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I has Skype none of u will get it >:3
Hi guys I have a youtube channel plz look at Google not youtube Name is ,,nyoko2.0 the wolf" and soory I not uplade Videos but I make play List with Videos from other See you on youtube
Hey guys i just want to tell you  guya that ill be doing art trades
The amount of oc's you draw for me ill draw for you unless im nice
I will do
Sonic oc
Creepypasta oc
Maybe hetalia oc

Will not do
Nude pictures

I will be
Outlining them
Coloring them
And if i  ave time ill digital it

Oc's that ill let you draw that belonges to me
Death Shadow (Creepypasta )
Metal Wings(Creepypasta )
Aria the hedgeCat (Sonic)
Ashley the hedgehog (Sonic )
James(Creepypasta )
Black Soul (Creepypasta )

Thank you  from Ariacandy2
Hello everyone! I am so excited!! In just a few weeks, my set of manga drawings pens are coming in from Ebay!! So from now on I will do all of my artwork with something new!! :3 And if anyone wants to but them, you can find really good deals for them on Ebay.…
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