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This is an whatever whateves kinda thing, I don't care what you do our say just don't get carried away, I'm bored so please keep it frosty! Have fun :p
It's easy.

on your browser, open 2 tabs, on the 1st tab, go to YouTube, and on the 2nd tab, open this link below.

on the YouTube tab, find whatever song that you wanted to download (Let's use the theme song of Spyro the Dragon for example).

Go to the address bar on your browser, right click, and then Copy.

then go to the ClipConverter tab, and there's an empty box where addresses go, go to the box, and then Paste.

underneath it, you'll see boxes that said MP3, AVI, MP4, etc.

I recommend an .mp3 file.

click on MP3, and then continue, ClipConverter loads the video from YouTube and then shows it on ClipConverter.

Click 'Start', and then ClipConverter records the audio of the video and converts it into an .mp3 file.

Click 'Download', and the .mp3 file will be directly downloaded to your device.



I use ClipConverter since 2012 and nothing else.

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Anyone have any other suggestions to help get me started? Anything I should add, rid off, stuff like that. I'll take anything, Just lay it on me.
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