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I've never done one of these before but I've seen them going around and I've collected some really cool people so I should share with you my treasures!

Giphy by Moonbeam13

Basically, here are some people I've been watching for a long time on DA, people who I'll go on watching without question. I'm choosing to highlight a few, because they're amazing, but everyone on the list is super amazing, and you should totally watch all of them.


First, I've known Trevor for some time, he was a volunteer TWICE! He's been to my house and we are friends.  Beyond that, he's a force. He started as a deviant, he became a volunteer and now he's staff doing crazy awesome stuff to improve things around here. He's probably the most genuine person I know and he's a great writer! I wish he had time to do more of it but watch him and encourage him to keep writing :)

crushes are weirdstanding on opposite ends of the Pacific
watching sunrise and sunset happening
in tandem; you've left me starry-eyed
   SunburstEight in the morning and my shaved head
burns tan with summer, eighty-five degrees
of heat and separation, and the air
conditioner has conditioned me to roll
            the windows down
            my hand against my sweat-drenched forehead
            and my eyes at the cars around me.
Perspective tells me I should be glad the car works.
The migraine tells me I should murder everyone.
Pigeons on a nearby traffic sign are playing
            their usual game of "which car is best
            to crap on, and how long will that crap sizzle
            before it dries", and I'd feel bad for that Lexus
            under them if he hadn't cut me off two miles back.
The pigeons hav
   The Jailed Monkeyi. Explanation To The New Deputy
"Every day the same clanking
clanking, clanking bit
by bit by bit, clanking
chains on bars on window
frame. He's been there three
years, four months, seventeen
days and nine hours. No
name, no idea where he's from, what
he did to get put in here. Just
clanks against the bars like
some caged monkey. Writes in
that notebook, weird nonsense.
Tries to reach his hair out
his window sometimes, too. Yells
for a weather report when he does.
He won't leave. Just ignore him,
you'll be better off. Remember
to feed him now and again.
The serious inmates are down here."
ii. The Monkey's Observations
Chains! Chains on my side
of the bars! They were not here
yesterday but when shaken they make
wonderfully artificial sounds. I should
enjoy hearing them all day.
If shrouded, does the sky turn
brown with plague, or wires?
The inmates are quiet today.
Memory is a dung-filled field,
strung, waiting to be scraped
away, one by one by --
once more, for memory's


I adore Rhiannon.  First, her gallery will make you salivate but beyond that she's so ridiculously nice and helpful.  I'm a cook, I'm not a baker but I had these grand plans for a cake for my mom's birthday and she coached me through some terrible moments with fondant! 

Majora's Mask Moon Cake by cakecrumbs  Pirate Cake by cakecrumbs  White Christmas Tree Cake by cakecrumbs


What can I say about Alex? He's on my top list because he draws Wonder Woman. To be fair, he does so much more than that but that is why I started watching him and eventually stalking him. It's terrible I know but I was kind? When I went to Comic-Con and found out he was there I hunted him down and then proceeded to absolutely geek the heck out. Embarrassing.  Thankfully he's totally awesome and forgives craziness :P 

Justice League No.13 by AlexGarner Wonder Woman No. 612 by AlexGarner Justice League N0. 40 Variant by AlexGarner


Simon was one of the first people I met when I started working for DeviantArt and he was/is a ball of energy. When I first met him, I was certain he was powered by an invisible battery.  Beyond what he does for DA as a staff member, Simon writes.  He should do it more often but we do what we can :) I love his writing and you should check it out. 

FairiesAt bedtime
Jessie's mother read to her about
the 10,000 year old fairies that
lived secretly
in the hills and the clouds
and lit the way
for all the lost animals
A long time later
Jessie's mother told her that it wasn't real
But she didn't understand
She could still see them outside her window
every night
  Robbing the ForgeThe wordsmith
    red stars into the air
I collected the sparks [ow, ow, ow]
And wrote you this poem
  So longThe night is over
      but we haven't fallen in love
The sun is sprinkling
a little
     more ~~magic than usual over the
     bread, orange juice, kettle's ready
  and you're going away
    to wherever it is you go
bye!     bye.
I'll just be standing in the hall, then


What can I say about Khuram that hasn't been said already? He's incredibly community oriented, he's an amazing artist with no real appreciation for how great he, himself is.  He spends an absurd amount of time promoting other people but let's be real, he's a gem and needs to be celebrated.

Blue and Yellow by MARX77 G L O B E T R O T T E R by MARX77 Selfie Pulla by MARX77


Awe-inspiring.  That is what you think when you think about Mike.  He's a rock-climber, he graduated from Harvard, he's a brilliant programmer, an amazing artist and probably the best dad ever.  He's a renaissance man, he's just naturally gifted at so many things and he's so down to earth and wonderful, you want to be his best friend.  

SF Botanical Gardens by mudimba I Have a Dream by mudimba Marathon 8 by mudimba


Probably one of the first artists I favorited and it was because he posted an amazing piece that reflected OCD, which I suffer from. My comment is from 2006 but that piece is still prominently hung in my office and will never go away.  Part of the allure was certainly that piece but beyond that it was his humanity.  He responded to every comment and was generally caring and empathetic.  Because of that I will always see him as a DeviantArt Hero :)

Everything in its Right Place by melocopter The Lightness of Being by melocoptervA World without Heather by melocopter


She's the reason I joined DeviantArt.  She isn't as active as she once was but she's an incredible artist and her gallery is worth checking out. Without her, this story just wouldn't be. 

Kat Von 3D by vixelyn Winter's Kiss by vixelyn Felicia Hardy by vixelyn

And now, a really awesome list of really awesome deviants:
(Names in italics are deviants I've met in person!)

3wyl Bullet; Blue Aeirmid Bullet; Blue akreon Bullet; Blue AlexanderJansson Bullet; Blue alexandrasalas 

alicexz Bullet; Blue alvinlee Bullet; Blue Anoya Bullet; Blue Artgerm Bullet; Blue Astralseed 

Athos-of-Light Bullet; Blue Atramina Bullet; Blue aunjuli Bullet; Blue Battledress Bullet; Blue  BeccaJS 

celesse Bullet; Blue cheeks-74 Bullet; Blue ChewedKandi cosmosue Bullet; Blue copperrein 

danlev Bullet; Blue DanLuVisiArt Bullet; Blue DanielaUhlig Bullet; Blue damphyBullet; Blue DestinyBlue 

Elandria ElectrikPinkPirate Bullet; Blue elsevilla  Bullet; Blue Endling Bullet; Blue Exillior  

fartprincess Bullet; Blue foureyes Bullet; Blue getcarter Bullet; Blue GENZOMAN ginkgografix 

GrimFace242 Bullet; Blue HalHefnerART Heidi Bullet; Blue Hellobaby Bullet; Blue Ikue

imaginism Bullet; Blue IsacGoulart Bullet; Blue  JaimeIbarra Bullet; Blue jeriweaver Bullet; Blue  Kaz-D 

KovoWolf Bullet; Blue kozispoon Bullet; Blue kuschelirmel  Bullet; Blue limnides Bullet; Blue LadyLincoln  

LaurenKitsune Bullet; Blue LiliWrites Bullet; Blue  Lyricanna Bullet; Blue madizzlee Bullet; Blue Marker-Guru  

meago Bullet; Blue micahgoulart Bullet; Blue Mrs-Durden Bullet; Blue Mothershark Bullet; Blue neurotype  

nina-Y Bullet; Blue Nyx-Valentine Bullet; Blue Ophelia-Overdose Bullet; Blue  Pixel-Spotlight Bullet; Blue pica-ae 

RobbVision Bullet; Blue RYE-BREAD Bullet; Blue sandara Bullet; Blue SaTaNiA Bullet; Blue SeanDietrich 

StJoan Bullet; Blue superkev
  Bullet; Blue techgnotic Bullet; Blue Thunderstatement Bullet; Blue tiganusi 

UnicornReality Bullet; Blue Wen-M Bullet; Blue y2jenn Bullet; Blue zilla774 

Now how about you?

Who are some of your favorite deviants? You should make a journal like this one and share some deviants that you'll watch forever, then link your journal in the comments here so I can check it out! La la la la
Decided to compile ALL the Pandoraverse fanfics. I recommend every one of them, they're all fun reads.

    Little Pandora asks dear Daddy Discord for a bedtime story. What follows is a tale of sheer, unadulterated dad trolling.

Saving Princess Skyla
by Between Lines
Princess Skyla's been kidnapped on the eve of her wedding day! And it totally wasn't Pandora's fault...honest!...Alright, yeah, maybe a tiny bit her fault. Pan and Cupcake have to work together to rescue Princess Skyla from a mysterious new foe.

The Annual Canterlot Bake-off
by Between Lines
Every year, Cupcake enters the Annual Cupcake Bake-off. And every year, she loses to that inferior, bubble-headed perky unicorn, Dinky Hooves. This year though, it's all going to change. Cupcake is going to win the Bake-Off or get really hungry trying.

And That Made all the Difference
by Between Lines
A sinister plot results in the Twilight Sparkles from two different universes suddenly disappearing. Now, Pandora must work together with Kilalaverse's Princess Starburst to rescue the only thing they have in common-their mother.

Loathing Courtship by :iconthewikia:
Directly based of this concept Hate Date by Lopoddity. Pandora loses a bet and has to take her much-hated childhood rival Bruce to prom. You could say the night ends with a bang....No, seriously, smut warning on this one. Set in the human verse.

LC Aftermath - The Family by :iconthewikia:
Direct sequel to the Bruce/Pandora aforementioned fic Loathing Courtship. Pandora is mortified when her family finds out about her and Bruce's prom night escapade. There aren't a whole lot of things more frightening than a furious Momma Sparkle and an overprotective big brother Spike.

Extra: not Pandoraverse but still involving one of my concepts-
A magical experiment backfires and Twilight Sparkle is transformed into a draconequus. Now clumsy in her twelve foot long body and inept at wielding the strange forces of chaos magic, Twilight must look to the only other being in the world who could help...Discord. Twicord shipping.

A Strange Feeling

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 6:43 PM
I've been getting the feeling that there's some art that people should pay more attention to. There may be all kinds of art here on DA but I feel that the majority of the website's userbase only pays attention to a select few genres and themes. While people do have their own personal interests, this makes a lot of art themes, both original and fan art extremely underrated. It's a shame that people spend time and put in effort into their work yet only a few fans of that theme come to see it, it's as if the artist's hard work was all for nothing. 

I really hope this changes someday, and that the community will give attention to every art theme and genre out there. This could also be beneficial as it could inspire learning artists to draw more of what they love with more people coming to give compliments and criticism to their work.

In the comments below, tell me if you feel this way in that there's certain themes of art people should pay attention to.


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Have fun with it or whatever ;)

(And don't worry. This isn't an illegal version of the game. these are just the textures and sounds from the game.)
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I will let it out now, My English teacher is a bit of a derp. She is nice, but is the derpiest teacher I ever had. I am usually the one to correct her spelling and grammar mistakes.

What happened today may never happen again in the history of teacher derps. 

We are learning about the prisons in Bangkok, Thailand and stuff like that. She typed up Bangkok on the projector, but spelled it wrong.

She spelled it as Bancock
"Miss, I think you spelled 'Bangkok' wrong" I corrected her.
"Oh sorry!" she said and added the "g" to it (Bangcock) 
"No it is spelled B-a-n-g-k-o-k!" 

Everyone was hysterical. I told her that if the inspector was here she would have gotten in trouble XD

about that, there is someone coming to our class to see if my teacher is doing her job well. She told us to behave, but she is not supposed to tell us that. Yes, my teacher is CHEATING!
She told us not to tell anyone or else she could get fired.

But I am telling you guys. #rebel  

Before I begin, please note that these are my personal views on this theory. You do not have to agree with me, I would just like to voice my views.

Shall I begin?

There is a theory in the Five Nights at Freddy's community that suggests that Foxy the Pirate is actually a good guy.

Well, do I believe this myself?

I am going to be completely honest with you and say...

I do not believe Foxy is a good guy.

Because each animatronic has the same role.

Capture the night guard and stuff them into an animatronic suit. 
Foxy is no different from the others.

I believe the reason why it is believed he is a good guy is because of the way he attacks.
He comes through the door and shrieks rather than attacking you inside the office like the others. 

I am sorry, but how exactly does this show Foxy is a good guy? All it is is a different attack tactic. 

As Smike said in one of his videos, Foxy may have given Mike a heart attack rather than attacked him directly. 

That is possible, but it still does not prove Foxy is a good guy. 
Also, look at Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

He does not attack like he does in the first game, it is obvious that his intention is to capture Jeremy. Not cuddle with him and love him as if he were a Teddy Bear.

Foxy attacks you by jumping directly at you. His intention is clear.

Seriously, sometimes I think I am one of the only people who actually observes the game and knows the facts...  

Also, do not get me wrong, I love Foxy. He is one of my favorite characters. But, in my eyes, he is a killer animatronic who wants to stuff you into an animatronic suit, just like the others. 

I believe I have made my point clear.


Have your own thoughts about this theory?
Let me know in the comments! 

About the PLOT HOLE in FNaF3, it's not a hole!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 2:14 PM


Now I hear some people are complaining about a plot hole in FNaF3. This plot hole is Purpleguy dying in the Spring Bonnie suit, and being sealed into the back room. Because the kids are then free to pass on. People say this makes no sense. Because the kids would be freed in 87'. Well it makes perfect sense if you follow the clues dropped in the game. I'll try to explain it super short so I don't make it an essay or anything. XD Like I tend to do. Here goes my theory.

FNaF3 is thirty years in the future from 1999 expectedly. 1999, is when FNaF1 was set. FNaF2 was set in 1987, clueing at the murders and bite of 87'. FNaF3's old phone recordings were set AFTER FNaF1 and 2. Yes I know it sounds like Phone guy was killed on night 4 in FNaF1, but maybe he made it to 6am? Not important for this explanation. Here is why I think this.
Purple guy returned after FNaF1, to probably murder again, because even in FNaF3 he's attracted to the room if a child's voice is played in it. When he got there, he saw the animatronics were after him, so he destroyed them one by one, and the kids ghosts came after him anyway. So he paniced and hid in the Spring Bonnie suit, and was killed, then the room was sealed next day unchecked, like explained in the night 5 message. These phone messages were meant for Purple guy. As explained on night 2, "Welcome to your job as guard slash entertainer of Freddy Fazbear's pizza." which is why no one thought it odd that he would wear an animatronic suit. Night 4 is explained that the "Spring Bonnie suit was noticeably moved, and is not to be worn under any circumstance. It is defective."
 The kids were tricked into the back room that "Is invisible to animatronics, and has no cameras." and were murdered. But the murders happened in FNaf2 or close to that time. Phone guy was just explaining it again, maybe not knowing it was for a guy that had been here before. The back room was left open, mentioned in FNaF1 on night 4 "Have you checked out that back room yet?"
The room was sealed after FNaf1.
Some other things said in teasers were, "I'm still here" and in the trailer says "He'll come back...he always does." This means Purple guy had to 'come back' at least once. Purple guy did the murders in or near 1987, then returned in or after 1999. Then was killed, and that's where "I'm still here" kicks in.
Now here is my question.
Mike was not the purple guy. Or the animatronics would of put him in the Spring Bonnie suit.
Phone guy was not purple guy. As explained that phone guy recorded messages for purple guy.
Jeremy was not Purple guy. As it seems he moved to day shift, and he gets a message saying "Someone messed with the animatronics face recognition."
Was Fritz Smith Purple guy? Fritz was fired for 'Tampering with the Animatronics', now, him being purple guy is not important to the theory above, but it makes me wonder. Could he, the DAY guard, when kids were at the pizzeria, have tampered with the animatronics, killed the kids, then several days later be moved to night shift, then be fired for either messing with the Ais again, or just be fired for finding out he messed with the Ais a few days prior?

If you like this theory, feel free it link to or repost it.
Please tell me what you think of it too.

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Original Art Deserves Attention, Too

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 6, 2015, 10:30 AM
*draws 15-minute sketch of a Creepypasta or FNAF character* OMG SO AMAZING!!!!! *1000+ faves*

*spends hours, possibly days on detailed drawing of own OC* ...Cool. *maybe 100 faves*

Has anyone else noticed this kinda thing? I don't want to sound selfish because I do love and adore every comment, view, and fave I get, but I find it strange that myself and other artists get all this recognition for fanart of popular things, but they don't get much for their original works unless they're already a super popular artist whose work ends up on the front page every other day.

Call me cliche and old fashioned, but I thought you liked the artist for their talent, not because of what they draw. I don't want to be known as a Creepypasta artist or anything like that. I want to be known for my own original ideas, even though I do draw fanart from time to time.

It's not that fanart isn't artistic. It is and always will be, and I don't plan to stop drawing it. It's just that original art and anything that isn't hackneyed deserves recognition too. :)

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Oh, no! He is real! Run for your life!


Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 5:21 PM
for a shit ton of reasons

and i will be "art active"
on my tumblr account

if you have my skype
i will be going through it and deleting people

so if you want me to "not" delete you
and you'll talk to me whenever i am on

you message me now through skype
telling me that i shouldn't

only keeping the people i want on there
and I'm wiping my hands clean

my tumblr below

don't beg me to stay
seriously, I'm done with this place




just, make this easier on me
and don't fucking comment



and may i add
you guys are awesome

I'm happy ya'll follow me wherever i take myself
thank you for being amazing support