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All hail our lord and freddy savior Scott Cawthon

So my mom visited me today. And we sat down to watch this…

And this is what my mom said (in Hindi, mind):

''Oh my god! How could those girls let that happen? Don't they know any better? Don't they know right from wrong? I just... can't understand what was going through their heads. I mean, if my (male) teacher asked me to give him oral sex I would've been like 'Ew. Gross,' and told someone. Don't they know how to speak up, how to tell someone? Didn't those kids think that behaviour was inappropriate, strange and not right at all? What is wrong with kids these days!''

My older sister, Sandita, the only one in my family who knows about my abuse, saw the look on my face and tried to reason with Mama. ''But Mama,'' Sandita said, ''these kids were scared. They didn't know what to do. These adults overpowered them and gained their trust. That's what pedophiles do. Deep down, these kids know its wrong...but there's a lot of conflicted feelings going on. Part of their bodies feel right and respond accordingly while their brain is telling them 'NO!' But it's fear that holds these kids back. They're afraid of being blamed, bullied, not taken seriously, disowned by their families, or even ... they're lost. They just don't know where to go, who to trust. They keep letting it happen because they think it's their fault and they deserve it somehow. They don't know how to fight back.''

And my mom just shook her head. ''Still. Kids should be brought up to know right from wrong. They should have programs in schools or something that teach kids it's wrong when someone touches you inappropriately. They should teach kids how to defend themselves, how to find help when there's a problem. These kids aren't that young though. I can understand if they were 4-10. But if you're 11, 12, should know better!''

Sandita sighed and gave up, and then she turned to me. I didn't know what to say. I was just disappointed that my mom would respond like that. Would she blame me if she knew? Would she think I was too ignorant and foolish to learn to go to someone? Would she think I should have known better for letting the abuse continue this long? I asked to be excused before visiting hours were over and one of the nurses took me back to my room where I cried myself to sleep.


That's it. I love my mom but she's too close-minded. I can never tell her what happened to me. Not when I was 14, and certainly not what happened between myself and some of my Senseis at school in Japan. She just doesn't understand and she never will. She only knows about my best friend and co-founder Shanti :iconcrippled-glass-wings: because we adopted her. Not legally. But she's part of our family in spirit. Mama doesn't know the whole truth. She only knows Shanti was abused by her brother, but not the details of the abuse. She doesn't know how Ishaan took sexual advantage of both Shanti and I for nearly five years. I never told my family except Sandita.I wanted to tell them all as a family. That's why I was making the comic, ''Wing of Crippled Glass'' (in which this group is named after and Shanti's dA username). It keeps getting delayed though. My father is dead, and we have to file a restraining order against Ishaan. So these are obstacles. Now I'm reluctant to make the comic. My mom would hate me if she knew. And I can't bear that. I already lost Papa. I don't want to lose her too. I need my family the most right now but I'm deathly scared what will happen if they eventually know the truth.
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Foxy screenshot by cometgazer379

And what is this? :eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636  It looks like Foxy is still with us!
(OH MY GOD THEY HAVE A GAMEROOM) The map is way bigger as well!
Screenshot 2 by cometgazer379

This looks like it may be pirate cove, but it's renamed to "Kid's Cove."
Screenshot by cometgazer379

What's that in the corner? Hmmm

Also, they said that there are NO DOORS! OH MY GODDDDDDD
:excited: I'M SO EXCITEDexcited happy :excited: revamp... again. :excited: excited Excited Blush :excited: rvmp *raves in office chair :chairdance: 
This is the most annoying sentence I ever had to deal with. Right up there with people trying to agitate me.
(Please stop doing that, by the way. My temper is shot and through the roof at the same time.)

Now, I know, I know. It's just an innocent statement.
"I wish I could draw like you."
"I wish I could animate!"
"I wish, I wish, I wishhh."

You aren't going anywhere wishing. Do it! It took me two years to build myself up and I'm still shitty as all hell. Calm down. I shouldn't be revered.
"I've been drawing for five years and I'm still worse than you -_-"

Now shut up.
People grow at different rates. I only grow as fast as I did because I drew every day. Every single day without stopping. It's a miracle that I didn't get carpal tunnel, that's how much I drew.
((I didn't draw, honestly, I doodled and the majority of the time fucked around with a pencil.))

"I wish I could animate".
Ah yes, another statement that looks innocent.
Listen, if you can draw you can animate.
And if you have any use of your hands, you can draw.
Shittily, nicely, I don't care. You can draw.
And similarly, you won't get anywhere wishing. Pick up a program! It doesn't have to be anything special.
It can be MS Paint or Paint Tool SAI! Photoshop! Paint.NET! FireAlpaca! It doesn't need to cost money.

Things like Macromedia Flash and Sony Vegas only make the process easier and faster. You can do the same things with Windows Movie Maker. I should know, I used it before I got Sony Vegas and Macromedia Flash.

((Also, if you complain to me that your fucking program is shitty I will backhand you in the face. There is no such thing as a shitty program.))
((((Yes, I'm biased towards MSPaint.))))

It's just going to be harder, but you can make do.

Put your feet in the person you're telling that to's shoes.
What the hell are we supposed to say? "You'll be okay". "Just keep working!" "You're doing fine."
It's awkward! Are you going to take it as an insult? A compliment?
This is why I worry about how I respond.
I don't sound like it but I do.

Stop wishing, and start doing. Go.

/end rant

Rant: Artists Don't Owe You Anything

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2014, 8:27 AM
Almost getting tired of saying this for every rant journal, but...the opinions here are my own and you don't have to agree. If you don't, fine. If you do, thanks!

You know, I don't mind it when someone occasionally asks me if my commissions are open or asks if I do requests. Even though it says my commissions and requests are closed, I tend to be lenient and understand they may not have noticed or seen it at the top of my page, and I absolutely love doing gifts for people when I can and when the urge hits me. But have you ever noticed how some people act as though random artists owe them free art? Yes, art is a huge part of our lives, but it's not the entirety of our existence. We do other things too.

No, they don't want to draw you porn for free. They don't want to draw your overdone, rainbow-vomit OC. They don't want to draw you anything because they don't know you and have never talked to you before. Get over yourself. Lose the holier-than-thou act and draw something for yourself.

My girlfriend told me about some friends of hers who did commissions but also had jobs that took up their time so the commissions were put on hold and then they got bitched at because they couldn't 'do the commissions right NAO'. Yes, they wouldn't have opened commissions had they not needed the money and it's great you paid them, but that job also helps with the cash flow and you should realize that they do commissions as a way to make money, not JUST for the commissioners to get their precious art. That's actually one reason I rarely open point commissions. I have a life, I have other things to do, and on top of that, I'm an extremely slow worker. I don't want to have to deal with people griping because I couldn't get their stuff done immediately.

And then you have the people who CONSTANTLY ask if someone's requests, trades, or commissions are open (again, occasionally is okay. Just don't badger us about our artistic availability) even though it's plastered all over their page that they're CLOSED, then they wonder why the artists get pissed off. Uh...maybe because you're harassing them about drawing you free stuff? :facepalm:

Ugh... just a little tired of people acting as though artists owe them their lives because 'our talents are simply for the pleasure of others, you know'. //sarcasm... Sometimes we draw for our own pleasure, not for fame or just because we're expected to fulfil every little request. I'm happy to have *most* of my watchers understand that life sometimes overtakes my art and I can't always draw for them. I appreciate that, guys.

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Tue Oct 21, 2014, 4:01 PM
Cuties (animated) by Sparkle-Bliss



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guys i found the trailer of  FNAF 2

chek it out!!!!!



EDIT OF PURE TERROR. HORRIFYING SCREENSHOTS… Old Chica and New Bonnie crawl through the vents. ;-;… IT HAS TWO FUCKING HEADS
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Hello people. As you may already have seen, a new trailer for FNAF 2 was released as seen here.

So, i decided to count the number of animatronics that are revealed.

Okay, we have Old Freddy:
Grand Re-Opening 2015 by kinginbros2011

New Bonnie:
Bonnie's new...look by kinginbros2011

Old Bonnie:
Where's Bonnie's Face by kinginbros2011

New Foxy:

Foxy's girlfriend? by kinginbros2011

Old Foxy:
Foxy, you look horrible by kinginbros2011

Old Chica:
533 by kinginbros2011

New Freddy alongside New Bonnie:
87b by kinginbros2011

And New Chica:

1b2 by kinginbros2011

That's 8 animatronics people. Holy crap.

And, there are probably more lurking out there.
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