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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 11:05 AM

Hey guys i celebrate 1 400 000 PAGEVIEWS !!! AND 70 000 WATCHERS  

wOOW absolutely incredible numbers ...!! Thank you so much for your support and for all the favs,comments and everything :) I have the best watchers ever! :)  Thank you i love youu BTW: CHALLENGE WILL BE SOON SO WATCH ME :hug: 


JUST WATCH ME :iconryky: !


                                              easy right? :)  


5 OF YOU CAN WIN 500 POINTS , BUT  IF YOU WILL BE LUCKY AND RANDOM.ORG  pick you more then one times you can win much more points !  :) 

I USE  FOR finding the winners

deadline : 5 May


I've seen a lot of people claim they know what "good art" is or isn't, so I I'll just add my two cents.

I spent a very long time trying to make my own art more realistic (never got close to realism, but there was an attempt) but then I realized I didn't even like realistic art and the only reason I was trying to achieve it was because others had told me that's what I should strive for.

It's not that I think realistic art is bad or that other people are wrong for liking it. I can most certainly see the appeal of it. It's simply that I'm personally not that interested in it. When I see realistic art I tend to not notice the work put into it. It's more like a photo to me, even if it includes a lot of fantastical elements. Again, that's what a lot of people like about it, and that's great. I just happen to like when a drawing is unapologetic about being a drawing, like the styles of Bjørn Wiinblad and Tove Jansson.

There are only two things I personally think are important to learn when drawing: Body proportions (how long are arms compared to the body, how long are legs when folded up, how far are eyes from each other and so on) and perspective (how much smaller does an object get the further it moves away and so on).

Those things will help your art look more balanced, even when you develop your own style and maybe decides that you like your characters to have short legs and arms. Subconsciously you'll keep those things in mind and know how to make it all work together. Then you can decide for yourself what you think is important to your art, like light and shadow, or how fabric works, or whatever you want.

Again, just my personal philosophy on the subject of art. I like to keep the rules simple and let people do their own thing. We get more interesting styles that way.

I'm not sure how to feel about this

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 2:13 PM

Vxvxbcbxccn by Kawiku


500 point give away

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 27, 2015, 8:53 AM

I want to do something that makes me slightly more happier ;w; 

So, a quick 500:points: giveaway. The winner will get 500:points: sent to their account.

Watch me
Add this to your favourites
(Optional) Leave a comment
(Optional) Share the giveaway
(Optional) Tag your friends 

Giveaway will end on the 4th of May, good luck!

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Raffle: Pixel, Points, TH Codes [Open]

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 27, 2015, 2:50 PM


Hi. Idk how to start this journal lol uhh yea the title imma give that stuff away (*゚∀゚*)

Raffle ends: 

Sometime in May (need to see how much stuff my school throws at me)

There will be 7 winners

You can choose the prize you want but first place gets first pick, second place gets second pick and so on.

Pixel (single only): Pixelelele by Meeluf… (1 winner for this)

100 points (3 winners, each will get 100 pts)

79 points (1 winner for this)

1 code (2 winners, each will get a code)

How to enter:

You do NOT need to watch me, anyone can join

Fav the journal (this will be your entry number)

Make a journal / poll about this raffle

Post a ref (optional)

/edit: yes you can make more than one entry!
edit2: and please upload them all on dA, at least in your scraps.
you can put it in storage but before the contest ends i'll ask you to take it out of storage so i can look at it/

soo this is my 83618392th contest but whatever

what you have to do:
design me a character. keep in mind:
-please no completely natural designs
-if you include natural colors then don't make them too dull. this would be ok:
-i prefer felines (anthros are ok too)
-i don't like VERY dark main colors, you can include them somewhere in the design though (but you don't have to)
-would be much better if you didn't use an already existing outline
-i like unique designs, not just a plain cat with two markings and nothing else
-it should have hair, i kinda can't draw charas without hair haha
-no original species please
-you can look at my characters and see what i like but please don't copy them or their colors.

other stuff:
-the winner will get 3,000 points (might add more)
-deadline will be in about a month
-you don't have to advertise this journal to enter, but please fav it (though you can also fav it if you're not gonna enter)
-yep you can draw your entry right away
A little announcement.
Or WARNING, if you will.

I won't loose too many words and will just get straight to the point:

There exists a person on the Internet who does impersonate me; they are not only using an email address which is almost identical to mine (theirs is but MINE is, they are also using parts of my real name and scam people who are looking to buy the Skat Deck - and accidentally sent their inquiry/payment to the wrong mail address.

I found out about it through such a customer who contacted the wrong address.

Bad enough, one might think. But i think the moment i really began to feel nauseated was when the customer would show me screenshots of these mails that the impersonator would reply with: basically using a bunch of culpeorisms like i would always use them in private notes or mails (therefore, i have the notion that this person is someone who had contact with me or bought something from me before, hence their knowledge of my real name). Ergo: Someone who would really and actively impersonate the very me, stealing money and misusing trust of unaware customers under a wrong name. My name. you all may know i've dealt with a colourful bunch of examples of art theft all these years, plenty of it - and impersonators as well (there are like three "Culpeo Fox" people on Twitter for example, and don't get me started on sites like Facebook, etc.). But THIS takes the whole identity theft-issue to a new level. I don't even feel the amount of anger and incrompehension anymore when i only think about it. I will never understand how utterly low some ass can get and do such bullshit. I just. Don't. Get it (and even worse than that, i've already seen the fake email mentioned on some sites in relation to my art. I mustn't think about how many people trustingly contacted the wrong address and got either scammed or just completely misused/hoaxed by that fake asshole).

Therefore, to all my watchers and those who are ever planning to purchase art/card games/commissions/etc. or just want to get in contact with me via mail:

MY official email address is It is the ending with the .de (standing for "Deutschland", meaning Germany). If it doesn't end with the .de you can be sure that it'll be a fake one.

To the impersonator:
Fuck you. Really, fuck you.

Culpeo Fox (the actual one),
over and out.
Hello guys! 

Like I said on one of my recent deviation, I'll do point giveaway if I ever reach 100 watchers. And here it is!  I love u guys QwQ And this giveaway is also to celebrate my 1 year anniversary since I joined DA c: 

                                                                           uno divider by RRRAI

                                                                           uno divider by RRRAI

                     1. Fav this journal to enter

2. Write a journal about this - optional (It would really be appreciated if you did)

3. You can watch me if you want :3 -optional

That's all I think :D 

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1000 Point Birthday Raffle/Life Update!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 8:54 PM

Hello everyone! Since it is my birthday today I've decided to have a 1000 point raffle for everyone to enter!

:bulletgreen: +fav  This journal
:bulletgreen: And that's all! Winner will be chosen through!

Want another raffle slot? Create a journal/poll or both about this contest and link it back here- you'll be entered a second/third time!

:bulletgreen: Two people will win 500 points each
:bulletgreen: A small third prize of 90-100 points will be given away as well 

Good luck to everyone! The raffle will end on May 14th, all winner's will be contacted via note**
**A response IS REQUIRED in order to receive prize. I have had instances in the past where dead accounts have received prizes. You MUST respond to the note within 10 days in order to receive the points won- otherwise prizes will be distributed elsewhere

/Life update time. 
Wow! Life's been hectic lately. I haven't had a single free weekend in awhile. So here's what's been going on:
:bulletblue: I recently went on a huge band trip to Washington DC and performed in front of the Lincoln memorial. The performance was wonderful, but I almost passed out after soloing.
:bulletblue: I went under emergency surgery about 2 weeks ago to have my gallbladder removed. It turns out I have a minor blood condition that caused the formation of about 5 stones in the gallbladder- something very rare for someone as young as me (17). Recovery was quick however the incisions are still uncomfortable. (My surgery was done laproscopically). 

For the future? I wan't to start drawing more of other people's OCs and stuff. I've been doing a great amount of fan art of sorts and personal art and now I'd like to just explore! Meet new people and their ideas and designs! Also hoping to promote commissions more, they're always open! 
Best wishes to everyone out there!