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giving away 2 pms (raffle kinda)

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 10:18 PM

i could probably spend them on more art but w/e

-must be watching me
-you can only enter if you dont have a premium membership

how to enter
fave this journal !!
thats it
bc i dont want to have to reply to everyone with a number again o god

ill use a random number generator to choose
these are 3 month pms btw

ill end this in around 24 hours

Art & Skin pomekin
i did the pixels tho
okay so i keep getting questions on my current stuff , how and where to get them, so if you are one of the people who asked, this is my answer :) (Smile)

my comicwokrk currently consists of 3 basic branches of work

writing and art done by me

art done by me

and covers done by me

before we get to the books themselves i would like to offer bit of an insight for anyone interested in getting their own stuff out there.

i am not covering crowdfunding as i personally stay clear of it.

this is a bunch of experiences i had, and since i got through this and am now doing fine, i thought some might find them useful

now, as i work predominantly for independent companies, my work can be a bit hard to get.

reason for this is a simple one. comic book stores buy their supplies from diamond. the main distributor. 
they buy stuff they know will sell. comics aren't a huge profit business so they have to choose the winners on their own.

it is a harsh system but comic store owners have bills to pay as well. so don't take this as me harping on them in any way  :) 

it's more of  an explanation of how things work for those interested in getting into creator owned/indie market.

some stores will stock on indie stuff, most will stock on issue 1 and judge on people preordering issue 2 onward, whether or not they will keep ordering the book.

unfortunately this is how good books often die. customers don't really know this process. i certainly didn't. 

we enter a store pretty much expecting the store to hold the product that is relevant to their business and our interest. it is a given to us.

unfortunately this doesn't work with comics. preorders and pull lists are what makes or breaks an indie book, so if you plan on making and publishing a comic, keep this in mind. this nearly killed death vigil.

it is a vicious cycle.

it is a road to failure and here is how it goes

1 publish a book and people like it- you are in 7th heaven...

2 people don't know about preorders so they count on the store to keep ordering and they'll keep buying. this isn't so. store orders significantly less copies of volume 2 and 3 and publisher regulates the printrun accordingly

3 you start realizing that the initial profit melts away after issue 1 with alarming rate, and by issue 3 you find yourself struggling to keep your head above the water...

4 this is when you take on sidegigs to help finance the book you are passionate about. while you are trying to make ends meet, your book starts suffering delays...and the interest in it wanes

5 orders catastrophically drop with delays as readers more and more start trade waiting. ironically trade at that point might be a very optimistic idea...

6 misery and despair

many books vanished this way. my personal solution to this is-

1 inform people interested in your books about how this works
2 promote the good books.

way too much time i see spent on people discussing stuff they hated in books or stuff that offended them. 

way too rarely do we enthusiastically speak about the stuff we love. often we take the good entertainment for granted. hell just look at youtube. majority of successful channels and up being the ones shitting on the bad stuff. we thrive on cynicism nowadays.

it is the lifeblood of the internet.

also for a more detailed experience of creating indie comics  
i highly recommend…

jim zub is a veteran indie comic writer at image comics, currently writing skullkickers and wayward.

KEEP THIS IN MIND! DON'T BE DISCOURAGED! this is merely here to show you the pitfalls, now you can work on avoiding them. i was told a lot of this from other industry professionals so now i'm passing it forward
so good luck to all your dream projects becoming a reality :)

anyhow, my little rant aside, here are the books
and for european people who want to get my books there are online comic stores and physical ones. the one i cna presonally recommend is

they are professional, and get the job done and usually stock up on my works so, they are a good bet 
also, all the books stated below with amazon links you can find at archonia as well. 

so, let's get this started. i will provide suggestions and amazon links for some as people found those useful so far

1 writing and art done by me


,y series about a bunch of death knights fighting necromancers under the leadership of bernardette the reaper. it is a series based on character development, and comedy as well as dramatic and action

you can reed the first 2 issues of the first 8 issue arc here

death vigil 1 full issue- cuz it's a good day :) by nebezial
death vigil 2 full issue happy new year! :) by nebezial

for easy digital verions you can find 3 to 6 on comixology.

link here…

soon death vigil first trade will be out. over 200 pages of comic+ a lot of bonus content

death vigil volume 1 trade paperback cover by nebezial

amazon preorder  available here, and you can also  ask at your local comic book stores…

also for those curious, in may we are releasing a death vigil tshirt and a print , so if you're into that then there it is :) (Smile)

B-Dxu3BIEAEAwm9 by nebezial        death vigil 8 cover- to all things there is an end by nebezial


sunstone is my webcomic erotic romantic comedy  dealing with fetishism, relationships, sexuality...stuff like that.
online it is published under my :iconshiniez: account.

it is an adults only book as is the account :)

book 1 is the expanded and improved chapter 1 of the webcomic with additional bonus content and has been out for a few months now.

Download (5) by nebezial

book two will be out late april, early may depending on where it was preordered, or pull listed

Download (6) by nebezial

and as i know there are people who really like comixology format…

then there is 


my first  adventure in writing, and as suck starts off a bit clunky and heavyhanded, but as my writing improved , so did the flow of these books. 
so far only two have been published and due to it's catastrophic finantial failure, i will for now turn the series into a webcomic format first and publish as each chapter is finished.

it can hardly do worse than it did so far XD

my co writer on ravine is ron marz who has helped me tremendously to streamline the boook and offered wonderful ditorial consulting .

anyhoo, book 1 you can read for free here

ravine full issue1 enjoy :)-you have to download by nebezial

it's high fantasy stuff, dragons magic ansd so on. after april i will upload this and book 2 to my 3'rd account :iconwanderers-of-ravine: and there i will continue the story :) (Smile)

and then this fall, i will be starting off twitch, 
however for legal reasons series will be renamed to switch. 
anyhoo, it's a re imagining of the top cow universe. an out of continuity different take on top cows main franchises of witchblade darkness angelus and so on...

just a twitch compilation...nothing to see here! by nebezial


among the recent stuff there is

aphrodite 9 and generation 9

written by matt hawkins and drawn by me 

generation 9 issue 1, preview pages by nebezial

aphrodite9-  i hate ninjas! by nebezial

aphrodite9 issue 10 preview by nebezial

so far first two trades are out……

and comixology link…


written by kurtis wiebe, and currently drawn by me

first trade and the first three issues of the second one were drawn by roc upchurch, and there is a bonus story about a character braga drawn by tess fowler

first trade  link for those interested…

i recommend the book it is a fun story about four work for hire mercenary women causing a shitstorm of epic propotions in a fantasy setting

i stepped on as the artist with issue 9
some rat queens covers by nebezial
rat queens issue 9 first look by nebezial

comixology link for rat queens…

and recently i did some dc sidegigs , nothing really important, a fun short poison ivy story in secret origins 10, 2 pages in harley quinn  annual... 

i won't go into covers because i spam way too many of those to list XD

i think this covers it
My third contest, finally! Again, everyone can join! Please read the rules if you want to enter.
If you don't want to enter, tell me if you want to be a judge :) (Smile) Prize donations are welcome too!

CONTEST DEADLINE: June 7th (I meant to give you two months time to draw, so sorry ^^; Now the deadline is fixed)

I'll put all the entries in this folder:…

(If I can I'll add more points ^^;)

1st place
One month premium membership OR 396:points:
Free commission: a character with easier background from SilverChaim
Feature from SilverChaim
Free commission from ShaydenSketches
Feature from MissMitsuSayama

2nd place

200 points
Free chibi commission from SilverChaim
Feature from SilverChaim
Free chibi commission from ShaydenSketches
Feature from MissMitsuSayama

3rd place
100 points
Free chibi commission from SilverChaim
Feature from SilverChaim
Feature from MissMitsuSayama

4th place

50 points
Free chibi commission from SilverChaim
Feature from SilverChaim
Feature from MissMitsuSayama

Draw 1 or more of my 6 characters shown below. More info about them (things they like etc.) here:
Character info for my contest
Hair: light pink, curly
Eyes: purple
Tail and ears: white
Species: cat girl
Age: ~14
Special powers: Can control people, like make them more empathic. Can see people's dreams.
Likes: pink, singing, sweets, cute dresses, heart-shaped things, her best friend Sayuki.
Personality: Smart, cheerful. Sometimes a little bit cheeky. Likes to listen people's worries and dreams.
Symbol: heart :heart::iconkokorox:

Hair: black (with purple)
Eyes: grey/black
Tail and ears: black
Species: cat girl
Age: ~14
Special powers: Can control nature, like plants and weather.
Likes: animals and nature, drawing, purple, her best friend Yuu.
Personality: shy, friendly. Doesn't like to be with people she doesn't know. Likes to draw in the woods.
Symbol: yin y




Outfit option 1:
Cute Yuu by SilverChaimCOM SilverChaim by plumine
Outfit option 2:
Cat Girls by SilverChaimYuu...Yuu... by lizzyq83
Outfit option 3:
Chocolate Yuu by SilverChaimBaking Goods By Maidoe-d8b1o3s by SilverChaim

Outfit option 1:
Sayuki and stars by SilverChaim
Outfit option 2:
Sayuki's wish by SilverChaimCat Girls by SilverChaim

Outfit option 1:
Tenma by SilverChaimPC 2 ~SilverChaim by Prominent-Star
Outfit option 2:
Tenma by SilverChaim

Banri by SilverChaimBanri cat adopt by miutzy by SilverChaim (Remember the white stripes on her hair. Tail is also white with brown.)

Suri by SilverChaim

Summer by SilverChaimRF Cheesecake Kitty OFFER TO ADOPT [CLOSED] by MotherAdopts


You can draw any of them together, but here are some suggestions:
- Yuu and Sayuki: best friends
- Banri and Suri: best friends
- One of the other characters with little Summer, since they are like big sisters to her ^^

If you want to draw something related to their favorite things or powers, that would be nice! Info here: Character info for my contest


:bulletgreen:YOU CAN:
- You can draw one or more characters.
- Draw the characters in your own style. I prefer anime or cartoon style, chibis are welcome too.
- You can draw them doing anything you want (but no mature content or violence or something like that).
- You can draw something related to their favorite things or powers but you don't have to.
- It can be full body, half body or portrait. Something more than a head would probably be the best :) (Smile)
- Background would be nice but it's optional!

What I would like to see:
Bullet; Green Effort: finished entries, no sketches!
Bullet; Green Creativity: the character or characters are drawn in your own style.
Bullet; Green The character or characters look recognizable.
Bullet; Green Cuteness ^^

:bulletred:YOU CAN'T:
- No mature content.
- Don't change their designs or colors too much (minor changes are okay, as long as the character looks recognizable).
- It has to be your own art. Please don't use bases or trace. (Pose references, background patters and things like that are okay though, but remember to credit the original artist or show the image you used as a reference.)

Traditional or digital, or a mix of both. Drawings, paintings, pixel art and animations are all allowed. NO literature, photomanipulations, crafts or cosplay, sorry.

You can submit as many entries as you want but you can win only once. (Although if you win, I'll probably feature all your entries.) One well-drawn entry is better than 3 rushed entries! :D (Big Grin)

Send a message or a note with a link to your entry/entries. You have to submit your entry to Deviantart. Add a link to this journal or to my page on your entry's artist comments, so people will know it's for my contest.

CONTEST DEADLINE: June 7th (can be extended a little)

:iconsilverchaim: (I'll be the main judge)


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 6:20 PM

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Brushes by gvalkyrie
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Cheesecake by KR0NPR1NZ

"Haru's Cheesecake" Fullscreen Process Painting Video!

Watch here:

You can support me and get access for process steps, videos, PSDs, brushes, etc. here:


Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 3:30 PM
this is just kind of a thing because I was around the age of most of the people reading this when it happened, and I don't think I've brought it up in a solid five years /SO/

When you're 13-14 on here, youtube, or whatever- you're probably going to see a lot of guys older than you and you're llike "wOw I dig that." And I don't mean 30-40 year olds- I mean 19/20. And oocccaaasssionally you'll have opportunities to talk with these guys. Which is fine, I know some great guys that had that age gap that are still my good friends. hOWEVER, please please avoid getting talked into any kind of underage stuff? Like, some of these fucks will go ahead and sext or rp with you and you're kinda wanting to try this whole online dating thing and this older guy is into you and so you justify what you're doing with the fact that the age gap isn't too bad.
But the thing is, 13 to 19 is hUGE. Like, everything fuckin happens maturity-wise between those 5-6 years. And I'm not gonna say there's any specific age to start becoming sexually active. If you have a boyfriend and you're both ready whenever, go fuckin for it. But if you're in 8th grade and you have some fuck online which is new and exciting, plEASE PLEASE reconsider. If you want to see what dating online has to offer, date online, don't just take whatever comes your way.

It doesn't even come off as coercion at the time, because you're all excited and anxious, but in five years once you're on the other side of the line, just remembering what you did and what was done to you is going to make you want to vomit. (and obv i can't speak for everyone, but in this case it's also illegal and rape-y as fUCK)

So just be careful and keep in mind that everything happens over time and five years isn't particularly long, so find who you want to be with rather than testing the waters with some nasty fuckin shit like a college-age fuck that's into middle schoolers.

Contest:  ( March 2015 )

Contest: Random-Draw ( March 2015 )

Hello ,...:huggle:

Rules For Next Blog :

First  Fave :+fav: this blog ,

Second  watch :+watch: One of Our Supporters at the end of Blog ,

To participate in our Contests Join our group then  Fave :+fav: this Blog ,Every Time you fave you'll participate it ,

How does the Contest work :

Every member has one chance in this contest , it means we consider one number for each member , then we use this site: for choosing Random numbers (winners) .

And the numbers that are chosen will be for our random members .

This time we consider 15 winners .:huggle:

and 20 points rewards for every one . :O


    Our March 2015 Randomly Winners .

  1. :iconbalkybiscuit: (number:57149   )
  2. :iconandyvacanti:  (number:56504   )
  3. :iconghirahimsremlit:  (number:3315   )
  4. :iconsalxtai:  (number:48513   )
  5. :iconanimaymay: (number:34148   )
  6. :iconbrettaf3d:  (number:30508   )
  7. :iconinfernizard:  (number:44418   )
  8. :iconsoniamaza:  (number:39943   )
  9. :icontemarisassy: (number:15253   )
  10. :iconravens-soul: (number:25062   )
  11. :iconjuneberry-chan:  (number:41875   )
  12. :iconeragonmerlin:  (number:11490   )
  13. :iconsoniclover2010:  (number:49646   )
  14. :iconshark-d0g: (number:31816   )
  15. :iconviolentvioletvi:  (number:37634   )

  16. -------------
    6 More added :

  17. :iconmistydash:  (number:5348   )
  18. :iconnothingbuttheworld:  (number:31076   )
  19. :icontuonenjoutsen: (number:34334   )
  20. :iconlona-chan: (number:37477   )
  21. :iconminh150910:  (number:23371   )
  22. :iconrinoa-light-leonhart:  (number:15326   )

  23. ---------
    3 more added :

  24. :iconringelotta:  (number:4488   )
  25. :iconcutecheapadopts:  (number:49580   )
  26. :iconsandbutterbeer: (number:56926   )

  27. ---------
    1 more added :

  28. :iconyinyangblade710:  (number:4165   )



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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 2:18 PM
That's right! Im doing my own giveaway to celebrate the end of the Homestuck gigapause on 4/13!



:giggle: First Prize :giggle:

(e.g.  Weeeh by xXHussie-ChanXx Ghbpsii by xXHussie-ChanXx)

:giggle: Second Prize :giggle:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre 100 POINTS AND 1 ANIMATED SHIPPING STAMP FOR FREE!!!

:giggle: Third place (Cause i'm nice) :giggle:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre 55 POINTS!!!

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Fav this journal!
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Advertise this Giveaway in a journal/poll!
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Comment below the link of your journal/poll and type:
"I survived the Gigapause of 2015"


:meow: Good luck all and hopefully your ships will become canon in the new update! :meow:

Alright The Theme Is About All The FNAF Games From FNAF 1 To FNAF 3! =D


The Contest Will Start Now & End At The End Of April! There Will Be Only 4 Winners To Win The Contest! The Prizes Are Free Drawing Requests, Animation & Aatch Plus A Llama! ;)

The Judges Are Me, The Co-Founders & The Contributors! :)

Everything Is Rated Pg-Pg-13! (We Have Kids In This Group Ya Know)

What's Allowed:










Fan Fictions

Fan Comics




Fan Kids

What's Not Allowed:


Sexual Themes







Stolen Art

Edit/Re-Color Art




No FNAF Animatronic Characters As Humans

Well, That's Pretty Much It! =D Remember That The Contest Ends At The End Of April! =D


Damn, holy crap. The last time I had a FNaF dream like this was right before FNaF 3 was announced.

Anyways, I had a really freakin' hypo-realistic dream. Like, so realistic I woke up going "Holy shit, FNaF 4's coming. ...Wait."

It sounds silly, but in my dream, a few of you guys were urging me to go to Scott's website. I did, and there was a really dirty/worn down animatronic, which we guessed was Fredbear due to the hat [brownish like in the minigame]. It looked like Golden Freddy, only almost all of his exoskeleton had been worn down and was almost gone/almost missing all color.

After a little while, I checked his site again and the picture of Fredbear was replaced by a really creepy [again], hypo-realistic version of Balloon Boy. Like, he looked human. And if you messed with the contrast a bit his eyes would disappear and he'd look like the crying child.

(Also, my dream changed and there was another picture that I had apparently missed of Foxy; he had an entire crew but it was scrapped. Can't remember all of the animatronics, but Foxy was originally a hand puppet, and the main animatronic was a really scarred/scruffed up gorilla. And they had a rival pirate crew. Kinda cool, I might draw the rival crew. It was actually pretty neat.)

Uh, anyways, yeah. I went to Scott's website the moment I woke up, nothing changed. Still, it felt REALLY real. Oops.