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Because of a copyright strike, I gotta do these in parts. Hopefully it doesn't go into three with the last part having like only the top 5. But when the strikes are gone, I'm going to put all of the pieces together. :/ In the meantime, you get to enjoy the first... half? early.

Holiday Giveaway

Thu Oct 30, 2014, 9:53 PM

Hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. So, just in time for the holiday season I'll be having another giveaway. This one will be lasting a bit longer than the others I have done.

Bullet; BlueFirst Place:  12-month Premium Membership
Bullet; PurpleSecond Place:  3-month Premium Membership
Bullet; Red Third Place:  1-month Premium Membership
Bullet; YellowFourth Place:  250 Points
Bullet; GreenFifth Place:  200 Points

Bullet; OrangePlease note that substituting prizes (such as PM for points) is not permitted.

The Rules:

    :bulletwhite: Just favorite this journal because that's how I keep track of everyone who has entered.
:bulletwhite: Like last time, I would like the Deviants that enter to have been on this site for at least six months, are an active member, and have uploaded at least a few deviations. I don't want to give a PM to someone who won't use it or doesn't truly deserve it. You can still enter if you've been here for less than six months but you will be ineligible for the first or second place prizes.
And please don't give me one of those *coughs bogus coughs* stories that you had an account but deleted it yesterday and just miraculously decided to rejoin today. Yeah it's not happening folks. Do I look stupid to you?
~No plz, alternate, or double accounts! Police

Like last time you do NOT need to watch me. I do like llamas though. So if you get a chance llama me and I'll llama you back. You do NOT have to llama me to get a place for the giveaway. I just want that to be clear. Also you do NOT need to make a journal about this giveaway either.

The deadline will be December 25, 2014 at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time U.S. and I will be choosing the winner the following day using

Good Luck Everyone! Hi!

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited

Princess Celestia Pattern - done (pic warning)

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 11:55 PM
No critiquing this time guys, she's all done! :iconspikederpplz:

Finished her pattern today. This is version 2 (you can see vo1 in the bg). Was allot easier making this pattern with Luna's to base it off. 

SO happy I took the time to make her her own pattern. (I can also use it to make Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity etc :D)

Can't wait to start on the final version now. (also gunna try out some 3d lashes for her)

(note: ears are just placeholders, not the final 3d/good looking ears)

20141031 160637 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160557 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160602 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160723 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160736 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160544 by Nazegoreng

20141031 160550 by Nazegoreng

Tia Overlay by Nazegoreng

Also 3d lash test!

20141031 181649 by Nazegoreng

20141031 181652 by Nazegoreng

20141031 181656 by Nazegoreng

This CANNOT go unnoticed. 

Great job :iconjoeadok:, I'd love to see an episode of the Super Detective Team in action. Imagine the blend of mystery, comedy, and action you can get out of it. Japanese voices with English sub please! 

Hi Guys, here is my latest video in case you missed it, talking about a topic overlooked by too many!

Hope you like it!

And here is the trailer for our latest tutorial on

Welcome to the last journal for the give away for these lovely three cinnadogs that I revoked a few weeks ago, it took a while to redesign them and here they are
the following cinnadogs that were redesigned in order; the first one is made myself, the second is by corginator and the last one is by fus-ro-damn

The following people that are hosting this event are; Umv and fus-ro-damn


they are all lovely cinnadogs aren't they ;w;!! i am super tempted to keep mine (#1), if you saw the sneak peak then here they are!
you know the rules to my giveaways then move along! You don't? well read beloooow~!
That is right just comment below and you might be a lucky winner to win the fine cinnadogs you are wanting <33
What's that? you want one of the cinnadogs but to busy to to comment? well this event only ends on November 1st or the thirty-first of October so comment now!

Rules,  please read!
+ You are not allowed to SELL or TRADE these cinnadogs whatsoever! no excuses!
- these were given to you! do not PROFIT off of them, even if they have art
+ You may not edit the design without asking, but you may however add or remove accessories
+ we have full right to take the cinnadog off your hands if you do not follow any of these rules

++ Once picked i will note you the full size of #2 and #3 uvu


Theme to the cinnadogs;
1. Fallen Apple Autumn Wedding Cake;
- Extended Curly long hair
- Fixed ears
- Normal tail with more fur
2. Shark (Attack) Cupcake; (tryed my best finding one)
- Standard hairstyle
- Standard ears (folded) with bits in it
- Normal fin tail
3. Orca Ocean Cake;
- Poofy mohawk
- Fixed ears
- Normal fin tail

NOTE; If you never had a cinnadog or show a REASON why you want this cinnadog (or both, or none uvu) it will be a up at me picking you uvu
- i want a real reason not "i will give it a wonderful home, etc"

--- clearing this up since a lot of people misunderstood, anyone can enter but i will be mostly looking at people who never had a cinnadog, or reasons why they want it uvu -  umv

Thank you for reading and good luck! - UMV
Hi guys ! This is my 3rd monthly raffle :D and will be just like the one on december.
The only think that you have to do to enter is :

 Bullet; Green Be a watcher ! 
    Bullet; Green Fave this journal ! 

Winners will be able to choose between a chibi / icon or bust. Samples here :
[Com] Lisbeth - Juuri-no-sekai by Nelliette[Raffle] Aurania - FaunaV by NellietteMadoka - F2U by NellietteIcon commissions batch 1 by NellietteBust practice by Nelliette

Raffle will be open from today to 20 of november (more or less), when I'll choose 2 winners with I won't be answering comments here unless there is any question, but I appreciate and read them, for sure <3 

Winners of the last raffle here -> .: 2 :. - October Raffle [CLOSED]Hi guys ! This is my secon monthly raffle :D and will be just like the one on november.
The only think that you have to do to enter is :
 Bullet; Green Be a watcher ! 
    Bullet; Green Fave this journal ! 
Winners will be able to choose between a chibi / icon or bust. Samples here :

Raffle will be open from today to 20 of october, when I'll choose 2 winners with I won't be answering comments here unless there is any question, but I appreciate and read them, for sure <3 
For those who are waiting for commissions, I've almost finished all the comm but want to upload them toghether so wait a bit more please c: 

Happy Halloween!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 4:00 AM
 хэллоуина by Kate-FoX
Happy Halloween my little frends ;)


Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 2:35 AM

Growing up was a bit of a depressing story in my case. We moved a lot, far too much for a kid that needed education. So in the end I spent quite a few years in the care of people who cared little.

I learned a few things there that still haunt me. Like that there are no personal belongings. Anything physical, anything that had some kind of form you can grasp, can be taken away. And will be taken away. All it needed was a neighbor kid who pointed at one of my toys, telling my aunt it's theirs. And then it was theirs.

So, I learned early not to cling to materialistic possessions.

Years after having been able to leave that place, I still think the same way. Some patterns can't be deleted once they are not needed anymore. There are not many things in my home I couldn't replace easily. Some items would be missed more, some less. But all can be replaced without getting more of a reaction out of me but a "eh, happens."

Just not my ideas. The world in my head is mine and mine alone.

I said in an earlier journal that I love it when people copy my drawings. That is still true. I love it when I see how people copy what I draw - to draw it too, to learn from it, because they loved the pose, the colouring, whatever the reason might be. All it needs is a small note that they copied it from my works and I'm ok with it.

Heck, I'm even ok with it when there is no note that it's mine.

But when someone traces my works and then uploads them, claiming the creature to be "my very first totally self-created and very personal OC" (I really wish I was kidding, but those were the exact words, just in German and not English), even asking others for fanart, that's the moment the little kid in me realizes that there is someone walking through its world, taking what is not meant to be taken by strangers.

And the moment I read the part, where someone asked if they can have the OC and the reply was "Nope, he's mine, but you can draw him, if you want to!".

That was the moment I literally snapped.

I would like to be a person who can just shrug such things off. I would like to be balanced and calm. I would like to be able to see such things as "just Internet".

But I'm not. And I can't. I'm not nice enough. I was raised that way and I developed a mean streak.

Especially - as it turns out later - since that kid actually apologizes for watermarking the traced works of other artists and mine. Reason: she does not want people to print it out like that without her getting paid.

At this point I had to leave the computer, before I had one screen less in my household and a reason to see an emergency room (never punch glass, seriously stupid idea, I can tell you that).

It's hard to believe in people when they do such things.

That would normally be the point where artists swear to use big watermarks or even delete their works from the net.

But... that is not the full story. By the time I got myself calmed down enough to go back to that page, others had found it too. And were defending my drawings. Complete strangers, who stood up for my works, linking original sources and telling the kid off.

I never had strangers fight for me. That completely took me by surprise. Not in a negative way, mind you.

While the encounter with the thief was nasty, the encounter with the people who cared for my drawings confirmed again one thing: People can be awesome. And for every asshole out there, you can find ten or even more people who are fantastic, brilliant and wonderful beings (that sounds so very Doctor Who...).

So, of course I will keep drawing and posting it on the internet. And of course I will keep using minimal watermarks. I don't see why I should punish all those awesome people, because one single person is a jackass.

I only regret that I will never be able to put into words what it means to me, that someone, I never met, stands before something that belongs to me and defends it. For me. That really makes a lot of the things in the past better now. :) Thank you, all the awesome people on the Internet.

Sadly, the story did not end here either. The gal just deactivated her page without a word in my direction or even taking down the other copied works from her personal FB-Profile. We'll keep watching her, no worries. :)

  • Mood: Irritated
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The last thing I want to do is get serious just before the big happy Halloween Stream journal but here goes; 

I thought I should say this considering several interactions I've had over the past couple of weeks, so consider this to be just a little a tip.

Don't shit on people's prices. Don't shit on people for pricing things at a certain amount, don't roll your eyes and sigh because a myo slot is higher than twenty bucks. You know what you should do if you don't like it?
  • don't buy one
  • there's literally no step two just don't buy one and move on with your life
It's at a point where I'm seeing more and more artists being talked down to or snarked or looked down on just because they have a higher price on their designs or the ability to make one of their species. If someone's going to buy, they'll buy. You don't have to. You are not required to. 

Another thing: Maybe an artist is putting out designs or myos to go towards buying another design. That's their own business and isn't yours. Maybe they're treating themselves after a bad day, or maybe they just successfully paid off some bills (like me!!) and think they deserve to put aside a bit of money for a design. And you know what that's totally fine? So what if they're not furiously stockpiling everything away because they're in some dire situation at this current point in time - YOU don't know their situation, and they're not required to tell you. YOU don't have to get annoyed because of their decisions because they do not impact you or your life in any way whatsoever.

I'm really, really tired of seeing other artists get picked on for their prices. Already I see so many people underpricing their work because they're afraid of getting attacked by other people because, like it or not, art is seen as a lesser job. That's an unfortunate fact. And I'll be frank - I would LOVE to charge $50 for a common garrox I honest to god would, but frankly I'm too much of a wuss to deal with exactly what I've pointed out here. 

So from one really frustrated artist to a huge spectrum of other artists; Please be quiet. Let people do what they want. It isn't your problem in the slightest. Thanks.