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::ViS - Free MYO Slots (Closed)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 7:03 AM
As you read above
Today I am doing a free MYO for the V-i-S Species
But there are some rules as follows so please pay attention. 

You must credit me for the Species design if you're going to post it
Please follow the guidelines of the reference sheet closely
I will have to check the design before it is approved
You have 10 hours to sign-up, not draw them out
You can only design ONE per person
You are NOT allowed to trade these slots to anyone
If your V-i-S is approved, I would love for you to join the group VisTemple 
Once your design is approved, it must be posted on the MYO Folder on VisTemple 
If you don't read the journal properly and forget to post important things in your comment, you will be ignored. 
Please don't do anything out of character with the ViS as they have their story and you can read up on it

In Order To Get A Slot
- Favorite this Journal -
- Advertise about the MYO - 
- (Optional) Give me a Watch for Support - 

Reference Sheet
::CS - ViS Species Reference Sheet by CandehSenpai
If you need the ViS' base that I use please do let me know
Remember that there is a different in staff and that can affect you ViS' Magical or Physical Attack depending
Don't remove the Leaves of the Staff for that is required
Your ViiS can have their eyes opened but remember that the eye color depends on the Soul's Colors
They can have up too three souls 

Now to know that you have read this
Post somewhere in the comments
"Sally and Jack ViS Adopts on Halloween"

If you have any questions about this, please let me know. 
I will be keeping track of everyone who gets an MYO slot
Thanks and Good Luck


ViS Group Icon Contest
::Contest Time - Pixel Group Icon (1 week)Rules
There will only be one winner
The pixel icon for the group is something that you must make and not get it from some one
Your icon will be used for the VisTemple group that I made for my species and you will be credited it
You cannot sell the Custom you get from me but you can trade them
You can submit multiple times but only one can win
Other than that be creative an have fun
End Date For The Contest Will Be
Friday, October 16 2015
Here Is The Guide To The Species

I will be constantly updating so please stay tune for the mascot and some more information 
for the group as well. 
If you have any questions, please comment in the Q|A section in the comments
:iconcandehsenpai: :iconssnowdrop: :iconbelliko-art:
CandehSenpai will make a Custom ViS and a fullbody colored picture of your ViS
ssnowdrop is willing to draw a fullbody

Win things~

IcK0T by CandehSenpai

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
the only rule is that you must spread this around! i'll never stop doing this unless i say! 
comment with a palette, species. and gender!

(when im bored or in the mood (like now) i'll do them , so times may very!!)
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  • Reading: The Hobbit
  • Watching: Downton Abbey
  • Playing: Clash of clans
  • Eating: Kit Kat
  • Drinking: Smirnoff
I'm in a contest and I really wanna win points, i'm trying really hard to be core, and I don't like going to ask anothers accounts to give me points.
The thing is: you have to +watch EDFTeam, +fav and comment my edition, and that's all
But also you can like my picture on facebook, and also the page, and if you comment too you are helping me a lot to get more points!
Thanks for reading and if you helped me thanks you a lot♥!

|Etapa numero uno EDF| by DamnProblem this is my edition, i know is not the best but i tried♥

And on facebook:
Please you have to like the page and my picture, if you don't do that the points aren't counted

My picture:…

Draw my OC's Contest OPEN! Win a lot of prizes!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 8:47 PM
Hi guys, it's been a long time since I wanted to do a contest like this. And I want to see how my characters look in different styles!

This is a "Draw my OCs" contest. You can select any of my OC's you would like to draw. You can draw them solo, as friends, couples, group, etc. You may read the profile of each character, so you can know a little bit about them.

Im going to divide the contest in 2 categories: Individual and Couples/Groups.

In the Individual Category, you can only draw 1 of my characters. Choose the one that you want to draw (More information about my characters are in this journal).

In the Couples/Groups Category, you can draw my characters as friends or a couple or a group drawing, whatever you want! (More information about my characters relationships with each other are in this journal).

:star:STARTING: Today October 09, 2015
:star:DEADLINE: December 31, 2015 (I will probably extend the deadline 1 week, everything will depend on how many entries I get)

The winners will be chosen by a judges team! Entries will be judged on quality, creativity and effort.


(All the rules applies for both categories)
  • Everyone can participate. Donators can participate too!
  • Be nice to others. Don’t fight!
  • You can participate in both categories
  • You MUST keep their details. Don’t change anything please!
  • You MUST keep their clothing design or follow the instructions.
  • Digital art, traditional art and pixels, chibis are accepted too. I don’t accept Literature, because this is a drawing contest. Must be a finished entry. I don’t accept linearts or sketches. 
  • Unlimited entries are welcome, but you can just win only one place with the entry in both categories.
  • Ecchi is NOT allowed and NSFW too.
  • In your contest entry deviation, please put that it is for my contest for example: "This entry is for eleoyasha contest!" with this, you tag me and your deviation appears in my message board :) (And with that you made a little advertisement for my contest xD). 
  • All the entries are going to be in my Favorites Folder entitled "Contest – 1st Category" and “Contest – 2nd Category”.



.Eleo. by eleoyasha

  • Hair and Eye color references: References
  • Height: 160cm
  • Edo's girlfriend
  • She loves Edo, but she is jealous of Cherry, because she always want to be with him
  • Paunki Paunk, Cotton Candy and KittyCat Eleo are her best friends
  • A little bit tsundere
  • She is very jealous
  • She hates Oliver because he always wants to touch her

:star:Eleo (Kittycat Eleo):

.Kittycat Eleo. by eleoyasha

  • Hair and Eye color references: References
  • She is the little sister of Edo and Leo. 
  • Height: 150 cm
  • She doesnt like the fact that Leo (Her brother) is overprotective with her
  • You have to draw her with the outfit in the reference drawing. If you want to draw her in a “solo” drawing you can add her tail, ears and wings. If the drawing is a “group, couple, etc” don’t draw her wings, ears and tail.
  • Her best friend is Eleo but she likes Cotton Candy too.

:star:Edo (Edward):

.Edo. by eleoyasha 

  • Hair and Eye color references: References
  • In this drawing Who's your daddy? you can see his tattoos 
  • Tattos references: Edos Tattoos
  • You can draw him with a shirt like this Chibi Edo
  • Leonard twin and older Kittycat Eleo brother
  • Height: 180 cm
  • He is very handsome
  • Fit body, he has muscles and tattoos (he has tattoos in his neck, not are chockers), plus piercings in his ears
  • Hes a pervert and a pimp
  • Eleo's boyfriend. He loves her with all his heart
  • He used to be Cherry Bomb and Cotton Candy Boyfriend (Yes, he had 2 girlfriends at the same time)
  • When he broke up with his last girlfriend (Cherry) he only have eyes to Eleo
  • Loves to play videogames and play the guitar 

:star:Leo (Leonard):

.Leo. by eleoyasha

  • Hair and Eye color references: References
  • Edward twin and older Kittycat Eleo brother
  • Height: 180cm
  • Fit body
  • He is a serious guy, sometimes a little bit grumpy
  • He's overprotective of his little sister
  • Single, but his crush is Paunki Paunk
  • He loves to read books and play videogames 

:star:Cotton Candy:

.Cotton.Candy. by eleoyasha

  • Hair and Eye color references: References
  • Paunki Paunk twin sister
  • Height: 165cm
  • Always has a smile on her face
  • Loves sweets and kawaii things
  • Loves to HUG everyone
  • Eleo’s bestfriend
  • She used to be Edward girlfriend (like Cherry Bomb) but not anymore
  • Don’t forget the stars in her hair!.
  • You have to draw her with the outfit in the reference drawing. If you want to draw her in a “solo” drawing you can add her wings. If the drawing is a “group, couple, etc” don’t draw her wings.

:star:Paunki Paunk:

.Paunki.Paunk. by eleoyasha

  • Hair and Eye color references: References
  • Cotton Candy twin sister
  • Height: 165cm
  • Sometimes serious, but she loves all her friends
  • Loves listen to the music
  • She thinks that Edo is stupid because hes a pimp and thinks that hes playing with everyone
  • She loves Leo but she doesnt confess her feelings to him
  • She loves checkered things

:star:Cherry Bomb:

.Cherry.Bomb. by eleoyasha

  • Hair and Eye color references: References
  • You can draw her with this outfit too: Cherry Bomb Pose , and with the boots that she is wearing in this drawing: Chibis Eleo and Cherry Bomb
  • Height: 170cm
  • She loves Edo. I can say that she is obssesed with him XD
  • She is jealous of Eleo. Tried to ruin Eleo&Edo's relationship, she wants Edo only for her
  • Shes a pervert, when she is with Edo she wants to do naughty things to him. She considerates herself a wild vixen


.Oliver. by eleoyasha

  • Hair and Eye color references: References
  • Tattos references: Oliver Tattoos
  • Another pic of him: Badass Hottie here you can see his tattoos and piercings
  • Edward and Leonard childhood friend
  • Height: 1.75cm
  • He loves Eleo
  • Has a fit body and tattoos, and piercings in his nipples and right ear
  • Hes a pervert like Edo
  • He always wants to touch Eleo, but Edo is very jealous and doesn’t let him to touch Eleo
  • He knows that Eleo hates him because hes annoying and he still loves her

:star:General information:

  • All my ocs are friends, but Cherry doesnt like Eleo so much. Because as I wrote, she loves Edo and she's jealous!



:star:1st place:
5000 points by me
8 color drawings (6 individual, 2 with 2 ocs) by me
5 linearts (1 character per drawing) by me
5 chibis (1 character per drawing) by me
3 traditional waist up by: TealParadox
1 Llama by NitroGoblin
1 Traditional pen drawing by: AllyRat
1 Chibi with no BG by: Honoka--chan
2 Waist up drawings with BG (traditional) by: Ask-Earth
1 Full body/Full color by: ZounDNoiZe
1 Full body Shaded drawing by: polly30229
1 llama by PhoenixRisingFromAsh
1 Digital headshot (females only) by ShizukaChii
1 llama by ShizukaChii
1 traditional sketch by Fawnation
1 llama by DanaDani
1 traditional or digital drawing by: IkarusCat
1 halfbody digital by DayseRosi

:star:2nd place:
3500 points by me
6 color drawings (5 individual, 1 with 2 ocs) by me
4 linearts (1 character per drawing) by me
3 chibis (1 character per drawing) by me
2 traditional waist up by: TealParadox
1 Llama by NitroGoblin
1 Traditional pen drawing by: AllyRat
1 Chibi with no BG by: Honoka--chan
1 Bustshot drawing (traditional) by: Ask-Earth
1 Waist up/Full color by: ZounDNoiZe
1 Full body Shaded drawing by: polly30229
1 llama by PhoenixRisingFromAsh
1 llama by ShizukaChii
1 traditional sketch by Fawnation
1 llama by DanaDani
1 chibi by IkarusCat

:star:3rd place:
1500 points by me
3 color drawings (1 character per drawing) by me
1 lineart (1 character per drawing) by me
1 chibi (1 character per drawing) by me
1 traditional waist up by: TealParadox
200 points by: MomoTheMimeMaster
1 Llama by NitroGoblin
1 Traditional pen drawing by: AllyRat
1 Chibi with no BG by: Honoka--chan
1 Headshot (traditional) by: Ask-Earth
2 Chibis with no BG by: SilverzaCat
1 llama by PhoenixRisingFromAsh
1 llama by ShizukaChii
1 llama by DanaDani
1 semi chibi by TheErroredNoName


:star:1st place:
5000 points by me
8 color drawings (6 individual, 2 with 2 ocs) by me
5 linearts (1 character per drawing) by me
5 chibis (1 character per drawing) by me
1 Pixeldoll by SpiritReaper07
Llama by NitroGoblin
1 Chibi with no BG by: Honoka--chan
2 Waist up drawings with BG (traditional) by: Ask-Earth
1 llama by PhoenixRisingFromAsh
1 Colored sketch by 102vvv
1 Digital headshot (females only) by ShizukaChii
1 llama by ShizukaChii
1 traditional sketch by Fawnation
1 llama by DanaDani
1 traditional or digital drawing by: IkarusCat
1 semi chibi by TheErroredNoName
1 halfbody digital by DayseRosi

:star:2nd place:
3500 points by me
6 color drawings (5 individual, 1 with 2 ocs) by me
4 linearts (1 character per drawing) by me
3 chibis (1 character per drawing) by me
1 Traditional bust up by SpiritReaper07
1 Llama by NitroGoblin
1 Chibi with no BG by: Honoka--chan
1 Bustshot drawing (traditional) by: Ask-Earth
1 Traditional waist up (color or inked) by: ZounDNoiZe
1 llama by PhoenixRisingFromAsh
1 llama by ShizukaChii
1 traditional sketch by Fawnation
1 llama by DanaDani
1 chibi by IkarusCat
1 chibi by KitsuneZakuro

:star:3rd place:
1500 points by me
3 color drawings (1 character per drawing) by me
1 lineart (1 character per drawing) by me
1 chibi (1 character per drawing) by me
1 Chibi With Full Background by FallingDaWnStar13
1 Llama by NitroGoblin
1 Chibi with no BG by: Honoka--chan
1 Headshot (traditional) by: Ask-Earth
1 Traditional headshot (color or inked) by: ZounDNoiZe
1 half body Flat coloured drawing by: polly30229
2 Chibis with no BG by: SilverzaCat
1 llama by PhoenixRisingFromAsh
1 Custom BG by Life-is-the-bubbles
1 llama by ShizukaChii
1 llama by DanaDani
1 chibi by KitsuneZakuro

And the best 10 drawings (except winners) are going to win a Chibi with no BG by me! :D

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here!

PS: A lot of information, I know XD 

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1000 WATCHERS?!! (+ Art Raffle)

Fri Oct 9, 2015, 10:44 AM
Thank you so much!! ;w;

It makes me happy knowing that so many people enjoy my art, and I really appreciate every single favourite, llama, comment and note that I receive! It's you guys who motivate me to keep drawing.

I also want to thank you guys for supporting me during recent events, when I wasn't feeling good. All those lovely messages you wrote, and all the time you took out of your personal lives, just to help a random stranger from somewhere else in the world - it just means so much to me.
I can't thank you enough. ;u;


I feel like we should celebrate, so about an art raffle?

How to participate:

You MUST be one of my watchers!

+fav Favourite this journal
Emoticon / Speech Bubble - Heart (br) Leave a comment below!

There will be 3 WINNERS!

I'll use to choose them!

Results will be shown on: 

Saturday 24th October (15 days)

(Though I might shorten it, who knows?)

The art will look something like these:

A Fortunate Day by CalorfulYou're a Dira Friend to Me by CalorfulPenny (Art Fight) by Calorful

I know not everyone will win this, but I plan on drawing gifts in Christmas time!
So even if you don't win this raffle, there will still be a chance to get some art in the future!

Good luck! <3

Created at
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Need Your Help!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 12:30 PM

Hello! My name is Xie, and recently my mother and I [along with seven other directors] are currently working on a film by the name “Seven Deadly Decades”! 

To give you a short description on the story it’s basically- This is a film unlike one you’ve ever seen. 7 directors across the country making 7 different horror shorts into one feature film paying homage to 7 decades of horror. 

1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s. 

My mother and I got the 1980′s part, and I have made a video game for the movie named “Midnight Monster Madness”

Anyway, here’s where you come in, you see- we don’t have enough money to FUND the movie, and it would mean so much to me if you guys could donate a little bit of your money towards this production! We’ve been working on this for a couple of months, getting actors, making costumes, making music, art, video games and more! 

Please, any money will help us out! 

If you need more information ON the movie and wish to donate please click this!

Please share this, we need a lot of help!! ;w;

Journal skin made by Ashley44598X
Art made by jcm2 | preview devination
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A feature to share

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 1:55 PM

In my opinion, one of the best things on da is that everyone is so kind and willing to help. You have your peers recognizing your good works and at the same time broadening both your appeal and gaining new friendships. Sadly, I dont see a lot of this in the real world. We get jaded and feel like we have no choice but to be better than others is we want anything. Competitive, you know? So this is the anti-thesis.

Please stop by my new group. We have started a group on here that is similar to the facebook group, Dreams of Geneva. The group is called GenevasDreams and as we are still at the beginning, it take's a while, so thanks for your patience.

I wanted to recognize one of my oldest friends on here in a short mini gallery. An amazing artist with many tutorials and help when you need it. She's versatile, talented, and very nice on top of it all. So my minifeature to :iconshiny-shadows-art:  Up first...a Few Dragon Themed  Images..And some rest of the best!

Image of the month Spring In Fall by shiny-shadows-Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I love, love, love it!
And the following others...

Dead Bride by shiny-shadows-Art

Whos Bad by shiny-shadows-Art

Im Ready!! by shiny-shadows-Art

We love you Hedieh!!!!

Now onto the goods...
Fire dress by ElenaDudina

Deep sea 2 by ElenaDudina

And :iconpjenz:
Stressed by pjenz

Desert Beauty by pjenz

Moonlight Princess by pjenz

And the amazing work of :iconveroniquethomas:

The Only Way by VeroniqueThomas

Athenais by VeroniqueThomas

Les Enchantements de Viviane by VeroniqueThomas

La Legende de Mona by VeroniqueThomas

White Queen by VeroniqueThomas

Christine by VeroniqueThomas

Le Passage by VeroniqueThomas


Let it all go by babsartcreations

The beauty of life by CindysArt

Lost Princess by pjenzThe Scarlet Flower by brietolga

Fall's butterflies. by IgnisFatuusII

Divine Beauty by IrinaPonochevnaya

Enjoy the Silence by lauraypablo

Angel and Crow (Commission) by EstherPuche-Art

A Beautiful Fairy... by Euselia

Stay a while, Stay Forever by nova63

the devil in the flesh by Stan-CS30

the Mystery of the White Lady by Wagner

Prisoner Of Dark Thoughts by moonchild-ljilja

Darkness Inside by dreamswoman

Happy Now by Sangelus

Margarethe's innocence by vampirekingdom

the Cover Up by alltelleringet

Space Dementia by clair0bscur

Taking over by Andaelentari

Pokemon XandY - [Serena - Protagonist] by AmyThunderbolt

Ages Past by Phatpuppyart-Studios

Where The Shadows Lie by EvanescentAngel666

Simplicity by ParadisiacPicture

Kalypso by ParadisiacPicture

The Messenger by ParadisiacPicture

Underworld by Gwendolyn1

The red dress angel. by jugatatinhas

Petal by kimsol

Randomness by SGTROCK117

Abstract by SGTROCK117

Wolverine by SGTROCK117

Fairy lights by KellieArt

The Magic by mysolitaryground

Away with the faeries by CathleenTarawhiti

Antique Dream by annewipf

Medb: The Drunken Intoxicant by SummerDreams-Art

Lady Luna by Alexis-Frost

Luna Luna by Alexis-Frost

Luna Nova by Alexis-Frost

The Widow by annemaria48

Enigma II by Andaelentari

Dans les Nuages by thornevald

The Necromancer by thornevald

SteamPunk Warrior by paranormallily32

Pure Serenity v.2 by Beholdentolove

Behind a curtain of night. by Anna-Marine

Portrait Study 6 by CaoChiNhan

Bittersweet Rose by RavenYoungblood-art

Magpies Treasure... by RavenYoungblood-art

Aphrodite by Rockfield

Le vent emporte ma melancolie by Marjie79

Goddess of the Night by Kryseis-Art

Locked by Kryseis-Art

What's Wrong by voltuzaidi

Glamorosa rainha do Photoshop by ThunderBR

peace Lights by DeniseWorisch

Fortune Teller by vampirekingdom

Viviane by msfowle

Enchanting-Melody by EnchantedWhispersArt

The Reign by shadeley

In Salem's Nights by 3mmI

Titania by Aegils

Ready to fly again by RazielMB

Dryad by mari-na

Hecate by mari-na

Moirae by mari-na

Cassandra by mari-na

I Wanna be With You by Wesley-Souza

Warrior of Time by Whendell

- Ancient Love - by bonbonka

Summer magic by Lillucyka

Elven Priestess by EmberRoseArt

Should I Follow? by Sugargrl14

Antalcidora by VeroniqueThomas
Timeless Beauty by tinca2

Cemetery-Angel by EnchantedWhispersArt

TAJ MAHAL by deziner89

Sweet Revenge by babsartcreations

the dragons maid by greenfeed

Hexe by Celtica-Harmony

Amarie by Celtica-Harmony

Death by Love by Celtica-Harmony

Free Falling by JiaJenn31

Clockwork - Steampunk by Apsara-Stock

Royal Beauty by AlessiaC

Fields of Summer by JannaFairyArt

Cinera - Looking Glass by SerenaVerdeArt

Slumber Spell by RossanaCastellino

Magical potion by lombrascura

.Melody of the Lonely. by emptyidentityentity

Valentina by MikroMozg

Veiled by JessicaLicari

The.Lady.Forest by lauraypablo

Alone by ektapinki

Key to my Heart by VeilaKs

Ladyenrose by roserika

001-Windy by Jassy2012

Aeon project and Patreon by Anna-Marine

Demon by MelieMelusine

Fatal Passion I by FlexDreams

Daydreaming by dreamswoman

Witchcraft by QiLathea

A Little Spell by SuzieKatz

Rhinemaiden by kimsol

Rain and my Umbrella by umbatman

woman artist by Vasylina

wild flower by Helga-Helleborus

Power Of Dragon by DARSHSASALOVE

Miss Sand by DeniseWorisch

Moon Dance by SimplyDefinedArt

Waiting for a Sign by JoeDiamondD

'The Catcher In The Rye' Wallpaper by 1simplemanips1

When the only thing left is beauty by SPRSPRsDigitalArt

Born To Be Wild by Mysterykids

Criaturas Goticas by DenysRoqueDesign

Destination by Aeternum-Art

2919393 by Alexlexs

Necromancer by Whendell

Journeys End by Walking-Tall

The white wolves by CindysArt

Whispers of the Night by VampireDarlla

Mehendi by Isa-Wyrd

Arabian by La--Boheme

Papaver by Anette89

City Light Dreams by ektapinki

The Waiting by Kryseis-Art

Blue by JiaJenn31

Magic of the Spring by MoonRoseEternity

Inner Oracle by Carlos-Quevedo

Claire Holt by VeilaKs

IXth Major Arcana - The Hermit by MonochromaticART

GRACE by SimplyDefinedArt

Retribution2 by revande

Peace at last by Ophelia-Overdose

Dream On by VeilaKs


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It premiers November 22, Sunday night at 7
Homepage Hero Thelionguard V3 A765ceec by Anyahs

And it has been confirmed that Kiara IS the same age as Kion. I'm sad, but I'll live.


You can find all these images here Disney's The Lion Guard

Descriptions directly from Disney's The Lion King/The Lion guard's site for each image.

(Below) Kiara and Simba looking at the sunset on top of Pride Rock
379l-101 004 0117 Ff796589 by Anyahs

(Below) Janja and the Hyenas of the Outlands
379l-101 073 0093 320bc0e0 by Anyahs

(Below) Kion discovers he has the "Roar of the Elders."
379l-101 101 0082 Ced61451 by Anyahs

(Below) Rafiki and Simba
379l-101 116 0049 De28b2b3 by Anyahs

(Below)Timon and Pumba
379l-101 228 0001 B30a0462 by Anyahs

(Below)Kion seeks advice from his grandfather, Mufasa.
379l-102 504 0028 B2fe4370 by Anyahs

(Below) Kion, Leader of the Lion Guard.
379l-102 509-8 500 15b79f9f by Anyahs

(Below) The Lion Guard (left to right) Beshte the strongest, Ono the keenest, Fuli the fastest, and Bunga the bravest.
379l-102 534 0003 A0ecd4fc by Anyahs

(Below)Tiifu, Kiara, Nala, Simba, and Rafiki
379l-102 611 0023 61d5cbed by Anyahs

(Below) Kion using the roar to defeat the hyenas.
379l-102 617 0155 35d1f5e2 by Anyahs

All in all, a little disappointing with the age gap but I'll survive. And Tiifu is cute! Her little hair fluff is too stright up for me but I'll manage. I can't tell if her paws are darker than her pelt or not. If so.... that's going in my verse, it's not a trait I'm overly fond of in the universe. I believe they are, because her general design is very similar to the CUB on the cant wait to be queen cover. Dark extended rims around her ears, possible dark paws... lighter colored eyes (they're green!). I'm just excited there IS another lion cub!!! AHHHH and the BG's are amazing. 
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Drawn Together - The Movie is obviously going to take me awhile to review, so in that while I'm going to talk about a few more reviews where I have more to say. The review for Screams in Silence is 15 minutes long, and in that time I gave the episode a fairly good thrashing. Unfortunately what they decided to talk about was so serious and they tackled it in such a wrong way that I could have talked about tangential things for twice that amount of time.

So, let's talk about everything. First of all, this episode tackles the most stereotypical type of domestic violence: a strong domineering man physically abusing a helpless woman. That's the common perception of what domestic violence is, and in some very sad cases they believe that it's the only way it could happen. Yeah, we're going to some dark places today.

First of all, about half of domestic violence is reciprocal (1-2). This means that it is a family considering of a miserable man and a miserable woman hurting each other in a variety of sad and terrible ways. What you see in your average Lifetime Movie of the Week or your average PSA about domestic violence is the minority of actual scenarios. And yes, there are situations where the woman is the unreciprocal abuser. And there can be domestic violence in both gay and lesbian couples as well. We're going to be talking about all of this stuff today and why these faulty scare tactics and stereotypes actually hurt victims of domestic violence.

We have to get some misconceptions out of the way first. A lot of people think that a woman can't physically hurt a man, or that he could easily defend himself against any woman. Well, if that ain't sexist against both sexes. Do you know what a man does when he wants to hurt something stronger than himself and is easily able to defend itself (say, a grizzly bear)? He uses a weapon. And it turns out that when women have that goal in mind, they do that too. But honestly it's not that hard to hurt your average person if you catch them off guard.

I'm sure that most people know that both sexes are equally capable of psychological abuse, financial abuse, and emotional abuse. Or at the very least, I'd like to know the hoops of sexist logic you'd have to go through to think otherwise. But what about sexual abuse? I'm going to be talking about this more in my Peter-Assment review, but to make it quick: an erection is a physical process, not a sexual one. Saying that a man was not raped because he had an erection (or ejaculated) is like saying that a woman was not raped because she had an orgasm. Both are wrong, regressive, victim blaming, and awful.

But let's talk about why portrayals of domestic violence like this are bad for everyone. I mean with men, people a.) don't think it exists b.) blame him for not being able to defend himself c.) laugh d.) blame him for the fight. How does this harm women? Simple, for the reason that most domestic violence isn't like that. This stops people from thinking that the more common forms of domestic violence aren't serious enough to do something about. That included the victim of domestic violence, by the way.

By portraying every single scenario of domestic violence as a weak person being close to death, someone actually in said scenario is likely to think that their own situation isn't that bad. If he's psychological abusing you by gaslighting and making you think that you're going crazy, or she's isolating you from your friends and family by attempting to destroy all contact with them where does that stand next to a complete beat-down? Both of those examples are indiscriminately examples of abuse.

Because that's what intentional abuse is: an attempt to coerce and control the other person. Every type of abuse is a manner in which to control someone else, and the abuser will use whatever method that they are best at. Or which they can get away with the longest. I'm betting you that there's someone out there that thinks that they're the perfect partner simply because they don't hit the other person in the relationship.

Now, let's talk about children. I know that I've seen brochures that depict a boy and a girl, both in an abusive situation. One of them says "When I grow up, I will beat my wife." The other one says "When I grow up, I will be beaten by my boyfriend." Let's ignore the sexism for a minute, and talk about what sympathy porn does to victims. These brochures are aimed at adults who can give their money to whatever shelter or organization, but what happens when you show these to the actual children in abusive situations? The boy's going to grow up self-loathing and think that he's going to be a monster and the girl's going to grow up think that her life is destined to be one abusive situation after another.

Granted, it sometimes happens (which is why parenting classes should be mandatory in school), but that's not something you should flat out be telling kids and it can be fixed with therapy and proper education about healthy relationships. Even when sympathy porn is not distorting the facts, it's sending bad messages. Yes, domestic violence is bad and we should do our best to stop it but we need more than just knee-jerk reactions.

Do you know why my younger sister couldn't stay with her grandmother away from her abusive mother? It's because that abusive mother could call the cops and use them as her own armed strongmen to keep the kids in line. Yeah, about that... did you know that things like primary aggressor laws and no-question false accusations really help certain people with that whole "coerce and control" thing?

No one wants a scenario of "the courts don't believe her, and they send her back where she gets beaten and killed." But in attempts to make that 100% impossible (which probably haven't worked), many people have been given an inaccurate picture of domestic violence, and we've been given a scenario "the courts must believe her no matter what she says, and he goes to jail, and has a bunch of other bad stuff happen to him where he ends up wishing he were dead." To some people, that's a fair trade off. I choose not to associate with those people. By the way, if the former scenario makes women fear men, then the latter scenario will definitely make men fear women if they haven't already. Wasn't misogyny the hatred, mistrust, and fear of women? Yeah, the thing about sexism is... if you're sexist towards men, it will come back and hit women. If you're sexist towards women, it will come back and hit men.

The best thing we can do is get a better understanding of domestic violence and awareness of all types: Man on woman, woman on man, man on man, and woman on woman. Physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and sexual. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to talk about homosexual domestic violence. That puts me in a better boat because the mainstream media doesn't at all.

They may try to be daring and talk about "female on male" domestic violence, but I've never seen anyone talk about domestic violence in homosexual relationships. Let's start out with the obvious, it's kind of not politically correct. And not to mention because of all of the other problems I've mentioned here, many people don't think it happens. It happens more frequently than you think. People don't think that this exists because stupid people think "without one man and one woman, abuse can't happen." Adults have kind of realized that men can punch men and women can punch women. People don't talk about because "if we don't portray every homosexual relationship as absolutely perfect, stupid people will use it as an argument against gay marriage." Whether that sentiment is right or wrong it makes it very hard for homosexual victims of domestic violence to be noticed.

And that's what it comes down to. When we make up stories and people for sympathy or charity, the actual people and the actual stories end up getting none. Less dramatic, but more realistic women's stories aren't seen as actual abuse. Men end up getting arrested by their abuser's false accusation (and also refused help), and homosexual abusive relationships are completely ignored. 

Even if Screams in Silence wasn't the stupidly written, sexist, backwards trash that it actually is, I'd probably still have problems with it. 

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