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It's here! 5,000 watchers!

5000watchersomgnowaiwut by Rainbow-Rocket

Wow! Thank you SO much guys! We cannot believe how much support from you guys we have received, its staggering to think about where we were last year to where we are now. Not only are we celebrating an amazing milestone of 5,000 watchers but we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary and 60,000 page views too! That is incredible! 

On February 20th of 2015 we sat down and decided to learn how to plush. It was hard at first - super hard - but with patience we began to grow as artists. With our growth came so much, and not just in our business and skill levels. We started out small, but now we don't just have watchers, we feel like we have built a solid and caring community of amazing people like you. We have done so much, achieved so much, and we cannot wait to see what the years to come bring... 

So to mark all these AMAZING goals we have or are about to break, we have chosen to do a raffle for one of our custom handmade plushies of any size... within reason! We want to have a chance to give back to you guys. <3



  • Favorite this journal and leave a comment! (we expect this to get pretty popular so this is how we will be keeping track - if you dont fav and comment you won't be entered)
  • You must be a watcher.
  • Please understand that waiting time for plushies won from this contest may be 3 - 6 months.
  • You do not have to post your real name for the facebook/twitter confirmation. Simply state that you have followed on either.
  • ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ALLOWED (This means you may only use ONE account.. Please don't make us kick you for being unfair.)


First entry drawn -
One large plush - no overly complicated designs please!
One free digital copy of our guide to sewing - plush basics when we release it in summer 2016.

Second entry drawn -
One chibi plush - no overly complicated designs please!
One free digital copy of our guide to sewing - plush basics when we release it in summer 2016.

Third entry drawn
One Pokémon Micro plush- no overly complicated designs please!
One free digital copy of our guide to sewing - plush basics when we release it in summer 2016.

How to Enter

Favorite this journal to enter and leave a comment (If you do not leave a comment you will not receive a number for this raffle! Please read this carefully) - that's all you need to do. You can earn more entries to this raffle by doing any or all of the below tasks! For every entry you will receive one number. You can earn up to 5 entries if you do all the below tasks as well as fav'ing this journal.

  • First person to screenshot for us the 5,000 mark and send it to us will get +2 entries KlttyCannon won!
  • Create a journal to advertise this raffle +1 entry
  • Tell us why you want to win in your journal +1 entry
  • Like us on Facebook ( and add to your entry+1 entry
  • Follow us on Twitter (Rainbowrocket_) and add to your entry +1 entry



1. How does shipping work?

- We pay for the shipping and yes we will ship to other countries.

2. What if I don't have Facebook or Twitter?

- Don't worry about it, you just wont receive the extra entries.

3. Do I need to be a watcher?

-Yes, you must be a watcher in order to participate. If we see that you are not when we have drawn your number you will be skipped.

4. Do I need to state a reason as to why I would like a plush?

-If you would like to be counted for that extra entry... then yes.

5. What type of plush does it have to be?

-Anything (within reason of course) We do CS, MLP, and so much more. We will do whatever your heart desires.



February 20th 2016 - our one year anniversary! 

We have begun assigning numbers! PLEASE DO NOT POST MORE THAN ONCE! If you have already posted, you can either edit or reply to your FIRST comment. If we have missed something, we will come edit or add to our own entry. This will prevent us from counting you twice whilst we go threw each page. If we see we have counted you twice we will be forced pull you from the raffle. We have a very strategic system for this, we will see if we have you more than once. 

Thank you,
Rainbow and Rocket

  • Mood: Wow!

Hello everybody!

I get asked frequently ‘how do you price your art?’  “How do I evaluate how much I should charge for commissions?” etc.  Recently, I’ve read a few disappointing posts on how some people devalue either themselves or others’ art purely because it is posted online either as digital or traditional.  We often see people with very low prices being taken advantage of by commissioners who want to obtain amazing art for pennies on the dollar without notifying the artist that maybe their prices are too low.  On the flip side, we also see people who complain that art is ‘too expensive’ when the pricing of the artist’s work in question is appropriate.

In response to these, I’ve decided to create a journal designed to help you (yes you, reader) understand that your work has value and how you should price your work as a result.  It also might shed light on a pretty widespread problem online of people who undercharge for their work unknowingly and the epidemic of people who wish to take advantage of these people, often swarming these artists unfairly in an attempt to leverage the insanely low prices to their advantage at the disadvantage of the artist.

A bit of background

Art as a medium is pretty different than it was 10 to 15 years ago.  The accessibility to art and art programs, as well as the ability for people to create art has expanded tremendously with the creation of cheaper tools, more options, more artists, etc.  There are more artists now than there have ever been before, especially as deviantArt has grown.  While activity on deviantart might have slowed, the options for art, people to follow, and outlets to view the art have all increased.


That sounds pretty intimidating if you’re an artist who wants to do commission work.  Almost equally so if you are someone looking to get art for yourself.  With all these artists, and all these options, is your work worth anything?



While the approachability of art is steadily increasing, its often really easy to overlook your own artistic value, especially when you’re often surrounded by people you might interpret as superior to you.  Regardless, your hard work in creating art, especially for someone else, is important to recognize!  YOU are worth something, and you’re undoubtedly worth more than you think, as our own self-perception often devalues our own work.  If you are considering opening commissions, modifying your prices, or scouting for art commissions to order, here are a few things to consider.

A problem in the Community

Have you ever seen an artist on deviantArt that has huge amounts of demand for their work because of how cheap it is?  99% of you will answer yes.  More often than not, these artists are undervaluing their work either unknowingly or knowingly (but under the impression that they are not worth more). 


I know of one particular artist (and I won’t use names for the sake of respect), who has very complicated and valuable commissions for 8$.  The value of this work if done as freelance industry work would easily exceed 400$, yet they were not aware of their under-pricing.  As a result, hundreds of people flocked to this person in hopes of scoring a sweetheart deal on their art without realizing that the pieces in question could take upwards of a month to complete (for 8$ mind you).  Do you think these people thought that the artist would benefit from this in any way?

Deviantart has a bit of an issue with the devaluation of digital and traditional art works purely because of their online format.  There is a huge fallacy that ‘because it’s on Deviantart that the work is my its nature worth less’. 

This causes a few problems that impact a great number of groups:

:bulletred: Artists undercutting themselves unknowingly are hurting income potential.

:bulletred: Artists will then try to undercut the lower prices to hike demand, driving overall work price and value in the community down.

The result is hours of work by very skilled artists for less than fast-food wages, often going under 1$/hour of work, work that is specially tailored to the buyer performed by skilled individuals!

So how should we price?

How should you price your art?  There’s a few steps.

First step? (Time to wrap your noodle around this big one)  YOUR ART IS WORTH SOMETHING!  Holy crap!  Yes, your art, regardless of who you are, is worth something, and a pretty decent something, too.  Spend hours on a drawing, even a sketch?  That’s hours of your own time refining your craft.  Drawing for someone else?  You are making something special for someone else with your time and your resources and your signature creativity!  YOU HAVE VALUE, YOU ALWAYS HAVE VALUE!

Crazy huh?  Well it shouldn’t be.  In fact, if you’ve drawn anything in your life before, you’ll know that drawing and art takes a lot of time and effort.  Drawing for others?  Even more so!  It’s the most important aspect to consider when pricing and evaluating your own work.


Second step?  Let’s consider the following:

In the United States (which we are using as the standard in this case because of deviantArt’s centralization in California), the minimum wage is $7.25.  That means the lowest you can legally be paid for doing employed work is $7.25, which is usually fast-food job wages.

So assuming it takes you 2 hours to sketch a drawing for someone:  If we are going by the minimum wage rate, that’s:

2 hours * 7.25 = $15 for a 2 hour sketch.  Seems reasonable right?  Sadly, most artists on deviantart charge LESS THAN 10$ for a sketch that might take as long as 4 hours!  What if it takes longer? 

Let’s also consider this:  Artistry is a specialty skill.  While anyone can learn art, it takes time, patience, and effort, and not everyone has the same style.  Art is something unique to everyone, and that makes it very valuable.  Do you consider something that unique to be worth minimum wage?

So assuming that we raise the per/hour cost a bit to say, 10$/hr.  That 2 hour sketch is now worth 20$.  Now we’re getting somewhere.

So as an artist, what does that mean for me?

It means you should do the following:

• Estimate how long various artistic processes take you to complete.  For many people, doing a full drawing with color and one character takes between 5-7 hours (I personally take way way longer than that to work, but we’ll use this range as an example).  Assuming minimum wage:

5-7 hours * 7.25$ =  $36.25 - $50.75

Now this might vary depending on skill, but this is a good starting place.  Now assuming you work at lets say 10$/hr.  That becomes

5-7 hours * 10$hr = $50-$70 for a full colored 1 character commission.

For traditional, also figure in the cost of supplies it took for you to create the image, so you’d estimate the base time + cost of materials.

This leads into a rather tricky problem with the consideration of the infamous deviantArt points. The issue with deviantart points (not that they’re necessarily bad) is that 1.) its not actually currency, and to be traded back to $, deviantart takes a 20% cut and 2.) it inflates the perceived price of the work.  Example:

assuming the previous reasonable prices for a 5-7 hour piece of art evaluated at 7.25$/hr:

80 points to 1 USD = 5-7 * 7.25* 80 = 2900 – 4060 points. 

Someone who doesn’t run that conversion will say ‘holy crap that’s a lot of points’ and might be quicker to assume the work is ‘too expensive’.  Thus, the deviantart devaluation process begins.

I often see full images ranging between 500-1200 points.  While from a numeric perspective (500 and 1200 being pretty respectable numbers) running the conversion brings this to $6.25 and $15! 

for a full picture….

See the problem?  It’s incredibly important to realize that while deviantart currency is nice and convenient, its often a bit deceiving at evaluating your own work.  Not only that, the fact that the artist only gets 80% of the monetary cut means that points can be a problem for artists who use commissions as an income source, even if they are easier.  If you choose to use dA points as a pricing evaluator, just remember:

• While easier to obtain, they are worth less.

• If you are evaluating your own pricing, remember to do the 80pts to 1$USD conversion.

• When buying a commission, remember to also do the conversion, because you might be severely underpaying an artist!

There’s yet another aspect when it comes to pricing: Demand!

Time for an economics crash course.  Specifically in microeconomics, there is something called a supply and demand curve.  Basically, this is a representation of how supply of something, and the demand of something can drive prices of whatever the good is.  Usually, if the demand is high, the supply will need to be higher to deal with this pull for demand.

Now art isn’t exactly a commodity.  You can only make so much of a supply, and when you’re creating art on-the-spot for someone, that supply is usually about as fast as you’re capable of working.  So what do you do if your demand is high?  Increase your dang prices!  If the demand for your work is crazy, then it’s a good indicator that your work has a good amount of value behind it!  Remember when I said you had value?  Its true!  Take a look at some other artists pricing with your same demand structure to see how much you should increase.  However, increasing 5$ here and there to rest the waters is a good start.


If demand is low, don’t worry!  Odds are you may have fallen prey to the online art devaluation issue, or people just aren’t aware of your work.  Remember the basic structure for pricing based on the minimum wage scale.  If you need to feel the waters, you can slightly change the prices around that area.  Another key thing to remember is that commissioners will respect it when you value your art and understand its value!  While you might have people climbing all over you for super cheap deals, raising your prices only eliminates the ones taking advantage of you, and chances are that the people who still want your work and respect it’s value will still buy from you!

So what does this all mean?


Well to sum it up:


Never devalue yourself because you think you’re not as skilled as other people, or because of the underpricing issues on deviantart.  You took time and care to make something special, whether its for you or for someone else!  You and your art have value!  Respect that and others will too!


2.) Estimate the time it takes to make something and build a good cost structure based on Money-per-hour estimates.  If you are unsure, start at 7$/hr and play with it from there.  You’ll find the sweet spot, trust me.

 Here's a cash clock you can download to help estimate your prices!…


Art is not McDonalds, it isn’t fast food!  Art is something special, and it can’t be made in the blink of an eye on-demand.  Art is made by people who practice, try very hard, learn, and put pencil-to-paper or stylus-to-tablet for hours, if not weeks!  While most of the time you might only see the finished product, know that behind every image, there is someone who spend a lot of time and a lot of heart creating something just for you!

If you see artists that might be undercharging themselves, do them a favor and let them know respectfully!  It will not only help them better value their own work, but it will boost their confidence! 


When dealing with points, always ALWAYS convert to USD$ to get a better idea of the real value, not the inflated deviantart value.  And remember, points are only worth 80% of their dollar counterparts!


Seriously, if you do, you are not only hurting and devaluing that artist, but everyone in that community because of the disrespect.  While it might be an amazing deal, and the artist might be fine with the low prices, let them know if they might be charging too little.  They will thank you for it and better understand their own value!

Your art has value!

Never let anyone tell you otherwise.  Whether its digital art, traditional art, fanart or something completely unique.  The time you take to make something and the care and emotion you create it with is worth more than any $ can determine.  It’s something special to everyone.

Never forget it.


+2300 watchers raffle!!

Fri Feb 5, 2016, 12:25 PM
Hi guys!!!It's time for another raffle!!I'm super duper happy with all the support I'm getting so this is my way of saying thank you to all of you!!
Here are the rules for entering uvu They're always the same so shameless copy-paste ahead:

1.) Be my watcher. New watchers are welcome but don't watch me just so you can enter the raffle it would hurt my kokoro ;;w;; do it if you like my art enough to watch me haha .
2.) Share/fav  this journal >w<(each of them will give you one number,so if you do both you'll get two numbers uvu).
3.) Say  something in the comments so I can give you your number(s).


1st place will get a halfbody CG(example is fullbody but you get an idea hahahah)

2nd place will get a semichibi simple CG

3rd place will get a full CG chibi

Okay so that's it I guess uvu,if I get more than 100 entries I'll add some more prizes 
This raffle ends in february 20th* uvu so thanks for entering and goodluck!
*Winners will be choosed using

Greetings fellow creations!
Just letting you know, I plan on doing a very ambitious drawing. So don't worry, I won't have that depressing icon and banner for long. Here's a hint as to what it is:
But in the mean time, I made this:

Hope you enjoy it. It was a rough ride completing it. But you all inspired it, so by extension, you inspired me to finish it. So thank you times infinite times infinite times 6... minus 2... plus 2.
See ya!

P.S. Which Creative Types character are you?

Just uploaded 20x speed-up painting process of Kiki in Little Witch Academia crossover piece from last year!


YouTube link:


Trước tiên, nhân dịp đầu năm mới chúc mọi người an khang thịnh vượng, luôn hạnh phúc, vui vẻ, may mắn, gặt hát được nhiều thành công trong học tập, cũng như trong cuộc sống nha Airborne Airborne Airborne 

Animated Pink Heart Divider by Gasara

Lần share này vừa để chúc mừng năm mới 2016, vừa mừng 600+ watchers ha Woohooooo! Woohooooo! Woohooooo! Woohooooo! Hạnh phúc quá đuyyyyyy Headbang! Headbang! Headbang! 

Tuy nhiên, nói trước nó sẽ không có nhiều như đợt trước đâu. Tại thời gian quá ư là hẹp hòi TvT. Thôi kệ, cứ share cho vui là được rồi :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 

Và nhớ rằng: 

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Phần chính đây nà La la la la La la la la La la la la 

You're my sunshine by hannxoxo2k

Angel is your name by hannxoxo2k

Cutie Hani!!! by hannxoxo2k

Haniii - You are my Idol by hannxoxo2k

Kim TaeYeon by hannxoxo2k

Love Yourself by hannxoxo2k

Happy New Year by hannxoxo2k

Oh my girl by hannxoxo2k

Oh my mind! by hannxoxo2k

The Day You Went Away by hannxoxo2k

This is Love by hannxoxo2k

Quynh Anh Shyn by hannxoxo2k

13. my heart by hannxoxo2k

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GZtale AUs

(sorry about my bad english)

Before I start. let me write this one more time is what is GZ mean? GZ stands for ‘Golzy’ for short. I don’t have any good name for the Au so i’ll go stick with GZ.

GZtale is an AU where it hardly to reach the true pacifist it is because the main storyline in Gztale it’s like, it’s not completely messed up but the thing is the character in the AU were slightly different than the original Undertale was. Their encounter and their personalities were also different.The main protagonist, Frisk, is a bit clumsy and pick the wrong choices, so their ending were ALWAYS Neutral (any neutral).

 I’ll list the differences in Gztale AU:


  • Toriel didn’t make any bad skeleton puns , and her diary contain many sad and sympathy note to the friend of hers. (it’s Sans)
  • Sans/Ganz did very less puns after Frisk met him, but he always did a very friendly conversation but he is hardly to smile behind them, he did a fake smile to show Frisk that he is fine.
  • Ganz doesn’t like to talk about his brother, Papyrus.
  • Papyrus doesn’t appear in snowdin at first, his first appearance at the waterfall. (the place where Frisk met Undyne in original UT where Pap send her a report)
  • Papyrus is a Head of Royal Guard.
  • Undyne already lost her job as a Royal Guard
  • Papyrus and Ganz relationship are VERY distant to each other.
  • Ganz is hardly to trust Frisk.
  • Papyrus and Undyne are more like rivals, they didn’t contact to each other.
  • Frisk somehow clumsy, but they also feel regret what they done every time they reset the timeline, they are trying so hard to get a ‘Happy Ending’
  • Ganz’s fridge have a small slice of Pie. 
  • Battle encounter: from first to last (main boss)

  • 1) Toriel (Ruins)
  • 2) Undyne (Waterfall)
  • 3) Mettaton (core)
  • 4) Papyrus (judgement hall)
  • 5) Asgore (barrier)
  • and after that, just the same as original.
  • Sans/Ganz (as usual, Genocide, but afterGenocide Papyrus battle in the same location)
  • Mettaton just Mettaton.
  • Alphy’s worried about Undyne because she look down to herself a lot.
  • Undyne hate herself.

These are all the Gztale goes, but there are still more, but you are feel free to make your own headcanon.

Anamnesis is a flashback behind the main story, focus on Sans and Papyrus Origin and how their life goes.

Like i said that this AU is most of it were neutral ending, to make it true pacifist is that:

  • Make Sans trust you.
  • Make Sans happy.
  • Make Undyne to believe herself
  • Encourage Alphys
  • Tied Sans and Papyrus brotherly relationship.
  • Make Papyrus and Undyne to be friend again.
  • vice versa (use your own other than above)

I would say that, GZtale is not that CLOSE to Underfell AU. It just that everything were separated apart, like how Papyrus and Sans were distant to each other, like how Papyrus and Undyne not contact to each other, like how Undyne hardly to believe herself, etc.

I will upload more comic related to the GZtale. I already making Official blog for Gztale AU

Gztale Blog.

If There’s any question, you can ask in Gztale Blogs. 

Click the (?) button in the blog to ask
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 18.59.33 by GolzyBlazey

Okay, so I would like to open another contest, but this one will be ending at the very end of 2016! That's right! You've got almost an entire year to participate, and of course, there will be no extensions this time around u v u Anyways, this time I will only be asking for certain characters/couples to be drawn rather than just throwing them all out there for you guys to pick and choose. Hopefully this will help with any hard decisions anyone has in making on who to draw! And now, on with the rules and so on ♥


Grand Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Fourth Prize

Rules and Guidelines

:bulletpink:You do NOT have to be a watcher for this contest.:bulletpink:
:bulletred:Please only draw the characters listed below!:bulletred:
Any other characters drawn will NOT be counted as an entry!
:bulletorange:You don't need permission to draw my babs. Really, you don't need to ask ; v ;:bulletorange:
If it slips your mind, it's all right, but I will be commenting with their name to make sure that they notice that their character has been drawn!
:bulletgreen:Feel free to use any medium you feel comfortable with!:bulletgreen:
I am perfectly okay with traditional, digital, plushes (omfg i would die happy getting one), charms, other physical goods, pixels, animations... 
:bulletblue:You are free to submit as many entries as you'd like!!:bulletblue:
Do remember though, quality over quantity is VERY important! ♥
:bulletpurple:Make sure you submit your work in a comment or note somewhere where I can easily access it!!!:bulletpurple:
I can not stress this enough--if you put it somewhere where I can't see it right away, or if you mess up a tag but don't mention it to me, I WILL NOT SEE IT AND YOUR HARD WORK WILL NOT COUNT!!
I really don't want anyone's submissions to not go through Q - Q //sweats
It would be preferable if you comment here, but notes work just fine--as long as I'm notified, the work will be favorited into a folder (just like my last contest).
If you don't see yours in the folder, let me know.
Here is the folder where all entries are being favorited to!! ::…
:bulletpink:Please do not pester me to comment on your drawing...:bulletpink:
I would really prefer to not comment on everything... it's time consuming, and I don't want any of my comments to appear as if they're favoring one drawing more than another.
So please, refrain from bothering me about this!
:bulletred:Have fun!!:bulletred:
Really~ This contest is for fun. Don't rush, or stress yourself too much!
There is more than enough time to get whatever you'd like to get done, done!
And please don't cause any trouble for other deviants!

Characters I'd like Drawn

If you'd like to draw him with his partner, here are the other pictures, and references of him and his partner, Reva, here!
Sinder & Reva
Reva belongs to Riccasze--please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

This is my very precious, very smol super tsun. Stream and I plot all sorts of headcanons together with him and his partner, Kysik ♥ If you'd like to see more on them, the extra pictures, and references are here.
Dylan & Kysik
***Do not draw the green haired character!!!
Kysik belongs to StreamCat--please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

Jason and Grant
I'd really only prefer these two drawn TOGETHER! Not separate please!
Grant belongs to StreamCat--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

Niki and Stephan
Another couple I'd prefer to have drawn together rather than separately!
Stephan belongs to Izuneko--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

A character of mine who is able to see, and communicate with ghosts, but he tries his best to ignore them so they don't get too bothersome.
He's in a three way relationship, so if you'd like to draw them all together, or just draw him with one of his other partners, all the refs are right here!
Viggo, Ion, and Arlo
Ion, and Arlo belong to Lucid-Truth--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

Another tsunish character of mine, who's based off of a Magneton ♥
If you'd like to draw him together with his flirty, dorky partner, Sterling, the pictures, and references are located here!!
Vincent and Sterling
Sterling belongs to Ewikawa--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

A sweet, happy character of mine who's basef off of a Vanilluxe.
If you'd like to draw him together with his partner, Lucas, the pictures and reference are located here!!
James and Lucas
Lucas belongs to Ewikawa--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!!

Aaaand my flirty, outgoing little Leafeon child ♥
If you'd like to draw him together with his partner, Skylar, the pictures and references are located here!!
Silvio and Skylar
Skylar belongs to Ephira--Please make sure to tag her if you draw them together!

Single Characters
Candy Corn
God, I just love the hell out of her, and she is deserving of so much love, and art... I plan on using her in a Pokemon group someday, but I need to get to the point of actually drawing her application up.
As a side note, she's based off of a shiny Zigzagoon, and she's a bit of a tsun.

Hodge Podge

I'm still need to find a use for him, but I adore his design to the moon and back right now.
I imagine him being a soft spoken, shy little guy, who obviously has a fondness for racoons, and soft things ♥

A fairly new character of mine, but I imagine him being a rather bubbly character ♥

Brand new guy, and I've had no opportunity to use him, but I don't plan on that going on for too much longer~

Closed Species
She is my little Pacapillar, and I'm in desperate need of art for her ♥

My MYO Cinnadog, who I also need art of ♥

I'm thinking I'm probably keeping this guy, and I will always love more art of him ♥


If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.
There is a high chance I will ignore questions that are already answered in the Rules and Regulations if they are asked enough--
I would really like you guys to READ what's been given to you. ; v ; The stuff posted here shouldn't be too difficult to understand, I hope.

Hopefully I got everything important down--thank you to all who enter!
Take your time and

If you're more interested in designing a character instead, I have another contest going on just for that!
Design a character Contest - Win $50/5000 POINTSDue to so many people saying yes to this idea, I'm holding yet another contest //dramatic pose
This time though, I would like to have someone design me a new character that I can use ♥
You have free range to do whatever you'd like, though I do have some guidelines that might help boost your chances! ♥
u v u /) Onto how everything is going to work!!
:bulletblue:$50 / 5000:points: That I will be using to buy the character you designed off of you! ♥
I MIGHT include a points only runner-up prize later on if I can gather up enough of them! ♥
:bulletgreen:Your entry must be colored! I will not accept CYOP entries!
:bulletgreen:You are free to make as many entries as you'd like, but please know I'

Serene's on a journey! (UPDATED)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 4, 2016, 12:17 PM

So I've been getting some AMAZING follow up pictures and comics to Sleeptalk Pt.2 as to where Serene has been teleporting off to, and I gotta say THEY'RE ALL BEAUTIFUL.
Wanted to share them with everyone else! c: Please go check them out!

Pictures and Comics by
:iconlahis: :iconoffbeatreboot: :iconitsramos: :icontoamac:
 :icongamex4000: :iconcammyflauge: :iconsd-the-doodler: :iconthenoteofthedeath: :iconblueroselol: :iconwafflemurder:
:iconghostofnight95: :iconlapisthegardevore: :iconwidmomarowak: :icongrace-pink-glaceon: :iconlk3deviantart: :icondragolianx: :iconpapa3231: :iconbatmanrules256: :iconaskthegreyskull: :iconhappystarry:
:iconmat0s0: :iconabused-toy: :iconblueman282: :iconid10t902: :iconswordsicmelody: :iconiionskittles: :iconthedarkphoenixqueen: :iconcthuluxd: :iconzeexthemaskedcat: :icondillydraws:
:iconrubydarknessangel: :iconf-adan: :iconpokamongirl: :icondarkqueenjenny: :iconmightygiratina101: :iconmarcospsychic: :iconazrelta: :iconpheonixghost: :iconthebedrockemerald: :iconfrosthornrider:
:icontonegeek: :iconeverythingliker10: :iconlunar-kuto: :iconsandrotheranger: :iconjaythefaceless: :iconaithekitsune: :iconrangerrudy: :icongrumpygardevoir: :icontwilightcolonel: :icongremlinboyfh:
:iconboob-slave: :iconpokamongirl:

Sleeptalk Pt.n-1 by Lahis  Serene is teleporting around in her sleep by OffBeatReBoot  Mama Petu by ItsRamos  Puffy Bed by toamac  Serene's Journey... ? by BlueRoseLoL

Wild Serene Apeared by CammyFlauge  Always Wanted a Little Sister by SD-The-Doodler  The Sleeping Visitor by Gamex4000 
Serene's on a journey! by thenoteofthedeath  Unexpected Study-Buddy by WaffleMurder  Serene sightings #1 by ghostofnight95

Sleeping cuties (?) by WidmoMarowak  Serene's on a journey by LapistheGardevore  Serene used Sleep Talk by dragolianx  Serene's Adventure (color) by BatmanRules256

Totlur's Playmate? by LK3Deviantart  A... Serene has appeared? by Grace-Pink-Glaceon  James Headnail's A-Z part 98 by AskTheGreySkull

Serene's new Buddies by happystarry   Serene Used Teleport by MAT0S0  Serene's on a journey by id10t902

Sylvia is a little too focused on Smash by BlueMan282  WHY!!!! [Comic] by SwordsicMelody  Auryn's Snuggle Buddy by TheDarkPhoenixQueen  Serene's Misadventures by ToneGeek

Serene came to my house... by cthuluxd  Not Normal by ZeextheMaskedcatPokemon Emerald Nuzlocke - Serene's Adventure by DillyDraws  Serene se metio en mi Foto by F-Adan

Serene's Journey by PokamonGirl  Serene's Journey by DarkQueenJenny  Sleep Talk by MightyGiratina101  Serene's Travels to... by MarcosPsychic

Azrelta's journey... Interrupted? by Azrelta  Serene Teleporting to Pixelgun 3D by TheBedrockEmerald  Serene appeared! by FrostHornRider

Look who I found! by pheonixghost  Soft Pillow by Lahis  Shinies in the ocean by IionSkittles

Pokemon - Serene's Journey by EverythingLiker10  Serenes Sleepjourny (Response to Sleeptalk Part 2) by SandrotheRanger  Serene's unexpected journey by JaytheFaceless  Out Of The Blue by RangerRudy  Random Visitor by Aithekitsune

Getting Ready to Jump by Lunar-Kuto  Ask 26: Her name is ????? by GrumpyGardevoir  Teleportation Yeah! by TwilightColonel

Mature Content

Serene Sleeping in a Sweet Spot by Boob-Slave
  Serene's in ROBLOX? by PokamonGirl

Serene's journey. (4th wall breaking)*I was calmly answering at my RPs and looking at my watches deviations when suddenly, a shiny Kirlia appeared next to me, on my bed, sleeping.
I knew it was Serene, only by the way she was sleeping. As I started to pet her, a strange voice that came from nowhere and everywhere at the same time said "Serene used Sleep Talk!" She then started to glow, before the same voice than before said "Serene used Teleport!" before disappearing to nowhere.
I then wrote that so Arlin knows Serene was safe the time she was with me.
   Selene visits Azure BayRebecca was in a spot of trouble, dodging bullets from a female sniper perched on a roof down the street, her own rifle could easily match her oponent, but her skill was far below her opponent's, Rebecca was in trouble and unless... wait, did a blue girly creature really just, appear in her lap? it seemed alseep, should she wake it up? another bullet took away half a brick from the wall she hid behind and Rebecca looked up for a second, and noticed a soft flash of light, the creature was gone, what.that.heck? 
Rebecca sighs, gets up and walks to the camera, tapping it with her finger "Hey AT! i can handle kidnappers, robbers and muggers, crazy artists and some godly female sniper, but can you please keep the supernatural out of Azure Bay?!"
   Serene's Sleeptalk JourneyMy POV:
     I sighed as I tried to finish the fanfic I was on. Freeze kept pestering me saying he was bored, and I was thinking about kicking his butt out of my room.
"Ruuuuuuuuby~ Come on. That can wait. Lets go play a board game or something.
"Later. I'm busy right now."
"LATER!" I screamed. He gave a small yelp before running out of my room. That probably was a little mean. I'll apologize to him later.
Freeze's POV:
    "She didn't have to yell." I said I walked around in the woods by Ruby's place. I was just bored and she could always write later.
As I thought this I almost tripped over something. I looked down and saw a sleeping pokemon. Kirlia I think it's called, but it was blue. "Must be shiny! Wow Ruby will be so exited to-wait. If she's gonna yell at me then she doesn't get to see MY new friend. Oh god I'm talking to myself."
    I sighed picked her up. It was a girl right? It looks like one so it must be. "I'll call you Sparkle

Serene Used Sleeptalk!I was on my bed, doodling on my 3DS, trying to come up with something to submit. I had been thinking of ideas but they weren't coming out how I wanted them, so I growled and tried again, but to no avail. I threw my head back onto my pillow in great frustration. Maybe literature was my thing, so I thought of story ideas, and of course, they were TF story ideas. After all of the thoughts racing through my head were done, I felt like I needed to give my brain a rest, so I lay back and tried to take a small nap.
After a few minutes, my form had adjusted to me being on my back with my right arm stretched out a bit, but not to the point where it was completely sprawled out. Now, at this point, I was genuinely tired. My eyes were sagging and I was in a dazed state. Right as I was about to fall asleep, I saw a small pink glow appear to my right, covering my arm a bit. I shrugged it off, thinking it was a hallucination from being so tired. The glow soon got brighter and more evident. I soon had

These are all canon now btw.

Thank you guys so much :iconfinallyplz: These are all just so great!!

Edit: To anyone who wants to join in: you don't need my permission! Please go right ahead! I can't wait to see it! ^^

:new: If I hit 3,000 watchers during this raffle, I may* do something extra.
*Not guaranteed.

I have read all your comments/notes, and even though I'm not responding to anything till the last day, I want to thank you all for such nice words and the congratulations!! 

I wanted to do one when I had hit 2,500 watchers; however, I didn't have a chance for it. So, here is one for 2,800 watchers! This is also a thank you to everyone who helped during the recent mess lately!
TY everyone for the support. Please read below for more information!

Raffle Time:
Starts on 2/06/16 and Ends on 2/13/16 @ 10PM PST.

Mia by rkznThank You by rkzn

There will only be one winner!


  • 1 Single Character Sketchpage OR 1 Full Body w/ Bust 

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Main entry required.

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    • Only one twitter account will be allowed. 
    • *If we're mutuals on twitter, you don't need to note me. | :new: Just a random note, I am way more active on my twitter posting wise and updates compared to deviantart.

  • Answer the following questions for additional points: *You must only give one answer; multiple answers will not give you points even if one is right. Please reply to the "ENTER HERE" comment with your answers.
    • 1. What is my main OC OTP? (+1) And, who is it with? (+1)
    • 2. Who is my favorite Enstars character? (+1)
    • 3. Who do I multi-stream with constantly as a group? (+1) (Hint: two people)

It's fine if you're a new watcher to enter! You don't have to stick around after the raffle, but it's very much appreciated.
You DO NOT have to put everything in one comment if you wish to spread out your numbers, so they aren't all cluttered together.
EDITING COMMENTS WITH NEW ANSWERS WILL DISQUALIFY THOSE POINTS. So, make sure what you comment is what you want to answer! This also means you can't post a new comment and hide your old one.

All numbers will be assigned when the raffle is closed, and the winner will be announced on 2/14/16 @ 10AM PST.

Winner will be chosen via Random Number Generator. 

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