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You're drawing one of my OC's from the links

Since these never sold or got traded, I decided to make a contest? 
I'd prefer to see these go to someone else simply because I'm no longer interested in the Cinna community.
Nothing against anyone, I just think it's in my best interest for now until whenever I decide I guess lol.

Here are the cinnas you're entering for (will only win one):

Sean by momokochii   Abella by momokochii

-- Both come with art/proof, so just ask for both if you need to!
left: art by AppleRat | right: art by cinnabutt

:star: HOW TO ENTER: :star:

- Favorite this journal!
- Advertise this contest with a journal/poll!
- Once those steps are completed, comment with a link to your journal/poll and specify whom you're entering for.
- Then when you can, draw anyone from the following folders:

- Reply to your original comment with your entry and that's it!
- Acceptable media: digital/traditional art, plushies, keychains, sculpts, etc.
I will be judging you based on creativity.

:star: RULES: :star:

- You cannot enter if you've been banned by Band-of-Butts
- Anyone may enter, but I'd prefer it if you didn't have 10+ cinnas (give others a chance).
- I'd prefer if you drew my characters individually instead of together, but you may draw them together if you so wish to.
- This contest is not affiliated with cinnabutt, Band-of-Butts, or any other group. Note me with questions/concerns!
- You may enter as many times as you'd like, but remember quality over quantity.
- Once a winner is picked /all// art drawn belongs to me. 
(If you have an issue with this, do not enter.)


:star: FIRST PRIZE! :star:

- Full ownership of desired cinna
- $10 USD via PayPal / 1000:points:
- YCH of your new cinna: click here

:star: SECOND PRIZE! :star:

- Choice of any character from here: sale/trade
- Bust/headshot of your new character
- $5 USD via PayPal / 500:points:

:star: THIRD PRIZE! :star:

- Headshot of any OC/etc., of your choice 
- $1 USD via PayPal / 100:points:


:star: DEADLINE IS 10/31/15!!! :star:

- If more than 15 entries are made, I may extend the deadline!
- If extension is made, it will only be for another 1-2 weeks.

Thank you and good luck everyone!



If you have already made a journal/added this journal to your
favorites and still don't see your name on this list, it
probably means you didn't comment. c;

**Entering for Sean:**
- Bennyislove / entry:
- Kitty-With-A-Hat25 / entry:
- SpookyBooty / entry:
- TheSpaceNerd / entry:
- Catothecat / entry:
- ACLuigiYoshi / entry:
- :devGasssatrand: / entry:

**Entering for Abella:**
Ninjava / entry
- SarahRawr18 / entryJulian (1)
- Hedgie-Nebula / entryLaydon (1)
- Archeopsmaster / entry
- Blackstripesrock / entry:
- Alleriawolf / entry:
- Rainbow-Moose / entry
- BreeziieSkiies / entry:
Can we get a whole lot LESS of Beth and Jerry? Like, throughout all of season 2, it's become incredibly annoying. Every character in the show seems to point out how horrible their marriage is, and Rick himself even says "Either fix their marriage or get a divorce." They've done neither. It's become very annoying. Every Beth/Jerry plot is "Jerry is a dipshit and Beth is a harpy with daddy issues."

I define a good television marriage as one where you want to see the couple resolve their issues and a bad one where you wonder why they ever got married in the first place. It's over-done, both in-show and out of show. And I can only wonder how Beth is going to react when she learns of the message Rick gave turning himself in and blaming it on Jerry. I mean, Auto Erotic Assimilation is an amazing episode, that's dragged down by Beth and Jerry arguing. Big Trouble in Little Sanchez is an otherwise okay episode that's dragged down by things we've already seen. Even worse is that Jerry is more and more becoming the dumbass dad cliche, and the universe is always siding with Beth, even in cases like Interdimensional Cable 2 where Jerry's actions seem more justified and Beth seems to be doing things for selfish reasons.

Either they should do something new with Beth and Jerry, or have more episodes like The Ricks Must be Crazy where they don't appear at all. The best material Beth and Jerry had, oddly enough, comes from my least favorite episode in the series -- Get Schwifty. It was about normal people being forced to interact with crazy science fiction concepts.

Besides Beth and Jerry (and a couple of episodes), season 2 has been a major step-up. They've played with more interesting concepts like quantum uncertainty and hive minds. Having Rick deal with another version of himself in The Ricks Must be Crazy was a genius move. I'm definitely excited to see where the show goes from here. Just, you know, cool it with the Beth and Jerry marriage crap. It's more annoying than a soap opera.
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  • Listening to: The Script
  • Reading: Episode plots
  • Watching: Rick and Morty
  • Playing: The Sims 3
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I just reached 6000 watchers! Thank you very much for bearing with me, for following my meagers attempt at making art and for all the kind support, faves, comments and watches!
It's quite the achievement for this page, so I would like to celebrate it by hosting a contest.
The contest is for digital and traditional art only, and there will be several prizes.

I'd like to ask you to kindly read the whole journal for all the info about the contest, and if it's not too much to ask, could you please add this journal to your favorites (even if you're not sure wether you'll enter or not) to let more people know about it?
And feel free to ask your questions in the comments and I'll be glad to answer your doubts!

Contest Starts: October 10th 2015

Contest Ends: December 31th 2015 (00AM Rome Time/GMT+1)

THEME: Draw my OCs

The contest is about drawing one of my Original Characters. You are free to choose the setting, the poses, which characters to draw and the framing. The only rule is that they need to be MY Original Characters. I have four main original characters and some minor ones, divided into the following galleries.……………

The main characters also have character sheets in their gallery, as you can see.


  • Only my original characters are allowed (NO other OCs or fan arts). 
  • You must be one of my wacthers to participate (but if you're not, you can do it now! ;D )
  • You MUST respect the descriptions and character designs provided. Gender-bender, furry or animal versions are not allowed. Minor tweaks of the outfits are allowed though the character to remain recognizable.
  • Please only draw one of my OCs per entry, as none of them share the same setting as the others.
  • Nudity, sexual themes, violence and blood are accepted, but THEY MUST FOLLOW deviantART policy. If you don't know dA rules, please check this FAQ: FAQ #220: What is Mature Content? . Works containing strong content MUST have the Mature Content Filter ON.
  • You can join with max 3 entries, but only one of the entries can be a winner.
  • All formats and sizes are accepted.
  • You can enter with sketches, but it's better to participate with completed works as they're obviously more likely to win. 
  • Drawings on squared/ruled paper won't be accepted.
  • You MUST credit all reference/resources used and provide a link to the original source. You can't use Copyrighted material as part of your work, not as a reference/resource/material (not even mine). Works that don't respect this rule will be disqualified.
  • You MUST follow deviantART rules and be kind to other contestants and judges. If you don't, you will be disqualified.
  • Judges can't participate in the contest (alas, I must add).
  • You can add your works to all dA groups that you want.
  • Entries submitted after the deadline won't be accepted.
  • Have fun! 


  • Traditional and Digital art, Mixed media, Drawings and Illustrations, Animations and Gifs, Vectors and Vexels, Cartoon and comics, Realism and Semi-realism, chibi.. every style, but it HAS to be a drawing/painting.
  • Both Black and White and Colored works are accepted.


  • Abstract, Literature, Cosplay, Fractal (unless it is a secondary part of the picture), Photography, Photomanipulation, Dolls.
If you have doubts on the allowed media, please contact me.


  • Entries need to be specifically done for this contest. No works done previously will be accepted.
  • When you upload the work to deviantART, you must write in the description that the work has been done for this contest, and put a link (or thumbnail) to this journal.
  • As soon as you have uploaded the deviation, please leave a comment on this journal entry with the link or thumbnail to your entry/entries.
  • I will add all the submissions to a Favourites Collection called "Draw My OCs Contest". (if I don't answer immediately please be patient, it might take me a day to see your note).


to be added soon


I will judge the entries, with the help of Eeren and kate-n-bd.
The works will be judged based on:
1- accuracy (how well the art depicts the likeness of the character)
2- technique (how skillfully drawn the picture is)
3- impact (referred to such things as scene, pose, storytelling)
4- effort (it's quite visible when people put effort in their artwork, and I want it rewarded properly)


There will be one prize for each winner of a given category, and one runner up prize.
The first prize is a color portrait done by me. The runner up prize is a lineart portrait.
These will be waist-up portraits of a character of your choosing. It can be an OC or anything. Only limitation is that I don't do furry, anime or porn (but nudity is ok).
In addition, the other judges, Eeren and kate-n-bd, will each reward a honorable mention of their choice with a sketch portrait.


There will be five categories, one for each of the four main OCs plus one for the secondary, other OCs. Should a category receive less than four entries, that category will be cancelled and the entry will be automatically transferred to the "other OCs" category.

All the winning entries will be featured by me and my judges.

5 days after the closing of the contest, we will announce the winners and runner ups for each category, and publish them on my journal page.

Doing this again! Been having a good time with Skype :) You guys have been rlly cool so far. This time the call will be at 8:30pm Pacific Time TOMORROW (10/8).

Here's the rules!:
  • If you have a skype and are down/able to talk for a lil bit (at the given time), comment a number from 1-100. I shall note the chosen one and we'll exchange usernames there.
  • Make sure you're on dA/able to talk at 8:30 (that's when I'll be sending the note).
  • If you don't reply to the note within 10 minutes, I will move on to the next person.
  • Do not comment if you know you will not be able to talk at said time
  • We can message (i'll sound super cool), do a regular call (i'll be extremely awks), or have a video chat (i'll be less awks but you have to look at my gross face) . It's up to you!

So there you have it! God, I feel like you guys are gonna lose so much respect for me XD i'm a derp IRL.
  • Listening to: Good Feeling by Sage ft. Nick Jonas

[OPEN]Tell us a joke, Win a chibi!

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 6:31 AM

Character Name by Skunkyfly
Writted By Stupid Skunky

Booo Copy by Skunkyfly

Chiboi Happy by Skunkyfly: OOOHHH,,, your face are really creepy Shella-chan
Shella Giggle by Skunkyfly: Xi Xi Xi,,,, yessss,,,, cause this is Halloween eh... And you know what?

Chiboi Happy by Skunkyfly: What? What?
Shella Ooh by Skunkyfly: IT'S "MINI QUIZ" TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!
Chiboi Shock by Skunkyfly: EEEEHHH!!! really,,, what we should do?!
Shella Stare by Skunkyfly: It's Easy, Just tell Skunkyfly your most funny story  and the most funny story will win a Chibi drawing!
Chiboi Shock by Skunkyfly: Eh!? but this is Halloween event no? why not 'tell us your horror story'?
Shella Giggle by Skunkyfly : Yo Yo Yo,,, why we must be mainstream,,, be outstanding! And just follow the rules and Join Yo!
Chiboi Evil Face by Skunkyfly: OHOHO I see,,,, And now you guys... READ THE RULES CAREFULLY,,, cause if you're wrong,, we will NOT tell you and you will not counted as the participant Hihihihi // evils side



MY FUNNY STORIES IS : (share us your funny story/joke---- do NOT give the other link than DA,, no youtube,tumblr etc,,,)
IF WIN, I WANT YOU TO DRAW : (your OC link)
I TAG 3 OF MY FRIEND : (tag your friend)

-Watch is not necessary, but... maybe we will make more mini quiz and you not want to miss it no? //kicked


there will be 2 winner! Each Winner will get a Chibi Sketch of OC that they link
Chibi Sharku Sketch by Skunkyflychibi Momo sketch by Skunkyfly
Sharku originally designed by deichuu and Momo originally designed by Maruuki
chibi Chiboi sketch by Skunkyfly

Chiboi Wah by Skunkyfly: What is this... so easy... and uhm, when was the deadline?
Shella Stare by Skunkyfly: The Deadline Will be........

OCTOBER 30st 2015

Chiboi Happy by Skunkyfly: Great! we waiting for your story then ^^

Thank you for Reading o 3 o

Incantation - An interactive Comic

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 12:19 PM

Incantation - An interactive Comic by Shiraw

Like us on

Hello dear watchers!

I'm currently working on a big project with my friends from university. We're creating an interactive comic called „Incantation“!
It's a story about magic, betrayal and a misguided heroine. But I don't want to give away the best yet. ;)

So what is an interactive comic? Compared to traditional comics, an interactive one includes animations, sound effects and is only available digitally. BUT our comic will be even more awesome! Besides those great aspects we are also including Mini-Games! Get ready for an entirely new comic experience!

Early 2016 the comic will be released for Android phones and tablets, but we are also working on an iOS-version. Unfortunately the first version will not be available in English, only in German.

My tasks include helping write the story, creating the lineart and designing the fonts and (written) sound effects.

Also part of the team is Shiraw. - She is an amazing artist with great character design skills and beautiful colouring. You should take a look at her art! :D

Check out our latest concepts:

A reference sheet of the heroine “Leandra
Incantation - Leandra Reference by Shiraw

Concepts of the magical creature “Blop

Incantation - Creature: Thumbnails and Concept by Bernuviel

So if you like what you see, don't forget to like us on Facebook.

More content and a blog coming soon! Stay tuned!

Like us on

Created at

Adoption Center [OPEN]

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 9:34 AM by MonoStars:iconmonostars:
[Something new we're going to try!! Please be understanding and patient as we try to see if this works! This will be a way to circulate Pokemon that are left behind should people leave and give others a chance to get a mon!]

A new little building has been set up, right on the side of the the town! It's small, and quaint, and looks modest. It looks to be a small shop, but upon further inspection, the words 'Re-Adoption' hang above the door. As people approach, a little Growlithe hops excitedly up to them- energetic, despite only having three-legs. She seems to be ushering people inside the small building. Inside, Pokemon are all around- in displays, on the floor playing with Trainers, being brushed, being fed. Trainers are walking about, reading little info cards on the Pokemon displays. As they all mosey along as the same pace of the other Trainers, many feel eyes on them. A large man, with firey red hair is standing in the corner, glaring with harsh ruby eyes. He seems to be glaring down those in the Adoption Center- but when somebody asks aloud to know more about the Glameow on display, he moves closer. He tells the Trainer what they need to know, visibly softening and talking rather animatedly about the Glameow- and if one were to look close, they could see a nametag labeled "Deimos" on his apron. So he must work here.

There are plenty Pokemon here that seem to be needing new homes. So many are dropped off or abandoned every day- and Deimos has taken up rescuing these homeless 'mons and getting them back up for adoption to a better home. Some can just be picked up, and others seem to need to have forms filled out.
Why don't you take a look around as well? Perhaps you'll find a new friend to take home!

A place where spirits are rekindled and hope is lost.

This little Weedle was found lost during the Festival! It was crawling around near the Bobbing for Apples stall- seemingly disoriented and confused. It was obviously domesticated, abut had no Trainer. The man running the stall brought it in, feeling sorry for the little Bug-type. This Weedle is a little shy and skittish! It will need a patient and understanding Trainer.

A scruffy but adorable little dog, abandoned for reasons unknown, left to wander around in town. A kind citizen brought them in, where they were cleaned up and put back up for adoption to a new loving family. This Lillipup is playful and energetic- it will need a Trainer with just as much energy to keep up!

A sad little Feebas abandoned in a festival bag left to float down the river. Deimos fished the little one out- and despite being a little spooked, it was no worse for wear. It has since been given this nice fishtank to swim around it. It's still a little wary of Trainers, but given time, will warm up to them. This Feebas will need a patient and understanding Trainer.
ADOPT FEE: 1000p

This little kitty was left at the Center in a box- soaking wet and miserable. Despite it's initially fearful nature, with some cleaning up and food, this Meowth turned out to be a loving and calm companion. While still abit wary of people, it warms up to others quickly and will rub and purr all over it's new Trainer, demanding their attention. This Meowth should have a Trainer willing to pay it lots of attention.
ADOPT FEE: 1500p

Abandoned by their Trainer, a little Oshawott was dropped off at the Center late one night. The poor thing is still a little heartbroken, and seems to be very withdrawn into itself. It seems to shy away from Trainers approaching it. This Oshawott should have a Trainer willing to help coax them out their shell.
ADOPT FEE: 2000p

Dei isn't sure what this little guy's story is- but regardless, somebody abandoned it here. It seems to wander a little bit aimlessly when approaching Trainers, which would make sense- this little one is blind! It's still very friendly, and seems more than happy to nuzzle on fingers and sit in laps despite it all. This Glameow will need a good, stable home with a Trainer who's not too active.
ADOPT FEE: 2500p

Abandoned by their Trainer, a Hawlucha was dropped off at the Center late one night. The poor thing is still a little heartbroken, and seems to be rather aggressive and defensive, more out of fear than anything. This Hawlucha will need a Trainer willing to help them learn to trust again.
ADOPT FEE: 2500p

Abandoned by their Trainer, a Zoura was dropped off at the Center late one night. The poor thing is still a little heartbroken, and seems to be very listlistess and mopey. It doesn't seem to be too engaged. This Zoura will need a Trainer willing to be very patient, loving and kind and help this little one come out of their shell.
ADOPT FEE: 3000p

Deimos give you a little look as you approach with your mon of choice. He thrusts a form at you for you to fill out. You'll have to fill this out before you can adopt a Pokemon! He will be carefully checking applications to see if you're a good fit for the Pokemon. There's a fee to adopt, of course. Gotta have some cash to keep the lights on, you know. Once you adopt from here, the Pokemon is soulbound- meaning you CANNOT trade or gift them! YOU CAN ONLY ENTER FOR ONE MON DURING EACH ADOPT CENTER BATCH!!!

(please answer IC!)
Adoption Application

Pet you want:
Why you want them:
How will you take care of them:

If there's a Pokemon you don't want that is soulbound to you- this is the way to get rid of them. This is the ONLY way to get rid of a soulbound Pokemon. You can also drop off any other mons you don't want! It makes you the worst but...

Created at
Àn nhông. Cái này tui chuẩn bị lâu rồi mà nhát nên thôi. Dự là Big Share mà nhát quá nên chia nhiều part.
Định làm nhiều hơn mà để lâu sợ render cũ nên chia nhiều part.
Văn dốt nên viết có dở cũng chịu

TUY NHIÊN, nhiều bạn lấy đồ chùa, KHÔNG thèm fav nữa chứ. Các bạn vô văn hoá thế à. Đây là lần đầu tiên mình nói đến vấn đề này. Thực sự mình không muốn nói lắm đâu, vì có một số bạn nhát cmt nhưng vẫn fav và watch nhưng mà lấy xong là bỏ watch luôn. Nếu bạn không thích render, psd hay art của ,mình thì đừng watch, đừng xin này nọ. Đừng có thể loại lấy xong là bỏ watch, fav.

------------------------------------------------PART 1---------------------------------------------------------------
I> RENDERS: show trước, link sau. Part này không nhiều lắm nhưng part 2 sẽ nhiều hơn
blend lỗi
H by Windie2k1

.H1 by Windie2k1

Pack3 by Windie2k1

4.bao cute nhé
Pack1 by Windie2k1

Pack2 by Windie2k1

Pack4 by Windie2k1

7. pack này chưa có stock gốc, chỉ có cap thôi nhưng rất HQ. Nếu part 2 mà có stock gốc tớ sẽ cut share
Pack5 by Windie2k1

8. XIUMIN-EXO: quên làm pack

II>PSD CLR: tớ đã thử nhiều rồi mới share nên psd toàn hàng chất lượng. Tớ sẽ không gt màu vì tuỳ mắt mà có cảm nhận khác nhau thôi
về prv thì bí nên chỉ làm có vậy thôi.
Còn nữa, trong file psd nếu muốn làm clr đục thì chỉnh cái exposure gì đó nhé

.Pr by Windie2k1
không có exposure
Pr1 by Windie2k1

Pr2 by Windie2k1

Pr3 by Windie2k1

Pr4 by Windie2k1


I've been seeing lot of people ship their oc's with my character's and I just-
please don't..
it makes me really upset and that people don't ask me for permission on stuff like that.
please don't do that ;-; 
my oc's mean a lot to me, and I would appreciate it if people didn't jus take them from me like that, and use them for their own u-u ( especially my child henry)
dONT GET ME WRONG NOW, it's a very nice and flattering thought that alot of people like my characters, but it just makes me rly upset when people don't ask me first ; ;

thank you..


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 8, 2015, 7:29 AM

Hello guys!

To celebrate creating a new version of my main OC - Fuku, I'm opening a MINI CONTEST!


1st place:

3 month premium membership or 1,200 dA points

2nd place:

1 month PM/400 dA points

3rd place:

1 month PM/400 dA points

All you need to do is draw my OC

OC: Fukune by Fukune

in any way you want! Can be both digital and traditional, mascot, sculpture, just anything you want! Play with my chara and spread the love~! :3

Deadline: 30.11.2015

cause it's little contest for fun XD many thanks to Tokkyun for her donations, with them I'm able to hold it! :3 (and commision/donate other awesome artist, you're the best!)

Skin by SimplySilent