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Sun Aug 30, 2015, 10:15 AM

:D have some quotes that I find inspirational myself!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  
Oscar Wilde

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”  
Bernard M. Baruch

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, but define yourself.” 
 Harvey Fierstein

“About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won't like you at all.”
 Rita Mae Brown

“be yourself- not your idea of what you think somebody else's idea of yourself should be.” 
Henry David Thoreau

“Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.”
 Lady Gaga

“You don't need anybody to tell you who you are or what you are. You are what you are!”
 John Lennon

“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.”
Virginia Satir

“How many more of us are faking the facade? How many more of us are pretending to be something we're not? Even better, how many of us will have the courage to be ourselves regardless of what others think?”
Katie McGarry, Dare You To

“Don't let others box you into their idea of what they think you should be. A confined identity is a miserable way to exist. Be you and live free. Trust that in living true to yourself, you will attract people that support and love you, just as you are.”
Jaeda DeWalt

“Just be yourself. Let people see the real, imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that your are.”
Mandy Hale

“Let us not pretend to be someone else ! It is better to be hated for what we are than to be loved for what we are not.” 
Sham Hinduja

“The opinions of others should not deter you from being yourself..”
 Lailah Gifty Akita

“If you can't be perfect, be silly. If you can't be normal, be weird. If you can't get it right, get it wrong. Because the world is full of so many imperfection, that there's no need for you to be perfect or normal. Because there's always someone that'll love you, no matter who you are. Isn't that what friends are for?”
 Kathlan G.

“Stop living within the confines of how others define you! You weren't created to live their life; you were created to live yours - so LIVE it! You can reignite that fire within and bring the passion back into your goals, dreams, ambitions, careers, and relationships by reclaiming control of your own life. Be unapologetically YOU!”
 Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience


I see way to much insecurities about being yourself on this site, and for good reason. There are way to many judgmental people  on here who try to shape you to fit in their perfect little self centered view of the world. : D  so I wanted to share some inspirational quotes I really live by! AND yes being yourself will give you way more haters than being a unopinionated shell out to please everyone and make everyone like you.

10 years on this site, I know for a fact that that is impossible. I am way happier being the uncensored free person I am , instead of having to worry about what some people might think of me. xD If someone takes time out of their day to spread rumors and hate about you, your not the problem, they are. If what they said were true, everyone would hate you. Like a lot of the quotes above tells you, those who matter wont mind, and those who do mind dont matter. 

Those who have a need to control others lives and behaviour, need to take a good look at themselves and fix their own selfish control issues first.

Take life with a grain of salt :3 or bananas if you like that better.And dont let random angry people try to bring you down over bullshit that they make up.

I would rather help people get over insecurities and realize everyone's view is different than sugarcoating your problems and fears so you do not have to face them. So I am never going to censor myself and who I am because a few people find it uncomfortable, or think im not being sensitive enough. That just aint me.

D8< Hope some of these help anyone out there who has had to deal with some dumb hate because your not a perfect version of someone elses view. Flip them, for trying to make you so. Who are they to decide who you can and cannot be. Some people are so selfcentered and closeminded it hurts xD

I never understood this intense demand to control someone else and the need to try to make them do and say what they themselves want, and when they cant they have to spread hate and rumors about people. IM NO psycologist, so if anyone has an idea or ideas tp why this is so damn important to some individuals, let me know :3 I myself think its because of intense insecurities about themselves, and thus they have to stop to attack the peoples person to make themselves feel better xD but what do I know.

Let me know about some stories were someone tried to control you, or stories were you felt you couldnt be who you are. Or if you feel like this today and why. 

Be sure to check out my Tinasect account
Less art:icontinasect:more life!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Like cute animals? Like fighting? Um, WHO DOESN'T??? Come SEPT 21 my pals at Mane6 and I will be starting a crowdfund to get such a fighting game up and running!

Backstory: Mane6 is a group of talented artists and animators who put much love into a fighting game (based on some cartoon ponies you may know) that they intended to release for free on the internet. Though the were totally transparent over the two years they were creating it, alas, the IP owners asserted their trademark rights (as was their prerogative) and put an end to their efforts.

However, I LOVED it - it was beautifully animated and funny in exactly the sort of way I would want such a game to be. Character-based fighting? YES PLEASE!

We are creating a NEW game with NEW characters and all the same FUN!

I'll post updates as we have them. Please consider helping our little labor-of-love out.

Read more here! ------->…

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Sat Aug 29, 2015, 11:20 AM
                Hello everyone :wave:
            This journal contains very important information for all of us so I ask you to please share it so other people can see it and know this isn't a bug.

            Over the last month I've had trouble in sending mentions and possibly receiving them as well. I've posted two journals, one on August 5th and one on August 25th Me in gifI was tagged by Mrs-Freestar-Bul :aww: Here is the original journal
a) Any number of facts is acceptable.
b) Every fact you post about yourself must be accompanied by an appropriate gif.
c) Tag how many people you want.

1) I hate liars. So much.

2) After a bad laryngitis a few years back my singing voice got even worse.

3) I rarely say "I love you", but when i do, i mean it.

4) I feel like a queen every time i receive a package (currently waiting for one from Boohoo).

5) I am terrified of losing my cat.

6) I am very passionate about the things i love.

7) I will get a tattoo soon.
My Daily Deviation Highlights        I was tagged by Astarsia and Minato-Kushina to take part in this wonderful project and i am more than happy to join in. I would like to invite everyone who sees this to also get involved and spread the word about it :heart:
Below i will share the info given by the initiator of this project, Mrs-Durden.
        Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!
Use the hashtag 
in which I tagged and featured people, but I was surprised and confused when people told me they didn't receive my mentions. WHY, I asked myself. I posted a comment on both the journals in which I copy-pasted all the people I tagged originally, but they didn't get the notification this time either. WHY, I asked myself again.

            Right after this I got around and asked people if they had the same issue; turns out some of them did. It was obvious to me that this must be a bug since I wasn't the only one experiencing it (also proved I didn't do anything wrong or that I wasn't crazy). I sent a report to the Help Desk in which I stated the issues I was experiencing and the next day I received this reply:

            "(...) Is it possible that this user posted their journal then edited it and added in your artwork/name? If so it would explain why you were not notified. Only original posts of mentions send a notification, edits don't."

            Since this wasn't what happened, me being the one who posted those journals and comments, I went ahead and continued the discussion:
            "(...) Someone told me yesterday about a spam limit, eg. if I have in my journal more than 100 deviations/names/icons they will not receive the mention because it's considered spam by the system. Even if that was the case, the first journal and those two comments do no meet this standard; plus, from the latest journal, the DD feature one, few people appear to actually have received the mention while the vast majority didn't. I can't tell you for sure if the artists I featured received the mention or not because I didn't contact them, but given the fact that none of them came to comment on the journal makes me think perhaps they didn't either."

            I said 100 just to make a point, i don't know what the actual limit is.
            Then I received this enlightening reply which can put all our minds to rest:

            "(...) There is indeed a spam filter for mentions that can cut off after a certain point. There is also a velocity filter which can cut you off if you are leaving too many mentions in a certain time period. (...) As an example, it would appear that comments like this one:… are using avatars from plz accounts; that particular formation is trying to send 12 mentions at once. Multiplied by however many of those you send back to back all add up."

            So there it is, the answer to our mention/notification problems. It is not a bug, it's just the anti spam system doing its job and now we also know how it works :la:


                 You receive a mention only if you/your work is posted in the original comment/journal, if you're added after an edit, then you won't be notified.

                If you post comments too quickly, the spam limit activates and you will have to wait a while until you will be able to post again.

                The mentions in your comments add up with those in your journals and after reaching a certain limit, the artists/artworks won't receive any notification; hence it can happen that only some people in your comment/journal will be notified while the others won't.

My advice

            If you're doing (long) features on a regular basis and also comment a lot, avoid using many mentions in your comments so you won't reach the anti spam limit. This way you are sure the artists you feature/tag will receive your notifications.

            I hope this helped shed some light on what was going on with the notifications. Please spread the word about it and show this journal to others so they won't send a ticket to the help desk anymore on this topic. Let's help the staff a bit by not flooding them with tickets about bugs that are in fact just the anti spam system doing its job.
            In the end, I would like to thank the staff member who was  patient and kind and helped me understand what is happening. I'm well aware the staff is under a mountain of pressure trying to reply to us all and solve our problems/tickets, so please be patient with them and show them some love. They always do their best to help and if they don't succeed, it is because it's out of their hands (I'm referring to the site's rules and policies which are not under their control), not because of bad will.

            Have a wonderful day and spread this around! :heart:

BIG Kira CONTEST 10000 points in prizes!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 2:29 PM
Contest by Fivey

I was preparing myself for this contest for a longer time. I spent a lot of time collecting all the needed artworks and points.
Today I am done with everything, so I can finally go on with the deal C:< 

Bullet; GreenDeadline: 2016 (more info soon)Bullet; Green

Mini pixel commish 76 ( 1 of 7 ) by stacykarilKIRA CONTESTMini pixel commish 76 ( 1 of 7 ) by stacykaril

What do hou have to do?

Make an artwork with Kira Kaete! 

Mini pixel commish 76 ( 1 of 7 ) by stacykaril Kira Mini pixel commish 76 ( 1 of 7 ) by stacykaril

Kira Badge by Fivey
Kira FLY Kaete Reference
You can also do her human version if you don't like sonic characters <;
Mirai And Kira sketchy reference UPDATED
 is a begginer grim reaper, and loves it =v= <3
It's a weird, messed up hectic and creepy character, with lot bad luck, and weird ideas, what makes her easily get in trouble. Her personality is "colorfull" - can go from one extreme to another (once sweet and goofy, and another time a dignified killer) Despite that she is pretty shy and calm, it's hard to make her angry. Has got a big ego, what makes her haughty in some situations.
Bullet; BlackBad TraitsBullet; Black
Chaotic, Mean, Shy, Weird, Not very serious Sadistic, Unsociable, Selfish, Tricky, Crafty, Sometimes Grumpy
Bullet; WhiteGood TraitsBullet; White
Loyal, Sensitive, Creative, Has good sense of humor, Brave - always faces fears, Polite, Caring to Friends
Likes: Chaos, Sweets, All Creepy stuff, Animals, Disasters, Scaring people, Jokes, Fear
Dislikes: Rules, Order, Noise, Serious and impolite People

Kira's friends and enemies, which you can drawi witch her :D (Big Grin)

Mini pixel commish 76 ( 2 of 7 ) by stacykarilKIRA'S TEAM MEMBERSMini pixel commish 76 ( 4 of 7 ) by stacykaril

Mini pixel commish 76 ( 2 of 7 ) by stacykarilPerpetuum Mobile (PM)Mini pixel commish 76 ( 2 of 7 ) by stacykaril

Perpetuum Mobile Badge by Fivey
Perpetuum Mobile [PM] Reference
Grim reaper 01 - but can't do his job. Kira's "favourite" friend, almost like a child to her - listens to her, protects her and often copies her traits and actions. Can not speak (uses notes old talking child's toy) and has problems with making expressions He is submissive, kind and sweet, but the best fighter in entire team. Can smell people's pain and sadness, and wants to do everything to make everyone around safe and happy.
Always protects his friends, and keeps an eye on Mirai's actions. 
Bullet; BlackBad TraitsBullet; Black
Has problems by thinking by himself, Not always understands others, Doesn't know when he is insulted.
Bullet; WhiteGood TraitsBullet; White
Kind, Caring, Brave, Strong, Quickly learns, Sensitive
Liles: Rabbits (obsessed with them), People,

Mini pixel commish 76 ( 4 of 7 ) by stacykarilMirai YellowMini pixel commish 76 ( 4 of 7 ) by stacykaril

Mirai Badge by Fivey
:Mirai Yellow The Hyena Reference
Head of the team. Smart and strong, but also creepy and insane. Also grim reaper. Kira's closest friend (only friend to him XD). Knows and understands her the best, but loves to bug and bully her. Most despicable, cruel and sadistic in team. Cool-blooded and patient. Always plays the kindest one, but after knowing him better people realise who he really is and hate him. Has got a lot of enemies, and a big list of "places I am not allowed to get in". Loves to insult people, or make rude jokes about them (wants to provocate them).
Hates PM, and treats it like pet. 
Bullet; BlackBad TraitsBullet; Black
Domineering, Cruel, Crazy, Psychically weak (can't forgive himself something he has done in past)
Bullet; WhiteGood TraitsBullet; White
Brave, Smart, Strong, Reliable, Good sense of humor, Loyal
Dislikes: Shiro and PM, People who stand in his way, Magicans
Likes: Flirting with girls, having submissive people around and, theater acts, taste of victory... ...killing people from time to time.

Other friends and enemies


Iustia Badge by Piesamir
Iustia The Porcupine - Simple Reference
Grim reaper. Indifferent against Kira and PM, dislikes Mirai. Strong, calm, coold, and obsessed about justice.

Mini pixel commish 76 ( 5 of 7 ) by stacykarilRimona The CatMini pixel commish 76 ( 5 of 7 ) by stacykaril

Rimona Badge by Piesamir
Main team's biggest enemy. Fights using magic (one of strongest magicans) - can summon devil. 
Has too big ego. Might act normal and kind against friends, but usually is mean, was, arrogant and rude. Cares a lot of her look and opinion. Despite to her bad traits she is a good friend and team member.

Mini pixel commish 76 ( 6 of 7 ) by stacykarilShiro The WolfMini pixel commish 76 ( 6 of 7 ) by stacykaril

Shiro Badge by Piesamir
Magican. Friend of Kira and in past something like a crush to her. Even if relation between them is good he often have to fight against each other. Big enemy to Mirai. Always hangs around with his friend and sturent Velcho. He is kind, honest, calm and has a good sense of humor. 

Mini pixel commish 76 ( 7 of 7 ) by stacykarilVelcho The HedgehogMini pixel commish 76 ( 7 of 7 ) by stacykaril

Velcho Badge by Piesamir
Magican. Shiro's best friend. Usually stays in shadows, and dodges trouble. Very kind, extremally shy and afraid of almost everything. Despite his fears he would do anything (even very risky) for his friends. Loves good pooks, peace and having fun with friends.

Mini pixel commish 76 ( 3 of 7 ) by stacykarilVanessa The WolfMini pixel commish 76 ( 3 of 7 ) by stacykaril

Vanessa Badge by Piesamir
Vanessa The Wolf
Another big enemy of Kira. Leader to many teams of magicans, and boss to Shiro and Velcho. One of smartest and strongest in team. She is very serious, tough, bossy, grumpy, tense, obsessed, aggressive and not very kind, but when she is "outside work" she can be a normal sociable person. Hates grim reapers with her whole team, and wants to destroy them. Has no idea that Velcho and Shiro are actually friends to some of them XD



:iconfivey: and awesome :iconriuuzu:

Bullet; WhiteHow will your art be judged?Bullet; White

We will give "stars" to artworks. You can get max 50 of them. The one who will get the most, will get the prize.
Points will be given due to few assessment criteria. The most importnant subsections will give you a chance to get more points than other ones. Some are judged only by me (F) and rest by me and riuuzu (F&R). Then they gat sumed up.

The subsections:

1.Image quality max 10Star! (F&R)
2. Idea/originality max 8Star! (F&R)
3.Overall impression max 10Star!(F&R)
4. Effort max 6Star! (F&R)
5. Matching character personality max 10Star! (F)
6. Details correct max 6Star!(F)

The judging won't be shown to anyone, so no one will know who got how much points

Tips - how to get maximum - 50 of Star! 

1. Image quality
Rates how high are your drawing skills presented on the drawing.

2. Idea/originality
The more crazy you go, the more Star! you get. For example - if you draw Kira in some scenery, doing something interesting, you will get more stars than for picture of her standing at transparent background. You can also try to use some original technique of drawing, or add more characters <;
3. Overall impression
It's one of most importnant things but here there isn't much to do. Counts only personal taste of judges <;

4. Effort
As in the title. How much effort did you put to your drawing.

5. Matching character personality
Osobowo by Fivey
Hard thing but really appreciated in artwork - how well can you show character's personality. Just read Kira's description (mainly traits) and use this knowledge <; 
(don't worry. since it's "Kira contest", I will look only at her acting in this poins <; )
If you are not sure, you can dodge it by making the image more simple. 

6. Details correct 
Dontsdesign by Fivey
Don't mess to much in design to pass this point Wink/Razz
And don't worry about the front hair. Sometimes it just looks better not on the side, so I won't take points back for it :D (Big Grin)

Bullet; GreenIf you have any questions you can ask me or have fun with "Ask Kira" ^^Bullet; Green

Other things

 What characters can be on the picture with Kira?
Z Ziomeczkami by Fivey

But Kira can act different depends on if she likes or dislikes the character <: 
Lubi Nielubi by Fivey
Likes the chilled, happy and childisch characters, and the smart ones.
Hates arrogant, rude, vulgar and female-boxer character. 

Allowed/Not allowed entries

Sorry, but you can not enter with ALL king of art. There is NO limit on how many entries you can add to the contest, but remember. The stars won't sum up, and you can win only ONE place.


Digital drawings
Traditional drawings

:bulletred:Not Allowed:bulletred:

Unfinished art
Old art 
Stolen Art
Art without Kira, or ones making her a "background character"


And the BEST part 

Star!Star!Star!Star! Star!PRIZES Star!Star!Star!Star!

Star!1st placeStar!

Bullet; White6000Points by me

Bullet; WhiteFull-body image of one of your characters by me (any style)
PC Adult Sophie by Fivey[PC] Lorelei by FiveySweet Chilli by Fivey
Bullet; White2 chibi by riuuzu (any style)
Resu by riuuzuAya. by riuuzuClock's melody by riuuzu

Star!2nd placeStar!

Bullet; White3000Points from me

Bullet; WhiteBadge or ID by be
[GIFT] Cell Shaded Badge by FiveyNecole Badge by PiesamirHolly ID by Piesamir
Star!3rd placeStar!

Bullet; White1000Points from me

Bullet; WhitePixel pagedoll by me
03 by PiesamirPixel sweetie by PiesamirPixel PC by Piesamir





I want this contest to be seen be as many people as possible, so I decided to give small point rewards for these who help me spread this information around
Just do a juornal with my contest and you will get:
If you have
+200 watchers 5Points
+500 watchers 10Points
+1000 watchers 30Points
+2000 watchers 80Points
Actual until I am out of points <;

CSS by CherieNoir. Graphics by Tzolkin, HauntingVisionsStock and Lileya.
:star:UPDATE;// All slots have been taken!

This is something that's going on around dA and it sounds like a TON of fun. I'm going to start it when I finish ALL of the commission requests I've received, as well as my trades and the kiribans. YOU MAY get one even if we've already traded. I may not get to your headshot so please be patient when I start! I'll be uploading them in sets. I've also decided I'd like everyone to attach an EMOTION to the character you ask for. There are EIGHT different emotion catagories below. 

How to ask for a head shot: 

1. (Optional, but very appreciated) Make a journal talking about this! I don't have a 100 watchers and I doubt everyone will see this of those that do watch me, so I'd love if you could tell some people I'm doing this. A good title for said journal is "free headshots" c:

2. Leave a comment on this journal with the following information

Character name:
Character Species: (If they have a specific breed, please include that as well)
LINK to character reference or detailed description:
Specific emotion: REQUIRED (please list what specific emotion you'd like your character's face to show!) 

PLEASE make sure to reply to the specific featured comments:
Please by Ehckko

3. Wait! I'll add your name to the list when I've decided on your character c:

Star! you may ASK for more than one character, but I will only do one c:

SAD Emotions
(Sad, Melancholy, Somber, In Pain...ect! Get creative!)
1. futile-love 's 39 (Melancholy)
2. NinjaCheetah 's Zero (Disappointed)
3. Sinful-Souls 's Loonfang  (Defeated)
4. CrownPersona 's Moon (Pained)
5. RarelySophisticated 's Zachariah (Heartbroken)
6. gayunicorns 's Batcry (In extreme Pain)
7. Soul-of-Sin 's Max  (Broken)
8. dizzzyspells 's Hayden  (Depressed)

9. HollowThinker 's Tucker Arrain (Lost)
10. JustAnotherRandomOne 's Wisteriarose (Guilty)
11. BurgundyWind 's Aisling  (Agonized)
12. demonsxx's Blake (Miserable)
13. Kivolt 's Reference Sheet (Ashamed)
14. Asante-Sana 's Thalia  (Betrayed)

15. Otterleapofreedclan 's… Night (Desperate)
HAPPY emotions
(Happy, Content, Tranquil, excited, proud...)
16. Amber-Draws 's Hailey (Grateful)
17. Fire-of-Fall 's Reedpaw  ( Happy)
18. NoxFeline 's Wildpoppy  (Bubbly Laughing)
19. Mustang890 's  Lore  (Tranquil)
20. fallenraen' 's  SpiritoftheFlames (Excited)
21. KingApollo 's Pitch  (Playful | Devious/Blushing)
22. :devbrrambles: 's (Broken Link :() Crowfost ( Grinning)
23. kaboom360 's Pezzottaite (excited)
24. littlekitadopt 's Broken LInk :( (Relieved)
25. awkward-latina 's eeltongue (chuckling)
26. Laurenpunny 's Emerald (starstruck)
27. Kutsivi (Gift for RarelySophisticated) 's (Modest)
28. TheBirb 's Naeil (ecstatic)
29. Giqqles 's Heatherlight (Cheerful)
30. JalanKhaleesi 's Topaz (Proud)
ANGRY emotions
(Frustrated, Mad, Upset, Wrathful, and so on)
31. xXBlackcatwithahatXx 's Kory (Furious)
32. 52Thistles 's Thistle (pissed) (need new link)
33. vampirewitch2016 's Fierce  (Angry)
36. Jay-of-Creation 's Lyric  (Frustrated)
35. JinxDragon 's Puddle (Flustered) 
36. vodkadeer 's Stonestep  (Ruthless)
37. BlueLunaLuv Nikki (Blood Lustful)
38. Wolfchick36 Solarblade (livid)
39. eliza1star 's Zenobia (Staredown/Domination)
40. Baerrito 's Eponine (Agitated - snarling)
41. tigerribs 's Errol (grumpy)
42. MaryAnnGilligan1964 Obcasus (Murderous)
43. Sycophantism 's Celino (vexed)
44. rainadoodles's Snaketongue  (exasperated)
45. spiritofthenight's Zephyr (enraged)
FEARFUL emotions
(nervous, scared, terrified.... and so on)
46. Narcolepsee 's  Rem  (Anxious)
47. :devaceofthestars16: 's Hofu  (Unsure)
48. RedlightWolf 's RedLight (Paranoid)
49. Splinterstripe 's puddlebelly (Uncertain)
50. xRembear 's ??? (link Broken) (Alarmed)
51. kiralebia 's Hydra (Frightened)
52. ikirr 's Ikirr (Concerned +Alert)
53. SilverGuest 's Loki (quiet panic)
54. AttractiveSalad 's  Remi (submissive)
55. AnimatronicClover 's Kazuka (uncomfortable/skittish)
56. HozoratheGreat 's Basia  (terrified)
57. Riverpaw2000 's River (Petrified)
58. JotaHota 's Lamina  (Suspicious/Nervous
(Suprised, Anxious, Curious.. and so on)
61. glasscattus 's A Brilliant Light (Curious)
62. Thebumsofsteel 's[DVA] Ayanna  (Suprised)
63. Queen-Splash 's Lavender Wispie  (Eager) 
64. SpriteSplash 's Ludere  (Excited)
65. Pachirisupaw 's Kieran (Intrigued)
66. toastysun125 's Kai  (Craving)
67. :
(Bored, Distracted, and so on)
71. DrawMachine030 For Profile (Bored)
72. KianaTheDumbGirl Puraid  (Spacey)
73. indesomniac 's  Asterkit (Distracted)
74. SKlNKY 's Nuka (Disinterested)
75. caracal100 's… Storm (Apathetic)

(Loving, Crushing, Comforting, Admiration)
76. The-Raccoon-Goddess 's  Gemsona (Crushing)
77. CrayonSoup 's  Maemou  (Comforting)
78. CameronKoehler123 's Metal  (Loving)
79. 2wolfan EBC: Minerva  (Endearment)
80. Darth-Emily 's Marcus's ref (Flirty)
81. ghostingkaki 's A C E  (Deviously Flirty)
82. Reganthestrange 's  OC  (Sympathetic)
83. WilfurSulxio 's Wilfur , (Gleaning) 
84. xoxo-tee-xoxo 's SilverKit (Innocently affectionate)
85. :amoresylv: 's Character (Empathetic)
86. CrystalCobwebs 's Lynn  (Lustful-demonform)
87. stray-thought 's Unamed (Fond)
88. Akirageni 's Mikeila (captivated)
89. :devmentally-disturbied: 's Sparrowflight | DoW  (trying not to laugh) (Coupled with 90)
90. MistDapple 's DOW - Tigershark (lost in thought/spaced) (Coupled with 89)
MISC emotions
(emotions where you don't know where they fit)
91. SilverWolfe34 's Tigerlily  (Brave)
92. BlackWhite101 's Viper (Evil Grin)
93. xxPopiclesAreDelious 's Janet (Insane)
94. ShadowedHeartsofwar 's Suntail (Serious)
95. :devthewhovian103: 's Zepyr  (Annoyed)
96. Half-Filled-Quarter 's (Smug)
97. Chromatic-Alchemist 's  Eiffel (Embarrassed)
98. Sootopulis 's Pandora  (Mischievous)
99. unwholly Darkflame (Teasing)
100. PinkPoodle543 's Annette  (Disgusted)
It feels like every day I get a handful of people sending me comments and notes asking to make bases out of my artwork. Honestly, I'm getting tired of saying no, and even more tired of stumbling across traces and bases made of my work anyway. It's getting so incredibly frustrating wondering what will be stolen next. I'm just so fucking sick of this.

Drawing is hard. I get it. I get that a lot of you are young and just getting into art. A lot of you may not even know how using and uploading unauthorized bases hurts the artist in question. And a base does present a way for inexperienced artists to create pony drawings and tell stories of their own. That's fine. If you want to use bases made from the show, or with the permission of other artists, that's fine. But my gallery is not your personal sampling board for tracing. I do NOT allow bases made of my work.

I work hard to have my own distinct storytelling style in my drawings. I do thumbnails, I reference real life animals, I get frustrated and rip drawings up and start over. I do this again and again, always trying to figure out how to clearly communicate ideas, draw the best poses, and depict characters that charm and entertain. I pour a lot of myself into my art. It's my escape. It's terrible seeing someone else blatantly copy me.

Mom Talk by Lopoddity

This is one of my favorite works in my gallery. I had fun coming up with the poses, dialogue, and designs for my Older!Mane Six. It's a drawing I'd been wanting to do for a while, so it was wonderful to finally finish, and lovely to read all of your feedback.

Then I come across things like this:
Awful Base by Lopoddity

So. You piggybacked off my own creative labor and just painted over it with your own OCs. This isn't flattering, guys. It's theft, plain and simple. It's insulting, it's lazy, it won't teach you how to be a better artist, and frankly (in the above example, at least), it looks awful.

Also, don't look into that one purple OC's eyes for too long. I don't think it has a soul

I'm not attacking artists that use bases. No, you guys carry on. Neither am I attacking people who have politely asked to make a base out of my art, and accepted "no" as an answer. I'm calling out people who trace and steal my work specifically. Let me reiterate: I do not allow bases made out of my art. No exceptions.

Hi guys, since yesterday was my birthday so i am in a really good mood. 
And i just realized i haven't really been able to thank my watcher for there love all these times.
Therefore here you guys go
with a little shameless ad in extra

In order to get 1000:points: free :

  1. Fav this journal to get your number
  2. You have to be a watcher of both these 2 acc  :iconnaomiibeii: :iconcamelliabei: (always welcome new ones)
  3. Make a journal entry or poll featuring this give away journal 
  4. Comment below the link of your journal or poll

 after 15/9 i'll choose 3 people through

sorry if I don't answer your comment but i just want to thank you all

There'll be 2 winners each gets 500 :points:

:iconjapanpastaplz: Thank you so much for participating :iconjapanpastaplz:

*Scroll down for english 

Tylko puce i człowieki! 

Jutro idę do szkoły (To chyba oczywiste, większość z Was też xD). W tym roku (i przez następne trzy) nie mogę rysować i pisać po okładkach moich książek, cholera. A muszę bazgrolić na lekcjach (przynajmniej na historii, przyrodzie, angielskim...), bo inaczej zwariuję. 

Tak więc potrzebuję charakterów do narysowania. Dużo charakterów. 

Co musisz zrobić, jeżeli chcesz portret? 
-Obserwować mnie, 
-Zrobić o tym żur (i dać do niego linka w komentarzu),
-Dodać ten żur do ulubionych,
-Dać mi link do dobrego refa postaci

To wszystko, wykorzystajcie wszystkie miejsca :c 

Only ponies and humans! 

Tomorrow I'm going to school. This year I can't draw and write on my books' cover, damn it. I must scrabble on lessons (At least for history, science, english...) or I'll go crazy.

So I need a character to draw. A lot of characters. 

What do you need to do, if you want your headshot? 
-Watch me,
-Make a journal about it (link in comment), 
-Fav this journal, 
-Give me a link to chara's ref 

That's all, enjoy 

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Hello everypony! Today I'm opening my very first Draw My OC's contest!

This contest ends on September 26th

The characters

You can choose to draw any of my OC's

1. Talent Spark

  Talent Spark Redesign by TalentSpark

2. Rosevelt

  Rosevelt Redesign by TalentSpark

3. Lemon Cheesecake

  Lemon Cheesecake Redesign by TalentSpark

4. Autumn Harvest

 New OC Autumn Harvest by TalentSpark


5. Gloomy Skies

New OC: Gloomy Skies by TalentSparkGloomy Skies' Cutie mark by TalentSpark

6. Amethyst Dreams 

Amethyst Dreams Redesign by TalentSpark

7. Ice-Cream Topping

 Ice-Cream Topping Redesign by TalentSpark

8. Forest Breeze

Forest Breeze Redesign by TalentSpark

Here's what you have to do to enter this contest:

- You have to be a watcher

- Write a journal about it 

- Link to your entry and journal in the comments


-You can post as many entries as you want

- You have to mention me like this: 
: icontalentspark : or : devtalentspark : 
without the spaces

-You do not have to draw all of them, just choose the one(s) to your liking

That's all! Now for the prizes!

There's gonna be 3 winners!

In first place, you win:

- 80 points +a llama :3
- 3 drawings from me of your choice

In second place, you win:

- 50 points +a llama :3
- Two drawings from me of your choice

In third place, you win:

-20 points +a llama :3

- A drawing of your OC

Good luck everypony!


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Entry by LPSComet
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