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Xi Comic closed Species Stuff

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 3:07 PM
professional dickbutt

CSS Skin

Noboena  [ nu-bu-i-nah ]
[ i dunno, looked cool ]

Noboenians are a species of black to white characters that resemble closely to what people would assume as anthros.  
Some having more human like qualities, some more animal, depending on the area they’re from.

As far as determining sex/gender, Noboenians do not exactly have set genitalia to either male or female. [ some having neither, to some having both ]
The way of finding this out is the main shade of their fur;  black being masculine, white being feminine. 
Though colours nearest to grey are the more difficult to decipher and can usually mean they are strictly not male or female.


Status is determined by what animals they’re made up of. 
For example, Xi; he’s purely fox, meaning he has a high status where are someone like Milli, who is made of a cat father and bird mother, would be lower. 
Then other’s made up of 3 or more animals are the lowest and sometimes homeless; the so called scum of this world. 
More times than most there are also mutants in this low status and holds many strange and sick Noboenians.


For the most part, clothes are used only on children. 
Not only to hide their genitalia as it develops but to also notify the child is under 13 years of age. 
Those who wear clothes that are over this age either means they’re not ready to give up their child like qualities
or that they’re bodies haven’t completely finished growing. 


Very rarely do clothes stay on passed the age of 20,
though a light amount of clothing such as scarfs, socks, arm warmers,
or anything of the sort is allowed but not appropriate in some cases.

Depending on popularity, light clothing can also be used in some groups as identification. 



The more human like qualities are those who live in the city or those of royalty; showing plantigrade legs. 
Those from anywhere else such as the country, tropics or deserts, are normally digigrade. 
All children are born with plantigrade, which is what makes it just as hard to figure out status till they’re over 12 or 13
the age their legs begin to completely develop into the different types. 
Some mutations that follow with a lower status is that a child can be born with one leg being digi and the other planti. 
Or planti that’s built to be digi [ walking on their tip toes ].

Their mouths aren’t all that special, though some have ridges in the lips and some don’t. 
They have teeth but they usually retract into their gums until needed; only showing the 4 canines for the most part. 
They’re omnivores and like humans, they can choose to be vegetarians and other things such as that.


A trait that very few have is a super ability, such as Xi with telekinesis or Milli with flight.
{{{ Those with bird-like genetics aren’t granted the ability to fly from birth, some don’t even grow wings.  e. g. Birdman }}}

Other things like controlling of an element, speed, strength, and intelligence are also available. 
But again, not everyone has this ability and can come off as rare or fantasy-like. 
Some say it’s a show of mutation while others say it’s a blessing.

Children are very important in this world, many believing they're the key to a bright future.
Though there are some parents that leave their children behind, claiming them orphans
Most parents like this are either dead or sick, believe it to be more on save yourself purposes
but to every child there is a guardian; a child that's left to fend for themselves wont survive on their own for long
due to many older Noboenians that souly search for these children to take care of

Go ahead and ask questions if you have any- this is just what I can manage to put together on them right now
once there's been a good amount of them, I'll put the questions, and the answer on this journal


The last thing I want to do is get serious just before the big happy Halloween Stream journal but here goes; 

I thought I should say this considering several interactions I've had over the past couple of weeks, so consider this to be just a little a tip.

Don't shit on people's prices. Don't shit on people for pricing things at a certain amount, don't roll your eyes and sigh because a myo slot is higher than twenty bucks. You know what you should do if you don't like it?
  • don't buy one
  • there's literally no step two just don't buy one and move on with your life
It's at a point where I'm seeing more and more artists being talked down to or snarked or looked down on just because they have a higher price on their designs or the ability to make one of their species. If someone's going to buy, they'll buy. You don't have to. You are not required to. 

Another thing: Maybe an artist is putting out designs or myos to go towards buying another design. That's their own business and isn't yours. Maybe they're treating themselves after a bad day, or maybe they just successfully paid off some bills (like me!!) and think they deserve to put aside a bit of money for a design. And you know what that's totally fine? So what if they're not furiously stockpiling everything away because they're in some dire situation at this current point in time - YOU don't know their situation, and they're not required to tell you. YOU don't have to get annoyed because of their decisions because they do not impact you or your life in any way whatsoever.

I'm really, really tired of seeing other artists get picked on for their prices. Already I see so many people underpricing their work because they're afraid of getting attacked by other people because, like it or not, art is seen as a lesser job. That's an unfortunate fact. And I'll be frank - I would LOVE to charge $50 for a common garrox I honest to god would, but frankly I'm too much of a wuss to deal with exactly what I've pointed out here. 

So from one really frustrated artist to a huge spectrum of other artists; Please be quiet. Let people do what they want. It isn't your problem in the slightest. Thanks.
Another animation popped up that was based off one of my comics!
Great job, ShadesofEverfree and Amelia Bee!

Here's the link so you can all watch it too!

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My Little Reviews: Pony.Mov (feat. EileMonty)

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 2:52 PM

Halloween thing #1 out of two. Comment and tell me what you thought. 


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 6:48 PM

So here we go! My own MYO Contest!

First things first:


:bulletblue: Mimiroo are my own closed species, so no claiming them as your own!
:bulletblue: Three entries are the limit! Only one can be a potential winner though!
:bulletblue: All entries must be submitted to your DA then linked (thumbnail is fine too) to me in the comments below, so I can fav it to my entries folder! 
:bulletblue: Please follow my guide correctly! If you have any questions feel free to ask below!
:bulletblue: If you have any doubts or want to check with me your design/WIP, that is fine too!
:bulletblue: Anyone is welcome to participate, no need to follow me!
:bulletblue: NO TRACING ALLOWED! I encourage your entries to be drawn by you! Any entries found that show they have traced any of my submitted pieces will not be accepted until corrected. Failed to do so will result in disqualification, and blacklisted from future contests. Their Mimiroo will not become an official design either.
:bulletblue: A 'how to draw' is linked below, but it is not a base!! 
:bulletblue: Co-owning is fine! For example, if you have an idea but can not draw you can ask a friend to design it. You then both own that Mimiroo and both of you should submit it to your gallery's and both link them to me! Not to mention credit each other~
:bulletblue:  Traditional art is accepted

:bulletblue: The number of winners will be 4 for every ten entries made.

10 entries = 4 winners
20 entries = 8 winners
30 entries = 12 winners

:bulletblue: Winners get their design for free!
:bulletblue: If your entry is not a winner, you can purchase your Mimiroo for $10/1000 points
:bulletblue: Also! I will offer to draw your design as well for $12/1200 points.


:bulletblue: The Mimiroo's you are allowed to create are normal types, with ONE RARE TRAIT (Shown on page three of the guide) ie, Different coloured paw pads.

NOTE: Normal paw pads are pink!

:bulletblue: You can chose the age you want them to be, if you wish to use up your three entry limit by doing one infant, adolescent and adult that is fine too!
:bulletblue: Remember: fur and tail length determine their age, so if you design an infant they must have shorter tails than those of older age! Also either furry tail tips, furry feet and chest - Or all three! Please see guide for more details!
:bulletblue: Their colours can be anything you wish, though try to avoid neon/florescent colours as they are mostly seen on Short Tails!
:bulletblue: You are welcome to give your Mimiroo accessories!
:bulletblue: No prosthetic limbs! Though missing limbs are fine - but avoid removing the tails entirely as they can be mistook as Short tails.
:bulletblue: Only Short tails have what look like wings, so please refrain from making fur shaped wings.
:bulletblue: Background stories are welcome too!
:bulletblue: Winners will be picked by their use of Creativity and inventing an interesting Background story, skill and quality doesn't matter here!



Updated Mimiroo guide! by Forged-Artifacts Mimiroo Guide pages 3 and 4 by Forged-Artifacts


Mimiroo Adoption 3 CLOSED by Forged-Artifacts Mimiroo Adoption 2 CLOSED by Forged-Artifacts Weapon Adoption 32 CLOSED by Forged-Artifacts


Mimiroo How to draw by Forged-Artifacts

The order of colours show where you should start and then finish! Hopefully this will help you get a rough idea and a sketch down, thus making a blueprint to adding fur and colour! Other poses are fine to experiment with too and is encouraged.
NOTE: The tail length shown is for infants, so you can make it longer for older Mimiroo's!

Lastly, for all those who take part in this contest I offer a prize! An ultra rare Short tail with rare trait: Blue paw pads!
I can change the gender and make minor edits to colours. The winner/owner is welcome to add their choice of coat pattern from either common or uncommon categories.

Short Tail Mimiroo by Forged-Artifacts

A winner will be drawn by a random generator! 

Alright, I think that covers everythin! v@ Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!! :heart:

Skin by SimplySilent

Welcome to the last journal for the give away for these lovely three cinnadogs that I revoked a few weeks ago, it took a while to redesign them and here they are
the following cinnadogs that were redesigned in order; the first one is made myself, the second is by corginator and the last one is by fus-ro-damn

The following people that are hosting this event are; Umv and fus-ro-damn


they are all lovely cinnadogs aren't they ;w;!! i am super tempted to keep mine (#1), if you saw the sneak peak then here they are!
you know the rules to my giveaways then move along! You don't? well read beloooow~!
That is right just comment below and you might be a lucky winner to win the fine cinnadogs you are wanting <33
What's that? you want one of the cinnadogs but to busy to to comment? well this event only ends on November 1st or the thirty-first of October so comment now!

Rules,  please read!
+ You are not allowed to SELL or TRADE these cinnadogs whatsoever! no excuses!
- these were given to you! do not PROFIT off of them, even if they have art
+ You may not edit the design without asking, but you may however add or remove accessories
+ we have full right to take the cinnadog off your hands if you do not follow any of these rules

++ Once picked i will note you the full size of #2 and #3 uvu


Theme to the cinnadogs;
1. Fallen Apple Autumn Wedding Cake;
- Extended Curly long hair
- Fixed ears
- Normal tail with more fur
2. Shark (Attack) Cupcake; (tryed my best finding one)
- Standard hairstyle
- Standard ears (folded) with bits in it
- Normal fin tail
3. Orca Ocean Cake;
- Poofy mohawk
- Fixed ears
- Normal fin tail

NOTE; If you never had a cinnadog or show a REASON why you want this cinnadog (or both) it will be a up at me picking you uvu
- i want a real reason not "i will give it a wonderful home, etc"

--- clearing this up since a lot of people misunderstood, anyone can enter but i will be mostly looking at people who never had a cinnadog, or reasons why they want it uvu -  umv

Thank you for reading and good luck! - UMV
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i got a huge posterboard and i got this idea soo....

How to Join:
share this journal with the title "400 headshots"
link the journal and ref!
for additional headshots of other characters, the price is 10 points.
animals and original species
not do:
i suck, that's why.
the headshots will be posted in batches, ok?

and done

"Gift: Silverlay"
Submitted: 2014, June 26

by bronycane

This  picture is certainly one of the most "perfect" Silverlays I've ever seen.
I still remember how "hard" it blew my mind and it still does.

Gift: Silverlay by bronycane

... ... ...


"I'm not a failure!"
Submitted: 2014, March 13

by PumpkinKikile

This picture showed me that ponies are really thinking about my comic/story.
Alone the idea of the tears... Made this to one of my most favourite pictures.

I'm not a failure ! by PumpkinKikile

... ... ...


":Giftart: Silverlay"
Submitted: 2014, May 1

by JaDeDJynX

This picture changed the ending of "Seeds of Darkness". Eyyyup!
I wasn't sure about which ending I should choose until I've seen this T__T

:Giftart: Silverlay by JaDeDJynX

... ... ...


"The Kids"
Submitted: 2014, August 30

by Zacatron94

How could I not love this?
Zacatron did a lot of things for me and this... Is my favourite :3

The Kids by Zacatron94

... ... ...


"The Wedding day"
Submitted: 2014, September 7

by tsand106

She came out of nowhere and started to draw more pictures about my OCs...
Than ME! This is the picture which touched my heart and feelings the most.

The Wedding day by tsand106
(( Send: "Trick or treat!" And I will use a random number generator to determine what you get! ))
  1. Some candy.
  2. A kiss on the cheek.
  3. A hug.
  4. A pie in the face.
  5. Mouth-to-Mouth candy.
  6. A jump scare.
  7. A Halloween date night out.
  8. Scary movie night.
  9. A kiss on the lips.
  10. Your muse gets pants-ed.
  11. Your muse pants-es mine. (( lol wut ))
  12. Tickle fight.
  13. Passionate kiss on the lips.
  14. Bite mark.
  15. A big slobbery lick on your ____.
  16. My muse gets to steal all your candy.
  17. Your muse has to wear an embarassing costume of my muse's choice.
  18. My muse will wear an embarassing costume of your choice.
  19. Oops! Vegetarian household! You get vegetables instead of candy.
(( Okay, I added a few on that I thought sounded interesting, so yah. You can also "trick or treat" up to three times if you want to. ))