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I've had friends ask me from time to time about this, so here's a quick and simple guide to help explain how I price my stryx genos based on past sales records, for anyone who may wish to buy or offer a stryx geno to me.
It is by no means the official way to price genos, but if you are new and clueless on how much to offer for/sell a geno, you're more than welcomed to use this guide as reference :) (Smile)

For ease of comprehension, all prices are listed in USD. 
I do however accept dA points at the rate of 100Points to $1. 
I did not list any prices in AP because I do not generally accept payments in AP.

Disclaimer: The prices listed below applies to bred genos only! It may fluctuate depending on supply vs demand in the stryx market, but generally I do not go too far below these prices.

Prices of base colours (without markings):

Tyto Stryx:

[common; highest chance of passing as this breed]:
Bullet; Orange Soil ---------------------------- $5-7
Bullet; Yellow Sand --------------------------- $5-7
Bullet; White Snow(uncommon base) ------ $10
Bullet; Black Nox(rare base) ---------------- $30+

Corva Stryx:

[uncommon: only 40% chance of passing when cross-bred with tytos; 70% chance when cross-bred with harpias]:
Bullet; Orange Soil ---------------------------- $10
Bullet; Yellow Sand --------------------------- $10
Bullet; White Snow(uncommon base) ------ $20-25+
Bullet; Black Nox(rare base) ---------------- $70+

Harpia Stryx:

[rare: only 20% chance of passing when cross-bred with tytos; 30% chance of passing when cross-bred with corvas]
Bullet; Orange Soil ---------------------------- $25+
Bullet; Yellow Sand --------------------------- $25+
Bullet; White Snow(uncommon base) ------ $30-45
Bullet; Black Nox(rare base) ---------------- above $150

Prices of markings:

Tyto Stryx:

Bullet; GreenCommon markings ------------------------------- add $5 per marking (double if dominant)
Bullet; BlueUncommon markings ---------------------------- add $20-30 per marking (double + $15-30 if dominant)
Bullet; RedRare markings (not including Galyx/Aurora) --- add $50-80+ per marking (double + $50-75 if dominant)
Bullet; PurpleRare marking (Galyx/Aurora) ------------------- add $100-150 and above per marking (triple or more if dominant)

Corva Stryx:

Bullet; GreenCommon markings ------------------------------- add $5 per marking (double if dominant)
Bullet; BlueUncommon markings ---------------------------- add $20-30 per marking (double + $15-30 if dominant)
Bullet; RedRare markings (not including Galyx/Aurora) --- add $75-100+ per marking (double + $50-75 if dominant)
Bullet; PurpleRare marking (Galyx/Aurora) ------------------- add $150-200 and above per marking (triple or more if dominant)

Harpia Stryx:

Bullet; GreenCommon markings ------------------------------- add $7-10 per marking (double if dominant)
Bullet; BlueUncommon markings ---------------------------- add $40-60+ per marking (double + $15-30 if dominant)
Bullet; RedRare markings (not including Galyx/Aurora) --- add $180+ per marking (double + $50-75 if dominant)
Bullet; PurpleRare marking (Galyx/Aurora) ------------------- add $250-300 and above per marking (triple or more if dominant)

*Prices of Marking Mutations:

Bullet; PinkAlbino -------------------- add $35-50+
Bullet; WhiteVitiligo ------------------- add $35-50+
Bullet; BlackMelanism ---------------- added price depends on base colour; price will be close to nox, but lesser
Bullet; PurpleChimerism\Harlequin --- added price is the price of the 2nd set of genes (basically two stryxs)
jsenn the belovedChiroptra -------------- add $45-65+
*Above prices are subject to change due to recent lack of mutations being bred.

Prices of Feather Mutations:

Tyto Stryx:

damphyrHorned --- add $45+
SnowflakeSilken ---- add $50+
RzeroRoyal ---- above $250++

Corva Stryx:

damphyrHorned --- add $100+
SnowflakeSilken ---- add $150+
RzeroRoyal ---- unknown <--- no previous record of sales; too few in existence

Harpia Stryx:

damphyrHorned --- add $300+ <--- only 1 recorded sale, at $300 
SnowflakeSilken ---- unknown <--- no previous record of sales; too few in existence
RzeroRoyal ---- unknown <--- no previous record of sales; too few in existence

"Why is a silken worth more than a horned?"
If you breed anything with a silken, there's a chance to get a royal. A horned only produces more horneds, unless bred with a silken/royal itself.

Basic Percentages at a Glance:

[This is for when only one of the parents carry the gene(and the gene is non-dominant) while the other parent doesn't]
Bullet; Orange25% chance to get soil
Bullet; White10% chance to get snow
Bullet; Black1% chance to get nox

Bullet; Green25% chance to get a common marking
Bullet; Blue10% chance to get an uncommon marking
Bullet; Red1% chance to get a rare marking

[Please note that marking mutations are random and do not pass down from parents]
Bullet; Purple0.1% chance to get a marking mutation (career breeders have 0.2%)
jsenn the beloved0.5% chance to get chiroptra (career breeders have 1%)

Rule of Exception: depending on the difficulty of obtaining the gene combination, the prices may cost more than using the above prices to calculate.
Examples of exceptions:
- 5 markings genos; it is difficult to breed for and essentially close to what you can get with a semi-custom
- a geno with 6 or more markings is considered a genobomb and very hard to obtain
- base color rarities + markings: e.g. a nox harpia with 4 common markings is going to cost more per marking than a soil harpia with 4 common markings
- mutations and feather mutations combined with multiple markings and a good base, can make prices skyrocket.
- stryx genos with very short lineages (or linages that does not include very widely bred parents) will be worth more e.g. Nox genos without Noctus 076 in their lineage
- when galyx marking is present with other markings, the price per marking will also increase; this is because galyx affects all other markings' colours as well as the base coat

Don't know what this is all about? Check out this ARPG group:
Not really wanting to part with them so soon, but I need to pay for physiotherapy and for setting up a more ergonomic work space asap if I want to be able to draw again soon.

You may offer money (USD, Paypal) or points, since these can be converted but would take 14 days to process, so I'm more likely to accept cash offers. A mix of both is fine too. I also hope they will go to good homes ;w; so I'm not necessarily going to accept the highest offers, but these will be prioritized. I'm not accepting other characters and art at this time, sorry! I can accept payment plans, but full amount should be sent within a month.

Characters are Keke and Paparade:

Keke by Kawikupa pa pa parade by Kawiku

Please specify which one you are offering for in your comment. I will choose the new owners in about 24h-48h~

About Dramas on DA... Please... Be Careful !

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 7:54 AM
Hi guys ! :lozheartcontainerfull: 

Today, I want to warm you about something that keep me sad and uncomfortable here.

Of course, I'm not the more unlucky person on DA, I have a tons and support and I'll always thank you so much for that :glomp:

But the fact is for relations with other people (mainly french ones 'cause I'm from France XD), well... It's not that good.

Everybodies have at least one Drama one time on DA, or know someone who have/has one.

Personnaly, I was very happy on DA... 3 years ago. Now, it's hard for me.

Why ?

Because I met wrongs persons. Of course, I also met  amazing and adorables friends but...
Due to these wrongs persons, I have very hard time and bad mood since 2 years, and it begin to be a burden, even if I'm trying evedy days to ignore it.

I started to be involved in somes stories without even know. Many people was (are ?) jealous of me. I did wrongs actions and told bad things because I didn't understood the problem. Yeah, I did mistakes, like everybody. But those wrongs persons I met used my errors (or/and invent bad things) to give me a bad reputation in the French community. Then, it seem that now, some people have bad opinions about me (even if I like those deviants), sometimes without even know me, or just to follow their friends who don't like me.

Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm the only one who's wrong and nobody told bad things about me in my back but... When you see some people you like (or you don't really know) block you, or take distance with you (I don't speak about busy people by the way), or don't really want to speak with you...
Yeah, it's hard to stay positive.

So I have only ONE thing to tell to all of you.
I don't care if you're English, French, Spanish, Japanese... It's the same thing for all of us.

If you know someone who was involved in one or many Dramas, if you read a lot of bad things about this person, if your friends don't like this person, but if you DON'T KNOW this person...

Then, don't make a judgement on her.

Try to make your OWN opinion about her. Speak to her, take a look on her version of the drama, or try to become friend with her if you can/want.

Of course, maybe you won't like her, it's possible.

But maybe you'll find a very nice person who're not like others told about !

So yeah... Be careful =)

Thanks for reading :lozheartcontainerfull: 

Like holy fucking shit...I woke up this morning and I find out there is a TooDamnArmy tumblr and YouTube. LMAO okay, but they're MEMES. SO MANY MEMES. LIKE WOW. Thanks so much who actually made this inside joke into a literal meme. The TDA will not fall so easily, so stopping us is trivial 

This skin is genuine!

This journal skin can be edited as you wish, but you need to keep a link for my profile and the "Install Skin" button.

+2300 watchers raffle!!

Fri Feb 5, 2016, 12:25 PM
Hi guys!!!It's time for another raffle!!I'm super duper happy with all the support I'm getting so this is my way of saying thank you to all of you!!
Here are the rules for entering uvu They're always the same so shameless copy-paste ahead:

1.) Be my watcher. New watchers are welcome but don't watch me just so you can enter the raffle it would hurt my kokoro ;;w;; do it if you like my art enough to watch me haha .
2.) Share/fav  this journal >w<(each of them will give you one number,so if you do both you'll get two numbers uvu).
3.) Say  something in the comments so I can give you your number(s).


1st place will get a halfbody CG(example is fullbody but you get an idea hahahah)

2nd place will get a semichibi simple CG

3rd place will get a full CG chibi

Okay so that's it I guess uvu,if I get more than 100 entries I'll add some more prizes 
This raffle ends in february 20th* uvu so thanks for entering and goodluck!
*Winners will be choosed using

Hi everyone!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Birthday Disaster…

Happy Birthday for :iconjavidluffy:! He commission a birthday gift where it involves Shampoo, Hinata and Gogo Tomago. It was fun since you have these characters that are so different in personality into one place. Javi gave me liberty on what situation involves the characters do and i thought why not show what they are known where Shampoo looks confident, wants all the attention to herself where Gogo's pissed at Shampoo shoving her face like that and wants to kick her butt while Hinata's embarrassed on what Shampoo did to her lol.

I know JaviDLuffy enjoys this and hope you too. For all you guys waiting for your commissions no worries, i'm working on them right now so be patient and try to reach all of you with your works =).

Rock on!


1 Character full colored 30 US dollars(USD) Examples:

Adding extra stuff like minor characters or additional stuff 35 to 45 USD depending on the situation, examples:

Characters with Butt and Breast expansion 36 to 42 USD if they are added both, examples:

For 2 characters 60 USD and for 3 characters 90 USD so it goes on Example:

Comic Strips are up to 60, 80 to 150 USD depending on the situation, examples:

If you're interested let me know with a note with full details on what you want in the commission with reference of the character, pose if you have and i will come up with something for you :).

It will cost extra if you want something on the character, depends on what you want.


Here's what i won't do just to make it clear:

-No Porn, Nudity or having girls kissing while they are naked but not too graphic is ok but when 
comes to sex is a different story.

-No furries, sorry guys but some don't get my attention except for a few characters, 
you can still send me a note and if i'm interested i will do it.

-Bondage, like Porn i usually don't do that type of stuff

-Muscle girls

-Comic pages, They are fun but it takes too long to come up with a page.


-When you note me please be sure you do have the money to pay, i don't want excuses that 
"I have bills to pay" "need to pay my car" &amp;amp;nbsp;if you are confident 
to commission me note me or else i won't do any sketches until i received payment.

- If you have compromise with another artist but didn't deliver but still waiting for a 
sketch from him/her be sure when you ask me a commission 
to let the other artist know you're going with another artist to commission, 
it's a waste of time if you ask me when you already have another artist that you ask for a drawing.

-If you want a drawing by a specific day please let me know on time, it does take time on coloring 
the drawing so if you let me know on time it will be great.

Well that's it so far, if you're interested send me a note. I show a preview first then i get paid since 
i feel it's much easier that way.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Grimphantom's Hangout 2(Tumblr):

Grimphantom's Hangout(Blog):

Grimphantom's Hangout:


Xixa of Xylem by Dadward

Founder and manager of:
:iconmegas-xlr-club: :iconmotorcity-fans: :iconregular-babes: :iconxixaofxylem:

Milo Murphy's Law

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 8:18 AM
|Instagram | Youtube | Tumblr | My Twitter | My Shop | TTB ask blog |

Forgive me for not posting here often guys ^^; I still visit DA just as oftenas tumblr, I just forget to upload things in two places. I have over a year's worth of stuff to post in dumps but I'm so busy with work I haven't had the chance to.

Also getting one big project out of the way this Monday, and then one more and then the few commissions I have left.


Let me tell you a thing about the show I'm working on, or at least repeat what I posted on tumblr yesterday:
Weird Al Yankovic is providing the voice of Milo in Dan and Swampy's new show, Milo Murphy's Law :)

I can guarantee you that this show will be just as great as PnF. Sometimes it's good to move on to other projects, and Dan and Swampy's newest addition to their toon kiddoes is just as fantastic as the dynamic duo who stuck with us for nearly a decade on TV.

It has been an amazing honour to storyboard on this show, and I can't wait for more of it to come! It will be airing on Disney XD, heads up.

That's about it for now really! I've done loads of art for this show already, which I unfortunately cannot share with you until I'm granted permission, but be ready for an avalanche of cuties 8D 

Also Weird Al is a really sweet guy

God bless!!


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Update/reinstall One Click Llama Button, v2.3 works with the latest DA update.


So about 20 hours ago, DA changed something which broke One Click Llama Button. I got to know about it just now, because I didn't check DA for so long. :doh:

The fix was just 6 letters long, didn't take long to figure out but that didn't prevent my notifications to get filled by hundreds of people in 20 hours.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reach out. I've sent a note to everyone who commented so that you get notified about the new version. I guess I'll check here more often but you can also email me if this happens again so that I get notified quicker:


Also, thanks for all the amazing comments, it's nice to know there are so many active users. :happybounce:

Pack Applications Opening Soon!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 8:39 AM

Hello everyone!

Our admin team has decided to open pack applications on Monday, February 15th. We will be accepting applications until Saturday, March 12th and we will make our decision on Tuesday, March 15th. We will be accepting one new pack.

We should remind you that, alike all openings, this is going to be very competitive and creating a unique and eye-catching concept increases your chances. So work hard on these packs!

To all of you hopeful members out there, once the new pack is created we will give them some time to settle, and then you can expect an opening at some point in mid/late spring!

Make sure to read carefully the rules and guidelines for creating a pack, and feel free to note the group with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing all of your ideas!

Dont be an asshole

Fri Feb 5, 2016, 9:08 AM

FAQ | Commissions | Characters

(for some reason DA won't let me use an apostrophe in the title. >_> uh.)

This is species related (open and closed ones)

This didn’t happen to me, but I saw someone post a journal pretty much encouraging people to not follow the rules for adoptables/species.
To clarify, they made a journal actually giving advice that is pretty sound, but linked to one of their old journals that I’m sure they still agree with. Either way, it's still up so I wanna talk about it.


The good advice is to have a way to have people sign a form once they buy an adopt from you so you can protect yourself better, to where the buyers then HAVE to agree to the ToS for the adopts since they actually signed a thing. Here is the thing where you can actually have people click a button to agree to the terms:…

I don’t know if I’ll actually use that, but we shall see.


Now here’s where they are sounding like an asshole:

If you DON’T have that button, it’s technically legal to not listen to any rules an adopt/species maker makes. That means that if someone buys your adopt or species that has rules, they could just ignore it all and do as they please, including just buying the species for a set price, then turn around and sell it for a LOT more.


This person apparently thinks this is completely fine since it’s legal, and have said they even did this (bought something for $25 then sold it for $125 later on even if the adopt maker said to not do this).


At some point in the journal they said, “respect your buyers”, but apparently you shouldn’t respect the artist.

Advice: if someone’s rules are dumb and you don’t agree with them, go to someone else instead. Don’t buy from them.


I personally disagree with adopt makers who sell adopts but say, “you can’t resell the character AT ALL,” so I’d simply not buy from them.

With my own rules, I just say to not sell them more for what you paid unless you also bought commissions. Sell them for the amount you bought for + the commissions just so you get your money back. Making money off of something you didn’t make is morally wrong. I do say to not ask for money from art you personally made of the character, because then that would just encourage people to simply buy my species, draw them a lot, then sell them for much higher.

If I find people who do this who believe it’s perfectly fine and will go against my rules, I will block them. And if they freely do this and just design a character from my species just to try to sell them, they’ll be seen as a horrible person by many in the community. Why would you want that?

I DO know there’s some revolt thing going on against closed adopt makers, and it’s honestly very stupid. Sure, disagree with them, but going further than that and making them to sell could end you up on Artist’s Beware and scare a bunch of potential clients away. Do you really want that?


There have been times that I want to do a protest picture against certain things, but I think it over with if it’s even worth it. Many times it’s not. But with my cases it has nothing to do with people’s rules on adopts, unless I show it through how I, personally, do adopts. But nothing against their own business.


Just because it may be legal doesn’t mean you should do it. Just look at the shit that happened with the Fine Bros, EA and Sony trying to Trademark certain words. They got a HUGE backlash for it. I don’t know the details if what they were doing is exactly legal, but I know they all failed in their attempts. With EA it’s still ongoing:…

So… just really think about it if you feel that you should be able to go against an artist’s rules.
I just know I personally won’t want to deal with people who will just go ahead and break rules. All I can really do is block them. Those who accidentally break rules are fine, since it wasn’t on purpose!

For my own species, however, I do try to do the best I can that is fair to me and those who want to make one of my species. Like at some point I really wanna make them fully open so people can freely make them without getting my okay. I just have to finish their basic info on how to make them. When that happens a BUNCH of my rules will become way more lax, ultimately becoming “heavy suggestions.” So if there is anyone who still wants to go against me it will really baffle me since I am way more tolerant and accepting with things compared to a bunch of closed species artists. I honestly do not want people who think, “I should be able to do what I want with the species” if they want to make one of my PERSONAL species. The point of me making my species open for the public is so people can feel a part of my own world as well. :c If people want to change their design or other major things, I don’t want that character to be called a Volatikai. I’d think that would be reasonable of me…

Anyways, I went off on a tangent there.


Please, don’t be an asshole to those who have heavy rules on their species. Or even light rules. Just go elsewhere to someone who has rules and things you agree with. Go ahead and debate your views with others, but doing actual things against the rules is so dickish. ;c


Thank you to all of you who do try to keep true to my own personal rules for my species. It really means a lot to me.


Finally, please do not link to the journals I mentioned or say the username of them.