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"Description:  wink I am proud to announce to you another MB3D "update"

THE EXE FILE IS IDENTICAL as it's likely the program won't be updated. OK

But I added a lot of goodies, thanks to the new forum features
- A huge number of new maps
- A lot of tutorials (see readme folder)
- A lot of new formulas
- Many sample parameters great for learning

So I strongly reccomend you to download this archive, and enjoy.

Thanks to everyone cited in the readme docs smiley

  Sonic and Shadow were at the highest peak on mountain a having a picnic.
Sonic- mmmm. ...Shadow your cooking is amazing, how can you cook like that.
Shadow- well I only cook this for you .. (places his hands on Sonic's lap blushing) because your special to me.
Sonic took a quick blank stare at Shadow hands on her lap."shadow... you..your hands are getting closer to hips (blushing red) . "Shhh.. I know . Shadow kept leaning towards Sonic's peach lips and  kisses her into a loving kiss . "Shadow your so a good kisser .Sonic on top of shadow cuddling on shadows chest fur. Shadow began to pur louder and louder ever time.
YAWWNNNN Ahh thank goodness there isn't school today. Challenging Shido to random stuff on kik but hes not on.... I NEED INSPIRATION PEOPLE PLEASEEEEEE. Its been to boring drawing everything i wanted, it sucks come on songlover101 ! GIMME SOMETHINGGG
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