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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 16, 2015, 8:40 AM
I'm Fabulous

CSS Skin

I havent slept in two days help by Reeiden < < Winner(s) will get something like that
- To enter all you have to do is Favourite this journal.
You don't have to advertise but if you do that'd be really nice!! !
Winner(s) will be chosen via random number generator.

- Raffle ends in Nov, 26.

WAAAH omg I feel so happy a lot of people taking part in the raffle and I feel all you enthusiasm :iconrazycryplz:
I read all comment ( I wasn't able to reply to everyone I'M SORRY T///T )
It's amazing see the different taste from people ;////; THANKS!! Thanks to all these amazing people it's a pleasure make raffles ;; MORE!! yes!

Now, the winner of this raffle \;u;/!!

The winner is...  :iconblackorb00: waaah I'M SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU :party::party::party: \;///7///;/ congratulations!!!!

Now blackorb00 will choose his favourite and the three shadowmonsters will be put for sale in Auction without Ab \;u;/ so everyone can bid >///u//<

THANKS AGAIN A LOT for taking part in the raffle ;__;!! I feel very honored you all like raffles! <3 <3

see you in the next :la:

Raffle 16 Winner by Piffi-adoptables

Feel free to remove from fav if you want ;u; <3

[OPEN] FREE ADOPT RAFFLE 16 - Shadowmonsters by Piffi-adoptables

Another Raffle this time...Shadowmonster T////7///T
I'm so happy because was a lot of months from the last shadowmonster raffle T//7//T
I like them a lot T///T took a lot of time to finish x°D but I'm satisfied \;//7//;/ <3
the races are Number #1 Mabisa number #2 Farah number #3 Estra and number #4 Yuli \;///7//;/!!
I hope you like them <3

You can read Shadowmonster Info here:

ShadowMonsters Specie - INFO:iconblackdivider1plz::iconblackdivider2plz::iconblackdivider3plz::iconblackdivider4plz::iconblackdivider5plz::iconblackdivider6plz::iconblackdivider7plz::iconblackdivider8plz::iconblackdivider9plz:
Shadowmonster is our Personal Project  Adoptables Species ;v;
Shadowmonster General Info
Shadowmonsters are people who have a Monster Form and are divided in 5 world communicating with each other.
Here Some Example :
Originally Shadowmonster people was called Sherlei they were humanoid with some little magical power like using the elements.
Their world had 6 principal region , where people were distinguished mostly by the culture and the way they dress.

All regions were peaceful with each other, only one region , The Manto region wanted prevaricate on others, using bla


What can you win?

  • One adoptable at your choice between those shown

  • Only one winner , after raffle ends the 3 adoptables left will be put up for sale ;v; ( in Auction, without autobuy )

Required to win

  • Fav this Journal

  • A watch is not necessary to win, but is appreciated if you like our works enough to wish one of them in your collection ;//////v/////; <3 ( thanks ;v; )

  • You don't have to ask if you can participate , just fav this journal and you are in ;v;

NOT required to win but appreciated

  • Comment with the adopt you'd choose if you win. We'd love it a lot to know your taste :heart:

  • If you have some friends you think can be interested in this raffle you can write their names in your comment to tag them çvç <3

General Rules

  • This raffle ends in 72 hours

  • I'll choose the winner with between fav numbers if the winner doesn't reply within 24 hours I'll choose another winner

Thanks again \;v;/ :heart: see you soon in the next raffle >///v///<

Piffi ¦¦ Piffi-pi ¦¦ Mimru ¦¦ Piffi Group ¦¦ Toy House ¦¦ Instagram ¦¦ Facebook Page

Skin by SimplySilent
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So I gave Pikokko the SAI file of my previous drawing. She used it wisely and I approve 100%.Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 8.54.49 PM by kilala97
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Chibi commissions (OPEN)

Sat Oct 31, 2015, 11:12 PM

I'm trying to raise some funds to buy some gifts for people for the holidays, so I'm opening some chibi commissions! If you're interested send me a note or drop me your references (>0<)/

atm I only draw human, kemonomimi, & certain animals.
I am unable to draw anthro/furry if that is what you are asking, sorry ;v;

ONLY 4 SLOTS LEFT!! I will be keeping this open until sometime in december 3

$4(USD) | 400:points: per character
+$1(USD) | 100:points: for large accessories & pets

(anything bigger than the kunai or the sutras that the characters in the 
examples are holding would be considered a large accessory //OTL)

Chibi Batch by zorarinn
(please click for better resolution!)

Created at
Hey everyone! :D

I've always wanted to do more tutorials to give back to the art community, but have been too busy in the past. Now I finally have some time and I've been uploading tutorial videos and speedpaint recordings to my Youtube channel! 

Here are some of the ones I've done so far~

I've Got No Strings on Me - [Fanart] by Fyurama


Boats and Birds by Pikokko

For the Greater Good... by Faith-Wolff

We'll Always Find a Way by kilala97


Onyx? by kilala97


.....Guys, please, my poor heart can only take so much awesome at once. *-* 

Journal feature of a bunch of really awesome Team CLEO art made over the past few days! I love that this is a thing, goooosh. Remember guys, fav the art, not the journal!


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 28, 2015, 11:13 AM

Update 11.11.2015:

I see people are still faving and commenting this - can't you see I wrote that it was 13 minutes left until the deadline on

OCTOBER 30TH? :giggle:

I announed the winners on the 31st as well!

That's almost 2 weeks ago!

600 (650) POINTS GIVEAWAY: WINNERS!!OKIEDOKIES! Here are the winners!
I am so sorry for the late announcing, 9 hours overdue, so I decided to just let everyone who faved it up until now (21:00 at my local time in Norway) to enter. 497 favs in total. To make up for it I added another 50 points prize. :D
SO! I am going to use a random number generator, and just use the numbering from the favourites list on the journal entry.
I used this number generator:
Sooo... here are the winners!
1st place, with 350 points:
 Drumroll Emote 

Number 431...

 Seizure Bullet :iconBannerKitty2036: Seizure Bullet
Seizure Bullet BannerKitty2036 Seizure Bullet  

Maybe next time! Will be having other giveaways soon!

Update 30.10.2015: It is now 13 minutes left to the fav-deadline!… )

Good luck, everyone!

Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet 

I just realized I have passed 6000 watchers! Wow!

So I thought - why not celebrate with some shameless points gifting?  :happybounce:


Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet 

So - what do you have to do?

  Bullet; Pink  Add this journal to your favourites! (Simple, right?) Bullet; Pink 

  The winners will be drawn randomly from all the deviants who have added this journal to their favourites before the deadline. 

Bullet; Pink  The prizes are as follows: Bullet; Pink

1st place: 350 points
2nd place: 150 points
3rd and 4th place: 50 points

Bullet; Pink  Deadline: Saturday, October 31st, 12:00 PM UTC+01:00 Bullet; Pink 
(Here is a countdown timer:… )

Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet  Tiny Candy pop bullet 

Feel free to tell your friends who might be in need of points - anyone can enter!

Good luck! LOLLIPOP' 

Cheerleader Cheerleader 


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Original species thingies again!

Usu are bat-like small creatures! They don't have skin between their fingers unlike bats normally do, so they use poncho-ish cloths to fly (with a little help of magic). They usually live on their own and adventure around the world. Some are cute and friendly and help animals/people; some are mean and cause harm; some might protect a specific area; some hoard items/treasure; some might try to practice magic, and so on. Usu are ashamed of their "hands", which is another reason they keep them covered.

Usu is supposed to be a very open species and I haven't got too much lore for them yet. I thought that you could make up your own stories for them and kinda help to build their lore that way! You can also comment here if you have ideas. Also if there's anything you'd like to know, just ask!

Usu's tails and ear can be very long. They can eat pretty much anything but they prefer fruits and insects. They are about the size of any bat, either big or tiny. Fur colors are mainly semi-realistic. Eyes can be pretty much anything. They're also able to learn magic but someone has to teach it to them. They prefer nature-areas like mountains, forests, deserts, ice fields, etc...

- - -

You can make one if you want! But do credit me and maybe link your Usu here because I'd love to see them!
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2009: Missing Halloween's story was created. Discontinued.
2010: Attempted to rework in 3D. Failed. Discontinued.
2013: Revived and started the animation production. Didn't reach Halloween. Hiatus.
2014: Resumed and held a contest. Didn't reach Halloween. Hiatus.
2015: Resumed. Missing Halloween didn't miss Halloween!

For the past month, me and Negyek were hard at work, day and night, to finish Missing Halloween. Later on, Procrastacat and VenBright were hired to give various voices for the ending scene. All of these are, of course, paid jobs, thanks to my Patreon supporters.
By November 29, the animation is officially done. All 8+ minutes of it.
This would have been impossible without the help of these awesome people. (Negyek, Procrastacat, VenBright, Negyek, my Patreon supporters, Negyek, even the contest winners! And also, Negyek. She helped me so much in this project.)

After so many years of me getting worried every time Halloween approaches, it's finally done and published for everyone to enjoy! (I do hope everyone enjoyed Missing Halloween~)

To all my fans, thank you for watching, and thank you for being so patient with me!

And lastly:

Happy Halloween!

  Butterfly Turq - F2U! Welcome to my page Butterfly Turq - F2U!


Perhaps you'll find the artwork of your dream here

This feature is for my generous donators and watchers (CHECK MY DONATION POOL), I always choose the artwork I like the most, but please feel free to brows their gallery for more Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: 


For watchers who gave me permission to feature their artwork (might change or rotate depending on the number of watchers) Please let me know if you are watching me but you are not getting any feature even though you already gave the permission ^^;
Silvaze kiss by Mint-Lazuli
Neon Breezi adopt OPEN (10 POINTS!!!) by little5ister9 A. Sunny (Soleado) by Kissmy-Claw
Perfect Two~ [1 year anniversary] by Shademma4ever

April Fools by Leafstormy dem wipsies by Floramy
Battlestar Galactica Livery 3 by orion24 Kira by narutokakashifan
 Cloth Emojis by b133d4u Maltivo's Dog by ClaimedDawn
DenAme by CatsieltheCat Tiger Painting - 4 of 4 by Dragriyu
Princess Portrait: Sinaida of Tioro by DaisyDais Cyber Claw by DevanArcher101 Welcome! by sociallyineptpotatoNew oc Clarice ewe by Jossy-Chan135
Joe, Fairy of the Burning Aries by RuykJoe     Luna Tick by MaximeTheKillerDoll   World Is Mine 2 by drawingirl789
 MOTME: Angel Parisu by Forbidden-DiCE     GORILLAZZZZ!!!!! sketches by reboot7 Meitner by Emzazz


If you donated 5 :points: or more but do not find any of your artwork here, that is likely because you didn't give me permission to feature your artwork, please send me a note.

Halloween Candies by Nomena-ALRINA   Red tren by Esa82

Phoenix Society Logo 2 by The-Phoenix-Society  Pichu and Navi!!!! by GreatMasterofChibis

[ADM] HBD Rose by nadeshikofan Adorable OTP by GoSkyKid
snowy owl - finished by SwarzezTier
Two Girls, One Dream by mks-7zdesigns
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