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I think that sometimes we overestimate what mothers can do and handle. Or perhaps it's just that we don't really realize that they're people until we see them crying in their room. But mothers, no matter how strong they are or claim to be, need support. In a lot of stories, old and new, mothers are seen as strong, almost invincible support systems. They take care of everyone around them, they look for the bright side and they always work to help. Because of that, I think we don't really see just how...overwhelmed they are.

Of course, some mothers are pretty terrible. But the majority, I've found, are just trying their best to become that perfect mother: supportive, kind, loving. And when they make a mistake or even when their kid makes a mistake, they take it a lot harder than others might, because they feel they've let not only that "perfect mother" image down, but also their kids down. I was once talking to my mom about how everyone has a special talent, and she didn't know what hers was. I told her it was being a mother, and I meant it. I honestly think my mom is the best mother I could ever have wished for, but when I told her that, know what she replied with? "Don't say that. Hearing you say that is...amazing, but it also makes me feel really guilty. It just reminds me of all the mistakes I've made, and how often I've let you and your brother down." 

Fudge that. It's because of her mistakes that she's so freaking awesome! :D (Big Grin)

I have no idea why I'm writing this right now. Sweating a little... Honestly this train of thought just rolled into my head, and I felt like sharing it with you guys. 

I suppose the moral of this journal is that: if you and your mom (or dad. Don't forget the dads) ever were to have an argument or if she's having a rough day, remember that she needs support too. Remember to hug her, or do some small task that she normally nags you about. Whenever I notice my mom acting tense and angry, I try to find little things she normally has to do around the house and do them for her, like washing the dishes or taking out the trash. Sometimes it really is the smallest gestures that can make someone's day. :) (Smile)

Just please, be a mother for your mother sometimes. ;) (Wink) They deserve it.

100 points giveaway (48h)

Thu Aug 27, 2015, 4:57 PM

To celebrate my 1500 watchers Heart
Ends on the 30/8. W
inners will be chosen through . 
There has to be min. 10 participants.

•1st place: 50 Points
•2nd place: 10 Points (5 winners) 

~Rules to participate:
•Watch me and make a journal promoting the giveaway (link in the comment).

~To get more entries:
•Give me a llama (1 number).
•Give a llama and +watch BEAPANDA and jongninix (3 numbers per account).
•Donate me points (5 entries per point).
(tell me what you have done in a comment)


:iconpeoplearefxxincrazy: :iconfabrieditions: :icongummiken: 
:iconsterileritalin: :iconlovelybrokenhearts: :iconsavagezambie:
:iconborntobeewild: :iconineedmemory: :iconperfectstarlight: :iconarianamoya: :iconiwillshine: :iconyouaremybae:
:iconbyleoeditions: :iconlookingtobeflawless: :iconxapfel: :iconsecretsinmyheart: :iconmajestic-pizza: :iconlulurandom45:
:iconshindianaify: :icontommode: :icontheburningprincess: :iconmaficws: :iconxstarsdance: :iconsparkwishes: 
:iconselenapurpleewdirect: :iconcaseythewolf985:

Spanish version: Sorteo Express 100 puntos (Mio)

Yes, I feel like murdering my hands today :D
I need some drawing practice so I'll take a page from other people and just go for it. But I don't want to kill myself so only 80 X.X

You must post a journal of this and link me to it.
I will only draw Animal-like creatures (Pokemon, mlp, etc)

The twins by MimkageSweet Cherry Kisses by Mimkage Similar to this but only heads :D

1. xXSepty-ChanXx :iconcheckmarkplz:
2. Kikyoyaoi
3. Ro-Z-Po-Z
4. Kuristuin
5. Chi-Pai
7. Blacktripesrock
8. WolfOfTheShadows1230
9. Sorasku
10. DarkBachuru
11. halcyondrop
12. White-Moonlight
13. emoandmusiclover
14. Turtle-Raptor
15. Stallionshock
16. Alicatamatic
17. BrownieSurpise
18. Majestic-Pizza
19. Ghost-And-Hellsong
20. Katiefrog217
21. SkyBreezeMasterMc
22. XxArtChemicalxX
23. lizzielove2407
24. MajoraDrowned
25. ImmaGoddamPony
26. Sharon-Lumiere
27. FluffyHammy
28. Noahthampi
29. Va-dorah
30. The-Cheese-Ity
31. crystal23dragon
32. xSinisterShadowsx
33. iLoveCreativity14
34. Loga43
35. JanetTucker
36. Du-sk
37. BlueSnowfire
38. KoolCatCM
39. Polabear-loves-art
40. NicoleTheBunny
41. MummifiedThunderbird
42. FuocoStella
43. TheBaseReporter
44. irislprince
45. Teofilo-Cubills
46. AclectMagick
47. IsabellaThePony
48. Dottybobbles
49. ReversedCarrot
50. KareKareDragon
51. SonEminoKami
52. Equinoxthealicorn
53. BlueButterflyArt1
54. SeekerOfDestiny
55. MomoIsJustPeachy
56. P-B-Jay
57. Dust06
58. RachelCop
59. Daddys-Girl1997
61. RainbowDash326
62. immasweetslovinggirl
63. the-pegasus-katja
64. pokeMaya1
65. SketchinaCottonBelle
66. PalaciaPandemonium
67. CatchyArtz
68. Home-dat-stuck
69. Taylorzilla1900
70. Hey-Galaxy-Artist
71. Actinium28
72. PrincessLuna94
73. rubybekogirl
74. JeweledFaith
75. Blackdragon216
76. Sunfox17
77. Kitten-Copic
78. PrincessRobocop
79. TheRussBus
80. Monster51
81. Mr-Blitz
82. Dash-Into-Drawing
83. Art-forArts
84. TheGurlWithThePony

Wow, epic five way tie for the last slot XD just throw them in. Why not? Four more won't kill me xD

Animated Pixel Box Comissions - Closed

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 27, 2015, 6:24 PM

CSS Skin

I've seen these floating around the site and i really love them! theyre so cute!

terra nova Pixel Box by Tenshilove Noire Pixel Box by Tenshilove

Ive looked at alot of different styles and ive made a base of my own to use~

I have 12 poses to pick from for now but i plan to make more later (maybe even couples!)
Pixel Box pose 1 WM by TenshilovePixel Box pose 2 WM by TenshilovePixel Box pose 3 WM by TenshilovePixel Box pose 4 WM by Tenshilove
Pixel Box pose 5 WM by TenshilovePixel Box pose 6 WM by TenshilovePixel Box pose 7 WM by TenshilovePixel Box pose 8 WM by Tenshilove
Pixel Box pose 9 WM by TenshilovePixel Box pose 10 WM by TenshilovePixel Box pose 11 WM by TenshilovePixel Box pose 12 WM by Tenshilove

All of these poses are converted from F2U bases by the lovely leviathen
So if you love the pose go get it from them~ <3

(Levi, bab, If you want a free one, as thanks for your wonderful bases, note me!!!)

If there is another F2U pixel base you'd like me to use for your commission, let me know and ill see what i can do~ !!

I'm going to take a few commissions of these to start XD


Base Price
Flat colored, No BG - Bounce animation included
+0.5 usd paypal fee

+ 1 USD shading
+ 1 USD background
+ 2 USD complex character
+ 2 USD Blinking animation
+ 2 USD other animation (tail wag/ear twitch/ facial expression change/ back ground movement)
+ 2 USD for a custom or another F2U base pose.


1 slot can order up to 3 commissions.
(leave a comment asking if you would like to be alerted when slots re-open)

1. Ascherune paid
2. ObsceneBarbie paid
3. Wintryabyss paid
4. KyaKlutz pending
5. HanniBuns paid


If you get a slot, please comment bellow with this form for each one you buy! (max 3)

Paypal Email - (I do not sell through the friends and family option!!! I will send you an invoice to pay through!!)
Character - (full body fully colored digital reference)
Pose - (females can be placed on the male poses, but males cannot be placed on female poses.)
Coloring - (flat or shaded)
Background - (yes or no, if yes, please leave a brief description, (Ie, urban street, floating island, rainy, Ferris wheel, forest, space, etc.) Or link a specific pixel bg you want me to use. If no, please leave a color to fill the space. NOTE the backgrounds i use come from F2U stock pixels, so if i cannot find what you ask for i will have to ask you to re select a BG)
Animation - (Bouncing, blinking, or other.)
Saying - (Character name and a short phrase, a sentence or 2 short ones)
Animation speed - (slow like the 1st example or fast like the 2nd)
Additional info - (anything else you think i should know.)
Total price - (adding up the extras with the base price)

I will let you know if there are any issues or if you will be charged the complexity fee.

I think thats it! I hope you guys like these ive been meaning to make them for a while!!!



Journal Entry: Thu Aug 27, 2015, 9:18 PM

  • Mood: Horror
Due to the fact that I will be gone for a majority of the day, just know that, by the time I get on later to fill in the rest of the slots with names, there may be more than 100 head shot requests. Please do not be disappointed if you do not make it on the list, and please count the comments to make sure there is a spot open for you. At the time, requests number at 70, making only 30 spots open. First come, first serve!

Because I feel like punishing myself :'D
So, yes, I can do anything, animals, people, ponies, etc. Just remember, one character per person!
Rules: Post a journal below showing that you made a journal about this.. well, journal, and post a reference of your character.
Unfortunately, I'll be gone the next few days, so I won't be able to do these very fast, but I have my drawing pad packed, so I'll do what I can ^-^

1. Ro-Z-Po-Z
2. Kuristuin
3. Chi-Pai
4. ShadowSpade191809
5. Yang759
6. xXSepty-ChanXx
7. kikyoyaoi
8. stallionshock
9. dbkit
10. BluegrassBrooke
11. MomoIsJustPeachy
12. emoandmusiclover (Pending)
13. FluffyHammy
14. MummifiedThunderbird
15. Monster51
16. BlueButterflyArt1
17. FlameRiverAlchemist
18. TheSilverDawn (Pending)
19. IvanCrysis
20. immasweetslovinggirl
21. XLightning-Dash3rX
22. pokeMaya1
23. PrincessLuna94
24. PonyOfTardis
25. Blackdragon216
26. Art-forArts-Sake
27. AlleyRosebeth
28. LuminestiMoraru
29. TheRussBus
30. daisyrosalina00
31. CSOX
32. DarkBachuru
33. PrincessRobocop
34. Amous-Anona
35. Sharon-Lumiere
36. PebblePassion
37. Ghost-And-Hellsong
38. just-to-look-not
39. dualadopts
40. Wip-Robocik
41. RainbowShimmers
42. omgcat21isawesome
43. Ask-Splash-Sparkz
44. Discorded-Joker
45. MoonlightGalaxy
46. BettyFontaine
47. Dracolycan
48. SeriusPonyIsSerius1
49. ZorDrawer
50. MissCupcakee
51. Sternchende
52. RubasznyPajac
53. NieZgodna1
54. EquestriaPegasis
55. PaintingMuffin
56. Pomaranczova
57. SophieThePinkKitty
58. Ametii
59. ShinnyDraw
60. marcioo9
61. Tuskaffka
62. PendingStorm
63. RainbowWeather
64. Ravelin-Crescent
65. TwistedTwisty
66. NightMoonie007
67. Dixeu
68. Amberpon3
69. Tempest-Star
70. TheMidnight-Sound
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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 27, 2015, 2:47 PM

{RQ} One step closer by VictoriaDaMeowtini{RQ} i'll make sure they're really fucking sorry by VictoriaDaMeowtini{RQ} If i could write you a song by VictoriaDaMeowtini{RQ} I've been feeling like a ghost by VictoriaDaMeowtini{RQ} Its gonna be a real party by VictoriaDaMeowtini

So, i would like to draw other peoples ocs, so i am challenging myself to finish 50 icons
To recive one you must fill out the form below
Oc ref:
Background?: (Colors only)

TRY to keep it simple for me?

i will start the icons once 10 people have asked for one
If you do not fill out the form, i will not do your request

1.PaintTasticPony Blue Whiffle Ref {IC} i tried and failed, i'msosorry by VictoriaDaMeowtini
2.n1ghtbreak Vaddix Cat!! {IC} We're saying RIP to everyone we know by VictoriaDaMeowtini
3.potatonomz Gummy(New) {IC} I mean technically our marriage is saved by VictoriaDaMeowtini
4.An1me-Trash Maxwell Mutt aka Thunder Mutt, Son of Mammoth M. {IC} hush boy, oh hush boy by VictoriaDaMeowtini
5.Jezzycat202 Jezebelle Ref 2015{IC} I just love to speak by VictoriaDaMeowtini
6.poppygrowl //YELLS I DID IT {IC} They know the licks, that get the chicks by VictoriaDaMeowtini
7.iNeon11 Pirate 2015 ref {IC} I'm going numb, I've been hijacked by VictoriaDaMeowtini
8.Starridge Lacey Ref {IC} I want to be your rock, by VictoriaDaMeowtini
9.furry-tucker 1 {IC} I'm two quarters and a heart down by VictoriaDaMeowtini
10.xXLostWillowXx Lil losty reference sheet {IC} One night and one more time by VictoriaDaMeowtini
11.mem-e tae {IC} I just can't look its killing me by VictoriaDaMeowtini
12.RhinoKitty Gummy Ref {IC} That was then, but then its true by VictoriaDaMeowtini
13.Datonefriend1700 Homosexual Sexuality Adoptable (CLOSED) {IC} You're nothing but a lie by VictoriaDaMeowtini
14.Echy0w0 Echy Reference Sheet (2015) FURSONA {IC} So don't try to say you're sorry by VictoriaDaMeowtini
15.Lil-Beam-Kirby Alex ref sheet UPDATED
16.SmittenTheKitten The Story's All Off
17.DestinytheEspeon Catherine
18.SuperSmileyKitty Arienne the Houndobot
19.MegaDragoBiz Lumenidrac
20JayCat02 NEW JAYFLOWER ICON by JayCat02
21.marineDeception stable ref
22.Cat-tuses Ill always love youu
24.Crystalpug Midnight
25.the-demon-life-blood Fursona bby Pixel
26.sonofss2 Malralic X
27.GlitchTheWolf . : Baby You`re So Classic : . (Tora July 2015)
28.HybridWolfFangirl Official Rhea Refrence Sheet
29.Rainbow-Pastel-Fox Image
30.FlyingWolfSky Snowdrop my new Warrior OC

please don't complain/fight if you don't get one

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selling old charas!! - OPEN -

Thu Aug 27, 2015, 3:10 PM

they're all pretty cheap! 0-300:points:, paypal accepted on some!!

offer on these two babs too!!
min 200:points:/$2 USD offers, please ; v ;

highest offer - 500:points: + 1 or 2 myos alliegator99

highest offer - 200:points: suqarbunny

just keep trying

you'll get through this, love

  • Mood: Cheerful
I met someone who loves Hetalia just as much as I do today at school it was awesome we couldn't stop talking about it xDD !
She's really fun to talk to lmao ((she even loves GerIta PruHun and Sufin omgggg))

<<< literally us talking about Hetalia at school
Hello! I'm doing an art slave auction~! If you win this auction I'll draw whatever you want over the next 5 days!
I do have a few rules though...

:star: revamp Rules :star: revamp 
> Don't rush me or be rude.
> Please don't ask for 5000+ things at once!
> Bid under "BID HERE"
> Auction will end 48 hours after last bid or AB
:star: revamp Art Examples :star: revamp 


50x50 Icons:
50x50 Free to Use Pixel Icon by LizsiHatsune Miku 50x50 Icon by LizsiMe 50x50 Icon by Lizsi
Gemstone Icon by LizsiAura Bounce Icon by Lizsi

20x20 Sprites:
Katsu by LizsiTsuru by LizsiYuuto by Lizsi#1 by Lizsi#2 by Lizsi#3 by Lizsi
#4 by Lizsi#5 by LizsiCharlie Sprite by LizsiHunter Sprite by LizsiTea Sprite by Lizsi
Tiny Pasemi Sprite by Lizsi


Pasemi DTA Entry by LizsiGemstone Chibi by LizsiTamashi-Tails MYO Entry - Amnesiac by Lizsi5 Point Adoptable Auction #13! [CLOSED] by Lizsi

Feelin' Sketchy by Lizsi

SB: 100:points:
MR: 10:points: