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well things have really kicked off at home. or should i say what was my home. me and my partner of 7 years have split. so i am currently living between my dads and a friends places until i get sorted. so getting on the net is limited. to boot i have absolutely no drive to draw, write, colour or be creative in anyway due to the situation. between not knowing where im going from day to day, having no idea what to do with my life and missing my kids i have no drive to do anything really, so i can't say when i'll be doing anymore DBON. although i would like to do some. if i get in the mood hopefully doing it can get my mind of things. so it is still on the horizon, but don't be expecting too much
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ok dont worry i havnt fallen off the face off the earth, iv just had a fair few things on in life so havnt been able to get drawing etc as much as i'd like. but i will be posting the end of issue 7 of DBON within the next few days :D
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well issue 7 is finished leaving only one more issue to do. it'l be a little bit of a wait for issue 8 because i really want to make sure that i get the final issue perfect. from all the dialogue to every panel etc. but rest assured that it'l be a good end :) now im going to go rest after paintball yesterday...ow
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Well it appears my life is once in upheavel but this time its for the better. I have finally got my self a place after my break up from my ex and can stop staying at friends/family houses, and am moving in tommorrow yay. so thats the good news. bad news is i will be internetless for a couple of weeks while im getting it sorted and waiting for it to be connected. but i'll have lots of free time away from the eeeeeevil lure of the the internet to work on the final issue of DBON and some other DBONy related stuff. So hang in there a little longer and ill make sure its worth the wait :)
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Well after all the stuff going on in my life, i'd like to say i'v regained a bit of normality...but i'v not. But one thing i have regained is the use of my scanner. So now all that's left to do is get DBON scanned. So i will definatly have some pages up within the next 48 hours. The end of issue 6 is already inked and ready to go, once i grab it from my brothers house, with issue 7 penciled and ready to ink. So watch this space :D
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well i've just finished DBON issue 4 and i'm very happy with the series so far :) and the responce i'm getting from everyone. I really appreciate every watch, fav and comment be them good or bad :D (the bad ones give me drive to get the next page right)

onto the point, i have reached the half way mark for DBONi originally planned for it to only be 4 issues. but after a little padding out of the script it has doubled to 8 lol. so if you've enjoyed issues 1-4...then guess what, you've got just as much to look forward to :P

on the topic off issue 5, i have the 1st few pages done. but i'll post them tommorrow. i find i'm prefering to chuck a few pages up at once
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So i was planning on taking a bit of a break between issues but i figured bugger it :P got too many DBON idea's rolling around my head atm and not enough Ryak-Lo ideas so i figured i muscle on with DBON hehe. hope you all enjoy what's to come.
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ok so iv decided that iv rested enough and its time to start issue two of DBON. if you enjoyed isue one, stayed tuned, ill be doing my best to post at least one page a day, and maybe even a few days where i have my mad 4 or 5 page benders :D. ok here goes...
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ok so i've finished a bit of character art for my manga Ryak-Lo and now i think it's time to begin issue 3 of DBON. i'll be starting the 1st page tonight so hopefully have it up on DA within the next 24 hours :D

so all you fans can stop panicking about all my rubbish original stuff, the fan stuff is making a return lol
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bref , en ce moment , je pete un cable partout . j'en ai assé des cours , jai un mal de crane pas possible chaque soir a force d'entendre des cons a longueur de journée.
il neige chez moi quand je suis pas la , je revien ya plus rien ...
le stress et l'impatience de l'arrivé :iconblaxyd: qui va arriver dans 2 semaines.