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Watcher ONLY Art Raffle!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 9:03 AM

It's that time again... time for the Watcher ONLY Art & Point raffle! ( And the Crowd goes wild.... Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!) //shot

This time, I want to work on my headshots so I'm picking not 3.... not 8... but 12 Winners!!!

I'll stick them all on one sheet for all to view :heart: :heart: AND one of these twelve (randomly chosen) will once again have the chance to get some points! Wooo!!
Fun right? Read Below for Easy Peasy details:

12 Winners
1 "Sketch" Headshot by Willowbranwen (each)

1 of 12 (additional)
400pts! or $5 via Paypal

To Qualify:
-Must be Watcher (After all this is a special raffle for watchers! lol)
-Must have your own OC or an Adoptable you own (w/ a visual reference)

Raffle Duration: 3 days

To Enter:
-Fave this Journal (You can unfave later this just gives me a neat little numbered list to choose from)

That's it! ^_^ Once again I give thee all many thanks for your support, your kind words, faves, polls, comments. You've all helped me be a better person and I really and truly appreciate you! :heart: (Now enough of that lovey-Dovey stuff! lol)

Thanks for reading and Good luck!
Oh. and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! and Feliz Dia de los Muertos!!! ^^

Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara

On a side note: 
-I'm going to be working on an iPhone app with my bf so I may not be as active this holiday season ; ^ ; I'll try, but we'll see! Thanks for understanding~ 

Xi Comic closed Species Stuff

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 3:07 PM
professional dickbutt

CSS Skin

Noboena  [ nu-bu-i-nah ]
[ i dunno, looked cool ]

Noboenians are a species of black to white characters that resemble closely to what people would assume as anthros.  
Some having more human like qualities, some more animal, depending on the area they’re from.

As far as determining sex/gender, Noboenians do not exactly have set genitalia to either male or female. [ some having neither, to some having both ]
The way of finding this out is the main shade of their fur;  black being masculine, white being feminine. 
Though colours nearest to grey are the more difficult to decipher and can usually mean they are strictly not male or female.


Status is determined by what animals they’re made up of. 
For example, Xi; he’s purely fox, meaning he has a high status where are someone like Milli, who is made of a cat father and bird mother, would be lower. 
Then other’s made up of 3 or more animals are the lowest and sometimes homeless; the so called scum of this world. 
More times than most there are also mutants in this low status and holds many strange and sick Noboenians.


For the most part, clothes are used only on children. 
Not only to hide their genitalia as it develops but to also notify the child is under 13 years of age. 
Those who wear clothes that are over this age either means they’re not ready to give up their child like qualities
or that they’re bodies haven’t completely finished growing. 


Very rarely do clothes stay on passed the age of 20,
though a light amount of clothing such as scarfs, socks, arm warmers,
or anything of the sort is allowed but not appropriate in some cases.

Depending on popularity, light clothing can also be used in some groups as identification. 



The more human like qualities are those who live in the city or those of royalty; showing plantigrade legs. 
Those from anywhere else such as the country, tropics or deserts, are normally digigrade. 
All children are born with plantigrade, which is what makes it just as hard to figure out status till they’re over 12 or 13
the age their legs begin to completely develop into the different types. 
Some mutations that follow with a lower status is that a child can be born with one leg being digi and the other planti. 
Or planti that’s built to be digi [ walking on their tip toes ].

Their mouths aren’t all that special, though some have ridges in the lips and some don’t. 
They have teeth but they usually retract into their gums until needed; only showing the 4 canines for the most part. 
They’re omnivores and like humans, they can choose to be vegetarians and other things such as that.


A trait that very few have is a super ability, such as Xi with telekinesis or Milli with flight.
{{{ Those with bird-like genetics aren’t granted the ability to fly from birth, some don’t even grow wings.  e. g. Birdman }}}

Other things like controlling of an element, speed, strength, and intelligence are also available. 
But again, not everyone has this ability and can come off as rare or fantasy-like. 
Some say it’s a show of mutation while others say it’s a blessing.

Children are very important in this world, many believing they're the key to a bright future.
Though there are some parents that leave their children behind, claiming them orphans
Most parents like this are either dead or sick, believe it to be more on save yourself purposes
but to every child there is a guardian; a child that's left to fend for themselves wont survive on their own for long
due to many older Noboenians that souly search for these children to take care of

Go ahead and ask questions if you have any- this is just what I can manage to put together on them right now
once there's been a good amount of them, I'll put the questions, and the answer on this journal




JUST........OH MY GOD......YOU GUYS!!!!!!!



Pixel - SparkleBerry Bullet by firstfearOmegle Video Chat!

This Saturday, at 8:00-10:00 Central Time (UTC-06:00), I will be on Omegle video chat under the tag "captain-fan" so you all can come say hi to me! I'd love to get to know the faces behind the icons! Of course, this will only work with enough people XD but maybe a decent amount out of 1000 will show up XD Comment if you're gonna do it so I can get a guesstimate! (I may even do a Skype giveaway if a few people sound interested :meow: We'll see).

Pixel - SparkleBerry Bullet by firstfearQ&A Video!

DA took down the journal where you guys asked me questions I said I would put in a video, so I'll ask again here. I'll be doing a video where I answer all the questions you want me to answer! It can be over anything; questions about my writing, my life, what color underwear I'm wearing, ANYTHING YOU WANNA KNOW I'LL ANSWER. Comment to let me know your questions!

Pixel - SparkleBerry Bullet by firstfearStory Giveaway!

As I have in the past, I'll be doing another story giveaway! Just fav this journal and you'll automatically be entered!
BUT I STILL NEED TO FINISH MY PIRATE!LEVI STORY THAT MY BBY :iconattackonfanfiction: REQUESTED WHEN SHE WONT NINE MILLION YEARS AGO. But, there will still be a giveaway nonetheless!!

  1. You must be watching me. Sorry, but this is to celebrate my watchers so it's only fair.
  2. You have to fav this journal by midnight Central Time, Friday Nov. 7th
  3. Your story will have to be from a Snk, Free, or Hellsing and it must be an X Reader
  4. I will announce the winner via journal and then note them when they are randomly chosen, they have 3 days to respond to that note or I'll pick someone else
  5. Winners from past giveaways can enter, but if one of them is chosen again, another winner will also be selected

Hearts and Ruffles Banner by socksyyHearts and Ruffles Banner by socksyyHearts and Ruffles Banner by socksyy

So yeah...hope this is enough to celebrate!! Thank you all so so much for your support and kind words! I can't believe this is actually! I'm nowhere near good enough to deserve this, but I'm so grateful for each and everyone one of you! Because of you all, this is possible. I'll still be writing in the midst of all this. Thank you all bunches!!!

Captain-Fan, Ash:heart:
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Free adoptables raffle [OPEN]

Thu Oct 30, 2014, 11:05 AM
Like I mentioned in my previous journal post, the adoptables are a collab between sirhotbod and I. We ended up designing quite a lot of characters so we're giving out some as prizes for this raffle and the others, we're going to sell as adoptables very soon. 

Our adoptable price range will be around $8~$15 (800~1500 points) for each character. We hope you check them out as soon as we start selling :D (Big Grin)

Anyway on to the raffle~

There will 4 winners chosen for this raffle

Here are the prizes

(Characters 1 and 3 were designed by sirhotbod and characters 2 and 4 were designed by me. We hope you like them)

Each winner will get a bigger and unwatermarked image file of their adoptable.
Free adoptable giveaway [OPEN] by no0dles919

How to enter

You need to be a watcher in order to enter. So if you want to participate in this raffle then please watch me.

Fav this journal

- Comment below with the following

First choice      - 
Second choice -
Third choice     -
Fourth choice  -

**Write the number of your character choice in order of preference. The first winner chosen will get their first choice adoptable. If the second winner's first choice is the same as the first winner, then they will get their second choice adoptable; same with the third and fourth winners. I will follow this system when giving out the prizes.

The raffle ends on November 20, 2014

To those who decide to participate, thank you for entering and good luck Squee! 


1. :iconifeelfreelikeabird:    2. :iconsapphireangelbunny:    3. :iconluxuru:    4. :iconmarblackphoenix:    5. :iconepicshadowdragon:    6. :iconmaemae1896:    7. :iconrtsbts:    8. :iconkittenax:    9. :icondarksonicboom:    10. :iconjutsika:    11. :iconswordsman9:    12. :iconrenegadespirit:    13. :iconravenmoonsan:    14. :icon0lunarstorm0:    15. :iconvesperity:    16. :iconrosalynamarante:    17. :iconarkanis-void:    18. :iconlonewolfterror:    19. :iconcrazypanda2014:    20. :iconask--frightspark:    

Skin by SimplySilent


Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 7:05 PM


Attack on Titan joke. Ready?

What type of students do titans love to eat most?


Yeah, lame, but I had to get this out.
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Niceeee by crykov

i rly like this new style u guys... BUT...

ghost must've taken 9 years holy shit

Sorteo 100 points

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 4:47 PM

¡Hola! bueno , llevaba tiempo sin hacer un sorteo , se suponia que estaba juntando para una membresia , pero creo que voy a tener que esperar :heart: sdifjsdof ya , participen po'
Seran 2 ganadores
El primer ganador se gana 50 points
El segundo ganador gana 25 y el tercero 25 ñ-ñ
El concurso termina el 31/10/2014  (quizas)

++ ¿Como Participar?++
Darme watch a mi y a infinityoftheworld
Crear un journal promocionando este concurso.
Agregar este journal a fav
Comentar Porque quieres los points Y el link del journal.

++Lee esto , te va a importar++
¿Quieres aparecer mas veces?
Doname un point y apareces 2 veces , doname 2 points y apareces 3 veces y asi c:
¿No tienes points? Lee lo siguiente
Pues , si no tienes points , si comentas las siguientes ediciones te aumento un lugar;
++Pop Music Header by DidYouForgetAboutMe +Kristen Stewart FT by DidYouForgetAboutMe
(Buscalas en mi galeria porque no se si se puede clickear en ellas/ Debes comentar en una de las dos y luego comentar aca que comentaste en una de las 2, aumento 1 lugar si comentas una edicion si comentas las 2 te aumento los 2 lugares)
No es obligacion , solo si quieres y puedes donarme para aparecer mas veces y tener mas chance de ganar.    *Como dije anteriormente no es obligatorio pero tambien servira para hacer futuros sorteos*

Se que son muchas cosas , en el siguiente sorteo exigire menos ñ-ñ


1.-  :devget-back-to-star: x7
2.-  breakingdreams
3.- CalmAndEditing x2
4.- GardenBlue x2
5.- Fckrbepure x2

Skin by SimplySilent
Alright, some of these are rather old... the art I mean, but they're all pretty dear to me. Still, I know and understand I won't ever really use them anymore. 
That being said, I want to  sell these to someone who will use them and enjoy them :) Give them a good home. 
I'm pricing as decently as I can, please don't complain about the prices being too high. It would be silly to sell these and not make any money since these designs did take some time to make when they were made. 
Also, bear in mind you will be buying the images as well!
Yes, you will get to keep/own the images. My apologies if they aren't that great compared to what I do these days but as I said, these are old images (from 2009-2011).
So here goes!

6c51f30420c2725fc3bdc180acfe87cc by NinjaKato

SOLD to KelpieRoses!! 

8f85285dabc350c5a9c4e2aa79654f39-d36ruai by NinjaKato 


(I had originally meant to do a species with these for an RPG thing with some friends but that fell through and so this design was never used. I think it's some kind of kangaroo-dinosaur-horse hybrid called a 'Zangadoo'. Again, you don't have to keep the body type or species. You can just use the design if you want on another body). 

57d546e620c12a1e738a8780390179f1 by NinjaKato 
(Okay, so I understand this one is a but more pricey but I was sitting on whether or not to sell or rekindle this character for a while until I decided I would never use it as often as I used to. His name was 'Legolas' and ye was supposed to be a large liger type creature. Either way, again as with all of these, you do not have to keep the body type. You can just use the design). 

579dd3c8e071943d9e81e21bc54ad359 by NinjaKato

SOLD TO October-Owl!!

59845b02767f2154defe61e65d5afe90 by NinjaKato
(I know it's horrible traditional artwork but this character is from 2009. I made him as a set of three others that have since been re-homed. I wanted to bring him back in a blaze of glory but I had so many canine characters. Not to mention I don't think I could do him justice anyway. His anatomy is like that on purpose, haha! Some kind of hybrid beastie, but you can adjust according to your taste of course). 

0d9aae841df2f2daf9e2317cfd167afe-d30ngzu by NinjaKato
(This little sparkly critter was originally an idea I'd planned to use for a sequence of characters that would have different colour schemes. These were like little kitten/puppy/butterfly things that were akin to flower nymphs. However, again too many characters and not enough time to draw them. So, I'd like this little one to go to a good home where she'll be loved and drawn ^^ HOWEVER, you don't have to keep everything as is. You can adjust and warp as you wish if you buy the design).

94cea06595e909a3f412e3f1b6937c0b-d35tb45 by NinjaKato

(Okay, so this was originally a character design I'd done for a friend as a commission, however she didn't want it and gave it back in replacement for another. I wanted to keep this design since it was rather cute, BUT as with most of these I have no time to draw her. Little random Corgi dog heh, she needs a good home!).

1f557a4a1d1b47e65ce819c4a3bb5496-d3hvgsg by NinjaKato


(Random creature which I am pretty sure I was meaning to use BUT... I never got around to drawing it more than 2 times. I still think this critter is really swell but I've got no time to draw it or use it for anything. So, I am selling it to someone who will :)). 

0320dc187d7004f73aea4ca2212a96ec-d39o0p7 by NinjaKato
(Alright, so I am really kind of sad to let this little guy go but I'd never find the time to draw him again. He's meant to be a dragon based on a Red-eyed tree frog; a tiny little dragon but very curious. You don't have to keep everything on him and you can adjust and warp as you please once you buy. I'll miss him but if he goes to a good home I'll be happy :3). 

C100159a8c5d4366aa420ff32fb6ad0e-d3fb04q by NinjaKato
(I know I know it's sparkly, but hey... I've had this guy since 2006! He was one of my first OCs and while he was always pretty shiny I've just kind of outgrown him a bit. I love the design still but I'll never draw him. I'm hoping someone will give him a forever home ^^).

E1be2ae2efaa5a9bf02b5b4d5d92e244-d302x9r by NinjaKato
(OKAY... Now this beast is a character that was one I really adored. Its a wolfish version of an older character of mine [*which is no longer in use] and for a while I used this design as the permanent visage of him. He's kind of a hellish beast with a flaming chain around his neck. Big, fluffy, and ill temperes is how he was meant to be, however you can change and mould him to however you wish when you buy him CB).

PUPPIES   commish  by SterlingRuinsFall337 by NinjaKato
$20 for one $40 for both as a pair 
(These two were originally again design commissions, but the person didn't like them and ask for others instead. So, I decided to keep them. I was going to use them but I never had the time. So, they are up to be sold. You can buy one or both as a package deal. You may also warp and repurpose the design(s) as you please once you buy it/them).

0cc99664a6642d596b3b51c5f7d6faf5 by NinjaKato
(I did this as a design commission a while back but the design did not win. So this design is just up for grabs for anyone who would use it :3 I enjoyed making it though! :D The name may be changed of course as well as accessories and the like once you buy).


  • If you are interested in a design, let me know! 
  • This will be first come first serve but please, be sure you want the design and have the money to buy. 
  • Some prices can be adjusted but nothing lower than minus $5 of the original price! 
  • Do not ask for a design that is already sold. 
  • And one more time, please don't nag or pester about the prices being too high. I don't mind if you don't think these are worth it but I appraised them accordingly I think. 
  • When you buy you will have complete ownership of the design and character.
    No credit to me necessary (but appreciated if you do).
  • If you wish to adopt or resell your design, go ahead. Once you own it, it's yours to do what you wish with it.

PLEASE, If you can't buy -- Spread the word? I do really need money right now -- so I'd like to have these sold ASAP. THANK YOU!  

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