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Wed Feb 10, 2016, 4:13 PM
Valentines Raffle by R0HI0
Ends by R0HI0

:star: RULES and PRIZE RULES :star:

:bulletred: You must be a watcher to participate.

:bulletpink: Items won from the raffle can ONLY BE TRADED OR GIFTED You cannot resell them.

:bulletwhite: You can only have 1 number (ticket) under each prize thread. (comment). You can only be a winner of ONE prize. If your number is chosen more than once, your first number will be the winner and the others will be removed for a raffle redraw. 

:bulletred: You cannot play for another user, if you are playing as well. Each user can respectfully comment for a ticket for themselves.

:bulletpink: When the raffle is over and the winners are chosen they will be sent an order form through notes or the files of the pre-made couples depending on their winning prize.

:bulletwhite: Be respectful to other users! If you do not win, there will be other chances in the future! If you comment at the exact same time as another user, you will STILL get a number regardless. Don't get mad.

:bulletred: You cannot steal, copy, trace, heavy ref, any of the art used or available in this raffle.

:bulletpink: You are responsible as the winner for providing me the order form and info needed to begin work on your custom. Please allow a respectful time period for the customs to be completed.

:bulletwhite: HAVE FUN!

Rp by R0HI0
Raffle by R0HI0
Couple 1 by R0HI0      Couple 3 by R0HI0

:star: Each couple will come with an outfit reference. Along with the flat color version.

Fb Custom by R0HI0
CLOSED: TRI-LEAF ELEI { AUCTION } by R0HI0CLOSED: Kemonomimi #5 [ SET PRICED ] by R0HI0CLOSED: Kemonomimi #7 { AUCTION } by R0HI0
:star: Fully Shaded, Simple Designs only Of your choice :star:
Untitled by R0HI0

Imagine a full body but without the legs. I need half body examples//shot

:star: Fully Shaded, Simple Designs only Of your choice :star:

Off Base by R0HI0

AT: CynDrawing by R0HI0CLOSED: Youkai Adopts #3 { AUCTION } by R0HI0
:star: Fully Shaded, Simple Designs only Of your choice :star:

How To Join by R0HI0
:star: NOTE :star: Depending on how fast I receive numbers? You may not be in exact order from when you commented. Since this is not automatic. But you will get a reply with the number chosen for you~

VIEW Raffle Number List! HERE


People have asked me to talk about what has recently happened with Twitter. Remember back in October where I kind of over-reacted from that perspective? I found out that you could report someone for “disagreeing with my opinion.” And people told me that it was just there to weed out bunk reports? So, less than six months later we’ve got the Twitter Trust & Safety Council. This has everyone up and arms.

Not talking about any of the groups within it yet, the purpose of the Twitter Trust & Safety Council (which yes, does sound Orwellian) is stated to be thus: “a new and foundational part of our strategy to ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter....

“our Trust & Safety Council will help us tap into the expertise and input of organizations at the intersection of these issues more efficiently and quickly. In developing the Council, we are taking a global and inclusive approach so that we can hear a diversity of voices from organizations including:

  • Safety advocates, academics, and researchers focused on minors, media literacy, digital citizenship, and efforts around greater compassion and empathy on the internet.

  • Grassroots advocacy organizations that rely on Twitter to build movements and momentum

  • Community groups with an acute need to prevent abuse, harassment, and bullying, as well as mental health and suicide prevention.”

This is destined to fail. I can tell you that, right now. Either people will stop using Twitter, or people will over abuse reporting and the system will be largely ineffective. I personally feel that the former is much more likely. Sorry Twitter, but there are “no grassroots advocacy organizations that rely on Twitter.” With Twitter you can only send 140 characters to… the public, essentially. When it comes to building an organization and gaining momentum, literally any other social media platform would be better.

“Greater compassion and empathy on the internet.” I’d love that. I’d also love it if we can breathe in space without a spacesuit. As I’ve learned, Twitter has taken upon an impossible task. Everything else in this screams censorship. It took me awhile to get to this point, but I am strongly against censorship.

Let me give you some background. I’m an internet personality. This generally means that I’ve got a lot of people who will come to my defense and there are a lot of people who hate my guts. Those who have been here on DeviantArt for awhile may have noticed that there are occasionally people who will copy-paste the same message here on my page. Like an iceberg, you only see a tiny fraction of what’s really there. People have dedicated entire forums and websites to not only hatred of me, but hatred of my friends as well. Every so often I get a notification of someone trying to get my password to anything and trying to hack into my accounts. I get death threats all the time. I’ve even had to deal with legitimate cyber stalking, and had a hard time preventing it because of terrible forums to go about getting them to stop.

All of this, and I’m still against censorship. And because I know there’s an elephant in the room, what I said in my troll video. Look, I can be against both censorship and trolling. Those aren’t mutually exclusive. Just like I can be for the legalization of a drug, and still thinking that people shouldn’t take that drug. Also, my belief is that the more people troll the ammo they give people who want to censor others. The two problems feed into each other, and at least one of them is using the other as a scapegoat. So, if I’m against censorship, I feel that I also have to be against trolling.

Now, let’s talk about censorship… we’ve got a lot to talk about. Censorship isn’t a black and white issue. In the United States, we have the Freedom of Speech, and pretty much every democracy in the world has this freedom because it is important. It is the most important right that a citizenry has. For a government to become totalitarian, they need to remove the Freedom of Speech. I made a video going into this awhile back:…

The United States government has… had mixed results with this. For example, many of our public government-funded schools have banned books list. And banning books undermines freedom of speech. The two most common reasons for banning books are language (The Adventures of Huck-Finn and The Catcher in the Rye) and sexual themes (Flowers for Algernon). This makes sense, we don’t want kids and young adults exposed to these ideas before they’re ready.

And therein lies the rub: the point of censorship. It’s not about preventing people from speaking. It’s preventing people from listening. Let me put it this way. If someone walks up to you and calls you a jackass, how do you feel? This depends on a lot of factors. If you’re obviously not a jackass, and everyone knows you’re not a jackass, it’s obvious that this guy here is just an asshole and trying to rile you up. But… what if he wasn’t the first? What if everyone was calling you a jackass? Well, considering you have the same freedom of speech that he does, you do have the ability to defend yourself. Or change to not be a jackass, because you very well might be a jackass.

Or, you could try to get a law passed that stops people from calling you a jackass. People are still going to think you’re a jackass, but (assuming that people will follow the law), they can’t tell each other that they think you’re a jackass. (And you very well are probably a jackass in this scenario because you got a law passed restricting people’s freedom of speech). These people see that others are faking smiles around you out of fear from the law. When you imagine a government in your place, you can see how this can be a very dangerous thing. Criticism makes us better.

When we censor something, it proves that we’re afraid over it. And in some ways, it gives them power. If something is a truly bad idea, it tends to die in public discourse. For example, we don’t censor the Westboro Baptist Church or the Ku Klux Klan. And guess what? They’re seen as monsters with terrible ideas in pretty much all of our society. Their ideas don’t get very far.

“B-but, what if a bunch of people with a terrible idea get together and actually make a difference?” Every type of government has a dark side, and this is democracy’s. It tends to be called “tyranny of the majority” and has lead to lynchings, kangaroo courts, demonization, and witch burnings. No form of government is perfect (yes, this includes anarchy). Do you know what didn’t stop these things from happening? Censorship and things like political correctness.

So, let’s talk about political correctness. As someone who does not use racist, sexist, ableist slurs and has despised those who do, I am against political correctness. As its defined now, political correctness is “language, policies, or measures which are intended not to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people in society.”

It sounds good, and there’s definitely merit to the idea. Only assholes go out of their way to intentionally offend someone. However, there’s a lot of rub with this. Political correctness is essentially ideas and language that are married to the status quo. For example, saying that gay marriage should be legal in the 70’s or 80’s would be like saying it shouldn’t be legal now. You’d get the same effect. Saying that women are capable of voting or working outside the home would, once upon the same time, be an opinion that offends the status quo. Being “politically correct” means to not offend the status quo. And by forcing people into this role, you may be preventing tomorrow’s abolitionists.

Remember, we don’t need political correctness to hate racist and sexist assholes. We really don’t. Most good and nice people know that racism and sexism are wrong. Yeah, what political correctness, or at least the effect any other name does, is allow “those terrible people to get together and form a difference.” What is politically correct is defined by the majority. And every positive social change had to fight against the “politically correct” status quo. It forces us to fall into mob mentality. Something you’re doing, right now, every single day, is probably going to be politically incorrect or thought of as socially disgusting in 100, 200 years. No one time thinks that their abhorrent behavior is wrong, at the time.

At this point, you should know the stories of young people who were cyberbullied to suicide. Sometimes it’s because these bullies perceive them to be unattractive, and sometimes it’s because of some aspect of their character. The people who bullied them into suicide are assholes, and monsters

On the other side of the coin, we have people like Justine Sacco. She posted a politically incorrect joke on twitter. After a 10 hour flight she was the number one topic on twitter. People were immediately trying to get her fired, and many people wanted a picture of her when she landed to further bring her into shame. Even deleting her twitter account did not end the abuse.

A lot of people seem to follow the mantra of “it’s okay for us to do this if they’ve done something bad.” No… no. If you want to end cyberbullying, or “cyber violence” as you’re calling it (I’ll get into that soon), you have to end doing it to anyone. By creating a reasonable target, you’ve created a reason for it to be there.

In Canada at least, there’s already been at least one person brought to court for harassment via Twitter. And there are many more stories of people trying to get other people fired, for arguments and altercations through Twitter.

In the case of Justine Sacco, I have to wonder… what exactly would this Trust & Safety Council do? Who would they see in the wrong? For me, a bad joke is a bad joke but lynch mobs are wrong. What does “greater compassion and empathy” mean in her scenario? Would it mean… helping her see the light in a reasonable manner? I doubt it. But, what if someone says something that’s… not politically correct, but it is reality correct “most domestic abuse is reciprocal. Imagining that it’s a strong man beating down on a weak woman discriminates against other, more common forms of abuse; men; women who don’t fill the ideal victim standard; and LGBT couples.”

This goes against the common narrative, and isn’t very politically correct, but I do have sources and I’ve researched it well. So… if someone were to get all the bullying that Justine Sacco got for it… if it got the same amount of vitriolic hate that she got when she told a joke… what would happen. Remember, with wide sweeping statements like this, you could either side with the initial commenter every single time (and there are some fucking morons out there), or you could side with the lynch mob every single time (and there are some people who do speak unpopular truths). “But they could do this on a case-by-case basis.” No they can’t. YouTube uses computers that are absolutely broken, to get every single case they can. People have been complaining about it for years. DeviantArt actually does use real people with their abuse policies, and it could take up to months to deal with this person who is cyber-stalking or harassing you.

From the about section of the Twitter Safety & Trust Council: “Twitter empowers every voice to shape the world. But you can’t do that unless you feel safe and confident enough to express yourself freely and connect with the world around you…”

That is the stupidest fucking shit I’ve ever heard. If you’re feeling 100% safe and confident expressing yourself, you’re probably talking into an echo chamber. I mean, think of the Civil Rights Movement. They certainly could shape the world. And they intentionally put themselves in physical and social danger to do so. To say that they couldn’t is not only offensive, it is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen written on the internet. Bravo, twitter.

“To help give your voice more power, Twitter does not tolerate behavior intended to harass, intimidate, or use fear to silence another user’s voice.”

User: Hey… I’ve got some evidence that Ranter32 is a liar and scamming his fans.

Twitter: Sorry, you’re banned. This is clearly intimidation, trying to silence Ranter32.

If this is enforced anything like other internet standards like the DMCA, this is what your future on twitter will look like. When it comes to the internet, it seems like the bigger guy always wins. Ranter32, since he has more followers will probably be taken more seriously than the one random user trying to call him out.

There are more than 40 organizations as a part of this, apparently. What exactly any of their parts to play in this, is at present, unknown. This is scary. When someone is coming into what is marketed “for the common good” you should know exactly what they’re able to do. What they’re supposed to do, and the ability to look for any loopholes. It just says that they “provide input.” That could mean anything. Hell, right now I’m providing input on twitter policies. Everyone using the #RIPTwitter hashtag is providing input on twitter policies.

Do I have anything to say about any of these organizations? Sure… but I’d rather not bog this down with forty-odd subsections. For the most part, them being a part of this project says a lot more than anything they say about themselves. Most of them seem to have their hearts in the right place. Some of them really do want to crack down on cyberbullying, like Cyber Civil Rights Initiative is celebrating cracking down on revenge porn.

Some of them, unfortunately fall into the politically correct, reality wrong segment. “The National Domestic Violence Hotline” claims to adapted from the Duluth Model of Power. The Duluth Model is…a… theory (although I don’t think it’s ever been tested like a scientific theory and grown beyond a hypothesis). It basically says that all abuse is caused by men being socialized to control women. Which, pretty much by design, neglects to include LGBT domestic abuse and female-on-male abuse. It also discounts abuse caused by financial issues, mental disorders, and drug addiction. I do not support any domestic violence/abuse resource that uses the Duluth Model of power.

I am going to take a stand against Twitter’s censorship policies, and I hope that you do as well. This may mean leaving twitter for real this time. Or it may mean over-using this policy until it becomes unfeasible.

Also, this is just a nitpick, but "a diversity" is grammatically incorrect.  
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added more prizes!

After thinking about this for a while, I've finally decided to do a contest!
All the information will be in this journal.

:star: DEADLINE :star:

March-April 2016 

:star: What's the contest about? :star:

You have to draw two characters, a yaoi couple, 
between my friend Dokizoid and I's character!

You MUST draw them together! This is a couple contest. :heart:

Damon the Hedgehog
( submissive )
Damon reference by snugglejpg
- You can draw him in any outfit, but the third outfit ( the one with a red jacket ) if prefered!
- Please ask if you'd like putting him in other outfits

Spunky the Tanuki
( Dominant )
Clarence Spunky Bernhardt by Skiiu
- The green outfit is preferred
- He usually wears any kind of scarves and sweaters
- Please ask if you'd like to put him in any other clothing

Other references

Bare by snugglejpgHeight Difference Ref by snugglejpg

How to draw them

( what most people have trouble with )

Dodonts by snugglejpgDodonts2 by snugglejpg

:star: HOW YOU WILL BE JUDGED :star:


How high your skills are in the drawing.
Shading, lighting, backgrounds, we love it! Take your time!
Do not rush!

Ideas and Originality

Meaning, if you were to draw them doing something such as doing something
together in a really pretty scenery drawing, it'll have more of a chance of winning than
them standing together with a transparent background. Go crazy >:3


You don't have to put your heart and soul into it, but really taking the time
to make it look nice and pretty would give you a better chance at winning.
You can do it!



Digital drawings
Traditional drawings
Multiple drawings


Recoloured art
Individual drawings of the characters
Drawings you've already made of them ( if any )

:star: PRIZES :star:


All of the entries will be judged by me and Dokizoid
Donating points or art into the contest is HIGHLY appreciated!

1st place

-5,000 :points:

-2 scenery drawings from me
Eloise by snugglejpgCait All Wet by snugglejpg
1 full body from me
B by snugglejpgA by snugglejpg
an Anime Screenshot from Dokizoid

Spunky Sittin at a Table by DokizoidEloise Sittin on the Couch by Dokizoid

3 month core membership from MinuteHandMuse

A game pixel from ukepuke

you should totally share my scarf with me by ukepuke


2nd place

- 2,000 :points:
- 1 full drawing from me
Delphox by snugglejpg
- 2 flat colours from me
11111 by snugglejpg111 by snugglejpg

A flatcolour from Dokizoid

Micah by Dokizoid

A bust from MinuteHandMuse
Sunday Mornings by MinuteHandMuse

2 shaded pixels from ukepuke

Itch by ukepuke


3rd Place

- 1,000 :points:

- 2 flat colours from me
2222 by snugglejpgF by snugglejpg

Coloured sketch from Dokizoid
N00b4 by Dokizoid

Shaded sketch from MinuteHandMuse
Vince by MinuteHandMuse

1 shaded pixel from ukepuke

Tbh by ukepuke


:star: ENTRIES :star:

All entries will be in this folder,…

You must be a watcher and advertise this journal to join!
you can post a journal or a poll!
If your comment is featured, that means you're counted,

- :iconask-mili-the-cat:
- :iconlave-ndar:
- :iconsushiini:
- :icongrimmstar-reaper:
- :iconbabychao1009:
- :iconshadikal101:
- :iconblossom-fur7:
- :iconsketchylynx:
- :iconkrystaliaproductions:
- :iconglamorsaurus:
- :iconcodygallo:
- :iconwinterrams:
- :icontedwin-knockman66:
- :iconxxdjsilvershadowxx:
- :iconglichievirus:
- :iconcitrusgalaxy:
- :icondubshii:
- :iconlaura10211:
- :iconbluu-streakk:

Please comment with your journal if you're joining!

Thank you everyone! Good luck!

Created at with image resources from

Emergency Commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 10, 2016, 3:11 PM
I usually don't make journals like this but- I am in a bit in debit in money. I recently quit my job because of personal reasons. My boss would go by with not paying me for 3 weeks and not paying me the correct amount I was owed. But I never said anything because, hey, I'm grateful for having a job where I get paid 300 USD a week. But-- She was constantly putting me down because I mixed up a few letters (because of my dyslexia) and mispronounced things/names. She would also yell at me in front of clients and call me stupid, making me look unreliable and useless. I used to even take files home to organize but end up crying in my room because of all the stress I used to go through with her. Please, understand this is not a journal to make you feel sorry for me. I just slowly starting to feel better now that I'm typing it out. 

But anyway, I'm in debit of 520.19 USD.

 Ee660b48476b6b38c422b74a8ef8014b by BANMOKU

And it's due on the 23rd of this month. 
So-- I'm going to try to set my goal to 600 USD. 

GOAL: $103.98 / $600 USD

With these commissions they're slightly different. I'm giving myself a one-week deadline[from when they're ordered] to finish them. 

What I'm offering:


Eris by BANMOKU  Link by BANMOKU  Reine By Jellie by BANMOKU  Skyler by BANMOKU


001 by BANMOKU

If you are interested please note me with the following: 

+ What kind of Commission you want: Fullbody / Semi Chibi
+ How many you want: 
+ References: [the more more the better]
+ Extra Info on characters [As in personality traits]
+ Overall Price
+ Email Address 

Slots: [Unlimited]

  1. Nimmi-Tan // Semi Chibi // Pixel Button   Unpaid By Puucheii-d5h8dl8 by BANMOKU
    Pixel Pink Progress Bar   4 By Puucheii-d5h8crp by BANMOKU
    05 by CakeBun
  2. riarro // Semi Chibi // Pixel Button   Paid By Puucheii-d5h8dil by BANMOKU
    Pixel Pink Progress Bar   4 By Puucheii-d5h8crp by BANMOKU
    06 by CakeBun
  3. TheClassyFish // Fullbody // Pixel Button   Paid By Puucheii-d5h8dil by BANMOKU
    Pixel Pink Progress Bar   2 By Puucheii-d5h8cn4 by BANMOKU
  4.  ochairo // FullBody // Pixel Button   Paid By Puucheii-d5h8dil by BANMOKU
    Pixel Pink Progress Bar   4 By Puucheii-d5h8crp by BANMOKU
    07 by CakeBun
  5. KittysoftPaws-o3 // Semi Chibi // Pixel Button   Unpaid By Puucheii-d5h8dl8 by BANMOKU
    Pixel Pink Progress Bar   0 By Puucheii-d5h8chv by BANMOKU
  6. LittleRevenant // Fullbody // Pixel Button   Unpaid By Puucheii-d5h8dl8 by BANMOKU
    Pixel Pink Progress Bar   0 By Puucheii-d5h8chv by BANMOKU
  7. Jikkyo // Semi Chibi // Pixel Button   Paid By Puucheii-d5h8dil by BANMOKU
    Pixel Pink Progress Bar   0 By Puucheii-d5h8chv by BANMOKU

Signal boosting would be appreciated. 

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
Ok since you guys said your ok with another contest I wanted to try something new!

Your mission:
- your job is to design me a mlp villain of any species/gender

- they can't be based off an existing villain
- you must give them a bio or a reason for being a villain (no Mary sues please)
- no next gen villains 
- don't create a villain to smite someone you hate
- don't bad mouth other entries 
- human villains are allowed as long as they are anthropomorphic I.e. the dazzlings, midnight sparkle, 
- keep the backstory and design  G rated (stay true to the series) 
- must be created for the contest
- no stash images because I won't be able to add it to the collection

How to enter:
- favorite this journal
- advertise this contest and link back
- a watch is appreciated but not required
- submit an entry!

- a llama for everyone who enters 
- 1,000 points

Others are welcome to contribute prizes

- April 5th

Entries so far:…
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SWEET HASBRO-LESTIA! :happybounce: 

I was checking EQD like I always do and was like...


Hasbro revealed "Guardians of Harmony" x__x

It... Is...

I'm sure you can guess it from my reaction above...


It's a series of "Action Figures" all around our beloved MLP /)^3^(\
Full "moveable" figures in armor and...
x__x I can't stand this awesomeness!

According to EQD "Guardians of Harmony" will come along with a new IDW comic series and...
Who knows...
Maybe this is what the MLP movie will be about /)^3^(\

As long as we get more of our Mane 6 (maybe including Starlight Glimmer x3) I'm fine :D…
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ESPAÑOL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hola gente La la la la  quiero compensar los meses que desapareci y las comisiones que no termine con un sorteito~
Es la primera vez que hago uno en DenviantArt xD asi que por lo que lei en otros sorteos estas son las reglas: 

Heart Darle favorito a este Journal
Heart Comentar este Journal
Heart Watchearme :v

y creo que eso es todo :3 yo les dare un numero cuando comenten I am a dummy! 
Van a ser 10 ganadores en total
5 como estos ----> Cherrysoff by DemozDeath
5 como estos otros ----> Eita icon by DemozDeathYelt-chan icon by DemozDeath

Termina el 29/02/16

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ENGLISH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hello people La la la la i want to make up the months disappears and commissions not end with a sweepstake (?) ~
It is the first time I make one xD DenviantArt so from what I read in other sweepstakes these are the rules:

Heart Give favorite this Journal
Heart And Comment on this Journal
Heart Watchme 

and I think that's it :3 I will give you a number when comment I am a dummy! 
They will be 10 winners in total

5 like this ---->Cherrysoff by DemozDeath

and 5 like this ---->Eita icon by DemozDeathYelt-chan icon by DemozDeath

Over in 29/02/16

Good luck! :happybounce:

I'll probably draw it pretty soon to jump on that potential next gen hype train :) I kinda like it, it feels different, but still very familiar; a lot of resemblance to Diancie, in the face especially, but that might mostly be due to colour choices. It does also remind me a tiny bit of Orugoh... xD

I'll be drawing stuff tonight, might get something up; be sure to stay tuned, in any case :)

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just felt like doing this
feel free to share
comment if this helped !!

  • write the names of people you love where you self-harm. it'll help you not to cut.
  • talk to family or friends. if you feel like you can't talk to anyone, try venting through art or journals.
  • be around other people. being alone makes depression A LOT WORSE. just being close to people you like can make you more relaxed.
  • drink water
  • eat fresh fruit
  • take a little walk outside
  • stretch or jog in place a bit
  • listen to music and dance along a bit
  • realize that no one is perfect, despite what they seem. don't compare yourself to other people, you don't know exactly what their life is like. they could be the mosr popular person at school but when they get home, their parents are drunk and the kids beat.
  • write down all the things you like about yourself. whether it's your hair, your jokes, your clothing sense.
  • sleep. just sleeping can help a lot.
  • if you have a let, play with them, cuddle them, or jist stroke them. it helps, trust me.
  • take a bath or shower.
  • clean your room or bathroom. I often get stressed if my room's a mess so I just straighten up without thinking about it.
  • doodle out your feelings.
  • look at pictures of calming, aesthetic things.

I've used all of these and they worked pretty well for me. if you have any more suggestions, let me know and I'll put them in !!