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[PICS ADDED] Please read. ): Animal in need!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 12:01 PM
Wannyan's Journal ☆


Sam 2017 By Geinkotsu-d8452md by WanNyan Sam 2027 By Geinkotsu-d8452la by WanNyan Sam 2028 By Geinkotsu-d8452l2 by WanNyan

There is a cat really in need right now that has been very badly cared for. I honestly don't even want to go into detail.. not that I know too much but the poor thing has been mistreated, not fed well or cleaned. Geinkotsu is doing the best she can to help the animal right now and has taken the cat from its owner, which is sadly her sister. ):
She kept him locked in her room and uh, shaved part of him because of shedding? But like all cats do that? Idk man, this girl.

I'm going to try and get a picture up asap, Gein is going to try and clean the cat up first.

He's 4 years old, Turkish Angora and Domestic Longhair mix and neutered. Also has had vaccination shots within the year

We're really trying to find a new home for this baby to get him away from gein's sis so he will be safe.
Please please, if you are willing to take in this baby and you live in Arizona, she lives in Phoenix, please contact us. ):

If you would like to know any further information just contact Geinkotsu or you can ask me and I'll ask her.



Commissions ☆

I see the trailer from Five nights at Freddy's 2 and i'm really shocked about this. The old animatronics are broken and be replaced by new ones. The new animatronics are ALL GIRLs!!!! wtf.......

FNAF 2 Screenshots by Cucumba1
But i have a theory.......
Look on the map. It's a different map as from the first fnaf game. I think this is other pizzaria.It's bigger and has more places.
Sooooo now we look to the broken animatronics.....
You think really these animatronics.....

No sleep for you by TheRealROACH3467

Screenshot 8 by TheRealROACH3467
Screenshot 6 by TheRealROACH3467

Foxy Attacking (FNAF2) by FreddyTheFazbear

......are this ones?

Oh hi there Chica (FNAF screenshot) by DebuNeko98
FNaF by ModVivian
Rare Screenshot Bonnie Jumpscare by francoer
quick little screenshot edit by piepiepinkype
Come on. These are not the animtronics from the first game!
Nobody can kill a animatronic.....
And the broken animatronics looks older and different......
The story begins with the pizzaria(fanf2) and the 1st generation of the animatronics play normaly in the pizzaria.....the children were scared of the animatronics, because they looks scary and the pizzaria needed to be closed......than started the story of Five nights at Freddy's in a smaller pizzaria with the 2nd genaration of the animatronics, the animatronics we all respect and love.
The pizzaria from fnaf2
celebrates a grand reopening with new animatronics, the 3rd genaration. The 1st genaration hide in the big pizzaria and comes only out, when it's night.......
We have not only 8 animatronics.....we have 12!!!
We have two pizzarias and 12 animatronics from 3 different genarations......

And everyone of this need your love! Don't hate them, love them!

Please share it to your friends and all do you know.

The animatronics need your help!!!

While I no longer take commissions, and never plan to again, I often get asked what to expect for my pieces when they go up for sale in my Etsy shop:…. Prices are based on amount of time spent as well as supply and demand. Each of sculptures are completely hand sculpted without the use of any molds, and tediously crafted to be as smooth and perfectly symmetrical as possible. I have spent several years perfecting my craft, and I feel that shows in each little critter I make. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my sculptures, so you can be guaranteed only the best craftsmanship and highest quality.

I try to offer a wide range of items in each sale, to give everyone an equal chance no matter their current financial situation.

Scrap Dragons: $35-40 

Simple and sweet, these are my most budget friendly option, and I try to make a batch every month or two. 
Sometimes I make them with babies, and that can nearly double the price, as I have to make a tinier, but just
as detailed baby. You basically pay for two scrap dragons that way. 
I also occasionally make micro dice dragons, but they are the same amount of work only smaller
(which can actually be more difficult)
*Scrap Dragons are called as such because after my bigger projects I have lots of small scraps of clay left. 
If they aren't big enough for another regular dragon, I use them to make these smaller guys!*

Scrap Dragons June 8th by DragonsAndBeastiesMicro Dice Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties  Mama Scrap Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties

Small Dragons: $50-70

Similar in size and design to the scrap dragons, but with more details. Wings, painted eyes, spikes or simple manes, and sometimes plating.
Some props may add a bit to price. 
Sculptober: Baby by DragonsAndBeastiesPerched Baby Dice Dragon by DragonsAndBeastiesBaby Orientals 1 by DragonsAndBeastiesBlue dragon with mouse pal by DragonsAndBeastiesBlue by DragonsAndBeastiesSculptober Day1: Happy by DragonsAndBeasties

Medium Dragons : $70- $120

Usually a step up in size with more detail, sometimes paint jobs, and more unique poses and props. 
Sleepy Blue Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Pink Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Black dragon with tiny mouse friend by DragonsAndBeasties Tangled Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties  
Sculptober: Curly by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Cozy by DragonsAndBeasties  Baby Butterfly Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties  Tiger-Striped Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties

Dice Dragons: $70- $140

These generally follow the same guidelines as the rest, but they have dice! They are almost always removable, unless the die is
being used for structural support. These are some of my most sought after dragons, as D&B is the original Dice Dragon creator
 Mini Dice Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties  Dice Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties Purple Striped Dice Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties
Baby Dice Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Dragon on D20 by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Geek by DragonsAndBeastiesPastel Rainbow Dice Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties

Deluxe: $150- $250+

Anything considered "deluxe" has taken at least 10 hours of work, though it is often much more than that. The magma dragon took over 40! I often lose track
of exact hours after the 10 hour mark. These are the sculpts I fuss over and make sure every little detail is exact. These are the ones that keep me
up well into the wee hours of the night, because they have to be perfect!
PLEASE NOTE: These are the sculpts that often go up for auction on Ebay, though a few make their way into my etsy sales. They can be quite pricey,
but I price them much less than what they'd go for on ebay, so if you can snag one you've gotten quite a bargain! 

 Leaf and Flower Dragon Couple by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober : Aquatic by DragonsAndBeasties  Purple Rainbow Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties  Dragarin and Scampi by DragonsAndBeasties
Angel Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Firey Mohawk Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties Magma Brothers - Auction by DragonsAndBeasties Oriental Rainbow Dragon by DragonsAndBeasties

Pairs /Couples / Wedding Toppers: $150 - $250+

Another of my most requested items is the dragon cake topper. I rarely make these, but a few will show up on Ebay from time to time. Other couples or pairs basically follow the guide above, times 2 (price per dragon) plus a bit extra if it is a tricky pose. Making two creatures interact successfully does take extra time. 
Fire and Water at Play by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Flower by DragonsAndBeasties  Play Fight by DragonsAndBeasties  Dice Dragon Couple - Blue and Purple by DragonsAndBeasties Pink and Coral Dragon Topper by DragonsAndBeasties Dragon Wedding Cake Topper by DragonsAndBeasties Lock and Key Dragon Topper by DragonsAndBeasties  Tokenekie by DragonsAndBeasties 

Ponies/ Gryphons: $35-$70

The simplest Scrap Ponies are the lowest, but the fluffy gryphons and flying pegasi go for more. 
Natural Ponies by DragonsAndBeasties Colorful Scrap Ponies by DragonsAndBeasties  Valentine Ponies 2014 by DragonsAndBeasties
Pastel Pegasus in Flight by DragonsAndBeasties  Frost Gryphon by DragonsAndBeasties  Mama and Baby Gryphon by DragonsAndBeasties

Hybrids Dragons: $80 - $150

Hybrids take a lot of planning, and often take longer than my regular dragons. They can range quite a bit, and the 
more complex ones usually go up on ebay. 

Sculptober: Bug by DragonsAndBeasties Dragon Rats by DragonsAndBeasties  Drakkensteed by DragonsAndBeasties  
Cat Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties Big Cat Dragons by DragonsAndBeasties

Rats: $20- $40

I don't make a lot of these little guys, but when I do they are pretty affordable. I can make them much faster than dragons!
No wings or spikes or any of that nonsense. Price can go up a bit depending on paint job /markings though.
 Ratty Magnets by DragonsAndBeasties Sculptober: Candy by DragonsAndBeasties Four little ratties by DragonsAndBeasties

Other: $40-$150+

I really tend to stick to dragons most of the time, but every once in a while I'll throw in a random beastie. These range from very simple to deluxe range! 
Otter by DragonsAndBeasties  Pink Bunny by DragonsAndBeasties  Mama and Baby Fox by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Supernatural by DragonsAndBeasties  Sculptober: Monster by DragonsAndBeasties   


Most items ship for roughly $3 or less within the United States.
International shipping can be as much as $15. Both of these rates are based on first class shipping fees.


I accept payment via Paypal or credit card through my Etsy shop. I do not accept checks or cash by mail. Ebay uses paypal as well.

My ETSY SHOP can be found here:… The shop is always empty because of high demand, but I always announce here on DA as well as on FB when I will be having sales. My Facebook is here:…

My Ebay is:…

PLEASE do not ask me to "make an exception" for a commission request.

I get several people a week asking me to make "just one exception" and I will just say no. I know it sucks that I'm not doing requests anymore, and I do feel for all of your situations and the people you want to gift things to for various reasons. But there is no fair way to choose who gets one and who does not. I hate saying no, but I cannot make exceptions. Thank you for understanding.

Please think before you post mean comments about the pricing. I have spent my entire life honing my artistic skills and over 4 years building my business from nothing. I work waaay harder than I ever did at any "real job" and make far less money. We are all artists here, or at least art appreciators, so please be kind. Don't we all hope to one day make our passion our career? Too many artists are put down for charging what their work is worth because people have this crazy idea that an artists should do this stuff for free because it is "fun". Art is fun, but it's also a ton of work. It takes a lot of diligent practice and training to be great at it, and that skill level is what is being paid for. At the end of the day, art is a luxury item, not a necessity. I love art and wish I could own more of it, but my disposable income doesn't allow for it, and that's fine. It's a want, not a need. I still appreciate it and whole-heartedly support the prices set by the artist. I don't hate them for being out of my price range. It just means I have to save up like everyone else to buy something pretty. :)

Halloween Feature 2014

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 2:18 AM
Lonely Jack by Cartercho

play with me,... by erool

The Witch by marcosnogueiracb

Halloween is Coming by BrennsArtAttic

Bewitched by MADmoiselleMeli

Nightmare Before Christmas by Lolita-Artz

Entre et tu nen ressortiras plus by Marjie79

Halloween dragon by Katarina-Zirine

The Pumpkin's Halloween ! by DARSHSASALOVE

Halloween Ready by dabstracts

Welcome by Maleficent by mrscats

Halloween Kitty by tinca2

Autumn Witch by JiaJenn31

Levitation by Potion-Master

Enchantress by Jcdow3

Behave! by Elsapret

Halloween am Hohentwiel by NellyGrace3103

Witch by VanessaPadua

Bewitched.... by Steel-Reflections

Halloween Night by Beautiful-Life15

The Darkest Halloween by wollibear

Halloween 3 by annemaria48

The Scarecrow by jhutter

Halloween Trouble by ChiantyVex

Halloween by La--Boheme

Tonight, I'm the hunter. by Neywa

Last-pumpkin by ArtbyValerie

Zauberhafte Hexen by Gambathy

Jack-o-lantern by Manon-M

Halloween by dudeckaya

Halloween 2014 - I by Walking-Tall

on the hunt by VelaniArt

Halloween Witch by Heavenia

The Witching Hour by marphilhearts

Lets Play,Dear...... by chaossmum

Lonely Soul by pranile

Happy Halloween (trick or treating) by CharllieeArts

Happy Halloween by vampirekingdom

Trick Or Treat by Sisterslaughter165

My own Halloween Work

Happy Halloween by SpellpearlArts

I wish you all a happy Halloween! :heart:

Kiriban 111.111

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 3:47 PM

Holaa :D

Vuelvo con un kiriban pero esta vez es del number 111.111 XD 
Las reglas son como la del anterior kiriban pero por si acaso las pongo de nuevo :v 

Las reglas son simples, le sacas un pantallaso cuando seas mi pv 111.111, luego lo subes en cualquier lado y me mandas una nota con el link de la imagen :3
No vale hacer trampa, como editar >:c

Las condiciones son:
- Tenerme de watch (obligatorio)
-Darle laik a este journal (obligatorio)
-Darme amor <3 (opcional XD)
-Comentar que van a participar
Hice un copia y pega, me dio flojera escribir todo XD

El premio esta vez es un dibujo como este:

Joy after the victory by Y0S0yMar
Medio cuerpo, sin fondo c:

Espero que participen y eso. Tengan en cuenta que si no ganan, siempre buscaré algún número que me llame la atención, como 123456(? XD jaja

Chaitoo :3

CSS and graphics by ImHappyWithYou and Y0S0yMar

Why can't bronies be widely accepted?

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 2:21 AM

Just sharing a post I made on Facebook here.

Sometimes I wish bronies were widely accepted. I mean, don't get me wrong, Frozen is a great movie but it was badly rushed in some parts, contains more of romantic love than its actual theme (family), and has a lot of plot holes (I know a short is coming, but from the looks of it, it won't eplain any of the answers I look for), but look at it. It's been almost one year and all the hype hasn't died down a single bit. I'm not saying it's perfect and it has no haters/dislikers, but look at its fandom, it's widely accepted.

Sure, when you hear "ponies" it might sound, as people often call it, "gay", girly, childish--BUT that's just a common misconception about the show. It talks about not only friendship, but also situations that you can relate to real life, like family concerns (sibling-to-sibling hate/love relationship); it has relateable and realistic main characters; it is usually well-paced and while it hasn't revealed a lot about its past/history, there are still seasons to be released and a movie as well (so I wouldn't call it 'plot holes' just yet); and it's not as girly as you think.

Tell me, do dragons, manticores, a demon that wants to take over the world (and has a super freaky transformation), three sirens who have been banished to the human world but still have powers and has a more freaky transformation, a villain who is the entity of chaos itself, a villain who was so close to retrieving his previously fulfilled monarchy, a villain who feeds on love and defeated even the most god-like character in the show, and a villain sent to literal hell but escaped and grew into a humungous centaur who feeds on strength, flying abilities and magical powers and who was close to achieving his goal again, sound THAT girly and childish to you?

I don't see why you shouldn't at least respect it, if not give it a chance. You could accept One Direction, Adevnture Time, Wreck-it-Ralph, why not just accept this as well?

And why bash the others who like it? Seriously, what is wrong with liking this glob damn show? Have YOU even TRIED to watch some of the newer, better episodes? The answer is most likely no, so why are you so bent on your unfair judgement that it's "gay"?

It isn't as bad as it sounds, people."

I can't understand

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2014, 5:33 AM
Please, if someone could explain me... How can someone who edit and trace his/her works be talented? They don't draw their works... I can't see talent there.
Don't get me wrong, I respect people who use bases as long as they credit properly and have permission from the original artist.
But, in my understanding, a talented person is that one who has a special abillity for drawing. DRAWING BY ONESELF.

It's my opinion, and I need to express what I think.

Hi everybody! How about a contest and an art raffle this holiday season ???

After several months of drawing pages and pages of my comic. I decided to make a contest and an art raffle as a tribute to the JJ's boys.

It's really satisfying to know that there are many people who know them and like them, and for that reason these competitions are an incentive for more people to draw them for fun and sharing their drawings, plus an exchange for good prizes! Which will be
represented in points (1st place 3.500. 2nd place 1.500 and 3rd place 1.000 points) and drawing prizes!


The main theme of this contest is to create a drawing that includes the characters from the JJ'BOYS trio: Hibiki / Benny; Shirou / Bully or Buddy and Shou / Bardo.

You can choose to draw only one of them or the whole team and it can be related to anything, as long as it is accurate to the characters, and it MUST BE age-appropriate and not too violent or mature.

:star:  DEADLINE: JANUARY 4th, 2015.

Start date: October 25th, 2014;
Deadline: JANUARY 4th, 2015.

:star: REFERENCES (Costumes and transformations):

Everyone knows the JJ'BOYS from both my comic and fanarts. They appear with a different set of clothes; from school uniforms, to casual outfits and two battle outfits

JJboys references by BiPinkBunny

You can choose any version for your drawing. Freedom of choice is something that encourages the creativity for all! But be careful: You have to be consistent with the characters and their individual styles!


You can use a crossover theme (such as including a different character from the PPGZ, or another series, or even your oc).
But you have to keep in mind that the JJ'BOYS should be the focus in the drawing.


:bulletyellow: COMIC FOLDER:…

:bulletblack: PPNKG:

CM: PPNKG Z by PrincessCallyie JJ-boys and Powerpunk girls design by BiPinkBunny


:bulletred: In order to join, you must make a journal entry to advertise the competitions and add the link of this journal entry in your new journal. Then, state that you are joining at the end of this journal.

 :bulletblue: Each contestant is allowed to present a maximum of three drawings in order to increase their chances of winning. However, only one of the three will be picked as the winner.

 :bulletgreen: Drawings must be presented as your own work.

 :bulletpurple: Be sure to write: "This is my entry for the :iconbipinkbunny: JJ's boys contest ..." in the artist comment of your drawing so that I know if it's in the contest or not.

 :bulletyellow: Please leave the link(s) of your drawing(s) entries in this journal.

:star: PRIZES

:bulletred: 1st place: 3500 :points:

:bulletgreen: 2nd place: 1500 :points:

:bulletblue: 3rd place: 1000 :points:

:bulletyellow: 4th place: you can choose between 3 comic frames made by me OR a three characters drawing; 

+ a full body drawing made by :iconenthriex:

:bulletpurple: 5th place: a chibi made by me + other chibi drawing made by :iconenthriex:

and two runner ups that will get a headshot each!!

EXCHANGE FOR MONEY: The prizes represented in points can be exchange for money IF the winner can create a commission widget to receive the corresponding value. In other words: 35$ for the first place. 15$ for the second place and 10$ for the third place.

:star: JUDGE:


:star: Who will be judging:

As the only judge, you have the mission to please me :)

I'll be judging not only the creativity of the drawing, but also how you draw the characters. If they are well represented and accurate to their respective styles.In other words, small details make the difference for me.



For the interested, this competition will be decided through "" based on your number of registration. Therefore, the drawings will not be judged and you'll have the opportunity of winning just by participating

:bulletyellow: To join the raffle, you simply need to enter the contest.
the result will be released the same day of the outcome of the contest!

:bulletyellow: RAFFLE PRIZE:

you can choose between:

:bulletgreen: a ppg/ppgz custom adopt character ;


:bulletorange: a character sheet made by me about your oc;


:bulletblack: a two characters drawing by me.

well that's all I can say, I hope to see many drawings and I wish good luck to all!

1:iconksswolf: 2:iconjanahit10: 3:iconjoelcanario: 4:iconpoweredbuttercup10: 5:iconhinako29: 6:iconanimeluvrforever: 7:iconkingofthedragons1:


  • Mood: Tense
Hey people! :D

Ever since the dA update, I've been getting far less views on my art. I used to upload new work and get at least SOME kind of page view spike or Watcher influx. Now, nada. It's basically as though I didn't upload anything at all. My stats are just the same as any other day. Anyone else experiencing that, too?

Is the new layout just not as kind to new uploads anymore? Because a lot of my views used to come from randoms prowling the Latest Deviation section and stuff like that. OR maybe people just stopped using dA altogether. Lots of people raged about the update. I wouldn't be surprised if users migrated to other sites.

And I mean, CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG HERE. Maybe my artwork just isn't as appealing as it used to be a month ago. I can live with that. At least then I know the reason for this.

If I'm right, and the update is what's causing this page view flat line, then it stands to reason that dA has now officially found a way to smother us smaller artists. There is no way for us to grow anymore, no way to expand our audience. And that's just balls-ass whack yo. I used to get 50-80 new Watchers every time I uploaded a pic.

Now that's just gone. :iconjontronsrslyplz:

Again, if I'm the one who's the problem, I'll be cool with it. B-) At least then I know whatever is affecting me isn't affecting you guys. :aww:

But do you guys think dA would pull this kind of "all in moderation" shtick? Maybe they're trying to get us all on a level playing field so that nobody gets big spikes anymore? Would you want that? :shrug: I'd really like to know what you guys think about this! :D

I Read HARPG Newsletter Stamp by shannor

:iconhorseart-rpg: The HorseArt-RPG Newsletter :iconhorseart-rpg:

The Source for Breeders of the Future

:bulletorange: October 2014 :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: A monthly newsletter for HaRPG artists, stable RPGs and the general equine world of deviantART :bulletorange:

:iconhorseart-rpg: :bulletorange: :iconharpg-newsletter:

Go back in time to see past articles!
Become a member of or devwatch HARPG-Newsletter for future articles!

HaRPG Creator, :iconmoonfeather:
Newsletter Creator, :icononetallday:
Newsletter Editor, :iconmissdudette:
Newsletter Team, :iconrosethornstables: :iconforget-me-not-fields: :iconnawaii: :iconoxpecker: :iconnewagestables: :iconrinakisaragi: :iconlava-java:

I Read HARPG Newsletter Stamp by shannor

:bulletorange: Table of Contents :bulletorange:

- Editor's Notes

- Featured Stallions

- A Stallion's Orbit by NewAgeStables

- Featured Mares

- A Mare's Orbit by oxpecker

- Featured Geldings

- A Gelding's Orbit

- Headlines

- Article

- Featured Breedings

- Featured Foals

- A Foal's Orbit

- New Groups

- Featured Equine Breeds

- Show Spotlight

- Interview

- The Horse Market

- Stable Spotlight

- Shopping Spree

- Winner’s Circle

- Thanks

:bulletorange: Editor's Notes :bulletorange:

Lots of great Hallow's Eve goodness this month!  Enjoy all the spooks and thrills and treats this Letter.  There be epic costumes everywhere, fabulous Orbits by the Newsletter team, a way cool article on Halloween in HaRPG and even some amazing spooky-themed saddles for sale in Shopping Spree.  Enjoy everyone!

Also say hello to :iconnewagestables:!  She's back on the Newsletter team and is helping making it awesome.  Woooo!
MissDudette of :icondrygulchranch:

:bulletorange: Featured Stallions :bulletorange:

Only our favorite lads!

Grand Champion's Cup of Sakura: Kur by Ghost-Of-GornSpark that lit the change | Backing / Training by Bubba2238*Uh oh by ShiaWolfe* The Fall by ElreniaGreenleafAoraki - Groundwork* by MuircatGo Do by lava-javaWS Cheenook by Tigra1988The Wind In My Wings by bovidaeloonyF-449 by s1088Pardon me, boy... by WesternSpiceYCS  | E-150 Smaug by Enharmoniasmoldering world by Denna94Path under the leaves - 1st Place by KartoffelpuehPayment for SilverBrooke-Stables by shots-firedLava Cake by KSN-Quality-StockOgniem i mieczem by ZoubstanceAnd Just Because by qannekkeAP Alejandro: WS Elite Dressage Event - Training by VyyxenFire It Up by codfishingSpinning In Place by SnowdenStablesBrother by lava-javaVinstra Stud Classic by JoybirdStrong Elegance by KittycatNitaSomeday is Today by SolinaBright.:Nazar:. by samuRAI-same.:Colors of Autumn:. by BlueMoonStables

:bulletorange: A Stallion's Orbit :bulletorange:

That special stud of the month.
Written by NewAgeStables

Windgate's Normandy 1163 by qannekke
It is not usual that a Nordanner catches my eye, but when one does, I am utterly and completely smitten, and in the past month the young stallion Windgate's Normandy 1163, owned by qannekke, has done just that. In part thanks to his owner's beautiful artistic style, and in part thanks to his unique chimera face, Normandy has already made several appearances in the HaRPG in a short amount of time, and gained popularity wherever he goes. From the Glow Run Show at TsonianFieldsRanch (still ongoing for those interested!), to the Bobwood Creek Color Extravaganza (Hosted by cheddarbug, also still ongoing), Normandy's face is gaining recognition, and I cannot wait to see where this elegant young jumper goes next!
Play The Field by qannekke Call It Magic by qannekke Days of Lang Syne by qannekke A Hundred Proof by qannekke Enough To Feel by qannekke

:bulletorange: Featured Mares :bulletorange:

Sugar, Spice and everything Nice.

Daydreamer by orengel-Hell Girl- by SWC-arpgKC - Day 4: Catching the Demon by LiddleCherry*Mishap - Idiocy by PhrogSpawn258*Before | Kiwi Reference by TigressDesign* 75 Black Iris Introduction by Raining-Tree-StablesUnstoppable Show: Driving Despair by AgentQStablesWS Ascona by Tigra1988Flying Lessons by PinkPonyFarts6671 Titania of Avalon by DemiWolfe-StablesCosira #1227 by Elandrialong time no see- .. err show by LittlehorseloverDethroned by SnowdenStablesInfinite Horizons by SnowdenStablesLack of a Rider by JullelinTaking Flight by AlbinoBadgerBCS Aleriya 876 by cheddarbugEnergize! by WesternSpiceWFF Cakewalk - Movie Cosplay Class - 1st! by daggerstale{Payment 2/2} Athena in Course Etiquette by slayingallhumansThe Fox by hillsveiwrider123WFF Cakewalk - Western Class - 1st! by daggerstaleGolden Shine by Moeso766 RRA's Sorietha by Vezria390 Moriarty by Echodus

:bulletorange: A Mare's Orbit :bulletorange:

Happenings of a lucky lady.
Written by oxpecker

Jozephina by olllga81
I’m sorry that we don’t usually feature Russian language HaRPG horses due to the language barrier, but I must bring your attention to a very special mare who will make it really worth your while to pull up Google Translate. olllga81 has many outstanding horses which all deserve to be featured, so it was very difficult to only choose one for this edition of the newsletter. I decided to share with you an example of her most unique creation, the Allavar Principe Equus breed (Allavar). A mixture of Andalusian, Friesian, Marwari, Arab and Akhal-Teke, the Allavar has a unique and striking posture, long legs and tall upright neck. The elegant smoke-coloured mare Jozephina is the first representative of this new breed. She has not been drawn for some time but you will find that she has a very well documented training and showing record if you choose to explore olllga81’s gallery. She has even been recreated in an incredible sculpture, see below. It is always commendable and heart-warming to see a HARPG horse so loved and illustrated so many times. Special care has been spent on Jozephina’s training and trust-building with her handlers. In temperament Jozephina is every bit as gracious as her appearance suggests. Loyalty is a characteristic of her breed, and she is extremely devoted to her owners, especially Meggy (Maggie) who has been Jozephina’s principle trainer. Due to good training and intelligence Jozephina can be ridden by Meggy with no bridle in the natural horsemanship technique. Courage and long legs make Jozephina primarily a cross-country horse, but she has also excelled in liberty and costume events with her stunning beauty, effortlessly taking two first place wins at these shows. But it is not for her competition record that I wanted to show you this mare. It is the uniqueness of her concept, and the attention to training and interaction with handlers that really makes this a stand-out horse in my mind. Overall this is a truly unforgettable mare with strong character and style.
Liberty by olllga81 Cravash by olllga81 Part 7 by olllga81 Part 2 by olllga81 Josephina1 by olllga81

:bulletorange: Featured Geldings :bulletorange:

For he is often the first to give us wings.

IPS Little Soft Toy by IvoryParkSpotlight Askeboda by AskebodaRaising Hell by HorsepointCCA Ashelm Liberty by EskimoDogsRuleBC Elder Scrolls by valachhimTear by CyrillicConsortium#009 Footloose by WesternSpiceArt Action bid #003 by FreedomOnCanvas

:bulletorange: A Gelding's Orbit :bulletorange:

A gelding's career and family history.
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:bulletorange: Headlines :bulletorange:

The going-ons of the HaRPG world.

How to Be Confident by SOLAR-CiTRUS SOLAR-CiTRUS has written a short but inspiring guide to cultivating a healthy attitude towards your own artwork. "Confidence plays a very very important role as an artist, it’s what helps us learn and grow ... Trust yourself and your abilities to make a change, and you can do anything!" A real must-read for anyone in need of a little confidence boost. Thanks to Helsinge for pointing this one out to the community. ~oxpecker

:iconhorseart-rpg: A change in position! War-Chant has taken over as Founder (or, more affectionately, Alpha Mare) for the HorseArt-RPG group since PinkPonyFarts has chosen to step down. Let's all wish her good luck and show our support; we're sure that she'll do great things with her new role!

HARPG Secret Santa 2014:santa: :holly: :santa: :holly: :santa: :holly: :santa: :holly: :santa: :holly: [Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause] [Holidays] [Santa Clause]
Welcome to the 2014 HARPG Secret Santa!
This art exchange is for HorseArt-RPG and any other horse stable art games on DA in which you draw your own horse characters (check with me if unsure). You will need an RP stable and horse reference sheets.
Foreign language (e.g. Deutsche, Russian, Polish) HARPGs are very welcome.
If you have problems translating any of the information on this page, please ask questions so that I can explain it in better words.
[Star!] Also please check out Equine-Secret-Santa for non-HARPG equine artists! [Star!]
A few words from the group Admin
Early season's greetings from oxpecker! I created this group back in 2011, then went on hiatus for a while. Now I'm back in the saddle again and I'm going to be running the SS this year. I want to shout a huge thank you to :devir
HARPG-SecretSanta 2014 is now accepting sign-ups! Don't miss out! :D

FeabittenTutorial by LucasBinx Awesome fleabitten coat drawing tutorial from LucasBinx.  This tutorial was created with traditional materials, but the technique is shown so that digital artists can use it for their fleabitten ponies.  Nice!

I support Klethrick_Stamp by Horseste Awesome support stamp for the Klethrick breed! :iconklethrick:

Have a storyline or roleplay you want featured here? Or maybe an epic idea for fellow players?  Or some juicy info on whatever?  Send us at HARPG-Newsletter a Note titled Headlines with the links to the art, stories or journals and we'll see about getting it up!

:bulletorange: Article :bulletorange:

:pumpkin: BOO! It's Halloween! :pumpkin:

Have your stable staff been spooked by any ghostly looking horses this month? We certainly have! But we also found some adorable outfits showcased by your horses for Halloween this year. Well done to all the stable staff who got dressed up as well. We hope they earned all the candy they deserve for these fantastic costumes (and shared some with their horses of course).

I Call it a Hoodle by MapleFilly Halloween Extravaganza! - Camael who seeks God by jassukassu I Got Spirited Away by SolinaBright Skeletonprincess by Mendokusee All Hallows by Scutterland :Happy Halloween: by Ebbarie An awesome Halloween by RinaKisaragi Grand Champion's Cup of Sakura: Kur by Ghost-Of-Gorn
Thanks to DovieCaba for suggesting this article.

:bulletorange: Featured Breedings :bulletorange:

Love is in the air!

Breeding - Vin x Hel by HorsepointBreeding | Fancy Stripes by EnharmoniaBreeding Princess of Amythists x Night Angel by CieloCadonoMaggese by RinaKisaragiBlue and Yellow by RinaKisaragiSnjorrir breeding pic by ANIMALGIRL1869Stars Collide by billygoatsgruffBetwixt the Stars by billygoatsgruffsilly snuggles by RinaKisaragiThis Is What Dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaams Are Made of by RoseThornStables.:Falling For You:. by BlueMoonStablesLove Meh by ShiaWolfeBlue-Eyed Beauties by SweetPeaFarms

:bulletorange: Featured Foals :bulletorange:

Long-legged balls of fuzziness.

Beeeeees by SkyeWilde-Stables.:BMS Victor's Isadora:. by BlueMoonStablesAnd When A Lily Blooms by TLAFan2True Love by Chalcodes9870 Renata by TheWolvenEstatesElectric Swing Your Face by SpytFyre-RanchWF's Lacuna by SWC-arpgSnjorrir Foal #332 by soulswitchBell as a foal by VezriaHalloween Nightmare by MishrannaCalee Dirayat by CyrillicConsortiumI've Got A Dream by StillRagingArlow and Swilt by TigressDesign

:bulletorange: A Foal's Orbit :bulletorange:

One fuzzy baby's future.
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:bulletorange: New Groups :bulletorange:

Groups rock, gals.
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Want to suggest a Group? Or see yours here?  Just make sure it's an unique Group, breed registries don't really go here.  Send a link through Note or comment to HARPG-Newsletter!

:bulletorange: Featured Equine Breeds :bulletorange:

Equine breeds; Humankind's unique spin on God's horse.

Coconino Cow Pony - Breedsheet by daggerstale :iconcoconinocowponies: If you need a new Western mount to spice up your stable, Coconino Cow Ponies are for you! These hardy little fellows from daggerstale are, as their name suggests, working cattle horses who make for excellent all-rounders. If English is more your thing, don't fret! They can do just as well in those disciplines. With an array of gorgeous colors and charming temperaments to match, what else could you possibly ask for?

The American Clay Horse -Breedsheet- *OLD* by 11IceDragon11 The American Clay Horse Main Breedsheet *NEW* by 11IceDragon11 :iconamerican-clay-horse:
11IceDragon11's American Clay Horse is an unusual supernatural breed inspired by Native American folklore. These horses are literally made from natural features of the earth, with clay bodies, grass manes and crystal eyes. They come in a range of unique patterns and would be suitable for western or working disciplines such as ranch work and barrel racing.

Oriental XingXing Breedsheet by EvilDemonCat The unique beauty of the Oriental XingXing from EvilDemonCat is sure to sweep you off your feet. These light but tough horses roamed Asia since ancient times, with some rumors telling that they were used alongside the dragon gods! They come in all natural horse colors, as well as a handful of mutations.

Tanto Breedsheet by CieloCadono :icontanto-registry: This is a new breed created by CieloCadono. They are large horses with special tack just for the breed and lots of feathering!  They come in many mutations, and have an extensive leveling system.  The group even has its own bank and money system for the leveling up!  The group is very thorough, and definitely one to watch out for.

If you want your or someone's else's breed featured, send a Note to the HARPG-Newsletter titled Horse Breed Feature with links to the  breedsheet, breed registry (if possible) and breed history (if possible).  I'll feature otherworldly and realistic breeds!

:bulletorange: Show Spotlight :bulletorange:

Shows, shows and more shows!

WS Elite Dressage Event Advertise by Tigra1988 Tigra1988 is hosting the Elite Dressage Event. It's an effort-based dressage event for all breeds, with a total of 3045 :points: in the prize pool! Ends December 11th, 2014.

Lakeside Race Event (NEW ENTRIES!)Location: Lake Ouachita National Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Classes: Flat Race, Steeplechase, Endurance Race, Mini Halter/Conformation
Deadline: Friday, October 31st. 11:59PM Central Standard Time
Rose Thorn Stables would like to invite stables everywhere to join us in a weekend of racing fun!
Having long appreciated the natural beauty that can be found in the Ouachita Mountains that span through Arkansas and Oklahoma,  Rose Thorn Stables felt that this would be a perfect place to host a weekend getaway complete with horse events.
Hot Springs is no stranger to horse racing, as it is also the home of Oaklawn Park, though with it only being open January to April, there's a huge gap to be filled in the latter part of the year. (Fun Fact: All the horses that are featured on the stamps to the right raced right here in Hot Springs!) With Arkansas being the Natural State, and Hot Springs home of the state's largest lake and a major track, it seems the perfect location for such an event!
RoseThornStables is hosting the Lakeside Race Event, and it's looking to be quite the thrill! With a halter class, endurance, steeplechasing, and a flat race, you're guaranteed to find something to fit in with your fast footed equines! This event ends October 31, 2014.

Blackwood's Medieval Festival:new: Horses and Barbarian Eagles available for lease below.
Welcome to Blackwood's Medieval Festival! This show is hosted by the old and honourable vampire house of Blackwood on Eagle Crest Grounds. It is co-hosted with Gavin Ravine, Heir to the house of Blackwood, and Talen Frost, noble elf and manager of Eagle Crest to provide those who enjoy medieval sports and those who fondly remember the sports to reenact them. All Species are welcome to join, including Centaurs and other humaniod/equine breeds.
The hosts plan on entering with their own steeds and enjoy the festival, but their entries will be judged by another house and will not be influenced by the hosts.
:note: If you do not have a horse, you are free to lease one of mine. They will be trained in all three disciplines and able to be handled by the rider you choose. Available horses will be linked at the bottom of the journal.
*This is a not a pre-registered event, except for the jousting class and Barbarian eagles in order to
Feel like diving back into the middle ages? AthenaMyth is hosting Blackwood's Medieval Festival! Authentic classes such as jousting, mounted falconry, and archery await. If you don't have a fitting steed, there are horses available for you to lease!

The Great Alberta Wildlife Hunt - Ends Jan 1stClosing date: 1st January 2015
It’s autumn here in Alberta, Canada. The leaves are turning golden, the bears are busy foraging in preparation for their winter sleep, and the rutting moose are obstructing traffic everywhere. Bow Valley Ranch invites you to join us on a hunt for wildlife. But you must trade your gun in for a camera, because this is a photography hunt.

This is a trail riding event running over four days. Each day our experienced guides Lackey, Smirnov and Brye the dog will lead the group of participants on horseback out from the ranch. They will guide you on the horse trails, along the way giving you information about the wildlife and tips for finding them, until you reach the base camp (each day a different base camp will be used, so you can experience
The Great Alberta Wildlife Hunt is a wildlife photography and trail riding competition. Here you'll have a chance to draw some magnificent North American wildlife while your horse gets some trail riding experience! Ends Jan 1st, 2015.

TLECs First Annual Training ShowHello, Hello! Welcome, Welcome! TLEC has opened its doors to the public once again! We are proud to announce that TLEC will not be holding a yearly training show followed up by a yearly full show. We know a lot of you have just gotten back into school and are very busy during the weekdays, so there are several ways to enter this show. We will explain below. Until then, we hope to see you and your horse here to partake in the fun!
Want to enter, but dont have time around school or life? No problem! Here are some 'Your Horse Heres' I have available: 

DEADLINE: April 1st, 2015
- No fighting or harassment, we are an equal opportunity stable
- All breeds may enter, but no unnatural powers may be used to get an advantage
- Judging is simple, both effort and rng for performance (guide will be listed below)
- Linearts, Photomanips, Trades, and Commissions may enter (tracin
TimberlakeLaneEC is hosting TLECs First Annual Training Show! All breeds are welcome, and there are over 30 classes to choose from, including a bonus class in which you can enter old images. Ends April 1st, 2015.

:iconarabiannationals: is a show that the Arabian community is hosting for the 2nd year in a row. There are qualifiers to get there - currently running is the 2nd Annual Desert Sands Arabian Horse Show; all fantasy, purebred and partbred Arabians are welcome to participate.

LGBT Pride and Support ShowLGBT Pride & Support Show

Show Info || Entries

As a member of the LGBT community myself, I find having pride in oneself to be extremely important, despite how hard it can be to have. You are beautiful just the way you are, and it's always good to be reminded of how many people are out there who support you for being yourself. The HA-RPG community is no exception, so why not have an LGBT event to spread some much-needed love and support?
Rules and Other Information
It is recommended that entrants read everything!
:bulletblack: For every entry, I will be donating $1 of my own money to the Trevor Project!
Bullet; Black The show officially closes on February 8th, 2015, and is being held at
lava-java is holding a special effort-based event in support of members of the LGBT community! It's a great opportunity to spread some love. All breeds are welcome to enter, including non-horse mounts, and classes include dressage, western pleasure, jumping, and more! Ends February 8th, 2015.

For more shows, see HorseArtCompetitions, S-E-S-S, or EquestrianEvents.
If you have an upcoming or currently running horse show you'd like announced, send HARPG-Newsletter a Note (titled Show Spotlight) with a link to the competition.  I'll feature whatever contest you have, be it draft pulling, Eventing or pegasi races!

:bulletorange: Interview :bulletorange:

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If you wan'na be a candidate for the Interview, send a Note to the Group titled accordingly with THIS filled out.  Depending on your answers, I may or may not ask more questions (so this isn't a boring fill-in all the time).  I will only publish one Interview a month, so yours might take a while to get in.

:bulletorange: The Horse Market :bulletorange:

Lovely beauties up for sale, looking for a good home!

Open-Offer Horse Sale!I'm in way over my head, you guys; the other day I realized that TES has 24 horses! I really need to make some room, I own way more than I have time for. So, I'm having a sale to downsize my herd, as hard as it is for me to part with my pretty bunches of pixels. You can pay in points, art, breeding slots... anything, really! I'm seriously desperate to get some of my beauties off my hands, so I am taking offers on almost the whole herd.
See all my horses here:
(There are a few that I'm more attached to than others, so you may need to find a way to convince me if I seem hesitant -- and I don't mean offer me more or anything! XD I mean tell me your plans for them if you get them or how much you want them. I'm a softie!)
 The following horses are off-limits: Blaidd Galon, Hungover You, Fool of Hearts, Xiuhcoatl, Cyrrol, Saol Maireachtáil, Queen Lizzie,
lava-java is trying to clear out his stable, and is taking offers on nearly all his horses! There's a wide array of breeds available, and all methods of payment are accepted.

Lilium Stables Sale-Vanners and AndalusiansDecided to put a few horses up for sale.  As you may or may not know, Lilium Stables RARELY offers any of its horses for sale.  This is, therefore, an excellent opportunity to own some of our quality stock that didn't quite have a place at our stable.
Because we rarely offer horses for sale, we will be picky to whom our horses get re-homed to.  In the end, the horse may not even be sold if we don't feel they would be better off with someone else.  

Breed: Gypsy Vanner
Color: Silver dapple tobiano
Genetics: EE/aa/nZ
Discipline: Halter, Liberty, and Driving
Out of sVa-BinaryStar's Boeden the Brave and Lilium Stables Gloria produced Absolute, a rare silver dapple tobiano.  At only 5 years old, this young stallion has never been shown or bred yet.  He is sure to be a fine producer of colored Vanners though.  We would like to sell him to
Awesome ponies for sale by LucasBinx.  Check out Absolute Absolute *For Sale* by LucasBinx and Magnus RaptusXPearla del Fuego Magnus *For Sale* by LucasBinx

Horse Sale!So I am selling some horses that deserve more attention.
I will miss these ponies tho :/

A pretty princess. I never really clicked with her,
hopefully someone else out there does.
Price: 200 points or a drawing of .:BMS Zero Point Breakthrough:.

A mare close to my heart, got her in a trade.
I want her new owner to really love her.
Price: 500 points

A gorgoeus Georgian Grande stallion that
kills in halter! Placed second in the Ovarian Cancer Show.
Price: 250 points

My Gypsy Vanner Fahrenheit, another horsie I never really
clicked with. A gentle giant.
Price: 200 points or drawing of .:BMS Zero Point Breakthrough:.
- - - - -
If interested in any of these horses, please tel
Lots of gorgeous horses for sale by BlueMoonStables, like BMS Fahrenheit .:BMS Fahrenheit:. by BlueMoonStables and BMS Dubstep .:BMS Dubstep:. by BlueMoonStables

ZK Devil's Deep is a draft unicorn up for sale, just make an offer! Dressage League 4 Star Horse - Charlie by ZyathStablesHQ  Being sold by ZyathStablesHQ .

Also check out HARPG-FindAHorse, HARPG-Sales and EAAS for more horsies up for grabs.
Have a horse up for sale?  Send us at HARPG-Newsletter a comment or note with links to the sales journal.  Any questions, just send them to the Newsletter.  Also, please no adoptables unless they come from horses with history!

:bulletorange: Stable Spotlight :bulletorange:

Stables are important, too!
Returning next month!

:bulletorange: Shopping Spree :bulletorange:

Because shopping is just the sauce.

Halloween Themed Tack Sale!!!Bullet; Black Bullet; Purple Bullet; Orange Hello and welcome to the Coconino Saddlery! Bullet; Orange Bullet; Purple Bullet; Black

I have several Halloween themed tack sets of various types up for sale right now, as well as individual Halloween themed saddle pads!
:new: Updated Prices! :new:
All available tack sets are listed for $3 USD (via paypal) OR BEST OFFER
All Native Costume sets are listed for $5 USD (via paypal) OR BEST OFFER
Individual saddle pads are on sale for 25 :points: each!
I will consider offers of all kinds (USD, art, points, designs, trades, etc...) so don't hesitate to ask.
Bullet; Black Bullet; Purple Bullet; Orange
In the spirit of the holiday, daggerstale's Coconino Saddlery now has quite a few Halloween-themed tack sets up for sale! If you have something specific in mind, custom orders are also available. Go get your horse some spooky garb while you still can!
Halloween Coconino Ranch Set - FOR SALE by daggerstale Halloween Dressage Set - FOR SALE by daggerstale Halloween Arabian Costume - ON HOLD by daggerstale

Want your services listed here?  You can be about icons, designs or other random cool stuff, and you can charge both art and points.  Send HARPG-Newsletter a Note titled Shopping Spree with the links and we'll get them added.

:bulletorange: Winner’s Circle :bulletorange:

Who won, who won??!

SHOW CLOSEDResults posted tomorrow!
Wow, six years later and here we are!  I can't believe it myself that this show is still going strong after six years.  I remember back in 2008 when I was drafting the plans for the first show.  These six years have just gone by so fast!
It's that time of the year again! The much anticipated, 6th Annual Lilium Stables Arabian Horse Show. This is the largest and longest running annual show dedicated to the gorgeous Arabian horse, and I am honored to once again host it for a 6th year.
The show will run from July 21 to September 21 with no extension.
PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
-HA RPG and non HA RPG members welcome!
-DO NOT create a horse to use for this show. I will be checking!
-If you plan on using a horse from an auction, it MUST have a REFERENCE FIRST before you enter it into my show
-Purebred or half-Arab/Anglo/Morabs/Quarabs/Shagya Arabian's accepted, to name a fe
**Results**Grand Champion Purebred Realistic Yearling Colt
RR Complete Zefa Inshalla
Grand Champion Purebred Realistic Colt 2-4
Sariyah Ibn Kadar
Reserve Champion Purebred Realistic Colt 2-4
ps Solar Flare
Grand Champion Purebred Realistic Stallion 5-9
Ishran El-Marees
Reserve Champion Purebred Realistic Stallion 5-9
Eyab Tamouz
Grand Champion Purebred Realistic Stallion 10+
COTN Salah-ad din
Reserve Champion Purebred Realistic Stallion  10+
KhC Capriccioso
Grand Champion Purebred Realistic Yearling Filly
Warisha Majahida
Reserve Champion Purebred Realistic Yearling Filly
Grand Champion Purebred Realistic Filly 2-4
CwS Dont Tell The Wife
Reserve Champion Purebred Realistic Filly 2-4
DSS Bizziza Ramidha
Grand Champion Purebred Realistic Mare 5+
ps Aamira Bint Zefa
Reserve Champion Purebred Realistic Mare 5+
AvS Iba' Fatin
Grand Champion Purebred Unnatural Colts 2-4
Delicat De Laroche 
Grand Champion Purebred Unnatural Stallion 5+
Zanni De Larocha
Grand Champion Purebred Unnatu

I bet you are all dying to hear who won the much anticipated 6th Annual Lilium Stables Arabian Horse Show! For those of you who missed it in previous years, this is probably the largest and most renowned Arab show on HARPG, for realistic and fantasy Arabs and part-breds, run each year by the dedicated LucasBinx. For some it was their first time entering the Lilium Arab Show, while we also saw the return of some proven champions who had taken home titles from the previous shows - such as COTN Salah-ad din who I think has been entered in all of the Lilium Arab shows except the first! So now onto the winners for 2014: First place was awarded in 21 different classes, and on top of that I think there were about 20 Grand Champion and Reserve Champion titles. This Newsletter would scroll down forever if we thumbnailed them all, so I'm just going to feature the Grand Champions. Please have a look at the journal thumbs above to enjoy the full list of participants. Well done to everybody!
Total - His First Showing by TimberlakeLaneEC First Show for the Lightning Warrior by SolinaBright Salah-ad din at Lilium Stables by DiePest-1912 Their champion by Jian89 Sariyah At Lilium Stables AHS 2014 by MistyHills The weird fish by Jian89 A golden coin by Jian89 Good Life by CyrillicConsortium Homecoming Queen by Jian89 The escaping monster by Jian89 The pale one by Jian89 I don't do that Halter pose by byrch On Home Turf by naomih91

RESULTS - DNS's Summer Showjumping Event:new: THE RESULTS ARE UP!

This was very hard to judge, that's why it took me a while. There were many, many beautiful entries, I loved every single one of them. Sadly, there are only a few placements, so surely some of you will be disappointed with their score. Please, no sore losers. If you feel like you have not been placed as high as you'd like, NOTE ME and I'll send you your score, explain where and why you lost points and where you are in relation to other entries score-wise etc. Many of you forgot/didn't write your STORIES! There are at least 5 entries that could have been placed 1-3 places higher if they had a story.
Huge congratulations to  all competitiors!
Winners, you can find the all of your prizes bellow (plus the picture at the top of the journal). Points have been sent out already as well! Note me for other prizes (breedings etc.), as well as note any donators to receive their prizes!
DNS's Summer Showjumping Event run by Littlehorselover - This was a effort/story-judged English show jumping event where "Role-plays with other stables are HIGHLY encouraged and will bring extra points". It's always fun to see this kind of interaction between stables, and a great example of it was carried out by Mendokusee, Littlehorselover and abosz007. Below you can read their RP story sequence:
Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 Thank you for entertaining us!
Well done Mendokusee for taking first place in both the Mini Prix and Grand Prix show jumping classes:
Mini Prix by Mendokusee Let the battle begin... by Mendokusee
Thanks AgentQStables for suggesting this show for the Winners Circle feature!

DGR's Western Dressage Show:new: RESULTS ARE UP!  Wow, gals and guys, awesome work!  Definitely made it hard on us to judge this... :XD:  Our judging method of course was 50% how closely rules were followed, and then the second 50% was based on aesthetics.  That first 50% was the crucial part in judging, and a lot of fine entries didn't quite get up there because things like the dirt road or audience stand weren't drawn, or some folks forgot to add their home state/country!
BUT, we had so many entries for this show, it was unbelievable!  22 of you brought amazing horses and riders.  Wow, thanks everyone so much for making this show such a success.  We had so many great entries, that we went ahead and awarded all the way down to 6th place, instead of just 3rd place!  We've updated the prize section below for you guys, congratulations!
Speaking of prizes!    These are on their way and will be handed out very soon!  Points have already been given out, and ribbo

We all know everyone was dying to see the results of MissDudette & DryGulchRanch's first ever DGR Western Dressage Show! It was an excellent turnout, with 22 stunning horses and riders taking center stage under the oak trees at Dry Gulch to strut their stuff in a traditionally western, but utterly unique dressage sort of way! And impress they did! Places were handed out through sixth, as well as a Best Dressed and Viewer's Choice Award, we cannot wait to see more western dressage shows around the community!
DGR Western Dressage Show Entry - Rune by western style! by RinaKisaragiSolo Mission by RoseThornStablesSearching for a glass slipper by HelsingeDGR's Western Dressage Show - Rockin' Along by daggerstaleKnight Western Dressage by Spotty001something different by surpriceloverRubber Ducky, You're The One by RoseThornStables

If you've a show (or know of a show) that's just finished and want it featured in the Letter, send a link in a Note to us titled Winner's Circle!

:bulletorange: Thanks :bulletorange:

I love my Newsletter team!

Thanks to my awesome and brand new Newsletter team: RoseThornStables, NewAgeStables, Forget-Me-Not-Fields, lava-java, Nawaii, RinaKisaragi and oxpecker for their incredible articles/features and helpfulness and just writing this up! You make this Newsletter epic, and I couldn't have done this without you gals and guys! :heart:

Thanks to everyone that wrote their own summaries for their art and other features!

Thanks to all the artists who sent in links of other artist's work to be featured.

You readers have a comment, complaint, suggestion, advertisement, opinion or feature for the Newsletter?  Send us at HARPG-Newsletter a Note or comment with your ideas and/or links.  We'd love to hear what you have to say.  After all, what's writing without an audience?

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