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Digital Writing Tools

Mon Oct 27, 2014, 9:57 PM
Sorry, story coaching is closed until after NaNoWriMo.

NaNoWriMo is almost upon us! I, for one, am terribly excited and fully prepared. For freaking once. I solicited the help of some slick digital tools to get here, and I thought I’d take a moment to share them with you. I’m a long-time Mac user, so many of these apps/programs are Mac only, but I’ve also included non-Mac alternatives.

No. 1 - The mother of all Markdown programs: Ulysses III

Ulysses III is flipping amazing because it’s damn simple, drop-dead gorgeous, and loaded with useful features without having an obscene learning-curve-to-productivity ratio. As in, you can open it up and start writing without having to read a novel-length instruction manual first (unlike Scrivener). You just start typing, and the rest is intuitive and optional. Best of all, it saves every keystroke automatically and instantly. Export directly to MS Word, .PDF, HTML, ePub, and Markdown. There’s currently a 30-day, full-featured trial for NaNo! I HIGHLY recommend checking out this app if you have a Mac.  You'll never write in MS Word again! (Approx. $50 but occasionally goes on sale for half off.)

Non-Mac alternative: Nothing quite this awesome, but try Write Monkey.  (free)

No. 2 - The simplest app of all: Grandview

Grandview does one simple thing: provide you with a full, blank screen to display each bold, beautiful letter you type. It then shows each word and finally the entire sentence you've written before you move on to the next. You can customize colors and fonts, and you can “zoom out” to see your entire document. You can turn cursor blinking on and off and disable backspace, and that’s it. That’s what makes it beautiful and amazingly productive. ($5)

Non-Mac alternative: ilys (free)

A program right in-between these two would be iA Writer. I use it for the distraction-free writing of one-shot documents. Not the greatest for longer stuff, but it is THE idiot-proof, distraction-free writing app. ($5-$10)

No. 3 - Dropbox

So I can save my files to the cloud and access them at work as well as at home. Enough said, right? There’s always iCloud, but I use Windows at work, and I like Dropbox better. Ulysses also syncs to it, and it doesn’t get any better than that. (free)

Alternative: Google Drive (free)

No. 4 - DayMap Lite

DayMap is a free scheduling app I found that’s perfect for creating a novel outline and then scheduling which scenes to write each day of NaNo. Pretty simple and highly useful for those of us (like me) who need everything planned out with no room for error so they won’t end up watching Netflix all day. (free)

Non-Mac alternative: Nothing exactly like this, but give Google Keep and Google Calendar a try. (Both free, of course.)

No. 5 - Progress journaling: One Day

One Day is a beautiful and intuitive journaling app perfect for keeping track of writing ideas and novel progress. ($10) I also started a tumblr to share my non-private NaNo progress here:

Alternative: Journal (free)

No. 6 Extras:

Scapple is a sort of mind-mapping/whiteboard app great for organizing ideas. I haven’t used it that much yet, and I’m not sure if I’ll end up buying it, but you should definitely check out the 30-day free trial if you’re looking for something of the sort. (Works on Windows and Mac - $15.) has 10 background noise sounds that are all super awesome, but the recording of fire is my favorite. You can even play multipul sounds at once with variying volumes. (free) ... duh. Gotta have me some smooth jazz.

RescueTime is an app the runs in the background and logs how much time you spend in individual apps and on individual websites. It’s useful and terrifying to see how much time you spend doing certain things. :O You can also set what’s distracting and what’s productive, and it will email you a productivity score at the end of the week. Super useful and motivating stuff. (Free for Mac and Windows.)

SelfControl is an app that lets you set up a blacklist of websites you can then block for however long you want. You can’t get back onto said websites until the timer runs down, not even if you restart your computer or delete the program. Terrifying but extremely useful. You can also set a white list, which will only allow you onto the specific websites of your choosing. (Free for Mac.)

Chrome extension alternative: StayFocused (free)

Check out more Windows and Mac productivity tools here.

And that’s a wrap. What digital writing tools/apps/programs do you use and find the most helpful and productive? Also, let me know if you’re looking for a program with specific functions. I keep up with this kind of thing fairly well and might know of something that could help. :aww:

Good luck to all you fellow NaNo participants! Bye for now.

P.S. I'm making a list of all my favorite analogue writing tools! I'll post it before NaNo starts this weekend. =D

  • "Originality does not consist in saying what no one has ever said before, but in saying exactly what you think yourself."

    - James F. Stephan

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Beta-testing results are in!

The verdict: Foxy is OP. For those who aren't familiar with this lingo; it means Foxy wins, every time. Looks like I have some work to do...

Want proof:…

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Top 10 Most Entertaining YouTube-ers

    YouTube... it's home to some of the most famous people in the world. Here's a list of the 10 most entertaining of them all!
     Be aware that I'm judging these internet celebrities based off their ability to have you rolling on the floor laughing or their ability to keep you glued to their videos. I'm also excluding YouTube-ers who "talk like sailors" to make my calculations much more accurate. That in mind, don't expect to see people like PewDiePie, kewldud3, Deadlox, or SkytheKidRS on this list due to their profanity being more vulgar than entertaining. I'm also excluding gaming groups as a whole, but not separately. So, don't expect everyone from ScrewAttack, Team Crafted,, etc., because that'd be unfair.

#10 ZackScottGames
Starting off our list is one of the biggest names in gaming history, ZackScottGames. You can tell he's got game just by the amount of subscribers he has and his username alone, and if his videos don't quickly entertain you, his montages filled with his best moments in his favorite games will!

#9 Tobuscus
Unlike most YouTube-ers, Tobuscus prefers to get people to laugh at him for his kiddish commentary, radical gameplay, a hilarious animated series, and song parodies. If you want a channel packed with ridiculousness, Tobuscus is the one to go!

#8 ElementAnimations
With a channel explicitly full of CGI animations, Element's fans are always amused. If they were to turn his animations into a tv show, no one would leave their tv, I guarantee it!

#7 Slamacow
Another channel with CGI animations and CGI animations only, Slamacow takes #7 on this list for the fact he has less videos than ElementAnimations, but his videos practically don't need words to give you a good joke or two that'll keep you begging for more!

#6 BeBopVox
Taking #6 on this list is one of the most iconic celebrities among the Minecraft community, BeBopVox! Vox's channel has everything you'd wish for including Let's Plays, song parodies, and CGI animations! He's also an icon for Minecraft commercialism, is the host of Minecraft Mondays, and even got a spot in the Yogscast!

#5 stampylongnose
This fantastic feline doesn't take #5 for comedy, but for his gameplay alone! Stampy's are always followed by a paradise city, beautiful scenery, mini-games, building, happy-go-lucky bgm, and cake. His commentary and community adoration alone helped Stampy take the cake for his spot on #5!

#4. H20 Delirious
Who do we like when he's delirious and outta his mind? H20 Delirious, that's who! Whether if he's playing solo or with his friends, Delirious is able to keep his fans busting their guts till they start to get hoarse! Two of the key aspects that make Delirious a hilarious internet celebrity is his funny voice and his befuddled reactions to some of the craziest events in his gaming career, including being chased by a Xenomorph in a vent and getting blown to bits after taking off on a rocket made of explosive barrels!

#3 Markiplier
In the world of gaming, anything can be entertaining, even horror! One such of a gamer who plays scary games for the sake of our enjoyment is Markiplier, the other being PewDiePie. However, Markiplier's gameplay combinened with his pants-pooping reactions with little profane language helped him earn this spot in the list.

#2 VanossGaming
Also referred to as simply "Vanoss", he takes #2 by a landslide with his incredible video editing, side-splitting sound effects, simple and satisfying bgm, impish stunts, klutzy gameplay, hd audio, purchasable cosmetics, and creative skits with his friends.

Before we go to #1, here are some honorable mentions!
Bashurverse     JeromeASF     ItsJerry and ItsHarry     ExplodingTNT     NoahcraftFTW     I AM WILDCAT     Minecraft4Meh     BasicallyIDoWrk     AntVenom     PopularMMOs     ThynxCya     Daithi Di Nogla     SethBling     TheRadBrad     Lewis and Simon     Inthelittlewood

#1 CaptainSparklez
You probably saw this coming. Deemed as the second most popular YouTube-er in history, Cap.Sparklez has more than enough ways to make people from all over turn their frowns upside down! Overall, with the wide variety of games he consistently plays, it's nowhere near difficult to like the second most popular internet celebrity in history.

    So, what'd you think? Which YouTuber do you watch for hours on end? Don't be afraid to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

MediaMix1 "Randroid7" 10.28.2014
Finally with lots of hard work and help from a friend  I was ale to get my wolf rpg site up!!

Feel free to join just know that you must be active and experinced at role-play!!

The forum:…

The group: solar-sentinels-pack.deviantar…
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What do you give every Regular Show season out of 10?
        Hello everyone, Jenny here, and I would like to tell you a thing or two about the wonderful yet weirdly strange
Nintendo game: Tomodachi! For those of you who played the game, you know what level of weird I am talking about. For those who don't or haven't played it yet, Tomodachi Life is a game where you create Miis and they can interact to make friends with each other. From the dreams your Miis have, to the crazier extremes of face graphiti, this game is nowhere near compatible to its supposed normal-ish cousin Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Personaly, I think the dreams you see in Tomodachi are the pinnacle of weirdness in the game, here's an example of a few I have taken a picture of in the game to speak my words:

Hni 0076 by jenny-theanimator

Hni 0077 by jenny-theanimator

Covering Miis in orange paint???

Hni 0080 by jenny-theanimator

Hni 0081 by jenny-theanimator

Sneezing??? (Okay, it might not be THAT weird.)

Hni 0090 by jenny-theanimator   

    Worshipping food??? (Hey,you gimmie that salami right now dang it! OM NOM NOM! Munching Emoticon )

These are just a few examples of the dreams your Miis can have, but besides that, there are a WHOLE bunch of things that exist in the game that are fun as they are strange. Like:

Hni 0065 by jenny-theanimator

Drawing on their faces...

Hni 0060 by jenny-theanimator    <-------  Aye dios mio, this one is creepy! OnO"
Hni 0063 by jenny-theanimator

Hni 0066 by jenny-theanimator

(Uno! Dos! Thres! Quatro! Cinqo! Ocho!) <----(That's spanish for "I! AM! TRYING! TO! MAKE! THIS! FUNNY!")

Hni 0096 by jenny-theanimator

You can also send your Miis into outer space! (Though it's FREAKISHLY expensive!) >:(

Hni 0007 by jenny-theanimator

Not to mention you can take cool pictures of them. :meow:

Hni 0010 by jenny-theanimator

And can give them food to see if it's their all-time fave or their absolute worst!

     If it's their all-time fave... Well, this happens:

Hni 0011 by jenny-theanimator

Hni 0012 by jenny-theanimator

Sometimes, they even DREAM about food. 
Hni 0091 by jenny-theanimator

Hni 0092 by jenny-theanimator    (Yeah, she's never gonna have that bacon.)

The news in the game is nowhere near normal either:

Hni 0041 by jenny-theanimator    (They were fighting over a brownie, btw.)

Hni 0057 by jenny-theanimator

    A game of Quirky Questions anyone?

Hni 0068 by jenny-theanimator    <--------(That's right!!) >:D

Well that's it, everyone! I hope you like my first game review (and probably my last), if you liked it please comment down below so I can hear your opinons. Go ahead and click that Fave button if you like- PEACE OUT!

Hni 0055 by jenny-theanimator

So true...
dA still don't allow ampersands in titles?
Not going to apologize for the snark there.
I may as well post this before I forget I had this on my hard drive. As sometimes I’ve posted entries on Sunday that I finished a week or two earlier.
The last mod update was…, mostly due to Single Player mods well pretty much sucking at this point
Also I got major cramps in the middle of last year.
Another thing I’ve notched is that there are less Half Life and Source mods these days. Those that do exist or shit. However once in a while a few gems can be found in the pile of garbage. The other major reason besides possible carpel tunnel that I stopped posting reviews.

:bulletblack:Lamda Wars :bulletblack:…

Half Life 2 Wars used to be one of the more promising mods for Source. However it seems to have made worse somehow.
Well what would have been a great mod has somehow been wrecked with unbalanced units and AI that spams enemies to an unreasonable amount. Who thought this capture the flag shit was a good idea? It’s so screwed up now that Lambda Wars is barley worth the effort of giving it a proper review so I won’t.

Graphics: 3/5

Game play: 1/5. The game favors Rebels to a unrealistic & unreasonable extent. As they have overpowered weapons and units .While Combine forces are absurdly expensive. AI is content to spam the weakest units and games can be won by spamming units over any actual strategy. One of the strange things is that it tries is to combine Dawn of War, Command and Conquer and Starcraft style gameplay and fails at it. Like the video game equivalent of Schizophrenia.

Content: 2/5

Audio: 4/5. The only thing good here.

Story/Lore Loyalty:  0.5/5 Overpowered Flame throwers, & invisible scouts for rebels but nothing cool for the Combine. Of course that ability has been given to the Sniper but that’s a unit that isn’t available to them off the bat. Would be more fair if the stealth mode was given to an expensive Helmet HEV wearing rebel or something.
Seriously? When they should be the fraction that requires effort to beat and not the other way around.
The new unit such as the Rebel Veteran is also useless as the Crossbow does nothing that the A2 doesn't.
Hunters are useless when their outnumbered and the requirements for the Strider are outrageously high. Also where are the vehicle units for the Combine? The HL2 Beta had counterparts for the rebels. Quite boring with just foot solders to play with.


Difficulty: WTF are the devs thinking? Seriously one side gets cheap overpowered weapons while the other gets expensive super units that you’ll never be able to use and become useless when the computer spams the weakest units. Doesn’t help that power and money increases are very slow.
You have to build an extra building just so you can get more units on the field as rebels and they can get an unlimited amount. Combine is restricted to their huge expensive base building. The systems that are supposed to prevent this, ie turrets are too weak to deter unit spamming.
This is just annoying and time consuming for no reason. Which ever side spams the most low cost units usually wins, removing any strategy that would be required. Most proper strategy games have moved away from this.

Fun factor: 0/5
Very little from the Half Life universe makes a rather boring mod.

Overall: 1/5. What was once great mod is now ruined by bad balancing decisions. Each update has somehow made Lambda Wars less fun for one side and overpowered on the other. It was once a fun RTS mod for Half Life 2 but since the conversion to Alien Swarm Lambda Wars has slowly become an unbalanced and unplayable mess.

The was made in July of 2014 so if the patches fix things I might come back to it when becomes better. But I’m not going to hold my breath. Half Life 2 Wars Revolution was more fun to play than the current version of Lamda Wars.

:bulletblack: Double Action Boogaloo  :bulletblack:…

Double Action Boogaloo looks like your standard third person deathmatch mod. Well it is but it also is the closest thing so far to the Specialists: Source. Technically is the spiritual successor as it had the same developers. If your a fan of that old Half Life mod you will enjoy DAB. Even if you never played them. I’m pretty sure most players will find a play style that works for their preferences.

The first thing you have to do is spend points for weapons and upgrades. However IMO the best load out is reflexes or marksmen plus the FAL and two pistols or the MP5. The other perks are useless and don’t bother with the shotgun. Unless you have the melee perk or good at sneaking up on other players. It’s makes shooting luck based and you will loose against bots. Grenades are also based on luck as well. However that’s how it always has been with Source games.

Like the name it implies DAB plays like a B action movie. Well until one of the two race objectives show up. Than fragging the other guy is only good to keep your place or mugging the suit case holder. I would suggest disabling weapons and making it pure melee after the suit case is picked up. Just to spice things up a bit. But that’s just what I think. Other perks include your gun becoming gold while increasing its rate of fire. What I like to do is use reflex mode sparingly until this activates. As for who you choose as a character there isn’t much difference between them. One hopes there might be in the future.

Double Action Boogaloo was also one of the few Half Life 2 mods that updated regularly. Well until Steam Greenlight was announced. In fact it’s out now as it went on Steam on Turds Thursday. So download it or miss the fun. Meaning their hard work actually payed off. Yes I finished this review just before it went live on Steam.

Graphics: 3/5 DAB currently doesn’t look much different from other Source games. At this point anyways.

Game play: 5/5 Do I really need to spell it out? Download it and see why it has the means to back up the hype.

Content: 4/5 New stuff is minimal at the moment but the version I just reviewed was the beta version.

Audio: 3/5 Weapons sound like something out of an action movie. However it would help to have something to listen too between battles. As other then shooting, you will be walking a lot. Would it hurt to remix action movie scores? As even with the high volume of the weapon fire there really isn’t much ambient noise or sound here.

Replayability: 4/5

Fun factor: 5/5

Overall: 3.5/5. It has nice ideas but it’s low on content as its still a beta. But damn if it isn’t a lot of fun to play. When your not walking around looking for shootouts to join.

Except from their Greenlight page.


Don't talk to me.

Hell yeah! Now you're talking!”

Anybody who asked the first question deserves to be hunted down by a Dalek. Why would you ask that?
There a very few changes from the mod version compared to the Steam version. Only the weapon names are altered and the MP5 finally has a proper model. The former is strange as Video Game Devs don't have to license weapon names anymore.

:bulletblack: News :bulletblack:

This section might become more pointless. As there are barely any new good Source mods come out these days. Most of the games are already rather old and the hype train since Dota 2 has sputtered out.

From the creators of Human Error. The From Earth developers just started their Steam Greenlight campaign. As IMO both Human Error and Water are very original and creative compared to other Half Life 2 mods.…
Also :icondevinshadowv:has made a news post that explains things in detail.


Next time I’ll be covering The Masked Prisoner. As that hasn’t reviewed yet. Unless somebody wants to do it before I can. If there are no takers that will be my next review entry.
Losing my friend worse,okay not bad
Being Deputy is even worser,
But yet why am i still moving?
But I'm looking forward to my own life,
Can't you hear them calling out my name?
StarClan choose me because I'm flame,
Blood rushing through my vain,
who can i choose?
Someone just activated.
Some Fire inside our,
Little place we call home!
Blood spiting,Head rushing 
And you think lost again?
So we'll never give up 
till the battle had an end,
But intill then we'll be,
Together once again,
so don't faith
I will save the clans!  

Firestar by GoldenPhoenix100

~By,Sydney(Aka Gummy10020)
I'm only just busy building the page and figuring out how to let people join without having to invite them so they can join freely and such.

I'm also making a group picture so it looks a little better XD

Thanks for your patience everyone!!