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Considering that I've talked about one major cultural problem recently, let's talk about another one. Many people outside of the United States probably don't know about the standardized testing problem, but most seem to know about this one. It's one of the stereotypes that Americans are overweight, and according to statistics over one third of Americans are. This doesn't mean one third of Americans are morbidly obese. To figure out if you're overweight, you use this formula:

52 kg + 1.9 kg per inch over 5 feet (man)
49 kg + 1.7 kg per inch over 5 feet (woman)

It's a serious problem, and the problem doesn't seem to be getting better. In fact, it's getting a lot worse. Let's start with the obvious:

Most people know that being overweight is unhealthy. You're deluding yourself if you're not. Overweight people do know this, and incessantly telling them this doesn't really... help the problem. Most people also know that the way to hit your ideal healthy weight is correct diet and exercise. This is... a lot easier said than done. And no, that's not a willpower thing. In this country it's sometimes logically or financially difficult to do either of these things. And our education about nutrition (if you were lucky enough to get any at all) can be... awful. So, let's talk about a few problems that Americans face in eating right and exercising.

Problem 1: Unhealthy food is inexpensive
Let me put it this way: in the United States, bottled water is more expensive than soda pop (fizzy drink/cola/carbonated beverage). Every college kid feasts on ramen, twice a day... because it's really inexpensive. You can get like a box of 20 for around 5 bucks. It's easy to cook and it tastes... okay? It can be like a jackhammer on your insides, but it gets the job done.

A package of ramen has 2 servings. Each serving gives 33% of your daily needed sodium intake. College kids eat this shit twice a day, and get 133% of their recommended (not needed) sodium intake, five days a week. Now, sodium doesn't exactly... make you fat. What it does is clog your arteries, beat up your kidneys, lead to heart disease and stroke.

There's a fast food restaurant on every corner and they almost always have a dollar store menu. And yes, it's for these reasons that most of the overweight people in the country are poor. This actually does confuse some people. In history at least, the fatter you were, it meant you were richer (for obvious reasons). But, when you've got parents that either feed their child at McDonalds' or... let them starve because they don't have money to buy anything else, most parents would rather have their kids overweight than starving to death.

Problem 2: Real Restaurant Portions
This is a simple one, and any traveler to America knows this. If you order something in a real (not fast-food) restaurant, the portion sizes are enormous. If you want to eat healthy, anything you order in your typical diner is enough for three separate meals, no less. People outside the country may think I'm exaggerating. But I'm not. Most restaurants are nice enough to let us know which foods are... more healthy? But the portion sizes usually makes it all irrelevant. If you eat a thousand pounds of broccoli every day, you're still going to become overweight or... you know, die.

Problem 3: Hidden Sugars
Did you know that in America white bread contains both high-fructose corn syrup and other sugars? I didn't. Most Americans don't know that either. Ask anyone who has traveled to America and they'll say that our bread literally tastes like cakes. Yeah, it's on the ingredient list for the bread... but who looks at the ingredient list for bread? Most people just assume that it's made by combining flour and water. Not all of these other chemicals. Also, our school system tells us that we need 12 servings of bread and grains each day.

So much American food contains sugar where it's not necessary. Things like ketchup, chocolate (cocoa beans are naturally sweet and don't need sugar), salad dressings, granola bars, yogurt (touted as health food here), fruit juice, and canned fruit. Also, even for the astute label readers, sugars can be called any number of things, from high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltose, lactose, or corn sweetener. Remember, if the word ends in "ose," like in "glucose"--it's chemically a sugar. (Glucose itself is a bit different, because chemistry).

Problem 4: Produce tastes like shit
I know the stereotype that "vegetables taste terrible" and the people who are too stubborn to eat shit-tasting food don't have willpower or whatever. The problem is that our produce in America tastes worst than it should. I'm not talking about improper farming or pesticides or whatever. America is a big country and to get produce across it, you've got to pick it before it's ripe. This will allow it to last until it gets to its destination, but it will also ruin any of its flavors. Sure, you can buy canned fruit... loaded with sugar. Or you can buy dried fruit... loaded with more sugar. "Farm fresh" foods, where you buy directly off of a farm have a noticeable difference in taste. Unless you live in Florida, your oranges aren't going to taste as good as they could. Unless you live in Georgia, your peaches aren't going to taste as good as they could. Unless you live in Idaho, your potatoes aren't going to taste as good as they could. And unless you live in Mass... no wait, cranberries taste like shit no matter how they're picked. So they get loaded with sugar.

I know that this happens with international commerce, but most countries get most of their food internally. And most countries are smaller, so far less preservation and preservatives are required to get food on store shelves for more than like... a day.

Problem 5: False Advertising
I remember back in the 2000's. It wasn't illegal for a company to make a bunch of commercials saying that corn syrup and high-fructose corn syrup was healthy... because it was made with corn. Yes, and because cakes are made with eggs... that makes them unhealthy. Bottom line is that it's counter-productive for companies to let people know the kind of shit they put in our food. Most people do care about what they put in their bodies. A lot of people know how to read labels, so they make them as difficult to read as possible.

I have a bag of Reese's Pieces. It's clearly for one person. Servings per container: 4.5. So, within the bag, the 21g grams of sugar gets multiplied to 94.5 grams of sugar within the entire bag. Let me put this in perspective: men are supposed to have no more than 37.5 grams of sugar in their diet in one day. Women are supposed to have no more than 25 grams of sugar in their diet. I was able to buy something with more than twice the daily recommendation for under two dollars.

No packaging is required to add a percentage of your daily recommended sugar levels on any package. Maybe it's biased because this is candy. Maybe this is supposed to be for more than one person. I can of Pepsi has 41 grams of sugar in it. Oh yeah, and that's another thing: almost every establishment for entertainment or eating serves soft drinks, all incredibly sugary. (Even though restaurant soda is different than canned soda). Remember, this is less expensive than water.

Also, there are plenty of trends that either do nothing to help, like gluten free (unless you suffer from a specific condition) to fat-free, which makes things worse. Fat-free foods remove fats that don't cause to get fat for sugars, which do cause you to get fat.

Problem 6: Walking everywhere is not an option
In some countries everything is close together. You can walk right down to a grocery store and pick up a liter (or a bag) of milk. Unless you live in a big city in America (which most of us don't), that's not physically an option. Also, those bigger cities tend to have bigger rates of crime, so walking in cities where everything is closer isn't... the ideal option. Most things in America are built with car-distance in mind. If some people tried walking to school every morning, they'd end up like an hour late, which is especially true for rural areas.

If people go on walks or jogs, it's not to accomplish going to any destination. If you're lucky, there's one destination within walking distance. The problem with that is most people don't have time to add exercise to their schedule. At least, not with out a lot of prodding.

Problem 7: Nutrition Education isn't Excellent
I know how to read a food label. I'm not sure how many people around here actually do. If you learn about nutrition, it's in an all-encompassing health class, which primarily focuses on sex ed (which may or may not be abstinence only education). Many people think that fats make you fat. They don't. Sugars make you fat. And sugar is in every-fucking-thing. If you've gotten fat from eating fats, that's because you've eaten excessive calories.

The back of the nutrition facts says that calories are based on a 2000 calorie diet. This describes... not everyone. Especially not children, adolescents, and pregnant women. Most of what I've written in this was not taught, and like I said, some people certainly aren't making learning it on your own easy. Would you look at that, one container of Powerade contains more sugar than my daily recommendation. One serving contains 21g of sugar. The Pepsi contains 41g. The Pepsi is one serving, and the Powerade is 2.5. So... the Powerade, contains 52.5 grams of sugar. The Powerade has more sugar than the Pepsi.

However, the Powerade has other nutrients like Vitamin B12, which are needed for the body. One of the healthiest things you can buy on a budget is a can of tuna. You should not eat more than 3 cans of this per week, or you could end up suffering from mercury toxicity. And yeah, it's a lot of math to figure out how much of anything you can have and how much of anything is too much. Even the best of us won't be able to balance it out correctly.

Think of calories like money. You can spend it on these types of food. You need to get a certain number of proteins, fats, vitamins etc before you're out of that money. Counting calories alone, which is what most people seem to do, is not enough. Remember that number before though, because it's a pretty big chance that you were not taught.

Men: 37.5 grams of sugar per day. This is nine teaspoons.
Women: 25 grams of sugar per day. This is six teaspoons.

And yes, these are averages. Different bodies do have different needs, but it's best to assume average when we're talking about nutrition. Or you know, talk to your doctor.

Problem 8: Most Americans don't know how to cook
Let's just put this out there: instant food, of any kind, is always terrible for you. If you want to be healthy, you're going to have to work for it. Yes, with the dieting and exercise, but you're also going to need to learn how to cook. I've met people who don't know what a colander is. With fast food and restaurants everywhere, take out ordering, and cheap instant foods, no one seems to be able to cook.

Cooking is the easiest way to avoid hidden sugars. You have the most control over your own dietary needs and score. And when I say "cook" I don't mean heating up some Campbell's soup or ramen on the stovetop. Campbell's soup also has hidden sugars, by the way. Cooking right can bring even lifeless produce to life. Vegetables almost always taste better cooked (not burnt). Even if you used all the creams and butters to cook pasta on your own, it would be better for you than instant pasta. (Don't use all of the creams and butters when you cook pasta on your own).

The easiest thing to cook on your own would probably be spaghetti, although you might have to make your own sauce if you want to do this healthily. Cooking isn't that much harder than following a recipe, knowing what everything is called, and following proper safety protocol (use different cutting boards for veggies and meat). Recipes can easily be found online. A colander is the technical term for a pasta strainer by the way. It's the plastic/metal bowl with all of the holes in it.

And that's all I got. But yeah, that's why obesity is a problem in the United States. Healthy food is expensive and inconvenient, and the companies try to keep even health conscious people in the dark. Maybe I should do other topics related to a journal I wrote awhile back, 10 Things You Need to Know for Adult Life
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I did not find this kind of challenge anywhere, so I decided to give a try to do my own art challenge.
There´s only few rules.
:bulletred: Be creative, feel free to use your imagination.
:bulletred: Any media is allowed.
:bulletred: Comment here with your entry, and put this tag > #drawyourusernamechallenge
Deadline 24.12.2015...because my birthday xD
I will feature best ones and of course I will fav all entries.  There´s also some prizes, I don´t tell what. It´s a secret ;D
Have fun, be creative. :heart:

Feel free also to share this challenge, it´s much appreciated !
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Sooooo...thirteen facts about me, hmmmm let me thiiink

13 Facts about me:

1.) I grew up poor, so I never got the chance to try a ton of "common/standard" American foods. I've never once tried a hamburger, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or corndogs, tacos, nachos, chicken wings, cheesecake, onion rings, cinnamon rolls, most traditional Thanksgiving foods (dressing, cornbread, cranberry sauce, etc)...the list goes on and on. As an adult I'm reluctant to try new foods (especially junk food)

2.) When I have the house to myself, I love launching into giant, over-the-top musical numbers. With lots of dramatic poses and loud singing. If I'm being honest, a lot of it is Disney music. You do not wanna catch me in the middle of my off-key rendition of Pocahantas' "Colors of the Wind". XD

3.) Speaking of Disney, I actually haven't seen most Disney animated movies. Never seen Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Pocahantas...I've also never watched a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movie. A lot of pop culture references are lost on me guys XD

4.) I can touch my nose with my tongue. :P (Lick)

5.) I'm badly allergic to cats. Dogs are cool tho. I have a big slobbery mutt named Kona I found in a shoe box outside as a puppy. She mah baby

6.) I tend to depict myself as a grump as my ponysona Bramble, but I'm actually pretty upbeat and sing-songy in real life. I'm a morning person, and an aspiring teacher, and I believe strongly in the power of positivity :) (Smile)

7.) Last summer, I was at the beach, hanging out and swammin' in the ocean with my family...then all of a sudden a huge school of fish appeared around us, then a big dark shape in the water, following the fish. It bumped my leg. And that's the closest I've ever been to a shark~

8.) I don't play many video games, but I have held on to a copy of Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase for the Playstation 1, from 2001. I've been trying to beat this bullshit game for 14 years. Sometimes, at parties, me and my friends will try to beat it. We've never succeeded cuz this game is bullshit

9.) I am, to my somewhat immense embarrassment, a huge Dragonball Z fan. I know it's over the top and silly and the pacing is crap...I love it anyway. My favorite character is Vegeta, since I was nine years old

10.) One time, I threw a tree at my little brother. A small tree, but still, knocked him right the fuck down, and it was glorious

11.) I spend way too much class time doodling, and that's where I get most of the ideas for drawings I post here. No worries tho about grades, I'm a honors student

12.) Although I draw mostly cutesy stuff now, I used to draw more grotesque subject matter, and enjoyed playing with body horror. Case in point, have an old fav from high school: Pottymouth by Lopoddity

13.) I used to be pretty elitist and snobby about my art and never drew fanart ever, and I thought digital art wasn't "real art". I focused on realism and looked down on all things girly and pink and "shallow"...yeah, I was one of those. Now I draw sparkly digital pink horses while listening to Taylor Swift and i still don't know what happened

Sushi Dog 48 Hour Raffle!

Fri Oct 2, 2015, 10:42 AM by Papinella:iconpapinella:
durr snurr

Hey Sushi Rolls!

As promised, here is the raffle! We are raffling off...


Are you excited? I hope you are~

Now, onto the rules and how to enter!

:star: RULES/HOW TO ENTER :star:

:bulletpink: You MUST be a member of the SushiDogs group in order to enter. (New members welcome!)

:bulletpink: Go here and follow the instructions to enter:…  

****Rafflecopter requires an email account to enter for contact purposes.

:bulletpink: If you leave the group after the raffle, we will assume you left because you were upset that you didn't get something for free and you will be blocked from the group and unable to participate in any further group events.

:bulletpink: Real accounts only! We will disqualify any entrants who are not in the group, plus any secondary, giveaway, empty, or inactive dA accounts!

:bulletpink: You cannot enter if you're blacklisted, blocked from the group, or if you won a Sushi Dog in the Scavenger Hunt!

:bulletpink: Sushi Dog MYO slots cannot be traded, gifted or sold! Please keep that in mind~

That's it! Good luck to each and every one of you! <3

Its that time again ! 'v' 

In this raffle there will be two winners !!
Each winner will get a pixel of their oc!
Winner get to choose a style between:
Normal pixel - 100x100 Thats amore by hooter-totter
Platform pixel - will be 200x200 Spooked by hooter-totter (This is a bad example as what i offer will be bigger and with more detail) 

- Make a journal featuring this raffle ! 
-Comment here with the journal and you will get a number 

Watching me is not required but would be nice :> 

This raffle will end in 48 hours since it was posted!! 

We Need To Talk.

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2015, 10:52 PM
Sit down. All of you.

this is a "Sub Journal" meaning that I am pinpointing someone or some people out but not saying that out loud since people would attack these people. 
I do not want that since this will be a peaceful community.

As you know we have a family, obviously named "Space Family" where you guys are my star children/misc things, and I am your Space Dad and :iconyouremyglowstone: is your Space Mother.

Some of you don't really understand how sacred this family is to me.

This has become my life, my motivation, my everything.

Please do not take this away from me, I have worked so hard to build this family, and make people happy and to make people see that it's okay to have missing things- because we can fill those rolls.

People call me dad.

Do you know how much that makes me happy?

The fact that you guys call me dad makes me so so so happy.

Please this family is so dear to my heart- I really don't want people ripping this off, or just plain shitting on something I have created that has brought unity.
All I've ever wanted was a family and now that I have it you're going to take that away from me?

I don't think so.

I'm very angry about it, but your mother is keeping me calm.

We have 3 people currently ripping off my stories, my characters, my art style, and space family.
Please for the love of the stars do NOT take my family away from me.

You can take inspiration yes, make your OWN family that has NO CORRELATION TO MINE.

This is NOT okay. 
Not in the slightest.

For those 2 people that are reading this and you KNOW who you are because you do watch me and you know damn well who I am-
Please stop.


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Points Giveaway!

I will give 100 points Points to a total of 30 people at random
I will also give an 3Month Core Membership to ONE of the lucky Points winners at random.
Winners will be announced 17 October 2015
I will post the lucky winners on this journal.
You don't have to be a watcher to enter this giveaway.

How do you enter?

just DO IT!!! Just fav+fav this journal entry! just DO IT!!! 
(I'll use this list on to determine the winner)

Destiny - Dance Moves Human Jack Dance Matthias All Systems GO!
- If you are doing commissions, fill out the form I provided and post in the comments section of this journal.
- If you are looking for people to commission, look in the comments below of this journal.

========FILL THIS OUT========
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Here is an example below of one of my friends.
Types of styles you do:
 Sonic, Anime, Chibis
Price of commissions: Between 25 – 50 points.
Link to your commission info/journal:…
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P.Commission.Kat by DaSquishy P.Commission.Velkan by DaSquishy P.Commission.Roger by DaSquishy

*NOTE: It is not guaranteed that you’ll get people to commission you, but never hurts to try. I’m just providing a way of getting your commissions noticed, hopefully.
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Hello my fellow people,

I am going to tell you about the "Why Not?" Rule.

Basically, the Why Not rule is when one thinks of something they have to do, or have been meaning to do for a while, and thinks, "I could do that now. Why not?"

Of course, while this rule can be very productive, it can also cause some problems if applied in the wrong scenarios. ^^; "Why not watch Netflix for 5 hours" isn't exactly what we're going for with this rule. 

I've been using this rule lately to get a few things done, and it's actually worked for the most part! :D I've gotten most of a MAP part done, and quite a bit of an AMV done, as well as some schoolwork and commissions...however, side effects have been staying up all night and forgetting to do certain things. ^^;

But yeah, it's a good rule, at least to me. So I'mma say, "Why don't you guys try it?" I challenge you to apply it to that one thing you know you'd better do, but haven't done yet. Just tell yourself, "Why not do that now" and get it done. Your Future Self will thank you. XD

Now, excuse me while I apply it to this Essay I have to finish for English...