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Okay, this message is directed to both consumers and producers.
First of all, this is not an attack to other videogame franchises, it's just a recommendation.
I'm going to put the enemies from my game (Irevolution) in the public domain, because if I do it, you will be able to do whatever you want with these characters.
I know that some people want to forget about the real world and "escape" to a world of fantasy. It's OK if you share it.
I don't care if you load up on irevolution themed drinks. I want to market my game to teens.

So, if you are a videogame company and you agree with this, please do it.

choofbwe by Vlorotow
Here's the mascot of my game.
I might release a new version of Irevolution soon.
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Recently a few people in the Kisekae community have been bothered by other people, from outside the community, who don't seem to be particularly fond of our art. They preach that we are wasting precious time on Kisekae that we could be using to practice drawing our own characters in a sheet of paper and get better at it.
Some of them may say it because they are genuinely worried about our performance and only wish us to improve ourselves as artists. Others may argue you can't rely on an online creator forever. And others are just dicks with no respect.
Well, in any case, in this journal I wish to clear up some misconceptions regarding art, Kisekae, and our community in particular. Like a FAQ, we'll consider various points usually uttered by people who express their concern over our art style and answer them appropriately. So please, next time you spot someone talking about it on a Kisekae deviation, kindly link them to this Journal. Thank you.

Art is something like Michelangelo's David or DaVinci's La Gioconda, and there is no place in art for Kisekae
Actually, visual arts are defined as the creation of an image through techniques as varied as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and others. I mentioned these because they are typically the ones most people associate with art. But time changes, and so does art. New visual arts appear and others evolve with new techniques revolutionizing art as a whole. While Kisekae is in no way a revolutionizing technique, it is still a way people can express themselves and their creativity (as explained below) and is one of many forms of visual art. People can't be focused on a few arts, like painting or traditional drawing, they have to accept new ways people use to express themselves. And if they can't, they're better off ignoring what they see.

It all looks the same to me, it's the same old dolls all the time
This happens because you are not familiarized with this kind of art at all. If you look more closely, you can see everyone uses Kisekae in a different way. The most experienced artists even have their own unique style inside the game. Considering how limited it is, this is somewhat of an achievement. Like I'll explain below, people have to be original if they are to thrive in a community where everyone uses the same software.

There's no creativity involved in making a character made of parts that someone else drew
This is a common misconception; creativity is defined as a person's skill to invent or create new things made manifest by inventive originality. In other words, how original you can get in your own creations. To be creative, all a person has to do is to be imaginative (which everyone can be to a level) and to have a way to express their imagination. Kisekae, as odd as it may sound, is a vessel for us to express the characters, stories and ideas we imagined, so there is creativity involved.
Furthermore, being creative with what you do in Kisekae IS promoted in the community, since we ARE aware anyone can just make a character in it. For your character to truly stand out it has to be unique and creative, and there is lots of room for creativity if one considers not only the possibilites (colors available, clothing options, backgrounds, etc) but especially the limitations of Kisekae. The software we use is extremely limited in many fronts, and we who work with it feel that limitation every time we work with it. To make up for those limitations we must be even more creative.
For instance, let's suppose one wanted to create a character wearing a hoodie in Kisekae. There are no hoods in Kisekae of any kind. So what does that person do? They must be creative to overtake this obstacle. They either draw a hood in PaintTool or any other drawing software and upload it to Kisekae as a prop, or they use the tools already available in Kisekae to fashion something that looks like a 'hoodie'. You have to be ingenious if you want to use Kisekae to its fullest, and to that extent, it may just stimulate your creativity on a bigger scale than a simple drawing would.

You and your friends should quit Kisekae and actually draw for yourselves
Where do you think you are?
Using Kisekae as a means to create art is the WHOLE POINT of this community. Do you think I'd know as many people on DA if I drew everything I made, like 99.999% of the folks in this website do? People here start to get to know eachother because they use the same software to do their stuff. We haven't quit on traditional drawings, but we get along because of our common taste in a doll-making and doll-dressing software.
People have their reasons to prefer using Kisekae over traditional art. Some aren't that good at it, or don't have the resources to draw and upload their drawings in a decent way. Others can actually draw pretty well and upload actual traditional art from time to time, but mostly use Kisekae for their art because that's what got them to DeviantArt in the first place. And then there are people like me who started working with Kisekae to test what it could do (in my case I wanted to gauge the software's potential at conveying transformations, but that's not the point) and share it to people with the same interest.

People who gather in DA only to do stuff in Kisekae are mentally poisoned and lazy for not drawing their own art (this was actually said once)
And you're mentally poisoned for using that argument in the first place.

If I've missed out on any point, please let me know. I'll gladly add it here so everyone can read it.
Likewise, I am happy to help people who aren't quite familiarized with Kisekae understand our own reasons for using it.
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Not a rant, just a little tidbit. I'm not angry, just perplexed if anything :XD: This stuff is happening a lot these days so... Got to get this off my chest (again) 
*Tarzancall* :stare: I promise you I am not like yelling at anyone at all in this little piece lol So please don't take it like that. I have a bit of a snared tongue so at times it can come out a bit snappy. 
I'm not angry :3

That being said -- 

Please stop saying mine and artist's commissions/artwork is overpriced and overrated? That complaint is getting a bit old at this point UnU

I get notes people telling me I need to drop my prices to below $30 for full illustrations and that my work is not worth the prices I'm selling them for. 

Think of how shitty you'd feel if someone took something you worked hard on and basically told you it's not good enough -- That it needs to be cheaper. 
Imagine how you're making someone feel when you tell them their work is too shitty to charge over $20 for it. 

If you can't, then do us a favour and don't commission people or better yet, change your attitude.
It's not just me whose getting this treatment but a whole mess of other people these days. 

If you can't afford it, then bugger off.
"Stop being a lazy ass and get out and get a real job"  The moment you pay someone to do art it's a job.
My other job requires me to go out in any weather and work my fingers to the bones in people's basements, attics, and refurbished homes. I HAVE a 'real job' but sometimes that job isn't always reliable for work -- Independent company under an independent contractor. 

Just because artists want to get paid due for their time and skill doesn't mean they're not legit. Pay what they charge or don't and go about your way. 
I'm a bit tired of being told I'm not good enough, after 20+ years of being an artist and 10+ years of being in the business of freelance work. 

I charge what I charge for a reason. Don't question it, it's none of your business as to why. If you respect the skill, respect the price it comes at. We're not asking you to spend more than you have -- You have an option to say no and leave. 
We're not holding hot pokers to your feet and saying 'BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!' So stop acting like we're cramming it down your throat and stop complaining already. 

We work for a living just as anyone else does. Just because it's drawing doesn't negate it's labour intensity. Staring at a screen for 4-8+ hours at a time every day to work on a piece of artwork is not easy work. Trust me. 

That being said... Thank you for your time :thumbsup: 


PS: I have been waiting to commission a handful of people for YEARS and I saved up money to be able to do it. It took a while but I did it. I didn't dumb down their prices or degrade them for their prices. I wasn't raised like that... :V

CONTEST! Ends at 1St Oct!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 5:59 AM

 New Canvas by Ao-No-Lupus     Yee i decided to host a little contest! ;w;
This Contest ends at 01-10-2015 / 1st Oct

to enter you need to draw a Character of mine,
It's your own choice who you want to draw 

you can find my characters here:

you can make as many Entries as  you want!

i will judge on creavity!
so be creative ;w;
don't be scarred!
this is for all art levels! 

Don't rush yourself done ;w; you got a whole month to do this!
-please dont comment how you want to join but dont have time, if yiu really wanna join you got plenty of time :'D

If you're out of ideas for themes, heres a few witch would mach well ;w;
Autumn where it starts to get colder, the forest get a nice hur and it will rain a lot ;w;      
Also, next month is Halloween!! Hurray! //Also my birthday :'D\\
I love darkish drawings ;w; maybe quotes on would be neato
You can do whatever themes you want, but No extremely gore or Sexual themes.
You can do all kinds of art, traditional, Pixel, Digital, Paintings, Crafts! Whatever you want!    
Also remeber, Simon is affaid of water ;w;
(just so ya know)

Make sure to read the:
Ee by Ao-No-Lupus
You must be a watcher of mine 
Please read the rules careful! If you don't i will ask you to do!

if you enter, please comment bellow!

To make sure you have readen the rules, please tell me your fave collor
Share this journall and link me it in the comments

this is for everyone, you dont need to be hight lvl artist to join, as said i will judge by creavity

You dont have to ask if you can join, Ocfause you can!

there will be three winners, 1St, 2th, and 3th 

You must upload your entry on DeviantART so i can add it to a folder

you must draw My characters, you're not allowed to add your own Character

ya' know what? forget about the color thingy, instaid tell me your faveAnimal!

You can draw more than one of my characters in one drawin, 

NO Lineart/Bases/traced art  here! the art must be 100% your own!
this means as well please don't copy other entries -thats just not cool 

Have fun!!

i hope to get more than 3 entries  (ahah lame, i know)
Eed by Ao-No-Lupus
If you want to help out with the prizes
Note me with details -thank you so much-
it would be really nice of you if you do ;w;

4 by Ao-No-Lupus
                                                              1000 Points                                                                  Full Body Shaded with Simple background (By Me)
Full body Pixel (By My)
Desing (By Me)
Painting & 500 Points (By Kuro-Memory)
5 by Ao-No-Lupus
500 Points
Full body Flat (By Me)
Headshot Shaded  (By Me)
Pixel & 100 Points(by Kuro-Memory)

6 by Ao-No-Lupus
100 Points
Headshot flat (By Me)
Chibi (by me)
Lineart/Sketch and 50 Points (By Kuro-Memory )

Thank you everyone who enter!

----Entries done so far----

Entry By WolfWizKid
Another Entry by WolfWizKid
One more entry by WolfWizKid

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Chuj z tym,że szkoła nie mam co robić... nie powiem,że zrobię to w ekspresowym tempie,nie proszę o robienie żurków ew. można dać fava. ^^ 

Only ponies:


Free Requests (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 12:58 PM
You heard me right!
I feel so fucking nice so yeahhh

:bulletpurple:PLEASE LEAVE A REF OF CHARACTER(S) AND PLEASE WRITE A JOURNAL ABOUT THIS OR NU REQUEST FOR U(friends feel free to just comment the ref of ur character c: ):bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:I WILL ONLY CHOOSE COOL/CUTE CHARACTERS:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:DON'T NOTE ME!:bulletpurple:
:bulletpurple:HUMANS, ANTHRO AND SONIC IS FINE!:bulletpurple:

Okie soooo the drawing will look like this:
(1)Alex chilling n stuff by MidnightSkittlez
(2)Alex The Dog Redesign by MidnightSkittlez

Half body or full body?
You get to pick dat


1. :iconff-vxhatred:
2. :iconmaukittycat:
3. :iconlilach-kun:
4. :iconfusionthebluefoxy28:
5. :iconsapphire---blue:
6. :iconx-toxicpastei-x:
8. :iconskyblades:
9. :iconzlightning:
10. :iconxxblackfelinedarkxx:

(Added some more because I dunno)

School is coming up so I won't promise I will finish the request today tomorrow


Also I noticed that people are fucking desperate for a drawing
So I'm gonna be very picky fucker about the characters I seeee
So this might take awhile to pick <3

This is probably the last request journal
Choose wisely about what character(s) you want



[CLOSED] 50 free sketches challenge [ENG/PL]

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 4:47 AM

Flag of Poland  Polska wersja poniżej! Flag of Poland 

English version

Hello there!
I'm back in school now and I have some free hours between the lessons. I have nothing to on them, so I decided to make 50 free sketches challenge.

They are NOT clear and nice sketches like these ones that you can buy:
Susan sketch by KanahaniARTJenna sketch by KanahaniARTNoname sketch by KanahaniART

They're just fast, messy sketches like these ones:

2 by KanahaniART1 by KanahaniART
3 by KanahaniART

It will be headshot, halfbody or fullbody. Made with pen, pencil, marker or digitally. Clear paper or checkered. I may color/shade it or not. It can be a single one or a few. Detailed or not.
I don't know that. You don't know that too. ;) It depends only on what I have and I want to sketch at the moment.

  • Create a journal including link or thumb to this journal to let other people know about free sketches! :meow:
  • Next, leave link to your journal + character references in the comments here.
  • One character per person.
  • It can be anything - human, wolf, cat, even damn turtle. I want to practice everything. :)
  • No complaining or returns.
  • I'll upload sketches only when I finish all 50 in one big sketch dump, so don't hasten me.

Polska wersja

Wróciłam po wakacjach do szkoły i w nowym planie mam parę wolnych godzin pomiędzy zajęciami. Nie mam co na nich robić, więc postanowiłam otworzyć wyzwanie 50 darmowych szkiców (lol, głupio ta nazwa brzmi po polsku xD).

NIE są to czyste i dopracowane szkice jak te które możecie kupić:
Susan sketch by KanahaniARTJenna sketch by KanahaniARTNoname sketch by KanahaniART

Są po prostu szybkimi, niedopracowanymi szkicami takimi jak te:

2 by KanahaniART1 by KanahaniART
3 by KanahaniART

To będzie sama głowa, połowa ciała lub całe ciało. Zrobiony długopisem, ołówkiem, markerem czy na kompie. Czysty papier lub w kratkę. Może pokoloruję/pocieniuję, a może nie. Może być to pojedynczy szkic, albo zrobię ich kilka. Szczegółowy lub nie.
Nie wiem tego. Wy też tego nie wiecie. ;) To zależy tylko od tego co mam i na co mam ochotę w danej chwili.

  • Stwórz journal zawierający link albo miniaturę tego journala aby dać znać innym ludziom o darmowych szkicach! :meow:
  • Następnie umieść link do swojego journala + obrazki swojej postaci tutaj w komentarzu.
  • Jedna postać na osobę.
  • To może być cokolwiek - wilk, kot, człowiek, nawet walony żółw. Chcę poćwiczyć wszystko. :)
  • Nie narzekać, nie przyjmuję zwrotów.
  • Wrzucę szkice dopiero jak ukończę wszystkie 50 w postaci dużej sklejki, więc proszę mnie nie popędzać.

Vektren Pack Information Page

Tue Sep 1, 2015, 6:50 AM by Halkuonn:iconhalkuonn:

Vektren and its Members:

The view of Vektren depends solely on one's perspective. For some, the pack is an organized and dangerous group of professional assassins and thieves who are used as hired gun to get rid of unwanted trouble or gathering information from an enemy without putting oneself in any actual danger. But for others, it is an honorable guild which plays an important part in keeping the world protected and cleansed from the evil that sprouts from the underworld. Either view is sufficient as long the services of the pack are well performed. Even though honor among such an organization is generally dubious, they do adhere to one standard: contracts are met and agreements are kept.

Wolves in Vektren act as a brotherhood united in their dark deeds, and respect is one of the main ties. United misfits who look after each other and have a deep understanding of the delicate system they belong to. Some of them tend to see this way of living as a fun game of death, living on the edge and defying the common moral rules of wolfkind, others see it as a spiritual bond and honorable servitude to their Gods. In general, a Vektrenian is above all selfless, loyal and dedicated. Ranks are earned by individual effort, thus consisting in a chain of authority, but even the lowest ranked wolf is treated with ultimate respect.

Vektren and Outsiders:

Vektren is fueled by their relations with the outside world. Any wolf, either loner or pack wolf, is seen as a potential hirer and must be respected as such - unless they're the designated target. Vektrenians tend to represent their pack with excelling business and mean no harm to strangers unless necessary. This polite relationship is only displayed outside of the borders however. Their lands are sacred and no foreigner is ever allowed to set foot on such holy grounds. The borders are heavily guarded with traps, surrounded by treacherous rivers and hostile vegetation, and protected by Vektren’s fearsome guardians; the Enforcers. There is no such thing as mercy - outsiders are killed without remorse.

Trespassing with hopes of earning a place in the pack is not advised. If one cannot obey  the most important rule of Vektren, then they are not worthy of consideration. Members are accepted via invitation only by the Alphas or Warlord personally, period. Betas and Thetas can sponsor a potential recruitment and request a meeting outside the borders, where the potential member is interviewed by a superior. Anyone below Theta rank who wishes to sponsor a recruit must first convince the Beta or a Theta of their task to speak with the Alphas.

Note: This rule applies only IC! Following this order, however, is encouraged! You can always note wolves that match those requirements and plot something fun!

Outsider Request System:
How to contact Vektren:
Among many ways, the most common is to approach the borders and howl until met by a Vektrenian, who will proceed to contact the Alphas or Warlord. Then a Viper is sent. Sometimes, word spreads and Vektren hears about their need before even approached, and a Viper seeks the hirer even if not requested, offering Vektren's services.

Official Envoy:
Performed by a Viper, the first and diplomatic approach. The Viper meets the interested party and receives the request, also being responsible for setting the price and assigning the proper service required. These meetings happen outside the borders of Vektren on a rendezvous point near the pack, or at the borders of another territory. A Viper is always body-guarded by an Enforcer.

Name given when a thief/spy is hired, thus performed by a Shade. A wolf expecting to have something stolen or someone spied must pay equally to the difficulty of the task. The easier to access, lower the price. If the targeted wolf or the wanted goods are within a pack territory or held by a powerful loner, the price rises.

Name given when an assassin is hired, thus performed by a Scythe. A wolf expecting to have a target killed must pay equally to the difficulty of the task. The more specific and informative the hirer is, the cheaper this service gets. If the targeted wolf needs to be tracked down first or belongs to a strong pack, the price increases.

Payment: Vektren lives and breathe on two things - information and contacts. Most times services are to be performed in exchange of useful information, arranged meetings and inside contacts (performing a service and receiving knowledge back assists the pack in future jobs). Sometimes, however, Vektren merely asks for supplies - mostly prey. Due to the scarce game inside its territory, they seek food outside the borders to keep their own herds for extreme situations.

Normally, Vektren has a chain of work that involves the three tasks. After the Viper comes back with the request, a Shade is sent to track down the target and studies the best options, bringing this information back to the pack. After that, the attack is planned by the high-ranks and the Scythe is advised on how to proceed with the assassination. A hirer is not allowed to keep the heart of the designated target, as it belongs to Vektren - the deed to an outsider ends when the target is eliminated, but Vektren has an internal religious process that continues when the heart is brought back.


The pack follows the way of living of its predecessors by living, breathing, and serving their Gods as each task is performed. More than merely murderers, their services are religious centered and most of their decisions rely onto a spiritual side first - they truly believe their cause is righteous. Some Alphas are believed to possess prophetic dreams, where divine guidance is sent to them, aiding in leading the pack to glory, and are called the Herald of Senisteros. After the Gods, comes the family. Each member is precious and this brotherhood is extremely valued, ties encouraged constantly not only by their own working system but in their culture itself.

The existence of Vektren comes and goes. Their members believe that when the Gods are dishonored, They release a curse upon the current pack that will eliminate all the members but the  next chosen Alpha, an event called the
Purge. The survivor is responsible for rebuilding the pack somewhere else and bring it back to its former glory, paying repentance for their previous sins and honoring the Gods once again.
At each time Vektren is reborn, some aspects of the old ways is lost, but the religious core of it remains intact for generations since the first pack.

Vektren has two main deities as their primal Gods, and believe that the souls of fallen brothers now roam into this world as protectors of those who still serve. While atheism is permitted, a Vektrenian that does not follow their cult is still bound to all it implies, and will be considered a traitor shall they neglect following the old ways. High-ranked wolves are normally religious, but even non-believers are obliged to make decisions taking their cult into consideration.

The shepherd of death and warden of evil spirits, he possesses a father-like figure to his subjects. He also goes by other names such as Dread Father or Lord of Death. His image is normally depicted as an enormous black wolf with buffalo horns and giant black raven wings.
Senisteros guards this world from the evil and the unworthy spirits, protecting His subjects from omens and misfortune. When the heart of a eliminated target is offered on a ritual, the soul of whom it belonged becomes bound to the Dread Father. The assassinated wolf becomes a soldier for Senisteros in afterlife, and joins the eternal battle against the demons on the Underworld, ascending to a noble purpose.

Also referred to as Shadow Mother, Lady Luck or Night Mistress, she is Senisteros’s mate and a motherly figure to Vektrenians. Xibalten is commonly depicted as an indigo colored wolf with poisonous snake fangs and feline paws. She provides luck and prosperity and is considered the keeper of all knowledge.
Xibalten is responsible for guiding her children to wisdom, and blesses them by aiding their stealth among the shadows, controlling the direction of the winds so Vektrenians can remain hidden. However her blessings are not a free privilege. She requires tributes in return for her gracious favors, mostly due to her jealousy over the adoration given to her husband. When Vektren fails, she is the one who intervenes and punishes her subjects.

The Initiation:
It is believed that a wolf is not truly born in Vektren until they pass through the initiation ritual. The new brother/sister is presented to Senisteros and Xibalten by a Cleric, who chants the initiation verses at the footsteps of the Howling Peaks. After being introduced to the Gods as their new servant, the initiated performs a dangerous pilgrimage up to the highest spot of the Peaks, where a sharp rock can be found near a sacred pond of water. The wolf must cut their right front leg on the rock, and let a few drops of blood pour into the pool - this represents their bind of servitude to the Gods and that now he's one with the pack, adding his own blood with the blood of other brothers and sisters in the water. It is common that scars are formed after this initiation, however it doesn’t always occur.

After completing the initiation, the Vektrenian is now forever tied to the Gods. Everything they do is to honor Their name, and no other wolves but packmates are worthy of devotion. The pack becomes the main reason to live, and so does the duty performed. It's common that they refer to their lives as 'servitude'. When a Vektrenian dies, the deeds performed during their life will be judged by Xibalten. A valued member will join deceased brothers and sisters as spirits of protection, working from another realm into this world to help those who still live, like aspects of luck and fate. An unworthy member becomes a soldier in the eternal battle, devoid of any honor, and slaved to Senisteros.

Black Council:
The team of Betas is named the Black Council, and work as marshals of the task they represent - like separated factions. Each member of the Black Council is responsible for taking care of the wolves under their command, listening to complaints and analyzing ways of improving their work. During the Council meeting the Alphas, Warlord and Betas will gather to discuss any matter presented. While a Beta understands the issues of their factions individually, the decisions are made in favor of the pack as a whole. They are advisors, overseers, and the most trusted members of Vektren and its Alphas.

Rituals and Ceremonies:

Vektren holds several rituals and ceremonies for almost every event during the day. These are led by the Clerics, and performed at sanctuaries placed at specific points on the Howling Peaks. The most common and important ritual is the Offering, where the heart of eliminated wolves is prepared and offered by Vektren to Senisteros, binding the soul of those killed with the God.
Some rituals are private to specific members, while others are open to any pack member.

Daily Life:
The lands of Vektren are meant to protect, and aren't exactly fruitful. Most of the soil is infertile or weak, turning most of the plants just as inefficient and unattractive to prey. On that account, there's not much time for idleness for all tasks and ranks, since one relies on the other. While not on duty outside the pack, one must still spend the day providing for it - hunting, researching, training or protecting. Regardless of rank, a wolf that's already established on a task is often asked to mentor pups or explain their work to them. Everyone is responsible for showing the younglings and the newcomers about Vektren's culture, even if most of this work falls onto the shoulders of Clerics and Magisters.

Rules and Laws:

Five laws of the spirit:
  • Never dishonor the Gods. To do so is to invoke the wrath of Xibalten, bringing the curse upon the pack and marking the day of the Purge.
  • Never desecrate the hallowed altars or the sanctified pool. To do so is to dishonor the Gods.
  • Never refuse to offer an owned heart, or give it any other end but the rightful ritual. To do so is to dishonor the Gods.
  • Never disrespect any brother or sister, as you're bound by the sacred blood. To do so is to dishonor the Gods.
  • Never betray Vektren or its secrets. To do so is to cast yourself away from Senisteros' benevolent reach, losing your favored position at His side in after-life.

Rules of the flesh:

  • The pack and its safety comes first than the own life of a individual. If by any means a wolf is intercepted or caught, they must stay in silence. If threatened with no chance of escaping, sacrifice is the only answer. It's a honor dying protecting Vektren's secrets.
  • Betraying Vektren is an ultimate act of treason and will be dealt with as such - a traitor will have his head put up to high-rank elimination target.
  • Killing a brother or sister is an act of treason and will be dealt with as such - unless it was an act of self-defense. The murderer becomes a high-rank elimination target.
  • Never disobey or refuse to carry out an order from a superior. If the given order came from another than the own Alpha, the wolf must accept it in silence, execute it if needed, and bring any disbelief directly to the Alpha or Warlord in private afterwards.
  • Leaving the territory works differently for each task. Enforcers only leave for duty, and are discouraged of doing so without a cause; Shades and Scythes outside duty are free to come and go, as long they report before - avoiding to leave without proper reason is advised; Clerics are prohibited to leave if not on pilgrimage; Magisters may only leave for their studies if body guarded.
  • Any unnecessary quarrel that exceeds healthy limits will not be tolerated. Ranks are a formality, and lower wolves are not pawns.
  • Eat in order of rank. Pregnant females, mothers and pups are allowed to eat first with the Alphas.
  • Elders are respected, but not idolized. After leaving puphood, all wolves carry their own weight regardless of their age, meaning that elders still obey to the hierarchy.
  • It is forbidden to take a mate outside the territory. A Vektrenian is an honorable wolf and their blood must stay inside the borders - nothing less than the best should be offered to the pack.
  • The pack holds no limitations on personal affairs - wolves can choose their mates freely. This includes choice of gender and even the amount of mates taken, allowing harems. However, they must be officially wed in the eyes of the Gods in order for their bond to be seen as official.
  • She-wolves cannot bear pups until properly wedded to their mates and must ask for permission from the Alpha so as to prevent undue strain on the pack's resources.
  • If two superior wolves in skill wish to create a litter to strengthen the pack, they are allowed to do so only if both parents are fully involved in the litter raising. This specific mating does not require a wedding, but must be approved by the Alpha.
  • Do not, by any means, disrespect a hirer while outside the borders. Every Vektrenian is expected to represent the pack properly and acting like a savage is completely forbidden.

Note: Any killing/injury will be discussed OOC beforehand and not done without consent.


Vektren works as a brotherhood and every wolf must be an active participant of it. Every task is a part of a bigger machine, which doesn't leave space for idleness nor failures, since one missing piece may take all the rest down. All tasks are equally important, so each pack member is expected to take a task that their individual skills better fit. Once a task is chosen, one must be willing to give body and soul to perfect it, and it's strongly advised that a wolf doesn't change tasks unless strictly necessary.

Gaining a task; Rise to Delta Rank: Approval of the Alpha, Warlord or Beta of the task. The Delta will be pupil of the Gammas and server for the Theta in the same task.
Note: This means you can RP your character's promotion with any of those listed! As it is not required, it is however highly recommended that you create art or do a RP showing the initiation.

Rise to Gamma Rank: Recommendation from either a Theta or Gamma and the approval of the Alpha or Warlord. The Gamma will be pupil of the Theta and server for the Beta in the same task.

Rise to Theta Rank: Recommendation from either a Beta or Theta and the approval of the Alpha or Warlord. Must have completed at least 4 minor activities for the same task and succeed of one major alone.

Note: For the sake of RP, characters that haven't meet said requirements cannot be promoted. Any bone-worth media is considered!

Joining the Black Council; Rise to Beta Rank:
Invitation of the Alpha. Displaying of excellence on a task in various facets, mastery in their individual skills, trustworthy behavior among the pack and to have completed a generous amount of relevant activities for the same task. The team of Betas is called "Black Council", and it falls to them to represent the interests of their tasks and members, as if separated factions inside the pack.

Note: There can only be one Beta for each task at a time. This rank cannot be applied to, but will be hand-selected from the Thetas.

  • Cleric:
    • Individuals gifted with an attunement with the divine that possess an unwavering discipline, they are spiritual guides and practitioners devoted to the mystics, loyal to the packs tradition, expressing their faith by serving Father Senisteros and Mother Xibalten while guiding their packmates to glory by remaining true to Their ways. Clerics are responsible for studying their Gods, and to guide their pack mates spiritually. They also may serve as spiritual counselors to other members. Their main duty is to perform all the sacred rituals and teach religion, contemplating the signs of the Gods and showing the proper reverence to them. Being such a religious centered pack, even if not all members are obliged to follow it, high-ranked Clerics have enough authority to intervene in political issues shall it disturbs the will of Senisteros or Xibalten.
    • Clerics don't have an expected physique, but are commonly able to defend themselves just as good as any other wolf. Their main obligation is to stay mentally healthy and to be focused into the pack as a whole and how a member can better fit into it or in the path of the Gods.
      The Cleric Beta is the leader of this faction, and is known as Divine.

  • Magister:
    • Holders of a keen intellect and hunger for knowledge, those wolves are prone to see the world more in a scientific approach than religious. Only by understanding the world around you it's possible to serve the ones who rule it, and for Vektren both spiritual and material walk together. Magisters hold all the restorative and mundane intelligence, working as healers, scholars and alchemists. They ensure that the pack is well supplied with herbs for healing and poisons, study subjects such as anatomy, predict the seasons and read the nature. Their main task is to work as healers and teach science, showing how to deal with the world physically. Thanks to the Magisters, Vektren is always prepared for natural threats. More important: those wolves help the other tasks by improving and guiding on their duties.
    • Just as the Clerics, Magisters don't normally have an expected physique, but need to know how to fight - they are forbidden to leave territory for studying if they cannot defend themselves. Therefore, they tend to be far more athletic than their religious counterparts.
      The Magister Beta is the leader of this faction, and is known as Necromancer.

  • Enforcer:
    • Skilled and ruthless combatants, combining strength, knowledge of battle, and practiced maneuvers to slice their foes into little red bits. They charge into the heart of the battle and survive the most grievous of wounds, and supplement their fighting prowess with the ability to rally their allies and spur them to victory. Enforcers are mortal brutes who main asset lays on their physical power, devoted to the well being of their brothers and sisters. Their main obligation is to serve as peacekeepers and guardians of the territory, bringing to their superiors anyone who causes trouble, and eliminating any trespasser. They may also be recruited for missions and contracts where strength might be needed, either to eliminate a target or to bodyguard a pack mate, or only to help Snipers taking down big games.
    • Enforcers are usually massive and muscular, either quick warriors or resistant protectors, as long their strength prevails, it doesn't matter. Endurance is needed as their rest is short and their importance big, since patrolling the unprotected lands of Vektren falls on their shoulders.
      The Enforcer Beta is the leader of this faction, and is known as Berserker.

  • Scythe:
    • Masters of death, those who have gone on to perfect the arts of murder to an incredibly fine degree. Conniving and skilled assassins, they are trained to eliminate all the possible types of targets. Scythes lives are bound to death of others, and although it's easy to connect murders with Vektren, it's still expected that they act discreetly. More than merely murderers, Scythes are quick to understand and feel the world around them, and using this knowledge in their favor, reach their targets with deadly prowess. They receive jobs called contracts where they're assigned to eliminate targets - mostly wolves. Inside the pack, they act as hunters and their duty is to feed Vektren, if not with the game found inside the territory, with the prey hunted outside it.
    • Scythes may vary on their body build. Some rely on strength and massive size to bring down their targets, others are agile and precise, bleeding bigger targets or using the method of ambush instead of open combat. Each one is trained to better suit their own limits, as long they become machines of death.
      The Scythe Beta is the leader of this faction, and is known as Reaper.

  • Shade:
    • Masters of subterfuge, skilled and cunning adversaries. A task for those who seek the adventures of stalking and using trickery in combat, being able to vanish at the slightest distraction. Shades are spies and thieves who excel at stealth, the whispers in shadowy corners, possessing a wide range of skills that allow them to accomplish feats from disarming traps to retrieving vital information. They receive jobs called missions where they're assigned to steal goods or spy on other packs/wolves. Inside the pack, they act as scouts and their duty is to help the Enforcers to protect the territory by creating traps in specific locations where it's harder to keep outsiders away, and clearing the paths for their packmates.
    • Shades are usually small and extremely swift to make up for the lack of brute force. Stamina is the key for this task, as they can be sent to far away destinations, but mostly, they need to be capable of staying hidden and to evade combat at all costs.
      The Shade Beta is the leader of this faction, and is known as Nightmare.

  • Viper:
    • The embodiment of the power words can carry, they represent Vektren with diplomatic expertise and a silver-tongue. This is the role of the quick-witted and the negotiators. Vipers act like Vektren's business cards, putting their own safety at stake by being the faces who can be connected to the pack, allowing the rest to remain anonymous. More than merely intelligent, Vipers possess a deep understanding of the pack system of work from both technical and religious view, and use it properly during the negotiations with outsiders. They make presence on official envoys and many other events where a diplomat is needed. This task is known to be the most involved with all others, needed to perform their duty properly.
    • Vipers carry a great responsibility, and need to be perfectly shaped - body, mind and spirit. While valued for their wily ways, it's still preferable that they are visually attractive, regardless of size or build, meaning that they're often pushed to vanity.
      The Viper Beta is the leader of this faction, and is known as Cobra.

Alpha(s): Supreme leaders of the pack; given prefix 'Mistress' for females and 'Master' for males. Alphas believed to be bound to the Gods may also be referred to as 'Herald'.

Warlord or Warmaiden: 2nd in command and direct subordinate to the Alphas; assists the Alphas and lead in their absence, the only one permitted to accept contracts/missions or sentence punishments without the consent of the Alphas. Is selected by the Alphas as they better see fit (can be demoted if fail on duty - gets back to previous rank/task).

Beta(s): Members of the Black Council, the highest honor of Vektren. Masters and marshals to their task; advisers to the commanders; receive the contracts/missions from their superiors and assign to lesser ranked members according; this rank is by invitation only, not applicable; called by their titles (Ex.: Lord Nightmare, Lady Berserker).

Theta(s): Experts, mentors and captains to their task; direct subordinates of the Betas; trusted to lead important contracts or missions; given prefix 'Countess' for females and 'Count' for males.

Midrank and teachers to their task; trusted for more important contracts or missions; given prefix 'Baroness' for females and 'Baron' for males.
Veron (Scythe)

Apprentices to their task; assigned to smaller contracts and missions, normally accompanied by a Gamma. Juveniles cannot progress beyond Delta rank.
Zenith (Shade), Stallion (Enforcer), Skins (Enforcer)

No task, newcomers and initiates.
Andras, Aniu, Ruhn

Pup(s): Too young to have a task, learning the pack culture.

Wolf Count: 8


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