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Xpt by ProgammerNetwork

Didn't Zareef make one yet? Yes, he did.

But this one is made specifically for general-purpose editing (if it was meant for me it'd just have a specular value box). And to have a small window. Trying to compress Zareef's editor to this size is... awkward.

I did learn something from this experience. What is a pointer and why it's simutaneosly useless and helpful.

I'll stop talking and give the download link. If that picture looked confusing, don't worry, the download includes a guide that will guide you on how to use this small window.

MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:Windows XP SP2 or later with .NET 3.5 installed. Windows 7 comes with it already installed.

Current version: beta1.0.0.1: hotfix for integer specular values

And if you're interested in find out how this thing was coded (i.e. grab the source), send me a note. Note under it is under a BY-SA-NC license.
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If you are interested in getting this book but don't know what it looks like, then I am gonna show you! ;)Jurassic World: Where Dinosaurs Come To Life! by RayTom
    Haven't typed up a review since 2012, so lets give this a shot. Kind of writing this stream of conscious, I hope I get my points across.

    So after finishing Arkham Knight, I decided to purchase Origins, since I skipped out on it since I heard it was really disappointing, and it wasn't developed by Rocksteady. Wrapped up just about everything in the main story, just have to scan all the Anarky tags and find all the Pinkney pages.

    Overall it's not a bad game, but it pales in comparison to the main Rocksteady entries. It doesn't do too much to give itself it's own identity, no really new items, all the "new" ones just fill a purpose an item in the previous games filled, or are just a reskinned version of the item. Half the map is recycled from Arkham City so the overworld isn't too exciting, but most of the indoor areas are new, not counting the few buildings that return from City.

    The story is all right, but not as good as the Rocksteady entries. It's just a prequel story that takes place at some point in Batman's career and shows his first meeting with the Joker. Batman must also deal with a group of assassins hired to kill him. The cast of villains for this one is actually pretty neat. They went for some of the lesser known Batman and DC villains, as well as some bigger names like Deathstroke. The story is overall pretty entertaining, but didn't grip me like the other games.

    The boss fights in this one are actually pretty good, especially the ones near the end, like the battles with Firefly and Bane. These are some of the best boss fights in the series in my opinion.

    The biggest issue with the game is that the controls feel sloppier, clunkier. The window to the counter attack seems to be smaller compared to the other games, which really messes with the freeflow combat in my opinion. Especially if you're coming off of a different game in the series like I am. The grapple also seems a lot pickier, but I'm coming off of Knight and I haven't played City since 2011 so I can't say if it was like this City.

    Origins also feel unpolished as hell. The game has framerate issues that pop up a lot when in the city, and glitches happen pretty frequently. I at least some one in most periods playing the game. I had a situation where I literally beat a thug into the pavement, guy got absorbed into the concrete and fell into oblivion.

    The game also features a multiplayer mode. I didn't spend too much time with it, but I did play a few rounds. There three teams in the mode, two gangs battling over territory, and the third team is of course Batman and Robin trying to stop them. It's fun in my opinion, even though the gang member controls felt a little clunky to me. Could of used a practice mode to help adjust to the controls. Batman and Robin control like they usually do in the series. Not a bad mode, but not my thing personally. I wouldn't consider it a selling point.

    It's overall no where near as bad as some people make it out to be, but it is without a doubt the weakest entry in the series. A lot of what it does was done better in the prior game, Arkham City, or it's follow up, Arkham Knight. It gives a feeling of being filler until the next game came out since it was developed in less time and recycles so much from City. Give it a shot if the other three games weren't enough to scratch your Bat-itch. Outside of that you're not really missing as much. The other games (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Knight) are much more polished and funner gameplay experiences in my opinion, so give those ones a try over this one.
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