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Pixel raffle

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 12:26 PM

 Bullet; Pink HOW TO JOINBullet; Pink

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There will be 2 winners both will get a
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The raffle will end in 3 days
goodluck <3 

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Icon raffle

Mon Nov 24, 2014, 4:17 AM
Simply +fav this journal to enter ; u ;
Tomorrow I'll pick one winner with 
Good luck! :heart:

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for all you youngins

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 11:07 AM
i know a metric shit ton of you are middleschoolers and underclassmen and let me tell you rn keep those stupid academic calenders your high schools give you b/c when you're applying for college in four years they're going to want to know where you were your high school years down to the minute smh

basically know when you started/ended each year of high school to the day esPecially if you went to multiple high schools!
Furthermore, if you went to early college full-time rather than part-time, try to avoid being a transfer student(financial aid is apparently a pain/ your credits will pop up in your transcripts anyways)

Also im not fuckin kidding when i say, think about your gpa. And i know it's fuckin nicer to blow that shit off but keep it at a 3.0-3.6 at least. Dooo nooot blow off the act/sat if at all possible, like you don't need to shoot for the stars, but lots of scholarships rely on you doing a kickass job on standardized tests.

and finally, i know getting parents to help you on college is great. like, it looks like an awesome thing to have. but do n O t let that limit your options. like, paying off your loans (specially out of state) is going to be a big fuckin pain in the ass, but earning the money to pay off that loan b/c you were hired because you earned a degree from a respectable place is just as vital.

Also if you're thinking of art school, if you have the chance to take an art class you should definitely take it. and that's cos u see, friends, if you're serious you need to swallow the arrogance and take it. Like, this whole last 4 years i was like "i dont need an art class, i can do fine on my own" and i can do fine on my own- but this isn't about doing fine on my own, this is about appealing to a school. they would prefer to have a kid who already knows how an art class works before throwing them headfirst into 4 years of an intensive just that. I know a few colleges require that you have taken visual arts classes before, so keep that in mind.

If you're thinking about notart school, remember that state schools are fuckin fine. Your bachelors is your base ground, so your masters/phd can be elsewhere. don't get so caught up in a nice school to start out with 1.) it's going to be expensive as absolute fuck 2.) nobody cares where you got your ba if you have your graduate degrees.

also be fuckin careful about private schools. motherfuckers are stingy as fuck. idc where you go, just be careful. like yeah no fuckin out of state tuition but  it's 50k a semester so i m e an you tell me

also if you have questions, shoot an email to the admissions office. there's no phone-calls involved and they're going to be super nice + helpful b/c their main objective is getting students in. so like, don't stress about asking them, it's their job to help you and your job to get your application filled in right!

aLRIGHT that's it B ) i just wanted it out cos i had no fuckin idea about this and really i kind of made a v sudden and dramatic academic decision just like last month so i've had to read up bigtime and it's crazy that everything's getting set into motion now.

also the rams beat the broncos last week and im still not quite over that.

Free Commission Give aways

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 24, 2014, 4:18 AM

Yoooosh i'm finally back from company work and thought about some specials for the pre-christmas time. I recognized that a lot of people asked for commissions but couldn't afford one ;_; Maybe money is a bit overrated these days so i want to do some commissions for free yeap.
If you have an OC and want it to be drawn by me i think you should give it a try ^__________^ But please do not ask for fanarts or other peoples stuff. Everybody with Original Characters is welcome though.

I will draw the give aways with pencil and maybe i turn on my camera for recording and make a youtube vid at the same time but no promises for this. When its finished i upload a photo here on Deviantart like the recent ones in my gallery. I won't send out the originals but if you want a scan of it i will do one for you. :heart:

I will choose randomly with a favor for interesting OCs and clear understanding of the information given. So don't paste endless stories in the comment beneath. Feed me with the most important information about your character. Make my imagination dance!!!!
bunneh icon12
If you already have graphics of your OC the better for me. Upload them here on Deviantart into your Gallery or into your STASH. I won't click on external links when i don't know the referrer! (afraid of bad scripts)

you can decide the style to be manga or semirealism so don't forget to write it in your comment. If i don't find it there i will choose manga for the style.

Good luck! :happybounce:

plfease stop saying shota. shotaism is pedophilia stopbp please it iss directly related to csa i hate that fuckign word i hate thw word shota stop saying it stooop saing shota i will die

there is NO "well it means ______ in this context" thaere is none of thata stop sayinfg shota like its some normal word youfucking creeps ive tried explaining this over and over again but no one give sa shit enough to stop

yweah youre all just SO in touch with asian culture huh? you all are soooo in touch with japan and all of its subcultures, of course youre above me,Of course you would know more than me whajtn the fuck was i thinking LOL (This is sarcadsstic im screaching) because who cares aboiut abuse survivors,right! its Just so efucking edgy to say shota and loli and senpai and kouhiai and kawaii and whateverelse you self proclaimed weeaboos enjoy spouting out so much

Im so glad so many of yjou are so Immeresed in asian culture but will not listen to Me,someone who is very qualified to explain this kind of Bullm Shit lol im so fukcing glad i can not trust any one to stop doing one goddamn thing and erase one Fuckign word from your vocabulary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets talk about Nick-elodeon (rant)

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 4:01 PM

Well... since I have Dish and Time Warner is having a little spat with Dish right now, all I had was Nicktoons and Nick. That's how I got hooked back on Invader Zim. That they use to play on Sundays at 3 for a hour on Nicktoons, till the scheduled changed and IZ isn't on anymore for the next few months

Those evil basters... I also herd recently they cut the legion of Korras Budget and fire some people?? isn't that one of their highest rated shows? 

Wow.. Nick is going down the toilet fast.. I wish they would stop trying to make Real live people cartoon characters, just because Disney channel made this shit popular doesn't mean you can do it for half your network. Most of their live action shit.. is horrible it makes me want to rip my eye balls out with a spork.

God Nick you use to be so amazing... and put the cartoons first... But now most of your stuff it seems to just try to rip off other things  it thinks is popular to have a a chance to stand up against Disney and the one really rocking it right now Cartoonnetwork.  

Nick you are very much dead to me... I hope in the near future you can put your self back together and remember your roots.  

this is not saying all their new stuff is bad I found TMNT to be pretty good btw. But most of the shows suck like its trying way too hard. 

Hi everybody!  I decided  to start another contest :3 but to switch it up it will be a design contest!! I really would like a Pokemon trainer oc who has  a Mudkip or Marshtomp,any variation of eevee, skitty ,vulpix, chikorita, and a poochyena or mightyena, it can be any gender or age, but so you know cute things usually are my favorite.  Bases and maker adopts as always are allowed as long as you credit the person who made them. Also the Pokemon listed do not all have to show up in the picture, but it may help. There is no limit to how many entries you can have,  and you can draw multiple pictures of the same entry if you wish (meaning lets says you drew a girl, you could draw that same girl in a different pose, different outfit or with a different Pokemon ) lastly if this contest is not your cup of tea please check out this other contest I'm holding at the moment…

lastly i I haven't decided the deadline yet but it will be after the deadline of my other contest ( so you have a while )


Plane Trip

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 3:35 PM

:icontrenn-la: :iconlupisvulpes:

See you guys in a bit! I will try to get on when I can, but i'll be spending time with my sister a lot xD 
bai guys!

They're everywhere on this website. :iconrazycryplz:


The only time time selfies are like, alright is:

- used as a stock reference

- if your some sort of hair styilsits and want to show others how to do a certain hairstyle

- needing to update your ID once in a while

- you're a photographer and you're your own model

and there's more reasonable reasons that i can't think of right now

...but the duckface...nO

Who thinks putting your lips together like that is hot :iconreactionplz:

selfies why
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