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Another animation popped up that was based off one of my comics!
Great job, ShadesofEverfree and Amelia Bee!

Here's the link so you can all watch it too!

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My Little Reviews: Pony.Mov (feat. EileMonty)

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 2:52 PM

Halloween thing #1 out of two. Comment and tell me what you thought. 

This night was horrible for me. 
I was sleepy whole day because I had that damn weird dream and I woke up even more tired than when I was going to sleep :roll:

So, you guys know the Wrong Turn movies? Those I've been doing fanart of lately?
So yeah, I had a dream about the three cannibal, deformed brothers - Three-Finger (mah baby :heart:), One-Eye and Sawtooth, chasing me around the forest at night.
And that darn Three-Finger laughing... Each time I thought I was safe and hidden, I heard him giggling near! :fear: His brothers were dumb and easy to trick and hide from, but that little bastard always managed to spot me and call his bros! He was creepy.
This MUST be a sign, people! Three-Finger is for sure calling me to add him to my AWJTK comic! :iconinglipplz: This MUST be it, nothing else! :iconxdfaceplz:
And of course - when I dream about robbing a huge exotic animal pet store, the dream ends very quickly. But this time, when I was forced to run and barely breathe, it lasted for hours! :icondogeplz: Life is so mean...

Yeah, I gotta stop watching those movies or I'll end even more insane, than I am now... :iconbursztyntrollfaceplz:
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Ever draw something you're really happy about then forgot about it for a few weeks only to return to it and instantly cringe?





Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 6:48 PM

So here we go! My own MYO Contest!

First things first:


:bulletblue: Mimiroo are my own closed species, so no claiming them as your own!
:bulletblue: Three entries are the limit! Only one can be a potential winner though!
:bulletblue: All entries must be submitted to your DA then linked (thumbnail is fine too) to me in the comments below, so I can fav it to my entries folder! 
:bulletblue: Please follow my guide correctly! If you have any questions feel free to ask below!
:bulletblue: If you have any doubts or want to check with me your design/WIP, that is fine too!
:bulletblue: Anyone is welcome to participate, no need to follow me!
:bulletblue: NO TRACING ALLOWED! I encourage your entries to be drawn by you! Any entries found that show they have traced any of my submitted pieces will not be accepted until corrected. Failed to do so will result in disqualification, and blacklisted from future contests. Their Mimiroo will not become an official design either.
:bulletblue: A 'how to draw' is linked below, but it is not a base!! 
:bulletblue: Co-owning is fine! For example, if you have an idea but can not draw you can ask a friend to design it. You then both own that Mimiroo and both of you should submit it to your gallery's and both link them to me! Not to mention credit each other~
:bulletblue:  Traditional art is accepted

:bulletblue: The number of winners will be 4 for every ten entries made.

10 entries = 4 winners
20 entries = 8 winners
30 entries = 12 winners

:bulletblue: Winners get their design for free!
:bulletblue: If your entry is not a winner, you can purchase your Mimiroo for $10/1000 points
:bulletblue: Also! I will offer to draw your design as well for $12/1200 points.


:bulletblue: The Mimiroo's you are allowed to create are normal types, with ONE RARE TRAIT (Shown on page three of the guide) ie, Different coloured paw pads.

NOTE: Normal paw pads are pink!

:bulletblue: You can chose the age you want them to be, if you wish to use up your three entry limit by doing one infant, adolescent and adult that is fine too!
:bulletblue: Remember: fur and tail length determine their age, so if you design an infant they must have shorter tails than those of older age! Also either furry tail tips, furry feet and chest - Or all three! Please see guide for more details!
:bulletblue: Their colours can be anything you wish, though try to avoid neon/florescent colours as they are mostly seen on Short Tails!
:bulletblue: You are welcome to give your Mimiroo accessories!
:bulletblue: No prosthetic limbs! Though missing limbs are fine - but avoid removing the tails entirely as they can be mistook as Short tails.
:bulletblue: Only Short tails have what look like wings, so please refrain from making fur shaped wings.
:bulletblue: Background stories are welcome too!
:bulletblue: Winners will be picked by their use of Creativity and inventing an interesting Background story, skill and quality doesn't matter here!



Updated Mimiroo guide! by Forged-Artifacts Mimiroo Guide pages 3 and 4 by Forged-Artifacts


Mimiroo Adoption 3 CLOSED by Forged-Artifacts Mimiroo Adoption 2 CLOSED by Forged-Artifacts Weapon Adoption 32 CLOSED by Forged-Artifacts


Mimiroo How to draw by Forged-Artifacts

The order of colours show where you should start and then finish! Hopefully this will help you get a rough idea and a sketch down, thus making a blueprint to adding fur and colour! Other poses are fine to experiment with too and is encouraged.
NOTE: The tail length shown is for infants, so you can make it longer for older Mimiroo's!

Lastly, for all those who take part in this contest I offer a prize! An ultra rare Short tail with rare trait: Blue paw pads!
I can change the gender and make minor edits to colours. The winner/owner is welcome to add their choice of coat pattern from either common or uncommon categories.

Short Tail Mimiroo by Forged-Artifacts

A winner will be drawn by a random generator! 

Alright, I think that covers everythin! v@ Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with!! :heart:

Skin by SimplySilent


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 2:21 PM

Yes, another raffle! I noticed there are a lot of raffles now, but mine is not Halloween related, I just wanted to thank you all for support and 3,5K watchers ;O;
When I joined DA I though I will never reach even 50. It really means a lot.

There will be 3 winners for now:

1st - pagedoll
C: NightrueSpirit by syetluRP - insane-hopeless by syetluBlanchefleur by Endiria
2nd - headshot
AT - mimibox by syetlu

3rd - 100 :points:

- it's for people who watch me only, as I want to thank you for supporting (new are welcome too)
- make a another journal/poll about my raffle and comment with a link to it!

If it will have more than 150 participants, I'll add one prize more c:
I can do only original characters so please no fanarts.

///it ends on 2nd November, good luck to everyone <3

Ghost Divider by SquishyAlpacaGhost Divider by SquishyAlpacaGhost Divider by SquishyAlpacaGhost Divider by SquishyAlpaca
:.10-31-2014 :pumpkin: ~Happy Halloween everyone!~:pumpkin:.:

Hey, luvs....look! THIS IS LIKE MY HALLOWEEN THEME RIGHT HERE!!! Not sure if you guys saw this already but if you haven't gahhh!!
Just watch it! I love this so much!
The song, the animation, and storyline is amazing! O v O Anyways, I just wanna know how are you all doing today and got any Halloween plans this weekend?
I feel like I've been quite here and.... idk I just wanna hug yous all for no reason U//v//U  ////hugs///

I applaud for the people who took their precious time and patience to make this!
Ghost Divider by SquishyAlpacaGhost Divider by SquishyAlpacaGhost Divider by SquishyAlpacaGhost Divider by SquishyAlpaca
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Hey Everyone,

:star: revamp IT'S CONTEST TIME :star: revamp 

It has taken me a while to write this journal post since I have been debating whether to make this a tiered contest with rounds or not. My biggest fear is if I do, not a lot of people will enter which would make for a poor competition. So instead I have decided to make it like any other contest for the time being. If this contest does get a lot of attention and I receive a decent amount of entries (and the participants want to go a second round) I will turn it into a tiered contest with a lot more prizes up for grab!

Sound good?

Okay, so let’s get the most important part out of the way....

:star: revamp  Prizes  :star: revamp 

First Place:

- $60
- 2000 Points 
- Any type of commission from me
- Automatic entry into second round. TBA.

Second Place:

- 500 Points 
- Chibi Commission from me.
- Automatic entry into second round. TBA>

Third Place

- 200 points
- Automatic entry into second round. TBA.

:star: revamp  Contest Theme  :star: revamp 

Who doesn't love drawing their own characters, right? That is why I have made the goal of the contest to draw your OC(s) and my OC(s) interacting together. What they do is up to you! They can be exploring, having a sleep over, maybe they are fighting over something, or maybe they are going on a date! The choice is yours. Using your preferred art form I want you to tell a story with your piece with what our OCs are up to. 

:star: revamp  Judging  :star: revamp 

Here is what I will be looking for in each piece:

          Are the actions of the characters realistic? (/10)

- For Example, Maple Blush hates horror. If you drew her happily exploring a haunting house or taking on monsters boldly I would deduct points from your entry. Her actions wouldn’t match her character. HOWEVER, if you draw Maple freaked out and cowering in these situations while your OC helps her/ protects her then you have a done a fantastic job! All the points for you! I love when characters weakness are shown, not just their strengths alone ;3

- Yes, I will be researching you characters as well! If you draw your character as a happy sunshine ball just to please one of my characters, and I read that they are really pessimistic rain clouds, you will have points deducted!

         Is the activity/ situation/ story interesting and creative? (/10)

     - Entries that show interesting content/ situations will score more. Simple as that.

         Is your picture telling the beginning of a story? (Is your story leading somewhere?) (/10)

       Your entries should be telling a small story about what our characters are doing, or what they getting themselves into. If they are on an adventure, where are they? Are they looking for something? Is there an obstacle in their way? If your OC is going to ask my OC on a date, are they nervous? Are the over confident? Are they so shy they just end up stalking my OC? Why do they want to date my OC in the first place?

       - I must be able to see your picture is leading somewhere. Good or bad, it is up to you!

       - This is especially important if this contest turns into a tiered competition with 2 more round! In the second round you will be continuing the story you started in this first picture so you will want to make this entry fun for your own sake :3

          How original is your entry? (/5)

- This is a small amount of points to encourage you all to try and make entries different from one another. This doesn't mean only one person, for example, can draw our OCs shopping. If those two entries were telling different stories I would consider them both unique and score them 5/5. However if those two entries just showed all the OCs trying on clothes then I would have to score them both 3/5.

    Fan vote (/5)

       - Yes, I will set up a poll so people can vote for which entry the find the most interesting. The more votes you get on the picture the higher your score here will be. 

       - It’s only 5 points out of 50 so it is not a lot!

       - The poll will be set up after the deadline and be open for a couple days for people to vote.

    Do I enjoy your work? (/10)

      - This is pretty straight forward. I will give you a small list of genres/ themes I enjoy:

      (Adventure, Slice of Life, Romance, NSFW, Horror, Comedy, Suspense, Fantasy, Sci-fi… and any combination of the above really. Did I just list all existing genres? I’m easy to please ;3)  

       - Since NSFW topics are allowed this score also includes ‘does your picture/ story offended me?’ This is simple to avoid. It’s okay to do adult themes as long as you keep them classy and mature. This means:

      - NO children when it comes to NSWF. I do not have any child characters but some of you do. I will not tolerate any work involving children in adult situations. I will kick you out of this contest so fast your head will spin!

      - NO canon characters in NSFW pieces. I’m all for us being NSFW with our characters but I will not have canon characters that children love be shown in NSFW situations. This is mainly directed at the MLP fans. 

      - If you are going to do smut or gore I will be critical of your piece. I’m all for these topics but when they are done lazy/ poorly they make me want to scratch my eyes out.  

The judges so far are myself, my husband, my closest friends, and hopefully a few of you deviants! I’m looking for 1-2 people who have experience critiquing both art and writing. Especially writing! I’m a horrid writer (as you can see from this journal) and would like the opinion of some people who know what to look for in what makes a good story :3 Note me if you are interested and tell me why you think you would make a good judge! You also must be old enough. If you are judging nsfw you need to be an adult to do that (18+). Sorry to you younger bunch!


:star: revamp  General Rules  :star: revamp 

(I know this is long but I want to make sure I cover everything)

           - No bases or traced work. I will be checking out your galleries and I’m no dummy. If I catch you cheating in any way you are banned from this contest.

    - Digital art, traditional art, and written entries will be accepted.

    - Do not copy other people’s entries. You want to stand out from the rest!

    - All themes are open. That means NSFW is a go! If you do make overly violent/ sexual images please make sure you mark your deviation as such! I’m mature enough to enjoy darker/ adult themes but not everyone on DA can. Respect that :3

    - You can make changes to your entry up until the deadline.

- You can submit up to TWO entries but only one can win.

    - The cash prize will be given via Paypal.

    - The first place winner can request that the $50 be turned into points.

    - You can ask me anything you want about my characters personalities. If helps you make a better picture/ story I am more than happy to answer your questions. I will NOT be telling you what I want our characters to be doing though. That would just be lazy on your part~

    - Though I prefer that you keep the characters in their own universes cross-over art and stories are allowed. If you place my character in a suiting role for them in a cross-over then all the creative points for you!

    - I would prefer you leave my OCs as they are but if you want to turn them anthro/ human then go for it! You could end up impressing me~

    - There is no limit on OCs you can include. I know a lot of you have 10+ OCs so use as many as you want. Just remember that at least one of my OCs needs to stand out too. Drawing your OCs then having mine in the background will not count as an entry.

    - DO NOT use OCs (besides mine) that do not belong to you! If you do, I will need to receive a note from the creator of the OC saying that is okay that you have drawn them in your entry.

    - Canon characters are allowed, but remember, this is about OUR OCs. Having a canon character outshine our babies will result in deducted points.

    - You can submit art with writing to help enhance the story.

    - You can submit your entry in Stash or as a deviation. I know some people like keeping their entry a secret from others contestants and that is cool. Either way I will be keeping a list of all the people who have entered the contest. 

- I will favourite all entries (that I can) but I will not comment on them until judging is over.

    - Have fun and be creative!

Rules for the artists:

    - They must be complete pictures if you want to score. Entries with no backgrounds will score less since it is hard to tell a story without one. You can submit line work pieces as long as they look clean :3

    - Pictures that look like they were just thrown together with no thought will be eliminated. No sloppy slop~

    - Traditional artists, your entry must be scanned or photographed nicely! If it’s hard to see your picture it will not be judged :< Sorry.

Rules for writers:

    - I may not be the best writer in the world but I will be judging you on grammar and spelling. I don’t care if you misspell a few words but if I cannot understand what you are writing then you will be judged poorly.

    - Your entry must be a decent length. Submitting a paragraph describing our OCs having coffee will score you nothing! I’m looking a chapter that introduces the characters, what they are doing, and where the plot is heading to. I love reading so don’t be shy to go crazy and send me a mess of pages :3

- The story can be from any perspective! Your character's, my character's, or 3rd person. It is all good! 


Star!  Deadline  :star: revamp 

Entries will be accepted until midnight on December 15th. That is a month and a half away~ I hope that is enough time for you all. If not I can extended the deadline if necessary :3

:star: revamp  My Characters:  :star: revamp 

Here are all my characters:

Maple Blush

- MLP, Counselor, Kind-Hearted, magical.  

Maple Blush Mini Ref Sheet by TheNornOnTheGo Me and my OCs by TheNornOnTheGo Maple Blush - Pony OC by pepooni Maple Blush ::BUST COMM:: by Amore-Nero


- MLP, Bar Server, Wild Child, Hard headed.

Tipsy-lu COM by thebluerooster Referance sheet Tipsy Lu by Amore-Nero 


- From no particular story or fandom, Adventurer, Free-Spirit, Trouble Maker.

An Ocean Made Warm By The Sun by Daesiy

Varla Einin

- Guild Wars 2, Ranger (long bow and great sword), Personable, Charming, Typical Norn (go wiki GW2 Norn). 

Varla and Dashie by TheNornOnTheGo

I love all these characters equally so I don't care which ones you pick :3 I like to think there is character here that all artists feel comfortable drawing/ writing about. If you want more details about them don't be shy to send me a note! This journal is big enough already... I don't need to double its size by explaining each character XD

:star: revamp  How can this become a tiered contest and what that means:  :star: revamp 

If I get a decent amount of entries (50 or more) I will turn this into a tiered contest with 2 more rounds~ That means better and more prizes! If this does become the case then only a handful of people will progress to round 2. In round 2 you will be asked to continue from the picture or story you did in round 1. I won’t get ahead of myself though until I see people are interested.


I hope you all enjoy this contest and have fun with it! You do not have to promote or favourite this journal, though if you do it is much appreciated.

To submit your entry you can comment here with it or note me. I will be keeping a list on this journal of people who’s entries have been approved :3

Thanks everyone! I look forward to see what you do with our characters!


:star: revamp :star: revamp :star: revamp Contestants::star: revamp :star: revamp :star: revamp 



    I have the right to cancel the contest at any moment. Life happens sometimes and emergency do arise. - I have the right to extend the deadline. - I have the right to kick out participants if I feel they are not meeting the rules.

Hi Guys, here is my latest video in case you missed it, talking about a topic overlooked by too many!

Hope you like it!

And here is the trailer for our latest tutorial on

Because of a copyright strike, I gotta do these in parts. Hopefully it doesn't go into three with the last part having like only the top 5. But when the strikes are gone, I'm going to put all of the pieces together. :/ In the meantime, you get to enjoy the first... half? early.