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:heart: Hello family! :iconyuihugplz: :heart:

Today I wanted to give a little gift to my watchers while I work on my commissions, but unfortunatly I'll be out this evening and tomorrow I'll be at work, so I figured I'd use my points instead T//v//T (The other points surely will be used for a contest, and it's THANKS to YOU guys!! My donation pool reached over 820 points just by you donating- I- This is too much- ////// <333)

Soo I decided to organize a giveaway for 3 free months of PM! >////v////< <333

:star: What can you do with a PM :star:

:star: Browse more content
:star: Change your username
:star: Unlock your with 10 GB of storage

:star: Give your journal more pop with custom skins
:star: Engage and track your visitors with extra widgets and stats

:star: Administrate more than three Groups
:star: Access exclusive weekly giveaways
Beta-test new site features
:star: Make more money on each sale by setting your own print prices
:star: Promote yourself with Portfolio

:star: And more! <3

:star: How to enter :star:

:star: Favourite this journal! That's the only thing required! <3

Winner choosen by! :heart:

The winner is...

:star: N.109, aka JFlare205 :iconjflare205: :star:


Tangle and his Yacht (GIF) by CuddleyKittens

Tangle: I can confirmed this happened in real life

Beecher: Yeah, I nearly lost my endoskeleton legs. Y'KNOW, BECAUSE THEY'RE MY ONLY LEGS

Tangle: lel

April Showers Raffle || 800 Point Raffle

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 16, 2015, 7:58 AM
Finally able to do the April raffle now that I don't have to worry about a deep bill to pay haha.  It's called April Showers because the winner will be showered in 800 points haha- I'm sorry I couldn't afford more.  It was originally going to be in the thousands, but I still have another anime con to go to... x'DD

:bulletblue: You must favorite this journal.  This will be your "raffle ticket".  
:bulletblue: (Optional) If you comment, you will receive a second "raffle ticket".
:bulletblue: (Optional) If you post a journal featuring this raffle, you will get a third and a fourth ticket.

The winner will be chosen via on April 25th (Saturday) and you will promptly receive your prize of 800 :points:

Mini Raffle : 2 DAYS LH Adopt giveaway

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 17, 2015, 8:18 PM

opening for this acc lol;; since my latest before adopt were not sold iguess i make it giveaways to people then;;
im talking bout this LineHeart btw**

[RAFFLE] LineHeart Adopt #14( female) by Ryuuta-kun

GOH LOOK AT WHAT :iconrynessi: DID

Erin-adopts by Rynessi


♥ Rules ♥

+ Fav this Journal. ** ur number are in fav ist u know what i mean
+ Share it in a journal or a poll / no reallyneed but i apreciate it if u do haha

♥ Winner ♥

+ I'll choose the winner randomly with a number generator.
+ I will give this person the design in HD without watermark .
+ Not for commercial use. You can trade this adopt but not resell it.
+ The raffle was a 2 days raffle lel , i dont midn if less people enter whe

i choose people in the generator tomorrw; at 6 pm


Fri Apr 17, 2015, 12:29 PM
Currently I have 2,600 watchers... omg thank you so much *__*
Therefore I will start my next giveaway :3
You can win 4x 1,000 points!

~fave this journal~
~write a journal about this~
~write a comment with your journal~
~fave my art~
~feel free to watch me if you like my art :3~
~give me a llama badge~
~have fun~

____death line: 1th June.2015____

good luck! :3

Twelve Month Premiumship Raffle!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 5:56 AM


Another Raffle!
La Verona and Aku by Verona7881

1st Winner: Twelve Month Premiumship
2nd Winner: Three Month Premiumship
3rd Winner: One Month Premiumship


Fav this Journal!
Please, make a journal advertising and link it back to this Journal!
Comment when you did all above and you get a number!
Day after deadline I use to get the winners!
Good luck!

Deadline: June 1, 2015


001. :iconleader-1987:
002. :iconcrystelluna:
003. :icongeneralsalert:
004. :iconannaliah:
005. :iconanimaroxy:
006. :icontwittershy:
007. :iconaimeedash:
008. :iconlombaxartist:
009. :iconmelodysartist:
010. :iconsaiyajin-pride:
011. :iconanniexfreddyxd:
012. :iconblitzy-pone:
013. :iconeclightningstar:
014. :iconheartsong-fim:
015. :icondubstepeevee:
016. :iconmusicgoddess14:
017. :iconcollorfull:
018. :iconairazone:
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078. :iconpolicewannabe:
079. :iconpandaachuu:
080. :iconmorroderthefreakyguy:
081. :icontuffagentshepherd:
082. :iconlonewolf45622:
083. :iconvierared:

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:sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: 

so I decided to make an icon raffle! You have a chance to win something like this:
icons by erkimyssquad by erkimysicon batch by erkimys

Here are the rules: ` v´)9 

- You have to watch me

- You have to :+fav: this journal and make a journal/poll advertising this raffle and link it to me!

The raffle ends in 21/4

good luck to everyone..!!  

:sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: :sunnysideup: 
Sweet dancing dolphins, when the heck did I hit 500K pageviews??? Geeeeez Louise, you guys know how to make a lady feel appreciated. Oh and speaking of good news, as of this morning, I've lost 41 pounds in 8 months. Now all my pants are way too big and I'm too broke to buy new ones!

Anyway, this calls for another round of Pandoraverse-Fun Facts!

    -Pandora (along with Discord) is curiously immune to the typical effects of Poison Joke. Instead it induces a state of drug-like euphoria. Both Pan and Discord go a little loopy in the head and start rolling around and purring and generally acting like (really big)cats with catnip. This information came as news to Twilight when she brought a sample of Poison Joke home to study.
  -Pandora was horribly afraid of thunderstorms as a kid, and remains skittish of them as an adult, especially ones that happen at night. Sure, she'll put on a brave face and pretend she isn't scared, but if a big thunderclap booms outside she'll fluff up and dart underneath a table/desk/Cupcake's legs. Cupcake usually remedies this by offering to sleep in Pan's bed with her, and together they make a cuddly noodle pile
 -Pan is a terrible dancer. Think Twilight's spastic, flailing dance movements, then picture them being done by a 12 foot long she-dragon horse noodle beast. Still, she thinks she's the pinnacle of dancing grace

-Although Pandora generally stays away from meat, she is an omnivore, and her favorite food is sushi (bought from Griffin food markets)

-Little Panny and Twilight once entered the Ponyville Motherhooves Day Mare-a-thon. They didn't win (Pinkie and Cupcake did, they don't screw around) but it's one of their closest mother daughter bonding moments

-Pandora is officially banned from Ponyville's Winter Wrap Up. Discord is also not allowed anywhere near the activities (but of course this only makes the two of them sneak in anyway)

-Cupcake is something of an insomniac. She spends the night thinking, reading, cooking, planning...and watching Pandora sleep. Pan isn't aware of this

-In the Pandora humanverse, Cupcake boxes in her spare time, while Rosemary practices kickboxing. They get along fairly well and even teach a Wednesday night women's self defense class together. They have taken each other on in the ring just once (under Pandora's provocation). It was surprisingly violent and eventually Pan and Aerostorm had to pull them off each other

-Cupcake trained for two years at the Canterlot Elite Royal Guard Academy. As the only little mare in a platoon of hardened stallions, she was broken and battered after her first week, but pressed on anyway, with the goal of becoming the Head Knight of Princess Pandora. She graduated top of her class, and although Pan's princess plans didn't work out, Cupcake's guard/combat training is still really evident (and very useful)

-Cupcake thinks her cutie mark is somewhat bland, and constantly seeks to learn new special talents

-Bruce would never admit it, but he's afraid of Cupcake. As kids, Cupcake swoops in to protect Panny from Bruce's bullying, and he makes a flippant remark about her weight. All the schoolchildren goes deathly quietly, and Bruce figures out he's made a mistake, right before he becomes the recipient of a black eye.

Paradox and Beefcake
-Paradox loooooves Twilight. When he visits Pan's dimension he pretty much acts like a giant baby kitten around Twilight, giving her big cat nuzzles and unlike Pandora, is totally appreciative of her cookies and milk and hair brushing and general momma henning, because his own mother is crazy, zany Eris, so he never got the full "doting mommy" package that Twilight offers. It took Twilight a while to be okay with existence of Paradox (and she is not at ALL okay with his relationship with Pandora) but eventually she grows to love having SOME version of Pandora that appreciates her mothering, and comes to treat Paradox as an out of town son.*

-Beefcake's voice sounds like pure gravel. I've seen him compared to Nathan Explosion from Metalocalypse...and yeah, that's pretty much what he'd sound like. Paradox, though, in my head, sounds like Emperor Kuzco in Disney's Emperor's New Groove

-Beefcake has Cupcake's same subdued, dry deadpan sense of humor
-Paradox calls Beefcake "BC" for short

-Rosemary is surprisingly competitive at sporting events. She has all of her father's enthusiasm and volume.*
-Rosemary and Aerostorm have a secret best friends pegasus hoofshake. It's said to resemble a cross between a peacock strut and a chicken having a seizure.*
Somewhat surprisingly, Rosemary is very good friends with Bruce, through Aerostorm. Bruce reluctantly considers her his best friend, aside from Stormy
-Like Aerostorm, Rosemary is a good singer, and they often sing duets
-In my head, Rosemary's voice sounds like Jennifer Tilly ( y'know, the voice actress behind Celia from Monster's Inc, Bonnie Swanson in Family Guy, Grace the cow from Disney's Home on the Range, Tiffany from the Child's Play/Chucky horror movies, etc)
-Discord LOVES Rosemary and treats her as a second daughter, and he is her most favorite uncle in the universe. They get together weekly for morning yoga and tea with Fluttershy and Discord often has Rosie read his dream journal. She has NO idea what any of it means, but its her goal in life to find out.*

Aerostorm, Ember and Misty
-Scootaloo is the godmother to Dash's kids. They all love her and see her as a big sister/honorary aunt, but Ember LOVES her. You think Scoots idolized Dash? That's nothing compared to how Ember sees her. She basically uses the "what would Scootaloo do" mentality when making hard decisions.*
-Aerostorm has a golden singing voice and carries his ukelele almost everywhere, so that he can play and sing when the mood strikes him. His singing often brings flocks of admirers
-Ember and Jasper are super bestie bros. The closest bros to ever bro in all of bro-dom. Even though they're little fillies, much of their interactions are loud yelling, hoof bumps, chest bumps, and dares. Misty often tags along with the two of them to make sure they don't get into too much trouble, but generally her presence only increases the property damage. They form a trio of trouble the likes of which Ponyville hasn't seen since Pandora grew up
-Stormy is a total momma's boy, much to Rainbow Dash's chagrin. Despite his mellow attitude he's secretly insecure about not living up to the image she built for him
-Jasper will be key in Ember and Misty getting their cutiemarks
-Both Ember and Misty grow up to be fantastic aeronautic flyers (a la Wonderbolts) and form their own flying duo

* denotes a submission by :iconroboheather: , who is my glorious character development bestie ;)

I'm raffling away one FREE Teacup Dragon custom! (Common traits only)
(The custom will be done on the normal Teacup base, not on the one above w h o o p s)

The rules:
This raffle is only for people who do not own a Teacup dragon.
You must be watching this account in order to enter.

To enter, just favorite this journal. That's it! I'll randomly pick the winner on Sunday, April 19th at 9 PM MST.
If you make a journal post about this raffle and link to it in the comments below, I'll enter your name a second time!

If i get more than 10 favs on this journal ill make a master post confession journal

the max ill do it 30 sorry
be warned,, you might hate me after i say confess some of this stuff hah A,,