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I'm Sorry
I never expected things to spiral this far out of control
But even I couldn't keep this hide forever
It started with the thought of "I want to leave deviantart, but I have no real excuse", which lead me to think "Oh, I'll use my crippling depression and leave a vent about how awful I am" because all I ever do is beat myself up
I never expected such a large reaction
I never expected so many people to actually care if I died since I'm such a sad and useless being
Everyone was right about me
I am just a waste of time
I'm useless
I'll never be a girl
I'll never be happy
And the whole "Sarah" thing?
My girlfriend left me about half a year after I came out as trans
She left me for a "real woman"
She didn't love me because I wasn't "real" enough for her
All I do is screw things up and I am just an awful waste
I shouldn't have even been born
I deserve my abuse for being so awful
I shouldn't have even come back
I shouldn't have tempted fate and tried to drum up drama
All I wanted to do was make
:iconimma-the-deer:Imma-The-Deer 55 2,144
hello~! I open requests because I want to practise how to draw bishies //wink wonk
They will be done in traditional and edited in digital If I'd like to .... I guess no, I'm lazy af :iconlazecryplz:
Everything you need to do is:
- be a watcher (new watchers can join too),
- fav this journal,
- comment with filled form

Reference(s): /only male ocs/
*Others [optional]: /you can write any extra about chara/

Don't be upset if I don't choose your chara //pats pats
Example [Unknown from Mystic Messenger *gasp* I'm addicted to thi game lol]
:iconneraizel:Neraizel 48 68
24 Hours Pixel Icon Raffle
Majority wanted a raffle. Though someone pick no and icon itself. Thank you everyone. :3 I decide to place the base in commission before that I want to make more examples. <3

The raffle will last 24 hours. 
I will draw both female and male humanoid Characters.
There will be 2 winners.
How to join:
-Be a watcher of Attaile or afiniwind (new watchers are welcome. Please don't unwatch me if you want the raffle.)
-Favorite this journal
-You must comment if you want to enter.
I will be picking the numbers from
Closed: August 28. (1pm EST)
If you win please sent me a note:reference of your OC
Have a great day.
:iconattaile:Attaile 39 95
bad news
2017 will be kind of a hard year for me
and it might be that I'll be from a little, up to extremely inactive
which means that I'm not even going to have time to text even any of my friends over here at all
I'm not only going to finish school soon (preparing for final exams), I will also have to move out as soon as I'll turn 19 and got about 4000€ since my family situation is turning more and more difficult and sometimes even abusive
I really hope to get through the end of 2016 and the whole year 2017 as good as possible
I love you all & stay safe
:iconzotiel:zotiel 31 42
Devious Journal Entry
I'm on an a-la-rage mode right now, so let me start a rant.
I do not care whatever your opinion is, good or bad, hell post this on a hate blog I will not give a crap at this point.
Let me give you a definition of a "community".
A community is "a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals."
Let me define "fellowship".
Fellowship is Friendly association, especially with people who share one's interests."
Let me highlight two words:
"Friendly association".
Out of the five years I have been on DeviantArt and part of the MMDC, I have never.
Experienced this much hate. 
Experienced this much anger.
Experienced a large amount of good, inspiring people leaving all at once. 
Throughout my four weeks here, I have seen the most rudest, self-centered, judgmental, hateful users in this "community".
Users who literally do not care for a person's well
:iconendibell:EndiBell 26 16
are people's genders any of your business
:icondogswithknives:dogswithknives 19 38
Okay so, I just wanted to thank ALL OF YOU for watching me. I can't believe you have beaten what took me 2 years to get on tumblr in about 7 months on dA. You're all wonderful.
So now, I present to you a PROPER contest!
The decisions have been made by voting in the polls system, so I did not choose to have these as my first choice.
There are three point prizes for my contest, and this is for literally all the points I have on my account now.
For this contest, you must make art of my OC's found in my stash here:
This can be done by either traditional or digital methods of work.
I am not judging based on skill at all, I am solely judging upon the creativity, effort, and cleverness of each entry.
You can make as many entries as you want, but only one will be judged upon and you must pick which one you wish for me to judge.
This contest will start today (8/27/16) and end on 9/28/16.
I can give some people a small extension
:iconthunderstruck17:ThunderStruck17 19 40
Scammer Warning: TheAquaticRebel
Person/Artist: TheAquaticRebel (Account was deactivated August 2016) 
New account: Kreayashion
Link to artwork sold/Bought:
 ''The Aurora Bringers'' (YCH Comm)
Proof of engagement:
Amount owed: $150.00/115£
In May of 2016 I opened a YCH with multiple characters which were $150.00 each 'The Aurora Singers' (YCH CLOSED).
One was bought by someone and a short time later the other was bought by TheAquaticRebel
At the time I was doing commissions under post-pay -- Meaning I would be paid after completion. I had done this originally to save myself anxiety by feeling the need to rush to get a piece of artwork done because it had been prepaid. 
:iconninjakato:NinjaKato 20 18
Season 5 Trailer
So I made this to get more practice in with Adobe Premiere, believe it or not. Also, my old channel trailer is old.
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 17 15
I Love You #2
So I realized I was richer then I thought and decided to do another DA hub thing. Now I'm actually really sick at the moment, I would've gone on each of your pages and said 'I love you' it's sorta my thing. I'm sorry that the world decided to make me sick today.
Anyways, like the last one I will be commenting on usernames that stick out to my face.
Thank you all for watching! I love you.
:iconemergencyrabbits: Everyone! Replace the defibrillators!
:iconiceboltz: Some nice boltz right dare
:iconpreachingthegospel: PREACH
:iconelizio99: Only 90s kids remember dis
:iconflurz-with-soup: Can I replace that with crackers?
:iconimyourmurderer: .....well hello there.
:iconvpapy: PAPILLON
:iconimperialnokhtis: I misspelled your name 6 times.
:iconrigiroony:Rigiroony 18 66
What the HELL have I done...?
I've just spent money of supplies to make... SOAP. 
Yep. I'm venturing into the realm of soap making again. I've done it before but after a while I got more into acrylic painting and then digital art. However, I've been hearing of my friends doing all kinds of crafty things and selling things at fairs and things and it got me really wanted to try some more hands on stuff. 
I bought blocks of soap starter, fragrances, moulds, and a few other small items. I didn't go too crazy but I did find out that things were a lot cheaper than I thought they'd be these days lol Back in the day when I first started it things were quite pricey but they seem to have gotten a bit cheaper since then. 
I got paid for a commission and spent it... on soap making supplies. 
I regret nothing
I'm excited!!!! :la: I miss doing fiddly hands on stuff like soap making, candle making, sculpting, and the like... About time I get my ass doing something like that again. 
If they d
:iconninjakato:NinjaKato 16 24
heres a preview of new dt page

it might be out in a few years so look forward to it guys
:iconazuneechan:azuneechan 16 31
please never forget this
:icongoatr:goatr 15 19
24 hour art giveaway
It's nothing big though I think that since school is starting and I'll have a lot less time, it'll be nice to host one last giveaway before I stop doing these for a while. I know that most people chose large amount of points so I'm very sorry it's not points and it's just my art instead! If you're unhappy then unwatch me. 
The winner will win 1 fullbody with transparent background! They can choose whether they want it with a bounce animation or not, or thin or thick lines! I'll only do cats, dogs, raccoons, foxes, and maybe some other species like closed species based off of those animals. I won't do very complicated characters, sorry! 

Rules to enter
- Only comment ONCE !! Your one comment will count as your entry. Any other comment you make will be hidden. (Does not include replies) If I find you're trying to enter wi
:iconraikukitti:raikukitti 14 83
New Warriors Roleplay Site! High Ranks Open.
I've finished a new Warriors rp site called Warriors & Witchcraft! "Warriors & Witchcraft is a roleplay site based on the works of Erin Hunter. Here, cats are granted supernatural powers—start your adventure today as a RiverClan Teleporter, a ShadowClan Empath, or any of magical cat types listed on the main page." 
SO YEAH! If you want to give your OC a supernatural power, then stop on by and sign up for a position! There are pros and cons to (almost) every power, so make sure to read through the power descriptions on the main page before you sign up. A lot of leader, deputy, and medicine cat ranks are open, should you like!
Here're some site previews:

:iconcushfuddled:Cushfuddled 13 20
about tyler being mauled by the crowd
read this:
i just found it
and if people are worried about him spread it? 
like i litearlly just found this out
:iconwulfpups:wulfpups 13 13
30 day gore challenge
i make my OWN well not really i basically picked things out i wanted to do lets do this
1) plant growth in body
2) Amputation 
3) Ball-jointed doll
4) decay
5) nosebleed/bruises/minor injuries
6) cannibalism
7) gut spill
8) gem/crystals
9) extra limbs
10) skewered
11) blood bath
12) skeletal/bones showing
13) Decapitation
14) Stitches
15) Sickness
16) Selfharm
17) Insects
18) Eyes
19) Organs
20) Knives / Guns / Weapons
21) Mask / Covered eyes / Covered mouth
22) Piercing / Bodymodification
23) Scarring
24) split in half
25) pet-play
26) Conjoined bodies
27) Mask / Covered eyes / Covered mouth 
28) Monstrous
29) Beaten up / Bruising
30) Surgery
ill update this whenever i finish one...most likely wont be in order lmao
suggest which ones you want me to do first !! 
:iconvintagedoii:VintageDoII 12 20
I love deviantART! CONCURSO 200 POINTSI love deviantART! 

con colaboración de::iconistepheng:
pink heart PREMIOS pink heart 
Primer lugar = 100 Pink Points 
Segundo lugar = 60 Pink Points 
Tercer lugar = 40 Pink Points 
¿CÓMO PARTICIPAR? Tard Boogie - now a plz 
Tener en +watch a 

:iconistepheng: y :iconitaeysweet:

Agrega :+fav: a los 2 journals de :iconistepheng: y :iconitaeysweet:

Hacer un journal sobre el concurso

Comentar 'PARTICIPO' con todo lo que hiciste:heart: - 20 entradas - 

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Video Games are not Comics
Cross posting this here from Tumblr, since it seems to be a hot topic in my inbox on both sites!
Video games are built around a game mechanic, not a story narrative.
I’ve had a few artists lately approach me asking how to go about making an indie game. Where do they even start?
Sean, as well, has been recieving these questions since the dawn of time. 
Almost anyone who’s published the process of their indie development gets these questions, and I am positive almost anyone who’s published an indie game provides the same answer.
The answer to “where do I start” is a question that a lot of artists in particular just cannot wrap their heads around. Indeed, it took me a while to internalize the information as well. So here goes.
First of all; what separates a game from an interactive comic?
Comics are built around narrative.
Games are built around game mechanics.
When you approach a comic, the first things you consider is: what
:iconpainted-bees:painted-bees 12 8
Who wants to be my friend
just comment
:icondigital-bunny-love:Digital-Bunny-Love 12 147
taken from Jinarchy 
🔓 Single or Taken 🔒: single and not interested 
💘 Crushing 💘 :  Josuke and Joseph from JJBA
💋 Full Name 💋 : Succ my ass
👿 Nickname 😈 :  Luna or pretty much all of my kintype names
🔋 Battery Percentage 🔋 : 40% atm
💏 Do you miss your last relationship 💏 : I'm not interested 
💕 Ex you would take back 💕 :  why is this a question jfc
📱 iPhone Or Android 📱 : I have an iPad so
🎉 Birthday 🎉 :  July 18th!! I had a great birthday this year
🎶 Last Song I Listened To 🎶 : Colorbars by Fukase
🌈 Favorite color 🌈:  Pastel pink or blue and neon red
🎥 Favorite TV show 🎥 : Does anime count? If so, Jojo's bizarre adventure 
☝🏽 Height ☝🏽 : idk and idc??
🙇🏽 What Mood I'm right now 🙇
:iconphantombl00d:phantombl00d 12 11
100+ Watchers thing
Well. Instead of doing the drawing by MYSELF, I'm making you guys do it too :'D
I'll upload my piece, and everyone draws around it. To make sure that everyone gets a go, it'll be passed on. I tag the first person, they'll tag another of my watchers. I'll give a list of those that haven't done it. I would appreciate if everyone joined!
:iconirritatedraven:IrritatedRaven 11 68