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i'm doing a fun pixel icon giveaway for one of my lucky watchers!
new watchers welcome !!

you could win a pixel icon from me like these!!
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all you have to do is...
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if you want DOUBLE ENTRIES please create a journal or poll about this contest and link it in your comment! 

i will respond to you with your raffle number(s) and announce the winner through!

tysm guys ^O^!!! goodluck everyone!

ending date MAY 30TH

if i catch you unwatching me after the contest is over, you will be banned from all further contests/giveaways i hold!
I need to rave about Mad Max Fury Road, so bear with me.

It was awesome. I went in expecting hardcore action and kickass ladies, but I got so much more.

Yes, it has one long action scene at the start, a somewhat calm middle, and then another long action scene at the end, but somehow it manages to tell an interesting story throughout. It doesn't make any sense when I say it, it has to be seen to be understood.

The movie is surprisingly sympathetic towards its characters. They're complex and develop naturally. Even the psychotic War Boys who dream of dying violently in battle have proper backstories that make them more sympathetic, even if we can't forgive their behavior. 

It's very much a "show, don't tell" movie though. They don't tell us the war boys are just misguided and ignorant little kids who have been brainwashed by Joe. They show us the war pups as they are before they become war boys, and how desperate the war boys are for Joe's attention.

The five wives aren't just five identical women. They have personalities, stories, and skills that make them stand out from each other. They are victims of rape, but aren't shown as victims. They're shown as survivors. They can't fight like Furiosa, but they participate and help her and Max as good as they can (You are going to love them for pulling Max's chain).

Max is indeed mad, and doesn't magically turn sane at the end of the movie, though it helps him to have a purpose. He only grunts and gesticulate in the beginning, but slowly starts to talk more as Furiosa helps him to focus and not get too lost in his own head.

If that sort of thing interests you, it's also worth mentioning that Furiosa and Max's relationship isn't sexual, but very femdom'y non the less. She's very calm and has an air of power around her which Max responds to. She doesn't have to yell or bark orders at him, he knows she's better than him and does as he's told without question (after he starts to trust her, that is). This obviously isn't the standard dynamic between men and women in this universe (just look at Nux and Capable together, who are adorable btw) but it's the most natural thing for Furiosa and Max. They're both badasses, respect each other, and they both benefits from this dynamic (She gets the help of a tough guy, and he gets a clearer head when she tells him what to do). And I'm far from the only one who picked up on this. If you look up Furiosa/Max fanfiction you'll notice every single one has some level of femdom. I'm not pretending Mad Max is a femdom movie, but it follows a lot of femdom tropes (The scene where Max acts as Furiosa's rifle stand is the most obvious).

So yeah, if you actually care to pay attention to anything other than the explosions (which are awesome) Mad Max Fury Road is so much more than just action and violence. It comments on things like how young men are expected to kill themselves for the greater good, how women are treated as things, how we can all be blinded by fanatical religion if we're born into the wrong crowd, and so on.

Or in other words, I cried three times while watching it. I didn't expect that.
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This journal entry was made in response to these changes: Beginnings of Site Simplification

I have only been on Deviantart for a short time compared to others, but when I first started in December last year, I found it very easy to navigate and explore.

The changes (which seem like they'll go ahead whether they listen to this or not) threaten the way we interact with and use Deviantart. By replacing the menus for messages and notes with numbers, I believe it will put new users off and make things more complicated and irritating than simple.

By 'simplifying' the site, you will take away its uniqueness and character. With 'Site Simplification' you are taking the very 'deviant# out of Deviantart. This site is good because it is fairly complex (but easy enough to use) and unique.

I do not think it is a good idea for a site with this big a community to make sudden changes without at least listening to the ideas and input of the community itself.

If you do not agree with the "Site Simplification" changes, please +fav favourite this journal and leave a comment and help spread this petition to others who also oppose these changes. This journal will need serious signal boosting if our voices are to be heard! SPREAD THE WORD AND GET OUR FELLOW DEVIANTS INVOLVED!

I don't expect this journal entry to get the attention of the admins, but if they are reading this I would like to kindly ask you if you would put your changes on hold and host an opinion poll for each big change you make that every deviant can see (maybe under the notices section) so that we may at the very least vote democratically on changes made to a site that we love and are a part of, and help make it better for all.

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Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Copy and past thison right :iconcuteypup28: is holding a 100 Point giveaway!!! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U!  100 Point Giveaway (OPEN)So this is just a 100 point giveaway!
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Winner will be randomly chosen with this site

Winner will be chosen on the July 1st (might change)


Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 9:03 AM
I'm seriously tired of this shit! I want to draw other stuff too!
And I clearly said that I was going to make more but you people keep demanding/complaining so please stop,
This only makes me want to draw UKnT less..

EDIT : Thank you so much for understanding, and for all those kind words :heart:

Than it has any right to be

The show is called "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs." No, I'm not making that up. I don't know if General Motors payed for this, but I doubt it, since this was apparently based on a comic book, like many of the shows of the 1990's. The intro to the show, I'll be honest, makes it sound like one of the most hilariously bad things you'll ever see/hear.

"In the 26th Century, mankind faces an epic struggle for survival. The forces of nature have spun wildly out of control. Mighty cities have crumbled and the dinosaurs have returned to reclaim the earth. In this savage land, one man stands alone: Jack Tenrec, defending humanity in a world gone mad, a world where only the strong survive, a world of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs."

brought to us by the screen writer of Diehard and 48 Hours.

Now obviously I expected a parody or spoof of similar action movies, but no... it plays it seriously. And it's all the better for it. Honestly, one of the things this show reminds me of the most isn't Die Hard, but Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Our hero Jack, is like a cross between Nausicaa and G.I. Joe. So basically, nature has gained the upper hand against mankind. The show isn't quite post-apocalyptic, but it's on its way there. For whatever reason there are now dinosaurs roaming the world. Many people want to strike back against nature... as humans have done in the past, including the Governor of Jack's city. However Jack often finds way to stop the problems that the dinosaurs cause without harming them, and despite sabotage by that Governor.

I don't know if you could call the environmental message subtle, or at least as subtle as Sonic SAT AM, but it's definitely more subtle than Nausicaa. So... this show is G.I. Joe mixed with Jurassic Park mixed with Nausicaa of the valley of the Wind. Oh, and the Cadillac? It's what Jack drives. And it rarely feels like an advertisement for a Cadillac. But the action is good, the stories are well-written, it's better at being environmental than its contemporaries like Captain Planet.

Are there any problems? Yeah, one. There was only one season of 13 episodes and it was never considered for renewal. This, Watchmojo, is the definition of a criminally underrated show. And it's not like I can't see why this flopped. I mean, the title: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. I'll be 100% honest, I expected this to be terrible. I mean, the title was probably there to get people to look out of curiosity (which I guess worked for me), but it seemed to backfire.

But that title does continue to grow on you, when you get to say facts like:
  • "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is one of the best environmental cartoons I've ever seen."
  • "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is one of the most underrated cartoons ever."
  • "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is one of the best action cartoons of the 90's"
  • "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs needs to make a comeback"
After the 70's marathon is over, I've got to do an Admirable Animation review on this show. It's shows like this that make scouring through animation history worth it. The strange part is that this is from the 90's, the popular "nostalgia" era now. I can only assume that more people aren't looking fondly back on Cadillacs and Dinosaurs because they never saw it back when it was on.

spread the word quickly!!!

Journal Entry: Mon May 25, 2015, 2:45 PM

Temporarily interrupting the watcher feature to spread this message:

This website,, has somehow made almost all deviations available for download as a wallpaper, even if they are set as non-downloadable. THIS INCLUDES YOUR DEVIATIONS! 

It's an automated script set to search for images online, and make them easily downloadable for people. Technically they are not doing anything illegal: The size available is the size made available by you in the preview (so the size that people can download by right-click, even if you put the deviation as non-downloadable). The DA watermark is not even removed. 

However, they only state your name if you used that name in the search in the first place, and they don't provide a link. Moreover, since this is an automated scrips, they show all deviations, no matter their rules. This includes material where it's clearly stated that it should not be used outside of DA.

Use this information as you will. I have chosen to report, and will also send a message to the DA staff, to see if they can do something about it. Personally, I feel that this is not right.


oh would ya look at that, they fuckin' used my artwork -n-
I'm gonna kill those bastards!!!!!!! >n<
They even put drawkill senpai's work on there D:<

too help get rid of this sign this:…

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Clyde: We're in a fallout shelter. The bears are getting worse. They ate all of our robot food and they're peeing on everything.

Bonnie: I think they exploded all four restaurants. What do we do?


Noise: *Is a thumpy noise*

Clyde: Oh god, what was that?

Bonnie: I'm sure it was nothing.

Springtrap: Can you two just SHUT UP? I'm trying to sleep.

Clyde: NO, F--

Noise: *THUMP*

Clyde: Um.

Beecher: W--

Clyde/Bonnie/Springtrap: SHUT UP, BEECHER.

Beecher: :iconokayfaceplz:
Hey guys's here's a full 20min chapter from the latest lesson on for your viewing pleasure :)

Hope you like it! Don't hesitate to check out the full lesson HERE, much more cool stuff in there!

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Fu Ck Why by Koili