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Just uploaded 20x speed-up painting process of Kiki in Little Witch Academia crossover piece from last year!


YouTube link:

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NUMBER 34, StereoAndSapphire199! Comment to claim your prize and what you want! :clap:


Sun Feb 7, 2016, 1:34 AM
Hace tiempo que no lo hago concursos de puntos o sorteos de puntos
Mas bien hace un año y medio, y asi que volvi a hacer un sorteo para
vosotros, mas bien que habra de 3 ganadores porque es mas facil de
ganar esta vez.

»Promocionar este journal
»Dejar un comentario sobre el journal
»Agregar en :+fav:


» 1º puesto: 50 points
» 2º y 3º puesto: 25 points

Y ya esta, es sencillo.
El Sorteo empieza hoy y termina hasta 10/2/2016

1. RosyKatyCat
2. MyBestMasterpiece
3. AnAmateurGirlUsingPS
4. MArciAlexandra14
5. WentHeroTo
6. LupishaGreyDesigns
7. Isanicole
8. YourCrazyNightmare
9. CDYCI-Team
10. iFocusOnMe
11. FlawlessMusic
EDIT: sorry I forgot to add the contest will end on the 23 of march which gives you around a month to enter


all you have to do to enter is draw one or more of these characters:
Riki ref by Mi-mooSakura ref by Mi-mooChester and Paradox by Mi-moo
Dorks by Mi-mooSunny by Mi-moo


. picture MUST include 1 or more of the characters listed above
. entry MUST be your own work (which means no bases or lineart)
. any kind of art is allowed
. you can put you own ocs in the picture as well
. you must favourite this journal and make make your own journal advertising it
. you don't have to be a watcher of mine to participate although it is very much appreciated
. if you think your'e going to enter comment on this jounal
. have funI am a dummy! 

their are 3 main category's i will be judging the entry's on:

1. artistic ability - how aesthetically pleasing the entry is
2. creativity - the originality and uniqueness of the entry
3. mood - how the colours and expressions affect the entry


1st place:
1-3 character scene w/ background + shading from :iconleafclouddraws:
- a shaded chibi from :iconhapida:
- a flat fullbody from :iconrandomizer02:
- 500pts
- a fullbody + 2 chibis + 1 headshot from me 

2nd place: 
- 1 flat headshot from :iconbaimon2000:
- headshot from :iconhapida:
- shaded chibi from :iconhapida:
- 300pts
- 2 chibis + a headshot from me

3rd place:
- 1 flat chibi from :iconbaimon2000:
- shaded chibi from :iconhapida:
- 100pts
- 1 chibi + 1 headshot from me

i would really appreciate it if anyone could offer more prizes I am a dummy! 

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Un-Genesis and I are doing a double contest including our Sonic Sonas' for Valentines Day! ♥

:star: revamp by Kawiku References :star: revamp by Kawiku

Katie The Hedgehog Reference (SonicSona) by ProBOOM Hayleigh the Coyote Reference by Un-Genesis

:star: revamp by Kawiku Personalities :star: revamp by Kawiku

Katie/Pro The Hedgehog

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Ravioli
Favorite Dessert: Doughnuts
Favorite Colour: Hot Pink
Likes: Spooky Things, Mysteries, Conspiracies, Sci-Fi, Watching Others Play Video Games, Music, All Animals/Insects, Ketchup, Cold Weather, Dank Memes, Generosity, Love, Swimming, Cuddles, Cute Things, Drawing, Singing.
Dislikes: Outdoors, Activity, Onions, Bullies, Heat, Cruelty, Ignorance, Anything Hurt, Racism, Thunder Storms, Crowds.
Personality & Traits: Headstrong, Polite, Loyal, Leader, Listener, Funny, Shy yet open with friends, Trustworthy, Honest, Sensitive, Understanding, Self Conscious, Passionate, Selfless, Open Minded, Impatient, Artistic, Generous, Affectionate, Faithful, Helpful, Organized, Curious, Humble, Perfectionist, Complex, Stubborn & Defensive.

Hayleigh/Gen The Coyote

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Dessert: Doughnuts
Favorite Colour: Turquoise
Likes: Video Games, Having a Laugh, Having Fun, Kindness, Generosity, Sci-Fi, Conspiracies, Food, Music, Chocolate, Peace, Tar Tar Sauce, Singing, Drawing, People Coming Together To Help Eachother, Humour.
Dislikes: Bullies, Cruelty, Injustice, Ignorance, Sexism, Racism, Being Viewed As Uneducated, The Dark, Spiders, Gore, Lairs.
Personality & Traits: Funny, Listener, Calm, Collected, Passionate, Comforting, Chatterbox, Hates Conflict, Doesn't Know How To Swim, Heart of Gold, Loyal, Open Minded, Patient, Kind, Trustworthy, Wise, Skeptical, Considerate, Generous, Genuine, Artistic, Indecisive, Reliable, Easy Going, Unfoolable, Tolerant, Non- Independent, Clumsy & Messy.

:star: revamp by Kawiku Things To Know! :star: revamp by Kawiku

Happy birthday pRO! ! by Miiukka

What Will Help You Win

Idea before talent! We're looking for artwork that best suits us as a couple - our relationship and our personalities.
Interaction between our sonas is what we'd love to see! We want to see effort ♥

Things To Note

Un-Genesis & I are in a relationship - Which means so are our Sonas
They are about the same height
Hayleigh does smoke - Katie does not

Together we like to joke around and poke fun at one another. We enjoy making eachother laugh. 
We love to spend our time together doing anything and everything.
Hayleigh gets shy when Katie shows affection towards her.
We love to sit down and talk about anything for hours.
We love to draw and sing together.


Un-Genesis & ProBOOM

:star: revamp by Kawiku Feel free to ask questions in the comments :star: revamp by Kawiku


:star: revamp by Kawiku Rules :star: revamp by Kawiku

Artwork must contain both Katie & Hayleigh in the same image.
No other OC's/Official Characters included! 
 No Bases of any sort, Must be all 100% original artwork
 Absolutely no porn of any sort, no suggestive images. 
 Please no traditional artwork unless it is scanned or you have a good camera that takes clear pictures. 
You may enter as many times as you want, but only one entry per person can place.
No Fanfictions please, only artwork.
 No crossovers from other series or titles.
 No fetishes.
Fullbody or Halfbody please! No headshots.
Artwork must be coloured.
Sonic style only please,no human/furry versions.
Please link back to this journal in the description of your entry. Make sure to comment linking the entry!

Animations, Comics, Icons & Pixels are all accepted as forms of entry!



:star: revamp by Kawiku Deadline :star: revamp by Kawiku

May 1st 2016


:star: revamp by Kawiku Prizes :star: revamp by Kawiku

[Pixel Couple 001] by xXCuteRose95Xx
(Click titles to see examples of artwork)

1st Place Trophy by mirzjiles First Place 1st Place Trophy by mirzjiles

Fullbody Painting By ProBOOM
Painted Halfbody w/ Simple Background By Un-Genesis

2nd Place Trophy by mirzjiles Second Place 2nd Place Trophy by mirzjiles

Comic Book/Archie Style Fullbody By ProBOOM
Smooth Shade Halfbody w/Plain Background By Un-Genesis

3rd Place Trophy by mirzjiles Third Place 3rd Place Trophy by mirzjiles

Flat Colour Fullbody By ProBOOM
Simple Colour Halfbody w/Plain Background By Un-Genesis

Everybody Who Enters: 80:points: or a Sketch by Un-Genesis (Example)

(Must meet Rules & Regulations)

:star: revamp by Kawiku Entries :star: revamp by Kawiku…

Thật ra tui cũng không định đăng vì thật sự không có thời gian, hết làm việc nhà lại phải làm việc này nọ,... muốn mệt luôn. May mà có chút thời gian viết cái journal này.

Lời đầu tiên, chúc các bạn năm mới vui vẻ nha.
Cái share lần này không nhiều vì mình chỉ chuẩn bị trong hai ngày những mà mong các bạn thích.

Tất cả các psd coloring share đều được tớ kiểm nghiệm rồi, màu đẹp mới share nên các bạn cứ xài, yên tâm đi nha.
1. Tông hồng cam nha
Untitled-1 by Windie2k1

Prv3 by Windie2k1

Prv2 by Windie2k1

Prv1 by Windie2k1

5.chưa kịp làm prv
Gr by Windie2k1

Ji by Windie2k1

II> Render

1. chưa blend đâu nha
Prr by Windie2k1

Prr1 by Windie2k1

Prr2 by Windie2k1

Prr3 by Windie2k1

Prr4 by Windie2k1

Prr5 by Windie2k1

Prr6 by Windie2k1

Prr7 by Windie2k1

Prr9 by Windie2k1

Chín bộ thôi nhé, chuẩn bị trong 2 ngày nên vậy đó. Tớ không des kịp nên không có psd art.

Link all:

Lưu ý: trong file có link stock des quotes hay làm psd gì cũng được, tớ cut render không đc nên share cho mấy bạn des.


Here is my picture opened in SAI:
Sai 2 by RayFierying

Here in GIMP:

Gimp by RayFierying

Nice by RayFierying

The winner is Gimp, clearly the better art software.

EDIT:  LMAO I just hid one of the layers and it got WORSE
What The by RayFierying

Booty by RayFierying

how inappropriate, Gimp-Sama...
Hello guys!

I've been writing some info about my original species called "veir"! The info isn't quite ready yet, but I thought I'd show some sneak peeks, because I'm kinda excited for them. :} And also if you have some questions or ideas, I'd love to hear them!
Veir would be a closed species (I want them to stay how they're supposed to be) but there would be also other ways to get them than by buying. I'd love to create an art rp-group for veir, but I have to gain some experience on those things first (for example, I'm testing DracoStryx soon enough!).

I still need to develop them more, lore and design -wise, but here's some information + pictures:

In general
Veir are omnivorous, half bipedal creatures, who are very intelligent and have developed and learnt many skills and crafts.
They first lived in the north, but have scattered around the world.
Their culture (and the species’ aesthetics in general) mostly consists of welsh and scandinavian traits. Veir have also travelled to warmer lands, where their culture is inspired by traits of Middle East.
Braids and runes, leather and bones...
Veir appreciate old ways but are eager to always learn more. They’ve known to observe many human (or half-human) cultures and learn from them. You mustn’t view them only as copycats, though. Veir are very smart and creative, and they are very much capable of creating their own ways.
Veir’s societies are very diverse. Some are more stubborn than others, wanting for things to stay the same they’ve always been. Some are also very hateful towards any humans. It varies.

I also decided to redesign my alter ego and change her to a least weasel! She's still small and cute but a bit more deadly this time. :0)

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  • Drinking: water

so while I dont have the money to get anymore (trust me like 95% of my income goes to health insurance if i get any)
i decided to host a small giveaway, well small by deviantart standards hehe  BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale 

so anyways, if you'd want to join this raffle, gotta keep to like, a few rules:

>must be a watcher
>must advertise in a journal, im cancelling the giveaway if there arent at least 10 participants 
>comment telling me you're favorite game, mine's currently undertale <333

first prize is a month's core membership + a simple colored headshot
second prize is 150 :points: + a screentone headshot

ends 2/21

good luck!