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Dear Rest of the World,

Our rodents are better than yours.

Kindest regards,
Great F**king Britain.

FNAF 3 Different Endings Guide

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 9:39 PM

There's a bunch of spoils in here so if you haven't finished the game, dont watch!
Anyway, for those that didnt like FNAF 3 I think you're surely mistaken. It was a just end for a great series. So, I bet a lot of you have gotten the "Bad Ending" or the "Neutral Ending" 

The Bad Ending is when Purple Man is so frightened to see the five ghosts of the kids that he murdered. He runs away from you, (playing as the child's ghost) that he goes and runs into Springtrap to hide from you. If you recall, Phone Guy said not to do this anymore because the suits could crush you from the inside due to a locking failure, hence the term "Spring trap"

So naturally, Purple Man is dead and the spirits got their revenge. But why is it a bad ending? Well, if the lights are illuminated in the eyes of the masks on the final screen, that means the spirits are still trapped in the animatronics. That's why it's a bad ending. So, what's the good ending? Well, the good ending is actually the same exact thing as the bad ending, except the children are freed from their animatronics! 

The way to get the good ending is actually confusing. You need to complete all mini-games, including the easter egg ones that are difficult to find, and you need to find all the children and bring them cake to make them happy. Once they're  happy, their soul is freed. This guy explains it all! 

Also, here is a comparison between the good and bad endings.  

Now, what is the neutral ending? I'm not sure how to get the neutral ending. Maybe it's where you play all the mini-games but you dont make the children happy. The neutral one is where the Freddy's Horror Attraction burns to the ground. Nothing very special there, just a newspaper clipping.…

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For about nine years now I have been writing a werewolf romance novel that many of you may not know about. The book is finally written and I need help getting the funding together to get the professional editing I need and to get an initial print run of the books. Check out my IndieGoGo campaign for my novel "Hunger" and see if you would like to contribute!…

Mockup04 by Goldenwolf
Spike and Luna. My favorite princess and my de facto favorite dragon. What could be better than having them appear together in a Friends Forever comic?

How about actually having them share the comic?  

I think this comic would have fared better in the main series rather than bearing the Friends Forever title. Much like the Applejack/Pinkie or Fluttershy/Zecora comics, it doesn’t allow for teamwork between the two leads and instead focuses too much on supporting characters.  

The story begins with Luna covertly summoning Spike while Twilight enjoys an adorkable dream. She whisks him away to Fillydelphia, where the police are investigating a string of mysterious fires, and they suspect the local dragon populace holds the culprit.

Yes, Fillydelphia has a dragon town. A point that has been hotly debated amongst fans since the initial six-page preview. Does this contradict the show’s depiction of dragons as solitary creatures?  

There are some explanations for Dragon Town’s existence. These dragons are not migratory loners, interested in proving their own strength. They live peacefully, are slow to greet outsiders, and never seem grow above Celestia’s height. Their home also looks like Bedrock. Yabba-Dabba-Dragons!

Yet this doesn’t address the issue from Dragon Quest: ponies know next to nothing about dragons. I can accept that Dragon Town would like to keep to itself, yet there hasn’t been a single pony who succeeded in befriending at least one dragon? That there hasn’t been a focused effort to learn more with this local community nearby? More than that, nopony thought Spike, a dragon living amongst ponies, should know about this place sooner?

We’re treated to a variety of colorful characters amongst the Fillydelphia police and the dragon populace, moreso with the former. And a comic book owner/Luna fangirl, Mina the dragon, helps to frame the issue of species tensions running through the town. This is a dark aspect to "Friendship" is Magic. We’ve seen different species including buffalos, zebras, donkeys, minotaurs, and griffons. Very few of them have ever been asked to stick around. And when they do, they are not anywhere near the town centers. I guess "Friendship is Magic, but Just for Ponies" doesn't sell well.

So, with species/racial tensions on both sides, the arson culprit is going to be a key issue. Without revealing the identity, I will say that the revelation is disappointing. It is the magical third option, meant to get out of this difficult scenario without doing harm to either side. Though foreshadowed, it is unworthy of the established conflict. I wish IDW had shown more courage with this story.  

Yet more disappointing is the fact that Spike and Luna never bond over a shared experience. Luna recruits Spike, spends most of the day apart, berates him in a falling out scene, and reconciles at the end. Unlike the Spike/Celestia Friends Forever, this comic does little to create a common bond as some of the stronger entries have. Spike and Luna share a title, but they are not partners in this story.  

The real appeal of this comic is the personalities of the Police Department and the introduction of Dragon Town. For some, the dissonance between show and comic can be an obstacle. Yet I did enjoy seeing what a town full of dragons might look like, and the hint at tensions running between dragons and ponies. However, I do not treat the comics as canon, so I don't expect to see Dragon Town again anytime soon.

I put this towards the lower tier of Friends Forever entries. Though there are praise-worthy aspects, it tries to tackle too big a scope and looses the heart of the story. If you haven’t read any of the Friends Forever titles, I recommend the Spike and Celestia issue over this one. It’s a better example of building a bond between two neglected characters.  

Forget it, Luna. It’s Dragon Town.      


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 8:58 PM

cx by aurastarlights

i may not sound, or seem like it

but i love all of you

every, single, one

without any of you or my girlfriend, i wouldnt be here right now

thank you so much for the love and support youve given me



Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 2:52 AM

Sorry for the wait! But had to tidy it up to make it more easily readable (Also added some jokes in there too to make it more interesting). So yes, after using the Hunger Games simulator random generator thing and asking people to join, we have the results here! (Sorry for not finding out about your genders! Shouldve asked before, next time perhaps)


Ry-Spirit (District 1)
loly-lou (District 1)
FelicityIzumi (District 2)
InnocentBunny101 (District 2)
Stettafire (District 3)
Mx-Robotnik (District 3)
jminnii (District 4)
MrsVolv (District 4)
Alex8286 (District 5)
Ponacho (District 5)
SkyLandWarrior (District 6)
Souleyo (District 6)
emiishio (District 7)
ChibiShay (District 7)
twilightlinkjh (District 8)
AldrutheBrovahkiin (District 8)
13SugarShady (District 9)
cooler94961 (District 9)
RawMecho (District 10)
choubidoubinette (District 10)
Miscomunication (District 11)
DeathRuby (District 11)
hedgehog3000 (District 12)
matomiki (District 12)



13SugarShady pushes choubidoubinette off a cliff during a knife fight.
Ry-Spirit takes a handful of throwing knives. He smirks
ChibiShay kills FelicityIzumi as he tries to escape.
jminnii attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.
Alex8286 grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty. Damn
Mx-Robotnik grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty.
DeathRuby grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty.
Stettafire snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag. Always got time to drink!
Souleyo, twilightlinkjh, loly-lou, and AldrutheBrovahkiin share everything they gathered before running. Sharing is caring
RawMecho grabs a sword. Feeling like a ninja
SkyLandWarrior and InnocentBunny101 fight for a bag. SkyLandWarrior gives up and retreats.
Ponacho breaks cooler94961's nose for a basket of bread.
MrsVolv grabs a sword. Feeling like a pirate
emiishio finds a canteen full of water. Lucky!
hedgehog3000 gathers as much food as he can.
matomiki begs for Miscomunication to kill her. She reluctantly obliges, killing matomiki.

:bulletred:Day 1

SkyLandWarrior receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
Alex8286 camouflauges himself in the bushes.
cooler94961 searches for a water source.
Mx-Robotnik fishes. Always got time for fishing!
Miscomunication and DeathRuby work together for the day.
ChibiShay steals from emiishio while he isn't looking.
MrsVolv receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
loly-lou discovers a cave. Lucky!
Souleyo scares hedgehog3000 off.
RawMecho injures himself.
AldrutheBrovahkiin remains in her hiding spot. Quiet as a mouse
Stettafire stalks 13SugarShady.
InnocentBunny101 collects fruit from a tree. A banana to be exact
twilightlinkjh fishes.
Ponacho practices her archery. She wants to be like Katniss
Ry-Spirit attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death. Nearby people face palmed.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*5 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.*

Deathchoubidoubinette District 10
DeathFelicityIzumi District 2
Deathjminnii District 4
Deathmatomiki District 12
DeathRy-Spirit District 1

:bulletred:Night 1

Miscomunication and cooler94961 fight MrsVolv and SkyLandWarrior. MrsVolv and SkyLandWarrior survive.
RawMecho and Mx-Robotnik sleep in shifts.
loly-lou is awoken by nightmares of the zombie Totoro.
emiishio is awoken by nightmares of clowns
Ponacho fends Souleyo, 13SugarShady, and twilightlinkjh away from her fire.
hedgehog3000 tries to find other tributes, but is unsuccessful.
ChibiShay is awoken by nightmares of the killer llamas.
DeathRuby climbs a tree to rest.
Stettafire looks at the night sky while thinking about how beautiful it is.
InnocentBunny101 goes to sleep. Must rest!
AldrutheBrovahkiin passes out from exhaustion. The struggle was real.
Alex8286 thinks about winning.

:bulletred:Day 2

SkyLandWarrior begs for DeathRuby to kill him. He refuses, keeping SkyLandWarrior alive.
RawMecho camouflauges himself in the bushes.
13SugarShady begs for ChibiShay to kill him. She refuses, keeping 13SugarShady alive.
loly-lou attacks Souleyo, but she manages to escape.
Ponacho is pricked by several thorns while picking berries.
InnocentBunny101, Alex8286, emiishio, and AldrutheBrovahkiin raid Mx-Robotnik's camp while she is hunting.
Stettafire defeats MrsVolv in an epic fight, but spares her life.
hedgehog3000 fishes. Needs more fish!
twilightlinkjh practices his archery. He thinks he is Green Arrow

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*2 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.*

DeathMiscomunication District 11
Deathcooler94961 District 9

:bulletred:Night 2

twilightlinkjh cries himself to sleep.
Mx-Robotnik and MrsVolv fight AldrutheBrovahkiin and Souleyo. Mx-Robotnik and MrsVolv survive.
Ponacho tends to her wounds.
hedgehog3000 passes out from exhaustion.
DeathRuby kills 13SugarShady while he is resting.
InnocentBunny101 sees a fire, but stays hidden.
SkyLandWarrior fends Alex8286, loly-lou, and Stettafire away from his fire.
emiishio stays awake all night. Looking like a zombie
ChibiShay tries to find other tributes, but is unsuccessful. Where are they?
RawMecho is awoken by nightmares.

:bulletred:Day 3

SkyLandWarrior, DeathRuby, loly-lou, and ChibiShay raid Ponacho's camp while she is hunting.
MrsVolv diverts twilightlinkjh's attention and runs away.
Stettafire overhears Mx-Robotnik and InnocentBunny101 talking in the distance.
hedgehog3000 defeats Alex8286 in a fight, but spares his life.
emiishio and RawMecho work together for the day. BFF

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*3 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.*

DeathAldruthe Brovahkiin District 8
DeathSouleyo District 6
Death13SugarShady District 9

:bulletred:Night 3

hedgehog3000 sees a fire, but stays hidden.
Alex8286, DeathRuby, Ponacho, and twilightlinkjh tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood. Ponacho feels slightly attracted to DeathRuby
RawMecho, Mx-Robotnik, and Stettafire discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.
InnocentBunny 101 and loly-lou sleep in shifts.
SkyLandWarrior and MrsVolv sleep in shifts.
ChibiShay falls ill from contaminated water.
emiishio screams for help.

:bulletred:Day 4

twilightlinkjh, Ponacho, DeathRuby, and hedgehog3000 raid Alex8286's camp while he is hunting.
Mx-Robotnik remains in her hiding spot.
loly-lou daydreams of home.
emiishio remains in his hiding spot. Not moving a muscle
SkyLandWarrior injures himself when he slipped on a banana peel.
MrsVolv, ChibiShay, and InnocentBunny 101 search the arena together for other tributes.
Stettafire chases RawMecho.

:bulletred:Arena Event

*A tsunami rolls into the the arena.*

hedgehog3000 fatally injures himself on debris.
Mx-Robotnik fatally injures herself on debris.
Alex8286 survives.
twilightlinkjh is swept away.
InnocentBunny101 survives.
MrsVolv barely survives.
ChibiShay is swept away.
DeathRuby is swept away.
SkyLandWarrior defeats Stettafire, but throws him in the water to make sure he dies.
loly-lou survives.
emiishio defeats Ponacho, but throws her in the water to make sure she dies.
RawMecho fatally injures himself on debris.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*8 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.*

Deathhedgehog3000 District 12
DeathMx-Robotnik District 3
Deathtwilightlinkjh District 8
DeathChibiShay District 7
DeathDeathRuby District 11
DeathStettafire District 3
DeathPonacho District 5
DeathRawMecho District 10

:bulletred:Night 4

emiishio falls ill from contaminated water. Shouldn't have drank that..
MrsVolv, SkyLandWarrior, and InnocentBunny101 sleep in shifts.
loly-lou loses sight of where she is.
Alex8286 falls ill from contaminated water. Starts throwing up rainbow.

:bulletred:Day 5

emiishio is pricked by several thorns while picking berries.
MrsVolv collects fruit from a tree. An apple.
loly-lou tricks SkyLandWarrior into killing Alex8286.
InnocentBunny101 receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*1 cannon shot can be heard in the distance.*

DeathAlex8286 District 5

:bulletred:Night 5

InnocentBunny 101 and MrsVolv tell stories about themselves to each other. Things got emotional and the two hugged each other.
emiishio sets up camp for the night.
SkyLandWarrior destroys loly-lou's supplies while she is asleep.

:bulletred:Day 6

loly-lou attacks SkyLandWarrior, but he manages to escape.
InnocentBunny 101 searches for a water source.
MrsVolv stabs emiishio in the back with a trident.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

Deathemiishio District 7

:bulletred:Night 6

InnocentBunny101 throws a knife into SkyLandWarrior's chest.
loly-lou loses sight of where she is.
MrsVolv dies from an infection.

:bulletred:Day 7

InnocentBunny101 dies of dysentery.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

DeathSkyLandWarrior District 6
DeathMrsVolv District 4
DeathInnocentBunny 101 District 2


The winner is loly-lou from District 1!

Wow congrats to Loly, who was on the same district as I was! I fell off a tree and died.. kinda embarrassing. :T
Hope you guys had fun reading this!

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Click the top hats to link to more sites!:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:


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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 11:09 PM


Okay so my friend , milkete  just made me a video and omg ... i have just .. no words... how to explain this beauty.. im gonna cry

and everyone thanks you for the bday wishes and the bday presents<33 you guys are the best!!!
Dear Claude , gosh man i have no words how to explain it .. it;s just so amazing .. i didn't even taught of this <333
oh god im crying haha , claude i love you so much oh my god you're the best friend ever <33
i love this video so much really im just gonna c ri y

Skin by SimplySilent

Best Bunny Buddie Bonnie Bruh GIF by gold94chica

I...don't know how to react to this.
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Hey guys, here it is.  
But first I must give you some backstory, sorry ahead of time for the wall of text.  

South of the land of Equestria lies the land of Sumare.  It is a large land bordering an ocean and contains many port cities.  As such the inhabitants of the land are varied from all around the globe.  This includes Griffons, Zebras, Kirin, Dragons, and many other types of characters.

The rulers of the land are Mother Nature and Father Time.  At this time, though, Father Time has disappeared mysteriously and his place is being held by a younger alicorn named Mist Keeper.  

Now having the pony in charge of the balance of nature itself as a ruler brings in certain holidays.  One of these is the Festival of Renewal.  Each spring a great festival is held to bring luck and hope into the oncoming year and to bless that year's spring.  Much like the Summer Sun Celebration Mother Nature will visit a different town each year to attend their festivals.  This year she has chosen the port town of Yokeshire Falls, named as such after the twin falls that are the greatest landmark of the town.  

Many things that are part of the festival is having multicolored floral accessories (not required), paying respects to Queen Mother Nature herself, and just enjoying oneself.

My challenge to you is this.  Draw your character(s) at the festival, taking in the sights, enjoying the local food, or just dancing the night away.  Have them interacting with at least one of my characters in some way.

You have free reign to decide what characters to use and what sort of activity they are doing.  Backgrounds are not required but will add to the picture greatly.  

For now the prizes are as such:

1st place:
1 Full Body colored picture + Speedpaint to accompany it.
1 Bust Sketch
2nd place: 
1 Full Body Sketched or Lined piece.  
3rd place: 
1 Bust Sketched or Lined.

I say for now because if a lot of people enter the contest then I will up the prizes, adding in more pictures/points as the numbers go up.  
So I'm not going to require you to advertise, but it would help to up the prizes.

What you will be judged on:
Creativity, I want to see what you can come up with.  Be it silly, cute, or pretty.  Don't just draw them standing around and if you need to add dialogue then feel free, I'd love to read it!
Effort, I wanna see that you put some effort into it.  Not just a quick sketch.
and Keeping in character.  Try not to do anything too OOC.

You can find my OCs here: 
First Ponies - Midnight Fairytale and Stormeye
Inventors - Cogsworth and Eureka
Gazers - Fallen Star and Monty
Crystals - Glimmer Haze and Almandine Dust
The Matchmaker - Brandy

As well as here, but these are old and may need some updating:…

I will be adding more references up during this time that will (hopefully) include some shots of the town and other updated designs.

(If you want a certain type of character but don't see it in any of those just let me know, I probably have one that I haven't uploaded.)

And feel free to ask any questions.  :3

The deadline will be on May 20th  May change if a lot of people ask for an extension.

To enter please send me a note titled "Contest Entry" or leave a comment here with a link to the picture, I will make a separate journal showing the entries submitted so far.  

And remember, you have a while, take your time and don't fret.  :3


Journal Entry: Tue Mar 3, 2015, 9:25 PM
Dreamy Sweet Icon by Kaji-Icons

omg!!! thanks so much for the birthday wishes ; w ; you are awesome, i recive so many comments tomorrow i try to replay all xD today i feel so tired and full (i eat many cake x3!!) 

thanks for the many llamas, notes comments xD and for the piece of cake ;w; and special thanks to the people take a few moment to draw something for me :love:
  [Commission] Happy Birthday Dreamy by Moenkin  Birthdayhug By Mysticalpha-d8k1mht by xWhiteDreamsx

 (Gift) Shall I be sweet for one more year? by LazymunchlaxHappy Birthday WhiteDreams :gift: by xStarlightSentryGift: Lulu by iheartjapan789 Smash Wii U (xWhiteDreamsx) by DragonDaak Dreami Sweet by AnneMarie1986 .:Birthday Gift:. Shaymin by Ne-chi 
Happy Birthday Dreamy by Xxpets-world-14xX Happy Early Birthday, xWhiteDreamsx! by SweetCake111
and thanks for SerahMajere  for gift me one special gift i appreciate it x3 (you know hehe)


My second account :iconxtopaz:

Dreami Sweet's Cutie Mark [Trade] by Lahirien