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Literature: elementary

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STIL Pt XV: Fog Light, Lost In the Blue
The haze, the fog
The choking, blue smog
I’m tired, run right down
Stab a key into my brain
Turn it around and aroun’
Get me up and running again
I search with a mental fog light
Even it grows less and less bright
I’m trying to find a hint of a sight
Through this thick haze
Through this complex maze
Made of thick walls of loneliness
And thin paths of hopefulness
I need directions, a guide
Or else a corner to hide
I’m running blind
Panicking, going out of my mind
Within this cloud, not silver-lined
Trying to find
A hint or even a trace
Of your beautiful face
As I almost collapse, exhausted
And defeated
I need a helping hand
To get me through this dark land
I need you
To show me through
The opaque Blue
You are my anti-depressant
Ever pleasant
I’m ever addicted
Yet never conflicted
Becoming ever less afflicted
By loneliness
As you fill me with happiness
Fill in the hole
Making me whole
You complete me
When you greet me
You fix me
Whenever you kiss me
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 1 0
When the Skies Were Mine
God,     I     dreamed     about   the   angel   that   would   always    help me fly
As    I   cried    about     the   life   that   we   would   soon   leave     far behind.
My    body    seemed      to     effortlessly     rise     up     to     the     sky,
But      the     feeling     only      lasted      with      the      fleeting     heaven’s shine.
She  took  my  hand     and        me        away        from        the     sad mortal realm.
I    kept    my    eyes     up  
:iconteddiebearknight:TeddieBearKnight 1 1
Elementary Pt I: Fire
Is your uncertain light and beauty
Away the darkness
Us see
What is right in front of us
Away the cold
As you shine, red, yellow and gold
More alive than any other being
You always do whatever you’re feeling
No time for thinking
You are the queen and king
Of destruction and beauty
Content to exist, to be
As you consume and take
Burning away, all that is fake
No deception
Pure passion
Driving us
Inspiring us
Making our hearts race
As we fear your embrace
Your deep muttering
Your quiet stuttering
In time with your fluttering
Awe inspiring
You are destruction
You are creations
:iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 2 0
Ninja of Light Saga: Book 3-CH8 (part of it)
Shadow sighs from the irritation of his teacher, more so from the pain raking his body as his adrenaline leaves him. He turns around and walks towards Alpha sluggishly. BJ stomps to Brandon, wishing he'll stop mopping over his crushed ankle. There are words he wants to speak but they sound incredibly rude. It would not only hurt Brandon's feelings, but damage his character and possibly his outlook on his brother. BJ remains silent, remembering in a book somewhere in this world, wise words were written: "If you have nothing nice to say, then shut-up and go f- yourself!" BJ didn't particularly like the way it was laid out, but the author got his point across.
He sit's down beside Brandon to his right, who is laying on his left side while gently holding his redden ankle. His tears stopped raining from the darkness of combined anger and despair. He's just staring at Nii-San with no purpose in mind. Just as Alpha is in need a savior, he needs one as well.
Shadow sits to the right of Alpha l
:iconninjaoflight23:NinjaOfLight23 0 0
CP: SE: Chapter 1: Tenshin Elementary School
With No Way Of Escape, The Curse Continues...
Normal POV!
"Clearly, just a moment ago, I was still in our classroom..." Blaze thought, rubbing her sore arm. "Just what exactly happened...?" she asked herself. She tried walking, when she suddenly felt pain from her foot again. "Ah!" she yelped in pain as she fell down on her knees. "Ugh... my foot hurts really badly..."
Blaze hissed as the lights suddenly turned on, her arm shielding her eyes. It was too sudden, she was almost blinded by the sudden lighting. She emitted a light gasp when she finally had a good look at the classroom. Everything wasn't just old and wooden, there were bloodstains everywhere!
"This place is all beat up..." Blaze stated. "The desks are so small..." she realized as she leaned closer to the nearest desk. "Is this an Elementary School?" she asked herself as she shivered. "I'm getting a really bad feeling... Really, what is this place?" she sighed as she began walking, slightly
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Corpse Party: Sonic Edition (Prologue)
WARNING: Gore in other chapters. You've been warned. EVIL Laughter! 
DECLAIMER: Sonic The Hedgehog and Corpse Party belongs to their rightful owners. (I don't know why authors have to do this but oh well) Shrug 
Normal POV!
"She'll do anything for me. I'm so proud of Sa-chan. She may not know me anymore, but I will always love her..."

Normal POV!
"This event happened on a rainy night much like tonight."
Thunder struck hard in the dark night as rain pounded on the wooden building. It was a school. Old and rotten, almost as if it would collapse any minute.
"When this place was still called 'Tenshin Elementary School'."
A large sign at the front of the building read, 'Tenshin Elementary School'. The closer you look at it, you could see faint scratch marks on the sign.

"At t
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Game of Chance
“B-ten.” Granger stated.
“What exactly are you doing?” Starscream asked. They were on opposite sides of a gridded platform. Due to the size difference, she had to be on an upper level edge so that he wouldn’t cheat. It was a long rectangular board with a separation wall in the middle. There were pegs and very small version of human aquatic vehicles scattered about the board with a map on the separator.
“Did I hit anything or not?” She asked.
He sighed. “No, miss.”
She huffed and marked something on her end of the game board. From his understanding, this was a strategy game where one tried to defeat their opponent by blowing up their aquatic fleet. He was doing a little better than she did, successfully blowing up a few of her ships while she only managed to sink one.
Then again, she was just spouting out random coordinates while he was actually planning.
“Your turn.” She informed.
“I know!” He
:iconkatninjagirl96:Katninjagirl96 0 16
Alien Club
There were no clubs I wanted to join at Lincoln elementary, the school I went to as a kid. Back then, nothing “normal” really interested me. So I remember being really excited when my teacher told me I could start my own club. All I had to do was get enough people to join. She said I needed a minimum of five students and I knew just what kind of club I wanted, an Alien Club. It would be a club dedicated to the study and hunting of aliens, something I was crazy about as a kid. I remember approaching the kids I thought would be cool to have around, even if they didn’t like aliens. I asked Josh first. He was the most popular kid on the playground; all the boys wanted to hang out with him and I was sure all the girls liked him. He was blonde and blue eyed with a habit for getting into trouble. Even though I was seen as the weird kid, since I knew Josh, I was somehow acceptable to be around.
When I first met Josh He told me proudly he had broken his arm three times on sepa
:icondarkstar016:DarkStar016 1 6
I'm not even going to say whose story is being told by because you already know so let's just get into the last story prat of goosebumps preschool.
So it was the last day of goosebumps preschool and Heather was feeling rather upset knowing that this would be her last day at Goosebumps preschool and may be her last time to see your friends that she met there. Heather was remembering all the memories she had there when she was interrupted by her friend Caroline.
Caroline was concerned about her and so asked ''what's wrong'' Heather replied with ''oh I'm just a little upset that it's our last day here I mean we had so much memories here'' the truth is Caroline was feeling upset about that too but didn't want to show it to make a friend even sadder so she tried to look on the positive side of things.
''Hey don't be so sad we're going to the elementary school do you know how big that is we're going to be big kids'' Caroline said with a smile Heather began to think about it and she realized
:iconpuppypie4ever:puppypie4ever 2 15
A Trip to Mars
I want to make a trip to Mars, 
And say hello to all of Martian. 
I want to make trip to Mars, 
so I can climb to the top of Olympus Mons. 
I wish I can make a trip to Mars, 
there's so many thing I want to see. 
The face of Mars, the red sand and sky,
and see two full moon up in the night sky.
Man, I would love to make a trip to Mars. 
:iconfearfactor292:fearfactor292 2 2
Poderes - Capitulo 2
Capítulo 2 (El Último Dayo)
En la oscuridad de la noche, las luces de los postes hacen radiar la nieve que ha invadido la ciudad del hombre. Tan blanca se ve la noche… pero con furor da paso a su cellisca, en un intento hermoso de consumir sus estructuras.
Aquel hombre anciano, se lleva todas nuestras sospechas. Su vestimenta, la mala impresión que nos da… y que también está sintiendo el inocente Ray. La expresión en su rostro se emana de interrogantes. ¿Por qué? ¿Por qué a él?
-       ¡No bromes viejo! ¡¿Quién mierda eres?! –Con una mezcla confusa entre furia y temor, trata de desvelar la respuesta de quién es exactamente aquel anciano, pero solo optó por quitarle la mirada, a la vez que le dice:
-       De que te sirve que te diga quién soy si ya estás muerto.
Los motivos de aquel anciano
:iconanonimo1996:Anonimo1996 1 0
FFM1: Drift
Gabriel was surprised. He kicked his feet, uncertain and less than sure-footed in a pair of borrowed boots. It had taken awhile, but he had begun to get used to a less than angelic lifestyle of a semi-regular transient. Perhaps this is what his god had meant when he'd threatened lessons to be learned. Gabriel shook his head, and slouched against the bruising brick wall of the bakery.
The Baker's youngest girl could be heard through the open window, making the occasional swooshing noise as she forced a tiny pterodactyl figurine to fly through the air. There was some complaints about how the figurine didn't have feathers, and "Papa, all birds have feathers. Isn't this a bird too?" but Gabriel didn't hear the baker's response.
Instead, he was far more concerned with the figures slipping around the corner. Lou, as darling as she was, was deep in conversation with the man by her side. The same man with his arm around her waist. And she was laughing. Gabriel looked away.
Her routine was alwa
:icontoxic--sunrise:toxic--sunrise 7 8
The Wolf Who Never Said No
Chapter 1: The Interview
A new case just for me. Anonymous. Told me to go to the woods to tell me my mission. Didn’t want to go; neither did my mom but I haven’t had a case in a year so I took it. Went to the woods the next day. Went in. Next thing I knew, I was blind folded, then roped. Then I was knocked out. When I woke, I was blinded by light, everyone talking. Couldn’t understand a word. Traveling from room to room. Can’t seem to stop. Finally in a room where it is in peace, where I can think. After what seems like hours, a booming voice filled the room. It asked what was my full name, what my friends call me (I think it was because I would like to be called that, which I prefer it.), why my friends call me that, what color and how long my hair is, what color my eyes are, about how tall I am, what is my age, and what pets do I have. My answers were Crystal A. Cat, Detective Crystal, because I solve the neighborhood cases and because I’m too smart for
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Bright As A Bolt (Poem) :iconxplosivethemlpc:XplosiveTheMLPC 9 27
Tale of the Timid Child P2
Going at a fast speed through the neighborhood, past a couple of houses and surprised locals, Larman biked his way down the street. Although he was going fast, he was making sure not to crash into anyone in his path, and he was very successful with that. As he rode down the pathway though, a series of thoughts was going through his head. He was just harassed by Andrew and his friends, only for them to get scolded by a girl he had never met before and forced to back down. Although this girl was really nice and helpful, Larman was more nervous than grateful. Even though he was sore, he kept riding down the pathway before coming to a complete stop at an intersection. After looking both ways, he looked behind him. He saw that no one was following him, but he had a bad feeling that he was still being watched. With the coast clear, he resumed his ride, eventually coming to another stop on a hillside, overlooking a small suburban park. Knowing this neighborhood as where his house was, he got
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The Phantom Files Case 2 (Part 1)
Ollie walked downstairs, toothbrush still in his mouth and his shirt barely buttoned over his body. The sleep still clearly caked on his eyes and bristles covered his cheeks and chin, making him look like a trailer park drunk more so than a detective of the NYPD. He let out a loud yawn as he pulled his pants up and tightened the belt around them with one hand.
“I hate Mondays…” He grumbled.
“Tell me about it.” LeeAnne answered. Ollie glanced down the stairs to the den where he could see LeeAnne laying on the couch, only dressed enough that she had on a tank top over her bra and her pants barely pulled up to her hips. Ollie groaned and looked away.
“Damn it, LeeAnne! Make yourself presentable!”
“I jus got outta bed! Lemme alone.” LeeAnne grumbled, rubbing her eyes.
“BOTH OF YOU make yourselves presentable!” Vivian shouted from the kitchen. Ollie leaped back up the stairs like a rocket and nearly swallowed his toothbrush a
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 3 11
Mystery Skulls Ghost- Back to the Mansion 1
“Lewis! Lewis?”
Lewis wasn’t paying attention at the moment. He was staring off into space, like he was about to doze off.
“Lew-lew!” He jerked back to attentiveness as he felt Vivi’s hand on his shoulder, the back of his head hitting the wall behind Vivi’s couch. Had he been in his ghost form with the floating skull, his hair probably would have done significant damage. Fortunately, he was in his more human state. In the four days since he’d left the mansion, he had vastly preferred looking like himself to having a floating skull- especially after seeing his ghostly self in the mirror for the first time. All the mirrors in the mansion were enchanted, so he hadn’t been able to see how he looked- which had only made it harder to learn how to tie a tie, among other things.
“Lewis, I’ve got news!” Vivi was saying. Lewis knew that tone of voice. Whatever Vivi had found, she was eager to share it.
“You do?”
:icondrama586:drama586 12 21
It’s a calm and nice noon. The sun is still rising and a small breeze blows. It would be pretty silent if not for a few cars driving past on the closest roads and with some minor birds tweeting about. It would be pretty empty too if not for Noa wandering on the sidewalk with a bitter expression worn on his face. It’s not that he is angry about anything; he’s just daydreaming a bit and is currently in a scene that’s not a happy one. He blinks slowly and realizes that he’s about to enter the school grounds. He tries to get back to reality by shaking his head and focusing his eyes.  He corrects his glasses and reaches for the door.
He has been at the dentist for his biannual check up, which the teachers have been told of in advance, so they knew he’d be late for class. In fact, he knew he wouldn’t get to the first class in the first place, so he is taking it slow and easy as he’ll just ask later what he missed.  Noa walks up the st
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Lumiose Cub Friendly Daycare/ Elementary School
The Lumiose Cub Friendly Daycare/Elementary School is a school that i've created. I've just thinking of some ideas for some stories when this popped in my head. And you are always free to use it, as long as you give me credit.
Ash is the founder of the school, and he started it as the way of making all types of animal cubs from 2 to 11 years old have an education, but not only to be smart and have a job, but also learn Pokémon Battle skills if they ever want to become Pokémon trainers and follow their own journeys to become Pokémon Masters, Gym Leaders, country Rulers, etc.
The school works five days a week, from Monday to Friday, that goes from 8:00 am to 14:30 pm, and it has other stuff such as a cafeteria, sports hall, Laboratory, library, music and art room, playground and kitchen. And the school also has daycare rooms for baby cubs to play and have fun with other cubs, just like a real daycare.
ScienceGym and Spor
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After School
“I’ll pick you up after school, honey.” My mother kisses me on my cheek and drives back home. I watch—standing idly by—as the red automobile draws further and further away from me for the last time.
I release a yawn whilst turning to face Sandy Hook Elementary School. Preschoolers, kindergarteners, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth graders storm into the school—as if they are excited. I’m too tired to be excited.
Regardless of such, I head on into the big school, my bag limply hanging from my scrawny back. Early rays of sunshine splash down on my face as I clamber over toward the front door. Shortly after does a shadow crawl over me, reminding me why I am so sleepy.
With only a few more steps, I pass through the army of statuesque lockers and find myself sitting in my desk. My teacher gives us all her morning smile—the kind of grin which expresses both joy and sleepiness.
“Good morning, class!” our teacher chimes, notici
:iconal-rey-writer:Al-Rey-Writer 3 3
The Dream Killers - Prologue
    This was it—her last chance to spend time with Zoe before she went off to college—her first time out of the country, but maybe the last for that, too.
    This was it—her last chance to spend time with Skylar before it was all college, all the time. It was nowhere near her first time out of the country—not even her first time to Canada—but it was her first time alone (with Skylar, that is), and maybe the last for that, too.
    Am I ready for this? Tucking an unruly strand of dark blonde hair behind her ear, Zoe triple-checked her luggage, making sure she had everything from sweaters to her swimsuit folded and tucked away. She’d already weighed her suitcase (47 pounds exactly), but she’d do it again before leaving to pick up Skylar.
    I don’t feel ready for this. Skylar brushed her golden blonde hair, her blood pounding all the way through to her hands. Zoe wo
:icontrainertimpani:TrainerTimpani 2 4
Avengers Chatroom - 21 (Avengers x Reader)
(A/N: In this chapter, there are some very minor spoilers for Captain America: Civil War... just a bit of a warning! It's nothing that you haven't seen in trailers, though. Anyway... hope you enjoy this one! And let me know if you'd like to see more of these new characters in the comments below. :))
Steve has logged on.
Steve has started a chatroom.
(y/n) has logged on.
Bruce has logged on.
Thor has logged on.
Tony has logged on.
Natasha has logged on.
Loki has logged on.
Clint has logged on.
Steve: So, guys...
Steve: I need to talk to you about something
Tony: sure
(y/n): Yeah, what's up?
Steve: I have someone I want you to meet
Steve: Just don't freak out
Steve: Especially you, Tony
Tony: ???
Bruce: Oh god, I think I know where this is going...
Tony: Who do you want us to meet
Bucky has logged on.
Steve: This is Bucky
Bucky: Hi
Bruce: NOPE
Bruce: I'M OUT
Bruce has logged off.
Tony: exCUSE ME
Steve: Tony, he's my fr
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