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Tähän riittää yksi sana: Ups...

Oli siis tarkoituksena piirtää Halloweenkuva, mutta en enää ehdi ja inspiskin häipyi B(
Jos mulla olisi jotain materiaalia niin ehtisin, mutta ei niin ei. Tulin raivonpuuskassani hävittäneeksi kaikki piirrokset/luonnokset joita mulla oli halloweenia varten ja nyt ne kaikki on vähän niinkuin mennyttä 'BD Kyseinen raivonpuuska johtui henkilökohtaisista ongelmista jotka aiheutti hirveän angsti/ragekohtauksen kyynelillä höystettynä, kun olen ihan paska piirtämään ja blaablaablaa ._. Ja nyt pitäisi löytää jotain vaatteita huomista Halloween-teemaa varten CX

Mutta on mun elämässä jotain positiivistakin! Hommasin snake bitet BD Oon halunnu ne jo jostain ala-asteelaisesta asti, mutta kun vanhempien mielipide on astetta neutraalista negatiiviseen niin se ei silloin onnistunut. Ei mun vanhemmilla varsinaisesti ole mitään lävistyksiä vastaan, mutta tahtoivat vaan pestä kätensä tästä jutusta niin, että jos ne reiät esim. tulehtuu niin en voi syyttää heitä BD Ja jos joku tahtoo tietää, niin kyllä, niiden ottaminen sattui XD

Ripplefur Pov---

When i fainted i waked up in a dark place and looked around "Where i am?"I asked to nothing "In our mind"A voice said and big Red,green eyes with purple shadows apeared in front of me "Our?"I asked confused with a sightly fear "No need to fear me...I'm here just to help "The eyes said "I'm Sombra"He said simple and i nodded "Im Rip"He cut me off "Ripplefur.I know we are in our mind remember?"He said and i nodded "COME WITH ME"he said with a demonic voice and i started to fade "No!Stupid Devil!"He said and i fainted out.

I opened my eyes to see Phoenix and she helped me up "What happened?"I asked putting my pawn in my head "I saved you"The voice of FlameHeart said and i looked at her,growling and i shook my head and started to walk to the exit "Phoenix come"I said and she did what i told,she and i walked to the same ravine that i jumped off in the ground i could see blood yet "Why would you jump that ?"She asked in her crown form "I didn't feel the need of live"I said and her head turned to me "Im here for you...You will never be alone"She said and i nodded "You wish to sing don't you?"She asked and i sighed "You knwo very well to read my mind "I said and she stayed silent "Yes..."She said "Go ahead"she continued making me nod.(Music:Linkin Park -Powerless)

"You hid your skeletons when I had shown you mine
You woke the devil that I thought you'd left behind
I saw the evidence, the crimson soaking through
Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose "

i started and the crown looked at me my eyes turning the same as the 'Sombra' haved "Ripplefur..."She said worried but i just ignored her thinking about the times i pass with FlameHeart.

"And you held it all but you were careless to let it fall
You held it all and I was by your side, powerless "

I said growling and Phoenix flyed away letting me alone with myself and i looked at the ravine seeing myself fall from him.

"I watched you fall apart and chased you to the end.
I'm left with emptiness that words can not defend
You'll never know what I became because of you
Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose "

I said my eyes glowing and my teeth become sharper 'Yes!go on Ripplefur'the demonic voice said in my head and i looked again at the ravine seeing myself hit the ground with s 'thumb' and i turned around.

My eyes are still the color of the demon and my teeth was still sharp and i remembered that FlameHeart was with me,making the purple shadows of my eyes become more smaller 'She is just a lie!' the voice screamed in my voice making i shook my head, my eyes are still the demonic color "Will you levae my eyes sombra?"I said earning a growl in my head, And i shighed 'I will just see everything you see'the voice said and i walked again in Thunderclan with a fake smile,passing everycat with that eyes and entered mt den,phoenix come to me "You eyes...They cant stay like that "She said and i nodded "Sombra!Show yourself!"She said and a chadow cat with the same demonic eyes looked at the she-cat.

"Ah...Phoenix,is that you name?"He said with a growl and Phoenix hissed "You can't hurt me and if you do you will hurt him"His shadow was around me making my eyes shine bright and he smirked "I don't want to stay her...i want to be in his mind"He said and comed back on me making me yowl a little because of the pain.

Thanks ~



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Well, maybe haha. I really like Moxie but I'm not totally feeling it? Gonna see if I can get something I connect to more.

She has a reasonable amount of art associated.

Only looking for closed species and primarily Minkin. I am reaaally unlikely to accept MYO, and I will not at all accept a MYO slot where I have to do the design.
I'm coming back a zombie!
You know, because it's Halloween and "I want to eat your BRAAAAAAINS!"
For real though, I finally finished my last semester of Uni and am graduating with a bachelor of Computer Science in December. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I even had some time between studying for exams to make some art. Hopefully that's a good sign for the future. I really missed my friends and the DA community, very glad to be back. I didn't want to stay away for so long but I knew my last semester would be a tough one from the subjects I had lined up: physics engine development, AI, advanced graphics for games and a software development project. I really wanted to put my all into it. It was hard work but I'm really proud of what I accomplished. So now that I'm done I'll be able to hang out with friends, make some art and of course I have a lot of games to catch up on. Then I have to try to get my foot into the games industry somehow, from Australia (yeah ikr, wish me luck).

Anyway I'll be seeing ya 'round,
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Maybe? XD 
This is for all you Dad writers out there. I hope to see many strong writers submit their amazing art to this group.

Enjoy the group!


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 10:34 AM

*looking at comments in a picture*
*finds this*
Capture by half-rose


What by half-rose


What Insane by half-rose


What Did You Say by half-rose




Dense motherfucker by half-rose

I still don't have any internet at home.... Ugh!! Sorry guys