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Literature: elementary

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Moonlight Blossom
A young girl with pale skin and hair red as blood walks through the forest just before midnight. The sound of the forest creatures is nearly silent as most sleep. The few that are awake move almost silently through the trees and along the ground. A full moon shines through the trees and guides the young girl’s way to the hilltop in the center of the forest. She walks quietly seeing through the darkness with eyes that shine in the light of the moon; mirroring its beauty and mystery. She walks slowly, almost gliding over the brush covered ground. Bats flutter about eating bugs from the air, while a fox chases down a mouse to feed to its pups.
 As she approaches the hill the small child draws the string binding her robe around her body, causing the silk garment to fall, her skin shines almost as brightly as her eyes in the pale moonlight. Silent gliding steps bring the child to the top of the hill. It is bare of any life, but has a single flower growing at its peak; a blossom o
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SA | Thaumas Anereus | Poke-Meme

I know nothing about Pokemon.
Am 100% an AP whore.
Thaumas's general thoughts.
    He picks the ones who like water. He picks the ones who are comfortable and natural in the jungles and rainforests of his nativity. If they want to follow him, fine. If not, it's no difference to him. This whole encounter has left him broken. The shift leaves him thinking he's insane, or in a very long dream. It's not a life he wishes to live. Only because his faith in Her is so strong is he prevented from taking his own life. It would be easy, you know; he has ice in his veins, only waiting for its moment to arrive. He could let it, and drift into sleep. He could cut his own throat, fall on his own crystalline sword, but the idea that She may be constructing this bizarre nightm
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[The Morenos] S1E3 It's Elementary Dear Darin :iconjenabii:Jenabii 0 0
    She flipped the lights on in the kitchen as the sound of the door closing echoed throughout the void of the house.  It was late evening and another long commute home from another long day at work.  Setting her purse and keys down, she let out a sigh, then slowly began peeling off her uniform as she walked toward the bathroom.
    Emerging from her chrysalis a moment later, her figure dressed in nothing more than a loose camisole and a pair of knit sorts, the painted face had been washed clean and hair tied back—she was finally free to be herself.
    Letting her bare feet trace along the floor as she smoothly strode into the living room, she continued off into the den where her escape waited as it did every night.
    Taking the leather case in hand, she gently set it on the cushioned chair as she opened it up, revealing a beat up old violin from her elementary school days of playing.  After all these years and all the st
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Memory of The Rainbow Children (1)
The little girl sighing, writing again to her little book. Writing something, drawing something, she always do it again and again. Do she ever feel bored with that? Always drawing a same peoples, always writing with a same name of the peoples that she remembered long time ago. She sighing once more, then opened the tab that she hold a hours ago, along with her phones, and the another one.
What thing is she looked at? Nobody knows the answer. She keep her own secret after a very long time, keeping her promise for some peoples that she promising at, her best friends, when she still in grades 6, at Elementary School. Why'd she keep remembered that? It just make she become more emotionless.
"I still keep my promise, don't worry, I'll make it become true. I promising you all.." She said, then she locked back all of them. She sitting in her bed, then watching her own draw. She crying?
"Can't I turn back the time, so we can meet again?"
"Why'd we should separated, after 6 years together?"
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Sammy the Hedgehog 2.0 Bio
Full Name: Samantha the Hedgehog.
Nickname(s): Sam, Sammy, Annoying Hedgehog #7 (Eggman Only), Sapphire (Rogue only), Slick Chick (Manic only).
Initials: S.T.H.
Name Meaning: Hebrew name meaning “Listen; name of God”.
Species:  Hedgehog.
Blood Type: O
Sex/Gender:  Female.
Age: 15
Birth Date: March 20th
Birthstone:  Aquamarine
Birth Place: Green Hill.
Nationality/Heritage: Mobian.
Diet: Omnivore.
Physical Attributes
   -Height: 3ft 1in.
   -Weight: Secret.
   -Fur Color: Mint Green.
       ~Color: Light Amber Brown.
       ~Part: In the middle, but closer to the left side.
       ~Texture: Thin.
       ~Main Length: Short, to the middle of the neck.
       ~Bang Length/Sha
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Stolen Words
I try to help
I give an idea
I point out the obvious
I'm ignored
Their plans don't work
I repeat myself
They continue their useless plan
I'm ignored
They see that their plans don't work
I repeat myself frantically
They try and think of a new plan
I'm ignored
They spend days working uselessly
They keep trying
Their ideas aren't working
I give up
They continue making plans
They continue failing
They continue disregarding me
I work tirelessly behind their backs
I fix their mistakes
I untangle their knots
I put the puzzle peaces where they REALLY belong
They work slower than me
They call everything I fixed a "mistake"
They call it incorrect
They destroy the only right thing about it
I continue working faster and harder
They continue with their incorrect plans
They continue working
But its hopeless
I continue to silently fix their mistakes
They keep destroying
There are three of them
One of me
And yet, I am still working faster than them
We are building a robot that should go to space
It sh
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A Fray and Castor Short
                Miracles are classified as works of a divine one, whatever that means. Miracles are said to be welcoming events that bring happiness and spice into one’s life, what a lie. Happiness is a mental state labeled by humans, so it would be easier to classify it among the alphabet blocks. Miracles are created by the human imagination, an impossible perception of reality to patch up the holes of real life.
                Fray stared at the blank page before him, dully. What was the point of writing one’s feelings down on paper? The counselor would just skim through it, give some half-butt comment, and shred the paper into a food grinder when you’re not looking. Pushing his glasses up his nose, Fray wrote down his name on the top line. Glancing at the clock, he estimated that the cruel-and-unusual-punishment
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Adventure's End
Many children dream of going on grand adventures, discovering new lands, encountering never-before-seen creatures, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges. Journeys of wonder and danger are common sources of daydreaming for young minds, and why not? Children love to fantasize and imagine, so them dreaming up grand, magical quests simply makes sense. In our world, however, it certainly wouldn't make sense for adventures filled with the forces of magic and unearthly creatures to be reality, now would it? That's why the story I'm about to tell takes place on a different Earth that isn't quite the same as ours. On this Earth, magic is found all over the place, twelve sentient crystals combine their mystical powers to protect the planet, and there exists a realm of darkness containing a core filled with jaw-dropping power capable of overpowering the crystals and plunging the entire Earth into dystopian despair. Was that too much to describe in just one sentence? If so, I guess yo
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Avengers Chatroom - 20 (Avengers x Reader)
Thor has logged on.
Thor has started a chatroom.
Clint has logged on.
Tony has logged on.
Bruce has logged on.
Steve has logged on.
Loki has logged on.
Natasha has logged on.
(y/n) has logged on.
Bruce: Are you okay?
Loki: I hope so
(y/n): Shut up, Loki
Loki: Rude
(y/n): ...anyways, what's going on?
Bruce: Could you be a bit more specific?
(y/n): Oh my god
Tony: What?
(y/n): Thor, she's not hostile and she's not going to hurt you.
Clint: Wait, what?
(y/n): I got a dog. Her name is Callie.
Thor: OH.
Steve: I love dogs!
Natasha: Aww!
Clint: Cool! What breed?
Loki: What is this 'dog' you speak of
(y/n): Here, I'll post a picture.
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Moon-cheese - Rogue-ish :iconnomadllline:NomadllLine 1 0
They Have to Start Somewhere
Christoph glowered at the sunny faces in the second-grade classroom. No one glowered back, or even noticed him, for that matter. When the teacher had told the children they could choose their own desks that first day of school, he had picked the one in the very back. A drapery of cobwebs shook in the cool breeze weaseling its way through the cracked window. The leaves of the old maple outside the window were just beginning to ignite with their autumnal colours.
“Excuse me, Christoph,” the teacher said, snapping the young boy's attention away from the outside world. “Christoph, it's your turn.”
He cleared his throat and stood at attention. The formality was unnecessary, but he had done so for the private tutors his parents had hired for him and no one had ever shown him any other way to address an adult. His voice clear as the air beyond the confines of the classroom, he proclaimed, “My name is Prince Christoph Johan Lamprecht Hildebrand and I wish to becom
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Kise Ryouta x Reader
I want you to stay, never go away from me, Stay forever.
You slide the back of your hand across your cheeks, swiping off the salty water bead rolling down from your eyes. You paced down the rocky trails of the garden. And sat down on one of the wooden benches, embedded with some dark metal swirls on its frame.
With your boyfriend, Kise Ryouta, following you from behind. Sat himself besides you, resting his elbows on top of his knees. Kise let out a depressed sigh, looking intently at you as you turn your head away, not even daring to look at him.
"You know why I can't decline on those guys.."He explained. "They're the reason why I'm in a better situation right now, I owe them a lot"
Kise raised his hands and use his finger to brush off a tear, that managed to slip down to your jaw. You in the other hand, wiped some off of your face and gently push his hand away.
"So it's just easy for you to throw away what we've been through?" You asked, firing him a look in sec
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Shin Tech: Kody Kitsune

Kody Kitsune is an orphan in every sense of the word. With no recollection of his parents, he was given special treatment in the orphanage he was sent to, which made many other orphans very jealous. One day, they expressed their jealousy by ganging up on him and beating on him mercilessly. However, he was saved by Daniel Columbus, known as the "Anti-Social Orphan" to many. Kody repaid him by accepting Daniel's offers to teach him Kickboxing. Now a vigilante for hire, Kody will oftentimes beat on thugs even when he's not called into action.
Gameplay Details
Special Moves
QCF + P- No Kin Kitsune (slashes his axe sideways in order to unleash a gold energy projectile in the shape of a small fox forward; EX version is faster and adds a second hit)
DP + P- Ono Suraisu (hops up as he slashes his axe over his head; knockdown; stronger versions go slightly higher; EX version adds a few additi
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Alphabet Bat Flip
Hiding from the big city lights
They hide till the time is right
About a quarter after midnight
Their hunting senses are at their height
You're all alone
At some no parking zone
Not a creature is stirring
No smell of cologne
You're just heading home
The theatre was showing a movie
About a cheesy killer gnome
But you're where they roam...
Something's following you
Skateboard wheels break the silence
They aren't local punks from East 55th
Australian Butt Frogs on the loose!
A note from a didgeridoo
Oh, now you're screwed!
Quickly, run away!
They're coming after you!
Nevermind about the crips
Forget about the bloods
Australian Butt Frogs
Run these streets, dog!
From the jungles of wazoo
They're known for intense games
Of peek-a-boo
Now they've got a U.S. crew!
Riding their skateboards
Playing their didgeridoos
Chasing another victim
Down the hill they go!
Like giant dart frogs
They have Uranus
As their face
Maybe they're from space?
Didgeridoos cry
Skateboards grind
Around the bend
They s
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The Phantom Files Case 1 (Part 1)
“Why do you have all this old stuff?” LeeAnne asked, as she shoved dusty boxes out of her way. The wooden floor creaked under her feet as she inched through the attic. Ollie was behind her, sorting through objects in an old cardboard box. “I mean, half of it you’d probably never use anymore.”
“I don’t use this stuff…but I like to hold onto things. Hard to let go, ya know?” Ollie smirked. “Like look at this! It’s my old baseball glove.” Ollie pulled out a glove and dusted it off, putting his hand inside and stretching his fingers in it. “Maybe sometime we should play catch or something?”
“Or something.” LeeAnne laughed. “Why can’t Vivian help us?”
“Because she told us to clean the attic, and when she says to do something you don’t ask questions.” Ollie replied, setting the glove aside.
“Wow, she’s got her leash around you tight!” LeeAnne t
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Color the World
There’s no fear in this art
except if a stray note runs
and breaks your heart instead of
comforting it.
There should be full confidence in this art
as you fight warriors with your arms
and sending them into the depths
of raging Beethoven.
There’s no worry in this art
as you cradle it in your heart
and it sings lullabies back to you.
There should be power.
There should be strength.
There should be a gentle caress with a loving and guiding hand.
It can be breath-takingly beautiful
the swelling and the swirling
the gradual buildup
the shocking crash
the feeling you get when you want to
It can be breath-takingly beautiful
the clash of the notes making you cock your head
the start and stop and you pause to catch your breath
the winding dizziness that drives you insane
It can be breath-takingly beautiful
By creating music,
we create the world
by adding color.
Even though we appear complacent
with only our fingers and voices
expressing more than we ever could.
Even though we
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Elementary School Dance: chapter 1
chapter 1: Mitch's Problem
Mitch Michelson acts like a tough guy at times, but nobody knows that he's in love with with someone, not just any person... No, he likes Jessie Podemski.
"Yo, Mitch," Johnny Test came over to one of his best friends. "You okay?"
Mitch sighed as he sat in the ground and lazily doodled with a stick, unknowingly making a heart shape. "I'm fine..."
"Ya sure?" Johnny asked. "It looks like your mind is elsewhere... 'MM and JP'."
"Huh?" Mitch saw that and turned bright red. "Whoops!"
"Who's JP?" Johnny asked, noticing the initials.
Mitch looked up bashfully, then stared down at the ground. "Jessie Podemski..." he muttered out.
"Who?" Johnny didn't recognize that name.
"Jessie Podemski," Mitch repeated. "Sky's little sister."
"You're in love with Sky's sister?!" Johnny panicked.
"Uh-huh..." Mitch sighed.
"I always thought you liked Buttercup." Johnny folded his arms.
"No, I don't." Mitch said.
"You don't?" Johnny asked.
"Well, she likes Emmy's brother anyway..." Mit
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.DRA:. Profile Template
Name: (Self-Explanatory)
Nickname: (If they have one...)
IESD: (*The school of which this character attends; West District, North District, South District, DWU, Central North America, etc.)
Duo Title: (A title that represents the two partners, on rare occasions this can be associated with groups of duos. Ex. "The Aspiring Duo", "The Misleading Duo", "The Mischevious Fouresome")
Age: (Self-Explanatory, upon first appearance)
Class: (Grade Level** upon first appearance)
Partner: (Your digimon partner, also self-explanatory)
Main Club: (The club your character represents/participates in Rumbles for)
    Club Position: (The position in their Main Club, with these choices: President, Vice President, Secretary, Representative(A top ranking Rumbler), and a Member(a Regular Rumbler))
Secondary Clubs: (Any other clubs this character attends)
Quote: (A personal quote/motto or something said by t
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The Heartbreak of Never Loving
My friends around me are all deeply in love.
They tell me nothing but their happiness.
I see them cling to one another,
Bathing in their passion and affections.
I just sit here with a heavy chest,
Holding in the tears.
Trying not to show my jealousy,
The agonizing pain inside.
The loneliness feels heavier when they speak.
It's like a blade going in from the top of my head,
And destroying every obstacle in it's way.
Forcing down to my feet until I can no longer move.
I laugh with these couples and listen to their love.
But once they've disappeared,
I curl up inside this disgusting skin and scream my lungs out.
Scream away the pain.
Scream until the realization hits.
Until it sinks in and slowly decays the rest of my being.
The painful fact that tears this heart up.
That I will never be more than your best friend's little sister.
:iconzhengjiuyishu:ZhengjiuYishu 3 4
For Us To Be Here
A five-year old child
Saw a slideshow in black and white
Like a silent horror flick
Pictures depicting
Captured misery
The teacher told them,
   "This is our history
   and our disgrace:
   these people displaced,
   erased, their gods defaced,
   their voices silenced and their ancient ways
   as we stole their children,
   banned their religion,
   stamped out their language
   and called them inhuman.
   We made promises
   we never intended to keep,
   murdered whole peoples
   and left the survivors to weep
   driven like sheep to where we
   gave them permission to sleep."
That wide-eyed child saw and heard
and their heartbeat punctuated every word
and when the teacher said,
   "That was all in the past.
   I know it seems awful but it's just the facts.
   It's so sad that
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Earth AU - Official Launch!
"You let me win this time, didn't you?" The girl puts her hands on her hips, trying to maintain a scowl while fighting back a smirk.
Her friend, a boy about her age, raises an eyebrow. "Let you win? Lita, do you really think I'd lose on purpose?"
Lita gently punches his shoulder. "Knowing you, definitely."
"Well, it cheered you up, didn't it?" Laughing, he picks her up and carries her over his shoulder, making her squeal and pound on his back.
"Orion! Put me down! You know I don't like being upside down!" She goes to hit his back again, but finds herself being dropped lightly in a pile of leaves on top of their favorite hill. With a sigh, she relaxes again, laying back and looking up at the sky. Orion continues to chuckle as he sits beside her, sketching the sunset before them in his notebook. After a few minutes, Lita says "The first day of school's tomorrow, you know. Sixth grade's finally here."
There's another brief pause. "Can I ask you something?"
"If you wanna."
"Do you..
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