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Yeah I made her as a mother to whom? Idk. But IDC xD I want her to be love so I made her have childrens. Probably going to draw her pregnant idk. So here's the babies featuresFive Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mangle Foxy - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mangle Foxy - Icon GIF 

Have 1 brother and 1 sister
Eyes: heart pupil (red)
Ears:inside is a heart (pink)
No tail
Looks closely like her mother but have full body

Body: white
Eyes: white pupils with black iris
Have a second head that an exoskeleton
Really fluffy tail
A little bit as he's mother

Yuri (nope!)
Ears: fluffy and look like bonnie's (hint)
Tail:*fluffy and the end is a heart
Almost like her mother

I'm done now
Mr.endo take it away (Lol not sorry)
tumblr nevfz6WV591rdnl4po1 500 by zeropossessor
    Hey everyone who reads this! I am excited because Pokemon ORAS (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire) came out today! I can't get either yet but I want Alpha Sapphire most. Primal Kyogre looks AMAZING! Groudon is cool too but Kyogre looks better. Kyogres ability is nice because fire types become useless. It's ability does that, and boosts water type attacks along with helping out Swift Swimmers. I was hoping for a Primal Rayquaza but Mega-Rayquaza is still awesome. I do have an issue with Mega-Evolution though. It was a HUGE change to the competitive field and a change that big seemed wrong to me at first. I am ok with it now and LOVE using it against my friends but Legendary Mega-Evolution?! I was fine with Mewtwo because it is a clone. Human-made. But Rayquaza is a full on natural Pokemon! It looks amazing and is probably strong, and I can't do anything about it so, oh well. I just hope that there won't be a Mega-Dialga, Arceus, Palkia etc. I am excited for the Sinnoh remakes though. My views on Sinnoh have changed since my top 10 regions thing. I love Giratina now! Anyway I am excited for when I get the game. I am competing with a friend to see who can beat the Pokemon league in the shortest time. I beat X in 3 days so I hope to win. I expect to see Diancie online a lot. I am interested to see how it plays in competitive. I am not a competitive player but good teams to crush friends with never hurt! I will likely pick Treeko because Mega-Sceptile is awesome. I hope I will be able to buy the other 2 megastones because I have a Swampert and Blaziken already. But Mega-Swampert's Swift Swim ability will let it be a threat in double battles along side Primal Kyogre. Mega-Sceptile's Lighting Rod will help it in defeating electric types and Mega-Blaziken has Speed-Boost which is surprisingly efficient for it. I have listened to the Vs Kyogre/Groudon theme and It is awesome. It includes a reference to Primal-Reversion by playing parts of the music from the original! Rayquaza gets it's own remix to the original which also sounds amazing. That's all I have for now but more is on the way. 

    Hope you enjoyed! Leave your opinion on the new games in the comments below. A donation of any number of points would be great too. Please watch me, tell friends about me, and try to help out like that so I will know that you want more. Suggestions on what to do next would also be appreciated. I do fanfics, stuff like this, and top 10s. Thank you for reading this last paragraph if you did and be sure to do the above. Thanks. Bye!
Hey friends and watchers!!! I was windering if anyone has a wolf play account! If you do! I'm RESCUE! Anyway I am in need of some help! I'm selling two adorable pups and have studs for breeding and I have no mushrooms (the currency) to buy food. If any of you have an account please help me :) I'll even friend you ;) and for those who want to join here is the link!…
Thank you all!!!
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