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*brain fart*

1: The managerial lead behind any software patch or update must have their home address made public at the time of its release.

2: A metal plate must be placed beneath the doorway of all shops and stores, which will become electrified if anyone should stop within them.

3: You must pass a spatial awareness test before being permitted to use a shopping trolley.

4: Marijuana must become compulsory in Russia.

5: Nurses must receive the same wage as the players of any professional sport.

6: Politicians must have experience working in the field that they want to govern.

7: The entire staff and their families of any company that employs cold calling are to be executed.

8: Firearms must be made to look like giant, purple dildos.

9: News outlets may only ever publish or broadcast facts, not opinions.

10: Someone must explain why religious texts should be taken more seriously than fairy tales.

Add your own!

Hit 1200 watchers Artimist - Blush / Embarrassed / Shy / Stuttering <3! Thanks a ton guys //sobs I'm so happy that you all enjoy my messy non bg work |'D ~

Special thanks to :iconsparksofdiscord: for being my 1200th <3 if you end up entering you will get an extra number!


You will be receiving your choice of ONE of the following!
- Custom of one of my species
- Custom design

:star: HOW TO ENTER :

:bulletred: - Favorite this journal
:bulletred: - Comment on this journal saying the password " Japan! " so i know that you read the rules thoroughly c:
:star: ( OPTIONAL ) - Make a journal about this raffle and link it in your comment to get an extra entry number!


THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK GUYS! Artimist - Happy / Cute / Amazing / wow

This week we had some cracking comments, thanks very much! Here are some of the best:

AutumnTaylorArt said: "Did you know there's only 1 carnivorous plant native to Canada? :o (Eek) It's called the Purple Pitcher Plant ^^" I didn't know that but I do now, thanks :D
Gabbz-The-Demon posted an interesting fact about our tummies: "Your stomach is about the size of your fist.  But that fist can expand to a boxing glove when full."
dew00trulz enlightened us with the longest movie title: "Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bridge of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: In Shocking 3-D" :lol:

Our two winners are:

ColorfulMay who wrote something very thoughtful: "I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and love today."
Hauna-Cat wrote: "When you think about it money is pretty weird, it's a useless piece of printed paper and its only worth something cause we say so." which I totally agree with, thanks :)

So congratulations to the two winners, you both get 5 Points

Make sure you enter again this week! The more entries the more fun! Bucktooth

The rules are simple!

Bullet; Green All you have to do is +fav this journal.
Bullet; Green Write an interesting comment and post it on this journal (funny/weird/odd/interesting). Note: I will pick the winner on the most original comment!
Bullet; Green You can enter/comment as many times as you like, it's free so what do you have to loose?
Bullet; Green The winner will be notified next Saturday, when the competition will start again!
Bullet; Green Have fun with it :D (Big Grin)

Oh and if you are yet to join the hundreds of people earning Points on :icondahub: then get yourself over there. They give Points to people who watch, give llamas, and +fav other people's work. It's pretty simple!

You can also be featured if you donate.

So visit dAhub now! Cheers and have a nice day!
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Why can't bronies be widely accepted?

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 2:21 AM

Just sharing a post I made on Facebook here.

Sometimes I wish bronies were widely accepted. I mean, don't get me wrong, Frozen is a great movie but it was badly rushed in some parts, contains more of romantic love than its actual theme (family), and has a lot of plot holes (I know a short is coming, but from the looks of it, it won't eplain any of the answers I look for), but look at it. It's been almost one year and all the hype hasn't died down a single bit. I'm not saying it's perfect and it has no haters/dislikers, but look at its fandom, it's widely accepted.

Sure, when you hear "ponies" it might sound, as people often call it, "gay", girly, childish--BUT that's just a common misconception about the show. It talks about not only friendship, but also situations that you can relate to real life, like family concerns (sibling-to-sibling hate/love relationship); it has relateable and realistic main characters; it is usually well-paced and while it hasn't revealed a lot about its past/history, there are still seasons to be released and a movie as well (so I wouldn't call it 'plot holes' just yet); and it's not as girly as you think.

Tell me, do dragons, manticores, a demon that wants to take over the world (and has a super freaky transformation), three sirens who have been banished to the human world but still have powers and has a more freaky transformation, a villain who is the entity of chaos itself, a villain who was so close to retrieving his previously fulfilled monarchy, a villain who feeds on love and defeated even the most god-like character in the show, and a villain sent to literal hell but escaped and grew into a humungous centaur who feeds on strength, flying abilities and magical powers and who was close to achieving his goal again, sound THAT girly and childish to you?

I don't see why you shouldn't at least respect it, if not give it a chance. You could accept One Direction, Adevnture Time, Wreck-it-Ralph, why not just accept this as well?

And why bash the others who like it? Seriously, what is wrong with liking this glob damn show? Have YOU even TRIED to watch some of the newer, better episodes? The answer is most likely no, so why are you so bent on your unfair judgement that it's "gay"?

It isn't as bad as it sounds, people."

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Hey people! :D

Ever since the dA update, I've been getting far less views on my art. I used to upload new work and get at least SOME kind of page view spike or Watcher influx. Now, nada. It's basically as though I didn't upload anything at all. My stats are just the same as any other day. Anyone else experiencing that, too?

Is the new layout just not as kind to new uploads anymore? Because a lot of my views used to come from randoms prowling the Latest Deviation section and stuff like that. OR maybe people just stopped using dA altogether. Lots of people raged about the update. I wouldn't be surprised if users migrated to other sites.

And I mean, CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG HERE. Maybe my artwork just isn't as appealing as it used to be a month ago. I can live with that. At least then I know the reason for this.

If I'm right, and the update is what's causing this page view flat line, then it stands to reason that dA has now officially found a way to smother us smaller artists. There is no way for us to grow anymore, no way to expand our audience. And that's just balls-ass whack yo. I used to get 50-80 new Watchers every time I uploaded a pic.

Now that's just gone. :iconjontronsrslyplz:

Again, if I'm the one who's the problem, I'll be cool with it. B-) At least then I know whatever is affecting me isn't affecting you guys. :aww:

But do you guys think dA would pull this kind of "all in moderation" shtick? Maybe they're trying to get us all on a level playing field so that nobody gets big spikes anymore? Would you want that? :shrug: I'd really like to know what you guys think about this! :D
yeahhh ya heard meh--


interested? well ~ here's the opportunity for you potato bbys to get free requests from meh-- THE SEXY CEREAL  :iconimsotiredplz: huehuehue //coughs rainbows

oh and there's an important announcement to make for those who i still owe a commission, AT and kiriban prize with.
once i get a new set of coloring pencils and get back my coloring skills (still trying to get it back Q v Q ) do patiently wait for them okay? ; v ; i promise i'll finish them as promised <3

and also for those who participated in the watchers' raffle--
I HAD MADE THE DEADLINE FOR IT (which is until 1 NOVEMBER 2014 )
so while it still lasts-- DO JOIN <3 //especially the new watchers hnngg <3

click here for more info : CEREAL'S 100+ WATCHERS' RAFFLE ~yeap. like whut the title saysssss--


✿ you must be a WATCHER to be able to join
✿ you gotta FAVOURITE this journal (✪㉨✪)
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✿ another bonus plus bonus of bonuses of the bonus way of getting a number is
   by suggesting me some EXTREMELY SHORT yet funny videos or
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the sketch dump will look something like this :



✿ you must be a WATCHER to be able to join
✿ you gotta FAVORITE this journal (✪㉨✪)
✿ to get a number, ADVERTISE THIS RAFFLE (✪㉨✪)
✿ another way of getting a number is by TAGGING AS MUCH FRIENDS AS U   
    LIKE.  (✪㉨✪) //the more friends to more numbers <3
✿ another bonus plus bonus of bonuses of the bonus way of getting a number is
   by suggesting me some EXTREMELY SHORT yet funny videos or
    random videos of BTS (Bangtan Boys) that you also know them and love

    them huehue//squeals//  (✪㉨✪)
✿ mention "cereal rules" in your comment to show me that u really read the

DEADLINE : 28 OCTOBER 2014  ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ 
(i will comment on top saying "THE FREE SKETCH DUMP SLOTS ARE FULL AND CLOSED" when it reaches the deadline according to my timeline-- )


so enjoy yourselves and so long french fries ~ Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2]

While I no longer take commissions, and never plan to again, I often get asked what to expect for my pieces when they go up for sale in my Etsy shop:…. Prices are based on amount of time spent as well as supply and demand. Each of sculptures are completely hand sculpted without the use of any molds, and tediously crafted to be as smooth and perfectly symmetrical as possible. I have spent several years perfecting my craft, and I feel that shows in each little critter I make. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my sculptures, so you can be guaranteed only the best craftsmanship and highest quality.

I try to offer a wide range of items in each sale, to give everyone an equal chance no matter their current financial situation.

Scrap Dragons: $35-40 

Simple and sweet, these are my most budget friendly option, and I try to make a batch every month or two. 
Sometimes I make them with babies, and that can nearly double the price, as I have to make a tinier, but just
as detailed baby. You basically pay for two scrap dragons that way. 
I also occasionally make micro dice dragons, but they are the same amount of work only smaller
(which can actually be more difficult)
*Scrap Dragons are called as such because after my bigger projects I have lots of small scraps of clay left. 
If they aren't big enough for another regular dragon, I use them to make these smaller guys!*

Scrap Dragons June 8th by DragonsAndBeastiesMicro Dice Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties  Mama Scrap Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties

Small Dragons: $50-70

Similar in size and design to the scrap dragons, but with more details. Wings, painted eyes, spikes or simple manes, and sometimes plating.
Some props may add a bit to price. 
Sculptober: Baby by DragonsAndBeastiesPerched Baby Dice Dragon by DragonsAndBeastiesBaby Orientals 1 by DragonsAndBeastiesBlue dragon with mouse pal by DragonsAndBeastiesBlue by DragonsAndBeastiesSculptober Day1: Happy by DragonsAndBeasties

Medium Dragons : $70- $120

Usually a step up in size with more detail, sometimes paint jobs, and more unique poses and props. 
Sleepy Blue Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Pink Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Black dragon with tiny mouse friend by DragonsAndBeasties Tangled Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties  
Sculptober: Curly by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Cozy by DragonsAndBeasties  Baby Butterfly Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties  Tiger-Striped Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties

Dice Dragons: $70- $140

These generally follow the same guidelines as the rest, but they have dice! They are almost always removable, unless the die is
being used for structural support. These are some of my most sought after dragons, as D&B is the original Dice Dragon creator
 Mini Dice Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties  Dice Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties Purple Striped Dice Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties
Baby Dice Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Dragon on D20 by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Geek by DragonsAndBeastiesPastel Rainbow Dice Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties

Deluxe: $150- $250+

Anything considered "deluxe" has taken at least 10 hours of work, though it is often much more than that. The magma dragon took over 40! I often lose track
of exact hours after the 10 hour mark. These are the sculpts I fuss over and make sure every little detail is exact. These are the ones that keep me
up well into the wee hours of the night, because they have to be perfect!
PLEASE NOTE: These are the sculpts that often go up for auction on Ebay, though a few make their way into my etsy sales. They can be quite pricey,
but I price them much less than what they'd go for on ebay, so if you can snag one you've gotten quite a bargain! 

 Leaf and Flower Dragon Couple by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober : Aquatic by DragonsAndBeasties  Purple Rainbow Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties  Dragarin and Scampi by DragonsAndBeasties
Angel Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Firey Mohawk Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Magma Brothers - Auction by DragonsAndBeasties Oriental Rainbow Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties

Pairs /Couples / Wedding Toppers: $150 - $250+

Another of my most requested items is the dragon cake topper. I rarely make these, but a few will show up on Ebay from time to time. Other couples or pairs basically follow the guide above, times 2 (price per dragon) plus a bit extra if it is a tricky pose. Making two creatures interact successfully does take extra time. 
Fire and Water at Play by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Flower by DragonsAndBeasties  Play Fight by DragonsAndBeasties  Dice Dragon Couple - Blue and Purple by DragonsAndBeasties Pink and Coral Dragon Topper by DragonsAndBeasties Dragon Wedding Cake Topper by DragonsAndBeasties Lock and Key Dragon Topper by DragonsAndBeasties  Tokenekie by DragonsAndBeasties 

Ponies/ Gryphons: $35-$70

The simplest Scrap Ponies are the lowest, but the fluffy gryphons and flying pegasi go for more. 
Natural Ponies by DragonsAndBeasties Colorful Scrap Ponies by DragonsAndBeasties  Valentine Ponies 2014 by DragonsAndBeasties
Pastel Pegasus in Flight by DragonsAndBeasties  Frost Gryphon by DragonsAndBeasties  Mama and Baby Gryphon by DragonsAndBeasties

Hybrids Dragons: $80 - $150

Hybrids take a lot of planning, and often take longer than my regular dragons. They can range quite a bit, and the 
more complex ones usually go up on ebay. 

Sculptober: Bug by DragonsAndBeasties Dragon Rats by DragonsAndBeasties  Drakkensteed by DragonsAndBeasties  
Cat Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties Big Cat Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties

Rats: $20- $40

I don't make a lot of these little guys, but when I do they are pretty affordable. I can make them much faster than dragons!
No wings or spikes or any of that nonsense. Price can go up a bit depending on paint job /markings though.
 Ratty Magnets by DragonsAndBeasties Sculptober: Candy by DragonsAndBeasties Four little ratties by DragonsAndBeasties

Other: $40-$150+

I really tend to stick to dragons most of the time, but every once in a while I'll throw in a random beastie. These range from very simple to deluxe range! 
Otter by DragonsAndBeasties  Pink Bunny by DragonsAndBeasties  Mama and Baby Fox by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Supernatural by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Monster by DragonsAndBeasties   


Most items ship for roughly $3 or less within the United States.
International shipping can be as much as $15. Both of these rates are based on first class shipping fees.


I accept payment via Paypal or credit card through my Etsy shop. I do not accept checks or cash by mail. Ebay uses paypal as well.

My ETSY SHOP can be found here:… The shop is always empty because of high demand, but I always announce here on DA as well as on FB when I will be having sales. My Facebook is here:…

My Ebay is:…

PLEASE do not ask me to "make an exception" for a commission request.

I get several people a week asking me to make "just one exception" and I will just say no. I know it sucks that I'm not doing requests anymore, and I do feel for all of your situations and the people you want to gift things to for various reasons. But there is no fair way to choose who gets one and who does not. I hate saying no, but I cannot make exceptions. Thank you for understanding.

Please think before you post mean comments about the pricing. I have spent my entire life honing my artistic skills and over 4 years building my business from nothing. I work harder than I ever did at any "real job" and make far less money. We are all artists here, or at least art appreciators, so please be kind. Don't we all hope to one day make our passion our career? 

Progressive Saturday Night (v.18)

Progressive Saturday Night -    


A  selection of the latest photos of street gallery: sleeping: Yesterday and Today
have a nice weekend  Huggle!
and, please, remember to visit the photographers' galleries as well ;) (Wink)

always me :iconbatsceba:  Nana, look what I have and you dont!  
Please enjoy

:icontimothy-sim: Sleeping on the job by Timothy-Sim

:iconblakk-mamba: Sleep attacks by Blakk-mamba

:iconseiglie: Sleeping, Shoes. by Seiglie

:iconlightdrafter: the patient by lightdrafter

:iconlukasvasilikos: dreams by lukasvasilikos

:iconmyoung4828: Early Morning Mcdonalds by myoung4828

:iconstamatisgr:Dream little boy by StamatisGR

:icontexasgirlphotography: Sadness by TexasGirlPhotography
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Mới chỉ là web thôi :) Cả web res+ web stock nhé!
Stock+ render chưa có xong nữa T3T Bận quá mà
Thôi vào luôn vấn đề hén!
Muốn lấy thì vui lòng WATCH+ FAV+ CMNT= ALL nạ (mặc dù biết lũ chó nó không làm theo đâu, như vẫn viết cho nó thêm phần sống động *cười đểu*)
Nghiêm cấm share, bán, tự nhận những web này là mình lấy từ bạn. All là mình tự kiếm nhé!
Start nhé! Sắp phải đi học nghề nên làm nhanh gọn lẹ luôn~

Emoticon Rainbow Emoticon Rainbow Emoticon Rainbow Emoticon Rainbow Emoticon Rainbow 
Không có hình minh họa nhé! Còn tên idol mà web có stock thì vui lòng cứ bấm vào link, bạn sẽ biết! 

--Vui lòng cop link và mở link trong tab mới--… (tổng hợp nhiều web EXO)… (tổng hợp nhiều web ulzzang)… (tổng hợp nhiều web SNSD)… HIẾM HIẾM… HIẾM HIẾM- click vào những icon mà bạn thấy ở trang này- đó là link tới nhiều trang web khác!……    Click vào category (baby girl,...) ở dòng màu xanh dưới tấm hình bự sẽ ra stock… (tổng hợp nhiều web Big Bang)…………………………… ĐỘC QUYỀN

Emoticon Rainbow Emoticon Rainbow Emoticon Rainbow Emoticon Rainbow Emoticon Rainbow 
Thật sự là mình còn rất nhiều nhưng mà giờ mình phải đi học!
Vậy nên tối nay đi về, mình check DA mà lượt watchers tăng (lượt fav+ comment của journal này cũng được nhiều) thì mình sẽ update tiếp hàng chục web hiếm nữa nhé~~
Bye bye~~
So, having trouble coming up with ideas? Wanna do something new and interesting? Wanna just be inspired?
THEN THIS IS THE JOURNAL FOR YOU!!! As a Psych/Neuroscience major, I'll be listing some of the things I've learned in class, through the text books, and through resources. These are just some or my random favorites. Hope some of it interest ya!

Learned Hopelessness (Depression):
This is when someone, after many times of failing to solve or improve something, ends up giving up hope and slips into depression. Luckily, it can be easily cured with correct operant learning therapies in which the patient is given choices they get to choose and control while in treatment (such has giving them the option of what shoes they want to wear or letting them call someone from home). 

Under operant conditioning, you can get a reaction for something (or rather someone) using reward and punishment as motivation. Through research, it has been proven that rewards work as a much better incentive to get your desired result. For instance, someone would end up working more thoroughly for a boss after a pay raise rather than a pay cut.

Repressed Memories:
Although debated by scholars in the psychological field, some believe that a part of your brain (the amygdala) will try to do away with a memory if it's psychologically crippling. There is not enough evidence or research to support for or against it, but it it still being discussed by many as a possibility.

There are two types of amnesia, anterograde and retrograde. Anterograde amnesia is the inability to retain new information. A good example of this is the famous H.M. (Henry Molaison) who had his hippocampus removed to stop his life threatening seizures. Retrograde is simply forgetting past information and events. Both can happen simultaneously.

These are things that help trigger memories or something you learned. For instance, giving motions or acronyms to terms on your astronomy test would help you remember what you learned when studying.

State Dependent Memory:
This is when you cannot remember something unless you are under the same conditions and when you learned something. For instance, if I get high and listen to The Byrds while studying for Cell Molecular Biology, I may not remember the information as well (or at all) if I take my test sober and haven't listened to The Byrds beforehand.

False or Altered Memories:
It is possible for the brain to come up with memories that did not actually happen when cued or prompted by someone. This happens frequently in eye witness testimonies due to the way the questions were asked. For instance, if a lawyer said "At the time of the murder, was _______ acting strange in any way?" you'd be likely to deeply thing and change your memory (or make up a memory) about the person acting strange because it's not only expected that they acted strange, but this will cause you to deeply thing and try to draw up something (that may even be possibly false if no real memory is found).

Adult Personality:
There are three different approaches, and different ones work better at explaining the behaviors of different people. Freud believed that that childhood shaped adult personalty the most. For example, Freud believed that if a child wasn't fed properly around childbirth to age one, this would cause the child to become extremely dependent and desiring to be taken care of. Judith Rich Harris believes that, because of case longitudinal studies, interactions with peers during adolescence shapes adult personality the most. Michael Lewis believes that adults can change drastically in personality depending on social context. for instance, an individual could act like a shy rule-following honor student around their family, but with friends they might swear frequently and break the law.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID):

This is when a person doesn't have a strong sense of self (who the are, what they want in life, opinions, morals, ect.). Studies have show that people with a weak sense of self will tend to act like a person with a strong sense of self when in the same room and adopt their morals and ideas.

Cannon-Bard Emotion Theory:
It has been proven through research of severe spine injury patients that emotion comes from external cues that cause internal reactions. For example. you are NOT scared of a bear because your heart is racing, your heart is racing because you ARE scared of the bear.

Sleep Deprivation:
If you are losing a significant amount of sleep or if your REM sleep frequently becomes interrupted, your ability to process information declines significantly.

Fluid/Crystallized Intelligence:
Fluid intelligence is the ability to think of new ways to solve a problem and is highest in children and teens (decreases with age). Crystallized intelligence is the ability to used what you learned from past experiences to solve a problem and is highest in older adults (increases with age).

Defense Mechanisms:
These are things we use unconsciously to help cover up things we don't like about ourselves or to defend thing we know are wrong. For instance, if you just plain don't like somebody for whatever reason, your mind might convince you that "They don't like me, so that's why I don't like them!" even if there's no sufficient evidence to suggest that this person don't actually like you.

As a psych/neuroscience major, it irks me whenever I see this disorder being improperly written. Schizophrenia is not just someone acting crazy or psychotic. One of the main symptoms of this disorder is the inability to understand normal concepts, and I mean concepts psychologically speaking. People with Schizophrenia have very private concepts and rules to their concepts that only they understand. For instance, someone might categorize couch, stove, and lamp as things you would find in a house. However, someone with Schizophrenia has an extremely odd and wide range of things they would think belong in a house. A person with Schizophrenia might tell you that Golden chick, an elephant, and Ron Paul all belong in a house.
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