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Adoption Center [OPEN]

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 9:34 AM by MonoStars:iconmonostars:
[Something new we're going to try!! Please be understanding and patient as we try to see if this works! This will be a way to circulate Pokemon that are left behind should people leave and give others a chance to get a mon!]

A new little building has been set up, right on the side of the the town! It's small, and quaint, and looks modest. It looks to be a small shop, but upon further inspection, the words 'Re-Adoption' hang above the door. As people approach, a little Growlithe hops excitedly up to them- energetic, despite only having three-legs. She seems to be ushering people inside the small building. Inside, Pokemon are all around- in displays, on the floor playing with Trainers, being brushed, being fed. Trainers are walking about, reading little info cards on the Pokemon displays. As they all mosey along as the same pace of the other Trainers, many feel eyes on them. A large man, with firey red hair is standing in the corner, glaring with harsh ruby eyes. He seems to be glaring down those in the Adoption Center- but when somebody asks aloud to know more about the Glameow on display, he moves closer. He tells the Trainer what they need to know, visibly softening and talking rather animatedly about the Glameow- and if one were to look close, they could see a nametag labeled "Deimos" on his apron. So he must work here.

There are plenty Pokemon here that seem to be needing new homes. So many are dropped off or abandoned every day- and Deimos has taken up rescuing these homeless 'mons and getting them back up for adoption to a better home. Some can just be picked up, and others seem to need to have forms filled out.
Why don't you take a look around as well? Perhaps you'll find a new friend to take home!

A place where spirits are rekindled and hope is lost.

This little Weedle was found lost during the Festival! It was crawling around near the Bobbing for Apples stall- seemingly disoriented and confused. It was obviously domesticated, abut had no Trainer. The man running the stall brought it in, feeling sorry for the little Bug-type. This Weedle is a little shy and skittish! It will need a patient and understanding Trainer.

A scruffy but adorable little dog, abandoned for reasons unknown, left to wander around in town. A kind citizen brought them in, where they were cleaned up and put back up for adoption to a new loving family. This Lillipup is playful and energetic- it will need a Trainer with just as much energy to keep up!

A sad little Feebas abandoned in a festival bag left to float down the river. Deimos fished the little one out- and despite being a little spooked, it was no worse for wear. It has since been given this nice fishtank to swim around it. It's still a little wary of Trainers, but given time, will warm up to them. This Feebas will need a patient and understanding Trainer.
ADOPT FEE: 1000p

This little kitty was left at the Center in a box- soaking wet and miserable. Despite it's initially fearful nature, with some cleaning up and food, this Meowth turned out to be a loving and calm companion. While still abit wary of people, it warms up to others quickly and will rub and purr all over it's new Trainer, demanding their attention. This Meowth should have a Trainer willing to pay it lots of attention.
ADOPT FEE: 1500p

Abandoned by their Trainer, a little Oshawott was dropped off at the Center late one night. The poor thing is still a little heartbroken, and seems to be very withdrawn into itself. It seems to shy away from Trainers approaching it. This Oshawott should have a Trainer willing to help coax them out their shell.
ADOPT FEE: 2000p

Dei isn't sure what this little guy's story is- but regardless, somebody abandoned it here. It seems to wander a little bit aimlessly when approaching Trainers, which would make sense- this little one is blind! It's still very friendly, and seems more than happy to nuzzle on fingers and sit in laps despite it all. This Glameow will need a good, stable home with a Trainer who's not too active.
ADOPT FEE: 2500p

Abandoned by their Trainer, a Hawlucha was dropped off at the Center late one night. The poor thing is still a little heartbroken, and seems to be rather aggressive and defensive, more out of fear than anything. This Hawlucha will need a Trainer willing to help them learn to trust again.
ADOPT FEE: 2500p

Abandoned by their Trainer, a Zoura was dropped off at the Center late one night. The poor thing is still a little heartbroken, and seems to be very listlistess and mopey. It doesn't seem to be too engaged. This Zoura will need a Trainer willing to be very patient, loving and kind and help this little one come out of their shell.
ADOPT FEE: 3000p

Deimos give you a little look as you approach with your mon of choice. He thrusts a form at you for you to fill out. You'll have to fill this out before you can adopt a Pokemon! He will be carefully checking applications to see if you're a good fit for the Pokemon. There's a fee to adopt, of course. Gotta have some cash to keep the lights on, you know. Once you adopt from here, the Pokemon is soulbound- meaning you CANNOT trade or gift them! YOU CAN ONLY ENTER FOR ONE MON DURING EACH ADOPT CENTER BATCH!!!

(please answer IC!)
Adoption Application

Pet you want:
Why you want them:
How will you take care of them:

If there's a Pokemon you don't want that is soulbound to you- this is the way to get rid of them. This is the ONLY way to get rid of a soulbound Pokemon. You can also drop off any other mons you don't want! It makes you the worst but...

Created at

[OPEN]Tell us a joke, Win a chibi!

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 6:31 AM

Character Name by Skunkyfly
Writted By Stupid Skunky

Booo Copy by Skunkyfly

Chiboi Happy by Skunkyfly: OOOHHH,,, your face are really creepy Shella-chan
Shella Giggle by Skunkyfly: Xi Xi Xi,,,, yessss,,,, cause this is Halloween eh... And you know what?

Chiboi Happy by Skunkyfly: What? What?
Shella Ooh by Skunkyfly: IT'S "MINI QUIZ" TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!
Chiboi Shock by Skunkyfly: EEEEHHH!!! really,,, what we should do?!
Shella Stare by Skunkyfly: It's Easy, Just tell Skunkyfly your most funny story  and the most funny story will win a Chibi drawing!
Chiboi Shock by Skunkyfly: Eh!? but this is Halloween event no? why not 'tell us your horror story'?
Shella Giggle by Skunkyfly : Yo Yo Yo,,, why we must be mainstream,,, be outstanding! And just follow the rules and Join Yo!
Chiboi Evil Face by Skunkyfly: OHOHO I see,,,, And now you guys... READ THE RULES CAREFULLY,,, cause if you're wrong,, we will NOT tell you and you will not counted as the participant Hihihihi // evils side



MY FUNNY STORIES IS : (share us your funny story/joke---- do NOT give the other link than DA,, no youtube,tumblr etc,,,)
IF WIN, I WANT YOU TO DRAW : (your OC link)
I TAG 3 OF MY FRIEND : (tag your friend)

-Watch is not necessary, but... maybe we will make more mini quiz and you not want to miss it no? //kicked


there will be 2 winner! Each Winner will get a Chibi Sketch of OC that they link
Chibi Sharku Sketch by Skunkyflychibi Momo sketch by Skunkyfly
Sharku originally designed by deichuu and Momo originally designed by Maruuki
chibi Chiboi sketch by Skunkyfly

Chiboi Wah by Skunkyfly: What is this... so easy... and uhm, when was the deadline?
Shella Stare by Skunkyfly: The Deadline Will be........

OCTOBER 30st 2015

Chiboi Happy by Skunkyfly: Great! we waiting for your story then ^^

Thank you for Reading o 3 o


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 7:29 AM

Hello guys!

To celebrate creating a new version of my main OC - Fuku, I'm opening a MINI CONTEST!


1st place:

3 month premium membership or 1,200 dA points

2nd place:

1 month PM/400 dA points

3rd place:

1 month PM/400 dA points

All you need to do is draw my OC

OC: Fukune by Fukune

in any way you want! Can be both digital and traditional, mascot, sculpture, just anything you want! Play with my chara and spread the love~! :3

Deadline: 30.11.2015

cause it's little contest for fun XD many thanks to Tokkyun for her donations, with them I'm able to hold it! :3 (and commision/donate other awesome artist, you're the best!)

Skin by SimplySilent
Now that's more like it Hasbro!  :iconfinallyplz:

Eqgchibi by AleximusPrime

Show accurate AND adorable, that's how the EqG toys should have looked right from the start!  Oh, and would you look at that, Rainbow Dash isn't wearing a skirt this time around!  XD

No to teraz wszyscy zapomna

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 8:09 AM
A więc...

Wstawiam 1 arta dziennie

Favuję chyba wszystkie prace moich watchersów

Odpisuję na Wasze komentarze...

I żeby to wszystko zrobić musiałam poświęcać na to straszne dużo czasu

A wiadomo.. Jest jeszcze szkoła Ja mam jakąś k*rwa na wysokim poziomie, więc homeworków jest w chuj

Ledwo łączyłam koniec z końcem

A przedwczoraj... W końcu wymiękłam
Dzisiaj spałam 4 godziny, przedwczoraj 3... A moje normalne godziny to 5-6... Dawno nie spałam nawet 7 godzin

Starałam się nadal rysować... Sprawdzać dA...

Zapomniałam o jedzeniu... O pracach domowych

Ostatnio zarobiłam dwie dwójki (A byłam uczennicą piątkową xd)
Podpadłam Pani od Polaka (Pani dyrektor)

Teraz tylko czekam aż poleci mi krew z nosa(A nie raz już mi się to zdarzyło... Nawet raz w szkole)... Bo bulimia nie śpi

Więc ten... Do czego dążę 

Będę mniej aktywna.
Dzisiaj nie będzie arta, jutro pewnie też
Nie będzie favów

Będę pewno mało odpisywać 

I zakończy się 1 notką na rok i z 6 komentarzami... Będzie tak jak w tytule

Tak użalam się nad sobą!

Chciałam tylko żebyście wiedzieli.... Pa ;-;

Sadly, she passed away today...
Tomorrow we are taking her body to do an autopsy.
To me it seems it was either amoeba Entamoeba invadens infection, or IMBD. Also, I'm 99% sure the fucking male she was with was the source of the disease... I've had her for over 3 years and she never caused any problems UNTIL that fucking ecounter with a male.
I'll update as soon as I know something more, IF I even manage to get to a vet who will be capable of doing a snake autopsy.

Thanks for your warm words and support, guys, it means a lot to me.
Please spare me the questions about the date of new AWJTK page coming out... I doubt I'll be able to pull myself together now to draw it... I'm crying buckets here. She was my biggest prize of all my reptiles.
Though again just drawing something may be a good way to forget...
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HELLO FRIENDS it is finally time for me to recruit new adoptable designers! But things are gonna work a bit differently from here on out -

:bulletpink: ANYONE is welcome to submit designs for adoptable contests!

:bulletpink: Every adoptable designer will get a free standard base CYO slot for every 5 designs that have appeared on an adoption round.

You do NOT get a CYO for every 5 designs submitted, but for every 5 designs that appear on an adoption round - opening the adoptable designer role up for everyone like this means there needs to be an element of quality control. Hopefully this will encourage everyone not to spam me with 5-minute designs but to put their best design efforts into every design they submit. (This does apply retroactively to those who have already been submitting designs! If you've already had 5 designs appear on adoption rounds, please let me know! and include the numbers of the adoption rounds your designs were in if you can)

I cannot promise that I will use every design I receive, or even most of them, and I will not be using them strictly in the order I receive them in. There will likely be a lot of designs submitted, and I will only use the best, so this is not a quick and easy way to get free MTTs. As I go through adoption contests at a relatively slow rate, its probably gonna be a pretty lengthy waiting time before you get your first free CYO.

:bulletpink:All adoptable designers are expected to draw a new and unique MTT lineart for every adoptable you submit. The artwork doesn't have to be your best and most detailed, but it does need to be clean and neat, in both coloring and lineart.

:bulletpink: You are welcome to include scars in your designs, but please do not submit anything with entire limbs lopped off. Stick to black and white base designs mostly, with a few color bases mixed in. No designs with black markings will be accepted. You are welcome to include some physical quirks in your designs, but please nothing super extreme (or consult me about it first at least).

:bulletpink: I expect everyone to make sure their designs adhere to the species design rules by themselves. I will probably not have the time or energy to go back and forth with every designer making them correct mistakes, and will probably just not use that design, unless it's something particularly gorgeous.

:bulletpink: You can reclaim for personal use any designs you have submitted, as long as they have yet to appear on an adoption round!

Make sure your designs are backgroundless .png files, upload them to and note me with the link!

I am ALSO looking for judges for the adoption contests

Before you apply, please consider:
:bulletpink: Judging is a pretty thankless job and usually takes several hours.
:bulletpink: Please only apply to be a judge if you're certain you can spare the time to judge at least every other month! It is not a problem if you miss a month here and there, but I need judges who will turn their results in in a consistent manner and not leave me hanging.
:bulletpink: Unfortunately there is no compensation, except for the feeling of power you get from having a hand in deciding the fate of the adoptables. Boasting rights, I guess?
:bulletpink: Comment to let me know you're open to being a judge, and I'll consider you!

I think that's all - if you have any questions, please ask!
Skarmavbild 2015-10-08 kl. 15.57.55 by Caicyo
oKAY *inhales* IM GOOD, IM GOOD
soryr if this journal is annoying but i just love these so much haaaAAA i wanna share them hueh

so when i walk to school during winter (its completely dark until 12) ill walk in the dark with stYLE
jk jk but seriously ill marry these
   :wave: Hi Everyone!!!! :wave:

      I am so sorry that's its taken me SO long in doing this journal but we have been busy building a shed, doing other yard work and today, we are finally getting our patio door put in!!:iconyeeplz: by the time we are done, i'm so tired and my shoulders are constantly aching...just to let you all know, I don't do anything that's going to hurt my shoulders anymore than what they have been...I mostly supervise my hubby and son :giggle:
   anyway, I want to thank everyone for all their beautiful birthday wishes and gifts which was on sept 21st...I truly love you all and I am so honored to have all of you as my dearest friends........

    I want to start off by thanking :heart::iconapplemac12::heart: for the 3 month membership and for this amazing
    gift Happy Birthday Marilyn by Applemac12..thanks so much Vin!!!! :tighthug:sss
   I also want to thank the following for their beautiful gifts to me...
  :heart::iconartbybeverly::heart:......Paradise Beauty For Marilyn... by ArtBYbeverlythanks my beautiful friend!! xo
  :heart::iconchrisy21::heart:............For Marilyn by Chrisy21 thanks so much hon!!!! :hug:
  :heart::iconddimitri16::heart:..........Dedicated to Marilyn... by DDimitri16 thanks so much hon!!!:hug:
  :heart::iconladyjudina::heart:..........Autum Lady VIII by ladyjudina thank you so much my dear friend!!!!:hug:
  :heart::icontigles1artistry::heart:.....Announcing Autumn..... by Tigles1Artistry thanks so much my dear friend!!:hug:
  :heart::iconfearless-frog::heart:.......Happy Birthday to BlueIvyViolet by fearless-frogthanks so much my dear friend!!:hug: 
  :heart::iconteaphotography::heart:..September Days Life's Highways by TeaPhotography thanks so much my sweet friend!!!:hug:
  :heart::iconcandysamuels::heart:.....For Marilyn.. by candysamuels thanks so much my dear friend!!:hug:
  :heart::iconbluedragoneye::heart:.... Who is Marilyn?Who is Marilyn?
Beauty flows off her like water off a rainbow
Her smile breaks and shatters the gloominess of despair
Dogs bow down to her for she is the Queen of their food bowl
Rivers cease to run away when she is near
Big is bold, small is meek, she causes the sky to darken whenever she speaks
Wine is sweeter when she is about bees buzz and Dogs bark out
Men fear her wrath if they do not shower her with diamonds and pearls
Some call her a woman others call her a girl
Soft is her whisper when she has gotten you alone
Leaving you weak in the knees when she gives you a bone
thanks so much my dear friend!!:hug:
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    I want to thank the following for the points......
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    thanks so very much to the following for wishing me a "happy Birthday!!!!.....:hug:ss to all of you!!!

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Free Kintaurs Soon

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 12:59 PM

I  know a few of the recent ones have been expensive but don't worry guys, I haven't forgotten about those that can't spend so much (or at all).  I have an event planned for after my trip for free kintaurs in a sort of trick-or-treat style deal. Some are done by guest artists and some by staff/me that will be free! So far the designs are really gorgeous and I'm already envious of the future winners! 

Aside from that, you should totally join the Boss Fight ;>

If you have ideas feel free to let me know! I don't want to exclude anyone and I'm trying to do a bit for all types of people. 

Skin by SimplySilent