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Second one in forever <3

Hello everyone !! :3 <3

Decided to do this once again seen as I need a new character to love and stuff so here ya go <3
Simply all you have to do is design a character for me n v n
That's legit all lol
Here are the rules and the rest of the info + my preferences!


- Up to 3 entries a person!
- Don't get mad if you don't win pls <3 Don't wanna hurt anyone.
- Please no closed species characters!
- Once you win, the character will be mine obviously just a heads up
- Don't trace or steal art.
- Your entry can be ANYTHING. From human to squirrel.
- I can easily find out if you drew your entry yourself or not by using Google so lease be fair <3 ( Last contest 5+ people stole oc's from the webs. )

What to do;

You design a character for me and that's basically it! It can be anything, go wild w/ ur creativity yo
Here below I got my preferences and absolute no-no's stated!

What I like in OC's!!

- I really love anthro's and kemonomimi's ( humans with animal traits) but anthro's gotta be my favorite.
- I love pastel colours and blue alot u v u
- Semi complex designs!
- I love cats and squirrels and cute critters!!

What I dislike alot

- Any shade of green, gray, dark yellow.
- Galaxy. Sorry, I got so much galaxy oc's already ;;
- Any crashing colour palettes.
- So complex that I die
- Oc's that are literally based off of ones I already have :'V </3 don't copy one of them please.

My current OC's so you can see what kind of ones I got already;

Just so you don't draw something too silimiar to what I already have u v u


There will be one winner!!
They will receive 650 :points: .

Deadline; March 1st!! 2016 xD

Questions?? Feel free to ask! <3

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Dear people who use big words just to make yourself sound smarter,
Using big words doesn't make you smarter. Or should I say, fabricating intelligence by using an expanded vocabulary does not make you any more entitled in this conversation.
 Năm mới rồi, phải có cái gì đó để share cho m.n nhỉ?  
II. PSD, PSD clr: 
  1.   2.  
  3.   4.
  5.   6.
Lick chung:
Lick zing me:…
 ##Stock 1 phần trong các shop: 2BM, Bee KL and...mấy big share khác :D
Hi Guys!!~~

So I decided to do a 50 Headshot Challange now that I have planty of time to draw :3
This will be a First Come first Serve

There will be some Rules to Follow if you want to enter:

1. You need to be a Watcher (new once are always welcome)
2. Spreat the News (Do a Journal or a Status)
3. Post a Comment here with your Pony and a link to your Journal/Poll
4. Write also a little bit about your OC in the Comment (2 or 3 sentences)
5. Only 1 OC per Person
That's it :P

The Headshots will look like these:
Cricket Headshot by LemonQuartz Star Alight Headshot by LemonQuartz
If I feel like it you I will mabye do a more detailed on:

Night Blue Headshot by LemonQuartz

Okay Than Let's start the madness :la:

1. :iconcutepencilcase: Pencil Case-Reference Sheet by CutePencilCase
2. :iconosieu: Osieu 1 by LordoftheFuzzys
3. :iconvelvet-frost: Velvet Frost MLP Ponysona by Velvet-Frost
4. :iconalanj2007games: Alanj2007 Games 's OC (Simple Reference) by Alanj2007Games
5. :iconmusettadream: The NEW Musetta Dream by MusettaDream
6. :iconflamepaw1234: 'chilling with my neqlw hoodie ' by flamepaw1234
7. :icondeslove01: [Request] Rainbow is Happy by LatvianMaster
8. :icontwittershy: Shyfly Ref sheet *updated* READ DES by TwitterShy
9. :iconcat-bloodclan: Death Pony OC (NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE!) by Cat-bloodclan
10. :iconmandiny: -YCH- Catrina Calico -2016- by Arastane-Siryphia
11. :iconnefeloma21-bases: Me Singing Pony by Nefeloma21-Bases
12. :iconlovey-the-cute-pony: Li'l Lovey Ref Sheet (Version 3)[NOT FINISHED YET] by Lovey-The-Cute-Pony
13. :iconisacc20: Cadent Light drawn by Oakini by Isacc20
14. :iconsapphirecanvas: Sapphire Canvas by SapphireCanvas
15. :iconprincessangeldust: Sweet Love Reference by PrincessAngelDust
16. :iconxmoonheartxx: Moony in the grass by XMoonHeartxX
17. :iconsilver-wingx: Silver Dragon Fan by Silver-wingx
18. :iconvionova: New Vionova reference by Vionova
19. :icondazzlingpinkkitten: Character Information by DazzlingPinkKitten
20. :icontoujika: | + Blueshine Falls + | by Toujika
21. :iconlavenderlilic: New Profile picture! by LavenderLilic
22. :icontonith2234:…
23. :iconmarci78614: Meadow Clouds by Marci78614
24. :iconsky-artz: .:SeaWinkle:. Mlp OC by Sky-Artz
25. :iconblackdragon216: Honey Ella character sheet by Blackdragon216
26. :iconmr-derpy-hooves: Syrup being her usual cute self by Mr-Derpy-Hooves
27. :iconlimeovertime: Lime Overtime Reference Sheet yo! by LimeOvertime
28. :iconpinkyshy101: Bubblegum Updated Reference Sheet by Pinkyshy101
29. :iconprince-poppy:Snapdragon by Prince-Poppy
30. :iconviclog1: pastel ref. sheet by F-Ioweress
31. :iconfloratree4: Zella MLP Ponysona by floratree4
32. :iconyolo-rainbowdash: apple twist ref. sheet by F-Ioweress
33. :iconthetardisidris:Berry by THETARDISIDRIS
34. :iconphony-prince: Outspoken Ref by Phony-Prince
35. :iconfirepetalfox: Plasma Pony - Inara by FirePetalFox
36. :iconpinkcandymlp: Pink Candy by PinkCandyMlp
37. :iconkombatlegend: Cupid ref 2016 by KombatLegend
i'm officially 19

i first joined this site when i was 13

i feel old jesus christ sometimes i still think i'm 15 what
     Happy Valentine's Day, Kia community!

A small event to show our love to the species and all of you!! This will be for items that you will soon see available in Koiley's love shoppe at various prices. This is totally free to enter and win! All you have to do is follow the rules and directions below. The staff of Kiamaras wishes you a lovely Valentine's Day. Heart

Bullet; Red  Regular Kiamara rules and ToS apply
Bullet; Pink  You must be a member of Kiamaras to participate/be counted
Bullet; Red  Whining/complaining at the winners staff is not permitted
Bullet; Pink  Items may not cashed in/used until our upcoming 1K is over so that we have an organized method in which to update the inventory.
Bullet; Pink  event ends Valentine's Day

First Ticket

To earn your first ticket in the raffle, post saying that you are entering the raffle and tagging one person sharing your love for them/what they do for you! Example:
pandoras-island : really lovey-dovey compliment here

That's it! If you want to earn a second or third ticket, look below.

Second Ticket

To earn a second ticket, include in your comment what your kia(s) think about Valentine's Day and, if they have a significant other, what they would do/say to them. Maximum of 3 kias. You will only get one ticket for this action.

Third Ticket

A final easy and free thing you can do to earn a third ticket! Simply write a journal/poll advertising this journal and/or kiamaras.

Fourth Ticket+

This one requires a bit more effort! In the mood of the holiday, you have the option to draw mine and pandoras-island 's fursona kias! All art entries must be lined and colored, but they can be pixel, headshot, human, anthro, etc.... whatever you want!
You may draw a maximum of 3 pieces for 3 tickets.

Koiley + Pandora Reference 2016 [SFW] by pandoras-island


Tier 1: 2 Winners

- DNA Selection
- Color Selection
- Guaranteed Twins Ticket
- Hairdryer + Hair gel

Tier 2: 1 Winner

- Triplet Ticket
- Micro Breeding Ticket 

Tier 3: 1 Winner

- GAE Ticket Kiamara GAE - Sold out!
- Gotcha micro from r-ivkah 

Free Valentine's Gotchas available from R-ivkah!

Valentines MicroCapsules :: Free Adopts! by r-ivkah

We will also have some related YCH and other gotchas available from our new artists. :>

That's it! We wish you well for this little holiday. 

Music Playlist

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 6, 2016, 6:13 AM

Lots of you have been asking me for a playlist or a journal listing the music I listen to, and I always said I'd do it one day.
So first here's my Youtube playlist, I've started adding more music in there lately and it's long enough to share now, and I'll keep adding more music frequently so keep checking:…


I'll also list some of my favorite  music/composers/channels that I strongly recommand c: I don't have specific channel links for some of them but their music is easily found

Artists (plus some music I recommend from them):

- Valentin Wiest
  ( Engraved for Eternity ; The Stars shine in Her eyes ; Hero of Time ; Eternal Legend ; Life Song ; Terrase du café le soir )

- Tom Day… ( Echoes ; Peaks ; Future Holds ; Forwards )

- Hiroyuki Sawano ( Zai Suitei Yuzai ; 108 ; 3594e ; Tears of the Dragon )

- Hammock ( Ten Thousand Years Won't save your Life ; We burn like Stars that never die )

- Thomas Bergersen ( Reborn ; Aura ; New Life )

- Ivan Torrent… (Human Legacy ; Remember Me ; Power of Will )

- Ólafur Arnalds ( Reclaim ; 3055 ; Tungliõ )

- WoodKid ( The Golden Age ; Run Boy Run ; Iron )

- Zack Hemsey… ( I'll Find a Way (instrumental ; The Way (instrumental) Vengeance instrumental ; I can get it back instrumental )

- Marcus Warner ( The World is Beautiful ; Out of the blue )

- Then there's the classics like Two Steps from Hell,  Immediate Music and Hans Zimmer  that everone's probably already heard of~


Some more you just can't miss:

- Tony Anderson - Immanuel…
- Tom Tykwer - Cloud Atlas End Title…
- Antti Martikainen - Faraway…
- Ludovico Einaudi - Fly (soundtrack from Intouchables, amazing movie btw) -…
- Rodney Spence - Skynet…
- Two Steps from Hell - United We Stand Divided We Fall…
- Lux Aeterna (Requiem For a Dream)…
- Project Destati…   
Can't recommend music without a bit of KH of course c: This channel does gorgeous orchestrated versions of the games' soundtrack.

So here we go, there should be enough music to last you an entire month :) :) Hope you find some inspiration from these ~

Skin by SimplySilent
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I wanted to do one when I had hit 2,500 watchers; however, I didn't have a chance for it. So, here is one for 2,800 watchers! This is also a thank you to everyone who helped during the recent mess lately!
TY everyone for the support. Please read below for more information!

Raffle Time:
Starts on 2/06/16 and Ends on 2/13/16 @ 10PM PST.

Mia by rkznThank You by rkzn

There will only be one winner!


  • 1 Single Character Sketchpage OR 1 Full Body w/ Bust 

▶ HOW TO ENTER (+1 Entry)

Main entry required.

  • You must be watching me. 
  • You must make a new poll or journal that advertises this raffle.
  • Please reply to the "ENTER HERE" comment with the link to your journal/poll.


Additional entries can be made to gain more numbers after the main one is completed.

  • +3 if you follow my twitter
    • Once you follow, please reply to the "ENTER HERE" comment with "Twitter." No need to say anything else. Then please make sure you send me a NOTE with your twitter username/handle, so I know it's you.* (You must continue to follow at least until the raffle is over to receive points.)
    • Only one twitter account will be allowed. 
    • *If we're mutuals on twitter, you don't need to note me.

  • Answer the following questions for additional points: *You must only give one answer; multiple answers will not give you points even if one is right. Please reply to the "ENTER HERE" comment with your answers.
    • 1. What is my main OC OTP? (+1) And, who is it with? (+1)
    • 2. Who is my favorite Enstars character? (+1)
    • 3. Who do I multi-stream with constantly as a group? (+1) (Hint: two people)

It's fine if you're a new watcher to enter! You don't have to stick around after the raffle, but it's very much appreciated.
You DO NOT have to put everything in one comment if you wish to spread out your numbers, so they aren't all cluttered together.
EDITING COMMENTS WITH NEW ANSWERS WILL DISQUALIFY THOSE POINTS. So, make sure what you comment is what you want to answer! This also means you can't post a new comment and hide your old one.

All numbers will be assigned when the raffle is closed, and the winner will be announced on 2/14/16 @ 10AM PST.

Winner will be chosen via Random Number Generator. 

Are you interested in Forget Me Not Angels and Calamitous Devils? Well, guess what! A special raffle/giveaway will be coming your way! Date is undecided, so please do not ask. You will get the chance to receive one of God's Punishments for your FMN or even have your FMN converted to a devil! Rarities that are not ever for sell will be offered for this giveaway. Along with customs, so look forward to it!

SO, I manged to get off my lazy ass and get some work done around here! :omgomgomg: by a-kid-at-heart Well, not really since I have to be seated on my lazy ass to do the work around here, but yeah, you know what I mean. :dummy:

I've been thinking :o (Eek)  about things and sometimes my vampireness gets the best of me and I just randomly bite people.  Is there something wrong with that? That's normal, right? .....Right??? OMG  (I'm joking, of course. I don't bite people....well...not on a daily basis anyway...  ;) )

As I talked about in my previous journal Super Bowl weekend is upon us.  I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to shake my pom poms one final time for the football season.  Shake it like you mean it! :iconcheerplz: I always take this time to invite myself over and throw a party at someone's home without even really asking.  I just tell them when it's gonna happen.  So, you never know when I might show up at your doorstep and invite myself in and announce that I'm having a party.  I promise you that you won't be disappointed. ;) :party: Cooking Dance - 13 NaNoEmo #17 by Mirz123

Aaannnnd, then we come to the big day next weekend. Yep, Valentine's Day. Roll Eyes .... oh, wait, I'm sorry... Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Coolla in love by orenji--chanHeart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool....Uh..yeah...Roll Eyes  Now, don't get me wrong, I like romance, hearts, flowers and candy just as much as any girl, but the whole thing is really just a crock of Poo.  Just remember, folks, the romance and gifts should happen ALL year around and not just on one day.  Even though I feel this way if you miss Valentine's Day with me be prepared to die.  I'm a woman and you don't forget things like this...even if they are stupid. :lol:  Anyhoo, I'm doing what I did last year and hosting a little get-together with some family and friends...all ladies except for a 9 year-old boy. He's going to keep us ladies in line. haha. I'll decorate my place up all festive and Valentine-like, and then probably want to kill something afterwards, but don't worry I'll manage to be okay. :| (Blank Stare)   Then I'm cooking Italian for the meal....because that's amore, you know. ;)  Should be a good time and sure as hell beats sitting on the sofa bawling into a carton of Häagen-Dazs. Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah!  I might post photos of what I did at some point. We'll see. :la:

Question of the week:  (I'm reusing something I posted earlier this week on a status update, because I'm not very inventive tonight) True or False? The following are REAL towns in Pennsylvania:  Beaver, Big Beaver, Bird-in-Hand, Desire, Experiment, New Beaver, Paradise, Peach Bottom, Slate Lick, Slippery Rock, Balltown, Blue Ball, Intercourse, Virginville, Climax

On to the feature! Have a great weekend and week everyone!!! :hug: :heart:

The Last Stand by charmedy The Forehand Clear by MARX77 Kiss! by feanutri Ready for Sail by raysheaf Winter Souls by Zindy Wood walker by zardo Hades by MarcoHerrera Loving the anticipation by LordLJCornellPhotos Night Flower by Joe-Maccer Young Girls In Old Town by Rikitza If you look, you will see by MoonZaphire Point of View by tsukiko-kiyomidzu A clear day by STelari Moonflower by VeilaKs Ollie's Secret: My Friends Can Touch The Moon by adoreluna Christelle a Paris by duytter Langurous by Queen-Kitty ...hallstatt XV... by roblfc1892 Shadows With No Soul 2 by Bibire Night's Read (JG161) by jesseboy000 Alien Eggs by SheilaBrinson winter scarf by jeanbeanxoxo Geisha by annewipf Beatrice by EmilySoto Portrait of a Vampiress by mshellee no no no by EintoeRn Forbidden by vampirekingdom Red Riding Hood by JannaFairyArt Best Model Ever by BrettAZimmerman Banud by MachiavelliCro frontyard by O-Gosh Red humming birds by ElenaDudina I think I hurt my knee by ZiaulKareem The Sentence by BrookeGillette The Keys to Me by vacuumslayer Le Chaperon Rouge by VeroniqueThomas Open seating by noir Cassiea by Selenada The Far Pavilions by DriPoint Winter Stream by Pajunen Barefoot and Lace by DDGrafix Iceland - Navy Plane Wreck by LinsenSchuss Never too late to dream by GeneRazART As the World Awakens by Emerald-Depths Lost in space by igreeny Sweet moments by CindysArt We Will Fix This! by Black-B-o-x Peacock Portrait -IV by InayatShah Winter scene by Notvitruvian Down In It by lucid-light Crosses by xKimJoanne C. by Alyz Happiness in simplicity by touchofthesoul Blink by haifischfutter Hurt No More by nakedcrayon23 Morticia A. Addams by Alena-Koshkar Feel it by EstherPuche-Art Exegesis by Carlos-Quevedo Will there be enough water by NinaSever Italia by Malleni-Art 'Majestic Moment' by KellySeale Postcard of Tokyo 22 by JACAC 'STRAYA by thespook NeedNeed
blood lust abounding
need so very strong
feel my nearness
turn your lovely head
expose your throat
allow me my feed
enjoyment fulfilled
give unto me all
that you are and
all that you could be
for my need is strong
and your blood sweet
Winter Paws by TammyPhotography Saturnine Vigil by MarcelaBolivar Embrace. by OliviaMichalski Thinking Time by EarthHart Consistent stripes by hosagu Barbara Palvin by Duh22 Legacy II by Aurelia-Isabella The Thing... by Nikulina-Helena The Dark Garden by MarcoHerrera Music Was My First Love by Liek Chinatown 2 by Metal-Bender -- All You Need Is Love -- by AshleyxBrooke Watching by RavienneArt Fix Me by DestinyBlue fly away by Lolita-Artz

What I’m listening to right now…  more like what I'm singing right now at the top of my lungs.  If only you all could hear me. :lol:

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