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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 8:38 AM

Hai guys, SO yeah i have been collecting points for some time, and its time to spend them to all of you.As you know, I had released my latest live wallpaper "Awesome Skies"… before 2 days and i am getting good response from all users, SO this is ur turn.WIn the points.
Win 1000 Points (for a lucky winner)
1) Download, Rate and comment awesome skies…
2) Comment here with your name in play store
Win 500 points (for a lucky winner)
1) Share this journal in your profile
2) Comment here with the Link
Win 100 points (for 2 lucky winner)
1) Favorite this Journal

Below is for everybody who do that (everybody will get)
1) Download live wallpaper - 5 points
2) Download comment and rate it - 10 points
3) Gplus it - 5 points ....ALL done? ( 15 points)

(CLOSED)Pixel raffle

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 12:26 PM

 Bullet; Pink HOW TO JOINBullet; Pink

Just fave this journal

There will be 2 winners both will get a
pixel avatar of their choice

Miikyo by kittysophieHaruka28 by kittysophiePixel commission-lalagilr by kittysophie

The raffle will end in 3 days
goodluck <3 

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  • Reading: Tokyo ghoul
  • Watching: Hunter x hunter (2011)
  • Drinking: Red bull

6 years on dA: BIG GIVEAWAY

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 6:36 PM

Hello my dear watchers and visitors!^^

On 23rd November 2008 I joined dA. After 6 years, I experienced so much here and I grew as an artist!
I have so many supporters and I found great friends on dA! :hug:
To celebrate it, I want to do a giveaway! :D
I will give 140 :points: to 6 deviants each, a total of 840 :points:!!
Remember the crowdfunding I once hosted? I decided to give them randomly to several people.

Please read the rules:

:bulletred: Everyone is allowed to take part, no watching needed!

:bulletred: Fave this journal, it's your raffle number! (You can unfave it after winner got announced.)

:bulletred: Write a comment with TAGGING 2 fellow deviants or friends, who you think they might need 140 :points: each! That's it, but you MUST do both! (How to tag right, see below.)

I will pick randomly 2 users, who will win alongside with their 2 tagged friends each! :D

Winner 1 : friend 1 & friend 2 + Winner 2: friend 1 & friend 2 = 6 winners in total.

It means, if you win, your tagged friends will win too! :D
Tagged users are also allowed to enter separately with their own comment and tagged users. Tip: This can incease your winning chances since you can tag back!

How to tag right:
:iconyenni-vu:'s comment:
I tag : iconusername1 : and : iconusername2 :. (Without the spaces.) Alternative a : devusername : is fine too. (The names have to be clickable.)

Winners will be picked randomly on 30th November 2014 at 11:59 pm (CET/Berlin) and will get a message from me!
Please use this time zone calculator to know if you're still in time!

I will not reply to these postings or else it would look messy.

Good luck and have fun!^^

FAQ, please read before asking:

:bulletred: Huh, I got tagged?

Yes, you've been chosen by a fellow deviant or friend who is ready to share the prize with you, if they win! :)

:bulletred: How do I see my raffle number?

You can search it in the favorite list of this journal, but you don't need to know your number. They are just for me to pick the winners via a random number generator.

:bulletred: Can I tag you, Yenni?

LOL, please don't do it! I really want to give the points to people who need them more than I do!^^
But thank you, though! :hug:

:bulletred: I don't have any friends on dA. Do I still have to tag someone?

I don't believe you don't have anyone you want to share your prize with, unless you're a newbie on dA.
You also can tag artists you admire!^^

:bulletred: I really want to enter, but the chances of winning are so small!

You often heard this: "It's the taking part that counts!" :D
Don't expect to win, so you can't be disappointed! :)
You don't have anything to lose.

:bulletred: I hate giveaways, I'm never lucky!

Never say never! ;)
As I said: Just try it.
By saying giveaways are bad, you make people like me sad who host giveaways. We do this for fun and to make some people happy.

:bulletred: Can we reply to say thank you to the user who tagged us?

Sure! :)
But please avoid long conversations because you should remember I have to look up for the winners later! xD

May be continued.

Icon raffle - closed

Mon Nov 24, 2014, 4:17 AM
Thanks to everyone who participated :heart:
The winner is # 64 Shaymin-chi , congrats! :huggle:
Please note me with the refernce of your character^^
Sorry, I can't provide you with hte screenshot of random. org, I'm using my bf's computer T n T

chibi art raffle

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 10:19 PM

ah so i was tossing up whether to do a raffle or kiriban and decided on a raffle since it's probably going to end first hahaha. 

anyway! i finally have some time to draw and since i haven't been too active until lately i've decided to have a little watcher-appreciation-raffle. so it'll be some kind of chibi, i haven't yet decided yet but here's a good mix of how i draw them below and in my gallery too
Kei-yo by okyihappy easter! by okyirevamp batch 1 by okyi
i'm pretty sure faves are numbered so i'll be using a random number generator to pick out the winner! the rules are pretty simple:
  1. fave the journal
  2. reply below with references of the character you want drawn
  3. i'll update this journal with the winners!
this raffle will last a week starting from now! so thats  from the 23rd of november to the 30th of november
oh please make sure you've faved and commented by the end of the rafflle!
i'll be redrawing if i can't find your reference comment ;----;
the winners will be announced on the 30th so best of luck everyone!

i haven't quite decided how many of these i want to do but there will be at least one winner

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck

What meants to be a Pro?

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 12:48 PM
My Website
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21 draw
Email me

I was talking with somefriends the other day, they told me that i should quit deviantart and move to this new fresh pages were profesionals are, because deviantart was filled with kids,art wannabes and social dudes. They didnt said it as something disrespectful oe something, they were just giving me a nice advice to get more audience. But that got me thinking, this guy is really good this days his style its uniquegets top clients and stuff, but 5 years ago his art was really filled with flaws, he was one of those kids he was complaining deviant art was filled with.

That got me thinking  he has a different point of view of how been a Pro means to me. For me Pro doesnt mean professional, its a short word for PROMISE. Pro artists are people that can keep a promsie, and thats really important. Its so sad when they relate Pro word to art skills, its like they draw this red line on the floor and they measure people who can get in and who gets out. When its the moment when an artist feels that he is better than some rest and  starts to see other artists from a shoulder?

I must say that , its a hard thing to control, i must admit that when i get piss off by other artist i paint a temporaly line to draw him to the floor, then erase it my objective its to ground the artist back to the ground, floating in the air can be adangerous place to be.

Everyone can be a Pro:

- A kid  6 years old with a terminal disease drawing a painting to make  his parents happy, thats a pro.

- Nieces drawing something on a sheet of paper to give it to his uncle as a birthday gift because they dont have any money, thats a pro to me.

- A dude painting flowers in her girlfriends nails, thats a pro to me.

- A young artists that can draw that good yet, but share tips to other people to help them be on his level, thats a pro to me.

- A not talented kid that probably wont have the skill levels matured but have courage enough to show a  created character of his own to the world, thats a pro.

Some people say that been a pro its to work and get paid money, to live by your craft, but what if there is this talented artists that works by night in a super talented comics company but by day, he works at his dad restaurant, he is not living by the money of his craft, but thats a big Pro  to my eyes.

Been a Pro its not about an status or a top of your art skills, doesnt matter if you are in highschool or in a career, if a client gives you work and you promise him you will get the job done in monday, you should keep that promise, that its been a pro, if you cant keep that promise you aint a pro. Always meet deadlines, thats the crucial thing of been a pro, meet the date you promised to the client. Im case you cant, dont hide from client explain what problems had happened in your life and he would understand and create a new promise for a new deadline.

Been a Pro, its to promise yourself each day that you will try the hardest you can, doing a job quickly or with not enough quality, that aint pro to me. Always promise yourself to do better each day, always learn, promise yourself to grab an art book study practice, do this everyday. Most of the time i feel im doing this not for me, but for the people that couldnt give art a big part of their life, but they support you, you are carriyng those people dreams.

Dont brag, Pro's never ever brag, i had meet people or seen people that their middle name its the company they did one job or two. For example that person its me lets say you just meet me and i say to you, "Hi im Hector i worked with Fushindoshi, i mean come on, they probably do this at conventions to impress chicks, ladies avoid those dudes seriously, reply to them, "Hi my name is Cassandra and i dont fucking care".  Seriously that bad habit of some artist needs to get down to the floor. We know this is a lonely work, and its hard to meet chicks, but seriously , seriously, i mean seriiioooussssly. Thats the time i appear with my red marker and do a line in the floor. The dude totally deserved a red marker am i right? I funky hate Hector Fushindoshi.

If you see me in a convention and i suddenly grab a red chalk and draw a line in the floor, get away from me, im like a rised viper that it will start to get in venom mode, and for a tip, always carry a red crayon, you wont know what jerks you will found at the convention.

Talking about pros at conventions, sometimes they aint a jerk, you just catch them at a bad moment, like this dude that wanted to say hi to me, but i was almost running to a bath room, dammit, i dont like when food does wrong thing to your stomach in other cities, i could only reply with a sweating hi and scream to him like three rooms away i will be back i need to get out of here. did saw the dude again, but picture this sometimes they get a call of a family memeber they just died, and you ask them for a sktech and he says leave me alone, you say what a jerk, but you wont knoe the true story, but if the dude always like a dive,  even online, its time to use a red marker.

By the way i will start seeling red markers at conventions, hhahahahahaahhaha joking, but hey that could be a nice idea. anywa lets continue.

My sketchbook aint a vip area, anyone can enter my sktechbook. This happen to me at a convention, a dude showed me his sketchbook and he told me he only ask sketches from people the likes and admires. But thats kind of sad, i mean thst means you only like a few people, i enjoy more a bad drawn sktech from someone that never drawn in her life, but says was nice meeting you keep going, than a totally super nice sktech drawn with perfect anatomy that only has his name. always carry an sketchbook and let people you meet to leave a record, when i feel bad about my art i just pull out one of them, then i get flash backs of that good time.

Remember a Pro doesnt have a VIP sketchbook. If i dont let you draw somethign on my book look at the floor you probably have a red line underneath.

Been a Pro aint easy, past convention, my feet were literally killing me, my feet were like clay, i went tot he convention not weraring good sneakers, and walking for 5 days were killing me, slept like 4 hours each day, eat like one food per day, you almost get flu, and you meet another artist  and you have to smile. Its hard aint easy.

I had meet people thats are truly "Promises", someone with a talent well used its a promise, this dues and girls are from countries far far away from my own, but each year they see me they salute me like i was an old friend they havent seen in a longtime, that make me smile even if im crying of joy inside of me. Those people in their past life were flowers, a plant lowered in the floor with strong roots, that wind will never pull out. Those friends im talking about, if they are reading this you know are you, unless you see a red line on the floor.

So dont become one of those jerks that  use the company name they worked as a middle name, avoid them ladies, run with the dudes that has beards, they are usually more fun, by the way i dont shave girls, wink wink (girls suddenly go back and paint a redline in front of me, hhahahahahahahahahahahhaah :(  .....).

So remember been a pro its to keep this promises :

- Always meet dealines(extremely important)

- Find beauty in everything( sometimes i can spend hours watching a 6 year old drawing, trying to learn why i like it and why i should add his sill to my drawings) , inpiration comes fro anything, not just from art skills.

- Heard and advice, even if you dont like it swallow it, because maybe in a couple of years you will see what they meant. Each person has their own learning curve, they can be slow like me.

- Always give 110% of your best, even if the result its crap, clients like this promise when you give the best you could.

- Dont be lazy.

- If someone invite you to do a tutorial, a presentation before an audience, or to have a stand in a convention, they already paid room and trip fees, and you are terrified and you want to cancel, dont cancel you made a promise, man up, aint pro to cancel compromises(or should i say con-promises) at last hour.

- Dont brag, seriously, dont brag to get ladies. And dont mock other artists on his face to make it feel bad, unless he is a jerk, remember those markers.

- Be polite, i just can stop saying this promise enough.

- Be helpful, give other artist help, because we all had help from someone else in a crucial moment in our lifes, its called karma, always return the favor.

-Work hardaer for the people you promised you will succeed, doesnt matter if you fail at the end, it wont matter if you give your 110%

- Dont judge art by artskill, but by content, the coolest ideas sometimes comes from people that cant draw, artskills are just a plus to the eye, but not the mind.

I wish i could add more points, but this is a personal way of looking for me of been a Pro, for me aint a check pay or a top level of skill, been a Pro means to be a gentleman. I just wanted to share my point of view, some people say that they like this type of journals i do, its not an objective journal,  it could mean other thign to you the word pro, i just wanted to show how i see the word pro.

Remember dont break the promises you had made for yourself, there is nothing worse than liying to yourself. 


Wed Nov 26, 2014, 6:05 PM

Turkey by MikariStarPixel Turkey by Galialay  Hi Everyone! Here's a Turkey Day Giveaway, as promised! ᐛ  Pixel Turkey by GalialayTurkey by MikariStar

I'm doing a giveaway to help draw some traffic to my page! It's very VERY hard to get ahead on dA, and I really have no other options ;x;'
I am a good artist, so please check out my gallery, I'd really appreciate it! ; ;

Pixel Turkey by GalialayTurkey by MikariStarRULES:Turkey by MikariStarPixel Turkey by Galialay

Favorite this Journal entry! ( +1 Number )
Once you favorite, leave a comment saying you did, and I'll assign you a number!
Please DO NOT  remove your favorite until after the giveaway ends, or you will be disqualified!

Turkey icon by MikariStar

Turkey by MikariStarOPTIONAL BONUS ENTRIES:Turkey by MikariStar

Make a journal advertising the giveaway and link it back here! ( +2 Numbers )
(Advertising through a Poll will only be +1 Number )

Watch me and favorite at least 1 of my deviations! ( +1 Number )


**(For those who are already a watcher, you MUST state you were a watcher before this giveaway. Those caught lying in an attempt to cheat will be immediately disqualified and black-listed from any future giveaways.)

Turkey by MikariStarFeel free to ask any questions!Turkey by MikariStar

Turkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarTHE GIVEAWAY ENDS DECEMBER 7 THTurkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStar




Turkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStarIF YOU DO THE OPTIONAL ENTRIES, PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH ONES YOU DID!Turkey by MikariStarTurkey by MikariStar
Failure to do this may end up in skipped entry numbers, and I will not be responsible for that!

Winners will be decided through a random number generator!
Turkey by MikariStar

Turkey by MikariStarI hope this all goes well! Turkey by MikariStar

In the meantime, checkout some of my artwork! ;v;
[Design] Ectoplasm by Solar-ParagonCOM: Kiwi Niwi Reference by Solar-ParagonCOM: Jeigh The Springbok [custom] by Solar-ParagonReed Charmer Zhimatu by Solar-ParagonJungle Shaman [open] by Solar-Paragon
[Design] Wandering Minstrel by Solar-ParagonRemember Me [design] by Solar-ParagonSomber Dusk [design] by Solar-Paragon[Design] Xenocite by Solar-ParagonAmbrosia Zhimatu by Solar-Paragon
COM: Aurora Opal [custom] by Solar-ParagonCOM: Tori The Red Panda [custom] by Solar-ParagonRocket Raccoon Cosplay Zhimatu by Solar-ParagonYCH: Hunter by Solar-ParagonCOM: Wynter Sparks [custom] by Solar-Paragon
Lune Garden Zhimatu by Solar-ParagonCOM: Icy Death Badge by Solar-ParagonCOM: Kiwi Convention Badge by Solar-ParagonCOM: OUiJA The Nightmaren [custom] by Solar-ParagonPCOM: Hats Off To You, Milady by Solar-Paragon

COM: Silver Tiger Laeral [custom] by Solar-ParagonThis is obviously a fruitbat by Solar-ParagonCOM: Skaoi by Solar-ParagonInk Weaver [SOLD] by Solar-ParagonYCH: Painted Radial Busts $10.00 (1/5) OPEN by Solar-Paragon

Interested in commissioning me? Just send me a note! I'll work with any budget, be it points or paypal!
( Ranges From $1.00 To $100.00, feel free to make me an offer for what you want drawn with what you can afford! )</b>
Paypal Customs List: OPEN (Updated)General rules:
1. Payment must be up-front. No exceptions.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific custom. Your custom may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. uvu
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked images of their custom, for their private use. Only the watermarked images may be used by the commissioner..
5. If you have any questions at all, please ask! ouo
6. If your funds are limited, you're free to make me an offer with what you do have.
8. You may only repost the image given to you that is watermarked. This

Paypal Commissions: Points For Limited Time OPENGeneral rules:
1. All Payment will be up-front. No exceptions to this rule.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific commission. Your commission may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. o7o
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked image(s) of their commission, for their private use, which may not be used publicly.
5. If you have any questions at all, please ask! ouo
6. If your funds are limited, you're free to make me an offer with what you do have.


Specialty Point/USD Discount Commissions OPENPoint commissions are only applicable to certain art types, as follows. Paypal is a buying option for all commission types throughout this specialty journal, and my regular commission journal.
These are Specialty commissions which don't fit in my regular journal. They're discount buying types not readily available from me, and are a bit cheaper than my full-scale artwork.
My main commissions journal is here:
All rules are still applicable for these.
Just ask if you have a question! ouo
Prices slightly lower for less-detailed characters, just ask if your character applies for a discount!
I have a very fast turn-out time .u.
Once this journal closes, all prices will go up and will not be available at this tier anymore.
USD Buyers will receive a slightly higher-quality image than Points buyers.
Sorry but, I have bills. ono;


1. Simple 600px Icon

200:points: OR $2.00 USD


Free Commission Give aways

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 4:18 AM

Yoooosh i'm finally back from company work and thought about some specials for the pre-christmas time. I recognized that a lot of people asked for commissions but couldn't afford one ;_; Maybe money is a bit overrated these days so i want to do some commissions for free yeap.
If you have an OC and want it to be drawn by me i think you should give it a try ^__________^ But please do not ask for fanarts or other peoples stuff. Everybody with Original Characters is welcome though.

I will draw the give aways with pencil and maybe i turn on my camera for recording and make a youtube vid at the same time but no promises for this. When its finished i upload a photo here on Deviantart like the recent ones in my gallery. I won't send out the originals but if you want a scan of it i will do one for you. :heart:

I will choose randomly with a favor for interesting OCs and clear understanding of the information given. So don't paste endless stories in the comment beneath. Feed me with the most important information about your character. Make my imagination dance!!!!
bunneh icon12
If you already have graphics of your OC the better for me. Upload them here on Deviantart into your Gallery or into your STASH. I won't click on external links when i don't know the referrer! (afraid of bad scripts)

you can decide the style to be manga or semirealism so don't forget to write it in your comment. If i don't find it there i will choose manga for the style.

Good luck! :happybounce:


Journal Entry: Wed Nov 26, 2014, 9:32 AM

Please unwatch me. I do not want to be watched by people who have a different opinions than mine OR simply prefer to be neutral about something, EVEN if you have no idea what you need to have an opinion on or didn't hear the whole story, you cannot be indifferent to the situation. There is only two sides to an issue, a good and a bad one. If you don't pick one or don't support mine, you are disgusting! So please unwatch me, NO exceptions! Because you shouldn't have the right to watch my art if your opinion is different!

/end of sarcasm

You probably know what I'm talking about by now. If not, then that's ok and you can move on to something else.

I choose to not share my opinion about this. If you choose to assume what my opinion is and now hate me for it, then that's your problem, not mine.

Issues can be complexes things, it's not simply black & white, with a side A and a side B. I refuse to pick a strict side on anything that I'm not 100% sure of what really happened, with all the biased info the media are giving, if that make any sense. I won't agree/disagree with something because it's what the majority expect me to do and want from me. I'm not sheep.

I will make my own search and build my own opinions, no matter if others agree with it or not. I prefer to listen to people that are more neutral and open minded, than listening to people forcing me to agree with them or otherwise there is probably something very wrong with me.

And please, if you start trying to justify your side/post proofs/etc, congrats for missing the point of this journal.