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Okay, so I'm taking free requests and point commissions!!

15 Slots for Requests, and 15 slots for commissions uwu

I will ONLY be drawing in traditional, Also since I'm getting 24 Copics and 27 Prisma markers for christmas, I want to pactice using them etc uwu, all colouring and shading etc will be started on Christmas

Make sure to read ALL THE RULES before commenting


- You must favourite this journal and you have to be watching me 

- Make a journal linking to this one

- It will take a while, so don't complain about me taking long, I prefer taking my time as it is anyways, so if I get ONE comment or whatever about asking if I'm finished or why I take so long then I won't finish your request/commission

- Comment Satansbitch so I know you've read this

I will draw:

- Creepypasta, Slenderverse, Zalgoids, Fandomless, Happypasta

- Yaoi/yuri (yummy)

- OCxCanon(ONLY ones that I ship though, If you haven't, check my OCxCanon shipping wall uwu)

- Ships(nothing too sexual)

- Anthro(mainly wolves, cats, foxes, and bears though uwu)

I will NOT draw:

- Chibis

- OCxCanon that I do NOT like

- OC's that I don't like or that I think are a marysue 

- Something too sexual

- Anything too Complicated or overly detailed

- Anything with wings

Point Commission Prices (for those of you who are late for requests but will commission)

Sketch of any kind without colour 10 :points:
x2 The amount for each additional character 
CompassxQuestionMark by GreyCamGhost NEW OC: Dispatch by GreyCamGhost

Traditional With Colour:
Vent-art by GreyCamGhost Artistsona Ref: Zen by GreyCamGhost Dollsona: Vexxicy by GreyCamGhost Mystery Pianist by GreyCamGhost
(I don't have any examples with any markers since I don't have any yet but I wanted to give you an idea of what It would look like uwu)

Headshot - 15 :points:

Bust - 20 :points:

Hips - 30 :points:

Full Body 40 :points:

Reference Sheets - 50 :points:

All Commissions: 

x2 amount for each additional character

+5 :points: for shading

Refrence Sheet Details (specificly):

+10 :points: for any additional things (such as colour palette, weapon upclose, headshot w/o their mask, etc you get the point)



1. :iconcrimsonblooddrinker6: CP OC: Christopher the Crucifier HeadShot Doodle. by CrimsonBloodDrinker6

2. :iconkaptainkat23: Skull and Affliction by KaptainKat23

3. :iconkaitlynfazpossessed: Me and My Evil Side by KaitlynFazPossessed

4. :iconkattheanimatroniccat: Kat again by KatTheAnimatronicCat

5. :iconaceit12: this is my Oc Ace by aceit12











Point Commissions:

















8,000 point give away [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 12:59 PM

I bought points for a commission thing ( i spent money from my university fund for this btw ) but this person now want me dead. I have no need for these points anymore. 

To enter, all you have to do is favourite this jounal. 

Winners chosen with

winner amounts:

1: 4000 
2: 1500 
3: 1500
4: 1000

hes just so happy omg ;; - ;;
this made me so happy and made me tear up omg

News: Brony took his life due to bullying

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 10:26 PM

From EquestriaDaily:…

241D405800000578-2877190-Adam Smith killed himself by drawponies

(Adam Smith)


-From Boardgamebrony-

Adam Smith was 19 years old when he took his life.

He wrote fan fiction and uploaded Youtube videos where cruel comments led him to create an “apology” video about his fan fiction, which others accused him of plagiarizing. They made fun of his speech and wrote nasty comments on his sites until he finally decided to take his life.

This happened in May and the Daily Mail just covered it.

There are

so many things

I want to say.






Last night I wrote about elements of harmony you guys think you needed to work on.

Tonight, before I read that article, I wanted to ask you what lengths you would go to in order to become a better individual concerning the element of harmony you wanted to work on.

And now…now I think we need to talk.

If any of you have ever been bullied, harassed or in any way hurt, please find someone to talk to. Please don’t think that taking your life is the way to go.



I’ve dealt with bullies before. More in-person than online. In my experience, it’s the psychological ones which are the worst. And sometimes it comes from people who don’t even know they’re doing the bullying. Sometimes they think their words are justified. That they have some self-appointed right to do what they do. I’ve dealt with some really harsh people before…

I’ve been in some very dark places where I didn’t know who to turn to. The most important thing to remember when suffering bullying is to know that you don’t have to take that harassment from ANYONE. Do whatever you can to remove yourself from that horrible situation. If it’s online, ignore them, block them, stay away from those places, whatever it takes to pull yourself away from those dangerous situations.

I talked about kindness last night. Moments like this make me wonder how to respond.

I know what this world needs is kindness and compassion more than anything.

I hope that we can all do our part to make sure the people in our lives know we love them.

And whenever we talk to anyone, online or off, we take the kind path (and sometimes the assertive and firm path is needed, but at your core, always compassion).

Just be a good person.

Just try.

Featured Temporary folder 17/12/12

My favorite drawings from the temporary folder. Until you empty it and refill leave these featured. No need to thank, I do it gladly. If resent the mention, let me know to know. I can be uploading pictures of any kind, for any artist. I see it as a way to connect. A hug! Sorry if I did not put all!

Mis dibujos favoritos de la carpeta temporal. Hasta que no la vacíe y vuelva a llenar dejaré estos featured. No hace falta que agradezcan, lo hago con gusto. Y si les molesta la mención, me avisan para saber. Puedo estar subiendo dibujos de cualquier tipo, de cualquier artista. Lo veo como una forma de conectarnos. Un abrazo! Perdón si no puse todos!

practicepractice by lilithcosaWelcome our furball - Collab by SharkeenChespirito by CuervexShaeidy-color by LaDyMuWolfram Von Bielefeld by Shi-mAlma de la gran bestia by Pachi-MapacheWatercolour. The bird on the branch. by milesboardThe Gift of Liberty by SolKorraUnicorn Dreams by TigresaDainaMirai Trunks (Draw it again meme) by Jennikey23Radioactive comic page 2 by Darkpaw2001Eagles by Darkpaw2001You are my inspiration by Shimochisama

ID 15 by CrEEdEncE004Fairy Nature by lauraypabloCara by paula-the-catRapunzel - Aranyhaj by ladyjudinaJacke! by princesasinesperansaskull makeup by MiSA-MiiSAJust my fursona by Arianathehuman

Vianna by XSol-StudiosXthe train on the sea by JoanLladoEmais w kotowatej formie by BlueMagicPanthera,,Wolf soul,, chap.1 cover by IamStanfanWIP for ArticWolf14 by Mitsuki-wolfExtra II Los Triunfadores - Is that a wolf by Choco-mentaBy the water by Nothofagus-obliqua[AT] Meaghanvocahetaloid by Jess1578Turian OC by GuardianOfNightmaresBlue Night by BLACKNIGHTINGALE81Petra Ral by nicarauaKushell - Ice Mirror by fluffycawwot

Fix Me by KasodiOC Rex by MegaBlueNukeJ.A:  Awakening II #32 by DanielSwannCalling H/Nome by EmberWolfsArtAT: Libra by Naka-HanaCrissis Magika pagina 31 by MRVISIOMaster Kerrigan by SwarmCreator

ChristmasWishes by KmyGraphicKatinka Page 246 by JB-PawstepStock: Duck Pond by CelemAfrica -Page 43 by ARVEN92Isabella as a Christmas elf by 1987arevaloKitara the wolfhound - Robin the funny doggy by MortenEng21Christmas gift for EyesInTheDark666 by vdafneGood Friends by Lys-Mily35Hewer Nieve by streetXoftXheXkillHakuoki OC: Jackie Arcuri +Speedpainting! by Jennikey23~Another Des in the road~ by desilancerFirefly Night AT by Jadzriel

Ghost by Peter1998Star Ronin: Ayame Chapulin Colorada by NecroCCFanart: El Chavo del 8 by NecroCCLDT Cap.3 Pag.2 by ingart15this happens when you're a grinch by ghostthewhitecatSnowflakes by ghostthewhitecatchristmas ..GIFT.. 4 by brenstar345

Bramblestar..collab.. by brenstar345Gloria, La loba que busca la libertad - Pag 2 by JulipaezvaAventuras Capitulo 10 Pg 14 by LaurykachanHappy Hollidays! by Paty-Longbottom21A traditional gift by DjmusicandcartoonsComission-6 by SofiaVZTwisted Mythology by MadGardensDaina Tigress of Pampas 65 by TigresaDainaDesierto by CrackodyaleFlor de espinas by VeTeRiLuSky y su falta de concentracion by TamAyalaBernard by Neko-YomeMadness eating his cake by BrianTheFoxStormBreeze by RiverSpirit456Freedom spirit by Darkpaw2001Goodbye my good friend by Lys-Mily35Klaus by Unreal-ForeverJack Daniel ref by ArticWolf14Wolverine by BPuigA Messy Return! by Monochromatic-MessPain and Pain - 6 by tacianap


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1000points giveaway!!!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 6:31 AM

Since it's Christmas soon and I've hoarded loads of points here I thought I'll give some away to my lovely watchers who I haven't talked to in so long!!
There will be 2 winners and I'll use a random number generator to pick the lucky 2~

:star:Winner will get 700points 
and the runner up will get 300points!

-Just fav and comment anything in this journal so I can give you a number
-Must be watching me (new watchers welcome!)
-You get an extra ticket if you share this journal

Good Luck!!

Also check out my friend's raffle~  Christmas Raffle OPENHello guys~
Time for a Christmas Raffle.
What you win:
1st winner:
A waist up drawing: 

2nd winner:
A headshot drawing:
[larger size, can be a Imvu DP too though]

3rd winner:
A mini-chibi:

4th winner:
A headshot pixel icon:

How to join:
Must be a watcher.
please do not watch just to join, what's the point of winning art from me if you don't even like it
Fave this journal.
End date: 19th Dec.
I'll use random org to extract winner. First one gets prize one, second prize two and so on.


For f**k’s sake. Terrorists are not under your bed. They are not hiding around every corner. They are not in the seat next to you. The few that are out there only win if you start to think they might be.
In 2005, a gaggle of weak-minded twits blew themselves up on the London Underground. I and 1.2 BILLION other passengers per year still use it. Could another attack happen? Of course. But so could fire, flood, collapse or accident. You could get hit by a bus as you exit the station! There are a thousand-and-one terrible things that could happen to you today and, I assure you, unless you live in some third world sh*thole, the odds of a random yahoo causing you physical harm for political or religious reason is one of the least likely to occur.

By watching The Interview in theatres, you would have been more likely to choke on a popcorn kernel than get caught up in any kind of threatened reprisal.

F**k you Sony. I’m buying an Xbox…….

Quick Note: Don't read this if you don't want like rants and sit.

Okay, so apparently it's others choice to choose what YOUR character should look like. Apparently mostly choose if YOU should keep YOUR Oc. Although the character isn't theirs but YOURS.

For Example:
Nina The Killer
Now, many people disliked her just because she shipped with Eyeless Jack and had a child and all.
But at least she created something instead of nothing.
But no. People disliked it so she was forced to get rid of the character and deactivate her account.

Now, think about that. You know how sad it is for an owner who actually decided to create something but soon  got rid of them just because everyone made them.
How would you like it if it happened to one of your characters.
It's not a really good feeling.

Why can't you just let someone make their character the way the want it? What the hell is so wrong with a person trying to create a character they want? Why does it have to be others choice?

Also, the character doesn't have to me slim or slender. What's wrong with a bigger character? I hope you know not all characters will run from cops and all, it's not like that would happen to every single god damn character.

And then it gets to those points where there is just a few similarities to another and apparently it's copying. Are fucking serious? It could even be one similarity and the other will still get pissed off. 

It gets to the point where someone can't even make a character because they're afraid about the similarities and everything.
It's like predator and prey. The predator is the OC that is more popular and more loved. The prey is the OC of someone's dreams. Soon the predator kills the prey. The prey is never seen again and the prey's mother or father get's upset.

Now. This is the complete definition of a Mary/Gary Sue:

1. Being overpowered and can't be killed. Meaning there's no weaknesses of a character.

2. Everyone loves the character and is everybody's friend and they are perfect personality. (basically a goody-goody)

3.Everything they say and do in the storyline has everything evolved around just them <--(and even then it's a bit tricky to not make characters like that sometimes.)


Just. Stop. Okay, and let someone make their characters without trouble please. I beg of you. Just stop.

I know this may not be much. I may have sounded stupid or pathetic. But I had to get it off my chest.

Peace on Earth

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 2:47 PM

I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet
The words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

 Senegalese Concert - 3 by ZephyraMilie Kermit Ruffins and the Barbecue Swingers by maxlake2 
A Moment Of Stillness by Joe-Maccer 
Watching by Tsabo6 I love you - St. Vincent by grafnarq Bearded Man by ronmonroe 

And thought how, as the day had come,
The belfries of all Christendom
Had rolled along
The unbroken song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Till, ringing, singing on its way,
The world revolved from night to day,
A voice, a chime,
A chant sublime
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

 ... by K-Ceros 098 by Les-Piccolo Winter branch by gigi50 
The Love of Gannets by NicoFroehberg 
'I am forever blowing bubbles' by FunkyBah Early Christmas Present! by MARX77 

Then from each black, accursed mouth
The cannon thundered in the South,
And with the sound
The carols drowned
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Almond Gingerbread by Malintra-Shadowmoon Snowglobes... by FeliFee These Cookies Are For Me? by ValerieJoyLauria 
Cookies    A recipe sat on the island countertop.  Strewn all about the countertop were ingredients and a few mixing bowls. I stood next to the island, carefully adding flour to a measuring cup. The flour tickled my nose with its peculiar, dry smell. Lil One dumped her cup of sugar into the largest mixing bowl.
    We worked in the kitchen, looking out over the rest of the room. The kitchen joined the dining room and the living room as one long room the length of our house. Complete with high ceilings. A fantastic room to heat in the winter. In the living room portion of the room, Dad sat at his computer and Mom worked on homework for her one Master’s class.
    Lil One put down the measuring cup and crossed the length of the room. “Mom? How long are tongues? I know they go down into our throats, but how far?”
    “Yes they do, but I don’t remember how far.” Mom replied hal
Let it go by Kelrisa Tatty by jeromeelizaga Make a Wish by XRlS 

It was as if an earthquake rent
The hearth-stones of a continent,
And made forlorn
The households born
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

Das Christkind kommt - Light in the Darkness by Cundrie-la-Surziere Christmas Tree by FunkyBah Have a wonderful Christmas Time! by plumita1 
Seasons ChangeLightning can't strike
the same place twice,
but my love for you has
struck too many times
to count.
   that spark ignited a fire
   in your bones,
   but my heart barely
   smolders as you breathe
   into my downturned lips.
I wish you’d say you love me
the way I do you,
but I’m certain it’s just
the cold keeping your lips
pursed and frozen.
   our hands are entwined
   like gnarled oak branches
   dancing in the winter chill,
   but you don’t feel the
   dying warmth between them-
   I just don’t love you
But when the Earth
around us blooms into
spring, warming the
bones in our hands,
will you unthaw for me?
Flowers will sprout in
your eyes, and I will fall
for you all over again.
   those daisies I bought
   for you are wilting,
   dying for the attention of
   a non-existent sun;
Snowy Wreath by BTrerice Ananasz II by Wordup 

And in despair I bowed my head;
"There is no peace on earth," I said:
"For hate is strong,
And mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!"

Happy In The Bathtub by GuySella Serious by ZephyraMilie good conversationalist by Vladimir12908 

Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
"God is not dead; nor doth he sleep!
The Wrong shall fail,
The Right prevail,
With peace on earth, good-will to men!

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We wish you joy and peace this holiday season!


...bleak mid-winter3... by Coigach 
Solstice Blessings by EarthHart Dust 29 by SabakuNoShi 

Updating this and making it separate from our other journal because I feel that last one was a bit messy. Also made some price changes, but of course, those don't affect those who have already paid or ordered and plan to pay after! 

❤ Use it however you like!
❤ Credit us when possible
❤ You can pay before or after
❤ If you choose to cancel while your commission is in progress, you will be charged a fee for the work that has been done (and if you paid before, you will not be refunded)
❤ No refunds, but we can fix things if you're unhappy
❤ We'll do most anything, but if we're not comfortable with something, we'll let you know
❤ Prices are not negotiable, but we may do art trades! Just ask. (And don't complain about prices, suck my ass ok)
❤ Give us time, we usually have a lot to do!
❤ Unlimited slots!


ICONS (20 :points:)
Atolla Icon (TwelfthMoon) by ZeroReceptionSeron Icon (Kairuko) by ZeroReceptionOwen Icon (GayTrashbaby) by ZeroReceptionUnnamed Icon (Fanface) by ZeroReceptionEyeball Icon (Elevera) by ZeroReceptionAtasi Icon (Rhisper) by ZeroReceptionSnail Girl Headshot Icon (Tsukinoshinchu) by ZeroReceptionNuki Icon (Menszuu) by ZeroReceptionKimmie Icon (SelvieMoonSetter) by ZeroReceptionKaito Icon (TheRaptorAlpha) by ZeroReceptionRosaline Icon (Brisle) by ZeroReception

LINKED ICONS (40 :points:)
GraysonxNimueh Icon (Aelliana) by ZeroReceptionAbby And Lazer Icons (ToxiaVirus) by ZeroReceptionCardinalxBear Icon (Fanface) by ZeroReceptionNinxKat Icon (Roxy292) by ZeroReception

Custom Humanoid (DenNorFanGirl) by ZeroReceptionComm. Owler (ChimneyMarie) by ZeroReceptionComm. Snail Girl (Tsukinoshinchu) by ZeroReceptionAT Greed (SelvieMoonSetter) by ZeroReceptionCustom Rainbow Demon (SkyLandWarrior) by ZeroReception

100 Point Ira Customs! by ZeroReception(For Ira customs, please go here!)
Comm. Corinth (I-Ran-So-Far-Away) by ZeroReceptionComm. Watermelanie (I-Ran-So-Far-Away) by ZeroReceptionComm. Iced Tina (I-Ran-So-Far-Away) by ZeroReception

GOOYBOO OR FNAF PIXELS (150 :points:) (Gooyboos are an original species by TinyShiro!)
Comm. Sour Patch Gooyboo (Kairuko) by ZeroReceptionAT Puddle Gooyboo (Kairuko) by ZeroReceptionAT Salamander (AdoptableCutes) by ZeroReception

ANIMAL PIXELS (200 :points:) (They'll be about as big as the first one or bigger, and have more complex shading)
Vesteria 2 by ZeroReceptionNephi 4 by ZeroReception

Here is the full for everything we've done if you're interested:
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