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Literature: jeff the killer

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Jeff the Killer
Hush now, hush now
Not another peep
It's time for you to
They say that I'm mad
I'm not right in the head
But I'm just helping folks
Go to bed
They don't understand
But my smile is there
I love blood on my fingers
And death in the air
I'll see it forever
With unblinking eyes
Those ugly fake smiles
Those pathetic lies
Now they smile forever
And will no longer weep
They have me to thank
As I sent them to sleep
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Immortals- (Jeff The Killer x Reader) Part 3
"Tell me."
"You probably read the story where my family moves to another town and me and my brother Liu...we..." He stopped.
"Recalling the story must be hard for him..." You thought.
Before another word could be said you pulled Jeff into a hug.
Jeff sighed and brushed your hair with his hand. "Me and Liu were bullied by this guy named Randy on the first day of school. After he started messing with us I started to get this feeling...."
"I remember reading that part... what kind of feeling?" You asked, letting go of Jeff and looking him in the eyes. Jeff just shrugged. 
"Thats just it.... I cant really explain the feeling... burning? Anyway it felt like something inhuman..... something unnatural...Thats when everything went downhill. I started getting the feeling more often....It felt like someone was in my brain, Trying to control my thoughts and actions. Then the party..." He paused.
"When Randy came and attacked you." You finished.
"Thats when I lost it..... went insane _
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Immortals- (Jeff The Killer x Reader) Part 1
The alarm on your ipod jolted you awake.
You rubbed the sleep from your eyes and sat up, turning the intrusive noise off.
Thankfully there was no school today

Getting out of bed you went straight to the shower.
You dressed in a soft black tank top, (f/c) cardigan sweater and black jeans. Heading downstairs and into the kitchen you listened for your mother who would usually be in the kitchen cooking breakfast by now. But you heard nothing.
               "Mom?" You called.
No response.
She was probably at her friend Celeste's house watching boring musicals from the 70's and drinking tea.
You sighed and opened the cupboard, pulling out a box of Lucky Charms.
Thats when you noticed the note on the refrigerator. You pulled if off and read:
Hey ______ I went to the park. You took too long to get up.
Don't forget your keys on the table.
You folded up the note, placed it on the counter, and checked
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Jeff the Killer
Jeff the Killer
This is what I see through eyes I can’t shut
And this very colour flows through each vein
Everyone looks the same inside, but
In their souls they are like me, we all cause pain
This is the natural state of the world
I hate the weak and prey on the strong
Every great plan fails before it is unfurled
I will see this through, I will kill every wrong
This is how things will be when I’m done
With no one left there will be no death
I only scare them because I've already won
My blade has a hypocrite as its sheathe
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Immortals- (Jeff The Killer x Reader) Part 2
You stared up at Jeff, your cheeks turning a bright red. You struggled to stand up, Jeff let you, standing up as well, he looked a bit wary, like he thought you were gonna run.
"U-Uh..." You stuttered.
Jeff sighed. "I understand, You probably think I'm a monster." His expression turned distraught, and he curled a hand in his hair in frustration, averting his gaze from you.
"Dammit. I'm so stupid."
"N-no! I mean... You're not a monster. I heard about what happened when you were younger. I just... I didnt know you... actually exsisted.
Run you idiot, you probably pissed him off! You thought.
You didn't move. You watched Jeff as he glanced up at you, looking relieved. Your legs began to feel weak and you fell. Jeff looked surprised and quickly caught you and held you close to him... You blushed even harder, hating yourself for it.
Damn it ____...
"Careful..." He said, brushing a strand of your hair behind your ear.
You closed your eyes and tried to calm your racing hear
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Immortals- (Jeff The Killer x Reader) Part 4
"Sorry, what?"
You looked up at Slenderman, your eyes wide. "Who wants to kill me?"
"C.P. Agents." Jeff answered.
"Like... Club Penguin agents or something?" You snickered.
Jeff's facepalm and Slendermans unamused expression made you clear your throat awkwardly and apologize.
BEN's laugh echoed from the other room.
"C.P. stands for Creepypasta... Its just a name we made up to identify them.
They want to kill you.... and its my fault." He bowed his head in shame. "Every second you're with me, you're at risk... It's because of what I am."
"What are you?" You asked softly, surprised by how relaxed you were despite the horrifyingly dangerous situation you were in.
~Jeff's POV~ 
I looked at her. Knowing that she was afraid .... this was all my fault. I had feelings for her, yes I loved her.
But because of that I've put her life in danger.
This is the only safe place for her now... If she goes home they'll kill her.
Should I just tell her the truth? I didn't know...
"Jeff." Slenderman t
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Jeff the Killer|Part 1
A humid day in Maryland. Clouds blockade the sunlight from penetrating the Earth. Lightning strikes with fierce magnitude. Thunder belches so loud causing houses to quake. You sit under a cloak of blankets and kick up the music so loud the beats shake your walls. Three Days Grace has always made you feel so safe. But unfortunately for you, they can’t save you tonight.
You recently saw a video that your friend forced you to watch. A video that was so incredibly horrifying you haven’t slept in three days. A video that police have tried so desperately to take off of the internet. A video that’s killed many people and no one has survived. Now you it was your turn. Last night, word spread around school, that your friend was brutally murdered. The same friend that showed you the video. She was so confident that she’d survive, but to your dismay, she didn’t.
The video was a still frame of a long corridor in an abandoned mental asylum. Moonlight filtered through c
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Jeff the Killer's Lullaby :iconayanarin:AyanaRin 148 60
Drunk!Jeff The Killer X Proxy!Reader
Drunk!Jeff The Killer X Proxy!Reader
A shattering sound of a window startled you out of your sweet dreams. You body felt heavy as you proceded to pull yourself out of your warm bed, you flinched putting your feet on the cold floor. It creaked under your weight, you tiptoed over to your dresser where you hid a baseball bat.
Grasping the freezing aluminum bat in your hands, the moon's light reflecting off its shining surface. You stared at your proxy mask for a fraction of a second wondering if you should put it on or not. A few smashings of plates forced you hands to tighten around the weapon. You slowly walked towards the stairs, whoever was down there wasn't trying to sneak in obviously.
"What the fuck? Are they drunk or something" you thought watching the lights flick on, a long shadow was cast into the stair well. Taking a few more steps you were relieved a little. It was Jeff a very intoxicated and wobbly Jeff, you opened your mouth to speak only to stop yourself as he knocked over
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Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 6
You buried your face in your hands, the cold rain soaking your hair and clothes.
Tears stained your dirtied face over and over again, and you heaved in air, struggling to keep from fainting. 
Suddenly you heard the front door of the house open. Slenderman stepped out onto the porch, looking for the source of all the noise. He saw you and quickly teleported out to you, scooping you up in his arms and carrying you inside the house. He wrapped you in a blanket and placed you gently on the sofa.
You were freezing cold.
Slenderman turned on the fireplace and walked over to you.
"What happeded out there?"
"No... n-no. He- I couldn't. They... Jeff's..." Your words were jumbled.
"_________ What happened to Jeff?" Slenderman asked.
You started to sob uncontrollably. Slenderman kneeled down pulled you into and warm, almost father like hug.
"You need to tell me what happened to Jeff _________."
You tried to put the words together. "They.... took him..." You choked out the words.
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Immortals- (Jeff The Killer x Reader) Part 5
"Are the Agents invisible?" You asked as Jeff sped through the woods with you in his arms.
"Sometimes they can be." Jeff answered.
You finally arrived at your house. Thankfully your mom wasn't back from work yet, giving you an advantage. However it was already dark out.
Jeff put you down and you pulled out your set of keys, unlocking the door and opening it.
"We need to be quick." Jeff said, following in after you.
You both quickly ran up to your bedroom. You grabbed your large purple suitcase out of your closet and filled it with all the clothes and supplies you possibly could. Jeff helped you.
He came across your underwear drawer and his face turned as red as a tomato. You laughed and continued to pack your things.
"Jeff.... What about my mom? And school?" You asked when you came across a picture of You, Alicia and your mom at your chorus concert last year.
Jeff looked at you. "Were gonna have to figure those things out as we go." He said sounding as if he were trying to convince him
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Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 7
You awoke with a slight headache. You slid off of the sofa, gathered some fresh clothes from the suitcase and walked into the kitchen where you saw some guy sitting, eating a bowl of Lucky Charms. He looked to be about twenty or so, and familiar.
He looked up at you and stopped chewing.
"Good morning _______." He said.
When you didn't respond, he blinked his brown eyes and raised an eyebrow.
"Do I... know you?" You said
The guy stared at you in disbelief, then reached for something in his lap.
He put on a mask and lifted his head up.
"Wait.... Masky? No way."
"Yeah, it's me. I look really different without the mask on huh?" He chuckled, taking it back off.
"You got that right."
For a few minutes you sat with Masky, eating cereal. He didn't talk much, but you did notice that he was less soft spoken without the mask on.
You finished your bowl of cereal and stood.
"Could you show me where the bathroom is?
Masky stood up. "Sure." He led you upstairs and pointed to a door. "Righ
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Jeff the Killer
Jeff was a fairly famous model, appearing in teen magazines across the country, known for his boyish good looks and his wide smile. To the outsider, his life was good. He didn't have to go to high school like other kids his age, he didn't have to endure the regular trials of teenage years, and girls everywhere taped his pictures to their walls. He brushed elbows with movie stars and singers, and had everything a young man could want.
At least, that's what it looked like on the outside.
No one knew the reality of his life, the endless photo shoots that stretched from the early morning until late into the night, the ache of standing and posing, the cattiness of the people he had to work with. If everyone else wanted the glamorous life of a model, all Jeff wanted was a normal one. A life where he could get a full night's sleep, where he could eat whatever he wanted and wear whatever he wanted and socialize with whoever he wanted, to go to class, to go on dates. To be unknown and unnoticea
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Jeff the Killer X Reader: You're mine to Protect
Jeff the Killer X Reader
y/n=your name l/n=last name f/r=favorite restaurant f/s=favorite song f/c=favorite color f/f=favorite food f/d=favorite drink
It was FINALLY summer break. You were excited for the next few months of freedom you had coming your way. There were so many things you had planned; it made you giggle to yourself as you exited the high school building. “Hey, y/n, call me sometime this summer!” One of your best friends yelled behind you. You turned around, gave them a thumbs up with a great smile, and ran off towards the gate. You had absolutely nothing in your backpack since you emptied it out before you went to school that morning. There was one downfall to this day however; it was only a half day, meaning that your parents wouldn’t pick you up, so you had to walk home.
Your house was super far away from the school; it was just on the boarder of the county line, and the buses didn’t go on your street. You lived in a neighborhood of old people. I
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Met online [ Jeff the killer x reader ]
Met Online
[ Jeff the killer x reader ]
You walked into your room frustrated, another school day was over thank god. You let your (h/c) hair out of its ponytail and put your bag down on the floor as you walked over to your drawer and pulled out some comfortable (color) sweats and a (color) baggy t-shirt.
"thats better" you let yourself fall on your bed and closed your eyes. Just as you where about to fall into sleep your computer started to beep telling you that you had a message on MSN. It was your friend Jeff, you knew it even before you opened to look. You smiled as you looked at your computer and started to read the message before you replied.
~in the MSN~
InsaneJeff: How was school?
(MSN name): it was so boring, how do you always know when I'm done in school?
InsaneJeff: You told me silly~
(MSN name): oh yeah i forgot…
InsaneJeff: so whats been up in news for you?
(MSN name): nothing really, was in school almost dyeing of boredom
InsaneJeff: noo don't die on me (name)!!
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Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 11
Your eyes looked up at Jeff in shock, the blade Jeff was holding had gone all the way through. 
   Jeff pulled the knife from your side, using all the strength he had within him to drop the knife.
You looked down at your side in shock as your shirt became soaked with blood. 
You felt your eyes tear up as a strong burning flame licked at your side.
"I..... I-" You whimpered, suddenly falling to the floor.
"No! ________..... Oh my god..." Jeff cried, falling to his knees and pulling you into his arms.
You gasped and squirmed pitifully, clutching his hoodie as the searing pain became too much to bear. It hurt to even breathe.
Jeff was looking into your eyes frantically. He knew that from the amount of blood gushing out, the knife had hit a vital spot.
Jeff pressed his hand against the wound in a vain attempt to slow the blood that had begun pooling on the floor, making you scream and writhe in pain.
He flinched, looking at your wound and your eyes repeatedly.
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Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 9
~Your POV~
"You're the one who made Jeff lose his mind..." You whispered
"Thats right... At the time I was going to use Jeff as a substitute for my Agents, but of course his disrespect and rebelliousness got in the way... I had planned on killing him for a long time... but because he was on earth I couldn't without having a reason."
You looked up at Atramentous in shock.
"So you created a law that stated that an immortal couldn't be with a mortal human, just so that you could have a reason to kill Jeff? Your voice was full of hatred.
The king just smiled. "Your a smart girl...."
"And you're stupid." You retorted.
He motioned his hand and a Agent walked up behind you, grabbing your arms and bringing you to your knees again. "Maybe I could use you in his place." Atramentous took a step forward grinning wickedly.
"What the hell is he-"

Suddenly you felt like screaming as frightening, unearthly images and searing pain flooded your brain. You tried to fight it, but it was no use as
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Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 8
You awoke on a soft bed with purple silk sheets. You opened your eyes and realized that you were in a room that was completely unfamiliar to you. 
You slid out the bed and ran towards the door. You pulled on the handle, it was locked. 
Furious, you pounded on the door. "Let me out!!! What kind of joke is this??"
Suddenly you heard the handle click and the door opened.
"What the..."
You stepped out into a long hallway. The walls and tiles were a dark shade of purple. 
You ran down to the end of the hallway and stepped through the doorway into a large room. 
The room was unbelievably huge. You looked to your right and saw a tall set of doors. 
You ran for them and pushed. The doors didn't even budge. Out of the corner of your vision you saw a cloud of black smoke rushing at you from both sides. It wrapped around your arms tightly, making you yell out in pain. You squirmed, trying to escape the grip of the Agents.
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Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 21
BEN sobbed as her hand slipped from his. Everyone in the room was crying, even baby Majora and Slenderman.
Alicia was gone.
Jeff held you close to him as you both cried.
Suddenly BEN stood. He walked over to you and handed you the baby, a look of determination in his eyes.
"Everyone get against the wall!" BEN shouted. Everyone did.
BEN picked up Alicia's body and placed it on the floor in the middle of the room. He turned out the lights and fell to his knees. You noticed that his eyes were glowing.
"What the..."

BEN began to chant:
Atque lapsos levo,
propter restituere de morte.
Darem lucem et vitae ad eam,
et concede immortalitatem.
The room was suddenly illuminated with a unearthly green glow. BEN looked down at Alicia.
Alicia levant et redire,
Alicia levant et redire,
Alicia reverta ad nos!
Everyone in the room was in complete and utter shock as they heard a voice.
Alicia sat up and BEN held her close to him.
"What the... DID I JUST D
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Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 10
You opened your eyes, struggling to breathe. You looked and saw that Atrementous was choking you.
"__________!!!" You looked to your right and saw Masky, BEN, Slenderman, and... Jeff.
"Help.... Me." Your voice came out raspy. You were running out of air.
 Suddenly that feeling came over you again.
Like a burning sensation.
Without thinking you kicked Atramentous in a very sensitive spot, making him release you. You fell to the floor as the king fell to his knees, cursing, his blade fell and slid towards you. 
"You'll... pay for that.. you discusting little brat." He hissed. standing up and lunging at you.
You lost control of yourself once again as you dodged him easily.
 Sending you both into a violent fistfight. 
~Jeff's POV~
I watched in complete shock as ________ suddenly opened her eyes and kicked Atramentous in the nuts.
"What the..." Slenderman thought aloud.
"Never thought she had it in her." Masky muttered.
"How is she doing that?" BEN said, awestruck
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Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 13
You awoke in your bed wrapped up in the blankets. You sat up quickly, the events from yesterday flooding back into your mind. You look at the spot where Jeff should be. "He must be downstairs..." You thought.
sliding out of bed quickly you wrapped one of the sheets around you and darted for the bathroom, taking a long shower. You slid on a white sweater, but ironically thought better of it. You were exactly "pure" anymore. Instead you put on a black tank top and red skinny jeans. You pulled your hair into a slick bun at the top of you head with a red elastic headband. You went downstairs and saw Jeff sitting on the sofa watching Spongebob on Tv. 
You sat down next to him.
"Hey Beautiful." He said, kissing you. "Do you feel okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine." You smiled. "Wheres Masky and BEN?
"They stayed over at Slenderman's castle." He said casually.
"His castle?" You asked, confused. Jeff just smiled.
"Slendy's the new ruler of The Other world." 
Your eyes went wide. "Wow!"
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Immortals- Jeff The Killer x Reader Part 17
You and Jeff landed on the other side of the portal. You looked around you and saw mountains and trees as far as the eye could see. Pennsylvania was indeed beautiful.
"Were here." Masky announced.
You looked to your left and saw a house, a rather large one in fact, hidden partially by trees.
"This is where Eyeless Jack lives. He built this house big in case all of us wanted to move here." Jeff said.
The six of you walked up to the house and Slenderman knocked on the door.
The door opened and a boy looked out. He looked like he was wearing a mask with holes dripping black paint where the eyes should be. The mask was blue. Other than that he looked like a normal teenager with dark brown hair and a black hoodie.
"Hey guys!" He pointed to you and Alicia. "Who are they?"
Jeff put his arm around you. "This is my wife (Insert Your Name) and her friend Alicia."
"Wife huh? Nice to meet you both.... Just call me Jack."
Everyone carried their things inside. Jack showed everyone their rooms. You a
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