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OMG OMG OMGglsfbkhijndorji!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2014, 1:57 PM
OMFG!!!! My heart can't handle anymore!Manaka Surprised Icon  Our time has come! 
I'm gonna have a stroke after I said this!

(Anonymous: Ana calm your tits! Just gonna...step away from the camera now   c:  ) 

-: Sonamy is Real! :- by Crystal-Stardust

OK ILL MEET YOU AT HOSPITAL! Chiyo Screaming Icon  OMG MY SONAMY HEART, CANNOT HANDLE! Rabid Ren animated icon  *Calls 911*

I CAN DIE HAPPY NOW! Tomoko Spinning Icon 

Hey.... I'm back! Beebop MUAHAHAH!

.: PhoenixSAlover :.

Monthly Giveaway (November)

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 21, 2014, 3:25 AM
Hi again~ XD This giveaway will ends in 24 hours, so fave away~! 

This month giveaway prize will be a surprise~! 


Winged-Heart Bullet Fave this journal

Winged-Heart BulletThere will be one winner. 

Ends: 22/11/2014 

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Before I get into this I want to apologize for sounding preachy, but a growing pet peeve of mine over the years as I converse with peers at Artist Alleys is an increase of fanart that's not actually by fans.

What I mean are all these illustrators flocking to the scene that for the most part, just spit out work of popular subject matter for the sake of sales.

Now I'm not naive, many artists sign up at Artist Alley are clearly there for the income and that's totally cool but come on guys. At their core, comic/anime conventions should be about gathering with others to celebrate geeky shit you're passionate about. It's about sharing your fandoms with others, right? Ideally.

So when I see a booth that is mostly composed of say... League of Legends lady pinups I'd be like "Oh cool, this person plays League too! I should totally geek out with them" but after a quick exchange of words it turns out they don't actually play. Or they did, like once but don't really like it. They're in it for the money.

Finding this out as a fan and fellow artist, it feels like a punch to the gut. Don't get me wrong though, I completely get the logic behind it. Currently League of Legends is one of the most played games in the world, the following is nothing short of ludicrous. You'd be stupid not to spit out a pinup of Jinx/Ahri/Vi etc. right? Cause Sex sells. Pinups are clearly where it's at.


That's just one example though, there's a plethora of fandoms I'm into that I see misrepresented all the time and it's something I grind my teeth at for practically every show. But really, who the fuck am I to tell people what they should draw? Absolutely no one, I'm not important.

I'm just a guy who's asking... draw things you really care about. If you're going to shit on licenses and do fanart the least you can do is be a fan.

iii army

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2014, 5:15 PM
professional dickbutt

CSS Skin

people with iii usernames
can you comment on here
so then i can put you down
on my page
because i wasn't kidding about the army
i've seen maybe 4 or 5 other people with iii usernames
and i can't seem to refind them

i will slowly take over my side of deviantart
then later
the world
/evil laugh

Ludiiicrous / Exiiiguous

[ because I know theres a few of these too ]
ii army

Become an Idol! Contest OPEN

Thu Nov 20, 2014, 2:47 PM

Become an Idol! Contest OPEN by Ivory-Ice
Ladies and Gentlemen!  
As the curtains close on my first contest, a new one shines in right away!
As the title says the theme for this contest is to let your own character shine in their own way as an idol! 

  • You may enter up to 3 different characters.
  • Please keep it one character per drawing. We want each character to be able to shine on their own for this contest! 
  • No adopted characters are aloud to join. (Must be 100% made by you)
  • Outfit/Character must be created by yourself.
  • Must be fully colored/full body. 
  • No bases aloud. (Unless made by yourself of course)
  • No collabs for this particular contest.
  • No nudity please! Can be reveling, but not 18+ reveling.

:iconsparklesplz:~Extra information~:iconsparklesplz:

  • Both genders are welcome to enter. (Might make separate categories if the off chance of there being a lot of male entries)
  • You can use pre-existing characters or make new ones up.
  • Design plays a major role with this contest. 
  • You do not have to be a watcher to enter! (Being one will just help keep up with all the updates)
  • Entries can be any style. (chibi, anime, anthro, ect)
  • Try not to base your character on existing franchises to keep designing fair (Ex. Pokemon character)
  • Backgrounds are not required. (But same with the gender rule, if plenty of full picture entries come it there may be a special prize for overall picture)
  • Age of character does not matter.

This contest will run from:

November 20, 2014 to January 20, 2015

:iconsparklesplz:~Things to pay attention to~:iconsparklesplz:

  • Theme, what kind of idol is your character? Do they wear specific clothing? 
  • Colors! Do their color scheme work well together?
  • Character, what kind of personality does your idol have? Are they cute and bubbly, strong and cool, or anything else you can think of. 
  • Don't forget to give your idol a name as well~

Still have questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section below or note me.
Which idol will come out on top? That will be decided on our judges!
I would love to do a voting system through the polls, but I witnessed with other character contests that people will mostly vote for the person with the more popular art. Where this contest isn't solely based on skills. 

:iconsparklesplz:Win a free  chibi?:iconsparklesplz:

There will be a side raffle along side this contest to help spread the word!
How to enter? There are many ways to do so!
The more entries the more chibis will increase.
Please try to include banner and link back to this journal!
  1. Share this contest in a newly made journal.
  2. Share this contest in a poll.
  3. Share this contest on Twitter and or Tumblr. (Make sure to like back proof)
  4. Each entry that has a link back to this journal also counts as 3 each. (Up to 3 entries)
  5. Donate a prize (not llama or watch) to this contest counts as 2 each. (Up to 3 since there are 3 placings)
That's a total of 15 chances to enter!!
Let's spread the fun to all!
I'll keep track of the entries in a separate journal, but still comment in this one to enter.

:iconsparklesplz:~Idol example~:iconsparklesplz:
All the girly over the top cgi anime sparkles!

Find here: Idol Activities


Grand Prize:
  • Full body detailed drawing of your idol by me.
  • Half body cell shaded drawing of any character by me.
  • Full body chibi of your idol by me. (Shading style of your choice)
  • Special spot in a group drawing of the top 3 idols. (Main spot!)
  • 3 month membership or 800:points:. (May increase to a full year membership worth depending on number of entries!)
Runner Up:
  • Half body cell shaded drawing of your idol by me.
  • Full body chibi of your idol. (Cell, blobby/shiny, or sparkle)
  • Special spot in a group drawing of the top 3 idols. (Side spot)
  • 1 month membership or 400:points:. (May increase to a 3 month membership worth depending on entries!)
3rd Prize:
  • Bust shot cell shaded drawing of your idol by me.
  • Full body sparkle chibi of your idol.
  • Special spot in a group drawing of the top 3 idols. (Side spots)
Other prizes will include judge favorites, fan favorites, ect! More information will be added later.
If anyone would like to donate any prizes let me know. Of course you'll still be able to enter, just not win you're own prize. 
Prizes to increase with more entries.
Extra prizes for runner ups also to be added if more and more people enter!  

This contest is meant for all to have fun!  Everybody do your best!

  • Mood: Excited


Journal Entry: Fri Nov 21, 2014, 12:50 AM
thank you so much vanilleass aaaaaa <3333 sail looks so cute in her style hngg and THAT CURSOR!!!!
go give them love omg <3 aa im so happy

The reason why I think Mangle is male

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2014, 2:22 PM

SonicBoom, Sonic, Amy, and Sonamy thoughts.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2014, 8:54 PM
I've been having this discussion with a few friends lately and I just kinda wanted to write my feelings out about things.

Here's a few thoughts about the new Sonic Boom stuff.

At first, I couldn't believe they would change their designs so drastically, like knuckles suddenly becoming hulkles, or why Sonic needed so many bandages. But after time, I really got used to the designs. I mean, Sonic looks a lot more detailed as a character than just a blue hedgehog with red shoes, his neckerchief really suits him.Tails looks the same I guess, but the goggles and tool belt are a cool addition, you can look at him and clearly see he's a mechanic. Knuckles got some getting used to, but I'm starting to love it. He's in proportion, and it does make sense why he's so big, because he's super strong.

Overall they look like a perfect team. The different heights really stand out and make the team pleasing to the eye. If they were to make the whole team the same height (As done in Sonic X & Canon Sonic) it just really doesn't look as pleasing. I understand why Knuckles became the way he did, I mean if you're new to the whole Sonic thing and knuckles was the same to his old design (Show WAS intended for new fans/kids, after all) then he does actually look like a hedgehog, to me, anyways. When I was younger I instantly thought he was a hedgehog. But if you're to look at him now, you can clearly tell he's a whole other species. So instead of it looking like a team of three short hedgehogs, a short fox and a short badger, they added variety. Two hedgehogs, one short one tall, one badger, one fox and one echidna, who's muscular and big. 

I mean, what looks more pleasing to the eye. This?
Sonicxteam by ProBOOM

Sonicteam by ProBOOM

or THIS.
Sonicboomteam by ProBOOM

Boom!Sonic's personality is fantastic. At first I thought he was a lazy downer that only cared about himself. But as shown in the games and TV show, he's just the opposite. At first he's sure he'd work better alone, but as the game progresses it becomes obvious that Sonic realises that he's stronger together, as a team. He even says "They're not my weakness, they're my strength". Now, would canon Sonic say something like that? Canon Sonic is a very "work alone" type of character, maybe sometimes being accompanied by Tails. I love canon Sonic and always have, he's awesome. But I get the feeling that as the canon games keep coming out, he's more and more snarky, self obsessed and just a major jerk. The way he treated Amy in Sonic Generations really hit a nerve for me. Not only because I'm a huge Sonamy fan, but I feel like what he did was VERY out of character. I never thought in a million years Sonic would treat Amy in such a way. He wasn't flat out nasty to her, but the whole "pushing her away" thing is very unlike him. 
Sonicthing by ProBOOM

Like woah, did he just do that? Even if he doesn't have feelings for her, do you think he'd treat one of his friends like that? From what I can tell so far, Boom!Sonic would never do that to anyone.
Sega Japan reportedly took out that scene altogether, claiming that it was very out of character for Sonic. I agree with ya, Sega Japan. 

While Sonic X Sonic isn't canon, it is very obviously and heavily inspired by the canon series, unlike Boom. So it DOES reflect Canon Sonic in many ways. Sonic X Sonic is caring towards Amy. Even sometimes he may think what she's doing is sappy or something he dislikes, he never treats her badly. He treats her like a friend, and doesn't give off that vibe of "I hate you please stop doing what you're doing" yet, doesn't give off that vibe of "Wow you're kinda cute I like you". So Sonic's just being Sonic. Which is something canon Sonic isn't doing, he's very out of character towards Amy.

Sonicamy1 by ProBOOMSonic-and-amy-sonamy-25859307-855-638 by ProBOOM

Sonicandamy2 by ProBOOM

Even when showing discomfort, he is kind/jokingly about it and does not push her away rudely.

dd by ProBOOM

Hqdefault by ProBOOM

In the canon games, they make Amy seem very desperate and ignorant. If I was treated that way by my hero/crush I'd defiantly give up on him and find someone else, not worth my time, he's a jerk. So why does Amy still chase Sonic after all the nasty things he's done to her in the canon games? She seems very pathetic (Sorry Amy :c )
Boom Amy is just the opposite, she's independent and hard-working BUT still fun, caring, outgoing and hilarious. And hey, what do you know? Sonic actually has feelings for her. Canon Amy needs to take a note. Personally I think that if Canon Sonic and Boom Amy were to meet, Boom Amy would very much dislike Sonic.

What I love about Boom!Sonic is that his friends mean everything to him, He loves them all and its quite obvious. Canon Sonic, of course loved his friends, but at times it seemed like he was only saving them because he's the 'hero'. In Sonic Boom it feels like they all have such a wonderful bond together. These guys feel like a TEAM. They're inseparable and he cares for each one of them. he wouldn't just leave them for his own selfish desires, which I find adorable and I mean people could argue that he doesn't leave because he's stuck on an island, but I mean tails DOES have a plane. He could just piss off on the plane with tails. 

These characters are being put to use! Since when did Amy and Tails ever truly interact? What about Amy and Knuckles? Knuckles and Tails anyone? No? What about Sonic and Tails even. Sure, they talk. But that's it. When was there ever a brotherly moment? We never really see how much Sonic loves Tails. Until Sonic Boom. That first episode was downright adorable, finally we get to see Sonic and Tails being BROTHERS. I was even shocked when Sonic hugged Tails, that says something doesn't it? If people are shocked about Sonic showing affection to his friends, then something is wrong there. That's something the canon games seemed to lack, interaction and good moments between characters. In Sonic Boom, they're all great friends that love each other dearly. Sonic boom has hit the nail on the head with personalities. 

They're all strong, all fast and all skilled. but not in the way that they seem overpowered.

Well there's my rant. If you read it all, then thank-you so much :0 I needed to get this out of my system, aha. Also, this is just my opinion on things, if you don't agree that's fine, I don't want any arguments however.


Thu Nov 20, 2014, 10:43 PM
well, er, 447. but next week is thanksgiving break, so it's really the best time to finish off a bunch of art.
still! thank you all so much for watching me! and here's the customary raffle!

you must be watching me to enter


1st: shaded headshot or flat fullbody
Nima by mango-sherbetJason chibi by mango-sherbet

2nd: flat headshot or sketchy fullbody
(aka, one of my flat fullbodies but with a sketchy style & loose coloring, like my requests on
AT with staz 1/2 by mango-sherbetNico by mango-sherbet

3rd: sketchy headshot
Akula by mango-sherbet

by commenting below, you get 1 entry!
if you make a journal that links to this one, you get 2 extra entries!
if you like this journal, you get 1 extra entry!
(if you change your mind and add extra entries later, make a new comment, don't edit your first one!)

winners will be chosen with on nov. 23rd! (may be subject to change)