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Trying something different for fun 

I'm about 110 lamas away from 2000
so I'm gonna do a Kiriban for the person who gives me my 2000th llama
So send me llamas if u have to already and see if you're the lucky one
winner gets a fullbody coloured sketch

also I'm gonna do a raffle (just cause I want to)
all you have to do is be a watcher of mine and fav this journal
winner gets a fullbody coloured image (ferals/anthros only)

i will ill pick a winner by random number generator in 48hrs from now

ok go and have fun <33 
so i decided screw it ill just hold a raffle anyway xD this is my first raffle so im super excited xxx

to recieve a raffle number you must be watching me and fave this journal then comment done 
for a extra number you must share this raffle on a NEW journal entry -please post the thumb in your comment
only 2 numbers per deviant 
the number will be choosen through a random number generator

 prizes : 

  anime half body with background by :iconmeetingmanga: 
anime half body with background by :iconmintycatart:
sketch commission by :iconnuxu:
one coloured full body by :iconccrazyisme:
  anime half body without background by :iconmeetingmanga:
a coloured chibi by :iconinlinverst:

starsuchi - 22
ThirdheiR  - 23

im looking for deviant artist to donate prizes <33 
prizes donated can be : artwork commisions and or points <3

end date will be decided within the next few hours xx

donators may also participate in the raffle 
 i will try to give you your entry numbers as soon as i can you will recieve them so just be patient

( i am not responsible for any prizes donated but my own please contact the prize giver for information )


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 26, 2015, 5:08 PM

Note: Im going to curse a lot.

I just listened to someone whine on Instagram that went something along the lines of this: I hate it when I commission someone and they take 4-5 months to get it to me but its already done. Their excuses are "Something came up with my family" or "My scanner stopped working" like I am I supposed to fucking care?

They didnt say this to me. And I seriously want the ability to punch people through the internet. Give them a real black eye.
I have a few things to say about that:
1. Yeah, you better care. Why? Cause thats money you gave them, you know? The green cloth thing that will get you literally everything you need to survive? Yeah that. Respecting how that commissioner works is one trait you better have before even asking for a commission.
2. I say no refunds after Ive started sketching. If I finished a commission and my mom died a few days later, you bet your ass Im not getting on the fucking internet to upload your commission. Suck it the fuck up and wait. Youre still getting the commission. Who cares if its a little late? If you want to bitch about it being late, go ahead. I already informed no refunds, and if YOURE treating ME like shit, I have every right to even decline uploading at all.
3. I take about a month or a little longer to complete commissions. Im sure thats not too bad because - A. Im in college in a month and need to fill out a shitton of paperwork before I get started. B. Im trying to do my own art too so I dont flip shit about how much commissions I have to finish. C. It stresses me out so I need time to breathe - no that doesnt mean time to draw. D. I have a dog. He gets sick too sometimes. He needs to be hourly taken care of - in other words, I NEED TO TAKE HIM OUT SO HE CAN SHIT. E. I have other active family matters that occur quite often. F. Fuck, I can go on forever. Point of this one is: a lot of artists have busy lives. Respect that or dont fucking commission them?
4. MY CINTIQ ISNT WORKING. So I cant do anything about the digital commission I have until its fixed. Its actually supposed to be up and running soon but commissioners also have to respect that our materials are not invincible and when broken, need time to be fixed. But in the meantime, I work on other stuff so Im not just stuck.
5. I can go on for ages about how artists lives can be VERY busy and stressful, just as much as everyone elses can, and being a bitch about it only adds to it. So how about you like, chill, and be happy that theyre completing your commission at all.

If I run into whiny commissioners, Ill have absolutely no issue declining their request for one, and asking them to leave me alone.
Its funny how openly disrespectful someone can be about peoples IMPORTANT LIVES.

. Project Atlas .

let me draw ur oc dying

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 26, 2015, 6:18 PM
i rlly wanna draw gore since i haven't for a while and i thought it'd be fun
i had a cool idea-

okay so most people know this song //or not idk around Halloween people make vids to this/


and i was wanting to do one too but in my own version //i might cut out bits of the song or use my characters as fillers)

it'd be a PMV of sorts (picture music video, not animated bc i fail but i might try on some pics)

it might be done by Halloween (a few months away bc i'm slow with stuff and i want it to look good RIP)
OR it might be done early depending on how much i work on it
i'm not definite on the style i'm gonna use but probably something similar to this
Your Bridges Are Burning And The Tables Are Turnin by Draghanell
(shading/some highlights but not many/etc) but i'd use a texture over it and make the overall drawing/video be dark and grimey looking
to make it spoopy B'^)

you link me a character you want in the video
i'd draw your character dying the way it's sung in the song (bonus points if your character has the same name/actually dies that way in their backstory A++)
most drawings will have a background of some kind, as i need to practice on them
so it's a win/win either way tbh

here are the spots (letters??)
just comment below to claim a letter (some of them i chose oops)
no humans please
if you comment without adding what letter i'll probably choose someone else (your oc will still make a cameo!)

A is for Amber who drowned in a pool (alliegator99)
B is for Billy was eaten by ghouls (quardiian)
C is for Curt with disease in the brain (Foxbunni)
D is for Daniel derailed on a train (DesteryZombieBunny)
E is for Eric who's buried alive (illegaI)
F is for Frank who was stabbed through the eye (technoliqhts)
G is for Greg who died in the womb (leosbi) (TBH THIS ONE SEEMS ODD LOL)
H is for Heather who was sealed in a tomb (starconsumer)
I is for Isaac who lost his front brakes (foxlore)
J is for Johnny, was bitten by snakes (legitimate-fries)
K is for Kimmy was shot in the head (Mine, Drag)
L is for Larry who bled and bled (EmpoweredHades6)
M's for Marie who was burned to a crisp (guroshark)
N is for Nick who was pummeled by fists (Mine, Liie)
O is for Olive who lived life too fast (baequaza)
P is for Pat who swallowed some glass (golbats)
Q is for Quentin who took the wrong trail (Midnightflaze)
R is for Raina who rotted in jail (Grass-Whistle)
S is for Steve who was shot by a bow (ZeroPercentLove)
T is for Tory who froze in the snow (Kainaa)
U is for Urich who was trampled by hooves (tumblingwords)
V is for Vanessa who fell off a roof (araitee)
W is for Will who was hit by a car (Mine, Verloren)
X is for Xavier who sunk in the tar (pillpotion)
Y is Yessy who fell from a plane (madispazz)
Z is for Zack who simply went insane (Mine, RAVV)


that was fast omg
anyone claiming a spot/linking a character now will make cameos in backgrounds and other parts of the song//
v u v

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Heeeeeeeeeeey, so guess who decided to bring their PC with them to college this time? XD

Guess I will be drawing digital/colored stuff still! Still not sure how frequently I'll be able to update but yay! Let me know if you still want me to do some sketches and stuff for you guys to color like last school year XD
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So I decided to have some fun with the first week of school and want to host a contest! The winner will receive a $50 cash prize (also available in points).


1. Pick one of my OCs to draw.
2. Perks given if my OC is interacting with one of yours, or if you draw more than one of my OCs in the same drawing!
3. Effort must be given! I will not consider quick sketches as possible winners.
4. Must be colored.
5. If submitting a taken picture, it must be good quality.
6. Can be pixelated, animated, or just a regular drawing.
7. Paste a link of your drawing in the comments of this journal HERE.
8. You may enter as many times as you like before the deadline.
9. If you spread the word by posting this journal on your own, and sending me the link, you'll be automatically entered to win a prize of me drawing one of your own OCs!
10. You do not need to be watching me to enter. :)


All entries must be submitted in the comment section of this journal by Saturday, September 5th at 11:59 PM. Late entries will not be accepted. Sorry. A winner will be announced on Sunday, September 6th.


The winner will receive a $50 cash prize (also available in points) and a free custom Gemisus pony! Spreading the word by posting this journal in your own and sending me the link will automatically enter you to win a prize of me drawing one of YOUR own OCs!
I just want you ALL to know that you're all amazing, and I'm not just saying that!

You're all original, and you're all very special and amazing because you're you. If you're depressed, please don't give up just yet. There's always good after the bad, no matter how bad the bad may be. 

I hope you guys have an awesome day, and please feel better if you're sad or sick!

Got Writer's Block?

Wed Aug 26, 2015, 2:25 PM
I'm gonna start a new thing. I find awesome articles about writing all the time, and I'm going to start sharing them here in my journals and then hopefully get a discussion going about them in the comments.

First up, this article from shared the result of a study examining different ways 2,000 writers overcame writer's block. Some are pretty standard, but some of their ideas are definitely outside the box. Check it out:

I'm a personal fan of cutting the internet and breaking out one of my many fountain pens for a good, old-fashioned writing session. Sometimes jazz helps. But what do you think? Have you ever used any of these methods? Do you have your own techniques for beating writer's block? Please share! :eager:

Things to Check Out:

PostRevival is currently open for snail-mail participants for its September letter writing exchange! Go check it out and sign up! It's super fun!
NaNoPlotMo is gearing up for its September plot workshop! Go check out the resource features and FAQs forum!

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Help me? + Important News

Wed Aug 26, 2015, 4:43 PM

Hi my confettis! <3 Hope you're doing fine!

Thank you to all my new watchers for following me! :heart:
I hope all of you are enjoying my work so far! <3

I decided to present my journals with different topics.
This one is gonna mostly talk about... well, moi.


Since alot of people are kinda wondering why I never talk about myself, I decided to just let people
know how I've been doing for the past few months.

I'm almost about to get back to work just like everyone, and it's been short months of rest. (Short because time passes fast when you draw lol)
I've been feeling okay, just having some moments of harsh sadness. ;//v//; I finally got the amazing idea
to talk about it with someone lol so I have to thank a close friend of mine for being here, listening to me,
and just being honestly one of the sweetest people I met on this website. ( #fuckyouhank She might recognize herself X//DD)

Otherwise, I've been super happy to hear everyone's support lately, it's just been so great <333 I'm glad I keep people inspired and entertained.
I'm just so damn happey!! Q//w//Q :heart:
Your support and gifts keep me going through all the bad times I have. So please... Never stop... I really appreciate it. I really do. <333
Talking about supporting me...

I have some apologies to give you all...

Comments Activity Promised projects


Ah... Comments. I feel like I am going to be deceiving to all of you Q///~///Q;;

So... Many of you know that since a few months I've been promising to reply to all the comments I had, no matter how much time it took, during my holidays.
I did reply to comments... But not all of them. I won't say the numbers of comments I have right now, but I'll just let you know it's a question of thousands of comments. (+ notes, but I am able to reply to those all the way)

I am now thinking if I can actually continue to care about answering to ALL of them...
My studies are gonna start again, and they'll be harder than my last ones. So, less time to draw. So, even more less time to reply to comments.

Yes, I know you guys have been waiting for it.
Yes, I know that other artists that get as many messages as me are able to reply.
Yes, I know that some of you think I'm just lazy.

I'm not. Well I am, but it's human X//DDDDD

I've just got so many things to do. Drawing already takes alot of time... Studies will take ALL of my time... I have to sleep, take care of my family, and my friends.
I would LOVE to be able to reply to all of them. I really, REALLY do; almost all of you guys are absolute sweethearts, I wish I could NEVER lose your support!
You don't know how scared I was to post this journal for months! I always tried to stop myself, so I could say "You CAN do it. Just go and reply. It will take your time, but that's what people want."
But is the "that's what people want" not too harsh... I don't know. I really don't.

The only thing I wanted was not to be called "one of those artists that are too busy being assholes to reply to their followers".
I'm terrified of having people seeing someone I'm not, just because I don't have the time.
Also, I'm REALLY scared that you guys would stop commenting if I wouldn't reply...

It really worried me.

But now that my break is almost over, I have to admit it; I can't do it.
I'm so... so sorry. I just can't reply to ALL the comments. Q//___//Q I just... I just can't manage to delete them. So many sweet messages...
When I think about deleting them, my heart REALLY starts to ache. I'm feeling terrible.
It's like I'm betraying you guys. And I hate that.

I know most of you are telling me that it's fine, but to me it feels so selfish.
I just need your view on this. Q//____//Q </3

:star: So!

Because of that, if I really do stop trying to answer to the comments I ALREADY have, I've got to make some things clear.

I will keep answering to comments on my profile.
I will keep answering to asks on tumblr (I'll always do, it's now my new goal. Except for spam and hate of course <3)
If I CAN manage to reply to dA comments, I will, for SURE! No more "I'll do it later".
I will keep replying to notes.
I will, of COURSE, keep commenting on mentions. (But beware, I don't do tags! X//DDD)

I REALLY hope it will be okay with you... Please, let me know what you think about it, my darlings... I'm really scared honestly but... I have to make choices. No more dead promises... TALKINGABOUTTHAT

Art Projects

:star: The "Colorful Show" cards series is STILL running! :star:

I'm just selling them ATM and I can't post them Q//u//Q But they'll come! <3 Here if the first one, with Freddy completed:

FNAF | Azur Heaven by Myebi

:star: The "Pun Contest" will HAVE it's winner! :star:

Honestly you guys are too good! X//DDD But Tex will choose the winner soon! <3

:star: The "Kiss" challenge is STILL running! :star:

The first one was: FNAF | Tex x Golden | #6 Kiss Challenge by Myebi

:star: The "Asks" aren't canceled! :star:

FNAF | Ask FNAF Crews! | OPEN by Myebi

:star: The "FNAF Girls" series are canceled! :star:

FNAF | Golden Freddy by Myebi

:star: The Reference Sheets are STILL going on! :star:

I am working on Toy Freddy's lately, along with Freddy and Foxy remakes.


In-The-Pirate-Cove is my first FNAF group.

As you can see, I have joined many groups (and am admin or moderator in alot of them).
Also.. I have kinda lost interrest into this group.

I know you guys liked it, because of the page setting... But I just can't run it anymore, myself. It's just too much work to keep track of everything, and still run this group frequently when
I don't enjoy it so much anymore. Q///n///Q I am soooo sorry.

SO, I am asking you for help.

:star: Could someone take my place, and run the group instead of me? :star:

I will be simply turned as a contributor. The one who will replace me will have the right to keep all the drawings I did for the group, all the memes, and all the code! Q///v///Q :heart:

After that will be done, I will completely start focusing on my Frexy group, :iconforgiving-shipping: Forgiving-Shipping (Contests planned! Yaaaaay!! <3333)

If you are interrested, comment, or note me personally! I will answer as soon as possible!! :iconyuihugplz: Thank you so much...

Active Watchers Gifts

When I joined the FNAF fandom, I didn't expect my account to take such a big turn.
In 8 months, I gained 500.000+ pageviews, 5000+ watchers, and I could get my tumblr blog started and I am now almost at 2000 followers.
I met incredible people, funny and complicated situations, amazing friends, haters, wonderful artists, it was just a crazy time.
I am SO glad I have you all.

You made me learn so much about myself, about my art, you kept me up when I felt down, and I just started tasting something plain new.
I cannot thank you guys enough for all the wonderful things you've given me...

Now, some people say that I am one of those people keeping the fandom alive, that I inspired many artists, that I helped many sad people.
And that... Is why I want to inspire you, to keep you on your feet, so you can taste the same thing. And hopefully, we can taste it together Q///u///Q <33333 (thatswhatshesaid)

MAMA CONFETTI LOVES YOU!!!! :iconyuihugplz: :heart::heart::heart: :love: :glomp: :iconsobbplz: <3333

:star: Thank You To My Active Watchers :star:

And MANY MANY more... I love to get your comments and support you guys, I love you :heart: :love:</blockquote>

:star: Thank You For The Fanart :star:
I don't check my mention box too often, so I am SO SO sorry for the late in commenting. That's why, until I find the time, I will feature
all the gifts/commishs I have inbox rn and that I haven't commented yet!! LOVE IT GUYS THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! Expect my comments soon! <33333 :iconsobbplz: <3

:star: Tricky Fazbear by lovingkitten29 Maebi  by MaulineThomasBrown Tricky (Gift) by RavenE20 Old vs New by KatiRdgz Tex DBZ style by RodBMReis TRICKYYY by foxyfangirl876 Tex and Goldie by LazyKitty15 [GIFT] Such a fluffy fox~ by maraariana01 Blushing and Talking by Veronica-Draws Shadow Frexy by ShyDraws99 Freddys! by PancakeManiac Myebi sketch commission 2/5 by piratefoxes Gift For Myebi  by Celestial-storms Myebi sketch commission 3/5 by piratefoxes Shadow Frexy by dongoverload 4 Myebi by SEGAfan15 Toy Tricky + speedpaint by Starcatlovescreepy FNaF - Phantom Balloon Boy and Balloon Boy by KyuuketsukiNeko(??? kinda lol)

... Oh God so many awesome gifts... I think I'm gonna cry... *sobbs quietly* Q////____/////Q;;;;;

I'm AWWWing all the fucking time because of you XD

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 26, 2015, 5:22 PM

Hi Patooties! 
it has been a loooong time since the last journal!
I'm AWWWing all the fucking time because DAMN!
Everytime I see my notifications I see comments like  "thanks for existing"
"bless your soul" "you're an inspiration" and and and...
and I feel bad because I can't reply or I don't know what to say!!!
all I can think is "AWWWWWW PATOOTIE MARRY ME!" 
you're killing me STHAP çAç <3

I aaaalways read every single comment, ALWAYS!
And I'll keep drawing the reference sheets you need!
They will be published in a badass drawing manual with the
contribution of Maby-chan  and Hebes-drawings !
SOON +_+

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