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you are valid.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 29, 2015, 7:07 AM
digital hobbyist

CSS Skin


I know this might be sudden and completely uncalled for, but this has been constantly on my mind and I think now is the time that I'm going to say something about all this. Your friend has publicly bashed me, accusing me of being a slut, made me out to be an attention whore and went to such great lengths as to refer to my tank top with the term breast feeding. You both have accused me of being 'transtrender' transgender man, which is false and inaccurate in so many ways possible and I wrote this up because I thought it might shed some light for you. 

Ash is a fake transgender.

No. Also, if you are aware of the definition of trans, it means some one who identifies with a gender THAT IS NOT THEIR BIRTH GENDER. Though I did identify as male for a while, I realized that since I like girl things and guy things, that I feel more fluid or male partially identifying [demi-boy]. I was attacked several times and accused of being a fake transgender man, no, I am a genderfluid individual who likes he/him/his pronouns rather than they/them/their. 
In that sense, am I entitled to wearing make up? Absolutely. Because girls and a hell of a lot of boys wear make up, so what gender does that make me? fluid 
Am I entitled to wear girl and guy clothing? yes, and it also makes me fluid or partially male identifying. Since agender people usually tend to wear masculine clothing, why can't fluid people be feminine and still be valid? 

Did it take me a few tries to figure out my identity?

 Hell yeah it did. Every one is different. Some people know they are trans or homosexual the very second they look at men's clothing or look at some one of the same sex. Others spend a lot of their time debating, and hating themselves because they feel worthless for not being able to conform. For not knowing who they are. For not being comfortable with stereotypes. 

Well guess what? You don't have to conform. You are YOU. You are not a stereotype. You are beautiful and valid no matter what gender, sexuality or romantic orientation you are. You are valid no matter how you act, how you dress, or what pronouns you ask to be used for you. If they/them/their pronouns make you feel happy, then by all means let me use them for you. Some people have to come out three fucking times before they fully find themselves and who they actually are. 

Trans boy or cis who wears make up?
still a boy, if eyeliner makes him feel better about himself then by all means wear all the eyeliner you want.
Boys who wear make up and are still fucking valid:
Kastoway , and he has shoulder length hair. Does that make him any less valid? No.

[THIS GUY ALSO HAS SHOULDER LENGTH HAIR, guess what- still a valid male.]
Andy Biersack and Adam Lambart are AMAZING examples of this, and though they are cis / gay men- why would a trans male who practices similar behaviors be any less valid? 

Girls who dont wear make up and wear guy clothes but are still valid women:
ShyKri , erectnipple, my younger sister, and many friends that I have in real life, straight and lesbian. 

[geekasaur on tumblr is a great example of this]

Transgender women who are masculine but are still valid: 

Do you know who this is? This is Leelah fucking Alcorn. Was she invalid? No. Is she still a women? Very much so. And she always will be, masculine or not.

But Leelah didn't have access to feminine things!

Well NEITHER DO MOST TRANSGENDER PEOPLE. Not all transgender men have access to binders and transgender women to make up. 
Are they allowed to feel confident in the clothes that they have?
Are they allowed to take selfies being who they can be for now and flaunt it?
Are we all rich? 
Do we all have parental consent?
Some trans men are too tiny for men's clothes sizes, are they invalid?
Some trans women have the wrong build to fit into women's clothing sizes, does that make them invalid?
Does our misfortune make us invalid?
Absolutely not.

You are allowed to seek solace and comfort by using pronouns online and nowhere else, that still makes you valid, and beautiful, and amazing. In time you will look the way that you want to look but for now you deserve to be loved for who you are. You are not a fake transgender and there is no such thing as a fake transgender. There are only people who need more time to fully transition. 

Ah yes, that's why fathers wear dresses and lace panties, and why mothers wear swim trunks and tuxedos.

This is a richly transphobic statement. 
Some gay men wear dresses to their own weddings. Does this make them invalid? No. Some gay men do wear lace panties, who are you to tell them that they are invalid because of their fetishes? Clothes are genderless. 

Something that's helplessly more common is women wearing tuxedos and swim trunks.

oh look its ellen again 
more ellen
omg that girl has swimtrunks on, guess what- she's still a girl and she is still valid. 

NONBINARY, GENDERQUEER, BIGENDER, DEMIBOY, DEMIGIRL and AGENDER people have to be completely gender absent or else they aren't valid. 

This is just a point that I would like to make while I'm at it.
Those are all gender lacking terms besides demiboy or demigirl which is still partially gender lacking. Meaning that people of these identities can wear what ever the hell they want, and still be valid. And, in a world of binary gender bias- to be completely gender lacking you'd have to walk around naked and shake your head because there will always be a feminine or masculine clothing style or a feminine or masculine hair style.  Though as I've said, ANYONE OF ANY GENDER CAN WEAR WHAT EVER THE FUCK THEY WANT AND STILL BE VALID. :rose: 

Gender lacking people who are more on the feminine side, or the more masculine side rather than totally neutral and are still valid:

What is my gender?

I am a genderfluid demiboy, who prefers
Not it. and not she. As I have been called before. 

Yes, I have come out with different S/O-s and genders as I tried to find myself. 

Yes, I do wear make up.

Yes, I do wear bras because I can't afford binders yet and am scared to wear them due to the amount of risk factors involved. 

No, I do not own any mens clothing yet because I can't afford it right now and I'm too skinny for most men's clothing sizes.

No, I am not a fully transgender man.

I am fluid.

Does that make me any less valid?

Do you still have to respect my pronouns?

What do I look like?

Am I any less valid than any of the people above me?

I will not stand down and be dehumanized by a transphobic transgender person, I will stand up and defend myself and other people like me who have had to get hate and shame from people like you, because you are too closed minded to understand situations that aren't your own. I will not sit back and ignore this and be hated while you are praised for your ignorance. If this doesn't get a point across to you, then at least I made a few confused people more self confident and loving of themselves for who they are, and giving love to those who are like me, who are still valid, and don't conform to stereotypes. 

Trans is not all or nothing. You can be any age to be trans. You can find yourself no matter how young or old you are, rich or poor. Your pronouns and gender are all mental, and if you feel like a boy, or a girl, or neither, who the hell am I to tell you that you aren't? And who the hell are you to tell me that I'm not valid? 

Have a good day,


Mom, you make me wanna shit. my. pants.

Okay, so to celebrate hitting over 650 watchers, over 20 000 page views and completing my tafe video on friends of the pound and getting good marks for it i`m going to hold a competition!
winners will be announced in mid April

I`ll be using this site to get the winners numbers.…

Depending on how many people enter will depend on if i up the points etc.
1st - 100 points + watch + 10 faves + Llama.
2nd - 50 points + watch + 5 faves + Llama.
3rd - Watch + a couple of faves + Llama.
4th - Watch + 1 Fave + Llama.

How to enter!
1 entry for each thing you do, i`ll give you numbers when you comment what you have done.

1. Fave this journal and make a journal linking me to it in the comments.
2. Watch me, if you already do that will count.. just comment already watching
3. Watch my Friends Of The Pound video and answer the question correctly! The question shall change regularly so please don`t just read the comments. ( if you get the question right that`s a bonus x2 entries! 2 ENTRIES FOR THE RIGHT ANSWER! :D)


Four possible chances to win guys! I may up the prizes and stuff just want to see if anyone`s interested first.

Here`s the video, please check it out not only for an entry but just to check my work out from my course and also to support this awesome non profit organisation!  

EDIT:     1 a way  sIM SCREMAING S  TOP

Great thumbnail, isn't it? So, me and the rest of the Growing Around cast and crew are going to be answering some talk about the show, the world, and the characters and I'm going to put in a documentary style video to get people at least more knowledgeable for the show. So in other words, what I just made is a trailer... for a glorified trailer, lol. But yeah, this should be an interesting video. Based on the answers we're getting, it's going to be over 15 minutes.
Hello guys ! 

It's been a long time since I was active on my DA, and I'm really sorry about my incativity ! School take me too much time, I don't find moment to draw for myself ! Anyway, I don't have a lot of homeworks atm, so I decided to OPEN all my species during a limited time ! :) Don't ask me why, I just to do it ! ^^ I can say this is a little gift before the release of a new species I'm currently hardly working on ! ;)

You will be able to make your own character in the species of your choice, but before create your own, please follow these simple rules !

- You can create a lot of character, but be reasonable ! 
- Create character for your own, not to sell them after ! If you do that, I'll blacklist you and you will never be able to own one of my species
- You can have any features, even the rare one !
- When you created your char', I would like to see it (just to check if no mistakes were made!) Please leave a comment in this journal with your char' for approval ! :)
- If you want to create a character, please leave a comment in this journal saying "I read the rules and I agree with that"
- Be creative ! :)

Here is my species's ref', some are really old so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me !

Zanshi God of Death : Zanshi Species by SMASH-ii Zanshi anatomy guide ! by SMASH-ii

Virus Cat 404 the Virus Cat by SMASH-ii

Hoshikami Hoshikami Species Guide (CLOSED Species) by SMASH-ii

Tamamori Tamamori Species Guide by SMASH-ii

Dhrakos Dhrakos species ref' ! (infos added) by SMASH-ii Dhrakos's head feature by SMASH-ii

DEADLINE : Sunday 12th April !

I hope you will like this little event, and also my new species ! ^^ I can't say more for the moment, I just decided to name them "Koa" ! ;P
Have fun guys ! :D
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There is no set end date yet!

I decided I want to see more myo minosaurs, so I'm hosting another myo contest. >:-3

The rules are simple:

- follow the guidelines of the references to design and draw yourself a minosaur
- any fur pattern is allowed except manes
- themes are allowed!
- once the contest is over, I'll pick three of my favorite myos to keep their minosaur for free!
- anyone who doesn't win can keep their myo for 5$/500 :points:
- if you don't want to pay to keep your minosaur, you can draw peanut as payment instead: (has to be fullbody & colored)
- add all entries to the "unofficial myo" folder until they are official!

References ->…

make sure you read this:…

copy/paste something from the info and rules into the description of your entry to prove you read it!
Let me say this now:

I honestly don't mind if there's not going to be another FNaF game. I'll be fine if there's not another one, but until Scott himself says "No, that's the end.", I'll be panting and drooling like the little fantard I am.

Anyways, I noticed something interesting.

The dates between the Steam launch of FNaF and the first teaser for FNaF2 was exactly 25 days. August 18, 2014-September 12th, 2014.

The dates between the launch of FNaF2 and the first teaser for FNaF3 was exactly 25 days. November 11, 2014-December 6, 2014

However, if you include the end dates, it would've been 26 days each.…

Today has been 27 days since the launch of FNaF3. Is the 25-day thing a weird coincidence, or was something announced on the 25th day and we just didn't see? Is something coming soon?

I'm probably just being an over-obsessed fantard about this. Ignore me!

I have mixed feelings about a FNaF4, it feels like it may not happen, but I REALLY want to see it. It may turn into a 'cash cow', but just like Pokémon, I'll buy each new game as it comes out.



Uh. About FNaF1.

I kinda. Um.

I didn't buy it.

I kinda. Um. Y'know, downloaded it. As a RAR. Off of Mediafire.


I  bought the other two legally, though

((EDIT: Editing because some people don't think I have the games

I originally downloaded FNaF1 about a week/2 weeks after it came out, but then I bought the other two on launch when they DID launch. I only downloaded FNaF1 to test it, I would've bought it if we had money at the time. We didn't even have enough for food since it was the end of the month!))

Pixel Commissions OPEN

Sat Mar 28, 2015, 9:53 PM

Bullet; Bluethe payment mode is with the commission widget on my page depending of what you want and i start as soon as you request your commission there
Bullet; Blueyou can ask all sorts of details on this journal or a personal message if you have any doubt La la la la 
Bullet; Blueyou can check the progress of you commission on my page (i normally update at midnight)
Bullet; Greeni need some reference to work descriptions not accepted :) (Smile) 
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre i'm used to upload my own stuff and commissions at the same time :).

Da prizes:

USERNAME PIXEL: 20 Points (3/10 slots )
Dogebutt by Drawn-MarioGunsweat by Drawn-MarioShade-starfox by Drawn-Mario
(more details in the commission widget)

TINY PIXEL: 100 Points (1/10 slots) (5 slots)
Elsen by Drawn-Mario
(100x100 or less)

150x150 PIXEL: 200 Points (0/5 slots) (3 slots saved for people making references for the commission)
Steven's Warp Star by Drawn-MarioTV DREAM by Drawn-Mario[PC] Revedekat by Drawn-Mario[PC] RAIN by Drawn-Mario

Journal Skin by Celvas
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Let me say thank you with this video of meh ugly face--

But other than that- I also want to feature all you wonderful people that have been awesome friends, watchers, inspirations and much more! I love all of you!! <3

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Thank you guys seriously, this wouldn't exist if it weren't for all of you ;3;

Thank you!

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So I'm holding this raffle here and anyone can enter it just follow the instructions below~ Note there will be 4 winners and each winner will get 100 :points: each, I may increase the point amount if lots of people enter :3

How to Enter: *note: you must do both*
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