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Hello everybody!

I get asked frequently ‘how do you price your art?’  “How do I evaluate how much I should charge for commissions?” etc.  Recently, I’ve read a few disappointing posts on how some people devalue either themselves or others’ art purely because it is posted online either as digital or traditional.  We often see people with very low prices being taken advantage of by commissioners who want to obtain amazing art for pennies on the dollar without notifying the artist that maybe their prices are too low.  On the flip side, we also see people who complain that art is ‘too expensive’ when the pricing of the artist’s work in question is appropriate.

In response to these, I’ve decided to create a journal designed to help you (yes you, reader) understand that your work has value and how you should price your work as a result.  It also might shed light on a pretty widespread problem online of people who undercharge for their work unknowingly and the epidemic of people who wish to take advantage of these people, often swarming these artists unfairly in an attempt to leverage the insanely low prices to their advantage at the disadvantage of the artist.

A bit of background

Art as a medium is pretty different than it was 10 to 15 years ago.  The accessibility to art and art programs, as well as the ability for people to create art has expanded tremendously with the creation of cheaper tools, more options, more artists, etc.  There are more artists now than there have ever been before, especially as deviantArt has grown.  While activity on deviantart might have slowed, the options for art, people to follow, and outlets to view the art have all increased.


That sounds pretty intimidating if you’re an artist who wants to do commission work.  Almost equally so if you are someone looking to get art for yourself.  With all these artists, and all these options, is your work worth anything?



While the approachability of art is steadily increasing, its often really easy to overlook your own artistic value, especially when you’re often surrounded by people you might interpret as superior to you.  Regardless, your hard work in creating art, especially for someone else, is important to recognize!  YOU are worth something, and you’re undoubtedly worth more than you think, as our own self-perception often devalues our own work.  If you are considering opening commissions, modifying your prices, or scouting for art commissions to order, here are a few things to consider.

A problem in the Community

Have you ever seen an artist on deviantArt that has huge amounts of demand for their work because of how cheap it is?  99% of you will answer yes.  More often than not, these artists are undervaluing their work either unknowingly or knowingly (but under the impression that they are not worth more). 


I know of one particular artist (and I won’t use names for the sake of respect), who has very complicated and valuable commissions for 8$.  The value of this work if done as freelance industry work would easily exceed 400$, yet they were not aware of their under-pricing.  As a result, hundreds of people flocked to this person in hopes of scoring a sweetheart deal on their art without realizing that the pieces in question could take upwards of a month to complete (for 8$ mind you).  Do you think these people thought that the artist would benefit from this in any way?

Deviantart has a bit of an issue with the devaluation of digital and traditional art works purely because of their online format.  There is a huge fallacy that ‘because it’s on Deviantart that the work is my its nature worth less’. 

This causes a few problems that impact a great number of groups:

:bulletred: Artists undercutting themselves unknowingly are hurting income potential.

:bulletred: Artists will then try to undercut the lower prices to hike demand, driving overall work price and value in the community down.

The result is hours of work by very skilled artists for less than fast-food wages, often going under 1$/hour of work, work that is specially tailored to the buyer performed by skilled individuals!

So how should we price?

How should you price your art?  There’s a few steps.

First step? (Time to wrap your noodle around this big one)  YOUR ART IS WORTH SOMETHING!  Holy crap!  Yes, your art, regardless of who you are, is worth something, and a pretty decent something, too.  Spend hours on a drawing, even a sketch?  That’s hours of your own time refining your craft.  Drawing for someone else?  You are making something special for someone else with your time and your resources and your signature creativity!  YOU HAVE VALUE, YOU ALWAYS HAVE VALUE!

Crazy huh?  Well it shouldn’t be.  In fact, if you’ve drawn anything in your life before, you’ll know that drawing and art takes a lot of time and effort.  Drawing for others?  Even more so!  It’s the most important aspect to consider when pricing and evaluating your own work.


Second step?  Let’s consider the following:

In the United States (which we are using as the standard in this case because of deviantArt’s centralization in California), the minimum wage is $7.25.  That means the lowest you can legally be paid for doing employed work is $7.25, which is usually fast-food job wages.

So assuming it takes you 2 hours to sketch a drawing for someone:  If we are going by the minimum wage rate, that’s:

2 hours * 7.25 = $15 for a 2 hour sketch.  Seems reasonable right?  Sadly, most artists on deviantart charge LESS THAN 10$ for a sketch that might take as long as 4 hours!  What if it takes longer? 

Let’s also consider this:  Artistry is a specialty skill.  While anyone can learn art, it takes time, patience, and effort, and not everyone has the same style.  Art is something unique to everyone, and that makes it very valuable.  Do you consider something that unique to be worth minimum wage?

So assuming that we raise the per/hour cost a bit to say, 10$/hr.  That 2 hour sketch is now worth 20$.  Now we’re getting somewhere.

So as an artist, what does that mean for me?

It means you should do the following:

• Estimate how long various artistic processes take you to complete.  For many people, doing a full drawing with color and one character takes between 5-7 hours (I personally take way way longer than that to work, but we’ll use this range as an example).  Assuming minimum wage:

5-7 hours * 7.25$ =  $36.25 - $50.75

Now this might vary depending on skill, but this is a good starting place.  Now assuming you work at lets say 10$/hr.  That becomes

5-7 hours * 10$hr = $50-$70 for a full colored 1 character commission.

For traditional, also figure in the cost of supplies it took for you to create the image, so you’d estimate the base time + cost of materials.

This leads into a rather tricky problem with the consideration of the infamous deviantArt points. The issue with deviantart points (not that they’re necessarily bad) is that 1.) its not actually currency, and to be traded back to $, deviantart takes a 20% cut and 2.) it inflates the perceived price of the work.  Example:

assuming the previous reasonable prices for a 5-7 hour piece of art evaluated at 7.25$/hr:

80 points to 1 USD = 5-7 * 7.25* 80 = 2900 – 4060 points. 

Someone who doesn’t run that conversion will say ‘holy crap that’s a lot of points’ and might be quicker to assume the work is ‘too expensive’.  Thus, the deviantart devaluation process begins.

I often see full images ranging between 500-1200 points.  While from a numeric perspective (500 and 1200 being pretty respectable numbers) running the conversion brings this to $6.25 and $15! 

for a full picture….

See the problem?  It’s incredibly important to realize that while deviantart currency is nice and convenient, its often a bit deceiving at evaluating your own work.  Not only that, the fact that the artist only gets 80% of the monetary cut means that points can be a problem for artists who use commissions as an income source, even if they are easier.  If you choose to use dA points as a pricing evaluator, just remember:

• While easier to obtain, they are worth less.

• If you are evaluating your own pricing, remember to do the 80pts to 1$USD conversion.

• When buying a commission, remember to also do the conversion, because you might be severely underpaying an artist!

There’s yet another aspect when it comes to pricing: Demand!

Time for an economics crash course.  Specifically in microeconomics, there is something called a supply and demand curve.  Basically, this is a representation of how supply of something, and the demand of something can drive prices of whatever the good is.  Usually, if the demand is high, the supply will need to be higher to deal with this pull for demand.

Now art isn’t exactly a commodity.  You can only make so much of a supply, and when you’re creating art on-the-spot for someone, that supply is usually about as fast as you’re capable of working.  So what do you do if your demand is high?  Increase your dang prices!  If the demand for your work is crazy, then it’s a good indicator that your work has a good amount of value behind it!  Remember when I said you had value?  Its true!  Take a look at some other artists pricing with your same demand structure to see how much you should increase.  However, increasing 5$ here and there to rest the waters is a good start.


If demand is low, don’t worry!  Odds are you may have fallen prey to the online art devaluation issue, or people just aren’t aware of your work.  Remember the basic structure for pricing based on the minimum wage scale.  If you need to feel the waters, you can slightly change the prices around that area.  Another key thing to remember is that commissioners will respect it when you value your art and understand its value!  While you might have people climbing all over you for super cheap deals, raising your prices only eliminates the ones taking advantage of you, and chances are that the people who still want your work and respect it’s value will still buy from you!

So what does this all mean?


Well to sum it up:


Never devalue yourself because you think you’re not as skilled as other people, or because of the underpricing issues on deviantart.  You took time and care to make something special, whether its for you or for someone else!  You and your art have value!  Respect that and others will too!


2.) Estimate the time it takes to make something and build a good cost structure based on Money-per-hour estimates.  If you are unsure, start at 7$/hr and play with it from there.  You’ll find the sweet spot, trust me.

 Here's a cash clock you can download to help estimate your prices!…


Art is not McDonalds, it isn’t fast food!  Art is something special, and it can’t be made in the blink of an eye on-demand.  Art is made by people who practice, try very hard, learn, and put pencil-to-paper or stylus-to-tablet for hours, if not weeks!  While most of the time you might only see the finished product, know that behind every image, there is someone who spend a lot of time and a lot of heart creating something just for you!

If you see artists that might be undercharging themselves, do them a favor and let them know respectfully!  It will not only help them better value their own work, but it will boost their confidence! 


When dealing with points, always ALWAYS convert to USD$ to get a better idea of the real value, not the inflated deviantart value.  And remember, points are only worth 80% of their dollar counterparts!


Seriously, if you do, you are not only hurting and devaluing that artist, but everyone in that community because of the disrespect.  While it might be an amazing deal, and the artist might be fine with the low prices, let them know if they might be charging too little.  They will thank you for it and better understand their own value!

Your art has value!

Never let anyone tell you otherwise.  Whether its digital art, traditional art, fanart or something completely unique.  The time you take to make something and the care and emotion you create it with is worth more than any $ can determine.  It’s something special to everyone.

Never forget it.


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NUMBER 34, StereoAndSapphire199! Comment to claim your prize and what you want! :clap:
Thật ra tui cũng không định đăng vì thật sự không có thời gian, hết làm việc nhà lại phải làm việc này nọ,... muốn mệt luôn. May mà có chút thời gian viết cái journal này.

Lời đầu tiên, chúc các bạn năm mới vui vẻ nha.
Cái share lần này không nhiều vì mình chỉ chuẩn bị trong hai ngày những mà mong các bạn thích.

Tất cả các psd coloring share đều được tớ kiểm nghiệm rồi, màu đẹp mới share nên các bạn cứ xài, yên tâm đi nha.
1. Tông hồng cam nha
Untitled-1 by Windie2k1

Prv3 by Windie2k1

Prv2 by Windie2k1

Prv1 by Windie2k1

5.chưa kịp làm prv
Gr by Windie2k1

Ji by Windie2k1

II> Render

1. chưa blend đâu nha
Prr by Windie2k1

Prr1 by Windie2k1

Prr2 by Windie2k1

Prr3 by Windie2k1

Prr4 by Windie2k1

Prr5 by Windie2k1

Prr6 by Windie2k1

Prr7 by Windie2k1

Prr9 by Windie2k1

Chín bộ thôi nhé, chuẩn bị trong 2 ngày nên vậy đó. Tớ không des kịp nên không có psd art.

Link all:

Lưu ý: trong file có link stock des quotes hay làm psd gì cũng được, tớ cut render không đc nên share cho mấy bạn des.



Un-Genesis and I are doing a double contest including our Sonic Sonas' for Valentines Day! ♥

:star: revamp by Kawiku References :star: revamp by Kawiku

Katie The Hedgehog Reference (SonicSona) by ProBOOM Hayleigh the Coyote Reference by Un-Genesis

:star: revamp by Kawiku Personalities :star: revamp by Kawiku

Katie/Pro The Hedgehog

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Ravioli
Favorite Dessert: Doughnuts
Favorite Colour: Hot Pink
Likes: Spooky Things, Mysteries, Conspiracies, Sci-Fi, Watching Others Play Video Games, Music, All Animals/Insects, Ketchup, Cold Weather, Dank Memes, Generosity, Love, Swimming, Cuddles, Cute Things, Drawing, Singing.
Dislikes: Outdoors, Activity, Onions, Bullies, Heat, Cruelty, Ignorance, Anything Hurt, Racism, Thunder Storms, Crowds.
Personality & Traits: Headstrong, Polite, Loyal, Leader, Listener, Funny, Shy yet open with friends, Trustworthy, Honest, Sensitive, Understanding, Self Conscious, Passionate, Selfless, Open Minded, Impatient, Artistic, Generous, Affectionate, Faithful, Helpful, Organized, Curious, Humble, Perfectionist, Complex, Stubborn & Defensive.

Hayleigh/Gen The Coyote

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Dessert: Doughnuts
Favorite Colour: Turquoise
Likes: Video Games, Having a Laugh, Having Fun, Kindness, Generosity, Sci-Fi, Conspiracies, Food, Music, Chocolate, Peace, Tar Tar Sauce, Singing, Drawing, People Coming Together To Help Eachother, Humour.
Dislikes: Bullies, Cruelty, Injustice, Ignorance, Sexism, Racism, Being Viewed As Uneducated, The Dark, Spiders, Gore, Lairs.
Personality & Traits: Funny, Listener, Calm, Collected, Passionate, Comforting, Chatterbox, Hates Conflict, Doesn't Know How To Swim, Heart of Gold, Loyal, Open Minded, Patient, Kind, Trustworthy, Wise, Skeptical, Considerate, Generous, Genuine, Artistic, Indecisive, Reliable, Easy Going, Unfoolable, Tolerant, Non- Independent, Clumsy & Messy.

:star: revamp by Kawiku Things To Know! :star: revamp by Kawiku

Happy birthday pRO! ! by Miiukka

What Will Help You Win

Idea before talent! We're looking for artwork that best suits us as a couple - our relationship and our personalities.
Interaction between our sonas is what we'd love to see! We want to see effort ♥

Things To Note

Un-Genesis & I are in a relationship - Which means so are our Sonas
They are about the same height
Hayleigh does smoke - Katie does not

Together we like to joke around and poke fun at one another. We enjoy making eachother laugh. 
We love to spend our time together doing anything and everything.
Hayleigh gets shy when Katie shows affection towards her.
We love to sit down and talk about anything for hours.
We love to draw and sing together.


Un-Genesis & ProBOOM

:star: revamp by Kawiku Feel free to ask questions in the comments :star: revamp by Kawiku


:star: revamp by Kawiku Rules :star: revamp by Kawiku

Artwork must contain both Katie & Hayleigh in the same image.
No other OC's/Official Characters included! 
 No Bases of any sort, Must be all 100% original artwork
 Absolutely no porn of any sort, no suggestive images. 
 Please no traditional artwork unless it is scanned or you have a good camera that takes clear pictures. 
You may enter as many times as you want, but only one entry per person can place.
No Fanfictions please, only artwork.
 No crossovers from other series or titles.
 No fetishes.
Fullbody or Halfbody please! No headshots.
Artwork must be coloured.
Sonic style only please,no human/furry versions.
Please link back to this journal in the description of your entry. Make sure to comment linking the entry!

Animations, Comics, Icons & Pixels are all accepted as forms of entry!



:star: revamp by Kawiku Deadline :star: revamp by Kawiku

May 1st 2016


:star: revamp by Kawiku Prizes :star: revamp by Kawiku

[Pixel Couple 001] by xXCuteRose95Xx
(Click titles to see examples of artwork)

1st Place Trophy by mirzjiles First Place 1st Place Trophy by mirzjiles

Fullbody Painting By ProBOOM
Painted Halfbody w/ Simple Background By Un-Genesis

2nd Place Trophy by mirzjiles Second Place 2nd Place Trophy by mirzjiles

Comic Book/Archie Style Fullbody By ProBOOM
Smooth Shade Halfbody w/Plain Background By Un-Genesis

3rd Place Trophy by mirzjiles Third Place 3rd Place Trophy by mirzjiles

Flat Colour Fullbody By ProBOOM
Simple Colour Halfbody w/Plain Background By Un-Genesis

Everybody Who Enters: 80:points: or a Sketch by Un-Genesis (Example)

(Must meet Rules & Regulations, Limited to 1 per-person no matter how many entries)

:star: revamp by Kawiku Entries :star: revamp by Kawiku…

Hace tiempo que no lo hago concursos de puntos o sorteos de puntos
Mas bien hace un año y medio, y asi que volvi a hacer un sorteo para
vosotros, mas bien que habra de 3 ganadores porque es mas facil de
ganar esta vez.

»Promocionar este journal
»Dejar un comentario sobre el journal
»Agregar en :+fav:


» 1º puesto: 50 points
» 2º y 3º puesto: 25 points

Y ya esta, es sencillo.
El Sorteo empieza hoy y termina hasta 10/2/2016

Participantes// Se cierra hasta a los 25 concursantes
1. RosyKatyCat
2. MyBestMasterpiece
3. AnAmateurGirlUsingPS
4. MArciAlexandra14
5. WentHeroTo
6. LupishaGreyDesigns
7. Isanicole
8. YourCrazyNightmare
9. CDYCI-Team
10. iFocusOnMe
11. FlawlessMusic
12. Tomoro-chii
13. believeisdreaming
14. HecticBreath
15. eriikpoper
16. EllaEditionsKpop
17. YoeGomeGalletas
18. yhempling
19. Mistaken-forlove
20. ImForeverYoung
21. Starbel27
22. DarkHorsePngs
23. ilAmFire

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Phần chính đây nà La la la la La la la la La la la la 

You're my sunshine by hannxoxo2k

Angel is your name by hannxoxo2k

Cutie Hani!!! by hannxoxo2k

Haniii - You are my Idol by hannxoxo2k

Kim TaeYeon by hannxoxo2k

Love Yourself by hannxoxo2k

Happy New Year by hannxoxo2k

Oh my girl by hannxoxo2k

Oh my mind! by hannxoxo2k

The Day You Went Away by hannxoxo2k

This is Love by hannxoxo2k

Quynh Anh Shyn by hannxoxo2k

13. my heart by hannxoxo2k

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Đây là phần mệt nhất - CREDIT cho phần PSD ART:

1. Render: :iconheoconkutecu: :iconlauran891: :iconbabysteponlys9: :iconhikihima-kiririn2: :icondamdangteam: :iconpeonyriiiviii: :iconbaoheo: :iconjoker2807: :iconveccin: :iconnaryjunghee:
2. Coloring: :iconrebellixclub: :icongatothecrazycat: :iconluyi-loo: :iconsei-huan: :iconrinyhent: :iconsunsuperman: :iconyindao: :iconbonsullivan: :iconseul3105: :iconshinniebabe24: :iconpynangel: :iconjyszel: :iconryniexiao: :iconpepnie: :iconshinbyun2k2: :iconsukicute257: :iconhanaphuong200: :iconsamibb:
3. Res, phụ kiện linh tinh...: :iconpeonyriiiviii: :iconminacuteg: :iconmolncie: :iconsamibb:
4. Style text: :iconshinbyun2k2: :iconminacuteg: :iconpeonyriiiviii: :iconxeocute2k:
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Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2]

Here is my picture opened in SAI:
Sai 2 by RayFierying

Here in GIMP:

Gimp by RayFierying

Nice by RayFierying

The winner is Gimp, clearly the better art software.

EDIT:  LMAO I just hid one of the layers and it got WORSE
What The by RayFierying

Booty by RayFierying

how inappropriate, Gimp-Sama...
Hello guys! So finally the contest i was planning for a while now Q w Q
I haven't reached the main goal for prizes in the contest, but I decided to already begin with it! Thats why the title also says that prizes may raise ! <:

So praticarly, in this contest, all you need to do is draw my character Miyu!
There will be atleast 3 themes of her.

Here's her reference:

Miyu-Chan by miyu-chiii

Basic information:

Name: Miyu Chiii
Age: 13
Size: 1,50 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Likes: Reading, Cats,Meet new people, flying animals
Personality: cheerful, kind hearted, childish, playful

The 3 themes you can draw her in are the following:

Spring Themed Picture .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu 
Miyu interacting with your character, as friends of course .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu
Just a normal picture of Miyu of her doing something she likes .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu

To join this contest, you must:

Make sure you draw your entry(ies) in time, or else you won't be participating in any future contests .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu
You can draw in the max of 3 drawings, but not 3 drawings of the same theme, your 3 entries equal to 1 theme each .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu
The more entries you draw the bigger chance you have to win .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu
If you disrespect any of the participants or any of the judges you will be expelled from the contest, and you wont win anything, even if you've drawn your half .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu
When it comes to your entries, you have to draw different types of drawings, for example, if you draw a chibi for theme 2, you will have to draw a different type of drawing for theme 1 (for example full body or even pixels) .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu
Advertising this contest if optional but it would be a way of making more people join, and the more fun it gets .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu
And make sure you dont draw NSFW pictures, even if its soft NSFW, or you are expelled .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu
If you want to draw more then 3 entries as the chance is bigger to win, you have to draw something little, like for example, an icon or even page dolls! those are allowed .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu

Now for the prizes !!

1st place gets:
2000 :points: and a full body from me
Chibi drawing from sigfuno
Full Body from freezingfeathers
Half Body from AmiWarai

2nd place gets:
1000 :points: and a chibi from me
Flat Chibi from sigfuno
Full Body Lineart from freezingfeathers
Chibi from AmiWarai
Full Body w/ Background from oO-JoonasTheWolf-Oo

3rd place gets:
500 :points: and a headshot from me
Pixel Doll from sigfuno
Half Body Lineart from freezingfeathers
Icon from AmiWarai
Pixel Doll from AutumnBluu


-still accepting judges! note me if interested~-

Contest ends on May 14th !!

Good luck to everyone ! May the contest begin .:thinking heart:. by Chipi-Chiu


so while I dont have the money to get anymore (trust me like 95% of my income goes to health insurance if i get any)
i decided to host a small giveaway, well small by deviantart standards hehe  BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale 

so anyways, if you'd want to join this raffle, gotta keep to like, a few rules:

>must be a watcher
>must advertise in a journal, im cancelling the giveaway if there arent at least 10 participants 
>comment telling me you're favorite game, mine's currently undertale <333

first prize is a month's core membership + a simple colored headshot
second prize is 150 :points: + a screentone headshot

ends 2/21

good luck!
Hello guys!

I've been writing some info about my original species called "veir"! The info isn't quite ready yet, but I thought I'd show some sneak peeks, because I'm kinda excited for them. :} And also if you have some questions or ideas, I'd love to hear them!
Veir would be a closed species (I want them to stay how they're supposed to be) but there would be also other ways to get them than by buying. I'd love to create an art rp-group for veir, but I have to gain some experience on those things first (for example, I'm testing DracoStryx soon enough!).

I still need to develop them more, lore and design -wise, but here's some information + pictures:

In general
Veir are omnivorous, half bipedal creatures, who are very intelligent and have developed and learnt many skills and crafts.
They first lived in the north, but have scattered around the world.
Their culture (and the species’ aesthetics in general) mostly consists of welsh and scandinavian traits. Veir have also travelled to warmer lands, where their culture is inspired by traits of Middle East.
Braids and runes, leather and bones...
Veir appreciate old ways but are eager to always learn more. They’ve known to observe many human (or half-human) cultures and learn from them. You mustn’t view them only as copycats, though. Veir are very smart and creative, and they are very much capable of creating their own ways.
Veir’s societies are very diverse. Some are more stubborn than others, wanting for things to stay the same they’ve always been. Some are also very hateful towards any humans. It varies.

I also decided to redesign my alter ego and change her to a least weasel! She's still small and cute but a bit more deadly this time. :0)

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