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Singing Headbang! Ashamed I'm going to slap some sense into you! 

Welcome to my review of this game! (Read my first ever Journal in order to understand what the Emoticons mean)

Well, I bought this on a total impulse decision. Prior to this I had no knowledge of the universe found within the game or any knowledge of the game itself. Being blind like that was really poor in taste and was just weird because here I am buying this game that looks like it was designed for a 12 year-old girl.
    Well, then won't this be a surprise when I tell you that this was a great move on my part... sort of.

    Oh... Anime goodness. The visuals are lovely and vibrant, animations are consistent and there is no awful looking moments anywhere... well, minus the audience. The audience reminded me of what one might see in Guitar Hero, as in that they bob back and forth like idiots even if there is no reason to.

    Well, this is a music game in essence. If its sound is crap, so too then is the game. The game falters here a bit in the regard that the Audience (they suck, okay) is LOUD. My immediate suggestion would be to shut them up with the audio slider, which is thankfully there. As for voice acting.... I personally had on Japanese full time because I found the English Audio... irritating, but having played one of the other games recently that must be a common theme. As for the music, it is all very well written and really gets you in the mood for:

    Moving the Camera and shooting off effects.... Wait, what? Yes, in this game, the game plays itself. You only control the camera and the special FX that play during the girls' performance. This limits actual player interaction during the shows to a crippling degree. However, those that go into this game expecting a Hatsune Miku game will not find it. For this game is in fact a Dating Sim in disguise. You are the producer for one of the four girls in the game (until you join up with up to two others later), and in between all the preparation for world domination you basically date the girls. That's it, that's the whole game, you can beat this game in under 25 minutes if you really try.

    I liked em. The characters were very unique, I held a personal grudge against Vert for obvious reasons if you view my platform preference. But besides that, the characters are bubbly and oddly enough have their own unique spins on each song. HOWEVER:

    This is this games biggest fail. Five songs... That's all you'll get to appreciate. I liked the five songs but seriously... That is poor. Outside of camera work and dating you do nothing in this game, making it more of a game for a casual who is casually bored. It really had more potential but this spin off didn't deliver my friends.

Final Judge:
    This game is fun, despite the blaring lack of content. The lack of content is made up for by gorgoues visuals and a kick arse soundtrack. However, I cannot let that be all this game can ride on because on its own, even with unlockables, this game is lacking severely in content. 70/100
Hey yal F10 here so i was searching app on google play and i found 2 separate versions of a game called "Mixels Adventure" one version contains a Teslo and a nother a Scorpi looks like the mixels are getting the love they deserve the game has over a 100 levels 107 levels to be exact so if you wan't the app download it oh and also don't try downloading CAM for PC its a virus looks like when somethin is supposed to be a gain its actually a pain (by that i mean a loss) so grab your phone now go to google play tipe "Mixels Adventure" download it and enjoy

F10 out peace

It getting kinda hard to set up but I'm tryin I don't use a computer I just draw
Hi this is a new group and I have been on deviane art for only 2-3 weeks. Kinda for a while.So I need some help getting this group to go bigger and get some members and art. Ask to join and Your chances of getting in is very high.So come and lets post what we love!
I heard rumours that fnaf 4 and a fnaf movie might be on the way...
If Five nights at freddy's 4 does release I hope it will be the greatest of all the games!
I want fnaf 4 to be challenging but not too challenging and I hope he will be able to wrap up him story with this last game. As much as it pains me to say this (well type this) but I think this should really be the last game...  Just think the final chapter to one of the greatest horror games ever made (in my opinion). I can still hope for more games in the future though, don't get me wrong I still love the games.
And if the movie comes out I want it to stick with the storyline as well as solving our unsolved mysteries! But I hope they will really spend time on the movie to make it not cheesy or anything like that! I would love to see if the movie will be animated or not. I love animated movies just a pinch more than others... That is my opinion anyway...
The movie hasn't been confirmed yet! So I cant say!

What do you guys think?
Do you think Scott and Warner Bros can pull this movie off?
What do you think the movie needs?
What would you like to see in the final chapter game?
Is this truly the end of the FNaF story?
Rip in rip my friend. I'll miss you ;_;…
Itz realease. my fan game its a demo

I have recently discovered a new site! Its known as The Maid Cafe, its brand new as well which makes it even better cause we can populate it! Wooooo! You can do so much on there, share files, share photos, forums, profiles and the owner said he is adding much more like a new website layout and more content which is pretty cool. You should check it out :3

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I learned that you could easily lose someone. One small mistake could change your whole life. Its depressing I know... But sometimes, you gotta fight back. Your a risk taker! You don't let anything in your way! So, what can you do to change the world? How can you make this environment better?  C: hehe idk why I wrote this but XD How can ya?