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Caenus 843 by EyeOfGalyx

My boy and his flockmates could use some AP while I finish up my own backorders.

Anything you can create of any of my stryx worth 5AP will get you a ticket for a full slot to Caenus, raffle ends when he's Ascended!  I will also randomly select a second place winner that may choose a split slot to any of my stryx that can be redeemed as soon as they hit Alpha. If you would rather not wait, you may use it as an Omega slot, but no rerolls will be given. If there are enough entries I may do two of these. Split clutch will always get you POC and majority of young. If only one, it is yours and 3 will get you your pick of two, just give me the remainder geno!

I will roll as Caenus hits every stage, the entry that wins will be 'used up' so if you only enter once and win at Alpha, you will have to do another entry to qualify again.  Any entries that don't win will still be in the raffle for the next level :)  Please use Caenus as a primary figure, since he'll level faster and get you rewards swifter the more AP he gets, but you are welcome to group him with any of my other goobers.  I am already working on training and tribute pics, but any scavenging or hunting pics are great.

 PLEASE BE AWARE IF YOUR ART DOES NOT EQUAL THE MIN. AP REQUIREMENT IT DOESN'T COUNT. Enter as many times as you like, bonus tickets for every +2 AP to a piece, but please ensure that it meets the general AP requirements of the stryx group!  If I have already commissioned or traded you something for your piece it will not count, but if you add 5AP worth to an existing piece you can enter it.

NO INBREEDING OF ANY OF MY STRYX EVER!  Sorry, messed up babies are too sad. If your Stryx is Inbred, they can breed mine but I won't give a reroll if tragedy occurs.  None of them will breed until Alpha, so please plan accordingly if the stryx you choose to pair them with is not yet Alpha.  I will happily reserve your slot until the other is leveled, or you will have to use a reroll for your stryx, please!

Here's the flock!

Fleet 645 by EyeOfGalyx  Bezzakonnyy 824 by EyeOfGalyx  Tokidoki 448 by EyeOfGalyx  Skaoi 549 by EyeOfGalyx

Either of these idiots can be thrown in as a handler of varying competence if needed:

Selwyn and Aloysious: Stryx Riders

If you wish to add your own stryx for AP I don't mind, my handlers do not keep strict tabs on their kids and the flock escape on all kind of adventures, so go wild :3 I appreciate your taking the time to check their personality and try to keep them in line with their usual behavior, but not necessary!

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  • Listening to: Matt Eliott - Desamparado
  • Reading: Hands
  • Watching: Feelings
  • Playing: With Hands
  • Eating: Nails
  • Drinking: Red Wine

Feature #7

Theme: Hands

I tried to make a little story, but I've lost the thread.
Hope you enjoy it just the same.
btw. I'm sorry for featuring some pictures twice

Thank you.


"Head in sand

My head in your hands

Stolen time is all we'll find

We'll never see that peace of mind

I will break and you will bend

It never ends

It never ends"

Drowning by ZarinaSitumorang

Hands and Gestures by t-r-a-n-c-e
fate by Kvassimodo

- . --.- ..- .. . .-. --- -.-. --- -. -- .. --. by MaRx886

Reaching [5/30] by LashelleValentine

Addiction by Bluerose1324

White Flower by Victor-Hamke

Creation by bittersweetvenom

     Ascending the Nothing by BenGoodspeed   Seven by StrigoiVii

   it's all a matter of light and hands by PsycheAnamnesis

silence teaches you how to sing by ohlin84

gaea by potworow

Intentionally Untitled #3 by Bibz-says-rawR

short night tale by deer-o

Attrape-doigts by Melistine

nightmares aren't always dark by spiritmadeofstars

can't go on, can't go back by deadendsoul

Skin glow by lune-fille

Selbstgesuch by ArrHart

AMANTES by MenervaTau

Marie by TanjaMoss

fears by cPaos

Angels and Demons by TanjaMoss

.. . Secret Touch . .. by M-0-N-0

wilt. by megfinyte

Shelter by fairyladyphotography

02 by AvaDeRosa

goodbye by EtoileSU

Untitled by TanjaMoss

broken by whitecrow-soul

Bite by ElenaHelfrecht  

     If I don't create I fall apart by purakashi

EmmenezMoi.... by Malcolm21Viento.. by MaRx886
Survivor by graacehh

C.M. VIII by thegryllus

Hold my hand by Kvassimodo

Open Hand by MVVR

Obsessions by ScarletteDeath

Let's play the piano by ScarletteDeath

the left attacks the right for right by vskyanilla

 ~ by Victor-Hamke

blind love by thefirebomb

Tinta china by vstonem4

Hold On by Observer14

Wait by Ellke

Schizoid by elyssa-obscura

Butterfly Heartbeat by ElenaHelfrecht

The butterfly by Golden-Owl

Maj by AngieAvadaKedavra

Unrest by drizzledust

Despair. by jessicaghoul

title by Kvassimodo


    Waiting by Semiase

a void which can't be filled by LostOneself

Fragiel by MVVR

be my guide through the darkness by ewzatorska

birdy street by deer-o

The Loss Of Light by TheFoxAndTheRaven

{Cero Umano} by Gorche

sadness by ccconvoitise

Autumn harvest by forgotten-tale

love affaire by deer-o

hands by alice-strawn

Touch of nature by thedaydreaminggirl

give me more by d-aalen

the forest. by M0THart

IMG 1481nin2014signed by Nokonha

season I, episode 20 by deer-o

Mother's Children by MarinaCoric

Her skin has the color of wilted leaves dying ... by RapidHeartMovement

back to my roots by midnigght

 Towards The Within VI by RapidHeartMovement

Tactile by Peterix

Ambre Autumn by TanjaMoss

Tension by MikeGamble
Like a shadow by AaGayia

Like Two Strangers by NinaSever

emptiness.... by LostOneself

i crave for you.. by LostOneself

Tender hearts by czas

Where we belong by anaPhenix

nikelenski by nikelena

Untitled by FabriziaMiliaPhotos

Read me by Ellke

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.. by Etimasia

hand part 2 by alice-strawn

3310 by AvaDeRosa

The Edge of Patience by DustOfReason

His veins were like the roots of trees... by Saffella

listen to your heart by annasandalaki

In the middle of insomnia by SilvieTepes

The Whisperer in Darkness by Ellke

Ruka by ChildrenofOsirisArt

Drown with me... by elocin5

Her hand by Febrilis

Floating again by TamarBurduli

Labyrinth Of Dreams by Doloresvselenium

Fetters (fear no.148 Possession) by bareHa

Gore Declaration by SophieDereal

Heart in Hand by ZarinaSitumorang

Human anatomy is the strangest thing. II by CookmePancakes

it slips away so fast by fragilemuse-org

Today by MsVanum

What have I done by Mrs-Durden

Stained Hands by MKAphotography

dose. by beyondimpression

Ef(froid)yable by Dario-L

 feeling helplessness by scheinbar

black gloves by angrazdrei

The Prisoner by MyFantasie

Hands by Melistine

Img 7600-01 by dpavlov

Abandoned Memories by MeishkaBokeh

Hope Dies Painless by AlexandrinaAna
Against the Wall by niklin1

Two frightened doves by Anina-Bird 

Hello there! 
I have 2 important updates that are important to tell. 
First of all, I am gonna be deleting my FleesveonFansfriends DA club, simply because I find it a bit pointless, it's only purpose was to expose those who made art for me and promote them some, either it was a commission or fannart, art trade, etc. Well now that I am a tiny busier, I will no longer be using this group, that's why I haven't really done anything important with it. 

Secondly, I have this discount sheet laying on my files for quiet a while, unable to upload it because so far commissions have been going so greatly that I didn't have the need to do it, so I decided to make it simply a December discount, this is the sheet I got so far. If you are interested check it out!! There are some beautiful prices such as the Bundle #1 that includes awesome stuff for a incredibly cheap price!!

  • All you have to do is COMMENT bellow saying you want what discount, I will note you with the form you must fill, if you skip this step I will charge you with the normal prices. 
Also please remember that these apply to my Terms of Service
Discountsu by fleesveon
I may update this journal in the weekend so others don't miss it.


1) Leiuii (PAID) BUNDLE#1
2) coldioc (PAID) Cell CHIBI
3) xAngelSpiritx (PAID) Cell CHIBI
4) Mipurin (PAID) Doodly Lineart Halfbody
After years of procrastination, here comes my official YouTube Channel. I will be uploading many timelapse videos, live chats, interviews and more. Do hit the subscribe button if you want to support what I have to offer. :)

Here is the little trailer for the launch:

So, I'm gonna start with this raffle to celebrate the launching of my new species. Venseals.
What the heck are Venseals? Let the info talk by itself :>
If anyone wants to donate prizes is totally welcome!
* Added some new prizes! :>

Introducing Venseals - Species Sheet by AlfonshotsVenseals - Anatomy Info Sheet by Alfonshots

 This is how to get in :D 

DEADLINE: November 31st, 2015

To enter the raffle you must:
• Be a watcher (New watchers are always welcome :> )
• Fav this journal.
• Leave a comment with the word "Lechuga" which means hope in Spanish. (Jk about hope)

To get more entries:
• Tag 5 people ( + 1 Entry)
• Tag 10 ( + 2 Entries)
• Make a journal about this Raffle ( + 2 Entries)
You can earn a total of 5 Entries. Yay!

Prizes will be growing if more people takes in or more people donate prizes! :>

Annoying Dog 1st PLACEAnnoying Dog 

• An Extra Rare Traited Custom Venseal.
• A Rare Traited MYO Venseal.
• A Baby MYO Baby Venseal.
• Watch by me.
• Llama from me.
• + 10 :points:
• A Full color of your Venseal by DeepFriedKilamari
Annoying Dog 2nd PLACEAnnoying Dog 
• An Rare Traided Custom Venseal.
• An Uncommon Traited MYO Venseal.
• A Baby MYO Venseal.
• Llama from me.
• + 3 :points:
• A Flat color of your Venseal by DeepFriedKilamari
Annoying Dog 3rd PLACEAnnoying Dog 
• An Uncommon Traited Custom Venseal.
• A common Traited MYO Venseal
• A Baby MYO Venseal.
• Llama from me.
• A colored sketch of your Venseal by DeepFriedKilamari


Light Hunter (Venseal) - Owner: Ahsnya
Light Hunter (Venseal) - Owner: Ahsnya by Alfonshots
Astral Blue - Venseal
Astral Blue - Venseal by Alfonshots
Baby Venseals MYO Example:

Babys Venseals  by Drachen-D-Adrik

Venseals are closed species © by Alfonshots

Sorteo 60 points

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 23, 2015, 8:45 PM


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TERMINA: 30/Noviembre
Los Ganadores Se Obtendran por


-Si no hay mas de 10 participantes se cancela-

By: Sukiie
Hello! I'm going to be hosting an art contest where you draw my OCs.

The deadline is December 7th (two weeks from now).

Here are the rules:
-You may enter as many entries as you like, but only one can win a prize.
-Your entry/entries may be holiday themed, even though the contest does not extend throughout December.
-Gore or robogore is allowed, but NSFW and porn is not allowed.
-Multiple OCs of mine can be in the same picture.
-You can draw my OCs interacting with your own OCs if you want.
-You can draw my OCs in a different outfit if you want.
-Accuracy counts. If you're unsure about how to draw a certain part, ask me and I'll reply as soon as possible.
-Every art style is fine! It can be stylized or realistic, or anything else. Both traditional and digital are accepted as well.
-You can offer additional prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, and also honorable mentions.
-Once you finish your entry, comment below with the link.

Now, here are my OCs that I would like drawn (listed from favorite to least favorite):


She is a 19 year old "monster" girl who has tentacles for arms. She is very joyful and excitable, usually in a cheery mood. However, when she was 12 and human, her mother had died from illness. C had sold her soul to bring her mother back to life, but she would forget about her mother and become the "monster" she is now.

If you want to draw gore of her, all of her is like a human except her tentacles, which would melt.

You are welcome to design alternate outfits for her, though I do not currently have any.

Reference Images:
C Keychain by IWSTW Lil Tentacle Heart Thing Whatever by IWSTW Comm: Look at mah tentacurl by lalaliluleloha Commission for IWSTW by AoRashi21


Dreamman is a Megaman OC who was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily. He deals with giving people specific dreams or visions, and putting them to sleep, so he is not very good at combat. Dream is very narcissistic and thinks highly of himself, and cares not a single bit for others. But before he was reprogrammed, he was very caring, especially for his twin sister, Tailorwoman.

If you want to draw gore of him, he is a robot, so make it robogore.

There are two outfits for him, but you are welcome to design new ones.

Reference Images:
Main Outfit: Dreamman Keychain by IWSTW Updated Dreamman Ref by IWSTW Sketch request for IWSTW by vampsaiyain
Pre-Reprogamming Outfit: Before the Change by IWSTW [AT] Dreamman by WaCorori


Tailorwoman is a Megaman OC. Although her brother was reprogrammed, she never was. She works with sewing and creating clothing, and is very generous and hard working. She dearly misses her brother, and still has a photo of them together in her room.

If you want to draw gore of her, she is a robot, so make it robogore.

Designing her a new outfit or her sewing an outfit is welcome.

Reference Images:
Holy Shit I Drew Her After All This Time by IWSTW A Simpler Time by IWSTW Commission IWSTW by Liittlemadness

Nebula Knight

She is a Shovel Knight OC, her personality has not been developed much so any expression or pose is acceptable. She is dating a friend's OC, Candy Knight, so a drawing of the two girls together is welcome!

If you want to draw gore of her, she is human so the normal human gore is fine.

She has two outfits, but you are welcome to design a new outfit.

Reference Images:
Armor: Its Been So Long by IWSTW Art trade with IWSTW by vampsaiyain
Casual Outfit: Nebula Knight Armorless Design by IWSTW Commission for IWSTW by molegato
With Candy Knight: Nebula and Candy by IWSTW Commission 24 by pposong

Thank you for reading about my OCs, and now here are the prizes (You may offer additional prizes for the places):

First Place:
$30 or 2,400 points
A fully shaded fullbody from me (:iconiwstw:)
Halfbody sketch (one character) from :iconkatagro:

Second Place:
$20 or 1,600 points
A fully shaded halfbody from me (:iconiwstw:)
Halfbody sketch (one character) from :iconkatagro:

Third Place:
$10 or 800 points
A fully shaded chibi or bust from me (:iconiwstw:)
Portrait Sketch (one character) from :iconkatagro:

Honorable Mentions:
A flat colored chibi or bust from me (:iconiwstw:)

If you would like to donate a prize, please comment or note me and I'll add it on the prize list.
Advertising is very helpful, but not required.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

Thank you, and good luck to everyone!

Capturing Change

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2015, 3:22 PM

Graceful Ways by darkdex52

I have some really great news!

About a month ago, in mid-October, I was contacted by DeviantART for participating in a project. They had read my journal of how I was raising funds for a new camera, since my old 1000D had run out of shutter’s life, and decided I would be perfect for the new project by Sony.

4 photographer, me included, all received Sony mirroless cameras and were set out for a week-long shoot capturing change in each of our countries. I got myself a Sony a7R with E 55-210mm telephoto lens. I also thought a wider-angle lens would be really suited for the project, so using the fundraiser money, I got myself the Sony E 16mm F2.8 Pancake lens.

It really is the biggest project I’ve ever done in my life, and the very first professional job I’ve got as a photographer. Really, it’s the biggest event in my 25 years of life, and I’m proud of my finished work. Really am. It was tons of fun and a big learning experience working with dA and with the other 3 photographers as well. They did a superb job too and for me it was very interesting to compare how similar and at the same time differently we went on our approach on the concept. They're really some great photographers.

I urge you to check out the whole project as it’s really important to me and thank you everyone for supporting me. Without you guys, deviantART wouldn’t have seen me and I wouldn’t have been part of this project.

Thank you.

Danse Russe by darkdex52
The Farmer by darkdex52

Check out the project here:…


Diabetes Fuel

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 24, 2015, 10:45 AM

Now that the days are getting shorter, colder and darker (at least here in Norway),
why not brighten and warm it up with some EXTREME cuteness? :)

Warning: Puppies, kitties, piglets and more coming up!

love by all17 BEST FRIENDS! by KristynaKvapilovaHusky by Ksuksa-Raykova

White Angel by ToygerCat
The Kitten Kiss by leenaravenCute Small Nose by darkcalypso

Rita IV by Ieiazel18 I promise... by RhoadesAsylum

Bunny by CloudySkyCupcake Cute Bunny by lovecharmmaster
A Real Easter Bunny by thisisyesterday Me cutest Bunbun on this spot by InperFectionCreation

I love you baby by woxys lynx by lithiumlullaby

Guinea pig in nature by lieveheersbeestje Nom nom by lieveheersbeestje

Lorich 3 - Fancy rat by DianePhotos Feirefiz 1 - Fancy rat by DianePhotos

Just too Cute by thrumyeye Baby Swan. by sekhmet-neseret
Two Ducklings by SnowPoring

Piglet by Sian44

Zot in a Knot by HeatherTelesca axolotl - 1 by studpup

Hello, I'm adorable. by DeeOtter
Baby Ferret by mjphotoart Ferret Baby by AdamAlexanderKing
ShockDawwww by Key-Feathers

Mr. Opossum by ThreeStoned

Skin by SimplySilent
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