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Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 11:04 AM
FREE Chubbicon : Pikachu by Sarilain

Reviews of Age of Ultron have been going up and one consistent theme across many of them is the “problematic” nature of Black Widow’s character arc. The general consensus seems to be that Black Widow, the bad ass female hero on a team of men, was devalued by forcing her into a relationship and making her goals “let’s be a couple” and it’s all Joss Whedon’s fault.

As a feminist myself, I find a lot of this over simplification and anger at the movie to be kinda misguided. I haven’t been seeing my viewpoints talked about much at all, which is where this journal comes into play. So here’s why, in my opinion, the subplot for Black Widow isn’t as bad as you may think.

1. First off I want to address the growing complaints that Black Widow is somehow “weaker” for wanting to have a normal life. I think that’s a really problematic mindset to have in regards to feminism. You see, in our American society there are a lot of gender coded tropes and beliefs. Sometimes these gender codes are so ubiquitous we don’t even realize they’re there. Moviebob did a whole video called “Pink is not the problem” where he elaborates on this concept in greater detail, but the gist of it is “girly things aren’t evil.”

Often when we look at bad-ass female characters they are exhibiting positive gender coded male traits. Strength. Bravery. Stoicism. Emotionless. On the flip side, a lot of villains are gender coded female. They’re emotional. Flowery. Exhibit feminine leanings (even in men). And it’s EVERYWHERE. Katness vs the people of The Capitol. James Bond vs Raoul Silva. Leonidas vs Xerxes. Batman vs the Joker. Etc.

So I think it’s dangerous to have people complaining that wanting a normal life, or even motherhood, is “reductive” or “bad.” Motherhood is not evil. You can still be a bad ass woman AND be a mother. Emotions do not make you weak. Wanting normality in your life is not bad. So if you’re criticizing Black Widow for that reason, maybe rethink how you’re phrasing it because it’s coming across as yet another example of how gender coded male tropes are GOOD and gender coded female tropes are BAD. Not very feminist in my opinion...

2. The next bit I want to address is the awkward nature of Natasha and Bruce’s love. In fact, I think it’s SUPPOSE to be awkward. If you’ll notice, in nearly every single scene it’s Natasha who forces it on Bruce. I think at this point in the story Natasha is looking to right the wrongs of the past. She’s never let ANYONE get close to her her whole LIFE. She was designed, through the backstory we got, to be a trained killer and even not ALLOWED to have kids or settle down. I think anyone who’s trying to repair their life after so much trauma would, at some point, WANT to be close to someone and WANT to try and have a semblance of a normal life eventually.

The problem is that Natasha is committing the sin of not imagining others complexly. She sees Bruce struggling with his own fears and problems and she identifies with him. She thinks that because they’re both damaged that it’s ok and that maybe THAT is a foundation from which to start a relationship. (SPOILERS: it’s not!)

Throughout the whole film we see Natasha basically coming on to Bruce and even Bruce being taken aback and confused by this. He doesn’t look like he really wants it at all. Trust for BOTH OF THEM is difficult. And one of the things a relationship needs in a strong foundation in trust.

So I don’t see this whole Black Widow thing as being problematic in the ways a lot of other people are suggesting it is. I see it as another stepping stone in her continued character development.... which brings us to the last point...

3. One of the WEIRDEST things to me is how people seem to want Natasha to not grow... in a film franchise entirely ABOUT growing and evolving. Remember, this is not the first time we’ve met Black Widow. We’ve been following her character development through several films. And it seems to me a lot of people are ignoring this timeline of events when complaining about her in Age of Ultron.

Remember, the last time we saw her she just realized her entire life of trying to correct her mistakes as a Russian Assassin through joining SHIELD... was a lie. She was actually working for Hydra because “The Winter Soldier” happened. She spends the greater half of “Winter Soldier” going through a character arc of realizing the way she’s been living hasn’t been healthy. Extrapolate from that then: What’s the next logical path to her continued character growth? Most likely it would be trying to right her wrongs and find some semblance of normality to regain the things she’s lost as a person.

Sounds an awful lot like the Black Widow we got in Age of Ultron, if you ask me....

But people don’t seem to WANT her to grow. They’ve spent the past several movies DEMANDING she get more character and growth and to have her be less of a background character... to saying “no, we just want her to kick ass” in Age of Ultron. That’s... weird to me. I mean, she still DOES kick ass... but she’s just a more complex character now too. Is that wrong? Why is it ok for Iron Man to make mistakes based on his fear of failure and likely lingering PTSD, but wrong for Black Widow to also make mistakes based on her fears and failures? How does that make her LESS of a strong character?

4. I’m not gonna say that Black Widow’s character was handled perfectly in Age of Ultron. That’s up to you to decide. I would, however, like to have people take a step back and look at these movies on a wider scope and realize that the Black Widow in Age of Ultron ISN’T the same as the Black Widow in The Avengers because character development has happened to her through OTHER films (most notably Winter Solider). Pretty much EVERYTHING about Age of Ultron was setting up character development for stuff coming down the road and growing the universe and plots and developing naturally the way stories SHOULD develop naturally... and it just feels odd to me that people DON’T want Black Widow to do so too.

Just one feminist’s opinion.
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Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 12:35 PM

i cant believe ive hit 1000+ watchers!! thank you guys so much <33 i love y'all!!
to celebrate, im holding an art raffle!

to enter you must:

- favourite this journal
- be watching me

for an additional entry number, you can advertise this raffle through a journal/poll! 
please give me the link for proof
if you do both, you still only recieve one bonus number, so save yourself the time!

winner recieves the following:

- 1 fullbody
- 1 pixel
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+ an additional 500 :points:!

there will only be one winner!

accepting entries until May 13! i will not be extending!

thank you guys so much again! hope you enter! (//' w ' // )

Oops. Write your signature, Please!

8000 Points Halloween Raffle!

Mon May 4, 2015, 2:08 AM

Yes, you read that right, it's a Halloween Raffle! Hallow by Emoji-kun
Why? Because it will end on 1st of October and the main prize will be a full Halloween party art and 8000 points.

How to participate? It's easy: (<- required)
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Please do NOT make fake accounts, if you want higher chances of winning you can: (<- optional)
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Whoever does all of the above will have 8 chances. Emoji25 by Emoji-icon


People who do one of these things:
-Write a comment in language other than english or polish
-Will cheat and break the rules in any way.

Will be removed from raffle and their comments hiddenangry 2 by Emoji-kun

Have Fun! Free Kaomoji One! by KawaiiPosts

Holy crackers. I'm in shock. You guys NEED to listen to this--

I got a comment (… ) so I decided to check out her Soundcloud from curiosity.…

Look at that. Well, LISTEN to that. I'm not easily impressed, Jeez! 

She REALLY deserves recognition, her voice is amazing! She also deserves some really good high quality equipment. (I love the Anthropology cover, I've always wanted to do one myself!)

This gave me a bit of courage to maybe finally try doing my own covers.
I'm holding a really simple mini contest

rules for entering:
post a journal advertising this contest !
be +watching me !
comment once you've done both of those things so i know you might enter !!

point of the contest:
basically just draw one of these characters doing cute stuff !  here are the characters you have to pick from !! or my furson puppy

prizes: :star: feel free to donate anything please !! :star:
1st place:
800-1000 points (depends on how many people enter, maybe more if we get enough entries!) , two free customs, and one piece of art of your choosing

2nd place: (if 45 or more entries are reached !!)
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3rd place: (if 80+ people enter !!)
150 points and a chibi :3c !!

other general rules:
-!! be nice to other people who enter and just everyone in general
-!! try to be original with your ideas, don't steal or trace or use lineart
-!! you can enter as many times as you want !! (entering more than once is encouraged!)
-!! i'll add more here later

entries will go here…

it'll end in a month !! and i might extend if i dont get enough entries  :3c   
END DATE:  June 6th 2015

Draw my OC contest ~ [OPEN]

Sun May 3, 2015, 9:57 AM
Hello :iconmisakiciaoplz: Welcome to my first contest ;v; And thanks for the 100+ watchers :iconmoeblushplz: Hope you will have fun ;o;


  • Please, do not make NSFW or Gore arts, Katie is an extremely Shy OC,and she hates gore >.<
  • You don't have to be a watcher to partecipate, but if you like my arts you can watch me u.u
  • Share this journal, please QAQ
  • You can't use bases, trace, or copy other users's entries! ;v;

How to join:

Make an Art about my OC Katie, it can contain you're OCs too :3! It can be:
  • Digital
  • Traditional
  • Pixel Art
  • Anything else ^v^


Here she is ^v^ You will have to draw her! You're free to change her Dress, but you can't change her wings ;v;
Some Arts of her: (Current style)
Katie Reference by Yamoh.: Sunset :. by YamohCommission: Chibi PixelDoll - Katie by AjaSama[G] Katie tsun tsun by Seretina
Folder when you can see more arts of her:… (And her 2 old styles, anyway draw the current one ! ^v^)
Personality:Tsundere,Shy,Really joyfull when she is with her friends
Likes:Animals, Drawings, Pugs, Gardening
Favourite Colour/Food:Light Blue and Pink/White chocolate cake , Strawberry Donuts  (And Strawberry cinnamon rolls,anyway she loves all kinds of sweets *A* )

The prizes

I know you care only about that e.e

1st Place:

  • 1000 :points: from me
  • Black & White Chibi from me
  • Medium Pixel by Hiiikary
  • Chibi or Halfbody by katagro
  • Watch and llama from me <3

2nd Place:

  • 300 :points: from me
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3rd Place:

  • 100 :points: from me
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If we reach 50 Entries i will add 2 extra prizes for 2 runners-up! ^^

You're free to Donate some Prizes!  

DEADLINE: 20/06/2015 ^v^

Skin by SimplySilent


Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 4:53 PM





Luke, did you ACTUALLY say you WANTED to stop the fighting by insulting me and my friends?




Oh nooooooo the pissy b*tch CEOF*cker doesn't LIKE ME ANYMORE


Also bro when did I say I wanted you to commit suicide? I didn't even say I WANTED you to feel the way Scorn did. I said you DESERVED it. I'm using a lovely little thing that people who aren't idiots are born with that's call a "brain"~

And I found it SO funny you looked SO far into my typos. You're just fishing for insults now~

Dude, you did not just end this. If anything you made yourself all the more LAUGHABLE.

That comment you mentioned on that one journal was me throwing you a bone. Because I thought maybe I had worked on trying to reform you. But hey, I can't always be right! You just proved that. :)

How's about you go tell your therapist what an attention whore you are and see if he can help you get over that. But I Didn't Listen! Icon/emoticon 

And did you honestly think my friends/fans weren't going to say something about this? Dude, unlike you I've actually nice, respectful, and aim to be pleasant around. I don't walk around pretending like the world owes me sh*t and that my entire life is a "lik dis if u cri evrytim" comment.

Puke, get OVEEERRRR yourself. Along with your white knights. Again, you're making my popularity grow.



You really like opening those cans of worms, don't ya? So then you can scream to your mommy like the man child you are complaining how people are so MEAN and CRUEL to you! And how we spread LIES and HATE YOU! WE'RE SO TERRIBLE! Waaaah! I am a dummy! 

Come back to me when you grow a pair of balls and put on your big boy pants. But then again... The naturally delusional and f*cktarded do have a problem seeing how stupid they are. Aww... You poor thing. :(

Yeah, after you sent your white knight after me, refused to leave me alone when I told you I didn't want to talk to you, and then made a rant that made absolutely NO POINTS other than "HAHA SHE MADE A TYPO SHE'S F*CKTARDED HA HA HA HA HA" and "I'M JUST THE VICTIM WAAAAAHHHH WHY DOESN'T JINX SENPAI LOVE ME ANYMORE WAAAAAAHHHH" you honestly expect me to APOLOGIZE?

Tomoya Okazaki (Laughing Hard) [V1] NOT EVEN IN YOUR DREAMS

It was enjoyable seeing people who already hated me in the comment section say how I needed to apologize too. Pfft, you're only agreeing with him because you think I'm a monster. GET OVER YOURSELVES. Pikachu Piff Plz 

I hope you all have a lovely night and enjoyed this "Rant" b*tch moaning session as much as I did~


art and design sweetcandyteardrop
characters Rebecca Sugar
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Art Raffle! OPEN

Sun May 3, 2015, 7:29 AM

:bulletorange: You only have to leave a comment on this journal, but you can earn more tickets in the following ways ;D

:bulletorange: By entering, you get your first ticket!
:bulletorange: More tickets can be received by +watching,    +faving this journal,    making a journal or poll linking to this raffle!
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:bulletorange: By doing everything, you get another ticket, getting 7 tickets in total!


There will be a total of 3 winners receiving a chibi of their own character like this:
Chibi Aragnes by vixenkibaChibi Louch by vixenkibaChibi Raserga by vixenkibaChibi Lulu by vixenkiba


Good luck everyone <3