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chibi raffle

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 7:14 PM

how about a raffle? XD
i didnt do it for a while but i really wanted to so nows the perfect time!

1. fav this journal
 thats it!

for my watchers only , sorry ^^ 
i'll choose 1 on August 20th!


optional: wanna fill out this oc quiz?
post it in the comments for me to read plz! woohoooo! its fun!
id love to read your answers about your oc(s) ! !


Your OC's ref:
Their voice actor:
Biggest goal in life:
Favorite season:

1 item they can't live without:
A strange habit of theirs:
Biggest fear:
Quickest way to make them mad:
Quickest way to make them happy:
Bath or shower?:
Favorite color:
Favorite food or drink:
Favorite animal:
Favorite time of day:
Favorite pizza topping:
Favorite plush:
Last person they texted:
Right or left handed?:
Do they get along well with others?:
Do they have a best friend or lover?:
Do they carry a weapon?:
What kind of pet would they have?:
What do they sleep in?:
Would they ever crossdress?:
Would they let someone braid their hair?:
Would they let you pet them?:
Kindergarten AU; will your OC share the crayons?:
Highschool AU; are they senpai or kouhai?:
Fantasy AU; which rpg class would they be?:
Their pokemon team would be:

I want to give back to all of you for being absolutely amazing!!

As I'm typing this, me and my girlfriend have finally gotten more than 4 hours of sleep,
Cali is peacefully in my lap and back to her usual self! Though her fever is still making her
a bit tired, she has her personality back, and she seems so much more comfortable. ♥

The love and support all of you send me when I'm having a rough time just blows me away,
so while I can't do something for every one of you, I'm going to try to give a little something back.



► read the rules thoroughly please!!!
► this is for current watchers only. every watcher before i posted this journal counts. do not watch me just to enter!
► this will end exactly a week from now, on AUGUST 5TH.
► there will be two separate giveaways, please read through everything to make sure you enter correctly!
► you may enter both giveaways!
► if for some reason you don't follow the rules, your comment will be hidden / you'll be disqualified!



All art will be done in basically whatever style I feel most comfortable at the time,
but each will be a fully colored and at LEAST lightly shaded piece!
sweet by hunniebuzz[c] owlity by hunniebuzzLani by hunniebuzz

► you MUST provide me with a CLEAR REFERENCE to your character once you've won! multiple references are preferred.
► please be patient! give me up to a month to complete your prize.
► i will not be doing humans/anthros at this time, i'm so sorry!
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!!



A giveaway for my watchers that DO NOT HAVE A PREMIUM ALREADY!
Two 3 Month premiums, and one 1 Year premium!

COMMENT TO ENTER, make sure to say you'd like to enter the Premium Giveaway!!
► you must NOT already have a premium to enter! 
► if your premium is ending within the week, you MAY enter!
► you may NOT decide between the 3 month or 1 year-- the first person randomly generated will get the 1 year!
► premiums will be sent the moment this giveaway ends.
► more prizes may be added depending on how many people enter!


That's it! Chances are I've forgotten something so I may change this journal in a bit,
but everything is generally as it should be. Please make sure you've read everything through!

Finally, thank you all so much for just being here. Watching me and supporting my art
means the world to me and it keeps me going. I may have quit art by now if not for all
of you, but I've learned that it's truly a passion of mine over the past 2 years and I'm
excited to do it for the rest of my life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

Gemigon Custom Raffle! [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 3:41 AM

Gay Royalty ♔

CSS Skin


This raffle is for everyone!
This custom can have any common to very rare traits.

How to Enter
1. Make a journal or poll with a link to this journal.
2. Comment below with a link to the journal.

End Date
July 31st

Gemigon July: Calendar by catdoq

believe in steven ☆

Something that bothered me now

Wed Jul 29, 2015, 3:58 PM
It is a topic about an old thing I used to be part of
Creepypasta and Slenderverse

what is it about?
Public rant/bash

You see, I understand when someone mocks a character for the creator refuses to take criticism, this is one thing
downgrading the person by literally RECORDING A RANT AND MOCKING THE PERSON and exposing to the public is another story

that is not a Criticism
that is not a RANT
that is bashing
that is downgrading the person

Downgrading doesn't teach someone what to do, it discourages, it makes the person stop, stead of fix and grow up, this is nowhere as incentivation, that is plain senseless humiliation specially if it was against the person's consent.

you see, this is why the Creepypasta and Slenderverse fell so much
it is because of those videos that are made and  the public downgrading
that is the reason why there are not so many good artists, because the ones that are growing are constantly getting ripped apart and having their hopes broken.

I always seem to act as if I hate both fandoms now
and yes, I do dislike them now, but I don't dislike them for what they are,
I dislike them for what people made them become.

after watching a video from 'I hate everything' called
'I hate Creepypasta'
while he pointed why he hated it, he also pointed that
Creepypasta is a place where initiates in art, and specially literature can have a headstart and build their skill and ideas.
it is where they begin, of course they won't be super professionals at writing
of course they will commit some ugly flaws

see CP and Slenderverse as a cocoon stage of a Caterpillar
Caterpillars eats until they reach the necessary size to become a cocoon to later turn into a Moth or Butterfly
now, remove this cocoon
they will all die
there won't be any Butterflies nor Moths
those that are so diverse, colorful and unique, gone.
Because there are people that are killing the cocoons before they can become moths and butterflies

as much as I seem to dislike now
I do too came from the CP and Slenderverse
General, Inferus, they started as a genetic splendorman, and a random different name for Slenderbeing.
now imagine if I was a more sensitive person and I got downgraded and humiliated? imagine, I would probably stop, lose hope of my ideas, scrap them and never do them again
Inferus would have never been created, nor their planet, their society, history, kind, animals, NOTHING, they would all be destroyed
because someone would have killed me before I turned into a moth.

But look what happened when it was allowed to develop?
It was my headstart
I grew experience there
I grew, developed, gained wings, and flew towards my own way.
I needed something to use as a support
just as many needs.

This is what people needs to realize, to have their fandom back.

to resume
criticize - fine
no longer support for the person refuses help? - fine
Publicly humiliate as a way to put your 'rant point across'? - NO
Rip the person and downgrade and tell the person to give up? - NO

What made me write this long ass journal you might question?

I video I saw my friend post on youtube, which said friend, along with another friend and more two people records their skype voices as they read through and mocks the person's creation and added to the youtube publicly without the person's consent.
There are more, but just one was enough to made me see that as pathetic

Created at

O dayum 7 Years [GIVEAWAY]

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 12:04 PM

In the Fire's Light :PC: by ColorCatProductions

O hai!:iconyuitwirlplz:
Just noticed I hit 7 years on this site.
I've been here for 7 years? Really? :iconmioplz:


So yea, I hit 7 years on July 28th o3o
And cuz of that I'm gonna have a giveaway- cuz why not?  :iconpapmingplz:
Celebrating in styyyle o3o :iconmegustacheplz:
This time instead of having one or two winners. There are going to be 7 winners
I'm going to give away 175points.
So that makes 25x7  :iconcatderpplz:

To take part :
:star: :+fav: this journal
:star: throw me a llama
:star: Say smthing nice in the comments (either here or on my page)

I'm going to pick with winners with

Giveaway ends 01.08.15

Good luck to all

Two Face (COMMISSION *1 of 2*) by Yonkvday112

Zippah by Tsiki10Shark by Tsiki10Lady Luuanne by Tsiki10Demoness Ryu by Tsiki10

Internet addict!!!! by TrampireTea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreamsAlways tired... by prosaix
Optimist Stamp by Melody-ChaosI forget :C by Animal-StampI Love Lava Lamps- Stamp by Annortha
Night Person by fear-the-brillianceI talk to myself... by prosaixMeat lover by prosaix

*CSS by BaB-Jane
*Stock by Ginnyhaha-Stock
So I finaly reached 250 watchers <3 I know it can seem small to some but I think it's a start :3! We all start small and by drawing more progress more To shy to scream !

But to thanks those who watch me already now I want to do a free raffle~! With 2 prizes ^w^

Rules to enter:

There are two seperate type of entries, those who are already watching me, and the new watchers ^^ ( that means those who watch me AFTER I post this journal )

Please tell me in the comments which are you :3 ( And don't try to cheat )

Already watcher:
- Just fav this journal
- Leave a comment to let me know you participate ^^ You'll automaticaly have 2 entries!

New watcher:
- Become a watcher
- Fav this journal
- Post a comment that you are participation and you'll have 1 entry
- An extra entry if you make a pole/journal advertising this raffle ( must be a new one )

:star: revamp  PRIZES :star: revamp 

Pixel Rose 1rst Prize:   1 chibi + 1 heashot

Pixel Rose 2nd Prize:   1 chibi

Exemple of my art:

Chibi Celestia by Jutsika        Animated Yukio Chibi by Jutsika      YCH: Sky for LieutenantDorky by Jutsika

Bullet; Green What I can draw:
- Human/Kenomimi/Anthro ( not too difficult design )
- Female/Male/Traps

Bullet; Red What I can't draw:
- Furries / Mlp / Animals
- Muscular characters
- Too gory
- Hentai


Thanks for joining <333!
Hi! So, I've decided to make a contest! Thank everyone who donated to me, both for free and point adoptables, I was able to buy a premium membership *and* I'll be able to make a few contests for you guys! So, this is my first contest on this account, and since I'm changing the account mascot, this won't be about free adoptables just yet.


What you're gonna need to do, is:

+ Draw and re-design my OC a bit, making her design unique (she can be seen over here:…)
+ Design her a cutie mark (I recommend to make something related to making free adoptables (it can be anything you want, though))
+ Make sure the background of the drawing is transparent

To enter, you must:

1. Make a journal about this contest (don't delete it until the contest is over or you'll be disqualified)
2. Comment down bellow that you wish to enter, with the link of the journal in your comment!


:trophy: 1. Place: 200 :points:, a feature on my account for 1 month and a detailed drawing of any desired character (examples can be seen here: + COMMISSION INFO + (CLOSED))

:trophy: 2. Place: 150 :points:, a feature on my account for 3 weeks and a colored lineart of any desired character

:trophy: 3. Place: 100 :points:, a feature on my account for 2 weeks and a sketch/colored headshot of any desired character


1. cloverfeet
2. GoodWolfie
3. Ashstar13
4. NatNatB
5. DeadlyToxins337
6. warriorlover488
7. Silver4stars
8. Painted-Panda
9. xXOffOnATangentXx
10. BlackWhite101
11. BloodyDoll13
12. MoonstoneSirenity
(will add more if needed)

Deadline is on 18th of August!

That's it~ If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Now go comment! :aww:
Yep next week on the 2nd I turn 22! ^^ Its my first birthday away from family but Its nice here in PA and my lovely lady Nicole AKA "Antique Calamity" will be making my birthday very special :) (were going to a theme park ^^)

Now a couple people have asked if and what they can do for me for my birthday. Honestly no one has to do anything, a simple birthday wish is more than enough. (I think a couple lil devils are drawing me things, I cant wait to see them! ^^)
But if you do have this mythical thing called money and feel you must get me something, heres my steam wishlist:…
(hey if MCP can do it so can I lol)

Now Im gonna be doing some stuff for YOU as well ;) 
A new Snuffcast is gonna be going up sometime next week and its a Q&A episode so all you Snuff, Plague Pasta, MBK, and/or David Near fans will be able to submit your questions and we might answer them on the show ^^ (more info on that later)
Also after a bit of a hiatus were getting back into the swing of making more Creeps pages (hopefully) More stuff from me coming soon! 

Anyways thanks so much for everything guys!

Stay creepy ;)
  • Mood: Adoration
telling someone that they are worthless and invalidating someone's existence just because they apart of a majority is not cute or funny
if you cannot be angry about the way you're being treated without insulting someone who has done nothing wrong but be white, cis ,male or heterosexual 
who has done nothing but exist
then you are a shitty activist.
you are a shitty person .
being apart of a minority does not make it okay to be an asshole and someone calling you out on being an asshole does not make that person sexist,racist , transphobic or homophobic.
you are doing nothing but continuing the cycle of prejudice by putting one group over another.
if you are offended by anything that is being said in this journal, then I'm talking to you.

I am a person of color
i am a female
and I am bisexual 
the only thing I have going for me at this point is that i am cis
yet you still don't see me being mean to anyone who does not deserve it.

if you want equal rights, you're going to have to treat everyone equally right.
instead of being an asshole to people who are more ignorant than you, why not actually educate them ?
... without the passive aggressive bullshit that will make someone feel lesser than you because they don't know certain things.

If someone is willing to listen you should take that moment to teach them about social inequality and make them an ally instead of saying shit like 'are you fucking serious' or 'smh..white folks don't know shit'

Edit : forgot to mention non hetreo people who try to 'make people gay'
dont think I forgot about you assholes
forcing your sexuality on someone else isn't okay even if that person is hetro 
the lgbt have been saying for years now that sexual orientation is not a choice, it is something that should be discovered on their own instead of something that's forced.

It's not funny
Its nasty.