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watcher raffle: win art!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 7:06 AM

ok so i've never really done anything for my watchers;; so i'm gonna art Wink and Dimples 

i will pick 2 random watchers and they will each get a fullbody! but if this gets over 150 entries there will be 3 fullbody winners and 1 digital painting winner!

i can draw either ponies or feral/anthros. no humans please!

rarity by amigotrade: toby by amigo

you have to be a watcher to enter!!!!!

1. fave this journal. your raffle number will be the number next to your name when you click the 'who?' link in the statistics of this journal.
2. that's it lmao how easy can it get right

i will pick the winners 12AM usa time, november 11, the day my o levels end!
no late entries are allowed. faving after the deadline will not enter you into the raffle.
thank you for the continuous support ; v ; it means so much to me!!!! -kaileeeee

Skin by SimplySilent
I just need to vent a bit here...

I'm not entirely sure why... but the situation with muzzlemutt has gotten me so twisted up and scared. 
Truthfully, I didn't know her that well and yeah, it's easy to say that right now I regret it -- because there's a possibility she is gone. **[Go down to bottom for an update on the situation]
However, I won't say that.
Because you shouldn't have to be close to someone to care about them and their well being. You shouldn't have to be a close friend to have concern and pain about losing them. 

I spent last night and today with her on my mind even without knowing her. I just kept thinking I'd see an update that would say she is okay and is getting the help and care she needs... but there is nothing. Not a single thing to say what has happened or her condition. 
So far all there is is a stark comment stating that she may be gone. There's no proof though which in part is something of a relief.

In the last few months I've heard of far too many people wanting to, trying to, and successfully ending their lives due to bullying, depression, disability, and hopelessness. 
It literally breaks my heart to know that someone can get to a point where the only way out is death. 
Then I am reminded of my own darkness... the times I tried to end it all. 
The pain... the anger... the utter hatred I had for myself was so deep I couldn't handle it. In those moments my demons won... 

There's no way I could ever blame someone for taking their own life but I cannot condone it. Not where there's billions of people on this rock. Someone somewhere out there cares, and even if it's just a stranger you've barely talked to -- caring is caring. 
So I sit here anxiously waiting news on the situation. My heart pleads for a happy outcome but my mind can't help but think the worst.
I have seen messages like that before and while some were a sick joke or a cry for attention, this one hit me differently. This one seemed legit. 
My best friend growing up left a note similar to this one and a day after I was told about it she was in the hospital for having tried to hang herself. She tried twice after in the hospital... At the time I was utterly useless and they wouldn't even let me see her.
Her life wasn't easy -- In fact it was probably the worst life a child could live. Her mum abandoned her with her grandmum, her dad only used her for money to get drunk, lied to her, and then beat her. Her mother tried to reclaim her only to beat her, mentally abuse her, and then insult and reject her daily. I was there and I saw it. 
She soon spiraled down to taking pills, sometimes 10-15+ (on average 8 or so =/) daily. Even when I took away and flushed her pills or they were locked away from her she somehow got more. Not long after she got addicted to heroin and turn to prostitution. 
She and I had a falling out and when I heard of her attempting to end her life once again it floored me and I felt the deepest pain I've ever felt. A guilt that literally made me sick... A wondering of why I didn't try harder, why I wasn't there for her.
However, I realized that there was a reason I wasn't and that was that she had pushed me away. I tried as hard as I could at the time but in the end she didn't want me anymore, she didn't need me. 
A couple years passed and after she wound up in jail and in lock down at a psyche ward several times she came back to me, knocking on my door. She looked different and for the first time in nearly 8 years she looked... healthy and happy. Today she has recovered and while she still has episodes of depression she has a new outlook on life. 
For some people this is the turn life takes. It gets better because you get help in your darkest hour.
But for others it's not so easy. 

Depression is not a joke and it can bring even the strongest person to their knees. It can drain every shred of light from life and it can close every door and window and hold you captive in your own mind. 
But it isn't what defines you. It never is. 
Life happens on a grander scale than here and now. It's not about the past, because you can't fix that. It's about the future and who you can be then. 

I feel like I'm preaching here but I can't help it. I'm so emotionally confounded at the moment I don't know what to do. My own anxiety is going haywire tonight and I've sat here refreshing journals about the situation looking for a clue on what has happened.
It sounds silly and maybe a bit obsessive but I just can't bear to see or hear of another person leaving by their own hands.
My lot in life is to help people as much as I can. There's times where I feel words can only do so much but what else have I got at my disposal? What more can I do when I don't really know someone? 

For now I just want to say if you know anyone who is suffering... be there with them. It may seem trivial now and possibly not as bad as it could be but you don't know how bad it really is. Most of the time people who are depressed hide their true feelings to avoid problems or being a burden to others. They mask it behind a facade of smiles and laughter when deep inside they're so torn apart; so helpless they don't know what to do.
The worst thing you can face in depression isn't death; it's disappointment. And that disappointment is usually you yourself. 

Please, please, please... There's too many sad stories with not enough happy endings these days. 

I don't know what to even say anymore other that I hope everything turns out for the better in this situation and I open my inbox to anyone who needs advice or help. Even if it's just to vent or let off steam. I'll offer advice when I can or when asked but for now I will only listen. My inbox on here and Tumblr is open to anyone who needs it. 
However, bear in mind that I am not a professional psychiatrist by any means or license. The only advice I can give is personal and based on personal experience and research. 
If you are suffering from depression so severe that you are contemplating taking your own life, get help. Call the hospital or walk in on your own and tell them what is going on. 
Also In the U.S. the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's # is 1-800-273-8255 
In other countries --…

Please seek help for yourself or for a friend/family member who is contemplating suicide. Also, be there for them and be with them. 
Let them know you care and love them in whatever way possible that they are comfortable with. Don't judge them or their feelings because they literally cannot help it. 
Be their voice and be their rock. 


New HelloI wrote this when I thought I'd be leaving for a much longer time because at the same time I needed a break and I was too scared to show my face to anyone
They weren't kidding when they said the first attempt usually never succeeds.
But I must say, I've never been so selfish in my entire life. And I sincerely apologize for putting each and every one of you through so much pain, especially, Felix and Tyler. Although, after such an experience, I've learned so much, and most importantly, who cares and who doesn't. And what I didn't appreciate the most, was the fact that people only began caving in when I revealed the fact that I was completely and utterly willing to try. Especially people like Fire, And Catz, who of which have left me behind as well. Some of you only began to care when you thought I was dead, and I know who genuinely cared and who didn't. Have you ever just stopped and thought about what you're doing to a person? Some of you have caused this depression

If you are going to Bash on Lazari

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 1:36 PM
At least let me help.

Playing the "she is a sally rip off" card is lame and overused.  

Both Kiki and I have talked about this, I will even go out of my way to call her a friend.  

I see it as every child oc is being a ripoff of sally to the untrained eye. I also see it as people being too lazy to investigate her character.  

If you have an issue with my characters feel free to tell me. I enjoy having talks to help you better understand my direction.  If it doesn't change your feelings good! Have those feelings you are entitled to them.

All I am saying is do more indepth research on my ocs before you call them unoriginal unorthodox or rippoffs and marysues.

Peace yo

P.s. getting laptop fixed this weekend

Brown Toko Pups! (Art Raffle)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 9:07 AM

Salvadore 29 by TotemSpirit x Tikarok 68 by TotemSpirit

Male, Natural mane
Submissive - Healthy
Graying collared brown

Female, Natural mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared brown

This beautiful brown litter is up for grabs, and can only be acquired by drawing any of the following Tokos:

Badger 860 by TotemSpirit Navajo 859 by TotemSpirit Salvadore 29 by TotemSpirit 

The more effort you put into your image, the more tickets your entries will be worth! All entries must be full body and colored!

Colored Sketch = 1 ticket
Colored Lines = 2 tickets
Shading = +1 ticket
Simple background = +2 tickets
Complex/Detailed Background = +4 tickets

You will have one full month to complete your entries. 

Deadline: November 25th

  • Listening to: Pandora
  • Reading: Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Watching: Rattatouille
  • Playing: Secret of the Magic Crystal
  • Eating: Hot Wings
  • Drinking: Water

Yes. That is the real announcer from Super Smash Bros. 3DS and WiiU you're hearing. 
And he's singing the Pokémon theme.

:iconexplodeplz: :overreact: :iconexplodeplz:

Dear mister Sakurai, please give this man a raise. And let him sing the full theme and put it in the game. You'll make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, ZILLIONS OF DOLLARS I SAY!

Eh, that's all for today folks! Have a nice day ;)
  • Mood: Optimism

Sketch+Animated Chibi Raffle

Fri Oct 24, 2014, 10:09 AM
Commissions l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

1 lucky winner will get a chibi sketch!

W.I.T.C.H. Chibi Will Sketch by galia-and-kitty

Also, we will add one animated chibi in the prize list if participants will be more then 1000!

Chibi Commission: Elsa by galia-and-kitty

~ RULES of Raffle~
1. +fav  this journal
2. Show a reference picture of your character in comments
2. Optional: make a journal/poll about this raffle
3. Optional: mention 1-3 your friends (more participants - more chances for adding animated chibi to the prize list!)

That's all!
Thanks and good luck!

Raffle ends: December 1st 

P.S. If you don't want to wait you can order a chibi commission right now :la: More info:
Commission Information 2014-2015 (UPD) by galia-and-kitty
October SALE: Two characters/couples Commissions - up to 50% off!October Offer: Two characters! Up to 50% off! by galia-and-kitty

  • Mood: Love
News of the My Little Pony movie set for 2017 has set the fandom into hype mode. Not only does this mean we have a full theatrical release on the horizon, it also implies that the show will continue for at least another two years. Good stuff!

With this announcement comes commentary, and a fellow fan, Rozgar, pointed me towards a Yahoo! Movies article by one Gwynne Watkins. The piece is titled:

A ‘My Little Pony’ Movie Plea: Don’t Forget the Boys

Well now, that sounds intriguing. A plea to remember the male audience that has unexpectedly appeared for this show? Or perhaps a warning on behalf of the brothers dragged into the theater by mom, dad, and sis? What does Ms. Watkins have to say?

Conventional wisdom has it that children’s entertainment with a central male character can cross gender lines, while movies or TV shows with a central female character will appeal only to girls.

Though conventional, I would not describe this as “wisdom.” I dislike the idea that genders must exist separately and can only relate within a bubble. When I look through history, I see a combined efforts of men and women that shaped the world. Both have their strengths, and anyone who says a country or movement was founded by a single gender isn’t looking at the whole story.

Here’s what I hope Hasbro doesn’t do with the My Little Pony movie: I hope it doesn’t add a male lead character for the sole purpose of reeling in boys. There is no reason why boys can’t relate to the existing pony characters.

Oh dear.

I am of two minds on this. Because yes, I do very much identify with Applejack’s values, Fluttershy’s timidity, Rarity’s need for creative expression, and so forth. And I want to emphasis Ms. Watkin’s use of the word, "solely". A male character brought in to be “the boy”. I too cannot stand token characters. If they are not vital to the story, they should not be eating up screen time. It’s why so many comedic sidekicks and useless love interests over cinema history have driven me batty.

Yet there is a second half to that entry that troubles me:

There is no reason why boys can’t relate to the existing pony characters.

Very true, but does that mean male characters needn't to be featured at all? This touches on an issue that’s become more and more prominent as I watch the show and the fandom: is there a place for male characters in this story?

It all comes back to this:

All six of the show’s main characters are female ponies. While a few notable supporting characters are male, the fictional nation of Equestria is predominantly populated by female ponies. For someone like me, who grew up watching ’80s cartoons with one or two token girls, this is very exciting.  

This is the contradiction of the article, and the mentality that I’ve been noticing more and more: Ms. Watkins champions that male audience members can identify with female characters, yet she’s still counting characters by their gender. None of the ponies are “the girl”, yet she doesn’t seem eager to include a character who is “a boy.”

And I do understand the appeal of an all-girl show (with Spike). I grew up watching shows with one or two token female characters, and I can see why there’d be a desire to shift the dynamic and present a more diverse range of female characters so the audience can choose their favorites.

Does that exclude the option of a male character? I’ve seen commentary like this on the net. “A male can’t work with the Mane 6 because this is a girl’s show!” 

I do not understand this fear that featuring a male character working alongside the Mane 6 will somehow undermine their status as likeable characters and role models. That somehow, the presence of a Y chromosome renders the double-X obsolete. Do we truly think so poorly of these characters? Worse still, do women really think so poorly of themselves?

Ms. Watkins goes on to use the heroines of Frozen as an example of a male demographic accepting female leads. I’m not as big a fan of her example because it sounds like we enjoyed Elsa and Anna in spite of the fact they are women. Rather, I think the entire audience liked Elsa, Anna, Hans, and even Olaf because they were all great characters.

And I hope My Little Pony the movie has great characters. Female or male, as long as I like them or love to hate them (like a good villain), I will be pleased.

They can even take a cue from Frozen's marketing department and emphasize humor and goofy sidekicks. Say hello to Spike the Dragon!

Didn’t we already say there shouldn’t be token characters? If Spike’s role is to be the butt of jokes once again, I’ll be very disappointed. Heck, he can be that one male character if he’s as supportive and positive as he was in Equestria Girls.

Featuring a male supporter of the Mane 6 is not a requirement, but what a positive message! To show that boys and girls can work together. That it’s not an all-or-nothing deal.

Because the little girls who watch this show, and the boys watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the like, are going to grow up and have to work together. I’d rather young men and women go into the world with their eyes open. You can cling to the cliques and celebrate single-sex gatherings, yet presenting a world where guys and girls never work together? That’s not just fantasy, that’s delusion. And potentially dangerous to the viewers.  

So what are your thoughts? Would you like to see a stallion help out the Mane 6 in the movie, or perhaps work along side them in the show? Are the Mane 6 enough for the audience? Does a show aimed at girls even need to feature a male character?

It’s weird to know that we’ll see AI driven machines within the next two decades. Maybe even the humanoid automatons of science fiction.
It’s all being taken very seriously by certain parties. Some scientists have approached the UN and asked for the issue to be addressed in a more formal capacity, with a hope that laws against these machines taking certain roles will be put in place. Specifically “killer robots”. They don’t want to see a machine deciding when it’s right to pull the trigger.…

That concern is perfectly understandable, but there’s another that is less touched on: are robots getting too cute?…

Robots that look like cute animals, or big-eyed children are designed to evoke a nurturing instinct in people. There are worries that this will have a negative impact on social interaction within society, with the people that rely on them, such as the elderly, preferring them over actual people.

Personally, I’m hoping such machines exist when (or if) I hit old age. I like the thought of having SOMETHING watching over me that has the capacity to call for help if I cannot. We’re not all zombies because of television and texting hasn’t eradicated verbal communication. I doubt a robotic helper will cause the downfall of society. 

My rants when tech fails on me may make me sound like a Luddite from time to time, but I find the relentless advancement of science incredibly exciting. All I think when I read articles about robots is “Cool! Can we choose what they look like? How much will it cost to get my robot housecleaner to look like Morrigun from ABC warriors?” 

Dire Slot Sale: Art Raffle and Auction

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 2:12 AM
Pinga 921 by TotemSpirit
Tracker Journal for Pinga 921

Alrighty guys here is your only chance to get a slot to my Dire gal. As promised as soon as she was uploaded I would hold this. Please be polite to others during the duration of the Raffle and Auction. 

Bullet; Green You will have until November 20th, 2014 12am US Central Standard Time to get your entries for the Art raffle in.Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green The Auction will end October 31st 12am US Central Standard Time to bid in Points or USD. Bullet; Green 


1. If you are caught harassing or attempting to bully someone out of entering you will be disqualified and reported to an Admin.
2. If you are caught tracing OR accusing someone of tracing which turns out to be false you will be disqualified and reported to an Admin.
3. Skeletal tracing is allowed ONLY if the stock images are linked and it is clearly stated in the description of your entry.
4. Upon winning the points/USD auction you will have 3 days to sent the payment or contact me for an extension. 
(failure to do so will result in the next highest bidder getting the slot)
5. ALL art entries must be of Pinga and Fullbody, with background, and shading. (Hunting prefered)
6. NO chibi entries
7. Complaining about the fact that I am doing a points/USD action will result in automatic disqualification as the auction is being done to help with my medical bills. 

Art Raffle Bonuses

Something cute between Pinga and her handler Lonsophle will earn you +3 tickets Be aware of their size difference!
Including one of my Average Tokotas will earn you +1 ticket per Tokota featured. (no more than 5)
Including one of my Submissive Tokotas  will earn you +2 tickets per Tokota featured. (no more than 5)
Doing an Exploring or Hunting picture will earn you +3 tickets. 
You can Stack these bonuses

Art Raffle String:Here
Entries for Art Raffle and Ticket Holders

Points/USD Bidding String: Here
Starting Bid: 
2,500Points /$25
Autobuy: None

Overall: HAVE FUN
Heart I look forward to the entries! Heart