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It's out. It's finally out.

I had a terrible night, so watching this was just amazing. I can't thank Max enough for making this, I'm so happy.

I really love the idea of the animatronics seeing each other as normal 'animals', but the humans still seeing them as robots. That makes so much sense, I just--

Wow. Wow. Thank you, Max. Thank you so much for making this. It was worth the wait.
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If i get more than 10 favs on this journal ill make a master post confession journal

the max ill do it 30 sorry
be warned,, you might hate me after i say confess some of this stuff hah A,,

Please look at this

Sun Apr 19, 2015, 11:52 AM
Scourge is love. Scourge is life.

This came on my tumblr dashboard and I felt like this needed to be shown. Especially when I read something a friend of mine had said. Stay strong in your time of doubt and hurt. Because I'll always support you and those in your life who matter will too. Heart 


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Ok, This is my first giveaway that will be completed!
I'm excited for this, and I have extra :points: now so I can do this :3
This will end, one month from now. May 20th.


Yep! That's it! Just favorite this journal and comment anything you want :3

If you already have a PM you can say:

"I am doing this for my friend, : devmyfriend :"

or something like that :3

Extra numbers:

You can get an extra number by:

-Making a journal with the link to this and info on it(must link it to me)
-Tagging five friend(for every five you will get one number)
-Feature in a group(one group per person)

That's all for now! Good luck!!


Journal Entry: Sun Apr 19, 2015, 10:00 AM

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[RAFFLE] Thank you for 900 Watchers! + inactivity

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 19, 2015, 5:43 AM

First of all I'm really sry for the inactivity in the past days xx I have my final exams atm & I have to learn for my math & chemistry test on tuesday & friday QQ So pls be patient with me, I will work on Commissions & Trades & other owed stuff after my chemistry test uu 

But now smth that is more pleasant...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 900 WATCHERS! QQ Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much Q//////Q

as a little thank you I will host a a little Raffle! 
two people can win a Chibi like this:

[p] Tamaki Fighting by xNoakix3[p] Ren and Nio by xNoakix3[t] Kavaro by xNoakix3

What do you have to do to enter the Raffle?

:bulletgreen: you have to be a watcher, this raffle is for previous watchers only! normally new watchers are always welcome, but this time I want to thank the ppl who supported me in the past & not the ppl who just watch so they can enter

:bulletgreen: fav this journal!

:bulletgreen: write a nice comment & include why you want to win! c: ( it doesn't have to be long, just some litte words are enough c: )

=> you will get a number & I will chose the winner with a random generator on friday the 24th! 

If you don't follow the rules I will just ignore you, I'm tired of telling ppl that they have to read the journal clearly


Sorry to disappoint you, but no.  This journal entry is not going to give you a step by step guide on how to deal with internet trolls.  But it is going to give you several examples of what someone with a large internet following goes through on a daily basis and how trolls are dealt with by them.  It's not the only way (or the right way, admittedly) but this needs to be told.  I don't consider myself famous or a big name, far from it.  But I do have a significantly large following that results in me receiving a lot of messages which is proving to be very time consuming.

I have always tried to keep the communication between myself and you guys as open as possible; reply to notes, emails, youtube comments ect when I can.  I try to be as authentic as possible.  I am not an actress, the person you hear on my videos, is me.  Mad Munchkin is me in every sense of the word.  Admittedly she is a little more exaggerated.  But at the same time, she is also a persona.  She is my avatar.  Her personality is me.  This allows people to get to know me, while also keeping my IRL me safe and separate.   Unfortunately I get so many messages through various websites that its difficult to reply to them all right away, and even then, some do slip through the net and don't get replies at all.  I want to tell you; you all deserve replies from me when you send me messages, and I can only apologize if I don't reply.  Its nothing personal, its just very difficult to keep track of.  As such I have decided that I will no longer be reading or replying to youtube comments or messages.  I had to drop a ball, and the youtube one was the first to drop.  I have said several times in videos to not ask for commissions through youtube.  You will not get anywhere due to the youtube commenting system being flawed and useless.  It is nothing personal.  Other more famous youtubers reply, but most of the time it is because they have a team working with them.  I am on my own here.  It is far better to send private notes through deviant art, or the official mad munchkin face book page.  This does not guarantee a reply right away, but it is far more likely that I am going to at least see and read what you send me.  But hey, I'm only human.  I can't reply to everything right away.  But there's a story here that needs to be told.  I warn you now, this is rather dark and morbid and made me so physically sick that the colour from my face drained.

I should probably tell you guys before I get into it that I am a person of faith.  I try my best to think positive and give people the benefit of the doubt.  But, I am not a push over.  If someone is going to treat me like shit, I am not going to put up with it, or ignore it.  Ignoring something, or pretending its not there, doesn't make it go away or solve the problem.  I am talking not only about internet trolls, cyber bulling or online harassment.  I am talking about keeping yourself safe and secure while online.  It is your own responsibility. 

The most common thing I am asked is 'can you please draw my OC/ orginal character.'  I am more than happy to do this.  However, I do not make art for free.  I do not do requests, or art trades.  I work on a commission basis.  I run a business, and my artwork is my product I am selling.  You can buy art on my ebay shop or etsy shop, or pay for commissions.  Commissions are one of a kind pieces of art that a client asks for.  Since commissions cannot be resold, I have to charge more for this service.  On the most part, people understand that they need to pay.  And hey, this is a subject Ive brought up over and over and does not need repeating...  Unfortunately, back in February, I discovered someone (who shall be named Troll A) that they didn't like that I would not draw them free art, and decided to make a video on their youtube channel, publicly bashing me personally.

Now look, those of you who know me will know I do have a tendency to over react, and I do not handle trolls well.  That comes with being a Scot; we have no sense of tact.  But this was more than just a public comment.  This was a video that Troll A made; went out of their way to make.  They said in the video they respected me, but then slagged me off for not making art for free for them.  They then continued to further bash other famous youtube reviewers (some of whom I know and have worked with and consider them good friends), using our characters without out permission, portraying them doing horrific and violent things to his OC.  Troll A openly admitted to being an internet troll and is proud of this.  I sent him a message and we talked it over email and eventually came to an understanding.  He apologized for what he did, but admitted he did not see how he had done anything wrong. I forgave him but also told him to not contact me again to protect my own safety as well as his.  This was back in Feburary 2015.

Last week, I received an email from someone (who shall be named Troll B).  They had sent me an email saying that they had found Troll A's account, and saw what they had been saying about me, and that they were going to hunt them down and kill them.  Troll B sent me emails with photoshopped pictures of Troll A's head decapitated on a silver platter, with the words; "I'll send you the real thing one day."  This person has also been commenting on Troll A's youtube account (I saw because I was tagged in one of the comments) telling Troll A he was going to kill him.  Troll B had also commented on my googleplus, my youtube account.  Some people I met in the Rift Chat (which I have left) room has also seen these messages and I thank them for standing up for me, and also protecting Troll A's safety.  Troll A had mentioned on his discussion page on youtube about Troll B's threats, and said he was scared.  I don't blame him.  So was I, because it was a result of my content I had posted online.

I received an email from Troll A, telling me that he was scared, but also found it bizarre that someone would be sending him threats at all.  I replied telling him that although his video was very cruel and low, what Troll B was doing was the worst thing I have ever seen anyone do online.  People get arrested for sending this kind of stuff.  If these messages were done on paper, this would be an arrestable offence.  I told him to save the messages he was receiving and to report it to the authorities.  Hey, to some this is just a sick joke, but to others its very serious and could lead to something awful happening.  I wanted to make sure the guy was safe.  I told him that I got his back.  I lost sleep, I cried about it, worried that some whacko was going to go and hurt someone just because he made a stupid  video bashing me on the internet.  I admit, I may have over reacted, but this was a bashing of me personally, not my internet content.  I can handle criticism, but making it personal?  That's a big no no in my book.  If you can't construct an argument and just resort to bullying and trolling, I'm not going to go to your house and punch you in the face...seriously...I hate the video, not the guy that made it.  People do stupid things when they're angry.  But people are people.  This is the internet.  Worse things happen.  I've had a similar experience happen a little closer to home, in a far more serious way, which I won't go into) and for some reason, when it happens on line, it is not taken seriously.  I tried speaking about this in chat rooms and I was told to change the subject. Listen, I'm all for affirmations and thinking positive, but being positive does not mean living in denial and pretending bad things don't happen.  That's not thinking positive, that's living in storybook land.  If you guys want to get your work out there you need to be aware of the crap that comes with it.  I'm not trying to scare you, I just want you to know what you're in for so you are prepared.

A few days had passed.  Then on the 18th of April, I received an email from Troll A.  He made a confession that Troll A and Troll B were in fact the same person.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

This was the email that made me physically sick.  Not the photoshopped pictures of the decapitated head.

This person went out of their way, made a new email account, youtube account, new google account, sent death threats TO HIMSELF, sent them to me as well, made me worry for this guy's safety, and all the was the same damn guy.

Now obviously this guy has some serious mental issues.  I hope the guy gets help.  But at the same time, I have lost faith in humanity.  It's made me more cautious about every message I receive now, making me paranoid that its this guy again.  I have taken every precaution possible, blocked him from contacting me in every avenue.  However it is so easy to just set up new accounts that it doesn't make it stop, and there will be more tolls out there that will do the same thing.  

This is a very real thing, and I'm sure people reading this have been through far worse.  But for me, this has really shaken me to my core.  I did not think anyone could sink so low.  This was psychotic, pointless and evil.  It's disgusting.  

But I'm not stopping.

I'm still going to post my art and my videos online.  I am not hurting anyone or insulting anyone personally.  Sure I'll offend people with what I say and do, but hey, that's life.  You can't say anything without offending someone.  Hell, there will be people thinking that I deserved this treatment because of how my work is interpreted.  There's no such thing as a wrong interpretation, but common sense and courtesy is free.  Think about how you respond and behave on the internet. Don't start thinking that because you have anonymity that you are safe.  That is not true.  People need to be educated on how to keep themselves safe online without feeling the need to start shutting people out.  I am very much an open book and I love you guys, and because I love you, I want you to know what I go through on a weekly basis.  This is just an example of some of the stuff I receive.  

You have every right to be offended.  

No one has the right not to be offended.  Think about that.

Trolls will always exist.  Its a sad truth.  But how you behave and react to them is something that needs a lot of tact.  Most people will say; 'don't feed the trolls'.  'ignore the bullies'.  'Switch off your computer or phone.'  Yeh, that's like saying;  'ignore that spark of flame.  Ignore that drop of water.  Turn the other cheak.'  Yeh...ok.  Sparks cause fires and drops cause ripples.  Ignoring something DOESN'T MAKE IT DISAPPEAR.  Thinking things over, talking to someone, venting about it to someone you know helps.  Trolls want us to stop expressing ourselves.  They want us to remain mediocre and unimportant.  

TROLLS KILL CREATIVITY.  That is their roll.

But like I said.  I am not stopping.  I am going to; 'stay creative.' because you guys are too important to me to stop. 

Sorry for another depressing journal entry.  I want to be real with you.  I'm not sugar coating anything for you guys.  This is reality.  

Thanks for reading.
Reliable dudebro arrives from concert to take me for a cruise
Dudebro and I are hungry
Rediscovers phone autocorrects "fucking" to "Gucci"
Me being in charge, I say head to the furthest mcdonalds
Get there, go in, nice lady gives me 40 nuggets and we leave
encounter car crash remains, wait 20 minutes or so to pass it

realize we forgot soda
quest begins
ends up like trying to get a ring from mordor

dudebro says he'll take me anywhere
I say broadway
I dont tell him where to stop so we end up on Congress (smack in downtown tucson, right where i wanted to go)
i love city air and skyscrapers
so many clubs open rn party time
still no soda

See carl's jr
hit it
drive thru because im not wearing a bra and im wearing boxers
yes i went inside the mcdonalds but there was no one there
dude in front of us SITS THERE FOR LIKe 10 MINUTES
chick behind us honking at asshole at the menu sign
not sure if anyone is in the car or if theyre dead at this point
still no soda
get out of line, discover someone called the cops on fuckboy at menu
still no soda

get on freeway
no one on
turn on the gospels of our lord and savior lana del bae
dudebro monotone signs summertime sadness and im a bit scared but happy he follows the lord
take wrong exit jokes on him i didnt say shit i was distracted by nil on snapchat
get stuck at train before we realized we were fucked
2 trains, each 3 miles long
dead end past trains
dudebro brings up aliens and i push my seat to the ground so i cant see out the window 
turn around after saying fuck like 30 times
still no soda

cop takes 5 minutes at menu sign
starting to doubt the existence of soda
chug that shit in the parking lot
best dp ive ever had

dudebro owes me 20 bucks
best night ever i had so much fun

I give 1-3 month Premium Membership to one Deviant Artist ever month.

Normally people sent notes asking for points/PM which kinda pisses me a bit because there are so many giveaways going on everyday. so I decided to give Premium Membership every month to one artist I like most at the time. 
If you want 1-3 months membership show me your work. I'll check out your gallery and decide on my own, also it will depend on your personally. 
I have been doing this for 3 months now. it's hard to look for artist myself so I want them to come to me instead ^_^


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mini sorteo/raffle

Sat Apr 18, 2015, 10:51 PM

Para Participar Debes/ That You Have To Do:

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