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Stealing this idea from Point-Master-Pete (hope that's okay with them!)

In celebration of one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to hold a giveaway of sorts with various different prizes! Please read this journal before entering!

There are a total of 20 treat bags to choose from. Some contain treats (one of the prizes listed below) and other contain tricks (nothing!). If you picked the right bag, you get the corresponding prize. If you picked a trick bag, you sadly get nothing! :c The bags are already pre-labeled to their corresponding prize in a word document. My sister Terrierking can verify this! 

I'll be drawing 10 numbers. So only 10 of the 20 bags will be chosen. If I draw your number but your bag was already chosen by a different winner, I'll redraw a different number. That way I'm not giving out say, 10 of the same prize!

Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras Must be a watcher of mine!
Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras Must +fav this journal!
Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras Comment with the trick or treat bag number you choose.
Jack O Lantern by Angelic-Sakuras If you feature this journal in a poll or journal, you can either a) pick another bag to double your chances or b) choose to double your prize. Please specify which you would like when you comment with the link.
Note: each person will only get one number assigned by me. If you feature and choose option a, you'll receive a second number and get to pick a second bag. If you choose option b, you do not get a second number but your prize will be double if you're drawn as a winner.

- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 100 :points: OR $1 via paypal
- 1 week page feature (valued at $2)
- 1 week page feature (valued at $2)
- 500 :points: OR $5 via paypal
- 500 :points: OR $5 via paypal
- 500 :points: OR $5 via paypal
- 1 character flat color 100x100 pixel (valued at $6)
- 1 character shaded pixel chibi (valued at $8)
- 1,000 :points: OR $10 via paypal
- 1,000 :points: OR $10 via paypal
- 1,500 :points: OR $15 via paypal
- 1 character flat color large simple pixel (valued at $25)

1) trick or treat by ichadoggi         2) trick or treat by ichadoggi           3) trick or treat by ichadoggi          4) trick or treat by ichadoggi          5) trick or treat by ichadoggi
6) trick or treat by ichadoggi         7) trick or treat by ichadoggi           8) trick or treat by ichadoggi          9) trick or treat by ichadoggi          10) trick or treat by ichadoggi
11) trick or treat by ichadoggi         12) trick or treat by ichadoggi           13) trick or treat by ichadoggi          14) trick or treat by ichadoggi          15) trick or treat by ichadoggi
16) trick or treat by ichadoggi         17) trick or treat by ichadoggi           18) trick or treat by ichadoggi          19) trick or treat by ichadoggi          20) trick or treat by ichadoggi

Happy Halloween!

Please let me know if you have any questions!

End October 31st at 11 pm CST

[PRIZE ADDED]Mini Art Raffle

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 12:49 PM
HI EVERYONE!! I hope you're all doing well with school and life and such u w u ! 
Thank you for your continual love and support thou I've been... gone. Or at least it really feels like that; I miss summer HAHA. Last raffle I held was on my birthday and was huge... good times. Well, this time it's gonna be a modest one. :'D It's a way for me to say thanks to you all and it's also a small celebration because I just finished a huge chunk of work for midterms lol.
What can you win?

:new: Chibii-chii is contributing chibis to each of the winners! ; v ; <3

A fully shaded bust shot of your OC/Character[Fanart]!
[C]Judaime by Luxiella
And if more people join I will add more prizesI am a dummy!
:new: 25+ I will add a full shaded chibi! - ADDED!
[PC]Kuimei by LuxiellaRaffle Chibis by Luxiella
:new: 50+ I will add a flat colored sparkle bust!
[PC]cherrilu by Luxiella [PC]hibu-tan - 1/2 by Luxiella
 100+ I will add another flat colored sparkle bust! 
[PC]hibu-tan - 2/2 by Luxiella [C]bluelanterns by Luxiella


 ✪ You MUST be a watcher; because these raffles are thank you's for them. New watchers are welcome as long as you won't just unwatch me after the event Because wow no; and I have a blacklist if this happens. :eyes:
 ✪ Write a journal/poll advertising this raffle; AND LINK ME TO IT IN YOUR COMMENT! As well as link me to your OC/Character you would like.

*Please limit to ONE COMMENT ONLY! THANKS!*

No extra chances this time around because I'm too occupied to keep track and count; I'm keeping a public list below.


1. Abissh
2. Ruellea 
4. ichinosetokiya1200
5. TanoshiiGirl
6. sketchmo 
7. yukaXart 
8. DoubleDIsMine52695
9. miseryrayvn
10. Kawaiiipoop 
11. ZellVRP 
12. yurimilk 
13. Reyniki 
14. CuddlyBunneh 
15. Sarusaurus 
16. SeeThroughtheMist
17. Trial-By-Combat
18. Blame-The-Nargles
19. KouxykiChan 
20. reincarnationz 
21. BrunaLH
22. TatterTotMinion 
23. KuchikixRukia 
24. Habuki 
25. lostintheflowoftime 
26. shasuu 
27. Caseykinz 
28. Klouddd 
29. ChaoticallyKhaos 
30. Scoric 
31. KirasDarkLight 
32. poumei 
33. yaocchi 
34. Chibii-chii 
35. Royalitie 
36. JollyMutt 
37. VongolaPrimo111 
38. Greyna-ChanX3 
39. banANNUmon 
40. King---Vicious 
41. Rasata 
42. BiPinkBunny 
43. MamaELM 
44. Erik-Danao
45. SaekiSekai 
46. kana-kana 
47. Lion-Heart-KSA 
48. Pio-Scully 
49. AbstractAni 
50. eiba09011
51. safyia110
52. Stitch-Wicked 
53. sushirabu 
54. Hyun-sama 
55. HaiKoneko
56. ShyGreenYoshi
57. WynnQueen 
58. PainbowCrash
59. Ephira 
60. NekoNeptune 
61. UltraViolentRainbows 
62. Topaz1229
63. WolvesPoniesOhMy 
64. AutumnTaylorArt
65. AmaiAria
66. NineStarsKen
67. Judaime 
68. OhSquishy 
69. Xenodragons 
70. ellabunny123
71. Rinma-Halizakura
72. blackevilkitty
73. Bluesheepy 
74. Thoughtful-Stargazer
75. Moonlitpetal
76. Vesperity
77. Lee-Kate
I will be using to choose the winners!



Skin by SimplySilent


"Feed me tuna and pet me all day. 

I was once a god, you know.” 

Hey everyone! My name is Cherry mint ! Ive only been on for a while but plan to be a very noticable person and hope to make others art to their hearts content!
So for a start I will be doing 100 free request!!!
You don't have to be a watcher but it would be nice if you could!
So I hope to be able to give everyone as much art as they want
(If you donate five more points you get a extra request)

So why not check up my art and make a request!
Here is what I can and can't do...
(I can kinda draw humans but it wont be as good as others
Animals, fantasy creatures
Mythical beast

So make a journal and put your request below
(And make sure you put the word  Gryffon bellow to make sure you are reading or your request will be denied.)

Thanx everyone!
(Commisions, and a contest is open, note me details, questions)
[AT] - Cherry Mint by Skoryx
2: kuritsa 
3: Melon-Block 
4: Kagome235 
5: Babbling-Brooke 
6: GoldenKhrp 
7: BrokenHeartfrom1984 
8:  WishfulFun 
9: DerpyDewey
10: LunaTheAngelKitty11 
(Yay 10 already ^^; :D)
11: DraconiaIstra 
12: Magical-Becca 
13: Brisle 
14: XxMoeyxX 
(You watch me I watch you back just so you know -v-) 
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JUST........OH MY GOD......YOU GUYS!!!!!!!



Pixel - SparkleBerry Bullet by firstfearOmegle Video Chat!

This Saturday, at 8:00-10:00 Central Time (UTC-06:00), I will be on Omegle video chat under the tag "captain-fan" so you all can come say hi to me! I'd love to get to know the faces behind the icons! Of course, this will only work with enough people XD but maybe a decent amount out of 1000 will show up XD Comment if you're gonna do it so I can get a guesstimate! (I may even do a Skype giveaway if a few people sound interested :meow: We'll see).

Pixel - SparkleBerry Bullet by firstfearQ&A Video!

DA took down the journal where you guys asked me questions I said I would put in a video, so I'll ask again here. I'll be doing a video where I answer all the questions you want me to answer! It can be over anything; questions about my writing, my life, what color underwear I'm wearing, ANYTHING YOU WANNA KNOW I'LL ANSWER. Comment to let me know your questions!

Pixel - SparkleBerry Bullet by firstfearStory Giveaway!

As I have in the past, I'll be doing another story giveaway! Just fav this journal and you'll automatically be entered!
BUT I STILL NEED TO FINISH MY PIRATE!LEVI STORY THAT MY BBY :iconattackonfanfiction: REQUESTED WHEN SHE WONT NINE MILLION YEARS AGO. But, there will still be a giveaway nonetheless!!

  1. You must be watching me. Sorry, but this is to celebrate my watchers so it's only fair.
  2. You have to fav this journal by midnight Central Time, Friday Nov. 7th
  3. Your story will have to be from a Snk, Free, or Hellsing and it must be an X Reader
  4. I will announce the winner via journal and then note them when they are randomly chosen, they have 3 days to respond to that note or I'll pick someone else
  5. Winners from past giveaways can enter, but if one of them is chosen again, another winner will also be selected

Hearts and Ruffles Banner by socksyyHearts and Ruffles Banner by socksyyHearts and Ruffles Banner by socksyy

So yeah...hope this is enough to celebrate!! Thank you all so so much for your support and kind words! I can't believe this is actually! I'm nowhere near good enough to deserve this, but I'm so grateful for each and everyone one of you! Because of you all, this is possible. I'll still be writing in the midst of all this. Thank you all bunches!!!

Captain-Fan, Ash:heart:
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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 7:05 PM


Hello everypony! :la:

Seriously... I have no words. xD
I laughed so freaking hard on this! SO. BUCKING. HARD!

Just check it out xD I couldn't help but posting this as a journal /)^3^(\

Hilarious! xD

A Small Misunderstanding... (Comic) by KrytenMarkGen-0

Niceeee by crykov

i rly like this new style u guys... BUT...

ghost must've taken 9 years holy shit
tumblr mnqfwrI8hb1rhbo9no1 500 by Mewitti

It's that time of year again! This week is Asexual Awareness Week, all about, well, spreading awareness of asexuality. Asexuality is a sexual orientation that's characterized by a lack of sexual attraction. It's a huge, diverse, and often confusing orientation. If you're unfamiliar with it, you can read about the basics here! SemiHipster also has a great journal entry about it here!

If you have any questions you'd like to ask about asexuality or sexual orientation, feel free to comment here or ask questions anonymously on my srsbzns Tumblr. I'm no expert but I'll do my best to explain things and/or point you to helpful resources. You can also read posts I've written/reblogged on the subject. I am an okay-with-sex, libido-and-boyfriend-possessing asexual, and I'm willing to answer almost any question as long as you don't ask me to divulge private info about my partners. (I'm more than willing to get TMI, but my partners might not be!)

Asexual people often grow up thinking they're 'broken', that they'll never experience true love or intimacy, or that they're missing out on the best thing life has to offer. And none of this is true! But popular media likes to insinuate that nobody can ever be truly happy without a sexual partner (just look at all the movies where the Heterosexual Kiss is portrayed as more important than safety or friendship or love or the saving of the entire world/universe) and this can be so, so damaging to people who don't know better. Without campaigns like this awareness week, it can take years and years before asexual people even realize they're allowed to be happy with their lives. That can mean years of doubt, self-hate, and unwanted 'corrective' sex that didn't have to happen.

If you're unfamiliar with asexuality, please take a few minutes to learn about it. If you are familiar, please spread the word to someone who might not be! Asexuality has become much more widely-known and accepted over the years, but the work is far from over.

I won 3rd place at AC Unity contest

Wed Oct 29, 2014, 9:22 AM


Oh my GOOOOOOOSH...I can't believe it. I won 3rd place at Assassin's Creed Unity contest by Design-By-Humans and Ubisoft. Drawing which won 3rd place was Ignite Revolution piece. This is totally surreal for me, cuz I never won any contest. Now I shall bounce around the room...haha. Below you can check the painting and the t-shirt. You can now purchase the t-shirt I thank to everyone from bottom of my heart who voted and shared this design. You guys rock!!!

Ignite Revolution by tincek-marincek
Ignite Revolution

Ignite-revolution by tincek-marincek
Ignite Revolution t-shirt

Threads Artbook on Kickstarter

I have been drawing for the Threads fashion artbook. Preview of my first illustration you can see below. There are many amazing artists in this book...(you can check them on my preview image). In the book you'll also find tutorials from each artists. I also recorded progress from my drawing below, so the video is also available as a pledge on Kickstarter. More about the book you can check on the Kickstarter here. Thank you very much for your support.

Threads by tincek-marincek
Fashion artbook

Threads artbook - White Swan preview by tincek-marincek
White Swan preview

Coding by SimplySilent