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Well well the time has come, among the black friday bundles and discounts, the new free game has arrived!
* Jade Empire - Special Edition

Make sure to download it to keep it forevaaaah ^.^

Have fun guys'n'gals
  • Mood: Worried
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  • Playing: ...nothing atm
  • Eating: barely anything lately
  • Drinking: stuff....and they taste good..oh and milk
It was a Friday night and you where hanging out with your friends Sasha, Mikasa, Hanji, Armin , Eren, Annie and Levi like you always did every Friday night. Eren was on the computer Armin had is nose in a book Mikasa was playing cards with Sasha Annie and you. Levi was sitting on the couch watching you Levi has had a huge crush on you since you guys met but he's never admit it to anyone yet. He Loved the way you laughed and the way you smiled and how kind you where to people.

Hey guys there is a Carnival in town we should go Eren said. That sounds like fun Armin said. Sasha gasped a carnival!! I love carnivals imagine all the food!!! she yelled. Calm down Sasha you said. what do you think Levi want to go you asked. Im not a carnival person theres to much sound. awe come on please you begged. Tsk fine ill go. Wo ho come on guys lets go Sasha said. Hold up where coming Eren said.

At the carnival

Sasha and hanji had already ran off Eren took Mikasa and Armin to the bumper cars and Annie had gone somewhere. It was just you and levi now. Come on lets go play some games you said. Tsk your so childish. Awe come on lighten up Levi its Friday you have been working all week lets go have some fun. Tsk fine. He followed you. You guys stopped at a Shooting game. Lets play this one. you payed for the game. You tired to shoot the targets but where to slow Levi had already gotten most of the targets and was about the finish the game. The person gave levi A prize. Here you can have it. No this is yours you earned it. I want you to take it i don't want it. You took it. What should we do now?. hmm what about we go on the Fares Wheel Ive never been on one Levi said. Umm sure ( you where extremely terrified of heights) You guys went to the fares wheel un lucky for you the line wasn't vary long. It was now your turn young Levi stepped in to the fares wheel. Um Levi I mean If you don't want to do this its fine. it was too late the fares wheel was staring to move.

The fares wheel then stopped at the vary top. No why why did they have to stop it at the top! you yelled. You clinging on to Levi. You didn't see it much a small smile formed on Levi's face. Hey ( your name ). Y-Yes Levi? I want to tell you something. Y-Ya? I-I l- agh forget this her cupped your face and kissed you on the lips. You blushed madly. He then let go of your face and look away. I love you ( your name ) You hugged him I love you to. He then cupped you face and Kissed you again But this time you kissed back. He sucked on your bottom lip For entrance. you open your mouth and He slid his tough in. Needing air you two separated. the wheel stated to move again you finally made it to the bottom you both got off. I should start heading home you said. Wait he pulled you in for one more quick kiss. I love you ( your name ). I love you to Levi.         
  • Mood: Love
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: All About Eve
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  • Watching: Stargate Atlantis S5 Ep13
  • Playing: With even more ideas.
  • Eating: Snacks that I shouldn't!
  • Drinking: Coca Cola Zero.
Hey guys :)

Just a quick update and something topical that we're all being exposed to atm.

Ideas are starting to flow a little more freely and I've even been tempted to start messing around in DAZ again, all I have to do is stay awake :)

I hope to have something new for you all soon :)

And now for something that we'll be seeing a lot of over the coming month. Yes, you guessed it Star Wars.

Whether you're a fan or not you can't help but notice all of the hype, merchandise and general fever that is surrounding the long awaited seventh instalment of the franchise.

So to that end I'd like to add my own little bit of fun with some videos I found on youtube, nothing too serious and certainly no spoilers :) Relax. Enjoy.

Personally mine is WoodMan-
But StarMan is creeping up in my favorites.
I just wanna know because I feel like being generous-
  • Mood: Artistic
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  • Playing: Farm Frenzy 3…
Jeśli chcesz, to looknij ^^
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: The Witcher III OST
  • Playing: SSF 2, Tzar

20GBP Waist Up Commissions

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 10:18 AM

Full Colour 
Females Only

20GBP + Paypal Fees 
Send me a note if you're interested :heart:

Mature Content

Girl Bonding by BubbleJuiceBox

Mature Content

Bunny Rhea by BubbleJuiceBox
Imogen by BubbleJuiceBox

Mature Content

Lovin' by BubbleJuiceBox

Mature Content

Sherry by BubbleJuiceBox

Meadowbrook Females

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 10:18 AM

sorted after IDs

Traits: shiny
ID 6149
Life Mate: n/a
Breeding: open

Lulukalila | female | riolu
Traits: -
ID 6730
Life Mate: n/a
Breeding: open

lvl 100
Traits: fusion
ID 6731
Life Mate: n/a
Breeding: open

Traits: cross/shiny
ID 6738
Life Mate: n/a
Breeding: open

lvl 100
Traits: cross
ID 6742
Life Mate: n/a
Breeding: open

Traits: cross
ID 6744
Life Mate: n/a
Breeding: closed(until lvl20)

lvl 100
Traits: cross
ID 6753
Life Mate: n/a
Breeding: open

lvl 100
Traits: cross/morph
ID 6754
Life Mate: n/a
Breeding: open

Traits: cross
ID 6756
Life Mate: n/a
Breeding: open