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Thanks to AlsGaming17 I think my oc finally found his love
My computer won't let me log into my da account!!! I've tried switching computers, resetting my password 3 times, and it still won't work!!! I'm logged in on the app still (thankfully) and on my account settings it has a password completely different then what I had it set to (and it stayed the same even when I reset it) Help?!?!?
I feel ridiculous!

I'm fairly new to digital painting but I've dabbled in traditional art off and on and I thought I had decent working knowledge of Autodesk’s SketchBook and similar programs.

Well I was wrong! I was looking through the videos on SketchbBook’s YouTube channel and found this:

Up to this point I have been choosing a base color for objects and then trying to find various shades of that color for highlighting and shadows… *sigh*

Thank baby Jesus for color and glow blend modes and even more awesome is the fact that this sort of functionality is available on a mobile device!

Now I just need to practice with this new (to me) technique! I'm pretty excited to continue learning and honing skills.

Are there any major aspects to digital painting that you wish you'd known from the beginning? Please let me know!
So I wanted to try to get into digital art again, and I couldn't stand one more second in Gimp, so I tried downloading Sai. Heard good things about it, you know. But it turns out my download link was a scam and I download 3,008 malware files (It was on the Softonic website).

Lol oops. Had to wipe the whole computer (at least the apps). At least I have more free space now?

I know no one reads these, but if someone does, could you recommend a program for me to use? Also free, because I'm a broke college student!

I was thinking maybe DrawPlus Starter Edition. Has anyone used it before?

The movie was slightly rushed and underdramatic.
Some questions though...
-What happend to future Mordecai and Rigby when they disappeared?
-Why was future Mordecai Helping? Would he have been killed too?
overall I give the movie
Can somebody please find me a made to be with my oc shadow
End of Results