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u feel like some1 on this site rlly hates u and u have no idea what u did and ur like
drawing some cp hc's come and join
[x] You have blue/green eyes 
[x] You have freckles 
[x] You blush a lot 
[x] You giggle
[x] You're quiet 
[x] You say random things
[] You have a baby face 
[x] You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing
[x] You don't wear halter tops or anything too showy
[] You're under 5 feet 6 inches 

[x] You're a virgin 
[x] Just thinking of sexual things make you blush. 
[x] Your idea of a date is really romantic
[x] You sleep with a stuffed animal (when I sleep in my bed )
[x] You like to cuddle
[x] You never played the nervous game 
[x] You don't even know what the nervous game is
[x] You cry easily

[] You like the color pink 
[] You tend to wear bright girly colors
[x] You CAN be ignorant
[x] You consider yourself shy 
[x] You like happy, upbeat music
[x] You like "cutesy'' music 
[x] You like small animals
[x] You like babies a lot 
[x] Mini versions of things make you go nuts. 

Total: 24

Take the amount and multiply by 5

120%... Wow, um, okay...

Title your journal "I'm __% Cute."

 Heyo! I am opening commissions early! So there are 10 slots open!
Here's the info for the commissions Commisions,Requests,Trades,Gifts etc. info
  1. open
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  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: I Fell in love for the first time Jeffree Star
  • Reading: Paper Towns
  • Drinking: Tea
I am no longer role playing anymore due to the fact that plz accounts and RP accounts are different.
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: Pete killing his guitar
  • Watching: Keith Moon being crazy
  • Playing: my unattractive backup bass
  • Eating: Sandwich
  • Drinking: Wine
i rly wanna get another cinna MYO so that my cinna has a buddy ; ;

the only things i can offer though are full art pieces in exchange which i know most people are like :/ about
w EH
Hey, guys!

Please go check out these two!

They are awesome, and my best friends!
So please, follow them!:D :dummy: :squee:
--at playing Sunset-- Like.....for reals..... I haven't been active as much on this account- /terrible soB/ 

As I said before P.T on Steroids.
Needs some polishing, pacing refinement.
But the concept and foundation is rock solid
Enjoy the LSD trip…