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1,000 Point Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Tue May 5, 2015, 3:48 PM
Because why not? My last semester as a college senior has resulted in my life plans falling apart and not being able to get the more important of my two degrees, but not everyone has to be miserable! I would like to be the result of someone's happiness so I can feel a little joy in return!

That was a bit dark, so on to the givaway! Yay!


1,000:points:! Woo!


1. Favorite this journal.

That's it! I'll pick one winner from the list of those who favorited on May 25, 2015! All entries entered on or after May 25th will not be counted! Unfortunately dA does not timestamp the faves, only dates them. This is the only way to ensure no one favorites after I announce the winner in case I have to choose a runner-up. Sorry! You've got 20 days to enter, and all you have to do is fave, so that's plenty of time!

While you're here, I'd love if you'd take a peek at my gallery and give me a watch if you see something you like, but that's not required!

Good luck!

Beecher: *Groaning in pain*


Beecher: Ungh...g-gah! Why are you--ow, f-fuck! Unnh, where am I?

Tony: The fox cracked your skull, I fixed it.

Beecher: Why?

Tangle: *SIGH* I may or may have not made him do it.

Beecher: Um, why?

Tangle: I don't fucking know, shut up and just accept it. I needed my leg fixed, so dad fixed yours as well.

Beecher: Oh. WELL, Y--...*Notices legs*

Beecher's Legs: *are legs*

Beecher: O-OH..--Y-YOU--I--...

Tangle: Yeah.


Tony: *Sigh* Damn rabbits, always needing my help.
AT: Taro | Moencabagge by xelalanana Witchsona by xelalanana AT: Flora | BiShakalaka by xelalanana AT: Rowena | Dolcedove by xelalanana AT: Esther | NoLlfe by xelalanana

Sparkle Emoji by kawaiiprincess2 Thank you for 500+ watchers! Sparkle Emoji by kawaiiprincess2

Aah I just realized that I've reached 500 watchers! I don't think I ever expected this omg thank you everyone!
I've decided to hold my very first art raffle to show my gratitude and because raffles are fun/// ( o u o)b

Cute Flower Emoji by kawaiiprincess2 There will be 3 winners Cute Flower Emoji by kawaiiprincess2

Each winner shall receive: 

AT: Minami | Temeraire-sama by xelalanana
a Halfbody (with background)

custom by xelalanana
+ a Chibi or Custom Adoptable (no background)

Cute Flower Emoji by kawaiiprincess2 How to enter Cute Flower Emoji by kawaiiprincess2

Shiny Star Button by IridescentStardust Add this journal to your favourites
Shiny Star Button by IridescentStardust Must be watching me (new watchers are welcome! but pls only watch if you like my art and not just for the freebies lmaoo)

Cute Flower Emoji by kawaiiprincess2 Bonus / optional Cute Flower Emoji by kawaiiprincess2

Shiny Star Button by IridescentStardust Share this raffle by making a Journal entry and/or poll (post the link in the comments)
Shiny Star Button by IridescentStardust Leave a comment and tell me the coolest or most memorable dream you've had!

aaand that's it! ^q^

. Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets This raffle ends on May 31st . Floating Stars - Divider . by SugareeSweets

(I will announce and note the winners. If you do not reply within a week a new winner shall be chosen!)

Goodluck to those participating and thank you again for all the support!!<33


Where to find me:
twitter | youtube | tumblr | instagram
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I love you guys
Deadline extended to may 7th
The first pup is designed already but I figured he does need some siblings.

200 :points: will go to the winner(s)
Every design that isn´t picked can be kept or sold by the creator.
Doesn´t matter on what you draw the design on, you can use a bulldog lineart, it doesn´t matter XD

Pup 1-
Rhovanion by Kique7

Kainans genes: Tan sable with a black saddle and mask, red/brown eyes
Kainans genotype:
atat BB cch DD EmEm gg hh kk mm rr Ssi tt (he carries minimal white spotting)
Raelas genes: White with tan ears (recessive red) ringtail (rings around the tail) she carries snow ticking (similar to dalmatian spots) and liver.  Light blue eyes
Raelas genotype:
ayay Bb CC DD ee gg hh kk mm rr TS (snow ticking)

Example of possible combinations
Recessive red (any shade, think labrador)
Sable with snow ticking (the ticking starts with a white base, can cover the whole body to one body part only, then it breaks up in spots. The color underneath will show on the spot, so a black dog will have black spots. A tan dog will have tan spots.
The spots can also be reversed, so a black dog would have white spots for example)
Sable with mask and snow ticking
Sable with saddle and snow ticking

Example of dogs with snow ticking
Ch Isengards Empty Canvas di Eurico by Kique7Isengards Tulio di Eurico by Kique7

:bulletred: Entries :bulletred:
Kainan-and-Raela-pup-design by fierfairy42Character Design competition for Asmunder by hartloverPup for Kique7 by Halo-Yokoshimafor design contest by DragonFox732Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 4.27.13 PM by OlafflesKainan x Raela pup by Pit-TieKique7 Contest by blackiewondaKhajino by FogiFoxPup 1 contest entry. by Anchored-WingsKainan X Raela Puppies 1 by Soyala-Silveryst
Kananraela by RakshaWwUntitled-1 copy by DarkForestKennelsKainan x Raela Contest Entry by dragon-master-131 by Rileyer2 by Rileyer3 by Rileyer4 by Rileyer5 by RileyerPup Design by Wolf-86KainanxRaelaPups by CraevedNarcissistPup Designs by TorntornFemale pup of Kainan and Raela by RodeoWolvesKainan and Raela Pups - Contest Entries by mexicanineKique7 Entree by OniiixSubmission for Contest by WildCat12354Design Contest by VomSobekContest Design by Spartan0-0-0Hodeskalle (KainanxRaela's Pup) by TheEpicHuskyScreen Shot 2015-05-05 at 8.03.29 PM by GermanHorse13Image by wooperlover55Kainan and Raela's pup by TigerHunter33Kike-Contest by Angye98Pup Contest by ToXiC-Red-WolfPup design for Kainan and Raela by wolfhowler12Pup Contest by HyperesisAsmundr Puppy Contest01 copy by LiveWild4EverDesign Contest [KainanxRaela] by kurbanovakique7 pup entry by SoliDeoGloria1999Pup design contest entry by KTLasairPup for Kique7 by Halo-YokoshimaKainan x Raela Pup Design 1 by Welihn

Another video, my cat is such a bishie. Excuse my morning hair. xDD

she does this all the time when I sit at the computer, and cat hair in the mouth blehhhhh and
whiskers in the eyes is a common thing I deal with when I draw xD
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Forgot due date. June 1st 2015

Haven’t done a contest in a month or so so why not. Create a character contest for the missing pieces in my TLK family Tree. Not really in a huge TLK mood as of late, but I do love seeing contest entries and these slots do need to be filled.

The Premise:

Take one of the missing pieces of my family tree, FOOP Family Tree as of 3/19/2015 by albinoraven666fanartmarked with question marks, and create a character to fit there. There’s no promises I’ll ever actually get around to that characters specific story, but your design, if you win for that character will be considered an official character in the family tree. There are 5 characters to be designed, 5 winners, go!


  • 1 entry per person
  • Entries, including backgrounds, must bee 100% originally draw by the contestant.
  • If you win, you surrender all rights to that character.
  • Characters to be drawn are indicated by question marks on the family tree FOOP Family Tree as of 3/19/2015 by albinoraven666fanart, you can not draw future unknown characters.
  • Name the character and provide a color index
  • Though not exactly a rule, I will not likely pick any characters that do not fit into the theme(example: bright pink lion with angel wings)
  • As a lot of these are mates/parents of other characters, I request they be heterosexual pairings. I have nothing against homosexuality or anything akin to it, it’s just not what I want for those characters.


Now this is going to be a bit different than my other contests. There will be no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place but more so I will be picking my favorite for each question mark spot on my family tree. And honorable mentions may be given out.

If your design gets picked for a character you get…

  • full commission
  • 400 :points:

If you get an honorable mention:

  • half commission
Current Entries:

AlbinoRaven666Fanart Contest Entry by Strayhowl Contest Entry by KyoSohma01 Chane - 'dependable' : contest entry by TheForgottenLioness
Dumaka's Mum (contest entry) by shannonturner  AlbinoRaven Contest Entry by ladyjurassic Joto-albinoraven666 contest entry by pikapat321

So yeah since it's been a year now I figured I'd show how they changed/evolved since they were made! I've lost some images for a few of the really old ones, unfortunately. >>

I'm pretty amazed at my own improvement, tbh. This is just from drawing most days!

APRIL 2014 -

The first weavers were all pixels!

weav by bananamantisweav by bananamantisweav by bananamantisweav by bananamantis


MAY & JUNE 2014 -

I cannot tell whether these were done in june or may, oops. I've lost a lot of the files for weavers in these two months.

Weav By Bananamantis-d8s9or0 by bananamantis  Weaver3 By Bananamantis-d8s9oq8 by bananamantis  Weavadopt By Bananamantis-d8s9r2y by bananamantis   By Bananamantis-d8s9or5 by bananamantis


JULY 2014 -

I started making a TON more - also made my first base!
I posted several batches of weavers and they started pretty much all getting AB at $40-$100 @_@ I was floored

Weaver Ota   Closed  By Bananamantis-d7qkb93 by bananamantisAnem By Bananamantis-d8s9ord by bananamantisWeaver Custom By Bananamantis-d7qujby by bananamantisWeaver Custom By Bananamantis-d7qq0st by bananamantis


AUGUST 2014 -

I was super active this month, went through several bases.

Weaver Auction   Closed By Bananamantis-d7uiagv by bananamantisWeaver Auction  By Bananamantis-d7u16i0 by bananamantisWeaver Custom By Bananamantis-d7tzfct by bananamantis

Weaver Auction   Closed By Bananamantis-d7v1z1l by bananamantisGambit By Bananamantis-d7vmkgl by bananamantisWeaver Auction  Origami  Closed By Bananamantis-d7 by bananamantis



Weaver Custom By Bananamantis-d7ymuss by bananamantisWeaver Auction   Closed By Bananamantis-d7ye092 by bananamantisWeaver Custom By Bananamantis-d7ym920 by bananamantis
Floe By Bananamantis-d7ypxpz by bananamantisWeaver Auction   Closed By Bananamantis-d7xmo9l by bananamantisCustom By Bananamantis-d7zlirm by bananamantisCustom By Bananamantis-d7zhbe1 by bananamantis
Autumn Weavers! /closed by bananamantis


OCTOBER 2014 -


Halloween Coukyos and Weavers! by bananamantisHalloween Auction /CLOSED by bananamantis



I had just introduced Moana in the past month and was drawing a lot of them, so I was a little less productive with weavers.

Weaver Auction /CLOSED by bananamantisRecent Customs by bananamantisWeaver Auction! /CLOSED by bananamantisWeaver Auction: Blue Jay /CLOSED by bananamantis
Weaver babus by bananamantis



Holiday Weavers! /CLOSED by bananamantisCaspian by bananamantisRe-Auction: Winged Holiday Weaver! /CLOSED by bananamantis
XMAS Collab Auction!! by bananamantis


JANUARY 2015 -

Started to experiment with rare traits

Weaver Auction! /CLOSED by bananamantisWeaver Auction! /CLOSED by bananamantis+auction+ Candy Pink /CLOSED by bananamantis
Weaver Auction! /CLOSED by bananamantisWeaver Auction! /CLOSED by bananamantisRARE !  Event Weaver Auction /CLOSED by bananamantis



First unicorn weaver(and my first 1k+ sale), more rare traits! was drawing almost everything off-base

+auction+ Milk Coffee /CLOSED by bananamantis+auction+ Crystal Blue /CLOSED by bananamantis+auction+ Valentine Event /CLOSED by bananamantisValentines Weaver Contest! by bananamantis
+custom+ Lilimuth by bananamantis+personal+ Sumi by bananamantis+re-auction+ Kitten Bells /CLOSED by bananamantis+custom+ Honeycomb by bananamantis

Auction! Arctic Marine (One left!) by bananamantis


MARCH 2015 -

First stone and glade weavers, but I did more luminah than anything.

+auction+ Silver Shade /CLOSED by bananamantis+auction+ Sweet Star /CLOSED by bananamantis+auction+ GLADE Weaver /CLOSED by bananamantis
Batch Weaver Auction! /CLOSED by bananamantis+personal+ Athena by bananamantis


APRIL & MAY 2015 -

We're up to date! Pretty much just used the hell out of this one base oop

+varied+ by bananamantis+custom+ VlLHO by bananamantis

+personal+ Serena by bananamantis+auction+ Weaver /CLOSED by bananamantis+custom+ Tibbykitty by bananamantis

One year of weavers ovo Hoping that I'll keep improving over the next year!

Contest Time, WIN A SUSHI DOG

Journal Entry: Tue May 5, 2015, 11:33 AM

The time has come for host a brand new contest 8D
You could win a Sushi Dog, DA points, and much more prizes!
All you have to do is draw my soosh, Viking Mead, akka Thor Odinsoosh

Viking Mead (MYO Sushi Dog) by TH0RSDAY

The contest will be open from May 5th 'till July 20th
So don’t think it twice and join the fun ;u;b

Yours Truly

You're so Petty and Tiny by TH0RSDAY 


1) To join you MUST post a journal advertising this contest and link it back here
(Your comment must have the secret quote)

2) Enter with your very own art, traced or stolen works will be banned
(You can't submit more than 2 entries)

3) Once you're done with your entry make sure to link it back here
(The pic must be posted in your gallery, I won't accept files) 

4) Don't forget to credit witchpaws somewhere in your description, she is the owner of Sushi Dogs' species

5) PLEASE respect other contestants and yourself :peace:

If this contest doesn't get at least 25 entries 'till the deadline, it will be canceled
(I'll give partial rewards for people who joined if this happens but I won't give the soosh away, sorry)

Copy & Paste this quote: "Thortas loves Poptarts" 
so I can make sure you'd read the rules

You're so Petty and Tiny by TH0RSDAY 


:bulletblue: This is basically a "draw my character contest"
Here you can find Thor's ref sheet: Viking Mead (MYO Sushi Dog)
(Please DON'T add your characters or other sooshes to the pic, thanks)

:bulletblue: Digital or traditional media, even crafts are fine uwu
(I won't take into account sketches, I'm only looking for finished works)

:bulletblue: I'll fav your entry and write a "Thanks for joining" comment 
'cause I don't want to spoil the final results ;u;

☆  I'm mostly looking for creative entries 
☆  I'll be so happy if people get my soosh's design well 
(Remember that Sushi Dogs have the size of a sushi roll, they always waer a swirled bandana and their eyes are always shut)
☆   I love pixel art (no matter if icons, journal dolls or animated things)
☆  Paintings, cell shaded stuff or flat colored drawings will work aswell
☆  If you draw my soosh interacting with Thor Odinson,
cosplaying as him or doing something related to the Avengers, 
you could earn some extra chances to win

You're so Petty and Tiny by TH0RSDAY 


(side note) Prizes may increase

| 1st Place |
- FULL OWNERSHIP of this Sushi Dog: Sunflower Seeds
(The soosh won't be longer co-owned with my friends or me once you've won)
- Traditional chibi of them
- Pixel icon of them
- Single traditional chibi of any character of your choice
- 3 pixel icons of any character(s) of your choice

| 2nd Place |
- 500 :points:
- Single traditional chibi of any character of your choice
- 2 pixel icons of any character(s) of your choice
- Sketch page of any character of your choice

| 3rd Place |
- 250 :points:
- Single traditional headshot of any character of your choice
- 1 pixel icon of any character of your choice
- Sketch page of any character of your choice

| Runner-ups |
- May add them if this contest gets many entries 8D

You're so Petty and Tiny by TH0RSDAY 


:bulletblue: Duedate: July 20th (may extend it if needed)
:bulletblue: Winners will be choosen by creativity, effort & design accuracy
:bulletblue: Winners will be announced 1 week latter after I've closed the contest

You're so Petty and Tiny by TH0RSDAY 


That's all folks :D
Let's get started and have fun
If you have any question feel free to leave a comment or note me