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Llama Emoji-62 (Rawr I'll get you) [V3] 
Voici une armée de chat pour qu'Eve ne puisse pas résister à notre demande!

Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling) 

Cela fait déjà un petit moment que quelques personnes on décidés d’emménager dans le monde d’Eve, mais il n’y a pas à dire… Il n’y a vraiment rien à faire là bas !

Tout le monde s’ennuie et en plus sont obligé de dormir dans des tentes !
Bref, tout ça pour dire que Jake a décidé (parce que c’est un gentil garçon) de faire une pétition pour qu’Eve fasse une petite ville, pour signer, mettez un commentaire avec se que vous voulez qu’elle rajoute ! Vous pouvez tout demander, même les choses les plus idiotes ! C’est comme une liste de noël !

Voila, je vais mettre ici les choses demandés :
  • Un parc (avec des bancs !!)
  • Des maisons pour les habitants (et un manoir pour Jake !*se fait frapper*)

  • Listening to:
  • Reading: "Comments"
  • Watching: @DATV!
  • Playing: ♫ Music ♪
  • Eating: Lay"s ©hips
  • Drinking: Java! ☻


Freddy: WHERE IS IT!!!!!

Bonnie: WHERE IS THE HAT?!?!?!?!


Fix your stupid fucking site
Hey guys here are some rules I have set.
1. Do not spam
2. Absolutely no racism.
3. Do not talk bad about me or others.
I hate this episode. I hate it with a passion. Now, I'm going to start reviewing episodes of TMNT on Nick every day after school. because their are no opinions of the episodes as I upload this. And no episode of a show is perfect. but this is one of the worst. the one of the only good things about is is that it came early in the show, so it is easily forgivable.

 we start off with our main heroes looking for the kraang, as Mike is pestering Ralph. after he gets too annoyed, stereotype #1 shows up. I know his name is Vic, but he's a New York stereotype. he insults Ralph and he get's pissed. He attacks him and alerts the kraang. I forgot to say this, but, this episode is harsh. The bad kind of harsh. at the beginning of the episode, Stereotype #1 is treated as the good guy. Meaning that he's Treating Ralph like crap for no good reason. And he never met him before so it's unnecessary to have that. We get a fight scene, and we're Back at the sewers.where the worst scene happens.
  ha ha, the others are making fun of Ralph NO!!! HELL NO!!!NOOO  that's another problem with the episode: they think that their jokes are funny when their not. Oh, the Turtles can defend Ralfiel, but they don't. Isn't that hilarious. NO! we get to tomorrow night where we get to see they let Ralph talk to Stereotype #1, and you know how this ends. Leo talks to him and he wants 1,000,000 Dollars. Ralph attacks Stereotype #1 and the kraang show up for no reason. we get a scene that feels like it last way too long. then they tell Ralph to go home. #plothole splinter says later that he should be up their with his brothers. and in a later episode, (wrote by the same writer) LEO GOT IN TROUBLE FOR LETING RALPH LEAD!!

 Ralph is saying that the team is useless, because we need to renforce that ralph is in the wrong and the other 3 are in the right WHEN IT'S VICE VERSA!! we get to the kraang and Stereotype #1. that scene was not worth my time. the other 3 pull Stereotype #1, and... fight scene. Then, Stereotype #1 get's mutated.I think I've fainted. And the other 3 have a hard time fighting him. Then, we see ralph and he suddenly got over his anger. DEUS EX MAKINA, that's all I need to say. After they deafeat Stereotype #1, we a spider joke and diologe that renforces the fact: old habbits die hard.

 this episode is complete garbage. the plot and pacing is OK, but the thing lasts forever. every scene lasts way too long and then some. Ralph gets punished for having a charter flaw, every joke is mean spirted, and this episode gets a 1 out of 5
                                                                          :D (Big Grin) Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! 

The episode can be seen here
I have to so yep

1. So you where driving and you crashed itto a tree. Are you alright?
Grandpa? Is that you? (Hicups)

2. Who do you love dearly?
I can't tell it jeff the killer
Mai name jeff! (Burps)

4. Who is you fave yt?
My ass

5. Ok one word to describe me
Bitch please I will cut you. o3o

6. What are you doing right now
Humping a tree. (Gags)

7. Do you like me
No (passes out)

Omg ok so there it is  whoever I tag has to do it
BENmonster2000 wolfkiller10
BENmonster2000 wolfkiller10
This is an whatever whateves kinda thing, I don't care what you do our say just don't get carried away, I'm bored so please keep it frosty! Have fun :p
I still don't like DeviantART's new logo.

Usually, when DeviantART does something new, I celebrate whatever it is while everyone else has a cow. But for this one...

Well, you know you have a problem when a community dedicated to art has a simpler and uglier logo than than the logo for the subway here.

So I still prefer the old logo.

~le random small rant

Hi everyone!!! :D

Last weekend I did a review of the game Super Mario Land 2. I enjoyed doing it so I want to start now a series of journals talking about videogames. Today I want to tal about a videogame from the NES, Punch-Out!!

MikeTysonPunchOut by kaysabio

(Box art)

Punch-Out!! Is a boxing sports videogame released on NES in 1987. It’s the first videogame from the series published in a home console. At first, Nintendo reached an agreement with the heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to promote the game. The game was called Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! And the champion was the final boss on the game, but after an incident, Nintendo broke the deal and in did other version without him.

2 by kaysabio

(The Tyson’s challenge was the principal attraction of the game)

The plot of the game is simple. You’re a boxer called Little Mac who wants to be the World Champion, so he has to face a series of strange stereotyped boxers from different countries around the world in order to reach the top. How the name says, Little Mac is small, his opponents are usually taller and stronger than him, but they have always a weak point, the counter attacks! When Mac faces someone he need to see and anticipate to the attack of his rival, dodging it and later punching it. Maybe you can be weaker than you opponent but you’re cleverer and faster!

3 by kaysabio

(Here you can see the colossal size of you oponnents XD)

Now I’m going to start talking about one of the greatest facts of the game, your rivals. How I say before, they are a lot stereotyped. I will explain. The first boxer that you faces is Glass Joe, he is from France and he is the weakest boxer in the game and the tutorial”.  He has only 1 victory and 99 defeats in all his career of boxer (and he is 38 years old). His name is a word game of Glass Jaw. The second boxer is Von Kaiser, from Germany. He isn’t as weak as Joe but is still easy to win. He is like a German old soldier (has 48 years old), with a huge mustache (which shake when he is going to puch you XD). Later comes Piston Honda, a huge Japanese boxer who can be the first challenge; the next is Don Flamenco, the Spanish boxer, who on the biggining of the fight hold a rose on his mouth and dance sevillanas XD; and also more boxers like an Indian magician and huge Russian who drinks Vozka on the middle of the battle X) .

4 by kaysabio

(As you can see, Mario is the referee)

When you defeat all your rivals, you have the opportunity of challenge Mike Tyson (or Mr.Dream in the later version). This is the hardest battle of the game. Tyson has a ridiculous dismal power. He is very fast, has a huge resistance, and with a few punches he can make you sleep on the floor, meanwhile you need around to 50 punches to knock him one time, and he gets up so easily. You won’t beat him if you don’t try the fight a lot of times, believe me!

5 by kaysabio

(You will beat him?)

At last I want to say that it is a funny challenging game. I didn’t complete it yet, Soda Popinski, (the Russian boxer), beats me over an over (T.T). But I can say that it is a good game, it’s very addictive and has a good music. If you want an easy game to kill the time, this is not for you, but if you like fighting games and you want a challenge you must try it. I give him :star: revamp :star: revamp :star: revamp :star: revamp No Star 

This is all for today, if you want to say me an recommendation, write below in the comment box, see you!!! :D