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Journal Entry: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 8:55 AM


I need to pay for my uni TT^TT

First of all thank you for your support, it means a world to me and I really appreciate your help! If you want to order a commission form me please read carefully all the info below, thank you! And if you have any questions feel free to note me.

✦ Prices may change in future.
✦ All commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
✦ All prices are for one character, additional ones are half.
✦ Payment before I start drawing. I'll send you my PayPal address after I receive your note. No refunds.
✦ Orders via note, please fill the form, it's easier that way <3; description should contain at least one good quality reference, informations like what character likes, dislikes, what's his/her personality are welcomed.
✦ Please, note that I have right to say no if I think I won't be able to do it.
✦ After I finish your order I'll send you your picture to check if everything is OK. Then I'll upload it here, on dA. Finished picture has credits on it.

Paypal address: (if paying through paypal; email from which you'll be sending money; please sent payment as gift.)
How many characters:
Additional info:
✦Waist-up $15-$20 (depends on how detailed the character is) (2 slots)

.:Vera:. by Kats-tan

✦Fullbody $30-$40 (depends on how detailed the character is; next chara is half) (1 slot)
1. :iconlittle-stupid-things:

.:MC Secret Velentine:. by Kats-tan .:COMM Eni:. by Kats-tan

✦Sketch portrait $7 (for pencil sketch and quick digital colors) (5 slots)

Vera by Kats-tan

✦ Once again thank you for your support!</u></b>

A little contest time! Would you like to win a free commission done by me? :D
Just follow those simple steps:

2. MENTION YOUR TWO FRIENDS IN THE COMMENT - more people - more fun in competition  :D

The winner will be picked randomly 5 days after I posted this journal. Good luck :)

Blue by IllegalHamsterThe   Mr. Foxy by IllegalHamsterThe   Kitty drawing by IllegalHamsterThe

Contest:  ( Feb 2015 )

Contest: Random-Draw ( Feb 2015 )

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Good luck!

Living off of your Art

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 25, 2015, 5:24 PM
Journal of Ahkward

aka Kat Jackson

"Now I will tell you about how it feels to survive from your art"

The real title should probably be something like that however that doesn't really fit well. XD This is LONG, I'm sorry, but it's a lot to cover and I want to cover it in a well rounded way and no short-change you guys. Before I get started, here is what I'll cover:

Job searching / Promotion / Community
Art school

Do you want to go to art school/college? Maybe you just want art as a hobby or income boost? Maybe you want to be a full time freelancer or studio worker? Do you know?

Making art your living or making it a portion of your income is a serious undertaking and involves a lot more than I think the majority of people realize. I'm not here to scare anyone or crush dreams. However I feel that with so many young artists on dA aspiring to become a professional (or even older ones starting to enjoy art now), you all DESERVE to know what you are getting into.

Anyway, I've been having these sorts of conversations a lot lately. I'm almost ready to graduate from Ringling College of Art and Design and I want to share some experiences with you. Though, before I get started, please note that I can't speak for all professionals. I can't speak for all artists, I can't speak for all majors at my college. I can only speak for me and share what I've learned. Yesterday my Senior Thesis teacher sat us all down and had a long (like 2 hours dang) talk about life and being an artist. He shared all kinds of awesome and awkward stories about the good things he did and mistakes he made. A lot of the things I could relate to in already having begun to freelance in the last 2-3 years, however a lot of his experiences I haven't had yet.


So first off, freelancing, what is it? Freelancing is essentially you are your own business, you are YOUR PRODUCT. You sell yourself and your art to people. You draw or write, even sing, as singers make contracts with record companies. Sports players do this too in their insanely huge (often million dollar contracts lol ). Anyway, often times you, as an artist will work with either a single person, or a group/company. You will either offer them a contract you created, or you can sign one of theirs.

For example, I have a few people I have worked with in a way that I was given a contract to read and sign. Now, you can't just sign away without reading. Why? You could be screwed over, and believe me things have happened. I've made mistakes and I've learned from them. For instance here is one of my stories, from easily a year and a half ago:

One time I had an order (on fA) and I was to draw a couple together in a SFW PG sort of way. Now, I have no issues with NSFW, as long as it stays within my comfort zone and the law. Yes, NSFW is legal if you follow the rules set my your state/national govt. (and it pays well OTL) Anyway, so I sent over my contract and the commissioner rebuffed and sent me one instead, saying he was familiar with artists contracts and had worked with many before and to just sign his. Now I was inexperienced with contracts, I had not used them for very long, and I was naive. I wanted to believe this guy since he seemed legit, so I did. I signed the contract without reading it assuming he knew what was best for me. Well, I lie, I scanned over it fast but didn't read the details.

Long story short, we ended up leaning a little more towards NSFW, it wasn't really anything hardcore, but I was ok with it since it was a clean version and generally softcore stuff. After I'd finished his commission and emailed him the full resolution, I noticed I was suddenly getting more followers and I wondered where they came from. I got a private message asking for a hardcore, not "clean" image and I was very suprised. I had stated in my information on my profile that I don't do that sort of work and I found out later that there was a very large misunderstanding.

Within the contract was one line that I failed to read, the editing and re-use clause. Basically this tiny two sentence paragraph allowed the commissioner to freely edit and reupload said edit to any place he wished. He had draw in some parts and reposted it, however he still gave me the credit. So it now appeared that I was allowing people to commission that sort of work.

Now, I know the NSFW example is a little intense and not everyone does that sort of work, but it's valuable to know such examples. Even if you do Non-NFSW and you don't add an editing clause/or read to insure there isn't one, someone could take your image and edit it! It could be drawn over, it could have colors changed, logos put on it that don't belong to you (and if sold that could be copyright issues), basically no limit. So I now have a contract with a very clear editing clause. XD

Another example of me failing to have a proper contract is from about a year ago, last summer from and old friend of mine in Colorado. I was working on a digital character commission and was asked to stream on a particular day at a particular time. At this point, I had already had about 75% of the order done and was just woring on details. I already had plans with my friends on this particular day (and had planned this day for weeks). I was told that if I obviously didn't value his order and he canceled it. Now, in the contract at the time, I had mentioned that either party could cancel the order at any time. However here is the problem, there was no "kill fee". A kill fee is generally a sum of money to ensure the artist gets paid for the work that they DID do. I had not been paid yet and so when he canceled I had no way to ensure I got something for the 10-12 hours I'd put into this artwork. I charge anywhere from 10-20$ an hour and that put me at a loss of 100-200$ for the job.

When you lose that much money, you are upset, let me tell you. So I took that as a lesson and added a kill fee so that even on a canceled order, I don't lose out on the time. Now for small orders under 100$ I don't generally bother with kill fees, but sometimes I do. It really depends on the case.

Long story short, when you work for yourself, you really have to be aware of how the industry works. People will take advantage of you. Now not everyone it out to do so, but there will always be people who try this. Think about the paypal call backs that occurred over the last year or too. People lost thousands of dollars before it was sorted out and people were given back the money they worked hard to earn from that commissioner/adopt buyer.

Job Searching / Promotion / Community

So jobs, we all need them, it keeps our homes warm, food on our tables or pet bowls, it keeps lights on, water flowing, etc. When it comes to jobs as an artist, you have an INSANE number of options! You could do, game design, coding, animation, illustration, graphic design, fashion, writing, signing, etc etc. So it's all about what YOU want to do specifically. For those if you like me, I can talk about illustration.

Illustration (my college major) has a lot of options in it's own right. Some of my peers now work for Hasbro, Disney, Nickolodeon, Moonbot Studios, Blue Sky, etc etc. Some to 3D models (such as with zBrush), some do T-Shirts, packaging, advertising, comic books, spot illustrations, book covers, concept art, etc. SO MANY OPTIONS. Also, you can work at home or in a studio. Often, the COMAPNY will decide this, NOT you.

It is common for artists to not stay in one place long, moving where the jobs go if you end up working for places that want you in studio, or working in their buildings. This is great as it offers daily interaction and peer support, inspiration etc. Some people prefer to work with others as a TEAM, not a single artist. This means you'll likely be working on ideas that ARE NOT YOURS, you must eventually give your baby to someone else. This can be hard for some people. We did this in class once and it was HARD to give someone else my hard work to edit and develop further. However I was very happy with the final result, and afterwards, I became good friends with that person. I got to know them more and it was neat to work on his characters and see him develop mine!

Some people prefer to keep to themselves and work on their own clock, their own time and day. Freelancing is basically this. Most freelancers work from home or their own personal studio, but not all.

How to find these jobs is the tricky part. Going online, searching papers, joining forums and online communities is all INSANELY important. Joining offline communities is just as beneficial! Social media is so vital these days into working and finding work. I get nearly all my work from social media, tumblr, twitter, dA, fA, facebook, instagram, etc. I personally don't like the internet, I don't like having to sit somewhere, and work on keeping up with it all. It's a LOT of work, however it is a needed evil.

Then, how do you apply once you find those jobs. Thankfully that part is usually made easier if you read carefully.  A lot fo job listings in my experience ask for three main things: Portfolio, resumee, and cover letter. In the art world, your education doesn't really make or break you in most cases (except things like medical illustration or any sort of drawing for educational purposes.) Sometimes companies require minimum experience or will substitute a degree for experience years.

What about the portfolio?

Your portfolio is what matters the most by far, as it shows you CAN do the work. Your resume shows your experience and qualification in word form. Your cover letter is WHY you want to work for the company, showing how your skills match what the company has asked for in their job listing/description. So reading carefully is vital! Of they ask for sketches of hands, figures, real life observation of animals with at least a page of, idk.. pigs, DRAW THEM PIGS. Draw what they ask for. If I were to turn in a portfolio with NO hands, no pigs, no figures, nothing of what they asked for, then I'll likely not get the job because

1. I didn't follow directions
2. I didn't show them what they need in an artist right now.

So if you don't have those sorts of drawings ready for a portfolio or have no drawings of that at all, you better make them. Your portfolio will always be changing and sometimes you'll have multiple portfolios. I myself have 3: Landscapes, Comics and Concept art. So yeah, it's a lot of work, and sometimes I have to custom make one for a company or person, but that's ok, because I want that order/contract/job.

As far as social media goes: DON'T BE LAZY!! I know everyone wants to post nothing and get all the fans and people loving you and all the support and blehblehblhe. But you need to PARTICIPATE. Take deviantART for example.

There are Groups, join them be active, if you don't want a full inbox of deviations, you can turn off the deviations or journals. Though I will say I find that selfish of you. Why join a group and only put your art in there for only YOURSELF and then not take 5 min to look at the other art people put there?! It doesn't take long to go through them, and they like the same things you do! Network and make friends with these people! I know when you watch a lot of people it adds up, I watch 814 people myself, so yeah, I get a lot of deviations and journals everyday. I know, but I look at EVERYTHING, it may take me forever and my inbox is never empty, but that's ok.

Being lazy is the DAMN WORST EXCUSE EVER. I HATE when people use that as an excuse, yeah I say it too from time to time and I feel bad when I do afterwards. However if you want recognition and feedback, you have to give it too. Another way to interact is by COMMENTING.

How many of you knew you could comment? Or REPLY? :stare: amazing

How many of you knew dA had forums? ->

There are tons of threads to interact with and it's up to YOU to go into those threads and be an active person! They really do help a lot in  getting exposure for yourself and if you want, promoting others! The forums are a pretty active place too.

Post thumbs her to share your art and look at others art!

Having a bad day and need some advice? Post here for that!

Photographers and Writers have their own section too!
--->… (Photography)
--->… (Literature)

You can post to advertise your commissions or to commission others!

Art School

This is always an interesting topic for me to talk about.

1. You do NOT need a degree to do art as a career.
2. Art school is usually expensive, but there are scholarships. LOTS.
3. Art school is your best friend and worst nightmare.
4. In most cases, you still have to take classes like math, science, reading, writing, history, etcetc.

Just putting these out there as things you should know. Art school is something you SHOULD do if possible, not because it is required. It isn't. However if you want to better yourself as an artist, and build a network for yourself, meet other artists. Art school has the benefit of meeting others. We all know social media is important and building and meeting people online can be a valuable resource for finding jobs and advancing your career. The same is true offline, in person. In addition, at my school at least, all my teachers are professionals, either currently or retired. So they have connections and people they know that I can work with too! Their connections might know people and they might know people. Building a web of people will make your chances for success much better.

Then there is the guidance. Not all schools are the same or teach the same way or even same majors/degrees. Here at Ringling it typically works like this:

1/Freshman year - All majors take same classes working on your foundations, almost 100% traditional. Figure drawing classes (yes naked), perspective, 2D, 3D, some liberal art/humanities, and history/other general ed things. The foundations are important all across the board, NO MATTER THE MAJOR. All people have to understand them, however your major will determine HOW you use that knowledge.

2/Sophomore year - For illustration majors, this year is about experimentation, learning about mediums and styles. You take classes where you will be required to use mediums you are not familiar with or may not like. But deal with it cupcake, you are doing this for your benefit and you can still learn things from things you don't like. For example, I really dislike oil painting, however it was the best "color theory" class I ever had. It taught me so much about color, and now it's my favorite part of art! Or one of them. During this year you can start using digital art, though when depends on your classes or teachers allowing you to.

3/Junior year - You are allowed to experiment more and start finding your own path. In Illustration you are also going to have classes that help you develop your portfolio and personal look, like your online, and in general your time is more focused on developing you.

4/Senior year - Mostly this year is based on your job search, refining your portfolio and getting hired! As an illustration major you'll be starting your thesis either late in the fall semester or first thing in the spring. Not much to this year, though the most important.

So yeah, again, I will tell you EVERY art school is different, but this is my experience. I've had to do things and draw things I don't like, and that I would never do as a career. However you learn a lot from those experiences. I've met a lot of people and gotten into good and bad situations. I've had awesome crits and good reviews and  bad ones too. Art school is a flood on inspiration and terrifying fear once you realize everyone near you is your competition.

However in my opinion the pros outweigh the cons. You get access to people, technology, networks, education, advice from professionals, websites for job searching, all sorts of amazing things. 

If you want to skip all that, that's ok! It's totally fine and will save you money. As long as you have a good portfolio and can manage yourself online and in person, you can be just as successful as anyone! :D

In general surviving off you art is hard. It's not glamorous making tons of money and drawing what you want all day and sleeping in and eating rainbows and candy. It's hard work and you will have days you hate it. You'll want to never draw again. You'll have to draw things you aren't good at, you'll have to separate the worth of your art from the worth of yourself as a person.

However, when you get to wake up and draw, and LOVE drawing, it makes all the pain and fear and sleepless nights worth it being able to do what you love every single day. If you want to be a hobbyist, go for it too! You don't have to be a professional to enjoy art everyday. Whatever your reason, art is for you and nobody else. Yeah, it may be a commission, but it's still a part of you, time you'll never get back.

If you want to do art and your family isn't for you. So what? If you want it bad enough, you'll do anything you can to get it. Push and push harder and harder.

So I don't know how helpful this was. I could have gone over a lot more, but I'll open the floor to you guys. If you want me to elaborate, let me know. I'm only one person, so I don't have all the answers, I'm still new in my career, but hopefully some of you can find some answers.

Thanks for reading! - Ahk

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Suicide Rant

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 10:45 AM
Has anyone else noticed that suicide only seems to matter nowadays if the victim fits a certain mold?

White, straight, cis person kills themselves. Eh, nobody cares. Probably did it cause their mom wouldn't buy them expensive clothes.

Trans person kills themselves. Oh, poor baby!!! The world is so unfair!

Gay/bi/pan/etc. person kills themselves. People should learn to respect others! Rest in peace, honey.

Does anyone see a problem here? Suicide is suicide, regardless of who does it. Yes, I agree that some people do it for really dumb reasons, but you shouldn't care only about the "misunderstood" people and not give a shit about the ones who seem to have "the perfect lives" or what the hell ever excuse you want to make for not giving a damn about anyone besides minorities.

Yes, it's awful that trans people and the like commit suicide because they're not respected. Like Leelah Alcorn. I've changed my mind a bit about her death, to be honest. I still think it's horrible that her parents made her feel so unloved and uncared for, but she took a really shitty route when it came to fixing the problem. If you're a person who gets shit because of your sexuality or gender identity, killing yourself because of it isn't very smart. Why? Because if you stay alive, you can be a beacon of light for others like you. You can help them and give them the support that the people in your life never gave you.

Plus, I can't imagine how the truck driver who ran her over must feel. If you're bound and determined to kill yourself (which I still wish you'd reconsider and not do in the first place), do the world a favor and don't drag innocents down with you. If I ran over someone or did anything to cause their death, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I hate when people kill themselves, but I also hate when they feel it's necessary to put others through anguish just to end their lives. That's just passing the pain you feel onto another person before you go. Why continue the cycle?

Yes, her parents were assholes. Yes, it's wonderful that she stood up for the trans community. Yes, she was still a bit selfish for killing herself because of it instead of being a fighter. If I was trans, I'd rather be known for being the person who stood up to the bullshit and lived than the person who killed themselves because of it.

Stop acting like everyone would have still cared about her had she not been trans. You can bet your ass that if she was just a random kid, nobody would have gotten so worked up. really sad. It is. You don't know what that "perfect" person with "everything going for them" may actually be going through, so don't just jump to conclusions and say their death doesn't matter when they pop a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger or tie a rope around their neck. Even if they are cisgendered, white, or straight.

I just despise how hypocritical people can truly be. Sorry for going off on a tangent about Leelah, but the point is that if you care so much about suicidal people, act like it. Don't give a damn about only the people who are "different". Trust me, suicide's a bigger issue than many of the people on here and the tumblrites think it is. It's not just a problem among groups of depressed teens and minorities. There are plenty of people all over this world who just can't handle life anymore, and you don't hear a word about it when they end it all.

A lot of the people who kill themselves and get the recognition for it had the opportunity to get help and make it through. Many others don't. Think about that for a bit.

I'm not saying the minorities who kill themselves don't matter. I will never say that. I'm just saying that suicide is not a problem that only certain people deal with, and that if you're going to care about them and try to eliminate or at least lessen the suicide epidemic, you should care about all victims.

I can't wait to see how many people read this and deem me a heartless bitch.

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Hello fellow deviants!

As you might remember, the last time I left you all, I...well, my whole family was getting kicked out of our apartment because we couldn't pay the debts we had accumulated. Well, a lot of things both good and bad happened between now and then. Starting with the bad news is that, well, my dad got jailed for 3 years. I'll never go into specifics, but I'll say, desperate times called for desperate measures, or so did my dad think. Obviously, I'm depressed and hurt about this every day, as I love my father and he's very old and weak, I just hope he won't just die there (or worse, be killed) :( . We didn't have money to spend on a good lawyer, we sold so many of our possessions just to be able to get ANY lawyer at all, it's crazy.

As for the good news, I was able to move out once again. My family has a place to stay still back in Latvia, but I had to find a place, and a few months back my long distance girlfriend helped me move into her San Salvador, Central America. Yeah, it's pretty far from home, and yes, it's not the most well off country either, as most people here are trying to escape to U.S., but at least it's something, and I'm happy to be alive, under a roof and together with her.

And for even more good news, we're planning to get married. We don't have a lot of money between us, in fact, I'm actually still very much so completely broke, so we will not have a ceremony or a party sadly. But I still am very excited about it nonetheless.

Of course, getting started in a new country is hard and I still need to be checked out by a doctor, so please consider helping out a soon-to-be-newlywed couple? As it is now, we can't afford even simple pair metal or silver rings. 

It would be hugely appreciated.

With lots of love,
Bruno & Marcela
omg time fly so fast, 7th monthly raffle o v o ! Rules are the same as always.
The only think that you have to do to enter is :

 Bullet; Green Be a watcher ! 
    Bullet; Green Fave this journal ! 
Bullet; Green And have a visual character reference ! (no need to post it now haha c: )
Winners will be able to choose between a chibi or icon. Samples here (chibi style may change a bit ! ):
[Comm] Caseykinz by NellietteC4 - JigokuShii by Nelliette[Raffle] Ashton - Bethan134 by Nelliette[Com] Marius and Gervas - Cutie-Babooty by Nelliette
Madoka - F2U by NellietteIcon commissions batch 1 by Nelliette[Com] Pixel Icon - Cutie-Babooty by NellietteNellie icon by Nelliette
Pixel witch by Nelliette
For pixel chibis like the one above, size will change (like this one or bigger) and it might be animated if I fell like that :).
Raffle will be open from today to 20 of february(more or less), when I'll choose 2 winners with I won't be answering comments here unless there is any question, but I appreciate and read them, for sure <3 




Will be working on commissions before on raffle things ! Be patient <3  

3 Month Premium Membership Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 25, 2015, 2:07 PM

Hello guys, I have decided to do a small giveaway! I will be giving away a 3 month premium membership! Sadly, there will only be one winner; but I will host future giveaways. Anyways, here is how you join:

- Favorite this Journal!

- Make a journal about this!

- Comment below with the journal and say something simple like "Done" 

- Send me a watch! ( optional, very appreciated : D )


I am going to be using a random number generator, like, so none of this has my opinion in it! 
The giveaway will end March 5th!


If you win, tell me if it is for you or someone else : , D

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