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1000+ Point (and more!) Giveaway! UPDATE!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2015, 8:53 AM

August 2nd Giveaway update: I am incredibly excited to announce that, thanks to a very generous donation, the giveaway point amount has been doubled to over 1000 points! Additionally, a number of generous deviants have pledged a combined total of 14 features, 20+ watches, a herd of llamas to the winner. There's still time to enter, see below for details!!

You must be watching me to be entered to win!

Additionally, you can get extra entries by:

Sharing this journal in your own journal = 2 extra entries
Pledge 10 points or more to the winner = 2 extra entries (please remark in your donation that it's a pledge for the giveaway)
:+fav: Faving this journal = 1 extra entry
Pledge to feature, watch, or give a llama to the winner = 1 extra entry for each

Please comment below to let me know when you've complete any of the above

Original post:

Dear watchers,

Thank you so much for supporting me and my work! It's great to be back on dA and doing photography again after some time off :)

I wanted to thank all of you by doing a 500 point giveaway + feature. The only thing you have to do to enter is watch me and both new and old watchers are eligible as long as you are watching me when I pick the winner, so congrats - most of you reading this journal already have a chance at winning!

You must be watching me to be entered to win!

Additionally, you can get extra entries by:

Sharing this journal in your own journal = 2 extra entries
Pledge 10 points or more to the winner = 2 extra entries (please remark in your donation that it's a pledge for the giveaway)
:+fav: Faving this journal = 1 extra entry
Pledge to feature, watch, or give a llama to the winner = 1 extra entry for each

Please comment below to let me know when you've complete any of the above (except for faving, I can note that from my notifications center).

I will be compiling a spreadsheet of all my watchers, and anyone who completes any extra entries will have their name added multiple times to account for it. At the end of the giveaway I will use a random number generator to pick the winner!

This giveaway will end within a week (on August 7th) or when entries begin to slow down.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or send me a note. Thank you :heart:

jackcornelius pledges 500 points
IzzyLuvsYou22 pledges 13 points
Imaginaful pledges 10 points, a feature and watch
PixelGinger pledges 10 points, a watch and a llama

damiin pledges a feature, watch and llama
WarmWishes pledges a feature, watch and llama
Paint-zuri pledges a feature, watch and llama
FuocoStella pledges a feature, watch and llama 
aknm987 pledges a feature, watch and a llama 
XxMariahtheRabbitxX pledges a feature, watch and llama
resurrexia pledges a feature, watch and llama
Wild-Sunrise pledges a feature, watch and llama
xApfel pledgs a feature, watch and llama
Valkiria07 pledges a feature, watch and llama
Knight-Lights pledges a feature, watch and llama
Rokatsu pledges a feature, watch and llama
Aristo-Barjo pledge a feature, watch and llama
KreepaGrlKilla17 pledges a feature, watch and llama

KiseKaeGinger pledges a feature and watch 

IzzyLuvsYou22 pledges a watch and llama
FoxtrotKitty pledges a watch and llama
KatyKatKilla pledges a watch and llama 
PASTARagazza pledges a watch and llama
LindarSama pledges a watch and llama

The-Lucky-Rabbit pledges a llama 
CobaltSkye pledges a llama
xBonbons pledges a llama
katamariluv pledges a llama
DragonDrawer147 pledges a llama
iSatQuietly pledges a llama
iWarriorBlood pledges a llama
mikeemee16aa pledges a llama
Ripplestar4 pledges a llama

Skin by SimplySilent , customized by SteffyMacD
How can you get them?
Here are the rules: 

1. You need to fave this journal (You'll get a number at the end, which I will use to determine the winner, via )
2. Make a journal advertising the giveaway 
3. OPTIONAL: Watch me, I make giveaways once a month, so you can have a chance in future giveaways.

That's all!!!

The deadline for this giveaway is Aug-10-2015 11:00am America/México. 

Join and win!!


Rita Repulsa And Lord Zedd Cosplay by Nao-DignityHTTYD 2 Cosplay by Nao-DignityTrunks vs Android 18 by Nao-DignityEren Jaeger and Annie Leonhardt Cosplay by Nao-DignityThe Zombie Killers by Nao-DignityPirates of the Caribbean - Preview by Nao-DignityGrief and Sorrow / Need Rehab For Sugar Addiction by Nao-Dignity

[CLOSED] I'm back - art+custom Seimori raffle!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2015, 8:15 AM

I've realized that it's really hard for me to sit down and draw something if I don't have to do it Llama Emoji 57 (Lazy) [V3] 
 laziness lvl over 999 OTL
That's why I'm holding next raffle :') To motivate myself to draw more :happybounce:

I can't tell what exactly winners will get, but I promise to do my best with drawings Llama Emoji 27 (Awesome) [V2]  Ah, yeah, all of these will be probably traditional xD

Hm... what you have to do is:

Bullet; Black  BE MY WATCHER

There will be 5 winners this time.
4 art prizes and... 1 extra CUSTOM SEIMORI prize [sorry, female design only ;w;]

Seizure Bullet  COMMENT BELOW ART/CUSTOM/BOTH(it doesn't matter art or custom) depending of what you have joined raffle for-> this will help me in choosing winners. If you follow this step, there won't be situation when someone who joined the raffle for art will get custom while person who wanted get custom get nothing ;w;

Only human/kemonomimi characters! ;w;

Raffle ends in a moment!!! 


Journal Entry: Sat Aug 1, 2015, 6:14 PM
Win points, art, and more!!
Please read through everything!

How To Enter:
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! +Watch me (new watchers welcome!)
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! Comment below (tell me if you did anything to get extra entries), and I will give you your number(s)

Extra Entries:
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! (+5) Join Toxic-Frogs
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! (+2) Advertise my species toxic frogs in a journal, poll, or deviation
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! (+2) Advertise this journal in a poll, journal, or deviation
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! (+1) Watch ShyShiWolf
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! (+1) Favorite the newest sheet of toxic frog adopts
[OPEN] Closed Species Adoptables (Toxic Frogs) by Cheshei
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! (+1) Favorite the toxic frogs species reference sheet
Toxic Frogs Species Ref by Cheshei


If we get 100+ entrants, there will be two winners. If we get 175+, there will be three. If it is <100, there will only be one. All winners will receive:
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! 100 Pink Points
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! A MYO slot or custom toxic frog of any rarity
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! Up to ten mini pixels by Cheshei (ex: Mini Pixel for mlggirl by Cheshei)
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! An animated 50x50 pixel icon by Cheshei
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! A colored fullbody by ShyShiWolf
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! A lineart by ShyShiWolf
Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! A pixel icon by ShyShiWolf
Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! A colored fullbody by AccaliaTheFox

Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! The winner(s) will be chosen using a random number generator. They will be announced two weeks after we get forty entrants.Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! 

  • Mood: Love
  • Reading: Pirate Latitudes

Hello again!

After much delay, we're happy to announce our first group event! Hopefully there will be many more to come in the near future!

The theme: A Sip of Summer
We decided to go for a very general theme. Draw your OC(s) in the summertime, relaxing or otherwise.
Make sure you put in the description of your drawing that it's for this contest, and submit it to the contest folder. No old drawings are allowed (must be made specifically for this contest).

You can enter as many times as you want, but only one of your entries may win!

Judging will be on creativity, impact, effort, and use of theme, and it will be done by the OC-Tea admins.

Ends: August 31


First place:

►Full body drawing from nexides
►300 :points: from sodaichii
►Chibi drawing from sodaichii
►400 :points: from LCMetalArt
►Bust drawing from LCMetalArt
►Colored piece of anything from jacindaadams
►Full body drawing from CocoaRush
►(Humanoid only) Monochromatic waist-up from ABloomingLotus02
►Full color character bust from Barnivere
►Cartoon commission from ConstellationPulse
►Full color chibi from Panda-Poodle
►Feature from Panda-Poodle
►Small animation (eye blink, tail wag, minimal movements) from Autobotschic

Second place:

►Waist up drawing from nexides
►200 :points: from sodaichii
►Chibi drawing from sodaichii
►300 :points: from LCMetalArt
►Headshot drawing from LCMetalArt
►Outlined piece of anything from jacindaadams
►Thigh-up drawing from CocoaRush
►(Humanoid only) Monochromatic bust from ABloomingLotus02
►Full color character bust from Barnivere
►Cartoon commission from ConstellationPulse
►Full color chibi (of the (main) OC the winner entered with) from Panda-Poodle
►Feature from Panda-Poodle
►Full body drawing from Autobotschic

Third place:

►Headshot drawing from nexides
►100 :points: from sodaichii
►Chibi drawing from sodaichii
►200 :points: from LCMetalArt
►Sketch of anything from jacindaadams
►Half-up drawing from CocoaRush
►(Humanoid only) Monochromatic headshot from ABloomingLotus02
►Full color character bust from Barnivere
►Cartoon commission from ConstellationPulse
►A llama and a fave from Panda-Poodle
►Feature from Panda-Poodle
►Bust drawing from Autobotschic

Runner ups:

►Sketch drawing from nexides
►Chibi drawing from jacindaadams
►Headshot drawing from CocoaRush
►Chibi drawing from Autobotschic


Mini Raffle:

One winner will receive:
►Chibi drawing from nexides
►Sketch of anything from jacindaadams
►Chibi drawing from CocoaRush
►Head bop animation from Autobotschic

How to enter the raffle:
Donate prizes AND/OR share this journal, and comment below so we know you did it. You can get a max of 2 raffle entries for this.

If someone who donated to the raffle happens to win it, they will also receive a sketch from me. Winner will be chosen by random number generator.

The raffle will end at the same time the contest does.

Raffle entries:
1. jacindaadams
2. CocoaRush
3. ABloomingLotus02
4. Barnivere
5. ConstellationPulse
6. Panda-Poodle
7. Autobotschic
8. Your-Best-Kouhai


View all contest entries here:…

Good luck to everyone! Can't wait to see what you come up with <3

Please Repost, Help My Mom - Breast Cancer UPDATE

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 1, 2015, 2:00 PM
Picture done by the awesome SpookyDoge

Zaksabeast's Current Team:

Let's spread this all over social media! >:'D


Updated as of 8:55pm Mountain Time 8/2/15
Money Fundraised so far:
~$195 in points
~$295 in PayPal
~$305 on GiveForward
Total: $795/$70,000
It Is Day 2 out of 61!!!

I paid some of my own money and got us an exclusive feature at the top of the dAHub! :'D

I have people helping me thank those of you who are helping, but alas, so many are, that it's hard to reach all of you now! :'D  That gives my family much hope for survival of our mother!

We may not have aways been the closest, but we are now!  This cancer gene has brought my family together WAY more than anything else has! :'D  AND IT'S THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

My mom has tested positive for the PALB2 Mutation gene, which is a relative of the BRCA gene (the one that Angelina Jolie has).

She has 4 children - 20, 17, 13, and 8 and is also very happily married for 21 years!

"Every woman on my mother's side of the family that has died, has died of breast cancer. My sister, who also has this gene, was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago - during a routine mammogram. This type of cancer has a 100 percent growth rate. After 7 different types of chemotherapy, my sister went from stage 1 breast cancer, to stage 4. She has a few months to live.

I have a 70+ percent chance of getting breast cancer, and a 40+ percent chance of getting ovarian cancer."

With four children, the youngest of whom is 8, a double mastectomy is really her only hope. She will also need reconstruction of her breasts.

The next surgery is to have her ovaries removed. Ovarian cancer is very hard to detect, and is almost always in stage 3 or 4 before it can be detected.

"Two days ago, I received a letter from my insurance company that stated they would not pay for any part of my surgeries. Not one dime. I had my surgeon and genetic counselor send them all of my genetic information, including my family history, and still the answer was no.

My children need their mother! My husband has a full time job, and I tend to the every need of my children. They are loved so much! They need me to love them. They need me to be an advocate for them. They need their mom to live. Especially my 8 year old daughter, Gracie Love, who needs a mother to teach her everything a girl needs to know while growing up. 

I am not a person who would normally ask for donations. I used to be the person who gave donations. Now, I am asking for your help."

Her bills for just the breast surgery and reconstruction will total well above $50,000.00.

Having her ovaries removed is another 20,000.00.

Without help, these surgeries are not possible. We are a middle class family, and have no extra money for trips, lavish items, let alone surgery.

With every ounce of my heart, I am asking for help, any help that you can provide. If not for me, please consider my family; Zak, Ben, Jordan, and Gracie, Steve, and Callie.

Thank you! <3

Skin by zaksabeast

  • Mood: Love
because every month im feautiruing 2 watchers on my page and im raffling numbers to get a watcher and almost every acc i get is dead or has no art on it rip
The following journal is supposed to be a satire to the copyright rules of deviantART. It is not trolling or an insult or an attempt to harass a $taff member if I'm pointing out the facts of what occurred. Thank you for understanding and reading. Hope you enjoy the reality of the $taff members of this corrupted website.
Is This A Joke? by milovanf
In case you were wondering what the deal is with why certain cases of 'theft' aren't taken seriously. Pretty much sums it all up with evidence. 
I know that protectart. isn't our favorite admin, and considering what kinda shit he cause 4 weeks ago, it only proves how this community will seriously go downhill after this. And no! Do not go and harass him. Call the admins and tell them what this protectart. is trying to do. It's the only way to force him to do his job well. If not, then tell them to fired him.
The short story: The reason why 90% of the reports for theft aren't really fixed, especially 3rd party reports, is because apparently "the best thing would be is begging an art thief by flooding his inbox with walls of useless journal about "so called copyrights" recommend a thief to read it, or discuss with him about a mess that he made instead reporting him for what he did by posting art that he doesn't own" and "alterations, edits, traces, and references are becoming regarded as acceptable by dA" -- meaning if someone does any of these things your report will probably be partially ignored if not completely. 

According to this citation that I will quote here:
If you believe that this deviation is using someone else's content without permission, please read through this helpful set of journals since they may resolve many of the questions you may have.
If you believe this deviation has used your stock or other content in a fashion that exceeds the permitted scope of its use, we recommend that you send the deviant a note to begin a discussion to resolve the issue.
DeviantArt protects the rights of artists and maintains the following Copyright Policy. If you believe this deviation is using third-party content which you yourself do not own or control, you may still comment under the deviation, if you wish, recommending to the deviant that they consult DeviantArt's journal on art theft.

So yes, your best bet would be to contact the person directly through a note and ask them to remove the work /or/ a stock or give credit (depending on your preference). 
If they refuse it seems that the dA admins can't really be held liable for keeping up with their own rules, so reporting a stubborn thief who refuses to do as you ask would be moot at this point. 

Way to go dA... way to go. 
Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you.  I wouldn't expect any awards to be granted to this website for 'outstanding service', despite how large and well known it is these days. Not mention being banned for complaining about this at this moment.

Here's a beloved complaint that dxd left about the way how this community really works in the past 3 months.…

No need to explain this hypocrisy and laziness.

Seriously Deviantart? by Drillbit-The-Dork

You changed the report deviation button so that no-one can even report it if the picture isn't my own and now there's just a fancy way of telling us that we should link this journal to the person who reposted and maybe edited someone else's work. Good job.

Let me tell you a few things of the people who repost things do when they are told they're breaking the rules:

- They ignore the comment or note.
- Block the person who tried to inform them about the rules.
- Hide the comment where they were told about the rules (or report it as spam).
- Tell that since it's not an admin telling them this (even with clear links to the rules) they're not obligated to remove the art that doesn't belong to them.
- Tell that "others do it too", so apparently it's ok.
- Continue to repost (and possibly edit) other people's art.

And when you staff do nothing about this masses of deviants start to comment on one person's profile page telling them take down art that isn't theirs. And not everyone is nice about it. The "thief" may stop and delete the works they don't own or just continue to ignore the comments. That is not the way this should go. 
I know there is a way to prove that you have a permission to post something that isn't yours that is not visible to regular members. Unless you see that the report should be valid and the work should be deleted.

You should add something to the submission page to accompany the  "I have read and agree to the Submission Policy and/or contest rules if applicable." and "I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and to the Premium Content Terms of Service, and to the Print Submissions Agreement, if applicable."
Something like checking one of the boxes from "This work is my original content or fanart" and "This work belongs to someone else and I am reposting it with permission from the original artist" and checking the later option would automatically lead them to something where they're required to prove that they have a permission. And if they check the first option they are automatically claiming that the work is done by them even if they wrote the opposite in the description.

Please do not just ignore it when people take someone's art. Instead, you should make featuring works easier because devantART isn't a site for reposting.

If DA continues like now, in a short time, the 50% of the users will leave this site within lightning speed...

Here's a beloved journal to show to $taff members of what needs to be changed here on this website. What needs to be changed...

What can we do now?
Well, the best thing would be is to let original owner what happened with their work. Let them know, and tell them to fill a DMCA take down notice so actions could be taken or if they don't have an account, they can E-mail them on That would be enough.


Well guys, if I get banned or suspended for doing this, for writing this article, please know that I had a great time here. I got to met epic people here, creating an amazing friendship here on this site. If this site has not worked out, then you can find me on YouTube and Google+ (those accounts aren't mine, they belong to my dad, but most of time I spend there when I'm out of dA.) Maybe I will find a better website who is half popular like deviantART but have better administration that actually enforce their own rules and have the will to listen to our problems that we have. If I get banned, I want to thank you for all your support that you gave me, in last 3 years.


Thu Jul 30, 2015, 11:20 PM by Magancito:iconmagancito:

Hello everyone, I am opening commissions for the first time in this community ;w;. I tried to get informed enough to have an adequate and affordable prices for everyone and also for my personal benefit. I will open 10 slots and you can also separate a slot (waiting list) for the next opening commission. Each user can request a maximum of 3 commission since the opening.

Users who want to commission me should remember the following terms:




# Payments accept via Paypal. 100 points = 1 USD
#In case you pay with points wait for my instructions
#The payment is before starting the commission
#I'll show a wip (work in process) to see the conformity with the drawing to start painting.
# After the given conformity with the drawing the user can only order a wip.
#The commission will be delivered within 30 days (because of the time it takes to do the work).
# Once the commission starts there's no refund so please stay aware of this.
# You can ask any question by note.
# Each commission will be made with my all dedication and determination to impact visually.


Things I don't draw at the moment:



*Fill it and send a note , otherwise your order will not be accepted.

Style: (Sketch | Monochrome Sketch | Chibi)
Paypal name: (this is not necessary to fill for those who pay with points)
Character(s) name:
Personality: (a simple description would be enough, about 3-5 words)
References: (clear references please (images) I don't accept descriptions)
Other: (anything else you want to add)

Paypal Email: (So I know who's paying-and please pay the fees


(The examples are on 100 DPI, full commissions will be delivered in 300 DPI of resolution)

-Headshot : 6USD / 600 :points:

- by Magancito
*Monochrome Sketch
-Waist up : 15 USD/ 1500 :points: + pairing 20 USD/ 2000 :points:

- by Magancito
-Fullbody : 20 USD /2000 :points: + pairing 25 USD / 2500 :points:
- by Magancito
*Full color
-Waist up : 25 USD / 2500 :points:  + pairing 36 USD / 3600 :points: by Magancito by Magancito
-Full Body : 35 USD / 3500 :points: + pairing 48 USD / 4800 :points:

2.x1fb by Magancito 2.x2fb by Magancito  3.x2fb by Magancito1.x1fb by Magancito

-Chibi with floating floor, sitting or standing : 18 USD / 1800 :points: + pairing 27 USD / 2700 :points:

CB by Magancito


A1SU :star:

apple-kuun  :star:

s102912  :star:

4-Luiyun  :star:

Liliorum  :star:

Linked-Memories  :star:

RageyN  :star:

Mocchu  :star:

starsuchi  :star:


Waiting list:


5-xMafi :star:


Thank you very much for reading these steps carefully, I will be opening and updating commissions when I'm available of time. Recommendations are welcome since I'm new at this, thank you and have a nice day 'W'.

Coding by SimplySilent

100 Point Raffle!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2015, 3:25 PM
red heart bullet Okay guys, I've earned a sufficient amount of points now so it's time for an easy raffle red heart bullet 

red heart bullet RULES red heart bullet 

red heart bullet You do not have to be a watcher, but if you are you get a bonus entry red heart bullet 
red heart bullet The first and mandatory entry condition is faving this journal  red heart bullet 
red heart bullet Making a journal/poll will get you 3 extra entries red heart bullet 
red heart bullet Tagging friends will get you 1 entry per friend (maximum of 5) red heart bullet 
red heart bullet Adding this deviation to a group will get you 1 entry per group (maximum of 3) red heart bullet 
red heart bullet Donating extra points will get you one entry per every two Red Points -Free to use-  red heart bullet 


red heart bullet PRIZE red heart bullet 

red heart bullet 1 person wins 100 points. Decided with Simple. red heart bullet

red heart bullet RAFFLE ENDS September 1 2015 red heart bullet 

red heart bullet ENTRIES red heart bullet 

BlackWhite101 - Entries 1-10
rockythebunny13 - Entries 11-20
Ellebro - Entries 21-24
CatLovee - Entry 25
Blacknight333 - Entries 26-38
AssortedArt - Entry 39
Danielle-Hannah - Entry 40
Zack-Xeno - Entries 41-42
Creaturelovergirl19Entry 43
Entry 44
GoodWolfie - Entries 45-49
Popokko - Entry 50
iiPurr - Entries 51-57
DarkSignerYusei - Entries 58-59, 70-74
Wondering-Kiwi - Entries 60-63
Morphshift - Entries 64-65
BlondeBrony - Entries 66-67
NeonRacoon - Entries 68-69
TwilightAndDashie - Entries 75-84
Dark-Scratcher - Entry 85
IllyDragonfly - Entry 86
icequeeniselsa - Entries 87-88
Sam-Lazarus - Entries 89-98
I-talianTeddyBear - Entry 99
LACK-OF-LIGHT - Entries 100-103
Devil-The-Wolf - Entries 104-107
vampirewitch2016 - Entries 108-118
Meekochan - Entry 119
Kirby-Tree - Entries 120 - 129
D31C1D4L - Entries 130-134
JadeSilentWhisper - Entry 135
SnowyFrost534 - Entries 136-137
ultimimega - Entry 138
WolfyEmmerichXII - Entries 139-140
KhatHae - Entry 141
FunsterTime - Entry 142