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So, I got bored, and I decided since I won't be able to play the next game in the FNAF series, I took the time to look at some videos, and look deep into the story arch of this one and how it relates to the following: purple guy, the missing children, and the puppet (u will see why). So, in the game, u follow a kids nightmare, advertised in the posters for the games, and u notice clues that it takes place at a child's death bed. But no one I know has come up with a theory strong enough to keep part of the tragic time line of Freddy Fazbears Pizza. Looking at how the game looks like it takes place before the murders, since it looks like u are at the original FredBears Family Diner, and how the purple guy is there before the night 5 cutscene. What if this child u play as is the purple guys dying son? There is some sort of evidence for this. First, the plushies: the plushies that are in the child's room as u played might have been given to him was from the purple guy, before the murders. Since the purple guy was a day guard there, he could easily obtain a all 5 Freddy Fazbear plushies as a way to show how the kid can enjoy them. Since the kid is afraid of the real size of the animatronics, the plush ones show they are not scary, hence the nightmares. Next, the event of the party, the cutscene of the fifth night shows 4 bullies, including the kids brother, picking on him and shoving the kids head in the animatronic, thus crushing his skull completely, shown on the cutscene. Proving the way that this event is not apart of the whole, "Bite of 87" that happened in FNAF 2 where Jerermy Fitzgerald was out on the last night and replaced with Fritz Smith. Lastly, the night 6 cutscene, it shows the plushies there as the kid is crying as the plush is apologizing for the incident that happened and asked if he was still friends with him. In order for that to happen, would be in a hospital setting. As the plushies fade away, the last thing the golden Freddy plush says is, "I will put you back together." This could mean one of the following, A: this is the origin of the shadow Freddy or hallucinating golden Freddy. B: the origin of puppet. Or C: this is where the father is hearing the news and sees his son for the last time. It's a dark and heartbreaking thing to have a kid die in the am incident at a friendly party. But in the end, this could have set the chain reaction of tragities that fell upon the pizzarea and other avarents to the original pizzarea. Thus could be the reason to Purple Guys murderous rampage on the pizzarea. For revenge...

[Sidenote: this is just a theory to a game I am planning to own in the future, but I decided to look at it while it is under the hype and people are posting theory's for the game itself. It does still fit in to the time line of the games, but I wanted to voice out my opinion about the idea of how the plot holes for the game link this to the infamous bite of 87. I try to not fit this game in the incident, since FNAF 2 revealed the date for the incident. This could link back to the original FredBears Family diner, and how it could have been shut down for good.]

You'll find me there.
Everyone. All My watchers all my friends I wanted to tell you I am sorry for everything I am sorry for the attention seeker I have become.. .. I hope all of you can forgive me.. and I promise to stop seeking attention all the time... will do is make me lose friends and trouble
I remember trying to upload something on the computer but no matter what tag I used it wouldn't work....
I was searching up BEN Drowned on Google, and it just took me straight to YouTube, BEN Drowned Facts and Theories on full screen mode. I couldn't turn of my Android Tablet, or pause the video. I tried swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
It worked.
I clicked the Exit Page button. It let me.
I tried swiping up to get rid of it.
It wouldn't let me.
I tried turning off my Tablet.
No hope.
It was about a week ago that this started up, and we took it back into Sears. They said have you tried shutting it down.
My answer, yes. It won't work.
They suggested erasing the history from my Tablet. I tried it.
Still, no hope.

This issue still goes on.

Every once and a while, when I want to go onto Google, the only things I can search up are BEN Drowned and YouTube.
So, what do you guys think?
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