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800 Points giveaway! :)

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 12:12 PM
Hello there!
I reached 6600+ watchers (and 160000+ pageviews), so I figured to do another giveaway for my watchers! 
I'd like to say thank you for all the support, kind words and replies! :) I do read all of them. I really appreciate it. :hug:

:star: PRIZES. :star:

There will be 6 winners for this giveaway:
1. 400 :points:
2. 200 :points:
3. 100 :points:
4.  50 :points:
5.  50 :points:
BONUS WINNER: Free request! :D

:star: HOW TO ENTER? :star:

You have to favorite this journal in order to get a number. (Your number(s) comes from the favorite list).
You have to be (or become) a watcher, since this is a giveaway for my watchers :D
This is required to enter!

:star: INCREASE CHANCES! :star:

Share this journal by making a journal/poll about this (this will give you THREE extra numbers/tickets). Post a comment with the link as proof.
This is optional!


The 6 winners will be decided randomly with

:star: DEADLINE :star:

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, the 29th of December.

Good luck! :)

Free Christmas Kitsumera MYO Slots!

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 11:52 AM by Auric-Fox:iconauric-fox:

Hey guys it's Auric-Fox here :heart: Because of me working on some things with home and the species as a whole, I was going to be doing a lot of designs this christmas for you guys but I don't actually have the time to. So I've decided to go with a different plan.

I will be giving away 8 MYO Kitsumeras on the week leading up to christmas  Friday the 18th - Friday the 25th
Every winner will be chose at random and anyone can enter, this is a free raffle but in order to enter you must feature the group with a journal in this way;

1 - Include a little bit about the group and why you'd like a MYO slot/ why you like the species
2 - Include the Lore in the journal which can be located here -…
3 - You must post a link to the group in the journal
4 - This is optional but if you included some designs it would be really lovely :heart:
5 - Please feature this journal too

I will be checking that you've included these things in your journal feature.
You can only enter once, no side accounts are allowed. You are allowed to enter for someone else however but this will be your slot and you cannot enter more than once despite this.

Please fill out this form in the comments;

- Link to journal;
- Is this a gift for someone else;
- Any other comments go here;

You must do the journal feature to enter
You must watch the group
You must be a member of the group

The slots given away on each day will be different uvu If you win, your number will be taken out of the randomiser, no one can win more than once
You can enter at any time before 11:59PM (British time) on the 24th, the last winner will be announced on Christmas morning for me before I go downstairs to spend the day with my family c: I'll post all the winners in one journal that I'll edit every day in the run up so any winners will know if they've won or not!

Here are the slots;

December 18th - Common Dream Kitsumera
December 19th - Common Nightmare Kitsumera
December 20th - Uncommon Dream Kitsumera
December 21st - Uncommon Nightmare Kitsumera
December 22nd - Rare Dream Kitsumera
December 23rd - Rare Nightmare Kitsumera
December 24th - Ultra rare Nightmare Kitsumera
December 25th - Ultra rare Dream Kitsumera

It's luck which one you get, you can only have one ticket so every one will have a fair chance!

That's all <3 Thank you very much and I'm hoping this fulfils some wishlists ;u; It's the least we can do, and we hope you have a great Christmas holiday!

If you win;
Please follow the Kitsumera rules -…
Please register your Kitsumera on the Masterlist once the design has been approved -…

You cannot sell these Kitsumeras as they are obtained from a free giveaway, you can gift them and trade them however. Slots cannot be traded, the person who's mentioned in the form is the only person who's allowed to create this Kitsumera. You can pay someone else to make the design for you, but please make them aware of the species guidelines and rules within each rarity. Thank you!

Rarity help here;

Created at Header image by ariiknave
- -
I've had this in stash for a while now & finally I decided to finish it !

    alright so the theme, i decided will be
    music & song lyrics. all you gotta do is pick a song and draw something that goes along with it.
    there is no limit in your imagination so go wild !! 
    the character you will be drawing is Damon
    REF | Damon 2015 by dogesaurImage by dogesaur
    if you want to you can draw his demon / devil form too !
    ( the ref is super old and needs some updates heh )
    so if you plan on drawing him PLEASE DONT DRAW THE LONG CLAWS
    or just don't draw claws at all aha + his front legs are canine !!!

    YES, yes you might draw him as an anthro as well. I don't mind at all
    though he doesn't have a ref of his anthro form, meaning EVEN MORE
    FREEDOM if you want.. otherwise you can just throw in some Assassin's Creed clothing.

    - -
    there's just a few and they're really simple so please stick so them!
    - max number of entries: 3
    - make sure to link the song in the description 
    - (optional) put lyrics on the picture
    - any kind of art is allowed !
    - make sure to tag me in the description. all you gotta do is put @ in front of my username
    - keep in mind that i will NOT leave comments on entries. this way you can't assume who'll win !

    - -
    in case i'll have more money when this ends, i'll raise them.

    1st place:
    - 20$ / 2000pts
    - shaded fullbody
    - pixel
    - custom design (not 100% yet)

    2nd place:
    - 10$ / 1000pts
    - flat fullbody 

    3rd place:
    8$ / 800pts
    - any art piece by their choice

    - -
    probably sometime in January.
    maybe early February, but most likely January, yes.

I'd appreciated it if you shared the journal !! it's not needed but it would help a lot.

If you need any additional info, or have any kind of a question, let me know !


Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 1:03 PM

I thought I would start this soon so when the holidays are over the contest could end :nod:
before I start about the contest there is something I have to say : I am not in the mood for ponies , I haven't been for a very long while
and therefore i have decided to not include them in the character options for the contest
im very sorry if that was what you were hoping for x(

on to the contest !

I asked what people wanted , and like the title says , it will be a holiday contest  (christmas contest) ! a lot of people suggested it , so I cant really give credit , but y'all are coolio B)

make something with at least one of my OCs (list down below) with a christmas theme
This something can be either a drawing or a written story (or maybe crafty ? I dont have a lot of money to pay for sendingpayment , so I dont think thats the best idea , since I would of course love love to have it hehe)

You can , of course, include other characters (like your own ! I would love that :D)

you can enter as many times as you want , no limit . I would appriciate it if you could advertise the contest ^^
and like always (because i think its stupid when its a rule) ; you don't need to watch me for this , do whatever ya feel like bro

please upload the entry on deviantart so i can add it to the collection of contest entries

I always get these questions so I thought I would answer them right away
i judge on creativity ! It doesnt need to be big and wowzers and stuff , if its fun and when the characters stay true to themselfs then I would already love it man (I would love everything anyway , but shh)
More I cant come up with atm , sorry :0

three prizes , there will be more if the entries are increasing

first prize
- 1000 points
- 2 commissions
- a groovy dance move

second prize
- 750 points
- 1 commission
- a very cool fist bump

third prize
- 300 points
- 1 bust commission
- the nickname "coolio coolster"

THE CONTEST ENDS AT 03 - 01 - 16
the third of january


character list
Characters personalitiesupdated with new character (the cat girl) huzzah
I got more questions then i would thought for my human characters , so i thought i would write down their personalities so people can look it up right away instead of waiting for me to responde : )

from left to right >>
known as Captain
real name Christopher Clint
age 28
specie half human half merman (mother was a human , father was a merman, he has webbed feet because of this. according to himself he can also hold his breath for a very long time)
used to be Assistance of the captain , when he died he got the ship , all of the crew members left making him in search for more
personality Was born as a leader, commanding others around, but he means well. He is kinda loud and a happy guy, but can get annoyed easily, and having an argument is something he does often. He is always right , just remember that.
likes family is very important to

all entries this far…

Skin coded by pastelsneakers


Sat Nov 28, 2015, 7:39 PM

1st Place Prize:
Anna by El-AmigoAnna 1 by El-AmigoAnna 2 by El-Amigo
Has more art, including an icon by cinnabutt! They are a cinnamini.
Sadly I can't attach to this babe cause I am not a big fan of pinks ;; So I want her to go to a good home

2nd Place Prize:
$4 / 400 points

Runner Ups:
$1 / 100 points, maybe more!
A headshot badge by me

How to enter:
Advertise this contest/journal via journal or poll
- Comment with the link to it

Who to draw:
Ingo by El-Amigo
Feel free to add Emmet to the entry(s) but it has to include Ingo
they are brothers

No NSFW, gore is okay tho
No limit on entries!
Can be any type of art like digital, animation, plushies, sculptures, etc.
Tag me in the entry(s)


Sheesh you guys are still amazing

Thank you all for being there with me and supporting me, it means a lot to me, truly. It does (Even if I don't show it often; I'm bad at showing love to people like no matter who they are -3-'). It means a lot that you want to see my art and see me improve, or just want to be my friend.

So, I finally have something planned for this, a raffle c:

Theres only a few rules this time (yay):
1. (Required)Be a watcher (New or old)
2. (Required)Fave this journal (The number that you are in the favorites thing is the number that you are going to be put into the raffle with)
3. (Required)Comment on this journal that you are entering
4. (Optional; does not add to the raffle counter) Share this journal with your watchers and friends
5. (Optional; does not add to the raffle counter) Tag some people who you think would be interested
6. (Common Sense) Don't be mean to anyone, k?

1st place winner:
3 Fullbody shaded pics (no backgrounds)
5 Shaded Chibis (Can ask for no shading)
1 Coloring book (Colored or black outlines)

5 other winners:
1 Shaded Chibi Each (Can ask for no shading)

Deadline: December 30th

Good luck to everyone, and again, thank you for supporting me c:
Alright so i'm not going to talk around this or mumble or make a whole paragraph about this, it's as easy as just putting it out there so that's what i'm doing. I really just don't feel like typing out a whole paragraph for this.

I'm transgender to Male.

I don't want to be Agender anymore and i don't want to be a Female in real life anymore (I never fully got people to understand the term Agender..) 

I want to be a male, i feel like a male, i've got nothing else to say.

Transitioning to a boy will be a looong road and as of currently the trip is going very slow, but i've got people around me to help and support me! And i'm sure all of you support me in this, right? I'm sure everything will be good in the end and i'll get all of the results i ever wanted :'''') 

I'm still Eccel. I'm still that one nerdking you all like, just.. Male :")
The only thing that will be sliiightly changing is the design for my Persona, but that is all really ahah.

So that means i would love if you all from now on used He/Him/His on me ♥ I get if you have to get used to it and get out of the They/Their/Them habit, but please do try ;u;

Yeah.. Uhm that's it? c'':

Thank you all for just, reading this tiny journal and hopefully understanding and supporting me c': ♥
  • Mood: Uneasy
  • Listening to: Myah Marie - I like it loud
So I decided it would be amazing to have Jasie and Aru have a bae so why not?? c:
This is them for people who don't know them;
     Jasie ref by P00flessDigital Halfbody P00fless By Fleesveon-d9g4emj by P00flessBy Theslug64 by P00fless
Btw Aru can switch between cat anthro and human :"DD <333 //yes last two pics are same bae
Anyways I am looking for a female OC for Jasie and a male OC for Aru (( since he is really gay xDD ))
Agender/genderfluid are okay too <33
I will be picky since these two are my main baes qvq so if you put an OC here to like put as couple with one make sure you do use the oc frequently nvn"
Just comment with your OC!!
One thing don't try to make Aru straight or something that's really annoying I clearly stated I am looking for a male ( ish) bab for him // Had to double point that out bc in the past so many people went darood and tried to change it ;;"

-edit- only serious stuff please. Joking stuff is.. kinda insulting actually???

Okay so
i was thinking about it for few days and im sure i want to do it tho im kinda nervous if it'll work out.
Always wanted to succesfuly do one AAA.


so THEME IS TO DRAW ON OF MY AND fckbck 's sonas together (they are both couples)
Just choose from those babies.
belongs to milkyguts by milkygutsbelongs to fckbck by milkyguts 
Arthur (can be also feral!) with Sylvia


belongs to milkyguts by milkygutsbelongs to fckbck by milkyguts
William with Ell (Ell has two wings!!)

-Any form of art is good (i prefer no writing, You dont know them that much..)
-You can draw as many entries as You want.
-No bases or traced art.
-quality over quantity ofcourse.
-nsfw is all fine, i love it.
-comment with Your entry here, either way i can forget it. //sobs
-if You advertise that journal i will love You forever.


1st place:
-2000 points
-animated pixel and fullart (w/ or w/o bg, You choose) from me.
Im gonna have a house party in MY house by milkygutsI might just dare to say that I love you by milkygutsHey, Who is there? by milkyguts
-Custom fullbody design and halfbody from fckbck
Cute Poodle Auction OPEN by fckbckdamn son by fckbck

2nd place:
-1000 points
-Still pixel and fullbody without bg from me.
Red flashing lights light up the sky by milkygutsBecause I'm honestly happier when I'm sad by milkyguts
-halfbody custom design and greyscale halfbody from fckbck.
lil cutie adopt CLOSED by fckbckdaddy issues by fckbck

3rd place:
-500 points
-pixel OR fullbody without bg (You choose) from me.
(examples above)
-custom halfbody design (^) OR chibi from fckbck
peace betch by fckbck

there hopefuly will be more points /art later, depending on situation!
If someone want to add something to prizes feel free to, id be more than glad and give You something back probably!!

taking entries to:18 Jan 2016
picking winners may take up to three days.

The Twelve Days of Christmas [OPEN]

Sat Nov 28, 2015, 6:52 PM by Fayren:iconfayren:
image by Loki-Ryuu

December was fast approaching, and Mayor Miya was hard at work preparing for the holiday season. She wanted to do something special for the townsfolk of Ivywood- something to give them the happiness that they gave her.

After much thought and planning, she'd decided to contact the Voyager Salem for a little help... And he was happy to oblige.

"I know it's not something you'd normally wear..." Miya said, a hint of hesitation. "But I think the townsfolk will like it!"

Salem stood in the freshly ironed Santa costume, sleepy but accepting his fate. "So... I just get the wishlists, read them, and go out and see if I can go find what they want, right?"

Miya nodded cheerfully. "Yes! I know some Pokemon are a little tough to find, but just do your best!"

The Voyager nodded in response, giving a sleepy wave before heading out to collect the lists.

Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas, trainers of Ivywood! Mayor Miya and Voyager Salem are in cahoots... Planning to try and fulfill your wishlist!

For each of the days of December 1st to December 12th, Salem will complete one lucky trainers wish! But even though Mayor Miya and Salem are trying their hardest, some things are just too hard to find! Because of this, wishlists containing the following will not be eligible:

- Legendary Pokemon
- Shiny Pokemon
- Special Pokemon
- Vulpix
- Eevee
- Growlithe
- Shinx
- Ralts
- Riolu
- Zorua
- Furfrou
- Shiny Potions
- Pinkan Berries
- Salon Vouchers
- Second Character Vouchers
- Evolved Pokemon
- ... Secret Bases, Salem can't bring you a base
- Eggs
- Mega Stones

Mayor Miya and Salem express their most sincere apologies!

Now I know what you're thinking- "how exactly will Salem know what we want, Fayren?!"

Luckily, Mayor Miya has prepared a step-by-step guide!

Mayor Miya's Guide to Wishlist Success

1. Write your wishlist! Small letters are easy to lose, so your trainer must write 5 sentences in their wishlist expressing their favouite part of the holiday season! If your trainer doesn't celebrate the holidays, they can also talk about their favourite thing that happened this year! This wishlist should be written not to Mayor Miya or Salem, but to Santa!

2. At the bottom of your wishlist, CLEARLY state one thing your trainer put on their wishlist! This can be any Pokemon or item not listed above.

3. Paste and submit your wishlist in a reply to the featured comment! This comment is the Mail Box, so if you do not post your wishlist there, it won't be mailed to Mayor Miya! And if that happens, she can't tell Salem what to find!

4. Wait! Each day from the first to the twelfth, a wishlist will be randomly selected to be fulfilled! Santa's busy preparing for Christmas, so Salem will deliver your gift in his stead!

5. You can only submit one list per user, not per trainer! And only win once!

6. Lists are drawn beginning on December 1st at an unspecified time- so get your lists in now!


Day 1: A Pidgey in a Pear Tree

Day 2: Two Tirtouga Pidoves

Day 3: Three French Starlys

Day 4: Four Calling Chatots

Day 5: Five Golden Klefki

Day 6: Six Altarias Laying

Day 7: Seven Swannas Swimming

Day 8: Eight Miltanks Milking

Day 9: Nine Bellossoms Dancing

Day 10: Ten Ponytas Leaping

Day 11: Eleven Kricketots Piping

Day 12: Twelve Poliwhirls (Belly) Drumming

Created at