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Hey everyone!! ^q^Happy holidays!

I wanted to do something special this year, so I thought that a giveaway for a chibi would be fun!!
There will be one (possibly more) winners of a chibi like these!
Miri And Cosette by Steamed-BunPokefriends by Steamed-Bun


1. Fave this journal for 1 ticket!
2. You MUST be a watcher! I will be checking!
3. For extra "raffle tickets" (additional chances of winning), you can mention 2 friends for 2 tickets (+1 for each person after that up to 10, so total tickets would be 10!), Make a journal or poll advertising this giveaway for 1 ticket(+2 for both), Share this on other social media: Tumblr or twitter for 2 tickets, Comment your favorite thing about the holidays for 1 ticket. If you do any of these extras, please comment with the links of your journal/posts!

I will reply to your comments with your raffle ticket total!




I will be picking the winner with a random number generator!!
Good luck everyone!
I am give away 800 points for free 
How can you get them? Here are the rules:

1. You need to be my watcher.
2. You need to fave this journal (You'll get a number, which I will use to determine the winner, via )
3. Make a journal advertising the giveaway

That's all!!

The deadline for this giveaway is 12-24-2014 10:00am America/Mexico.

Join and win!

Take a look to our galleries!!

New Age of Dignity by Nao-DignityRita Repulsa And Lord Zedd Cosplay by Nao-DignityHTTYD 2 Cosplay by Nao-DignityEren Jaeger and Annie Leonhardt Cosplay by Nao-Dignity

Adoptables raffle (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 3:25 PM
RaffleAdopts(OPEN) by PhrysethAdopt

How to join:
1) Fave this journal.
2) Comment under this journal with this password
"Tomyam Yum Yum"

Raffle will be open until 25 Dec. (no specific time zone, too lazy to set)
I'll use to pick the winner.

Good luck. :heart:
*Forgive me if I don't reply the comments.
;;;w;;; I'll be losing my eyes before I can do that amg~
But, thank you for joining~ <3


Please kindly become the prizes contributor for :iconhumankemonoadopts:'s next contest.
Thank you. :heart:
Looking for prizes contributors for next contestWe will be holding a chibi adopts contest around mid Jan. >.

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Textures by julkusiowa
Hey nerds!

That time of year again when I do something crazy for Christmas, so let's just cut to the chase!

:iconchristmastreeplz:ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!  I am giving 1 lucky person a FULL ANIMATION FROM ME!:iconchristmastreeplz:
(it's a 4-6 second nonintro loop animation with 1 character, full FX and digital paint colorstyle!)

Have you ever wanted one of my animations done with your character?  Now is your chance!  Here are the rules!

:bulletgreen: Gotta watch me!  Click that nice watch button!  1.) because you might want easier communication with me in regards if you win, and 2.) you're pretty much already interested in my animations if you're entering!  Why not see more as I make them?

:bulletgreen: Favorite the journal here, and Comment!  I will be using a random number generator from the list of Favorites in the journal!  That's the most effective way of selecting a winner!

A winner will be selected CHRISTMAS, DEC 26th at midnight, Mountain Time US time!

:bulletred: restrictions in animations for those who want clarification as to what I wont draw for this:

:bulletred: No explicit content/sexual content of any kind!  It's not my thing, dont expect it
:bulletred: Understand my animation limits.  I am not a Disney Animator, so I do have things that are out of my ability range!  I'll work with you and see if i can snag your Skype info so we can properly collaborate!
:bulletred: this animation is a repeating loop animation, meaning the intro is either a fade or something simple.  Nothing like Metamorphosis (those take so much time xnx)

Now why am I doing this?

I understand that alot of people have asked me about ordering these and the pricepoint is way out of their range, and that makes them feel left out.  This allows people from anywhere the shot at something of mine.  Unlike Kiribans which cause unfair advantages for people in certain timezones, raffles give people an even opportunity to get art winning chances!  The second reason?  I have a nasty habit of overcomplicating animations to the point of them taking months (aka Standby).  This helps me streamline ideas to the point where I can produce an animation to develop my skills in a week or 2, which helps me progress with my artistic agility!  Totes a Win Win Situation!

So, that's the gist of it.  Get to entering!  Here's an example of the quality level's you will be raffling for:
M e g a l o by DanSyron:AT: Lunaria by DanSyronKing of Hearts by DanSyron
Twisted by DanSyronThe Commute Home by DanSyronHigh Roller: Silas Brenner Character Card by DanSyron

Good Luck.  DS out

Faelidh MYO Contest!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 11:05 AM

Edit: I believe I've added everyone whos let me know onto the uncommon traits list-if you dont see yourself on there and you posted a journal let me know!

It's happening! I wanted to throw this back in the last week of November but decided it'd be best to wait until after finals haha

DEADLINE January 15th 2015 at 11:59 PM EST


Please read and follow all rules. Any entry submitted that does not follow the rules will not be counted unless changes are made to the entry.

-No queens. 
-Only common traits allowed* (with an exception, read below)
-You must be a member of the Faelidh group to win. It takes seconds to join!
-Please no outfits or clothing. Scarves and small accessories are fine however. 
-Faelidh must have their tail wrappings! You don't want them to be publicly shamed, do you?
-Entries must be uploaded to your gallery. and other image sites are not accepted.
-No guilting, attacking others, or putting yourself down please! Let's make this a fun event!

Submit your entry to the group folder below!

Group folder is HERE

FAQ+ Resources:

Are Artisans and Travelers allowed?
Yes! Both breeds are allowed for this event. Only Queens are restricted.

How do I add uncommon or rare traits onto my MYO Faelidh?
-Sharing the event via journal or deviation will allow you to add 1 uncommon trait to your Faelidh!
-If you are able to get 3 people to join this event, then you have the option to include ONE rare trait to one Faelidh entry.

If you make a journal, please link me below and I will add you to the list of accepted uncommon trait users! If you manage to get 3 other people to join, have those people say so in the comments and I will add you to the rare trait users!

Why cant I give my Faelidh an outfit?
A Faelidh's status is based on what they wear! The more accessories the have or if they have a outfit means they are very skilled at what they do, and have a high place in Faelidh society. Accessories and outfits will be used as a reward for completing future event prompts in the group with your Faelidh. However small accessories like some flowers or a scarf or some earrings are ok! (And of course the mandatory tail cloths!)

How many times can I enter?
You can enter as many times as you'd like!

If I'm not picked, how much will it cost to make my Faelidh Official?
Faelidh with all common traits will cost $15 or 1500 :points:
Faelidh with an uncommon trait will cost $20 or 1800 :points:
Faelidh with a rare trait will cost $25 or 2500 :points:

How many winners will there be?
Undecided! It will depend on how many entries there are and will correspond accordingly. Less entries means less winners, more entries mean more winners, etcetc. I don't have a set number for winners.

What if I include a backstory/job with my Faelidh?
It would definitely be nice to see! It is not required however.

Resources+ Info

Current Faelidh Designs
Faelidh Trait Sheet by Verlidaine  Get to Know Faelidh
An example of a treetop woven nest community.

The Basics
Faelidh (pronounced: 'fay-lee')
Faelidh are teeny little creatures that are responsible for the upkeep and care of the world! There are two breeds-Artisans and Travelers. Artisans, the non winged ones, are responsible for creating anything the world may need, whether its dyes for changing leaves, a new winter fur coat for animals, crafting the morning dew, or creating snowflakes-they do it all! Travelers, the winged ones, are responsible for bringing the work that the Artisans have done and putting it into the world. A group of Faelidh is called a 'caravan'. Each caravan contains anywhere from 20-50 members, although outliers in either direction have been known to happen.At the top of a caravan reigns a Queen-much like a beehive! She is responsible for ensuring that the work goes smoothly within the community and no problems arise.Faelidh commonly range in size fr
  Faelidh Q+Aedit: check out some of the replies down below!! :3c feel free to keep asking too! 
i plan on releasing some more Faelidh information soon, but before I do I'd like to hear any questions you guys might have about the species and their world! Anything about the caravans, their world, social structure, culture, etcetc-shoot them at me! 
I've been worldbuilding for them in my spare time but I feel like this could really help push them further with your help!! nvn I'd love to hear and answer and this'll help me a lot when I compile another information sheet for these guys! 
Some Basics:


If you have any more questions please ask here!

Accepted UNCOMMON Trait Users

Accepted RARE Trait Users

Number of Users Referred
Eraili 1
Zieu 1
Azzly 1
sablepuss 1
CAPSed 1
Shinkei-Shinto 1
Mekko-chan 1
Tangbbe 1
pew 1

Art Status

Request, and collabs: Closed
Trades: Closed
Commissions: Closed

All the artworks on display in my gallery are
copyrighted 2006 - 2014 Verlidaine
All rights reserved.

All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not
be reproduced, copied, tubed, edited, published, transmitted
or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

For f**k’s sake. Terrorists are not under your bed. They are not hiding around every corner. They are not in the seat next to you. The few that are out there only win if you start to think they might be.
In 2005, a gaggle of weak-minded twits blew themselves up on the London Underground. I and 1.2 BILLION other passengers per year still use it. Could another attack happen? Of course. But so could fire, flood, collapse or accident. You could get hit by a bus as you exit the station! There are a thousand-and-one terrible things that could happen to you today and, I assure you, unless you live in some third world sh*thole, the odds of a random yahoo causing you physical harm for political or religious reason is one of the least likely to occur.

By watching The Interview in theatres, you would have been more likely to choke on a popcorn kernel than get caught up in any kind of threatened reprisal.

F**k you Sony. I’m buying an Xbox…….

So last night the season finale of Korra premiered. WARNING, this entire journal will be spoiling one specific thing from the ending which, if you can’t guess by the title of the journal and everyone tweeting and trending about it, has something to do with Korra and Asami’s relationship.

Now then, the big surprise was that the final moments of the episode involve Korra and Asami just chilling after a party and telling how much they mean to each other. After a consoling hug and some reassuring words, Korra suggests they take a vacation together. Just the two of them, no one else, wherever Asami wants to go. Asami suggests the spirit world. And so the episode ends with the two holding hands looking into each-other’s eyes as they pass into the spirit world.

I gotta say... I am impressed. I genuinely didn’t think that Nickelodeon would allow the Korrasami ship to get that far. Even though the show doesn’t explicitly come right out and SAY they’re a couple, the visual parallels, the looks on each character’s faces, the way throughout the entire 3rd and 4th seasons they’ve been so dear and loving to each other... it’s pretty hard to read this ending as anything BUT them as a couple.

Since the ending of Season 1 my biggest fear with The Legend of Korra was that they were going to shoe-horn Mako in as being the ultimate endgame partner for Korra. Even though it was pretty clear Mako and Korra’s relationship really really SUCKED. It’s been a niggling thought in the back of my head watching every new episode of Korra, so I can’t tell you how relieved I am that it didn’t come true.

One of the wonderful things about Korrasami is that it’s unobtrusive. The Legend of Korra’s plot does not hinge upon it. It’s never shoved in your face. It’s never called attention to that they’re bi-racial, either. It’s just there as two friends who came to realize they meant a lot to each other. That’s it. And you know what? THAT is my so-called “SJW agenda.” I want more representation like that. A lot of people claim I wanna FORCE “social justice” and “political correctness” down their throats, and that’s not true. I just want more representation. Period. And this was, in my opinion, a brilliant way to do it without forcing anything. I want more stuff like this please!

The ONLY thing that bothers me about Korrasami is knowing deep down that the “moral gatekeepers” are the reason Korra can’t actually kiss or tell Asami she loves her. Whenever I bring up my annoyance at kids cartooning not being allowed to show LGBTA content it’s more that I am mad at the societal pressures and system we have set up that demonizes it. Like, Disney can make a gay couple in a live-action TV show... but do that in a cartoon? Yeah not gonna happen (especially as we’ve seen recently from Gravity Falls where the creators frequently try to get around censorship laws to include this type of content). So I’m not really mad at Nickelodeon or Disney or whoever for not allowing openly LGBTA characters or content in their cartoons, I’m mad at society for dictating to them that it’s wrong and making them fear repercussions.

The weird thing about the ending is how small it was too. Like yes there is a big epic battle with Kuvira and Korra... but compared to the ending to Avatar: The Last Airbender this was pretty damn tame. And yet, somehow, it worked for me. I really enjoyed the fact that Korra’s journey is much more personal, and the ending of the series really highlighted that for me. Even though it wasn’t as “impressive” as Aang’s battle with the Fire Lord, it still felt complete and satisfying. It ended on a super positive and happy note.

My only hope now is that if there are any future comics made for the series they’re allowed to go a little more in-depth and say and do stuff they weren’t allowed to do on TV. Kinda like how in the comics to Adventure Time, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are very CLEARLY gay for each other.

And that, my friends, is my thoughts on the finale of Legend of Korra! Thanks to everyone who convinced me to get back into the series after the abysmal 1st season, because the writers clearly were able to make it all up and tie everything together.


One final thing to say...
I’m fully aware that the show doesn’t come out 100% and say that they are a couple. So from that perspective, I understand how one could argue that they are “just two straight friends.” And that’s fine if that’s how you want to perceive it. But please don’t be a dick to the many LGBTA fans for whom this is a HUGE deal. If you have a right saying they’re straight, those fans also have a right to claim they’re a bi or lesbian couple. LGBTA representation in American kids cartooning is so UNDER represented here that I think it’s a really mean spirited and hateful thing to try and take this tiny victory away from them. So yeah, please TRY to be respectful. Have your headcanon and we’ll have ours, ok? ok!
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Species event - OPEN

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 1:07 PM

So i was in thoughts a bit more than usually and I came to the conclusion that i want to start a little christmas species event, in which some of my species are free to make your own, but only a few specific timespan uvu

The reason is that i wont be able to give anything this year, even if i want to and i found my name on a bunch of wishlists and im really sorry for this, cause i want to give something. I thought of this for those who are interested might have fun with this.

Species Informations

    ♦ Geisha Bats (Species Information, Minion Trait guide, Anatomy guide, Examples)
    ♦ Critter Crunchies (Species Information, Life cyle, Examples, body types, Face types)
    ♦ Cattle (Species Information, Examples)


How to enter:

    ♦ comment this journal with the species you want to make
    ♦ reply to your comment with the finished design
    (i will overlook your designs, check if you made everything right, wait for my reply to upload it as official design)
    ♦ submit your official design to MonsterDome (its the official species group)



Please agree to the following conditions or you are forbidden to enter this event! A few condition breaks may result in closing this event early or even black listing.

1. This is a free event, this means you are not allowed to make profit of the created design you were allowed to make for free, if you sell you will be black listed and excluded of future species events/adoptables and customs.
Though you are allowed to trade or gift your designs.

What you get for free, you give for free and don't make profit of.

If you ignore this single condition i will close the event immediatly!


DEADLINE: 19th of January

The event will be updated frequently. I try to update it once a week.



How many and which of your species are open for this event?

only a few which have enough information to help you make your own.

Available species | how many you can make:

    Geisha bat | max. of 3 core geishas & max of 3 minions
    Critter Crunchie | max. 2 critter crunchies
    Cattle | max. of 2 cattle

How many are we allowed to create?
Look above and read!

Do we have to read the information?
Yes, of course you have to. Otherwise you won't be allowed you to make your design.
Please read all the information, look at the examples for inspiration.
If you have questions please ask.

Do we have to pay to make one.
No, within the deadline of this event you are allowed to make your own geishabat/critter crunchie/vampire frog/cattle for free.

Are we allowed to sell the designs we create in this event?

No! because this is a free event. It would be really unfair if you sell your design after you were allowed to create it for free.

Species related F.A.Q

Geisha bats (common or core) are the boring type geisha bat. They have no special body traits like horns, claws etc neither are they able to defend themselves from predators. That's why evolution equipted them with minions which can guard them during adventures and collection food.


How many uncammon/rare traits are we allowed to use?
Don't cluster your design with uncommon or rare traits, it should be balanced, so i recommend additional to common traits 3 uncommon/rare traits per design.

Minion trait guide is exclusive for minion geisha bats. If you need reference for core/common geisha bats look for examples in my gallery.

Are we allowed to design an uncommon/rare type of minion?
You are allowed to design either a common or uncommon type of minion. (either common or mediterrean type)

First stage food can never be chosen twice. If the food already exists you are not to use it, choose a different one. But you can use the food type for the second stage.

How many heads can a critter crunchie have?
A critter crunchie can have a max amount of 3 heads. Can be read here: life cycle information

btw my friend Shegoran is hosting a similar event

-ALL SPECIES OPEN- by Shegoran


holiday chibi raffle~ [open]

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 10:19 PM

Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]  hai everyone! hope your all spending a nice holiday so far!  Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 

i wanted to a raffle one since reaching 1k watchers, 
and since im 
finally free for the holidays! so here you go! <33

the prize will be a chibi like this! 
a chibi, with a mini animation like shown below, and with optional doodle background
starry cupcake by kokotea

this is for watchers only! 

new watchers are welcome, 

but please only watch if you like my art

(note: i will only draw one character.
i do not draw anthros, clutter, and any kind of mature content)

Misc Emoji-01 (Christmas Tree) [V1]
how to enter

1. be a watcher (new watchers welcome)
2. fav this journal
2. leave a comment

this will give you two raffle tickets
but thats not all!

extra entries

1. include a reference for ONE character (+ 1 entry)
plus a small description if possible! 

2. be a watcher before i made this journal. (+1 entry)
please let me know by typing "i am senpai kawaii/sugoi" (<---you can chose between kawaii/sugoi!)
(please let me know or else no extra entry!)

3. make a new poll/journal about this raffle (+3 entry)
please include :thumb497388093: and :thumb501320095: 
(^ its a thumbnail of the chibi and a link to this journal)
and a small description so people know what its all about!
(and then link me ; v; )

4. tell a christmas themed joke (+1 entry)

5. doodle something holiday-ish with deviantart muro (+1 entry)
can be pretty, funny, anything!

6. mention a friend... or many! (+1 entry per friend, up to 5)
to mention someone, just type "@" before you type their name, or type :devusername:
optional: you can also include them a holiday greeting if you want, too
let them know you love them <333

if there is more than 100 favorites of this journal, or if tickets exceed a certain number, i will have a second winner
for one snow globe icon like this: 

Chibu Koko Snowglobe by kokotea
the first winner will get to choose between a pixel icon like above or a chibi,
and the second place winner will get to take the other option

this ends on the 25th, at 1 am EST

i love you all! happy holidays!! <333

Misc Emoji-01 (Christmas Tree) [V1] Kao Emoji-15 (Merry Christmas) [V1] Misc Emoji-01 (Christmas Tree) [V1]
(ps: small delay in replying to comments, so that you can all edit your comments if you need!)

Character Page Raffle

Thu Dec 18, 2014, 8:49 PM
:star: In this raffle you can win a sketched character page from me~! :star:

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

The character page will include:
(Uncolored/sketched) 1 fullbody, 2 halfbodies, 1 chibi, and three portraits.
Here, have some examples of my art (if you aren't already familiar with it)

Character Page: Tanith by XAngelFeatherX Nimble - Doodles by XAngelFeatherX Character Page Commission: xXDarkRaven by XAngelFeatherX Character Page Commission - ColorfulMay by XAngelFeatherX 

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

So, how do you enter this raffle? It has a few, simple rules:

(1) You must be a watcher, new or old, it doesn't matter.
(This is mainly for people who like my art enough to want to see more of it. Thank you so much, you guys ;v; <3)

(2) You must favorite this journal and comment, you can tell me why YOU would like to win!
(I really do appreciate more than a 'I'll enter'-comment! Though a short 'I'm entering' is enough)

(3) You must feature this raffle in a journal OR poll, link to it in your entry comment.
(it does take time to draw these things, so I do want at least a few to enter, yanno?)

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

When will the raffle end?

It ends on the 22nd of december.

I will then use a randomizer to pick a number. The corresponding number in the favorites list is the winner, I will also check the comments to see if you have actually entered the raffle and not just given a support fave (so you see this is why you really must remember to both fave/comment to enter!). 

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

Thank you for your time and good luck on the raffle!

I really hope to see people entering, it'd mean a lot to me <3

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