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Spider-Man Unlimited
My Thoughts on the Game
By Duke Moon

There have only been three Spider-Man games that played in full.  The first one I remember is the side scrolling platform game Spider-Man VS Kingpin for the Sega-CD.  Second was Spider-Man for the PS1 and finally Spider-Man for the PS2, which is based on Sam Raimi’s first Spidey film.  Though there have been other Spider-Man games that I remember playing, the ones I remember here are the ones that I had the most fun playing.  I still have my copy of the PS1 game with me and I still play if from time to time (though the graphics have not aged well with this game).  I had fun playing these games because they were fun.

Before I get to my review on Spider-Man Unlimited, I want to explain a few things:

My Thoughts on Licensed Games

I hear a lot of horror stories on games based on any type of license.  From Superman 64 to stuff like Aquaman, these are games that, based on some of the videos I’ve seen, looked and played horrifically, like the parent company or the game designers didn’t really care to make this game and their goal was just to release it in time for the holidays or summer vacation or some junk.  An even sadder example is the glitch-fest of Sonic Boom, a game based on the animated TV series that was also based on Sega’s once proud mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog.  The way people speak of these games makes it look like all licensed games are just garbage that needs to be set on fire and at best, just lame.

On the other hand, like stated at the beginning, there are some licensed games that are fun to play.  Games like the first Ducktales (platformer) game for the NES or the Batman Returns (brawler) game for the SNES can be very fun to play.  The Batman-Arkham games have go on to critical acclaim as being the best Batman games of all time, with a few exceptions.  So not all licensed games are bad.

I’d be wary of licensed games that are released just in time for a movie premier, however.

My Thoughts on “Free” Games

Spider-Man Unlimited is one of those “free” games where you can download on your Iphone or Android device.  These time-wasters are only made to be played in short bursts but the catch is you would actually have to spend money to advance or to unlock any goodies.  I may sound like a bitter old man by saying this, but when did game companies get good at being such scam artists?  I remember a time when games came in full and you didn’t need to pay extra for more content because all the content you needed was right there.  Though console games have gotten in on the act by offering the player more downloadable content, the player doesn’t really need these downloads to complete the game, as far as I know (I may not be well informed on this).  Needless to say, I’m not really a fan of these types of games.

My Thoughts on Spider-Man in General

Spider-Man is one of my favorite comic book characters and continues to be to this day.  When I was younger, there used to be a few comic shops in my area where I frequently bought Spider-Man magazines and trade paperbacks.  Today, however, I have to drive for two hours or more if I want to go to the nearest comic shop or just try to find any Spidey books on the web.  Hell, I read the Spider-Man comic strip, which I didn’t know was still going (though the stories can be a bit bad, but I’ve seen worse).  Today I take to collecting Spider-Man toys and I can’t wait for the Spider-Gwen figure to come out.

While the above may sound all love and chocolates, I do have my issues (no pun intended) with Spider-Man.  After the Maximum Carnage storyline, I didn’t buy Spider-Man comics all that frequently.  Then came the Clone Saga and my God did they drag out that bullshit for a while.  The saga tried to replace Peter Parker with Ben Reilly, saying that Ben Reilly was the real Spider-Man and we’ve been reading about the clone all along.  The Clone Saga also had the death of May Parker, a story I fondly remember…which was undone soon after because of reasons.  Let’s just say that I didn’t feel like reading Spider-Man comics during and after the Clone Saga.  I still read the comics but not us much anymore.  From what I heard with the whole One More Day thing, picking up a copy of any Spider-Man mainstream comic will leave me feeling dirty no matter how good the story is.

Still, whenever I have time, I read some of the old stories in my collection and I search high and low for a shop that has any Spider-Girl comics.  I also look forward to more Spider-Gwen in the future.

My Thoughts on Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited is runner game, which is a pretty common genre in the mobile and console area of games.  In the game, you control Spider-Man as he runs a gauntlet that is filled with obstacles and enemies.  Along the way, you can collect vials and Iso-8’s, which can be used to purchase various types of Spider-Men (or women) with different stats.  You can also gain experience points so the Spider-Group can grow stronger.  You’ll have to remember that there is a level cap for each Spider-Men and you will have to rank up your Spider-Man with a duplicate.  XP becomes very important since you can’t enter certain levels unless you are at a level that matches or exceeds the requirements to play it.  An easier way to level-up is the Unlimited Mode where you can do some level grinding.  Here you can collect more vials to get more Spider-Men and possibly some Iso-8’s to buy more premium characters.  You can also expand your team with more vials.

Runner games are addicting as hell and Spider-Man Unlimited is no exception.  Unlimited Mode is very fun to play and its all about vial and XP collecting.  One unwritten rule that you should follow in unlimited mode is to never ever use continues since your only goal here is more points and more vials in a single run.  That and you waste Iso-8’s, which should go into buying more rare Spider-Men.  If anything, one can download this game for unlimited mode alone and have fun with that.  You also have five opportunities for points and vials and you have to wait some time to play again.  This game leaves coming back for more.

Remember when I said that you should never use continues in Unlimited Mode?  The same also applies in Story Mode too since continues cost Iso-8’s and every time you do continue, the price for each continue goes up and your initial batch of Iso-8’s could be gone in a single day.  Iso-8’s are very hard to come by in this game and even completing levels gives only a few of these things.  Yes, you can buy Iso-8’s with your money, but who the hell wants to do that?  This is why a lot a people don’t like these free games because, like the arcade games of old, are designed to take your money.  You can fight this by not spending your Iso-8’s and see you can land a very valuable Spider-Man later on.

Another issue I have with this game is the controls.  Call me old fashioned, but I prefer games with a control pad that has buttons.  Spider-Man Unlimited is a tablet game where you use the screen to control your character.  To avoid obstacles, you can slide from right to left and you can slide up to jump and slide down as well.  You can also slide up to attack enemies and use the slide to do the same.  These controls can be unresponsive at times and you find yourself starting the level all over again.  To me, it’s a bit of a minor issue but there are times when the game goes so fast that obstacles become harder to avoid.  There are times where you find yourself climbing or diving off a building and you have to tilt your device to avoid obstacles, which I can tell you I’m not a very big fan of.

The graphics are okay if a bit choppy (better than PS1 graphics anyway).  The characters are levels are done in such a way that it’s like your in comic itself and getting a new Spider-Man is always a treat.  Though there is a lot of palette swapping going around, especially with the bosses since each the Sinister Six looks exactly the same with a few exceptions.  There also times where I find myself having a sense of déjà-vu since I feel like playing the same level over and over again, which gets kind-off boring as time goes on.

I can only recommend this game as a time waster as Spider-Man Unlimited is a fun game to play.  In the end, the game is all about the high score and getting on the leader board.  It’s also fun collecting Spideys that have spanned characters 50+ year history.  Unfortunately, the game expects you to pay to keep playing, which is the norm for tablet games.  The game is addicting but I wouldn’t spend money on it.

Final Rating: 6/10, and that’s being generous.

¿Por qué escribo 0's y 1's (codigo binario)? Basicamente, decidi aprender por cuenta propia a escribir en binario y decidi mostrar lo que hasta ahora he aprendido, repito POR CUENTA PROPIA nadie me esta enseñando ni me enseño

¿Why I write 0 and 1 (binary code)? Simply, I want learn by my myself the binary code, and now I know the alphabet and the numbers, I repeat, BY MYSELF nobody is or was teach me. (PD: Sorry for my englishSweating a little...)

A: 01000001    a: 01100001

B: 01000010    b: 01100010 

C: 01000011    c: 01100011

D: 01000100    d: 01100100

E: 01000101    e: 01100101

F: 01000110    f: 01100110

G: 01000111    g: 01100111

H: 01001000    h: 01101000

I: 01001001    i: 01101001

J: 01001010    j: 01101010

K: 01001011    k: 01101011

L: 01001100    l: 01101100

M: 01001101    m: 01101101

N: 01001110    n: 01101110

O: 01001111    o: 01101111

P: 01010000    p: 01110000

Q: 01010001    q: 01110001

R: 01010010    r: 01110010

S: 01010011    s: 01110011

T: 01010100    t: 01110100

U: 01010101    u: 01110101

V: 01010110    v: 01110110

W: 01010111    w: 01110111

X: 01011000    x: 01111000

Y: 01011001    y: 01111001

Z: 01011010    z: 01111010

0: 00110000    1: 00110001

2: 00110010    3: 00110011

4: 00110100    5: 00110101

6: 00110110    7: 00110111

8: 00111000    9: 00111001
(espacio)--> <--(space): 00100000
So I finally got a hard drive for my Xbox 360 and it works wonders! I can finally play destiny, right? Wrong!
My Xbox can't read the disc even though it can read other game discs. And the disc isn't scratched in the least bit. What can I do? I really want to play it!
End of Results