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Hey everyone! Any of you remember how I posted a journal entry about maybe making an artbook back in 2011? And then later in 2013? I'm so happy I can finally post a journal entry that isn't just about me speculating on the possibilities - the artbook is finally in the works!! It's going to be called "The Art of Loish - a look behind the scenes", and the Kickstarter was launched last week! Here's a mockup:

A mock-up of the Art of Loish book

It's already far beyond the original funding goal (yay!), but you can still snag a copy on Kickstarter if you want one! If you prefer to wait (or don't have access to a credit card and prefer to pay with paypal), the book will be available through other channels like Amazon and the 3Dtotal book store after it's released. All of the special tiers ran out really fast, but you can still get the book plus a few other goodies!

The book will feature my artwork, but also a lot of background information. It will cover my thought process, techniques and how I learned to draw. It will also have some tutorials and tips, plus exclusive art. I've been working on it for a while and will be dedicated to putting it together full-time for the coming month (in fact, I'm writing a tutorial as we speak!), and I'm teaming up with 3Dtotal who specialize in digital art books and will be doing the printing, packaging+shipping, etc. If you're interested, please go check out the kickstarter and pre-order your copy there!!

Thanks so much for reading!! And for more frequent updates, please check out my facebook page, which will be updated first whenever there's any new developments.

My 100 CHIBIS Challenge! (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 9:22 PM
I've decided to hop on the bandwagon and do one of those 100-whatever challenges!
And most people are doing headshots... I just think that's too easy to find. So I made a poll and asked you guys what you would like to see, and most people said they wanted chibis! So that's what I'm going to do.
Now... this will be done after I finish the rest of my owed art, but there are only two left, so...
Yeah? : P

They will all look like this: Hazel Cake Chibi by Ro-Z-Po-ZPC: Kikyoyaoi 1.1 by Ro-Z-Po-ZChibi- Summer Sweet by Ro-Z-Po-Z

In order to enter you must advertise this journal, then comment with a link to your pony and the journal.
and... that's it? >w<

2.:iconfluffyhammy:-CottonTail by FluffyHammy
3.:iconheartscharm:-Hearts Charm V2 by HeartsCharm
4.:iconeve-of-halloween:-Silk Tea Ref Sheet (update) by Eve-Of-Halloween
5.:icondzv13:-Springy by dzv13
6.:iconrazorsketches:-Chama Lune chibi by RaisingWolves
7.:icondarkbachuru:-Soooold by engibee
8.:iconxsidera:-yes, again Choco by xSidera
9.:iconroseytheponyartist:-.:I just got them manicured:. by RoseyThePonyArtist
10.:iconshadowspade191809:-Shadow Commisssion By Katiefrog217-d8z5lk7 by ShadowSpade191809Commission: Amongst the Moonflowers by Katiefrog217
11.:iconbluebutterflyart1:-Aurora by BlueButterflyArt1
12.:iconart-forarts-sake:Quill Inkwell Official Reference sheet by Art-forArts-SakeSpectrum Official Reference sheet by Art-forArts-Sake

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Okay, this message is directed to both consumers and producers.
First of all, this is not an attack to other videogame franchises, it's just a recommendation.
I'm going to put the enemies from my game (Irevolution) in the public domain, because if I do it, you will be able to do whatever you want with these characters.
I know that some people want to forget about the real world and "escape" to a world of fantasy. It's OK if you share it.
I don't care if you load up on irevolution themed drinks. I want to market my game to teens.

So, if you are a videogame company and you agree with this, please do it.

choofbwe by Vlorotow
Here's the mascot of my game.
I might release a new version of Irevolution soon.
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Aw, guys, I'm so sorry. A ton of you have made fanart of my characters and stuff in the past month or so and I haven't had the chance to get to every piece because I've been so bogged down with school and work. I'm so terribly sorry, forgive poor old Lopsy! I'm going to sort through my Mentions sections in my inbox to sift through all the fanart, but if you have a work that you want to make sure I don't overlook and comment on/fav, please post it in this journal. I adore and appreciate every single piece of fanart guys, and I'd hate to forget to look at any of it, so don't be shy about showing off what you've made! And again, sorry for taking so long. Love you guys! :D

1,000+ Watcher Celebration!

Tue Sep 1, 2015, 8:59 PM
Hi guys! ^^ So a while ago I reached 1,000+ watchers which is crazy! I never thought I'd have this many watchers and I'm honestly so thankful for ever last one of you. ;u; I had originally planned on doing something super special to celebrate but sadly I got distracted and couldn't finish the project on time. So instead I'm going to be hosting a celebration event to say thank you for being the best people on the internet. c:

There's going to be several different contests and raffles to enter so there should hopefully be something for everyone here. c: Please read through all the info before entering anything and if you have any questions feel free to ask. ^^

001: This is a watcher only event. New watchers are welcome but please don't watch me just to enter and then unwatch me. 
002: Please be kind to everyone and keep any drama away from the event.
003: All art prizes will be of feral characters only! Sorry, I can't draw humans very well. :c
004: Have fun!! 8D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Peek-a-boo Icon Raffle

Bonami Peek-a-boo Icon by Kiwicide Evonia Peek-a-boo Icon by Kiwicide Pippin Peek-a-boo Icon by Kiwicide Chantelle Peek-a-boo Icon by Kiwicide Nio Peek-a-boo Icon by Kiwicide
I'll be raffling off 3 Peek-a-boo icons. 
How to enter: Fave this journal. I will choose the winners randomly using a random number generator.
Prizes: 3 winners will each receive 1 Peek-a-boo icon.

Doodle Coloring Contest

1,000+ Watcher Celebration Doodle Coloring Contest by Kiwicide
Everyone likes to color right? All you have to do for this contest is color in the doodle above.
How to enter: Please read the deviation for full rules and details.
Prizes: 3 winners will each receive 1 crayon Chibi.
Pennie by Kiwicide Lavender Lion Cub by Kiwicide

Comment Contest

F2U Rapidash Icon by Kiwicide F2U Haxorus Icon by Kiwicide F2U Sylveon Icon by Kiwicide
We all love comments! So leave a comment to enter this contest and win some stuff!
How to enter: Leave a reply to this comment that answers the question asked. I will pick the answers I like best.
Prizes: 3 winners will each receive 1 headshot icon.

Page Doll Raffle

Glittery Pink Roses by Kiwicide Sammy the Waterdog by Kiwicide
I'll be raffling off 1 page doll. The winner will be picked with a random number generator.
How to enter: Fave this journal.
Prize: 1 winner will receive a page doll.

Drawing Contest

Misty Flowers by Kiwicide Trinket by Kiwicide
For this contest you'll have to draw either my Magical Girl sona or my fursona. 
How to enter: Draw either my Magical Girl sona or fursona. Both traditional and digital art are accepted. Leave your entry in a reply to this comment.
Prize: 1 winner will receive a full body, fully shaded drawing from me in their choice of my cell shaded style or cell/soft shaded style.

All contests/raffles will end on October 10th! Good luck and have fun! 8D

Created at

Love Like Luna - Animatic

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 11:35 PM
After 2 months of work, my animatic is completed! 

Please watch, and enjoy! :D 

Skin by Roisin191
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Do you want to see your character as a cute 3D chibi? We're opening commissions for these to practice 3D rendering.

(Please understand that this will NOT be first come first serve. We are looking for easy and simple character designs to work with.)


:bulletgreen: Single Character: $35 (USD) / 3500:points:

(Single char. This can be an OC, or an already existing anime/game character. We are looking for cute/simple/easy character designs to work with. Character will be on a base.)


(you must order a character to have these made)

                  :bulletgreen: Simple background: +$10 (USD) / 1000:points:
 :bulletgreen: Props: +$10 (USD) / 1000:points:


Character/Simple bg:

 heartpuff1 by Pikiruheartpuff2 by Pikiru Heartpuff Species Info by Pikiru

        Namine 3D Chibi Close Up by SooloKimNamine 3D Chibi Front by SooloKimNamine 3D Chibi Window by SooloKim


 3D Compact Renders by SooloKim


1. Fill out the form below and note me.
2. If we approve, you can send the payment.

3. Pikiru will draw a chibi sketch of your commissioned character.
4. SooloKim will take that sketch and turn it into a 3D model.


     sketchy by Pikirupuff by Pikiru
sketchy by Pikirunamine by Pikiru

(yes there will be a base used)

5. You will receive multiple frames/shots of your character.


3D Heartpuff Close Up by SooloKim 3D Heartpuff Angle Shot by SooloKim3D Heartpuff Front Shot by SooloKim
Namine 3D Chibi Close Up by SooloKimNamine 3D Chibi Front by SooloKimNamine 3D Chibi Window by SooloKim

In total you will receive:

:bulletgreen: Chibi sketch of your character from Pikiru
:bulletgreen: 3D render of your character from SooloKim
:bulletgreen: Different angles/frames of your 3D character

This is NOT a first come first serve! We are only accepting simple/easy characters to practice 3D rendering with.

If you would like to order, please fill out the form and NOTE ME! We will discuss questions and everything else via notes.

Order Form:

Character: (name/brief info)

Character Ref: ( a few clear refs) 
Background: (Yes/No)

Background Ref: (description or simple refs)

Prop: (Yes/No)

Prop Ref: (description and simple refs)

Payment: (paypal or points)

(If you're ordering more than one character, please fill out more than one form)

This is a collab between :iconpikiru: and :iconsoolokim:. If you have any questions feel free to note me. Thank you so much for looking! ^^


Tue Sep 1, 2015, 8:44 PM
I'm still stunned by those entries. I wasn't expecting HALF OF THIS! :iconiloveyouplz:
You guys are just EPIC!!!!

Choosing the winners is going to be one of the hardest things I have ever done TT^TT
Gosh, if I could, I'd give prizes to every single one of you. There wasn't a single entry that didn't make me smile!!! :iconsqueeeeplz:
I know I am still far behind on replying to the entries, but don't worry!!! I got all your entries on my notes!!!
Since I'm both at uni and working everyday until 8 pm, I'll have to ask you guys for a bit of patience :(

The winners will be officially announced on September 11th!

On the 9th, I'll be writing a journal asking if I did reply to all entries! If you didn't get my comment or your entry faved on my "2015 Contest" folder, then I'll kindly ask you to send me your entry again!! No need to worry! :heart:

GUYS. Thank you all SO much for joining the contest. This was the most awesome contest ever. You people are amazing artists, and I was so impressed by the quality of the entries!! I want every single one of you to keep doing what you do. You are AWESOME.
It will be such a huge pleasure to pass on my tablet to one of you. It will be such an honor!! :heart:
As well as making drawings for you! :giggle: gosh, I just can't wait!

Let's take a look at those goodies again!


:bulletorange: 1st PLACE
- One Wacom Cintiq 12WX! :wow:
- A complete digital painting of your choice!
Ex. I Hoped It Would Be You by Skailla
And + 2,000 points! :points:
If the winner doesn't want the Cintiq, it'll be passed on to the second place and so on.

:bulletorange: 2nd PLACE
- One digital painting with a simple background of your choice!
&amp;nbsp;Ex.&amp;nbsp; Hope by Skailla
And + 1,000 points! :points:

:bulletorange: 3rd PLACE
One digital sketch of your choice! Ex.
+ 700 points! :points:

Other places also win prizes!

:bulletorange: 4th Place + 500 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 5th Place + 400 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 6th Place + 300 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 7th Place + 200 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 8th Place + 100 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 9th Place + 90 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 10th Place + 80 points! :points:


Created at
Okay, so, for those who don't know I've recently finished writing the first draft of my book, Little Cassie. I do intend to publish it, at least as an ebook. However, before this can be done, I need it as close to perfect as possible. Proofreading has always been the most difficult part of writing for me (beyond obvious spelling and grammar). Why? Well... I know exactly what I meant when I wrote every single metaphor and I kind of still do. I would not have written most of these things if I thought they were bad.

I mean, I've already got the obvious stuff, like I used the words "probably" and "finally" way too much. I needed to change Andrew's last name to "Burke" in order for the court room scenes to have all of the seriousness they needed. What I need is some help. Someone else to look over it. I understand that this is an... arduous task. The book is 40k words long. Very light for a novel, but to put in perspective

Animal Farm has about 30k words
Of Mice and Men has about 30k words
The Great Gatsby has about 47k words
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone has about 78k words (twice as long as my book)

So... what I'm asking is for help Beta reading. Here's the in-progress google doc (which you can view. You'll have to comment on it here on DA, or you can send me a note or something.):…

And before you ask, I've already got someone working on the cover. She already drew Cassie's face for it, and it looks so amazing that I wouldn't dare spoil it until it's done.
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