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Hello beautiful artists!

    I know a bit recently I have been busy with starting a new year of school but no worries i will be updating my gallery with the artwork I create during the school year. I will Always have commissions open, especially now that Im trying to saving up for a new computer.
I love doing monthly giveaways to give back to all of you lovely people who support me and my art work! <3
Thank you again everyone for all of the watches and faves, llamas, comments and all of the love! <3

Please enjoy this give away and good luck to the winner!

Now monthly giveaways will be almost the entire month. Giveaway ends September 29th

How to enter
- Simply fave this journal! :la: all done <3
- If you enjoy my artwork, i would dearly enjoy a watch from you so you may stay updated with m latest and improvements. <3 <3
- Please have a wonderful day and never stop drawing!

- I would dearly appreciate any Point donations towards the next monthly giveaway. It means so much to me, If you donate atleast 10:points: or more, you will be featured in every monthly giveaway journal. <3 Thank you for your kindness!

Commissions  COMMISSIONS (OPEN) *updated* by DeDrawingBoard

Instagram: DeDrawingBoard
Bullet; BlueFA:…
Bullet; BlueINKBUNNY:
Bullet; BlueWYSP:

Features: :iconstairfell: :iconrofeal: :iconxecax: :iconhoneymoon374:
I can't stop laughing at this.... WHY IS THIS FUNNY???


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Short info or links.

Hi all! It's been a long time since I don't do a pixel art raffle, and since a lot of people is watching me because of my pixel art, I decided to make a new pixel art giveaway!

H O W   T O   E N T E R

1 You must be one of my watchers. 
2 You must fave this journal. This part is really important, since you'll enter the contest with the number you have on the favourite list of this journal.
3 You're not obligated to advertise this raffle in your journal/poll, but I'll be increasing the quantity of the prizes if the number of poeple goes high~ continue reading if you want to know more about this:

M O R E   P E O P L E  =  M O R E    P R I Z E S

As I said before, I'll be giving more prizes if a great number of people join this, so, I'll be following this parameters:

Less than 50 participants

1 pixel icon of your choice.
You can choose between the 3 bases I have.
Bounce/Laugh/cute base
Bouncing Pixel icon - Aka Mushie by Aka-YuukiLaugh pixel icon - Aka Mushie by Aka-YuukiPixel icon - Aka Mushie by Aka-Yuuki

50 participants

I'll give a second pixel icon Kao Emoji-69 (Bye bye) [V4] by Jerikuto
You'll double your chances of winning one~

~Moaar examples.

B O U N C I N G   B A S E
Bouncing Pixel icon commission - Assam and Alba by Aka-YuukiBouncing22 by Aka-YuukiBouncing11 by Aka-Yuuki

L A U G H   B A S E 
Laugh pixel icon compilation  1 by Aka-Yuuki  

C U T E   B A S E
Pixel Commission - Souseki Terra by Aka-YuukiPixel Commission - Nyanperonya by Aka-YuukiPixel Commission - Naomi by Aka-Yuuki1 by Aka-YuukiIconcommis44 by Aka-YuukiAnzu by Aka-YuukiPixel Commission - Puddirin by Aka-Yuuki

100 participants

1 Small page doll with blinking and bounce animation.
[Commission] Small Page Doll - Noah by Aka-Yuuki[Commission] Small Page Doll - Queen Eriel by Aka-Yuuki[Commission] Small Page Doll - Rei by Aka-Yuuki[Commission] Small Page Doll - Cobalt Queen by Aka-Yuuki

250 participants

1 Big page doll with complex animation.
 photo queenofpridepsd_zpseuuistxl.gif photo ladycommission1_zpsba7vmmyn.gif photo pagedollmotorbike2_zpsyvj9smru.gif

I'll choose the winners in 1 or 2 weeks ;////;

Robu 2 by Emoji-kunG O O D   L U C K   E V E R Y O N E Kaomoji Emoji Set | Listen to Music by cute-materials

  • I'll solve any doubts you have ;v;

Hi guys!

EDIT: Thank you all so much for being so understanding. It means a lot that you accept this, even if it means you'll have to wait longer to save up for a commission. A few of you even said that you wished you could get one to help me save up, which I think is incredibly kind and generous. O/////O    And actually, if you would like to help, but can't afford a commission, I have a Patreon. I would certainly appreciate even a $1 if you could spare it. ^^; Of course, that is completely up to you. :)

Oh man, this is a hard journal to write, and I hope no one takes this the wrong way... I'm raising commission prices.

I could hear your guys' hearts sink. ^^;

The reason I am doing this is, well, I'm in my senior year of high school now. College is just around the corner and I don't want my parents to have to pay for all of the expenses that come with that. So I decided that raising commission prices would be a smart idea, as it will help me save more money to pay for college books, materials, and hopefully living expenses. With the prices as they are now, I'd make $200 per month (depending on the size of commissions people get). Which may sound like a lot to some, but in the long run, it's a pretty small amount, especially since I don't have much more time to save up...

And I am sorry... When I consulted my family about this, they all encouraged it and flat out said that I need to. However, I couldn't help but think of the many many messages I receive almost every day, with people saying just how much they want a commission, but could never afford one... And I really wish that I could give a free commission/request for everyone. Seriously, I do! Commissions were never about money for me. It was about seeing people excited to have their character drawn! It's about making people happy! I never got that chance with my favorite artist/warriors inspiration. The reason I started charging was because I started to get hundreds of requests! Way more than I could ever handle. And as...amazing as that was/is, it was just too much...So I made people pay to narrow down the amount I get.

But now, it's a different story. I'm trying to find a way to save up for something. Commissions aren't just fun things I do when I have time. It's become a bit more of a job (however I love it just the same.) So as I raise prices, please know it is for a good reason. Every penny I make will go straight to my college fund. That is a promise.

And to all those who feel they could never afford one, I'm sorry to make that situation worse. If I ever have time, I will try to hold a contest with a request as the prize, or maybe have a few request spots open or something...I'm sorry, but I just can't do much more than that without overloading myself. :(

New Price List:

Headshot/Chibi - $10 / 1000 DApoints

1 Character - $20 / 2000 DApoints

+Character - $10 / 1000 DApoints

+Speedpaint - $15 / 1000 DApoints

If human/anthro scene, -$5 / 500 DApoints

I really hope these prices aren't too high, and I hope you guys understand...


Dear lovely fans of Five Nights at Freddy's,

    Hey guys! I am BACK AGAIN! I'm now in my HOME after the long vacation!

    You cannot OPEN THE CHEST because you did not SURVIVE THE NIGHT so I think I'll just throw it so it will DIE IN A FIRE.

    Anyways, THE SHOW MUST GO ON, but how? IT'S BEEN SO LONG ever since I have released FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S. Now that I have released FNaF 4, YOUR GAME IS OVER. I was very happy when I said: "WELCOME TO FREDDY'S". And yeah, my game just got NOTICED. Especially when FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 2 and FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 3 came out.

    So yeah, I'll leave this story up to you guys, and these pieces I have hidden well will make you say "BREAK MY MIND" once you discover them. You will just be HAUNTED by this NIGHTMARE. Remember to STAY CALM. Or else you will be MANGLED. But hey, the series is done, so NO MORE nightmares!

    If you solve the story, you will be absolutely HAUNTING MY DREAMS. But eh, NOTHING CAN HURT ME!

    This story is JUST GOLD, and you just need to FOLLOW ME because if you don't, you will get lost. You know me. IT'S ME. That's what your MECHANICAL INSTINCT says.

    Huh, time flies faster than BALLOONS. Well, yeah, the SHOWTIME just stopped. You clearly got SPRINGTRAPPED. Don't be scared, Springtrap is JUST AN ATTRACTION that was SALVAGED. Just remember that I am NOT HERE ALL NIGHTS, so I cannot update you things.

    OPEN UP, FOXY'S TALE is over, and you are GUILTY. THE PUPPET is enraged, BONNIE is pissed, CHICA is angry, MANGLE is mad, and THEY'LL FIND YOU. You should hide BEHIND THE MASK, or IT'S TIME TO DIE. They will initiate THE HUNT. They will crush you using their JAWS. You should RUN RUN! Or else you will experience SYNTHETIC AGONY while getting stuffed into a suit!

    Oh, now I remember THE CREATION OF AN ABOMINATION. (Nightmare Fredbear)

    Now, go on and DREAM YOUR DREAM!

    I really hope that you can finish OUR LITTLE HORROR STORY. THIS IS THE END. But wait, is it actually the end? Or NOT THE END;) 

Truly yours,

Scott Cawthon

Song Count: 50

Give Away! + Thank you!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2015, 7:28 PM

Hey everyone I just want to take a few to say hello and thanks to my new watches, I hope I don't disappoint. Also I'll be going back to college in a few days, something to look forward too. My vacation is coming to an end, I'll make the best of these last days XD.

Give away

How To:

1. Add this journal to you're faves (you can remove it once the giveaway is done)
2. You're number will be whatever it is on the last day
3. Deadline is Friday at 8:00 pm (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

okay just to make this really fun comment something random, make me laugh XD

Prize for the winner: 100 :points:

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Hello, Sushi Rolls.

This is not an easy journal for us to write.

For the longest time we have allowed co-ownerships in the Sushi Dog community, something that many other closed species have never tolerated. We believed it was a positive thing, a way for people to share something really special to them with their close friends.

Unfortunately co-ownership is also the source for a lot of drama. People have used co-ownership for their own personal gain, some have co-owned with complete strangers and been upset by their behavior, and some people have even been scammed. With a heavy heart, we have to put our feet down. Co-ownership is now no longer officially recognised by the group.

Before you all start panicking, you do NOT need to drop all your current co-owns! Check out the section below for more details on this rule change.


  • As of this journal, co-owns will not be officially recognised by the group. We will not list new co-owners on the master list, and we will not assist you with incidents involving co-ownership.
  • Co-own for co-own trading journals will be removed from the trade center.
    If you do not currently share ownership of one of your Sooshes, you CANNOT get new co-owners. It must remain wholly yours.
  • Unfortunately this does also mean you cannot co-own for free, even with your friends. We wholly appreciate your generosity, though!
  • Current co-owns will be grandfathered in. This means if you CURRENTLY co-own a Sushi Dog, don’t worry -- nothing will change! You can continue co-owning that Sushi Dog for all of time. However, please keep in mind that if the co-ownership is dropped for any reason, you will never be able to officially co-own it ever again. There are no exceptions.
    This new rule DOES NOT mean you can just drop all the co-owns on your Sushi Dog. If you wish to drop a co-owner the following steps must be followed:

1. Proper justification. There must be a good reason for dropping the co-own. E.G.

“They were really horrible to me, here is proof of their nasty words.” YES!

“They haven’t been online for a while.” NO!

2.  If you received something in return for the co-own of your Sushi Dog, that something MUST be returned. If it was a free co-own please skip this step.
If it was an adoptable, that adoptable must be returned. If you no longer have that adoptable they must be compensated with something of equal or greater value. What that is should be agreed upon between the co-owners.
If they paid you money / points, they must be fully refunded.
If they compensated you with art you must give them an equal amount of art back. etc.


3. The group MUST be notified that the co-owner was dropped and why.
We hope that you all understand and respect why we have reached this decision. Thank you all for being such an amazing community and making our jobs as admins worthwhile!


The Admins
I figure instead of thanking you one by one in a small reply comment, why not thank all of you in one big post so we can have a big after-birthday-party in the comments below? :D

Big thank you to
:iconipandacakes: :iconeramthgin-1027501: :iconmasao114: :iconlailabailey711: :iconpyroblaze: :iconweatherly23: :iconorca19904: :iconchaudstarpower85: :iconskybreeze-mastermc: :iconearthydragonfruit: :iconcowboygineer: :iconshadowloverforever1: :iconimaginarypicture: :iconadviel: :iconflameamigo619: :iconprettytomreviewer16: :iconcyberridley: :iconzorrodefender6: :iconfuyonaemonilla: :icontvngames: :iconeagc7: :iconblizzardbeastwolf: :iconalomar3882: :iconflowereagletale: :icondarktidalwave: :iconmasao114: :iconhaerth: :iconwonderlandishhipster: :iconzrpshack: :iconef5tornado: :iconcatchyartz: :iconnekomaster1000: :iconkatrinahood: :icondarkvslight346: :icondark92enigma: :iconanimegothangel: :iconsyroyoga16: :iconthefrank0813: & Micordtomps
for remembering me and also an extra big one to the lovely people that left something for me on my doorstep *squee*
Untitled Drawing by CrownePrince by :iconcrowneprince: happy birthday AnY by sexytorchy by :iconsexytorchy: Birthday gift: AnY's OC Cosplay Items by Rancor-Palmach by :iconrancor-palmach:
AnY birthday gift by TEAMANDCHAOTIX by: :iconteamandchaotix: He gets what he wants! by ScriptlessPony by :iconscriptlesspony: AnY Cupcake by Justthebrony by :iconjustthebrony:
Happy Birthday AnY! by diamondheartoc by :icondiamondheartoc: The Little Prince's First Words by BusterBuizel by :iconbusterbuizel: Happy Birthday AnY! by foger3 by :iconfoger3:
ChocAny101 by AnYPonysFavorites by :icongreycat-rademenes:

I hope I haven't missed anybody and if you congratulated me on any other medium the next one goes to you as well: 

You all are amazing folks and I love you all! <3

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Since many of you were interested in a contest, I decided to do it. The second reason is because I started to make TJ almost one year ago (27th of September 2014) and it means that I'm gonna celebrate TJ's first birthday soon! :dummy: I was thinking a lot on the prizes and I think that the 1st palce prize is pretty cool C:
So what do you need to draw? 
Anything TJ related! It can be one of the scenes from TJ in your own style like Taichi vs Bloody blade or Thistle's death, something from your head, a short fanfiction with an illustration, a fan-theory drawing (a scene you think that might happen in TJ one day), a crack ship or a canon ship. Just one thing - I don't want anything simple like a headshot with transparent bg or something like that. Please, be creative! ^^ It doesn't have to be a drawing with Taichi. You can draw him if you want, or any other character from TJ like: Kotar, Thistle, Rocky, Areon etc... 

Okay, now let me show you the prizes:

:star: 1 st place - Your night fury character will appear in TJ as a minor character! He/She will apper once or maybe twice and have few lines. But before you wanna try to get this prize, there are few rules you must follow when you win:

- Realistic designs ONLY! No pink, yellow or green night furies allowed (albinos are not allowed as well) ! Only dark blue, gray and black without any big unrealistic accesories and weird neon markings (that make me wanna vomit :p )
- It would be better if the character was pretty neutral or friendly because the scrip is already written and your character cannot be aggresive or grumpy like Taichi
- If you want, you can give me a link to your character before you submit your contest entry so I can take a look at it and tell you if I would accep that design or no.
- Hybrids are not allowed. It has to be a normal night fury.
-  Please, keep on mind that it's a MINOR character. He/She will appear only on few pages and have few lines.

:star: 2nd place - A detalited, shaded fullbody drawing with bg of your character. (It can be any dragon, wolf or cetacean)

:star: 3rd place - A detalited, shaded headshot of your character. (It can be any dragon, wolf or cetacean)

Deadline - 27th September (I'll maybe make it longee if you need more time)

:bulletgreen: Submit the entries in the comments below
:bulletgreen: Sexual themes are NOT allowed 
:bulletgreen: Violence and romace (like kissing or cuddling) are allowed
:bulletgreen: Please, draw only the character from TJ and eventually from the original HTTYD 
:bulletgreen: Don't be upset if you don't win :hug:
:bulletgreen: You can make as many entries as you want but rememberthat I can judge on only one of them. So let me know on which one do you want me to judge.
:bulletgreen: Have fun!

Can't wait to see your entries!!! :la: 

Having a Bad Day: Tips and Tricks

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 2, 2015, 7:08 PM

So yet again, we find ourselves down this road where I see myself, and MANY of my friends and acquaintances
just dying from having a horrible day, days, week, month and/or life,
and it's started to come into my personal situation as well unfortuantely (i.e. bad stuff's been going down but I don't wanna bog you guys down with it
because, like I said, WE ALL GOT PROBLEMS MANG) x'D

Here are some tips and tricks to help make your day a bit better!

Keep in mind, these aren't things you can do instantly. A lot of these are going to be hard to do at first
because of situations and habits that you've adopted and have begun to practice an awful lot. I speak from experience,
especially from the first few. 

When you lack motivation like I do, it can be really tough, but in the end it'll be worth it. So I'll strike a deal; I'll try this stuff if you do! (jk I'm already trying it x'D)

  • Get plenty of sleep, 8 hours minimum! Panda Emoji-09 (We're sleeping) [V1] 
    • This is hard for me because I'm constantly checking updates, on Tumblr, playing my games and doing whatever, putting off sleeping until it's 12 or 1 a.m.
      and if you're like me, it doesn't help your stress, attitude, irritation levels or anxiety, and you feel like your body is slowly dying. You have to get as much
      sleep as you can, that's considered a healthy amount for your age!
      Otherwise your brain's all over the place and you feel horrible and it's not a fun 
      position to be in! So don't be me, and try to get to bed around 10-11 p.m.! It's the best time, even if you have a sudden burst of inspiration to keep you up
      drawing/writing. It's not worth it, not now. Just jot down the ideas, and save them for tomorrow when you've got a clear head and a more patient, peaceful countenance!

  • Exercise more often, even if it's just 20 minutes a day! magi gif aladdin 
    • Trust me when I tell you, this is probably the hardest thing you will have to motivate yourself to do. It's easy to start the first day, but then the next day, when the soreness
      sets in, you decide to "wait until you aren't sore" before you start again, and in a couple days your motivation is dead and gone. So how exactly does one start to get into this
      habit of exercising? Start small! My personal method is to go from 20 push-ups, 20 curl-ups, 50 squats and the elliptical bike for 15 minutes (unless you don't have one, I suggest a normal bike,
      and if you don't have one of those, go for a walk for 30 minutes)! If none of those are your thing, try jump rope! It is hands down one of the best ways to build stamina and some fine fine
      leg muscles. The other alternative is, of course, to run. But if you already have weak stamina it's probably best to jump rope for 10 minutes a day. THEN you move up in the working out 
      by increasing your regimen by 5 each day, or every other day. My best streak was getting to 200 curl-ups, 200 push-ups and 250 squats. If this scrawny little bean can do it, you can too!
      It will be worth it in the end. Your body, your mind and your spirit will feel SO MUCH BETTER. You'll be able to tackle anxiety, stress and negative emotions/situations SO MUCH BETTER.

  • Eat better foods!Kageyama Eating Icon Exo : Bored Kai [2NE1] CL Nom Nom 
    • This is absolutely one of the worst things, because not everyone can afford to eat healthier, and many more don't have the drive to. Unless you're like me, and you have crazy metabolism (which 
      I secretly hate because I can't get ANY development on my body), you prefer to eat whatever you want, and don't want to gain any weight. Unfortunately, weight gain isn't the only negative thing
      that comes from eating bad. Not eating healthy deprives your body of a ton of nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to have a healthy mentality, body and will affect how you act and feel in 
      day to day life. If you can, skip the sugar and the red meats today. Those doctors aren't kidding when they say less is more. I highly recommend watermelon, spinach and broccoli, as well as lean meats
      like chicken (and kangaroo, which is the leanest meat on earth and I hear tastes pretty great -tho I'm just kidding I doubt you can buy it unless you live somewhere that provides it, somehow-),
      FISH, GUYS! Fish is SO GOOD for you, it's crazy. Soy is also great, unless you're allergic to it. At the end of the day, avoid as many GMOs as you can, and go organic. It's hard to adapt to that lifestyle, but when 
      you've got a parent who's literally allergic to everything (even rice. Who's allergic to rice?!), you find that it's a much better way to eat than with the other junk. Though it's perfectly acceptable to splurge from
      time to time!

  • Take your mind off the junk by watching videos! Nigahiga: Singing like your Favorite Artist 
    • The best way to redirect your emotions is watching or doing something that triggers happiness for you. Personally, it's YouTube videos for me. I mean, there's literally a plethora of kitten, puppy, idiot, comedy and 
      entertainment/educational-based videos that are guaranteed to lift your mood and make things better! A personal mood lifter for me, when I don't have access to those videos, is thinking about Doraemon, the cat from the future,
      doing goofy stuff. I didn't really grow up watching it, but my Aunt Misao gave me and my older sister a copy of the original manga when we were young, and I adored that stuff! Disney XD recently did English dub of the remake of the
      anime that was released in 2014, and I have to say, it's a total mood lifter. Who cares if it's a kid's show? It's a great one to watch! Shows like Amazing World of Gumball, Girl's Monthly Nozaki-kun and many other shows both US/Canada or 
      Japan based (as well as wherever else you are on the globe), is fantastically helpful in lifting your mood! The key is to avoid shows with drama, heavy action, intense scenes and sad/heavy themes. Light, happy and even kiddy stuff
      are what you want if you want to turn around!

  • Make the choice to feel happier, and be positive! Say what you feel, want to feel or write it out instead! bunneh icon14 
    • Actually saying out loud "Today I choose how I want to feel, and I choose to feel happy", is actually a fantastic way to up your mood and how you feel! Saying things rather than thinking things is what gives thoughts
      and feelings power, or takes them away. For example, voicing intrusive or anxious thoughts absolutely helps because it makes you realize A ) How ridiculous they are and B ) You can redirect by thinking the opposite ("I'm 
      afraid something bad will happen if I leave my house" --> "Nothing bad will happen if I leave my house; Never has, never will. The world will not end if I walk out the door"). It's difficult, and sometimes/most times you 
      find it hard to believe yourself. If anything, you should talk to someone who can give you solid advice, or at least hear you out! Whether it's friends, family or someone on the Internet who you trust a lot, get it out there. Talking
      stuff out is a much better thing to do than holding it in and letting it build. That's never a good idea. And if you can't say it, write it! You'll figure it out when you let it out.


Now these are just a few solutions. I'm sure you guys have plenty more methods or ideas on how to feel better, but these are some personal tips and tricks that I 
KNOW for a fact will help you out and change who you are and how you feel for the better.

That being said, I'm really sorry for you if you're going through a hard time, and if this stuff helps you out, which I hope it does, great! 
I sincerely hope that whatever it is you guys are dealing with is solved soon, because I care about all of you and how you feel. Whether it's big 
or small, I'm hopeful that your problem(s) get solved soon. 

Love you lots,

As always, have a llama:
Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 

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