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Why you should use a floor with Iray(lighting tut)

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2015, 11:15 AM
HDRI maps are wonderful things. HDRI or IBL is using an image to light your scene. Here's a great resource for free maps to play with. If you need a further explanation I suggest googling for people who can explain it much better than I can = /

Once you got your searching on and downloaded some maps, let's have a chat. Just have a seat, there's cookies and punch over there.

See this here image of a car? That orange one down there? Pretty nice huh? I'd like to own it personally. Love that paint job. That picture behind it is an HDRI from that site I linked above. The only model in this scene is the car. Iray automatically puts in a ground of sorts and that's what those shadows are on. Although it looks weird doesn't it?
Cartestrende by Pleblu

I keep seeing a lot of images that use HDRI plus one model sort of floating in the air like this. None of them look right.

Here I plopped in a plane primitive as the floor. Looks better eh? I also changed the color of the car because I like messing around with the shaders XD
Cartestrende2 by Pleblu

Do you know why it looks better? Because there is an object below the car for the light to bounce off of, and for reflections to show in. That's how non-biased render engines like Iray, Lux, Vray, and Octane work. They use the maths to calculate what would happen to light when it hits surfaces. Surfaces with different shaders react differently to light. Just like in real life light bounces around a room, off your table, your walls, your skin, and into your eyeballs (or a camera). 

Ever walk into a room with white walls (like every apartment I've ever lived in)? Looks a lot brighter than one with dark because white absorbs the least amount of light. Because the light isn't being absorbed, there's more of it to bounce around the room and into your eyes therefore we perceive it as being brighter.

Let's take a closer look:

With a plane. 
Cartestrende3 by Pleblu

Without a plane (iray ground).
Cartestrende4 by Pleblu
You can see the basic iray ground sort of interacts with the car. There are shadows on it, the chrome shader is lighter in color, but  neither one of them is picking up much detail from the other and it makes it all look...odd. The engine produces a better result when there's a "real object" to work with.

Here's another little bit of info about light bounce.

Color also bounces around with light. I'm not going to go into why it does, chemical reactions with light, and all that but I am going to show you an example by turning the plane a bright green.

Cartestrende5 by Pleblu

You see how the green reflects up into the car? You can also see a bit of the car color reflect back onto the plane.

If your subject is sitting near a strongly colored object, and there is none of that color on your subject the scene won't look realistic because that's not how light works.

Find a brightly colored object in your room, say your curtains or your couch. Put your hand on it and look at the shadow. You'll see the color of your object on your skin. The ground iray puts into the scene doesn't contain shaders, or bump maps it just contains a texture. It doesn't react realistically to light so your renders won't look as real as they could look with a simple ground plane.

Hopefully, I've explained this well enough. It's complicated subject matter and hard to condense and simplify. My best advice it to look up light tutorials from other physical based engines as well as tutorials on photography. Since the light in these types of render engines is calculated to behave like light in real life, the same principals of photography lighting apply to setting up your render scene. Also, remember that Iray has been out for 3ds Max and other programs for some time and while not everything would apply to DazStuido, Iray 3ds Max tutorials are still a good source of info.

To end, here's a render of the car in space...for reasons.

Cartestrende6 by Pleblu

Panda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2] 

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Why is it when two (not so outspoken) people are obviously attracted to another and one person confesses, the other may lose attraction? It's completely fine, I understand people do that, I only don't comprehend the reasoning behind it. Why? Curiosity. Am I wondering because this is something that happened to myself? No, my fellow keeps crying about it and I just don't know what to say. Really, I sit there while le'fellow weeps and I just pat the back and or shoulder... I
Predator in MKX?

Hey guys I'm righting this this because if one of you can get one of drawings and colored it i will draw one your oc (if you allow me) and a character of your choice and draw it with you. Like for example your oc high fiving a pony. I will try my best on that drawing if you do compete. So good luck ^w^
Hes cool and cute
Hello everypony!
We finally fixed the joining availability, so everyone can join. Sorry to anyone who wished to join but couldn't!
Snickers X3
fug, I have no life
Before you read this please understand that this is a request for an application to be made and the company "Zoid" as well. I need to know who will be interested in turning this software idea into reality.

What is Zoid? Zoid is an idea for a company that has a trapezoid shaped logo with the words "Zoid". The slogan for this company would be: "Enhancing Beyond".

This particular app is called: "Live Screen". The main idea for Live Screen is that it is meant for viewing your own display screen and another user's. This is an app that does not require a password or internet. Once you download it, you have to type in the other user's ID and they will have to type in yours. Once connected, (through wi-fi, not internet) you will automatically see these features on your display screen:

1- The split screen view. This allows you to see what is on your screen and their screen.

2- The toolbar. The toolbar has some features that are recognizable and some that are unique. All of the tools can be clicked on and off, but only one can be activated real-time. The first tool is the select tool. The select tool is used for these actions:

1. Selection- Selection is like normal selection where you drag a transparent window over an item and highlight it.
2. Naming- You can make a selection and give it a name. Then you can send the files over to the other user and they can see the name and file size to view/download it.
3. Grouping- Make a selection and group them together and give the group a name. It is almost the same as naming except for the reason that grouping is a selection that you can save and search in the next tool.
4. Description- Make a named selection or group and add a description to notify yourself about the selection.

The next tool in the toolbar is the search tool. It is used for searching both non-app-related items and app-related items.

The tool after that is the pen tool. The pen tool is like most pen tools but allows you to draw a drawing on both screens.

The 3rd to last tool (that I thought of so far) is the Text Window. It allows you, like the pen tool, to create something on both screens. Text in this case. What is different is that you can create a window on their screen and you/they can change the text simultaneously.

The 2nd to last tool is the chat tool. It is no different than a chatroom. Except for the fact that you can invite separate users and communicate to them.

The last tool is the most unique. It is what I like to call the "Swap" tool. It allows you to do two things:

1. Swap with the other user- You can swap screens with the other user and take control of their screen while accessing their computer. They can also do the same.

2. Swap with a user that is not on your current display screen- This is basicly the same only you can swap with another user and still see the other user's screen. Or you can just view a screen/swap and keep your own screen.

The last thing to know is that in order to use any of the tools on another user's screen, you have to request for permission. If the other user has this feature disabled, you will not need to ask permission.

That is the idea. Please notify me if you want to create this application. Thanks!
Hey guys
There happend something bad to me yesterday; my painttool sai didn't wanted to open. I clicked the icon many times and I even tried it by using the file on my computer. But it didn't work....
After that I tried downloading the same version again but I only got the 26 day trail version....
But after I restarted my computer and clicked some random buttons he works again. I was so happy when that happend. I thought I could never use it again....
Have you guys ever had that? Please let my know what you did

Momo out