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Giveawaybig2 by Mewitti

Hi all! I'd like to celebrate the Pokemon Gen 3 remakes by going all-out with an art contest AND a giveaway. Both of these events will have 15 winners each! Prizes include plushies, free art, and multiple chances to win a copy of the upcoming Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire games. Keep reading to learn how to enter!


Available prizes:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game preorder (1 available)
  • Adorable Treecko, Mudkip, or Torchic plushie (1 of each available)
  • Super cool drawing by me (1 available - here are some examples of my work)
  • Fancypants Kyogre & Groudon pendant keychain (5 available)
  • Badass Rayquaza keychain (5 available)

How to enter:

To enter, favorite this journal! That's it! You can also reblog the giveaway's Tumblr post to enter yourself a second time. (No giveaway blogs, please.) If you enter the art contest, your name will be entered in the giveaway an extra three times, for a max of five entries per person.


I will randomly pick 15 unique winners. You can't win multiple times in the giveaway, but it is possible to win in the art contest and also win in the giveaway. I will contact you based on the site you won on--so if I picked your username from the Tumblr reblogs, I will send you a Tumblr ask, if I picked your username from the dA post favorites, I will send you a dA note, etc.

The first winner can choose any prize they want (only one game/plushie/keychain per winner), the second winner can pick anything the first-place winner didn't claim, and so on until all 15 have prizes.

The giveaway ends on November 9 at 11:55pm EST. I will send notifications to the winners within one day. Winners MUST respond with their address/prize preferences within 24 hours or I will pick someone else. Sorry for the strictness here, but I need to wrap up the contest quickly so that people who choose OR/AS preorders can cancel any existing preorders and non-winners can get their own preorders on time.


Available prizes:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game preorder (2 available!)
  • Giant, fuzzy Kyogre plushie (1 available)
  • Huggable, fierce Groudon plushie (1 available)
  • Super cool drawing by me (1 available - here are some examples of my work)
  • Fancypants Kyogre & Groudon pendant keychain (5 available)
  • Badass Rayquaza keychain (5 available)

How to enter:

Send your entry/entries to me via deviantART note or email them to me at, with the subject "ORAS Contest".
 Include your entry, your username, and the fastest method to get in contact with you if you win.

What to draw:

Your entry should be something that a Hoenn resident or company might make to show off the unique things that Hoenn has to offer to a prospective tourist. For example: a 'postcard' of a famous Hoenn landmark, 'pamphlets' for tours that showcase the native Pokemon, posters advertising Hoenn events, travel photographs of you and your team visiting the region, or anything else you can think of! This is deliberately open-ended, so get creative.


  • All visual artistic mediums are allowed (traditional, digital, drawings, sculpture, typography, web design, etc)
  • You may use official Pokemon artwork in your entries, but otherwise only submit work you created yourself.
  • You may submit multiple entries, but only one can win per artist.
  • You may collaborate with others, just remember there will be only one prize per winning entry.
  • If you enter the art contest, your name will be automatically entered in the giveaway three times! You will not get extra entries in the giveaway if you submit multiple entries for the art contest.

Winning Categories, in order:

  • First Place Overall
  • Second Place Overall
  • Third Place Overall
  • Most Creative
  • Funniest
  • 10 runner-ups

Winners can pick any prize from the available prizes as long as it isn't already taken. First-place winner gets first dibs, second-place can choose anything the first-place winner didn't claim, and so on until everyone's chosen a prize.

The contest ends on November 9 at 11:55pm EST. I will send notifications to the winners within one day. There will be NO extensions, and winners MUST respond with their address/prize preferences within 24 hours or I will pick a different winner. Sorry for the strictness here, but I need to wrap up the contest quickly so that people who choose OR/AS preorders can cancel any existing preorders and non-winners can get their own preorders on time.


If you win, you must be willing to share your name and address and soul so I can mail you your prize! Please don't enter this contest/giveaway if you are not willing to give out your address. I can ship to regions outside the US, and you do NOT have to pay any shipping fees no matter where you live.

Prize specifics: 

  • OR/AS preorders will be ordered via with release-day delivery, so they should arrive on November 21st for US addresses. You get to choose which game you want. These will be physical cartridges, not digital downloads. If you live outside the US or have a non-US-region 3DS: Please check your 3DS's region and let me know! I should be able to get you the appropriate region game, but I can't guarantee release-day delivery. If you can find the appropriate region game on Amazon or another site that allows online preorders, that would be a huge help. From what I've seen, all OR/AS games will be playable in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, or Italian. You just need to have the correct region for your 3DS.
  • The plushies are official Pokemon Center merchandise that were released this September. This is how big they are!
  • The keychains are handmade and will never be available anywhere else! The Kyogre/Groudon keychains are double-sided glass pendants, and the Rayquaza keychains are made from sturdy, sealed shrink-plastic.
  • Drawings from me will be delivered digitally in high-resolution PNG format. If you choose to get a drawing from me as a prize, I will draw pretty much anything you want--except for sexual situations, excessive gore, or hateful images. It needs to be PG-ish.

If you are wondering why exactly I am giving away all this expensive stuff, see this post.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. Have fun, everyone!

:star: THE RAFFLE IS CLOSED :star:

Waaaah I can't believe it T////T 1296 people taking part in this raffle ;___;!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!I LOVE YOU T////T!!!
I'll surely make more and more raffles!! :la: :heart:

But now the winner of this raffle ;///v///;

THE WINNER IS :iconkuimei: \;///v///;/ yaaaah I'm so happy for you T///u///T <3 <3 <3

When Kuimei choose her favourite pillow the others five will be put on sale ;u; <3 <3 :huggle:

Thanks a lot again to everyone to taking part in this raffle and see you soon again in the next *////v///* <3 <3

Feel free to remove this journal if you want <3

Winner Raffle 10 by Piffi-adoptables

[OPEN]FREE ADOPT RAFFLE 10 - Pillow Pet by Piffi-adoptables
Another little raffle for some Pillow Pet ;///v///; we love them a lot and we want make one of them for free \;//v//;/ <3 <3 <3

We are in vacation finally afer a very busy and tired summer ;__; finally some days of vacation T///^///T we spend our time to finish the old things and to make some new adopts \;//v///;/ But now ENJOY THE RAFFLE :la: *v* :heart:

What can you win?

  • One adoptables at your choice between those shown , they are a little project we called "Pillow Pet" they are little pet/character like a Pillow , sometimes with animal features ;u;

  • Only one winners , after raffles end the 5 adoptables left will be put for sale ;v; ( we make a poll to advertise about one hour before ;u; )

Required to win

  • Fav this Journal

  • Watch it's not necessary to win , but really appreciated it if you like our works enough to wish one of them ;//////v/////; <3 ( thanks ;v; )

  • You don't have to ask if you can partecipate , just fav this journal and you are in ;v;

NOT required to win but appreciated

  • Comment with the adopt you'd choose if winning , we love a lot know your taste ;///u///;

General Rules

  • This raffle end in 48 hours

  • I'll choose the winner with between fav numbers

Thanks again \;v;/ :heart: see you soon in the next raffle >///v///<

Our main account : Shatik / our non-human account : Piffi-pi 
Our sister Mimru

Skin by SimplySilent
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400 Points Giveaway

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 16, 2014, 9:57 PM

I recently got 40,000 points to help myself out, but after some time I didn't want to use them, so I wanted to give
someone else the points, so I made this giveaway.

Looking at some other giveaways, I see that there are rules and places etc. Since this is my first giveaway, there is only
1 place, there is no second or third place as this is my first giveaway but I may do other giveaways with more places in
the future.

And the rules to enter this are:

Favourite this Giveaway

Make a journal about this giveaway

Leave a comment below with a link to the completed journal you made

That's it, unless you want to give me a watch or Llama or check out my gallery then you can feel free but you don't have to.

This giveaway will end on 10th November and the winner will be announced.

Good luck to everyone!



Also received notes about max points being 20,000..

Fixing this issue once and for all. Whoever wins I will send them 20,000 points. I will then ask them if they want the other 20,000 points on a new account I make (or an account the winner makes, if the winner prefers) or if they prefer being paid the $250.

So the prizes are:

20,000 points AND $250


20,000 points AND 20,000 points on new account

Winners' choice.

That is all! :D


Wed Oct 22, 2014, 8:20 PM

I hit 4000 watchers you guys!!!! 8D You know what that means? A giveaway, of course!! Heehee~!!!!! I will be splitting and giving away 4000 points to 12 lucky winners! <333333


-YOU MUST favourite the journal.
-YOU MUST NOT tell me you entered or your 'done', ect in the comments, it's annoying ;^;
-IT'S OPTIONAL, but if you make a journal or poll advertising the giveaway, and comment it below, you get an extra entry!

The awards go in this order:

1st - 1300pts
2nd - 900pts
3rd - 700pts
4th - 400pts
5th - 200pts
6th - 100pts
7th - 100pts
8th - 100pts
9th - 50pts
10th - 50pts
11th - 50pts
12th - 50pts

-Yes! It is possible for you to win more than one award, though unlikely TTvTT
-You don't need to be watching me, though I'd greatly appreciate it ;v; <3
-The giveaway ends on Tuesday 28th of October, at 6pm GMT, at which point I will pick the winners using
-If you comment with an advertising journal/poll, I will reply with a number. This is me marking the comment so I can find it easily later (I will be away for a few days between now and the deadline so might not respond immediately).
-Don't be offended if I hide your 'congrats' comment, it's for neatness, so I can get to the journal/poll comments easier TTvTT;

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It's finished, winner will be announced in a few hours.

:heart: :iconnoire-ighaan: :iconniziolek: :heart:
(Don't mind me, it's just me being gay)

October Monthly Giveaway! 25 points! (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 6:55 PM

*Winner will get 25 Points*
Chosen using

How to enter?
-Fave this journal (It will be your number)

Please don't say "Fave" or "entered" or "done." It's going to spam my inbox. I already got your messages when you faved! xD
Instead, maybe ask me a question or say what you would like to see from  me in the future >w<

Giveaway ends 10/28/14

Commission info


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So, to show how much I appreciate the love Deviantart has given me all these years I decided to giveaway 10,000 points. 


1. Be a Watcher (This is to give back to the people who have supported me). Yes you can be a new watcher.

2. Fave the Journal and that is your ticket number. It will be at random.

If you feel like making a journal about the contest I would be absolutely grateful but it's not a requirement.

Winners will be announced November 15

2 Winners will recieve 5,000 points.
4 Winners will recieve a Free Month Premium Subscription.

Good Luck to everyone and have a great day!


Edit: October 14th, Just wanted to also post that I started up a new Facebook Book Page so feel free to add it here.
I had an interesting twitter discussion this morning. Last night I simply asked if there had been any specific character in all of Avatar: The Last Airbender which was anything but heterosexual. The closest I got was a joking “cabbage-sexual,” but this morning I also got some really negative responses too.

It's a kids show in America. You're not the target audience. Most kids don't give two hoots about that stuff.

I'm opposed to the idea of forcing ideals on children and demanding things change unnecessarily to suit peoples own agendas.

Neither of us, I assume, had cartoons or games with gays as kids. Neither of us are homophobic. So WHY do kids NOW need it?

God damn it, kids don't need to know, or give a shit, about fucking gay rights. Their parents can tell them if they care.

It's a retarded question. It's a god damn kids show.

That raised a lot of questions for me. Such as... why is it wrong to have LGBT representation in a kids cartoon? I’m not talking about showing people having sex, or even kissing. Just the idea that you can’t say a man is in love with another man, or show the parents of a family being of the same sex. I’m well aware that Disney had a live-action TV show on their channel which depicted same sex couples without freaking out... but I have yet to see this in a cartoon. Cartoons, apparently, are different?

Here’s the thing. Representation matters. During the 1960’s, depicting a black woman on TV’s Star Trek as being equal to everyone else on the show was revolutionary. It helped inspire many more black women and actors to seek roles they wouldn’t normally have tried for(including Whoopie Goldberg and Oprah). Representation DOES matter. And for kids who are growing up in a very confusing time of their life, having representation like a same sex couple in a show they’d watch would send the positive message of “you are not an abnormality.” Like it or not, what we watch as children really DOES profoundly affect us as adults (which is why I also dismiss the argument “it’s just a kids cartoon who cares?”).

Remember the controversy surrounding Tomodachi Life? People weren’t upset that Nintendo patched out a bug which allowed same sex couples. People were upset that Nintendo then issued a statement which said that “it’s just a cute game, we weren’t trying to send any sort of political message,” without realizing that a dating game where everyone is heterosexual IS sending a political message. The message that gays don’t exist. It wasn’t the bug or the patch which upset people, it was the concept that “heterosexual life is normal, everything else is a glitch to be swept under the rug.”

Now for the most part I blame Christianity for this, primarily because America is predominantly Christian and Christian morals and beliefs are what permeate 99% of all kids cartoons on TV here (That’s one of the reasons I loved Avatar initially, because for once it wasn’t a kids show espousing Christian morals and concepts, but instead more along the lines of Buddhism). Christianity seems to have it’s hooks deep in children’s media, and that kinda bothers me. Sanitizing and watering things down for kids isn’t always good. Kids are smart and kids can handle deeper challenging stuff. There’s a reason darker shows like Batman: The Animated Series or Gargoyles stood out as being “important” shows in the childhood of people my age. And out of all religious groups, it seems like Christianity is the one doing their best to prevent things like LGBT representation from happening.

But I guess this is a really controversial topic? Like I said, the whole initial exchange on twitter is what got me started about this all. I was incredibly surprised to get such a NASTY response to asking such a simple question. Why IS it so wrong to depict LGBT in a positive way in kids media? Why MUST everything conform to heterosexual normality? Why should we pretend a HUGE PART of life and our population simply DON’T EXIST? Do you think kids can’t “handle” the idea of same sex relationships? Is it morally reprehensible to suggest kids understand or deal with life issues like that in their cartoons, while other life issues are allowed?

I am genuinely curious here. What do you guys all think of this concept? Can it be fixed? Is there a solution? What’re your thoughts?
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I got this really thoughtful question on my tumblr a week or two ago in regards to art/webcomics:

"Hello K-bo, I Have been aspiring to be a webcomic artist much like yourself for a long time. Viewing your artwork and your achievements inspire me to reach out for my dreams. I wasn't able to see you at Fan Expo this year so I wasn't able to ask you this in person. I feel like I'm at a point where I'm comfortable enough with my art and style to start a webcomic... but I have no idea where to start... Do you have any advice? Thank you!"

I wanted to share my answer with you guys since it might be relevant to your interests. I hope at least some of it is useful to you. Here goes...

"First off, that’s awesome and I’m honored to have inspired you in any way. You should be very proud of yourself for being ready and willing to start this journey.

Now this is a pretty broad question that’s a little difficult to answer as there are A LOT of ways to get started. Which one is right for you will depend on your situation, and there is no proven recipe for success. In my case, I was entirely self-taught and a lot of “getting started” for me was just throwing my work online wherever people would see it: conventions, livejournal, deviantArt, etc and just creating until people noticed. I often refer to this as the “Keep sending your troops running at the fortress wall until their bodies have piled up enough and you can climb over” method of artistic career pursuit. But plenty of folks also have success with more methodical, less masochistic approaches.

What I can say is there are a couple of universal truths no matter what course you choose to pursue…

1) If you update it, they will come. No matter the objective quality of your work, if you keep a regular and maintained schedule, you will build an audience. Now, it’s proven that the more you update, the faster you will build that audience. HOWEVER, if you choose an unrealistic schedule, you’ll end up burning out and going on massive hiatuses and you’ll be back to square one. *points to himself* Decide on a reasonable update schedule that fits your time and resources. Then build a backlog of work before you even post the first one (I always say that if you to get sick or take a vacation, your comic should still keep be able going in your absence and still have some backlog left by the time you’re drawing again.) I can tell you that the comics I did this with (Ensign Sue is good example) were a lot easier and less stressful than the ones that I did by the seat of my pants (Trigger Star, occasionally “I’m My Own Mascot.”) Get a grip on this early and you’ll thank yourself for it later on.

2) Draw all the time, whatever you can and whenever you can. You learn to draw by drawing. Do not be afraid to work outside your comfort zone and draw things you’re “bad” at. Pretty much everyone sucks when they first start but you’ll never get better if you don’t even try.

Also, learn and endeavor to master drawing basics like anatomy, form, composition, perspective, observation skills, etc. Style is not an excuse for shoddy fundamentals, so learn the rules before you break them. Never stop studying. Keep in mind that artistic prowess takes YEARS to develop and although talent helps, it is NOTHING without practice and hard work.

3) Don’t by shy about showing your work to as many people as possible and never tell yourself you’re “not ready” for one thing or another. Two of my personal favorite quotes on this subject:

“Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.” - Napoleon Hill

“Jump and build your parachute on the way down.” -Walt Disney

4) Be polite and gracious to your audience, both the supporters and the critics. This is easy with the former and tough as hell with the latter, I know. I would be deluding myself if I tried to convince you that critics are only trying to help you. While this may be true of some of your colleagues and friends, a good chunk of the people who criticize your work are doing so out of some kind of justified personal issue on their part (as much as they try to convince you or themselves otherwise.)

But here’s the thing…their motivations do not automatically make their feedback invalid. You can learn a lot from those criticisms, IF you’re honest with yourself on whether their critiques are fair and applicable to what you want to do and you’re emotionally mature enough to not take it personally. Because regardless of whether their opinions are fair or cruel, you NEVER look good if you’re seen being rude or indignant to your critics. And no matter the quality of your work, there will always be someone who won’t like it. Be prepared for it, don’t take it personally when it happens, learn from it if it’s useful to you, and just keep on creating.

I am personally grateful to anyone who thinks my work is worth their time and feedback, positive or negative. You’ll be a happier and more well-rounded person if you develop that gratitude in yourself.

5) Persistence is the key to victory. Be patient with yourself and understand that success never comes overnight…ESPECIALLY in self-starting creative fields. And when it does get hard, remember there are so many of us who currently are or have been where you are right now. You’re not alone and you’re only a failure if you stop trying.

To quote a wise lego “I know that sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true.”

Wow….that came out longer than I had intended. Oh well. I hope some of that is actually helpful to you. If you ever have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ve been really bad at replying to folks in recent months because I was going through a lot of personal stuff and my schedule’s been insane, but I do try to get back to everyone who contacts me as best I can. Thank you again for the kind words and I’m super excited for you and your creative goals. Go forth and never stop drawing!"

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