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As many of us are aware, Youtube's newest update has removed the handy dandy loop button. For those of you who are in need desperate need of your looping abilities there are (luckily) few alternatives.

1.) For Chrome users, take advantage of the Chrome Webstore, there's plenty of helpful shit in there (as well as just shit) but for your looping purposes, take a gander at this dandy button! This one will add the extension to the Youtube player itself, so there's no need to use another website. You can locate the handy dandy extension here 

2.) For those of you without Chrome, are simply don't want to good for making things easy on yourself, you can use other websites. I'll list my two favourites out of the <MANY> available options. 
Infinite Looper
EZ Looper
I am looking into possibly getting another art software... Any suggestions? I have manga studio right now and its a great program but I think it is meant for more comicy art, not exactly what I was looking for in my art. Any suggestions? I know photoshop is a fantastic, obvious choice but it is a little too pricey for me... Any other great programs besides photoshop? Thanks!
I fell kinda sad because the picture from scoot showed every animaltrinc from FNAF 1,2,3 and 4 so its pretty sad just thinkind OMG fnaf is over but i still have hopes for a FNAF 4 DLC so yeah kinda sad but joyful at the same time.  :-(   :-)
embedded_item1438617405984 by Spongy-boy
FreeMind 1.0.1 نرم افزاری جالب برای ایجاد نقشه‌ های ذهنی می‌ توانند به شما کمک کنند تا یک فکر و ایده را گسترش دهید، می‌توانید مثلا مطالب یک سخنرانی و ارائه را آماده کنید یا فعالیت‌های مربوط به یک کار را تعریف کنید، برنامه FreeMind نرم‌ افزار رایگانی است که تحت زبان جاوا نوشته شده‌است به شخص اجازه می‌دهد تا نقشه ذهنی خود را طراحی، رنگ‌ آمیزی کنید و چاپ نماید و یا آن را تبدیل به صفحه وب کند.
I'm thinking about making a 3d platformer game on unity, and designing 3d models in sculptris, it's 3d software I'll use.
My other animation I made

And this is before :iconpizzalu: and I were boyfriend and girlfriend.
It was nice and all, but now my drawing tablet isnt wokring. I can plug it in and it will register, all is working, but the pen wont write. I need help.
Hola a todos fans de Aely Artist.

El motivo de este mensaje es el siguiente

He visto en la galería, que un usuario( no diré el nombre) ha estado subiendo arte innecesaria en nuestra galería, también sube demasiada arte al mismo tiempo, por lo que tendré que poner una regla de máximo 2 artes por semana, el que no cumpla con la regla, será sancionado y si ya lo ha hecho varias veces será expulsado del grupo.

Para el usuario que ha estado subiendo todo esto, por favor espero que sigas las reglas y no spawnees toda la galería, ya que le da un toque exagerado e innecesario a la galería, por favor, elimina tu arte de la galería o serás sancionado