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Let's face it, the chances DA will listen to us aren't very high
I've had this idea for a while but it will take a large group of people and a huge following to happen
Now this is only if Deviant Art continues to give our voice the cold shoulder
My Idea:
A place where art theft is actually handled
A place where sudden banhammering is unheard of
A place where all big decisions are made only when the community approves
A place where everyone has a vote
A place where that values the voice of the community
A place where members can feel safe
A place where people can express themselves on profiles without having to pay monthly fees
A place where buying site currency doesn't have to feel like a nessesity to enjoy anything
DA is filled with talented and hard working people that can make such a site exist
We all deserve to have that site
People are constantly leaving this site over DA's carelessness
My Idea is a new place for them to go
This Idea is nothing without some help
Spread the word or talk to me if you're ready to make this happen
Only if DA keeps blocking us out.



Mon Aug 3, 2015, 10:32 PM

People have a right to be frustrated at changes.
No you don't need a premium account to be an artist, but having a customized profile is nice to have, and many on here can't afford it now.
Stop putting others down or calling them pretentious/drama queen/exaggerated just because they don't have the luxury of making one adopt and getting $50

Give me the memes boy

and free my soul, I wanna see that frog every time I scroll...

me singing with my babies
Alright so I noticed the change today, as I'm sure others have, in regards to changing "premium membership" to "core membership" as well as a hefty cost increase to $50 for a year or 4000 :points: ...

What are your thoughts? Here are mine?

1.) I understand increasing prices as the point of websites are usually to make money amd inflaton exists. However I think it should have been done gradually over time. It's not that hard for me to get 4000 :points: through adoptable and commissions but it isn't always easy for others. And I would never consider buying a premium membership on any website for $50.

2.) The orange star by my name is horrible looking and clashes with the layout. I saw nothing wrong with the previous icons. I really hope this orange star isn't a sign of a change in layout colors because I don't want an orange and white layout...

3.) I am a beta tester but I don't recall being shown any sign that this was going to happen. Which means it was done to make more money without the concern of us deviants. Not cool DA... not cool.

The Legend Of Core

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 5:36 PM

I hope it has a good ending..

Core Membership by MistDapple
"Only the Staff Member, master of all four members, could stop them.

But when the world needed them most, they vanished..."

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[Read me] Idea

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2015, 7:30 AM
Lame lazyass

CSS Skin

[update] We decided to wait some years (we're fourteen and still too young) before making the site, we decided to save up some money (500 euro) with the commissions and our families' gifts so that we'll have a base to start the site in some years. During this time we'll think about the design and the logo and we'll upload our news here, so that people will be able to say what they think.
We still need help from you, we need some advices and your support for making the site so we'd really appreciate if you'd tell us what you think about the ideas we'll post.

Okay, me and Hiiikary were thinking about creating a new art site
That's totally crazy I know, but most of the people use dA because they can earn even without paypal and because it's one of the only (we could say the only one) sites that let us post our art here and earn some money.
Since dA is becoming an horrible site, that just wants to earn money we thought about creating a new one.
My bro is really good at coding and making sites (he has a site created by himself) and I thought that I could ask to him some help with the site.
Ofc we'll need some help and we'll need your help too.
We'll need to pay some experts to help us, so we might need some donations because I can't let my bro pay it all (he's going to college, I can't ask that to him).
we might keep the pm BUT
pm for 2 months will cost 4 euro, for six months 10 euro and for 12 months 20 (you can tell us what you think about the prices, we need your help) and if you gift pm to someone you'll receive the same amount of pm for free (it's a win-win situation)
because like I said before, we'll need to pay everymonth some experts.

Still, this is just an idea for now.

We'll need your help with the categories that will be made, so please tell us what you would like in the site.
All the rules will be chosen by us (all the deviants) and we'll try to follow the advices you might tell us.
So this will be a site where you'll post your art and where there will be rules that we'll all approve.
What do you think about the idea? would it be okay with you?
In case of dA getting worse, there's a probabily that we'll start working about creating the site.
(please keep in mind that we're only 14 y/o so we'll need to study everything before knowing perfectly what to do)

Originally written by Hotaryuu Reposted by me

Is Fnaf pizza shit ; 7 ; )/

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So who else thinks this Core Member crap sucks? I know, I do. Between hiking up their rates for premium membership and changing our profile pages to look more like facebook...where will it end?? dA is basically cutting our non-member perks, too. It's like dA wants us to either pay an arm and a leg to become Core Members or just leave. dA cares less and less about it's members everyday. They have very lenient rules about what is considered nudity or "mature" and needing a mature tag. Plus, they seem to care less when you report someone for stolen artwork on here. Not to mention, they don't give a rat's ass about cyber-bullying on here. Every day I consider more and more about leaving dA. dA used to stand for devaintArt, now I think it's stands for something else completely different.

If you're interested, there is a petition up for boycotting this Core Membership crap.…



i heard you guys needs these money. we could give you these money because if we are here it means that we like deviantart. all these people would GLADLY help you, but the fact is that ( i am talking for myself, not for others. if they agree, well ) i would like some changes in this community. i'd like to look at my screen and think "wow!, this is what they do with the money i gave them; I LIKE IT." 
the only thing people notice in these updated you do, is the symbol changes, and that's not true because i know it's hard to keep up a big community like this; but for the price we have to pay ( which is a REAL price and not only virtual deviantart points ) we would like a concrete changement.

EDIT: can we talk a bit about the new updates?
seriously deviantart, this is not a critique but just a question that i think EVERYONE have in their minds: "how do you spend all the money we give you for this new "core" membership?"

you just made double the price we have to pay and you erased some privileges that we had with the cheaper premium membership. what's this "cor" membership? and why do we have to pay 40$ for it? with 40$ my family can go to the supermarket for two weeks to buy pasta, milk and bread; i AT LEAST hope that you stuff use these money to do something about the most serious problems we have here: scammers, thiefs, trolls and people who tell us deviants to die, pedophiles and cyberbullies tec. but no.
i'm deviant user since 4 years or more and i NEVER seen a changement or developement of "how do we ban these people from the communty?".
i know it isnt simple, but we give you guys LOT of money every month/year and we don't see any change in this community, if not the amout of thief getting bigger every week.
the only thing i seen are symbols to change near the name, and the fact that we have to pay 4,000 points to get a premium membership.
i seriosuly hope someone could tell me WHY should i pay 40$ to get a freakin CORE membership if i don't even need it. i'd like to see what would the community do if anyonw will buy this "core" membership.

deviantart staff, we will gladly help you if you ever comunicate with us. we are a community, not a politicians group. if you talk to us, things will solve out faster and easily. you can't do it all by your own.


Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2015, 4:39 PM

@ dA 
the majority of artists here on dA struggle to make $15. lmao. you think raising the prices is gonna give your shitty art site more money? you already took like $50 from me you shitty green piss pots 
this is ridiculous. 

ON HOLD for someone! <3


Selling her for purchase & art price of $1650
Sweet Royalty by witchpaws
She has rare features and was from valentine's day!

  • Don't offer any less than the given amount
  • Don't offer characters or swaps or art. 
  • Phloxe will be contacted before the sale is finalized to confirm that she won't be going to anyone on the blacklist.
  • I can do a payment plan of up to two months but at least 50% must be paid upfront
  • A of all her artwork will be sent to the buyer after paid in full.

Note me if you're interested!