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Thankyou everyone who entered!

In the end, 221 tickets were given out~

so I will now use the random number generator to find out who wins~~


Random Number Generator November Raffle by RayFierying

Looks like #149 won!   and the ticket belongs to..  Keira-chann !! Congratulations~~

Hey guys! I'm hosting a quick raffle

You'll win a chibi in this style:
Sushidog by RayFierying

To enter do the following:

*Fav this journal  = 1 Ticket
*Fav this picture: Sushidog by RayFierying = 1 Ticket

=Write journal entry? (Optional!) = 1 Ticket

*Comment below listing the things you have done and I'll reply with your tickets (REQUIRED)

The winning ticket will be announced with random number generator ^^

if lots of people enter, I'll raffle off multiple chibis

also Midnights-Sky  you can swap your Icon prize  for a Chibi  if you want to,   if not I'll start your icon prize right now ^^

Contest: Randomly Winner-Contest ( November 2015 )


Hello members :)

To enter next contest  " Rules " :
1- Join our group,
2- fave :+fav: this blog ,
3- Watch :+devwatch:  one new Supporter you didn't watch before , Then you will participate :)
4- Fav :+fav: Our Advertisement deviations ,

How does the contest work:

Random Contests Rules
Hello members :)
We are doing some changes in our Random Conests now.
We will do 2 or 3 Random Contests every month, that means more chances for you to win ;)
You need to fave the previous contest to enter the new one. Everyone who has faved the previous contest has a chance to win. We will choose several people by choosing a number between one and the number of people that are participating (using If we chose your number, you will win 20-50 :points: :)

What do you have to do to participate?
- You need to :+fav: the previous contest here

- Watch one of our supporters below
If you need any help, don't be afraid of asking us ;)

The King Of Features "General":
The Awesome Features "Colonel":
The Excellent Feature "Major"

If you mostly Forget seeing our Contests , We will remind you for new contests with note , Just Comment " Remind me " ,


This time we consider 7  winners Of  145 Participants .  :huggle:


    Our November 2015 (2) Randomly Winners :

    First Award : One month Premium Member Ship   Winner :
  1. :iconderpyofderp-official: (number:138)
  2.   Second Awards : 120 Points :points: for 6 Person . Winners :
  3. :icondevilzmoon: (number:13)
  4. :iconkingstory: (number:127)
  5. :iconle-vane: (number:92)
  6. :iconavbunny: (number:144)
  7. :iconkrazedkai: (number:110)
  8. :iconsallyatoyota: (number:71)



   Next Randomly Awards :  
550 Points :points: for 11 Person .


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Shinobi Blood - Ch.1 [Click Me] by Kohaya7Kae-13

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  • :iconsimonetry:.:icongoldie-chan:.:icondekra234:.:iconladybakura92:


It's finally over, after waiting about two weeks the strike has been dropped automatically.

It's been a nightmare all round, I just miss making regular videos at this point.

Infinite thanks to Pika Petey for the amazing intro animation, and Adam at YourMovieSucks for being a grand help in all of this.

The Search For The Worst is no longer delayed, and will be back shortly (as long as nothing else suddenly happens).

Cheers everyone.'re totally okay with being my "meme bud"
aka a person who I can send random memes/shitposts/junk to, and have them (you) be okay with it

(you can also send memes/random junk my way too //wink wink nudge nudge)

I may or may not be trying to become better friends with my followers/acquaintances via memes...
You may think I'm just being sappy or trying to be inspiration
Im not

I am currently illustrating a childrens book for an independent writer about a cat in Katrina which will be published by Dec. 25
(my second publication actually, first was a coloring book page and story about Crash the Hyena)
I am working on my fine art assosiates with emphasis in character development
Than I'll get my major with honors in animation at an art college
I have talked to the guy who made Catdog, All dogs go to heaven, and Dora, and will have an internship at his animation studio while at the art college
I work at a newspaper where I am the youngest designer there and was just promoted to production manager
And I get to post comics about my OCs that are published by-weekly
And I just got an email from channel frederator, the people who made adventure time, bravest warriors, bee and puppy cat, ect. asking me to join their team



Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 3:09 PM

because birds

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 4:38 AM

When you're sketching your species ref and then you friend makes your species 10000000000 time better
Thank you :iconanti-dark-heart:

chickens by LordMarlon


BIRDS by LordMarlon




Help by LordMarlon


ok satan by LordMarlon

Oops. Write your signature, Please!

Hello everyone! I'm sorry if I'm inactive, but I'm going through some good life changes and I've been busy. For all of the SU fans that celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you the best late cheers! :D

I'm here to share the current news of SU, even if it is on a long hiatus.

First off, sometime in December, SU is expected to have it's official line of Funko Pop figures! Images have been confirmed and they are ready to be preordered through the CN shop.…

I'm sure adding these adorable figures to my wish list! ^-^
And along with the figures, some SU books are available to buy now and preorder!

Available, again on the CN shop!

This is all I have in news for now and I hope you all have a good day! :)
From your SU informant, Gem Goddess! <3
i'll list a fact about me!
- - - - - - 
:bulletpink: As much as I love animals, I would eat a dog.
:bulletpink: I'm scared of the dark
:bulletpink: Here's an interesting one, I'm a virgin.
:bulletpink: However, I do tend to masturbate : ^ )
:bulletpink: I used to trace art way before I even found out about devinatart. Everything was traced traditionally though.. It stayed in my house too
:bulletpink: I have a rotting tooth((molar)) and its got a crown on it, which makes it even worse tbh?? ik that sounds weird but its difficult to explain
:bulletpink: I have killed a pet rat before //kms
:bulletpink: I hate squirrels
:bulletpink: I have bullied someone
:bulletpink: I own a fursuit
:bulletpink: I am 13
:bulletpink: I started DeviantArt at age 9
:bulletpink: I play Minecraft
:bulletpink: I go hunting
:bulletpink: My favorite animal = sin
:bulletpink: My favorite youtube has to be MaxMoeFoe tbh
Hello every one!
As I have some troubles again in my life, I can't draw much and not for my DA account... Anyway, I'm writting a story that may become a comic in the future, and I would like to hold a design contest to make you participate to this project!
I have some characters that already have personalities, stories and backgrounds, but they still not have any design! I could make them but I want my watchers to be part of this project! So.... It's up to you! :)


:bulletorange: You have to draw a horse character that will match with its personality and main caracteristics.
:bulletorange: You can take premade linearts, but the shape of the body, head and hairs will be taken in consideration and are considered as plain parts of the chara design. (also, any anatomical problems will not be taken in consideration if it's not part of the design, so no worry if you want to do the lineart but you don't know much about anatomy, it's fine too!)
:bulletorange: You can draw a single side of the design, but it has to be at least full body. You can draw both side and a headshot for more details, but it won't really give you extra points.
:bulletorange: You can enter with several designs: max.3 designs per characters.
:bulletorange: I am the only one who will judge you designs and chose the very best for each personalities!
:bulletorange: I may use all the designs for "background horses", except if you don't allow me to.
:bulletorange: Only natural colors, even if the design itself can be lightly fantasy like :)


ALL participants are winning: For the moment, I have 3K :points: to give in this contest.
Each participants will have at least 10:points: per designs and the 4 best designs will share the the rest of the points. Yeah, it means that the more participants it is, the lower the final price will be. But it also means that if you participate with only one design instead of several, you have more chance to have a big price at the end if you win!
The winners are sure to win at least 100:points:.

DEADLINE: December 12th

For the moment, I have 4 characters to design:

Starlight, The dark mare:

She's an old dominant warmblood, reformed race horse.
At first sight, she may look a bit nervous, angry, rude and unfriendly.
But it's just a facade, hiding a very generous, protectress and sensitive mare.
She's a great diplomatist and always try to find peaceful ways to fix a conflict.
She's the leader of a heard composed of ex-rodeo horses that became wild. (matriarchal herd)

She's tall, with a quite good musculature despite of her 26 years old.
Dark, may be black or dark bay (or any other dark coat).
White markings are allowed.
Paint and appallossa patterns are not wanted but allowed.

anecdote: She don't like her name as it doesn't represent her personality at all at her opinion!

Bounty, the bouncy gelding

This pony/little horse is a real energy bomb, always happy and looking for new friends!
He's a great confidant, loyal and faithfull.
This young gelding was supposed to be a school horse but was too wild and playful and was dangerous for learning riders. Then, he has been sent to a rodeo from where I fled with the other horses of the current herd.

Can be pony shaped (shetland minimum) or "little horse" shaped (welsh cob maximum)
His coat has to be bay (silver not allowed), chestnut (flaxen allowed), buckskin or palomino with paint or/and appaloosa pattern (I would certainly prefer tobiano).
He has to have at least 1 blue eye.

Anecdote: When you don't want to be friend with him, he will consider himself as your bestfriend anyway.

Falco, the advisor.

Falco is the leader's advisor. He's starlights best friend and would never contest her leadership position.
He's very sensitive but less confident toward intruders than her.
He's curious but not very courageous and not always fair. But he's loyal toward his few friends and always tries to give his very best for them.
He's also very proud, jealous and competitive.

He's tall, warmblood shaped or draft horse shaped.
He may be black, bay, gray, buckskin or chestnut, light hairs allowed
Only solid or simple white markings allowed, no paint or appaloosa patterns.
All natural eye colors allowed.

Anecdote: He's secretly in love with starlight, but don't want to tell her to avoid bringing troubles in the herd leading.

Luna, the pathfinder

Luna is a courageous little mare that loves to be from a far to the heard.
She's a bit shy and not so talkative, but she's nice and friendly anyway.
As she likes to spend time in exploration, Starlight choosed her to be the pathfinder of the herd.
The entire herd's safety lays on her back as she's the only one that can see intruders from far!
The only company she likes is Falco's, who she considers as her "big brother".
she will be quite important in the story!

She can be any coat, any pattern!
She's quite short but still not a pony. ( a QH or PH shape would be appropriate I guess)


I'll submit a text for each characters later and your entries should be in comments on it
Good luck all!

Luv ya ♥
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