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Hey guys! I'm hosting a quick raffle

You'll win a chibi in this style:
Sushidog by RayFierying

To enter do the following:

*Fav this journal  = 1 Ticket
*Fav this picture: Sushidog by RayFierying = 1 Ticket

=Write journal entry? (Optional!) = 1 Ticket

*Comment below listing the things you have done and I'll reply with your tickets (REQUIRED)

The winning ticket will be announced with random number generator ^^

if lots of people enter, I'll raffle off multiple chibis

also Midnights-Sky  you can swap your Icon prize  for a Chibi  if you want to,   if not I'll start your icon prize right now ^^

Contest: Randomly Winner-Contest ( November 2015 )


Hello members :)

To enter next contest  " Rules " :
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Random Contests Rules
Hello members :)
We are doing some changes in our Random Conests now.
We will do 2 or 3 Random Contests every month, that means more chances for you to win ;)
You need to fave the previous contest to enter the new one. Everyone who has faved the previous contest has a chance to win. We will choose several people by choosing a number between one and the number of people that are participating (using If we chose your number, you will win 20-50 :points: :)

What do you have to do to participate?
- You need to :+fav: the previous contest here

- Watch one of our supporters below
If you need any help, don't be afraid of asking us ;)

The King Of Features "General":
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This time we consider 7  winners Of  145 Participants .  :huggle:


    Our November 2015 (2) Randomly Winners :

    First Award : One month Premium Member Ship   Winner :
  1. :iconderpyofderp-official: (number:138)
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  3. :icondevilzmoon: (number:13)
  4. :iconkingstory: (number:127)
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  6. :iconavbunny: (number:144)
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Shinobi Blood - Ch.1 [Click Me] by Kohaya7Kae-13

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deviantSPOTLIGHT + Feature

Thu Nov 26, 2015, 11:53 PM
I know that it's a pretty long time since I have done a decent...I mean a really proper and decent feature. But things around here has got really really busy for me and I am always lagging behind with catching up on all that is going on here in dA.

To be honest, I miss those 'carefree' days.....but also I love the way things have changed with me.

So for now, creating artworks will take a backseat, as I have started doing commissions by making tutorials and my first one has already been published. For those who don't know what I am talking about, here is the journal I did mentioning it:

My First Tutorial!:)Yay!! My first tutorial of the artwork I walk alone... has just got published on by :iconandrei-oprinca:
You can view it here
If you wish to follow it, you can subscribe to that website to access my premium tutorial.:heart:

Whenever I get the time to, it always delights me to come back to the same, loving and warm community that I have got accustomed and comfortable with and to view all your wonderful and most inspiring art pieces.
So enjoy this short feature and wishing all of you the very best!:heart:

Forrest by CaroleBailly-Maitre 

On Rainy Days by ObscureLilium

11 2015 3 Loneliness... by Alena-48

The Dark Lord by Areart

Blossoming by Shirokibo

Fireflies Forest by Rexionete

Fanciful-Friendships by EnchantedWhispersArt

Lady of dawn by Marilis5604

Abstract by Maniakuk
New World Trip by Pincons

Cold as Ice by NebelelfeNaemy

Desecration by SGTROCK117

Magic Night by MelieMelusine

Shades of Autumn by WalkinginDreamlight

Killing Chronus by RoseCS

Origins -  THE TREE OF BIRTH by Mike-Uriel

My prize possession... by RavenYoungblood-art

Fallen Angel -666- by VanessaPadua

With All My Strength by Alexis-Frost

B.F.F by shiny-shadows-Art

Rapunzel by dreamswoman

Autumn Heart by Gwendolyn1

Bottle VS Cup by naradjou14

Undine by IrinaPonochevnaya

Orange by Believe301079

Piano Aquarium by little-spacey

Beautiful Disaster by Mihaela-V

A lovely meeting by CindysArt

Aurielle by DarkCrea

November Rain by lauraypablo

Fairy lights by KellieArt

November Rain by Notvitruvian

phoenix by sandara

...Ocean of Sorrows... by EsotericIllusion

Inevitable Time by mysolitaryground

To wallow in a Heaven by IgnisFatuusII

Elven Dream by eerilyfair

Bleeding Rose by silviya

Upon the heath by JaiMcFerran

Enigma iv by Andaelentari

Road to Hell by RazielMB

The Magic of the Forest by nesekavak

Sentimental tunes by coby01

The Winter Angel by SuzieKatz

Young Princess by IvanLaliashvili

Alice in the Rain by OmriKoresh

Retro Doll by TinaLouiseUk

The Witch's Apprentice by Brumae-Art

The White Witch by Sisterslaughter165

Anxious by Jennyeight

Create a Night Fairy Tale of a Mysterious Girl by MariaSemelevich

The Girl With Peridot Eyes by BrookeGillette

And lastly, I would also like to tell that I just got my interview featured on deviantSPOTLIGHT.

It's the very first time that I have got interviewed and it's such a happy and delightful feeling!!:heart:

Thank you :icongeorge-b-art: and :iconlauraypablo: who suggested my name!:heart:

SPOTLIGHT on SummerDreams-Art

  • Mood: Joy
So I'd normally not dedicate a journal to something like this, but this wave of nostalgia was simply incredible

Okay guys, that song honestly brings so much joy to me.
FNAF is one of the best things that happened to me! <333 I'm so happy I was part of this craze (while it was still okay)!
You may think I'm just being sappy or trying to be inspiration
Im not

I am currently illustrating a childrens book for an independent writer about a cat in Katrina which will be published by Dec. 25
(my second publication actually, first was a coloring book page and story about Crash the Hyena)
I am working on my fine art assosiates with emphasis in character development
Than I'll get my major with honors in animation at an art college
I have talked to the guy who made Catdog, All dogs go to heaven, and Dora, and will have an internship at his animation studio while at the art college
I work at a newspaper where I am the youngest designer there and was just promoted to production manager
And I get to post comics about my OCs that are published by-weekly
And I just got an email from channel frederator, the people who made adventure time, bravest warriors, bee and puppy cat, ect. asking me to join their team

I AM TRASH AND I AM ACCOMPLISHING SHIT SOMEHOW SO SO CAN YOU.'re totally okay with being my "meme bud"
aka a person who I can send random memes/shitposts/junk to, and have them (you) be okay with it

(you can also send memes/random junk my way too //wink wink nudge nudge)

I may or may not be trying to become better friends with my followers/acquaintances via memes...

Free MYO SP Event!

Shoutout to chihuahua960 who's been waiting for this for quite some time ;v; Have fun everyone!

chocolate ribbons divider by puei

- Participants must be a member from StitchPuppies
- All MYOs must be submitted and drawn within 48 hours (which would be 5:07 pm Nov. 29, GST Time)
-No submissions will be accepted after this deadline.
- All submissions may only contain COMMON TRAITS. However, you can win ONE UNCOMMON TRAIT for advertising in journals, polls, forums, etc.
- Only one MYO per deviant. No side accounts. If we find out about this you will be blacklisted from the group.

chocolate ribbons divider by puei


When done, comment here with the below form:
Your Entry :
Name of Entered SP :
Based on (image preferred please, just for reference on the masterlist):

And submit your entry to the Free MYO Event 2015- To Be Approved folder.

When that's done, we'll put you to the master list
once we approve of the traits, etc.

And thats all.
Thanks for reading all this,
we can't wait to see all the entries!

chocolate ribbons divider by puei


Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 3:44 AM

  Heyyyyyy all! I decided because Winter and Yule are my favorite times of the year, I would set up a Secret Santa event!
  Tis the season for generosity, and every little gift makes a nice jolly time. No better gift than giving in my opinion, so even if you think you aren't a good artist (Which you all are, mind you.) it's really the thought that counts.
  Seriously, I really want to connect everypony to one another this holiday season. It's because no one should have to go by completely alone or forgotten. So let's spread the cheer!

What you must do:
:bulletred: Favorite this journal to keep track of it
:bulletgreen: Advertise this journal, it will not work unless we have enough people.
:bulletred:Comment "Mistletoe" on the journal so I know you've read this.
:bulletgreen: You'll receive a number
:bulletred: I will then note you with a pairing number, and you must go search the deviant that has the matching number and come up with an idea of what you'd like to gift them.
:bulletgreen: Obviously, do not give away who your secret santa is.
:bulletred: Submit your art on Christmas Eve, be sure to tag your deviant.

Again, this doesn't have to be some big thing, but just put time, effort and love into your creation. <3
I'll be participating myself, so you may receive something from me, however I do not plan on getting anything myself as it kinda spoils it XD
My number is 1, so you will not be paired with 1.

Please get to it!

So, I sorta screwed up, I matched the first 10, so there won't be someone who is like number 21, paired with like, 2... SO We're now pairing every 5-6 that I get. Sorry ;3; I am bad at le maths.

  • Mood: Jolly
i'll list a fact about me!
- - - - - - 
:bulletpink: As much as I love animals, I would eat a dog.
:bulletpink: I'm scared of the dark
:bulletpink: Here's an interesting one, I'm a virgin.
:bulletpink: However, I do tend to masturbate : ^ )
:bulletpink: I used to trace art way before I even found out about devinatart. Everything was traced traditionally though.. It stayed in my house too
:bulletpink: I have a rotting tooth((molar)) and its got a crown on it, which makes it even worse tbh?? ik that sounds weird but its difficult to explain
:bulletpink: I have killed a pet rat before //kms
:bulletpink: I hate squirrels
:bulletpink: I have bullied someone
:bulletpink: I own a fursuit
:bulletpink: I am 13
:bulletpink: I started DeviantArt at age 9
:bulletpink: I play Minecraft
:bulletpink: I go hunting
:bulletpink: My favorite animal = sin
:bulletpink: My favorite youtube has to be MaxMoeFoe tbh


Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 3:09 PM