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FREE Points and Art!!! // and Important Updates!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 13, 2016, 8:26 AM

Free Points Raffle!

One person will win 100 :points:!  I will draw the winner using after a day or two.

How to Enter:

:bulletpink: Watchers only!

:bulletpink: Favourite this journal.

And that's it!  Thank you for participating.^^


(must enter on Youtube)

And important deviantART and Youtube Updates!

Just covering some complaints and explaining how my channel is developing... you know, updatey stuff!  And giving away FREE ART!!!o3o

Link to my channel in case you're having trouble entering the giveaway:

::Skin and CSS by Shattered-Earth::

CLOSED // 2,000 Points Give-Away! FEBRUARY

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2016, 4:05 PM

 Hello my friends! Heart I want to share my points~~

So I decided to do a give away ^^

Dedenne Avatar by SeviYummyDedenne Avatar by SeviYummyDedenne Avatar by SeviYummy

And the winners are:

1. :iconvynntageequestrian:
2. :iconmilwaukiee:


There will be 2 winners in total:
1. 1,000Points
2. 1,000Points

Here come the rules! :

Star!1-Make another journal featuring this one.
Star!2-Put the link of the journal you made featuring this one here on the comments.
Star!3-Watch me.
Star!4-Favorite this journal

NOTE: The rules are NOT optional! You have to do all mentioned above! 

I'll use to pick the winner!

Dead-line is February the 14th 2016


Dragonite gif by SeviYummy 

Art Style - Don't Rush It!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 12, 2016, 7:00 PM

After a conversation I had with someone today I wanted to make a quick journal on the topic, since I think its something everyone (myself included) struggles with at some point in their artistic career. And that topic is style. Often I see on DA younger artists trying to find their style, and more importantly worrying that they wont, or that no one will like their art because of it. I'm here to say stop worrying about it! 

Style is not just the way your art looks, its all about the way you draw and whats comfortable for you. If you spend so much time worrying about it and thinking about it, you're going to end up with art that you aren't going to be happy with because your setting the bar too high. Style comes from yourself, and what your good at. Here are a few tips that I've learned over the years (and still should probably listen to) regarding art style.

1. Don't worry about it.

Whether you realize it or not, everyone has their own style. Its formed by how you lay your brush strokes, and interpret the world around you, and no one does that the same way! I can guarantee you that there is something about your art that is unique and recognizable, even if its as simple as the way you draw noses. 

2. Start with the basics.

Before you even worry about style at all, its important to know the fundamentals of art. Anatomy, color, composition, etc. Often times when doing studies of the fundamentals you will notice patterns in how you draw, and you will start to build a style whether you realize it or not. For example people tell me I paint backgrounds in a specific way, even if I am looking at a photo my way of painting is recognizable. I don't realize this or really see it, but it is there. This is the best way to form a style because you really get to know how you interpret things without the influence of other art and styles you see around the community.

3. Try many techniques and styles.

The most important thing to do when faced with the style problem is to try many different styles and techniques. For example you see an artist who does really cool shading, instead of saying "aw man I'll never be that good", look at it and say "wow I wonder if I could incorporate that technique into my own work". By trial and error you will find what feels right to you. If a style feels forced its not gonna work for you. Try something new! Keep broadening your skill set and adding on to what you already know and are good at, and eventually you will find your style and the direction you should be going in. I'm not gonna lie and say this is easy, it took me years to be comfortable with my art, and I'm still learning! Its a good idea to have a goal in mind, a place where you want to be art level wise, and do everything you can to get there. For me it was always landscape painting, and learning every new technique I could to get closer to my inspirations, not to mimic, but to be at their level of understanding and knowledge of art. A good thing to do is make a list of what you like about your art, and what you would like to improve on and go from there on your quest to find a comfortable and unique style!

4. Don't try to replicate someone's style to a T.

Your art style comes as a result of the way you draw, and how you see the world around you. And while other artists can very much influence your style, don't try to copy someone elses style line for line. You want to look at those artists that inspire you so and say to yourself "what is it about their art that I love so much, is that something I can incorporate into my own?". Another thing I see very often is "trend" styles. By this I mean a large number of artists try to make their art look like whats popular, and what sells which is fine but its often hard to pick out styles from this crowd and know exactly who drew what. If your trying so hard to make your art popular and not what your comfortable with, its not going to work out for you. The best artists on this site, notice how you can always distinguish their art from another? That's because they worked hard to make their art unique and stand out from the crowd, and that's how you get followers, watchers and commissions, not by being a copy cat. People will come to you because your art has someone no one else has, trust me!

In conclusion, to those out their struggling to find a style, it will come to you in time. It won't happen over night but just remember to draw what you like, and in a way that you enjoy and it will all fit together I promise! Remember it is okay to try other artists styles and techniques, but give proper credit where credit is due. :)

Skin by SimplySilent
Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing alright!

Just something quick - I wanted to share with you the brushes I use:…

They are from a variety of sources, many of them have been around for ages from other artists (Jaime Jones, Kekai Kotaki, 
Levi Peterffy, etc etc etc...) others I made myself, others I altered, and so on.

Sometime ago, someone in my youtube channel told me he had just bought a brush pack, which really struck me the wrong way since I believe they should be shared freely with everyone. I really don't see the point in selling these as you can get them anywhere online these days if you research just a bit as fortunately there are still many people sharing them for free. It's also not like you are selling some secret painting sauce, it's just a simple tool. So yeah, don't buy brushes. And don't sell them either, don't be a douche! :)

Also, it's been said a million trillion times, but just keep in mind that they are just a tool and won't make you magically work better. They can be helpful if you are trying to achieve a certain look in your illustrations and so on, or to give some texture, but don't focus to much on gathering a ton of brushes and using them all. Just use the ones you are most comfortable with.

The last 10 brushes in that pack are probably the ones I use the most, but 80% of the time I use the same 2 or 3 brushes, the others are just flavor.

That's it! Let me know if you have any questions!

Cheers everyone! :)

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i just had this cute idea LETS GO
Everyone who makes a cute valentine of someone else's Tokota (not necessarily fullbody but colored, with effort and a cute message) between now and the 14th and sends it to them via note WILL BE ENTERED IN A RAFFLE for a breeding slot to one of these Tokotas of their choice!!!


Arturo 11071 by TotemSpiritBoon 11072 by TotemSpiritTalulla 11073 by TotemSpirit

Simply make your valentine (it can be quickie but as long as it's cute and not totally unefforted!) and submit it here:…

You can enter as many times as you want but the valentine must be different each time and not just recolored or smth

You guys know I've been having a very difficult week. So when I got a note saying I received a Valentine today here on DA, I felt flustered and excited. I was sitting on my mothers couch while she was on the phone- I had stopped by to visit her after work.

So I open my Valentine note and this is what has been given to me: (This person specifically had it sent to me btw, it's not something that was randomly sent by DA, the person wrote my name into a box for me to receive this anonymously. It has been reported a threat against me and my well being.)

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 4.57.18 PM by sarahhite

I sobbed on my mothers couch for a long time this afternoon. Grieving over my best friend, and now because of this. 

She said "Sarah- this card isn't to you- this was some asshole who just gave these out to be a jerk. It has nothing to do with you."

I said "I'm not crying because it was sent to me. I'm glad I was the one who got it. I'm crying because what if this had been sent out to someone today who wasn't feeling their strongest. Someone who struggles with depression- someone who could have been suicidal already today. What if someone got this, and this was the breaking point of their day? What if they had felt happy for that split second like I did and then read this nasty hateful thing."

I cried. A lot. Because I spend my time and ultimately, have been spending MY LIFE for these last 9 years- telling people that they matter- and that they are loved.

And then- for them to receive something like this? I asked my mom "what if a thirteen or fourteen year old got this- who already was thinking of committing suicide this week? WHAT IF ANYONE had received this who felt suicidal?"

Why do people do things like this?

My mother (always kinder than I have been) said "Think about the person who made this. They must have something going on in their life right now, that makes them want to treat people badly."

And I told her that is NO excuse to be hurtful.

I have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I have depression. I have anxiety that includes anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I have trichotillomania. These things are a result of my own personal past and my own personal traumas. My past does not give me an excuse to be cruel to others because others have done wrong by me. I have been in and out of therapy for years, and am still continuing it today. And I do my damnedest to make sure that I am kind to others because I DON'T KNOW THE BAGGAGE THEY CARRY. I need to be the positive in their negative day. I need to make sure that I am being a positive influence in someone else's life, and not a negative influence. 

The way people treat you is not a reflection of you. It is a reflection of THEM.

SO IF YOU GET A CARD LIKE I DID- please. Understand that it has nothing to do with you- and that someone hiding behind an anonymous identity decided to do this because they choose to be ugly. They choose to be hurtful. They choose to hurt others to make themselves feel better for a moment.

If you get a card like this. REPORT IT. Do not respond to it, do not get upset over it. This is a reflection OF ONLY THEM. NOT YOU. 

You are beautiful, you are loved. You are important. Be kind and be strong of heart. Someone else's words do not define you. Your own actions define who you are as a person.

peace, love, and happiness,
-Sarah Elizabeth Hite

EDIT: Looks like everyone is getting this message in their notes!! so this person is just spamming everyone O A O;; damn, they have a lot of time on their hands.
Someone asked me what I'd give each of the atrocities if I gave them some kind of star system. Like, if I gave them 1 to 6 stars. 1 star meaning they're... sort of tolerable. 6 stars meaning that they're some of the worst things I've ever seen. It seemed like a good idea, and it's probably arbitrary, but tell me if this is something you'd like to see. So... anyway:

Episode 1: The Splinter 4 Stars
Episode 2: A Pal for Gary: 4 Stars
Episode 3: Bubsy Pilot: 3 Stars
Episode 4: Johnny's Royal Flush: 1 Star
Episode 5: Everyone Knows It's Bendy: 1 Star
Episode 6: A Charming Birthday: 2 Stars
Episode 7: Stuck in the Wringer: 3 Stars
Episode 8: The Groovenians: 2 Stars
Episode 9: It's a Wishful Life: 6 Stars
Episode 10: Madballs: Gross Jokes: 5 Stars
Episode 11: Town and Out: 1 Star
Episode 12: Dancing in the Clouds: 2 Stars
Episode 13: One Coarse Meal: 5 Stars
Episode 14: Seahorse Seashell Party: 6 Stars
Episode 15: Face Freeze! 2 Stars
Episode 16: My Fair Brainy: 2 Stars
Episode 17: The Hunchback of Notre Dame II: 3 Stars
Episode 18: Friends Are Never Far Away: 2 Stars
Episode 19: 1 Night in Gottlieb: 6 Stars
Episode 20: Stand By Me: 1 Star
Episode 21: Trilogy: 6 Stars
Episode 22: Squid's Visit: 1 Star
Episode 23: Squid Baby: 4 Stars
Episode 24: Come Back, Lily Lightly: 1 Star
Episode 25: Arthur's Big Hit: 2 Stars
Episode 26: Lupe's Revenge: 3 Stars
Episode 27: Battletoads: 1 Star
Episode 28: Ball of Revenge: 1 Star
Episode 29: Tentacolino: 5 Stars
Episode 30: Atlantis SquarePantis: 4 Stars

Episode 31: SpongeBob You're Fired: 4 Stars
Episode 32: Life of Brian: 5 Stars
Episode 33: Dexter vs. Santa's Claws: 1 Star
Episode 34: The Night B4 Christmas: 2 Stars
Episode 35: Lisa Goes Gaga: 2 Stars
Episode 36: A Very Minty Christmas: 1 Star
Episode 37: Chicken Little: 5 Stars
Episode 38: Mrs. Gorf: 1 Star
Episode 39: Love Bugs: 3 Stars
Episode 40: Top 10 Squidward Torture Porns: 1 Star to 5 Stars
Episode 41: Pet Sitter Pat: 5 Stars
Episode 42: Princess Promenade: 3 Stars
Episode 43: Fart Baby: 4 Stars
Episode 44: Cold War: 3 Stars
Episode 45: Love Loaf: 6 Stars
Episode 46: Cars 2: 2 Stars
Episode 47: Uh-Oh, Canada: 3 Stars
Episode 48: Positively Pink: 4 Stars
Episode 49: Little Yellow Book: 3 Stars
Episode 50: Top 10 Worst Patrick's a Prick Episodes: 1 Star to 5 Stars
Episode 51: Fresh Heir: 5 Stars
Episode 52: Demolition Doofus: 5 Stars
Episode 53: Sorry, Wrong Ed: 1 Stars
Episode 54: Two for the Sky: 2 Stars
Episode 55: Shorty McShorts Shorts: 1 Star to 3 Stars
Episode 56: Staring at the Future: 4 Stars
Episode 57: Waffles: 4 Stars
Episode 58: Poop Doggy Dogg: 6 Stars
Episode 59: Ren Seeks Help: 6 Stars
Episode 60: Truth or Square: 4 Stars

Episode 61: Arnold Betrays Iggy: 3 Stars
Episode 62: Whatever Happened to SpongeBob: 4 Stars
Episode 63: Operation Princess: 4 Stars
Episode 64: Pet or Pests?: 3 Stars
Episode 65: Is This Cute?: 3 Stars
Episode 66: Over Two Rainbows: 6 Stars
Episode 67: Spit Collector: 4 Stars
Episode 68: Are You Happy Now? 1 Star
Episode 69: Fairly OddPet: 4 Stars
Episode 70: Nobody Doesn't Like TJ 1 Star
Episode 71: Tommy's Big Job: 6 Stars
Episode 72: Jeepers Creepers, Where is Peepers? 2 Stars
Episode 73: Serious Business: 2 Stars
Episode 74: Clones R Us: 4 Stars
Episode 75: To Love a Patty: 4 Stars
Episode 76: The Substitute:  4 Stars
Episode 77: Elf Bowling: The Movie: 6 Stars
Episode 78: Time Twister: 6 Stars
Episode 79: Save the Tooth: 3 Stars
Episode 80: Boys vs. Girls: 5 Stars
Episode 81: Love Struck: 1 Star
Episode 82: Herpe the Love Sore: 5 Stars
Episode 83: YouTube Copyright School: 4 Stars
Episode 84: Mars Needs Moms: 5 Stars
Episode 85: Numbers Game: 4 Stars
Episode 86: Snow Day: 1 Star
Episode 87: Cupid the Cat 4 Stars
Episode 88: Castle Wiz: 5 Stars
Episode 89: Space Circus: 6 Stars
Episode 90: Doggy Poo: 1 Star

Episode 91: Screams of Silence: 6 Stars
Episode 92: Girls Gone Mild: 3 Stars
Episode 93: The Pom-Pom Girl: 6 Stars
Episode 94: The Return of Slade: 5 Stars
Episode 95: There's No Business Like Monkey Business: 3 Stars
Episode 96: Hospital: 6 Stars
Episode 97: Hired: 6 Stars
Episode 98: Greg: 4 Stars
Episode 99: The Ceremony: 5 Stars
Episode 100: Drawn Together Movie: 6 Stars
Episode 101: May the Farce Be With You: 1 star
Episode 102: I Loathe a Parade: 3 Stars
Episode 103: Peter-Assment: 4 Stars
Episode 104: The Big Fairy Share Scare: 3 Stars
Episode 105: Follow the Bouncing Orange: 4 Stars
Episode 106: Mindless Fun: 5 Stars

Some Stats:
Season 1:
        8 1-star atrocities
        7 2-star atrocities
        4 3-star atrocities
        4 4-star atrocities
        3 5-star atrocities
        4 6-star atrocities

Season 2: (Discounting top 10's & Shorty McShorts' Shorts)
        4 1-star atrocities
        4 2-star atrocities
        5 3-star atrocities
        6 4-star atrocities
        5 5-star atrocities
        3 6-star atrocities

Season 3:
        5 1-star atrocities
        2 2-star atrocities
        4 3-star atrocities
       10 4-star atrocities
        4 5-star atrocities
        5 6-star atrocities

Season 4: (as of present, 16 episodes out of 30)
        1 1-star atrocities
        0 2-star atrocities
        4 3-star atrocities
        3 4-star atrocities
        3 5-star atrocities
        5 6-star atrocities

Wow, didn't notice that season 6 had the most 6 star atrocities. I thought for sure, season 3 would have had the most.

18 1-star atrocities total
13 2-star atrocities total
17 3-star atrocities total
23 4-star atrocities total
15 5-star atrocities total
17 6-star atrocities total

Kind of figured 2-stars would be the least, but 4-stars being the most is surprsing.

And for funsies, lets see what I'd give some of the atrocities I haven't reviewed at present. (Keep in mind that these are just initial scores, and they can change wildly while I review [like with what happened with Space Circus])

American Fung: 4 Stars
Brian & Stewie: 3 Stars
Brian's a Bad Father: 6 Stars
Guano in 60 Seconds: 3 Stars
Hank's Choice: 5 Stars
Lisa the Simpson: 3 Stars 
Pig Goat Banana Cricket Hi Five: 2 Stars
Putting Your Hoof Down: 3 Stars
Rainbow Falls:
 1 Star
Regarding Margie: 5 Stars
Shop Talk: 3 Stars
Some Enchanted Evening: 1 Star
Stewie is Enceinte: 4 Stars
Witch-Ay Woman: 2 Stars

And no, I don't know what the next episode's star score is going to be because this week is an admirable animation.

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Your suggestions are so, so terrible. 

Hey everyone!

As some older members may remember, I held a Win a Sushi Dog Contest last year giving out a Triptych to first time owners.  It was very successful and I am happy to know that CursedFire still owns Ichigo Daifuku after all of this time.

So, I am going to host another art contest this year.  This year, the Sushi Dog that is the prize is a lovely design by my friend, Papinella .  She has been my friend for over a year and is an amazing artist, as well as a designer.  This soosh has been taken to the Sushi Salon and had a lot of love put into her.  Therefore, the characters that you must draw will be both mine and Pap's.

The Sushi Dog up as a prize for the winner is Pastel Pink Rose Macaroon.

Charity the Pastel Pink Macaroon Soosh by Star-Shade

:bulletpink:Standard Build:bulletpink:
Common Cheek Pouches
Rare Tail Bandanna
Rare Bandanna Gradient
Uncommon Ribbon Knot
Uncommon Side Ears
Uncommon Long Whispy Tail

(The neck bandanna is an accessory)



In order to take part in this contest, you cannot own more than five Sushi Dogs/Cats. If you own five you may still enter, but no more than that.  While I would love to host for first time owners only again, I got a lot of hate last year for doing that and just can't do so again.

Please note that this contest is not affiliated with the Sushi Dogs group!  Please do not contact/harass the other admins.  All questions should go on this journal directed towards myself and Papinella.


You must own less than 5 Sushi Dogs/Cats as stated above
All entries must be 100% done by you.  No bases or premade lineart will be accepted.
(Entries can be anything from digital-traditional, icons-plushies, however no literary work will be accepted.)
You must read and adhere to the Sushi Dog TOS before entering.
No harassing myself or Papinella about this contest.
All Sushi Dog group rules apply!  If you are blacklisted or have blocked any of the admins, you may not enter.
You cannot commission another artist to do your entry for you.

Entries will be judged by both Papinella and myself on quality.  You may enter multiple times.

Here are the characters you may draw.  Please keep ships in mind, especially with Roshin and Tzipora as they are a permanent couple.



You are my Sunshine by PapinellaLil sassy girl by PapinellaNanuya by PapinellaElene and Adele by PapinellaRainbow Bunny Peep Cake - MYO Sushi Dog by Papinella

Faerie by PapinellaAdelaide Reference by PapinellaSylvia by PapinellaYue the Sushi Cat by PapinellaTzipora by Papinella
Pixie Quick Ref by PapinellaArianna Quick Reference by PapinellaMaple Reference by PapinellaParilla Quick Ref by PapinellaNanouk Quick Ref by PapinellaInk Butterfly - MYO Foxfan by Papinella

Star Shade

Blinkie the Dutch Angel Dragon -Ino- by Star-ShadeMicah the MMP Sushi Cat by Star-ShadeRei the Foxfan -Base- by Star-ShadeTsuki the Goodnight Moon Cake Sushi Dog by Star-ShadeRoshin the Aurora Borealis Fondue Dragonsoosh by Star-ShadeCassius the New Years Popstar Cake Soosh by Star-ShadeSienna the Candy Corn Weaver by Star-ShadeFlynn the Electric Pink Lemonade Gummy Soosh by Star-Shade



First Place Winner

Full Ownership of Charity, the Pastel Pink Rose Macaroon Soosh
$30 USD or 3,000 :points:

Second Place Winner

$20 USD or 2,000 :points:

Third Place Winner

$15 USD or 1,500 :points:

Prizes may go up depending on the number of entries!


Deadline is May 22nd 2016 at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

600 watchers raffle!!

Thu Feb 11, 2016, 12:39 PM

In celebration, I am doing a lil raffle. There will only be 1 winner (will add more winners if this gets 100+participants(nearly there!!)) //!

The prize will be a full body pixel: 
(I can do humans, kemonomimi and anthros!)
EFFIGY: EVENT 2: CYN by ohilinHazel by ohilin

To qualify to enter you must:
-Comment below (1 ticket)
-Favourite the Journal
-Be a watcher (New and old can join!)

Optional (extra ticket!):
-Post a poll or a journal with this linked! (Make sure to put it in your comment 1 ticket only)

!Raffle will end on the 19th of February!

Also a friend of mine is doing a raffle! They are offering an adopt! Ends on the 20th of February! 
[Maulicht] - Raffle by myneea

Check it out! //he is v cute : ' )