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I've seen a lot of people claim they know what "good art" is or isn't, so I I'll just add my two cents.

I spent a very long time trying to make my own art more realistic (never got close to realism, but there was an attempt) but then I realized I didn't even like realistic art and the only reason I was trying to achieve it was because others had told me that's what I should strive for.

It's not that I think realistic art is bad or that other people are wrong for liking it. I can most certainly see the appeal of it. It's simply that I'm personally not that interested in it. When I see realistic art I tend to not notice the work put into it. It's more like a photo to me, even if it includes a lot of fantastical elements. Again, that's what a lot of people like about it, and that's great. I just happen to like when a drawing is unapologetic about being a drawing, like the styles of Bjørn Wiinblad and Tove Jansson.

There are only two things I personally think are important to learn when drawing: Body proportions (how long are arms compared to the body, how long are legs when folded up, how far are eyes from each other and so on) and perspective (how much smaller does an object get the further it moves away and so on).

Those things will help your art look more balanced, even when you develop your own style and maybe decides that you like your characters to have short legs and arms. Subconsciously you'll keep those things in mind and know how to make it all work together. Then you can decide for yourself what you think is important to your art, like light and shadow, or how fabric works, or whatever you want.

Again, just my personal philosophy on the subject of art. I like to keep the rules simple and let people do their own thing. We get more interesting styles that way.
I got up in a great mood, went to turn the chicken eggs in my incubator (currently incubating Silkies and Sebrights)... and then my mother bolted into the house, screaming she has a fox for me to care for. 
I walked downstairs and saw my mother. Then I asked "Well, where's the fox?". THEN I noticed she handles me something tiny and dark and unmoving on her palm.
I expected at least 3.5 weeks old silver or Marble fox kit. I got A WEEK-OLD FOX INFANT. Smokey Red, from what I see. With almost no teeth, closed eyes and wounded tail and almost bitten-off left ear! I almost died inside from pain when I saw her...
I have NEVER cared for something so young...

The story is her mother didn't want her. She was orphaned in their cage and brutally bitten and half-starved.
She was barely saved from death.

I just fed her and right now I'm writing this journal with only right hand. In my left hand is she, sleeping and sucking on my finger in her sleep. Of course I heard from my mother she regrets taking the wounded kit in and if I think she did a good thing.
I try to do not swear, but my answer was literally: "Yes, you FUCKING did GOOD. :iconkiddingmeplz:"
There's no damn way I'm not keeping my eye on her all the time now! She is mine and mine alone and hell if I'm letting her die.

Full-time 24/7 mama-Sapphire incoming!!!  :iconbursztynrageplz:
I'll post her photo tonight.
Any suggestions for a name for this little miracle girl, peeps? 

EDIT: Mireya. Meaning: "miracle" :heart:

EDIT II: Little Miracle by Sapphiresenthiss

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Red: Our admin miscalculated. She made question 200 MASSIVE, so it's taking forever to ink.

Freddy: If it keeps going like this, we're thinking about just doing something simple for Q200.

Red: Hm. I suppose, I don't know.

Freddy: We can save question 200 for later. 210? 220?

Red: I don't know.




1000 Point Birthday Raffle/Life Update!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 8:54 PM

Hello everyone! Since it is my birthday today I've decided to have a 1000 point raffle for everyone to enter!

:bulletgreen: +fav  This journal
:bulletgreen: And that's all! Winner will be chosen through!

Want another raffle slot? Create a journal/poll or both about this contest and link it back here- you'll be entered a second/third time!

:bulletgreen: Two people will win 500 points each
:bulletgreen: A small third prize of 90-100 points will be given away as well 

Good luck to everyone! The raffle will end on May 14th, all winner's will be contacted via note**
**A response IS REQUIRED in order to receive prize. I have had instances in the past where dead accounts have received prizes. You MUST respond to the note within 10 days in order to receive the points won- otherwise prizes will be distributed elsewhere

/Life update time. 
Wow! Life's been hectic lately. I haven't had a single free weekend in awhile. So here's what's been going on:
:bulletblue: I recently went on a huge band trip to Washington DC and performed in front of the Lincoln memorial. The performance was wonderful, but I almost passed out after soloing.
:bulletblue: I went under emergency surgery about 2 weeks ago to have my gallbladder removed. It turns out I have a minor blood condition that caused the formation of about 5 stones in the gallbladder- something very rare for someone as young as me (17). Recovery was quick however the incisions are still uncomfortable. (My surgery was done laproscopically). 

For the future? I wan't to start drawing more of other people's OCs and stuff. I've been doing a great amount of fan art of sorts and personal art and now I'd like to just explore! Meet new people and their ideas and designs! Also hoping to promote commissions more, they're always open! 
Best wishes to everyone out there!

I made it! Touched down on English soil this morning after gosh-knows-how-many-hours of travel induced containment :heart:

For those of you who don't know, or have terminally shot term memories: I have been out in Australia for two Supanova conventions! I journaled the first part of my adventures here:  Supanova Melbourne and Gold Coast!So, like someone who never wants to get any sleep, I hopped on a plane to the Australia, for a convention or two :)

Melboune and Gold Cost Supanova!
My Economy Class flight was more like having my own private jet ;) No one wanted to go to Melbourne this time of year from London, as it turns out it's colder over here XD

Obligatory photo of pretty clouds out the window:

While trying to work out how to get to the Convention Showgrounds from Southern Cross Station, the first suggestion I got was to take a helicopter to Batman park. That is how cool Australia is :D

I haven't seen any spiders or crocodiles or anything that could kill me with a bite yet (unless you count the lady at the bus stop with the teeth)
I would share with you my beautiful photos of Melbourne,

Before leaving I had sent out a plea for help a the conventions, and it turns out people are really quite nice, and I was inundated with offers! So, like in some weird online blind date thing, I chose a few people who I'd never met before to help out behind my tables XD Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it was a recipe for awesomeness! The girls were delightful, worked really hard, and were not at all like the weird internet strangers your Mum warns you about. It was great to feel like I wasn't alone out there :heart:
Below is myself (you'd never guess which one ;)) and Mahalia and Lilliee, who were my boss little team at Melbourne. Huge thanks also to Annabel helped all on her own at the Gold Coast (and gosh, did she work hard!)

Fbmally by DestinyBlue

Now, I'm a person who does certain things by halves, so I can do the next thing by one and a halves :D
My hotel in Melbourne was the half, boasting the 'historical features' of literally an old prison... yes that's the only window.

Img 9027[1] by DestinyBlue
A quick flight later...

Fgggg by DestinyBlue

and I was ready for my one and a half I'd saved up for!:

Fbgc by DestinyBlue
Almost literally all window XD
Ocean views one side and city views of the the other on the Gold Coast! I could even see the the convention center. And upon waking up at 7am for Supanova, and looking out my window, to my surprise I could already see people queuing ready!

Img 9152[1] by DestinyBlue

The conventions were a buzz with activity, I was in the Artists alley, and it wasn't too long before people found my table XD
Both were great shows, and all the hugs made up for the jet lag :D It's amazing to know I have so much support so far away :heart:! I might have shed a tiny tear at how awesome the experience was.
Here's the adorable Olivia, modeling her favourite bag (disclaimer: might not be her favourite, but she rocks it, no? ;)
Img 8988[1] by DestinyBlue

So I didn't see any real koalas this trip, but if I ever wanted to imagine what superheores in the shape of koalas looked like, then I didn't even need to use my imagination ;) They were all over the city!

Img 9278[1] by DestinyBlue

Everyone's buff in Australia, even this street sign guy has been working on his guns:
Img 9284[1] by DestinyBlue

My stay at the nice hotel paid for itself in toiletries :D
Img 9288[1] by DestinyBlue

On the few days I had to explore I chilled out at Surfers Paradise and was treated to a beautiful sunset
Img 9241[1] by DestinyBlue

But all too quickly it was time to get on a plane back to blighty...
Img 9347[1] by DestinyBlue

The 'leaving on a jet plane' song is now my nemisis. It was in my head for most of the 30+ hours travelling -_-
Img 9361[1] by DestinyBlue

Touchdown in the downpore! Ahh, must be home, it's raining :)
Img 9365[1] by DestinyBlue

And now I'm home, all snuggled up and wondering what the -real- time is, and what that means for dinner time.

Hope you enjoy some little snippets of my adventure. It was an intense experience, or maybe everything just feels intense after 5 hours sleep in two days. 

Thanks to everyone who made it possible and unforgettable! You rock! :heart:

I feel like it's not really over though.... as I head back to Australia again for Sydney and Perth Supanovas in June! (can't get enough of it ;))

But no rest for the wicked, as I have MCM Belfast to prepare for in less than a week:

Untitled-1 by DestinyBlue

See you there! XD 

Peace, love and jet planes,
Blue x
soo this is my 83618392th contest but whatever

what you have to do:
design me a character. keep in mind:
-please no completely natural designs
-if you include natural colors then don't make them too dull. this would be ok:
-i prefer felines (anthros are ok too)
-i don't like VERY dark main colors, you can include them somewhere in the design though (but you don't have to)
-would be much better if you didn't use an already existing outline
-i like unique designs, not just a plain cat with two markings and nothing else
-it should have hair, i kinda can't draw charas without hair haha
-no original species please
-you can look at my characters and see what i like but please don't copy them or their colors.

other stuff:
-the winner will get 3,000 points (might add more)
-deadline will be in about a month
-you don't have to advertise this journal to enter, but please fav it (though you can also fav it if you're not gonna enter)
-yep you can draw your entry right away
Hi ! Another raffle here <3 

The only think that you have to do to enter is :

 Bullet; Green Be a watcher ! 
    Bullet; Green Fave this journal ! 

Bullet; Green And have a visual character reference ! (no need to post it now haha c: )
Winners will be able to choose between a chibi or icon. Samples here (chibi style may change a bit ! )

[Comm] Caseykinz by NellietteC4 - JigokuShii by Nelliette[Raffle] Ashton - Bethan134 by Nelliette[Raffle]  AlexanderPaupoff by Nelliette
Madoka - F2U by NellietteIcon commissions batch 1 by Nelliette[Com] Pixel Icon - Cutie-Babooty by NellietteNellie icon by Nelliette
Pixel witch by Nelliette[Raffle] trash-san by Nelliette
For pixel chibis like the one above, size will change (like this one or bigger) and it might be animated if I fell like that :) (Smile).
Raffle will be open from today to 25 of May (more or less), when I'll choose 2 winners with I won't be answering comments here unless there is any question, but I appreciate and read them, for sure <3 




Send me a note guys <3 

OC Design Contest!

Fri Apr 24, 2015, 6:07 PM

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I have been inspired darlings but I do not have the time :D So I have a challenge for you all. I am really interested in having a pokemon gijinka, adopts haven’t been yelling my name so your challenge is to make an awesome character design.


Full body at the least

One of the characters listed below

One of the species listed below

No bases

Pokemon I like: (* are the most favored)










First 3 eveeolutions





Legendary dogs*













Species I am interested in:





Styles I like:

I like emo scene vampire punk piercings

The more details the better


Prizes (more will add on with more participants)

First place

$15/1500 points

(Optional) 2 Anything goes commissions

A watch and my love


Second place

$5/ 500 points (Will be higher with time)

(Optional) 1 Anything goes commission


Deadline is May 30th(Can extend if needed)

 Oc contest entry by LeafeonMadness

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Hello dear friends!  :happy: 

Today I´ve been a DA member for exactly six months and I´ve decided to do a special friends feature, as I´ve met so many amazing and helpful people. Your support, help, friendship, comments and faves have helped me a lot to improve and to continue with my art, which means a lot to me.  

Unfortunately I can´t feature everybody, please don´t feel sad if you don´t find yourself in this journal. I appreciate every single one of you and am very thankful.:love:

I suppose, most of you know each other, but if you don´t, visit the respective, unknown Galleries, have a look at awesome artwork and meet new friends!

A very special thanks go to the following deviants, who have not only supported and helped me a lot, but also made my days by listening to my gripe and always making me smile, especially when I needed it most:

:iconikarusthefirst: :iconviaocta: :iconmom-espeace: :iconmarke0: :iconkarmeticpeace: :iconempellina:

Ant by Ikarusthefirst Pearl by Ikarusthefirst Hope by Ikarusthefirst Kristallwelt by Ikarusthefirst

the crooked tea-leaf reader by ViaOcta ok, so this happened by ViaOctathe most recent developments by ViaOctababes by ViaOcta WAKE UP! by ViaOcta

Poised by Mom-EsPeace Still Roses by Mom-EsPeace Nature's Adornments by Mom-EsPeace Lady Hope by Mom-EsPeace

Remember the Fallen by maRKE0 Frigid Solitude by maRKE0 Lady In Red (Snow is Falling) by maRKE0 Just Let Me.. by maRKE0

Lions-Rage by KarmeticPeace I Can Take'em-(Samurai Princess) by KarmeticPeace Summer Breeze By Miss Deviante (Kp-Retouch) by KarmeticPeace Inhale Ariel Dali (KP Retouch) by KarmeticPeace 

Bring on the wonder... by empellina Drop of Life by empellina Sunset cruise by empellina Endless Possiblilities by empellina

Also a special thanks to a wonderful person, who, at the moment, can´t be present at DA for personal reasons, but whom I appreciate and miss very much.


Take my Dreams! by SpellpearlArts Vintage Feelings by SpellpearlArts Wicked Red Riding Hood by SpellpearlArts My first Mermaid! by SpellpearlArts

Furthermore, thanks to our macro photography CV for being a patient and really kind person.


round passion by MarcosRodriguez spoonish by MarcosRodriguez stack by MarcosRodriguez tittlegoeshere by MarcosRodriguez

And, of course, thanks to you all whom I can always rely on!

:iconpjenz:A Gift for Charlliee by pjenz    :iconseek-and-hide:Take Me Higher by seek-and-hide 

  :icondripoint:Quasimodo's Lament by DriPoint      :iconandaelentari:Tree of suffering by Andaelentari  
 :iconsyliou:In the shade of the light by syliou  :icontouchofartistry:The Sorcerer by TouchofArtistry 
:iconrsiphotography:Demon Abduction by rsiphotography   :iconrogerioguimaraes:Afternoon Child Portrait. by RogerioGuimaraes 

 :iconmanink:Sisters Of Night by Manink  :iconnotvitruvian:Time ..... to change by Notvitruvian 

  :iconmotherearth01:The Red Rose by motherearth01   :iconddimitri16:Tim Burton's Corps Bride dedicated to my Boo by DDimitri16    

  :iconpaperdreamerart:Beckoning Light by PaperDreamerArt   :iconmaiarcita:Oook Tribute to Terry Pratchett by maiarcita

:icongotman68:Nirvana by gotman68   :iconmystarrydream:Follow the light by MyStarryDream

:iconevelivesey:R-eve-al by EveLivesey   :iconsweediesart:White Raven by SweediesArt

:icondebnise:Private Tortures by debNise :iconlittle-one-girl:fairy of snow by little-one-girl

:iconinadesign:Redeemer by Inadesign   :iconmarcoherrera: The Fairy Shaman by MarcoHerrera

:iconwesley-souza: :iconnova63: :iconlindartz: :iconveilaks: :iconmajortomtom: :icontheogroen: :iconnewcastlemale: :iconmrscats: :iconpoisen2014: :iconj-u-d-a-s: :iconk-i-mm-i-e: :iconjccj756: :iconmagicsart: :iconmegan7: :iconarhar: :iconmorganavasconcelos: :iconunkopierbar: :iconcd-stock: :iconsabakunoshi::iconmt-photografien:

Btw, I disabled comments, because this is MY way of saying THANK YOU! :blowkiss: revamp FREE flying hearts Icon 

Erin be like

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 8:37 PM

art and design sweetcandyteardrop
characters Rebecca Sugar
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