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Previa concurso by LUURUSHER

la edicion esta mal hecha tendria que decir sorteo


-Tenerme en watch
-Agregar esto a favoritos
-Ser paciente 
-Hacer un journal promocionando el concurso
-Donarme una llama (si ya me la donaste antes no importa)

Cuando hayas hecho todo esto,Comenta poniendo :
PARTICIPO-JOURNAL-Y para que quieres los puntos

Abre el 18 de Abril

Y cierra el 30 de Abril

                                       Heart     EXTRAS   Heart
Para obtener más lugares:
  • Donarme un punto (o más) Cada punto que me dones sera 2 puestos más
  • Hacer una edicion que diga ¨Concurso de puntos¨ La edicion sumara 10 puntos. (Solo se puede hacer una edicion por cada persona) (No permito ediciones no adecuadas,Saben a lo que me refiero)
  • -Darle watch a YouWouldntKnowLove  y a  In-Love-With-BTR  (Suma 3 puestos) (cada cuenta 3 puestos si le das a las 2 serian 6 puestoss)




Nataliacokkie12  (6puestos)
OnlyWolfs (10Puestos)
DrivingAroundTown (6Puestos)
ssicksadw0rld (16puestos)
CookieMonsterQueen (6Puestos)
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Advertize it here! :'D

I'm making this journal for anyone who has a MAP that needs more recognition c:

And also for people who want to join MAPs, but don't want to have to filter through a bunch in the youtube search!

So go ahead and link your MAP here, say what kind of MAP it is, song title, and what you're looking for in your project and all that cool stuff :'D

I'll update this journal every once in a while with MAPs that I really, really love the idea to or that I have really taken a liking too, and so that it has new MAPs then :'D

Edit: WOW! You guys have already posted dozens of MAPs! I hope you guys all get more people :'DD
(also, my favorite MAP that I've seen here so far is this Mapleshade one)
(of course I favor the Wicked one, am I right?)

But yes you all should check out these MAPs in the comments if you are looking to join them! :'DD
comment/fave and ill note u my new account uwuwuwuw

Nordanner Import Art Auction

Sat Apr 18, 2015, 11:58 AM
If you recall back in February or so, I sold my admin import for USD to help pay for a plane ticket back to Arizona for a funeral. I'd promised everyone that my next import, which I don't need, would be available for an art auction. Well! Spring imports have finally come around, which means so has my admin import, and it will indeed be in auction for art!

The Import in Question:

Admin Import A32 by Zandromina
Horse ID: A32
Horse name: Up to Owner
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Registrated: Not yet - Buyer's Job
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 years
Height: 18HH
Color: Black Splash Tobiano
Genotype: Ee aa nSpl TbTb
Training: Basic training given, can be ridden
Tack: Daily + Dragon hunter full gear

What Kind of Art Auction?:

This beautiful boy will be sold as an effort auction. This means the amount of kaaring you do of him does not matter, but how much time and effort you spend on a piece does!

Rules of the Auction:

:bulletwhite: I will absolutely not tolerate badmouthing, being a jerk, throwing tablets, or other bs. If I see you trying to pull this, you will automatically be disqualified and banned from any sales I ever have. I mean it. Play nice.
:bulletwhite: No cheating. Don't claim anyone else's work as your own. I will check. Collabs are also not allowed, since horse's can not be co-owned in Nordanner.
:bulletwhite: Tracing is allowed, but you must use stock from dA and credit the stock owners. Google references are not allowed!
:bulletwhite: This is an effort auction. Meaning: All pieces are judged against your own gallery first and foremost, and only after that are they judged against other competitors. However, this also means that a super nicely done headshot can win over a fullbody sketch. So please put your best art forward.
:bulletwhite: All art will be done of the import. If you delete any art you've done due to being a poor sport, I will ban you forever from my sales. I will also let others close to me know you are a poor sport, and trust me that gets around quickly. Please don't be the person who screws over others because you're upset. It's not nice or fair.
:bulletwhite: You may add some of my horses, your own horses, or any of alexpeanut's horses into the art! You will get brownie points for this, however the main focus must be the import!
--- Links to my horse: silverhollowstables.deviantart…
---Links to alex's horse:…

End Date:

We'll set the ending date for May 18th. That gives a whole month for you guys to put in beautiful pieces. If enough people ask for an extension, it'll likely happen


Witching Hour for Nordanner Import Art Auction by Skypeoplephoenix732

Weekend feature

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 2:20 PM
A quick reminder: some members are still contributing
Mature content, also in Literature and also personal journal
Please stop they just get deleted

ENJOY New Art this week from all our folders
Rigging project - pt 2 by SOSArtStuff DemiSaurusArt Promotional video by DemiSaurusRex Jump WIP by SOSArtStuff
Princess Dreams 2 by QuantumMythics Giant Slime Move+Shoot Animation Loop by jesyikaturner Princess Dreams by QuantumMythics
Sunflowers). by Alik-Volga New Opalescent mixes! by ArchandSoul Honey Bee Hanging Ornament by EarthBalanceCraft
I'm Baymax by NathanNael2512 Sexy Squidward by Princessnikoru Balalala by NathanNael2512
Finished Pond Clock by JLynchArtistry My New Mermaid Shirt by Calypso1977 White Dream dreamcatcher lamp by Vision4LifeCro
Raiders3kecil by SeptianDR TV time by ALASXE Art-imation- Frame 04 by Rikowski
So close by Mriiya The Clash by RisingLane Starchild by nothingrhymeswithme
Kaiser Anti-Tobacco Billboard (Vote Please!) by SushiKatArt
Tortuga by RuslanKadiev Desert Tower by jzoomba Electric Dragon by AhmetCanKahraman
Xtay is on fire!! by LauraChisbert surface by potatotop Blitz by BlauesFeuer
Blue fire by RazielMB Hair sketch~ by Bimori Evermore by TachankaSanzu
Commission 73 by bramhistory Love Petals by Lolita-Artz Uta (Tokyo Ghoul) by YataMirror
Cats by wingworld The Frigid Tower by jzoomba Plume by Jell1Patty
Alexandria by Radiolights Melinda, the Gypsy Girl - new version by galerius61 Tsung the Gift -Neko- by xXSerena-CrosseXx Ashlyn by Emirion
The Fingers of Blame by 2BORN02B 2012 - 944 by iSubmit Power of life by dark-beam
Prototype 2 by kmthiago17 Lapis Lazuli Collab by Zitatchi  The Twelfth Doctor by TIAvalentina Nightmare Rarity(comix redraw) by Zmei-Kira
Parakoopa  Artist - Mario Fan Art #DAW1 by PeterKmiecik TMNT by Nscorpio13 Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) by LoLLiie
Uta by kukuro-kun Sunflower Morning - The runaway Lamb by TempestOfFeathers [fan art] Puella Magi Madoka Magica by bellafunify Sebastian by sho-biyunko Fantasy Style 03 by systw
Casual Elsa by Chr0n0-X B Gata Kun by Leon-Wang Request by CiocoLoco97 Why Don't You Like Me? by kyourine Celeste by Pink-Destiny
Barb Wire Dolls by vistonie-dravnos spring is here! by christycameasromans Deep Impact by zhenyab Blue world 8 by SabakuNoShi
Rakaposhi - 3 by ZeeShiKing Enchanted way by kriskeleris Autumn Portrait by EveVictus Vancouver Statue by Seolfora Rakaposhi - 6 by ZeeShiKing
Tulip by VerenSky Amsterdam zoo by That-Tall-Guy-TTG The Clouds Are Cooler Than I Am... by TheJessPaige Sleeping Beauty by CRGPhotography
Ash by Lilliel You're burst into my heart by dreamswoman Excited Photographer by Artemisia96 Come, Solitude  by FallanDark
The Longing by AirheadedSowon Lioneer by Geck0o0 Loveless by freesoul93 Loose screw by Black-Pudding  
#107 The cat and the Girl by Doodle-of-the-day Floyd the Cat and his Pet Daddy (RIP) (Commission) by Ninjificus Silly Feet by mangafreak121 Koi (Copic on Canvas) by Flyingdragon77
Angel of Earth by paintforworldpeace Henna by wolfgirl117 Ocean hair. by Bimori
Lightning Man by Mad-Willy Rebirth by TanyaKorneeva Blossom by Henu96  
Hummingbird by RoosmaRoo Flowering Palm Beach by Lambieb123 Orange Bouquet by Natashas-Artworks
Poplars by RiaRi08 What rain? by notmyforte The ''Sun'' by l3rron Eliza Tekken canvas by Ovidiu-Hiei
Bo Jackson Commission by Platyadmirer Spirit of the Pond by paper-blossoms Color me by Moonlightatnightt Silver Dragon Guitar by ArtifexStudio

Lonicerahoneyed aroma-
trumpets suckled by hummers
draw summer nearer
cascading, intertwining
weaving closed the gap from spring
To Be A Mermaid FairOh what I wouldn't give to be a mermaid fair.
For I dream of the ocean late at night and long for the wild salt air.
To swim with all manner of sea creatures, beings both large and small.
from the sea turtles with their gentle ways, to the whales who rule over all.
Roaming, exploring the ancient ruins of a city of great repute.
Discovering that it still glows with life, bountiful with attributes.
To float, weightless, free. And live eternal, my soul immortal there.
No crime, no violence. A carefree life would I live, filled with serenity rare.
Oh what I wouldn't give to be a mermaid fair.
Beautiful, dauntless, mythical, brave. Oh to be a mermaid fair...
Spirit Of RapMy spirit aint never be broken
It's impossible to choke the aura
You gotta be joking
What are you gonna dew?
Be a mountain
Stand there and not move?
Fuck that Ill a make you groove
With sugar in your nervous system
Shake you up
Make you a nervous dude
Shooting out verses
Like a semi-auto rifle
Right out another
Before you can see the other at ya
Cuz Dallas boy be hot
Got girls up wit out there tops
On the good ol' red clay
In front of my Grandmother's yard
All the in the Texas party
Hell yay!
I'm seeing that girl o'er there
She's pretty quite
But damn she is cute I swear
She's a Superman's bird
Being Super Fly
Hey? What's your name?
Marissa eh?
I'm Metal, mind if I write poetry for you on certain special days?
Envision me
In a Hip-Hop legacy
A urban prophecy of the streets
Like a modern day Saint
Of Painful street hate
Putting me on a quest
For the best to spit out my rest
Lyrics put to the test
This kid don't kiss ass
He kicks it
Yeah! Take that
Ey Yo!
Shout out to a 'Special G
Cave Story With Lyrics: Song Of The Moon
Welcome to our world, in the stratosphere.
We've been waiting so long for a hero up here.
What's the matter, son? Do you fear the moon?
Well, there's only one way to reach heaven, you loon!
Look into your mind, look into your soul.
Find your inner passion and ignore your peril.
You will be our hero; that's our only promise.
Face your fears and climb this tower; please don't run amiss!
You are not alone! We are here for you!
We're the spirits of the children killed, by robotic men like you!
Show us all your strength, and your bravery!
And free our race from living life in slavery!
Welcome to the sky. You know how to fly.
You may be an android, but you are not a toy!
Death will soon rain down, on the world below.
If you let it, it will kill everyone you know!
You and Curly will find love when this is over!
Iron bonds like yours will never break, and moreover...
You are such a saint! You are hard to taint!
Therefore, we don't wanna see you flee!

Gas Chamber Angels Part II am THE Hanz Wagner the 23rd. Do you know of me? Likely not. As it should be among outsiders. As someone well known for my craft I am also quite well hidden. Those in on it know of course. I am an underground assassin hired in from The Fuhrer himself sent to kill all Jews he has missed. Ones not in their camps, dead, etc. must be sniped and found on sight but I like to do things a little more...special. It is an art to me. It is usually very specific. Many children, wives, and women of all ages stray away. They scurry like little mice at the pitter patter of kitten claws. Hiding away in corners by doing misdeeds by almost solely by existing...and then some. Often times it is its own form of prostitution. Any man is more likely to hide a woman under his bed after having her. In a way this particular case I will say came close a few times. It puts me with strange grief but mostly a pity for this depraved little peasants who still believe in love on this Earth. But I, too, have depravity Walt's Machine1
      The photographs that littered his fake wooden desk were of lost potential. Up from the dim spotlight of the desk lamp stared faces that had long since vanished from his life, or were in the process of doing so now. No replacements had arisen to fill their now-empty roles, as people are irreplaceable.
      Though perhaps the saddest absence reflected by these harrowing afterimages was his own. No child survives the leap into adulthood with his soul intact; some great and essential part of him has to die for him to be able to function in the adult world. The only difference is that this man, or boy, had recognized this crumbling shard of his being as vital and, at the expense of his metamorphosis into adulthood, tried to retain it at all costs.
      Often, he wondered what things would be like if he had been born under different circumstances, around different people, or with a different personality, or with money. What great things
Banana-Beard - Day 101“So, ye think ye can just sneak aberd my ship, eh, boy?” Banana-Beard bellowed, withdrawing his slick steel blade from his tie-dyed sheath. The stowaway quivered in fear at the sight of the infamous Pirate Kings. Legends had circled the islands that a fruity mad man was wandering these seas, but no one had believed it. Thought it was a new wives' tale! Oh how he should have believed them.
Indeed, Banana-Beard really did have a . . . banana, beard. His chin was mounted with several bushels of the yellow fruit. They dangled freely from his soft sweaty skin and tickled the folds of flesh that rolled over his chin. He was a very, very large man, nearly twice the size of any of his men, in more than one way.
“I-I-I was just looking for w-work, sir!” The stowaway lied quickly while his mind raced to the next logical statement. “You are my hero! They always speak of your tremendous feats bravery on my isle! But when you're boat landed on my shores, your men would
Sapphire - Chapter 114 years later...
   Ann packed her purple backpack and exited the classroom, following Mrs. Calvin to the iron gate, where Nigel was waiting for her. Even though she had no problem with skipping Math class to go to her doctor's appointment, she was confused; Nigel had come to pick her up from school to take her to the doctor a few days ago. And he had said that she was in perfect condition. So, why did she have to go again? She felt alright. She clutched at the strap of her bag as Nigel placed his hand against her back, waving goodbye at the teacher, and taking Ann towards the black car. Ann flopped on the front seat, securing her seatbelt and placing her schoolbag in front of her legs, just as Nigel sat on the driver's seat and turned on the engine.
"Some kids in my class think I am seriously ill," she said, adjusting the stereo to her favourite radio station.
"Really? Imaginative fellows. Did they tell you?" Nigel asked, driving away from the school.

Bloody Horizons - Chapter.1
Bloody Horizons
(Warning: This chapter has gore and parts that can make some readers feel uncomfortable. Reader discretion is advised.)
My life is what you may call, “loco”. Nearly every day something weird or dangerous happens, but that’s just how I like it. And my home is not milk and honey either. If you know where to look in this dust ball of a land, you can find plenty of danger and excitement. And sometimes, the danger can come to you if you let your guard down.  
My name is Phoenix. Most know me from my determination and fiery temper, but also often mistaken for a man because of my “masculinity”. I am sincerely a woman through and through, just not some worthless cream puff like some. Oh, I’m not a human, I’m a pokemon. A kadabra to be exact, but I was born a little differently. Instead of having that simple yellow fur like most have, my fur is darkened gold that gleams like the sun when the light hits it. That’s how
Be Careful What You Wish For Chapter 1
My name is Karen. I can't tell you my last name, or any of my friends' last names, where I live, or any of that. What I can tell you is that there's a secret invasion. I'm not talking about little green men from Mars with ray guns. I'm talking about Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the one with Jeff Goldblum and Leonard Nimoy. Except these aliens don't exactly create doubles, and they replicate your behavior perfectly. If I tell you anything more than the bare minimum, there is a great chance that they'll find me and my friends, something none of us want to risk. These invaders do have an enemy, but it will be awhile before they'll arrive. Until then, we'll have to do everything we can to stop the invaders or, at least, slow them down.
I was with Rachel and Cassie at the mall, shopping for clothes. I'm not much into clothes shopping and neither is Cassie, but Rachel, Miss Fashionista, loved it. She picked out different outfits for me and Cassie, and herself, trying them on or having us
"What? No no, don't point that at me!"
Marco frowned a little when Jean lifted a pillow to his face to hide, making a groaning noise and turning away. This was the third time today Marco had tried to get another photograph of Jean and each time he had been thwarted. Usually the photography student was content with capturing candid pictures of his friend doing mundane tasks when they were together. Cleaning his room, relaxing watching tv or looking around in the fridge or cabinets for something to snack on. Anything that Jean did was potential for a new shot. And Jean knew that Marco could sneak around him and take pictures without being noticed. But for some reason when Marco was totally upfront about it, Jean got camera shy.
"C'mon, please? You have such a nice smile."
"Yea, right..."
"You do, too! I've seen it a lot. You smile when you're on stage!"
"That's completely different!"
"How so?"
" just is, okay!?"
"That's not a real answer!" Marco was determine


Interview 91Hello!
Today interview with Jinath from USA,at dA : 11 years.

:bulletblue: 1 Which type of art are You creating ?
Jinath - The art I produce right now is a manga/anime style though there are some quirky things I do which might reflect a more western comic book feel too. Everything I draw is 100% original. I do not copy anything and draw straight from the mind. On occasion I have referenced a picture in order to get a characters outfit to look accurate as I might not recall every single detail. If I do so, I make a note of it in the description.

:bulletblue: 2 Why this kind of art ?
Jinath - I draw this style of art because it can be very expressive and full of life, as well as funny and whimsical at the same time. I also write a fair amount, and as an anime fan, I have created a handful of original characters which I enjoy bringing to life both in my writing and as illustrations. They are like my children
Tickle you PinkENJOY SOME PINK


Happy Valentine's Day Becka by Applemac12 Manga Faerie by CaryAndFrankArts
Colorful Wings: Swan by ZiyoLing
Be Mine by Velvet--Glove
Serenity by Rosewhistle Smile #062 by oanalivia
Without You by Katerina-Art Stormy Grey by Deb-e-ann Not-Alone by Jassy2012
Interview 92Hello!
Today interview with slowdog294 from USA, at dA - 10 years.

:bulletblue: 1 Which type of art are You creating?
slowdog294 - I do mostly spontaneous on location shoots. Using two instruments, a Canon S2IS Powershot and a Nokia Lumia 1520, I take pictures of the things in my life. THese include hikes in the mountains, musical happenings, and the doings of my family and friends. I also do 3D art, but the machinery for doing that is in transition. Finally, I dabble in traditional art using pencils and paper sometimes

:bulletblue: 2 Why this kind of art?
slowdog294 - I enjoy photography because it can capture the moment instantly. I have been fascinated by cameras since I was old enough to hold one. The same is true for pencil art and other media I have played around with over the years.

:bulletblue: 3 When did You start create Your art?
slowdog294 - I began to get serious with my p
Spring RainSpring has finally arrived
We are actually enjoying
the past two days
with more summer like weather
Now what we need
is some warm rain
to wash the rest
of Winter away
So with the hopes
of bringing on the rain
here's a
Rain and umbrella feature
Spring Rain can bring
colour back in our lives



The Blue Umbrella by La-Chapeliere-Folle Edrac wishes you loooooove ( by ) by CardeApp 
Nice rainy day with Edrac by CardeApp
A little green 
HOW about a song from Green Day


 Forest Fairy by Isabel-Afolalu TETHYS by EBENEWOOD
Teardrops by Jassy2012 tropic tribute by ChasMandala
Down to Earth by SpellpearlArtsSlimy Owl by Myrntai
Forest by night by sptanwar
Fascination by Astral-Chan Life Thread by Evelina-san
Smile #012 by oanalivia Gazing upon the sky by Evelina-san  

Creeps Arise of Dyoxtrogor by Unialien Portrait Commission - Calista by KodamaCreative EzeDek ~ Kissing In Public by SkullFire666

Thanks for watching by Digithalie
Hope your having a great weekend
By: :icongigi50:

MLP Season 5 - Episode 4: Bloom and Gloom

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 10:32 AM



So here's the episode everyone knew was coming; the Apple Bloom/Luna Nightmare episode. 

I don't have much to say about this, besides I had a feeling it would be the "dream withi a dream" idea, those kinds of shows always bug me a bit (Ha, bug, get it? Her first dream)

Congratulations to Babs getting her cutie mark! Wish she could've made an appearance instead of just mentioned, but still :3 

Babs Seed cutie mark by xebck


Also... befor the dream ended, Scootaloo made me sad...

When Sweetie Belle notes that they're still sleeping, and Scootaloo says "Cool!", she immediately begins flying... that is actually very heartbreaking unintentionally.

She KNOWS its a dream, so she knows she can fly i it, even though she still can't fly in the waking world.. that's really sad to me.

Anyways, feel free to discuss in the comments and watch this episode while you can!

I'm sure the HD versions will be out soon

Nommie's Art Design Contest!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 7:17 PM
Despite not reaching 5k watchers yet, I've decided to do a contest a bit early.
(I'm extremely close though! lol)


Draw Nommie!

Draw me liek one of ur anime gurls.

Contest will end May 11th

Natural Noms by NommieCow
Many Faces of Nommie! by NommieCow


1st place - $25 or 2,500 Points 

2nd place - $15 or 1,500 Points

3rd place - $10 or 1000 Points

1. Art must be digital only
(sorry guys! Just a personal preference)

- Pixels & Chibis are welcomed!

2. Must have some kind of color! 
(Don't need expert coloring/shading)

3. Only two entries per person.

4. Please link back to this journal in your deviation.
(Making a journal is not required)

5. Post only a LINK to your entry in the comments.

Things I will be looking for!

Transparency - Though I will possibly accept entries with BGs. I have before!

Originality - Don't be using bases or copying how Nommie looks exactly

Creativity - Make your own outfit? Give a different/cool hair color?


Things to know when drawing/coloring  Nommie

- Green eyes

- Nommie can be drawn with any length hair, her current length is like in the picture above

- Noms HATES the color yellow, white, orange and brown when it comes to clothes

- Nommie would NEVER dye her hair orange, green or rainbow

- Loves red, pink and black!

- Nommie finds half & half colored hair to be awesome!

- Has black & pink glasses (optional to add)

- Nommie hates wearing dresses and skirts!

- Noms is slightly chubby - feel free to draw her skinny! She hopes to be so one day. xD

- Noms LOVES COWS and anything to do with cows!

- Loves beanie babies & stuffed animals

- Often wears a giant fluffy hoodie that's as red as elmo!

Please read through everything.

Only ask questions if it's about something I have not addressed already.

Thank you. 

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  • Reading: Fanfiction
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mini sorteo/raffle

Sat Apr 18, 2015, 10:51 PM

Para Participar Debes/ That You Have To Do:

  • Tenerme en Watch / you must watch me Added to my devWatch! 
  • Donarme una llama / Give me a lamaLlama king 
  • Añade a fav este journal / fave this Journal+fav

Premio/ Prize:

20 Pink Points 

Heart dividerHeart dividerHeart dividerHeart dividerHeart divider 

Hey guys! So most of you probably know of my podcast the Snuffcast by now, and Ill be recording a new one tomorrow (to be released on 420) with David Near and Mr. Betty Krueger. 
If anyone has any questions they might want us to answer on the podcast go ahead and comment them below, we might read off a few if we run out of shit to talk about.
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