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You walked to the town in a nice morning when you saw metaknight. Metaknight sees _____ and waves at you. hello princess____
how you doing? said metakight.  i'm good hey.. ummm will you go to the royal ball with me it's tomorrow night said with a blush look while you twiddled your thumbs. "sure i love too dance with you " meta said as he smiles under the mask and chuckles so he won't scary her. You tried too make sure your dad won't catch you with metaknight but there's a guard who sees you and metaknight talking. You smiled at metaknight and blushed your fangirl inside you said yay~. Metaknight hugs you and said, " i'll dance with but you have to help me with see my friends battled your dad so i wanna see his weakness" .
You tilt head at metaknight while you see that he been talking about as you see a guard in the ally seeing you and metaknight together. Oh no dad meta!! you said as you grab metaknight's hand and run for it. You two ran to whispy woods and pants as you guys hide in the trees. How you know your dad found us? metaknight said as he looks if someone followed them. 
He must of send his guard to follow me i'm soo sorry meta you said with a frowned look. metaknight kisses you forehead and smirks, No it's okay i'm not hurt.. my friend is in the secret place we must hurry and go before they come back meta said as he looks at you. Back in the castle ....What do you mean you lost my daughter !!!?? kingmagolor was angry that he used his powers to hit the guards with fury. S-sorry your highness she disappeared by that knight said the guard while he scared he might get hit again.
You idiots you left my daughter alone with one person that i hate!!! kirby and metaknight !!! king magolor hits them with his powers and his guards said nothing to kingmagolor. I guess i have to find her myself good thing i put a spell on her when she was 3 years old. _____will not be kidnapped by that idiot knight and that starkid".  Kingmagolor used sleep walk in your dreams so he can find you. He smiles evily as he hands glows and finds you by saying that magic words.  Meanwhile at the woods you and metaknight camped her for the night so you don't mind sleeping next to a handsome guy with a mask on you swoon in your head.  Are you okay _____ your blushing again.. said metaknight smirking at your blush. AH no i'm not blushing i-i'm cold.. that's all....
you looked away form metaknight while you was sleeping. in your dream metaknight is kissing you and both of you are married..
but the dream changed it has your dad saying, I have found you my daughter come back to me or you'll be punish....
You wake up crying and scared that your dad found you and metaknight hug you and said, "What's wrong princess_____?"
My dad has found me ...we gotta go to your secret place before you get killed by my said as you cried and hug back metaknight. Metaknight lift up his mask and kisses your lips so you can feel better..You blushed like a tomato and looked at metaknight. Ah thank you metaknight you said as you kissed back and liked it. Metaknight smiles at you and calms you down so you won't have nightmares. You blushes at metaknight for kissing your lips, you fangirl screamed in your head so you went to sleep while hugging metanight. Don't worry i'll keep you save from your dad metaknight said as he puts his mask down to sleep.
You see his face and blushes so you covered your face so metaknight don't see blushes and hears him chuckled at you.
n-night metaknight you said trying to sleep. Metaknight smiles at you and sleeps saying, Night princess______..


Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 6:28 PM


a song for bonnieXchica

wild heart

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I have a question for my gay/bi/pan watchers

Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 6:27 PM

When did you realize you were?

Don't be afraid because I am fully for gay rights and all that. I am just curious. ^^

I have been interested in this topic for a long time, and now after Joey has "officially came out of the closet", my interest has been at an all time high.

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acts of intimacy
    ♔ : finding your muse wearing their clothes
      ♕: holding hands
        ♖: having their hair washed by your muse 
          ♗: your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse's lap 
            ♘: cuddling in a blanket fort 
              ♙: sharing a bed 
                ♚: comforting a distressed muse (specify which party is which) 
                  ♛: sharing a dessert 
                    ♜: shoulder rubs 
                      ♝: reading a book together 
                        ♞: caring for each other while ill (specify which party is which) 
                          ♟: patching up a wound 
                            ♤: taking a bath together 
                              ♧: your muse playing with their hair 
                                ♡: accidentally falling asleep together 
                                  ♢: forehead or cheek kisses 
                                    ♠: your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/etc. 
                                      ♣: back scratches 
                                        ♥: your muse crying about something 
                                          ♦: slow dancing
                                         "They're heeeeerrre." We all know that line from the classic haunting movie, Poltergeist. A classic that seriously should not have been remade if they weren't going to follow the original script. The story settles on the old plot. Girl sees ghosts, parents don't beleive, girl gets stolen by ghosts, and the rest follows. But I wasn't too impressed with the story here.
                                        As compared to the original, the brother is sleeping alone in his own room rather than with his kid sister. And this room has an oddly secret room that contrains boxes of creepy clown dolls for no reason other then the fact it appears in the original film so they couldn't just cut it out. No real explaination or follow-up on why the dolls are there in the first place is given. Another detail is the appearance of the many ghosts left in coffins. We never see them in the original, it was a shock value choice to put these decaying angry corpse-like spirits in the movie at all. Another thing is why is it the only person who realizes there is something profoundly wrong here the middle child and no one else beleives him? Better yet, how does strange crap like the bending spoons go un-noticed but the cell phone randomly being fried doesn't? I wasn't too impressed with the living tree attack either. The tree just grabs the son and flings him around before dropping him to thr ground for no reason and then never moves again or plays a role. In the original the tree tried to eat him and was taken away by some.... spectral tornado if I beleive so. Gives a legitimate exit to one of the threats. Another thing was I wasn't too impressed with the son crossing the realm into the other ghotstly realm. Sure, this is showing him overcoming his fears, but no kid is this brave! After seeing what is on the other side, who would want to? Almost no one, that is who! And the ending... oh boy the ending. After all that, the spirit exerciser just says the house is clean when he did nothing to help the spirits move on and they beleive they can just leave the house to some other sucker? Uh, no! Zelda Rubenstein did more then just direct the parents on how to find the girl. She helped at least a few of the ghosts move on.(I know there was more than just a few angry spirits left from the cemetary, don't get all pissy about it.) It's like, "Oh, we saved our youngest daughter and the ghosts are gone so lets leave like nothing is wrong." Seriously though, at least they got out quicker then in the original. Who'd want to stay there anyway for long? And the one iconic scene they could have used, they didn't! The house explodes in this version! Explodes! The slow implosion is more exciting than an explosion! They ruined that iconic scene! *sigh* Sorry. Just channeling my inner Carlin. They also cut out the iconic melting face scene. They must have said, "Ooohh... that's too scary for a PG13 film. Lets make him throw up grave dirt with worms and cry dirty tears. That isn't as scary." That is what makes the original Poltergeist scary, this just makes it momentarily scary.
                                        A major problem with the story is the fact that the ending was just awful. The orignal had more meaning! Pushing the TV out of the room had meaning. Here, their laughing like it never happened and we wrap up with a music number?! What the hell was wrong with the original ending? Was it too depressing? Too tiring? That is what it was supposed to be! After all this, wouldn't you be tired and drained too? Also, what's with all the funny moments? This is supposed to be a serious movie, and you are trying to make us laugh? Seriously? I know its to try and balance all the bass bangs and jumpscares given but it's not the same at all! They made a classic a joke! Another few missing scenes where the coffins just popping up from the ground as the spiritual activity explodes. Instead we are given the ground opening up and angry corpses floating about. Whoope flipping doo! The damage to the small community was also exagerated. All of a sudden, the streets are littered with debris and garbage everywhere for no reason. So much so, it could not have come from the house or the whole neighborhoods trashcans.
                                        But there was a few okay parts I did like though. The living tree was much more beleivable since effects played a role there. The hands pushing against the static filled TV gave a sense of how many souls were really there on the other side. One other nice part was seeing the other side as it were. Seeing the house in a demonic spirit-like realm was a great touch! We didn't see this in the original and the second film wasn't too good either. More trippy than interesting. We also see more of how technology is affected by the spirit realm which was a pretty interesting to a point.
                                        Overall, based on story, characters, and effects, I give the Poltergeist remake a 5/10. 5 points off for not following the orignal story, bad character design, and some dumb parts. But you decide for yourself if its better than that.
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                                        ITS NOT LIKE I WANTED TO EVEN COME TO YOUR PARTY ANYWAY
                                        THATS TWO PARTIES
                                        i think i sprained another ligament in my back. in my right shoulder and my lower back. omg just fuck me life. ive been lifting shit all day and ive been making a pile for my garage sale next week. my back is killing me. i need more meds, fuuuuuck

                                        A side note on that last journal.

                                        Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 6:27 PM
                                        Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

                                        IM ALSO SICK OF PEOPLE DUMPING THEIR DEPRESSED FRIENDS ON ME. SERIOUSLY. STOP. PLEASE. I CANT HANDLE IT. OKAY?! I TRY TO HELP AND DO WHAT I CAN BUT SERIOUSLY. STOP. DUMPING. THEM. ON. ME. Next person who dumps their depressed friend on me has another thing coming. I don't mean to sound cruel and heartless or anything but let's face it. I CANT DO ANYTHING FOR THEM. Okay? Okay.