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$5 Digital Sketch ~

Sat Nov 21, 2015, 6:52 PM
I'm in need of money for pay some school bills, so I decided to open sketchs for $5.

Let me know if it's:
Chibi or human (half body).

Paypal only please - If you wanna pay in points just ask me first!


Digital Colors by shanyhi Elfdesign by shanyhiC: Niamh Vasquez by shanyhi C: Forest General Elf by shanyhi
C: Ellaria by shanyhi C: Sara 01 by shanyhi C: to Pillybalones by shanyhi C: Sophia by shanyhiC: Keiko by shanyhi

Only U$5.00

  • Slots

  • Waiting List


How to commission me?

• Send me a note with your references and feel free to ask me about the commissions until you decide to buy
• Send me your bests references of you character, please.
• In case of I have to create an outfit, I have some rules about it: 
- If you want a whole new outfit, I'll add the extra price for creation, why? I'll create only for you, I will not use in anyone after. Like an extra commission in it :D (Big Grin)
- If you want just a simple one, give some clothes' reference you want, I'll draw for you for free :D (Big Grin)
• Extreme detailed outfit (like big royal dress with lot of jewelry and laces) will have an additional price, comment below to check the price. (I usually don't add the extra price).
•After all of this, I'll send to you my paypal e-mail.

Term of Use

• Only Paypal! 
• Note that my prices are settled with PayPal fee included and I'd be happy if you include the fee in your payment.
• Pay first, after the payment, I will start your commission.
• I don't have order list to do all the commissions, you can be the first commissioner, but I'll start when I feel inspired to do your commission, this helps to get a better work on it.
• You can ask me for a WIP of the commission at any time! But do not rush me, please.
• I don't refund money. Except: I wish to cancel your commission or you really need your money back for emergency (if I've already started, I will refund you the amount equivalent to the value of the unfinished art).
• You can use your commission for whatever you want since you credit me. 
• Always credit me if you upload my drawing in your gallery. 
• You are not allowed to use the commission for any commercial purposes
• Detailed background is not inclued in price
• For Flat color and Shaded commissions: I will provide you the sketch of your commission and you are free to ask for any changes you'd like to be made. After approved, I'll only fix small adjustments that I didn't notice in your OC.
• Brasileiros: Aceito depósito bancário, para mais informações só comentar e/ou mandar note.

My Photoshop Portrait Painting Tutorial is also on YouTube now!

Vimeo by Kuvshinov-Ilya

For those countries where video isn't available, there's still Vimeo link:

As promised! Not entirely a tutorial but I trust this to be useful. Here's a fair share of my mindset when drawing backgrounds.

If you're tempted to try backgrounds but avoid them in fear of failure, start by realizing that there's no failure in trying. Take it easy, go with something simple, loosen up those shoulders and draw! Remember you don't have to show it to anyone unless you want their feedback.

Think 3D

Keep in mind that nothing you draw is flat and mostly everything has more than one plane. A common mistake is to allow the lighting that comes from a certain point to affect everything 'that is next to it'. This isn’t always right. Whatever stands in the way of something will steal its chance to be lighted and will be, instead, shadowed. Play close attention to your surroundings IRL, play with a desk lamp or your phone's flashlight and put things around and look at how the shadows lay on top of other objects.

Avoid patterns
Avoid drawing something that goes looking exactly the same across the drawing. Make it look different as you repeat it, especially if it’s taking distance away from the viewer. Better yet, draw it scarcely and vary the setting with other things.

Compare the left side from the right side of each drawing:

HeartGold by Joyfool Oras by Joyfool

Colors and Distance
Other than becoming smaller, farther elements tend to be less saturated and much less detailed. These variations of colors and sizes makes up the illusion of depth. 

The-Root-Route by Joyfool

Involving a character in setting
The lighting of the setting can make a difference in whether the character really IS there. In settings of night time, a character’s colors are slightly darker and highlighted with the setting’s lights, be it blue, purple, green... I tend to draw and color characters as they are and later alter their colors to fit their surroundings by changing the color balance and hue.

Kingdom by Joyfool

Foreground and whatever steps nearer to the viewer will also give a feeling of depth and insert the character in the setting, it removes a feeling of flatness.

Partyland by Joyfool 
Reiyaa by Joyfool MiiyukiChan by Joyfool

Drawing crowded places is exactly what it seems, there's no shortcut to having to draw a bunch of people but you can make the task easier when you avoid drawing them as detailed as the characters who should be in the spotlight (simply take away something of them that won’t allow them to grab as much attention) I either don't draw them eyes or color them differently.
Seizui-3 by Joyfool New Day by Joyfool Plaza by Joyfool

Perspective (I honestly tried avoiding mentioning it but it’s a must!)

Think of perspective like anatomy. Like learning human/animal anatomy for your characters and their pets, dedicate some time to draw the anatomy of places. Time invested in the practice of perspective is time well spent. And just like character’s expressions, places have moods; in cases, a good background will compliment your characters.

What’s so vital about perspective are the vanishing points. Vanishing points make everything in a setting coincide and therefore look realistic. The angle you illustrate the concept can make the drawing look more dramatic. There are plentiful sources around the internet on perspective so I will not teach any here.

Perspective 730 by Joyfool 

At least one or two vanishing points will be far off from your drawing area. Placing vanishing points too close will cause everything to look exaggeratedly warped,which is not bad, but not always desired. Just resize your canvas to be much bigger, place your points down, sketch, and crop.

New-Day by Joyfool Kamix-Kali by Joyfool

- - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

For what's remaining of November 2015 I will give constructive feedback to those who'd like it.
If you'd like me to help you with a background, comment or note me; I'll be happy to help! :)

It took a while, but here is the final chapter of Them's Fightin' Herds Volume 1. 

We're all busy getting thing officially up and running to finish the game.  Now that many members of the team are on the game full time, there are plans for frequent updates.  So if you're interested, please follow Mane6 at, or Mane6's Facebook and Tumblr pages.

More to come.... eventually. ;) Enjoy!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Illustrations by Omari Smith
  • Mood: Joy
Oooo, such a big title.

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? Tell me how your week has been, not too much work to do? Don't forget to get rest, okay? ;u;

Now, before you wheeze because of that title, lemme explain myself.

FNAF has brought so much to me. It made me practise furries, make up a story, and share even more my work with others. Honestly? It's been super great. I've reached a point I thought I'd never reach before and it's amazing! <3 So many nice people out there.

Yes, many nice people; but I get why artists leaving the fandom are saying it's killed them.

This fandom has many flaws, for one reason: it's a game without characters background. That's said.
And when fans find characters that don't have background stories? They make ones. At that point, there's no problem, I had so much fun coming up with my babies.

But when there's no story behind characters, it's labeled as a "for everyone" game. Yes, it IS a horror game with a rather dark story, but kids these days love these kind of stories.

And that's WHERE kids come in, spam you, harass you, steal your work, and ruin your experience.
Young people, that will backstab you, or yell at you, because they're kids, and they're taking advantage of the beautiful tool, that is the internet. (Which explains the bad part of bronies. It's a kids show)

They won't understand that maybe, you're depressed, you have troubles in your life, studies that take all of your time, health problem, family events, and so on... No, they're just gonna send you private messages to tell you that you suck, because you never respond, you don't post enough _____ art, and other statements. (About that, I won't name anyone because that's simply not my thing, yet I won't hesitate to block anymore. I'm sorry... I wish I could do something about this. But my "mental state" is pretty fragile lately, and I just can't let people rub their jealousy or/and selfishness on me.)

Now, that IS a big part of the fandom, but the nice part is WAY bigger. It's way nicer, and you guys, are absolute SWEETHEARTS to me! I can't list everyone, but I met so awesome people in this fandom, and someone who is now one of my best friends! Amy, I still need to learn so much more things about you! ;u;

The support I got from it is OUTSTANDING! So many people cared and some still care about me, and I still don't know how you guys do to support such a stupid person like I am... Q///v///Q

Yet, unfortunatly... This "bad" part has really affected me the past few months, where I had to deal with so much problems in my insignificant little life, that I'm not enjoying the place at all.

Honestly, I'm fleeing from deviantART most of the time. I'm scared to check on deviantART. Because I know, that out of all the nice comments and notes I get, THIS simple statement will ruin your day. Haters, I'm not gonna lie to you, you're being stupid, but your shit can affect people. A person, who says not to be affected by haters, also isn't thankful to the compliments they get. And you guys know, how much I love my watchers.

I'm not easy to break. Events in my life made me stronger than other people of my age. I didn't decide it, it just happened. And those nerds, who just want to yell their unconfidence at me, aren't breaking me one bit.

They're making me do choices. Choices, that have to be taken, because combined to my irl things happening, are making me a mess... >w<;

Which is why..... *heavy gasp*

I do decide to leave the fandom.

Now, this journal is just being a vent about my life and me accusing people for their bad behaviour in a diverted way (which I completely assume), but the fact is there. What I mean with leaving the fandom, is that I am no longer an art machine for it. And I am no longer taking parts of shippings. ... even if frexy can still kinda kill me inside

Let's be honest, I'm never commenting on FNAF stuff. I'm even barely favoriting FNAF stuff, and when I see shipping pictures they don't make me feel anything. You know, the hype is over, and I did disappoint myself for seeing my inspiration die while I was keeping the other people's inspirations alive. That, is where I would like to deeply apologize...

OF COURSE... I'm not saying you guys CAN'T see me as an artist that drew stuff for FNAF! I still think the games are amazing, I still LOVE my AU and my characters, and I'll still draw them again! Also, you're free to keep drawing them as much as you like! But, FNAF isn't my main drawing subject anymore.

There is of course the possibility that I join it again. But right now this is far enough to be my plan. After finishing my experience with the FNAF fandom (that, as a reminder, was the first ever fandom I joined), I am completely satisfied with the experience I am having with Undertale, which is completely different, and has nothing to envy from the FNAF one!

As the probably saddest news, this DOES imply, that the FNAF AU comic is canceled. Yes... I made it such a big thing, and I can't keep promises... Which again, I deeply apologize for deceiving you all.

I get it... if you guys were only there for FNAF. I COMPLETELY understand that, I really do... And I'm not angry at you one bit if you unwatch me.

I did say, HARASS. If you're just sending me kind and polite note asking me if art of _____ will ever be done again, don't you worry sugarhearts! I'll answer you as nicely, and as fast as possible! :heart: <3333

This needed to be said.

GUYS... UNDERSTAND the trouble artists have with this fandom. It is NOT only a problem with dealing with haters... even THAT is not as simple as you think.
This fandom has lots of kids, and they ARE ruining the experience, even if they mean it or not. The FNAF fandom is NOT a bad one. I've met the majority of the wonderful people who still support me today with this fandom. But... Some things need to be admitted.

Finally, guys... I know this sound selfish, and... I'm probably being a disappointement to you for very long... But... Please... If you do love my work... Please keep supporting me. Please keep sending me these messages. Please keep this support going, if you want to of course but... Don't let me fall down, okay?... I want to reconcile with this website, and it's people, by not basing myself with the FNAF fandom. Please... I need to reply to notes and some comments but studies are killing me lately. Vacations are in 3 weeks, and I'll do the duty I promised.

But please... Keep being around... During that time... Don't let me sink. I need your help. ;/////////; I need your heartwarming support the most... To go through this.

I only want real people, who won't hurt me because they want free art... or who just want to test me, play with my feelings, like it's a kids game.

Thank you... for reading.
I love you guys, so much <3 Alsooooo... still working on gifts for my active watchers and donators, but these are surpriiiises <333

I will be very busy because of the school for the rest of the month, I'm sorry for the upcoming inactivity.


Some only did a few works of it, some already left the fandom, I am sorry if I offended you for putting you here. But... so many people can still be inspired by the amazing work you do!
Of course, there's ALOT MORE. But I mentionned the ones I felt sympathy and/or admiration for...

Keep up the train guys! <3

...Also I'm still drawing the gay asshole no matter what

Great article about artist myths

Mon Nov 23, 2015, 6:33 AM


As in please read it, don't skim it, it's got such great information on both how to become a better artist and how to treat other artists.

TL;DR: Saying "I wish I was as good as you" or "I'll never be as good as you" or something similar is not a compliment. It's a personal lament and many artists can do without it. Thanks.

In all of media, whether it be television show (animated or not), movies (again, animated or not), comics, literature, or even songs? I'm thinking of making a list.
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Barbie's Mini Contest! Open!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:42 AM
Hey everyone! Since my last contest has been judged, I am now posting this one!
You guys really wanted this contest omg (from the results of the poll, anyhow)

So, without further ado, let's get into it!

♥Barbie, what do I need to do to enter this nifty contest?
Well my dear, simple! You just have to draw any of my OC's! 
They can be alone, or with other OC's, I just need at least one of my OC's in the picture!

Rules and Regulations:
#1: I can use these pictures in any way I see fit - (journal skins, posting to my and, etc)
#2: Be polite and kind to everyone here! NEVER degrade anyone's entry! 
#3: Anyone can enter! You don't need to be my watcher! 
#4: There will be NO extensions for this contest what-so-ever
#5: I can add, modify, or take away rules as i please
#6: To ensure you have read my rules, you must put some kind of smiley face in your post!
#7: You MUST share this contest in either a journal or poll, and link it back here in the comments! 
#8: Any one person may only win once, but may enter as many times as they want!
#9: If drawing a closed species, you MUST credit the species owner in the description!!!!!!!! 

♥Barbie, that's great and all, but what kind of art are we talking about, here?
Another fantastic question! And, the answer is: Any!
All art accepted for this contest, including;
♥ Digital
♥ Traditional
♥ Sketches
♥plushies / other IRL goodies

The only thing I am not accepting is stories/literature
(sorry, I don't have any use for them //shot) 

♥Okay great, but.... What's in it for me?
Yes, the all important prizes! I have not forgotten my loves!
For every 5 entries, I will add another prize place up to 5 places (5 winners)
And every prize will be a MYO! of ANY of my species! (yes, including xynthii!!!!)
(MYO = make your own)

Prize #1: Unlocked!!
1 MYO with 3 uncommon, 2 rare, and 1 very rare trait 

Prize #2: Locked :c
1 MYO with 3 uncommon and 2 rare traits

Prize #3: Locked :c
1 MYO with 3 uncommon Traits

Prize #4: Locked :c
1 MYO with 2 uncommon Traits

Prize #5: Locked :c
1 All common MYO!

Amazing! So, how long do I have to make this art? 
You have two weeks! starting today, (11/25/15) until (12/10/15) !
There will be NO extensions permitted, since it's only a mini contest ; u ;

Please Submit your Entries here!!!…

Please Submit your Journals/Polls here!!!…

Questions, comments, or concerns? Reply here!…

My OC's;

12249966 10153655601031291 4544964028697508771 N by NinjaKato

I know this has been on Tumblr, Facebook, and other places... But I thought to share this here for those who perhaps, like me, are struggling with trying to make amends between doing a job you love and living up to what expectations society and perhaps even our families expect from us. 

It's hard to feel like you're doing any good for yourself when people consistently tell you your pursuit of something you love to do is worthless. Somehow if someone loves being a brain surgeon it's alright because they contribute to society. 
If someone loves being a EMT they're inspiring because they save lives.
If someone loves doing their job as a mortician they're amazing because they can work with the dead; a job many would find hard to do.
That's all well and good and I am happy those people found a job they are passionate about and love to do no matter what that job is!

However, artists contribute to society. We say the things many are afraid to through our work.
We open people's eyes, minds, and broaden perspectives. 
We save lives and we inspire many by what we create. 
Artists are not lazy, worthless, or foolish for pursuing a career that they love and are passionate about.

So, instead of saying artists are worthless lumps who are so lazy all they want to do all day is draw and make pretty pictures, take a moment to realize that every ad you notice, every car you drive, every game you play, and every movie you see was made or made possible by an artist
Art is the foundation of creation and without it there's a high possibility our world would not be where it is today without those artists who helped build ideas through visual presentation.

I grew up in a family that would often try to stop me from drawing. My art supplies were taken, thrown away, my drawings ripped up and throw away in front of me. I was told to stop being a foolish dreamer and study something that would mean something; that would make me happy financially!
Thing is, I never stopped. I couldn't. I am an artist -- I always have been, and always will be.
I may never be rich, live in a big luxurious house, or drive nice fancy cars. 
I may struggle with myself and find it hard to bite back the feelings of regret for not listening to those who 'know better'.
However, all the regret, aggravation, and pressure to do something else doesn't stop me, and it shouldn't stop you.

"I think there's an artist hidden at the bottom of every single one of us."
- Bob Ross

Art is a job that a lot of people think means nothing but it means everything.

If anyone can cite the original creator of this, I'd be grateful.
For now I do not know who wrote this but it's wonderful.

Halo!! :3
Hạnh phúc quá êii, 1 tháng 100 watchers! TvT
Thật sự cám ơn các bạn rất nhiều!
Mong từ nay về sau các bạn sẽ tiếp tục ủng hộ mình nữa nha! = )))
Không nói nhiều nữa, vào đề luôn!
Hôm nay mình sẽ share để ăn mừng nha!

Đáng lẽ mớ này là để chơi random, mà ít bạn chơi quá, nên lấy ra share luôn, tại để vậy nhiều bạn uổng công thu thập nhiều bài hát hay vậy mà không có cũng buồn, ha?! = ))
Cũng xin cám ơn các bạn nhiều!
Tuy là trong số những bài hát đó cũng có nhiều bài mình nghe rồi, nhưng mà mấy bài kia thật sự là rất hay nha! :3

1 by hanaphuong200

2.2 by hanaphuong200

3 by hanaphuong200

4.4 by hanaphuong200

5.5 by hanaphuong200

6.6 by hanaphuong200

7.8 by hanaphuong200

8.9 by hanaphuong200

9.10 by hanaphuong200

Có vài cái PSD art cùi bắp thôi nhưng rất mong các bạn thích nha! <33

Thích cái preview cực! <33
Các tone màu đều chất, không đụng hàng! :3
1 by hanaphuong200

2 by hanaphuong200

3 by hanaphuong200

4 by hanaphuong200

5 by hanaphuong200

6 by hanaphuong200

7 by hanaphuong200

8 by hanaphuong200

Quay về với preview truyền thống thôi! :vv
Tất cả các pack đều là hàng độc quyền! = )))

P1 by hanaphuong200

2 by hanaphuong200

3 by hanaphuong200

4 by hanaphuong200

5 by hanaphuong200

6 by hanaphuong200