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Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 5:10 PM

If someone said "Kill yourself" once, that does not make them instantly a criminal. This would work only if they have been constantly harassing someone or you. Don't throw the law in there because someone said something mean once. And don't say anything mean back, as you don't want to stoop down to their level. I only want to help people, I don't want to start arguments. Please, don't take one thing too seriously unless they have been actually harassing you.


I will be filling this Journal up with proof now and then. Please if you do spread this around, link back to this original journal, cuz it will have more and more proof.

Fun fact:

If you tell someone to kill themselves it's considered encouraging suicide and you can get a fine of $25,000 and 10+ years in prison. If they actually do commit you can be charged with manslaughter which is life in prison and probably a death sentence if you've done it to more than 5 people.
So really stop being an asshole.

Edit (5/27/2015): I have proof

"Michelle Carter, now 18, is charged as a youthful offender since she was 17 at the time of Roy's death, but she could still face punishment as an adult - up to 20 years - if convicted. She is currently free on $2,500 bond."

Yes, she did tell someone over text to kill themselves. Then proceeded to harass a man with a mental disability to do it. He did kill themselves, and she's being charged now.

More things about this issue, adds video from the news:

"Carter was arraigned on the indictment on February 6 in New Bedford Juvenile Court, released on $2,500 bail and told not to use social media, according to Miliote."

The only thing that doesn't make me hate her guts is that she raised $2,300 for heath awareness in memory of Roy. You could see that she hated what she did. But that was probably because she has so much media hit on her.


"While a person who has completed suicide is beyond the reach of the law, there can still be legal consequences in the cases of treatment of the corpse or the fate of the person's property or family members. The associated matters of assisting a suicide and attempting suicide have also been dealt with by the laws of some jurisdictions."


Melchert-Dinkel was convicted last year in the suicides of both an 18-year old woman who jumped into a frozen river, and a 32-year old man who hanged himself. And while he's confessed to acting irresponsibly, he's also argued that what he did was legal.
The judges, however, disagreed: "Melchert-Dinkel hunted victims of mental illness who stood precariously on the edge of death. Then, behind a fictitious identity...he pushed."
Melchert-Dinkel was sentenced to more than six years in prison, but can avoid a full term by following parole orders.


Appreciation Edit (5/27/2015): I'm actually beginning to cry I'm so happy, you guys are amazing! I made this so I could help people not get hurt anymore and prevent more deaths from happening..I thought this would get like 1 or 2 people to go and spread it and it would just stop but it didn't and I'M SO HAPPY I'M SORRY I GET VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS KIND OF STUFF!!!

Also, I made it centered because this is probably easier to see now.

If you look up Furiosa/Max fanfiction you'll notice every single one has femdom in it. It's seen as such an essential part of their relationship that people don't even bother to mention the femdom in the description. It's expected to be there.

In my last journal when I said Max and Furiosa's relationship was very femdom'y a lot of men (and only men) complained and said "No it's not! They're equals! How is that femdom!?" And that's exactly it. They are equals, and that's what makes it femdom instead of boss and subordinate.

It's important to understand that there's a very big difference between femdom and feminism. 
Feminism is about equal rights and respect between men and women. Women are seen as weaker and "lower" which is why it's called feminism instead of equalism. Feminists do not wish  to drag men down to the level they're at in society now, they wish to come up to the level men are at.
Femdom is a personal relationship between two (or more) people who have all agreed that this is what they want. They don't wish for the whole world to be like their relationship dynamic. They're just doing their own thing.
It's also important to know that femdom isn't just the popular leather and latex stuff we always see on TV because it's more flashy and fun to look at. It's so much more and doesn't even have to be sexual at all.

I'm not pretending Mad Max Fury Road is a real femdom movie, but I'll try to explain why Max and Furiosa's relationship has that vibe.

When Max and Furiosa first meet, Max is like a scared animal, ready to attack out of fear. Furiosa recognize this immediately and disarms herself to try and calm him. She still doesn't trust him and at that point he's just some crazy dude in the way, so as soon as he's distracted she tries to kill him. She's better than him at shooting and driving, but he's physically stronger and beats her in a fist fight. When the kill switch stops him, Furiosa tries to talk with him to figure out what he wants. She wants to move on, so how can she calm this frightened and confused man down. And like a scared animal the first step is to get the restriction on his face off.

When they head for the rocky pass Max gets nervous and tries to take control by grabbing the wheel, but Furiosa tells him no, Max backs off and finally seems a bit calm, and that seems to be the moment they both start to realize this is how their relationship is going to work. Max is still scared and keeps Splendid nearby just in case Furiosa tries to cheat him, but he does as he's told and Furiosa seems to have realized that please-and-thankyous's doesn't work. Max needs orders. That's what he responds best to. It's very obvious that orders calm his messy brain by making him focus on the thing he's been told to do.
In other words, she didn't start out trying to dominate him, but she now knows that's what he needs right now.

So it's very important that Max beat her in the fight when they first met. She hasn't physically forced him into submission. He willingly gives up control to her because he too notice that he's doing better that way.

From then on Furiosa doesn't doubt if Max will follow her orders. He will. And Max doesn't try to control her. He makes suggestions because he's not some chained up slave boy who's only allowed to speak when spoken to, but he always waits for Furiosa to make the final call. Like when Splendid falls off the war rig and Max says she went under the wheels. He's driving, but it's Furiosa's decision that they keep going.

And Max is the only one acting like this. When they're driving at night and Furiosa says someone should watch the back, Capable says she'll do it. Furiosa firmly tells her no, but Capable does it anyway. There's no doubt from everything Max had done up to this point, that if it had been him who had been told not to go back there by Furiosa, he would have sat back down.
And he doesn't act like that with others either. The wives can try and tell him what to do, but there's no guarantee that he'll do it. He has submitted to Furiosa, and only her.

Max hallucinates when he's stressed and scared, and as soon as he and Furiosa parts ways in the dessert, it starts up again. He quickly returns to her.

So their relationships isn't like this because he is lesser than her. They are equals. She trusts him with her life. It's just the most natural dynamic for them. Furiosa doesn't hold an iron grip on him. He's free to leave any time he wants, but he feels less confused and scared with her, even if he would be in less danger alone. He even gives up his own blood and tells her his name to keep her with him.

One scene that is exceptionally femdom'y is the rifle moment. Furiosa just kneels behind Max and doesn't even have to tell him what to do. He hands her the rifle and let her put it on his shoulder, effectively making himself a thing for her. She even tells him not to breath, controlling him down to the most basic human need. 
All of that of course serves the purpose to keep the rifle steady so she can shoot the people trying to kill them, but no one's saying femdom can't be practical.

So yeah, I'm not saying Fury Road is a proper femdom movie, but Furiosa and Max relationship is much more femdom'y than a lot of supposed femdom relationships in movies because it's based on willing submission and mutual respect between them.

That's what all those fanfiction writers have been picking up on.
I used to give a fuck
lately I have been giving up

this is something I don't like doing
this is a rant
because this has been bothering me for the past week or two

Alright, so-

fucking fans.

not dA fans
or Tumblr fans
or Twitter fans

YouTube Fans

so let me explain something first, if you are on here a lot and you interact with my art and you have more than just a YT account where you can easily get in touch with me the you are fine.

I will rant on these fans though.
I have had enough of the random fucking comments flying at me with this kind of bullshit smeared on it.

and I don't care if you fucking say "it's just hate, ignore it"

I can't.

You see when I get a comment like that I stare at it and I think too much into it.

Don't care if that sounds fucking stupid- let me finish.
or start.

I keep getting comments like
"why is there a long description? leave that on your Twitter!"
"you're not doing fnaf anymore? what a were so good at it, well better leave then :/ "
"animation? better look that up sweetie"
"glorified slideshows"
"good drawings, wouldn't call it an 'animation' though."
"I've seen Micheal Bay produce better shit than this."
"r u trying to be creepy?? You're so fake! :PPPP "
"yeah I am hating! Come at me!"

And I gotta say that I feel fine 

Molly and red wine

So what the fuck is your motive here??
let me dissect this. 

I post long Descriptions there because for the PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY READ THEM it just has information on how long the "animation" took, and how I feel about it.
If there is IMPORTANT information like with the 100K video, with the P.O box and cons and shit- updates on how I have been.
they are an option, you don't have to read them.

I have completely left the fnaf fandom at this point. I was ALMOST done with the "Die in a Fire" animation as a little surprise for everyone who wanted it, get it off my shoulders and it was already half way done when I opened it up on movie maker.
ooooh but you hear that I am not doing fnaf shit anymore and you leave me. That's cool.
and I know most of you will say "they aren't real rejects"
they were. At one point they were. Since I am not giving them what they want they will leave and forget I even tried to help them see that being rejected in the first place was OKAY.

I'm not trying to be "creepy" do you see the way I draw? they're fucking chibis. I use pastels and fucking flower crowns. I draw "sp00ky" shit because I like it. Animatronics and OFF are fucking sp00ky man.
I've called it "slideshows" since the fucking beginning.
I have never said it was an ACTUAL animation.

as for everything else, fuck it. You probably know why I am upset about that shit.

Got me singing, “it’s alright, man, 

It’s alright now.” 

I know I know there is going to be a lot of comments like "JUST IGNORE IT SKLR ITS OKAY"
no it's not.
It really isn't.
I start freaking out because I know I can't please everyone, I know this, don't say anything.
I know.
I know.

but it sits there in the back of my mind, in the tiniest corner of my brain and it whispers to me how fucking horrible I am at my job, how I don't deserve any of this, how I just fucking suck in general.

And, “is this really something we should fight about, man?” 

It’s been a month, how come I haven’t heard from you? 

Man, I don’t just do shit because you tell me too. 

Also, regarding that lyric right there. What's up with the demanding?
I DID tell you I was taking a break and that I am doing my own shit now right? 
I did didn't I?

it was probably in one of my updates you don't watch

I'm sorry that just
sounds really fucking stupid.

And it’s been a month how come I haven’t heard from you? 

Man, I don’t just do shit because you told me too. 

I know my YouTube fans (again I have explained it up top) are all fnaf fans.
I know.
but listen, I don't care what fucking fandom they came from, they are still my fucking rejects. They posted what was wrong with them and that its okay to be that way on my REJECTS video.

they are a reject.

"autistic part of YouTube"
"brain dead fnaf fans"
"fnaf fags"


I got a gun in the car and scrambled eggs on a plate 

That I left by your beside, ‘cause I wanted to say, 

I have contemplated if I should just start all over again! Make a new YouTube, new dA
new identity. 
new everything. 

maybe a small handful of people might actually like my "glorified slideshows" without them being "autistic fnaf fags"
do you know how fucking shallow that sounds btw?
really shallow.

but hey, if that's your horrible opinion then you can just you know-
fuck off.

That I’m screwed if I don’t and I’m screwed if I do, so I’m going. 

So I’m going.

and you'll probably attack me for this because I have emotions of anger and depression.
you might attack me because I am "feeding you" 
go ahead attack me yo
I am just kinda

Okay so let me tell you a thing that some of you seem to not realize ((and I should state that this doesn't apply to things that happen in the non-virtual realm. I'm exclusively talking about stuff that happens online))
when a person recounts a bad situation that happened to them, you are getting only one side of a story
and I'm not saying all people do it, but A LOT OF PEOPLE see themselves as a victim regardless of what actually happened, and they will be emphasizing parts of the story that support that view. You're likely not hearing the essential parts of the story. Example: that dog BIT me I was just petting him!!! It needs to be put down! (not included in the story: this is a dog I have abused for years and it was snarling at me in warning but I went to pet it anyways) 

What I'm getting at is, even if what a person is saying SOUNDS bad, you need to take it with a grain of salt. If their accusations are harsh enough that you would actually take action against whatever they are talking about, you should ask for screenshots to decide for yourself if their claims hold any water. If they can't provide evidence to back up their claims, then it is 100% possible that they are lying to you or are wording things to make themselves look more like a victim to earn your support. 

This is especially important if the person telling the story wants you to do something against whatever it is they are talking about. Maybe you shouldn't go on a witch hunt against a person or group based on something some person said without showing any evidence to support their claims. If showing people screenshots of what went down changes their mind about supporting you, maybe you aren't as much as a victim as you think you are?? Something to consider, hmmm?

In most cases neither party is completely innocent. Would you really want to choose sides purely from which side of the story you heard first? IDK willful ignorance is pretty lazy and leads to bigotry really easily imo


I'm sorry for the rant, but I'm pretty mad. (I'm pretty sure she's making a similar journal as I type, but I want to type my own. I've let this go on too long without standing up for her verbally and publicly.)

Please don't mind me. This has just been boiling under my skin for a while, and I finally want to let it all out. I hope you guys don't mind. (I'd write it in a personal journal or something, but I don't have one. I just need to share it with someone since my mom doesn't want to understand why it makes me angry.)

In the past few months, :iconchillaid:/:iconask-fazbear-inc: has had some people teasing her. Since she loves Lemongrab, they constantly text-scream "UNACCEPTABLE" at her. It was cute at the start (when she first got me into LG's backstory), but now it's just annoying. They continue to say it.

Now, I PERSONALLY don't mind it. Sure, it's annoying, but I'M not the one who RPs Lemongrab, draws him, writes his stories, manages his account, and everything else. I'm not the LG superfan.

No. That's :iconchillaid:'s job.

So, obviously, you can imagine how annoying that is. To constantly see the comment "UNACCEPTABLE" on literally every single Lemongrab picture you'd draw? For the PAST THREE YEARS? 

Yeah. I'd be annoyed, too.

Well, a while ago, she got fed up and finally created a journal that BASICALLY says, "Hey. This annoys me, please don't do it." And also, she doesn't like her AU (not YOUR AU, HER AU.) Marionette being called "Mario", which people tease her with that as well. She respectfully tells these people "please don't do that".

Recently, these people have been getting mad at her for holding rules on her OWN ASK ACCOUNT.

She tells these people "Don't like it? Piss off."

Normal, right?


They drag it out.

For hour-long conversations. 

Telling her how she's wrong. How she's "stupid". A dictator, a bitch, whatever.

She's not one to back down, either. She'll fight until she wins. She is literally the alpha female, and she WILL win. She always does. Either by verbally winning, or winning by them blocking her. (I learnt that the hard way)

It's been getting on my nerves, and I'm honestly getting sick of this FNaF fandom for PURPOSELY trolling with her.

Just yesterday, someone got pissed off at her for having these rules, commented those words to "break the rules", and then got pissed at her when she told them to stop.

Then they proceeded to bitch her out for not RPing "canon", and then decided to call her and I lesbians.

(Let me clarify before I write any further: I have NOTHING against gays and lesbians. About 80% of my friends are gay/lesbian, and I support gay rights. [I just want people to be happy. I believe they should love whoever they want.] However, I myself am not lesbian, I'm straight. I just haven't found that special dude.)

The only thing that pissed me off about that was the fact that I consider Chillaid my SISTER. Even if I WAS lesbian, I would NOT DATE MY SISTER. I love her to the point of feeling an incredibly strong sibling connection with her. It'd make me sick to my stomach to do anything like that with her. It's like dating your own blood-related sister. It's sick.

Then, to top it off, someone TODAY (who I thought was extremely nice), decided to fuck with her because what she did to the person was ""unacceptable"". (Again, they said that just to piss her off.)

She used to ignore these things, but it got to a boiling point where there's so many comments like this that she can't anymore. She doesn't tolerate idiots/mean people, so she's going to respond. That's just who she is. She DOES end up blocking most of them, so don't just say "ignore and block them".
I'm just really done with this fandom. It's a cesspool of immaturity and arguments. FNaF was awesome back when I first joined, but now it's just horrid. It's worse than the Invader ZIM fandom. I may leave the fandom in a few months and finally start my original ideas.

TL;DR: Koili is pissed about people trolling Chillaid for the past few months, and finally did an annoying rant about it.

I apologize if there's any typos. I'm tired and I can't sleep since I have to stay up all night for my mom.

! Design Contest !
(will update often rip sorry!!) 

Hello!! I never really been able to host a design contest before, I am hoping with the help of a few friends and you guys can help make this a great time! Since I made some points with the new icons, I would like to sorta give back to the community by holding this contest!
I hope you're excited, because I sure am for some creative ideas to come along my way~!! LEt's get this character under way!
you're free to ask as many questions as you like!


- Please try to use as many aspects of what I list of interest, 
but don't feel you're limited to only aesthetics. 
- You may enter as many times as you like
- if your entry doesn't win, I don't mind you selling it!
- Please post a link to your entry below!

1st place: 14,00 points + a piece from me & full body pixel fruitpacks + a fullbody chibi from aclassii
2nd place: 400 points + fullbody pixel fruitpacks + Pixel icon from gorepaws + full body pixel from Big-Egg-Roll 

3rd place: Piece of art from me & full body pixel fruitpacks + Bust from TheEraOfParanoia + full body anthro/feral SymetricallyUnstable
(if you'd like to donate a prize that'd mean a lot rip. thank-you if you do!!)

What i'm looking for:
- I prefer male/non gender characters over female since I'm not so great at doing female characters! BUT please you're able to make them female all you want! Really no limitations to identity!
- For things I like you should look up folk art, Aztec things, Nordic and Western stuff
Characters from here i dig
- I Really love Nature 
- Earth tones
- I prefer anthros but whatever is good!

 May 27th - June 30th 
(willing to extend deadline if need be)

Entires will be added here and i WILL not comment on them!

You may include as many or as minimal of these aspects as you like I want you to feel creative just with maybe a theme or two. I really love unique things and simple characters are good too! Thank-you for reading and if you enter THANK-YOU SO MUCH!

I'd really love if you could promote this journal in anyway! :'~)

You can find out more info/get the game at (adults only)

THE STARFIGHTER SHOP IS OPEN the-starfighter-shop.myshopify…

Also you can always find me at :

/// TUMBLR (NSFW) ///

/// Hamlet_Machine TWITTER ///

/// Starfighter FACEBOOK ///…
A few things -- 

1. While I do appreciate that people want to help out in stressful situations with dArama and crap, please make sure the situation isn't resolved before you toss in your words; more so if they're caustic or heated.

2. I really cannot be held accountable for the actions my watchers make. I'm not their parent or guardian and many of them are old enough to make their own decisions on what is right and wrong. If they say something to you that either offends you or upsets you -- it's your responsibility to handle the situation. 
Do not come to me asking me to stop them from talking to you; more so if you keep replying. It's really not my job to fight other people's battles and while I try to be a mediator when things get too rowdy on my images, profile, or page(s) I'm not always around and therefore cannot always do this.

3. It takes me a while to read every note I get. A lot of them I get are spam or people asking for stuff, and rooting through them as well as comments takes a bit of time. I can't be online 24/7 to keep tabs on this stuff. If I don't reply right away calm down and realize I probably haven't seen your message yet. Please don't get made or upset that I haven't answered or assume I hate you or something... Seriously. If it's really important and I don't reply for a few days, send the note again as sometimes dA/Tumblr is a tit and doesn't send things when it says it did (it's happened a bunch of times to me over the years so...) 

4. (This goes with #2 but isn't exactly the same tune) Don't blame me for shit people say just because it was on my page/image. I'm not the type of person to rally people up to help being down a problematic situation unless it is literally impossible for me to do on my own. Other people are more than capable of reading anything on a public website where comments and such can be viewed by anyone. Just because they reply to you in a less than favourable manner does not mean I sent them to do so. Do not assume this, for the love of all that is putrid and vile -- it's rude and slightly obnoxious. 
People are individuals and as such they have their own views on things, and if it doesn't agree with your own and they share that view, it's at their own discretion. I don't 'send' people anywhere to do my bidding. I can do that myself, thank you. If they reply to stuff, that's their own purgative. 

4½. This also goes for critiques as well as people who comment about style copying or art theft on people's Deviations. Don't get mad at me if someone mentions this -- They have their own eyes and can make structured opinions by themselves. Just because they mention me doesn't mean I sent them. More so, don't come yelling and screaming at me about how I send a horde after you about style copying and stuff. 99.9% of the time I don't find these things out myself; people inform me of them. Thereafter I tend to handle the situation myself or vent to friends about it -- People who won't go gabbing about it, and if they do it's their own choice (not sanctioned by me either). 

I'm growing a bit annoyed with the amount of blame I get for what other people are doing. I'm not your parental unit nor is it my responsibility to ensure every single person behaves properly on my page(s). I'm not a moderator and while I will try to keep the peace as best I can, I cannot do it all the time. 
Handle your own situations and if you wish to dive in and try to hand your :twocents: in on someone else's problematic situations, be prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions. Even if they're not as rosy as you would have hoped. 
I'm stressed enough without having to have people coming at me blaming me for something someone said to them or about their artwork, not to mention the copious destructive nature based upon rejection -- AKA: pitching a fit because you can't use my artwork for what you want = reacting like an asshole and playing troll as your trump card. 

Have a sense of decorum and responsibility please? 
That is all. 

Random Doom 8th anniversary! 6th Chapter

Journal Entry: Thu May 28, 2015, 2:41 AM
Hellou my little squidlings and kids! 

I'm still unemployed but let's not let that bring us down! Today is May 28th! And you know what that means!

Random Doom 1 by TamarinFrog

8 years ago, I posted this comic. It was the very first official Random Doom strip! Boy does the time fly and thankfully so does my ability to draw develop. Ehehehee... *krohom*

Let's just cut to the chase! Two years later, I turned Random Doom into a bigger series, with actual ongoing storyline. The comic has been going a quite while... Mostly... thanks to a long hiatus during the 4th chapter *krohom* but I just recently finished the 5th chapter and I think you guys are dying to know what I have planned next. 

Random Doom has 8 chapters planned. Next is the 6th one... And... I think many, many... MANY of you are happy to finally hear... That this is the RossxSaria chapter.

Once Upon a Dream, Part 1

After a few months of working in Veilstone City and paying her bills, Elisa is heading back home to the ranch. But, on their way home, she decides to take a personal holiday and takes a detour in Canalave City. Ah yes! The beautiful city known for its harbour, bridge and library. Some could say it's a very romantic city. Could this be the opportunity for Ross and Saria to finally confess their feelings for each other? Or... Will something go horribly wrong?

And YES! You read that right folks! This is part one! 7th chapter will be the part two so you know you're in for a big story!  

And well, when will this comic start? It... It may take some time. Like RDiVC, I'd prefer to sketch the whole chapter before I actually start drawing it digitally ad uploading it. This work method made it possible for me to update RDiVC regularly and I am sure you people enjoyed it.

So yeah, get excited, but not too excited and wait a bit. I have to say... I've been really eager to work with this story so I am happy to start sketching it. I hope to not take too long.

And... While you wait for this one, I plan to start uploading the Ice Climbers comic soon! So you'll have that in the mean time. And if smash bros aren't your thing, I really... REALLY hope to upload the first part of my other pokemon comic, the 5th gen one this summer. I really really would like that. 

So yeah! Lots of exciting stuff in the comic area! And it won't stop here. 

I really want to do a stream again today! On 9pm EEST (my time) I will start a three hour Random Doom/Splatoon stream! I have no big picture plans so I will be doodling and taking requests! But only Random Doom/splatoon related. I will post more detailed rules once the stream is about to start.

So, look forward to that! Here's a clock to my time if you are bad at timezones (like me)…


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Request [open]

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 12:31 PM

Open request tonight
 I want to change my mind, between exams Q A Q

idk what I going to do so surprise maybe ...
want to try new thing but idk how to do it ^^"

So if u want just let ur Oc's ref in comment ~~

Good day ~~