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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 8:16 AM
rainbow icon by foxybabe33

Treestar Giveaway :3

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 6:37 PM

  Littlefoot treestar by ThunderClawShocktrix Treestar II - handmade Pendant GIVEAWAY by Ganjamira

First: Thank you all so much for all the faves and deviant love, I never thought I could break off such a wave of nostalgia!:heart:

Many many many of you wanted one, but my prices are not the lowest, so I considered to make a little giveaway:dalove:
You can win this beautifull Treestar necklace!:dummy:
Treestar II - handmade Pendant GIVEAWAY by Ganjamira

In order to participate you have to
:bulletgreen: - be allowed to have the Pendant shipped to you!!!
Ask your parents FOR PERMISSION if you are under age! I´ll need your full real name + adress to ship it to you!

:bulletgreen: - comment below:meow:(NOT your adress!!! That will be done via note as soon a winner is picked!)

:bulletgreen: - fave this journal:star:

You can
:heart: Put up a journal to advertise this giveaway share it with your watchers:heart:

You do NOT have to be a watcher to participate!

:bulletgreen:Again: I will need your FULL NAME AND ADRESS to ship the pendant to you. Any notes and mails regarding this informations will be deleted as soon I shipped your gift! DO NOT POST IT IN THE COMMENTS!!!! If you win I´ll send you a note!

The giveaway will run until Easter Sunday 5th April midnight(Europe Standard Time)

The winner will be choosen randomly using

:dalove: SHARE THE LOVE :dalove:

Link your Ocs!

Hey Everyone! Pocoyo Here, and I'm actually considering trying out some Digital Icons (not pixel this time but I might TRY)!  YAY!
Because I'm such a NICE person, (Lol omg I crack myself up) I'm offering to use your OC as the first test subject for these limited time offer icons ~:star:

What you'll have to do:
  • Be a watcher~!
    • New ones are totally welcomed but please if you watch, don't just go and unwatch me after the event orz I know I have crappy artsu//hides
  • TRUST ME~! 
    • Aha... Pocoyo doesn't really have a reference for these so you'll just have to leave it up to me! orz
  • Link me your OC! Please also include:
    • 3 personality traits
    • A few of they're favorite snacks/food (simple ones will do!)
  • Share this Journal~!
    • It's always nice to let other people in on these things and give em a chance~
There will be Two winners! I may use their character to try out more icons or possibly pick a third winner!

Make sure you follow all the rules ! Please and Thank you! >//v//O


This will NOT be done through a randomizer! Pocoyo will be choosing characters based on designs that might work well with the type of icon I have in mind! Note that too much detail may/will be omitted from the character that I'm drawing. 

Hi, everybody reading this!

In fact, if you're reading this, then that means you're breathing and thinking. Your body is active. This means you're alive.

If you're alive, then that means that you've been strong enough to get past hardships of life, or maybe you were even able to overcome suicidal thoughts.

You guys are so strong, I'm proud of you all! I have so much respect for you guys.

I hope you ALL have an amazing day and rest of the week! You're all so awesome!

Remember, please don't get down! There's only one you, and that you is you! And you're amazing. Don't ever doubt yourself!

Here's a video of cute kitties to cheer you up!

Or, if you're a dog person, some cute puppies!

Species concept

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 11:40 AM

Bubuloon? Some things might still be changed, but I would like to hear your opinions so far!

Bubuloon by Kawiku

art raffle (open)

Thu Mar 26, 2015, 8:46 PM
Hello! Thank you for the support (for the recent DD and 1k watchers). To show my gratitude, I will be hosting a raffle. and hopefully make a tutorial, but no promises yet.

There will be 1 winner, chosen randomly. 

  1. Must be a watcher.
  2. Favorite this journal. 
  3. Comment below and I will give you a number. 

  • +1 Share this journal through a poll/journal. Link the poll/journal in your comment.

April 6th, 2015. 11 AM EST. 
I need time to draw the prize during spring break.  

A half - full body digital drawing of one character with a simple - regular background. (I will cut off where it is necessary, and background complexity depends on the character.)


Hotarumaru by cikru

hbd topi! by cikru

If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

Another points give away as i promised since last 2014! This was also a high Demand so i might as well do it. :)
                                                                                   Llama Emoji-55 (Happy New Year) [V3] 

:star: The Rules: :star:

 Add this journal to your favorites.
Comment on this journal.
:bulletblue: Give away open for everyone!
:bulletblue: You don't have to watch me, but if you like my artworks I would appreciate it! :D Also thanks a bunch to my kind watchers who has been watching me for over the years since i first Joined Deviantart! You guys are awesome!!♥

Only 6 of the winners will be selected randomly with Each winner will also get 200 Points. :points:
The Deadline will be April 1st, 2015! 
Good luck guys! 
Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2] 
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Block B
  • Reading: Tokyo Ghoul Re:
  • Eating: Sushi
  • Drinking: Water

OC contest- win 2500 points and more!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 4:27 AM

I decided to host another contest! Just because it's so much fun ahah ^^


No theme this time! Draw whatever you want, if you fancy drawing snow: be my guest!

Who you need to draw:

You can pick between the following OC's:

My Pokemon OC Reint:
COMMISSION: Dat View! by Billiam-XPC: Linked-Memories by HaradaHiragi

My two Naruto OC's, Kowaru:
CM for Linked-Memories by Julietta-san

And Yilo:

Com: Yilo by twinkie-doodles

Great, He's finally sleep by KFour9

More examples: Click me


-Add this journal to your favourites and make a journal advertising the contest.
-Additionally, add me to your +watch
-Yes you may enter as many times as possible!
-Keep my OC's in character. I will explain their personalities later on in this journal.
-Feel free to make NSFW drawings 
-Yes! You may draw my OC's with yours OR with canon characters!
-Digital art only but feel free to do headshots, sketches, chibi's etc!
-You may put them in different outfits 


Reint: Very reserved and polite, get's excited about Pokemon and often forgets to feed Chikorita
Kowaru: Hyper, always happy, loves to eat. Very loud and quite annoying. Is also very short for his age
Yilo: Doesn't like anything apart from his girlfriend. He loves to be alone. Can be sensitive at times 

Some hints & tips:

-Draw Yilo and Kowaru together, Yilo being annoyed at Kowaru and Kowaru being really happy.
-Draw Yilo doing his signature move: Chidori
-Draw Reint with his shiny Chikorita

Deadline & Prizes:

Deadline is the 1st of May 

1st prize:

2nd prize: 

3rd prize:


Good luck!


We're taking suggestions for this new series! If your idea is picked, you'll be credited in the description of the video AND at the start of it!