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Hey nerds!

That time of year again when I do something crazy for Christmas, so let's just cut to the chase!

:iconchristmastreeplz:ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!  I am giving 1 lucky person a FULL ANIMATION FROM ME!:iconchristmastreeplz:
(it's a 4-6 second nonintro loop animation with 1 character, full FX and digital paint colorstyle!)

Have you ever wanted one of my animations done with your character?  Now is your chance!  Here are the rules!

:bulletgreen: Gotta watch me!  Click that nice watch button!  1.) because you might want easier communication with me in regards if you win, and 2.) you're pretty much already interested in my animations if you're entering!  Why not see more as I make them?

:bulletgreen: Favorite the journal here, and Comment!  I will be using a random number generator from the list of Favorites in the journal!  That's the most effective way of selecting a winner!

A winner will be selected CHRISTMAS, DEC 26th at midnight, Mountain Time US time!

:bulletred: restrictions in animations for those who want clarification as to what I wont draw for this:

:bulletred: No explicit content/sexual content of any kind!  It's not my thing, dont expect it
:bulletred: Understand my animation limits.  I am not a Disney Animator, so I do have things that are out of my ability range!  I'll work with you and see if i can snag your Skype info so we can properly collaborate!
:bulletred: this animation is a repeating loop animation, meaning the intro is either a fade or something simple.  Nothing like Metamorphosis (those take so much time xnx)

Now why am I doing this?

I understand that alot of people have asked me about ordering these and the pricepoint is way out of their range, and that makes them feel left out.  This allows people from anywhere the shot at something of mine.  Unlike Kiribans which cause unfair advantages for people in certain timezones, raffles give people an even opportunity to get art winning chances!  The second reason?  I have a nasty habit of overcomplicating animations to the point of them taking months (aka Standby).  This helps me streamline ideas to the point where I can produce an animation to develop my skills in a week or 2, which helps me progress with my artistic agility!  Totes a Win Win Situation!

So, that's the gist of it.  Get to entering!  Here's an example of the quality level's you will be raffling for:
M e g a l o by DanSyron:AT: Lunaria by DanSyronKing of Hearts by DanSyron
Twisted by DanSyronThe Commute Home by DanSyronHigh Roller: Silas Brenner Character Card by DanSyron

Good Luck.  DS out

For f**k’s sake. Terrorists are not under your bed. They are not hiding around every corner. They are not in the seat next to you. The few that are out there only win if you start to think they might be.
In 2005, a gaggle of weak-minded twits blew themselves up on the London Underground. I and 1.2 BILLION other passengers per year still use it. Could another attack happen? Of course. But so could fire, flood, collapse or accident. You could get hit by a bus as you exit the station! There are a thousand-and-one terrible things that could happen to you today and, I assure you, unless you live in some third world sh*thole, the odds of a random yahoo causing you physical harm for political or religious reason is one of the least likely to occur.

By watching The Interview in theatres, you would have been more likely to choke on a popcorn kernel than get caught up in any kind of threatened reprisal.

F**k you Sony. I’m buying an Xbox…….


Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 6:57 AM
dont look at me

CSS Skin

my kitten heard me crying so she jumped up on my bed and shoved my hands out of my face and smooshed herself up against my cheek and lay across my face
now she's just purring in my ear and she keeps putting her paw on my eyes as if to say "Cease."

i feel loved

this took twenty minutes to type bc interference w/paw

- silver

News: Brony took his life due to bullying

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 10:26 PM

From EquestriaDaily:…

241D405800000578-2877190-Adam Smith killed himself by drawponies

(Adam Smith)


-From Boardgamebrony-

Adam Smith was 19 years old when he took his life.

He wrote fan fiction and uploaded Youtube videos where cruel comments led him to create an “apology” video about his fan fiction, which others accused him of plagiarizing. They made fun of his speech and wrote nasty comments on his sites until he finally decided to take his life.

This happened in May and the Daily Mail just covered it.

There are

so many things

I want to say.






Last night I wrote about elements of harmony you guys think you needed to work on.

Tonight, before I read that article, I wanted to ask you what lengths you would go to in order to become a better individual concerning the element of harmony you wanted to work on.

And now…now I think we need to talk.

If any of you have ever been bullied, harassed or in any way hurt, please find someone to talk to. Please don’t think that taking your life is the way to go.



I’ve dealt with bullies before. More in-person than online. In my experience, it’s the psychological ones which are the worst. And sometimes it comes from people who don’t even know they’re doing the bullying. Sometimes they think their words are justified. That they have some self-appointed right to do what they do. I’ve dealt with some really harsh people before…

I’ve been in some very dark places where I didn’t know who to turn to. The most important thing to remember when suffering bullying is to know that you don’t have to take that harassment from ANYONE. Do whatever you can to remove yourself from that horrible situation. If it’s online, ignore them, block them, stay away from those places, whatever it takes to pull yourself away from those dangerous situations.

I talked about kindness last night. Moments like this make me wonder how to respond.

I know what this world needs is kindness and compassion more than anything.

I hope that we can all do our part to make sure the people in our lives know we love them.

And whenever we talk to anyone, online or off, we take the kind path (and sometimes the assertive and firm path is needed, but at your core, always compassion).

Just be a good person.

Just try.

Seccan Christmas Raffle! by mangomoose

Hello there!
To celebrate this Christmas season we've decided to do a special Christmas Raffle! There will be ten winners, and each winner will receive a box.
These Seccans may be used for The Provinces of Guerria, HARPG, or as OC's. Each box has one Super Secret Seccan Design inside, and two of these boxes are custom designs! :dummy: 

1. You may enter if you also entered our auction
2. You may ask to have your name placed under certain boxes if you wish (minus the custom boxes)
3. You must have fun!

1. Favorite this journal! (This makes it easy to roll in an RNG)
2. Post a journal or a poll (If you do both you get +2 tickets!) advertising the group! You can add in the image of the CHRISTMASY grumpy Seccans as well if you wish! Make sure there's a link to the Grand Auction in your ad(s)!
3. Link us to your journal/poll below.
4. Wait! 

Ends December 27th!


Box 1 by mangomooseBox 2 by mangomooseBox 3 by mangomooseBox 5 by mangomooseBox 4 by mangomooseBox 6 by mangomooseBox 7 by mangomooseBox 8 by mangomooseCustom by mangomooseCustom by mangomoose

Seccan Grand Opening Auction - TEN DAYS LEFT!Hello there, ladies and gents!
So, now that you've read through all of the torturously long journals and guides (You have read them... aye? Good!) we've been posting, you’re all likely wondering the same thing: "How can I get my hands on one of these lovely imports?!” Well, my friends, we’re here to clarify that right about… now!
Why, with a massive, grand opening auction, of course!
This auction really is quite large (extensive to boot), but it should be fun nonetheless! Today, on this fine wintery evening, we have several specimens ready to rehome for use in the Provinces of Guerria! We know that several of you are wanting Seccans to use in HaRPG and as OCs - but to avoid confusion, we've separated that auction from the Guerrian one - it will go up once this one is concluded. 
So then, without further ado, let’s get down to business!

UPDATE : THE main problem journal, she is my friend now and here is the actual journal , Important!!Edit2: So i think i'm starting to get a clearing picture on the problem im a bit 50/50 but i'll see what else i can find to see if his hacker from last year may have hacked him again yet again he does have 50,000+ watchers so its likely someone else might have done it i'm not sure yet 
Edit: So he says his skype was hacked does anyone know by who? i would love to get more information  on this i tried contacting him seeing if he knew sadly he blocked me u.u i dont know much on what happened last year but i guess someone hacked into his DA or skype or something like that? I don't know.. maybe you guys can probably help me out with this? i wanna give much info as possible on that so um yeah.. 
So a few hours ago someone named Mrfarts (most might know who they are) added me on skype asking about commissions and such he asked if we can talk on a call to discuss it i didnt find it odd since we talked before and so on now what struck me as odd is that  they wanted to see m

THAN GOD, but still the other guy who initially started as a protector is just abusing me right now.Below you can see his journal,
Please report him for Abusing me

UPDATE : I DELETED THE SKYPE, LOST ALL MY FRIENDS. let the hacker be happy now :(
IS THIS WHAT I GET After everything i did to support these guys?

THIS GUY IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF RIGHT NOW : MRFarts Is a Pedo Freak!Hey, everybody who uses deviantArt, and/or Skype! Would you like to hear a story about a disgusting, creepy little pedophile?
This guy goes by the name, "MRFarts" on, and "Mrfarts" on Skype. He contacted a young friend of mine, who posted the contents of their conversation online. Mind you, this girl is fourteen; I know her through several meetings, where we, and several other fans of one of my other friends, would watch this mutual friend of ours work on her art.
So anyway, Mr. Farts is a beta-tester on deviantArt. He starts asking this friend of mine if she'd like to do some collaboration, or trade some work. He then pressures her into a video-call. Mind you, this indi
Please report him for Abusing me. he is FAKING THINGS UP, and just accusing with out any proofs. PLEASE help me


HEY GUYS ,FRIENDS MY DEAR ONES, PLEASE DONT IGNORE THIS JOURNAL. REMEMBER before like a week i made a journal inviting you guys to my skype. SOME BODY HACKED INTO IT AND REALLY MADE ME A PEDOPHILE. I KNOW how this sounds like. But PLEASE please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee believe meeeee , i came to skype only today, and every body was cursing for being a pedo, please help me.................idk some haters are drying to take revenge on me. please help. they are really planned, i dont know what to do :( PLEASE HELP HELP HELPPPPPP

IF I AM A BAD PEDO OR ANY KIND OF BAD PERSON, TELL ME DID any of you faced me like that? PLEASE.


NOW I CAN SEE Yesterday they messaged all my friends in skype and say them to remove me from skype. PLEASE what can i do on this?
here is some of his friends i think ( i am not sure) its total like 3 people trying to bully me
Report to MrFart for Pedophile……………
MRFarts Is a Pedo Freak!

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Hey guys! I've been thinking lately, and I thought
i could have an art contest :D 

Here's the catch! 
You must draw my characters

JudasJudas Reference Sheet by BeLeaf
And FlorenceFlorence Reference sheet by BeLeaf

PC: beleaf pt2 by Bae-Area

Important notes!
:star: Judas' Helmet NEVER comes off, he never takes it off, therefore please Do not draw him without it
:star: Judas does have antennas on his helmet
:star: Florence's face is the actual sticky note itself, and judas helps her draw her facial expressions, But most of the time Florence does this herself
:star: Florence does NOT talk at all
:star: Florence is taller than judas!
:star: They both can wear anything, But judas' helmet and Florence's headphones are mandatory!! ;w;

Now prizes...>v>
1st place shall recieve 3 icons from me, a possible 300 points that will most likely be raised in time to hopefully 500:points:, Or a membership for 1 month. You also can get a digital drawing from me like this oneOne person with two faces by BeLeaf

2nd place 
150 points, One icon, and a drawing like so DARTS?? DARTS, DARTS! by BeLeaf

3rd place
100 points, a potatoe, and a drawing like this WHY HELLO NEW MEAT by BeLeaf

:star: more prizes will be added, such as short animation loops, An actual appearence in a silly animation, Or even steam games~

The deadline is 1/5/15
were going on christmas break so that gives me time for icon commissions and animations too! :D

you can enter as many times as you wish! It would most likely boost your position

Thanks guys! :,D It means a lot if you could spread the word or even enter, which I hope some people do

The deadline might be extended too! Don't know yet, but thanks guys! ;w;
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Santa Tag thing

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 1:31 PM

So I guess I name 3 things I want for x-mas

1. Fanart. 
I ALWAYS love seeing fan art! Not only that but Christmas IS LJ's birthday XD

2. Steam games.
Ive been saving up for months and spent my last dollar on a 2189$ computer (It comes around Christmas Im so excited!) Anyways its gonna be my "work" computer. Ill be using it to edit/render my videos, and stuff like that. SO one of the BIG things it mean is *drum roll* MORE CREEPYPASTA CHARACTER LETS PLAYS!! yaaay! Anyways my wishlist is on Steam and the games on it are on sale for next to nothing.... too bad I'm as broke as a Swedish coffee table XP 
All that being said feel free to add me on steam my user name is Flak116

3.... idk for my third wish, I just want you all to have a nice safe holiday XD dont go to crazy on that egg nog and watch out for Grinches lol

well idk who to tag XD I was tagged by :iconking-candy: 
I suppose just steal this if you'd like :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody!

CSS and background by derelictvampire
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hes just so happy omg ;; - ;;
this made me so happy and made me tear up omg

I did this thing in 1 week from start to finish! (I actually got paid to animate a cat; dream fulfilled)

I storyboarded and animated; RPR handled backgrounds, audio and titles