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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 8:38 AM

6 years on dA: BIG GIVEAWAY

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 6:36 PM

Hello my dear watchers and visitors!^^

On 23rd November 2008 I joined dA. After 6 years, I experienced so much here and I grew as an artist!
I have so many supporters and I found great friends on dA! :hug:
To celebrate it, I want to do a giveaway! :D
I will give 140 :points: to 6 deviants each, a total of 840 :points:!!
Remember the crowdfunding I once hosted? I decided to give them randomly to several people.

Please read the rules:

:bulletred: Everyone is allowed to take part, no watching needed!

:bulletred: Fave this journal, it's your raffle number! (You can unfave it after winner got announced.)

:bulletred: Write a comment with TAGGING 2 fellow deviants or friends, who you think they might need 140 :points: each! That's it, but you MUST do both! (How to tag right, see below.)

I will pick randomly 2 users, who will win alongside with their 2 tagged friends each! :D

Winner 1 : friend 1 & friend 2 + Winner 2: friend 1 & friend 2 = 6 winners in total.

It means, if you win, your tagged friends will win too! :D
Tagged users are also allowed to enter separately with their own comment and tagged users. Tip: This can incease your winning chances!

:iconyenni-vu:'s comment:
I tag : iconusername1 : and : iconusername2 :. (Without the spaces.) Alternative a : devusername : is fine too. (The names have to be clickable.)

Winners will be picked randomly on 30th November 2014 at 11:59 pm (CET/Berlin) and will get a message from me!
Please use this time zone calculator to know if you're still in time!

I will not reply to these postings or else it would look messy.

Good luck and have fun!^^

FAQ, please read before asking:

:bulletred: Huh, I got tagged?

Yes, you've been chosen by a fellow deviant or friend who is ready to share the prize with you, if they win! :)

:bulletred: How do I see my raffle number?

You can search it in the favorite list of this journal, but you don't need to know your number. They are just for me to pick the winners via a random number generator.

:bulletred: Can I tag you, Yenni?

LOL, please don't do it! I really want to give the points to people who need them more than I do!^^
But thank you, though! :hug:

:bulletred: I don't have any friends on dA. Do I still have to tag someone?

I don't believe you don't have anyone you want to share your prize with, unless you're a newbie on dA.
You also can tag artists you admire!^^

:bulletred: I really want to enter, but the chances of winning are so small!

You often heard this: "It's the taking part that counts!" :D
Don't expect to win, so you can't be disappointed! :)
You don't have anything to lose.

:bulletred: I hate giveaways, I'm never lucky!

Never say never! ;)
As I said: Just try it.
By saying giveaways are bad, you make people like me sad who host giveaways. We do this for fun and to make some people happy.

May be continued.

chibi art raffle

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 10:19 PM

ah so i was tossing up whether to do a raffle or kiriban and decided on a raffle since it's probably going to end first hahaha. 

anyway! i finally have some time to draw and since i haven't been too active until lately i've decided to have a little watcher-appreciation-raffle. so it'll be some kind of chibi, i haven't yet decided yet but here's a good mix of how i draw them below and in my gallery too
Kei-yo by okyihappy easter! by okyirevamp batch 1 by okyi
i'm pretty sure faves are numbered so i'll be using a random number generator to pick out the winner! the rules are pretty simple:
  1. fave the journal
  2. reply below with references of the character you want drawn
  3. i'll update this journal with the winners!
this raffle will last a week starting from now! so thats  from the 23rd of november to the 30th of november
oh please make sure you've faved and commented by the end of the rafflle!
i'll be redrawing if i can't find your reference comment ;----;
the winners will be announced on the 30th so best of luck everyone!

i haven't quite decided how many of these i want to do but there will be at least one winner

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck

Pixel raffle

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 12:26 PM

 Bullet; Pink HOW TO JOINBullet; Pink

Just fave this journal

There will be 2 winners both will get a
pixel avatar of their choice

Miikyo by kittysophieHaruka28 by kittysophiePixel commission-lalagilr by kittysophie

The raffle will end in 3 days
goodluck <3 

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for all you youngins

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 11:07 AM
i know a metric shit ton of you are middleschoolers and underclassmen and let me tell you rn keep those stupid academic calenders your high schools give you b/c when you're applying for college in four years they're going to want to know where you were your high school years down to the minute smh

basically know when you started/ended each year of high school to the day esPecially if you went to multiple high schools!
Furthermore, if you went to early college full-time rather than part-time, try to avoid being a transfer student(financial aid is apparently a pain/ your credits will pop up in your transcripts anyways)

Also im not fuckin kidding when i say, think about your gpa. And i know it's fuckin nicer to blow that shit off but keep it at a 3.0-3.6 at least. Dooo nooot blow off the act/sat if at all possible, like you don't need to shoot for the stars, but lots of scholarships rely on you doing a kickass job on standardized tests.

and finally, i know getting parents to help you on college is great. like, it looks like an awesome thing to have. but do n O t let that limit your options. like, paying off your loans (specially out of state) is going to be a big fuckin pain in the ass, but earning the money to pay off that loan b/c you were hired because you earned a degree from a respectable place is just as vital.

Also if you're thinking of art school, if you have the chance to take an art class you should definitely take it. and that's cos u see, friends, if you're serious you need to swallow the arrogance and take it. Like, this whole last 4 years i was like "i dont need an art class, i can do fine on my own" and i can do fine on my own- but this isn't about doing fine on my own, this is about appealing to a school. they would prefer to have a kid who already knows how an art class works before throwing them headfirst into 4 years of an intensive just that. I know a few colleges require that you have taken visual arts classes before, so keep that in mind.

If you're thinking about notart school, remember that state schools are fuckin fine. Your bachelors is your base ground, so your masters/phd can be elsewhere. don't get so caught up in a nice school to start out with 1.) it's going to be expensive as absolute fuck 2.) nobody cares where you got your ba if you have your graduate degrees.

also be fuckin careful about private schools. motherfuckers are stingy as fuck. idc where you go, just be careful. like yeah no fuckin out of state tuition but  it's 50k a semester so i m e an you tell me

also if you have questions, shoot an email to the admissions office. there's no phone-calls involved and they're going to be super nice + helpful b/c their main objective is getting students in. so like, don't stress about asking them, it's their job to help you and your job to get your application filled in right!

aLRIGHT that's it B ) i just wanted it out cos i had no fuckin idea about this and really i kind of made a v sudden and dramatic academic decision just like last month so i've had to read up bigtime and it's crazy that everything's getting set into motion now.

also the rams beat the broncos last week and im still not quite over that.

hey everyone!! vwv
one of our members, Meekiish, has been very kind and has offered up a cinnadog to give away to a new home!
cinnabutt has approved this giveaway so it will not be cancelled, no worries!~

here he is!

he is an official cinnabutt-made cinnadog and he is based on gobstoppers uvu
he also comes with a fullbody piece of art that will be sent to the winner along with the full resolution image!

now onto a few rules! ♥


+this giveaway is for first-time cinnadog owners ONLY... that means you can only enter if you do not & have not ever owned a cinnadog. i know a lot of people cannot afford them or have really bad luck trying to get one, so here is your chance ♥
+please do not enter this just to use the cinnadog as trade fodder/so you can trade or sell them off immediately. only enter if you really want the cinnadog and plan to take good care of them.
+you are not allowed to SELL or TRADE these cinnadogs whatsoever! no excuses!
-these were given to you! do not PROFIT off of them, UNLESS they have art (meaning you have paid for art of them).
+if you break any of these rules, we have the full right to revoke the cinnadog back from you.

all you have to do to enter is comment why you want the cinnadog!
I want real reasons! Not some short sentence like "I will give it a wonderful home, etc" I need to really be convinced!
you will have a better chance at winning if you include a little backstory/info about the cinna if it were yours uvu
PLEASE do not post sob stories or super sad reasons as to why you want this cinnadog -- those kinds of comments will be hidden and ignored!

since Meekiish was the one to donate the cinnadog to be given away, she will be helping me choose a winner out of all the comments.
please do not be upset or angry if you don't win, there will be many more giveaways in the future, i'm sure.

thank you all and good luck! ^w^


EDIT -- i will be featuring all comments relating to the giveaway itself to make it easier to find and read them all later xD
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GUYS!!!!!!!! :iconchubbehpanda: , :iconcreepyminerlance: , :iconcreationizecelic: , :iconpokegirl4104: , :iconbensonlover13: , :iconaskmadison3: , :iconhayfa8: , :iconartillerygurl: , :iconwpbcrazy: , :iconprincessreilin::iconinvaderdoom2000:  and all the MARKIPLIER FANS out there Please READ THIS!!! 

November 23 2014 ,I was just checking on Makiplier's YouTube Channel if he posted new videos... and then I saw this...


When I watched this video, I was really touched... it's a message from Mark to his fans...

Thank you for the deviants who give a their time to read this...

                        -ElayCornelio23Markiplier, Cat Lick Icon :'3 Pregnant Markiplier (MEME GIF) Markiplier NOT IMPOSSIBLE -EMOTE- 
If there's any questions about what is free to use in the dropbox link I left in my last journal, let me know.  I realize there's a lot more stuff I'm seriously not attached to anymore in terms of speedpaints and misc. work.  Please comment (don't note please) on what you're wondering about with the file name, and I'll get back to you.

Now as for my current work posted, I have no problem with people using my misc. (non-character, non-commissioned work) speedpaints for chat rooms, icons, bgs, ect.  The only thing I ask is that anyone using the work not take credit for it.  Credit isn't needed, but if someone asks about it, just send a link to my gallery. Yes, you can edit, crop, manipulate, trace, and change composition to these pics as well, but the same rule applies, if asked where the original art came from, link me.  Please be respectful of commissioned and personal artwork and do not use any artwork related to those titles.  

Here's a few I don't mind people using:

Speedpaints Round2 by Tatchit Spitpaints by Tatchit Junglecat speedpaints by Tatchit Rosematter by Tatchit

My 'free to use folder is here:…
Aaaaah ilu all <33333

:iconcatstarry: :iconpuggy-b00ty: :iconmarissa-senpai: :iconxcaptainkayla::iconxkinglemmy: :iconspaceink: ((talk to meeeeeee </3)) :iconemi-kittie: :iconpuqq: :iconnightmarespirit-myst: :iconawokendarkness: :iconbloodynectar: :iconkari-is-expl0ring: :iconkululufanforever: :iconicrackedcanine: ((bb pls talk to me </3)) :iconfancy-fur: :iconnine-neckfur: :iconicy-souls: :iconsparklefox789: :iconbiuee: ((welcome to dA my friend!! <3 c: )) :iconpewdiecake04: :iconsonilovesyou: :iconteentitansgo15: :iconfenrironfire: :iconmechanicalfeline: ((sup bro)) :iconsilverfeathermelody: :iconappreax: :iconwolfloveh: :icongaming239: :iconlizziegoesrawr: :icondark-soulest: :iconmercenary-punk: :iconpasteicrayons: :iconaleksthepotato: :iconcammypaws: :iconba-sh: :icont1m3y-w1m3y: :iconmudalaca00: :iconbloodydeath100: :iconsoulsofthedrowned: :iconcreativecorpse: :iconlittleorca20: :iconsorbaes: :iconukeblues: :icondarethedemon: :iconmushroommilady: ((-crai </3)) :iconglameowtyx: :icontohon: :iconnewyorkhoodies: :iconfoxlett: :iconbunnyjans: :iconjeiieh: ((sis :c))  :icononeicedragon: :iconcaramel-noodles: :iconthebluekeeper: 

If it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't be so inspired <3333
ilu all <33