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Err..... Core?

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 7:06 PM
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*sarcastically claps* Congrats Deviantart, you've created social media hunger games..... with no actual games, just a bunch of angry people trashing higher ups.

For those who don't know, DA has "updated" premium memberships to this thing called a "core membership." Upon examining it, I discovered there are really only two major differences between this and premium member ships.

1. The Overall Appearance

Aside from the the name change, deviantart has changed the logo of the premium members. It used to be a simple star at the end of your username. This star was deviantarts' traditional green color, and the star was average size. I thought this star was simple and pretty nice. It made my username look very pretty.
When I got on the site today, however, I was faced with a bright orange star. What the heck? It completely contrasts with deviantart green and honestly, I think it's pretty ugly. I used to like showing my username with it's premium star. Now, it makes my username (along with many others) look a lot less attractive.
The old logo was perfectly fine. Give the membership a name change. I'm cool with that. Make everyone with the membership's username look ugly. That's stupid.

2. The Price

Look deviantart. I'm not popular with commissions. The few points I have were from gifts and daHub, which I've only used twice.
The only reason I got this membership was because instead of using my grade card money on a laptop which could make my art a lot easier, I used it on this. I didn't get a laptop, for this membership. I delayed a lot of beneifits, for this crap.
There are some people like me, who don't get a lot of commissions and can't afford the membership. Do you know what DA does with some of your commission money? They take some for themselves. All they care about is the money. I don't know what to say, but this is pretty dumb

A few more words


Telling the staff they are idiots and giving them a bunch of hate is unnecessary and cruel. That's bullying. Instead, sign this petition here:…

Also, deactivating your account over a logo is just plain idiotic. You lose all your art, watchers, comments, etc. Do you think the staff even cares?

My opinion on "core" membership:
We would all be better just switching back to premium

Others journals about the issue:

Core (Update)Okay XD Well I bet everyone will read this wrong so I'll update it with this right here so please don't get anything too out of portion... Okay so this is more for the outrageous money increases and the art thief stuff... who cares about the ugly glitchy as fuck logos... we'll get used to them like always XD Also I'm pretty pissed about the "no notice" part... they didn't even have the decency to tell us first or when thy updated... Also this COULD be a hack or even an update mistake (something in development that got posted on accident considering no notice). But I really don't understand why everyone in this world has to be money hungry? Why can't we just not have it and just trade things for the stuff we need...
DA ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS ABOUT THIS!!! No notice, no nothing, just BAM! You give us the most HUMILIATING UPDATE IN THE HISTORY OF DA!!! (as of the time I've know it for... other than the "Socializing DA" Stuff)
Okay so over night they decided to up prices $20... YOU'R

This is an outrageous!DeviantArt has gotten an update! But not a good one!
Deviantart today has gotten a update today but not a good one! We now have a new feature called "Core"
About Core:Core is a newly updated version of the "Premium" membership with a new icon plus a horrible new color that doesn't go well with DA's main color scheme.This update also DOUBLE the price of Premium memberships making it MORE expensive and harder to get for people that earn money off here to get premium! We still get the features like the old premium membership just more expensive with a new icon and color.
This is a rip off on people who work hard to make points to get this! There is nothing truly "special" about this Core update other than money increase for DA! They already deduct money from commissions you make but now they want more money for premium memberships and this WILL NOT settle! Let your opinion be heard by DA! Let

if you're serious about boycotting, read this.EDIT2: at the end of the journal i explained why this is such an issue. it has nothing to do with the new logo design or name change. 
EDIT: en español. gracias jongninix !!!

some of you just think not buying a membership will be enough. it's not. premum membership is insignificant when compared to the other ways this site makes money, just boycotting the membership will not be enough.
Ryan Ford, staff member on deviantart, explains how the site makes its money.
"Having worked there, its top-line item is advertising. Things like banner ads make the majority of the cash since the page impression count is so high. Contests and other "branded integrations" do make a lot, too, because the community is so niche and focused. Other items they sell, like premium memberships, products, llama badges, etc, are practically insignificant by comparison. If you want to


don't buy premium and #boycottcorememberships
don't buy premium
don't buy premium
don't buy premium
The new symbols are the least of my concerns, tbh.
But now i can't afford premium after putting hours of effort, and love into coding my page.
Deviantart is leeching money from hard working artists and no one is doing anything about it, if you don't buy the now 50$ premium memberships things may go back to the way they were !!!
If you can't afford premium you will lose MORE than just your page coding, this is important for the deviantart community
there's a petition to stop CORE ! sign and spread if you can
this journal also may be helpful for you !! 

Some important links can be found here
If you know any similar links that aren't on the poll or other links section, please tell me in the comments!
Other links:

Haha see what a did there? Don't be a "Core"? :P Most of this is ACTUAL WORDING.

Learn About Core!:

Become a Core Member!

In return, you receive special recognition within the community (shouldn't I already have that? For my SKILL and not the lil orange thing next to me name?), privileges that improve and enhance your experience on DeviantArt (uh huh. Basically I get to "stand out" and not be one of the sheep, right?), and you earn the thanks, respect, and love of the greatest arts community on the face of our planet Earth. (I DESERVE THAT ANYWAY!!)

How insulting is this?!

And then you have...


Build the future of DeviantArt with the thanks of the community(I'm already the future!):
Core? Yes, Free? No

No Advertising as you use DeviantArt(Can you say adblock?):
Core? Yes, Free? No

The (Special) Symbol next to your username:
Core? Yes, Free? No

Option to change your username (Why I gotta be a Core?):
Core? Yes, Free? No

Discounts on all Prints purchases (so we don't get paid a much):
Core? Yes, Free? No

Option to Beta-test new site features (even though the WHOLE COMMUNITY should have a word on new features):
Core? Yes, Free? No

Option to set your own prices on Prints (so you can make as much as you want! Get rich!):
Core? Yes, Free? No

Final Word:
If you aren't "hardCORE" you aren't special or significant enough to be recognized within the community. Period.

Um. I've been here for almost 10 years... and I have never felt so low or less of a deviant in my time here. I'm ashamed...

spyed please don't let this kill our home!
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I know everyone else has had their issues with certain changes taking place here over the past couple years, and for the most part I have been either supportive or, at the very least, moderately accepting of DeviantArt's changes. Having been a member through various accounts for over a decade, I have seen this site come a long way since its days of inception and early popularity, and oftentimes I was excited to watch the site grow and evolve into a popular powerhouse and my central internet stomping grounds.

Now it is my turn to climb up on that soapbox with everyone else and give a raging "LEARN TO CUT THIS SHIT OUT DA."

The first big change that churned my stomach contents was definitely the change in art theft policy (colloquially considered as "DA's Pro-Art-Theft Change-About). Despite all the jargon DA admins laid out in near-poetic condescension, the message was pretty clear: DA was not going to take steps to protect your art. I know previously moderators and administrators were likely flooded with reports of "Permission Issues" and "Observed Art Theft" from both the offended artist and from the artist's watchers and supporters, and I cam sympathize with that to an extent. It cannot be any small or easy task to try and protect the content of millions and millions of users, particularly when some users would argue back and forth over the legitimacy of certain 'look-alike' art pieces. But that is the responsibility of a site that looks to attract those millions and millions of users and encourages them to not only share, but sell their works.

A particular example that stands out in my head was when the beautiful piece Adventure Time! was taken by another user who blatantly (and poorly) erased the original artists' watermark, replaced it with his or her own, and then tried to sell the piece and make a profit. It took months and months before administrators finally took any steps against the art theft, and the original artist had taken to watchers and fellow supporters to also report the occurrence and make other users who were supporting the stolen work aware of what had actually happened. There were other instances over the years I observed in which fellow users would watch out for their favorite artists and take steps to alert the artist and DA's admins over art theft concerns. This system of support may have been slow-going, but it allowed both artists and watchers to try and take action or have some feeling of control when another user took advantage of someone else's hard work and effort. I had hoped DA would refine their system in order to better protect the works of their devoted members...but instead DA took the exact opposite route. They took the route of a hands-off approach, which in the real world would have equated to "If you observe a crime, instead of reporting it to the police, we want you to walk up to the criminal and hand them the rule book while we sit by and do nothing about it because we're too busy and don't trust you guys to understand what you're really talking about."

Now the issue of the "core membership" has occurred, and now I am joining with the throes of other users who really are not sitting too keenly with that change there. Luckily I repurchased a year's Premium Membership only a month earlier back when the prices were the same as they had been, so I narrowly dodged DA's newest shitty shift. The Core membership is simply a Premium membership with a semantic alteration and a heavier price, yet has no added perks or new gimmicks to make charging more even an arguably reasonable move on their part. This change riding in on the aftermath of DA announcing they will not take active steps to protect a user's art seems like a cheeky slap in the face. Where else would the selling pitch of "Come live under our bridge in the projects where we won't offer you much protection from the natural inclement weather of the internet or the sticky-fingered habits of the kleptomaniac, but your rent will be even more expensive than before!" really work out?

It is not working for me, and from what I already have been hearing today, it is not working for a lot of other users either.

I hope DA does some reflecting and a quick about-face with these decisions or I, too, will be following some of my favorite artists out the door. Weasyl is beginning to feel more and more enticing.
It looks like JW:TG has been updated with many new things for example 3 new dinosaurs (1 Legendary and 2 Rares!) and now you can level up to level 55!
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"FRIENDS will help you move. REAL FRIENDS help you move bodies!!!"

Gotten from: :iconhoneycravingsquid:

DARK SOULS 3  by DesertFoxZalem5
Hello! I want to know: Why did you join this group??? (helpdeviantart)
what are you hoping to see?
what are you hoping to do?
what are some issues you want us to notice and write about?

please let us know by joining my group and commenting bellow!!
I'm sorry, but I fucking think core membership is a bunch of fucking bull shit, I was close to having enough points to get premium membership when all of a sudden the price gets doubled. I'm fucking pissed, this stupid ass core membership is a fucking rip off. The person who came up with the idea for the core membership, this idea is the worst idea ever and thanks to this I am unable get special membership. Fuck this bull shit! I want the old pm back the old logo for pm. The core membership logo looks like complete shit and makes me cringe. #boycottcoremembership #fuckcoremembership #endcoremembership #STOPTHECORE 

Sign this petition to help get the old pm back-………………………
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woah bruh, this is a piss off

Mon Aug 3, 2015, 5:35 PM
someone SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO MAKE A "I DON'T SUPPORT CORE MEMBERSHIT" STAMP AND GET MORE NON-BELIEVERS UP IN HERE. it's a PAin to have to see a fucking sore-eYE logo with no real CReaTIVITY what-so-fucking-ever

green's nice greeN'S GUD, BUT oranGE, REally?

noT ONLY IS the color a fucking pAIN in the asS, the PRICES, BRUH, THE FUCKing PRices, YAh, really worth getting a membership for a fucking UGly logo and havE TO see ugly things ON OTHer users.


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Lately there has been a new change on Deviantart. Instead of having premium membership they changed it to core membership. This new membership has made me as well as everyone else feel angry and just disappointed. But I most of all am sad.

To know that you aren't a main or core part of the deviantart community really is depressing. Many of us love using this website and now that's it's been changed like just makes everything miserable or even doubt using this website anymore.

Almost doubling the prices for a deviantart membership makes it even more difficult for growing artist to achieve their goals and become one of the "core". I find it even more sad for the people who have been saving their points and were so close to getting premium but suddenly the prices were doubled so high.

In my opinion I don't feel there was any need to change the premium, it just changed the way the way a lot of people thought about deviantart. It's even more upsetting to see hardworking artists leave this website because of the core changes. What will be left of the deviantart community now?

I know I've rambled on about this but I just need to put down how I feel. I really doubt deviantart will change it back to premium, it seems that they're loosing money. In any case we should all just hope for the best. For I'm actually considering just posting my art elsewhere.

To support and help make a change sign this petition:…

Also visit this page and make it your icon:
Fight Core Membership Avatar by Troll-Overlord
Core Membership Sucks - by Kxnekitori