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Halloween raffle 500 watchers

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 12:24 PM

Since I anounced it I did lose 1 watcher but since I actually got to 500 I don't want to be a loser and cancel the raffle -_- That would be silly. So think of it as a 499 watcher raffle XD Okay! So lets begin. In the poll the prize was voted "halloween raffle up to 3 winners" so that's what we're gonna do!

Here are some basic rules to enter!

  • Must be a watcher of mine. (New watchers are of course welcome, but only watch me if you enjoy my art!)
  • If you're going to unwatch me if you don't win, don't think about entering any more raffles in the future. I do a lot of raffles so everyone gets a chance! I know this might not seem fair but I personally think it's rude.
  • Winner will be picked from a random generator online!
  • Post a poll or journal to help advertise this raffle! and link it to me in the comments!
  • FAVOURITE this journal (I will use your number from the favourites section so there's no need to give you one!)

That's all! Okay onto prizes :)



FEMALE CHARACTERS ONLY PLEASE. FURRY, MONSTERS, FEM BOYS ARE WELCOME TOO! WOOHOO. Please have an idea in mind for what halloween costume you'd like your OC to wear in this, or I will go ahead and think up something myself = w = !


Journal Layout by lockjavv
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  • Watching: shingeki no kyojin/fate stay night
Eat it!

And thank you all for the birthday greetings! I've decided to give myself a nice birthday gift:
I'm taking a whole month off - that means no updates for a whole month :}

Nah just kidding, I'll just watch some animes and stuff.

Also I'll be at Archon 2014 on October 25 at Ayala Center Cebu.
See ya there!
Hey guys!  Some of you may have noticed from the activity thing that I just faved a bunch of the colorings you've done of my drawings and updated the drawings with them in the description. So check them out if you haven't seen them already :D  I just want to thank you guys for coloring them and to say sorry for not being able to color them myself.  Still can't use Sai and I'm debating whether or not to get the Adobe Suite (so expensive). Hopefully, I'll be able to get back into it again :)

If you want to color some of the drawings as well, check the "Free to Color" folder in my gallery and read the instructions in the folder please! Thanks again!!!!

Devil's Candy

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 12:16 PM

We really did it!! Devil's Candy is a real thing on the web now~!!

・ * 。.*・☆*.・*☆・*. ☆.。.*・*.☆`*.・

Read Devil's Candy here!

・ * 。.*・☆*.・*☆・*. ☆.。.*・*.☆`*.・

Hey~! So after years of threatening of doing a webcomic, me and Bikkuri finally got it out there!! He's writing and I'm illustrating, but it's really as much of a team effort as it could possibly be. :3
We just posted the prologue, or the first 7 pages, and from now on it'll be updated with one page every Monday and Friday.

Thank you so much to everyone on DA and otherwise for being so ridiculously supportive over the many years since the RSOM. I dunno if we'd have had the confidence to self publish if it wasn't for all your encouragement!

So yeah.. you guys are the best!!♥♥♥ And I'm going to try my best to make a really nice looking comic for you, so I hope you like it!! ぱー\(*◜◡‾*)/

I never answer them! Email me instead!!



And no, I'm not talking about Equestria Girls 3, this is what I'm talking about:…

That's right guys, we have a FEATURE LENGTH movie for MLPFIM coming out in 2017 by the sounds of it and boy am I excited!!!

I am guessing it's going to be about the ponies and not them in the human world, not that there's anything wrong with that.  I love the EqG series but those have been labled spinoffs (even though they actually do follow the canon of the show quite well) so if they do a feature length film set to hit theaters then I am guessing it will go in line with the show story a lot more and to do that they will have go make it about the pony world only.  EqG was just some direct-to-video movies that only appeared in select theaters.  I'm sure this will be much different.

Also, not meaning to sound morbid but I'm assuming this movie will either be the end of the series or be the first of a trilogy that will end the series.  Already we are on the verge of Season 5 in 2015 so if we do seasons by year like Season 6 in 2016 and Season 7 in 2017, we might be able to squeeze the movie in at the end of 2017 or else there might not be a Season 7.  Of course I hope I'm wrong and I hope the series DOES continue a bit longer but to be honest I'd say 7 seasons does sound pretty good, a lot of shows don't make it past a third season even if they are successful.  Otherwise, perhaps the movie is just going to act as somewhat of a bridge and the show will continue with more seasons after the movie is done kinda like they did with Spongebob and lots of other cartoons.

So yeah, right now we have very little information on the movie itself and I doubt we'll know much about it for a while.  The movie probably hasn't underwent it's writing stage yet since it's 3 years from now so we should all wait patiently to hear more.  Right now we best prepare for season 5 and other cool stuff.

Anyways, here's to more years of pony and I can't wait to hear what the movie will be about!!  :D

Double Lariat

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 7:14 AM
 I find that I keep on turning to this song when I feel down about my art in comparison to others, and I figured that maybe others on DA may like this song as a reminder, as well ;)

Japanese Version:

English Version:

Basically, I know at times in comparison to others, progress for whatever it is you enjoy doing may seem so slow- everyone seems so much better, and you feel as if you could never be as good as everyone else

However, just keep your head up. Keep trying and doing what you enjoy, and you will continue to improve at it. I would have never dreamed of being where I am right now art-wise back when I first joined DA, and I am still continuing to improve and I see everyone else improving, as well ;)
However, this song points out something else- when you reach that part where you find yourself "near the top", don't forget those you are friends with and that have stuck with you the entire time ;) I have problems with this, as I am unable to keep up with everyone anymore. So this is something of a journal dedicated to everyone who has stuck with me through it all, starting with my first watchers
WARNING: I like emoticons. there's a lot of winking faces here
  1. ToxiCake one of my irl besties that has stuck with me through it all :) I loe ya like a sis X3
  2. TheRaptorAlpha my cousin irl who is like a sister/mental twin to me, love ya, cuztwin
  3. WarriorKitten2 you're so nice and fun to talk to! I am so glad I met you ^^
  4. Kitttaaaay we haven't talked in a while ;v;
  5. cheekymoomoo she's so fun but we haven't kept in touch lately- let's talk more, gurl ;)
  6. Lord-of-Chimeras dude you're like a bro and we may have different views but I nejoy tlaking to you :)
  7. Drackonia we haven't spoken in a while, either ;v;
  8. PsychopathicFox same goes for you ;)
  9. WolfiePower We don't ever talk- let's talk :)
  10. Dragoonroot we used to talk so much- let's do that again :)
  11. HaruKitsu Where do I start? Haru, you're so fun and awesome and your art is fabu~ I am so glad to have met you ^^
  12. Oshawottandhariri We don't talk often, either ;v; We used to, however
  13. Mariampura same goes for you, as well ;v;
  14. Balachandra48 We have talked every now and then, but not often. I would enjoy talking to you :)
  15. Dex91 I know I don't really talk to you, but I can't help but admire your art. It's just so... asdfghjkl AMAZING
  16. YukiStorm1225 We used to talk a ton, but haven't so much lately because of just getting caught up in life ;v; Let's talk more, 'kay? ;v;
  17. Dashstar I remember talking to you, but we don't anymore. I would like to change that if you wouldn't mind- let's talk ^^
  18. TheHoneybird Same goes for you! I remember how fun it was to talk to you ;v;
  19. DuchessAwwzzome Haven't spoken in a while- let's talk
  20. nyan-naroto dude I remember you were like a bro to me ;v; Let's talk more 'kay?
  21. Cheyaya idk if you get on DA anymore, bbut if so, let's chat
  22. turtleboots I vaguely remember talking to you. I would like to talk mmore ;v;
  23. officermargss GURL LET'S GET BACK IN TOUCH, YO
  24. MoonLightShadowRain same for you ;v; I was only able to talk to you last when I was at my cuztwin's ;v;
  25. tororoplz I think I've only spoken to you once, but let's chat more, 'kay?
  26. MalignGenius I am so happy to have you as a friend and always enjoy hanging out with you in jms, even when I don't know who you are because you go undercover (haha) you're fun
  27. PaulaSmile sorry I don't always favorite your amazing anime drawings, but we are alike in so many interests (especially in anime shows haha) anyways, let's talk more ;)
  28. Shadowchaofan I enjoy talking to you ^^ You're really fun
  29. Mashmallowcupcake another rl bestie- you're so fun, momo, and I am so glad to have met you ^^ You are like a sis to me
  30. missingmom sorry we don't talk often ;v; let's talk some more
  31. fluffykitten44 haven't talked much in the past few weeks, probably because of school and junk ;v; sorry
  32. CatWolfy you're so fun and your art is fabu~ Not to mention you're a really kind person and I enjoy taking to you ^^
  33. cats12812 I enjoy talking to you but we haven't talked in a couple weeks- let's chat
  34. Serenity-In-Caged We used to talk a lot back when I first joined DA, idk what happened but let's talk, gurl ;)
  35. LordLonestar Yo, wussup? My rp friend from "back in the day"- you're really fun to talk to ^^
  36. Majestic-Eyebrows Buddy! o7o lately we haven't been able to talk as much but he will always be my buddy ;v;
  37. Sean1m You're so nice to me and you seem to have such a smart outlook on things- I'm glad you're my friend :)
  38. Wasted2much Gurl, where do I start!? You're an amazing, kind person, and I am so glad to have met you. I wish I could talk more butI am always so busy, but either way I enjoy you're constant support you've3 always given me, and you have always spoken to me and helped me through so many tough times. I love ya, grandchild ;v;
  39. alayton98 I should have included you earlier but I am going through a big list in order ;v; Whuttup bae? love ya X3 anyways, you have helped cheer me up on more days than you know, and I am so thankful to have met you ;v; I have no idea where I would be without you
  41. Softballlife16 rl friend, we used to talk a lot and hang out a lot, but lately she's kinda... slipped away, and idk why. She doesn't remember he DA pw, but if she ever does... this is for her Please remember me ;v;
  42. AnonymousEverdeath we've talked off and on, I would like for us to talk more, however
  43. AgonizingSwordfish I remember how we used to talk a lot- let's get back to doing that ;)
  44. LegolasGimli  You're really nice and fun to talk to, and your mmd pictures are amazing ^^ let's talk more ;)
  45. MaxxToron wussup, my other rp buddy from "back in the day" You'rew fun to talk to and I am glad you're back on DA ^^
  46. Souffle-Oswin I think we've only spoken once or twice. Let's change that
  47. 0takunek0 same goes for you- let's chat again ;(
  48. nuii700 you stick with me through things,  and for that, thanks
  49. RueSinger we used to talk a lot but haven't lately. Let's change that
  50. Irish-iogurt you're an amazing person and have stuck with me through everything ;v; so fun to talk to, too! I am glad to call you my friend ^^
  51. shotajean you're so fun to talk to! :D not to mention how amazing your art is~ :heart:
  52. PositivelyFreezing Gurl you are one of the most fun, amazing people I know and I know you might not think it but you truly are a beautiful person with beautiful art, and don't let anyone tell you differently ;)
  53. DerpyCrayon2  let's talk more gurl ;) you're fun and nice ^^
  54. GAYROBOTDUCK We talked a lot for a short time, haven't much lately. Let's talk again
  55. Grooth haven't spoken mch, lately. Probably things kicking us in the rear in rl, like school work and junk X3 let's chat ;)
  56. halfbagel yoooo, my canadian buddy (lol sorry XD) Anyways, I am so glad to have met you- we don't talk much, but let's talk more ;)
  57. MRFarts we used to talk a lot on Skype but then you just stopped, and idk why ;v; let's talk some more ^^
  58. AngelicStrawberry gurl you are so fun to talk to and I enjoy talking to you- you're a great friend and your art is amazing ;)
  59. boxingglovehands Heyo, I know things have been kicking us both in the rear lately- lik work and other irl things- but let's talk more when you get a hcance
  60. AceOfStorms we used to talk a lot but haven''t much lately. Let's change that
  61. Hollowcyclone same goes for you- let's talk more
  62. mikimikkiichan idk why you suddenly stopped talking to me it seemed, but let's chat
  63. MikailaTheStatuess GURL YOURE SO FUN TO TALK TO AND AMAZING GURL ;v; You're awesome ;v;
  64. TheHotheadedTaurus We used to talk a lot but haven't for a while- let's change that, hm?
  65. CittyCatCutie let's talk- you're so nice and fun to talk to :)
  66. Kamimi-PiPo sorry I can't always talk, but thanks for sticking with me  You're so nice and your art is amazing ^^
  67. Sillyhw12 We talked a lot for a bit, but haven't lately. Let's change that
  68. Hiyorika you call me senpai, but I see you as more of a senpai with you're amazing art ;v; you're also so kind and amazing ^^
  69. RianNoodlton I love talking to ya gurl ;) You're an amazing christian girl I am so glad to have met
  70. WolfTiger98 We don't have much time to chat, but I love your art and you're so nice and kind and asdfghjkl amazing ^^
  71. dragdramane dude you're so nice and supportive, and I love your art ;v;
  72. BananaLenFan Sorry we can't talk often, but I really do enjoy talking to you ;v;
  73. Origami-Mad gurl you're so nice and your art is so cute and amazing- I love talking with you and am glad to call you my friend^^
  74. TheGalleryOfEve WHERE DO I START!? I look up to you on DA, from the way you appreciate watchers to your amazing art ;v; I am so glad to have met you and glad to call you my friend ^^
  75. TheSisters2 You stick with me even when I'm busy and can't always talk- thank you ;v; you're so nice and supportive, as well ^^
  76. KechiTheHedgie we talk every now and then, but not often- let's talk more
  77. DirectorTitan you're so fun to talk to and your art is awesome! :D I am glad to have met you on DA ^^
  78. FCU777 You're an amazing Christian gal that I look up to and we might not talk a lot but even so I enjoy talking to you ;)
  79. JoeyBlendhead don't talk often, but I enjoy talking to you
  80. TheFinalMuffinMan I know we haven;t been able to talk much lately, ut I enjoy talking to you
  81. Darkend-Princess You're so nice and support me all the way, and I am so thankful to have you as a friend ;v; thanks so much ^^
  82. DarkLord979 yoooooo rp buddy ;) You're nice and fun to talk to, and you have helped me with advice on multiple occasions ;v; thanks
  83. ExionianArtist Dude you're amazing!! ;v; I enjoy talking to you and you're so niuce ^^ I am glad to have met you on DA :)
  84. darkthorn998 we use dto talk a lot but not often anymore ;-; lo siento- let's talk more
  85. EvolBMO We don't really talk, but we have chatted once or twice- let's talk more
  86. SovietFox Have barely met but I already really trust you :) I am so glad to have met you and am proud to have done so ^^
  87. MYPeanutGallery you're so nice and supportive to the rest of the DA community, and your art is amazing ^^
  88. Phoenixdad haven't talked much, but you seem so nice
  89. UkuleleMoon havne't talked at all, really, but let's talk more hm?
  90. SealyTheSeal You're fun to talk to ^^ I really enjoy it. We have just met, but I hope we can talk more :)
  91. The-Dork-King We haven't talked much since we just met, but I am gald to have met you and hope we can talk more ^^
  92. Rachbak You're so nice and I love talking to you- your art is cute, too
  93. Corporal-Caffeine where do I start with you? X3 you're so nice and fun andyour art is amazingt~ Glad to have met you, gurl ;) You're amazing ^^

okay I skimmed my list so I am SUPER sorry if I missed someone ;-; If I did,, speak up and I will include you, but I was rushed and in class ;v;

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  • Playing: Happy Wheels like a derp
  • Drinking: Dr. Pepper

Lilly the Doll

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 20, 2014, 5:49 PM

So for those of you who has been following me on Facebook you may have read my recent status about some rather freaky events that has been happening. And that is a doll that I used to play with and talk to, well I haven't seen that doll for MANY years but recently found her again. Lilly is the name I gave her, used to be one of my childhood favourite toy so I decided to put her in the room with me just for nostalgia sake, however weird things has been happening where I would put her across the room, and when I wake up she would be in a slightly different location? I had all my windows closed so there was no way the wind could've moved her. Freaking me right the hell out. OH BY THE WAY don't judge me for playing with dolls when I was a kid ok.... :iconsadfaceplz:  I was an only child and so an imaginary friend was necessary. She was my best friend and we would make conversation and stuff, but I eventually grew out of it. it seems like she still wants to talk. Anyway this morning was the breaking point. I woke up and saw her just staring at me motionless and I literally had chills running down my spine, so I put her in the basement along with all the other toys, she can do her freaky Toy Story shenanigans with them ok, I aint having none of that thanks very much!

Here's the bloody doll. I really am tempted to burn it with fire. Icon - 222 Skyler 

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I get less and less pissed.

it's like

siiiiggggghhhhhhhhh this shit again
i know i submite a stupid status before about this!!! but omg i am so exited with this!!!!

this songs speak of love...omg :giggle:

i definetly love these songs... i wonder if they have something to mean
with a new sonic game.... or finally crush 40 is doing something by their own way....

actually they have other song that i think it doesn't appear in a sonic game...

but obviusly speaks about it.. huh? :XD:

both songs with or without sonic game ARE cool!! very catchy...