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Patreon Rewards Archive

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 4, 2014, 1:30 PM

I'm currently making a living out from my patreon by sharing my PSD, video, tutorial and other resources for a bi-weekly donated :) if you are interested in supporting me and helping me produce more content while getting special perks, please check my Patreon!

I'll be archiving all term rewards here to make it easier for my future patrons to look through : )
A term is pretty much half of a month or 2 weeks and each has their own unique rewards and perks to them.
If you are more interested in my tutorials, please check out my gumroad store : )
Sakimichan Patreon FAQ !Here are some FAQs!

Q: What is Patreon ?
A: Patreon is kind of like kick starter except instead of getting funding on a single project and be done with it .It's more for those creators who seek support in a more stable way , more like getting a salary every month from a job: )
Q: What software do you use to make videos and record your voice?
A: I use Camasia 8, you can try it for free for a month then buy after , totally worth it ^_^
Q: what softwear do you use?
A: I use photoshop CS 6, but any Photoshop CS will do ^_^
Q: the mediafire download is extremely slow , is there any way I can fix it ?
A: Your fellow Patron came up with  a solution , please refer to it : )
Q: What do we get exactly?
A: Rewards or perks are pretty much my digital resources for every piece of art I post per term on

TERM 27 rewards (December 1-21)
Tutorial, video process, voice over tutorial,PSD, HI-RES jpg
Winter Melon Elf tutorial by sakimichanWinter Melon .Happy December. by sakimichanHoroscope series .sagittarius. by sakimichanDaisy by sakimichanFrosty by sakimichankrillin and Andoid 18 on a date by sakimichan

Christmas Elf tutorial pack .promo. by sakimichanNel by sakimichan

Mature Content

cat woman X Blackcat (YURI TAG) by sakimichan

Mature Content

Deadpool X Dante( YAOI TAG) by sakimichan
Yami yugi .nsfw optional. by sakimichanwinter deer prince speedpaint by sakimichan
B/w to color speedpaint voice over lesson .promo. by sakimichan

TERM 28 rewards (December 22-31)
Tutorial, video process, voice over tutorial,PSD, HI-RES jpg
Female Male face variation video tutorial pack by sakimichan
Pinup body variation vol1 tutorial by sakimichanNatsu and lucy .happy holiday . by sakimichan

Mature Content

Holiday Ahri sketch Teaser by sakimichan
Cammy Beach version.NSFW optional. by sakimichanReno . NSFW optional. by sakimichan

Mature Content

I need you .Yuri tag. Morrigan X Lilith by sakimichan

Mature Content

Gray X Natasu (YAOI TAG) by sakimichan
Soul Mate speedpaint voice over lesson .promo. by sakimichanSoul Mate by sakimichan

TERM 29 rewards (January1-31)
Tutorial, video process, voice over tutorial,PSD, HI-RES jpg
simple smile tutorial by sakimichanWinged guardian original tutorial by sakimichanHoroscope series .Capricorn. by sakimichanRarity. modern portrait. by sakimichanLink Zelda by sakimichanRei by sakimichanAlucard.NSFW optional. by sakimichan

Mature Content

Under arrest .Yuri tag. Jinx XCait by sakimichan

Mature Content

Inuyasha X Koga (YAOI TAG) by sakimichan
Fran.NSFW optional. by sakimichanGesture Drawing voice over tutorial .promo. by sakimichan

We are on this term--->TERM 30 rewards (Feb1-22)
Tutorial, video process, voice over tutorial,PSD, HI-RES jpg
Horoscope series .:Aquarius. by sakimichanAphrodite.Happy early valentine . by sakimichan

more rewards to come for this term ^_^



I finally realized that my traumatic past has been catching up to me. My unresolved fears and pain of abandonment as a child by my parents has seeped into my adult life. It triggers extreme reactions in me that drives people close to me away.

I like to pretend to be strong. That whatever comes at me in life, I'll just pull myself up again and get over it. I'd like to believe that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. I'd like to pretend that if I somehow draw out pain, and put it on canvas, that the pain will be contained on canvas, and not deep inside me. But that's not true.

When I'm knocked down and broken, and left to pick up the pieces of myself, I lose a bit more of myself each time. Not everything can be glued back together again. And never stronger than before. I can't trust again. I'm afraid of people. I'm afraid of being close to anyone.

It's hard to get up each morning. I feel hopeless and helpless. It doesn't matter that everyone tells me otherwise. I don't feel that way. My friends reach out to me, but I don't want to see them or talk to them and I don't even know why. It hurts to see their kindness go to waste on me.

I feel lost and confused. No matter how hard I try, I keep getting knocked down again. The simple answer is to just get back up, but I can't just get back up indefinitely. I'm not that strong and the burden of being that strong shouldn't be put upon me.

I need time to heal. I need time to go back and face my unresolved past. I'm going to see a therapist. I need help because I can't help myself any longer.

I don't know when I'll post again. I started drawing Fisheye Placebo but I can't keep going right now. I used to say that "no matter what, the sun will shine, and there will always be a brighter tomorrow." But I don't believe that anymore, I don't believe in myself anymore.

I'm sorry I'm always letting everyone down. I'm sorry.


Thank you so much for the support, but please do not post it in here if you are not going to enter. I am giving out numbers and its hard for me to fix peoples entries when there is already over 300+ of you. I cannot go back threw 44 pages just to find yours.

It's here! 5,000 watchers!

5000watchersomgnowaiwut by Rainbow-Rocket

Wow! Thank you SO much guys! We cannot believe how much support from you guys we have received, its staggering to think about where we were last year to where we are now. Not only are we celebrating an amazing milestone of 5,000 watchers but we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary and 60,000 page views too! That is incredible! 

On February 20th of 2015 we sat down and decided to learn how to plush. It was hard at first - super hard - but with patience we began to grow as artists. With our growth came so much, and not just in our business and skill levels. We started out small, but now we don't just have watchers, we feel like we have built a solid and caring community of amazing people like you. We have done so much, achieved so much, and we cannot wait to see what the years to come bring... 

So to mark all these AMAZING goals we have or are about to break, we have chosen to do a raffle for one of our custom handmade plushies of any size... within reason! We want to have a chance to give back to you guys. <3



  • Favorite this journal and leave a comment! (we expect this to get pretty popular so this is how we will be keeping track - if you dont fav and comment you won't be entered)
  • You must be a watcher.
  • Please understand that waiting time for plushies won from this contest may be 3 - 6 months.
  • You do not have to post your real name for the facebook/twitter confirmation. Simply state that you have followed on either.
  • ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ALLOWED (This means you may only use ONE account.. Please don't make us kick you for being unfair.)


First entry drawn -
One large plush - no overly complicated designs please!
One free digital copy of our guide to sewing - plush basics when we release it in summer 2016.

Second entry drawn -
One chibi plush - no overly complicated designs please!
One free digital copy of our guide to sewing - plush basics when we release it in summer 2016.

Third entry drawn
One Pokémon Micro plush- no overly complicated designs please!
One free digital copy of our guide to sewing - plush basics when we release it in summer 2016.

How to Enter

Favorite this journal to enter and leave a comment (If you do not leave a comment you will not receive a number for this raffle! Please read this carefully) - that's all you need to do. You can earn more entries to this raffle by doing any or all of the below tasks! For every entry you will receive one number. You can earn up to 5 entries if you do all the below tasks as well as fav'ing this journal.

  • First person to screenshot for us the 5,000 mark and send it to us will get +2 entries KlttyCannon won!
  • Create a journal to advertise this raffle +1 entry
  • Tell us why you want to win in your journal +1 entry
  • Like us on Facebook ( and add to your entry+1 entry
  • Follow us on Twitter (Rainbowrocket_) and add to your entry +1 entry



1. How does shipping work?

- We pay for the shipping and yes we will ship to other countries.

2. What if I don't have Facebook or Twitter?

- Don't worry about it, you just wont receive the extra entries.

3. Do I need to be a watcher?

-Yes, you must be a watcher in order to participate. If we see that you are not when we have drawn your number you will be skipped.

4. Do I need to state a reason as to why I would like a plush?

-If you would like to be counted for that extra entry... then yes.

5. What type of plush does it have to be?

-Anything (within reason of course) We do CS, MLP, and so much more. We will do whatever your heart desires.



February 20th 2016 - our one year anniversary! 

We have begun assigning numbers! PLEASE DO NOT POST MORE THAN ONCE! If you have already posted, you can either edit or reply to your FIRST comment. If we have missed something, we will come edit or add to our own entry. This will prevent us from counting you twice whilst we go threw each page. If we see we have counted you twice we will be forced pull you from the raffle. We have a very strategic system for this, we will see if we have you more than once. 

Thank you,
Rainbow and Rocket

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´ ▽ ` )ノ
(・∀・ )
( ̄(エ) ̄)
( ̄へ ̄)
(  ゚,_ゝ゚)
。◕ ‿ ◕。
( °٢° )
ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ
( ಠ◡ಠ )
( ´∀`)☆
( ̄。 ̄)
( ^▽^)σ)~O~)
(-_- )ノ
( ´∀`)
( ̄□ ̄)
(∪ ◡ ∪)
(~ ̄▽ ̄)~
(✿ ♥‿♥)
:star:On the following days, draw/write your OTP:

:bulletgreen:01 - Holding hands
:bulletgreen:02 - Cuddling somewhere
:bulletgreen:03 - Gaming/watching a movie
:bulletgreen:04 - On a date
:bulletgreen:05 - Kissing
:bulletgreen:06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
:bulletgreen:07 - Cosplaying
:bulletgreen:08 - Shopping
:bulletgreen:09 - Hanging out with friends
:bulletgreen:10 - With animal ears
:bulletgreen:11 - Wearing kigurumis     Kigurumi
:bulletgreen:12 - Making out
:bulletgreen:13 - Eating icecream
:bulletgreen:14 - Genderswapped
:bulletgreen:15 - In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, ect. )
:bulletgreen:16 - During their morning ritual(s)
:bulletgreen:17 - Spooning
:bulletgreen:18 - Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex.  Just remember to tag appropriately.)
:bulletgreen:19 - In formal wear
:bulletgreen:20 - Dancing
:bulletgreen:21 - Cooking/baking
:bulletgreen:22 - In battle, side-by-side
:bulletgreen:23 - Arguing
:bulletgreen:24 - Making up afterwards
:bulletgreen:25 - Gazing into eachothers’ eyes
:bulletgreen:26 - Getting married
:bulletgreen:27 - On one of their birthdays
:bulletgreen:28 - Doing something ridiculous
:bulletgreen:29 - Doing something sweet
:bulletgreen:30 - Doing something hot (once again, be sure to tag if you make it extremely NSFW!)

Written by Rain-Ame

EDIT: Increased points from 5,000 to 10,000 instead~

I'm giving away 10,000 POINTS that will be shared to everyone that joins this giveaway. EVERYBODY WINS a share of the points~


- Favorite this journal. (Be sure to do this, it'll make it easier for me to know who is participating in the giveaway and see who followed the rules~)
- Create a journal to spread news of this giveaway. (Leave a comment below with a link to your journal.)
- Watch me~
- And... YOU'RE DONE! : D

I've been wanting to do this for some time after being inspired by another person that has done this before. I thought it was a nice gesture. Even if you end up getting only a couple points in the end, it's the thought that counts~

The due date for this giveaway will be at the end of February, should be plenty of time for many people to have a chance to get some points. I will be distributing points to everyone at the end, may take some time but it's the thought that counts!


  • Playing: League of Legends, Splatoon, and Rock Band 4
2009: Missing Halloween's story was created. Discontinued.
2010: Attempted to rework in 3D. Failed. Discontinued.
2013: Revived and started the animation production. Didn't reach Halloween. Hiatus.
2014: Resumed and held a contest. Didn't reach Halloween. Hiatus.
2015: Resumed. Missing Halloween didn't miss Halloween!

For the past month, me and Negyek were hard at work, day and night, to finish Missing Halloween. Later on, Procrastacat and VenBright were hired to give various voices for the ending scene. All of these are, of course, paid jobs, thanks to my Patreon supporters.
By November 29, the animation is officially done. All 8+ minutes of it.
This would have been impossible without the help of these awesome people. (Negyek, Procrastacat, VenBright, Negyek, my Patreon supporters, Negyek, even the contest winners! And also, Negyek. She helped me so much in this project.)

After so many years of me getting worried every time Halloween approaches, it's finally done and published for everyone to enjoy! (I do hope everyone enjoyed Missing Halloween~)

To all my fans, thank you for watching, and thank you for being so patient with me!

And lastly:

Happy Halloween!

Lackadaisy - Patreon

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 30, 2013, 1:24 PM

I've recently left my job in the game industry so that I could focus more of my time and attention on Lackadaisy.  Patreon is my weapon of choice in trying to see this to fruition.

If more Lackadaisy comic updates, illustrations, tutorials, mini-comics, books and other things interests you, please do check it out!

Support Lackadaisy on Patreon

Notes on Character Design

I received the question pictured below at my tumblr blog.  In case it's useful to anyone here, I decided to go ahead and use this otherwise dormant journal to share the article I put together in response.

character design question

Character design and drawing are tome-sized topics and even if I had all the answers (I don't - I have a lot to learn), I'm not sure I could communicate them effectively. Here are some thoughts an ideas that might help, though.

First, some general things...

- Relax.
Let some of that anxiety go. This isn't a hard science. There's no wrong way, no rigid process you must adhere to, no shoulds or shouldn'ts except those you designate for yourself. This is one of the fun parts of being an artist, really - have a heady good time with it.

- Be patient.
A design is something gradually arrived at. It takes time and iteration and revision. You'll throw a lot of stuff away, and you'll inevitably get frustrated at times, but bear in mind the process is both inductive and deductive. Drawing the wrong things is part of the path toward drawing the right thing.

cat sketches

- Learn to draw.
It might seem perfunctory to say, but I'm not sure everyone's on the same page about what this means. Learning to draw isn't a sort of rote memorization process in which, one by one, you learn a recipe for humans, horses, pokemon, cars, etc. It's much more about learning to think like an artist, to develop the sort of spacial intelligence that lets you observe and effectively translate to paper, whatever the subject matter. When you're really learning to draw, you're learning to draw anything and everything. Observing and sketching trains you to understand dimension, form, gesture, mood, how anatomy works, economy of line; all of the foundational stuff you will also rely on to draw characters from your imagination. So, spend some time honing your drawing ability. Hone it with observational sketching. Hone it good.

  • I don't think I've ever seen anyone do this sort of thing better than Claire Wendling. In fact, character designs emerge almost seamlessly from her gestural sketches. It'd be worth looking her up.

- Gather inspiration like a crazed magpie.
What will ultimately be your trademark style and technique is a sort of snowball accumulation of the various things you expose yourself to, learn and draw influence from. To that effect, Google images, tumblr, pinterest and stock photo sites are your friends. When something tingles your artsy senses - a style, a shape, a texture, an appealing palette, a composition, a pose, a cool looking animal, a unique piece of apparel, whatever - grab it. Looking at a lot of material through a creative lens will make you a better artist the same way reading a lot of material makes a better writer.
It'll also devour your hard drive and you will try and fail many times to organize it, but more importantly, it'll give you a lovely library of ideas and motivational shinies to peruse when you're conjuring characters.

- Imitate.
It's a powerful learning tool. Probably for many of us, drawing popular cartoon characters was the gateway habit that lured us into the depraved world of character design to begin with. I wouldn't suggest limiting yourself to one style or neglecting your own inventions to do this, but it's an effective way to limber up, to get comfortable drawing characters in general, and to glean something from the thought processes of other artists.

- Use references.
Don't leave it all up to guessing. Whether you're trying to design something with realistic anatomy or something rather profoundly abstracted from reality, it's helpful in a multitude of ways to look at pictures. When designing characters, you can infer a lot personality from photos, too.
horse reference horses

And despite what you might have heard, having eyeballs and using them to look at things doesn't constitute cheating. There's no shame in reference material. There's at least a little shame in unintentional abstractions, though.


Concepts and Approach:

- Break it down
Sometimes you have the look of a character fleshed out in your mind before putting it to paper, but usually not. That doesn't mean you have to blow your cortical fuses trying conceive multiple diverse designs all at the same time, though. You don't even have to design the body shape, poses, face, and expressions of a single character all at once. Tackle it a little at a time.

The cartoony, googly eyed style was pre-established for the simple mobile game goblin character below, but I still broke it into phases. Start with concepts, filter out what you like until you arrive at a look, experiment with colors, gestures and expressions.

Carl the goblin accountant cyber-monkey-death-bots

- Start with the general and work toward the specific.
Scribbling out scads of little thumbnails and silhouettes to capture an overall character shape is an effective way begin - it's like jotting down visual notes. When you're working at a small scale without agonizing over precision and details, there's no risk of having to toss out a bunch of hard work, so go nuts with it. Give yourself a lot of options.

Above sample silhouettes from an old cancelled project in which I was tasked with designing some kind of cyber monkey death bot. I scratched out some solid black shapes then refined some of them a step or two further.


- Shapes are language.
They come preloaded with all sorts of biological, cultural and personal connotations. They evoke certain things from us too. If you’re ever stuck about where to go with your design, employ a sort of anthroposcopy along these lines - make a visual free association game out of it. It’ll not only tend to result in a distinguished design, but a design that communicates something about the nature of the character.

Think about what you infer from different shapes. What do they remind you of? What personalities or attitudes come to mind? How does the mood of a soft curve differ from that of a sharp angle? With those attributes attached, how could they be used or incorporated into a body or facial feature shape? What happens when you combine shapes in complementary or contrasting ways? How does changing the weight distribution among a set of shapes affect look and feel? Experiment until a concept starts to resonate with the character you have in mind or until you stumble on something you like.

Lucky Charms rejects

If you don’t have intent, take the opposite approach - draw some shapes and see where they go. (It’s stupid fun.)

monster shapes

- Cohesion and Style.
As you move from thumbnails to more refined drawings, you can start extrapolating details from the general form. Look for defining shapes, emergent themes or patterns and tease them out further, repeat them, mirror them, alternate them. Make the character entirely out of boxy shapes, incorporate multiple elements of an architectural style, use rhythmically varying line weights - there are a million ways to do this

Here's some of the simple shape repetition I've used for Lackadaisy characters.

And for potato shaped characters, use potato shaped shapes.

- Expressions.
Let them emerge from your design. If your various characters have distinguishing features, the expressions they make with those features will distinguish them further. Allow personality to influence expressions too, or vice versa. Often, a bit of both happens as you continue drawing - physiognomy and personality converge somewhere in the middle.

For instance, Viktor’s head is proportioned a little like a big cat. Befitting his personality, his design lets him make rather bestial expressions. Rocky, with his flair for drama, has a bit more cartoon about him. His expressions are more elastic, his cheeks squish and deform and his big eyebrows push the boundaries of his forehead. Mitzi is gentler all around with altogether fewer lines on her face. The combination of her large sleepy eyes and pencil line brow looked a little sad and a little condescending to me when I began working out her design - ultimately those aspects became incorporated into her personality.


I discuss expression drawing in more detail here (click the image for the link):


- Poses.
Rendering poses is another one of those things for which observational/gesture drawing comes in handy. Even if you’re essentially scribbling stick figures, you can get a handle on natural looking, communicative poses this way. Stick figure poses make excellent guidelines for plotting out full fledged character drawings too.

Look for the line of action. It’ll be easiest to identify in poses with motions, gestures and moods that are immediately decipherable. When you’ve learned to spot it, you can start reverse engineering your own poses around it.

line of action

- Additional resources.
Here are some related things about drawing poses and constructing characters (click the images for the links).




Tortured rumination about lack of ability/style/progress is a near universal state of creative affairs. Every artist I have known and worked with falls somewhere on a spectrum between frustration in perpetuity and a shade of fierce ongoing contrition that'd make Arthur Dimmesdale wince. So, next time you find yourself constructing a scourge out of all those crusty acrylic brushes you failed to clean properly, you loathsome, deluded hack, you, at least remember you’re not alone in feeling that way. When it’s not crushing the will to live out of you, the device does have its uses - it keeps you self-critical and locked in working to improve mode. If we were all quite satisfied with our output, I suppose we’d be out of reasons to try harder next time.

When you need some reassurance, compare old work to new. Evolution is gradual and difficult to perceive if you’re narrowed in on the nearest data point, but if you’ve been steadily working on characters for a few months or a year, you’ll likely see a favorable difference between points A and B.

Most of all, don’t dwell on achieving some sort of endgame in which you’re finally there as a character artist. There’s no such place - wherever you are, there is somewhere else. It’s a moving goal post. Your energy will be better spent just enjoying the process…and that much will show in the results.

Taming a Wild Tokota

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 10:25 AM

Taming a tokota is a dangerous, and delicate business. Due to a high concentration of domesticated blood in certain overpopulated wild packs, the TCA and local authorities have allowed the taming of certain individuals. Taming is done at the risk of the handler, and can result in injury. The TCA takes no responsibility for these claims.

The Process

In the group's gallery, there is a folder titled "Wild tokotas". These are the tokotas available to tame. Each of these individuals may be tamed by anyone, be it member or newbie. You do not need to own a tokota in order to tame. If the tokota is not in the folder, it is not available.

Requirements for Taming Images

To tame a tokota, you must submit a taming piece.
  • At least 80% of the wild tokota must be depicted in order to be valid.
  • At least 75% of the handler must be depicted.
  • A semi-complex background is required and the image needs to have color (it doesn't have to be extremely fancy, but more than just ground shapes/blobs/gradient).
  • The Tokota is wild. Taming entries cannot take place indoors, in major cities, etc; please try to keep in mind where the tokota would be found in the wild!

Images are rolled 100% randomly, with the exception of certain bonuses below. You must draw your handler interacting with the Tokota in some way. Some easy examples are approaching the wild tokota, observing it from a distance, following its pack, getting close/offering food or treats, etc. Please read pack information for background, as it will vary with the pack the wild tokota travels with.

Alternatively, you may use literature to create an entry. This entry must be at least 1250 words, and be relevant to the taming/interacting process. Your handler must be a significant part of the story. In order to receive the pack mate bonus (below), you must also include it as a significant part of the story.

Keep in mind that some tokotas have a moderately low chance of being caught, so this may take several tries. However, you are welcome to retry as many times as you'd like (see limitations below).

Automatic Element Bonuses

  • -100 off the taming odds for Pack Leaders.
  • 5%+ increased chance if another tokota from the pack is pictured (check subfolders in wild tokota folder). This does not stack if you include 2+ members from the same pack.
  • 5%+ increased chance if you belong to a tribe with the taming benefit - you MUST link to the progress tracker/members list to show you are eligible for the benefits.
  • :new: 2%+ increased chance for newbies. (If you own 0 uploaded tokotas and 0 genotypes.)

Increased Chances With Each Entry

Every time you submit a taming picture for a wild tokota, your own personal chances will go up by 50 for that tokota. (For example, if the tokota's odds are 1 out of 1000, it would be 1 out of 950 with the next picture, and so forth.) Odds will stop increasing at 1 out of 50.


Treats can be used to increase your chances at taming! Max of 10 treats per taming attempt. In order to apply treats, you need to make an item application (in the bank) to the taming entry you're applying them to, and put the link in the entry's description.

Treats are a little different than the above bonuses. They increase the taming 'chances'. A tokota's taming chance is typically 1 out of a number. If you don't roll a 1, the taming fails. You can use treats to make the range of successful taming up to 11. For example, if you applied 4 treats, you would need to roll 1-5 out of whatever the taming chances are to successfully tame.

In your entry description, you must include the following information:

Wild tokota's reference sheet (link or thumbnail):
Handler name:
Faction (prestige breeder or pack leader):
Tribe (if any):
Items or companions (if any):
Previous attempts (if any):

Then, submit it to the group gallery folder named after the ID of the wild Tokota you are attempting to tame. Your entry will be rolled/judged, and posted under the tokota's "Taming Wall" comment by TokoTime. You should receive this notification in your mentions, with news of either failure or success. If you succeed in taming a wild tokota, it will belong to you, to breed, sell, name, etc. Personality, age, and height/weight information may not be changed.

Daily Limitations

You may only submit one entry daily, and your entry must be judged first before beginning a new one for the same wild tokota. (Therefore you may not submit a second entry the next day if the first has not been judged.) You may submit up to five different entries total, each for different wild tokotas.


I've tamed a wild Tokota; can I use the taming attempts of other members for HP after the appropriate interaction level has been met?

This is a somewhat controversial subject for some, but the short answer is yes, as long as the artist does not object. Remember, always be polite (whether you are the artist or the person that has tamed the tokota.) Using previous taming attempts for HP is a privilege and not a right, nor is it something you can demand. The group cannot prevent an artist from taking down / altering their work and people may have different reasons completely unrelated to bitterness/spite/etc for doing so in regards to their own non-commissioned work. 

So long as the work remains uploaded/posted with the design of the wild Tokota, it can be used for HP, but it is not within the jurisdiction of the group to request that it be re uploaded or reverted otherwise. 

How many times can I try to tame a tokota? Is there a limit for myself individually?

In general, you can try as many times as you'd like. There is no limit. However, please pay attention to the daily limit above.

Will it be just like any other domesticated tokota, in terms of how I can use it once it has been successfully tamed?

Yes, but the interaction level will factor in.

Can we picture our handler with one of our already domesticated tokotas? Or does it have to be the handler alone?

Yes, you may!

Can I commission someone to tame a tokota for me? Or collab with someone?

No, sorry! It must be your own art.

Why was my taming entry skipped!?

It could be several factors. First, make sure your entry is in the gallery and in the 'Taming Entries' folder. Second, if you applied treats, they should be in your bank. If you're waiting for treats to be added to your account, there may be a delay in rolling your image so the treats can be added and applied. Third, sometimes details outlined in this guide are missed, and the admins will notify you if any changes need to be made before the entry can be rolled.

Skin by Horsepoint and alexpeanut, paw icon by Kawiku, images by noebelle
So, Kaweii san taught me how to use emoticons. 

Sans Rage Intensifies Chat Emoticon IM LAFFING SO HARD OMG
Big bro Sans and Little Papyrus Icon I saw many of you using this and I always cried
Sans Nervous Icon this is super cute omg
Sans icon 
The lazy bones Sans Icon 
Sans Intensifies