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SO, I manged to get off my lazy ass and get some work done around here! :omgomgomg: by a-kid-at-heart Well, not really since I have to be seated on my lazy ass to do the work around here, but yeah, you know what I mean. :dummy:

I've been thinking :o (Eek)  about things and sometimes my vampireness gets the best of me and I just randomly bite people.  Is there something wrong with that? That's normal, right? .....Right??? OMG  (I'm joking, of course. I don't bite people....well...not on a daily basis anyway...  ;) )

As I talked about in my previous journal Super Bowl weekend is upon us.  I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to shake my pom poms one final time for the football season.  Shake it like you mean it! :iconcheerplz: I always take this time to invite myself over and throw a party at someone's home without even really asking.  I just tell them when it's gonna happen.  So, you never know when I might show up at your doorstep and invite myself in and announce that I'm having a party.  I promise you that you won't be disappointed. ;) :party: Cooking Dance - 13 NaNoEmo #17 by Mirz123

Aaannnnd, then we come to the big day next weekend. Yep, Valentine's Day. Roll Eyes .... oh, wait, I'm sorry... Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Coolla in love by orenji--chanHeart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool....Uh..yeah...Roll Eyes  Now, don't get me wrong, I like romance, hearts, flowers and candy just as much as any girl, but the whole thing is really just a crock of Poo.  Just remember, folks, the romance and gifts should happen ALL year around and not just on one day.  Even though I feel this way if you miss Valentine's Day with me be prepared to die.  I'm a woman and you don't forget things like this...even if they are stupid. :lol:  Anyhoo, I'm doing what I did last year and hosting a little get-together with some family and friends...all ladies except for a 9 year-old boy. He's going to keep us ladies in line. haha. I'll decorate my place up all festive and Valentine-like, and then probably want to kill something afterwards, but don't worry I'll manage to be okay. :| (Blank Stare)   Then I'm cooking Italian for the meal....because that's amore, you know. ;)  Should be a good time and sure as hell beats sitting on the sofa bawling into a carton of Häagen-Dazs. Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah!  I might post photos of what I did at some point. We'll see. :la:

Question of the week:  (I'm reusing something I posted earlier this week on a status update, because I'm not very inventive tonight) True or False? The following are REAL towns in Pennsylvania:  Beaver, Big Beaver, Bird-in-Hand, Desire, Experiment, New Beaver, Paradise, Peach Bottom, Slate Lick, Slippery Rock, Balltown, Blue Ball, Intercourse, Virginville, Climax

On to the feature! Have a great weekend and week everyone!!! :hug: :heart:

The Last Stand by charmedy The Forehand Clear by MARX77 Kiss! by feanutri Ready for Sail by raysheaf Winter Souls by Zindy Wood walker by zardo Hades by MarcoHerrera Loving the anticipation by LordLJCornellPhotos Night Flower by Joe-Maccer Young Girls In Old Town by Rikitza If you look, you will see by MoonZaphire Point of View by tsukiko-kiyomidzu A clear day by STelari Moonflower by VeilaKs Ollie's Secret: My Friends Can Touch The Moon by adoreluna Christelle a Paris by duytter Langurous by Queen-Kitty ...hallstatt XV... by roblfc1892 Shadows With No Soul 2 by Bibire Night's Read (JG161) by jesseboy000 Alien Eggs by SheilaBrinson winter scarf by jeanbeanxoxo Geisha by annewipf Beatrice by EmilySoto Portrait of a Vampiress by mshellee no no no by EintoeRn Forbidden by vampirekingdom Red Riding Hood by JannaFairyArt Best Model Ever by BrettAZimmerman Banud by MachiavelliCro frontyard by O-Gosh Red humming birds by ElenaDudina I think I hurt my knee by ZiaulKareem The Sentence by BrookeGillette The Keys to Me by vacuumslayer Le Chaperon Rouge by VeroniqueThomas Open seating by noir Cassiea by Selenada The Far Pavilions by DriPoint Winter Stream by Pajunen Barefoot and Lace by DDGrafix Iceland - Navy Plane Wreck by LinsenSchuss Never too late to dream by GeneRazART As the World Awakens by Emerald-Depths Lost in space by igreeny Sweet moments by CindysArt We Will Fix This! by Black-B-o-x Peacock Portrait -IV by InayatShah Winter scene by Notvitruvian Down In It by lucid-light Crosses by xKimJoanne C. by Alyz Happiness in simplicity by touchofthesoul Blink by haifischfutter Hurt No More by nakedcrayon23 Morticia A. Addams by Alena-Koshkar Feel it by EstherPuche-Art Exegesis by Carlos-Quevedo Will there be enough water by NinaSever Italia by Malleni-Art 'Majestic Moment' by KellySeale Postcard of Tokyo 22 by JACAC 'STRAYA by thespook NeedNeed
blood lust abounding
need so very strong
feel my nearness
turn your lovely head
expose your throat
allow me my feed
enjoyment fulfilled
give unto me all
that you are and
all that you could be
for my need is strong
and your blood sweet
Winter Paws by TammyPhotography Saturnine Vigil by MarcelaBolivar Embrace. by OliviaMichalski Thinking Time by EarthHart Consistent stripes by hosagu Barbara Palvin by Duh22 Legacy II by Aurelia-Isabella The Thing... by Nikulina-Helena The Dark Garden by MarcoHerrera Music Was My First Love by Liek Chinatown 2 by Metal-Bender -- All You Need Is Love -- by AshleyxBrooke Watching by RavienneArt Fix Me by DestinyBlue fly away by Lolita-Artz

What I’m listening to right now…  more like what I'm singing right now at the top of my lungs.  If only you all could hear me. :lol:

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Valentines Raffle

Sat Feb 6, 2016, 5:47 AM
So let's be quick, this is my second raffle/giveaway but this time it is for the upcoming
Valentines Day!! :)

The Prizes:

  1. For the First Place:
  2. 500 Points

For the Second Place:
200 Points

For the Third Place:
140 Points

A total of 840 Points

How to Join?
Favourite this Journal. 
Make a Journal about this Giveaway and link it back in the Comments Section. 
+Watch Me (New Watcher are Welcome). 
Comment what you did you'll get a number. All of those will give you 1 Entry..

Want more Entries?
Join my new Group (GFXCommunityonDA). [+1 Entry]
Donate points to me (For more Prizes). 
[5 Points = +1 Entry]
[10-20 Points = +2 Entries]
[If the points were bigger than the ones listed here, I will gonna give 
the entries depending how big your donation is.]
Maximum Amount of Entries you can Earn: 10

No Cheating.
Don't Spam.
The Maximum Amount of Comment you can put is only 2.
The Journal you made must be new.
Your account needs to be at least 2 month old, because some of 
them are using two accounts.
If you have already done the entries you want, you cannot add another entry.
Don't unwatch me when the giveaway ended.

How will the Winners be selected?

I will use and I will not put how many entries you have in the comment sections because I'm very busy so I'll just write it here in my paper..

♥♥♥ G O O D L U C K   A N D   H A P P Y   V A L E N T I N E S   D A Y! ♥♥♥

Skin by SimplySilent
 Năm mới rồi, phải có cái gì đó để share cho m.n nhỉ?  
II. PSD, PSD clr: 
  1.   2.  
  3.   4.
  5.   6.
Lick chung:
Lick zing me:…
 ##Stock 1 phần trong các shop: 2BM, Bee KL and...mấy big share khác :D
Since 2016 fox season will start soon - our friend's females are going into heat right now - I decided to put up info here since many people asked me about our foxes.

Puppies will be available in four colors: Silver, Smokey Red, White (with blue eyes) and Marble (which is white with light grey patterns, with either two blue eyes or one blue and one brown eye).

Price depending on the color:
Silver 1800 EURO (Photo example: Silver
Smokey Red 2000 EURO (Photo example: Smokey Red)
Marble 2000 EURO (Photo example: Marble)
White 2500 EURO (Photo example: White)
+ shipping

Puppies will be available in May/June 2016.
Shipping is possible all around Europe! Or you can come to Poland and pick a pup personally!
As for those who live not in Europe, if you do a research and find a way for me to ship you a pup, it will be possible as well.

Pups will be ready to leave our home at 8 weeks of age. They will be vaccinated and dewormed twice and have their own health book. They will be fully used and friendly to dogs and cats. They love other animals!
Along with a pup will come a small guide-book written by me, involving all tips and informations about raising your baby and if you wish, I can add a small album with your baby's photos, growing from an infant to 8 weeks old :)
Pups are fully tamed and hand-raised since two weeks of age.
They're raised on a bottle, fed with high-quality milk for dog puppies and tamed which is a very time-taking process 24/7.
I'll be raising the pups personally by hand, just so you know and can be sure they will be tamed good ;)

My fox photo gallery:…

More pictures at

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:iconiamtheredsoldier: I LIKE CHUU!!!
Just found this and now I'm curious about how accurate this is on you guys. Because I'm Aries and simply reading what mine said already turned me on, lmao. It's 100% accurate for me, all the others are not. I told a Leo friend about hers, and it seemed 100% accurate for her too. She was giggling in amusement the whole time.

OTA, Unicorn bab

Sat Feb 6, 2016, 8:20 AM
hello all, I have a new OTA for you all.

I've had her for some time but I've not felt a real need to draw her etc so I am going to offer her up!
So she comes with 4 pieces of art by myself, Cynical-Pancake , thesmallroomart and the original creator! 

Mimi by A-Psycho-BananaUnicorn By Thesmallroomart by A-Psycho-BananaUnicorn by A-Psycho-BananaBy Cynical-Pancake by A-Psycho-Banana

What I'm more likely to chose:
Other characters to trade
Closed species

I don't use points, so I'm not very likely to pick if that's what you offer. Sorry!
Please don't offer if you're not 100% sure about it.

look at my unfinished fursuit head . . .

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 6, 2016, 1:31 AM
Student Digital Artist

CSS Skin

Heybuddy by cosmic-kings
underneath the eyes, ears/inner ears, neckpeice, nose, and nose speckles still need to be finished omg. also needs more shave work on the face

BUT . ...


☆Commissions OPEN

black heart bullet Raffle ends February 13th at 10.00 PM black heart bullet 

Time zone: EET, UTC/GMT +2.00 hours

To participate in this raffle, all you have to do is FAVE THIS JOURNAL.
Nothing else, though watches, faves and advertising is always appreciated (:


  • One chibi couples sketch.
  • LOCKED (9/20): Prize upgrades to a line art picture.
  • LOCKED (9/40): Prize upgrades to a coloured picture.


  • Only OCs (they can be yours or someone else's).
  • They don't necessarily need to be a couple, they can also be a pair of friends.
  • It would be nice, if the characters had pictures of them and not only a (vague) description. 
I will try my best to get the picture done by Valentines Day, so it is important that the winner of this raffle will send references of the characters as soon as possible.
To make things faster, you can comment below with links to the two characters you want drawn, so I wouldn't have to go asking for references (:

Check these out:
Set price OPEN (2/2): Zebras (USD/PTS) by weirdosaurus-adopts OPEN Auction (2/2): Herbazoi 01-02 (USD/PTS) by weirdosaurus-adopts 
Sculpture by PotatosaurusRex Gift: Pose for me, baby by PotatosaurusRex Miss Russian Blue by PotatosaurusRex 

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Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes and Fanart from all of you!

:icontechtalkpony: :iconyolo-rainbowdash: :iconcoldsnapkhiller: :iconrarisweti: :iconmt-artwork: :iconartbyponypony: :icondtcbrony: :iconspeedchaser64::iconwhoovespon3: :icondaromius: :iconaleksabg: :iconnaitaidaifoxxoll: :icontailor-stitch::iconfzone96: :iconkknkbaker::iconcloudzapper8: :iconjadietherandompony: :icontrombone2015: :iconkitana762: :iconneronemesis1: :iconfuyonaemonilla: :iconzacatron94: :icontsand106: :iconpexxastar: :iconlimedreaming:
:icondsiim: :iconperemarquette1225: and :iconestories:

Made by :iconjadietherandompony:

And a happy Birthday to you too Jadie :3

She has Birthday on 5th February too, so go wish her a happy (late) Birthday too!
Happy Birthday Peternators! by JadieTheRandomPony

made by :iconcoldsnapkhiller::
Happy Birthday Peternator! by ColdSnapKhiller

Made by :iconperemarquette1225: :
Heroic Armor Vector #1 by PereMarquette1225

Thank You for Reading and stay Awesome!