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52,194 Deviants Online if u want Thw game is Naruto
Joined the bandwagon and created an "About Me" page. Link is on my profile.
So FNAF World just recently got re-released on Gamejolt and will soon be on Steam for free. I've downloaded it off Gamejolt and the game has been heavily improved. One of the obvious things being is that the overworld screen has been transformed to a full 3D rendered world. I played the game on hard mode and it's actually easier than it was before, but that's a good thing because it took me 4 tries to get passed the Auto Chipper in the old version of FNAF World on hard mode. One of the coolest changes is that there's now a lens flare on the screen, so you can now see the reflection of the sun, and the snow in Dusty Fields looks like real snow. I'm very stunt by this new updated version of FNAF World and hopefully Scott Cawthon will add more features in the future, however, even though he said the game will be re-released on Steam, there hasn't been any info on the mobile version yet, people have been asking Scott about the mobile version of the game and he hasn't really responded, so people are now thinking the mobile version got cancelled or something, and that's a shame too can you imagine how fun it would it be to play FNAF World on your phone and you could bring it wherever you go?
Hey guys I'm markpedigo (megafan) I'm moving to my new account because I was going to be core member to change my username but I can't because I'm 17 years old I don't have no credit card or points just moving to my new account. My new username is Megafan in my new account.
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