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Ship texting #1
(Think joined the session)
(James joined the session)
Think: hey James
James: hey think
Think: so I was wondering........
James: yeah
Think: why are we texting while we're next to each other
James: idek *emote derp face*
Think: let's talk in real life ok
James: ok bye
Think: thanks! "Cya!" Hehe
(Think left the chat)
(James left the chat)
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Mystic Messenger Theories
So I've been digging around in Theories for Mystery Messenger/Seven
And this is what I've gotten:7 knows he's in the game, when you reset he doesn't and he's still inlove with the MC any routue . Possibly becouse before it's starts it was his routue and then you enter and he's hoping to get you to chose him.
Another possibility is that there's another Seven in a different dimension trying to reach you . Along with he's aware of you choosing all the others: in a phone call with him on Jahee's route he goes "I can't believe you chose Jahee's route" and other things
Anther time on a phone call on Jumin's routes he goes "But I gues you chose him over me and my heart is crumbling like bread." Or something similar
My own addition / proof to this stuff is this: I've seen screenshots of the after ending, legit ones, and Seven goes "I wabt to leave on you evidence that I existed" ALONG WITH" I want to hold you tight and love you all night so that you can rember me forever"
Sure it's that Seven
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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Demo thoughts
So, this is really, really great, I'll be honest, I'm a huge Resident Evil fan, and I was hugely disappointed when the series went all action and punching rocks in 5 and 6, but from what I've seen of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, it looks amazing, and the kind of game I've always wanted from Resident Evil, I'm glad that it looks like you're going to be virtually helpless, you do have guns and melee weapons in the game, but from the trailer, the guns may not do much to the enemies, and I'm not sure about melee weapons yet.
But now onto the demo, the demo, known as Beginning Hour, is actually really great, its graphics are appealing, controls nicely, and it's like the PT demo, which I think was the idea, I will be honest though, Beginning Hour is missing the psychological element of PT which made PT all the more scarier, but that was for Silent Hill, and Silent Hill has always been based on psychological horror. But Beginning Hour does have its way of messing with you, you're in a dilapidat
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new zodiac sign
Im a libra now apparently
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*Door bursts open*
*Door suddenly bursts open as Papamoon walks in with his dreadlocks blinging and his shades gleaming*
Papamoon: yo kid stop keepin' me back. I ain't gonna stay quite anymore! B)
Well guess who's back...
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going AKA
I'm so turned into a fangirl at this exact moment I am so going fangirl over this thing I bought a day I'm so going AKA oh my God yeah I am going AKA I'm going fangirl over it
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FOR  DIGITAL sketch.  
        I am Hitaus from digital art. Until I get digital PEN TABLET with. express keys .
for TRADITIONAL sketch.
Donate.  Points in donation box or gift me.  Do not be rip off! By DA.
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About Me
If you want to know a little bit about me here's a few things.
Hobbies: Drawing,Painting,sculpting, photography,camping,hiking,creating things and more
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite animal: Bengal tiger
Favorite drawing utensil: 4H pencil
Favorite things to take pictures of: nature,people
Favorite thing to draw: animals
Struggle most drawing: people
Favorite tv shows: supernatural,walking dead,the fosters,wonder years, Malcolm in the middle
Cats or dogs: dogs
Well that's all for now.
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jussus drama alert
I m ma part of dramam alert I will hack you if you aht ome
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crafty kids
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Calm Down, Dear - It's Only a Sonic Game
I wholeheartedly commend this guy for expressing so eloquently something I no longer have the patience to explain.
This, word for word, is exactly how I feel about Sonic Mania and the franchise as it stands. I will not entertain SEGA, TaxStealth, Pagoda West or Sonic Team who steer this pathetic self-indulgent hasbeen coke fiend of a franchise with my patronage any longer.
Fuck you, SEGA.
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Look above friend. That's my channel link :3 It's kinda crapy...and low popularity...and sad. But! You can see some of mine and other models in action. :3 yay~
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Pokemon go in Australia and New Zealand 1st rig
< Pokemon go> in Australia and New Zealand 1st right after only 4.five hours rushed around the apple App Store charts, the red record jump record of game applications.
Take AR because the core technologies in the game < pocket monster go>, by means of the overlay of map photos of the way in order that buyers can capture within the action of random appear within the camera inside the elf.
Open mobile phone camera, the camera sweeps the true location, a fairy could seem at your feet, sofa, table and pan, you only really need to throw in the interface inside the elf Poke Ball, you can simply capture. This simple and simple to make use of new gameplay, is jointly developed by Nintendo. Pok mon and Google Niantic Labs, AR Mobile Games < Pokemon go>.
< Pokemon go> in Australia and New Zealand 1st just after only four.5 hours rushed on the apple App Retailer charts, the red record jump record of game applications; according to industry study firm App Annie released dat
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about Editing my models
If the thing is no editing then don't edit it , that counts for friends too you get no special permissions , editing some little thing then putting you name beside who made the model is not alright , anyone understand? I may sound like a bitch but I just don't like it when people or my friends edit my models to make them look *better* even tho there is not really a difference , if you don't something on a model then just deal with it or get another model
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Welcome to the Group!
Hey everyone and welcome to Crossover Fanfic. Home to all of Crossovers no matter what!
Anyways there are rules to follow not so complex ones but you know simple things to follow.
1. Make sure when you have a crossover fanfic story or arts you put it in the correct folder. Because well there is no need to mess up. (I won't be looking over so it's your responsibility)
2. The featured folder is never open at all. So you won't put anything into that folder only the ones that has the names of Games, Movies, etc...
3. Don't be rude and start putting this group or someone else works down. You will be kick out of the group if you do.
If there are anything I miss let me know and I'll rewrite this rules above. Anyways I think it time for me to explain about the folders.
The ones that say games on each folders are of course games that you play like computer games or video games you play on TV. One good example since I'm a huge fan of Undertale, if you have an Undertale fanfic story or arts it wi
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Oh ma god!
a sneak peak for a upcoming mixels episode is here!
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hello again (please read
Hello. Hi!
Um so I’ve found that ever sing my haitus in July deviantart has been
Really quiet like not even quiet but really quiet
Im so used to getting at least a message every day and for the past week I havent even gotten one.
Um so… Im here! *waves* Im not a dead account and Im still drawing. I’m changing my ways however, and my drawing style has been changing dramatically and I’m trying a lot of new things out. Like, for example, I really want to try the way that Dez draws things by making a grayscale picture first .3. And I only just realized that you can do that two days ago and now im facepalming myself cause I suddenly feel really stupid. So expect a lot of changes in my art and stuff.
But im sorry I cant get to everything at the moment. School has brought me a whole lot of homework and quizzes and scarey things called tests and my academics are above my art cause i dont want to fail my classes *3*. So I’m not going to be able to draw art as much
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Rant: Command and Conquer 4 Tiberium Twilight
So, this game has been released for years now, and it is not until recently I got this baby. After playing a while... Well, I'm completely lost. Still, I think EA is trying to shift their gameplay to a new direction.
So first thing first: I am a huge fan of simulation game, so all this real time simulation games are my favourite, including StarCraft, WarCraft, SimCity, CnC, and some of the Sid Meier's game.
This game however, although it is a Command and Conquer franchise game, is very different. It is more like Battle Arena than Real-time Simulation. And even it falls in Battle Arena category, it is not heroes Battle Arena type, but an army Battle Arena. It is unique in its way, but for a long time veteran Command and Conquer gamer, this is a bit hard to pick up, but once you get the hang of how this game works, It's actually too simple.
So, let's explain about the game play first. This game, as I said, is one of its kind. For the very first time, there are no economy in this game, so
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Airtel Launche Unlimited 4G Data Usage For 3 Month
This unlimited 4G data pack is currently available only in the Delhi NCR circle but will be launched across the rest of India soon.
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My story chapter1 part 1
GamerAlphys: there she should wake up soon
GamerAsgore: thats great alphys
GamerChara:*wakes up* huh im alive but how?
GamerToriel: my child we brought you can thank alphys
GamerAlphys: thats strange I don't remember putting headphones on her
GamerChara: thank you is asriel here!
GamerAsriel:Chara! *gives chara a hug* its great to see you again
GamerChara:*hugsback* its good to see you to
GamerFrisk: hi chara
GamerSans: hey kids I see chara is wake how are you feeling
GamerSans:thats good
                                                 (End of part 1)
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