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The greatest asset of an artist seeking work is an outstanding portfolio. I can think of no other industry in which skill level can trump a degree to such an extent. Self taught? No problem. Prove you know what you're doing and you're hired. But how do you know what to include in your portfolio? Is it really that big of a deal?

Portfolios are an illustrator's resume, and therefore ought to be handled with as much precision and editing—“proofreading” if you will. Wonky anatomy, like spelling errors, can push away prospective employers. Before you show your masterpieces to the world ask yourself if what you've chosen is the best representation of what you have to offer, and soak in these expert tips from illustrators Donald Wu, Neil Swaab, and Chris Oatley:

1. Pick Only Your Best Work

According to children's illustrator, Donald Wu, a “portfolio is only as good as its weakest piece.” Nothing in your portfolio should be less than good. Otherwise clients will question your ability to deliver at the level they expect and that could cost you future work. Start your portfolio with a strong piece, and end it with a strong piece to leave a lasting impression.

2. Less is Better than Mediocre

Aim for ten to fifteen pieces to display—twenty at the most, but only if the work is good enough. “It’s better to only have five incredible pieces, than five incredible pieces and ten mediocre ones,” says art director, illustrator, and instructor Neil Swaab. Focus on quality over quantity, and take the time to create new pieces instead of using sub-par work as filler.

3. Show Professionalism

Showcase your work with care, whether that be in a nicely bound portfolio or a well-designed website. Also important—let your professionalism spread beyond your portfolio into your communications with prospective clients. Disney character designer Christ Oatley shares the industry's number one portfolio pitfall: unprofessional communication. “The animation industry is based on relationships. If we begin every potential relationship with an untidy, misspelled, poorly written, slang-laden communication, the relationship will last about as long as it takes the receiver to click “DELETE.”

4. Show Consistency

There's something to be said of an artist who can successfully execute several different styles, but in a portfolio setting show only the type of work you want to be doing. Hate doing environmental concept art? Weed it out. Not only will your work be more consistent, your style will be too. “An art director wants to know that, when they hire you for a job, they’re going to get exactly what they expect,” Swaab says. “If your work is all over the map, you’ll make the back of their neck hairs stand on end.”

5. Be Relevant

And finally, be mindful of whether or not your work matches the needs of recruiters and contacts. “If you are applying to work as a character designer but your portfolio is filled with logos you did for your grandma’s punk band, you will just waste the time of those generous enough to review your work,” Oatley says. Be sure you have examples of the type of work they need before you present yourself.

So get out those pruning shears and go to work to make your portfolio one stellar experience your clients won't forget. Time to do a bit of weeding myself.


Like me on facebook and follow me on twitter for the most up-to-date news and art tips.…

Sources:  5 Common Pitfalls Of Concept Art & Illustration Portfolios | Content and Your Illustration Portfolio | How to Build an Illustration Portfolio

EDIT: Please link the entries in the comments, and please tag our icons in the picture!
Yee. A contest. 


One Night at Flumpty's.

Just draw something relating to ONaF. Normal stuff, shipping, fluff, gore, whatever. Just draw it. Funny stuff is allowed. Always.

Don't know what ONaF is? Look it up!


-No pictures made from character makers
-No photographs of pictures (It makes it hard to judge since we can't see the picture quality)
-"Don't be a loser" ~Deer, 2015
-*Edit: No stories, they're hard to judge!
-**Edit 2: No pre-existing images. (Images UPLOADED before the contest journal. It's unfair!)



First Place: 1 Month Premium Membership (Given by :iconkoili:)
"I'll draw you something" (Given by :iconradical-hat:)
A full-scale picture (Given by :iconchillaid:)

Second Place: 50 points (Given by :iconkoili:)
A sketch (Given by :iconradical-hat:)
A sketch (Given by :iconchillaid:)

Third Place: 25 points (Given by :iconkoili:)


:iconkoili: (Favorite character: Flumpty)

:iconchillaid: (Favorite character: Birthday Boy Blam)

:iconradical-hat: (Favorite character: Birthday Boy Blam)


June 11th, 2015

Be free!
People keep on asking me why I find The Nutshack more tolerable than Mega Babies, Mr. Pickles, and Adult Party Cartoon. Compared to any of those three shows, it's highly incompetent, badly animated, and barely put together. The reason I find The Nutshack "better" than any of those three other shows is because it's highly incompetent, badly animated, and barely put together. I know that's... weird. And I'll try to explain myself. Effort or intentions or even skill don't necessarily translate to your overall quality. You could be the best artist in the world, but if your intentions are purely to piss people off then... well, you're going to be better at pissing people off than the worst artist in the world. For this exercise, I'll also bring up the fifth worst cartoon, Problem Solverz.

First of all, I'm not saying The Nutshack is good. I'm saying that it's one of the worst shows I've ever seen. One of the worst mainstream cartoons of all time. And at this point, yes, it's most likely going to remain in the top 10 as I continue to watch more and more terrible animation.

Let me try to explain it like this. A teacher is handed in two tests. One of them is given to her by a student, and he left it almost entirely blank and just wrote his name on it. He handed the test in almost immediately. The other student spent nearly the entire hour working on the test. When the teacher was given the test, every question  was answered with "FUCK YOU." Both tests obviously receive a zero, but most people would consider the Fuck You test to be the worst of the two. This is despite the fact that more effort was put into the Fuck You test.

Mega Babies, Mr. Pickles, and Adult Party Cartoon are the Fuck You Test to The Nutshack's blank test. Breadwinners is the Fuck You Test to Allen Gregory's blank test. Putting Your Hoof Down is the Fuck You Test to Rainbow Falls' blank test. I have used this standard since the beginning, and it's the standard I will continually use. I will always take the Fuck You test more seriously than the blank test.

Every creative work has an intention behind it. It may be to tell a unique and interesting story, or it may be to rip-off success. The Nutshack's intention was to tell its own story... which it did badly. Mega Babies' intention was to steal Ren & Stimpy's success, APC wanted to steal South Park's success, and Mr. Pickles wanted to steal Brickleberry's. And they each put A LOT of effort into trying to be a fucking thief. The Nutshack put no effort into trying to be a thief. The Nutshack had a very pitiful understanding of adult cartoons, while APC had a WRONG understanding of adult cartoons.

And there's another thing: two people's incompetencies tend to look different. Both The Nutshack and Mr. Pickles had very incompetent art designs. Mr. Pickles just landed further in the uncanny valley. The uncanny valley kind of explains this paradox. You work on a robot, making it look more and more human and act more and more human, but at a certain point you will revile people with your almost-human creation. It's technically better than when you started but people liked what you started with better. Put it another way, Where the Dead Go to Die would be INFINITELY worse if it had the direction, voice acting, and artistry of Pixar.

For something to stay in the highest reaches of my bad graces, it can't just be incompetent. It needs to attempt and succeed to do something horrible, and it's very hard for something to do it when the thing in question doesn't even try. At all. And yes, at a certain point, the determination to do nothing can become its own Fuck You (see Newborn Cuties), and that's kind of where the Nutshack is. That's why its worse than Problem Solverz, which was pure incompetence. Yes, they have flashing epileptic lights everywhere, but I don't think they were actively trying to give anyone a seizure (or myopia).

I will always hate a beautiful animation of a dog being brutally massacred more than I'd hate the same scenario looking like it came out of 12 oz. Mouse, despite the former taking more time and effort and skill to do. And that's specifically because the former took more time and effort and skill to do. You invested more time on a stupid or heinous idea; you constantly worked on it, thinking nothing was wrong with what you were doing; and you wasted artistic skill that could be used on something better.
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400 Point Giveaway c:

Journal Entry: Thu May 28, 2015, 9:58 AM

Ok so ive just hit 250 watchers and to show you guys how much you mean to me and how much i appreciate all the favs and comments i'm gonna do a lil give away! c:
All you have to do to enter is....

1: You have to be a watcher of mine
2:Comment and Fave this journal c:

and thats it! xD 

IMPORTANT: do not watch me just to join this competition, only watch me if you like my art. This is not a ploy to get watchers i just wanna give something back to you guys c:
Winner will be picked at random blah blah blah

Also im gonna bring back fan of the week starting next week, except this time ill be giving out points instead of art, so if you wanna win that just comment and fav stuff and show support to my page c:
(also working on stuff sh art soon ily) <3

St. Paul's Insane Asylum (CP)

Journal Entry: Thu May 28, 2015, 8:49 AM
In the starts of the 1900s a man by the name Dr. John Fleischer decided he wanted to run an asylum. Not too long after he managed to find and become head doctor/director of St. Paul's somewhere in the semi germanic planes of Europe. Consumed by his desires to tend to the hundreds of patients he sought out a way to keep his asylum forever in standing. 

He came across a twisted creature that laid a curse on the asylum grounds trapping everyone and turning them into soulless zombies. Dr. John was entitled to hosting all of the souls of the asylum whilist he torments the patients and staff. He has no respect or regard for anyone or their saftey. He is only concerned on tormenting them for his own enjoyment. 

After 18 years into the curse time stopped for the asylum and they were trapped frozen until a curious runaway teen found herself in the compounds. Her living presence made the asylum's time begin again and the Doctor was able to continue his torture as long as living outsiders were imprisoned. 

He is the only one that can freely exit the asylums premises and return on will, so he had managed to kidnap various people to keep in St. Paul's. An example of who he kidnapped would have to be one of my favorite set of twins: Happy and Logic. 

Here are some images of the doctor, his mutilated nurses, patients, and receptions to give ideas if anyone ever wants to delve into oc making for the sake of entertainment.

CP Asylum: Dr. John by Chibi-Works

CP Asylum: The Nurses by Chibi-Works

CP Asylum: Nurse Attire by Chibi-Works

CP Asylum: Medical Receptionists by Chibi-Works

CP Asylum: patients by Chibi-Works

Any questions, feel free to ask.

The beauty of being an Artist~

Thu May 28, 2015, 9:58 AM
Is to wake up every morning with a happy bubbly feeling in your belly.
To dance down the stairs and have a wonderful breakfast with your loved ones.
To sit down among your materials and tools and let creativity flow into your fingers and then let the magic happen!
To spread wonder and beauty to the world and all human kind!
To be an artist is truly the best life, the most wonderful experience, it is joy and laughter, it is a blessing, it is- *Cough, cough, cough, COUGH** Okay lets take that from the start~

The beauty of being an Artist~

Is to wake up every morning with a bubbly feeling of pure panic in your belly because you overslept after sitting awake almost all night long, fighting with finishing your latest project that didnt even get half done.
To zombie saunter down the stairs and eat something you cant even taste cause you have so many thought storming through your brain of just everything that you NEEDED to do yesterday, or rather a week ago. And eating really, do you even have anything in your fridge?
To realize your loved ones is a pair of gloomy looking cats (cause lets face it, no one else can stand being around you and your artistic behaviour).  
To sit down.... to TRY to sit down among your materials in that cramped workspace of yours that rather look like a spot where someone forgot a piece of the second world war, a reeking spot of the WW2...
To then search for your art tools for at least an hour cause its pure chaos everywhere. Finally when you have everything you need its time to let the creativity flow into your fingers and- and.... aaaand........ ART BLOCK GUUUAAAAAAAH!!!!
*5 hours later*
To force yourself to create although you right now loath it more than you loath your poor, lonely artistic life. To let the magic happen. SOMEONE PLEASE, LET THE FRIGGIN MAGIC HAPPEN!!!!!!!
*3 hours later*
To have made something that look worse than that your 2 loved ones (the cats) cough up over your floor (the part of the floor that actually isnt occupied with art materials, like.... maybe 5 inches althogheter in your whole house/flat).
To spread wonder and beauty to the world and all human kind~ and then have said human kind steal or copy that art and make own profit of. And seriously beauty to the world? Rather to have all your family and friends, and society and the employment service people, and the dentist and the dentists dog look down upon you for being a good for nothing dreamer who doesnt take life serious and isnt growing up although everyone else does it and YOU should too!!! *deep inhale* 
To be an artist is truly the best way to give yourself a hard as hell life, to always fight with being poor, to have no friends (and if you have you never have time to see them anyway. Wooops did you just turn 50? Where did the years go? And were did those 2 cats go....).
To be stressed constantly about art deadlines, to struggle agains artblocks, to doubt your abilities, to not getting anyone to either see nor buy your art. And when you finally have made something you are happy with- to upload it to your art site and realize 2 minutes later that another artist already made something sooooooooooooooooooooo much better than you. Ha.
To be an artist is an experience alright, more like a rollercoaster with a LOT of those downs and falls and screams of horror, of being upside down with no controll whatsoever, and no one finishing the rails cause they took a coffee break instead and you dont really do anything important for society so your dead body wont be that missed anyway, plus there wont be any family to suffer from it (do you even have someone that know you exist? Now were DID those cats go!?).
Being and artist is hysterical laughter and crying, millions of sleepless nights, of expenses that make you faint - cause darling you have a passion, you CANT live without it, and this the market knows, and what make them skin you alive, "we know you need this primer for your art, and you are in luck! Its on sale for $1000! Ka-ching!"
To be an artist is a blessing (lets not go into from whom).
And IF you by any chanse now start to wonder if this road of proffession is truly the right for you... To bad so sad, being an artist is not something you choose, it is something you MUST. It is in every fiber of your body, in your soul, it is as important as breathing and you WILL go nuts if you wont be able to do it. Try a normal job and you soon realize you are about to rip your hair off(if you still got any left) in pure frustration and agony. There is no way out form being an artist! Moahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

The beauty of being an Artist~

Is that EVEN if you live through hell, even if your beloved cats and only friends scratch on your almost finsihed commission, even if you are dirt poor, even if you drown in your materials and never can keep the house clean, even if you barely have free time, even if no one around you support you its STILL the best off things, the work you look forward to, that doesnt even feel like work at times. And when it actually flows and you complete something you are happy with, its the most wonderful feeling and joy like no else.
The beauty of being an artist is to be free in your creativity, to be free to express yourself exactly how you like. To be an artist is to be you, and you wouldnt wanna change it for anything in this entire world. Cause it really is magical, and you are lucky to be able to do it. :heart: :heart: :heart:
And you get to have cats! 8D   But dont get any ideas, it still really is crap a lot of times. XD XP )

They recently drove someone to fucking commit suicide.
The guy apparently survived and he's in the hospital rebornica-is-hella-problematic… but this is still fucked up.

Rebornica's fans gave him DEATH THREATS. rebornica-is-hella-problematic…
this person said "If you commit suicide, you deserve it." and told them to die.
this person is a fucking hypocrite because they said don't drive Rebornica to suicide, but then they tell the other person "I hope you die"

Yeah this is the kinda bullshit that plagues the FNAF fandom.
It's not the rule 34 that makes it shitty, oh no, it's the fucking cringey little 12 year olds that send death threats and hate towards people for no reason that makes it shitty.

This Zachary person NEARLY DIED.
And all you care about is white knighting Rebornica.
All you care about is your fucking """pwecious widdle Purple Guy""" awwwww ^_^
which news flash, isn't even Rebornica's character. It's SCOTT CAWTHON'S character.
All you care about is fucking FNAF and rambling about your shitty sexual fantasies with Foxy.

I mean shit, I'm not even sure you REALLY care about Rebornica, since 90% of you misgender them and call them by she/her pronouns instead of they/them.

I don't hate Rebornica though. I feel really sorry for them and how they have to deal with this bullshit.
But I sure as hell hate their rabid fans.

Also this

:new: since weve hit 50 I decided to increase the winners up to 3!


Hello! Im sorry I havent been active lately Ive been busy @_@
As for the requests Ive opened before, I am actually still doing them during my free time! I am not doing them as a chore btw, but more of something enjoyable *_*/
Please let me know if you prefer them not to be posted in public! And especially icons because I cant put watermark on them ;v;


Icon raffle!

As my thanks for you guys and for your support!!

:new: 3 people can win a sitting icon of their own character (pick your base)

bbs by Lejinn


3333 by Lejinn

2222 by Lejinn

1111 by Lejinn

To join: 
Comment below your favorite food then Ill give you a number

Ends in 24 hours!
Winners will be decided on 


LS: I have but I didn't pay any attention to them.

T-Chi: I've been in there, but I haven't seen anything. They only happen when he's gone.




???: *Laughs*





LS: Didn't I tell you not to go in there?

Chica: N--yes.

Foxy: Guys, somethin' doesn't feel right..

LG: Why is it coming from your room, MM?

MM: I don't know, I just started hearing it again.

Mangle: *Signs* "Again?"

MM: Y-yea, I heard it a while ago. It interferes with my circuits, whatever it is.

Dipper: Mind if I go see what it is, boss?

LG: I'll go with you, but yea, we should get it checked out.