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Free to use: profile layout

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 7:39 PM

*Updated a few points to make them clearer!*

Alright there are only two rules to this thing:

> YOU MUST ALWAYS CREDIT ME WHEN YOU USE IT. (just make the mention super tiny or something, I don't care, so long as I am given credit)
> Do not claim it as your own, ever. If somebody wants to use it, you link them to this journal. <3 thanks!

✁- - -First Impressions- - -

First name > 
Last name >
Physical age >
Mental age >
Sex > 
Gender >
Sexual Preference >
Relationship Status >
Voice > 
Biography >

✁- - -Physique- - -

Species >
Height >
Weight >
Eye Colour >
Hair Colour >
Typical Hair Style >
Skin Tone >
Body Type >
Tattoo's >
Piercings >
Scars >
Most Noticeable Feature >

✁- - -Mentality & More- - -

Personality >
Optimist or Pessimist >
Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert >
Absolutely Love > (this is where you put your likes)
Absolutely Despise > (this is where you put your dislikes)
Greatest Talents >
Worst Flaws >
Platonic Relations > (platonic means not intimate, so basically your friends/enemies/whatever)

✁- - -Other- - -

Current Job >
Previous Job >
Favourite Past time >
Favourite Colour >
Favourite Food >
Anything else >

200 Point Giveaway!

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 8:41 PM
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La jumping in Points 

I have been generously gifted, and want to pass some love along!

Points Quick rules:

+fav Fave this journal, it will be your number.

The end!

Although if you would like to watch Added to my devWatch!, check out my art  Hi!, and generally become friends Hug, I'll be quite glad to know you, send singing llamas, and give you a feature if you win! :) (Smile)
The raffle will end on April 4th, 2015…my 1st deviantART birthday! Happy DeviantART Birthday 

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Creepypasta OC Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 7:02 PM

Creepypasta OC Questionnaire

-Alrighty, welcome to the questionnaire. Here you will answer multiple questions, be sure that you're the only Creepypasta OC here. Be sure to answer the questions as truthfully as possible. Time to begin...-

-First let's talk about appearance and your name.-

What's your name?:

Any nicknames?:

If you do have nicknames, how did you get them?:

What is your age?:

Day of birth?: 




Are you mortal or immortal?:

Hair color?:

Eye color?:

Skin tone?:


Any markings on you? Like wound marks?:

Do you have any un-human body parts?:

Do you have any muscles?:



-Great! Now since you answered those, lets get to the real ones!-

What is your favorite weapon?:

Do you have any friends? Enemies?:

If you have an enemy, tell me why.:

Pretend as if you was getting chased by the police, how will you escape?:

Let's just say that you get arrested, how will you get out of jail?:

You run home, where do you live?:

That's awesome, do you like living there?:

If not, how come?:

Do you like children?:

How do you treat people around you?:

Any family members, dead or alive?:

How did they die?:

Do you have any weaknesses?:

If so, what are they?:

What do you like to eat?:

Were you made fun of when you was.... sane?:

Did you do anything about it?:

Did you ever get kidnapped?:

Any mental disorders?:

Your first kill, how was it?:

How did you kill her/him since you was a newbie?:

-Okay, time to break the 4th wall, you ready?-

You meet your creator, what will you do?:


What would you do in her/his world?:

What did you see in her/his world that interested you?:

Why did it interest you?:

-Okay guys, putting the wall back up. ^_^-

Since we are back, did you enjoy it?:

How come?:

-Okay, time to talk about your childhood.-

How was it?:

Where did you live before you.... lost it?:

Lets just say one of your family members came back from the dead, your reaction?:

What would you do with him/her?:

-Back to regular questions now.-

If you was to meet any of my OC, who would it be?:

Why this OC?:

If you two were to do anything together, what would it be?

My OC leaves, anything left to say?:

You have a mission to kill somebody, who would it be?:

Any new ways to kill this victim?:

Are you hiding any secrets?:

Was you ever forced to do something?:

Any pets?:

Are you a proxy? And if you are, to who'm?:

Do you like being a proxy to him/her?:

Did you ever have a dream that you wished to complete in the future?:

Favorite hobby when you aren't killing?

Any crushes/dates?:

Hobbies other then killing?:

-Okay guys, you're almost done, now, answer these last few questions.-

Did you enjoy this questionnaire?:

How so?:

What are you gonna do after this?: 

Are you gonna kill me now?:

I'm gonna run anyways! Like before, I hope you enjoyed!:

This was ripped from my Steam Announcement:
I have just recieved word that Kitty0706, one of the best Gmod Animators out there and one of my inspirations, has recently died. The cause was Leukemia. 

This is a major blow to the Garry's Mod Animator Community, but, There is no reason to make a picture or video in memorium, His own videos are tribute enough, but, if you wish to make a picture/video tribute anyways, Go on ahead. 

Again, There will never be another Sir Elliot, My condolences go out to his family and friends, and may God rest his soul.
:iconsirelliot24:, You will be missed.

I would advise you to listen to this before reading on this journal post.

Kitty0706 has passed away, we lost a great guy, a gmoder, a friend.

We hope that you, Kitty0706, will be spending your time in heaven, having your wacky and random adventures. You will be forever in our hearts, and memory. We would look back to see all you have done, you made us laugh so much we piss ourselves many times. He is in a better place now, along side with Elliot, Jimbo, Elmer, his random heavy friend, and others.

Rest in Piece Kitty0706. You will be missed greatly...

Please take this journal post and spread it around in loving memory.
Hello, my name is Sketch c: I have a lot of nice characters. But I want to start using them more, and creating comics and stories. Some of my characters I just can't see myself using. I also want more creative and unique characters to help give me inspiration. So I will be trading/selling some characters from my stash. Please note that not all are for sale, and some are just for trade.

You may offer on the Waterdog MYO ~ I'm very interested in Fishthings and Sushi Dogs but feel free to offer anything c:

 m e

And thus ends my Facebook funny Tumblr journey ;>;


nebunine MYOs

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 7:08 PM
they are OPEN !!
a myo slot costs 1000:points: / $10 !
traits can be up to rare, no ultra rare traits!! no nebbuns this time ;;
nebunine species ref 2.0 by Ieopards
please read description for more information!!
slots are unlimited for now

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 9:25 PM


Just wanted to quickly address this for anyone in the UTAU fandom wondering "why they aren't popular",those wanting more attention, etc etc. (Normal art watchers who have no idea what the program is, please excuse this)

Everyone knows the feeling, from people new to the program or those that feel their work has gone unnoticed for too long.

I feel I'm in a comfortable position to speak from experience when I talk about utau popularity, (Mind, people are much more comfortable using the term "popular utau user" to describe me than I am using it to describe myself or anyone else. My (inflated) ego comes from my skills, not being at the supposed top of a subculture of a subculture.)

For anyone thinking this hobby alone will get them anywhere, let me just be honest and say that no one will care that you recorded japanese samples, stuck them in a folder and configured them in a freeware program. I'm not saying that to be nasty or to try and discourage anyone from using UTAU, but it really will not happen, especially not on it's own.
All utau users that seem to have any kind of following, have skills outside of just "creating an utauloid"- whether it be Art (the main one), being able to manipulate the voices extremely well, knowing how to bring something new and exciting to their banks, or even things like good social skills and managing to "get in good" with other users, all of these things are what result in being labeled "successful" and "popular" by everyone else.

In my opinion, UTAU itself exists in this weird space, not quite being desirable on it's own to any onlooker and is only really appreciated within the small group of people who actually use the program.

I myself considered it "bad vocaloid" as a vocaloid fan, only becoming interested in it when I found out I could insert my voice into it, and utau has such a dependency on vocaloid music that it wouldn't really hold up on it's own.
That's the pattern with most users- they have their own bank(s) and are stuck just wanting others to use theirs. Most likely only those with an attachment to you personally will ever use your banks.

I'm not sure if this is too known by those griping about popularity, but within this supposed "Upper circle" of users are maybe 3 or 4 friend groups and not much else. Everyone knows everyone and from what I've experienced it's less talking about utau and just being genuine /friends/ because talk of the program gets very old very quickly, especially when you consider most of us have been using it for years.

UTAU really isn't the avenue for fame. Use it more as a tool to sharpen your other skills or pick up new ones.
For me, it's been an inspiration for art, got me to learn more music theory, the only reason I know how to work after effects and probably most importantly a common subject my friends and I can always complain over.

It also scratches the narcissism itch quite nicely by having the ability to listen to my own voice, and such a low ceiling for mastery anyone can get good with it in a relatively short space of time, but no one outside this small fandom of a few thousand people are going to be that interested in your vocaloid fan character/OC that can sing.

The best advice I can give to those still set on becoming top of this tiny fandom (to which I stress is borderline pointless) would be advice I could give anywhere else and it applies just as well: Be useful to people.
Sounds slightly shallow but it's true- My avenue was pumping out usts. It comes back to the whole "utau alone will get you no where" idea in which if you have a skill outside of making an utauloid, people will pay attention.

But even then I still haven't received the legion of utau users worshiping me like a God, using my banks constantly (As people seem to believe will suddenly happen once they;re impressive enough)
Yes, my usts are used, and occasionally my banks are used but does it enrich my life like people seem to think it does? not at all. I'm much more satisfied being complimented on skills I'm working to build that are appreciated outside the fandom, such as art.

 So everyone, please stop worrying over utau popularity.

The bar is so low and overall, many feel the peak of the fandom itself (which I'd personally put at around late 2011-2012)  has already passed. 

Enjoy it as you would any other personal project because that's probably all it will ever be- it's all it's ever been to everyone else and I'm worried for those with such high standards of what utau fame is like will be severely underwhelmed if they ever hit it.

sorry for the long rambly journal but after seeing another "what am I doing wrong why is no one liking my utau ;-;" journals I feel the need to speak up and say "actually you're pretty much doing everything right, this is about it"

:bulletpink: Seriously, working on your other skills will bring much better results, in and out of our tiny community.:bulletpink:

All about My Phone Guy

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 6:36 PM

- His name is Scott but he Prefers to be called PhoneGuy,Pg etc.
- He does blush very easily
- He loves Cats ~ :3 
- He does like the color purple, grey
- If he's in his loving mood he will love anyone 
- He's terrified of Heights 
- He loves playing Video games (Pokemon, Zelda etc )
- he hates seeing someone sad and will try anything to make them feel better.
- He does Do strange things when he's bored ( Poledance *Cough* ) 
- a huge SNUGGLER~<3 
- Loves cotton candy and sweets 

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