve their capacity for teamwork." Replied Freed to him."The last time they came quiete in the way from eachot
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I Have A- You Knew?! | Peter Parker x Reader |
Peter's palms were sweating as he paced the small room he lived in. Any second now (Name) was gonna show up and he'd have to tell her the truth, because lying was so not an okay thing to do and if he was gonna be her possibly maybe most likely BOYFRIEND then he had to come clean. Aunt May was going to be kept in the dark about it, the whole world (besides Mr. Stark, but that's a different can of worms Peter can't be stressing out about right now) had no clue who he was unless he was in red spandex and that's how it needed to stay.
Knock, knock, knock!
Aunt May.
"(Name's) at the door!" There was no doubt she was smiling. May had approved of the girl that held her nephew's affections, which really did mean a lot to the teen. May was the only real family he had left (though Mr. Stark was honestly like a father to him, not that Peter would ever bring that up to the man) and if she wasn't happy with the girl he liked, Peter really didn't know w
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Aarmau The Future is here part 1
It's was one summer night where was a full moon out
Aphmau is at Aaron's house watching a scary movie
(Aaron)Are you sure you want to watch a scary movie Aph ?
(Aphmau) I'm sure and besides I'm here with my handsome boyfriend she replied.
(Aphmau)So what movie should we pick that can scare the fluff out of me ?
(Aaron) Ummm....(Maybe if get the scariest movie she scream right into my hands so i can kiss her alone without Katelyn seeing me.)Well let's watch the zombie apocalypse.
(Aphmau)That's sounds very scary , let's watch it then.
(While watching the movie there was a bright light coming from the tv.)
(Aphmau)Why is the tv getting brighter then usually.
(The light hit their faces , then Aphmau screamed)
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The Greeting part 2
Lita covers her eyes and shakes her head from side to side.
"T-this is a dream..."
Ashiro start reaching his hand towards her.
"Mommy are you okay?"
He touched her hand removing it from her face, she looked into his eyes and put her hands on his shoulder.
"How did you get here? Where did you come from? Why do you have white hair?"
He looked at her with bewildered eyes as he looked back at her directly.
"Well I just woke up after a bad dream and thought I should come to your room so I can sleep here, because you make the monsters go away, and didn't dad have white hair?"
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Rosebud: Mother and Child
Ardaigh smiled lovingly at the tiny creature in her arms as she sat up in the bed she'd been placed in.  Beside her, Garrett laid on his side above the covers, watching his beloved wife as she gently rocked their baby girl in her arms.  Taegan cooed softly, her tiny green eyes twinkling in the soft light from the window.  Ari hummed a quiet lullaby to her, stroking her light blonde hair with one hand, her fingers grazing the single streak of green among the golden strands.
The door opened just a bit, and Trenton peeked in from the hall.  Seeing the princess cradling her baby made him feel both happy that she was alright, and sad with the thought of his own mother, wherever she may be.  He caught a glimpse of Garrett, smiling broadly, as he gazed at his child, and a quiet sigh escaped him.  He suddenly felt that he was not welcome with this happy family, now reunited.  He began to pull the door shut, deciding to leave them be, when Ari noticed the slig
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The Most Corpulent Centaur
(Monster Musume/Commission)
Centorea "Cerea" Shianus had been in love with her Master, Kimihito, for as long as she could possibly remember at this point. Even though she had had to contend for his affections with multiple other women over and over, again and again, she had never considered on giving up on him. She wanted to do everything that she possibly could to obtain his love. However, it was not until a few months ago that Cerea had come to discover a very interesting fact about Kimihito. A little secret of his that, if she utilized it correctly like she intended, she would not only be able to win his heart, but possibly be able to keep it forever as well. The centaur's whole body was somewhat large and awkward simply because she took up so much space being herself; the lower horse half of her body was the main culprit to this fact. Her breasts were nearly as big as her own head, another aspect of herself that seemed to be considered too big for its own good. However, she'd n
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Redeemed Sith Paralouge 2
"Well, here we are." Yuvon Peace announced as she pressed her palm against button to open the hatch. The new master was beaming as the door to the Dove's Wing opened to sunlight. Vent shielded his eyes and they both hopped out to the stone plateau that was their landing spot. Yuvon took an exaggerated inhale.
"Ah, smell that fresh air. Not a city for several light years. Nothing but nature and my favorite padawan."
"Master, I'm your first. You have nothing to compare me too." Vent pointed out as he gazed at the jungle beneath them.
"Oh, perhaps, doesn't mean you're not my favorite."
Vent gave her a small smile and shifted the pack on his back.
"So what is our mission?"
"Ah, one of my favorites. An actual official one."
Vent raised both eyebrows in surprise. His master was the jedi order's dirty little secret as she herself puts it. Most of their missions were stricken from the record and always denied by the council. She was a shadow, the most deadly of all jedi. Yet she also had anoth
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Unwanted Ch26
Chapter 26: A Hunter's Duty

Saga Frontier 2: Thema (ooo)
It was time since the return of Krocken and Ryuuko back at the kingdom with the welcoming of the Kremlings behind them; they were used with the Construction Team to expand the zone of the plateau; also it was requested a small portion of forest around the Kingdom-in-Construction to have a haven to use for diverse reasons.
The kremlings started to do the expansions after no resting. Even if Noel and Agnes recommended them in have a time to rest before the expansion yet Klubba affirms it was quite a time since they were not requested in do something useful. They had lived their lives within the Jungle too much and be layabouts it was not the plan they were thinking by thank the welcoming inside the Kingdom as the actual army around as the workers. Besides, Vi and Rumble are more than grateful in have them with is going to be more quickly car
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What Happened?|Sixbones x Reader
"Undyne I don't think that's how you-"
"Trust me. I know what I'm doing [y/n]!"
"...okay but you're getting egg shells in the batter.."
"Those are NOT-!"
"Ugh..hold on a sec." Sighing in annoyance, you took off your chef hat and pulled your cell phone out of your pocket. You were surprised to see that the caller ID was Alphys. "Alphys?"
"Huh? Why's she calling you now?" Undyne asked, raising an eyebrow. "I thought she was helping those skele-bros know...what happened to Papyrus."
You nodded solemnly, remembering the day when you and Alphys were talking about anime. Then, all of the sudden, she got a call from Sans, who told her he needed her for something "urgent". It turned out that something made Papyrus ill and that he was in danger of "falling down", which meant dying. Alphys told you and Sans she had an idea but she was unsure if it would work...or if they would be able to bear the consequences. But Sans gravely insisted that
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Tooru Oikawa x M!Reader- [Both Matters]
Tooru Oikawa x M!Reader- [Both Matters]
Type: One-shot
(M/n)- Male Name/First Name|(E/c)- Eye color
(L/n)- Last/Surname|(H/c)- Hair color
(S/c)- Skin color|(N/t)- Nationality
(H/t)- Hair type/texture|(H/e)- Height
(N/n)- Nickname
         (M/n) and Oikawa have been dating for a year since they met at the movies. (M/n) enjoyed the time they spent. During the summer. (M/n) knew that dating the well-known male meant seeing people flaunt over him but (M/n) didn't know that meant Oikawa had to keep his distance from him until the next breaks and (M/n) absolutely hated it. It was hard for him to continue on in a relationship with Oikawa since they had to act like complete strangers too each other during school to avoid ruining Oikawa's reputation. They barely had time too hang out because Oikawa's reputation followed him outside of school too. It was hard for (M/n), painful too. They've only made out 3 times in the year and
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The story of Tyson and Everly Part Two
Tyson woke up to the sound of his annoying alarm clock. Normally he would be very upset, but today he was excited. Yesterday he'd made his first friend. He couldn't wait to see her again, but he couldn't get something off his mind. 'Why was she wearing sunglasses inside?' He thought. He'd asked her to take the sunglasses off, but she always told him that she couldn't. Tyson just tried to ignore it. He took a shower, ate his breakfast, brushed his teeth, and then waited at his bus stop.    He waited until he saw the bus show up. He was not excited. He watched as the doors to the bus opened, and he walked on the bus nervously. He frowned as he saw the looks on everyone's faces turned into looks of disgust or mischievous smirks.
"Oh look, it's Blueberry." A girl said.
"What's up, freak?" A boy said.
Despite the sadness and anger that was flowing through him, Tyson just tried his best to ignore the others. He sat at the back of the bus, getting a few disgusted glares.
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Meet Marcus
Name: Marcus Bobby Jackson
Nicknames: Bobby Joe(Friends), Old Marcus(Mitchel), Pimp/Player(Mei-Li)
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 2/9/????
Place of Birth: Compton, California
Location: Compton, California
Gender: Male
Language(s): English
Physical Description
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Long Dark dreads
Skin: Black...
Personality/Attitude: Hot-Head, Player, Active, and outgoing
Talents/Skills: .....
Favorites/Likes: Women, rap, clubs, strip clubs, drinking, and his dog
Most Hated/Dislikes: Smoking, 'Little Witty'/Willow and Jada
Hobbies/Interests: $exx, fighting, gaming,
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Family/Friends/Pets/etc..: Unnamed father, Nicki Jackson(Mother) Mitchel(Best Friend) Mei-Li(Future baby mama), Baby Gurl(Pet dog) Jada(Sister)
"Now, this is something what a man wants! Money, Women and all the parties that you can get!" ~Marcus                            
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Chapter 1: The Present
"M-Mommy?!" A small girl cried out as she ran through the hospital's bland halls, frantically searching for her mother's room.
Tears bubbled over and rolled down her cheeks as she rushed to her dying mother's side."Mommy"
"shh... don't cry. I'm here. Mommy's got you." she whispered soothingly as she tucked a lock of her eight year old daughter's silvery white hair behind her ear. "I need you to be a good girl for your daddy... and a good big sister for your baby brother"
The girl sniffled quietly and nodded. "I will. I promise" Suddenly the constant beeping in the background turned into one long, continuous beep and doctors swarmed into the room. A pair of arms wrapped around her and carried her out to her father, despite her violent thrashing. "Mommy?! MOMMY!! PLEASE LET ME GO!"
Iena tossed slightly in her sleep as her dream shifted from one memory to another.
"Iena, for the last time, we're bring back your m
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