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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 2, 2015, 6:46 AM
FREE ICON - BalloonDogPlz by Crazdude


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 2, 2015, 10:13 AM

1,000 :points: this time

So, one(1) deviant shall win 1,000 :points:



1. Favorite this deviation; since I'll be using  random number generator, I need people to favorite it to enter. (You DO NOT need to tell me you faved, it shows up in my messages, trust me on this XD)

2. Comment with a random fact :dummy:

3. O P T I O N A L: Advertise this giveaway.

4.NO DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS. It is rude and unfair to other entrants.

Did you read all the rules? If not, go read them!

This giveaway ends on March 9th, at 5:00 PM MOUNTAIN time. No entries after this time will be accepted. I will then use a random number generator to pick the winner.

I reached 1500 watchers and 50 000 pageviews recently. You guys can't even imagine how happy this makes me, I love you all so much!!!:love: 
To give back to the community that has given me so much, I have decided to hold a giveaway!

How to enter:

1. Favourite this journal
2. Be a watcher. New watchers can enter too.*
3. Share this journal by linking it in a journal or poll of your own.
4. Comment here with a link to where you shared the journal.

*if you unwatch me when the raffle is over, you will be disqualified from future raffles. Only watch me if you like my stuff, please. :heart:

The deadline to enter will be April 1st.

Star Gold Star  Keep it magical!  Star Star Gold 
Thumbs Up Doodle 200px by Lily-Draws

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Raffle Time! | OPEN

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 2, 2015, 2:28 PM
Digital Artist

CSS Skin

I'm going to hold another raffle 8D
You'll be getting an icon like this: I: Skylar by xiuemiG: AiriDumplings by xiuemiCries Rlly Hard by xiuemi

1. Be a watcher (New ones are ok!)
2. Fave this journal for your number.
3. Make a journal or poll advertising this raffle.
4. Link back to the comments with your advertisement and full body, coloured reference

If not all conditions are met, I will hide your comment.

This raffle will end in 48 hours, and the winner will be determined using
Good luck!

Oops. Write your signature, Please!

Awesome Creeps Animation!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 9:57 PM

Made by my friend :iconsamuel-kingsley:

CSS and background by derelictvampire
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March's 300 Point Giveaway Raffle!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 2, 2015, 2:24 PM

Welcome to the second 300:points: giveaway raffle! 

How To Enter
Bullet; Green Favorite this journal and leave a comment, that's it! You don't have to be a watcher. In fact I would prefer if you didn't watch me for my giveaways, just my art. 

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

For Extra Entries You Can......
Bullet; Green Donate 20+Points All points donated will go towards the next giveaway!  (extra numbers+ a feature on this journal) 
Bullet; Green Make a journal (or poll) advertising this giveaway and link it back here with your initial comment.  (2 extra numbers)

   How the Winner Will Be Decided:
Bullet; Green When you comment you'll be given a number(s), and I will enter all those numbers into to select three winners at random.
Bullet; Red Please don't enter from multiple accounts, just enter once. 

Ends March 30th

 onion dance 

Summer Evening by LifeIsToBeHappy
Cheetah by LifeIsToBeHappyWhat You Looking At? by LifeIsToBeHappyMale Peacock 1 by LifeIsToBeHappyWestern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly 2 by LifeIsToBeHappyGarden of the Gods by LifeIsToBeHappyLittle Moth by LifeIsToBeHappy

Skin by SimplySilent

:iconsaniika: Hi all!

I am currently for several years now a freelancer earning my living with commissions and other side projects. Throughout the years I have made quite a bit of discoveries, tested what works for me or not and here is the compiled result on how to improve and make it easier for you to work on commissions. Some things might work for you better than others, but that's the trick - figuring it out on your own and finding whats the top for you.

Minitiny Sanii by saniika Tip 1 - Create template responses

Message by saniika

This is mostly helpful for saving up time. When I started I typed everything manually over and over again, however as my business picked up and I got more busy, templates helped me a lot. Templates shrink the time spent on correspondence. When you are doing everything on your own and don't have a secretary to take care of it, pre-typed text save time and hassle. For example you won't make a mistake with a link you use frequently or wont get your payment information wrong.

Be sure to check them out periodically and fix any updates - outdated information will again create more work for you and swallow more time than the saved one.

Minitiny Sanii by saniika Tip 2 - Keep records of your work

Excel by saniika

What I mean by this in particular are spreadsheets. You can use various programs, I personally use excel. Columns help me keep track of who ordered what, when, for how much and so on.
It is important to see numbers for each month, since it gives you sense of what you are earning and will make you motivated to keep at what you do or even push you to do more when you're not as successful.

Minitiny Sanii by saniika Tip 3 - Public worklist

Having a list of workload, compiled and clear for everyone to see does several things for you. By linking clients to it you save up time on updating them manually and personally, you give them  free way of checking needed information on progress any time they want. You will answer questions of course, but it gives a big peace of mind to both clients and you.
Second major appeal - it speaks about your credibility too, anyone can see how much work you have and how fast you get along with it. Seeing aids believing better than talk.

Minitiny Sanii by saniika Tip 4 - Private worklist

Notes by saniika
Real Notes by saniika

Yep. Private as in worklist in your private possession! I have two - digital one and physical one. Both are displayed in my workspace at all times, since its handy and important to have it close during job, either when answering correspondence or drawing itself. A quick glance on your records or digging in emails, its quite clear which is better, right?

Having a physical worklist is not indicating one should stay in old fashioned non-digitized world, but you will be in situations when you don't have a way to access the digital one. Plus it gives the opportunity to physically allow you to make the satisfying notion when scratching a finished slot away. Your brain will remember it as a movement of progress too!

Minitiny Sanii by saniika Tip 5 - Back up information on alternative medias/places accessible online*

Help, deviantart or tumblr is down! How will people see my commission info??

You know what I mean? Upload your information on various sites or places like google drive so you can link people to it, when a place they frequent is down. You should use email as a contact so they can reach you, since that is rarely out of order as opposed to websites. That way client or anyone else can email you and you can give them needed info.

*This one is in progress for me atm, so I am tardy in this regard XD

Minitiny Sanii by saniika Tip 6 - Keep track of workflow

Email Theme by saniika

Its very easy to forget how much time passes when you are working. Extreme cases are when you forget to drink, eat and even bathroom breaks... There are many trick how to catch that, I just share few of my favorites.

I use a theme, which changes with time on gmail - a little fox goes on with its day just like I do with mine. That way I get visual input when morning passes to lunch and I know its time for a break for example. Using a timer is a way to get acoustic stimuli, for example a tune from your phone or even vibration from it can give you a hint. Though, if you simple postpone or ignore it, 5 minutes will become 10 and so on. Learn to comply with your reminders, work wont run away and you deserve a break just like any other human being.

tumblr myeenpKx3E1t7tim3o1 r1 500 by saniika

Minitiny Sanii by saniika Tip 7 - Motivate yourself with help of others

Wips by saniika

In the conservative sense people usually have coworkers and work in a building or offices, so they are naturally pushed to interact and therefor motivating each other to work. However if you work from home alone, its harder to be dutiful or be pushed to further limits. A great way how to overcome it is to share a studio with other artists if you have the funds for it. Leaving your home for studio gives a person the mental border between work and of work time.

When you do not have the means to rent a studio or visit one just like me, there is still a way how to help yourself. Look for colleagues online. Other artists just like you. Here on deviantart, tumblr or other sites its really easy to interact with them. You can use email to tell your friend how your workday is, what you drew and so on. Another way to aid that is posting wip work on sites as well. You can get instant feedback and motivation. Even better - inspiration or advices how to improve the work!

Minitiny Sanii by saniika Tip 8 - Look for way to make your work better

Read articles, ask artists, look up tutorials and try new things. Stay informed and be open to change. I participate actively in various commission groups or blogs, which helps me to know new information, legislative, even receive new contacts. That all takes you a long way! That being said - feel free to share tips and tricks you discovered or find useful, I am happy to know! What works for you?

:iconsaniika:Thanks for reading, here are other tutorials I made.
For commission you can check my information:

Big Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2] Promo corner MONEH
Original drawings for sale here.
Adoptables I made.


Also recommend this community:… - if you order artwork or accept commissions, this community helps to clear many questions and saves up lot of trouble keeping you wary.

TargetCommission status:Target OPEN
Commission info: HERE

Graphics & CSS by Metterschlingel | Image by saniika
Want your own? Click!
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I have a feeling FNaF3 is right around the corner. Don't ask me why, it's just a fangirl intuition. I can sense these things. (No joke, if I get a feeling and call it out then all of a sudden the next day there's a new teaser image.)

Anyways, here's my theories for FNaF 3. Finally got around to making a list.

First off, I wanna say something that I've seen NOBODY mention.

If you look at the picture of the office from the Steam Greenlight, you'll see that it's a nice, HQ shot of the office. Nice, eh? We'll be seeing this a lot soon.

Office 1 by Koili

But yet, if you look at the shot from the trailer?

Office 2 by Koili

There's something up by the light.

Now, the reason why we probably can't see it in the Steam shot MAY be because the picture is cut off around that area. But if you ask me, it looks a bit Puppet (torso) shaped.

But then again, it could be a jumble of wires. (I brightened it, and it looks like it has prongs. Probably just wires.)


0: The original 'teaser' animatronic and Springtrap are completely different animatronics. (The one everybody will disprove me on)
yo what by Koili They look a bit different. But then again, it could just be an early design for him. Since. 'Ya know. Development.

I'm just wondering why it looks like the first teaser dude has whisker spots, though. And a black nose.

1: Springtrap could actually be the name of the Puppet.
This was actually my first thought when the name was announced. Who knows? But, after everything so far, I highly doubt it.

2: The box of "old parts" aren't the REAL toy parts.
Only the toy parts, that is. This could explain why B.B. is lacking his hat, and why Toy Chica's beak seems to be attached to her face. Also, they seem a bit small. Look at them in the office, they're smaller than the fan/around the same size. They were MUCH larger in FNaF 2.

3: This 'new' B.B. is actually only one of many.
And by many, I mean one of the rest of the original Toy animatronics. Why would B.B. be the only one left of them, especially after we've seen ORIGINAL LOOKING head in the box? This could be withered B.B., which means that there could be other withered Toys. (I think 'new' B.B. looks a bit like wood, to be honest!) Withered Toy Freddy and Puppet would be terrifying.

4: The "empty" original animatronics can still move. the faces of meth by Koili
Everybody is convinced that the Freddy you see in the doorway is stationed there as a prop, and that the others look 'empty' as well. (Chica and Bonnie).
Knowing Scott and FNaF, this could be unlikely. I have a feeling these guys will move at one point or another. *Shudder*

"Where's your evidence?", you say? This. get out of the shadows u bitch i cant see uf uck by Koili

This fellow is missing his...erh, everything. Well, everything below his belly. Just like the Freddy seen above. The only other explanation I could think of would be that it's actually Bonnie, and he's being used as a lamp. It's not the Foxy lamp, either. These guys are on two different cameras, and lamps can't move.


People are STILL TELLING ME that there's only one animatronic to the game. Just because the ""attraction now has one animatronic"" doesn't mean that there's only one IN THE GAME. I've been telling you guys this since the launch of the trailer. And by the looks of it, we're in for more lovely friends. Even after all of this, people are still convinced there's only one (Springtrap). Oy.

6: Springtrap isn't "real" the star of the game.
Even though the (presumable) icon for the game is Springtrap, it may not be fully about him. Both the FNaF and FNaF 2 trailers were centered around Bonnie, remember? But still, the game could be focused on something else.

7: There could be golden versions of all of the characters.
I'm getting out of hand. Ignore me, this just links with theory 0.

8: The vents are actually vents and passageways.
Hence "ventilation". Also could link to the toxic meter. And animations move real-time through them, which you will see on the map.

9: The blue-tinted option button actually brings you to a second map.
(Seen on the previous picture of the other active animatronic.) This could lead to the 'vent cameras', and this would explain where 'Cam 15' is.

10: Springtrap's the ringleader of them all.