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Free Requests

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2014, 5:37 AM

Gift Chibi Ota by IvayveyPixel Natalia by Ivayvey

Hello Everyone!
I'm opening free requests.
(more examples soon)
I'm not going to accept ones, which character design would I like the most.

:star:Open Untill all slots are full:star:

Before you order read the rules!

How to order:

1.Make a jurnall with link to my requests
2.Write a comment under this journal, with link to your character reference, and link to your journal informing about my requests. You can mention some details about your character if wanted.
3. Done c;

:bulletgreen: If I pick your request, I'll leave just a short reply with style i want to draw it in. (cell/ soft/ pixel itd)
:bulletgreen: You can put references of more than one character (that will make your chances to be choosen bigger)
:bulletgreen: Yy can put many characters, but  won't do more than one pic for 1 person

:bulletred: Comments like "can I have one" Will be ignored. Make everything like in instruction to have a slot
:bulletred: Even if you do journal, without link in comment, you request would be ignored. Sorry. I don't have time to dig through your account to check it :c
:bulletred: I don't accept sonic or mecha character. But I can make a human/anthro versions of sonic ones 
:bulletred: Charactes with unfinished or unclear references will be ignored



:bulletgreen:Pixel Page doll:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Regular animated Pixel:bulletgreen:


:bulletgreen:Full Body :bulletgreen:


:bulletgreen:Fake Screenshoot:bulletgreen:


:bulletgreen: Chibi :bulletgreen:


:bulletgreen:Chibi Sticker:bulletgreen:

1. :iconsailorsetsuna:

For each pixel one I'll add a free icon version of it

If you don't catch a slot, there are always commissions (very cheap!)

Thank you for attention 

Skin created by AvitanOr

so...time to talk ravine

the book tanked...

and i mean the book tanked hard.

we are talking about 5000% losses on effort versus profit XD 

on book 2 i received profits that would usually pay for me making 5 pages of a comic. ravine was a 160 page book

so... where do i take it from here

do i quit?


the book is good. i have no doubts about that. book 2 is far better than book 1 and book 3 will surpass them both

but the facts are simple. the book never found an audience.

so i have made a decision

i will apply to ravine the same approach i have done  with sunstone

true, i never had any intention of publishing sunstone and it was the fans demand that made me make that decision. and you know what?

fans stepped up!

in fact the way things are going there is a good chance i will in late 2015 onward focus on sunstone very intensively. fans have more than earned it, and for that they have my most sincere gratitude :) 

and now, i am going to do the same with ravine.

ravine is turning into a webcomic first format

don't get me wrong i have no delusions of making any big money from this book but it is a labor of love... looots and looots of love XD

same quality, same style, just, starting in 2015, book 3 will be posted page by page online first and as each book is finished it will be subsequently published in printed format 

so there it is.

this is going to be my third deviantart account now XD it will take some time till i upload the first 2 books as i am reformatting them for an easier read :)


and please, don't think this is a bad thing.

i can't even describe to you the love that i have for the webcomic format.
it is a far more immediate  format that lets me interact with people more often and far easier

In case you're interested in knowing what brush setting I'm using in my paintings, here are 3 of my most used brushes (in Photoshop). 
Brush 2014 by JaneMere
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:A PrePAWSterous Contest 2015:

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 20, 2014, 8:15 PM
Here's me bringing you another contest ;u;

So there will be two categories:

Basic Rules:
When you finish your entry, make sure to link it back here(through the deviation's description)
You can make as many entry as you like.
Do not use any free use lines or base(im okay if it's yours) for this contest.
Refrain from harassing other participants.

For Category One:
  •  You must draw a pixel of my mascot, Palette.
    • :Palette Forms 2014-2015: by PrePAWSterous:Palette: by PrePAWSterous

      (any form allowed EXCEPT the "normal cat" form)
  • Any kind of pixel will do (icon, pixel doll, etc.)
  • Background must be transparent
  • Refrain from using a base you did not create
1st place: 1000 :points: plus a : Pixel doll: from me
3 runner ups will be given 50 :points: each

More prizes will be unlocked soon if there are more than 10 entries <3

For Category Two

  • Like last years contest, make me a BG for my desktop (resolution 1366X768)
  • NO TRANSPARENT BG.I don't mind if you make a drawing and place it in some blank background.
  • My mascot : Palette: must be included in that picture ^^ (again, any form allowed except the "normal cat form")
  • Any kind of art is allowed
1st place: 1000 :points: plus an :animated chibi:  from me
2nd place: 2 Chibis from me
3 runner ups will be given 50 :points: each
More prizes will be unlocked soon if there are more than 10 entries <3

I will be hosting a raffle for those who entered and 3 will be winning an icon from me.

Deadline: March 30,2015(may be extended)

Coded by vanilleass and nightIights
In the holiday spirit I'm going to hold a raffle!!
This is your chance to get a custom from me!! ' v ' 
Here's some examples of customs:
Space Racer adopt auction((AUTOBOUGHT!!)) by CrosseRabbit Fnaf Adopt Auction((CLOSED!! Auto buy!!!)) by CrosseRabbit Celestial-Voyager by CrosseRabbit !Closed! I'm keeping him! by CrosseRabbit Coal Miner adopt auction(( Closed)) by CrosseRabbit Fnaf Adopt Auction #2 by CrosseRabbit 
Alright alright here's the rules!
-to enter you can 
  1:favorite this journal!( 1 winner will be drawn from the favorites)((you wil get 1 number))
  2: spread the word about this raffle by making a journal advertising this raffle((you will get three numbers))
  3: comment ((you will get 2 numbers))
I will announce the winners on Tuesday dec 23
If you do not win this raffle I will be holding a draw to adopt sometime before or after Christmas 

Ureban Reality BAnner by Jon-Lock

Hey guys! So with InkBlazer shutting down, a lot of people have moved onto Tapastic. ;v; So, in the meantime my comic will be there as well until I find an alternative way to show my comic because I still do want to continue it til the end. I’m hoping to find a better solution soon. 

Right now I haven’t uploaded any pages, but I will this coming week. :) I can start fresh, so Urban Reality will have a fresh look, but no worries the story will NOT change!

Here is the link, you can click to subscribe:…

I still do hope that InkBlazer can still stay, it's sad to see the site go. ;v;

Thank you guys for the ongoing support! That really means alot! :)

I really love doing Giveaways
theyre the best

and while i was streaming i made some adopts
and then I thought of a giveaway where you can win a custom pony
(and people liked the idea)


What can you win ?
Like I said before : A custom pony :D

Whatya gotta do ?
- Comment below on how you like your pony to look . You can leave as much up to me as you want ~
But this can also include a theme , or a gender and race , or specific colors . Or you can ask for a sibling/family/love interest for one of your ponies
- Tell me why you want one
- Do a groovy dance

As always ; i dont know how many will win yet ~ But at least one ^^

[Voice actor]
LanceLight → :iconlancelight:

YouTube: LanceLight



Bloody Painter © :icondelucat: 

Eyeless Jack © Azelf5000

Sally © :iconkiki-hyuga:

The Puppeteer © :iconbleedingheartworks:
Judge angels © :iconyaguyi:


You can follow me on:



Merry Christmas!!!

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600 point Giveaway... (Includes 1 month premium)

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2014, 9:30 AM

I have a lot of extra points that I'm not even going to use... so why not?!

How to Enter~
1. :+fav: this journal. That's all!

-If you make a journal/poll about the giveaway, you'll get 1 more entry

-For every 5 points you donate to me, you get 1 more entry

-Watch all of these people for 1 more entry (if you want to get featured here donate to the contest prizes)

-You MUST be watching me. New watchers are welcome!
-If you lie about what you did to enter, you will be disqualified.
-Don't make a bunch of different accounts to enter in! (I know this won't stop you but... really...?)
-Anyone can enter. It doesn't matter if we're not friends or even if we don't like each other.
-Do not freak out if you don't win. 

1st- 1 month premium or point value
2nd- 104 points 
3rd- 100 points

Here we go with the 100+ messages

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