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I was looking at Ubisofts YouTube channel and guess what I saw, a new Rayman game for smart-phones, it's named Rayman Adventures, you can go check out the reveal trailer on Ubisofts YouTube channel! ;)
Dear Deviantart,
I have a huge problem with managing my group and how many people join. There's a problem happening in the manage members section where in the 'Join Request', the options button on managing the join requests from other deviantartists like me, it won't scoll down like it usually does. If you would fix it, it would be my honor.

A.K.A. The founder of the Deviantart Mental Disorder Society
Dear Journal,
                   I usally think of how i miss X-Ask-Bramblestar-X i really hope he found a mate. or he won't move on and will be lonely forever =*-*=
Taking drawing request!
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