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Character Page Raffle

Thu Dec 18, 2014, 8:49 PM
:star: In this raffle you can win a sketched character page from me~! :star:

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

The character page will include:
(Uncolored/sketched) 1 fullbody, 2 halfbodies, 1 chibi, and three portraits.
Here, have some examples of my art (if you aren't already familiar with it)

Character Page: Tanith by XAngelFeatherX Nimble - Doodles by XAngelFeatherX Character Page Commission: xXDarkRaven by XAngelFeatherX Character Page Commission - ColorfulMay by XAngelFeatherX 

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

So, how do you enter this raffle? It has a few, simple rules:

(1) You must be a watcher, new or old, it doesn't matter.
(This is mainly for people who like my art enough to want to see more of it. Thank you so much, you guys ;v; <3)

(2) You must favorite this journal and comment, you can tell me why YOU would like to win!
(I really do appreciate more than a 'I'll enter'-comment! Though a short 'I'm entering' is enough)

(3) You must feature this raffle in a journal OR poll, link to it in your entry comment.
(it does take time to draw these things, so I do want at least a few to enter, yanno?)

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

When will the raffle end?

It ends on the 22nd of december.

I will then use a randomizer to pick a number. The corresponding number in the favorites list is the winner, I will also check the comments to see if you have actually entered the raffle and not just given a support fave (so you see this is why you really must remember to both fave/comment to enter!). 

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

Thank you for your time and good luck on the raffle!

I really hope to see people entering, it'd mean a lot to me <3

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
There's that word again by Taskidog

If I've learned a single thing from talking to other people, be it online or in real life, it is that the sure-fire way to get them to stop talking to you start discussing politics.

Happy Woona by Starlyk
"I have an opinion on a political issue!!"

Scrunchluna by Starlyk:iconemptyspaceplz:What The Hay?! by EMedina13

......I have also learned that one of the only sure-fire ways to get me talking in real life, no holds barred and filter turned off, start discussing politics.

Master of Chaos by AzizTheWazon
"I have a political opinion and every single one of you is going to hear it."

What is that offense to fashion by Sir-Teutonic-Knight:iconemptyspaceplz:Vector: Discord 2 by EStories

this might just explain my lack of accessible friends in real life
its done!! a few of u wanted to see this so posting it here ya go

THANK YOU TransformerPrimenerd for posting this!!!…

The "Spirit Quesst" episode will air 1/11 and the description says, "The Turtles fight their enemies in a spirit form"

Here's a better picture of their costumes:

I'M SO EXCITED!!!:excited: excited happy Squee! Squee Bounce Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] :happy-wave:

What do you guys say?

So... Big Hero 6

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 8:39 PM
Student Digital Artist

Comment Skin

I went to see that tonight with mu best friend and little sis. My sister gave me a warning.

"Big Hero 6. It takes your heart, breaks it into a million pieces the recreates it with a strange passion for the movie."

...:iconlazycryplz:She was right... My feels y'all...

But being serious, THAT WAS A GREAT MOVIE!! Movies about sibling relationships always get me hard in the feels
more than romance movies, hence why I got emotional during Frozen.

Baymax is the cutest robot ever!! >w< BTH I'm actually thinking about shipping him with EVE from WALL-E...
Then there's Hiro... >w< Oh lord, DISNEY WHY!? I have a thing for nerds!!! Why?! I love him!!!

Then there's GoGo and Honey Lemon. GoGo was like the one who wears the pants during the whole movie. She's also a freakin
bae. Honey Lemon... I like her... she reminds me of me... :3

Be prepared for some BH6 fanart. :3


"Ooh! Ooh! I want the blonde! I think he's cute!" ~Bubbles, AKA mah fav PPG X3

"Heart Attack" is my theme song.

FREE pony reference sheet GIVE AWAY

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 9:14 PM

Make it as large as you like, but it must stay within my ability.  here are examples of what I do in my reference sheets and what the prices usually are. keep in mind these reference sheets I do are for mare mlp characters. I don't do males or princess style bodies. and I ccannnnnnnn do other animals, but I would prefer to keep it mlp related!
Reference sheet commissions: OPEN FOR EMERGENCYYes, they are open!! 
With these sheets, you can set them up however you like. You can add many different variations of your pony. :)
And I only draw normal style mares, sorry, that's all I'm used to.
This journal is to aadvertise my reference sheet commissions!
You can pick and choose what kinds of things you want, each editional image costs it's own price, the more you add to the reference sheet, the more it costs.
I accept paypal AND points.
300:points: = $3USD.
500:points: = $5USD.

More examples~
Here is exactly what I offer and the prices for each piece.
Mare Full body angles: $5 Each 

To enter:

One entry: Fave this journal. Add me to your watch and make a journal about this and link this journal in yours. :)

Two entries: complete the first requirements ( fave, share, watch ) and draw a picture of any of my Pony characters :D stardust-adoptables.deviantart…

You can draw as many pictures as you want, but only one will get you another entry. 

When you have faved, watched and shared this, then reply back here in the comments confirming you have done all three. 

The winner will be picked at random! 

List of participants. ( no limit )  must have minimum 20 participants. 

#1:  mythkin 
#2: SuperMiniMicro

This contest will end December 24th. c: Merry christmas! 

Skin by Pinipy.

Opening these snowing icon commishes for a bit

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 8:33 PM
Openin' a few commissions for these: Snowing Pear Icon by Lukia26

They shall include your character, in a Christmas scarf, with SNOW so uh yeah what you see is what you get I s'ppose. 100:points: as of now!

  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
:mistletoe kiss::heart:Mistletoe Love Take Two 

:Mistletoe Mishap Plotline:

This Christmas Kairi wants to catch Sora under the Mistletoe for a kiss at the Royal Christmas Ball. Turns out, however, the Mistletoe she found is completely enchanted and has a mind of it's own, appearing over whoever it pleases. Now it seems like everyone is kissing everyone...BESIDES her and Sora. Will Kairi stop the Mistletoe? Will she ever get her kiss?
:mistletoe kiss::heart:Mistletoe Love Take Two


So this is probably a reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaallly bad idea to try and start a WEEK BEFORE Christmas. But I've been wanting to do it since last Christmas so I have to at least try this year, right? ...Right? :sweatdrop: Overhaul  Omigod this is such a bad idea...:iconheaddeskplz:

So here's the deal:

:mistletoe: I want YOU to give me "pairings" for whose kissing who under the Mistletoe!Mistletoe chase

NOTE: Please keep it mind, however, my OTPs will still be my OTPs. (Hence the heavily implied SoKai. xD) They still (might) happen because this is taking place in my Headcannon!Universe where they're "cannon" so please don't be offended or upset by my ships being "cannon" or more romantic. Sorry, but it's what I love to ship, after all. :sweatdrop: Overhaul  This is all just for fun and to give me ideas of the characters that'll get caught under the mistletoe until Kairi (SPOILER-ALERT-NO-NO-REALLY-IT'S-PRETTY-OBVIOUS) finally gets her kiss with Sora in the end. :iconpervykairi: xD


  1. DEADLINE: Sunday Dec. 21 till Midnight
  2. One Pairing Per Person!
    1. Gotta give everyone a chance, after all~! ;)
  3. No SoKai
    • C'mon you know it's coming anyway why spoil the fun so soon? ;P
  4. NO OCs. Available KH Characters ONLY.
    • Sorry guys. Sad dummy  But if everyone started asking for OCs then that's A LOT of models to upload/pose in MMD.  And there's already a lot of CannonCharacters listed mentioned...
    • Ai an exception to the party because, again, this party takes place in my "headcannon" universe so she exists. Again, sorry... sweatdrop revise But to be fair she won't be kissing anyone Riku unless anyone ask, of course. That doesn't mean she limited. Feel free to ask her kiss anyone...No seriously, ANYONE. Please. By all means. Go crazy. :meow::XD:
      • (Ai: *Death Glare* ... Death Stare )
    • If I find time I Might do something separate with OCs but it all depends. I make no promises, unfortunately. Sad dummy
  1. First Come First Served!
    • Order of who kisses who depends on who asks first. So the sooner you comment, the sooner you get to see your pairing. wink grin 
  2. 12 Pairings ONLY
    • Only if it gets to this point. Afterwards I cut off request. No Exceptions.
  3. Can be Straight/Yaoi/Yuri
    • It can be ANYONE. Anyone listed anyway... *Is Shot* Please feel free to give me a Yaoi/Yuri pairing like SoRiku, RokuAxel, NamiShion, or whatever you like! Again, have FUN with it~! Grin revamp:heart: 
  4. Expect OTP-Romance To Happen
    • If an OTP I ship is requested you can expect HEAVY Romance to be a brewing~Sorry not Sorry...*Is Shot Repetitively* :sweatdrop: Overhaul  Obviously you can ask for any pairings from the available characters. (Except SoKai, obviously. xD) They might happen regardless, depending on how many request I get, but you're request could make them kiss sooner...~ :wink kiss:

:: Characters at the Party ::

  1. Sora
  2. Kairi
  3. Riku
  4. Axel
  5. Roxas
  6. Namine
  7. Xion
  8. Hayner
  9. Pence
  10. Olette
  11. Ventus
  12. Vanitas
  13. Aqua
  14. Terra
  15. Saix
  16. Demyx
  17. Marluxia
  18. Larxene
  19. Vexen
  20. Zexion
  21. Ai

:: Pairings So Far ::

Red Square Bullet Namine/Xion (NamiShi)Red Square Bullet 
Green Square Bullet Axel/Roxas (AkuRoku) Green Square Bullet 
Yellow Square Bullet Olette/Pence (Olence?) Yellow Square Bullet 
Silver Square Bullet Roxas/Olette (Roxette?) Silver Square Bullet 

If you're interesting in seeing this thing actually happen PLEASE leave your pairing request soon as possible! Sooner I have pairings to use the sooner I can plot this baby out and have any chance of finishing her before Christmas!

Once again...Have fun with this~!

Merry christmas everybodyChristmas- Deerling:iconbigheartplz:

The registration sheet has been updated to include something new... flowers!

It’s known already that Minkin produce vegetation specific to their species to add color back into their world, but now each individual Minkin has a flower unique to each character. It’s easier to tell which groups hang out in what areas, and every character gets its own touch of personalization to add to its environment.

Minkin Character Sheet by edelilah



There’s a ton of designs already released without flowers. Are you going to draw it for us?
This is what we’re excited to announce! Following some guidelines, you will be allowed to design the flower that your Minkin makes.

What guidelines do I have to follow?
Images to help you design your flower are here!

Why does my flower have to look the way it does?
Please note that unless your Minkin is rare, the flower or vegetation your character produces will not be large and extravagant— and like rare traits, large and extravagant flowers cannot be bought to be applied to your character. It’s only an element for art!
However, your flower will still be colorful and share parts of your Minkin’s palette, if not all of it.

Do I have to update my reference sheet to include a flower?
You do not have to, but please don’t draw any flowers your Minkin produces until you do.
:star:If you do decide to update your registration sheet please only update the submission and do not resubmit it to the group. Nobody likes spam! All the old rules about registration sheets still apply.


Questions? Post them here!