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I want to give back to all of you for being absolutely amazing!!

As I'm typing this, me and my girlfriend have finally gotten more than 4 hours of sleep,
Cali is peacefully in my lap and back to her usual self! Though her fever is still making her
a bit tired, she has her personality back, and she seems so much more comfortable. ♥

The love and support all of you send me when I'm having a rough time just blows me away,
so while I can't do something for every one of you, I'm going to try to give a little something back.



► read the rules thoroughly please!!!
► this is for current watchers only. every watcher before i posted this journal counts. do not watch me just to enter!
► this will end exactly a week from now, on AUGUST 5TH.
► there will be two separate giveaways, please read through everything to make sure you enter correctly!
► you may enter both giveaways!
► if for some reason you don't follow the rules, your comment will be hidden / you'll be disqualified!



All art will be done in basically whatever style I feel most comfortable at the time,
but each will be a fully colored and at LEAST lightly shaded piece!
sweet by hunniebuzz[c] owlity by hunniebuzzLani by hunniebuzz

► you MUST provide me with a CLEAR REFERENCE to your character once you've won! multiple references are preferred.
► please be patient! give me up to a month to complete your prize.
► i will not be doing humans/anthros at this time, i'm so sorry!
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!!



A giveaway for my watchers that DO NOT HAVE A PREMIUM ALREADY!
Two 3 Month premiums, and one 1 Year premium!

COMMENT TO ENTER, make sure to say you'd like to enter the Premium Giveaway!!
► you must NOT already have a premium to enter! 
► if your premium is ending within the week, you MAY enter!
► you may NOT decide between the 3 month or 1 year-- the first person randomly generated will get the 1 year!
► premiums will be sent the moment this giveaway ends.
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!


That's it! Chances are I've forgotten something so I may change this journal in a bit,
but everything is generally as it should be. Please make sure you've read everything through!

Finally, thank you all so much for just being here. Watching me and supporting my art
means the world to me and it keeps me going. I may have quit art by now if not for all
of you, but I've learned that it's truly a passion of mine over the past 2 years and I'm
excited to do it for the rest of my life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!
Here Tumblr!!…

After an accident, Donnie finds himself slowly losing his intelligence.


 Duh by Spyruto99


Gemigon Custom Raffle! [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 3:41 AM

Gay Royalty ♔

CSS Skin


This raffle is for everyone!
This custom can have any common to very rare traits.

How to Enter
1. Make a journal or poll with a link to this journal.
2. Comment below with a link to the journal.

End Date
July 31st

Gemigon July: Calendar by catdoq

believe in steven ☆

So I finaly reached 250 watchers <3 I know it can seem small to some but I think it's a start :3! We all start small and by drawing more progress more To shy to scream !

But to thanks those who watch me already now I want to do a free raffle~! With 2 prizes ^w^

Rules to enter:

There are two seperate type of entries, those who are already watching me, and the new watchers ^^ ( that means those who watch me AFTER I post this journal )

Please tell me in the comments which are you :3 ( And don't try to cheat )

Already watcher:
- Just fav this journal
- Leave a comment to let me know you participate ^^ You'll automaticaly have 2 entries!

New watcher:
- Become a watcher
- Fav this journal
- Post a comment that you are participation and you'll have 1 entry
- An extra entry if you make a pole/journal advertising this raffle ( must be a new one )

:star: revamp  PRIZES :star: revamp 

Pixel Rose 1rst Prize:   1 chibi + 1 heashot

Pixel Rose 2nd Prize:   1 chibi

Exemple of my art:

Chibi Celestia by Jutsika        Animated Yukio Chibi by Jutsika      YCH: Sky for LieutenantDorky by Jutsika

Bullet; Green What I can draw:
- Human/Kenomimi/Anthro ( not too difficult design )
- Female/Male/Traps

Bullet; Red What I can't draw:
- Furries / Mlp / Animals
- Muscular characters
- Too gory
- Hentai


Thanks for joining <333!

Scott is awesome!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 2:23 AM

Check out this message from Scott Cawthon, the maker of FNAF. I got this from :iconxxscarlopezxx:


Scott's Message:…

"Hi guys. First of all, I wanted to thank the community in general for the huge outpouring of support through emails and in the forums. I know a lot of you are concerned about me or think that I’m stressed out. It’s true that I’m stressed a little; but it’s ok because the result was good. I’ve worked very hard this year, almost non-stop, to produce good games for this series. Even though there may be some debate as to how “good” the games are, I did my best to provide some good scares and a good story. All I can do is judge from the Steam reviews that I’ve been mostly successful; so I’m very happy about that.

It’s true that there has been a lot of hate toward me lately; on the forums, on youtube, etc. And I’ll be honest, it’s difficult. It’s difficult when people seem to dislike you only because you’ve found success with something. I think some people have this idea that I spend my days swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck, cranking out games with no effort, then laughing all the way to the bank. The reality is quite different, and I think that people who hate on me for being successful are misguided. 

Did you know that last year I was working at Dollar General? I worked as a cashier. I had three bosses who were all still in high school. Before that I worked at Target in the backroom freezer, unloading frozen foods. I haven’t had a successful life; and now that God has blessed me with some success, I’m doing my best to be responsible with that success. I don’t party on weekends, I don’t get drunk or sip martinis. I spend my evenings playing Megaman 3, buster only, with my kids. And I try to good with what's been given to me.

I guess the reason I’m telling you all of this is to make sure you know that I’m human. I have a lot of flaws, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. My games aren’t perfect, and they never will be. But something more important that I want to convey to all of you, is that you should never listen to people who criticize success simply because it’s success. Being good at something is something to strive for, not something to demonize. Criticisms of my games are fine, and a lot of times the criticism is valid. But there are a lot of people out there who will hate anything that becomes popular, just because it’s popular, and hate anyone who becomes successful, just because they are successful. “Haters gonna hate.” –as they say, but I want you to know that focusing on someone else’s failure or success is the wrong way to live. People who make videos bashing other people are like people who run into a public square and scream into a pillow. They’ll get attention, but they won’t change anything. If you strive to be like them, then you’ll spend your life screaming into a pillow as well, and your life won’t mean anything.

The best emails I get are from people who have chosen to pursue game development because of the games that I’ve made, or people who have decided to do computer science, or learn programming. Who will be the next game designer? Who will make the next game for Markiplier to play? Make sure that it’s you! People who hate success will never be successful. Focus on your success, and your story. People always ask me what college I recommend, or what programs I recommend. My answer is to just go forward, practice. Just GET to college, study hard, be awesome at what you do. Make sure that you are next year’s big success story. Don’t fall into the pit of people who have given up on making something of themselves, and make sure you make EVERYTHING out of yourself.

I’m getting too old for this. And when I retire someday, I’m going to want to sit down at a computer and play YOUR games, read YOUR stories, and watch YOUR videos. Don’t fall in with the people who have already given up on themselves. You are tomorrow’s next big thing. :) (Smile)"

Yep next week on the 2nd I turn 22! ^^ Its my first birthday away from family but Its nice here in PA and my lovely lady Nicole AKA "Antique Calamity" will be making my birthday very special :) (were going to a theme park ^^)

Now a couple people have asked if and what they can do for me for my birthday. Honestly no one has to do anything, a simple birthday wish is more than enough. (I think a couple lil devils are drawing me things, I cant wait to see them! ^^)
But if you do have this mythical thing called money and feel you must get me something, heres my steam wishlist:…
(hey if MCP can do it so can I lol)

Now Im gonna be doing some stuff for YOU as well ;) 
A new Snuffcast is gonna be going up sometime next week and its a Q&A episode so all you Snuff, Plague Pasta, MBK, and/or David Near fans will be able to submit your questions and we might answer them on the show ^^ (more info on that later)
Also after a bit of a hiatus were getting back into the swing of making more Creeps pages (hopefully) More stuff from me coming soon! 

Anyways thanks so much for everything guys!

Stay creepy ;)
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OC Drawing Contest!

Wed Jul 29, 2015, 4:01 PM
Heyo guys and girls! I have two new twin OC's 
Dolton and Darlene

This is them
(Click the image for descriptions)

Dolton And Darlene Ref Sheet by drive-a-leaf


-You can change their clothes, just make them look like them
-Please make a journal or poll spreading the word, my contests never get that many entries ;-;
-You can draw them together or separate
-You can do as many entries as you want, but only one can win
-You have a better chance of winning if you read their descriptions and get creative
-Bases and references are allowed
-No WIP's but it can be a sketch as long as it doesn't look rushed
-You no not have to ask to join, just let me know you are

*You CAN donate prizes, and if you do you CAN still enter*


1st place:
1000:points: from me
A full body drawing of your choice (non fandom) by me

2nd place:
500:points: from me
A half body drawing of your choice (non fandom) by me

3rd place:
100:points: from me
A headshot drawing of your choice (non fandom) by me

Contest folder -…

Deadline - October 20th

Created at

Hello everyone!
I got to thinking the other day -admittedly, sometime around six in the morning- and I thought, Perhaps people would see the world a bit differently if they watched the sunrise. At least once. I mean, it's a beautiful thing! To see the sky illuminate with colors and bring life into a silent world, it's a wondrous thing to witness.
If you've already watched the sunrise, that's very good! I'm glad you had that experience!
But I'd like to spread around something different.
And as the title states, I'd like to start a challenge for everyone!

-Bela's Sleepless Challenge-

The first step to this challenge is to stay awake all night. Now, I'm sure many of you do this already (you rebels) but this is going to have a twist to it! You are not allowed to be on any type of social media. Example- Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, Kik, nothing!  I don't want you to be doing anything negative during this time.

During all of this time that you're awake, I want you to reflect upon yourself. POSITIVE THINGS! Think about how amazing it is that you've come so far in life. Whether you're Forty years of age or Five, you've struggled in some way, and yet you fought through it to become the person you are today! I know at some point you may have felt like giving up, but you didn't! And you're alive and well today, and that is an amazing accomplishment :la:

Now about an hour before the sun rises (Ex: For me the sun rises around six, so I would do this step at around five) go outside and find yourself a comfortable spot. In can be on your porch or laying on the grass, even just laying out a chair and sitting in it would be fine! And simply watch the sun rise, and watch the Earth burst into brilliant colors! During this time, you need to focus on the beauty of everything around you. You've been given a gift to be able to live and breath and walk, or have working thumbs! You'll watch as the birds come out and begin singing, and watch the sky be painted with a numerous assortment of colors. Focus on life, and how amazing it is that you've made it this far!

And finally, when the sun has fully risen and the birds are out to wake everyone up, then you can crawl into your comfortable bed and fall asleep with all those wonderful positive thoughts in mind. And yes, you can get on your social media after this point.

I know it may not seem like such an extravagant challenge, but you'd be surprised how hard it is to keep those bad thoughts away at 3 AM.
Anyway, if you do decide to complete this challenge, any time at all, comment on this journal and tell me of you experience! Did it make you feel good about yourself? What exactly did you think of? How you overcame that one big thing in life that you though you'd never be able to get past? Was it absolute torture to be away from your phone, computer, or tablet for such a long period of time? Let me know what happened!
I hope some of you decide to do this challenge!

Thanks For Reading! :iconrainbowsheepplz:
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  • Listening to: Anselm JAPAN- Memory
  • Reading: Misery- Stephen King
Updated July 2015! Also re-posted because the previous journal had some inaccurate information in the comments/ was super long because it had like.. 150 comments lol..... The site's been up and running for a while and I've gotten some of the same questions etc over and over so it was time to rewrite this shit. Please check the very bottom for notes!

The basics:
ToyHouse is a site used for character and character art storage. You can create a profile for each of your characters, write down all their information, upload all their art, etc, all with customizable settings. ToyHouse is exceptional imo in that it's excellent at preventing character theft, as you can easily check the creator's permissions on each character and get confirmation that the character was confirmed by the owner to belong to that user.

My ToyHouse profile, you can find examples for almost everything I'm gonna talk about here, with the exception of customized CSS because I can't be bothered to do it. Feel free to browse my characters, folders, art, etc to get a feel for the site!

★Store your characters and their art for free
ToyHouse gives users the ability to make a currently unlimited amount of characters-- there's no 100-character limit, or a limit to how much art you can upload, and it's free. There are paid memberships with added bonuses, but you can use all of the site's features without it! On character bios you can create your own info boxes, so you choose what you want everything to be referred to as, there's no default 'name, sex, age' categories, so if you'd rather list your character's information as something like 'pronouns' rather than 'sex' or 'gender', that's absolutely doable. You choose what sort of information you want a profile to have, and with custom CSS (paid membership only) you can choose exactly what it looks like.
Example of character profile
In the example above, you can see the boxes I chose to use-- the names are totally customizable, and as far as I'm aware there's no character limit to the text.
★Prevent character and art theft
Easily the best feature on TH is the ability to check whether a design has been verified by the creator. If the creator of a design has a TH, you can have your design verified by them to prove that you are, in fact, the owner, and aren't lying about having the rights to that design. The creator of the design has to accept this verification request, and until they do the design is publicly listed as unverified, making it very easy to know whether or not someone actually owns a design they're offering for sale or trade. Furthermore, the creator can also change the terms of a character, meaning that they can have it publicly listed as not for sale, not for trade, etcetc-- so you know if someone isn't allowed to sell a design, again helping to prevent theft. The entire point here is that while the character is in your possession, everyone knows whether or not the creator has confirmed that yes, the design belongs to you, and that you're not a thief, or selling a design you've already sold to someone else.
Example of character designed by someone other than owner
In the example above, you can see myself listed as the owner, and jaywalkings listed as the creator, on the right. On the left, you can see the ownership tab, with details about who owns it, who created it, a transfer log showing who the previous owners have been, and the terms of use for that characters. All of this can be handled by the creator alone, preventing users from lying about whether they can sell a design or not. All of this is done to prevent theft, and while it might look a little overwhelming, most of it is standardized in your settings (customizable) and you don't really have to deal with it.
Also, you can (and must!) credit artists when uploading their art of your character. Art credits are publicly listed at the bottom-right when viewing an image-- click on some of the art in the example above and you'll see who it belongs to!
★Keep it private
All art and characters have one of three privacy levels: public, authorized, and private. Public art and profiles can be viewed by anyone! Authorized means only those you've personally approved can see them, and private is for your eyes only. Furthermore, you can customize each individual image, rather than an entire gallery-- my mini previews of a character are usually full-sized for all viewers, but all other art is thumbnail-only to anyone I haven't personally authorized. You can also choose to watermark images, using the TH watermark or your own personal one that you upload, and can have it placed however you like-- even tiled across the entire image. Images can be marked as NSFW. You can block users.
Example of gallery with various image sizes. Note that there's one NSFW image in here, you're unable to view it without an account! One image is full-sized (and marked as such when viewing it) and all others are thumbnails, watermarked, or both. If I've authorized you, you're able to see all of these full-sized, without any watermarks!
★Transfer characters, with all their art and connections
You can easily send a character, with all their existing info and uploads intact, to another ToyHouse user. You send them a transfer and they choose to accept or decline it, so you can't just shove off a character onto another user. Very useful if you're prone to trading your characters-- all the art will stay right there, and be credited to the artists you had them set to, so you don't have to dig around trying to find artists when you're trading a character you left in your dA Stash for months. Links, comments, etc are all preserved when trading. There's a character transfer log, so you can see who's owned the design before you!
Mentioned several other places on here, but there's no limits on anything right now. Upload all 500 of your characters. Post the 300 commissioned drawings of your fursona. Upload your character's entire novella of a backstory. It's cool, there's no limit on how many characters or images you can upload, and no limit on characters in text.
Other cool features:
Other misc stuff! Everything above is what I personally love about the site and why most people join up, all of this other stuff is just other options that you get (and would probably like to know exist before joining)

★World feature
You're able to submit a character to a 'world', request/accept other characters into that world, and view all designs submitted into a world! It's cool for species owners in particular, as you can flip through and see who else has characters from that species.
Example of Mantibab world's submitted characters
★Character links
You can easily link one character to another character's profile! Great for characters that are in a relationship, or if you're active in an ARPG group where your character has many friends. Each half of the pair has their own little blurb where you can put information about their relationship.
Example of character links
★RP in-character
TH has a cute feature where a comment can be posted in-character-- your character's image (you can pick which one to use!) and name will show up as the one posting the comment. You can edit these comments to change the art shown if you add more art later! It's mostly something my friends and I abuse because we're stupid but it's intended for RP use mostly. You can do this on profiles, character pages, forums, wherever you'd like.
Example of in-character comments (feat. me being a dumbass)
★View all of an artists' art and designs
Much of the art posted by an artist isn't their own, it's commissions, trades, etc from other artists. Same with characters! You can easily view a specific TH user's art or designs they made, rather than what they personally own from their profile. In the examples below, notice how a lot of what's uploaded links to other users! It's because the art is of another person's character, or that person owns a design I've made.
Example of art I've done
Example of characters I've designed
★Sort characters
There's options for sorting your characters into folders and sub-folders, and you can also tag them! Again all of this is customizable, you pick out your own names and folder setups and whatnot, and they can be changed pretty easily. As far as I know you can make an unlimited amount of folders and tags.
★Follow your friends and favorites
You can follow other users and be notified when they post a new character, art, or bulletin that you've got the authority to see! You don't need to be following someone to authorize them to see your uploads.
★Easy to use
Kind of a no-brainer but most people find the site streamlined and easy to use, even if you get into customization. I feel like the site is nicely laid out and it's easy to find what you need, there aren't a million options that you're never going to touch.
★Active and committed owners
I know most of the owners personally, and all of them are used to buying/ selling/ trading adoptables, commissioning art, etc! They're intentionally designing this site to be intuitive for users and to keep everyone's characters (including their own) safe. It's pretty common that they'll receive a bug report and fix it that same day, and they're constantly looking for new ways to improve the site. They use it regularly as well, so they're trying to make the best experience they can for everyone! It's not a money-making site, most (if not all) of the profits go towards paying for the actual website, shit's expensive.
★Paid membership
There is a premium membership option, but you're not missing out on much by not paying for it! You won't be prevented from doing anything on the site, with the exception of custom CSS on your profile and character profiles. CSS does require a paid membership. Otherwise the membership gives you access to things like mass image editing, mass tagging, etc. All benefits are listed on the premium page! You're perfectly able to use the site without a paid membership, but buying one does help to keep the site up and running smoothly, it's not like they're running a blog on tumblr where the owners don't have to pay anything for it.
Example of user profile with custom CSS

★How do I join?
You need an invite code to join! You can get one from another TH user. Premium members get extra codes each month that they subscribe, so please consider donating to the site! Many users have accumulated enough spare codes at this point that they hand them out in journals, search around on dA and see if anyone's giving some out. I will not give you a code, please don't ask me.
★Why do you use invite codes, rather than open beta?
This is a new site! It's been up and running for a little while now, but you have to understand that this is worked on by.. I think four people total, who do their very best to keep the site going. If they make it open for everyone all at once it can cause problems-- sometimes with a new site you don't know yet how many people can use it before it crashes, if the paid membership will make the site sustainable, etc. If too many people join up all at once it could cause issues the owners didn't know about, potentially become non-sustainable (the owners pay for ToyHouse out of their own pockets!) etc, so it's important to limit how quickly membership grows at this time. It will likely be open to the public in the future, just keep an eye out!
★How do I give someone an invite code?
You can see your codes under the invites tab in settings! It shows you how many unused codes you have left, as well as codes you've created and given out in the past. To invite someone to ToyHouse, just click on 'Generate a Code' and give that person the code provided. Each code can only be used once.
★Can I change my username?
Not as far as I know but tbh I really.. wanna change mine... hopefully they'll implement that soon but it might be a premium members only thing. Who knows!
★I have a suggestion/I'm having a problem
I'm not tech support for this one I'M SORRY... feel free to ask me questions and I'll do my best to answer but I'm not able to do like, bug patches or anything like that. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, etc please visit the forums! The owners would love to hear from you!
★Can I use the site even though I'm not an artist/don't have art of my characters?
Yes! The site is perfectly usable even if you're not a visual artist. It's true that it's intended for visual art, and there's a bit of an emphasis on the adoptables scene, but if you're not into that stuff you just skip those features.
★Is the site elitist/clique-y?
This question got asked surprisingly often so I'm including it! But no, I wouldn't say so. Frankly the site is what you make it just like any other site, but it's used more as a storage site than an art community? There's plenty of people who socialize on the site I think, but it tends to be between people who were already friends and met on other sides like dA, FA, tumblr, etc. Like I guess it's clique-y in that many groups of friends often have accounts and interact with each other on there, or that a large population of the adoptable community uses this site, but you aren't gonna be worse off for not being part of that? It is what you make it but personally I wouldn't consider it a site where you would socialize with others really. There's been some accusations where "only popular artists were let in" but they're probably thinking of the closed alpha/beta where it was friends of the owners using the site to do bug checks etc, we just all.. happened... to be relatively well known artists lol. ToyHouse is intended for everyone to be able to use it.
★Does ToyHouse get the rights to my characters?
Another one I got asked surprisingly often, and also one that when TH first opened it got falsely accused of. But no, like I said this site is run by people who frequent the adoptables scene, commission art regularly, etc. Nobody wants to take your characters, and TH goes out of their way to ensure the safety of your characters and art.
★Doesn't having all your characters/art available in one place make it easy for thieves?
The whole point of TH is that you can choose to limit who can see what-- if you want to keep your art safe, don't post the high-res art publicly without a watermark, or set it to thumbnail, or limit who can see the full work to your authorized friends and other artists you trust. TH gives you all the tools you need to help prevent theft, but it's up to you to actually use them. Again, you can set everything to be completely private, so if you don't want anybody to see any of your art or characters, that's an option too!
★Are you a ToyHouse admin/owner?
Nope, I'm friends with the owners so I know some of the behind-the-scenes stuff but that's it. I don't get any sort of special privileges for bragging about this site lol I just use it a lot and I'm genuinely impressed with it and how my friends are running it.. I've used multiple other sites in the past to try and manage my characters (CharaHub, Tumblr, etc) but nothing's been as good as TH for me, I don't intend to leave anytime soon. 10/10 would recommend to anyone and everyone that'll listen long enough

I think that's everything I can remember for now, but again if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer you! Again, I'm just a member on the site, so I might not be able to answer everything, but if you have any questions I can't answer I'd say take it up in the forums and one of the owners will try to help you out when they can. I'll try to update this periodically as new features become available or new questions come up, so feel free to come back and ask me for help later on if you're having trouble! There's no official FAQ or user guide right now so I'm happy to help out.

Again, please do not ask me for invite codes!

Number 5

#5. Sonic Underground

To all of you bitching about Sonic Boom (the show, not the game)... well, here's the alternative- it's either this or Sonic X. Sonic Underground came near the end of the decade and was basically trying to be the merge both the silly comedy of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and the dramatic depth of Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) and regardless of which of the two shows you like better, it's safe to say that those in both camps agree that this show was NOT a good idea. It's hard to buy into the drama because the characters are too flat and obnoxious to care about, especially when you have to put up with the terrible songs and godawful dialogue. The comedy works slightly better, but only because it's near impossible to take this show seriously, but even then it is wedged in awkward places and it can become just as cringe-worthy as the drama.

In short, it's Epic if somebody got the abhorrent idea to turn it into a show. It's a complete an absolute failure no matter from what angle you look at it from. Also, being brought to us by the Albert Einsteins over at DiC Entertainment, is it any surprise that the animation of this show looks cheaper than SatAM despite having come out six years later. SatAM is their only genuinely good show, and the fact that Sonic Underground uses the same art style is an insult to one of the most underrated cartoons of that decade. I would say this is the worst Sonic show, but oh, there's the aforementioned Sonic X, which... if I reviewed anime, and if I get around to covering shows from the 00's, then Sonic X would be... #5 as well. It's more Sonic Underground, but it lasted even longer and it's even more annoying. So, make what you will of that. Still, as much as I would love to give props for Sonic Underground for its ambition, it's a gamble that just didn't pay of. You can't juggle two different elements from two different shows and two different tones and not expect them to crash and burn in such horrifying ways... looking at you Loonatics Unleashed. But as far as this show is concerned, it's simply not up to speed with what Sonic can do...

... and trust me, that's a MUCH better pun than you'll find in this show. NEXT.

Number 4

#4. Yo Yogi!


... is this not the same show as Sonic Underground?! Actually no, it combines the unbearable seriousness of Sonic Underground with the dated-ass tropes of Rocket Powers... except the repugnant 90s cliches are on CRACK! And it came out in 1991- this show was dated by December, let alone 24 years later! So, for those of you that don't know (I envy you), in this show Yogi is a crimefighting teenager who hangs out at Jellystone Mall with Boo Boo, Cindy, Snaglepuss, Huckleberry Hound... no, you read that right, they stop crimes and... there's no picnic basket picking, but it makes up for it by trying to be so "hip" and "with it" that it is just as entertaining as dislocated hip surgery. I complained about Tiny Toon Adventures a few spots back, but this show pretty much takes everything wrong with Tiny Toons and amplifies it to oblivion. This show, like Pro Stars, only survived 13 episodes before getting booted from syndication, so it barely qualified for the list. I only learned about this show by browsing the list of 90s cartoons on Wikipedia, because absolutely NOBODY on this planet talks about this show- not that I blame them, this show is horrible, but how did a show like this die out yet Rocket Power lived on for four seasons? These are both GARBAGE. Well, as I said, Yo Yogi! just amplified the cliches of the decade so hard that they became instantly dated. This show is very easy to make fun of, but unbearable to sit through just for some ironic laughs. This show is so bad that Yogi Bear hasn't had a new show since then... the 2010 movie doesn't count. If you want an example of everything wrong with trying to appeal to rapidly-growing demographic rather than to sell your product through its own merits, then I can provide no better example than Yo Yogi! If you're not put off by the title alone, then 10 seconds of the theme song will make you press that "eject" button so fast, the DVD may just fly out and lodge itself into your stomach... which is STILL a much better fate than enduring through 13 episodes of one of the most pandering cartoons ever made. NEXT.

Number 3

I think you guys know by now, I used to watch a lot of Nickelodeon back when Nickelodeon was still watchable, and I remembered very vividly when I woke up at 7 in the morning and it was the first network that I would tune into, at that time in the morning I would see this little show named Ka-Blam!- which used to run pitches of shows that may eventually end up as full-fledged series in the future. I always thought this was a cool experiment, as it helped test the waters to how fans would react to a new concept and, not all of them made it through obviously, I remember being excited when I saw a show like, say... My Life as a Teenage Robot being turned into a show... too bad I can't say that for all of them.

#3. Angela Anaconda...

Guys, listen to this... we're going to make a show that is animated Monty Python-style that is about a girl... in school... doing things! Yeah, I have no idea who thought this would be a good idea, but this show doesn't suck because of its "unique" art style, it doesn't suck because it has one of the most annoying theme songs ever, it doesn't even suck because its main character is a complete psychopath... this show sucks because it is so uncreative, so bland, so annoying, so UGLY... yet it's so repetitive and unmemorable that I swear I feel like I'm watching the same episode over and over again. Oh, and while I'm at it-

... AND The Brothers Grunt

Yeah, this show. Despite both shows being made for completely different audiences and... both shows being grotesque in different ways, they both share the main issue in being woefully uncreative- at least in The Brothers Grunt's defense, it has a very unique and livid style of animation, yet the core problem with both of these shows is that there is so little substance to them that it feels like watching the same shit over and over and over again. That's really what's so wrong with both of these shows- it's not about being episodic, but they are so repetitive that eventually whatever "charm" you can find from the styles of both of these shows, the shock eventually wears off and you just grow bored- both shows lasted longer than they deserved to and though I acknowledge that both have their fanbases, you can rightfully count me out of them- I like my shows to have SOMETHING to cling to, whether its a character or a meaningful conflict or SOMETHING- it's not even having an unlikable protagonist that's a problem in and of itself as that can be pretty interesting, but I need SOMETHING, as only visuals can do so much. Though on the bright side, Danny Antonucci moved on to create one of my FAVORITE cartoons from the 90's, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, and the creators for Angela Anaconda went on to do... nothing of importance. Bottom lines, both shows are equally shitty, and visuals can only get you so far. NEXT.

Number 2

You want to know how much of a stranglehold DiC had in the 90's? Aside from the aforementioned shows, it was responsible for near 50 cartoons made during their run in that decade- it pretty much dominated the decade until other networks like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon pretty much dethroned it from its position by producing actual quality products. And I know I've been pretty harsh on the company, and it's not like I don't think they made ANYTHING worthwhile, but most of their shows are so cheaply-produced, poorly-animated, and badly-written that... at some point they start blending into each other. Sure, there are some that irritate me more than others, but most of them are forgettable and the real shame about them is that they might have had the potential to being something worthwhile if not handed to such untalented hacks for being cheap. So... from an aesthetic quality, I can't stand DiC, but they don't offend me because I KNOW why they were hired so often- I understand the business side of animation, so I know why so many cheap knock-offs exist. Believe me, if I were to be offended by any of them on a personal level, I WILL tell you.

#2. The Wacky World of Tex Avery

I know I ranted about how this era is notorious for its various TMNT rip-offs, but do you know what OTHER show got ripped off for being such a wild success- Animaniacs! Again, from a business point, I can see the idea, but ripping off a product is one thing, ripping off the essence of a living person is crossing the line- let alone when that person is one of the most influential and important animators ever! I mean, this is DiC we're talking about! Comparing Tex Avery's animation to DiC's would be like comparing da Vinci's The Last Supper to that Monkey Jesus painting that old lady tried to restore. There's no contest, but it's not the difference in skill that's the problem- it's not even the fact that this show tried to ride on the popularity of such a big-name talent, it's the fact that every one of its skits are so bland, annoying and repetitive that it doesn't feel like a collection of inspired shorts from an era that is long gone, it feels like a dump to shitty cartoons that just weren't big enough to make it to full-length cartoons of their own. If Tex Avery is watching this I seriously hope that he doesn't consider this on par with his own creations, otherwise that will make me feel like three years of animation and several thousands of dollars I wasted when I could have just learned to produce the same results on a flipbook and with a Sharpie...

... am I being too harsh? Well, maybe you shouldn't have put the name of Tex FREAKING Avery to one of the cheapest, most irritating, ugliest and obnoxious compilation of cartoons imaginable. It's the Movie 43 of cartoons, and I hope to God that every DVD copy of this show gets buried somewhere in the Sahara ET-for-the-Atari 2600-style so we can pretend this "homage" never ever came to fruition. NEXT.

Number 1

You know... I've slammed DiC several times in this list, though I know that even with how horrible their products turned out to be, there are still plenty of you out there who have a soft spot for a DiC cartoon or two out there... and it's not like I don't understand why, especially when you keep the laws or probability in mind. However, how bad are they exactly? Well, aside from the utter abomination that is The Wacky World of Tex Avery and a few truly impressive exceptions like Sonic SatAM, for the most part, they are one of the least spectacular and cheapest animation companies out there. I criticized it several times in this review, though I'm sure me calling them a joke to animation is one of the least controversial statements I could ever make in one of these lists. At the very least, they never really proved themselves to being able to be more than they are- they at least had a practical purpose, despite most of their cartoons being utter garbage... however... at least with them, every one of their cartoons had some shred of potential to being something good- and they STILL can be, maybe a reboot or an update could bring them to be something worthwhile! Why bother bringing back The Power Puff Girls, a show that already ran through all of its creative potential, when we could see a TRULY badass version of Street Sharks, TMNT 2003-style, or a great dark Sonic the Hedgehog show where... oh, wait. It already exists. Still, these are shows that I can argue that it IS possible to squeeze something good out of them.

... however, some shows are just rotten to the core- and it's not just a case were bad execution killed its chances, it was a rotten idea from the get-go, and despite the 90s tendency to produce some of the most soulless cash-ins of any decade... there is only ONE show that I could point out as being truly, and utterly, irredeemable.

#1. Mega Babies

The point of this list was to show that you 90's kids think that you grew up in the "best decade of cartoons EVAR", when that is just SO far from the truth that I wouldn't be surprised if you realized a few of these shows even existed- and that's the point I'm getting to, you all are more than happy to declare this decade as the best because you only remember the good stuff (and shit like Rocket Power, which is just BEYOND my comprehension)- that's not in and of itself a bad thing because it is only when you watch a cartoon like this that you will discover how this decade is not only far from the best, it produced one of the ugliest, grossest, most horrendous excuses for a cartoon EVER conceived. This show is not just repetitive, not only is it annoying, not only is it unbelievably uninspired, it goes so far in above and beyond pushing its gross-out that it takes the worst aspects of shows like grotesque visuals of The Brothers Grunt with the comedic timing of The Wacky World of Tex Avery and the stereotypes beyond stereotypes of Yo Yogi!, which not only creates one of unfunniest cartoons in recent memory, but it is so nauseatingly disgusting that it is PHYSICALLY PAINFUL TO WATCH- and I'm pretty tolerable when it comes to gross-out, when handled properly. It's such a wretched, unbearable assault on the senses, that if it was possible to smell cartoons, this would not only reek like a dirty diaper, it would leave that foul taste lingering in your mouth... FOREVER. And do you want to know what the kicker is?


Not... a single... SOUL ever recalls hearing the name of this cartoon, which I find astonishing because it lasted for 4 BUTT-FUCKING SEASONS! It outlasted its predecessor, SWAT Kats- a cartoon that I find not only to be greatly underrated, but also one of the best of the 90's... and it was surpassed by THIS TURD?! How... is this POSSIBLE?! SOMEBODY must have seen this season, there must be somebody who likes it... no... no, nobody remembers- or at least no one did, but whoever is responsible for this, you allowed the run of one the most despicable, disgusting and unwatchable things ever created, not only did you make this a more successful show than SWAT Kats, you were responsible for making everything that can go wrong in animation... and this is not like Brothers Grunt, where at least they knew the audience they should have been aiming for- this show was aimed at KIDS?! Fuck YOU, Teletoon! And fuck all of Canada, too!

... and fuck Johnny Test, while I happen to be in the neighborhood. I'm Danny and I'm done with this overrated decade.