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Suggest name and Win 500 Points

Thu Jul 2, 2015, 10:24 AM
We are going to change the username "mrfarts" , we loved it really very much but we lost few big projects because of the silly name they told. SO we are going to get a few more silly names and letting you decide which is the best.

How to win?
1) Just do the poll here…
2)  Comment Here " We are Artists, We stay United"
3) Favorite this journal
4) Thats all, lucky winner will get 500 points easy :hug:

Note: We have some pending works like selecting the winner of contest, giving out points for sharing the artists, dont think we forgot that, we will do it soon, just busy making things better. thats all
Good luck Love you all <3


Wed Jul 1, 2015, 2:45 PM

WIN A WACOM CINTIQ 12WX! + A Digital Painting of your choice and 2,000 points!
Click HERE for more info about the tablet!

THEME: Draw one (or more!) of Skailla’s Characters in a scene/situation!

Do write a little back story on the comments! You can do paintings, comics, animations... read the rules! =D

You can choose ANY character from ANY Story! Pick the stories below or from my gallery!  


:bulletorange: The Entry must be sent to me by NOTE otherwise I might not see it!
:bulletorange: You can do as many entries as you like!
:bulletorange: This is a drawing contest only, but the drawing can be followed by a description/story.
:bulletorange: There must be at least one official character in your drawing.
:bulletorange: Any media and form of drawing is accepted:  Animations, comics, paintings, digital, traditional. 3D modelling is also welcome. It’s up to you!
:bulletorange: No explicitly sexual themes.
:bulletorange: No stealing, it must be original work, created by you.
:bulletorange: HAVE FUN!!!

Now… to the best part :heart:


:bulletorange: 1st PLACE
- One Wacom Cintiq 12WX! :wow:
- A complete digital painting of your choice!
Ex. I Hoped It Would Be You by Skailla
And + 2,000 points! :points:
If the winner doesn't want the Cintiq, it'll be passed on to the second place and so on.

:bulletorange: 2nd PLACE
- One digital painting with a simple background of your choice!
 Ex.  Hope by Skailla
And + 1,000 points! :points:

:bulletorange: 3rd PLACE
One digital sketch of your choice! Ex.
+ 700 points! :points:

Other places also win prizes!

:bulletorange: 4th Place + 500 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 5th Place + 400 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 6th Place + 300 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 7th Place + 200 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 8th Place + 90 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 9th Place + 80 points! :points:

Guys, this is a fat contest and you got a huge chance of winning! :la:

DEADLINE IS ON 1rst SEPTEMBER! But don't leave it to the end! ;)

I thank you in advance for participating, and GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

Created at
This month DeviantArt has decided to bestow me with the award of 'Deviousness'! They've given me a crown for my profile and everything! The announcement article is here: I have to say I am happily stunned. I never would have thought I would be considered for such a honour! It's also poignant because this award comes at a time when things are taking off for me, mentally I'm getting better, and I'm finally earning enough to make an actual proper living as an Artist (with a capital A ;))

DeviantArt has truly been instrumental in allowing me to become a professional artist. When I started drawing, being an artist meant doing commissions, or working for a publisher, or applying to a curated gallery, but all I wanted to do was draw. So I did. I thought it might be a nice to share my drawings with others, so, 11 years ago, I started to put my art onto this little website called DeviantART. I never had any formal training in art past highschool, so in many ways DA has been a teacher, people would tell me what they liked about my stuff, and would also point of the wonky hand or dodgy eyes and give me tips, and that spurred me on to be better, to push my improvement. It also let me connect with people. It's no secret my art deals with darker themes sometimes, and these personal connections to people have been so important to me throughout these rollercoaster 11 years. 

It was in 2010 I did my first even convention: I traveled from London to Dundee Scotland, on a whim and without a proper table booking, just an email that they might have a spare table. Luckily they let me in and I had my first taste of selling my art. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!, Meeting people and hearing feedback on my drawings was fun and rewarding, I even managed to turn a small profit! Imagine that! making money from my art! It was a great feeling. So I booked some more conventions later in the year, and haven't stopped with them since. Now a lot of people who I meet at conventions have seen my art before online, which is a big change :) I have now been able to give up the various jobs I've done part time to support myself and I now make a (very modest) living from my art through conventions and print sales. I still don't know if I should use the term 'professional' for myself as I still don't do any commissions or draw for anyone else. I just draw whatever I feel like, and I'm so happy people like it enough to support me.

'Making it on your own' on social media wasn't an option when I started, there wasn't a mold to fit into, I didn't even dare to dream I could be a professional artist. So I had no idea it would work out like this! I just wanted to draw. So when my Deviousness Award says "DestinyBlue is one of DeviantArt's most recognized and beloved artists" it sounds almost unfathomable to me! How did that happen?! But i am so happy and grateful it has worked out like it has. I get an immense satisfaction and joy from what I do. I'm so glad so many connect with my art! I love meeting people though the conventions, though often the work that goes into organising them can feel unrelenting (so much goes on behind the scenes for planning, preparing and printing for a convention, especially overseas) but it's also a dream come true. The next goal is working out how to get in more time to draw and develop my skills -as you can see I haven't uploaded a drawing in a month! I am also quite aware, like everything in life, this could slip though my fingers (and that's okay too) I'll work hard at it, and try hard. But no one ever said living as an artist wasn't precarious!  XD

It's beautiful to get this recognition from DeviantArt. Reading all the wonderful things people said about me was so heartwarming. (How did they find you?!) I feel humbled and proud, which are tough to feel together, but welcome to my emotional life ;)

I write this from a Eurostar train to Paris, after touching down from Australia yesterday. I'm planning to post a journal about this adventure, so keep an eye out for that!
I'm in Paris for Japan Expo. In the 'Young Designers' section D111, at the back (where I will be literally melting)
It might well be the last time I do this show, so please come say hello if you'd like to ^-^

Thank you! :heart:

Peace, Love and Crowns
Blue x

July 600 Point Raffle

Thu Jul 2, 2015, 12:38 PM
It's a new month, my friends, and so a new giveaway begins!  Sorry it's a little late this month... I was having access issues yesterday O_o

1st Place: 300 points
2nd Place: 200 points
3rd Place: 100 points

:star: In order to enter, you MUST advertise this giveaway in a journal or poll. :star:

Earn extra entries by:
Being a watcher (old or new!) and earn +1 #
Faving this journal and earn +1 #

(note: If you watch me, I'll watch you back! ;) (Wink))

Winners will be chosen via random number generator on July  31st!
(contest will end at 12pm EST)
Note: If we reach 1000 raffle numbers again, I will close it early.

Have fun, and good luck to all!


Are you interested in helping to fund these giveaways?
Consider purchasing an ACEO card for 400 points!
All proceeds go back out into the community, and you get a pretty piece of art!
See details here:
ACEO Commissions

Created at
I have some points to give them away :3 this will be very lil giveaway, only 64 points but trust me, in end of year will be huge one

1st place: 40 points
2nd place: 24 points

how to join:
you must be my watcher
fav this journal ,  Nightmare or true? by Hekkoto and Needles by Hekkoto [lets share horrors >:3]

you can tag others in comments [ you dont have to]

goodluck, deadline: 05.07.15
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Instead of making everyone wait months for me to finish all the images for the Sticky program, here's a text based guide so you can earn those free CC and gain the levels necessary to unlock rarer items in the Cakie! Marketplace!

ONLY post once you have completed 6 of the tasks!

You must LINK to each deviation you completed in your comment.

Please give me at least a week to respond!

Every member of :iconcakie-and-friends: is welcome to participate, you do NOT need to ask!!^^

How to Gain Levels:

  • Everyone starts at Level 1, you don't need to complete a single task to access Level 1 features!
  • For every 12 tasks you complete out of this journal, you will gain a level.
  • Level 3 is currently the highest level, so you will have to complete at least 24 tasks to unlock all the items in the marketplace.

How to Earn Free Cakie! Coins by Sarilain

  • For every 6 tasks completed you will earn 250Cakie! Coins by Sarilain
  • Once you've completed 6 tasks, please comment below.
  • Don't forget to include direct links to each artwork so I may verify.
  • 36 task limit: Once you reach 36 tasks and have collected a total of 1,500Cakie! Coins by Sarilain, you will not be able to earn any more.
  • Paper Pet bonus: Earn 100Cakie! Coins by Sarilain extra for every 6 tasks if you own a Paper Pet! (So 350Cakie! Coins by Sarilain total.)

Artwork Rules:

  • Only quality art will be eligible for rewards.  That doesn't mean you have to be a master artist or do a super detailed image with a background, just put in your best effort please!
  • The image must be coloured, full body, and no smaller than 250px unless it's a pixel drawing.
  • Every artistic medium is accepted.
  • If your image is traditional, the digital copy must be clear and easy to see. Poor quality photos will not be accepted.
  • Once you have completed your image, please submit it to Cakie-and-Friends
  • Don't forget to credit me, Sarilain, for any Cakie! characters or species! You can do that by using : devsarilain : (without the spaces).
  • "Commission" doesn't mean you need to pay someone. It just means someone else draws the artwork for you, however you would like to do that is up to you!
  • Only one person can claim the reward on each art. (You can't do an art trade and expect both people get double rewards, it wouldn't be fair.x3)
  • However, artwork of the official Cakie! characters does count towards your group art total. (Ex. You complete the tasks for drawing Cakie, Sprinkles, Mint, Kitty, and Honey. But since those are 5 images total in the group, you've just completed a 6th task of 5 or more images. So you will be rewarded for 6 tasks instead of 5.)
  • The "owning" task may only apply once to every character, even if it changes owners it will stay on its archive record.
  • By participating in this program, you automatically agree to the: Cakie! FAQs and TOS

Available Tasks:

You only need to complete 24 tasks total to unlock Level 3.
You may only collect rewards on 36 tasks total (1,500
Cakie! Coins by Sarilain reward limit).
Please complete them in any order you like!

Species Tasks:

You can collect multiple times on the owning tasks!  (Ex. 5 Fluffbits = 5 tasks)
  • Create your own Cakiesona: (WIP) Cakiesona Starter Pack by Sarilain
  • Own at least one Blankie created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Boo Baby created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Bubble Kitten created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Cakie created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Draglow created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Dreamkit created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Fantabit created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one standard Fluffbit created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Gumnimal created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Kitterbae created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Kitterpie created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one standard Kitterpillar created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Mage-type Poffit created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Minibit created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Nuffle created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Octopuff created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Pandeer created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Paper Pet created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Pillow-type Snuggly created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Poffit created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Pufficorn created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Puraki created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Slug Kitten created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Slug Kitten Baby created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)
  • Own at least one Terrachi created by Sarilain (myo's don't count)

Artwork Tasks:

You may only collect on each of the artwork tasks once.

:star: If you don't read and follow these guidelines, I won't respond!
It's nothing personal, I just have a LOT to do and can't afford the extra time to keep repeating myself, sorry about that!!=(

Gemigon MYO Contest [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 2:21 PM

Gay Royalty ♔

CSS Skin

heeey happy gemigon july everyone ;3c

July 17th 12:00 PM MT

 :iconcatdoq: :iconhyena-vomit: :iconkinqsaber: :iconipheline:

How to Enter:
- Read everything on the gemigon site.
- Draw a full picture of your gemigon - it can be traditional or digital!
- Make a journal or poll with a link to this journal.
- Submit your entry to the group in the folder "MYO Contest 2015".

Entry Rules:
- You can make two entries (only one can win).
- All designs won from this contest can only be traded, not sold. Runner up designs can be sold for 10$/1000:points:.
- If you dont win you can change the species of your design and keep it, or save it for future MYO events (though there won't be many).
- Anyone can enter except judges, even if you already have a gemgion.

Design Rules:
- Common and uncommon traits are allowed. All traits can be found on the gemigon website under "Anatomy and Traits".
- Remember that the inside of the ears/nose, the eyes, and the mouth/teeth must all look similar to the gem. Also, sclera ('whites' of the eyes) must be colored and cannot be pure black or white.
- Some accessories are allowed, some are not; please ask before giving your gemigon any accessories.
- Only standard gemigons are allowed for this contest, not runts/windrunners/brutes.
- Changes can be made to your design up until the deadline.

- There will be four winners who get to keep their design for free. Each judge will pick one winner.
- There will be four runner ups who can keep their design for 10$/1000:points:. Four more will be added if the contest has more than thirty entries.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or need some help!

believe in steven ☆

Made my Day.

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2015, 2:03 AM

So Evil-DeC0Y sent me this image this morning:

9kyWOLd by Veggie55

And I'm literally dying. This is amazing! :dummy:
Oh Guyra, you've come so far from a stupid pun...

You two are awesome.

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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July Feature (Switiching to Bi-Monthly nexttime)

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 8:39 AM
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Hello Friends!

As stated, I am going to do a bi-monthly feature, just so they aren't so long. I don't want anyone to confuse any of the images as quantity and not quality. Believe it or not there are some images I don't like :-P
I am going to start this journal with a few of my works, just because I am proud of them, since I am doing some new things. Speaking of, I am trying
to set up a contest challenge in Dreams of Geneva for our artists to participate in. Feel free to stop by, or better yet, join us!
Thank you to the following artists for making the world a more beautiful/dark/surreal/happy/emotional place!
Please also stop by the "Fanciful & Fae" page featuring cards, boxes, and collage by myself and Jessica Allain :iconenchantedwhispersart:

Ballet Birthday by Jamie-NicoleLacie's Birthday by Jamie-NicoleTime to Fly by Jamie-NicoleI made a cool background Birthday by Jamie-Nicole

This months "Artist of the Month" on Dreams of Geneva was Levana Tempest :iconlevanatempest:
It's been a pleasure posting her fabulous art all this month. 
Unleashed by LevanaTempest

Finally, something new, My pick for best deviation I saw this month goes to Lady Raven by Cinnamoncandy :iconcinnamoncandy:
Lady Raven by Cinnamoncandy

And now....All the others I loved this month!!!

Selene by Carlos-QuevedoDream With Me by tinca2Insidious by Andaelentari

Perseverance by JenniferHealy

Moth. by KassandraLeigh

The Potion by Nikulina-Helena

hush river by vampire-zombie

3 Muses Animation by elestrial

Ashes to Ashes by elestrial

L'Amour Naissant by ChristabelleLAmort

Hope by fourteenthstar

Untitled by marshmallow-child

Fire Soul by VeilaKs

Fragments by theheek

The Forbidden Path by ObscureLilium

Nature by lauraypablo

Impossible Love by TaniaART

Lost-In-The-Woods by EnchantedWhispersArt

True Love by EstherPuche-Art

Keep the magic alive by babsartcreations

S O L I T U D E by FaerieNymph

Greetings by msfowle

Dream fairy by RazielMB

Jenny Lee has no Heart by NatiatVII

Fairy in the Grass by annewipf

Drow by Arwenlindorie

Metamorphosis by 1simplemanips1

Shy Ang by JiaJenn31

box of memories by veravik

Walking Into The Shadow by MelieMelusine

For the Watch by nixuboy

Wide Wake by LucasValencio

Waiting in the Rain by TheDarkRayne

Crimson by sara-hel

Take me with you, my love. by MirellaSantana

The Blue Room by BelowDarkWater

Pan by mippieArt

Nerys by octobre-rougeDecoding the mysteries by MariaClaraa

Antiquated Thoughts by PinkParasol

Innocence Optimism by GerryArthur

i v o r y by imorawetz

Duchessa de la Rosa by Jennyeight

New Life vers2- Imagine FX by SteveDelamare

Warriorsoul by MoonZaphire

One Precious Moment by SuzieKatz

Equestrian Dreams by Lolita-Artz

My World by tamaraR

Rainy day by Euselia

Elegance by JennyLe88

Night Traveler by vampirekingdom

Le Cabinet de Curiosites - le Camee des Morts by AlexandraVBach

Two of Swords (78Tarot Nautical card) by AlexandraVBach

PRINCESS OF DREAMS by saritaangel07

Drowned by FictionChick

OMG by Lhianne

In-search-of-a-shelter by DeniseWorisch

Seductive by Maniakuk

Ballet dreams by CindysArt

The Heart's Confession by Jace-Wallace

Soul of the lake by Visevea

It's tea time! by SecretDarTiste

marceline's death. by Senju-HiMe

Yin and Yang by Methyss

Whisper by J-u-d-a-s

The Valkyrie by streetX222

Forest's Spirit by Le-Regard-des-Elfes

Let us fly by ElenaDudina

The sword by LenaNik

_Blossom Lenore II. by Bloddroppe

Daydreaming by dreamswoman

Elle deviendra Dryade by Marjie79

Tu puedes by MariaJoseHidalgo

Secret Fantasy Place by Jassy2012

Coveted Blue by Alexis-Frost

Lilac and gooseberries by msriotte

The Last Unicorn by SusanLight

Forget Me Not by Kendra-Paige

The Angel of Peace by Sisterslaughter165

At sunset by IgnisFatuusIIOffering to Yemanja by Sweetlylou

As i wish... by Iskander1989

Broken by ElenaDudina

House of Agoraphobics by nina-Y

End of time by Aeternum-Art

Close To Heaven by AndyGarcia666

Stranger by Mysterykids

5000  Lightyears Away by nova63

Born this way by MoonZaphire

Scarlett by tina1138

The Haunted Fields of Dunsinane by JaiMcFerran

Found a jungle dino by annemaria48

Vegas by jugatatinhas

Pandora's Box by SwedenLena

The Wonder Of You  dedicated to my One True Love.. by DDimitri16

TheHouse by Digitalzauber

Bear... by Dark-Indigo

Lady of the Crows II by Whendell

The Girl Who Cried Wolf by kidy-kat

Lilith s Temple by MysticSerenity

Aroma of mystery by IgnisFatuusII

Wings Of Fantasy by alkab-art

Lovers by AliaChek

Feel! by Lhianne

Raven Queen by SPRSPRsDigitalArt

Eyes Speech by emanrabiah

Awaken the Magic by LaercioMessias

Before the battle by NebelelfeNaemy

Emmeline's gentle touch by TL-Designz

Enchanted by SuzieKatz

PAIN by saritaangel07

Water Lily Dream by Selenada

Embracing Ophiophobia by shadeley

Fly Yourself To The Moon by zerofiction

Smile by zerofiction

A couple people have asked about my reaction to the Supreme Court Rulings so I though I'd make a post about it. I'm not going to be getting into any debates or arguments becuase I simply don't have the time.  This is just my two cents.

For some reason, I don't feel terribly worried about the fate of Christians. For me it's an opportunity to stand firm because the Bible says count it on joy when we encounter challenges like these. God is going to use it mature, unify and purify the church. He is going to separate real believers from false ones too like separating oil from water.

I'm very clear on Facebook about my position but my pro-gay friends still talk to me sooo, seems they respect my position. I've known some of them for years and I doubt politics would easily get in the way.

I however, still mentally prepare myself for the loss of friends and family through disagreement. It's just a reality we deal with living in this world and standing firm for Jesus our High Priest. Jesus said the truth will separate and divide sometimes. I know they will even use this issue as a litmus test to try and blacklist people economically and in the job market, thus resulting in a attack on our property and finances. It has already happened to Hobby Lobby and several bakeries.

What do you do? We fast and we pray like always. We are in the world but not of it. The world has nothing I want; by now God cut a lot of its strings off me. The only thing keeping me here is whatever mission YHWH has for me and the people I care about, otherwise I'd love to go Home.

Some segments of LGBT activism is really becoming an aggressive nuisance to the most tolerant people via. social slander, bullying and professional blacklisting, (lobbyists, not talking about average LGBT people who just want benefits and live their lives). I pray for God to help and rescue these people and the children that are involved. YHWH loves LGBT community and is so concerned for them. Christians must not be contentious but react in a Christ like manner. Don't get defensive because Jesus is your advocate and defender. This requires staying full of God's Word and in step with the Holy Spirit.

We also need to be sure to protect our kids and ground them with truth in light of the brainwashing that will be imposed on the youth like the X-rated sex ED to strip away the bit of innocence they have left. Also to resist the dumbing down of education that attempts to dull their ability to think critically.

We as the church need to clean our house and get it in order because we will need to be there to help pick up the broken lives that these lawless rulings will cause. Just prepare yourself, don't be afraid, and cleave even closer to Christ. Take back our job from the government concerning caring for the sick and needy, educating others, and building them up according to the high value Jesus Christ has for them.  The church was the one founding all the schools, hospitals, clinics, and disaster relief.  Why do you think so many hospitals have "St. This or That" as the name, Red Cross, Salvation Army, and all the Universities started out as seminaries for pastors? We need to wake up and take our jobs back.

You have to seek him yourself and ask him for wisdom to face these times. At the end of the day, this is no different from what the prophets of the past faced. :-) (Smile)

I hope the church continues to form consistent prayers meetings and pray with true concern and urgency. My prayer is that God knits us together closer than ever before and expand our capacity for justice, freedom, righteousness and compassion. That we will be hospitable and welcoming without compromise. The church also needs to repent and turn from its own sins so that we will be worthy of the call.

[My opinion about LGBT movement edited to not come off as rude and distract form my main point, my apologies!]
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