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Okay, so i am starting a new series called Reactions.
It is where i am going to react to videos related to Fnaf 1 and 2.
And i will react to thoughts
So here is the first one

Okay so firs thing.
This isn't the real music video i just prefer this video
Now to my reaction!
Okay so first off, I love this song! I love how it starts off with a simple song for children then drum beats just start. Plus the fact that the singing voice is like robot voices. Not human. But it sounds like they should sound. Plus i like when they start signing "Please let us get in" It starts getting intense. Also before they start singing you can hear their scream. Then they start to sing. I also like when they sing there is a shaky voice. The Living Tombstone (Poster) Chose the right notes. And i like how it goes "Five nights at freddddddddddddddyyyyyyyy'sssssssah" The song also has an up-beat tempo. All in all this song is amazing!!!1

And that concludes my reaction to this song.
Copyright The Living Tombstone...blah, blah, blah.
See yah tomarrow with another react to video!

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I've neen testing the deviantart app forma android, it's actually pretty cool and easy to use.. Bit it has some errors here and there...
For example The screen dosn't flip, and sometimes it crashes when you're looking your feedback.
I tested the app on an android KitKat 4.4.

In the end, it works but it needs some work.
I send this message not to warn you all of the violence, the adult content, or the language within the game. No, the true terror is . . . the addicting gameplay.

Seriously! I finally got it yesterday and I played it for the entire day as well as a good portion of last night. I couldn't put my controller down! :D

Overall, one of the best games I ever played and it's a lot harder than it looks. And I'm not even at the halfway point.
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December 25,2014 writing at 8:43PM......... AhhRGG!!!! so i have a blank piece of paper there in front of me and it's been 2 days since its still BLANK!!! I have issues now. My imaginations are gone! I can't think what to draw no more! *SIGH..... I still don't know what to draw. But you know what I hate....Imagining that picture and drawing it out. You know how it looks like? Your drawing came out something else -.- I did gave myself some breaks but it never really help me solve stufff.... gotta think now! TTYL SAyonara!
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Three Starstripes rush across my view, breaking the endless blue I had been staring at for so long. Their propellers stir up the orange-yellow sand that covers this unforgiving land. The air becomes heavy with it as I realize one thing: Starstripes never fly this low, unless they are looking for something... or someone. 

I jump up, darting towards the cliff base where I had hidden my bag. Grabbing its rough, leather handle, I slide it onto my shoulder and manage a look back, what I see shocking me. 

One of them has landed, but instead of the troops that are usually associated with Starstripes, out comes a woman in a military uniform- white pants, pale boots the color of the moon with a silver crest, an ornate, midnight-black blouse dotted with tiny pearls, and a plain white jacket on top of it. She is followed by a man in general's clothes- dark red jacket decorated by many medals, simple black pants, and polished ebony dress shoes. 

The man glances around, and I duck behind a large rock, gritting my teeth. I stayed too long. Observing. Again. I yell at myself internally as I strain to listen to what the woman is saying, her grey-blue eyes darting across the rocky landscape.

"...must find her," the woman whispered to her companion. "You know the Controller won't take lightly to us screwing up again."

"And whose fault was that, Ursula?" The man retorted, mocking her.

"As I told you, Mauri, my name is Sula," the woman-Sula- told him, keeping a calm aspect to her voice,  though Mauri still made a face. 

"Fine, Sula. Let's just find her and get out of this place." I hear Mauri's boots begin to slide through the sand, and I jump up. Once again I've stayed too long. 

I duck behind a couple of more rocks, then dive for the entrance to a hidden cave just beyond them as I hear one of them cry out in pain. I smile. Just the distraction I need for escape.

However, once I am deep into the labyrinth hidden inside the cave, I can't shake the feeling of being watched. I know no one except the Runners know the path through here, but I am still uneasy as I reach the final curve before my home. 

Turning right, I run down the short corridor before reaching a dead-end. I look at the ground and see the three rows of 3 columns of cut stone, and smile before jumping in a diagonal path from the bottom corner left square to the top corner right square. I then press my palm straight into the rock in front of me, and walk through, feeling like I am encased in jello. 

I pop out of the rock and smile. I am home free once more.

Author's Note:
Thank you for reading the first part of this story! I would love some feedback, and, if many people like my writing, I might do commissions! If you're curious about other things I write, here is a story I am still working on:…

I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas. I know i havent been on for a long time but I just wanted to make sure that i have not forgotten all of my friends and follows and people I am following. I love you all. 

Anybody looking forward to playing xbox or Playstation, have your punching pillow ready...

"Hacked? Xbox and Playstation Networks Both Go Down for Christmas
Thousands of people reported Christmas Day problems on the Xbox Live and Playstation gaming networks, as a band of hackers took gleeful credit.

The networks, which allow users of the popular consoles to play the video games with a wider online community, first crashed on Wednesday evening and the problems persisted into Christmas Day, enraging many users — but especially those powering-up new machines from Santa Claus.

A hacker group called "Lizard Squad" claimed responsibility, saying on Twitter that it toppled both networks with so-called distributed denial of service attacks. The tactic involves overwhelming Sony and Microsoft's servers with unexpected — and bogus — user traffic.

"Jingle bells jingle bells xbox got ran," the group wrote on Twitter Thursday, adding a similar line about Sony. "oh my fun it is to troll of you morons ... hey!"

Xbox and Playstation responded Thursday saying they were working on the problems and investigating.

"Having a tough time signing in?" read a service alert on the Xbox support page. "Don't worry! We're working to fix this right away!"

"We are aware that some users are reporting issues accessing PSN this morning," read a Tweet from the official Playstation support account on Thursday. "Thanks for your patience as we investigate."

Playstation is owned by Sony, the same company that released "The Interview" on Thursday. The movie, about a fictional attempt to kill North Korean Leader Kim Jong un, sparked controversy after hackers — with ties to North Korea, according to the FBI — broke into the company's servers and released a trove of information.

Xbox is owned by Microsoft, one of the companies which agreed the stream the film despite threats of a 9/11-style attack by the original hackers. So far there are no indications that the two hacks are related." - NBC News

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