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reuploaded my old videos again XD
(featuring my awful fnaf ocs e ^ e)
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Fri Mar 27, 2015, 2:31 PM

EDIT: MYO Waterdog Slot added to first place prize bunch
EDIT 2: Added more prizes from Leafia-Chan-Blade

FORGOT TO SAY @ 0 @ this contest will end on May 27th so you have 2 months to enter~
Alright, I think I've got a decent amount of species prizes all bundled up! >w<! Thank you all who donated! I also hope this will help you guys with your species too~! You all have such awesome species and I can't wait to see the future winners make their new found species <33

ANYWAYS, here's how things are >w<
Just draw my Trancelings. Together or apart, it doesn't matter~. Any form of art is accepted and any level of art is accepted. You could be a beginning artist or the most amazing artist and still enter, THERE ARE NO LIMITS!!! :DDD
There are two limitations though
NO Furries/Anthro. Tranceligns are four-legged and I like them that way
NO NSFW. That shouldn't need to be explained

Anyways, here's the Trancelings! >w<
Loretta by FailehHaiku by FailehHanami by FailehAlexander by FailehIke The Gay by FailehCE: Captain Stormy by xRubyCayxWinter Rose Tranceling: Doyle OC by FailehFloat by FailehChoco Mousse Tranceling AUCTION by Celestial-TrancePanini by FailehWallace by FailehI AM NOT SHORT!! by FailehOlivia Chibi by FailehThisbe Chibi by Failehbirds of a feather by faIchion
Other info about them can be found here…


First Place Prize
- 2 MYO Lantorm Slots
- MYO Alkayleyen Deer Slot
- MYO Waterdog Slot
- Custom Sleepy Lambiie from MAYGONLUVSKITTENSLU
- Custom 4 rarity Yum-Minks from SparkleBloomSwirl
- MYO Minbae from miIky-way
- MYO and Custom Orbling/Subling from Caged-Spirit
- Full picture w/bg from creepyeevee
- MYO Kintosaur from Leafia-Chan-Blade

Second Place Prize
- MYO Lantorm Slot
- MYO Alkayleyen Deer Slot
- Custom Sleepy Lambiie from MAYGONLUVSKITTENSLU
- Custom 3 rarity Yum-Minks from SparkleBloomSwirl
- Custom Minbae from miIky-way
- MYO Orbling/Subling from Caged-Spirit
- 2 chibi's from creepyeevee
- Uncommon Custom Origamiicat from Sp0ttish
- 2 MYO Draumyd's from Leafia-Chan-Blade

Third Place Prize
- MYO Lantorm Slot
- MYO Alkayleyen Deer Slot
- MYO Minbae from miIky-way
- MYO Draumyd from Leafia-Chan-Blade
- MYO Orbling/Subling from Caged-Spirit
- Common Custom Origamiicat from Sp0ttish

Entry Gallery…

If you'd like to contribute to the prizes, feel free too >w<!

After watching RWBY volumes 1 and 2, you might have a burning desire to create your own OC to attend Beacon Academy and go on their own adventures alongside the RWBY characters.

So you design a cute, bubbly cat based fauna girl named Violet with a tank cannon as a weapon and the ability to create category 4 tornadoes with her semblance, which she hesitates to use because if it goes out of control she could wipe out the entire city of Vale, causing her to fear her own power and retreat into herself.

Violet is a badly designed character. At the very least she's a typical fan created character.

But you really, really like her. That's great! You want to be attached to your OC, because otherwise why bother? So what to do? How can you make your OC interesting and draw others to her?

Let's start at the beginning.

First and foremost, don't worry about if others like her or not. If your goal is to get a lot of comments or views on your account, for strangers to tell you how awesome your OC is, then you might be disappointed. Everyone dreams that their OC will become popular enough to make a cameo appearance in the show, but odds are that won't happen. So just make the OC for yourself first, and hope for the best.

Second is the design. Everyone's art style varies, so this is hard to judge. I suck at drawing, but I was able to get my brother to make the images in my head a reality, and I plan to pay for commissions as a gift to myself sometime in the future. If you can't draw the character and don't have the means to get someone else to do it for you, don't sweat it. Stick to description and good storytelling.

While we're at it, what about the design itself? Look to real world inspirations, fashions from around the world. Take something real and tweak it a little to fit the world of RWBY. In the show we see combat skirts, dresses, suits, armour, dozens and dozens of designs that are outlandish. Don't go full anime, giving your OC more belts that is called for. Look for something unique and fitting of the character. Is she bright and friendly, or quiet and reserved? Is she trustful and determined, or pensive and calculating? All of these factors will determine her look and body language.

What about weapons? The world has no shortage of guns and blades. So how to choose? Again, consider her personality and her background. Is she a self taught fighter? Did she learn from a mentor or at school? Does she rely on speed or tactics or power or misdirection to win? What is she good at? More importantly, what is she NOT good at? And remember, the weapon doesn't need to always be a weapon. One of its forms could be a useful everyday item, like Dr. Bartholomew's thermos.

Okay, what about the name? No one in RWBY has a name that is directly a colour in the English language. There is no guy called Blue Berry or girl named Pink Leaves. So look around, find something that is usually connected to one specific type of colour, or find what a clolour is in ancient Greek or Latin. This can be a very long and hard process, but don't give up.

Now for Semblances.

This is a tricky one. Many overpower their OCs without meaning to. This will require some thought, but here is a trick. Give your OC a relatively small ability and explore all the possibilities of what that ability can do. Here's an example. Say we change Violet's semblance to create tornadoes from earlier to something simpler. Let's say that instead she can manipulate her body weight to be lighter on command, from her usual 140 lbs down to 25 lbs for arguments sake. So what would this allow her to do? Run faster, for one thing. Jumper higher, be very lightfooted so that she could sneak around if needed. Balance herself on narrow edges of walls and roofs. And even her teammates could throw her as a combo attack. There are downsides, like getting more severe knockbacks if struck while she's lighter, but that is why she's training at Beacon Academy, isn't it? Now, her semblance won't help her win a fight in and of itself, but it can help her and be used in many different ways.

Now for background. Some go tragic of a background. Others go for the normal childhood approach. Just remember that in the world of Remnant, mankind is at war with the Grimm. It's okay for your OC to have had some dark times during their life. But don't let that define them. RWBY's Yang misses her mother, but she doesn't drone on and on about it. In fact until she brought it up we never would've guessed that she almost got herself and her sister killed looking for mother dearest. But Yang has learned from that experience, realizing not to obsesses over the past.

Character development could rely these background events, like that one person who betrayed your OC, or a loved one unexpectedly coming back into their life. But try mixing that in with new problems and trials, something that your OC didn't have to deal with before. And look for angles the show hasn't yet used, but a problem that still makes sense in the world RWBY establishes.

As far as personality, never be too specific about things, such as what they like and don't like under certain senarios. “She is nice until you get her angry” is one I see a lot. “Hates injustice” is something too obvious. Instead say “My OC likes following the rules” or “She tends to forget how serious life can be”. Try broad terms that will leave readers guessing as what might happen if your OC was suddenly dropped in the middle of a food fight.

Last, but far from least, do research. Do it again and again. Read RWBY character profiles, abilities, trivias, anything that give you a clearer picture of RWBY and its rules. Look at other OCs, see what you like and what you don't. Find inspiration, but don't copy paste with a different colour. Try to imagine living in such a world and see what obstacles and scenarios you might run into. Your OC doesn't have to be a student at Beacon, or a student period. A traveller, a soldier, teacher, merchant, a weapon forger, even a grimm if you think you can pull it off. There is no limit.

So, let's take another crack at Violet.

Let's call her Lila, the Spanish for violet. Let's throw in a last name which will be fairytale in origin since RWBY finds inspiration there. Lila Swon (from swan). Let's keep her a feline fauna, but be specific and make it a lynx. And as for semblance, we'll keep the weight manipulation from before since it fits with a lynx, who are very light-footed. Personality? Sweet and bubbly is common so we'll forget that. Let's try the lovable, cranky grandmother type. I don't mean Lila is old, but she's set in her ways, openly gripping about simple things in a way that makes everyone think she's adorable, but never taken too seriously. And she has a loud belly laugh. And since she's so hands on, her weapon is a large, two handed mace that unfolds into two sawed-off shotguns.

What about her backstory? Well, we need to leave something to the imagination, don't we?

Hope this helps.

~Pagedoll Requests [OPEN]~

Thu Mar 26, 2015, 11:52 PM
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Hey guys~ ^.^

I've wanted to do this for a while since I've developed a new base for pagedolls: Preview

It comes in a variety of facial expressions~
I could also manipulate it's body if the character is a furry, humanoid, or something of the sorts c:

Follow directions to get yourself a free pagedoll! :icondojimathumbsupplz:
Guidelines by chocovii
-Must be a watcher to qualify for a request from me<3

- ONE pagedoll PER PERSON (Though, you may comment with more than one character and I could choose which I prefer ovo)

- I do not accept buff characters. It simply will not look right anyway xvx

- Don't be offended if I do not take a liking to your character q-q Characters are characters; some may not be my cup of tea///

-Fill out this form~
Character name:
Character references:
Special Item?:
Facial Expression:


That is all! ^-^ I will not reply to comments, but I will take characters that I've taken a liking to. Journal will close once I have a certain amount!

Thank chuu<3


2000 Point Raffle [open]

Fri Mar 27, 2015, 3:41 AM
Well I just got a second warning about commissioning myself to convert points to paypal. Points aren't that useful to me so I feel like doing a giveaway.

I'll pick two winners with
#1 gets 1500 points
#2 gets 500 points

You can get up to three tickets by:
:bulletgreen: Commenting on this journal [Not optional]
:bulletblue:Making a journal or poll linking here and adding it in your comment
:bulletyellow:Being a watcher of mine [New watchers always welcome]

Please don't edit your comment unless you are fixing typos. If you want an extra ticket later on, make a new comment or I won't see it.

If this gets more than 500 tickets, I'll add two more winners for 500 points each

Ends on the 20th of April!

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Been a long time! but I hope i can start posting more here! :D
 So the lovely :iconroboheather: has been an absolute gem and written not one, but four amazing Bruce/Aerostorm (Sharknado shipping) fanfictions. Each one is absolutely GLORIOUS and charming and I really can't recommend them enough, if you're a fan of the characters and the ship. I recommend reading them in order. :)

Night Train “Honestly, mate, we’ve been here for a bloody hour already! When is this blasted thing supposed to start?”
“Soon, Brucie! I promise.”
The dark pony sighed deeply and wiggled in the grass, trying to find a more comfortable position and glared back up at the stars.
Big bad Bruce…puncher of sharks, captain of the hoofball team in high school, voted most likely to get into a fight with a dragon…laying on his back in a damn field next to a hippie star gazing. The blokes would laugh their tails off if they saw this. It was right out of a scene from one of those terrible romance novels his old girlfriends were so crazy about.
Not that BRUCE thought this was romantic. He’d deck the first stallion to suggest it.
Still…he supposed, in a purely objective way, it COULD be seen that way. There was a full moon, stars as far as the eye could see, and a train whistle in the distance. Besides that the only sounds were the quiet chirp of crick
  "Night Train", a short drabble in which Bruce goes stargazing with his best friend Aerostorm. Involves a curious bit of Luna's magic, an incident with an owl, and a tender moment between friends.

"The Storm Inside" Following the events of "Night Train", Bruce is being a surly moody butt about his confused feelings(?) for his best friend. All he wants to do is sulk indoors, but fate kinda hates Bruce, and a certain pegasus comes a knockin'. Involves a grumpy shark horse working through some complicated emotions, misunderstandings, sweet kisses, and a grumpy Pearlie. Rated PG-13.

Broken"Dada. Can ya say that, Koala Bear?"
"So close! Try it again. Daaa-daaaa!"
"Almost there! Daddy is so proud of his baby girl! One more time, princess!"
"! Mum!"
Bruce's eyes widened. "Oh, uh, that's so good baby! Try da-da."
"Mum mum mum-maa!" Rider squealed with laughter and excitedly kicked out her back leg, sending one of her rattle toys rolling across the room. The sound distracted her instantly and she toddled after it on her very shaky little legs, her father and his hopeless talking lessons completely forgotten.
Bruce sighed and couldn't help but chuckle at his three month old daughter. Stubborn little nipper, she was. Once she made her mind up about something there was no changing it (even if he stopped being her "mum" a week after her birth). He already lived in terror at the thought of her teen years. And if she turned out anything like him...
He shuddered and stood, sending a worried glance toward
"Broken" Set in the distant future, in which Bruce and Stormy are married and have had Wave Rider. Bruce's world slams to a stop when Stormy is struck by lightning during an air show and falls out of the sky. Follows the aftermath of Stormy's injury and Bruce's fears and feelings. Warning: Contains lethal amounts of adorable baby Wave Rider and Bruce being an fretting mother hen.

Heart of My Ocean, part OneThe wind whipped in from the ocean, bringing in the sharp scent of salt and the cold bite of the night. Bruce shivered and hugged his legs to his chest with an arm while his other hand reached for another beer. He had long ago dragged on his black hoodie but his still damp swim trunks really didn't help keep him warm. That was always the problem with these late night surf parties; while you were out in the water the fun and excitement of catching a wave kept your blood hot, but once everyone retired to the beach the chill set in.
Several fires had been erected just out of reach of the water and the place was buzzing with the happy hum of music, laughter, and the laid back drunken energy that only the surfing community seemed to have. It was open and welcoming and you couldn't turn without seeing a friendly face or be pulled into someone's conversation.
Normally Bruce loved these monthly get-togethers. It was one of the few times he felt comfortable enough to let his hair down and just
"Heart of My Ocean, Part 1" Set in the humanverse, a little bit after Bruce and Stormy have started dating. In which Stormy turns quite a few heads at a night time beach party and Bruce is jealous. Warning: This fic will make you a Rosemary fan, she's amazing in this. My personal favorite. Rated PG-13.
Logoo2 by IcyBii

Its up watchers! Feel free to share this with your friends. Kaleidoscope leaders from five gangs fighting against the Gray Order, What are you waiting for? Become a gang member and join us

Art & Video by :iconicybii:
Song: Fall Out Boy - My Song Knows What You did in the Dark (Light Em Up)

AzureHowl Fan characters

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 6:28 AM
:bulletgreen: Hiii :D Finally I can present to all of you the charts and rules to making a fan character :)
AzureHowl how to make a fan character by AzureHowlShilach
I spend a lot of time on it so from now on you can make fan characters again BUT there are finally rules <3 
I did remove all fan characters from the AzureHowl group because it was to difficult to overview em all! From now on pay attention to the rules and feel free to make a fan char :heart:
AzureHowl species chart by AzureHowlShilach

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