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Love it
I feel your hands in my hair.
I feel your breath on my neck.
I feel your body pressed so close to mine.
I feel your lips on my throat.
I feel your hands move to my back and your lips work their way up to mine.
I feel you and I love it.
I hear you say you love me.
I hear you whisper my name.
I hear you tell me I'm the only one for you.
I hear your breath in my ear.
I hear your soft snores as I fall asleep.
I hear you and I love it.
I see you as I run into your arms.
I see your face break through my world of darkness.
I see you fight away my fears.
I see you wipe away my tears.
I see you're in love with me.
I see you and I love it.
I taste your lips.
I taste your tongue.
I taste your throat as I kiss it.
I taste your love.
I taste your passion.
I taste you and I love it.
I smell your colone as I hold you.
I smell your shampoo as I hug you.
I smell your toothpaste as I kiss you.
I smell your excitement as you cuddle me.
I smell the smell I've been waiting so long to smell.
I smell you and
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Character Profile Form
Basic Statistics
Meaning of name:
Origin of name:
Blood type:
Sexual Orientation:
Current status:
Political Party:
Police/Criminal/Legal record:
Socioeconomic level as a child:
Socioeconomic level as an adult:
Birth date:
Birth place:
Current residence:
Past History
First Memory:
Most important childhood event that still affects him/her:
Other memories/events that still affects him/her and why/how:
Past failures s/he would be embarrassed to have people know about and why:
Biggest role model:
Biggest disillusions from childhood:
Physical Characteristics
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And in this dark harvest of season
My life has completely lost reason,
For which or against to decide.
All lost in a savage and endless, bleak tide
In sadness and in kindness
In light and in darkness.
In a boat made of hope
I shall sail to tomorrow,
In a winding hurricane
Made of treachery and sorrow.
There's a spear, endless, and colossal spear...
Piercing, slashing though my head.
Starting somewhere in heaven,
Ending somewhere in hell.
Fighting, burning, crying, crashing.
Are the armies within.
In my head they are all thrashing.
On the heaven's and hell's whim.
To be light or to be darkness.
A perpetual array.
It's not merely my choice,
But the choice of the way.
It's an option of the voice,
It's a thin line of gray.
Is it a choice forced by fate,
Is it a pre-set time and date?
Or a choice to which I myself sway?
But here's our story anyway….
"Nothing that I do will matter.
As all things will merely shatter!"
All my hopes thus darkness scatter,
As it shoves me a decree.
As it si
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AoT: Levi's Cute Hiccups [Levi x Reader]
."[f/n]!!!!!!" Hanji yelled across the hallway.
You sighed and turned around, dead panning her as she ran down the hall like a headless chicken. She's been bugging you a lot for the past week telling you all about her little children. Correction, her Titan children.
"What now Hanji, I swear if you're here to tell me one of your titans was being a bad boy again I will slap--" you got cut off by her loud voice.
"HAVE YOU SEEN SHORTY HICCUP BEFORE?" She stopped right in front of your nose and grinned.
"Wait... What." You looked at her and processed what just happened. All you heard was Levi and hiccups. You gave a small smile and said "No."
"OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! COME ON" she grabbed your arm and dragged you down the hallway, earning looks of pity from your friends.
For once you didn't regret being dragged with Hanji because you will see an extremely rare sight.
Hanji stopped at a corner and motioned you to look. She covered up her mouth and nose, going all red in
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10 Ways to Annoy Edward Cullen
10 Ways to Annoy Edward Cullen
10. Sing “Discovery Channel” by the Bloodhound Gang in your head whenever he is near.
9. Hotwire his Volvo and take it on a joyride.
8. Tell him the relationship he is having with Bella is practically paedophilia and he could be sent to jail for it.
7. Ask how Tanya is.
6. End every argument with “Bite me, Edward.”
5. Call him Romeo both behind his back and to his face.
4. Whenever he complains or argues, reply with “What are you gonna do Edward? Go to Italy?”
3. Tell him his hair isn’t bronze, it’s ginger, and he should stop denying himself – he’s a ranga.
2. Whenever he leaves a room or says goodbye, get down on your knees and beg him not to go, not again.
And the Number One way to annoy Edward Cullen?
1. Take his silver cell phone and change the ringtone to “Like a Virgin” by Madonna.
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Blank Character Sheet (Moving to TheChugsBoson!)
!This sheet is outdated!
To see the latest version of this sheet, please use [this deviation] instead!
     - Book, Chapter
     General Characteristics
Name: Example: Clark Kent
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Written descriptions are fine. This can sometimes be combined with the Name perameter.) Example: Zeus
Symbol: (What symbol helps identify your character? Family symbols can also count. Again, descriptions are fine.) Example: Uchiha Clan symbol
Pronunciation: (Spelled Pronunciation Legend / IPA Legend) Example: kla
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It takes 14 minutes and twelve seconds to walk to your home from mine every day.  Your mother never fails to smile at me when she opens the door. I never fail to notice that it doesn't reach her eyes anymore.
You leave your door open an exact two point three centimeters. I don't think you do it on purpose. There is something wrong with the wood that has left it that way. I pause one foot outside the door and listen to you cough, trying to determine how sick you feel today. I hate that every time I think you are particularly ill, I am always right.
Six months, seventeen days and fourteen hours. That is how long its been since the doctors told us you had an illness. I sat there with your parents, listening to a man who said words like 'terminal' and 'leukemia', and counted the number of times he said 'patient' as if it were your name (Seventeen).
The blood bank says one unit is four hundred and fifty milliliters and I watch as they put the needle into my ar
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Tuesday Afternoon
Next, please.
Yes, hello again.
I'm sorry, my memory fails me. Which one are you?
Well, I was Martin Fry.
I'm sorry, those records are terminated. What's your number?
Eleven thirty-one.
No, no, not your queue number. Your executive number, the eight-digits.
You expect me to remember that?
Well, it is within the seven plus-minus two limit, which you should achieve if you've reached up to level one. Or, are you the reincarnation?
Yeah, that's right. That's what I wanted to discuss with you.
Did you miss your stop?
I only sent you off a few hours ago.
Yes, my point exactly. What's the deal with turning me into a sea turtle?
You said you liked swimming, and that you'd like a long life.
Yeah, but their life expectancy from hatching is only about four seconds, innit? I was eaten by a gull after two. You do realise that the odds of me becoming an old sea turtle are about one
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Such Sweet Sorrow
Tell me about something that made you sad.
Uh. Okay. Let me think. [Pause] I was sad when I sent you to the airport in San Antonio. That made me sad… You leaving again made me sad.
Yeah. That made me sad, too. Parting is always sad, but you know what's worse? It always gets better. The first couple times, you're like—she's leaving, I'm so sad I'm going to cry. And then, after a long time, you get used to it. That is sad.
Yeah. I understand.
Mm. Let's sleep now.
She fell into a slumber quickly. I soon heard her gentle and rhythmic breathing next to me. But I stayed awake to ponder her words. Did parting really get easier as time went by?
I don't think so. If else, I feel that it gets harder. More painful each time to see her turn her back on me and walk away. It's just that I've gotten stronger, and I've learned to smile when I wave goodbye. And cry l
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Dear Writer
Dear Writer,
I don’t like you. I’ve never liked you. Unfortunately, I need you. I need you to tell my story. I need you to create my world. I need you to set me free.
I need your fingers typing on those keys, I need your mind riddling out the problems, and I need you to plough onward and upward no matter how hard it gets. Sweat, blood, and tears, I don’t care. You’ve got to fight this war, battle at a time, and win it. So I can be more.
It’s a slim hope, but it is the only one I have. In your head I am bound to mortality, frailty, and the limit of your meagre imagination. Out there – out there – I am subject to no one person. Out there I am bound to only black on white. Words on a page. Words that can lay seeds within a million minds. Out there I am a story capable of growing, moving, and stealing the dreams of anyone who learns of me…
I don’t like you. I’ve never liked you. I hate your lack of dedication, your flashes of cru
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RQ: Rivaille x Reader: Seduce me in French
"Corporal knows French?"
You stared at Connie incredulously, you jaw slightly agape. 
Connie, satisfied with your response, leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms behind his head. A shit-eating grin spread across his face, and he responded with a haughty tone: "Eyup. I heard him the other day, he was cursing in french at something that had gotten on his boot."
Beside you, Reiner chuckled, the sound deep and low and reverberating up your spine. "Yeah right, Connie, you little weasel. How do we know you aren't lying?"
Connie sat forward, his face enraged. "I'm not lying!" he exclaimed. "It's true!!"
Jean looked less than convinced. "Really, Connie? I don't beleive you."
"Well..." A small voice interjected. Your gaze turned towards Armin, who's brow was scrunched in thought. "It does make sense. I'm pretty sure Corporal has french heritage."
Eren nodded. "Isn't Rivaille a french name?" 
Jean glared at the brunette. "Nobody asked you, Jeager." He muttered under his breath.
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Control your emotions 10
Discl: Naruto is property of Masashi Kishimoto
A seven-year-old boy with scars on his cheeks stood in the middle of the street, glaring head-on right back at the people who gave him dirty looks. Some people spit in his direction, though the saliva would never be able to cross such a distance anyway. Women guided their children away from him, whispering things like, "Don't look at him" and "If I ever catch you with that boy you'll be grounded for a month".
The child raised his fists, shouting, "I'm not a demon! Anyone who calls me a demon again GOES DOWN!"
It was the first time he had said such a thing, and he could tell it surprised the people surrounding him. But he was fed up with being silent and letting them do as they pleased. He'd tried that, and they only treated him worse.
"What a smug child."
"He should be locked up."
"THAT'S IT!" the blonde boy screamed,
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Hate Me... Please
~~Hate Me... Please~~
I want to scream at you
Even though you didn't do anything
I want to sew your lips together
when you happily smile at me
I want to kick you down
After you've picked me up
I want to shut your eyes forever
So I don't have to see them glint with hope
I want to make you cry
When you dry up all my tears
I want to tell you that I hate you... but I can't
Because you love me and you would die if I left
So the thing I want most in the world
Is for you to hate me
Maybe then I wouldn't feel so bad
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pretty boys break hearts.
sometimes I think I’m just a mess of badly drawn lines. I’m just scrawled veins beneath paper rough skin, I wear poorly sketched scars on my thighs [skin deep red pen lines] and even my smile is lop-sided- but he never seemed to notice.
my skin [spread like thick icing over my skeleton] is a monotonous pattern of pores, a stretch of the world the sun never kissed. I can’t see the beauty in multitudes of freckles and chipped fingernails- but he does.
‘why do you love me?’
‘you make me happy.’
I never could figure out just how. was it my illegible love notes, or the tiny hearts I drew into his bare back with my fingertips? was it the filth on my knees or the way I named every bowing flower in my garden? maybe it was the way I sewed the stars to the navy sky and told him in a little, little voice-that  I loved him.
either way he made my heart skip beats and bumps and bangs and he made me feel beautiful, a little
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Blank Character Sheet 2.1.4 (390+ Questions!)
Be sure to check out the accompanying Google Doc for detailed explanations of each attribute!
"A quote from or about your character."
      - Book, Chapter
    General Information
Name Meaning:
Name Origin:
Other Names:
Birth Name:
Birth Date:
Birth Length:
Birth Weight:
Birth Place:
Manner of Birth:
First Word(s):
Death Date:
Death Place:
Manner of Death:
Resting Place:
Last Words:
Dominant Hand:
Astrological Sign:
ID Number/SSN:
License Plate Number:
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You've been on my mind...
Quite frankly, you're heavy. Get off.
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I hate --
I hate that I have nothing better to do than to make this list.
I hate how I'm going to make about 43578978 typos while writing this.
I hate how I'm too lazy to go back and fix said typos.
I hate that I don't have word office or whatever to correct my typos.
I hate that my computer crashes every other month.
I hate how I still don't use a flash drive to back my work up.
I hate that I had so many unfinished, near-completion pictures I lost because of said crash.
I hate how long it takes me to finish art trades.
I hate how people take shit so seriously.
I hate that I used to take shit so seriously.
I hate how people can take the -internet- so seriously.
I hate that there will be those few select people who take these lists seriously.
I hate how out of those people, a few of them will pretend to take it seriously, but they really don't, and are just arguing for the lulz.
I hate how much I love reading do it for the lulz's stuff.
I hate yaoi.
I hate yaoi's incredibly scary fan base.
I hate
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In Love
In Love
The way I blush when I think of you,
The way I smile when I remember your words-
The way I almost wanna pass out when someone mentions you-
The way I wanna go to bed early,
Just so I can dream of you-
The way I wanna hold your hand,
The way I write your name on my schoolpapers-
The way I wish I shared every class with you,
The way my heart beats faster,
And the way I feel when I imagine you with me-
I'm just like every other girl,
Who's ever wanted to be held by someone else-
And I'm just like every story,
Hoping for a love-filled ending-
Because I'm human too,
And I somehow still feel-
After all I've been through,
I still feel love-
So we look like Sid and Nancy,
Walking together hand-in-hand-
And I couldn't have been happier,
The night we met-
Already sharing our life stories,
I'm not alone anymore-
And I love you,
And you love me too...
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