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Hey guys! I'm hosting a quick raffle

You'll win a chibi in this style:
Sushidog by RayFierying

To enter do the following:

*Fav this journal  = 1 Ticket
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*Comment below listing the things you have done and I'll reply with your tickets (REQUIRED)

The winning ticket will be announced with random number generator ^^

if lots of people enter, I'll raffle off multiple chibis

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Oooo, such a big title.

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? Tell me how your week has been, not too much work to do? Don't forget to get rest, okay? ;u;

Now, before you wheeze because of that title, lemme explain myself.

FNAF has brought so much to me. It made me practise furries, make up a story, and share even more my work with others. Honestly? It's been super great. I've reached a point I thought I'd never reach before and it's amazing! <3 So many nice people out there.

Yes, many nice people; but I get why artists leaving the fandom are saying it's killed them.

This fandom has many flaws, for one reason: it's a game without characters background. That's said.
And when fans find characters that don't have background stories? They make ones. At that point, there's no problem, I had so much fun coming up with my babies.

But when there's no story behind characters, it's labeled as a "for everyone" game. Yes, it IS a horror game with a rather dark story, but kids these days love these kind of stories.

And that's WHERE kids come in, spam you, harass you, steal your work, and ruin your experience.
Young people, that will backstab you, or yell at you, because they're kids, and they're taking advantage of the beautiful tool, that is the internet. (Which explains the bad part of bronies. It's a kids show)

They won't understand that maybe, you're depressed, you have troubles in your life, studies that take all of your time, health problem, family events, and so on... No, they're just gonna send you private messages to tell you that you suck, because you never respond, you don't post enough _____ art, and other statements. (About that, I won't name anyone because that's simply not my thing, yet I won't hesitate to block anymore. I'm sorry... I wish I could do something about this. But my "mental state" is pretty fragile lately, and I just can't let people rub their jealousy or/and selfishness on me.)

Now, that IS a big part of the fandom, but the nice part is WAY bigger. It's way nicer, and you guys, are absolute SWEETHEARTS to me! I can't list everyone, but I met so awesome people in this fandom, and someone who is now one of my best friends! Amy, I still need to learn so much more things about you! ;u;

The support I got from it is OUTSTANDING! So many people cared and some still care about me, and I still don't know how you guys do to support such a stupid person like I am... Q///v///Q

Yet, unfortunatly... This "bad" part has really affected me the past few months, where I had to deal with so much problems in my insignificant little life, that I'm not enjoying the place at all.

Honestly, I'm fleeing from deviantART most of the time. I'm scared to check on deviantART. Because I know, that out of all the nice comments and notes I get, THIS simple statement will ruin your day. Haters, I'm not gonna lie to you, you're being stupid, but your shit can affect people. A person, who says not to be affected by haters, also isn't thankful to the compliments they get. And you guys know, how much I love my watchers.

I'm not easy to break. Events in my life made me stronger than other people of my age. I didn't decide it, it just happened. And those nerds, who just want to yell their unconfidence at me, aren't breaking me one bit.

They're making me do choices. Choices, that have to be taken, because combined to my irl things happening, are making me a mess... >w<;

Which is why..... *heavy gasp*

I do decide to leave the fandom.

Now, this journal is just being a vent about my life and me accusing people for their bad behaviour in a diverted way (which I completely assume), but the fact is there. What I mean with leaving the fandom, is that I am no longer an art machine for it. And I am no longer taking parts of shippings. ... even if frexy can still kinda kill me inside

Let's be honest, I'm never commenting on FNAF stuff. I'm even barely favoriting FNAF stuff, and when I see shipping pictures they don't make me feel anything. You know, the hype is over, and I did disappoint myself for seeing my inspiration die while I was keeping the other people's inspirations alive. That, is where I would like to deeply apologize...

OF COURSE... I'm not saying you guys CAN'T see me as an artist that drew stuff for FNAF! I still think the games are amazing, I still LOVE my AU and my characters, and I'll still draw them again! Also, you're free to keep drawing them as much as you like! But, FNAF isn't my main drawing subject anymore.

There is of course the possibility that I join it again. But right now this is far enough to be my plan. After finishing my experience with the FNAF fandom (that, as a reminder, was the first ever fandom I joined), I am completely satisfied with the experience I am having with Undertale, which is completely different, and has nothing to envy from the FNAF one!

As the probably saddest news, this DOES imply, that the FNAF AU comic is canceled. Yes... I made it such a big thing, and I can't keep promises... Which again, I deeply apologize for deceiving you all.

I get it... if you guys were only there for FNAF. I COMPLETELY understand that, I really do... And I'm not angry at you one bit if you unwatch me.

I did say, HARASS. If you're just sending me kind and polite note asking me if art of _____ will ever be done again, don't you worry sugarhearts! I'll answer you as nicely, and as fast as possible! :heart: <3333

This needed to be said.

GUYS... UNDERSTAND the trouble artists have with this fandom. It is NOT only a problem with dealing with haters... even THAT is not as simple as you think.
This fandom has lots of kids, and they ARE ruining the experience, even if they mean it or not. The FNAF fandom is NOT a bad one. I've met the majority of the wonderful people who still support me today with this fandom. But... Some things need to be admitted.

Finally, guys... I know this sound selfish, and... I'm probably being a disappointement to you for very long... But... Please... If you do love my work... Please keep supporting me. Please keep sending me these messages. Please keep this support going, if you want to of course but... Don't let me fall down, okay?... I want to reconcile with this website, and it's people, by not basing myself with the FNAF fandom. Please... I need to reply to notes and some comments but studies are killing me lately. Vacations are in 3 weeks, and I'll do the duty I promised.

But please... Keep being around... During that time... Don't let me sink. I need your help. ;/////////; I need your heartwarming support the most... To go through this.

I only want real people, who won't hurt me because they want free art... or who just want to test me, play with my feelings, like it's a kids game.

Thank you... for reading.
I love you guys, so much <3 Alsooooo... still working on gifts for my active watchers and donators, but these are surpriiiises <333

I will be very busy because of the school for the rest of the month, I'm sorry for the upcoming inactivity.


Some only did a few works of it, some already left the fandom, I am sorry if I offended you for putting you here. But... so many people can still be inspired by the amazing work you do!
Of course, there's ALOT MORE. But I mentionned the ones I felt sympathy and/or admiration for...

Keep up the train guys! <3

...Also I'm still drawing the gay asshole no matter what

Barbie's Mini Contest! Open!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:42 AM
Hey everyone! Since my last contest has been judged, I am now posting this one!
You guys really wanted this contest omg (from the results of the poll, anyhow)

So, without further ado, let's get into it!

♥Barbie, what do I need to do to enter this nifty contest?
Well my dear, simple! You just have to draw any of my OC's! 
They can be alone, or with other OC's, I just need at least one of my OC's in the picture!

Rules and Regulations:
#1: I can use these pictures in any way I see fit - (journal skins, posting to my and, etc)
#2: Be polite and kind to everyone here! NEVER degrade anyone's entry! 
#3: Anyone can enter! You don't need to be my watcher! 
#4: There will be NO extensions for this contest what-so-ever
#5: I can add, modify, or take away rules as i please
#6: To ensure you have read my rules, you must put some kind of smiley face in your post!
#7: You MUST share this contest in either a journal or poll, and link it back here in the comments! 
#8: Any one person may only win once, but may enter as many times as they want!
#9: If drawing a closed species, you MUST credit the species owner in the description!!!!!!!! 

♥Barbie, that's great and all, but what kind of art are we talking about, here?
Another fantastic question! And, the answer is: Any!
All art accepted for this contest, including;
♥ Digital
♥ Traditional
♥ Sketches
♥plushies / other IRL goodies

The only thing I am not accepting is stories/literature
(sorry, I don't have any use for them //shot) 

♥Okay great, but.... What's in it for me?
Yes, the all important prizes! I have not forgotten my loves!
For every 5 entries, I will add another prize place up to 5 places (5 winners)
And every prize will be a MYO! of ANY of my species! (yes, including xynthii!!!!)
(MYO = make your own)

Prize #1: Unlocked!!
1 MYO with 3 uncommon, 2 rare, and 1 very rare trait 

Prize #2: Locked :c
1 MYO with 3 uncommon and 2 rare traits

Prize #3: Locked :c
1 MYO with 3 uncommon Traits

Prize #4: Locked :c
1 MYO with 2 uncommon Traits

Prize #5: Locked :c
1 All common MYO!

Amazing! So, how long do I have to make this art? 
You have two weeks! starting today, (11/25/15) until (12/10/15) !
There will be NO extensions permitted, since it's only a mini contest ; u ;

Please Submit your Entries here!!!…

Please Submit your Journals/Polls here!!!…

Questions, comments, or concerns? Reply here!…

My OC's;

Contest: Randomly Winner-Contest ( November 2015 )


Hello members :)

To enter next contest  " Rules " :
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Random Contests Rules
Hello members :)
We are doing some changes in our Random Conests now.
We will do 2 or 3 Random Contests every month, that means more chances for you to win ;)
You need to fave the previous contest to enter the new one. Everyone who has faved the previous contest has a chance to win. We will choose several people by choosing a number between one and the number of people that are participating (using If we chose your number, you will win 20-50 :points: :)

What do you have to do to participate?
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Shinobi Blood - Ch.1 [Click Me] by Kohaya7Kae-13

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That's kind of the mentality a lot of people have these days about their selected fandoms. Excuse me while I have a soapbox moment here but I think it's about time I address this matter because multiple friends of mine as well as people I don't even know have come to me asking advice on the matter.

"Everyone is right, except you."
This is a tactic a lot of 'SJW's will use as a means to shut down anything they don't agree with, but it's also a tactic much beloved among the darker, more hostile, and all around mean side of fandoms.
It's also exactly what chased me out of all of the fandoms I used to be a part of and exactly why I don't join any anymore.
Now, before you think I'm bitter -- Don't. I'm not bitter and honestly I could care less at this point because I don't mind enjoying the things I do a pole's length away from the fandom itself. I'm perfectly fine keeping my own little stories and things to myself most of the time and sharing them out to a select few who I know won't beat me with a lacrosse stick within an inch of my life or digitally castrate me for making up my own headcanons about things. 

The saddest part about it is is that some people get foam at the mouth frantic for merely questioning their headcanons and if you express to share yours and by chance (which is surprisingly often in some cases) it doesn't coincide with their own, they will shame you for it until you leave their beloved fandom. 

There are fandoms where certain aspects of disrespect and self proclaimed godmoding of all knowledge of everything is more prevalent, and unfortunately most of those fandoms are popular. People act like dictators about what is an isn't acceptable in their fandoms, even when those who made things that created the fandom say they don't mind the differing interpretations others put out about their work. When you do something they don't like they bash, slash, threaten, and demean you as if you just slapped them across the face with a herring that had been left in the sun for 3 days or something. 

For instance, TLK fandom is full of nice people but like the 'Warriors' fandom there are a lot of younger fans (not necessarily meaning age but rather mentality); people whose mentality and basis for understating cause and effect is not yet fully developed (most, not all to be politically correct here) and as such a lot of the younger generation people who get into it don't understand the concept of conduct, and when they're confronted with a situation or concept that doesn't fit their own, they flip their shit. Some accept that everyone has a different perspective, but many simply don't. 
It could be argued that every fandom has it's extremist fans who vehemently worship their particular headcanons for certain characters (or the whole show/game/story/movie/etc itself) who will also attack and shame anyone who doesn't think the same. That is inevitably true and cannot be denied if we're going to be realistic here. 

I get it, people love their fandoms. They find things that make them feel good, validate their morals and ideals, and generally things that make them happy; that is wonderful.That is why these shows, movies, songs, cartoons, comics, stories, games, etc. were created; to enjoy. For some it's to build on their own views and such because so many places are left vague, and many writers, directors, and artists adore hearing and seeing fan interpretations of their creations and stories. 
However, you have to understand that you're not the only person in the world who likes it and your views are not the only ones that are thee best and only views out there.
On a personal level people have drawn my characters wrong but does that mean I can pitch a fit about it because it's not how I made them? No! I'm just flattered and gleeful people even like my characters enough to want to draw them! There is a limit to this kind of thing, but it's not that hard to understand and each person is different but under it all a lot of people love seeing other people's renditions of their characters as fan art or fan fiction. 

Invalidating someone's love and adoration for something that is perfectly innocent merely because you don't like their interpretations of characters, stories, aspects, and backstories is not so wonderful.
It's awful to hear people saying how much they miss being part of a loving fandom community and when you ask what's wrong they explain to you how they were basically exiled for having a backstory or headcanon about characters that didn't fall into place with some big top popular headmaster's views within said fandom. That they were belittled, bashed, and eventually driven off by hate and random invasive activity because of it. 
Friends of mine have been, nay -- are being harassed by people within fandoms they love because their representations of characters or stories aren't what other people want or see. 
They're being tortured and stalked by war mongering proverbial 'picky children' because they see things differently and refuse or dare stand up for their own views and headcanons. 

I don't know why this is a trendy thing to do; bash people and harass them for seeing differently than you do about something like a fantasy based cartoon, movie, or story. I don't understand it, and the only other way I can describe what I see is some kind of psychosis of faux ownership wherein a fan feels so strongly, and connects themselves so closely to something they love and admire, that they feel they hold precedence over what is basically official or 'canon' and what isn't in the realm of fan headcanons. 

Back in the day people like this existed but they were often ostracized because they were seen as 'the wrong way to be' in a fandom. Most fandoms accepted people who were interested and embraced the concept of new views, even if they didn't always agree. Hence how many spin-offs and continuations started. Without opposing views and different ideas, nothing we see today would exist. 

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" was basically a shot in the dark adventure in exploring how to take a story era which was never really explained and make it work. George Lucas helped dictate what was 'canon' while the team under the direction of Dave Filoni and his team of writers brought it to life. They created a TV series that was both compelling and beautiful with dozens upon dozens of amazing characters; many who were completely new constructs created wholly for 'SW:TCW'!
A lot of people argue that 'Star Wars' is a dead horse and should be let laid to rest after Lucas left but in reality it's just a new direction. 
George Lucas may not have agreed with all things written for the shows but I'm pretty sure he was just happy it was going into good hands after seeing what Filoni and his team could do with their freedom of writing the stories THEY always want to see; areas they thought needed to be covered. Aaaaaand a billion dollar paycheck from Disney probably helped him smile a bit bigger, no doubt. 
Now Filoni has moved on the writing "Star Wars: Rebels" which is a new animated series that is on Disney XD. It's campy, more kid friendly, and silly -- but it's still well done and you can see the creativity that goes into it with the writing and art direction. This comes from everyone being fans of 'Star Wars' but all seeing things differently. That's who things are made to stand out. In the end they coincide and fit perfectly, but first there has to be debate, discussion, some listening to different views, and then the acceptance of different views before any of this happens. 

I find that many times these venomous fans who dictate their fandom's 'directional pull' to an almost tyrannical degree are often fans where the shows/games/movies/stories themselves are centered around positive values and understanding and empathy toward other beings. This means that in their seismic fanrages against others whose views, imagery, and character portrayals go directly against the basic basis of these shows they supposedly admire, love, and seek to emulate. 
You can like "MLP:FIM" and still be an incredibly bias asshole. You can love "Sesame Street" and still be a friggin' prick if you treat people like shit because they don't see things as you do. 
Threatening lives, telling people to kill themselves, and being a genuine bastard to someone because you don't like something so simple as their views on something within the entertainment industry is just downright wrong, and I think most people who do this know that. In the back of their mind they have to realize they're being a pedantic prick when they pick on someone for saying something like "Elmo's fur isn't crimson, I think more of a it's a Fire Engine red colour" (this sounds ridiculous but so does getting mad and damning someone to die in a fire for not liking Pinky Pie; yet it has happened). 
It's one thing to not agree completely with how someone RPs a character, draws a character, or feels about a character but as long as they're not doing something illegal, they're not doing anything wrong and you'll just have to suck it up and move on; agree to disagree. 

Now, I know people will disagree and probably get mad at me for not being a complacent sheep about all this, but as someone who was 'victim' (I hate using that term but it applies so) to this kind of bullshit, and as someone who has seen people suffer under this kind of treatment, I just sit here going 'really...?' 
Are people so morally inept that they think it's okay to damn someone to death, to tell them they hope horrible things happen to them, or that they should be beaten up for simply not doing what they want? 
People will bring up SJWs but this isn't about them. Yes, they do some pretty horrible stuff but I don't want to talk about them. I'm talking about fandom dictators who are so rigid about their fandom and the interpretations 'allowed' within them that they engage or condone the mistreatment of other people because they don't conform to their views about fictional characters

It's not okay to chase and chastise people out of fandoms and pull of beastly behaviour because you assume you're some kind of fandom god/goddess whose views are the only views acceptable on characters that are not even yours. 
If they are, then fine -- That's a different level. 
But if they're characters that are not made by you and were written for TV shows, video games, cartoons, books, comics, movies, or any other kind of artistic media represented by an official company; in other words 'copyrighted characters' then don't expect everyone to see them as you do. 
Let people have their fun -- as long as it's not illegal or outright demeaning or openly offensive to others -- let's get that straight. Agreeably, tolerance has it's limits, but please express these limits within reason.

Don't be a reverse bully. Don't police people's views and interpretations of characters merely because you love them to bits. You may love them but someone else may love them just as much, and just because their views/interpretations and yours aren't simpatico doesn't give you the right to be an all out brat to them for it. 
Just saying. 


YOU ARE FREE TO DISAGREE -- HOWEVER, PLEASE REALIZE THAT OTHER PEOPLE EXIST AND WILL NOT AGREE WITH YOU AT THE SAME TIME. There's no need to be hostile for a differing opinion, and even if you don't agree you are welcome to walk away or express your views in a calm and civil manner. If you cannot do this then prepare for the backlash that may happen (such as blocking or other people coming to express their views as well). 
No fights. 
No bashing. 
And by all means: 

deviantSPOTLIGHT + Feature

Thu Nov 26, 2015, 11:53 PM
I know that it's a pretty long time since I have done a decent...I mean a really proper and decent feature. But things around here has got really really busy for me and I am always lagging behind with catching up on all that is going on here in dA.

To be honest, I miss those 'carefree' days.....but also I love the way things have changed with me.

So for now, creating artworks will take a backseat, as I have started doing commissions by making tutorials and my first one has already been published. For those who don't know what I am talking about, here is the journal I did mentioning it:

My First Tutorial!:)Yay!! My first tutorial of the artwork I walk alone... has just got published on by :iconandrei-oprinca:
You can view it here
If you wish to follow it, you can subscribe to that website to access my premium tutorial.:heart:

Whenever I get the time to, it always delights me to come back to the same, loving and warm community that I have got accustomed and comfortable with and to view all your wonderful and most inspiring art pieces.
So enjoy this short feature and wishing all of you the very best!:heart:

Forrest by CaroleBailly-Maitre 

On Rainy Days by ObscureLilium

11 2015 3 Loneliness... by Alena-48

The Dark Lord by Areart

Blossoming by Shirokibo

Fireflies Forest by Rexionete

Fanciful-Friendships by EnchantedWhispersArt

Lady of dawn by Marilis5604

Abstract by Maniakuk
New World Trip by Pincons

Cold as Ice by NebelelfeNaemy

Desecration by SGTROCK117

Magic Night by MelieMelusine

Shades of Autumn by WalkinginDreamlight

Killing Chronus by RoseCS

Origins -  THE TREE OF BIRTH by Mike-Uriel

My prize possession... by RavenYoungblood-art

Fallen Angel -666- by VanessaPadua

With All My Strength by Alexis-Frost

B.F.F by shiny-shadows-Art

Rapunzel by dreamswoman

Autumn Heart by Gwendolyn1

Bottle VS Cup by naradjou14

Undine by IrinaPonochevnaya

Orange by Believe301079

Piano Aquarium by little-spacey

Beautiful Disaster by Mihaela-V

A lovely meeting by CindysArt

Aurielle by DarkCrea

November Rain by lauraypablo

Fairy lights by KellieArt

November Rain by Notvitruvian

phoenix by sandara

...Ocean of Sorrows... by EsotericIllusion

Inevitable Time by mysolitaryground

To wallow in a Heaven by IgnisFatuusII

Elven Dream by eerilyfair

Bleeding Rose by silviya

Upon the heath by JaiMcFerran

Enigma iv by Andaelentari

Road to Hell by RazielMB

The Magic of the Forest by nesekavak

Sentimental tunes by coby01

The Winter Angel by SuzieKatz

Young Princess by IvanLaliashvili

Alice in the Rain by OmriKoresh

Retro Doll by TinaLouiseUk

The Witch's Apprentice by Brumae-Art

The White Witch by Sisterslaughter165

Anxious by Jennyeight

Create a Night Fairy Tale of a Mysterious Girl by MariaSemelevich

The Girl With Peridot Eyes by BrookeGillette

And lastly, I would also like to tell that I just got my interview featured on deviantSPOTLIGHT.

It's the very first time that I have got interviewed and it's such a happy and delightful feeling!!:heart:

Thank you :icongeorge-b-art: and :iconlauraypablo: who suggested my name!:heart:

SPOTLIGHT on SummerDreams-Art

  • Mood: Joy

Open - Free 3 Day MYO Event - 1 DAY LEFT

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:05 AM

Please note you only have the set time to claim the MYO Slot. Once the time is up the slot is still yours!
You do not have to design it within the 3 days. You just have to claim the slot, which can be used at any time!


So it is the season of gifting! I will openning MYO Slots for all my species.
Yes this is going to be fun!!
So what is exactly going on, I am giving away free MYO's to people who follow the rules below.
This allows them to make a common of one of the species listed.


1. You must create a journal linking it to this journal to receive the slot. If you fail to do so then you will not be added!
2a. You have to reply to the correct comment! Each One is featured!!!!!
2b. Only one slot per person! You can only choose to get one species!
3. IF you do not link me the design for approval then your design will be declined!

Okay now once you made the journal, and comment with a link to it I will add you to the slot list!
Please make sure you comment under the correct comment!!!!


Gelfei - Closed Species by PixByrd
Gelfei Custom - CandehSenpai by PixByrd


Osteo Pup - Closed Species by PixByrd
Osteo Pups Adopt - Round 1 - CLOSED by PixByrdGalaxy Star Osteo Pup by PixByrdOsteo Pup - Myra by PixByrd



Mistique Species Sheet by Pyxe
Mistique Reference - Queen Iridious by PixByrd


Sivryn Traits by PyxeSivryn Species Sheet by Pyxe

Strange Magic - Sivryn Adopts CLOSED by Pyxe

Now Please remember you can only use common slots for the Osteo Pups, Normal Gelfei, Common Mistique, or any Sivryn Rarity!



1. mzza-art
2. CandyTwink
3. Cain-Murderer
4. Lazy-Kiki
5. Midnight-Essence
6. Himonas-Soul
7. crystaIz
8. phantom-fan6735
9. DragonTamer74
10. ShadowLiepard
11. Le-Vane
12. CeleryMaster

Osteo Pups

1. RainbowDraft
2. fairysartstuff
3. Daydream-Beilever66
4. Celestiyale
5. Pugnessness
6. LightningAtHeart
7. ImmaGoddamPony
8. CelestialWolf66
9. TheGurlWithThePony
10. Floofmaster
11. Mythicalpawz
12. BumbleShelbee
13. Hoffnungsstern
14. Tigerfelix
15. Nik-L-Nips
16. Spiritstar1000
17. Bloodstar-Bluestar
18. Sersher
19. nohugforanyofyou
20. rhythmthief000
21. Midnighticycreeper
22. StarlightsCurse
23. DarkToDawn
24. Starry-Sun
25. ILoveCloud14
26. luunacy
27. UnForgivxn
28. Kitty-Lamp
29. Lilelith
30. Gi-Saggiomo
31. Syberartist
32. KatyTheBatHH
33. NatNatB


1. Cruel-Cartoonist
2. AmaJadeWolf
3. ShortAngryTrash
4. SadSushi
5. cephin
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CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

Hey everyone, happy Thanksgiving!

I'd like to give you something as well, so I decided on a new Kiriban c: 

The Kiriban this time is 420,000 pageviews and the prizes are:

3 months core membership or the equivalent in points

The rules:

-You have to be a watcher
-Once caught, you need to send the screenshot with the correct number of pageviews to me. 

This screenshot should include:

-My profile page with pageview 420,000 
-Your username
-The time and date 

For Androids/Iphones:

My page with the number of pageviews and your username 
If possible: the time/date 

Good luck!


Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 8:55 PM

Heyy would you like to have a mini animation of your fursona? 

F2U - Flowers Line Divider by vvhiskers

Well here is your chance to win an animation like these!! Worth 800 :points:!!!

Soxz (Art Trade) by IcefurTheArtisteAria(gift) by IcefurTheArtiste
Meeewww (gift) by IcefurTheArtiste

 Enter to get an animation like this!! ^^


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First place-

Soxz (Art Trade) by IcefurTheArtiste
Get an animation Like this!! w/ a side pose of your choice


second place-

Canzle (gif) by IcefurTheArtistesin booty by IcefurTheArtiste
Get an animation Like these!! w/ pose of your choice


Third place-
Cough (venting) by IcefurTheArtiste

Get an animation Like this!! w/ pose of your choice


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-Please no fighting!

-Be a good sport if you don't win!

-what ever pose you choose,
Please do not choose anything sexual.

-I'm mostly comfortable drawing dogs other related things.

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Just comment "SINerise"
and tag 5 people!

I will give you a number.

Making a journal or poll linking this will give you 1 more numbers! 
so you'll have 2 more chances.
you can have up to 3 numbers by doing a poll and journal + entering 

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-In order for me to proceed to do the raffle, i must have at least 100 people join this raffle.
 -You will be ignored if you do not Follow the directions on how to enter.
-The raffle ends 12-25-15

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88 people have joined this.

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Thank you for reading ouo

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I basically copied from my last raffle rules and information X'D

Skin by SimplySilent
Hey, guys! It's only a few hours until Thanksgiving here in the US, so I thought I'd make a journal dedicated to it. I'm also going to be sharing a little bit of my abuse story, so if any of you are going through a rough time with an abusive family member, abusive girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, abusive friend, or anything else, I want you to know that there's still hope out there.

It's going to be a bit long and boring (I just want you guys to know how big of an impact you had on me), so just BEAR with it. Get it? Bear? Hahaha--ehm.

Last Thanksgiving I went to bed early crying because my mom had screamed me out again. She screamed me out because I had a conversation about wanting to move in with Chillaid when I got older. I don't blame her for screaming at me for wanting to move out, though. I guess I kinda deserved it.

My mom had a habit of doing that, though. It wasn't the first time she had, and it wasn't the last; she would find the tinest things to scream at me about, wheather it be about me forgetting to do a simple chore like cleaning the litter box or filling the animals' water bowl, or me watching a show that she didn't like. She often took her anger out on me, especially if she got into arguments with people online or in real life.

She called me the abuser. She said I was the one who started all the fights.

I felt like it was my fault.

So, that Thanksgiving night, I cried myself to sleep. I cried because my mom screamed at me all night and told me that she didn't like eating with me face-to-face because I triggered her anxiety. I was completely convinced that I was my own mother's abuser, and I was becoming my own father in the process.

In my mind, for a few hours, I felt like I had nothing to be thankful for. I really didn't. I was so close to being pushed over the edge--again. I was horribly suicidal because of the guilt I felt eating away at my mind.

But then I would get online. Being online was the only escape I had. It was my whole world, because I couldn't even go outside. I only went outside four times a month.

I would read all of the reviews you guys left on the first Brothers Of Circuits, and all of the sweet comments you all left on my art. When I was online, I felt like I had confidence. I felt loved. You guys were the only family I had. Every one of you currently reading this have played some sort of part in keeping me alive, even if you don't know it, yet.

Whenever I was down, I could talk with you guys here on DA.

When I was down, I could have Skype calls with :iconjackstoney:, :iconchickenbittle:, and :iconchillaid:. Those guys talked me through so much.

Even though I had hope, it was such a small ounce that I doubted myself a lot. I knew that I wasn't going to make it out of my mom's apartment alive. I was going to commit suicide before I was 20. I knew for a fact that I'd never be able to meet :iconchillaid: or my other friends in real life, let alone live with her.

That was already a year ago.

8 months later, after that Thanksgiving, I moved in with :iconchillaid:. As the weeks went on, the endless nights of crying into my pillow slowly faded in my mind. She started teaching me how to go outside again, and that it was okay to be angry, or sad, or to watch things that I wanted to.

I've been living with her for 5 months. We're going to be spending our first Thanksgiving together.

It's already been almost a year since last Thanksgiving.

I'm not starving myself like I was before. I'm not sleeping in a bedroom filled with black mold. I'm not getting screamed at every night.

If it wasn't for you guys believing in me, if it wasn't for your support, if it wasn't for your caring words, I'd be gone.

If it wasn't for all of you, I wouldn't have been able to live.

I wish I could list all of the people that actually helped me, but there's just so many.

I just. I want to thank you guys for everything so far. I hope I can return the favor someday.

Things I'm Thankful For: Everybody on DA (YOU GUYS!), my friends, my new family, my new life


Important notice:

If you're a victim of abuse this Holiday season (you know who you are), please remember that you're not alone, especially if your mom or dad happens to be abusing you. Parents can be abusive just as much as anybody else. Verbal abuse is just as hurtful as physical, and can be mentally damage you for the rest of your life if you don't get out of the situation.

It's hard to accept the fact that your parents would do that. I still don't know how to accept the fact that my mom did that to me. I still blame myself sometimes, but I know I shouldn't. So, please don't blame yourself, especially if they try to blame you for everything.

I know that a lot of you can't get out of those situations out of fear, especially if you're too young to leave. You wonder what would happen if you called the police, if they'd believe you, what would happen if they DID believe you, where you would go, it's all very terrifying. In my situation, I didn't want to call the police because I believed that I was the one being abusive, and I didn't want to hurt my mom any more than I already was.

But please. Please don't end your life. Someday soon, something will happen and you'll have your chance of getting free. I'm the person with the worst luck, and if I got my chance, then you will as well. Try telling people you trust, friends you trust, and don't be afraid to find online websites/hotlines to talk about it with someone for advice.

Just remember that there's always someone there for you, even if you don't know it, yet. Especially if you have online friends. Online friends are just as real as "real life" friends, I've learned that much. Don't be afraid to share stuff with people you know really well online.

Please believe me. Help will come to you soon. Just hold out for a little while longer.


I hope you all have a safe, happy Thanksgiving this year, and make sure you don't eat spoiled turkey! I love you all so, so much. You don't understand how much I appreciate every single comment, favorite, and virtual hug you all send me. I love you all!