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Hey guys! I have 300 :points: right now, and I wanna do another giveaway! <3

1. Watch me
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1ST PLACE: 150 :points:
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:iconmystic-artist11: (1)
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If you donate, the prizes will be bigger, and there will be more winners! You may just be one of them! ~!~ wink :P 

My Little Reviews: Party Pooped

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 4:52 PM

This week's thumbnail artist: :iconimarieu:

Comment as always! 


Thu Jul 2, 2015, 6:38 PM
WOW i have too many ocs pls take them from me so i can go buy more at some point

All are pay what you want. I literally don't care. There are even some FREE guys in there because I cant get 'em sold

>> <<

Take 'em are all free. Pls take them.

*One star is low price, likely nothing less than 20 points

**Two star is moderate price, likely nothing below 70 points

***Three star is high price, likely nothing below 150 points unless otherwise stated

I will also take offers on my not-for-sale ocs (with some exceptions for those i actually use, like Jett and Jaxx)

I say 'likely' because I am completely open to offers. Want to take a couple of my ocs? I'll strike a deal with you and throw in some free. Just let me know what you are interested in and I will respond accordingly.

Please be sure to save the file once you adopt and before you send the payment, because I will delete the image from my stash upon receiving the payment.

Ahaha I decided to take part in just because of AT. 
*even if somewhere too far in my heart I feel like I have no chances to win*

Anyway, if you enjoy this design, please, VOTE for me HERE ^^ *just rate it with 5 stars* 
 I really need your help, guys)))))) /don't like a judgement system like voting ==""""/
Thank you very much Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by GasaraGlass Heart Bullet (Orange) by GasaraGlass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara

Published on Jun 22, 2015

Finnish guy Janne Antin wanted to show what it is like to live with HIV-related stigma and at the same time raise awareness of HIV.…

They want to ban gay marriage there.
They're fucking trying to refuse gay marriage licenses.

Fucking rEALLY???? ? ? ? ????
The rabid Christians here are so fucking ignorant and uneducated it makes me almost physically sick. Even though I'm atheist God doesn't fucking want this, you assholes.

Did you guys know I used to be homophobic?????
Not by Christianity itself (my parents are not religious), but by my fucking SCHOOLS.
The people at my elementary and middle schools brainwashed me to believe that homosexuality was wrong.
They bullied me cause they thought me and my friends were lesbian lovers even though we were just fucking friends.
They bullied this one gay kid in 6th grade and he had no friends throughout the entire year.

It was also in elementary and middle school where I was starting to develop what you call "girl crushes" and I had to keep quiet about them because of all the ignorant people.
So my schools basically brainwashed me and forced me to become this 100% heterosexual homophobe. It wasn't until I started making ACTUAL LGBT friends on the internet that I started to become less ignorant.

Fucking Texas I swear.
So glad I'm moving out after I graduate.

So, apologies for the lack of activity; been very busy with work and the insane heat makes me less likely to stay inside drawing! Now, it’s been a long time coming, but I’m now formally announcing my first Fakémon competition!


The theme of this competition is ‘Creature Lottery’. I have a whole heap of animals and plants that I’d love to see you take on as a fakémon. Each entry is assigned one of these creatures or plants at random, which they then must turn into a fakémon. The fakémon can be a singe-stage, two-stage, or three-stage line (no megas please – that’s a future competition I have cooking up in my head!).


The rules are simple:

  1. Sign up by leaving a comment below;
  2. Leave a journal mentioning your participation with a link to this page (maybe mention me in it so I can see that it’s been done in my feed!);
  3. Wait until you are assigned a Fakémon concept by myself; and
  4. Get drawing! :) Once your entry is complete just post a link to it in a subsequent reply to your original comment.


There will be two judges of this competition, as I’d rather have it be less biased, etc. they are myself, and :iconfrozenfeather: - we have somewhat different likes when it comes to Pokémon and Fakémon, so we figured it’d balance out. :)


As for Prizes…

  • First Place: 600 points; 3 of your Fakémon drawn by :iconkurigaru: (at least one of these three will be your competition entry); and a digital, coloured and shaded version of Kurigaru’s drawings, done by myself;
  • Second Place: 300 points; 2 of your Fakémon draw by Kurigaru (at least one of these two will be your competition entry); and a digital, coloured and shaded version of Kurigaru’s drawings, done by myself;
  • Third Place: 150 points; and your Fakémon competition entry drawn by Kurigaru, which will then be done up digitally (coloured, shaded, etc.) by myself.


I would like this competition to be a fun success for all of us here on the DA Fakémon community, so I won’t be doling out the Fakémon concepts for each person until there are at least 20 entrants signed up to the competition. Once there are at least 20 entrants I will open up the entry period, which will last 2 weeks, after which time I will not be accepting any entries. Sign up and have fun!

:star: Designing a City... And Imitating Bast??

First and foremost thank you to all who have been postin' their feedback and words of encouragement on my previous journal! It's really nice to hear your thoughts on the Edenspell project, it's something that I don't take for granted. Do be patient as in the following months I'll be focusing on building the foundations before I even hit any of the legit sequentials to the story.

I'll be starting off with the most important thing that will connect the reader first-hand - the characters (you would have seen a portion of it for Ashworth as I try to answer the 'Ten Questions To Ask Your Characters To Make Them More Dynamic & Believable').

I mean, why would you even invest your time in my story if you know nothing about them? It is my job to make them feel believable and interesting. 

Also equally important is the premise (i.e. what is the story about it and why am I telling it to you?). I'm starting off with 'characters' because I feel that I can communicate with my readership more effectively with engaging illustrations via the visual development process. I can draw my characters in terms of design and also illustrate scenes that can answer the 10 questions that I've mentioned earlier. However if we look into illustrating the 'premise' - you wonder 'how' when you don't have the players to guide you along. It's possible but I may probably have to illustrate concepts of the idea that can span several pages and I don't think that's time and energy well spent. So characters first! Anyways...! 

If I could sum up Edenspell (at this point in time) in a sentence, it's this:

"How does one ascend from the depths of torment?"

I feel that would be a good start as I'm curious and motivated to find out how my characters who will be/have been experiencing personal hell(s) can find salvation - that very light at the end of the tunnel. I have a personal stake on this too because of my own experiences IRL that have put me through some very daunting times with family (though it's not in the extreme case of perhaps something like suicide but I know what it's like feel hurt emotionally when circumstances in life don't go accordingly to how you see it). I will use this premise as a guide for now but as the story progresses, it may alter, who knows. Perhaps you may be able to find your own meaning behind the story and the characters that live through it, that'd be another interesting prospect to look into too!

Anyways I decided to break away from character development this evening and build a setting for the story. 

Right now as we speak I'm thinking of a periled metropolis that has experienced endless cold wintered nights... The city is vulnerable, helpless, but from what? I don't have a solid idea yet but all I know is that they are feeling troubled and insecure, and Ashworth's story begin in the middle of it all while he is a small child.

During the day I've been Googlin' for specific images and also downloading textures from that will help me on my quest to building this city. Included in my search were abondoned, church, Victorian/Gothic architecture, angel statues, snow, winter, and Czech Republic (a city I visited way back in 2007!). I find that setting appealing for what Ashworth will be going through along with the citizens who live there. Here are a couple of photos of my progress with different angles of the metropolis of which I named it: Argoyle.

Untitled by darkspeeds

Untitled by darkspeeds

So that's a preview of the thumbnails, I plan to bring them up next time for an upload on DA (whether it be in color or the special sephia/historical scroll & textbook tone) and hopefully it'll reach a standard that is presentable. 

In fact, allow me to indulge you a channel that ALL artists should check out. I can't get enough of Feng Zhu and his awesomeness... Just WATCH and LEARN.

Oh and last but not least... This one's for David and Liz and the Dreamkeepers fans... :icondreamkeepers:

I'VE JUST FINISHED DOWNLOADING DK Volume 4!!! (Took about half the day! Damn!! lol)

Oh and will I be reading the PDF? HELL NO...!! I'll be waiting for the real thing, by post! XD Just like the previous three books... I CAN'T WAIT to read it.

For now... Here's my impression of Bast - scarf included :giggle: 8-)

Untitled by darkspeeds Untitled by darkspeeds

lion oc contest !! (open)

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 5:59 PM

hi. i really like lion designs apparently?
this is my first contest ever !! can't wait to see the entries .o..

prizes - (I'll be keeping all 3 place's designs as my new OC's ! )

1st place - 1000 points + an icon of ya choice 
2nd place - 300 points 
3rd place - 200 points
will probably buy some of the ones besides the winner if I really like them B)

go go go 
dates - ends July 15th B))
if less than like 30 people enter I'll probably cancel just because I want to be sure I get a variety ! 

other - don't have color preferences but I like pleasing pallets, nothing harsh on the eyes.
my favorites colors are white and lilac but I'd love a variety of color pallet entries ! I also love light accessories, i.e. cloaks and bows, and I'd love to see some wizard or magical themed lions !!

to enter - advertise the journal somewhere ( journal, poll, etc. ) , and comment the link to the advertistment along with your entry!
I'll add all entries to a folder in my favorites!

rules - (please read before entering)
-enter as many times as you like !
-link your entry and your advertising in the comments !
- must be watching me to enter
- no bases

and that's it, good luck and have fun !

no ragrets

that's just

Thu Jul 2, 2015, 8:38 AM

carmen got supspended from youtube becosu eshe made a fun video of people who are easily offended and the one who fake illneses and that kind of stuff
she made a video for fun
as a fuckign joke
not intendign to hurt anyone

and got fuckign supspended while theres peoepl like TJ ANIMATIONS and other peopeol WHO TELL OTHER TO DIE AND SCREAM AT OTHERS THAT THEY'RE SHIT AND ARE STILL THERE?!?!?


This skin is genuine!

This journal skin can be edited as you wish, but you need to keep a link for my profile and the "Install Skin" button.