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I used to give a fuck
lately I have been giving up

this is something I don't like doing
this is a rant
because this has been bothering me for the past week or two

Alright, so-

fucking fans.

not dA fans
or Tumblr fans
or Twitter fans

YouTube Fans

so let me explain something first, if you are on here a lot and you interact with my art and you have more than just a YT account where you can easily get in touch with me the you are fine.

I will rant on these fans though.
I have had enough of the random fucking comments flying at me with this kind of bullshit smeared on it.

and I don't care if you fucking say "it's just hate, ignore it"

I can't.

You see when I get a comment like that I stare at it and I think too much into it.

Don't care if that sounds fucking stupid- let me finish.
or start.

I keep getting comments like
"why is there a long description? leave that on your Twitter!"
"you're not doing fnaf anymore? what a were so good at it, well better leave then :/ "
"animation? better look that up sweetie"
"glorified slideshows"
"good drawings, wouldn't call it an 'animation' though."
"I've seen Micheal Bay produce better shit than this."
"r u trying to be creepy?? You're so fake! :PPPP "
"yeah I am hating! Come at me!"

And I gotta say that I feel fine 

Molly and red wine

So what the fuck is your motive here??
let me dissect this. 

I post long Descriptions there because for the PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY READ THEM it just has information on how long the "animation" took, and how I feel about it.
If there is IMPORTANT information like with the 100K video, with the P.O box and cons and shit- updates on how I have been.
they are an option, you don't have to read them.

I have completely left the fnaf fandom at this point. I was ALMOST done with the "Die in a Fire" animation as a little surprise for everyone who wanted it, get it off my shoulders and it was already half way done when I opened it up on movie maker.
ooooh but you hear that I am not doing fnaf shit anymore and you leave me. That's cool.
and I know most of you will say "they aren't real rejects"
they were. At one point they were. Since I am not giving them what they want they will leave and forget I even tried to help them see that being rejected in the first place was OKAY.

I'm not trying to be "creepy" do you see the way I draw? they're fucking chibis. I use pastels and fucking flower crowns. I draw "sp00ky" shit because I like it. Animatronics and OFF are fucking sp00ky man.
I've called it "slideshows" since the fucking beginning.
I have never said it was an ACTUAL animation.

as for everything else, fuck it. You probably know why I am upset about that shit.

Got me singing, “it’s alright, man, 

It’s alright now.” 

I know I know there is going to be a lot of comments like "JUST IGNORE IT SKLR ITS OKAY"
no it's not.
It really isn't.
I start freaking out because I know I can't please everyone, I know this, don't say anything.
I know.
I know.

but it sits there in the back of my mind, in the tiniest corner of my brain and it whispers to me how fucking horrible I am at my job, how I don't deserve any of this, how I just fucking suck in general.

And, “is this really something we should fight about, man?” 

It’s been a month, how come I haven’t heard from you? 

Man, I don’t just do shit because you tell me too. 

Also, regarding that lyric right there. What's up with the demanding?
I DID tell you I was taking a break and that I am doing my own shit now right? 
I did didn't I?

it was probably in one of my updates you don't watch

I'm sorry that just
sounds really fucking stupid.

And it’s been a month how come I haven’t heard from you? 

Man, I don’t just do shit because you told me too. 

I know my YouTube fans (again I have explained it up top) are all fnaf fans.
I know.
but listen, I don't care what fucking fandom they came from, they are still my fucking rejects. They posted what was wrong with them and that its okay to be that way on my REJECTS video.

they are a reject.

"autistic part of YouTube"
"brain dead fnaf fans"
"fnaf fags"


I got a gun in the car and scrambled eggs on a plate 

That I left by your beside, ‘cause I wanted to say, 

I have contemplated if I should just start all over again! Make a new YouTube, new dA
new identity. 
new everything. 

maybe a small handful of people might actually like my "glorified slideshows" without them being "autistic fnaf fags"
do you know how fucking shallow that sounds btw?
really shallow.

but hey, if that's your horrible opinion then you can just you know-
fuck off.

That I’m screwed if I don’t and I’m screwed if I do, so I’m going. 

So I’m going.

and you'll probably attack me for this because I have emotions of anger and depression.
you might attack me because I am "feeding you" 
go ahead attack me yo
I am just kinda


! Design Contest !
(will update often rip sorry!!) 

Hello!! I never really been able to host a design contest before, I am hoping with the help of a few friends and you guys can help make this a great time! Since I made some points with the new icons, I would like to sorta give back to the community by holding this contest!
I hope you're excited, because I sure am for some creative ideas to come along my way~!! LEt's get this character under way!
you're free to ask as many questions as you like!


- Please try to use as many aspects of what I list of interest, 
but don't feel you're limited to only aesthetics. 
- You may enter as many times as you like
- if your entry doesn't win, I don't mind you selling it!
- Please post a link to your entry below!

1st place: 14,00 points + a piece from me & full body pixel fruitpacks + a fullbody chibi from aclassii
2nd place: 400 points + fullbody pixel fruitpacks + Pixel icon from gorepaws + full body pixel from Big-Egg-Roll 

3rd place: Piece of art from me & full body pixel fruitpacks + Bust from TheEraOfParanoia + full body anthro/feral SymetricallyUnstable
(if you'd like to donate a prize that'd mean a lot rip. thank-you if you do!!)

What i'm looking for:
- I prefer male/non gender characters over female since I'm not so great at doing female characters! BUT please you're able to make them female all you want! Really no limitations to identity!
- For things I like you should look up folk art, Aztec things, Nordic and Western stuff
Characters from here i dig
- I Really love Nature 
- Earth tones
- I prefer anthros but whatever is good!

 May 27th - June 30th 
(willing to extend deadline if need be)

Entires will be added here and i WILL not comment on them!

You may include as many or as minimal of these aspects as you like I want you to feel creative just with maybe a theme or two. I really love unique things and simple characters are good too! Thank-you for reading and if you enter THANK-YOU SO MUCH!

I'd really love if you could promote this journal in anyway! :'~)

long story short, while moving back home i forgot my tablet in my dorm, and unfortunately it means it is lost since i am across the country now. so yeah, its a goodbye to my tablet of 6 years and it also means its time for me to get a new one, and i hope to upgrade to a better quality for it to be worthwhile. i am really in need of money for a new tablet, which unfortunately i dont have any to spare right now. 

im hoping that i can fund 500$ USD in total for the tablet through art; it also means for now any other art is on hold (without tools=cannot do them). i figured id start with icon auctions since pixel art is something i can do with a mouse, but ill be auctioning normal art after that too. 

i wouldnt call this "emergency commission" since its not the actual threatening type, but its still very important for me. 
i really appreciate any help, even if its just spreading this auction around. 


  1. you must have a colored, full image reference
  2. payment must be made in full before i start 
  3. no refunds (exception: if i cannot complete your order on my side i will be providing a refund) 
  4. for paypal, you can the payment either as a gift or as payment for a service 
    (please cover any transaction fees ; v; )
  5. the icon is for personal use (you may use it on other sites too, with proper credit)
    i retain the right of the art, to use it as a reference/sample and to post it on any site


  1. only paypal (USD) and points are accepted (100 points= 1$). 
  2. do not retract your bid. please only bid what you have. 
  3. minimum increase is 0.50$/50 points
  4. snipe guard is 30 minutes
  5. auto buy info will be added in a few days after SB. 
  6. please reply to the last bidder! 


Yukiko by kokotea Basket Final by kokotea 7ry by kokotea Chibu Airballoon by kokotea


  • choice of one chibu icon (more samples) between: 
    (snowglobe, eggbasket, hot airballoon, rpg)
  • includes all basic animations of the icon shown
  • other animation (ex: ear twitch) will be extra
    (if interested, please discuss with me once auction is over)

SB: 6$/600PTS




[free] miku icon pack by kokotea singing kyara icon by kokotea


  • one singing icon (similar to above)
  • includes blinking and bouncing as shown above. 
  • other animation (ex: ear twitch) will be extra
    (if interested, please discuss with me once auction is over)

SB: 8$/800PTS




Dollie by kokotea icon: urahana by kokotea


  • choice between dollie and smiling dollie icon
  • includes blinking animation (and smiling)
  • other animation (ex: ear twitch) will be extra
    (if interested, please discuss with me once auction is over)

SB: 8$/800PTS




Testing by kokotea


  • winning bid will get their character pixeled on the chibu base, and will be used as sample for ONE future icon theme from the chibu icon series. 
  • "chibu icons" are icons done with a variety of themes (ex: snowglobe, rpg, etc.), but all using the same character base.  (examples of existing "chibu" icons

SB: 6$/600PTS




thank you for checking this auction. any help spreading the info around is appreciated ; v;/

(on a side note, my mini hiatus has a lot of comments piled up, so just you all know im slowly going through it and trying to reply to them altho it will take some time > v>;; )

Skin by SimplySilent

get 100 point for each comment you write

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 8:01 PM

comment on my art with 10 words or more and get 100 points for each one . so if you comment on 10 pieces you got 1000 points or more Yahooo!!!!!!!! it will be one win so start comments asp the deadline is 6-8-2015 5:00 pm ct put the links here .

p.s people write comments that more 100 words or more and get 100 points for each one and a bounty 1000 points if i choose you 

I shouldn't probably be doing this Q 7Q buh I can't help it- 

EX 1 (new style) 
Sub by Broyam

EX 2 
Skegch6 by Broyam

- - - - - - - - 

All you have to do is link me a reference of your favorite OC and I'll choose <33
this isn't first come first serve Q vQ 

Comment and let me know which style you'd like it in too <3 

They're most likely not going to be full bodies unless I really like em Q 7Q 

Comment away ! 
= = = =
Done So far- 

(sketch archives) 
Rein by Broyam

Pikapaw by Broyam


I'm sorry for the rant, but I'm pretty mad. (I'm pretty sure she's making a similar journal as I type, but I want to type my own. I've let this go on too long without standing up for her verbally and publicly.)

Please don't mind me. This has just been boiling under my skin for a while, and I finally want to let it all out. I hope you guys don't mind. (I'd write it in a personal journal or something, but I don't have one. I just need to share it with someone since my mom doesn't want to understand why it makes me angry.)

In the past few months, :iconchillaid:/:iconask-fazbear-inc: has had some people teasing her. Since she loves Lemongrab, they constantly text-scream "UNACCEPTABLE" at her. It was cute at the start (when she first got me into LG's backstory), but now it's just annoying. They continue to say it.

Now, I PERSONALLY don't mind it. Sure, it's annoying, but I'M not the one who RPs Lemongrab, draws him, writes his stories, manages his account, and everything else. I'm not the LG superfan.

No. That's :iconchillaid:'s job.

So, obviously, you can imagine how annoying that is. To constantly see the comment "UNACCEPTABLE" on literally every single Lemongrab picture you'd draw? For the PAST THREE YEARS? 

Yeah. I'd be annoyed, too.

Well, a while ago, she got fed up and finally created a journal that BASICALLY says, "Hey. This annoys me, please don't do it." And also, she doesn't like her AU (not YOUR AU, HER AU.) Marionette being called "Mario", which people tease her with that as well. She respectfully tells these people "please don't do that".

Recently, these people have been getting mad at her for holding rules on her OWN ASK ACCOUNT.

She tells these people "Don't like it? Piss off."

Normal, right?


They drag it out.

For hour-long conversations. 

Telling her how she's wrong. How she's "stupid". A dictator, a bitch, whatever.

She's not one to back down, either. She'll fight until she wins. She is literally the alpha female, and she WILL win. She always does. Either by verbally winning, or winning by them blocking her. (I learnt that the hard way)

It's been getting on my nerves, and I'm honestly getting sick of this FNaF fandom for PURPOSELY trolling with her.

Just yesterday, someone got pissed off at her for having these rules, commented those words to "break the rules", and then got pissed at her when she told them to stop.

Then they proceeded to bitch her out for not RPing "canon", and then decided to call her and I lesbians.

(Let me clarify before I write any further: I have NOTHING against gays and lesbians. About 80% of my friends are gay/lesbian, and I support gay rights. [I just want people to be happy. I believe they should love whoever they want.] However, I myself am not lesbian, I'm straight. I just haven't found that special dude.)

The only thing that pissed me off about that was the fact that I consider Chillaid my SISTER. Even if I WAS lesbian, I would NOT DATE MY SISTER. I love her to the point of feeling an incredibly strong sibling connection with her. It'd make me sick to my stomach to do anything like that with her. It's like dating your own blood-related sister. It's sick.

Then, to top it off, someone TODAY (who I thought was extremely nice), decided to fuck with her because what she did to the person was ""unacceptable"". (Again, they said that just to piss her off.)

She used to ignore these things, but it got to a boiling point where there's so many comments like this that she can't anymore. She doesn't tolerate idiots/mean people, so she's going to respond. That's just who she is. She DOES end up blocking most of them, so don't just say "ignore and block them".
I'm just really done with this fandom. It's a cesspool of immaturity and arguments. FNaF was awesome back when I first joined, but now it's just horrid. It's worse than the Invader ZIM fandom. I may leave the fandom in a few months and finally start my original ideas.

TL;DR: Koili is pissed about people trolling Chillaid for the past few months, and finally did an annoying rant about it.

I apologize if there's any typos. I'm tired and I can't sleep since I have to stay up all night for my mom.
I might be quitting for reasons I would rather not disclose. I wish to rehome my OCs. If you could post this around, I will be very grateful! 

Howdy, Everybody! by Lady-Felicity- She is free, but she has to go to a good home! Tell me what you will do with her. Filicity icon by GooeyBaumbs

Blaze by Lady-Felicity- Blaze OTA

Venus (Morning Star) by Lady-Felicity- Venus/Morning Sta. 30-40 points
Felicity's Mother*, Lemongrass by Lady-Felicity- Lemongrass OTA
Altair by Lady-Felicity- Altair OTA

Alula by Lady-Felicity- Alula 10 points

Azure Skies by Lady-Felicity- Azure Skies OTA
Rosy Apple by Lady-Felicity- Rosy Apple OTA

Autumn Gold by Lady-Felicity- Autumn Gold OTA
Sakura by Lady-Felicity- Sakura OTA
Buttercream by Lady-Felicity- Buttercream OTA
Butch by Lady-Felicity- Butch OTA

Star Sapphire by Lady-Felicity- Star Sapphire OTA Star Sapphire by Demibowties

Jazzy Beats by Lady-Felicity- Jazzy Beats OTA
Snickers by Lady-Felicity- Snickers OTA

Mariposa by Lady-Felicity- Mariposa OTA
Piper by Lady-Felicity- Piper OTA
Sandstorm by Lady-Felicity- Sandstorm OTA

Lance (Open for Roleplay!) by Lady-Felicity- Lance OTA
Sprinkles (Open for Roleplay!) by Lady-Felicity- Sprinkles OTA
Frosted Flower by Lady-Felicity- Frosted Flower Free
Foodie Friends by Lady-Felicity- Pumpkin Spicce and Pudding Pie 20 points a piece
Crack Ship- Willow (SlenderPie) by Lady-Felicity- 20 points Special Somepony Entry- Willow by Lady-Felicity

Discord Steals All The Waifus by Lady-Felicity- 15 points a piece (Mudpie is taken)

closed by EmpressButtTouch- #1 15 points
Custom for Lady-Felicity by iJessiePone- 10 points

Shipping adopts CLOSED by SugarMoonPonyArtist- #4 is 20 points.


Cheap Crack Ship Adoptables-OPEN by Lady-Felicity
Here is what I am looking for:

I am looking for someone to design me a 3 headed bear based off of Spring, fall, and winter (not summer because ew XD Too hot for my tastes)

I like soft/natural colors
But you can use more flashy colors for accent/effect :3
I think it would be cool to have things like flowers and leaves and snow coming off of it, idk.
When I say bear, I mean, grizzly bear, not bear type creature <3 
You can add things like horns/antlers or wings to it if you wish <3

1st prize is 30$

2nd prize is a full body and an icon of your character

3rd prize is a pixel doll

End date is jun 15th

Please post entries below or mention me in the description of the deviation so I can see it <3
If there are multiple entries that I cannot live without, I will make an offer on those who did not receive 1st place <3
For the rest of them, you can either scrap the design, or trade them or whatever you wish <3

If you have any questions, PLEASE NOTE ME <3

Besides that,  have fun<3

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Somebody asked if I could post a video of me playing my piano! (Which I have been wanting to for a while now ^^')

But instead of just posting it I want to get it around!! (Yes, I'm making this a thing. (as always xDD))

So if I get 25 favs on this journal, I will post a full video of me playing an entire song!!

So if you want to hear it then help out!

If not that's ok. (because I probably wouldn't either xDD)

Am I good? Bad? You'll have to find out yourselfs!
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