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1. Nothing 18+ please

2. Please be patience if you would like to know how your commissions doing i have a status on my page that will give your the % info on your commission

3. READ all the steps on the widget before you order your commission (there there for a reason XD )

4. if you would like to pay with paypal then please note me

5. To pay for the commission please click on the BLUE widget box. DO NOT send point from the give button.

6. If you have any question please ask vwv!

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Dani Wiggles by cuteygirl226 Wiggle-Icon-9 by cuteygirl226Wiggle-Icon-6 by cuteygirl226Wiggle-Icon-5 by cuteygirl226Wiggle-Icon-4 by cuteygirl226Wiggle-Icon-13 by cuteygirl226 250 points / $2.50

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Daniela Strawberry Cookie by cuteygirl226Zonic Paintball Icecream by cuteygirl226 290 points / $2.90

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Daniela the cat mini pixel by cuteygirl226Mini-Pixel-17 by cuteygirl226Mini-Pixel-25 by cuteygirl226Mini-Pixel-18 by cuteygirl226Mini-Pixel-22 by cuteygirl226Mini-Pixel-21 by cuteygirl226Mini-Pixel-23 by cuteygirl226Mini Pixel 9 by cuteygirl226Mini-Pixel-10 by cuteygirl226 Mini-Pixel-28 by cuteygirl226Mini-Pixel-29 by cuteygirl226290 points / $2.90

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Bouncy-Chibi-218 by cuteygirl226Bouncy-Chibi-208 by cuteygirl226Bouncy-Chibi-229 by cuteygirl226Bouncy-Chibi-223 by cuteygirl226Bouncy-Chibi-250 by cuteygirl226Bouncy-Chibi-247 by cuteygirl226 400 Points / $4

Squish Chibi
Too kawaii for you by cuteygirl226 390 Points / $3.90

Cristal-mini by cuteygirl226Caroline-mini by cuteygirl226 Yoshio-mini by cuteygirl226Maria mini by cuteygirl226Inaba-mini by cuteygirl226Milky mini by cuteygirl226Zoey-mini by cuteygirl226550 points / $5.50

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Pixel-Halloween-Daniela-the-Cat by cuteygirl226Pixel-Doll-13 by cuteygirl226Amaichan-pixle by cuteygirl226 Pixel-Doll-14 by cuteygirl226Wizard Spunky by cuteygirl226750 points / $7.50

Pixel Food
Macaroon-Pixel by cuteygirl226Mango-Milkshake-Pixel by cuteygirl226Sushi-pixel by cuteygirl226 850 points / $8.50

Pudding~Time!! by cuteygirl226Star-Pudding by cuteygirl226 Strawberry-Shaved-Pudding by cuteygirl226Grey-Star-Pudding by cuteygirl226Cherry Pudding by cuteygirl226Cotton-Pudding by cuteygirl226 850 Points / $8.50

Vanilla Chocolate Sprinkled pudding by cuteygirl226Blue-Berry-Pudding by cuteygirl226Strawberry-Pudding by cuteygirl226Chocolate-Chip-Pudding with chocolate by cuteygirl226  1700 Points / $17

Contest! Draw Bonnie! (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 1:51 PM
All you have to do is draw Bonnie! That’s it!
If you draw Bonnie doing something, you will have a greater chance in winning! It doesn't matter what she is doing, just use your creativity! Please don’t ask what kind of activity Bonnie likes in the comments because I want YOU to think of the idea.

Deadline: 8/25/15 (might be extended)
Blue Flowers by mochatchi
Click for more references

About Bonnie:
-Age: unknown
-Hair: Orange, curly, a lot
-Eyes: Green
-Most of the time seen with bunny ears
-Has dimples! Sometimes wears dimple piercings
-Outfits are usually white/cream and blue
-Her pet bunny usually follows her *Including him is optional!*
-Very shy

Some things she likes:
-Picking flowers
-Cotton candy
-Being with nature

-ANYONE CAN JOIN! You do not need to ask!
-It can be digital art/traditional art/pixel art/animations
-It can be Chibi/Fullbody/Waistup ect
-It MUST be colored!(If you really want it to be black and white please make sure it's detailed and shaded) And please do not use lined paper!
-Do NOT trace/steal/copy and no using bases
-You do not need to include a background, but it will boost your chance of winning!
-You can draw any of the outfits in the reference pictures. You may change the outfits, but they must look similar!
-When you are done with your entry, please send me a note or leave the link in the comments below! Please include this journal's link in your description! 

1st place:
-Choices of: (Choose 1)
  •   -1000 :points:
  •   -3 month premie and 364 :points:
  •   -1 softie character 
  •   examples:
  •    Braids by mochatchiSofty Colored Fern by mochatchi
  •   -Or custom pagedoll
  •   example:
  •    rika-i Pagedoll by mochatchi
-An icon and pixel from blatent-nerd 
2nd place:
-3 month premie or 636 :points:
-An icon from blatent-nerd
3rd place:
-1 month premie or 396

I will make a journal once the deadline is near asking for people to help me judge the entries.
How can you help?
-Advertise this contest! (poll/journal/etc) 
-Donate prizes! Even if it's just a llama or a watch <3
-Fave this journal

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177



MYO Pouflon (Elliot) by AileinnMYO Pouflon- Marquis by NiwiNoodleMYO Pouflon entry - Bruges by ArcadineCaspian {MYO Pouflon Entry} by SpashaiPouflon MYO: Yilydragon [edited] by Lokibuns
.:MYO Pouf Entry: Theory:. by Pieologymyo pouflon - penelope by HypsiphobicFlorence - MYO Pouflon Entry by InkxInkOxford by BunnaiSpell Bound (MYO Pouflon Entry 1) by riokqueen


MYO Pouflon: Laurel by DaffoDilleSpherule | MYO | Pouflon by SamooraiiMYO Pouflon - Du by Ngoyenromeo minus the juliet [pouflon MYO] by dogwifi.:Come little children:. by Creepsalote78
MYO Pouflon - Melody by Bethan134MYO Pouflon 1- Addie by kunipupJack - MYO Pouflon by OpalSpike[myo pouflon entry!] lune. by rexcorvisPouflon MYO Entry : Thomas by Lilwolfpard
Pouflon myo: Alexander 'Wish' by ButterMasterPouflon MYO Entry - Vincent Vladamir by blueJordansSeeing Sparks - Pouflon MYO Entry by hobbledehoyMYO pouf: starburst! by chipotlerejectPouflon MYO Entry 2 by KAWOSHlN


myo pouf by thedawnerMYO Contest Entry: Pouflon by albinosharkyMYO Pouflon - #2 by puppysmoochMYO Pouflon - Juniper by 00sclynn by hatchl
Not Taking Your BS by Property-of-SHIELDbernard by inkrayMYO Pouflon - Persephone by hunniebuzzMYO pouf #2 - Ghost by jebiblueMidsummer Raindrop Pouflon MYO by paexiedust


Salty Melon by damnashenMYO Pouflon - Adrian by SCITZ{MYO Entry} Pouflon by PawitzerMYO Pouflon entry - Sage by PonachoMYO Pouflon entry #2 - REIMEE by RageyN
MYO Pouflon - Yardley by beagalltach[ MYO ] Pouflon: WinterHart by OnionGrumpVivian by KinqBooMYO Pouflon Contest Entry - 1 by Jade-KattBeach Bonfire Pouflon MYO by Hauket
MYO Pouf by SA1B0TMYO Pouf - Gloria by AlleyWolfMYO Pouflon entry by pawnemyo pouflon 2 by starosisMYO Pouflon by Moriartea-time

Spotlight OVERALL WINNER! Spotlight

[E:] MYO Pouflon - Kralizec by Flammara

We felt this pouflon had a really cool design that worked nicely with her well-developed and creative story!! I loved the flower ideas and the themes of darkness and light in her backstory! Congratulations!!! ;w; <33


I had to change the winning places up a bit because of the HUGE NUMBER of AWESOME ENTRIES so that it could include more of them!! Consequently the prizes had to change, sorry about that! But here are the new ones!
  • For the Overall Winning Entry: Chibi and 50x50 icon of your pouflon by me, a mini by YuriStorm, a mini by cheepers, and your pouflon is made official for free! 
  • For the winners in Design and Character: 50x50 bouncing icon of your winning pouflon entry by me (like the ones on this page), and your pouflon is made official for free!
  • For the honorable mentions: $5 discount on making your pouflon official if you'd like to!!
So, unless you were one of the winners, your pouflon is still unofficial. It is optional to make your pouflon official, but if you don't, you are not allowed to use them and they do not count as an official pouflon!

To make your pouflon official:

A pouflon with all common traits -  $25 or 2500 Points
A pouflon with any amount of uncommon traits - $30 or 3000 Points

  • Hybrid payments of paypal and points are allowed! 
  • You are allowed to remove uncommon traits from your pouflon before you pay for them to be official!
  • If you're paying with paypal, I will be sending you an invoice so that I can keep track of payments.
  • If you're paying with points, please use the commission widgets on my page.
  • If you'd like to pay for your pouflon to be official, reply to this comment with a link to your entry. 
IMPORTANT: You cannot buy another person's MYO pouflon entries!!! Meaning, you cannot pay for someone else's entry and then keep the design for yourself, even if you were given permission by the creator of the pouflon. You CAN pay for someone else's MYO pouflon as a gift, but they will still own the pouflon they made. 

There will be TWO WEEKS to pay for your pouflon to be official, so this period will end on Sunday, July 19th at 11:59 PM (BST)!

In the future there will be other opportunities to make a pouflon entry from this contest official- I'm not sure what these opportunities will be, but they will probably be in the far future.

Aaaand that's a wrap! Thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE that entered the contest!!!!!!! There were just under 300 entries and the fact that I couldn't make everyone's entry win was absolutely horrible and judging this contest was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do haha. A huge thanks to BixbyiterYuriStorm, and Verlidaine for helping with the judging!!! <3

Real talk though I appreciate every single person who has shown interest in pouflons, it means so much to me. uwu <333
Now with the judging over, I can focus on getting the group all set up! I'm going to be using some of the points payments to hopefully pay for a super group and then deck the page out B)
I'm also almost done with preparing the prompts and whatnot, so I'll be putting it all up soon! I'm super excited to see all the new pouflons prancing around!!! <33


Sun Jul 5, 2015, 5:00 PM


Here I am with another raffle! I thought I'd test out what would happen if I did a really short raffle. There's just one prize, but hey-- it's all in fun!


ONE PERSON will be selected at random to win a one character crayon-colored doodle like this:

I'll draw any character you want (Orginal or Fanart), just as long as you don't ask for something overly sexual or scary/gorey, because that's just not my thing.


1. You don't have to be my watcher to enter. You can just join for fun!
2. If you comment, you get 1 number. If you can't think of anything to comment, just write "gotta go fast"
3. You can only tag 1 person in your comment, a tag gives you 1 extra number.
4. If you post a journal or poll about this, you get 5 extra numbers. BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO BE QUICK ABOUT IT!!

END DATE: Sunday, July 5th, 9:00P.M. EDT


It's actually a very easy process if I use this website here:

Everyone who comments will be given at least 1 number. At the end of the raffle, I will put the combined number of everyone that entered in the "True Random Number Generator" and it will select two winners at random.

Don't worry, you don't have to remember your numbers or anything. I'm going to write everything down and keep track of things myself. ovo

  • Mood: Happy

The Elite Elect 91

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 12:27 PM

"The Elite Elect 91"
Long time in the making,it`s a hefty one so grab a comfy seat and buckle in...

L O K I by MARX77
... by canismaiorisLines by EraskyBack in time by zardo
crowd by lightdrafterLong Day's End by SteviePicsLDN 2681 by For-W-Art
Bookstore by cosmin-mTalents and admirers by ViestursLinksMorning Fog by Fruity-Nut-Bats
The Nightfall-watch by Stechyto Brina by livingloudphoto InesAgostinho by ClaudiaFMiranda
Bhf. Alexanderplatz by iDieScale of Nature by polomski Smokers by Ulprus
sunset in amsterdam by That-Tall-Guy-TTG  Exploring with Mom by niklin1
Wired for sound by SpudsyDoesStreet
Strong by Sanchez-B Untitled by Fruity-Nut-Bats Walker - Kragujevac City by Piroshki-Photography
Peekaboo Priest by sandas04 hole by arslanalp Lille Street XII by leingad
Paris in transit #9 by siddhartha19 Paris in transit #13 by siddhartha19 Paris in transit #21 by siddhartha19
Untitled by pavboq Dancing in the fog by hispanhun Firenze, Agosto 2014 by settanta9
Tokyo by Allebandro Ostroka by Monika3 caffee by lightdrafter
1669 by adimymsg Untitled by inassananass Instant 3566 by SUDOR
[ ][ ][][][ ][ ] by lomatic St. Petersburg by DiezDANTE Helsinki Winter by Pajunen
Downtown Hong Kong by jshep-photography Cafe Quadri by AlexandruCrisan Passengers (16:9) by AlexandruCrisan
Messy town by Mars-Hill 127 by Serg-D  Curved Reality by Piroshki-Photography
samebutdifferent by Draken413o Am Sandtorkai by roman-gp Munich, umschreibung rainbow 1 by alierturk
Arena Ljubljana by BerarAdrian Hamburg Karoviertel by Mandy1977HH    Dresden - Beautiful lights by Torsten-Hufsky
Family Swim by Riot23 The Joined In Purpose by oprust Give me a title .......? by Betuwefotograaf
Standing on the Edge by dasarpan007 Sylvenstein Bridge by StefanPrech
Selfportrait by StefanPrech
Keld to Muker by StephenJohnSmith Cwmystwyth Mines 2 by CharmingPhotography Epic Iceland by Bakisto
The old cottage by YorkshireSam Dust and Sand by carinamaiwald
Morning Sunshine by Miguel-Santos
All i did was stand and stare by mldzz Tutu no. 5 by bogdanpetrovan cyclist in the morning sun by dzorma
\\\\i||||| by y5y6 Untitled by Menoevil .. by y5y6

 Know Thyself II by oprust MAN -02 by atelier-de-figueline *** by Tarasov
Rainy Streets by NLPhotos Travelling sans compensation by siamesesam 118 by Serg-D
the way out by m-lucia 129 by Serg-D Follow the rabbit by For-W-Art
Old watermill 2 by Bojkovski

For Lovers of Street Photography:

In the meantime...

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2015, 2:39 PM

While I'm waiting for my devs to show back up...

Here are some beautiful works I've collected that I hope you enjoy. I love them! 

Spiral by IkarusthefirstPurple and Green by PeugCurious by Ikarusthefirst

baby empusa by lisansbalance by LebanesenessOpen Wings by mj-magic

Bee 1 by SHROUDQQUntitled by alexaphy Dsc7937 by Lebaneseness

Hidden Treasure by MocrisCollared flycatcher with insect prey by Sergey-RyzhkovOur national bird ??? by cricketumpire

Bird On A Branch by HarLeezPixEiswelt by Ikarusthefirstuntitled 1 by JohnRavenwolf

Purple and Green by PeugLilies by GuiyukiSpring Snowflake by KMourzenko

Yellow Fellows by HarLeezPixnatural beauties in the right light by MT-Photografiengive a little love by christycameasromans

flower in dark by maryammoradi2Spring framed by aglezermanDandelion by Rayon2lune

softness by lindahabibaBeauty of Cobwebs (4) by MocrisSparkler by Doc-Skitz

V E R O N I C A by CarmelRoseRegenciaSleepy by Leons-Photographya pair by solosombra

Reflection by holymacroTime Stops by Metal-BenderShine II by m-eralp

Greyfriars Abbey by Mishkin-RaymanAbandoned by Sula88Sunset *-* by semiko

The Beach by robmurdockThe Old Boatman by Peugnature waterfall by KnightHylian

Nom by SamanthaElisawhere's my Juliet? by Childish-Hatredflower in dark by maryammoradi2

alone tree by maryammoradi2On The Beach by Ikarusthefirstsolitude by HumamShabani

Love Discarded On A Forest Floor by Trippy4UHappy birthday ArtByBeverly by ingeline-artDandelion by maryammoradi2

eggHDR1784 by The-EggeggHDR1773 by The-EggeggHDR1764 by The-Egg

Composizione3700bis by claudio51Happy Birthday, dear Sue! by claudio51Ease by fashioneyes

Bath Time by PridesCrossingConnect by chiikungAngelic by mshellee

The Watch by MocrisWhat the Heart Wants by TouchofArtistryThe Art Block by TouchofArtistry

Lost Hope by MabaheSea Battle by annewipfOutposts by Softyrider62

Motherland Chronicles #47 - Womb by zemotionDescent by tsukiko-kiyomidzuWaiting for no one... by SummerDreams89

Stolen Beauty by ImmortalityOfEmoPoetMoonlight by MoonRoseEternityaquarelle 02 by katsempire

Offering to Yemanja by SweetlylouResurrection by metzad99Deception by TouchofArtistry

Dance like no one is watching.... by EsotericIllusionHeart Glasses Take Two by vinpipDancing Erotically In A Dream by ianwh

Angel of Uncertainty by PaperDreamerArtThe Magic Garden by MistRavenHappy Birthday Sandra! by EveLivesey

A fading memory by rollarius55

Epitaph For Jay
There were seven days of darkness before you left
I didn't know that it was a sign
I kept thinking about death
Assuming I was thinking about mine
I wish I'd been right
Now you're lodged in the back of my throat
I can't cough you up to mourn
I curse god with every breath
I remember when you were born
and wonder why
Your tags are left behind everywhere, train tracks
with an arrow pointing forward
With that Celtic-looking spelling of "eclipse"
You eclipsed the sun and the moon, the stars went black
maybe they'll never come back
You lived life ferociously, on your own terms
You were never good at obeying the rules
But, tortured soul, you lived as best you could
Who else can truly say that?
Did you know how much you were loved?
I eat, I drink, I sleep somehow upon an earth that has crumbled
Under a sky with no stars and no chance
to hear your voice on the phone
Telling me you're finally coming home
There is no healing, only perseverance.

I re-create my world
from what the moon has left hidden,
soft motes and shafts of twilight,
tucked away in the shadows of night.
They spin like tendrils,
silver wisps that trace outlines
of city streets and skylines,
and spatter their traces over the paths
that greet my feet in the morning
and wake the world anew.
They grow warm and feral
starting in golden buds,
threading their way through fields
and blooming in a riot of horizon
that yields up its  bounty
and gifts the waiting world.
They make songs from scattered words
and music that clatters from clouds,
caught humming on the wings of starlings.
They paint pictures with faces
and colors that bloom from landscapes -
all captured in the day’s lazy palette,
swelling the world in bee sung glory
where the sun crests its orbit
and carves out the new day

Alone In The Dark
There are days
when I feel
all the colors
have drained away
and I float
on a lake
of pristine glass
beneath a sky
bereft of meaning
and regrets flutter
like desperate wings
against the walls
of boxed memories
all treasured tokens
adrift and alone
in the dark...

shocksstatic clock,
you've optioned my breathing
and docked deeply.
creeping in
and overgrown
desperate green
in complete
clawing through
stern furnaces
and furled sternums.
never stop.

Guide to DeviantART Popularity
Congratulations, you have just discovered DeviantART, a global internet community dedicated to promoting the creativity of people from all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, and interests.  The vast population of this website may at first seem overwhelming, but there are unlimited opportunities for you to interact with fellow aspiring artists.  Many of our members’ daily routines involve sharing artwork, aiding others with constructive criticism, and developing lasting friendships…"
…but that, my friend, is not why you are here.  You have quickly determined what misguided fools these deviants are and aspire to a much more lofty goal - popularity.  That’s right, popularity.  If you’re unable to connect to the internet and have hundreds, or even thousands of people anticipating your every action, then what good is this technology?  It’s a fast-paced virtual world and you must figu

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
  • Listening to: Body
  • Reading: Periodic table on my wall
  • Watching: Good Mythical Morning
  • Playing: Majora's Mask
  • Eating: Tapioca
Below are the artists whose work has inspired me since my last journal entry. The selections made by no means cover everyone that deserves to be here. In time many many more will follow, as with each passing week I discover so many more talented creative people on here, that one journal entry could never do them all justice. So many of you out there are producing work that leaves me in awe, and it would be unfair of me not to acknowledge the creators of work that has caught my eye and imagination.

I would encourage you all to visit the pages of these fine artists, there is much to learn and so much to be in awe of. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this journal, I hope you gain some inspiration not from the journal, but from the works contained within it.

Tranquility by MarcAdamusSedlicka prehrada by tomsumartinApotheosis by FlorentCourtySentinel by taenaron122 by Serg-D123 by Serg-D
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-The road into depths of the soul- by Janek-SedlarLaguna Torre by MichaelthienAim by MichaelthienLaguna Torre by MichaelthienWinter Memories by MichaelthienDreamy fields by Michaelthien

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First Annual Wiltshire Spaniel Day Parade 

Starts: 6 July 2015
Ends: 20 July 2015

Summer's here, the sun's shining bright, the birds are singing, and it's time to show off your Wilties! The Wilty Day Parade is a day of fun and frolic for all Wilties and their best friends - canine, human, or otherwise! Wiltshire enthusiasts from all over the globe will be amassing in Long Beach, California for a day of spaniel camaraderie! The day will start with the Wiltshire parade, giving owners the chance to show off their gorgeous babies. The parade will end at Rosie's Dog Beach, where the dogs will be unleashed and allowed to play in the surf! At this point, the Wiltie rescues will be brought out and shared with the public, in search of their forever homes!

The Wiltshire Day Parade and Costume Contest!

Dress up your Wilties for this lovely stroll down the streets of Long Beach! The parade will start at 10 AM by a coffee shop (Cuppa Joe's) with an outdoor dog seating area for you and your pooches to enjoy while we wait for everyone to arrive. The parade is a fifteen minute walk from Cuppa Joe's to Rosie's Dog Beach. During this walk, hidden judges will be observing your Wilties, so keep an eye out! There will be prizes to win for the following:

Best Costume
The best costume winner is Wiltshire Supreme! This dog is king or queen for the day, and will take home our grand prize: a special Wiltie Day collar and ribbon, as well as a free additional breeding slot!

Best Couple Costume
The best couple costume contest is a popular event. This can be between two Wilties, a Wilty and a human, a Wiltie and another dog... a Wiltie and anything that breathes, really. This is a great chance to bring your Wiltshire's best friend along for the ride! Have a golden pair of Wilty and Dalmatian at your kennel? Show them off! All couple costumes will be competing for a ribbon, as well as three additional free puppies to the Wilty's first litter!

The Beach Romp

This is a great time to get some socialisation and serenity points for your dogs! All breeds are welcome! Draw your dogs playing in the sand and spray with others you've seen in the parade (check the registered rompers list down bellow), Wilty or otherwise, and be entered into our raffle for a pair of Wiltshire Spaniels. Each featured dog in your picture (or pictures) will count as one raffle ticket. Make sure to include links to all the featured dogs' refs in the artist comments! You may not draw the same dog twice for multiple tickets; it's one ticket per dog. The dog must belong to someone else in order for it to count. It also must have a ref, so no pulling dogs out of the import folders.

WIN US! Wilty Raffle by LeavingNeverland

:new:• You may register as many dogs as you like! Your own picture can contain all or none of them, as only other people's dogs give you raffle tickets!
• Registering your dog for the romp does not guarantee that they will be drawn, as choosing dogs is free-for-all
• Register your dog for the beach romp by filling in the form bellow and posting it here. All dogs and their refs will be listed here so you can easily pick and choose who to draw!
• Dogs can be added at any time, but not subtracted
• All breeds are welcome
• You DO NOT have to own a Wilty in order to join the beach romp
• You can draw any number of dogs in your picture, from two to twenty, makes no difference! 
• By registering for the beach romp, you are promising to draw at least one image
• There will be one winner for both male and female

TO JOIN IN THE FUN, fill in the form:
Dog call name / reference link / age / breed / :dev owner:


Millie / BP Millicent Bystander COA / 6 mo. / Wilty / LeavingNeverland
Charleston / BP's Fancy Footwork CGC / 14 mo. / Wilty / LeavingNeverland
Pavlova / BP's Death of the Swan CD SGMH / 15 mo. / Wilty / LeavingNeverland
Founder / Stormtime's Lost N' Found / 2 yrs / Wilty / stormtime
Elis / Stormtime's New Beginnings / 8 mo. / Wilty / stormtime
Helsing / Brentwood's Notorious Huntsman / 6 mo. / Wiltshire / xBrentwood-Kennelsx
Leonardo/ Leonardo [Official Ref] / 12 mo. / Wilty / :devalcemistnv:
Azure/ Azure [Official Ref] / 12 mo. / Wilty / :devalcemistnv:
Bailey / / 6mo. / Wilty / DesertRoseKennel
Baloo / Baloo's Love / 3 yrs / Wilty / PortysPrideRescue
Tango / Tango For Life / 3 yrs / Wilty / PortysPrideRescue
Jay / Go The Distance / 2 yrs / Wilty / PortysPrideRescue
Annie / Anastasia's First Kiss / 3 yrs / Wilty / PortysPrideRescue
Buster / Ghost Busters Are Coming / 3 yrs / Australian War Dog / PortysPrideRescue
Cisco / Cisco Kid / 3 yrs / Australian War Dog / PortysPrideRescue
Toby / To Be King / 2 yrs / Imperial Dog / PortysPrideRescue
Haley / Little Wolf / 2 yrs / Imperial Dog / PortysPrideRescue
Nina / Need Me Tomorrow / 2 yrs / Imperial Dog / PortysPrideRescue
Loui / Black Hollow's No Control / 2.5 yrs / Catahoula Cur / PortysPrideRescue

The Wiltshire Adoption Faire

Unfortunately, not all good dogs get good homes. Luckily for these Wilties, they've wound up in the hands of the SoCal Wiltshire Spaniel Rescue, who have their own stall on the boardwalk! The SCWSR is the first no-kill, Wiltshire (and Wiltshire crosses) only rescue on the west coast of America, and they take their job very seriously! They're rehoming a load of Wilties today that are a bit down on their luck. Bare in mind a few of these Wiltshires may have been neglected or harmed in their pasts, so be sure to read their bios! These Wilties are all draw to adopt to give them the best chance at starting in this world! Click the image bellow to find out more! This is open to everyone, established Wiltshire owners or first timers!

WIN US! SoCal Wiltshire Rescue Adoption by LeavingNeverland
• Draw to adopt auction. The entry with the most thought and effort behind it wins!
• Stories will give you bonus points! So will humans! 
• Priority points will be added to non-wilty owners
• If a dog has only a single entry, that entry is a default winner
• Starts on the 6th of July and ends the last day of this event!

  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: Basket Case by Green Day