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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 6:29 AM

Fawna for ReversiWings by serafleur

Wow, I gained another 1000+ watchers in just two weeks! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ; v ;// I would like to hold free raffle weekly/monthly as thanks to everyone who supported me!

✂- - - - - - - - - - -  - - - HOW TO ENTER

Watchers only. NEW WATCHERS ARE WELCOMED! Please watch only if you like my artworks!
Favorite this journal;

That's it! Your number will be based on the favorites list.

✂- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DEADLINE

After 2-3 days

Thank you again!

Dear Rest of the World,

Our rodents are better than yours.

Kindest regards,
Great F**king Britain.
Still on my Pokémon kick and I was just looking up some old Pokémon theme songs, then I came across this little gem

I don't think I've ever laughed so much hahaha XD It was so uncomfortable to watch in the best way possible! It totally caught me off guard. I've been watching this all day yesterday and today. Made me realize how much I miss listening to J-Pop. I need to get back into it again.

Anyways, you might not find this funny but I thought I'd just share what kind of stupid things make my day and make me laugh. Leave some links to things that make you laugh :D

PS Sorry for the little break I'm taking. A lot of you are under the impression that I've stopped doing pony art or am not gonna do pony art anymore haha (it's been less than a week ppl). I just have a midterm coming up and I'm dedicating all my time to studying for it (and occasionally looking up videos like this). Plus when going to art school, taking a break from art is nice sometimes lol. So no worries. Still here and still drawing :D

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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 3:19 PM


HELLOOOO GUYS! Now that the Aphaed website is all up and ready to go (or at least at a point where I'm comfortable releasing it for this kind of thing) it's time for an Aphaed myo contest!


How this is gonna work is that it's going to be a bit like when I first released Garrox - everyone makes an Aphaed design, I judge the designs an pick a bunch of winners (the number of winners hasn't been decided as I don't know how many people will enter haha) Winners get to keep their designs for free and get an extra something from me (their design put on the official base or a sketch or what have you), honourable mentions will also get to keep their designs for free. Those that don't quite make it get to keep their design for a fee (probably something like $15 ?) or can change their design into another species.

Bullet; Pink You must be a member of :iconaphaed-hollow: to enter.
Bullet; Purple All entries must be put into the MYO folder
Bullet; Pink You MUST read over all the information provided on the Aphaed Website (Please note that the buttons you hover over to see the drop-down menu ARE THEIR OWN PAGES and do have information!)
Bullet; Purple You may make an HERBIVORE, OMNIVORE OR CARNIVORE! There is no restriction as far as variation!
Bullet; Pink  You may also add a Larva form, but please include an adult form! Please keep in mind that Larvae DO NOT SHOW ANY TRAITS, AND WILL LOOK THE SAME AS OTHER LARVAE OF THEIR VARIATION/SUBSPECIES
Bullet; Purple You may only use Bullet; Blue Common and Bullet; Green Uncommon traits. No other traits may be used for this event.
Bullet; Pink The examples given for the traits ARE NOT THE ONLY WAY TO DRAW THEM! Read the info in the sidebar of each trait tier and work with that!
However, they must still look like the original trait, and must not look like a rarer trait. HOWEVER: IF A TRAIT SAYS IT MUST BE A CERTAIN WAY, THEN PLEASE DRAW IT THAT WAY.
Bullet; Purple Please list all the traits used in your description
Bullet; Pink If you wish to put any accessories on your design, please put a second version without the accessory on your entry.
Bullet; Purple Please do not be rude to any other entrants, respect the rules and follow them, and read over all the information in the website provided. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
Bullet; Pink You may design/buy up to five designs during this myo period.

Finally, I'll let you guys know what I'm looking for;
I will be personally judging not just on design or art, but on development of the character. You have all the information there for the history of the species, their culture and even the different behaviours of the three variations/subspecies, so I'm looking for some really great personalities and development of your Aphaeds. You can even make a character for them to interact and bond with, like a human or fairy, or even use an existing character! Aphaeds are a companion species and it's usually more fun to have them interact with a bonded partner rather than simply being a wild Aphaed. However, if wild is more your style then that's totally okay too! Basically, have fun with your design but be respectful of the vague kind of world I've written up for 'em, okay? I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!!


Q. Can common horns be shorter/longer than the example?
A. Only by a little bit! Very short horns are considered a mutation, and long horns are rarer. So please keep it as close to the common design as possible.

Q. Ca
n aphaeds have like broken parts/scars/ect
A. You bet they can! Most Aphaeds begin life as wild creatures and, in the case of carnivores and omnivores, can prey on other variations or themselves. Even when they're bonded to people they still get in fights, so its only natural to have some roughed up critters if that's your deal! Don't forget the threat of the Arachni Aphaed is still there, too!


Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 6:08 AM
- Points and Paypal commissions

- For the people who are paying with points, you will have to pay directly on a deviation so it can be changed to cash SO DON'T PAY IN ADVICE
thank you ; v ; ♥*

- if you're interested please send me a note with:

Type of commission: (simple chibi, detailed chibi, semipixel...) 
Characters references: Such a characters sheets or clean references I could use. I do not accept text, I'm sorry!
Method or Payment: dA Points or Paypal, this is to send you where you have to pay me.

Payment is in advice. ; v ;/


Simple Chibi:

Big Hero 6 - Hiro Hamada by Tuliblulittle skrillex by Tuliblu15 by Tuliblu

:points: 800 - 1000 or 8$ -10$  per character (depends on the design)

Detailed Chibi:

10 by Tuliblu

:points: 1000 - 1200 or 10$ -12$ per character (depends on the design)



041 by Tuliblu16 by Tuliblu

:points: 1000 or10$  per character (depends on the character)
(+ :points: 100 :points: 200 per simple animation )



 Kissing Icons Comission Batch 5 by Tuliblu

  :points: 1800 - 2000 or 18 - 20 $ For a couple (depends on the character)


 10 by Tuliblu

:points: 1000 - 1200 10$ or 12$ per character (depends on the character)


- Sweet-n-treat (kissing icon)
- Kyaatto (SemiPixel)
- RageyN (SemiPixel)
- Rozen-Aria-Shidow (SemiPixel)
- Centi (SemiPixel couple) 
- Miss-Bowtie (SemiPixel) 
- LollipopShana (SemiPixel)
 MizumiHisui (Kissing Icons)
- San-Ta (SemiPixel)
- Kialun (SemiPixel)
- Demonic-Oreo (SemiPixel Characters) 
KayyVenom (Kissing Icons)
Yuki-L0v3  (SemiPixel)
Monochromite (SemiPixel)


Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 10:23 AM

I am soon to reach mine goal ; v ;

the 35$ I was saving with icons 

Which means I want to thank for the support I was getting with a little raffle  Sorry working this week T_T
cant do more 

There be  2 winners each get an icon 
and be chosen with random number generator 

A) fave journal  - give u number 
B) Be watcher -already existing 

C) If you ever commissioned me/ bought adopt you can get an extra number !
Just comment - link to picture would be great ;;v;;


SMILE-SMILE by MaeNemesisnecro by MaeNemesis1 by MaeNemesis

Skin by SimplySilent | headshot by INNKT
New page of Snailogy is up ^^
Lick to see. Yes, lick. Once failed, do click link.…
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.28.02 AM by SnaiLords

Pixel Commission ( O p e n )

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 3:18 PM
If interested, please note me the form 
Form of payment: 

Style 1 
400 points / $ 4.00 
Animation Options: Blinking / Giggling
B by nuarei2 by nuarei3b by nuarei4b by nuarei34 by nuarei39 by nuarei

Style 2
400 points / $4.00
Animation Options: Blinking / Giggling
1 by nuarei Aaa by nuareiA by nuarei
Style 3
500 points / $5.00
Animation Options : Sigh / Emote bubble ( You can request something specific )
C8 by nuareiC5 by nuareiC3 by nuarei

Style 4
500 points / $5.00
Animation: Default ( Blinking, heart bubble )
84 by nuarei73 by nuarei 71 by nuarei

 Please do not pay until I say so .
♛ If paying by points, I'll set up where you can pay ( Premium Content )
♛ I can not do mecha / anthros .

Concurso por 50 puntos (mio)

Wed Mar 4, 2015, 10:35 AM
¡hola! bueno, realizo este concurso porque bastante gente necesita puntos y me gustaría mucho que participen♥

:bulletgreen: ACTUALIZADO :bulletgreen:
Lo actualizado se mostrará con un :bulletgreen:

Comienza: 4 de marzo de 2015.
Termina: 24 de marzo de 2015.

Si hay menos de 15 participantes se cancela.

1. 25 puntos (por cantidad de entradas)
2. 15 puntos (por cantidad de entradas)
3. 10 puntos (sorteado)

-Tenerme en watch
-Dar fav a este journal
-Crear un journal promocionando el concurso

*Con eso ya tienes 2 entradas*

¿Cómo consigo más entradas?
-Darme fav (2 entradas c/u)
-Comentar mis deviations (2 entradas c/u)
-Hacer una imagen promocionando el concurso (10 entradas)
-Etiquetar a personas en la imagen, journal Y/O comentario (2 entradas por cada dA)
-Donarme puntos (5 entradas cada punto)
-Darme una llama (5 entradas)

:bulletgreen: ¿Cómo pueden ayudarme mis amigos?
:bulletgreen: -Darme fav (4 entradas c/u)
:bulletgreen: -Comentar mis deviations (4 entradas c/u)
:bulletgreen: -Hacer una imagen promocionando el concurso (15 entradas)
:bulletgreen: -Donarme puntos (7 entradas cada punto)
:bulletgreen: -Darme una llama (10 entradas)


¡Felices Juegos del Hambre, y que la suerte siempre esté de su lado! okno

-Si no cumples las reglas obligatorias no podrás participar
-No puedes quitar el favorito de mis deviations y volver a darle fav (no serán válidos)
-Los comentarios como " *-* <3 ♥ *u* *o* 7u7 " etc. no serán válidos
-La descripcion de la imagen que hagas debe tener el link del concurso para ser válido
-No puedes etiquetar a las mismas personas en la imagen, journal y/o comentario
-Si ya me habias donado una llama no será válida para el concurso


(se ordenan por lugares)

:iconsparklycocks: x277
:iconsaraduarte013: x203
:iconbreakingrude: x181
:iconborninthe90: x179
:iconedicionestitilove: x164
:iconcookiemonsterqueen: x142
:icondancingonthesky: x134
:iconpaolamoguea16: x131
:iconmaguieditionslove: x55
:iconvectorianstutorials: x49
:iconfloreditionsconmusic: x28
:iconshineinthesky: x19
:iconariithagirl: x17
:iconpilii-editions: x2
:iconyosoynova: x2
:iconxtremeligtheditions6: x2
:iconjeyra83: x2

© 2012 pica-ae | Background image by Subtle Patterns


Journal Entry: Wed Mar 4, 2015, 2:52 AM

Sorry for the wait! But had to tidy it up to make it more easily readable (Also added some jokes in there too to make it more interesting). So yes, after using the Hunger Games simulator random generator thing and asking people to join, we have the results here! (Sorry for not finding out about your genders! Shouldve asked before, next time perhaps)


Ry-Spirit (District 1)
loly-lou (District 1)
FelicityIzumi (District 2)
InnocentBunny101 (District 2)
Stettafire (District 3)
Mx-Robotnik (District 3)
jminnii (District 4)
MrsVolv (District 4)
Alex8286 (District 5)
Ponacho (District 5)
SkyLandWarrior (District 6)
Souleyo (District 6)
emiishio (District 7)
ChibiShay (District 7)
twilightlinkjh (District 8)
AldrutheBrovahkiin (District 8)
13SugarShady (District 9)
cooler94961 (District 9)
RawMecho (District 10)
choubidoubinette (District 10)
Miscomunication (District 11)
DeathRuby (District 11)
hedgehog3000 (District 12)
matomiki (District 12)



13SugarShady pushes choubidoubinette off a cliff during a knife fight.
Ry-Spirit takes a handful of throwing knives. He smirks
ChibiShay kills FelicityIzumi as he tries to escape.
jminnii attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.
Alex8286 grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty. Damn
Mx-Robotnik grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty.
DeathRuby grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty.
Stettafire snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag. Always got time to drink!
Souleyo, twilightlinkjh, loly-lou, and AldrutheBrovahkiin share everything they gathered before running. Sharing is caring
RawMecho grabs a sword. Feeling like a ninja
SkyLandWarrior and InnocentBunny101 fight for a bag. SkyLandWarrior gives up and retreats.
Ponacho breaks cooler94961's nose for a basket of bread.
MrsVolv grabs a sword. Feeling like a pirate
emiishio finds a canteen full of water. Lucky!
hedgehog3000 gathers as much food as he can.
matomiki begs for Miscomunication to kill her. She reluctantly obliges, killing matomiki.

:bulletred:Day 1

SkyLandWarrior receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
Alex8286 camouflauges himself in the bushes.
cooler94961 searches for a water source.
Mx-Robotnik fishes. Always got time for fishing!
Miscomunication and DeathRuby work together for the day.
ChibiShay steals from emiishio while he isn't looking.
MrsVolv receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
loly-lou discovers a cave. Lucky!
Souleyo scares hedgehog3000 off.
RawMecho injures himself.
AldrutheBrovahkiin remains in her hiding spot. Quiet as a mouse
Stettafire stalks 13SugarShady.
InnocentBunny101 collects fruit from a tree. A banana to be exact
twilightlinkjh fishes.
Ponacho practices her archery. She wants to be like Katniss
Ry-Spirit attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death. Nearby people face palmed.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*5 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.*

Deathchoubidoubinette District 10
DeathFelicityIzumi District 2
Deathjminnii District 4
Deathmatomiki District 12
DeathRy-Spirit District 1

:bulletred:Night 1

Miscomunication and cooler94961 fight MrsVolv and SkyLandWarrior. MrsVolv and SkyLandWarrior survive.
RawMecho and Mx-Robotnik sleep in shifts.
loly-lou is awoken by nightmares of the zombie Totoro.
emiishio is awoken by nightmares of clowns
Ponacho fends Souleyo, 13SugarShady, and twilightlinkjh away from her fire.
hedgehog3000 tries to find other tributes, but is unsuccessful.
ChibiShay is awoken by nightmares of the killer llamas.
DeathRuby climbs a tree to rest.
Stettafire looks at the night sky while thinking about how beautiful it is.
InnocentBunny101 goes to sleep. Must rest!
AldrutheBrovahkiin passes out from exhaustion. The struggle was real.
Alex8286 thinks about winning.

:bulletred:Day 2

SkyLandWarrior begs for DeathRuby to kill him. He refuses, keeping SkyLandWarrior alive.
RawMecho camouflauges himself in the bushes.
13SugarShady begs for ChibiShay to kill him. She refuses, keeping 13SugarShady alive.
loly-lou attacks Souleyo, but she manages to escape.
Ponacho is pricked by several thorns while picking berries.
InnocentBunny101, Alex8286, emiishio, and AldrutheBrovahkiin raid Mx-Robotnik's camp while she is hunting.
Stettafire defeats MrsVolv in an epic fight, but spares her life.
hedgehog3000 fishes. Needs more fish!
twilightlinkjh practices his archery. He thinks he is Green Arrow

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*2 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.*

DeathMiscomunication District 11
Deathcooler94961 District 9

:bulletred:Night 2

twilightlinkjh cries himself to sleep.
Mx-Robotnik and MrsVolv fight AldrutheBrovahkiin and Souleyo. Mx-Robotnik and MrsVolv survive.
Ponacho tends to her wounds.
hedgehog3000 passes out from exhaustion.
DeathRuby kills 13SugarShady while he is resting.
InnocentBunny101 sees a fire, but stays hidden.
SkyLandWarrior fends Alex8286, loly-lou, and Stettafire away from his fire.
emiishio stays awake all night. Looking like a zombie
ChibiShay tries to find other tributes, but is unsuccessful. Where are they?
RawMecho is awoken by nightmares.

:bulletred:Day 3

SkyLandWarrior, DeathRuby, loly-lou, and ChibiShay raid Ponacho's camp while she is hunting.
MrsVolv diverts twilightlinkjh's attention and runs away.
Stettafire overhears Mx-Robotnik and InnocentBunny101 talking in the distance.
hedgehog3000 defeats Alex8286 in a fight, but spares his life.
emiishio and RawMecho work together for the day. BFF

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*3 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.*

DeathAldruthe Brovahkiin District 8
DeathSouleyo District 6
Death13SugarShady District 9

:bulletred:Night 3

hedgehog3000 sees a fire, but stays hidden.
Alex8286, DeathRuby, Ponacho, and twilightlinkjh tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood. Ponacho feels slightly attracted to DeathRuby
RawMecho, Mx-Robotnik, and Stettafire discuss the games and what might happen in the morning.
InnocentBunny 101 and loly-lou sleep in shifts.
SkyLandWarrior and MrsVolv sleep in shifts.
ChibiShay falls ill from contaminated water.
emiishio screams for help.

:bulletred:Day 4

twilightlinkjh, Ponacho, DeathRuby, and hedgehog3000 raid Alex8286's camp while he is hunting.
Mx-Robotnik remains in her hiding spot.
loly-lou daydreams of home.
emiishio remains in his hiding spot. Not moving a muscle
SkyLandWarrior injures himself when he slipped on a banana peel.
MrsVolv, ChibiShay, and InnocentBunny 101 search the arena together for other tributes.
Stettafire chases RawMecho.

:bulletred:Arena Event

*A tsunami rolls into the the arena.*

hedgehog3000 fatally injures himself on debris.
Mx-Robotnik fatally injures herself on debris.
Alex8286 survives.
twilightlinkjh is swept away.
InnocentBunny101 survives.
MrsVolv barely survives.
ChibiShay is swept away.
DeathRuby is swept away.
SkyLandWarrior defeats Stettafire, but throws him in the water to make sure he dies.
loly-lou survives.
emiishio defeats Ponacho, but throws her in the water to make sure she dies.
RawMecho fatally injures himself on debris.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*8 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.*

Deathhedgehog3000 District 12
DeathMx-Robotnik District 3
Deathtwilightlinkjh District 8
DeathChibiShay District 7
DeathDeathRuby District 11
DeathStettafire District 3
DeathPonacho District 5
DeathRawMecho District 10

:bulletred:Night 4

emiishio falls ill from contaminated water. Shouldn't have drank that..
MrsVolv, SkyLandWarrior, and InnocentBunny101 sleep in shifts.
loly-lou loses sight of where she is.
Alex8286 falls ill from contaminated water. Starts throwing up rainbow.

:bulletred:Day 5

emiishio is pricked by several thorns while picking berries.
MrsVolv collects fruit from a tree. An apple.
loly-lou tricks SkyLandWarrior into killing Alex8286.
InnocentBunny101 receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

*1 cannon shot can be heard in the distance.*

DeathAlex8286 District 5

:bulletred:Night 5

InnocentBunny 101 and MrsVolv tell stories about themselves to each other. Things got emotional and the two hugged each other.
emiishio sets up camp for the night.
SkyLandWarrior destroys loly-lou's supplies while she is asleep.

:bulletred:Day 6

loly-lou attacks SkyLandWarrior, but he manages to escape.
InnocentBunny 101 searches for a water source.
MrsVolv stabs emiishio in the back with a trident.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

Deathemiishio District 7

:bulletred:Night 6

InnocentBunny101 throws a knife into SkyLandWarrior's chest.
loly-lou loses sight of where she is.
MrsVolv dies from an infection.

:bulletred:Day 7

InnocentBunny101 dies of dysentery.

:bulletred:Fallen Tributes

DeathSkyLandWarrior District 6
DeathMrsVolv District 4
DeathInnocentBunny 101 District 2


The winner is loly-lou from District 1!

Wow congrats to Loly, who was on the same district as I was! I fell off a tree and died.. kinda embarrassing. :T
Hope you guys had fun reading this!

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Click the top hats to link to more sites!:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:


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