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Stealing this idea from Point-Master-Pete (hope that's okay with them!)

In celebration of one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to hold a giveaway of sorts with various different prizes! Please read this journal before entering!

There are a total of 20 treat bags to choose from. Some contain treats (one of the prizes listed below) and other contain tricks (nothing!). If you picked the right bag, you get the corresponding prize. If you picked a trick bag, you sadly get nothing! :c The bags are already pre-labeled to their corresponding prize in a word document. My sister Terrierking can verify this! 

I'll be drawing 10 numbers. So only 10 of the 20 bags will be chosen. If I draw your number but your bag was already chosen by a different winner, I'll redraw a different number. That way I'm not giving out say, 10 of the same prize!

Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras Must be a watcher of mine!
Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras Must +fav this journal!
Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras Comment with the trick or treat bag number you choose.
Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras If you feature this journal in a poll or journal, you can either a) pick another bag to double your chances or b) choose to double your prize. Please specify which you would like when you comment with the link.
Note: each person will only get one number assigned by me. If you feature and choose option a, you'll receive a second number and get to pick a second bag. If you choose option b, you do not get a second number but your prize will be double if you're drawn as a winner.

- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 1 week page feature (valued at $2)
- 1 week page feature (valued at $2)
- 500 :points: OR $5 via paypal
- 500 :points: OR $5 via paypal
- 500 :points: OR $5 via paypal
- 1 character flat color 100x100 pixel (valued at $6)
- 1 character shaded pixel chibi (valued at $8)
- 1,000 :points: OR $10 via paypal
- 1,000 :points: OR $10 via paypal
- 1,500 :points: OR $15 via paypal
- 1 character flat color large simple pixel (valued at $25)

1) trick or treat by ichadoggi         2) trick or treat by ichadoggi           3) trick or treat by ichadoggi          4) trick or treat by ichadoggi          5) trick or treat by ichadoggi
6) trick or treat by ichadoggi         7) trick or treat by ichadoggi           8) trick or treat by ichadoggi          9) trick or treat by ichadoggi          10) trick or treat by ichadoggi
11) trick or treat by ichadoggi         12) trick or treat by ichadoggi           13) trick or treat by ichadoggi          14) trick or treat by ichadoggi          15) trick or treat by ichadoggi
16) trick or treat by ichadoggi         17) trick or treat by ichadoggi           18) trick or treat by ichadoggi          19) trick or treat by ichadoggi          20) trick or treat by ichadoggi

Happy Halloween!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

End October 31st at 11 pm CST

[PRIZE ADDED]Mini Art Raffle

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 12:49 PM
HI EVERYONE!! I hope you're all doing well with school and life and such u w u ! 
Thank you for your continual love and support thou I've been... gone. Or at least it really feels like that; I miss summer HAHA. Last raffle I held was on my birthday and was huge... good times. Well, this time it's gonna be a modest one. :'D It's a way for me to say thanks to you all and it's also a small celebration because I just finished a huge chunk of work for midterms lol.
What can you win?
:new: Kuimei is contributing a pixel icon to the first winner! ; A ; <3
:new: Chibii-chii is contributing chibis to each of the winners! ; v ; <3

 Give the both of them love. ♥ ♥ 

A fully shaded bust shot of your OC/Character[Fanart]!
[C]Judaime by Luxiella
And if more people join I will add more prizesI am a dummy!
:new: 25+ I will add a full shaded chibi! - ADDED!
[PC]Kuimei by LuxiellaRaffle Chibis by Luxiella
:new: 50+ I will add a flat colored sparkle bust! - ADDED!
[PC]cherrilu by Luxiella [PC]hibu-tan - 1/2 by Luxiella
:new: 100+ I will add another flat colored sparkle bust! - ADDED!
[PC]hibu-tan - 2/2 by Luxiella [C]bluelanterns by Luxiella


 ✪ You MUST be a watcher; because these raffles are thank you's for them. New watchers are welcome as long as you won't just unwatch me after the event Because wow no; and I have a blacklist if this happens. :eyes:
 ✪ Write a journal/poll advertising this raffle; AND LINK ME TO IT IN YOUR COMMENT! As well as link me to your OC/Character you would like.

*Please limit to ONE COMMENT ONLY! THANKS!*

No extra chances this time around because I'm too occupied to keep track and count; I'm keeping a public list below.


1. Abissh
2. Ruellea 
4. ichinosetokiya1200
5. TanoshiiGirl
6. sketchmo 
7. yukaXart 
8. DoubleDIsMine52695
9. miseryrayvn
10. Kawaiiipoop 
11. ZellVRP 
12. yurimilk 
13. Reyniki 
14. CuddlyBunneh 
15. Sarusaurus 
16. SeeThroughtheMist
17. Trial-By-Combat
18. Blame-The-Nargles
19. KouxykiChan 
20. reincarnationz 
21. BrunaLH
22. TatterTotMinion 
23. KuchikixRukia 
24. Habuki 
25. lostintheflowoftime 
26. shasuu 
27. Caseykinz 
28. Klouddd 
29. ChaoticallyKhaos 
30. Scoric 
31. KirasDarkLight 
32. poumei 
33. yaocchi 
34. Chibii-chii 
35. Royalitie 
36. JollyMutt 
37. VongolaPrimo111 
38. Greyna-ChanX3 
39. banANNUmon 
40. King---Vicious 
41. Rasata 
42. BiPinkBunny 
43. MamaELM 
44. Erik-Danao
45. SaekiSekai 
46. kana-kana 
47. Lion-Heart-KSA 
48. Pio-Scully 
49. AbstractAni 
50. eiba09011
51. safyia110
52. Stitch-Wicked 
53. sushirabu 
54. Hyun-sama 
55. HaiKoneko
56. ShyGreenYoshi
57. WynnQueen 
58. PainbowCrash
59. Ephira 
60. NekoNeptune 
61. UltraViolentRainbows 
62. Topaz1229
63. WolvesPoniesOhMy 
64. AutumnTaylorArt
65. AmaiAria
66. NineStarsKen
67. Judaime 
68. OhSquishy 
69. Xenodragons 
70. ellabunny123
71. Rinma-Halizakura
72. blackevilkitty
73. Bluesheepy 
74. Thoughtful-Stargazer
75. Moonlitpetal
76. Vesperity
77. Lee-Kate
78. IceLaws 
79. taliawolf 
80. CrossDEEP 
81. AngelicsCanvas 
82. FaunaV 
83. bunniiadopts 
84. SoulBeater
85. polyatomic-irony
86. TheJokester-Bot
87. Koyukiy
88. Miski-The-Nekowolf
89. Darkabyss101
90. Stunpowder
91. tasha--adopts
92. Anzuchi
93. Undeciria
95. emiemi345
96. Heikky
97. chaoskirby12345
98. HappyKonny
99. syllabu 
100. x-Not-Understood 
101. AoiSoul
102. Ask--Frightspark
103. Ririmei
104. songoftheeve
105. Kamistasia
106. Kuimei 
I will be using to choose the winners!



Skin by SimplySilent

Watcher ONLY Art Raffle!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 9:03 AM

It's that time again... time for the Watcher ONLY Art & Point raffle! ( And the Crowd goes wild.... Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!) //shot

This time, I want to work on my headshots so I'm picking not 3.... not 8... but 12 Winners!!!

I'll stick them all on one sheet for all to view :heart: :heart: AND one of these twelve (randomly chosen) will once again have the chance to get some points! Wooo!!
Fun right? Read Below for Easy Peasy details:

12 Winners
1 "Sketch" Headshot by Willowbranwen (each)

1 of 12 (additional)
400pts! or $5 via Paypal

To Qualify:
-Must be Watcher (After all this is a special raffle for watchers! lol)
-Must have your own OC or an Adoptable you own (w/ a visual reference)

Raffle Duration: 3 days

To Enter:
-Fave this Journal (You can unfave later this just gives me a neat little numbered list to choose from)

That's it! ^_^ Once again I give thee all many thanks for your support, your kind words, faves, polls, comments. You've all helped me be a better person and I really and truly appreciate you! :heart: (Now enough of that lovey-Dovey stuff! lol)

Thanks for reading and Good luck!
Oh. and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! and Feliz Dia de los Muertos!!! ^^

Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara

On a side note: 
-I'm going to be working on an iPhone app with my bf so I may not be as active this holiday season ; ^ ; I'll try, but we'll see! Thanks for understanding~ 

Fake Sexualities/Genders

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 28, 2014, 2:52 PM
The opinions in this journal are my own and you don't have to agree. If you don't, fine. If you do, thanks!!

You all know I support the hell out of my lovelies in the LGBT community. I don't care what your sexuality is, be it gay, lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, whatever. But what really irks me is people coming up with all these crazy terms for new 'sexualities' and 'genders' that either 1) already exist, they're just trying to make it sound cooler or 2) they need a term to justify themselves and what they think they are. I can't support someone who says they're something when the term was coined by a fifteen year old SJW who just thought it up one day. Not saying something created by a young person is illegitimate, but it seems people just run with this shit as if it's serious and a big deal.

It amazes me the things people come up with nowadays. I've seen terms like 'chocosexuality', meaning you're only attracted to people who are covered in chocolate, and also 'sapiosexual', meaning you're only attracted to intelligent people. Wouldn't that be just a preference and not a true sexuality? Did I miss something? Honestly, how old are you people? And 'heteroflexible', which apparently means you're straight but are occasionally attracted to the same sex. Uh...I think you mean bisexual. I believe there's also something called 'mangasexuality', where you're attracted to manga characters...? Nothing wrong with thinking a character's hot, but...really? You're either sexually attracted to males, females, both, or none. That's it. Otherwise, just say you're attracted to whatever it is you get a boner for and try to refrain from making yet another term for it. It's not legit.

And fake genders are just as bad. It's so silly that I'm almost waiting for people to start saying they're 'potatogendered' because they eat French fries. Objects and animals are not genders. Stop trying to be a special snowflake with your made up pronouns and just use 'they' as a gender-neutral pronoun. It's just as good man, because it means it reflects the person, and not their gender. You don't want to be defined by your gender? Use they/them/themselves. That works for everyone. You don't have to say you're a 'she' or a 'he' if you don't want to, just stop making up things and acting as though it exists. That'd be like me saying I was born 'goregendered' just becaue I enjoy drawing gory art. Please. None of us are any more 'unique' than anyone else.

I dunno. It just gets a bit hard, after a while, to take some people seriously.

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Damnit Marvel! Gimme a break! So much news so fast! I can’t cover it all! So yeah... in case you haven’t heard yet, Marvel dropped the bomb today on what their plans are for Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU). So here’s a quick breakdown for y’all.

Captain America: Civil War - May 6, 2016
It’s already been confirmed that THIS version of Civil War will be vastly different from the comic book variation (owing largely to the fact that Marvel doesn’t own the rights to many of the supporting characters). Instead this version will be about some sort of government registration act to regulate super heros, and that Captain America and Iron Man will either try to run, or find issue with. So no, sorry, this won’t be Captain America vs Iron Man like we originally thought.

Side note: It’s been rumored that Black Panther will make a cameo appearance.

Doctor Strange – November 4, 2016
Just FYI, the news that I mentioned earlier about Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange? Rumor at this point. It has not officially been stated, though it’s well known he’s in negotiations with Marvel/Disney.

The interesting thing to note about this and all future superhero movies is that it’s not an origin story. Doctor Strange has been name dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier already as just someone who exists and is at least known by most of the cast. So while I wouldn’t put it past them including a quick flash back explaining who he is, the bulk of the Doctor Strange movie is not going to be about “how” he came to be.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - May 5, 2017
Don’t really know much about this one, other than the fact that it was confirmed to be in production almost immediately after the first one ended. Chances of new characters being added to the A-hole team.

Thor: Ragnarok – July 28, 2017
The plot of this one will be involving Loki sending an army of fire beasts to destroy the norse gods. Ragnarok is literally the norse belief of Armageddon, and with the way things are going this might be a good chance for Thor to be put to rest permanently, so that Lady-Thor might be able to take up the mantle.

Black Panther – November 3, 2017
Not much is known about this one either, outside that it’s going to be kinda a fish out of water story about how this small (but profitable and valuable) African city has to deal with the changes going on outside it’s boarders. So I guess a “Coming to America” but in reverse?

Captain Marvel – July 6, 2018
This is kinda the big one... This won’t be the male Captain Marvel, but instead it’s been confirmed to be Carol Danvers. The fact that it’s “Captain Marvel” and not “Ms. Marvel” is quite promising too. While DC will have beaten them to the punch on having the first female led superhero movie with their Wonder Woman film, I have such lingering doubts in Warner Bros abilities and such strong faith in Marvel’s that I’m more inclined to believe THIS will be the one to remember.

Inhumans – November 2, 2018
I don’t know much about the Inhumans, but I do know that they’re Marvel’s loophole in a lot of legal copyright issues right now. See, when Marvel was bankrupted in the 90’s, they sold their licensing rights to many of their franchises to various film companies as a way to earn money. Gradually most of those licensing rights have reverted or been bought back by Disney/Marvel, but some of them still linger at competing studios (such as Spider-Man and X-Men).

To give you an idea of how ridiculous these licensing rights are... Marvel is not allowed to even use the word “mutant” because that’s owned by FOX who owns the X-Men. This is why Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, but they won’t be referred to as mutants and will have an entirely new origin story compared to the X-Men version.

There’s a TON of mutant characters Marvel WANTS to be using... but they can’t because of the legal issue with FOX. However... if they were to refer to these new mutants as “inhumans,” it would allow them to bypass that legal restriction and bring back some of the more popular side characters. Also, the current Ms. Marvel is Kamala Kahn who gained superpowers after being doused with a chemical that unleashed her “inhuman” powers. So having an Inhumans movie could pave the way for a Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel movie too.

One more important tie-in. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to be quite heavily introducing the idea of Inhumans already. Everything in that series so far seems to be working towards the idea of bringing Inhumans into the mix pretty early on. So this will be interesting to see how it all pieces together.

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 - May 4, 2018
Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 - May 3, 2019
And this is it. This is where it’s ALL going and building to. EVERYTHING from all the movies back to the first Iron Man will culminate in THIS EPIC WAR. Thanos using the infinity gauntlet and everyone teaming up to stop him. So epic it had to be broken into 2 films! Wow.

So that’s Marvel’s plan for Phase 3. Of course we’re not done with Phase 2 yet. We still have Avengers: Age of Ultron and an Ant-Man movie to get through before Phase 3 begins. And of course, much of this is subject to change. But for now? HOLY HELL!
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"Feed me tuna and pet me all day. 

I was once a god, you know.” 


Tue Oct 28, 2014, 5:20 PM by Reeiden:iconreeiden:
I've been thinking about holding a contest for quite a while now, so here!!
ok if only 6 people join the contest will be cancelled because no
i will tell you all when the Deadline is!!


- Must be artwork with EFFORT in!!
NO stealing, tracing, re-color, using bases/linearts please!!
- I want you to be as original and creative as you can!!

- Have Fun !!

* What I'll be judging is:



1st place: 4,000 Points 
2nd place: 2,000 Points
The two places get a full body drawing too!

!! All you have to do is draw my bae Leonardo !!
Leonardo 240 by TotemSpirit Leo2 by Reeiden

Can be:

Draw watever you want to draw!
For example: Sleeping, Fishing, Hunting, Running, Sitting or just staring
Can be: full body, headshot, full picture, ANYTHING.

Bonus love if you draw him with my fursona Rene doing something!

For example: Training, Exploring, or Rene riding him!
Her reference and stuff here:

You don't have to draw these together, It's just in case if you plan to do it!

here you can compare their size
Tokota Guide: Height comparison chart by noebelle

if I get a lot of entries, I will add more points prizes and I'll add 3rd and 4th place c:
Entries here:…

That's all for now, love you all !! :heart:

Hey everyone! My name is Cherry mint ! Ive only been on for a while but plan to be a very noticable person and hope to make others art to their hearts content!
So for a start I will be doing 100 free request!!!
You don't have to be a watcher but it would be nice if you could!
So I hope to be able to give everyone as much art as they want
(If you donate five more points you get a extra request)

So why not check up my art and make a request!
Here is what I can and can't do...
(I can kinda draw humans but it wont be as good as others
Animals, fantasy creatures
Mythical beast

So make a journal and put your request below
(And make sure you put the word  Gryffon bellow to make sure you are reading or your request will be denied.)

Thanx everyone!
(Commisions, and a contest is open, note me details, questions)
[AT] - Cherry Mint by Skoryx
2: kuritsa 
3: Melon-Block 
4: Kagome235 
5: Babbling-Brooke 
6: GoldenKhrp 
7: BrokenHeartfrom1984 
8:  WishfulFun 
9: DerpyDewey
10: LunaTheAngelKitty11 
(Yay 10 already ^^; :D)
11: DraconiaIstra 
12: Magical-Becca 
13: Brisle 
14: XxMoeyxX 
15: Umbra-Neko-Chan
16: LucariShay
17: PaintPalletePony
18: Betheii
19: Esytha
20: gaarasdemonickitty
(omg 20 request already? Attempt To Be Cool )
21: CaramelSuprise
22: Mr-Asquith
(You watch me I watch you back just so you know -v-) 
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Levi by cielo-a-pecorelle

*Modern AU*

“Levi? Are you coming dear?” Your voice ran through Levi’s house, your boyfriend of six months popped his head out of a doorway and sighed “Yes, [Name], I’m coming.” His tone was flat as usual, you couldn’t help rolling your eyes. Even around you he kept his composure, you wished he’d loosen up once in awhile.


His arms crossed and it took you a moment to realize he was waiting, he had his suit on but his tie was undone and hanging loosely around his neck. Giggling you went over and did it up for him, you felt a rush of achievement as you saw the corners of his mouth twist upwards slightly.


Tonight you and him where going out to dinner…. But not a date, oh you wished. It was a business dinner and he had been granted the permission to bring you along, you felt rather out of place at these business dinners. But as long as Levi was there, you didn’t mind… Too much. “Come on then.” He sighed finally, and offered you his arm, which you linked yours around cheerily.




He drove you two to the restaurant at a steady pace, you tried to make a conversation but he didn’t seem in the mood for talking. So eventually you fell silent and stared out the window. When you got there, he helped you out of the car, like any gentlemen would have and led you inside. Immediately you saw a large table in the middle, Erwin Smith being at the head. Of course… He was Levi’s boss.


Your short boyfriend led you over, and pulled out your seat for you, but much to your dismay he didn’t sit next to you… Oh no, he walked away and took the closest seat to Erwin, being in between his two co-Workers, Petra and Hanji, who he easily starting chatting up.


Your eyes narrowed… was he smiling? He was! Damn, he never smiled like that around you… Oh well… That didn’t matter, did it? You forced your eyes to look away, and you stared at the table, maybe it had been a bad idea to come…


“Miss, may I get you an beverage?” A voice snapped you out of your thoughts, you looked up and saw a young waiter with a pad and paper looking at you expectantly. “Wine please.” You smiled politely, and watched him quickly scribble in the order before continuing on to the next person. You sighed, wishing for the time to fly by. But unfortunately, it dragged on… and on… and on…


“[Name], you can take the car back to my place. I have some business to attend to. Ahem… I won’t be coming home ‘till late, so don’t wait up for me.” Levi informed as everyone started to get up from the table, the dinner had been delicious, but for you lonely and awkward.


You sighed as he passed you the keys, “Okay hun, I’ll see you later.” As you kissed his nose he flinched away a little, of course… he didn’t enjoy public affection, you should have remembered that. “Bye.” He huffed, and turned to head towards a group of remaining people, you stared after him for a moment, before twirling on your heel and heading out the restaurant.


The ride back to Levi’s was quiet, you thought about Levi, and such. Maybe there was a bit of unicorns and starbucks mixed into your racing mind, but that's not the point.


As you headed inside and slipped off your pumps, you glanced around, everything was neat and tidy, of course. What else could be expected of Levi? “Don’t wait up for me” His words ran through your mind, but- what if you wanted to wait for him? Feeling a rush of playfulness you decided to give Levi a surprise when he came home, seeing as he worked so hard.


You sat on his bed, head bowed and eyes almost fully closed. You hadn’t expected him to be this late. The time was almost 1:00, you had been waiting there for over three hours, black lingerie covering your body. Finally you heard the sound of a door unlocking, Levi’s voice and a- giggle? No… It’s just that you were so tired, there hadn’t been a giggle, you were imagining things.


Your heart pounding with excitement as you heard footsteps coming upstairs, the door creaked and Levi walked in, not noticing you at first as he undid his tie and discarded it to the side, no doubt was in your mind as you thought about how he would put that away first thing tomorrow.


“Levi~” You purred, he jumped visibly and turned, his usually calm eyes widening slightly. “[N-Name…] What are you doing here?” “You told me to drive the car back to your place, remember?” You smiled, pushing your self to your knees. His eyes trailed over your body, his mouth opened to say something but you lunged forward and grabbed his shirt, pulling him down on top of you as you flopped down on your back.


“[Name!]” He protested, but you ignored his words as you rolled so you were now on top. With a smirk, you sat on his stomach and grinded slightly as you leaned down to kiss him. Achievement rushed through you as he kissed you back, but that happiness turned to disappointment as he huffed and pushed you off. “[Name]! Not right now.” You froze and raised your eyebrows, Levi never protested making love to you… No matter how late. As if sensing your confusion, he sighed and kissed your cheek, “Just not tonight dear… Go to sleep, I’ll be taking a shower now.”


Without another word, he got up and headed into the connecting bathroom, your cheeks heated up in embarrassment as you laid down and pulled the covers over your head. Had that just happened? Soon enough, you fell asleep. Not noticing when Levi climbed into bed beside you with a sigh.



The next morning you woke to Levi getting dressed, “Do you have work?” You muttered, rubbing an eye tiredly. He looked to you and nodded. “Yes, of course I do.” He voice was slightly irritated, you quieted down and watched him finish getting dressed. Not that you got to see much, considering as he only had to slip his jacket. “Do you want me to drive you home?” He asked, glancing over his shoulder. You shook your head, “I can walk.”


With a shrug he nodded and walked over to kiss your cheek lovingly, “Bye, I’ll call you later okay?” You nodded and watched him exit the room.





He didn’t want to cheat on [Name] he really didn’t, but thought of having a secret life… It gave him a rush that he hadn’t felt in awhile. Not that he didn’t love you, of course he did. But he just needed a bit of excitement, and that’s exactly what Hanji and Petra could give him.


He hadn’t lied to you about going to work, no…. He still had his job to do, but he did lie on his intentions on calling you, he had plans, and they’d probably go on until late. Finally when he got to his work building he adjusted his tie, which he could do a hundred times better than you, but you seemed to enjoy doing it for him, so he let you.


Getting out there car, the handsome dark haired man looked around. Hmph, Petra nor Hanji was walking, they were probably already here. With a hand clutched tightly around his suitcase, he hurried through the lot and into the building. Giving his usual curt nod towards the woman at the main desk as he headed into the elevator. Anticipation filled him, the affair had begun only last night, but he felt as if it had been going on forever.


“Levi.” A purr broke his thoughts as he waited to talk to Erwin, turning with a disinterested look he saw Petra and Hanji standing side to side and looking at him eagerly. “Hey!” Hanji exclaimed loudly, “We saw that [Name] wasn’t here, why don’t we have some fun!?” He knew the two had crushes on him, it was quite obvious, after all they weren't afraid to keep pestering him.


At first, he was going to object, thinking about your beautiful face. But then he looked to Hanji’s eager expression, and Petra’s cute one filled with admiration for him, and he couldn’t resist. “Fine.” He huffed, glancing over his shoulder, Erwin could talk to him another day perhaps. At his own pace, he started towards the doors, expecting his the two new mistresses to follow, and they did. He was surprised, and quite pleased when they wrapped their arms around him, Hanji bringing her hand teasingly onto his thigh, and Petra placing a hand to trail down his back. They hadn’t expected it to go this far, but hey, they weren’t complaining!  


“I’ll get us a hotel room.” Levi broke in suddenly, they looked at him with a devious smiles, and he couldn’t help the slightest smirk form on his face as he led them to the nearest hotel, which was also the most expensive one in the city, La lune. He usually wouldn’t spend this much money at once, not even on you. But tonight was a… ah, it was an occasion.



“L-Levi….” A moan escaped the gingers sweet lips, as Levi steadily thrust into her, the grip he had on her thighs tightened. “Don’t waste all your energy on her, big guy. Save some for me!” Hanji giggled, as she came up behind him. “Don’t worry Hanj.” He grunted, craning his neck to observe the other woman, fully naked. “You’ll get your time.” A look of satisfaction crossed her features as she nodded, he turned back to Petra, feeling a climax coming. He thought about you once or twice, but… let’s just say you weren’t his main focus.




“Levi! We still on for tonight?” A loud, yet attractive voice called from somewhere behind him as he started walking away from the  elevator onto his almost empty floor. Hanji was sexy and all, but damn loud. He turned with a flat expression and simply nodded. Petra was standing beside Hanji, as usual. She smiled sweetly, to which Levi merrily gave another nod. “Great, it’ll be so much fun.” Hanji smiled before turning on her heel, and walking away. Swaying her hips ever so slightly, just to give Levi a glimpse of what was to come. He licked his lips, before noticing Petra was still there. “Levi… I- If you feel guilty about this…. You know, with [Name] and all. You don’t have to do it.” A little taken aback, the short man let his usually calm aura dissolve for a moment, before regaining it and shaking his head, giving a wry smile. “Petra… Don’t you worry.”