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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 11:05 AM

Hey guys i celebrate 1 400 000 PAGEVIEWS !!! AND 70 000 WATCHERS  

wOOW absolutely incredible numbers ...!! Thank you so much for your support and for all the favs,comments and everything :) I have the best watchers ever! :)  Thank you i love youu BTW: CHALLENGE WILL BE SOON SO WATCH ME :hug: 


JUST WATCH ME :iconryky: !


                                              easy right? :)  


5 OF YOU CAN WIN 500 POINTS , BUT  IF YOU WILL BE LUCKY AND RANDOM.ORG  pick you more then one times you can win much more points !  :) 

I USE  FOR finding the winners

deadline : 5 May


  • Mood: Optimism

We have winners!

500 points winners are:

Texture pack winners are (additional number):
31 Z00L0GY

Please note me to get your prizes!

Hi all. Enough of jokes today. I am in the good mood but I am serious.
So let it go!

What can you get?

Only two lucky persons will get 500 points per one.

DA-points by Hitryi-Pryanik

Also you can get this pack of Sai textures (textured brushes) for free. The more people want to participate, the more people get it! Let`s start from 5 giveaways to 5% chance to win.

Sai skin-texture pack 54 by Hitryi-Pryanik
It is made for Sai Paint Tool, but it can be used as 512x512 seamless texture for any purposes.

Fav this journal, and leave a comment, that includes what you want to get: only points, or texturepack too. Also write a number following previous.
If you want to get texturepack — add it to yor favs (I know, it is almost there, lol. Just for sure.)

Q: Who can participate and win 500?
A: Everyone, who registred more than 5 months.

Q: Who can get texturepack?
A: Everyone, who have digital artworks in the gallery and faved pack.

Q: Who will be disqualified or will not participate?
A: Empty accounts and people who put favs into trrashfolder like "different shit here". I want to give the prize to someone, who really need it, not just grinding.

Q: When the deadline?
A: Deadline is not a date but a quantity of people. It will be good if there will be 150 ppl!

Thats all! Pretty simple, isn`t it?

Q: Who will decide?
A: The GREEET PAWARZ OF CHAOS! (Random generator of course).

If you want to help to start giveway faster, you can call your friends, post a link, repost this journal or something like this. It is not a rule and it is not necessary.

1500 Point Giveaway! (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 2, 2015, 10:29 AM

Hey you guys! I have a good handful of points just sitting around and i don't really need them for anything, and i'm sure there's someone out there who could really use some!
so i wanted to give them out <3

.:Pixel Bow Practice:. + .:Free Bow Bullet:.HOW TO ENTER:

 pink heart bullet you don't have to watch me, but watchers have a higher chance of winning (they get more numbers). it is also extremely appreciated. i will love you forever <3 
    new watchers are welcome
 blue heart bullet favorite this journal
 lilac heart bullet comment the password: "sparkling sunshine"
you'll be given a number, then i will use to randomly generate a number.
the numbers it chooses will be the winners!
all these steps = 1 entry

.:Pixel Bow Practice:. + .:Free Bow Bullet:.PRIZES:

 pink heart bullet 1st Place Winner:

       900 Points!

 blue heart bullet 2nd Place Winner:

       300 Points!

 lilac heart bullet 3rd Place Winner:

       200 Points!  

 pink heart bullet 4th Place Winner:

       100 Points!

.:Pixel Bow Practice:. + .:Free Bow Bullet:.HOW TO GET ADDITIONAL ENTRIES:  

(note: if you do any of these things, please mention it in your comment)
 pink heart bullet make a journal advertising this giveaway (link me) (+3 entries)
 blue heart bullet send me a llama (+1)
 lilac heart bullet favorite any of my artwork (+2)
 pink heart bullet be a watcher (+5)

.:Pixel Bow Practice:. + .:Free Bow Bullet:.RULES:

If you break any of these rules, you will be banned from future giveaways!
 pink heart bullet you may not unwatch me when the giveaway ends~ that's not very nice tbh.
 blue heart bullet same goes for unfavorite-ing
 lilac heart bullet do not delete your journals about this giveaway, either. 
 pink heart bullet be nice to one another in the comments pls

.:Pixel Bow Practice:. + .:Free Bow Bullet:.DEADLINE IS MAY 25*

(date may change if there's not enough entries. this is a big giveaway! 
so i want a lot of people to join in. lots of people are in need of points, i think.)

Princess Bow Divider by Sunshinewish

a sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage
☆*:.。.~✧'~ ♡ ~'✧ ~.。.:*☆

amg thank you sooo much for 2000+ watchers~~
i love all of you so much LOL 
you guys give me so much support~~
soo i'll be holding a raffle <33
ps - you can contribute to this raffle if you want q 3 q 
thats your choice as well

prizes may added throughout
that's about it~~
the number will be chosen for you when you favorite this journal and i will be picking a random number~~


1st place prizes 

  • 5000 :points: 
  • one lineless pixel + blink
Commission - MarBlackphoenix 1.24.15 by Lu-tanVibrant-Snow - Pixel Commission 3.23.15 [ANIMATED] by Lu-tan
  • one baby pixel + one type of animation 
Sharkysaur(2)- Pixel Commission 4.5.15 [ANIMATED] by Lu-tanSharkysaur - Pixel Commission 4.5.15 [ANIMATED] by Lu-tanContest Prize- pily-sweet-angel by Lu-tan
  • a small chibi
ShinshiteKI - chibi commission 1.24.15 by Lu-tanXiuemi - Chibi Commission 4.6.15 by Lu-tan

pagedoll : foxie freeb by meltedcaramel

2nd place prizes

  • 1000 :points: 
  • one baby pixel + one type of animation 
Sharkysaur(2)- Pixel Commission 4.5.15 [ANIMATED] by Lu-tanSharkysaur - Pixel Commission 4.5.15 [ANIMATED] by Lu-tanContest Prize- pily-sweet-angel by Lu-tan
  • a small chibi
ShinshiteKI - chibi commission 1.24.15 by Lu-tanXiuemi - Chibi Commission 4.6.15 by Lu-tan

3rd place prizes

  • 500 :points: 
  • one baby pixel + no animation 
Sharkysaur(2)- Pixel Commission 4.5.15 [ANIMATED] by Lu-tanSharkysaur - Pixel Commission 4.5.15 [ANIMATED] by Lu-tanContest Prize- pily-sweet-angel by Lu-tan
  • a small chibi
ShinshiteKI - chibi commission 1.24.15 by Lu-tanXiuemi - Chibi Commission 4.6.15 by Lu-tan

FireAlpaca- Chibi by KimikoSakura

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: EXO - CALL ME BABY
Oh boy, isn't this going to be a fun one. It's time to get all up and controversial, right? No. What I'm going to write down is going to be necessary no matter what walk of life you have. Whether you're going to be a mechanic, an artist, a doctor, or a business owner, these are all things you should know, if not by age 18, then by age 25. They are vital for all but the most fringe of lifestyles (at least in the first world).

Number 1: How to Use a Computer & How to Use the Internet
Uh... no durr. You're using a computer right now (or phone or something like that) AND the internet to boot. Actually, there is a lot more to using the internet to browse the web and there's a lot more to using a computer than using it to browse the web. I personally think that an in depth computer class should be mandatory in at least elementary school. In my elementary school computer class, all we did was play typing games or Oregon Trail. By the time you get out of elementary school you should know how to properly install an application. By the time you get out of middle school you should know how to type 60 words per minute on both a QWERTY and Dvorak keyboard (Dvorak is kind of like the typing equivalent of the metric system. It's better, but we don't use it because it'd be "too inconvenient" to change). By the time you get out of high school you should know how to properly construct a password and recognize a phishing scam. You should know how to navigate the deeper regions of your computer and manage a command prompt and task manager. You should also know basic HTML (Javascript is optional). You should also know how to properly use privacy protection on social media. This day and age, everyone uses computers. There's almost no reason not to, and you should know how to work on it efficiently.

Number 2: PC Repair
You know that PC (or Mac) you're relying on to complete that status report, maintain your business, finish that college term paper? Well, it's going to break down. It's going to do that a lot. In that situation, there are three things you can do. Number one, you can buy a new state of the art computer (don't buy anything less, it's not worth it), which is really expensive. Number two, you can pay someone to fix your computer. If they aren't a friend or relative, it will be over-priced. Number three is to fix it yourself, which will save you money and can save vital information. By the time you graduate high school you should be able to take a PC apart and put it back together again. You should know what piece does what, and what parts will electrocute you if you handle them incorrectly. You should know how to properly clean or replace hardware, and most of all, you should know when it's time to get your computer replaced entirely (and how to transfer your old information to the new one). Also, as a plus, you can start your own over-priced PC repair shop. 

Number 3: Cooking, Health, and Nutrition
I don't care if you're a man or a woman, or think it's beneath you. You have to learn how to cook. And no, the microwave stuff doesn't count. A packet of Top Ramen contains 66% of your daily sodium intake. You eat two of these every day and you're bound to come down with diabetes or another food-related illness at a point far too early in your life. First thing is first though, you need to learn how to read food labels. (What I'm going to tell you is unfortunately based in US only. Different countries have different regulations). These dietary values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Unless you're a young adult woman, this probably isn't the number you should use. Most people need anywhere from 2,100 calories to 2,500 calories, unless you're pregnant. Then it's around 2,800. Use this:…

Also, if calories are all you're using to measure how well you're eating... you're doing it wrong. Wheat bread has more calories than white bread, but a lot more essential nutrients. You also need to know some more basic things too. Never buy dented cans. Ever. Fish may contain mercury and vegetables may contain pesticides, so be cautious. Use a different cutting board for meat and vegetables. Humans cannot digest corn and celery takes more calories to chew than it gives, so if you eat nothing but either of them you'll probably starve to death. Always pay attention to serving size and serving amount. Spaghetti is probably the easiest thing to cook. General cooking (not like being a fancy chef or anything) isn't complicated. It's all about following a recipe.

Now about the energy that comes out. Even if you have the most hyperactive metabolism ever, you need to exercise. Walk or ride a bicycle for about 30 minutes a day. If you're in a crowded city though, that might be difficult. There are plenty of exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home... like yoga, or sit-ups/push-ups. On the flip-side: don't overdo it. If you're sore, don't exercise. Your muscles are probably sore because they're rebuilding themselves. That's why exercise hurts, by the way. The muscles sort of tear themselves and repair themselves stronger than before.

Number 4: Home Economics
At some point you're going to be living with someone, hopefully someone you care about. And eventually one important question will come up: who is going to be the first person to clean the toilet? Once again, I don't care if you're a man or a woman, you need to know how to pick up after yourself. No one is going to want to live with a messy asshole of either sex. You need to know how to wash dishes, what chemicals to use on what surface, how to kill odors, and NEVER MIX AMMONIA AND BLEACH. If you think I'm being insulting/condescending to men here, you also need to know the basics of home repair too: how to replace a fuse, how to unclog a drain, how to paint a house, how to install a shelf, properly take measurements of a room. These are all vital skills that you're going to need at some point. Unless you want to waste money on a maid or something. Speaking of that...

Number 5: How to Use and What to Use Money On
It sounds really, really simple, doesn't it? I mean, don't spend on frivolous junk when you can't afford it and don't max out your credit cards, right? No. You can only pay off one of two bills right now: water or electricity. Which one is more vital to you? Hopefully you'll never have to deal with that problem, but a similar concept really transcends where you are economically. Above that, when your car breaks down and you need to get it repaired, what are you going to cut spending on? What insurance is really more important at this point in time? Above that there's figuring out what NOT to buy, and that's usually the cheapest thing available. Always pick reliable over cheap. It will save you a lot of money and strife in the long run. It's good to have a savings account you don't touch in case of emergencies. Just got to figure out what those emergencies are, you know? Two of my most important rules are: never buy money and never lend money. The only exception to this rule is if someone's dying and you didn't think that health insurance was a good enough investment (it is. Get health insurance. It's the first insurance you should get). Living paycheck to paycheck is not a good place to be, but it's best to know for sure what you'd do in that situation. What is truly optional?

Number 6: "How to Take Orders" and "How to Give Orders"
No matter what career you have, you're going to be doing at least one of these two things. If you don't do the orders exactly as intended, it's going to be your fault. If you give someone poorly communicated orders that they fudge up, it's going to be your fault. If you want to be someone's employee, they're going to want, before anything else, someone who will listen to them. And chances are, they won't convey their intentions the best. Communications happen all the time and sometimes death and disaster results because people didn't interpret orders correctly. Think logically and try to read intention along with directly taking words into account. Even if you start your own business, you're going to take orders from clients. If you're making and selling stuff, you're taking orders from the market, or you're not selling anything. Giving orders isn't too far off either. You just have to realize that if anyone screws up, it's on your head. Don't give vague abstractions. Be as concrete as possible. There are no careers that don't fall into one of these two categories, not even being an artist (networks, clients, collaborators). This is one of the tenements of communication you will need as an adult. You're also going to have to compensate for the person you are giving/receiving orders to/from has any deficiencies. Some of your bosses will be stupid. Some of your clients will be stupid. If you follow their orders to a tee, you will screw up and they will blame you. Yeah, it's really complicated, but virtually everyone's got to do it.

Number 7: How and When to Lie
I'm not kidding. I don't care how moral you think you are. At some point, you're going to need to lie and you're going to need to be convincing about it. I mean, try telling your boss that he's an absolute moron. It's not going to go well. I'm not telling you to go around lying like a maniac. I'm telling you to lie to protect your coworker's job after he made a simple mistake. Like I said, learn "when" to lie, too. There are things called white lies that do keep people happier, if you know what the fuck you're doing. What I'm saying is do it ethically. Use good judgement to figure out if a lie will do more damage or less damage. I mean, if you own up to a mistake and get fired at your job, your ethics won't mean jack shit as your family starves to death.

Beyond that, being a better liar helps you recognize a liar. If you know how it works, how to hide your micro expressions, keep your stories simple, you'll know when someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. If no one ever lied, there wouldn't be three friends in the whole world. You're going to need to at some point. Do it ethically.

Number 8: Civics
One thing they don't teach you in high school is how to pay your taxes. It's something they just expect you to know. That just always felt kinda funny to me. Basically know what you need a license for, what you can write off for taxes, and keep up on local politics. Whatever the president is doing right now probably won't affect you too much, but whatever your mayor is doing probably will. A lot. Also, know when your vote counts. You want to hear a joke?

My sister: "I'm turning 18 next month! I can finally vote!"
Me: "Woah, that's so cool. It's going to be a few years before I can get on the electoral college."

The electoral college is stupid (the concept, not the individuals on it). I can't give much advice for anything specific here, because it does vary from place to place. Know the laws in your town, state, and country. In most places, ignorance is not an excuse for guilt. If you break a law you didn't know about, you still broke the law. Use more than one source for news. What they report is almost as important as how they report it. Keep up to date on the issues that affect you personally.

Number 9: Ask Questions
You are sheep! You are all sheep! Just kidding, but don't be one. EA used to have a saying before they turned to shit: "challenge everything." Yeah, that about sums up one of my philosophies. Ask questions. About everything. Actually read those terms of service to get access to online services. In most cases you shouldn't bring these questions up to the people in charge, but questioning things can keep you ahead of the curve. A company may make confusing policies before it's about to lay off people or close down completely.

Learn how to recognize logical fallacies. All of them. No one is going to teach you how to think, or be an individual. You have to take this upon yourself. And the only way to do that is ask questions. Questions aren't much without answers though. So put that internet to use, or go to a library, or check out the media. Know this: knowledge and experience is nothing that can be truly stolen from you (if you do lose it, you probably won't realize you had it at all). One of the most important questions you can ever ask is "why do things have to be the way they are?" This leads to pretty much all change everywhere.

Number 10: Try New Things
During my senior year I took a bunch of extra curriculars at high school. I took everything from web design to cooking to psychology. This was one of my more desperate attempts to find out what I wanted to do with my life (and give me actually useful skills). Did I succeed? Well. No. If you've been paying attention I didn't figure out that I wanted to go into animation until I was 5 years graduated. In fact, I didn't really like any of these subjects. Ignoring the classes I got with bad teachers (which is something to watch out for), I realized that none of these things were what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Do you know what? That's almost as valuable. Trying something and not liking it is just as useful information to you as trying something and liking it.

Try not to abandon something as soon as you feel you don't like it. If there's parts you like, stick with it. I mean, if it's a slog forget about it, you know? Here's the thing: you're not going to like anything entirely. This is how you figure out what you want to do with your life: find out what you can tolerate the most. There's always going to be a bad part, an annoying part, a hard part. If you like it enough, you'll power through it. If you don't like it, maybe it's not the thing for you. Check out a book you wouldn't think about before. Listen to a song from a band you've ignored.

It seems like this should be the most simple one, but a lot of people forget this, or don't bother with it. If you don't keep yourself open to new things though, your life may get stagnant and boring. Hell, a good place to start is any of the other things on this list here. It doesn't hurt to try. If you've got access to the internet, you could learn literally anything. It might not lead to anything but some wasted time. Maybe it'll lead to personal fulfillment, or maybe it'll lead to a simple hobby. You won't know until you try. If you haven't figured out what you want to do with your life, this is a necessity. If you have, this stops things from being mundane and routine.

Keep in mind that some of these things are more "I wish I knew" than I actually do know, but they are all extremely useful in my adult life.

So, what do you guys think are vital for every adult life?
Not impressed by people right now. 

I've made so much Cracked After Hours fan art where I over-thought the characters, and suggested things like Daniel having anxiety disorder, Soren fearing being weak because his parents were fucked up, Michael being a sad figure who is dimly aware that he's losing his mind, or that Katie is into guys acting like dogs.

That's all fine, but when I quote the series for saying they aren't straight or cis and try to suggest what they might be, suddenly I'm "pigeonholing it" and "being weird" and "too tumblr".

Is the idea of a character not being straight or a guy not minding being called a woman really that scary? I've even suggested Daniel likes to fuck machinery and that was a-okay, but oh my god what are these scary word demisexual and genderqueer!?

The series is all about overthinking stuff. The characters overthinks pop culture, and the fans overthink the series itself. I've seen it suggested that they're all dead and in the afterlife, that it's all in Daniel's head, that Michael killed a man to get close to Katie, that they're hooked up to a virtual world without realizing it, that Soren is a god, and so on.

The series dedicated a whole episode to the idea that Peter Pan might be a pedophile, so wondering if Michael is pansexual is not that scary.
Finally, I am posting this journal to announce that CONTESTs I was trying to hold for so long finally are OPEN!!! Llama Emoji-65 (Blood Tears...) [V3] 
Giveaway/raffle information is in the end of this journal.

here - CONTEST PRIZES! you can see what you can win!

if there will be less than 10 entries, prizes of the 4th and 5th places will be given to the first 3 winners.^^ all the traditional works from me will be black/white. sorry, not good at traditional coloring :( but edited in photoshop and if you want I can color it with it.

General Rules: READ! (these are rules for both contests!!!)

1)when you finish it please comment here
2)in the deviation description put the contest Journal link and tag me
3)since i am the only one judge i will choose those works like the most, I will choose those works that are closer to my characters, by the quality of the work, so don't rush :3 you have time ^^ by originality, be creative :3
4)no Bases! but you can use the pose of models or someone for reference.
5)do not steal someone else's work
6)Traditional/Digital works only. (pixels are not allowed)
7)Only finished works, no sketches.(background is not required)
8)NSFW is allowed, but don't upload uncencored version on DA. (link me to it via note and you can UPLOAD CENSORED VERSION) love nsfw ehehe
10)light BDSM and Bondage is ok 
11)need at least 5 entries per contest. (if i don;t get enough entries it doesn't meen I will not give something to those who entered ;) (Wink) but it will not be equal to what you can get when there are enough entries.)
12)You are free to draw as many entries as you want (but remember, the quality over quantity)
13)ANYONE CAN ENTER!(you don't have to watch me or pay to enter)
14)You can enter for both contests! (donators can enter too)
15)DEADLINE - July-August - depends on how busy I am and if anyone can't finish the work on time i can extend it, but i think you have enough time to draw something.


rules for Yaoi contest:

1)No chibi works, sorry :D (Big Grin)
2)You have to draw both characters. (background is not required but it will be really cool if you do it ^^)
3)You don't have to draw them in their clothes, but DO NOT REMOVE ALEXANDER'S EARING! it should be there (if the ear he has earring is visible, if not then it is ok ^^) you can draw Alexander with ponytail, flowing hair, whatever you whant, but don't change them so i can't recognize them. 

Adrian - Seme (top :D (Big Grin))
Alexander - Uke (bottom bby Wink/Razz)
but that doesn't mean Alexander is not initiative, yes, he is mostly shy with everyone, but sometimes he is SO not shy with Adrian :D (Big Grin) (of course in the begining it was not like that, but sometime after he became more open ;3) you can even draw them with Adrian tied up and Alexander on him lol omg kids don't read it :D (Big Grin)
you can draw anything with them, Adrian is more like "don't touch him he is mine and alexander don't get hurt come here i will wrap you in my jacket and carry you to home and love you until you pass out :D (Big Grin)" he loves holding alexander in his arms, he is hugging him all the time or kisses him on forehead or ruffles his hair and when they sleep he just wraps himself around Alexander, like he have to be sure that Alexander is safe. Adrian is taller than Alexander.
Alexander is like a kid, he is amazed by anything so easily :3 
with Adrian he is not so shy as you may think, he actually loves coming to him and just sit in his lap :D (Big Grin) he also loves feeding Adrian. they love watching movies together and Alexander always comments everything in the movie like "why did she go there, anyone would know that's where the bad guy is" and Adrian just smiles at him because his boy is too cute :3 Alexander LOVES sci-fi. you can even draw them cosplaying someone from sci fi show, like star trek Wink/Razz 
you can draw how they met, you can draw their first night together, first date, or how they walk in the park, watching movie, ruffling Alexander's hair, kissing, sleeping, cuddling, feeding, etc :D (Big Grin) WHATEVER YOU WANT! 

Adrian by SpoCk-emon by SpoCk-emon

Adrian By Sarahhite
Alexander/Adrian By Nisothestrawberry

Alexander by SpoCk-emon by SpoCk-emon
Alexander By Angelicsmana

Adrian/Alexander By Mattie7
Adrian x Alexander By Jayne Hz

COLOR SHEET: Color sheet

I prefer if you use darker shades of blue for his hair. and lighter colors for Alexander's hair. (i kind of don't like how BLUE Adrian's hair comes out on some works...) I prefer if you use the first ref I gave of Adrian^^

here is the Story for them, well, just a short backgrounds for them not a story: Alexander and Adrian and more references:


rules for Erik contest:

1)chibi works are accepted
2)there is no clothes for him, so you can draw him in any clothes you like (he loves green, blue, black, white, red, dark blue, grey colors) you can draw him in uniform or something like that... surprise me :D (Big Grin)

Erik Rea by SpoCk-emon (includes a little description, color sheet and a ref.)

that's pretty sure everything, but if you have any questions note me or comment.

so, it's 5 500 Points in general!!! and that's all thanks to these people who commissioned me, who donated points and art prizes! and others whos points I won and use for this contest! thanks to all of you, you made this happen :3 I love you so much!!! and I hope to get a lot of entries with my boys Heart

:iconvalafor2000: :iconyorunosasori: :iconfjneanimelover: :iconxaquaa: :icontakoyakistar: :iconlunasaiko: :icontsudjy: :iconloveablekittymamiko: :iconmitsuka-tunekitodesu: :iconwildhellsing: :iconcenecal: :iconlolirinny: :iconcameronkobe: :iconhimitsu-sekai: :iconpurjazian: :iconkimmie456: :iconereri-onli: :iconlilliamohame:
I remember I said I will feature here those who commissioned me, but there are a lot of people!!! so everyone who's icons are here
Digital Icon Commission


if you can't enter contest, that's fine! you can win points by advertising this journal! 
you don't have to watch me or anything like that, all you have to do is:
update: seems like I have to write that to, YOU HAVE TO PUT THE LINK TO THIS JOURNAL IN YOURS!
yes you have to comment with the journal to join. NEW means I will get a notification when you post a thumb of my contest journal in your journal or tag me, so do not update old journals where are a lot of other things, if it's a journal only with the link of my contest then it is ok. IT SHOULD BE A JOURNAL/POLL ABOUT MY CONTEST/RAFFLE! with the title saying what it is.
!!!new accounts that joined for less then month ago are not allowed to join. you should have works in your gallery, at least 3-5 works. and you should have watchers (more than 15 at least)!!! - this rules are only for giveaway/raffle.
you can watch me to see updates but this is not required! you don't have to.

by making the journal/poll and commenting here you get a number, list with your names and numbers are here: RAFFLE NUMBERS! (IF YOU COMMENTED BUT YOU STILL DON'T SEE YOUR USERNAME IN THERE PLEASE TELL ME)
when the contest will be over I will use to choose winners!!!for icon you will have to follow my commission rules: Icon Comms
1st place: 600 Points + digital icon
2nd place: 300 Points + digital icon
3rd place: 100 Points + digital icon

Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 

you can enter for giveaway and fot contests too. Donators can enter too. ANYONE CAN ENTER!!! :3 and you can win in both contests and in a giveaway/raffle too!!!

so, once more:
DEADLINE - July-August

for Yaoi contest…
for Erik contest…

I will add more points to prizes when I get them ^^
p.s.: if you see any mistakes or if i forgot something TELL ME, i will correct it.
Im sure I forgot something eh...^^;

Skin by SimplySilent
These are now closed. :meow: 

I got a chance to do a few fan fictions lately for commissions and enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would. I'm interested in doing a bunch more of them, so I've decided to do a little sale.

Until April 15th, any commission revolving around a fandom will be half price. The deal applies to both SFW and NSFW stories. PLEASE NOTE THAT I AM ONLY DOING THIS FOR SHORT STORIES. This would take me forever to complete if I offered the deal to full stories as well, so I hope everyone understands. ^^;

SFW Short Story|1,000 words - 1,500 words

C - Down TimeFallon sat on the roof of the head quarters as she stared out at the city below her. A few strands of her chocolate hair slipped free from her ponytail and whipped about her face, refusing to stay put no matter how many times she slid them back behind her ears. Eventually she had given up and just allowed them to fly free.
She was reflecting back on the chaos that had been plaguing their city during the past few weeks. There were whispers around HQ that things were only going to get worse in the coming days. A part of her hoped that the suspicions were wrong. After all, it was her job to protect the people and she would never wish harm on them. Then again, she could not help but look forward to an opportunity to prove her worth around here.
The roof door squeaked open behind her, causing her back to turn ridged. This was her down time, her rare few moments to relax and she was not at all interested in spending it engaged in mindless chit-chat. She twisted around to let the newcomer kno

NSFW Short Story|1,000 words - 1,500 words

C - Better Late Than NeverKida sighed softly to herself as she stared out the window into the rainy night. It was long past the time Ed had told her he would arrive; when he had left nearly a month ago, he had promised that he would be back home to her in time for the first day of summer. That day had already come and gone about two weeks ago, and she was beginning to lose hope that he was ever going to return. It was time for her to stop wasting her energy on waiting up for him.
She pulled the window curtains in place and padded barefoot into the bedroom. Instinctively she reached for the faded tank top that was slung over the rocking chair in the corner of the room, but she hesitated for a moment. Each night since Edward had left for his trip, she had been taking his old tank top to bed and cuddling with it, relying on the familiar smell of him to get her through until the morning. A part of her almost wanted to just leave the rat

I would prefer to do fandoms that I am familiar with, but I am open to those I have never seen before. Keep in mind that if you ask for a fandom that I am not familiar in, I will do basic research for the commission and that is it. I won't watch the entire show, I won't memorize the fandom wiki. I will learn what is needed and that is all.

Fill out the form below and note it to me if interested!

Main Characters: (Include their name, appearance, personality, and their relationship to the other characters)
Side Characters: Optional (Same info is needed)
Setting: (Tell me where to story takes place)
Synopsis: (Give me a brief summary of what you want to happen in the story)

Make sure to familiarize yourself with my commissioning terms as well! I am not responsible for you not reading this over. Terms can be found in my regular commissioning journal:

Writing Commissions: OpenThese are open again; please keep in mind that they will be delivered a lot more slowly than normal. I have no computer, so all stories will now be typed up via my phone and submitted that way. Please, if you want to help me get a new computer, pick one of these up~ :heart:
Surprisingly enough, I've been getting a fair amount of commissions since I have returned from my little break. Because of this, I have decided to make a journal with official prices and whatnot. Please make sure to read this entire journal before placing a commission. It will help avoid conflict and confusion down the road. These commissions will ALWAYS be open unless I have stated otherwise.
Commission Prices
SFW Short Story| 1,000 - 1,500 words
SFW Full Story| 2,000 - 3,000 words

NSFW Short Story| 1,000 - 1,500 words

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CLOSED! Giveaways!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 31, 2015, 5:24 PM

Update: Giveaways are now closed, I'll update the list and draw out the winners tomorrow. Thank you for participating and donating! Points price raised to 2.5k!

Sketch giveaway participants please make sure I got you in the list!
AFG 1st Sketch participants Press CTRL+F or Cmnd+F to find your nameXaiberus

I enjoyed doing these before, I want to keep doing them while I have the money to! :dummy: There are 2 separate giveaways, you can participate on both.

1. Spread the word via journal/poll to participate on the request giveaway
2. +fav to participate on the points giveaway

1 Request
Its Rinaaaa! by Joyfool Fion and Kyler by Joyfool Joyfool by Joyfool

There's no limit on characters, alas they will all be together in one illustration. Background will depend on amount of characters, +2 OCs = no background.
What to do: Title a journal or poll as  "PAPA PON PARA PEPIN PAN" and link to this journal. Then comment to let me know. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. 

2.5OO points
This number can increase as donations are made into the donation pool on my page. For now that's the number we have, but it might be more!
What to do: Favorite this journal during March 31st to April 1st within AST (Atlantic Standard Time)

Good luck!! :la: