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Patreon Rewards Archive
I'm currently making a living out from my patreon by sharing my PSD, video, tutorial and other resources for a bi-weekly donated :) if you are interested in supporting me and helping me produce more content while getting special perks, please check my Patreon!
I'll be archiving all term rewards here to make it easier for my future patrons to look through : )
A term is pretty much half of a month or 2 weeks and each has their own unique rewards and perks to them.
If you are more interested in my tutorials, please check out my gumroad store : )

TERM 41 rewards
(September 1-30)
Tutorial, video process, voice over tutorial,PSD, HI-RES jpg more rewards to come for this term ^_^
:iconsakimichan:sakimichan 1,197 154
Good Times
          Screenshot 20160728-123258 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123430 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123302 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123306 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123318 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123321 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123348 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123358 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123402 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123406 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123413 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123417 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123421 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123427 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123435 by Ry-Spirit
:iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 1,731 750
8000+ watchers oml + raffle
I'M CRYING :iconheshipthemsohardplz:
THANK YOU SO MUCH, IT MEANS A TON TO ME!!! //caps intensifies
I can't tell you guys how much your support means to me
All your nice and sweet comments mean a lot to me, even if I'll just reply with a simple thank you, your comments and support is what makes me keep drawing ;__; <3
From 0 to 8k has happened a lot, I made many great friends and memories.
Thank you so much Q____Q <3
Just like usuall will I hold a little raffle to celebrate! \ o /
There will be 2 winners, and what you can win is a chibi like this

How to enter:

 For my watchers only! (new watchers are welcome, but don't just watch me if you're going to unwatch me once the raf
:iconchariko:CHARIKO 375 380
To celebrate the upcoming New Years, I'm throwing a raffle where FOUR Lucky Winners will get 5000 points each.
How to join:
1. Watch me please.
2. Make a journal to spread news about my raffle. (Comment back with a link to the journal you made.)
3. Fav this raffle. (I will pick the winners through the favs list, so DON'T FORGET to fav.)
(If you don't follow all the rules, you can't win.)
And that's it, you are done! XD
I'll edit this journal when I figure out a due date for this raffle.
Stay safe and Happy Holidays everyone!!
:iconmikeaswell:MikeAsWell 3,686 2,933
Origins of Eddsworld [WORDSWORDSWORDS]
You asked for it, you got it. No, it's not f**king waffles.
Even before i animated, i always had a habit of drawing friends into comics. In secondary school i would draw them all the time, if just to get a quick laugh or to insult another. Originally my group of friends in school were he cast of what i called 'Edd's World', most likely inspired by Wayne's World. Eventually i started using the internet more often and started using Neopets with Matt and others, which lead to me making a Guild and then a Guild website.. and that Guild was called 'Edd's Kill-a-thon'... yeah. A few weeks later after some angry threats, the admins removed my guild for having too violent of a title. So i made a new one and called it 'Edd's World' with a lame little Geocities webpage linking to cool stuff and funny pictures. Soon i started using an animated gif maker to make very bad anmated gif stories, mainly about stickmen dying and farts and what not. When i finally found a place to submit them (www.sfdt.c
:iconeddsworld:eddsworld 651 654
Lackadaisy - Patreon
I've recently left my job in the game industry so that I could focus more of my time and attention on Lackadaisy.  Patreon is my weapon of choice in trying to see this to fruition.
If more Lackadaisy comic updates, illustrations, tutorials, mini-comics, books and other things interests you, please do check it out!

Notes on Character Design
I received the question pictured below at my tumblr blog.  In case it's useful to anyone here, I decided to go ahead and use this otherwise dormant journal to share the article I put together in response.
Character design and drawing are tome-sized topics and even if I had all the answers (I don't - I have a lot to learn), I'm not sure I could communicate them effectively. Here are some thoughts an ideas that might help, though.
First, some general things...
- Relax.
Let some of that anxiety go. This isn't a hard science. There's no wrong way,
:icontracyjb:tracyjb 5,078 371
30 Day OTP Challenge LIST ! ! ! !
:star:On the following days, draw/write your OTP:
:bulletgreen:01 - Holding hands
:bulletgreen:02 - Cuddling somewhere
[Bullet; Green]03 - Gaming/watching a movie
[Bullet; Green]04 - On a date
[Bullet; Green]05 - Kissing
[Bullet; Green]06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
[Bullet; Green]07 - Cosplaying
[Bullet; Green]08 - Shopping
[Bullet; Green]09 - Hanging out with friends
[Bullet; Green]10 - With animal ears
[Bullet; Green]11 - Wearing kigurumis     Kigurumi
[Bullet; Green]12 - Making out
[Bullet; Green]13 - Eating icecream
[Bullet; Green]14 - Genderswapped
[Bullet; Green]15 - In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, ect. )
[Bullet; Green]16 - During their morning ritual(s)
[Bullet; Green]17 - Spooning
[Bullet; Green]18 - Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex.  Just remember to tag appropriately.
:icon30dayotpchallenge:30DayOTPChallenge 11,134 4,076
2,000 Point Raffle! WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Hey y'all! I haven't done a giveaway in like two months, yeesh! I've been wanting to do one for a bit but have been busy with commissions and IRL stuff so getting points wasn't much of an option until now! 
So here we go! 
There will be three prizes to win!

 First Place: 

1000 :points:!
Won by BIueTay

 Second Places (two winners): 

500 :points: each!
Won by spurrinkles and SuperArtist3773
I prefer to keep things fairly simple so every single entry is OPTIONAL! You can pick and choose whichever entries you want to do - none of them are required besides commenting and telling me which entries you've done!
To enter you may do as many of these as you like:
:icondanighost:DaniGhost 769 1,877
kawaii text faces
´ ▽ ` )ノ
(・∀・ )
( ̄(エ) ̄)
( ̄へ ̄)
(  ゚,_ゝ゚)
。◕ ‿ ◕。
( °٢° )
ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ
:iconksauwgaoiii:KsAuWgAoIiI 16,735 5,896
Watcher Subscription Giveaway [closed]
Update: Happy New YEaR~!
Thank you everyone for commenting your awesome parts of last year, and best of luck in the coming new year~ Thank you guys for sticking with me still :)
I'll be giving these automatically in a minute. So sorry if you didn't win ;__; ~ I wish i had more to give @__@;;~ thank you guys again~!
update to remind followers who may not have seen this :3~
I'm reading through all the comments and there are a lot of positivity here, yay :D
So....I haven't been here in foreverrr hahaha~ I finally caught dA during the holidays xD~ though I haven't done this in 5 years, let's do this again :lol:
I have a bit of points saved up from the awesome people who donated, and I'm gonna give away some subs :D (thank you guys! throughout all these years @_@;; <3)
I'll be giving out 2 three-month-subscriptions, and 3 one-month subscriptions.
This event is for followers only, as a thank-you lots for sti
:iconqinni:Qinni 580 407
Guidelines - Earn Points
This page details the procedure for earning points through dAhub.  Points may be earned by watching, faving and/or giving llama badges to the users listed in the respective sections in the dAhub Donation Widget.  Additional points may be earned by posting a journal or modifying your signature as detailed in the Referral Network Guidelines
Users who have donated points to dAhub are featured in the Donation Widget.  Watch, fav and send llama badges to some of the users listed in the respective "Watch", "Fav" and "Llama" sections.  Leave one comment on my (dAhub) profile page and I will send you points.
You do not need to specify which users you have watch/fav/llama'd, these will be programmatically discovered.  You will receive the same number of points for commenting "done" as if you listed every user you watc
:icondahub:dAhub 3,191 86,593
[CLOSED] Commissions by Sari
Commissions are CLOSED!!
Commissions are CLOSED!!
Commissions are CLOSED!!
Sorry they were filled up quick!  I will re-open them again in a week or two.  Thank you!!
Commission Rules:
:bulletpink: Full payment is required before I begin working.
:bulletpink: The only payment forms I accept are: Paypal or deviantartART points.
:bulletpink: Please leave room for artistic interpretation, I won't take very strict commissions.  (I specialize in pastel chubbies, so my artwork and colours will differ from the original character.)
:bulletpink:  I won't draw copyrighted characters for commissions.  Fan characters are acceptable, as long as they don't include copyrighted symbols/trademarks, or closely resemble official characters.
:bulletpink: I will only draw what I deem to be "child appropriate": no violence, blood, gore, vulgarity, nudity, etc.
:iconsarilain:Sarilain 1,077 1,654
Thank you for all the positive responses on the 707 sketch yesterday! haha didn't expect that..
I've noticed the amount of request i got for this game was scarier than missed calls from my mom,
but since i don't play MM (obviously), i wasn't planning to draw the rest of the characters.
BUT, since you're all so excited about it, I will do it under one condition:
:bulletred: There's at least 1,707 Reposts of this image on Instagram with the tag #kawacy_MM | Click Here to Repost
:bulletred: There's at least 7k Retweets on Twitter | Click Here to Retweet
Before / Ends: Seven days from today (Sep 7, 2016).
Good Luck making that a reality! :XD:
Drawing Tutorials available on:
:iconkawacy:kawacy 344 45
Ranting about Race in MLP Humanizations
Hiya, folks. So I've been pretty into doodling humanized ponies lately, and I've also been looking through a lot of humanized art. And I've noticed a few things about the way people comment on humanizations. Particularly when it comes to the way that artists might interpret a canon pony character's race or nationality. Strap in, this is gonna get rant-y.
Ready? Okay. First off:
None of the ponies have an assigned human race or design. No fan interpretation is more correct than another.
Lauren Faust herself has said that the ponies' fur color has no significance in assigning a human race for them. And of course, the mane six have the exact same pony model, so possibilities are endless when imagining human body types to give them. So if that's true, why do I see so many fans getting outright hostile when an artist humanizes a pony in a way they don't like? Especially when the humanization isn't White. Or fat, or just a bit curvy. Or wearing clothes the commenter doesn't lik
:iconlopoddity:Lopoddity 540 646

Please read this if you are interested to learn more about the dolls I photograph. I dont have time to keep answering the same questions over and over again >_< I will be updating this journal entry as time goes on. Feel free to add a question in the comments section and I will try to answer it.
What are these dolls?
They are BJD - ball jointed dolls. If you search Google with those keywords you will get plenty of results with companies and other info about them. This is the Wikipedia article Also this LJ answers some questions too . If you want to learn more, I would suggest Den of Angels forum (
Do you make them?
No I don't make the actual doll, I don't sculpt it. I am a customizer, I paint their faceups. I am basically a makeup artist for resin dolls. You can find the link to my commission shop
:iconandreja:AndrejA 850 590
The Simple Character Creator Formula
This is a copy-paste (with some additions) from my Tumblr blog (, but it must be reposted.
Twilight of the Hakurei, the club-wide comic tennis/RP (, is turning out just as I suspected: AMAZINGLY. However, one thing that really astounds me is how well the character system is working. If you're not familiar, it's simply this:
1. Pick the character's biggest strength that affects other people. Note the key phrase, "that affects other people." For example, "He's really good at cooking," is not a strength: that's just a regular skill that only applies to one area of life and doesn't really affect others. However, "He's a fast learner," or, "He pays attention to detail," or, "He's very generous," is a strength because it applies to more than just cooking, but any other skill and especially relationships.
2. Pick the character's biggest weakness that affects other people. Once ag
:iconspaztique:Spaztique 585 158
Paint Tool Sai: All Texture Brushes
Carpet 01.bmp
Carpet 02.bmp
Cloud 01.bmp
Cloud 02.bmp
Dirt 01.bmp
Dirt 02.bmp
Dirt 03.bmp
Dirt 04.bmp
Dirt 05.bmp
Dirt 06.bmp
Dirt 07.bmp
Dirt 08.bmp
Dirt 09.bmp
Dirt 10.bmp
Dirt 11.bmp
Dirt 12.bmp
Fabric 01.bmp
Fabric 02.bmp
Fabric 03.bmp
Fabric 04.bmp
Fabric 05.bmp
Fabric 06.bmp
Glass 01.bmp
Glass 02.bmp
Glass 03.bmp
Large Grain.bmp
Leather 01.bmp
Leaves 01.bmp
Leaves 02.bmp
Leaves 03.bmp
Leaves 04.bmp
Leaves 05.bmp
Metal 01.bmp
Noise 01.bmp
Noise 02.bmp
Paper 01.bmp
Paper 02.bmp
Paper 03.bmp
Rock 01.bmp
Rock 02.bmp
Rock 03.bmp
Rock 04.bmp
Rock 05.bmp
Rock 06.bmp
Rock 07.bmp
Rock 08.bmp
Rock 09.bmp
Rock 10.bmp
Sand Paper.bmp
Spot 01.bmp
Spot 02.bmp
Water 01.bmp
Water 02.bmp
Wave 01.bmp
Wave 02.bmp
Wave 03.bmp
Wave 04.bmp
Wave 05.bmp
Wave 06.bmp
Wave 07.bmp
Wave 08.bmp
Wave 09.bmp
Wave 10.bmp
Wave 11.bmp
Wave 12.bmp
Wave 13.bmp
Wave 14.bmp
Wave 15.bmp
Wood 01.bmp
Wood 02.bmp
Wood 03.bmp
Wood 04.bmp
The original link is here
:icondrawplzforum:DrawPlzForum 770 97
Request Box | Always Open
i decided to open a request box to improve my art  
I enjoy practicing and trying out new things like style, poses, different type of characters, etc.

- Watch me (new watcher are welcome <3 )
but please dont watch me just for a free art ; w ; )
- Make a journal or poll about this my request box, i want everyone to know this XD 

- Character(s) Reference :
- Anything i should know about the character(s) :
- journal/poll :
Important !

→ i'm good at drawing anime and sonic style, i'm not good at furries, anthros, ponies. but i want to try to draw them to improve my art.
→ you can request a characters from Game, Anime, Manga or someone in real life too, just give a link to their picture
→ i might draw them only in my free time, especially when I need to practice or when i want to draw them.
:icondindanda:DindaNda 695 1,063
Coloring Contest 2017 :) (.psd file added !)

Welcome to my coloring contest :)

  Deadline : sunday March 12th midnigth
Please note there will be no extension !
If you can help me to promote this contest, I would be really grateful :)

The picture you have to color :

(push the "download" button to have the high resolution of the picture)
You can find the . PSD file  (lineart and background separated) HERE !

Rules :
Everybody can enter the contest, no need to ask :)
 You can :
color the picture digitally or traditionally (also, if you print the picture to color it, and don't have a scanner, I accept good quality photo :)
use the color you want
change the
:iconscarlett-aimpyh:Scarlett-Aimpyh 457 343
[Time-Lapse] Sketching! Chibis
*  Two videos each week! Every Wednesday and Friday!  
13th January, 2017

Today's video 1: Commission - Mia and Mari
Today's video 2: Commission - Sketch Chibis!
Paint Tool SAI | Tablet Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen | Recording: OBS
Video editing and post-processing: AviSynth scripts | Encoding: MeGUI
Tutorials  (click to watch)

Time-lapse (click to watch)

:iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 525 619
Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones FAQ
Thank you all for the amazing support!
We've been over whelmed with comments and questions for the past week, so we would like to answer some frequently asked questions here!
Q: When and where can I order a pair?
A: We are currently working making a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. Once the Kickstarter is up, hopefully in a month or two, you can pre-order through the Kickstarter. We will e-mail everyone and post the link to the Kickstarter when that happens. If you haven't signed up for e-mail updates yet, you can do so at
Q: How much will the headphones cost?
A: We're aiming to keep the price as low as possible without compromising quality. The price we've decided on is $115.
Q: Will you ship internationally?
A: Yep! Though shipping prices will be different than domestic orders. We are not in control of how much shipping companies charge.
Q: Do the cat ear speakers actually work?
A: Yes, the speakers are fully functional so you can switch between listening
:iconyuumei:yuumei 1,490 697
Updates as of October
2009: Missing Halloween's story was created. Discontinued.
2010: Attempted to rework in 3D. Failed. Discontinued.
2013: Revived and started the animation production. Didn't reach Halloween. Hiatus.
2014: Resumed and held a contest. Didn't reach Halloween. Hiatus.
2015: Resumed. Missing Halloween didn't miss Halloween!
For the past month, me and Negyek were hard at work, day and night, to finish Missing Halloween. Later on, Procrastacat and VenBright were hired to give various voices for the ending scene. All of these are, of course, paid jobs, thanks to my Patreon supporters.
By November 29, the animation is officially done. All 8+ minutes of it.
This woul
:iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 353 114