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2,000 Points Raffle AND Art Giveaway!! Thank you!!
Hi guys Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)
I wanted to do something to celebrate 7,000 watchers (WOW! ; _; )  and you all tied your votes between a Points giveaway and an Art giveaway... So I did both!! Kind of!
The :points:points raffle is here on deviantart, and the :star:art raffle is over on my twitter.
 ----> Click the picture or HERE to head over to the Art Giveaway, or keep scrolling down for the Points Giveaway. Yes you can join both! <----

♥ Points Raffle ♥
:bulletyellow:1st Place;:bulletyellow:
                     :points:1,150 Points
:bulletpurple:2nd Place;:bulletpurple:
:iconkastraz:Kastraz 109 197
Membership Giveaway to celebrate milestone!
Hey guys! 
I am holding another membership giveaway (a month)  to celebrate my milestone of 500k pageviews!
To join, simply fav my picture I made for the occassion 
and your thoughts are greately appreciated too if you wish to comment there :)
I am not rich but I want to do this for you like I promised more often, to thank you for being here with me  <3 deviantart is "our place" no matter what <3
Results in 2 days :) have fun!
:iconlarienne:larienne 45 31

Their icon wasn't loading for the person who told me about this, but the icon they're using is currently:

UPDATE: THEY HAVE A SECOND ACCOUNT. Blocking them on their "GHOST" account will most likely result in you getting added by this one, so please block&report it as well.

This person is impersonating me, adding my fans on Skype, spamming them and asking for nudes. They've said they'll "let you in a stream" in exchange for nudes, so this proves they're not a bot. Their username doesn't show up in the Skype directory either, at least it doesn't for me. I don't know if that means anything but I felt it was worth noting.
If this person tries to add you, block and report them immediately. 
Please know I ONLY give my Skype (or any instant messaging account) out to those I'm already close friends with, and if you EVER get a request from "me", it is 100
:iconofficial-ghost:official-ghost 37 18
It's,,, idk how people call me "transphobic" and "homophobic"
when I'm a transgender homo myself 
I know that the lgbt+ community should be nice and supportive
but sometimes I hate the fact that a big part of them can't stand simple jokes 
and my jokes are usually not based on real life but on FICTIONAL CHARACTERS 
:iconsleepykinq:Sleepykinq 31 30
Two Artists Need Help
Hey guys! I don't usually do this, but I think it important enough to spread the word in hopes more attention can be drawn to them.
The first artist is NinjaKato :iconninjakato: . They have amazing art (one of my inspirations actually), but they have some trouble selling their adopts. They could really use the money and their designs are flipping awesome, so please check them out if you're interested. And if you can't afford an adoptable (there are new ones quite often), than maybe give em a watch or check out their patreon. 
Here's some of their art and past adopts:
Kind of speaks for itself. That shading and line art.... O/////O
The second artist is IrisSplash :iconirissplash:
She also has some really cool art, yet not nearly enough watchers:
:iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 26 19
Point Give Away!

I am having a point give away!

To enter, all you have to do is favorite this journal.

No need to be a friend or watcher!

I currently have 46 points to give away. 
(this will increase a bit before the give away ends)
1st place - 25 points
2nd place - 15 points
3rd place - 5 points

:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 26 3
new felinia page in just a few minutes! i'm so sorry about the delay, midterms got in the way plus this page was a freakin monster with all the details hhgkjdhfjksdkjskj
anyway, hope you enjoy it!
:iconrainy-bleu:Rainy-bleu 25 22
couple maymay
Tagged by SaltySable 
This is the couple's MEME, you will answer question's about you and your partner and then see how lovable you two are!
1. Tag your friends who you know are dating
2. Count up all your ticks out 
3. Answer all questions no matter how embarrassing 
4. Tag your partner if they have DA
Who are you dating? - Spencer (Tec-Sabi)
Also I'm not using the point system because associating how much I love someone with a number is some stupid shit

1. Have you been with your partner for more than 1 week? 
Lmao yeah, a little over two years
2. Have you ever broken up before with your partner then got back together?
Got close but we talked it out a lot, and now we're stronger than ever.
3. Have you met your partner in real life? 
Four times yeet
4. Do you protect your partner whenever someone hates on them?
Fuck yeah I do I'll cuss a bitch out
He tells me it's fine though I just wanna be a big boi
5. Does your partner pro
:iconflynnmutt:flynnmutt 22 19
I've finally finished it! XD God, it took me like... 5 days? Between moving back into my apartment and getting ready for school. I've been kinda working late on this. XD It's the first one I've ever made, and I made the mistake of using a song that's almost 4 minutes long. XD I really do love this song, but I've listened to it over and over again just to check for any issues. I'll be making a picture for this video soon. But for now. I need to rest... XD


Sans, Frisk, Grillby, Papyrus, and Gaster belong to Toby Fox
Gloom belongs to iLiekSkittlez 
Urban belongs to The-NoiseMaker 
Castellar belongs to GoldenMiro 
Ace and his children belongs to me
:iconputt125:putt125 18 7
iPandaverse NGI - Coming of Age

     Many years passed and Guardian and Valkyrie grew up to be very striking young adults. Like predicted, each twin developed a personality matching that of their parents. Guardian, the more serious and protective of the two, followed and obeyed every word his mother brought upon him. He vowed to designate his life to protect Equestria and defend peace and harmony. Valkyrie, however, took after her father in the sense that she was more interested in adventure and mischief than her royal duties. 
     Valkyrie was often scolded by Celestia when she was younger for misbehaving during lessons and making jokes during serious moments. Of course, Discord enjoyed every minute of it, and even encouraged his daughter to do so from time to time; Lord of Chaos and all.
But despite being her bratty self, Valkyrie did care about the ponies of Equestria, she just doe
:iconipandacakes:iPandacakes 15 8
CLOSED seeking mods and artists for whimsi group!
alright! so as i'm getting guides and sheets done, i'm getting closer to needing some help with things for LandOfWhimsia and i'm really interested in getting some people on the team!!
i'll be looking for a couple positions such as artists & moderators.
the role of artists will be people who can not only create designs to sell when the time comes, but more importantly people who can help out with graphics and assets; such as items, decorations, etc.
to get an idea (not exact) of what i'm looking for, take a look in my rpg inspo folder
(not to worry though, because i won't be 100% dependent on artists for these sort of things, i'll be helping too of course! i'd just like to get anyone on board who is interested and able to do these sort of things. )
the role of the moderators will be to watch over group submis
:iconblushbun:blushbun 15 78
Hace poco llegue a los 100 watchers, y se me hizo una buena idea hacer este sorteo de 125 points.
:damphyr: :+fav: A este journal-
[damphyr]Crear un journal promocionando el sorteo


[damphyr]Dar watch a: :iconsmilersmilebiebs: :iconelliexcutiepie: :iconilightpath: {2 ENTRADAS C/U}
[damphyr]Donarme una llama {1 ENTRADA}
[damphyr]Doname máximo 3 points {3 ENTRADAS C/U}
*Subí el premio del primer lugar*
[Rose]1er lugar: 80[Points]
[Rose]2do lugar: 30[Points]
[Rose]3er lugar: 15[Points]
:iconlaurenjqueen:laurenjqueen 14 23
Seeking Lockette guest artists - OPEN
Hello my lovelies!
I had a tonne of fun doing this before, so I wanted to reopen guest adoptables for my closed species again!
If you want to find out more about Lockettes please check out the featured folder in our group:
.:Bunny love love:. 
II will not be accepting many designers for this, so I will be picky!
Please do not be upset if I don not pick you, but also please do not offer if you cannot complete the designs on time!
Otherwise I can give the slot to someone else who is able to ^^/
Can make up to 4 lockettes
Can use any rarities but please only one mutation per lockette, the rest is up to you!
THEY NEED TO HAVE WEAPONS. Please do not forget to design at least one weapon for each lockette!
Profit must be split with me 50/50
You must have the adopts complete before FEB 20th
kaomoji set 1 9/19 
salmon heart bullet 
:iconkawaii-antagonist:kawaii-antagonist 13 53
Please read this.
EDIT: [G]Hearts out for Twisty
The person I am talking about here ;;v;;
So..something serious happened recently that has really affected me and a few other people
We don't know what is going on as of right now-
I'd rather not talk about it but keep it to close friends
My mood to do anything has dropped, I will still be working on the request when I can
But not much seeing as worry is eating at me.
I just wanted to say.
If you ever feel like you want to hurt yourself or even take your own life.
Please stop and call his number.
There is also a chat if you can't call.
Please there are many people out there that love you, care about you, and would do anything for you to make you happy.
People in that call may be new to you but they are professional and are willing to hear you out.
They are there to make sure you leave with a smile instead of a frown.
These people are there to help you whe
:iconthestevieboy:TheStevieBoy 13 45
Boycott: A Dog's Purpose
Edit: Some clarification is needed apparently....
I'm not a fan of PETA either, don't get me wrong.. I find them annoying over reacting crazy people who will look at any animal and claim it's suffering under human care.
I don't care what trainers say(at least some trainers). I'm not a fan of training methods that require physically forcing an animal to do something. "Dipping" is what the trainer is doing, trying to get the dog used to it by dangling it by its neck into the water and pulling it out. I am more into positive reinforcement training for dogs, and find this practice wrong. The creature is obviously terrified.
I know there is a time gap, and these are two different incidences. I see the cut. Still doesn't change how I feel, because now it means this shit happened on not just one, but two different occasions.
What I'm mainly concerned about is the dog getting sucked under and the panic there of. This sort of thing is DANGEROUS. Did you know the Tiger(when they weren't using a
:iconalbinoraven666fanart:albinoraven666fanart 12 136
:iconhyumzi:Hyumzi 12 5
IDENTITY - A Changeling's Story
When I saw Thorax on his debut on MLP I was delighted with the idea of a Changeling seeking acceptance. We've seen it in countless fafictions, comics and other fanworks. The Changeling that differs from the rest by it's desire to be accepted.
I wanted to illustrate the struggle of Thorax, the character in his painful road to accepting himself and blooming as a better person as a way for people to maybe connect with their struggle in battling their own demons.
I hope I've done a good job.
The wonderful music was done by the always awesome TheMusicReborn. Check his Channel:
:icondragonfoxgirl:Dragonfoxgirl 12 3
70 Point contest
(this is for new and old watchers)
I was given some points because someone scammed me but I was given way more then I was scammed out of so I'm giving them away.

40 :points:
10 :points:
5 :points:
5 :points:
5 :points:
5 :points:
-You must be watching my main account-

Steps to enter yourself:

In the coming new year I'll be active on the following accounts, so I need better flow to them !
Go watch :iconmini-horror:
Step 2: go to gallery
Step 3: Choose a favorite piece of writing, favorite it and then add it into your comment
Step 3: Leave a comment on this journal saying "done" I will get back to you with a number
*Bonus* if you share this journal in your poll or a personal journal and link it with your comment you get an extra number !

If you say thank you after I
:iconcaomha:Caomha 12 55
So, at almost 100 watchers, i've decided to host a raffle!! This probably won't be too popular, but might as well give it a try!

-Watch me
-Favorite this journal
-Make a journal or poll 

-Tag one person = 1 number
-draw someone from here = 10 numbers
4 designs
3 head-shots
400 points 
3 designs
1 headshot
1 design
2 sketch head-shots
:iconlambiii:Lambiii 11 22
i should quit da
i'd really appreciate it if people bought my characters or something
buy one get one free idec tbh
ig i woul have to refund people
i came to avoid stress just caused sm more bc i like having stuff
whats the point akll i do is spend money n cry n stuff
idk hiw ti stop
if u want a vcgaractwe
points or usd or art ig
you can get some free too ig so
im sorry im a failure n stuff
its okaty i dont need pity or nthin cause i complain too much anyway ig so its whatever
:iconstoned-husky:stoned-husky 11 249
Super Mario Adventures - The Animated Series
That's right, the animated series based on Nintendo Power magazine of Mario comic is about to getting started! :D
:iconkingasylus91:KingAsylus91 11 17
theyre stealing my art
(theres important info in the end of this)
my most stolen artpiece is this Marshmello digital drawing:
im pretty mad but not destroyed.
I get why people steal my art, but now i get comments and notes almost every week about someone using my art somewhere without my premission.
I have one youtuber that used this artwork in his Marshmello Mix video and the only picture that is linked is the background, not the artwork.
I have several places where theyre selling merch, with that artpiece on, so um it kinda feels like a little piece of me is getting chopped off everytime i see or get notified about my art being somewhere it shouldn't/getting stolen.
I wish this wouldn't happen rn bc i have so much schoolwork and other things i have to worry about, and i know a lot of those who've stolen my artwork will probably not talk to me or remove the artwork.
there's not much i can do bUT
I need you guys to continue notifying me if you find my art anywhere.
:iconzitru:zitru 11 15