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vent art (again)
i've already touched upon this subject in the past but i'd like to bring it up again just in case some people were unaware
when i make vent art, please don't think i'm calling out for sympathy, or advice, or even to let people know that i'm sad
i do it because drawing is a large part of how i let out my pent-up emotions. it's kinda like writing in a diary when you're frustrated but without using words. i'm sure a lot of you can relate.
if it ends up looking nice, i post it because there's always the possibility that someone will like how it looks/get inspired by it or just simply relate to that feeling i had. i figure that maybe something good will come out of the fact that i got sad.
that's the only reason i post it sometimes. i'm fine, i'll get better, i don't mean to make you all worry about me, because you shouldn't. that being said, i appreciate those of you who took time to write out all those long, meaningful supportive comments. thank you so much. you're all very sweet and wond
:iconrainy-bleu:Rainy-bleu 68 31
Here's the channel you guys!
Suggest fanfictions below on the right comment, and if you have anything else, comment on that one! Other than that your comment will be deleted!
1999 - 230.2 out of 300
The Blueberry Brewery Prologue - My Score: 10 out of 25
A Very Minty Christmas
:iconoctosexbang:octosexbang 58 10
100 day art challenge

Hi there! I'm doing an art challenge. I am gonna draw one drawing or painting every day for a hundred days, which is why I'm ''advertising'' this.
Instead of just drawing fanart everyday I thought it would be nice to also draw requests for people as well :D

There will be a hundred slots. First come, first serve! The only thing I ask is that you share this journal so that most people will be able to see it.
Send me a link of your shared journal and at the same time tell me what you would like me to draw for you! MAX TWO requests per person.

pls check my commission info to find more information about what I will draw and not. Guidelines and info you can find there.
Speedpaint Commission - Paypal and Points

Have a nice day everyone!


:iconkoziebubble:kozieBubble 56 336
MYO Chimereon Contest LIVE!!
Hey all, today marks the first day of the MYO Chimereon contest, where you design a Chimereon! This contest will give everyone a chance to draw and potentially keep their very own Chimereon design. Winning designs will become official and can be used in group events and any other kind of artwork!
Winning Chimereons will be chosen based on how appealing their design is. A high artistic skill is not necessary to enter or win. If you wish, you may also provide some backstory for your Chimereon! “Appealing” designs do not necessarily need to be complex. Please just have fun designing your Chimereon in a way that speaks to you.
Here are some Chimereon Design guidelines:
Chimereon Species Chart:
Chimereon Trait Chart:
Entries must follow the rules or they will not be accepted. If they do not meet with the guidelines, participants will be
:iconchimereons:Chimereons 61 66
400+ Watchers Raffle!!!
Hello! It's that time again!
Thank you so much for all your support guys! I really appreciate every single fave, watch and comment so much! <3
And to show my appreciation, I will be hosting this raffle QwQ
***Please read through all the rules before entering. If you don't, your comment will be ignored and you won't be able to join the raffle.***
There will be 3 winners who will each win a chibi like the example shown below:

How to Enter
♦ You must be a watcher of mine. New watchers are welcome but don't be a poopyhead and unwatch me after the raffle is over >n>
♦ Make a journal or a poll about this raffle and put the link in your comment.
♦ Add a reference of the character you'd like me to draw in your comment.
(Please keep in mind, I will not draw overly muscled, NSFW, old or mecha characters, although armour is fine.
:iconceluthien:Celuthien 43 9
Small icon raffle!
Hey guys~ I reached 2,500+ watchers and I promised a raffle for when that goal was reached! I only have time to do a small one for now. When I hit another goal I'll hopefully have time to do bigger prizes. Thank you for sticking with me! I'm very grateful for the feedback I receive here. I remember dusting off this account in 2014 ready to put myself out there. I've met a lot of great artists whose work pushes me to try harder. I will never stop trying to improve and better my skills. I think it's common for artists to put themselves down and not believe in their own work, but I'm pretty damn proud of where I am. If I had the chance to show my 14 year old self what my art would end up looking like in 10 years I don't think I would've believed it. It's not perfect, but the improvement is there because I worked for it. I can only imagine how it'll be in 10 years or 20! I'm excited to continue my path as an artist and I'm grateful to anyone who decides to stick arou
:iconengare:engare 42 12
Please watch this
Everyone needs to hear this. 
:iconwubcakeva:WubcakeVA 39 43
Tartio MYO Contest (OPEN)
Contest Start: February 18th
Contest End: March 4 11:59PM EST

How to enter:
-Firstly, you must be a member of the group at :iconTartios:! You'll find the species info on the group page.
-Adding a personality or even a little backstory to your tartio is highly reccomended, but not mandatory.
-Submit your entry to the MYO Contest Folder. I will not count entries linked here in the journal  
Entry rules:
-You can submit up to 3 designs, but they must be posted as separate deviations! Only one of your designs can win!
-Your entry won't be judged on artistic ability! Do your best with the design and character personality. 
-Only when your entry is accepted into the contest folder is it eligible to win! I will check over entries and make sure they follow the species design rules be
:iconchiickenleggy:chiickenleggy 40 32
Sister Location merchandise is coming our way!
Funko is making with the Sister Location merchandise so they can soak up some more of that cash that we'd otherwise waste on needless luxuries like lunch. Here be some info and images I yoinked from their blog post, which you should read if you want to see lots more pretty pictures!  Funko has given no street dates, so your guess is as good as mine as to when to start throwing our dollars at them.  (BTW, Funko, my birthday is near the end of April.  Just sayin'.)
Let's start small.  2" vinyl figures, to be exact:

Looks nice, huh?  Next, we have the next wave of vinyl Mystery Minis:

More Nightmares and Sister Location critters.  Look at those freaky smiles on the Nightmares!  I want them all. But...where's Nightma
:iconnegaduck9:Negaduck9 39 54
Design Contest 1000 Points [OPEN]
So yeah! I wanted to do this for a long time xD
I know I have another Contest going on but meeeeh
This will have 1 Winner 
The prize will be 1000 Points!!

basic Info and Questions
What you need to do?
You need to design a character! It can be a Pony, a Canine, a Human, Anthro and well whatever you want!
I want some more characters :3 Im NOT judging ART I want DESIGNS!!! 
I love complicated designs! That's what I want! Super complicated, full of things characters. Buttt not ugly and absolutely FULL of everything 
What I like? What I don't like?
So Im gonna tell you what I like and what I absolutely hate in characters, but don't misunderstand me, you can put stuff that I don't like and you don't have to put everything that In like. I wan
:iconliddieneko:LiddieNeko 39 68
I enjoy making contests! ^^ I think it's a lot of fun~ <3
So without further ado, allow me to share with you the prizes for winning!

----::::: DEADLINE :::::---- 
Start:- 17th February 2017
End:- 17th May 2017

The deadline is this long so people can join comfortably and enjoy the contest rather than feeling they have to rush!
Another reason is so I can up the prizes as time goes on! Meaning more art and points!
Maybe even money prizes should I be able to donate! ^^

:iconxxcute-kittyxx:XxCute-KittyxX 36 75
Time is based on Korean time.…

*Please apply only if there is a purchasing doctor.
- The commission price may change later.
- I accept paypal only. I will inform you of PayPal information through your notes. (only USD($))
- I will not accept refund requests just because you change your mind about the commission.
(I do not accept a refund request due to a mere change of mind.)
- I DO NOT ACCEPT refund requestS after the commission is complete.
(Once I start working on commissions, it's impossible to refund them.)
- Please deposit within 24 hours of receipt of the note.
(If the payment is not made within 24 hours, the application will BE automatically cancel.)
- If you pay the whole amount, I'll start
:iconpinfle:pinfle 35 4
it's been one year, meaning time for an icon contest for the group! ;v;/
I want to thank nanomori for the last year, i can't say how much i love it man, ;>; <33
- -
 Star! Star! Star! Alright, for the suggestions of which JR's you can use for the icon is; Star! Star! Star! //
 Star! Star! Star! RULES Star!
:iconjolleraptors:JolleRaptors 34 9
new vIEeeeeeeedo
:iconsoxzthewolf:SoxzTheWolf 36 21
Surprise Raffle! (OPEN)
Rainbow heart Rainbow Llama glitter02 glitter01 Hello sweet children of the internet glitter01 glitter02 Rainbow Llama Rainbow heart 

ok yes im ok
Well lets get to the point shall we!
I haven't hosted a raffle in some time and since I hit my 2 year anniversary on DA
in january I thought the timing is right xd
how to join?
Rainbow heart +watch (new watchers are welcome but dontunwatchmepieceofshit)
Rainbow heart favorite this journal
:iconkaidachu:Kaidachu 58 53
200 Watchers Raffle!! (OPEN TILL 31 MARCH)
omg you guys-- it has been like how long since i joined DA the first time? HNNG like 1 year or something LMAO. 200 Watchers is such a big thing for me! ive never thought that i would reach that much!
this is actually like the first time im doing a raffle so please bear with me ha-
Comment if entering!!
Big prize!
1 full body drawing of 1 character like this + simple Background v 

+ 1 small icon like these (type 1 or 2) 
How to enter:
-Total tickets:
-Must be a watcher (new watchers are welcome but dont just do it for free art! Because that would be very rude and would make me very sad) (+1)
-Fav this journal (+1)
-Make poll/journal for this raffle (+1)
-Tag 3 friends (+1)
Raffle ends on the 31 March!! (31.3.2017)
Thank you so much again and good luck!!
:iconjuveon:Juveon 34 66
New Video! Browsing Deviantart: TattleTail Fanart
:iconsolarsands:SolarSands 37 97
so uh,,, i got 1k watchers???????????????? whAT DID I DO MOM
bhifbbilrg im so happy this is amazing to me thank you so much; i'm so honoured!!!!!!!!!
so! i'm hosting a raffle!
1. must be a watcher! (new watchers welcome!)
2. no cheating with multiple accounts
3. if you are a close friend of mine, please don't enter. i give a lot of my close friends core and free art,
i want to make sure that ppl who dont get it for free get the prizes, please understand!
4. i am bad at math lmao, so forgive me if i get something wrong, thank you!



Everyone who comments gets a number, to get more numbers you can:
1. share this journal ( 1 more number)
2. tag people (NOT ME! max 5 ppl, number off people will be number of numbers)
3. favourite this journal (1 more number)
if you want to offer something to winners (like a chibi for 3rd place winner) then pleas
:iconmoonpuffle:Moonpuffle 32 73
(O) 50point .50Cent Sketch Headshots

Only 50Pink Points  or $0.50~!
I can't draw facial hair, or old people or bald~!
No Couples~
Color for sketch:
:iconyamiepuff:YamiePuff 28 45
I HAVE 50 WATCHERS :happybounce: :nuu: :squee:
Okay, I have 48 but it's pretty close to 50 xD
Honestly I can't even believe I got almost 50 until now, thank you sooo much guys, you have no idea how happy I am that all of you seem to like my art (especially right now having quite a hard time ^^;)Hug
Anyways I thought about making a raffle to say thank you and 5 of you will have the chance to win a fullbody and headbust (both colored and shaded)

I will draw:

- animals of all species (even if I never drew that animal before ;))
- animal-like closed species
- ARPG-species like DracoStryx, Viper-Dogs, Felvargs, Kukuri, etc
I definitely won't draw (sorry but I'm horrible at drawing them o.o):
- humans
- anthros
How you can enter the raffle:
1. you have to be a watcher (new watchers are welcome but don't unwatch me after you won/haven't won, that's rude and I will immediatly blacklist these people
:iconfalbe:Falbe 28 73
MLP FiM MOVIE -- MORE Movie Art Arrives!
Arrow left Arrow left Arrow leftMORE MLP Movie news for everyone!
I sure do LOOOVE this new animation style! It is SO beautiful and VERY slick.
I am also MORE excited to see the very first trailer as well!
Starring Casts Description arrives too!
Capper - Con Artist Cat, turned hero Tempest - A Unicorn Who's broken horn speaks to a troubled pastSongbird Serenade - The Hottest musical act in EquestriaGrubber - Hilarious bumbling side kick to The Storm KingThe Storm King - Big Bad Villain of the MovieCaptain Caelano - Dynamic Leader of the Parrot Pirate CrewQyeen Novo - Regal Ruler of the Sea PoniesSkystar - Energetic Daughter of Queen Novo
:iconshutterflyeqd:ShutterflyEQD 28 69
i'm home + changes | refunds
hey guys, SO
long story short i lost someone i loved (and continue to love very much so) and i keep fucking everything up so i ended up crumbling down & had to stay hospitalized a while. thats all i'm going to explain as far as that goes, not gonna get too personal about it. but the treatment helped a lot honestly, and it removed me from the situation i was so upset over. if i hadn't gone i wouldn't have been able to get the help i needed + we did zoomba and it was so fucking funny i laughed until i cried for like an hour straight, the entire time we did it. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED
ANYWAY YEAH, thats were i've been and i haven't been allowed to use phones/internet anything of course. prison basically
THAT BRINGS ME TO MY SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT, for those of you who don't know, i previously didn't go to school at all and i am now starting an outpatient/day treatment program with a bit of schooling included ! my first day was today and it wasn't bad at all, there's only around 8 kids in my
:iconcohzkie:cohzkie 27 27