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Ok, I wanna make a raffle for you :) the prize is free head drawing like this one Assan by niziolek Bust - Aria by niziolek so pretty cool, eh?

I will choose the winner using random number generator on 1st of November.

1. You need to be my watcher.
2. You need to fave this journal (You'll get a number, which I will use to determine the winner, via
3. You need to link this giveaway in your journal
4. You need to comment here and insert the link to your journal containing info about this giveaway.

That's all :) (Smile)

The deadline for this giveaway is

1st of November

It's only one week away, so hurry up!

One more thing, I'm not so good at drawing animals, robots or ponies, but I can do humanization!

[Winners anounced] Last Halloween Raffle #4

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 4:09 PM

tatatararaaaaammm Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 
KimikoSakura Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! 
Raffle4-byAaeeru by Hyanna-Natsu
HaiKoneko Pink Flower 
Raffle4-byHyanna by Hyanna-Natsu
Congratulations guys <3 please have patience and wait the note! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Eyes) [V6] 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Hi hi! Bunny Emoji-12 (Yay) [V1] 
As some of you know, me and Aaeruu was hosting in the last weeks halloween raffles!
It's the last week now, so try not to miss it ;3

Previous raffles:
Halloween Themed Raffle!! (Winners Announced)
[Winners Announced!] Halloween Raffle! [2]
Halloween Themed Raffle #3 (Winners Announced!)


Theme: We will draw your OC in Halloween clothes of your choice if you win Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 
Deadline: Monday 27th [Countdown Here!]
Prizes: There are two prizes in all, with two winners! But you can win a bonus depending of your comment ;3


This time the both prizes will be a collab between me and Aaeruu! Halfbody <3
We don't have any sample to give to you~ will be a mix of:
3rd week : Naya by Hyanna-Natsu and Raffle prize for Mirrorist by Aaeruu
So just imagine, it will be so cute nice and woaahh why don't tryyy?? ♥ ♥

How to enter:

Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Be a watcher (mine or Aaeruu) - New watchers are welcome but please only watch if you like our art!
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Must favorite the journal it will be your raffle number!
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Comment with 1 oc reference that you'd like us to dress up with 3 personality traits
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! (optional) Make a poll or journal to spread the word!
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! (optional) Invite only one friend (he/she don't need be a watcher, only if want entry in the raffle ^^)

:star: revamp Bonus - if you number was picked and your comment has all requested and optional things:
From me - Hyanna-Natsu - you'll won a tiny chibi :3
BMPageDoll200px by Hyanna-Natsu

From Aaeruu you'll receive a sketch chibi!
Bonus prize #2 for Mirrorist by Aaeruu
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's all for now! I wish good luck to everyone, and enjoy the raffle and Halloween! Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

Skin by SimplySilent | Edited by Hyanna-Natsu


Sun Oct 26, 2014, 4:38 PM
the stars rock themselves
to sleep
there is nothing left;

they have peeled the moon

like a ripe fruit, coil
of pearly skin draping the hills,
only god
what they did to her core,
where they buried her seeds
in the earth

(i put my ear to the ground now and listen, for her children in their wombs of dirt)

“Whatever happened to that guy? The guy that drew that thing?  

Sound familiar?

Comic careers are like any other career in entertainment: if you don't stay relevant and adapt to a trend, you'll eventually peak and then bottom out. But there are more things that can help end a career. Here's a list of 5 that I've been thinking about lately.



The creator does something that somehow goes viral, turning his (or her) readers against him. Bad behavior at a convention, sexual harassment online, or a semi-racist Tweet made worse by bumbling attempts to correct it. Or maybe the creator gets blamed for something innocent: innocent comments taken out of context, or involvement in a controversial project that he had no say over. Whatever the case, “social media take-downs” can harm careers, leaving a permanent black mark on your career.


I imagine this one is the most common: no matter how hard you work—and no matter how much ass you kissed—you're never able to get wider recognition by the industry. And because of this, you never get the books you want, the fanfare you deserve, and the paycheck to help with those bills. I think creators are all prepared to pay their dues for a certain set of years, but eventually they expect to make it out and find a way to cut back on work and enjoy their success. But comics is a demanding industry, and a lot of us burn out.


A few people hit the lottery very young—an amazing gig, an awesome rate, a killer writing/drawing partner, and high sales. And because they never paid their dues, they have a hard time later on when the industry throws them a curve ball. Most of us struggle—and that sucks. But that struggle also builds character, and those life lessons come in handy when you have a tough year: you're more likely to deal with the depression, find new ways to motivate yourself, and cut back on spending.

Rapid success hurting a career is unfortunate, because it's not usually the creator's fault that he (she) hit the lottery. But if he doesn't step back and re-access his understanding of the industry, he may never snap out of it.


Creators spend a ton of time alone in a room. We're all in danger of becoming an island, and when a brain is unsupervised, it might find it's way into a bottle. Other forms of addiction are drugs, sex, money, beating another creator out of a gig, and fame. I suppose something like “fame addiction” can lead to more success, but I'll bet it's better to find other ways to motivate yourself. Like trying to earn the respect of the artists you also admire.


A very small percentage of creators get so successful that they lose touch. They're surrounded by yes men, they're so wealthy that their monetary motivation for working is gone, or maybe their ego stops them from seeing the mistakes in their own work. Young and hungry artists—driven by insecurity and the need to pay their bills—generally make the best art (not all will agree). Old and satisfied artists need to find new ways to motivate the second act of their career, or risk being forgotten or dismissed.


(I know I said 5, but a friend pointed this one out to me yesterday)

((And yes, I ran this list by a lot of comic creators first, and generally they agreed these things are true))

A creator's negativity eventually burns too many bridges, rotting their career from the inside. Maybe it never actually ends their career, but it's a cycle that keeps feeding itself: creator is unhappy, creator lashes out (maybe without realizing it), creator's editor fires back, creator removed from book, totally reinforcing creator's initual negative opinion of the book. Word of mouth happens, so that the creator's next editor is pre-warned of creator's negativity. If the creator is talented enough, publishers might be willing to excuse that creator's negativity if the pages are awesome.

So if you're naturally negative, try to get that shit contained. Bitch to your friends and family, but keep it professional with your employers when you can. You get a few free “freak-outs” per decade—don't go using them all at once.


So be honest with yourself, and chat about this with your friends to get their opinion: what's most likely to take you out? It's an complex subject, and while negative (and over-simplistic) in its descriptions, I think this sort of thing can lead to positive changes if we keep an eye out for our shortcomings.

And if you think of another that I've missed, please respond!


Stealing this idea from Point-Master-Pete (hope that's okay with them!)

In celebration of one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to hold a giveaway of sorts with various different prizes! Please read this journal before entering!

There are a total of 20 treat bags to choose from. Some contain treats (one of the prizes listed below) and other contain tricks (nothing!). If you picked the right bag, you get the corresponding prize. If you picked a trick bag, you sadly get nothing! :c The bags are already pre-labeled to their corresponding prize in a word document. My sister Terrierking can verify this! 

I'll be drawing 10 numbers. So only 10 of the 20 bags will be chosen. If I draw your number but your bag was already chosen by a different winner, I'll redraw a different number. That way I'm not giving out say, 10 of the same prize!

Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras Must be a watcher of mine!
Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras Must +fav this journal!
Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras Comment with the trick or treat bag number you choose.
Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras If you feature this journal in a poll or journal, you can either a) pick another bag to double your chances or b) choose to double your prize. Please specify which you would like when you comment with the link.
Note: each person will only get one number assigned by me. If you feature and choose option a, you'll receive a second number and get to pick a second bag. If you choose option b, you do not get a second number but your prize will be double if you're drawn as a winner.

- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 1 week page feature (valued at $2)
- 1 week page feature (valued at $2)
- 500 :points: OR $5 via paypal
- 500 :points: OR $5 via paypal
- 500 :points: OR $5 via paypal
- 1 character flat color 100x100 pixel (valued at $6)
- 1 character shaded pixel chibi (valued at $8)
- 1,000 :points: OR $10 via paypal
- 1,000 :points: OR $10 via paypal
- 1,500 :points: OR $15 via paypal
- 1 character flat color large simple pixel (valued at $25)

1) trick or treat by ichadoggi         2) trick or treat by ichadoggi           3) trick or treat by ichadoggi          4) trick or treat by ichadoggi          5) trick or treat by ichadoggi
6) trick or treat by ichadoggi         7) trick or treat by ichadoggi           8) trick or treat by ichadoggi          9) trick or treat by ichadoggi          10) trick or treat by ichadoggi
11) trick or treat by ichadoggi         12) trick or treat by ichadoggi           13) trick or treat by ichadoggi          14) trick or treat by ichadoggi          15) trick or treat by ichadoggi
16) trick or treat by ichadoggi         17) trick or treat by ichadoggi           18) trick or treat by ichadoggi          19) trick or treat by ichadoggi          20) trick or treat by ichadoggi

Happy Halloween!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

End October 31st at 11 pm CST


Mon Oct 27, 2014, 4:45 PM
know this; i loved the fire
and i walked into it willingly, heaven
is not up above but deeper down below

(there is a snake with the world in its belly, eat it; you are a killer the same)

I'm giving away a premium

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 26, 2014, 6:52 PM
I was telling Adam how good in a mood I am today, and omg I am ;u; So I wanna give away a premium, because I just feel like it x'3 Anyway...

All you have to do is ~
Make a journal or poll and link me to it 
I will be using to choose a winner

You don't have to but it would be cool if you gave me a watch because I'm gonna do more of these in the future >w<

It will end in a few days, good luck! ;;w;;

*brain fart*

1: The managerial lead behind any software patch or update must have their home address made public at the time of its release.

2: A metal plate must be placed beneath the doorway of all shops and stores, which will become electrified if anyone should stop within them.

3: You must pass a spatial awareness test before being permitted to use a shopping trolley.

4: Use of marijuana must become compulsory in Russia.

5: Nurses must receive the same wage as the players of any professional sport.

6: Politicians must have experience working in the field that they want to govern.

7: The entire staff and their families of any company that employs cold calling are to be executed.

8: Firearms must be made to look like giant, purple dildos.

9: News outlets may only ever publish or broadcast facts, not opinions.

10: Someone must explain why religious texts should be taken more seriously than fairy tales.

Add your own!

-CONTEST-13.000 Points/140 USD prize pool!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 26, 2014, 12:29 PM

Contest theme: Draw two of our characters. (one from me , one from marlon)
as a human, canine,dragon.. or more!
Or win 1000:points: by featuring this contest, or contributing a prize!

Marlonthegreenwolf and I have been thinking of hosting a giant contest for quite a long while now.
So here it is! We both worked hard to save up, and now it is finally possible.


velkss's characters:

New Fursona (TEMP REF) by Velkss .:Descent:. by Aviaku wow sexy by Velkss Wow Human by Velkss


Gender: Genderless. Can appear either like male or female, but prefers to appear male.
Age: immortal, but appears to be 18 to the early 20's(human years)
Species: canine/demon/shapeshifter. most often forms he shifts in are, raven,wolf,fox,tiger,human,anthro. but can shift into basically any animal.
personality: sarcastic,caring,dominant,weird,appears tougher then he is. in female form, a bit more shy.
relationship with marlon: is pretty much pissed off all the time because marlon is so clingy to hatred, tries to avoid him but ends up in fights with him sometimes.
relationship with jay: best friends,very close,always act weird,tell each other anything.

 main OC Hatred by Velkss One last chance for remorse by Grypwolf [GF]Heaven! by Likesakiii Tout feu tout flamme - Art trade by ShadeDreamsHatred by Ruthion30


Gender: male.
Age: immortal , appears to be 25(human years)
Species: canine/demon
personality: easily pissed off, sarcastic, brutal, appears to take things not very seriously, laughs a lot, don't touch what is precious to him, but still secretly fluffy and huggable(shh don't tell him)
relationship with marlon: hatred likes to tease him, and appears to have a weak spot for marlon, secretly dating him.
relationship with jay:  they get along quite well. good opportunity to ask jay if she knows any embarrassing facts about marlon in exchange for embarrassing facts about velkss.


Marlonthegreenwolf's characters:

Marlon ref 5/4/14 by Marlonthegreenwolf M a r l o n by Autlaw Break Off! by runandwine You're next, Sweetie - Art Trade. by Eredhys - seven nation army - by r-ior


Gender: male.
Age: immortal, appears to be 21(human years)
Species: coyote/demon
personality:  can be aggressive and scary, but still very caring to the people he is close to.
relationship with Velkss/Void: not good at all. velkss hates it that marlon is always so clingy to hatred.
relationship with Hatred: marlon van usually be found nearby hatred, and goes from creepy to cute when he is around hatred. they're secretly dating.

Jay Wow by Velkss<-- This is the current design) Put me out my misery + Speedpaint by Marlonthegreenwolf Jay's Sexy Suit by Marlonthegreenwolf


Gender: Female
Age: immortal, but appears to be around 18-20 (human years)
Species: canine/demon
personality: calm, keeps to herself, but social once you get to know her. very caring towards the few people she knows well.
relationship with Velkss/Void: best friends,very close,always act weird,tell each other anything.
relationship with Hatred: they get along quite well. good opportunity to ask hatred if he knows any embarrassing facts about Velkss in exchange for embarrassing facts about Marlon.


Rules for the contest

- Each picture must have 2 characters. one of Marlonthegreenwolf and one of Velkss
  although a picture with one main character is allowed, if there is a clear thing going on the drawing that has to do with one other character.
- you can draw them Canine,human,dragon,feline,anthro. (any more ideas? just ask.)
- Max 3 entrys
- Most of the characters don't have the refs for the human/other animals, but you may use your imagination while drawing them! 
  as long as the design fits the character's personality and canine design, go ahead! we won't judge you on the designs. (unless you do something extremely weird, like making them neon pink lol)
- No additional characters allowed.
- draw the characters like they are described, and how their relationship is.
- you have a lot of freedom. you can draw the characters as they are described now, but also for example, maybe how they were 10 years ago? how did they meet? what will they do 20 years in the future?
- No sketches/line arts or unfinished work. The picture must look complete! although gray scale drawings and no backgrounds are allowed.(although it does look more complete with background)
- gore and mild nudity and sexual themes are allowed. (no extreme themes)

NOT allowed:
- Extreme nudity and sexual themes
- Fetishes 
- Extreme gore themes (for example disturbing torture scenes)
- Don't place them in cartoon series/movies. (so no ponies, lion king style etc..)
- No sketches/line arts or unfinished work. The picture must look complete!

Rules for the raffle

1 ticket, means i will put you on a list together with everyone who gets a ticket.
2 tickets, will get your name twice on the list, etc.
at the end date of the contest i will put the list in a random list generator, and the #1 will win the 1000:points:

to get a ticket you can:
- feature this journal in a journal or poll. (1 ticket)
- feature this contest on your page until the contest is over(3 tickets)
- contribute a prize to the prize pool (5-10 tickets depending on the prize)

you can contribute a prize and enter at the same time


Bullet; Blue FIRST PLACE  Bullet; Blue 

 6000 Points / (*65$ see bottom of contest for info)
 Journal Feature
• One fullbody simple background from Velkss
• One fullbody simple background from Marlonthegreenwolf
One flat color pixel by Th3Frgt10Warrior

• One traditional, inked piece with a BG (no color) byWolfStar113 
•  one full color cell shaded chibi by Iocker
 One  traditional colored full body drawing of their character with background by AzumaOkami95 
•  one Feral Bust or Anthro Bust with BG by Cittyy
 One full color / body with background by xStraySoulsx 
 One 100x100pxl drawing by xStraySoulsx 

Bullet; Blue SECOND PLACE  Bullet; Blue

• 3000 Points / (*32$ see bottom of contest for info)
• Journal Feature
• One fullbody from Velkss
• One fullbody from Marlonthegreenwolf
• One traditonal, inked piece without BG (no color) byWolfStar113 
 One flat color headshot by Comet-117
•  one digital drawing of any animal by MuroPearl 
•  one flat colored chibi by Iocker

 One  traditional colored full body drawing of their character without background by AzumaOkami95 
•  one fullbody detailed shading no bg by Cittyy
•  flat color with background by xStraySoulsx 

Bullet; Blue THIRD PLACE  Bullet; Blue

• 1500 Points / (*16$ see bottom of contest for info)
• Journal Feature
• One flat color from Velkss
• One flat color from Marlonthegreenwolf
 One pixel icon request from MuroPearl
• One traditional, inked headshot  (no color) by WolfStar113 
•  one sketched chibi by Iocker

 One pixel icon byRayFierying
One traditional drawing full body by xStraySoulsx 

Bullet; Blue BEST STORY(in the drawing) Bullet; Blue

• 1500 Points / (*16$ see bottom of contest for info)
• Journal Feature
• One flat color from Velkss
• One flat color from Marlonthegreenwolf
 One traditional sketch by TheDragonOfDeath 
One flat colored fullbody by AshDaWolfiee
Bullet; Blue RUNNER UP Bullet; Blue

• Journal Feature
• One sketch from Velkss
• One sketch from Marlonthegreenwolf
One traditional, inked chibi  (no color) by WolfStar113 
•  one digital drawing of a dragon by MuroPearl 
One flat colored headshot by AshDaWolfiee
Bullet; Blue RAFFLE WINNER Bullet; Blue

• 1000 Points / (*11$ see bottom of contest for info)
• One sketch from Velkss
• One sketch from Marlonthegreenwolf


Winners will be judged by - accuracy of the characters represented, creativity, quality,story and effort

* the money prizes are possible for us to give, however we would have to exchange it which take DA 14 days.
this is also why the money prizes are lower, since DA will take a part.
we can also give you the points through the commission widget, so you can exchange the points yourself.



[PRIZE ADDED]Mini Art Raffle

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 12:49 PM
HI EVERYONE!! I hope you're all doing well with school and life and such u w u ! 
Thank you for your continual love and support thou I've been... gone. Or at least it really feels like that; I miss summer HAHA. Last raffle I held was on my birthday and was huge... good times. Well, this time it's gonna be a modest one. :'D It's a way for me to say thanks to you all and it's also a small celebration because I just finished a huge chunk of work for midterms lol.
What can you win?
:new: soumadesu is contributing colored chibis to the first 3 winners and headshot sketches for the rest! ; Q ; <3
:new: Lithinyx is contributing chibis to 10 winners! ; ___ ; <3
:new: Kuimei is contributing a pixel icon to the first winner! ; A ; <3
:new: Chibii-chii is contributing chibis to each of the winners! ; v ; <3

 Give them love. ♥ ♥ 

A fully shaded bust shot of your OC/Character[Fanart]!
[C]Judaime by Luxiella
And if more people join I will add more prizesI am a dummy!
:new: 25+ I will add a full shaded chibi! - ADDED!
[PC]Kuimei by LuxiellaRaffle Chibis by Luxiella
:new: 50+ I will add a flat colored sparkle bust! - ADDED!
[PC]cherrilu by Luxiella [PC]hibu-tan - 1/2 by Luxiella
:new: 100+ I will add another flat colored sparkle bust! - ADDED!
[PC]hibu-tan - 2/2 by Luxiella [C]bluelanterns by Luxiella
250+ ??? I will add an experimental picture; you don't know what it can be! :iconimsopervyplz:


 ✪ You MUST be a watcher; because these raffles are thank you's for them. New watchers are welcome as long as you won't just unwatch me after the event Because wow no; and I have a blacklist if this happens. :eyes:
 ✪ Write a journal/poll advertising this raffle; AND LINK ME TO IT IN YOUR COMMENT! As well as link me to your OC/Character you would like.

*Please limit to ONE COMMENT ONLY! THANKS!*

No extra chances this time around because I'm too occupied to keep track and count; I'm keeping a public list below.


1. Abissh
2. Ruellea 
4. ichinosetokiya1200
5. TanoshiiGirl
6. sketchmo 
7. yukaXart 
8. DoubleDIsMine52695
9. miseryrayvn
10. Kawaiiipoop 
11. ZellVRP 
12. yurimilk 
13. Reyniki 
14. CuddlyBunneh 
15. Sarusaurus 
16. SeeThroughtheMist
17. Trial-By-Combat
18. Blame-The-Nargles
19. KouxykiChan 
20. reincarnationz 
21. BrunaLH
22. TatterTotMinion 
23. KuchikixRukia 
24. Habuki 
25. lostintheflowoftime 
26. shasuu 
27. Caseykinz 
28. Klouddd 
29. ChaoticallyKhaos 
30. Scoric 
31. KirasDarkLight 
32. poumei 
33. yaocchi 
34. Chibii-chii 
35. Royalitie 
36. JollyMutt 
37. VongolaPrimo111 
38. Greyna-ChanX3 
39. banANNUmon 
40. King---Vicious 
41. Rasata 
42. BiPinkBunny 
43. MamaELM 
44. Erik-Danao
45. SaekiSekai 
46. kana-kana 
47. Lion-Heart-KSA 
48. Pio-Scully 
49. AbstractAni 
50. eiba09011
51. safyia110
52. Stitch-Wicked 
53. sushirabu 
54. Hyun-sama 
55. HaiKoneko
56. ShyGreenYoshi
57. WynnQueen 
58. PainbowCrash
59. Ephira 
60. NekoNeptune 
61. UltraViolentRainbows 
62. Topaz1229
63. WolvesPoniesOhMy 
64. AutumnTaylorArt
65. AmaiAria
66. NineStarsKen
67. Judaime 
68. OhSquishy 
69. Xenodragons 
70. ellabunny123
71. Rinma-Halizakura
72. blackevilkitty
73. Bluesheepy 
74. Thoughtful-Stargazer
75. Moonlitpetal
76. Vesperity
77. Lee-Kate
78. IceLaws 
79. taliawolf 
80. CrossDEEP 
81. AngelicsCanvas 
82. FaunaV 
83. bunniiadopts 
84. SoulBeater
85. polyatomic-irony
86. TheJokester-Bot
87. Koyukiy
88. Miski-The-Nekowolf
89. Darkabyss101
90. Stunpowder
91. tasha--adopts
92. Anzuchi
93. Undeciria
95. emiemi345
96. Heikky
97. chaoskirby12345
98. HappyKonny
99. syllabu 
100. x-Not-Understood 
101. AoiSoul
102. Ask--Frightspark
103. Ririmei
104. songoftheeve
105. Kamistasia
106. Kuimei 
107. Jessicalina
108. Faelyndra
109. pastelsweetie
110. MaeMae1896
111. Panda-Eyed-Pri
112. KimmyPeaches
113. A-Girl-Named-Chester
114. Night-Dragon-1211
115. Snowy-Dragoness
116. lonelicrown
117. Kaiyaru 
118. soumadesu
119. emberthetechwiz
120. GrayOblivion
121. BubbleTeaofDoom 
122. ohioruth02
123. Light-in-Dark56
I will be using to choose the winners!



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