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Pimps and Whoas - November 24, 2015

Tue Nov 24, 2015, 11:08 AM

Daily Paint #1095. Cats VS. Cucumbers by Cryptid-Creations

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Whoas - Theme: Cats

Kitten by RhynWilliams

Goodbye by TheQuiet-Llama

Untitled by xo-deano-ox

Rebirths by Qinni

Be your own kind of beautiful 2 by AshtrayheartRomina

Emerald Eyes by Mythic-Fox

Cat lady by SayuriIzumi

Tom 6 by Okavanga

Catwoman fanart by BlackRamu

A New Day by Eibography

Leo's Retirement by joeyv7

Witness To by SethFitts

The Distant Warm Hearth by ratchetcat

Urban Cats - 02 by MARX77

Winter Cats by Ripplen
Catamancer- Fluffy Cat by TamberElla

Star Cat cute totem by hontor

cheshire cat by da-bu-di-bu-da


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Skin by Dan Leveille

Oooo, such a big title.

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? Tell me how your week has been, not too much work to do? Don't forget to get rest, okay? ;u;

Now, before you wheeze because of that title, lemme explain myself.

FNAF has brought so much to me. It made me practise furries, make up a story, and share even more my work with others. Honestly? It's been super great. I've reached a point I thought I'd never reach before and it's amazing! <3 So many nice people out there.

Yes, many nice people; but I get why artists leaving the fandom are saying it's killed them.

This fandom has many flaws, for one reason: it's a game without characters background. That's said.
And when fans find characters that don't have background stories? They make ones. At that point, there's no problem, I had so much fun coming up with my babies.

But when there's no story behind characters, it's labeled as a "for everyone" game. Yes, it IS a horror game with a rather dark story, but kids these days love these kind of stories.

And that's WHERE kids come in, spam you, harass you, steal your work, and ruin your experience.
Young people, that will backstab you, or yell at you, because they're kids, and they're taking advantage of the beautiful tool, that is the internet. (Which explains the bad part of bronies. It's a kids show)

They won't understand that maybe, you're depressed, you have troubles in your life, studies that take all of your time, health problem, family events, and so on... No, they're just gonna send you private messages to tell you that you suck, because you never respond, you don't post enough _____ art, and other statements. (About that, I won't name anyone because that's simply not my thing, yet I won't hesitate to block anymore. I'm sorry... I wish I could do something about this. But my "mental state" is pretty fragile lately, and I just can't let people rub their jealousy or/and selfishness on me.)

Now, that IS a big part of the fandom, but the nice part is WAY bigger. It's way nicer, and you guys, are absolute SWEETHEARTS to me! I can't list everyone, but I met so awesome people in this fandom, and someone who is now one of my best friends! Amy, I still need to learn so much more things about you! ;u;

The support I got from it is OUTSTANDING! So many people cared and some still care about me, and I still don't know how you guys do to support such a stupid person like I am... Q///v///Q

Yet, unfortunatly... This "bad" part has really affected me the past few months, where I had to deal with so much problems in my insignificant little life, that I'm not enjoying the place at all.

Honestly, I'm fleeing from deviantART most of the time. I'm scared to check on deviantART. Because I know, that out of all the nice comments and notes I get, THIS simple statement will ruin your day. Haters, I'm not gonna lie to you, you're being stupid, but your shit can affect people. A person, who says not to be affected by haters, also isn't thankful to the compliments they get. And you guys know, how much I love my watchers.

I'm not easy to break. Events in my life made me stronger than other people of my age. I didn't decide it, it just happened. And those nerds, who just want to yell their unconfidence at me, aren't breaking me one bit.

They're making me do choices. Choices, that have to be taken, because combined to my irl things happening, are making me a mess... >w<;

Which is why..... *heavy gasp*

I do decide to leave the fandom.

Now, this journal is just being a vent about my life and me accusing people for their bad behaviour in a diverted way (which I completely assume), but the fact is there. What I mean with leaving the fandom, is that I am no longer an art machine for it. And I am no longer taking parts of shippings. ... even if frexy can still kinda kill me inside

Let's be honest, I'm never commenting on FNAF stuff. I'm even barely favoriting FNAF stuff, and when I see shipping pictures they don't make me feel anything. You know, the hype is over, and I did disappoint myself for seeing my inspiration die while I was keeping the other people's inspirations alive. That, is where I would like to deeply apologize...

OF COURSE... I'm not saying you guys CAN'T see me as an artist that drew stuff for FNAF! I still think the games are amazing, I still LOVE my AU and my characters, and I'll still draw them again! Also, you're free to keep drawing them as much as you like! But, FNAF isn't my main drawing subject anymore.

There is of course the possibility that I join it again. But right now this is far enough to be my plan. After finishing my experience with the FNAF fandom (that, as a reminder, was the first ever fandom I joined), I am completely satisfied with the experience I am having with Undertale, which is completely different, and has nothing to envy from the FNAF one!

As the probably saddest news, this DOES imply, that the FNAF AU comic is canceled. Yes... I made it such a big thing, and I can't keep promises... Which again, I deeply apologize for deceiving you all.

I get it... if you guys were only there for FNAF. I COMPLETELY understand that, I really do... And I'm not angry at you one bit if you unwatch me.

I did say, HARASS. If you're just sending me kind and polite note asking me if art of _____ will ever be done again, don't you worry sugarhearts! I'll answer you as nicely, and as fast as possible! :heart: <3333

This needed to be said.

GUYS... UNDERSTAND the trouble artists have with this fandom. It is NOT only a problem with dealing with haters... even THAT is not as simple as you think.
This fandom has lots of kids, and they ARE ruining the experience, even if they mean it or not. The FNAF fandom is NOT a bad one. I've met the majority of the wonderful people who still support me today with this fandom. But... Some things need to be admitted.

Finally, guys... I know this sound selfish, and... I'm probably being a disappointement to you for very long... But... Please... If you do love my work... Please keep supporting me. Please keep sending me these messages. Please keep this support going, if you want to of course but... Don't let me fall down, okay?... I want to reconcile with this website, and it's people, by not basing myself with the FNAF fandom. Please... I need to reply to notes and some comments but studies are killing me lately. Vacations are in 3 weeks, and I'll do the duty I promised.

But please... Keep being around... During that time... Don't let me sink. I need your help. ;/////////; I need your heartwarming support the most... To go through this.

I only want real people, who won't hurt me because they want free art... or who just want to test me, play with my feelings, like it's a kids game.

Thank you... for reading.
I love you guys, so much <3 Alsooooo... still working on gifts for my active watchers and donators, but these are surpriiiises <333

I will be very busy because of the school for the rest of the month, I'm sorry for the upcoming inactivity.


Some only did a few works of it, some already left the fandom, I am sorry if I offended you for putting you here. But... so many people can still be inspired by the amazing work you do!
Of course, there's ALOT MORE. But I mentionned the ones I felt sympathy and/or admiration for...

Keep up the train guys! <3

...Also I'm still drawing the gay asshole no matter what
Hey everyone! I have to be quick. The first 200 people to like and comment on my newest YouTube video shall receive 20 points each. Make sure to comment here after you comment there and state what your YouTube username is. Thanks pals! 

(Oh yeah, please make sure that your comment directly pertains to the video. If you've seen the spectral flow video that I did last time, I'd like to know if this one looks ghostlier or superior. Thanks) 

New video "Phenomenal" 



Newest Commission

May From Guilty Gear by EKKnight

If you are active, fave this journal, I would do a poll, but I cant sense im not premium.

I have 559 watchers, let's see how many that are true.

And despite this break, will you always continue to watch me?

Thank you for all these new watchers within the past few months!!! I know I said I was doing requests, but I never said I wasn't going to do a raffle.

YES, I still need to finish the previous winners,
Sereruu BlazingBacon
But I'll finish those before this raffle ends;; TO THE WINNERS;; if you want to change the refs, you can do so now;;

ahaha excuse my lazy copy and paste skills


please follow;; if you don't i wont pick you ;o;b

  1.  be a watcher (please dont watch if u plan on unwatching me after the raffle;; only if u like my art pls)
  2. fave this journal;; using fave #'s to pick winners this time around
  3. share this journal on deviantart;; please post the link in the comment
  4. post ur char;;

Um well there will only be one prize of a big pixel
maybe more... if i finish my other requests well


Gluttoness Gut by jingbabu



  • raffle will end on DECEMBER 26th when I announce this as CLOSED;; sometime then
  • prizes may be added or lessened based on how many participants there are
still trying to finish some stuff from last times raffle;;;

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Finally I get break from schooool XD Well, kinda. Imma be doing work all this week and weekend lolol. So I'm afraid I won't be able to post much for a while. Finals..... yeeey.

Anyways! For this journal I wanted to do a little challenge where I list as many things I am thankful for as I can in three minutes. I challenge you guys to do it as well! Do it in the comments or go ahead and make your own journal :D So here we goooo

  • Super supportive parents
  • Funny lil bro
  • Familyyyy
  • IRL friends
  • Internet friends
  • Microwave food
  • compooter
  • my school
  • Lubby-doo
  • Awesome roommates
  • My home
  • The beach
  • God
  • Fast food restaurants
  • My bed
  • Phone 
  • Sites like YouTube, dA, tumblr, etc.
  • You guys :heart:
  • My car
  • Clothes
There's so many other things aaaaaah three minutes isn't enouggggggghhh. Anyways, your guys' turn! And have a fun week!
  • Listening to: Ma Boy by 씨스타19
That's kind of the mentality a lot of people have these days about their selected fandoms. Excuse me while I have a soapbox moment here but I think it's about time I address this matter because multiple friends of mine as well as people I don't even know have come to me asking advice on the matter.

"Everyone is right, except you."
This is a tactic a lot of 'SJW's will use as a means to shut down anything they don't agree with, but it's also a tactic much beloved among the darker, more hostile, and all around mean side of fandoms.
It's also exactly what chased me out of all of the fandoms I used to be a part of and exactly why I don't join any anymore.
Now, before you think I'm bitter -- Don't. I'm not bitter and honestly I could care less at this point because I don't mind enjoying the things I do a pole's length away from the fandom itself. I'm perfectly fine keeping my own little stories and things to myself most of the time and sharing them out to a select few who I know won't beat me with a lacrosse stick within an inch of my life or digitally castrate me for making up my own headcanons about things. 

The saddest part about it is is that some people get foam at the mouth frantic for merely questioning their headcanons and if you express to share yours and by chance (which is surprisingly often in some cases) it doesn't coincide with their own, they will shame you for it until you leave their beloved fandom. 

There are fandoms where certain aspects of disrespect and self proclaimed godmoding of all knowledge of everything is more prevalent, and unfortunately most of those fandoms are popular. People act like dictators about what is an isn't acceptable in their fandoms, even when those who made things that created the fandom say they don't mind the differing interpretations others put out about their work. When you do something they don't like they bash, slash, threaten, and demean you as if you just slapped them across the face with a herring that had been left in the sun for 3 days or something. 

For instance, TLK fandom is full of nice people but like the 'Warriors' fandom there are a lot of younger fans (not necessarily meaning age but rather mentality); people whose mentality and basis for understating cause and effect is not yet fully developed (most, not all to be politically correct here) and as such a lot of the younger generation people who get into it don't understand the concept of conduct, and when they're confronted with a situation or concept that doesn't fit their own, they flip their shit. Some accept that everyone has a different perspective, but many simply don't. 
It could be argued that every fandom has it's extremist fans who vehemently worship their particular headcanons for certain characters (or the whole show/game/story/movie/etc itself) who will also attack and shame anyone who doesn't think the same. That is inevitably true and cannot be denied if we're going to be realistic here. 

I get it, people love their fandoms. They find things that make them feel good, validate their morals and ideals, and generally things that make them happy; that is wonderful.That is why these shows, movies, songs, cartoons, comics, stories, games, etc. were created; to enjoy. For some it's to build on their own views and such because so many places are left vague, and many writers, directors, and artists adore hearing and seeing fan interpretations of their creations and stories. 
However, you have to understand that you're not the only person in the world who likes it and your views are not the only ones that are thee best and only views out there.
On a personal level people have drawn my characters wrong but does that mean I can pitch a fit about it because it's not how I made them? No! I'm just flattered and gleeful people even like my characters enough to want to draw them! There is a limit to this kind of thing, but it's not that hard to understand and each person is different but under it all a lot of people love seeing other people's renditions of their characters as fan art or fan fiction. 

Invalidating someone's love and adoration for something that is perfectly innocent merely because you don't like their interpretations of characters, stories, aspects, and backstories is not so wonderful.
It's awful to hear people saying how much they miss being part of a loving fandom community and when you ask what's wrong they explain to you how they were basically exiled for having a backstory or headcanon about characters that didn't fall into place with some big top popular headmaster's views within said fandom. That they were belittled, bashed, and eventually driven off by hate and random invasive activity because of it. 
Friends of mine have been, nay -- are being harassed by people within fandoms they love because their representations of characters or stories aren't what other people want or see. 
They're being tortured and stalked by war mongering proverbial 'picky children' because they see things differently and refuse or dare stand up for their own views and headcanons. 

I don't know why this is a trendy thing to do; bash people and harass them for seeing differently than you do about something like a fantasy based cartoon, movie, or story. I don't understand it, and the only other way I can describe what I see is some kind of psychosis of faux ownership wherein a fan feels so strongly, and connects themselves so closely to something they love and admire, that they feel they hold precedence over what is basically official or 'canon' and what isn't in the realm of fan headcanons. 

Back in the day people like this existed but they were often ostracized because they were seen as 'the wrong way to be' in a fandom. Most fandoms accepted people who were interested and embraced the concept of new views, even if they didn't always agree. Hence how many spin-offs and continuations started. Without opposing views and different ideas, nothing we see today would exist. 

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" was basically a shot in the dark adventure in exploring how to take a story era which was never really explained and make it work. George Lucas helped dictate what was 'canon' while the team under the direction of Dave Filoni and his team of writers brought it to life. They created a TV series that was both compelling and beautiful with dozens upon dozens of amazing characters; many who were completely new constructs created wholly for 'SW:TCW'!
A lot of people argue that 'Star Wars' is a dead horse and should be let laid to rest after Lucas left but in reality it's just a new direction. 
George Lucas may not have agreed with all things written for the shows but I'm pretty sure he was just happy it was going into good hands after seeing what Filoni and his team could do with their freedom of writing the stories THEY always want to see; areas they thought needed to be covered. Aaaaaand a billion dollar paycheck from Disney probably helped him smile a bit bigger, no doubt. 
Now Filoni has moved on the writing "Star Wars: Rebels" which is a new animated series that is on Disney XD. It's campy, more kid friendly, and silly -- but it's still well done and you can see the creativity that goes into it with the writing and art direction. This comes from everyone being fans of 'Star Wars' but all seeing things differently. That's who things are made to stand out. In the end they coincide and fit perfectly, but first there has to be debate, discussion, some listening to different views, and then the acceptance of different views before any of this happens. 

I find that many times these venomous fans who dictate their fandom's 'directional pull' to an almost tyrannical degree are often fans where the shows/games/movies/stories themselves are centered around positive values and understanding and empathy toward other beings. This means that in their seismic fanrages against others whose views, imagery, and character portrayals go directly against the basic basis of these shows they supposedly admire, love, and seek to emulate. 
You can like "MLP:FIM" and still be an incredibly bias asshole. You can love "Sesame Street" and still be a friggin' prick if you treat people like shit because they don't see things as you do. 
Threatening lives, telling people to kill themselves, and being a genuine bastard to someone because you don't like something so simple as their views on something within the entertainment industry is just downright wrong, and I think most people who do this know that. In the back of their mind they have to realize they're being a pedantic prick when they pick on someone for saying something like "Elmo's fur isn't crimson, I think more of a it's a Fire Engine red colour" (this sounds ridiculous but so does getting mad and damning someone to die in a fire for not liking Pinky Pie; yet it has happened). 
It's one thing to not agree completely with how someone RPs a character, draws a character, or feels about a character but as long as they're not doing something illegal, they're not doing anything wrong and you'll just have to suck it up and move on; agree to disagree. 

Now, I know people will disagree and probably get mad at me for not being a complacent sheep about all this, but as someone who was 'victim' (I hate using that term but it applies so) to this kind of bullshit, and as someone who has seen people suffer under this kind of treatment, I just sit here going 'really...?' 
Are people so morally inept that they think it's okay to damn someone to death, to tell them they hope horrible things happen to them, or that they should be beaten up for simply not doing what they want? 
People will bring up SJWs but this isn't about them. Yes, they do some pretty horrible stuff but I don't want to talk about them. I'm talking about fandom dictators who are so rigid about their fandom and the interpretations 'allowed' within them that they engage or condone the mistreatment of other people because they don't conform to their views about fictional characters

It's not okay to chase and chastise people out of fandoms and pull of beastly behaviour because you assume you're some kind of fandom god/goddess whose views are the only views acceptable on characters that are not even yours. 
If they are, then fine -- That's a different level. 
But if they're characters that are not made by you and were written for TV shows, video games, cartoons, books, comics, movies, or any other kind of artistic media represented by an official company; in other words 'copyrighted characters' then don't expect everyone to see them as you do. 
Let people have their fun -- as long as it's not illegal or outright demeaning or openly offensive to others -- let's get that straight. Agreeably, tolerance has it's limits, but please express these limits within reason.

Don't be a reverse bully. Don't police people's views and interpretations of characters merely because you love them to bits. You may love them but someone else may love them just as much, and just because their views/interpretations and yours aren't simpatico doesn't give you the right to be an all out brat to them for it. 
Just saying. 


YOU ARE FREE TO DISAGREE -- HOWEVER, PLEASE REALIZE THAT OTHER PEOPLE EXIST AND WILL NOT AGREE WITH YOU AT THE SAME TIME. There's no need to be hostile for a differing opinion, and even if you don't agree you are welcome to walk away or express your views in a calm and civil manner. If you cannot do this then prepare for the backlash that may happen (such as blocking or other people coming to express their views as well). 
No fights. 
No bashing. 
And by all means: 

Ok this is my theory, I can't help it, I've been thinking on it again these past few days.



:bulletyellow:Game 4: Start. 
 :bulletblack: The death of "The Spirit of the Puppet", during his birthday party. This is agreed to be when he was bitten, ending his life. The other children were murdered, using the Golden Freddy suit to do so, since it was decommissioned from the bite. Golden Freddy was also stuffed, but was taken in for investigation, this is why it's only a ghost.

This was the bite of '83. This is backed up with the children's masks that the "puppet's child" saw, the Golden Freddy suit being out of order in the other games (From the bite itself) and only appearing in a ghostly form.
Purple guy, seeing this opportunity, could have used the GF suit to commit the murders, knowing it wasn't going to be used anymore. This is why the original "Fredbear's Family Diner" was shut down, the other animatronics were removed and placed into storage, and they contained the children's bodies.
"Uh, by now I'm sure you've noticed the older models sitting in the back room. Uh, those are from the previous location. We just use them for parts now. The idea at first was to repair them...uh, they even started retrofitting them with some of the newer technology, but they were just so ugly, you know? The smell..." - Night two, Game two.
All this is revealed during the minigames. The child is at his birthday party, when he is tormented by his brother and brought to the mouth of Golden Freddy, where his head is crushed. At this point, the place was closed after the murders, the employee continued working there, as he was never caught, but he moved to dayshift in FNaF 2. (This was further confirmed in the second game, as he complained about "conditions". He was also seen in FNaF 3, as the one who was disassembling the ones they were trying to "retrofit". I'll explain this in "Game Two".

:bulletyellow:Game two: Early middle.
 :bulletblack: This was only a few years after what happened. In '87, there was a "grand opening" of the new "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". The investigation in this establishment was ongoing from the original "Fazbear's", (where the body of one child was found in the Golden Freddy suit,) the bodies were still inside the original models. The puppet was tampering with the equipment in the toys, as they were the only ones that were around more staff.

He made sure that the children were POSSESSING the suits, not just inside them, as they were "given life" by him. Including the child that was ripped from the establishment, the sixth child.

The reason they get more "active as the week progresses", is because of the week leading up to the original child's birthday party. He had a lot of teasing from his brother, his peers, and his brother's peers. There was so much going on, that the intensity shows in the game itself, especially in the second game, as there's another "birthday party", similar to what was going on in the fourth game.
 "Listen j-just finish your shift it’s safer than trying to leave in the middle of the night. Uh we have one more event scheduled for tomorrow, a birthday. You’ll be on day shift, wear your uniform, stay close to the animatronics, make sure they don’t hurt anyone okay, uh for now just make it through the night, uh when the place eventually opens again I’ll probably take the night shift myself."
This is why the "Bite of '87" happened, the same way the bite for the first child happened, although it was most likely Mangle this time, as Foxy (Toy or not) was the "twitchy one". This I don't really care about, the bite was to an adult who had no impact on the real story itself. This was the nightguard you play as, since it's shown that they have another worker by the "Night 7" custom, on the check.


This bite was NOT fatal, just an accident, especially if the toy animatronics weren't being as strongly possessed as the originals. This is indicated in the first games phone call of "it's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe. The Marionette still shows control over them, and he is "always thinking". This is a huge sign that he's been in control of them since the incident. This is backed up by the "I will put you back together." text at the end of the fourth game. The Puppet was the one that was used, used as a host for the child. This is evident by his text color, which is the same color as The Marionette's mask color.

 This was also when Purple Guy was killed. He "used one of the spare suits in the back, a yellow one.". Golden Freddy had already been taken out of commission, making for his ghostly appearance in all the games aside from FNaF 4, which is where we saw him on stage. FNaF 4 was the date he was shut down.
The only yellow suit remaining in the back was Springtrap. He was from "an old location" as well, the one the murders took place in. I'll get into this more later.
Fritz was just a casualty, someone who was fired for being stupid, especially since the pink slip says "First day on the job? Really?!?!" He could have just been fired because he wasn't needed anymore, especially if the place was closing and he was just aloof.

:bulletyellow:Game one: Late middle.
 :bulletblack: This was the game we were cut to in the second one. This is the time that The Marionette, Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy were put back into commission, the "reopening" of "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza", the original animatronics that were refitted, redesigned, and put back on stage. This was where we started our journey. We were thrown in here in the middle of the story, as the Puppet most likely was here, along with Balloon Boy. They were not seen however, but they were present, as stated in the second game, where The Marionette followed Freddy's face around, inspecting him for anyone else hiding in the suit-- or just surveying his own puppets. This was where we learned the lore of FNaF, Phone Guy took over the location in FNaF 2, the one with the toys. This one was shut down too quickly, he had to take over a new one.

His panic, the way he was talking about the suits in the back room in FNaF 1, he was wanting SOMEONE to see about the children, someone to look into the story, someone to see if he was still alive, or if he never made it. This is literally more of a filler game than anything, just explaining things to us.
He was killed in the FIRST game though. Something we couldn't see. He was working there, in the "new establishment", the one the animatronics were placed back into. This is why we hear Freddy's classic jingle, the reason we stopped working there after only a week. We were fired because we "tampered with the animatronics". The ones that Phone Guy could have been in, especially if they were in a "back room". Mike was the "employee of the month" because he was the only employee who was doing his job correctly, but he then tampered with them, and that was seen as "unprofessional". Also, it says he had "odor", and this could be the smell coming from the animatronics that he tampered with. This location was just closed after a while, due to the general disgusting reviews of the place.

:bulletyellow: Third game: End.
 :bulletblack: This game was very self explanatory. This was about Springtrap, and about Purple Guy. This was the finale in the timeline, because of WHAT it was. It was when everything was over, Purple Guy had been killed, the children he murdered were given peace by killing him once and for all. The final child who had been stuffed into the Golden Freddy suit and lost was brought peace by the Puppet, as he led them all into killing Purple Guy.

ALL the minigames in this game are needed, this is the only way you can figure out what happened to them and make sure they're remembered for what they did, and who they brought to an end. Your job isn't to guard, but to learn. They're let go, this is seen only if you figure out all the minigames. If not, you get the "bad ending", where they're still there, in the ruins of the establishment. You never learned, and they never had anyone to remember them. It's of utmost importance that you do, or they'll be stuck there for eternity. You get the end, the end of the story.

-----Headcanons that have not been disproved------

:bulletgreen: There were six or even possibly SEVEN children murdered, due to Balloon Boy having such a big role later.
:bulletgreen: The Puppet's child was the first to be murdered, by his own family, as this was the first mention of something bad happening. This could be interchanged with Golden Freddy being the first child murdered, as the little girl teased the boy about them hiding his body and never being found; But I think this was just his own fear. I could be 100% wrong, and it could be Golden Freddy who was possessed first, but I don't understand why he was still in commission by the time the child was bitten.
:bulletgreen: The "sixth" child was Golden Freddy, who was murdered separately, most likely before the others aside from The Puppet.
:bulletgreen: Mike got too curious for his own good, and was kicked off the "employee of the month" list very quickly, as soon as he started uncovering truths.
:bulletgreen: Fritz was useless.
:bulletgreen: Jeremy is now missing his frontal lobe.
:bulletgreen: The children were different than the ones who killed the first child. They are too big.
:bulletgreen: The Puppet's child was originally only out to get revenge on his killer, but as he heard the apologies, he then began blaming the workers, as they were in charge of it all.


I am so sorry I ranted so much, oh my god. I just needed to think this out a little more. This will probably be updated as time goes on and I think a few more things out.
I don't know what happened to me, but I felt like thinking this out a while.
I'm still not out of the damn fandom, even though I hate like, 90% of the rest of this god forsaken fandom. I can't help it, ugh.
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Common Stryx Customs! (CLOSED)

Tue Nov 24, 2015, 11:13 AM
Genetics and Mutations


Stryx have three primary colors, Snow (uncommon), Soil (common), and Nox (rare). When breeding Snow against Soil, Sand is the most common result. Hatchlings can be any variant of color in-between the colors of their parents.
Snow (Ss, SS) -
Sand (Aa/Ss - AA/Ss - Aa/SS) -
Soil (Aa, AA) -
Nox (Ee, EE) -
Common Markings:

Bald (nBld, BldBld)
- A shock of white that covers the head and neck. In its dominant form, it can also cover the tail.
Flecks (nFl, FlFl) - Freckle-like dark spots that can scatter in any variant of density across the top half of the body, and sparsely on the undersides. Can be anywhere from brown to black.

Due to popular demand, I'm opening up simple semi-customs, both for USD and AP (Ascension Points/Art Points)!

These semi-customs include:
Common Tyto or Corva
Up to 5 common markings
Soil or Sand base
Any biorhythm
No dominant markings
Lineage to be decided by admins
You design it or submit to the group's design requests

USD = $10
AP = 5AP

Send USD payments to via PayPal

If paying with AP, you won't be able to claim your semi-custom until after the art/lit is finished.
You may draw or write about any of these Stryx:…

Fill out this form
Desired Geno/Pheno:
Payment method:

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