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[Free Realms] The Day I Found Out

Journal Entry: Sat May 23, 2015, 1:48 PM
Q~Q So . . .
I Found Out . . .
R.I.P To My Childhood . . .
What's Life Now.

Dude. Free Realms Was My Other Life! It Was The Only MMO,
As You Would Say, That You Could Go Anywhere You Would Like,Do Anything You Want,Was Mixture of Social And Battle.We All Loved It!I Understand That The People Who Played It Dropped But There Was People That Was Happy About Free Realms.People Actually Cried Cause There Was No More Free Realms!I Feel Really Bad Cause I Really Wanted To Play Free Realms Today. I Didn't Even Get The Chance To Say Goodbye!

I'm Sorry -Cries- I'll Have To Finish This Later Man -Runs out The Room-

  • Mood: Rejected
  • Playing: R.I.P Free Realms
  • Eating: Ice Cream Q~Q
  • Drinking: Beer (Jk!)
Hey guys! Just to let you know we now have a new dream selfy blog on tumbler, and I hope you guys can follow it and submit dream selfies on there as well. The link is at the bottom.

Just a reminder to all members please feel free to submit some dream selfies into our group and comment some suggestions of how to make this group grow like starting some events, adoptions, contest, etc.

Thanks for reading this and hope you guys have a great day and come talk to me if you have any new ideas for our group.

Tumbler Link:
Sorry about the posting problems.


Contributors posting problems. If you are a Contributor, you may post in the Featured section now.
My prediction is that sometimes when you flip down the camera in FNAF4(If there is Cameras). I think that sometimes the office will change from the office you were in to a office from a previous location if this happens flip your camera up and it will snap you out of it. but if u stay in that office without pulling up your camera too long a hallucination of a animatronic from that restaurant will jumpscare you and you will have a heart attack and die. also another mechanic idea I have in mind is on the animatronics there is lil animatronics(like we see in teasers). there is a button on the camera system called detach. When you see a animatronic on a cam close to you click the button it will detach a little animatronic on there bodies and make them malfunction. But the problem is that there will be more animatronics coming after you. To defend your self there is a fire alarm on the left side of the office where the door is if you see any animatronic there click it and a sprinkler will go off and the animatronic will malfunction. On the right side of the office is the camera. There is also a ceiling vent above you check it often. if this happenes you can turn ventilation off. It will make the animatronic overheat and go away but it will also make you hallucinate more. But there is a limited amount of water use it wisely every night. Tell me what you think about my ideas <3.  
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