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S.T.: Finally. After months of waiting. It's time for me to shine. *Sits down to play FNaFB3*
warning this is an image heavy journal

the only reason i keep my old art up is to give other ppl hope that one day you too can draw sparkle goats. but seriously there is hope... i know a lot of people have issues with getting the anatomy down and i did and still do a lot of the time, especially with consistency and art style. but hey i figured i would show my progress since they're almost a year old now.

behold the very first minkin picture i ever drew... july 2014
i was totally new to ungulate anatomy at the time. i had only drawn deer or what i thought looked like deer once or twice before
sprite by edelilah

...and 12 days later i realized that ungulate legs dont work like that
sprite by edelilah

you can never skimp too much on over-referencing and producing scarier hooves/legs than the first picture you ever drew
sold by edelilahsold by edelilahsold by edelilah

eventually i drew dog heads on deer bodies
saltkin by edelilahsold by edelilah

in september i think i finally got the anatomy down i would kill to draw like this again.
sold by edelilahsold by edelilahsold by edelilah

then after i got the anatomy down i could focus on art style which has been changing with varying results because my art style in general is just super inconsistent lmao. i stopped referencing too which i should probably start doing again... here are some random pieces in chronological order!!
sold by edelilahsold by edelilahSOLD by edelilahx162 by edelilahim sorry by edelilahx164 by edelilahx167 by edelilah

I GUESS THATS IT.... i eventually decided i would try to do less realistic pieces and focus on The Cute Factor and bedroom eyes because it's what people are mostly into. im now stuck in a vortex of cute and dont know how to draw anything else help. what will i draw like next month

hard work pays off except for the part where all of these are facing the left
Hello! I've been wanting to do a raffle for awhile since I hit 400 watchers on this account, thank you! ;v; So as a thank you, this is something small; 

There will be two winners: 

1. Big Hero 6 sticker sheet + prism card
1 by gaikaku
2. "All Eyes On Me" artbook 

2 by gaikaku

To qualify, you must be a watcher (gaikaku and/or my adopt acc) before this journal, any new watchers will not be valid/qualify. Sorry! This is for watchers who have supported me ;v; <3 

- Winner will be chosen using a random number generator
- I will pay for shipping!; if you live outside the US, it may take longer to be delivered (I will most likely choose the cheapest option;; ) (And please be comfortable with providing a mailing address!)
- Sticker sheet is not pre-cut so get ready to cut out your own stickers! 
- Prism card is the size of a business card.
- Artbook: 5.5"x8.5" saddle-stitched, glossy, 28pg book - collection of drawings from 2012 to 2014.
- These are also available in my Storenvy if you don't win!

① Please favorite this journal
② Comment under the corresponding comment/prize you'd like to enter
③ Thumb/link to your favorite deviation(s) from my gallery (unstored some old works whoop) 

BH6 set: @ this comment
Artbook @ this comment

You may reply to both comments but you will only win one prize.
If you forget something, I will not tell you so please make sure you have everything in your comment to make your entry valid! >__<
(Sorry deleted the "phrase/code" because I thought it was too much things lol;;;; )

Raffle will close Monday, April 27th 10:00PM @ GMT-10 (countdown HERE)

Thank you and good luck to all! Thank you for all the continuous support, comments and faves Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2015, 3:30 AM







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As the website lag for a lot of people (i really don't understand why T__T) 
I'll put the comic here then. Just the time to delete the previews, and add the pages, folders.

Nise's life update :'3

Tue Apr 21, 2015, 3:16 AM

Hey bbies!! I'm not so dead :iconlazycryplz: hehehe 

Work status

Work is in a difficult moment right now. 
My mom boss said the first week of March that if we don't get clients and more money by 30th of April, it will close. I'm sad about my mom but right now? I'm not very happy with the job. If it closes, I'll be able to get back my characters Umei, Enia, Cerion & Sören and I could upload every picture I did about them here D: so I want it T-T.

Another good new if it closes is that  I'll be able to work in every picture I owe x_x because I'll have loooooooot of free time. And I really want you guys to give you the pictures I owe to you >^< 


  1. I'm planning to open a Patreon with my suster :iconsouortiz:. We have lot of free time and we would like to share of knowledges with you guys and help you to get the pictures you imagine! So would you be interested in support us?
  2. If everything goes well, my boyfriend and I are planning to adopt a kitty! My work mate has a kitty who gave birth to 8 beautiful kitties. They're very small at the moment but I fell in love with them and when I told Matias about it, he agreed with me about having one. He wants to call the new cub "Tyki". I find it so cute :heart: hope my mom wouldn't mind about having another cat...
  3. Changed my old username NiseSK to dNiseb because I felt like that I wasn't really confortable with SK. It brings me bad memories... so I left Nise. "d" and "b" are just "icons". You don't have to read them, just Nise :3

in short that's 28.
man im getting old

may stream if I can. if not to bizzy that day( I rather draw then celebrate B-day)

My mom works for an newspaper and when she was going to sell something for some guy at his photography studio, my mom talked about me and my work and showed him. He got really interesed and would like me to show my art in an little art gallery in my town. 

I accepted it and my art is going to be in this gallery in three weeks, starting the 16 of may I think. I am really happy for this as you maybe can tell. :3

Thank mom, I love you. XD

0:48 :lennyface: 
Howdy guys, this is something a little different--I had recently participated in a really fun commentary with some fun people-- :iconokida: and :iconevanstanley:

The first part has both Evan, Tom, and :icondarkspeeds:

The 2nd part in includes Evan, Tom, and me! ( I'm being represented by terrifying Zielo-- as it should be C: )

Enjoyyyyy ( I had loads of fun brah)
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