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Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 9:46 AM

Raffle Canliis Adopt (OPEN) by Shickietan

1. must be a watcher~
2.must favorite this journal (that will be your entry number)
3. Raffle will be open for 3 days so get those favs in

Thanks for all the support! hope you all like this simple but cute food adopt :'D

Journal CSS made by caybeach

Well, I have 592 points and I'm not using my acc anymore so I'm going to do a giveaway

:bulletpink: Watch Me
:bulletgreen: Fav this entry :+fav:
:bulletblue: Send me a Llama badge :llama: [Only if you want] 
:bulletorange: Make a journal promoting the contest
:bulletred: Comment this entry with the link of your journal + "I participate" 
:bulletyellow: [Opcional] If you want to appear more often, you give me points. The donation will be the amount of times you will appear (You donate me the ammount you want) , For example: You give me 2 :points: and you will appear 3 times. ¨[This points will be part of the ammount for the winner]

Good luck everyone ;) 


proof 2 by TrendyInfinity

I dare you ... !

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 9:13 AM

Have you ever logged into deviantArt, looked at the newest pictures on the front page and then thought to yourself: What the f*** is going on here?

Maybe I’m getting old. Maybe I don’t understand our modern world anymore. Maybe my definition of “art” isn’t that of the majority of people. In other words: maybe it’s just me.

But what if it isn’t?

As of writing these lines, the 24 most popular images of the last 8 hours include three pictures of cartoon ponies, a custom Xbox controller featuring a blue pony princess, a photo of a naked woman, a stock image of a naked woman, two drawings and a painting of naked women, a pixel-art picture of what looks like some sort of ferret, a screenshot of the front page (in order to celebrate the fact that another image of the uploader had made it to the front page), an Asuka fan-art (including boobs the size of watermelons) and some cosplay photos.

Switching to the today-page takes me to dA’s VIP-section run by techgnotic and sponsored by Sakimichan's Patreon.

Yes, I know this is deviant art, not serious art, but still ... Is this really all that dA has to offer? I know innovation and creativity can still be found amidst the collections of pin-up photos, memes, fan-art and cosplay images, but people don’t seem to care. At the risk of sounding like a broken record: dA is going down the drain.

The new today-page celebrates quantity over quality, while the popular page (aka “browse”) is a club-house for teenagers to discuss My Little Pony. New artists – no matter how skillful – will not be seen unless they paint well-known TV show or videogame characters or spam their pictures across dozens of group galleries. When was the last time you browsed dA’s newest images of a certain category? When was the last time you went looking for good art without the help of tags, curated galleries or group submissions?


This is not supposed to be a rant. I don’t want to complain, but I want to dare you to be different.

The next time you’re thinking of doing a fan-art, paint a character of your own. You may get less feedback from the community, but it will truly be YOUR feedback. People will comment, because they like YOUR picture and not some other person’s character you just happened to draw. Try something new. Change you color palette. Paint or photograph something from a different angle than you usually do. Experiment with perspective. Tell a story without the help of letters. Be creative!    




I’m not sure where all that came from. I’m actually having quite a pleasant day. :)


Anyway, here are some features for the upcoming month of May:

night forest by KalaNemi The Old Mill by Huussii fairy tales for forest spirits by KalaNemi

Sunset Environment by artbymatthew Stone Steps by Aniplay Mystical Tree by Koz23

Open Forest by Alexlinde Traces of Arcane Magic by mutiny-in-the-air A morning in Lothlorien 27 by Dragoroth-stock

Lady with an Ermine by Anwaraidd Love Charm by Tiali the last one by jurithedreamer
Footpath by lavam00 tol morwen - cloudy scenery II by digital-fantasy Standing-stones by Kaeriya

Thorn of The Foretold by HeliacWolf Where all Roads Lead by 2wenty La Belle au bois dormant by FlorentLlamas

Deviants I've met outside of dA:
:iconcarija: :iconcedaco: :iconvesparia: :iconoliwr: :iconftography: :iconginechan:
:iconrobvinc: :iconenyaa: :iconlazystrawberry: :icontkek: :iconjoho92: :iconniemans:

I Suggest DDs Stamp by Asphyziata I Love Nature 2 by Wearwolfaa Digital Art Stamp by firechant
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A little announcement.
Or WARNING, if you will.

I won't loose too many words and will just get straight to the point:

There exists a person on the Internet who does impersonate me; they are not only using an email address which is almost identical to mine (theirs is but MINE is, they are also using parts of my real name and scam people who are looking to buy the Skat Deck - and accidentally sent their inquiry/payment to the wrong mail address.

I found out about it through such a customer who contacted the wrong address.

Bad enough, one might think. But i think the moment i really began to feel nauseated was when the customer would show me screenshots of these mails that the impersonator would reply with: basically using a bunch of culpeorisms like i would always use them in private notes or mails (therefore, i have the notion that this person is someone who had contact with me or bought something from me before, hence their knowledge of my real name). Ergo: Someone who would really and actively impersonate the very me, stealing money and misusing trust of unaware customers under a wrong name. My name. you all may know i've dealt with a colourful bunch of examples of art theft all these years, plenty of it - and impersonators as well (there are like three "Culpeo Fox" people on Twitter for example, and don't get me started on sites like Facebook, etc.). But THIS takes the whole identity theft-issue to a new level. I don't even feel the amount of anger and incrompehension anymore when i only think about it. I will never understand how utterly low some ass can get and do such bullshit. I just. Don't. Get it (and even worse than that, i've already seen the fake email mentioned on some sites in relation to my art. I mustn't think about how many people trustingly contacted the wrong address and got either scammed or just completely misused/hoaxed by that fake asshole).

Therefore, to all my watchers and those who are ever planning to purchase art/card games/commissions/etc. or just want to get in contact with me via mail:

MY official email address is It is the ending with the .de (standing for "Deutschland", meaning Germany). If it doesn't end with the .de you can be sure that it'll be a fake one.

To the impersonator:
Fuck you. Really, fuck you.

Culpeo Fox (the actual one),
over and out.

Out of school!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 9:46 AM

I'm finally out of school! My last day was Thursday so now I have 4 months off to work, do art, and relax :')

This semester was really hard on me, so I'm glad it's over.

Also, in other news, the official Trademark Certification for Sushi Dogs came in the mail! I'm super happy and am going to get it framed! 

I am so proud of myself for coming this far, I feel like I have worked so hard and grown so much since this all began.

Image by witchpaws

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Bizcocho! CONTEST [OPEN]

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 8:38 AM
Rena2 by LizzyMcMorrow

Hey there, people :iconinulaplz: Welcome to my "Draw my OC" Contest :heart:

:star:--------------------------[CONTEST INFO]-------------------------:star:

Bullet; BlueWHAT IS THIS SHIT?: This is a "Draw my OC" CONTEST! It´s simple, you have to draw some of my characters to participate  
Bullet; BlueMEDIA: Every type of art is accepted! (Except for written, this is a DRAWing contest)
Bullet; BlueDEADLINE: June 25th (2015, please (?))

Keep reading for more info!

Muy buenas, gente de mi corazoncito :iconlazeplz: asi de golpe se me ocurrió hacer otro concurso, esta vez de dibujar a mi nena favorita y a su familia (la exibicionista y el marica lo son) Y con los premios mas grande que he dado hasta el momento... Asi que si no entra gente suficiente al concurso... pues mando a todo y todos a la mierda y reduzco los premios a la mitad :dummy: (?)

Asi que... Que es esta mierda? Pues es un concurso donde tienes que dibujar a uno (o dos o tres) de mis personajes (Personajes cuyas referencias dejaré abajo, no es cualquier bicho), interactuando o simplemente existiendo... y ya esta, estas participando. Tienes BASTANTES probabilidades de ganar.

Ya que hay... 20 premios... 20 PREMIOS, CAGUENSE :iconchocolatefishplz:

Sigan leyendo para mas informacion!

To enter in this contest, you only have to comment in this journal "I want to participate" or something. You will be automatically accepted. What is this contest about? Draw my Oc! (You can choose just one, but you have more chances to win if you draw two or all of them) Keep reading for more info about the characters!

Please link back with your drawing! This contest ends in June 25th 

Re-design [Arceus Academy] by LizzyMcMorrow

Para entrar en el concurso, solo comenta en este journal "Quiero participar" o algo asi. Estaras dentro automaticamente. De que se trata el concurso? Dibuja mis OC! (Puedes elegir solo uno, pero tienes mas oportunidades de ganar si dibujas a dos de ellos o a los tres) Sigue leyendo para mas informacion acerca de los personajes.

Por favor enviame un link de tu dibujo cuando lo termines! Este concurso termina el 25 de Junio

:star: 1°Place:
|12 months premium membership or 2300 :points:
|Full-body drawing (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 2° Place:
|3 months premium membership and 350 :points: OR 1000 :points:
|Full-body drawing (Max 1 character) or Half-body drawing (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 3° Place:
|3 months premium membership or 630 :points:
|Half-body drawing (Max 1 character) or a chibi (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 4° Place:
|1 month premium membership or 390 :points:
|Chibi (Max 2 character) or Headshot by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 5° Place:
|300 :points:
|Chibi (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 6° Place
|200 :points:
|Chibi (Max 1 character) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 7° Place
|150 :points:
|Utra-chibi (Max 2 characters) by LizzyMcMorrow

:star: 8° Place
|100 :points:

:star: 9° Place
|80 :points:

:star: 10° Place
| 50 :points:

+10 mini-prizes of 30 :points: (Yes, there´re 20 prizes. This prizes will disappear if -at least- 30 people join the contest)

Base by LizzyMcMorrowLel3 by LizzyMcMorrowLel1 by LizzyMcMorrow

Por cierto, si tienes un OC en :iconarceus-academy: y te gustaria agregar a uno de tus personajes en la imagen, eres libre de hacerlo (Y se te dara amorcito por siempre (?))


-Estos sujetos viven en el mundo de Pokemon
-Rena es la niña de pelo rojo
-Logan es el tipo de pelo negro
-Grace es la de pelo cafe
-Logan es el PADRE de Rena, la tuvo cuando tenia 14 años
-Grace y rena son primas, pero Grace no es nada de Logan
-Logan es gay (Fue heterosexual alguna vez, claro)
-Logan ODIA a Grace
-Grace esta siempre tratando de enseñarle "cosas pervertidas" a Rena


-This fellas live in a pokemon world
-Rena is the red-haired little girl
-Logan is the black-haired hot guy (?)
-Grace is the exhibitionist brunette
-Logan is the DAD of Rena (He "made" her when he has 14 years old)
-Grace and Rena are cousins... but grace is nothing of Logan
-Logan is GAY (He was straight once...)
-Logan HATES grace
-Grace is always trying to teach perv stuff to Rena

[Wanna get some ideas? Read this//Quieres ideas? Lee esto]


|Please tell me if you want to participate with a comment in this journal! 

Every type of art is accepted (digital, traditional, pixel, etc)

You can submit as many entries as you want.

| You dont have to be my watcher to participate, or share or add this journal to your favorites. You only have to leave a comment in this journal and submit your drawing to participate.

|Upload your entry to deviantART, please!  

|+18 drawings are allowed


|Por favor, si quieres participar, dime en los comentarios!

|Todo tipo de arte es aceptado (Digital, tradicional, pixel, etc)

|Puedes subir todas las entradas (dibujos) que quieras

|No tienes por que ser mi watcher para participar, o agregar este journal a favoritos o compartirlo. Solo tienes que dejar un comentario en el journal y subir tu dibujo, y ya.

|Sube tu dibujo a deviantART, por favor!

|Dibujos +18 son permitidos

:star: ----------[PARTICIPANTS/CONCURSANTES]-----------:star:


GOOOD LUCK! :iconhappymanplz:


Si a alguien le gustaria contribuir con un premio o algo asi, le amaria por siempre :iconinulaplz:

Gracias desde ya a los que participen <3

Skin by SimplySilent

 has been terrorizing deviants for far too long now.

HE is guilty of shoving his sick bimbo fetish onto others, accusing anyone who hates his fetish of disrespectful, telling people to turn their ocs into lesbian bimbos , forcing people to rp with him , objectifying lesbians (if thats even a thing tbh) etc etc
and even after ALL of that when he gets called out for his actions he makes a journal complaining and crying about how everyone is mean to him, he refuses to apologize to ANYONE even after harassing them.

Point 1.
He's always victimizing himself, after harassing people and shoving his fetish onto others, when the other person fights back he responds with something like this

Point 2.
While he supposedly only goes by female pronouns and a feminine name, he repetitively makes fun of bi-genders, transgenders etc etc. As seen here : Really? by xXHey-Its-Rei-ChanXx

Point 3.
He's an active pedophile and willing to drag anybody and everybody into his fetish…………

This was on a journal he made complaining about a few people that blocked him- from what it seems like here, they had quite a good reason to.…

The perfect way to introduce someone to DA- immediately insist on them making a character fit to your fetish likings that HAS TO roleplay and pair up with one of your fetish characters…

Just another example of his need to have everyone agree on his opinion
( provided by MystehAshTH )

We're tired of trying to reason with him
Enough is enough.


It's not a joke

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 4:37 AM

Alright, so this is in reply to AsylumBlackcode who clearly thinks schizophrenia is a joke. I'd read all of your replies on Insanity by randomdude15

I know, I know I've done a journal about this in the past and I am not telling you all to go and bash this person, that's not the answer here. Please do not harass them or I'll be forced to take this journal down.

Why a journal? Well because I think there's still people out there who think it's a label you can stick on top of "I hate everything in this world". I understand this won't change all the self-diagnosed "I have schizophrenia so fear me" kids, but hopefully I can make some things clear here.

AsylumBlackcode, you're in that deviation's comment section ROLEPLAYING. Do people with schizophrenia roleplay their issues? OF COURSE NOT! You don't get home from the hospital after having a seizure and ROLEPLAY it (only difference is a 'seizure' is not a mental disorder). Your angry, depression, loneliness, etc... does not give you any right to label yourself insane. How can you prove to me that what you say is true? Get diagnosed. I am 100% (not even 99%) sure that you're in the clear.

Been able to, and I quote, ' ... see what's actually fucking there', 'Being able to detect the lies of others'
 and 'able to resist those fucking bastards who shove the lies there in front of our faces and call it the truth' are NOT symptoms or 'benefits' of  schizophrenia, psychopathy, or any other mental disorders you claim to have.

And, you know, I sort of understand how you people think it's enjoyable. All those people you see in movies or read about laugh UNCONTROLLABLY! This is called 'Emotional Liability' or 'Pseudobulbar Affect' they are NOT 'enjoying' it. They have no control or thoughts of what is happening to them and as you could imagine - that's terrifying. 

What you see on the outside of 
 schizophrenic people does NOT reflect how they feel inside. You, to me, seem like one of those kids who read 'Jeff the Killer' and think it's cool to be insane. But let me get something straight with you... that's a STORY. Mental disorder is not a joke, you should never joke about it, by 'joke' I mean running around the Internet saying "I HAVE THIS INSANE MENTAL DISORDER, FEAR ME!".
Have you killed someone? Of course not, you want to know why? Because you're in control of your actions, you have the ability to stop yourself. You might want to kill, but you have no driven intentions to actually go out and do it. 
Schizophrenic people even have thoughts of suicide and the voices in their heads push them to do so, do you really think that's fun? No! Can they control it? No! Schizophrenic sufferers would not wish their mental disorder on their worst enemy.

In the comments section of that stamp you write:

"I have psychopathy and sociopathy, don't fuck with me. I enjoy every second of my own insanity, Embrace it with joy in fact."
'don't fuck with me'

Need I say more? No. That sentence sums it all up.

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I really hate people like this... -_-

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 4:07 PM

The People Hates My Drawing!?Look that I know, those two are very freakin rude are :iconmrnate2015:
and :iconconkeronine:
But, I can not believe it he put it on writing on me too think I'm a slut so much but, that something is so stupid thing happened to be :iconroselinachan:
But, there more of me when :iconconkeronine: that try too make it of YouTube about me think I'm a stupid mary-sue or something, huh?!?!?!? >xc
You people are f***ing rude of me!!!! >:c
Why are you trying to do too me anywhere?
Your making me feel piss off right now and that's why you hating it my drawing styling, huh?????? >:c
I'm am so explain for thing little awkward because I'm autistic, okay happy now!?!? >:c
I was f***ing 20 year old for god shake?!?! I'm a not a good typing words, okay?!?! >:c
i know, what your feeling is that you hate my drawing nude, r

The person in question is :iconcottoncattailtoony: why I'm getting annoyed over this user is a number of reasons really.

I learned about this person awhile ago when I watched a rant done on her by, :iconconkeronine:, a friend of mine. In this rant he basically showed how much of a mary sue her character(s) were and how she over sexualized pretty much everything she made. While I am fine with the overall sex appeal thing to a point when you ONLY do that and it's not a website like IB or FA, etc it gets really annoying.

And her works? Pfft, you can barely call them art. The stuff she makes on paper is the closest it gets to decent. The stuff on the computer is lazy MS Paint works. "But Jinx! MS Paint users can make great stuff!" Yes, that's true. I've never once said otherwise. But this is like... REALLY LAZY STUFF. Such as...:

(Art Trade) Miny by CottonCatTailToony

Samantha (Shark Tale) by CottonCatTailToony
I want too hug your boobs! by CottonCatTailToony

Now I get that MS Paint isn't the fanciest program. But some people can make great stuff with it. This? It's just so... Lazy. It's really half a*sed. And this girl get 800+ watchers for it? BULLSH*T. I have a lot of friends on here that work really hard on what they do and they don't even have a fraction of what this girl has in watchers. That's just a crime to real art.

And what's worse is the only reason she GETS these watchers is for THE F*CKIN' SEX APPEAL. Not only are you being sexist but you're going against what art is. It's fine to show appreciation to the natural body as it's what were born with and it's beautiful. And it's fine to be okay with sex as it's how we reproduce and it can be a beautiful thing, especially when it's shared with two people who are deeply in love. But to act like these girls, who aren't even your characters (Such as Chica from FNAF and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents), are sluts and they only want people to care about them for their bodies and not their minds. Not to mention it's the ONLY THING YOU DRAW. What is this? Are you jealous of your drawings because they have bigger tits and a bigger butt then you do irl so you're obsessed with it? Seriously, get some new material!

And no, I'm not slut shaming here. It's fine to have sex or to stay away from sex or whatever the f*ck you want to do involving sex. But this is a girl who is getting popular by drawing these beautiful characters in these ugly, over sexualized forms.

Not to mention her personality is sh*t too. She always- ALWAYS plays the victim card. And if you don't kiss her a*s she tries to report you for "BULLYING".

And the worst part is she gets comment after motherf*ckin' COMMENT about how her "ART IS SOOOO PERFECT" and how she should just "IGNORE THE HATERS" and how "THEY'RE JUST BULLIES! IGNORE THEM!" or some other equally f*cktarded sh*t like that. These white knights are TERRIBLE. They kiss her a*s for doing what any horny kid with a pen and paper can do! And when people point that out they freaking FLIP the F*CK. OUT. If you dare not kiss their senpai's tiny little a*s that she wants to be the size of two watermelons they will throw a sh*t fit.

And if you like this girl and watch me, then please unwatch me. Because you're just as bad for supporting a pissy b*tch like this.

Oh, and another bit about this person is that she automatically thinks that everyone loves her. No, seriously. She does. You have to outwardly say "I DON'T LIKE YOU" in order for her to get the f*ckin' point.

In conclusion; she'a a narcissistic crybaby who can't get the f*ck over herself. She's also highly overrated and needs to move to IB or FA or another site that supports this kind of "artwork".

Go ahead and "REPORTEDDDDD!!!" me, white knights. You'll get in trouble for false reporting if you do. :)


art and design sweetcandyteardrop
characters Rebecca Sugar
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Rant: Don't Use Suicide to Manipulate People

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 4:01 PM
Let's get into another rant, shall we? Surprised I haven't done this one yet.

I hate it when people use suicide as a way to threaten or manipulate others into doing what they want them to do. That's actually dangerous behavior and also emotional abuse. Saying things like "I'll kill myself if you leave me!" or "do this for me, or else I'm gonna kill myself!!" are very detrimental to the well-being and mental status of the person you're saying them to unless they're able to clock your bullshit right away and aren't so sensitive as to believe you and your whining. Most people, though, if they have a friend who's saying things like that, they're gonna believe it once or twice because they, obviously, don't want to be the "cause" of their friend's depression or possible suicide.

Making someone believe that they're the reason you feel so horrible because they don't do as you ask or cater to your every whim is childish, cruel, and beyond stupid. How would you feel if you had someone in your life that actually did kill themselves and left a note saying it was your fault? You'd feel pretty awful, I'm sure, so don't use such a serious issue as a way to make people do your bidding. It's just like a baby crying and stomping its feet until it gets a bottle from mommy, only in this case it's making a huge joke of suicide and making it look like something to abuse in order to get your way when it's so far from that.

Stop it. Just stop it. You're nothing but an abuser and a petty fool if you do such a thing and I feel sorry for the people you try to manipulate.

And as for the people who have to deal with friends like this, take it from me. They're probably not ever going to kill themselves so you don't have to do as they ask just because they say they will. Chances are, they're the types that are too afraid of death to even consider suicide, and that's what makes it twice as sick. You'll be okay, don't let manipulators get into your mind and under your skin. Nobody owns you. Nobody has the right to make you do anything you don't want to, and if they do kill themselves because of something so silly, it isn't nor will it ever be your fault.

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