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Clyde: We're in a fallout shelter. The bears are getting worse. They ate all of our robot food and they're peeing on everything.

Bonnie: I think they exploded all four restaurants. What do we do?


Noise: *Is a thumpy noise*

Clyde: Oh god, what was that?

Bonnie: I'm sure it was nothing.

Springtrap: Can you two just SHUT UP? I'm trying to sleep.

Clyde: NO, F--

Noise: *THUMP*

Clyde: Um.

Beecher: W--

Clyde/Bonnie/Springtrap: SHUT UP, BEECHER.

Beecher: :iconokayfaceplz:

EDIT: The site is either down, gone, or changed its URL. Either way... the link won't work. 

I'm not sure what to make of that lol but here's hoping it's gone or w/e. The FB is still available though, but I think it's a 'fan page' so... who knows.

OLD: = Image searching -- You're doing it wrong. 

That place ^ is apparently allowing images to be taken and downloaded (even images within and ones that are not actually downloadable on dA). 

My theory is this is a ridiculously badly coded search site which hotlinks to dA through Google or something (hence how it knows every username and is able to bring up images with that username). 
So technically it's not stealing anything, but it is allowing content to be downloaded even if that feature is disabled on your own artwork's page. 
That's not cool. 

That being said, I'm aware of it and yeah I know my work is up there (willing to be everyone on dA has artwork up there since it's searchable). 

If anything, there's a petition out to shut down the site (as it is violating rules here; going past dA's rules by making things downloadable even if they're not). 

You can sign it here if you're so inclined --…

The next best thing you can do is click their little 'report content' button on the page after you find your work on there (pretty sure it only knows you because it links to dA and siphons pages upon search so there you go). Not sure it'll do much of anything because as I said, this looks like a really crappily coded search engine type deal so their view on copyright is nonexistent; meaning they'll likely take your report and ignore it. That is if anyone even runs it. 

If someone can find the webhost for this site, post it so we can all report it directly there and have the site shut down -- as we did with a few other websites of this nature in the past.

That being said, I'm aware of it, I signed and I reported. I suggest you do the same. Unintentional or not, the site is still technically violating rules so... there you go. 

PS: I could be wrong and the site could be run by a bunch of purposefully copyright violating douchebags lol so don't hold me to this lol 
There's a Facebook too apparently --…
Ignore me, I'm bored and I feel like typing. (It's kinda self-centered, too. Ew.)

I originally hated FNaF. It was everywhere, and I instantly thought of it to be crap.

It was October 17th, and it was getting close to Halloween. I was bored, and I wanted something to spook me. (I wasn't feeling very Halloween-y.)


Well. Um.

This was my first FNaF picture.
Foxy V.S. Freddy by Koili

This was my original FNaF style.
-BoC- Annoying Big Brother by Koili

This was my updated style.
Toy Freddy by Koili

Updated Style 2.0
FNaF - Why Are We Alone? by Koili

FNaF -  Springtrap and Golden Freddy by Koili

Current Style
FNaF - I Bet My Life by Koili

I really like looking at my older art, it's interesting to see where my current style came from. I might redraw some of the older ones!

I'm really glad I joined this fandom. I met so many nice people, I was able to get close to some of my older friends, and I got to meet all of you guys. I'm further pushing my artistic limits, and I've been wanting to do that for years. I'm so grateful for everything you guys have given me.

Thank you.
I'm giving away 160 points free.
All you got to do is fav this journal and leave a comment
once you done that you will receive 5 points from me.

So hurry up cause I only got 32 slots to give out

EDIT: Wow I can't believe I end up giving away more points than I've expected cause I threw in some extra slots so I can stop at a certain amount of points left.
I sorry for those who came late but I promise I will host another one of these in the near future :)  


Tue May 26, 2015, 2:28 AM
Hi peeps! College is killing me atm so I thought
I'd de-stress myself by doing something fun & also show my gratitude to everyone
who has been super nice to me on this site ;v; /hugstight

How to enter (the requirements):

1. Must be watching me ☆
New watchers are welcome! tho pls do so only if you actually like my art ;-; which i hope so if you're planning to enter this

2. Fav this journal
This is only for my convenience sake, since I'll be entering your names in a random list generator rather than a number one

3. Post in the comment below with your OC & any extra info about him/her
this is for whoever the winner is so that i'll be able to note down their order asap and onto my list-to-do

*if you don't satisfy all these 3 requirements, you won't be considered if you happen to be the winner*

Bonus chance to win (optional):

1. Share this raffle in a journal or poll!
your name will automatically get put in twice in the random list generator
pls link the journal or poll onto your comment along with your OC ref!

The Prize for Winner:

You get to pick 1 of the styles shown below for me to draw your OC in

Option 1:
1x Full-body Chibi (Simple/flat coloring)
[COMMISSION] Sepriro by Tetsu-desu

Option 2:
1 x Colored Glow - Bust size
[COMMISSION] Cind by Tetsu-desu [COMMISSION] Turret by Tetsu-desu

Option 3:
1x Couple Minibi (with background)
Cocoberry by Tetsu-desu

Option 4:
basically for me to experiment with styles hehe
you can ask me to do it in chibi or anime style tho!

☆ This raffle ends on JUNE 2nd ☆

I think that's about it! if i left out some important info pls let me know LOL CRIES
i did raffles on another art forum before but this is my first time on DA so excuse any mistakes uvu

Some things to keep in mind
- I only do humans & kemonomimis (demon horns are ok)
- I can do both male & female but not super manly guys ;;
- prize will take from 2-3 weeks to complete due to other priorities
- will be using for choosing the winner
- I will put in as much effort as I do with normal commissions for this!
- I should be sleeping /slapself

Skin by SimplySilent


Journal Entry: Mon May 25, 2015, 11:29 PM
Eye Pick by bezzalair

I can't stop staring on it!!:')


CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Texture by Princess-of-Shadows


Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2015, 9:56 AM

comment to enter! this is not first come first serve. i will give one to someone who i trust and know will take care of it. do not write paragraphs, simply comment "could i have one?" or anything of the sort. thank you

 no multiple tails/horns allowed

rum dragon species info by sleepnoise rum dragon traits guide by sleepnoise

make sure to go through these beforehand!!!

i will be giving out 3 MYO slots to people who cannot afford regular MYOs or bidding on my auctions.
the people who i will choose will have their comment featured and replied to.
you must send me the transparent unwatermarked image via a note in order for me to approve it and put it on the ownerlist:  Rum Dragon Owner ListThe owner list as of right now!!!
Please comment to verify your ownership or redirect me towards the current owner. Make sure to mention them so that they see it! New owners must reply to verify ownership as well.
Press ctrl+f to check usernames and numbers.
latest update: 22/5/2015
#000 (MASCOT) - sleepnoise
#001 -  ScoutCritter
#002 - ScoutCritter
#003 - NadopT
#004 - DestinyLioness
#005 - Draikou
#006 - YaoiDaddy
#007 - lndiecat
#008 - aeIaska
#009 - Teddy-Star-Doge
#010 - chipotlereject
#011 - Raindiance
#012 - Melodramatist
#013 - Simonetry
#014 - DestinyLioness
#015 - civett
#016 - estrrapade
#017 - sqoonII
#018 - Raindiance
#019 - citygod
#020 - wallabean
#021 - aerioi
#022 - krooku
#023 - me
#024 - dogebutt

insecure mess

The Unseen Stock - May (II)

Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2015, 12:09 PM
:rose: If you like this feature please add it to your :+fav:s ! :heart: (:

Springtime Folly 17 by Flyawayautumn Candid May 2015 by TrisStock medieval2 by VeroNArt Andrea 5 by Celtica-Harmony
Queen Fairy_12 by hyuugahinata-stock
Oh? What's that? by QueenWerandra Lele 3 by Jeni-Sue Stock -687- by Eledhwen-Stock
Rain-3 by InvisibleGirlStock Oz by Fran-photo umbrella1 by Amliel Happy girl by anastasiya-landa Hold On Stock 1 by TrisStock
G Adam Orosco Photography by AdamF-X29
Widow 1 by magikstock Elven with boa 2 by MelieMelusine Stock -673- by Eledhwen-Stock
Stock by PoisonIvy55 Agent Kukri 11 by Null-Entity freestock - link back and read rules by carolinesphotos Stock 23 by Estelle-Photographie
stock wather plant by piaglud
Tree Stock IV by Sasa-Stock Stock Rocks by Energiaelca1 little Waterfall 1 by mrscats
sky above stock 00 by koko-stock Grassy Outlook by KaiyaStock Ameland 3 by Bolero-lief
Forest Lake Stock by SpioradAisce Winter by littlewillow-stock Fallen tree by TinaLouiseUk
Moutain Stock 28 by Pituz
underwater  stock 02 by koko-stock rock by Vladlena111 WATERFALL with ROCK by FOTOSHOPIC 00319 - Worn Desert Rockscape by emstock Water 2 by robhas1left
Maj2015 (56) by Euselia River Pathway by night-fate-stock Stock Maj 2015 (82) by Euselia
Curved Ocean Stock by little-spacey Power of nature by RubyWolfMaiden Waterfalls 16 by PirateLotus-Stock
Stones beach II by DeniseWorisch
Bright Blue Pool Stock by little-spacey Nature-Stock by Mocris Howard Park Beach - Tarpon Springs Florida Fx by AdamF-X29
Kinderdijk 8 by YBsilon-Stock Round Window Stock by little-spacey Old house 3 by FuriarossaAndMimma
Bruges 7 by OghamMoon Church stock 11 by Muse-of-Stock Colline Crane 4 by Marjie79 Jungle Castle Window Wall Stock by little-spacey
PreMade BackGrounds by CrossProcessor 0020 by CrossProcessor
Bruges 3 by OghamMoon Cemetery 275 by MASYON Castillo 1 by RJDIGISNAT
Kalli church ruins 88 by MASYON Bruges 8 by OghamMoon Oppido Vecchia 5 by FuriarossaAndMimma Door Stock 2 by Sarah-Katherine
STOCK Fleet in Hamburg 1 by Inilein
Bridge in China by petronellavanree Untitled by AdamF-X29 APOCALYPSE on the Prairie...FREE STOCK! NO RULES! by LakeSpirit3
Meerkats 2 by mrscats Chestnut Lying Down - 1 by EquinePhotoandStock young Marmot 4 by mrscats
Tiger by SolarShine Great Grey Owl 01 by blackkurai Meerkat 01 by NellyGrace3103 Orangutan by SolarShine
Lion Fish 03 by NellyGrace3103
Amur leopard 2 by Poulus1967 victoria crowned pigeon 5.2 by meihua-stock Lanner Falcon 01 by blackkurai
open wings by Ylliny Static by Oniendra Hudson bay wolf by Ylliny
Gosling 3 by Ylliny
Monkey-15 by Random-Acts-Stock Playing 3 by MountainViewStock Lormet-NativeAmerican-0619sml by Lormet-Images Lormet-Antiques-0148sml by Lormet-Images
Yuki by Kirasuisen Python with apple 01 by MelieMelusine Ka by Kirasuisen
water lily by Schiraki-Stock Kristallvase - Vase by Aellien Estatuas 6 by RJDIGISNAT
Ship by MASYON
Pink Flowers by Premier1er-Stock Statue  by mrscats Trabbi stock by Muse-of-Stock
050106Dscf0073 Free Stock by Temples-of-Light Drawing Ref 3 by Beef-Stock Barrel in the sand 1 by mrscats
Kaffeetasse 11 by gestandene Zombie Cowboy hat3 cutout by pranile Old Book by EnchantedWhispersArt
Old Map - WWI army camp by fuguestock
Cookie16 by jojo22 Texture 151 by AsiaAndEric-Stock bokeh texture by koko-stock
Sickness519152 by carlyartdaily Blizzard Texture by ContentHydra Paper Texture by editingninja

My own newest stock

Sea life Stock 12 by Malleni-Stock Ruegen island Stock 40 by Malleni-Stock Sea life Stock 10 by Malleni-Stock Sea life Stock by Malleni-Stock
Ruegen island Stock 29 by Malleni-Stock Premade 05 by Malleni-Stock Ruegen island Stock 27 by Malleni-Stock

Sunken mysteries - new contest ! great prizes ! Hey guys!
Occie Dance I think it's time for a new contest ! Occie Dance
The theme is:
 Gem Sapphire SUNKEN MYSTERIES Gem Sapphire 
To date, we have explored less than five percent of the ocean.
95% have never been seen by a human being.
So, what is down there, in the deep ocean? What mysteries could we find?
Mermaid cities, shipwrecks full of treasures, ruins of ancient kingdoms, unknown creatures ?
Dark secrets that may never be revealed ?
Let your imagination run wild !

The rules
Blue Square Bullet your entry must be a photomanipulation
Blue Square Bullet your entry must be created exclusively for this contest
Blue Square Bullet all used stocks must be from legitimate resources

Stocker off the Beaten Path 5: DemonsChain-StockStockers off the Beaten Path is a feature series that showcases lesser known stockers, new stockers, stockers with unique galleries, and rising stars in the stock gallery.





 grave by DemonsChain-Stock lantern by DemonsChain-Stock
shell 4 by DemonsChain-Stock
Amber by DemonsChain-Stock Crystal Ball by DemonsChain-Stock lizard by DemonsChain-Stock
Contest-ELEMENTSNew WhisperMeWish contest is open, theme is ELEMENTS I'm on fire!Water elemental :earthbounce: 
Theme chosen by our members in this poll  :)

Contest Duration

Apr 22, 2015 - Jul 22, 2015
Announcement of winners Aug 15, 2015.
Finalists selection via poll + winner selection decide WMW judges
Bullet; Green ACCEPTABLE 
All kind of ART
If your work does not follow our current theme or rules
- Follow submission rules before submitting your entry 
- Include :devWhispe

The Unseen Stock - May  

orange tulips by DemonsChain-Stock dead tree trunk with ivy by Nexu4
Waterfalls by PirateLotus-Stock Underwater 1 by mrscats Ocean Splash by kayosa-stock
Underwater 4 by EveLivesey
Northern Lights XIII by dani221 STOCK Rap by Inilein Makena Beach 011 by mspeike
Mountains and Calm Water by KaiyaStock Sunset 4 by touik The Woods Stock 962 by new-horizon-stock
Spring Forest by Jantiff-Stocks
Featuring deviants (V): GawarinToday I'm gonna show you one of my favourite traditional artists, Gawarin
He is only 17 years old and so very talented ! Love his style :heart:

Girl with a peahen by Gawarin The Riddle by Gawarin Valhalla by Gawarin
Inktober #11 by Gawarin Inktober #14 by Gawarin Inktober #5 by Gawarin
Invisible enemy by Gawarin Amy by Gawarin The giant slug by Gawarin


This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Art raffle!! 1000+ watchers party time!

Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2015, 10:13 AM
I finally managed to find some time to put this together, so here we go! Art raffle time, which means I'll be giving some free commissions for the lucky winners! And the prizes are as follow:

1st place   gets a free fullbody commission!!

2nd place  gets  a free bust-up commission!

Sounds good? You bet! Here's all you need to do to participate:

1. You gotta watch me. For obvious reasons, this party is only for my watchers!
2. Favorite this journal

And you're good to go! If you want though, you can also

3. make a journal about this raffle or otherwise promote it and comment below with a link to it and I'll count it as an additional participation which means your chances of winning just got doubled up! 

The raffle will end 26th of June so you have about a month to participate!

I hope you're all having a great day, summer is coming and there's good vibes in the air! If life is tough don't hesitate to come and chat me up, Momo is a good listener and a shoulder ya'll can always lean on!


  • Playing: life and I'm winning
FINAL EDIT: Lol, I'm done with all this. I'm done being patient little Rey,. I've lost enough brain cells and wasted enough time trying to calm people down about one silly little thing. We've "won", the "theft site" was taken down. Now everyone just please go home and go to sleep.