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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 11:05 AM

Hey guys i celebrate 1 400 000 PAGEVIEWS !!! AND 70 000 WATCHERS  

wOOW absolutely incredible numbers ...!! Thank you so much for your support and for all the favs,comments and everything :) I have the best watchers ever! :)  Thank you i love youu BTW: CHALLENGE WILL BE SOON SO WATCH ME :hug: 


JUST WATCH ME :iconryky: !


                                              easy right? :)  


5 OF YOU CAN WIN 500 POINTS , BUT  IF YOU WILL BE LUCKY AND RANDOM.ORG  pick you more then one times you can win much more points !  :) 

I USE  FOR finding the winners

deadline : 5 May


Hi everyone!! Since I no longe have any prizes or art trades to complete I decided to open a chibi raffle!!! The chibi will look like this:

Abby - Chibi commission by clover-teapotBlue - Prize by clover-teapotRaevin - chibi commission by clover-teapot

How to participate:

  1. You have to be a watcher
  2. Favorite this Journal
  3. Share this journal
  4. Comment saying you want to participate!!

Good luck everyone!!! The raffle will happen on May 1st :iconlazydanceplz:

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Hola amores<3 Ahora vengo con un sorteo de 100 :points: Este no es por entradas ni nada por el estilo :)
Asi que para participar deben:

:bulletgreen: Tenerme en +watch
:bulletgreen: Donarme una llama
:bulletgreen: :+fav: a este journal
:bulletgreen: Crear un journal promocionando el sorteo

1er Lugar 50 :points: (Sorteado)
2do Lugar 30 :points: (Sorteado)
3er Lugar 20 :points: (Sorteado)

Comienza 24/04/2015
Termina 25/04/2015

Debes comentar que participas & dejar el link de tu journal :3 es todo asi que mucha suerte!

PD: Si hay menos de 10 participantes se cancela!
I'm struggling to actually type right now--

I just got an email frrom Chillaid telling me that her dad died.

I'm honestly in a state of shock. Every time I reread the email my stomach sinks and my mouth goes dry. My mind isn't processing it. I'm shaking, I keep almost crying.

I never knew him myself, and I know that she and her dad [along with her mom] had a pretty bad falling out, but...god. My jaw is trembling, I can't stop shaking.

Please, can you help me do stuff for her? Draw her stuff, give her nice commetns, I don;t kknow. I'm jjst

Nobody that was close to me ever had famuly members die before, I'm really shaken up about this fpr her and her mmom

OC Design Contest!

Fri Apr 24, 2015, 6:07 PM

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I have been inspired darlings but I do not have the time :D So I have a challenge for you all. I am really interested in having a pokemon gijinka, adopts haven’t been yelling my name so your challenge is to make an awesome character design.


Full body at the least

One of the characters listed below

One of the species listed below

No bases

Pokemon I like: (* are the most favored)










First 3 eveeolutions





Legendary dogs*













Species I am interested in:





Styles I like:

I like emo scene vampire punk piercings

The more details the better


Prizes (more will add on with more participants)

First place

$15/1500 points

(Optional) 2 Anything goes commissions

A watch and my love


Second place

$5/ 500 points (Will be higher with time)

(Optional) 1 Anything goes commission


Deadline is May 30th(Can extend if needed)


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Thanks to TMNTTransformer1995 I found the next 2 episodes of TMNT!!! We just have air dates and no description. Will update onCE I found something though.

Episode 17 is "Meet Mondo Genko" and it airs 5/10.…

Episode 18 is "The Deadly Venom" and it airs 5/17.…

Ok with that out of the way I have REALLY BIG news!! Thanks you SO much raph78 for telling me this. Mozar the Triceraton and Fugitoid are coming to the TMNT 2012 series!!!! Here the info from the TMNTWiki website.

Mozar the Triceraton (…) Captain Mozar, leader of the Triceraton Empire, guides the Triceratons through the galaxy on their mission to eliminate the Kraang alien race. Mozar is a hulking Triceraton with a broken horn, scarred face, steel prosthetic beak, and has a relentless hatred for the Kraang. He won’t let anything stand in his way of taking out the Kraang alien race, including the destruction on the Turtle’s home planet, Earth! With the Triceraton’s army backing him and his plasma cannon and force mine in each hand, he’s prepared to do whatever is necessary to destroy the Kraang!.

Also in Mozar's Trivia, it says: Similar to Newtralizer, he is determined to eliminate the Kraang regardless of any sacrifice. Looks like we have another bad guy.

Fugitoid (…) A brilliant scientist brain, stuck inside a cyborg’s body, Fugitoid is the Turtles most trusted ally in space. Once known as Professor Zayton Honeycutt, Fugitoid pilots the Turtle’s around in his space ship that fuses to his cyborg body. Supplying the Turtles with space suits, weapons and his vast knowledge of outer space, Fugitoid helps the Turtles track down the Triceratons to save planet earth from ultimate destruction.

For all of you who don't know, these were big characters in the 2003 version of TMNT, and they were my ALL TIME FAVORITE part of the series in 2003.

Also some info. about Mondo Genko. I don't know if it's but I decided to post it.

Mondo Genko (…) Real name (Jason) With canisters of ooze falling from the Kraang ship, Jason gets struck on the head while skating with his pet gecko. He’s then mutated into a gecko teenager known as Mondo Gecko and WOWS Mikey with his awesome skateboarding tricks. Mondo’s been taught it’s every mutant for himself, but after seeing Mikey and [[|Casey Jones|Casey]] battle Fishface, he learns that it is always better to have a friends back, and so starts the unbreakable bond between Turtles and Gecko.

Thoughts, opinions, what do you think?

Hello dear friends!  :happy: 

Today I´ve been a DA member for exactly six months and I´ve decided to do a special friends feature, as I´ve met so many amazing and helpful people. Your support, help, friendship, comments and faves have helped me a lot to improve and to continue with my art, which means a lot to me.  

Unfortunately I can´t feature everybody, please don´t feel sad if you don´t find yourself in this journal. I appreciate every single one of you and am very thankful.:love:

I suppose, most of you know each other, but if you don´t, visit the respective, unknown Galleries, have a look at awesome artwork and meet new friends!

A very special thanks go to the following deviants, who have not only supported and helped me a lot, but also made my days by listening to my gripe and always making me smile, especially when I needed it most:

:iconikarusthefirst: :iconviaocta: :iconmom-espeace: :iconmarke0: :iconkarmeticpeace: :iconempellina:

Ant by Ikarusthefirst Pearl by Ikarusthefirst Hope by Ikarusthefirst Kristallwelt by Ikarusthefirst

the crooked tea-leaf reader by ViaOcta ok, so this happened by ViaOctathe most recent developments by ViaOctababes by ViaOcta WAKE UP! by ViaOcta

Poised by Mom-EsPeace Still Roses by Mom-EsPeace Nature's Adornments by Mom-EsPeace Lady Hope by Mom-EsPeace

Remember the Fallen by maRKE0 Frigid Solitude by maRKE0 Lady In Red (Snow is Falling) by maRKE0 Just Let Me.. by maRKE0

Lions-Rage by KarmeticPeace I Can Take'em-(Samurai Princess) by KarmeticPeace Summer Breeze By Miss Deviante (Kp-Retouch) by KarmeticPeace Inhale Ariel Dali (KP Retouch) by KarmeticPeace 

Bring on the wonder... by empellina Drop of Life by empellina Sunset cruise by empellina Endless Possiblilities by empellina

Also a special thanks to a wonderful person, who, at the moment, can´t be present at DA for personal reasons, but whom I appreciate and miss very much.


Take my Dreams! by SpellpearlArts Vintage Feelings by SpellpearlArts Wicked Red Riding Hood by SpellpearlArts My first Mermaid! by SpellpearlArts

Furthermore, thanks to our macro photography CV for being a patient and really kind person.


round passion by MarcosRodriguez spoonish by MarcosRodriguez stack by MarcosRodriguez tittlegoeshere by MarcosRodriguez

And, of course, thanks to you all whom I can always rely on!

:iconpjenz:A Gift for Charlliee by pjenz    :iconseek-and-hide:Take Me Higher by seek-and-hide 

  :icondripoint:Quasimodo's Lament by DriPoint      :iconandaelentari:Tree of suffering by Andaelentari  
 :iconsyliou:In the shade of the light by syliou  :icontouchofartistry:The Sorcerer by TouchofArtistry 
:iconrsiphotography:Demon Abduction by rsiphotography   :iconrogerioguimaraes:Afternoon Child Portrait. by RogerioGuimaraes 

 :iconmanink:Sisters Of Night by Manink  :iconnotvitruvian:Time ..... to change by Notvitruvian 

  :iconmotherearth01:The Red Rose by motherearth01   :iconddimitri16:Tim Burton's Corps Bride dedicated to my Boo by DDimitri16    

  :iconpaperdreamerart:Beckoning Light by PaperDreamerArt   :iconmaiarcita:Oook Tribute to Terry Pratchett by maiarcita

:icongotman68:Nirvana by gotman68   :iconmystarrydream:Follow the light by MyStarryDream

:iconevelivesey:R-eve-al by EveLivesey   :iconsweediesart:White Raven by SweediesArt

:icondebnise:Private Tortures by debNise :iconlittle-one-girl:fairy of snow by little-one-girl

:iconinadesign:Redeemer by Inadesign   :iconmarcoherrera: The Fairy Shaman by MarcoHerrera

:iconwesley-souza: :iconnova63: :iconlindartz: :iconveilaks: :iconmajortomtom: :icontheogroen: :iconnewcastlemale: :iconmrscats: :iconpoisen2014: :iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconk-i-mm-i-e: :iconjccj756: :iconmagicsart: :iconmegan7: :iconarhar: :iconmorganavasconcelos: :iconunkopierbar: :iconcd-stock: :iconsabakunoshi::iconmt-photografien:

Btw, I disabled comments, because this is MY way of saying THANK YOU! :blowkiss: revamp FREE flying hearts Icon 
Hello fellow members, if you recieved this message:
CarolineXOXO said the following:

Hey! I'm messaging you to ask for your permission to feature one of your works in our group's (MangaAnimeAndMore) upcoming monthly list of featured atrists (i.e. artists to look for). :clap: Awaiting your reply.

Also, it would mean the world to us if you try this free app of ours. Participate in our contest to win a 6 month PM by installing the app and posting a screenshot. :-D

Its a result of a collaborative effort of our group's moderators.

With love,
Caroline Mota (CarolineXOXO)

plz ignore it, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK, DO NOT INSTALL ANYTHING, she isn't an admin of this group and she sent that message only for her own interests.

500 point Job

Fri Apr 24, 2015, 8:49 AM
Need points ? we got a job for you..... just note us for details

Note: We will check your gallery and your only then you will get a reply.


Fri Apr 24, 2015, 9:22 AM
QUERIA DARLE CAÑA A ESTE GRUPO : :iconmei-mar-fans: (?)

REGLAS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

-tenernos de watch : :iconpandi-mar::iconhappysadliife: 

-compartir la rifa. (」゜ロ゜)」

-añadir a fav este journal. (/•ิ_•ิ)/ ✧˖°

-comentar algun emoticon o imagen de un panda y gato .

---(✪㉨✪) (=`ω´= )


Acaba el 30 de mayo suerte ! 
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 



-have + watch to :iconpandi-mar::iconhappysadliife:

-share the raffle.

- + fav this journal.

-smiley or comment on a picture of a panda and cat.

PRIZE: AN COLLAB BY Pandi-Mar AND happysadliife

ends on May 30 good luck ! <3

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