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you are valid.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 7:07 AM
digital hobbyist

CSS Skin


I know this might be sudden and completely uncalled for, but this has been constantly on my mind and I think now is the time that I'm going to say something about all this. Your friend has publicly bashed me, accusing me of being a slut, made me out to be an attention whore and went to such great lengths as to refer to my tank top with the term breast feeding. You both have accused me of being 'transtrender' transgender man, which is false and inaccurate in so many ways possible and I wrote this up because I thought it might shed some light for you. 

Ash is a fake transgender.

No. Also, if you are aware of the definition of trans, it means some one who identifies with a gender THAT IS NOT THEIR BIRTH GENDER. Though I did identify as male for a while, I realized that since I like girl things and guy things, that I feel more fluid or male partially identifying [demi-boy]. I was attacked several times and accused of being a fake transgender man, no, I am a genderfluid individual who likes he/him/his pronouns rather than they/them/their. 
In that sense, am I entitled to wearing make up? Absolutely. Because girls and a hell of a lot of boys wear make up, so what gender does that make me? fluid 
Am I entitled to wear girl and guy clothing? yes, and it also makes me fluid or partially male identifying. Since agender people usually tend to wear masculine clothing, why can't fluid people be feminine and still be valid? 

Did it take me a few tries to figure out my identity?

 Hell yeah it did. Every one is different. Some people know they are trans or homosexual the very second they look at men's clothing or look at some one of the same sex. Others spend a lot of their time debating, and hating themselves because they feel worthless for not being able to conform. For not knowing who they are. For not being comfortable with stereotypes. 

Well guess what? You don't have to conform. You are YOU. You are not a stereotype. You are beautiful and valid no matter what gender, sexuality or romantic orientation you are. You are valid no matter how you act, how you dress, or what pronouns you ask to be used for you. If they/them/their pronouns make you feel happy, then by all means let me use them for you. Some people have to come out three fucking times before they fully find themselves and who they actually are. 

Trans boy or cis who wears make up?
still a boy, if eyeliner makes him feel better about himself then by all means wear all the eyeliner you want.
Boys who wear make up and are still fucking valid:
Kastoway , and he has shoulder length hair. Does that make him any less valid? No.

[THIS GUY ALSO HAS SHOULDER LENGTH HAIR, guess what- still a valid male.]
Andy Biersack and Adam Lambart are AMAZING examples of this, and though they are cis / gay men- why would a trans male who practices similar behaviors be any less valid? 

Girls who dont wear make up and wear guy clothes but are still valid women:
ShyKri , erectnipple, my younger sister, and many friends that I have in real life, straight and lesbian. 

[geekasaur on tumblr is a great example of this]

Transgender women who are masculine but are still valid: 

Do you know who this is? This is Leelah fucking Alcorn. Was she invalid? No. Is she still a women? Very much so. And she always will be, masculine or not.

But Leelah didn't have access to feminine things!

Well NEITHER DO MOST TRANSGENDER PEOPLE. Not all transgender men have access to binders and transgender women to make up. 
Are they allowed to feel confident in the clothes that they have?
Are they allowed to take selfies being who they can be for now and flaunt it?
Are we all rich? 
Do we all have parental consent?
Some trans men are too tiny for men's clothes sizes, are they invalid?
Some trans women have the wrong build to fit into women's clothing sizes, does that make them invalid?
Does our misfortune make us invalid?
Absolutely not.

You are allowed to seek solace and comfort by using pronouns online and nowhere else, that still makes you valid, and beautiful, and amazing. In time you will look the way that you want to look but for now you deserve to be loved for who you are. You are not a fake transgender and there is no such thing as a fake transgender. There are only people who need more time to fully transition. 

Ah yes, that's why fathers wear dresses and lace panties, and why mothers wear swim trunks and tuxedos.

This is a richly transphobic statement. 
Some gay men wear dresses to their own weddings. Does this make them invalid? No. Some gay men do wear lace panties, who are you to tell them that they are invalid because of their fetishes? Clothes are genderless. 

Something that's helplessly more common is women wearing tuxedos and swim trunks.

oh look its ellen again 
more ellen
omg that girl has swimtrunks on, guess what- she's still a girl and she is still valid. 

NONBINARY, GENDERQUEER, BIGENDER, DEMIBOY, DEMIGIRL and AGENDER people have to be completely gender absent or else they aren't valid. 

This is just a point that I would like to make while I'm at it.
Those are all gender lacking terms besides demiboy or demigirl which is still partially gender lacking. Meaning that people of these identities can wear what ever the hell they want, and still be valid. And, in a world of binary gender bias- to be completely gender lacking you'd have to walk around naked and shake your head because there will always be a feminine or masculine clothing style or a feminine or masculine hair style.  Though as I've said, ANYONE OF ANY GENDER CAN WEAR WHAT EVER THE FUCK THEY WANT AND STILL BE VALID. :rose: 

Gender lacking people who are more on the feminine side, or the more masculine side rather than totally neutral and are still valid:

What is my gender?

I am a genderfluid demiboy, who prefers
Not it. and not she. As I have been called before. 

Yes, I have come out with different S/O-s and genders as I tried to find myself. 

Yes, I do wear make up.

Yes, I do wear bras because I can't afford binders yet and am scared to wear them due to the amount of risk factors involved. 

No, I do not own any mens clothing yet because I can't afford it right now and I'm too skinny for most men's clothing sizes.

No, I am not a fully transgender man.

I am fluid.

Does that make me any less valid?

Do you still have to respect my pronouns?

What do I look like?

Am I any less valid than any of the people above me?

I will not stand down and be dehumanized by a transphobic transgender person, I will stand up and defend myself and other people like me who have had to get hate and shame from people like you, because you are too closed minded to understand situations that aren't your own. I will not sit back and ignore this and be hated while you are praised for your ignorance. If this doesn't get a point across to you, then at least I made a few confused people more self confident and loving of themselves for who they are, and giving love to those who are like me, who are still valid, and don't conform to stereotypes. 

Trans is not all or nothing. You can be any age to be trans. You can find yourself no matter how young or old you are, rich or poor. Your pronouns and gender are all mental, and if you feel like a boy, or a girl, or neither, who the hell am I to tell you that you aren't? And who the hell are you to tell me that I'm not valid? 

Have a good day,


Mom, you make me wanna shit. my. pants.

Not impressed by people right now. 

I've made so much Cracked After Hours fan art where I over-thought the characters, and suggested things like Daniel having anxiety disorder, Soren fearing being weak because his parents were fucked up, Michael being a sad figure who is dimly aware that he's losing his mind, or that Katie is into guys acting like dogs.

That's all fine, but when I quote the series for saying they aren't straight or cis and try to suggest what they might be, suddenly I'm "pigeonholing it" and "being weird" and "too tumblr".

Is the idea of a character not being straight or a guy not minding being called a woman really that scary? I've even suggested Daniel likes to fuck machinery and that was a-okay, but oh my god what are these scary word demisexual and genderqueer!?

The series is all about overthinking stuff. The characters overthinks pop culture, and the fans overthink the series itself. I've seen it suggested that they're all dead and in the afterlife, that it's all in Daniel's head, that Michael killed a man to get close to Katie, that they're hooked up to a virtual world without realizing it, that Soren is a god, and so on.

The series dedicated a whole episode to the idea that Peter Pan might be a pedophile, so wondering if Michael is pansexual is not that scary.

Beware of user Viciouxs / MuttKing / RavenMuttt

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 4:35 PM

Edit:// She's publicly denying everything that she's done to these people on her page, and likely privately, as well. I can absolutely assure you that nothing I nor any of these other people commenting below are saying is "bullshit", we have documented proof of her atrocious behaviour. Please do not do business with this individual; if you choose to do so, know that it is at your own risk.

LMAO by Rin-sin


I would highly advise against doing any business with or purchasing or trading any characters from the user Viciouxs / MuttKing / RavenMuttt.  I personally detest callout journals but this user has disobeyed my rules along with MANY others and has purposely disregarded them for as long as I can remember. They've gone behind my back to "get rid" of several of the designs I've made for them, as well as a custom design I very explicitly told them not to sell. I guess they thought that if they completely revamped the character (but copy the base elements of the design) they could skirt around my rules, which in itself is just... Why.

As far as I'm aware I'm definitely not the only person they've.. For lack of a better word, screwed over, but I don't really want to bring these users into this situation for it is rather unpleasant and honestly I myself don't even want to post this journal.. I have no choice at this point, though. This is honestly my last straw.

If you're curious about the further cases involving this individuals blatant disregard for other users' Terms of Service, you can find a large majority of them on an assortment of different Beware blogs-- here is their tag on tumblr.………

And here are documented experiences with her with previous "customers".
Some Profffff of my experience by Rin-sin nF33ijO by Rin-sin Gffsdgsdf by Rin-sin EPwm7Gj by Rin-sin

to get a more solid case scenario however I'd appreciate it if others who have been 'screwed over' by this person to come forward in the comments. This cannot continue. I thought we'd solved this problem already, I've given them numerous warnings, chances and had numerous conversations with her and each and every time she said that she'd improved in her behaviours and that she wouldn't do it anymore.

Needless to say I was foolish to trust this person.
Do not sell or trade your characters to this individual, seriously.

Don't put yourself in the same position as I have.

Thankyou to Nemoii and fus-ro-damn for repeatedly making
me aware of the things this user is trying to get away with, this is intolerable
and I cannot believe they have the audacity to continue doing what they themselves
promised they would stop doing. I am livid.

I would also recommend you spread this journal like wildfire, god knows how many
people they're continuing to con in such a manner. :\

More fuel to add to this raging fire,
courtesy of fus-ro-damn
i'm so fucking done with peoplefirst someone commissions my favourite artist to rip off my fursona
then sells the fucking character for a ridiculous price like two weeks later (just like she always does)
then the second owner promises to let me know when they were """READY TO PART WITH  HER""" bawwww yeah fucking right
they sold her again and didn't say shit to me EVEN THOUGH they knew it made me uncomfortable that it was almost an EXACT copy of my fursona
just a little word of advice
i'm fucking shaking i hate that original person so fucking much i wouldn't be in this fucking position if she would have just made her OWN character instead of commissioning elliot to make a ripoff of my fursona because i wouldn't sell them to her
i swear i fucking hate immature little children like you
you know who you fucking are

What do we have here?

I'm driving to my brother's house. I have pizza in the back seat and I'm having a merry time, ready to shoot some aliens. I get into the parking lot and step out of the car. From behind me I hear a shrill mewling. I turn around and this little tabby kitten, probably no more than a few weeks old, comes running toward me.

Of course I bend down with a hand outstretched, and it literally walks into my hands. It's so small it can fit in my palms and I can feel it's heart racing. Looking around, I don't see it's mother, and I don't want to look because the neighborhood...well, it's not the best neighborhood.

So I take it into my brother's house. The minute he sees it he tells me to put it back where I found it because there are plenty of cats around there and lots of kittens. We both go out and I go to the place where I saw it appear. There's a bowl of food in the middle of the cold wet dirt, and even though that's a good sign, a sign that there's most definitely a person who takes care of it, I don't want to leave it there. I mean f***, it's the middle of the night, it's cold, and it just rained.

So I stood there for a minute, and with tears in my eyes (yes, I'm an over emotional sap like that) I put it back next to the bowl and leave it.

So that's my emotional journey for today. I really really hope that kitten finds it's way back home...
There is no set end date yet!

I decided I want to see more myo minosaurs, so I'm hosting another myo contest. >:-3

The rules are simple:

- follow the guidelines of the references to design and draw yourself a minosaur
- any fur pattern is allowed except manes
- themes are allowed!
- once the contest is over, I'll pick three of my favorite myos to keep their minosaur for free!
- anyone who doesn't win can keep their myo for 5$/500 :points:
- if you don't want to pay to keep your minosaur, you can draw peanut as payment instead: (has to be fullbody & colored)
- add all entries to the "unofficial myo" folder until they are official!

References ->…

make sure you read this:…

copy/paste something from the info and rules into the description of your entry to prove you read it!

#CutForZayn? ...Bitch, Please

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 4:20 PM
Just when I thought desperate teenagers couldn't get any sillier, there's a new trend on Twitter called #CutForZayn. For those who don't know, it's kids cutting themselves or threatening to cut because Zayn Malik is leaving the shitty popular band, One Direction.

Never thought I'd write a rant with One Direction mentioned in it, but it's not so much about the band as it is about dumbass kids taking something as serious as cutting and doing it because their precious object of affection does something they don't like. Cutting is not something you just screw around with like that, and a "super hawt" guy leaving a "super awesome" band is not even CLOSE to a reason that warrants cutting yourself or engaging in any form of self harm. It's as bad as when Justin Bieber's fans started cutting to try to get him to stop smoking weed.

Look, I understand being a fan of someone. I'd love nothing more than to meet one of my favorite actors, but do you really think I'd cut myself or do anything of the sort if I found out one of them was a crackhead or decided to stop acting or something? Seriously, how old are you people?!

And kids wonder "why does nobody take me seriously when I hurt myself?"

That's why. Because for every serious self-harmer you have, you have ten or fifteen bullshitters who cut for ignorant reasons such as that. That's what pisses me off about it. It makes it so damn hard for people to get help.

All I know is that if I was famous and my fans started acting out because I breathed in a way they found unappealing, I'd be pretty ashamed. Stop making self harm look like a solution to stupid, first world problems. The only solution for shit like that is to grow a pair of balls and move on with your life.

  • Mood: Scared
EDIT:     1 a way  sIM SCREMAING S  TOP
Because why not??

Been thinking about a raffle like this and woptidooo!

All you need to do to win something like this: Poke-Boops by DekulioMaximus [BOOP] by Dekulio
Is to comment with ONE character and tell me how you would like your heart to look like (Color, shape, cracked/scratched/broken/whole etc..)
AND Also fav this journal!

I'll choose the winner on thursday, good luck!
Let me say this now:

I honestly don't mind if there's not going to be another FNaF game. I'll be fine if there's not another one, but until Scott himself says "No, that's the end.", I'll be panting and drooling like the little fantard I am.

Anyways, I noticed something interesting.

The dates between the Steam launch of FNaF and the first teaser for FNaF2 was exactly 25 days. August 18, 2014-September 12th, 2014.

The dates between the launch of FNaF2 and the first teaser for FNaF3 was exactly 25 days. November 11, 2014-December 6, 2014

However, if you include the end dates, it would've been 26 days each.…

Today has been 27 days since the launch of FNaF3. Is the 25-day thing a weird coincidence, or was something announced on the 25th day and we just didn't see? Is something coming soon?

I'm probably just being an over-obsessed fantard about this. Ignore me!

I have mixed feelings about a FNaF4, it feels like it may not happen, but I REALLY want to see it. It may turn into a 'cash cow', but just like Pokémon, I'll buy each new game as it comes out.



Uh. About FNaF1.

I kinda. Um.

I didn't buy it.

I kinda. Um. Y'know, downloaded it. As a RAR. Off of Mediafire.


I  bought the other two legally, though

((EDIT: Editing because some people don't think I have the games

I originally downloaded FNaF1 about a week/2 weeks after it came out, but then I bought the other two on launch when they DID launch. I only downloaded FNaF1 to test it, I would've bought it if we had money at the time. We didn't even have enough for food since it was the end of the month!))


Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 8:55 AM

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