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Oh my! Floppy Giveaway

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 3:14 PM
I totally forgot I was going to start a giveaway today!! LOL OMG terrible.Emoji30 

Starter Floppys by StarMassacreRadio Star Floppy by StarMassacreAppleJack Teddy Style by StarMassacreFloppy Size by StarMassacre

Floppy Gallery…

TO ENTER!Emoji04 

Just make a journal and link it. I will assign everyone a number and then raffle a number. Hurray!
Winner will be chosen on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1st!
Yes, I will ship international! Join, My faraway friends!

Okay, Time to go finish up Trades! I am going to Post bomb those in bulk as well!

Btw, Want to make your own floppy? I use TEACUPLION's Pattern!…

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I’ve harped on about this before and I’m going to do it again…..and again and again…..until people stop doing it.

I do not fave pictures that have watermarks right across them.

This isn’t me being monumentally arrogant and thinking that I alone faving a piece of work bestows upon it some kind of greatness. This is just me having an artistic eye.
If you’ve slaved to create the most astounding piece of work to have ever graced the galleries of deviantart, something that puts all your peers to shame and will remain a benchmark that others aim to match for years to come…..and then across the middle of it you decide to slap a watermark that you spent 5 minutes farting out: you just f**ked up your artwork. You have added something that detracts from my enjoyment of the piece and I’m not going to fave it.

There are a number of brilliant artists out there who I’m on the verge of unfollowing, simply because it irks me so much to see a tacky watermark (or worse, the default DA skidmark) ruining what would otherwise be a beautiful image.

Free to use: profile layout

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 7:39 PM

*Updated a few points to make them clearer!*

Alright there are only two rules to this thing:

> YOU MUST ALWAYS CREDIT ME WHEN YOU USE IT. (just make the mention super tiny or something, I don't care, so long as I am given credit)
> Do not claim it as your own, ever. If somebody wants to use it, you link them to this journal. <3 thanks!

✁- - -First Impressions- - -

First name > 
Last name >
Physical age >
Mental age >
Sex > 
Gender >
Sexual Preference >
Relationship Status >
Voice > 
Biography >

✁- - -Physique- - -

Species >
Height >
Weight >
Eye Colour >
Hair Colour >
Typical Hair Style >
Skin Tone >
Body Type >
Tattoo's >
Piercings >
Scars >
Most Noticeable Feature >

✁- - -Mentality & More- - -

Personality >
Optimist or Pessimist >
Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert >
Absolutely Love > (this is where you put your likes)
Absolutely Despise > (this is where you put your dislikes)
Greatest Talents >
Worst Flaws >
Platonic Relations > (platonic means not intimate, so basically your friends/enemies/whatever)

✁- - -Other- - -

Current Job >
Previous Job >
Favourite Past time >
Favourite Colour >
Favourite Food >
Anything else >

Once upon a time....

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 9:01 AM
Alex and Stripes were in fact together. they met just after he had become a zombie at 16 or so. He was the sweetest undead creature in all the land.

He had run into her one day after murdering and instantly fell for her. After he told her how pretty she was she took the time to hang our with him a few times before dating. 

When he was 17 she took him to meet her father. Her father blatently approved of Alex banging Stripes, leaving Al really confused but Stripes was happy anyway. 

When he was 22 he had adopted Lulu as his younger sister. After finding what Zalgo did to her he went to stripes for help to rebel against him. He tried to convince her but her obedience to her father was too great. 

After one swift argument he left her, leaving both him and her heartbroken. 

Now he is 24, the older brother to Rodger and Lucy. He is a heavy drinker, smoker and he has adopted a very assholish attitude toward everyone. He tried dating another girl but it wasn't the same as Stripes so they didn't last long. 

200 Point Giveaway!

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 8:41 PM
Profile | Gallery | Inbox

La jumping in Points 

I have been generously gifted, and want to pass some love along!

Points Quick rules:

+fav Fave this journal, it will be your number.

The end!

Although if you would like to watch Added to my devWatch!, check out my art  Hi!, and generally become friends Hug, I'll be quite glad to know you, send singing llamas, and give you a feature if you win! :) (Smile)
The raffle will end on April 4th, 2015…my 1st deviantART birthday! Happy DeviantART Birthday 

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Holy frijoles, I draw ONE kinda ship-teasy thing and I get back no less than THREE fan-foal designs overnight for Pandora and Cupcake.

Ask Powdered Munchkin and Hectic Sparkle! by MoonSaphirre  Perseus( Hectic ) Sparkle by MoonSaphirreFlapjack - PanCake by unoriginaI

Say whaaaaat? You guys really do blow me away, I'm so happy to have such wonder (and endlessly creative) watchers. :D
Speaking of watchers, I hit 5K a while ago! Thank you, everybody, I promise I've got a ton of crazy awesome art planned. ;) My comp was repaired my my dear tech geek friend, who also did me the honor of replacing all the missing screws and broken hinge so it's no longer held together with duct tape and prayers. XD

-Also, regarding my latest poll, thank you all for your kind words. I do take myself too seriously and am way too selective about what I post here (You guys only see like...4% of the stuff I draw in a week). From now on, the floodgates will open. You guys will get way more silly doodles, mixed in with regular illustrative work.:)
Another more raffle for you guys QvQ ! 
The only think that you have to do to enter is :

 Bullet; Green Be a watcher ! 
    Bullet; Green Fave this journal ! 
Bullet; Green And have a visual character reference ! (no need to post it now haha c: )
Winners will be able to choose between a chibi or icon. Samples here (chibi style may change a bit ! ):
[Com] Lisbeth - Juuri-no-sekai by Nelliette[RAFFLE] Limette - miriamdrawschibi by Nelliette[Comm] Caseykinz by NellietteC4 - JigokuShii by Nelliette
Madoka - F2U by NellietteIcon commissions batch 1 by Nelliette
Raffle will be open from today to 20 of february(more or less), when I'll choose 2 winners with I won't be answering comments here unless there is any question, but I appreciate and read them, for sure <3 




Note me or comment if you're one of the winners <3
any points donated to me, I'll give back DOUBLEEEE!!!!! e.g. you send me 1000 points i will give you back 2000!!! 

p.s. im sorry for any long waits im working and getting spam with requests :s i appreciate your patience
I've been planning to do this for a while but didn't have time because of school x)
but now tests are over I finally have time again!

to enter this you'll have to:
1. fave this journal 
2. be my watcher ;)
3. write a journal/poll about this giveaway and post the link in comments below

I'll use to choose winners

there'll be a winner for each of the three categories

category oneeee
you get a animated pixel headshot of your choice! examples below
Commission: Rockey by MocochiaKuroko pixel by Mocochia

category twoooo
you get a mini pixel full body! ^o^

Commission: Macaron by MocochiaPixel doll (commission open!) by Mocochia

category threeee *drumrollllll

you get a normal pixel full body!
R:Experimental Pixel by MocochiaCommission: Lucia by Mocochia

winners will be chosen February 1st! (may be extended)