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Sat Aug 29, 2015, 11:20 AM
                Hello everyone :wave:
            This journal contains very important information for all of us so I ask you to please share it so other people can see it and know this isn't a bug.

            Over the last month I've had trouble in sending mentions and possibly receiving them as well. I've posted two journals, one on August 5th and one on August 25th Me in gifI was tagged by Mrs-Freestar-Bul :aww: Here is the original journal
a) Any number of facts is acceptable.
b) Every fact you post about yourself must be accompanied by an appropriate gif.
c) Tag how many people you want.

1) I hate liars. So much.

2) After a bad laryngitis a few years back my singing voice got even worse.

3) I rarely say "I love you", but when i do, i mean it.

4) I feel like a queen every time i receive a package (currently waiting for one from Boohoo).

5) I am terrified of losing my cat.

6) I am very passionate about the things i love.

7) I will get a tattoo soon.
My Daily Deviation Highlights        I was tagged by Astarsia and Minato-Kushina to take part in this wonderful project and i am more than happy to join in. I would like to invite everyone who sees this to also get involved and spread the word about it :heart:
Below i will share the info given by the initiator of this project, Mrs-Durden.
        Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!
Use the hashtag 
in which I tagged and featured people, but I was surprised and confused when people told me they didn't receive my mentions. WHY, I asked myself. I posted a comment on both the journals in which I copy-pasted all the people I tagged originally, but they didn't get the notification this time either. WHY, I asked myself again.

            Right after this I got around and asked people if they had the same issue; turns out some of them did. It was obvious to me that this must be a bug since I wasn't the only one experiencing it (also proved I didn't do anything wrong or that I wasn't crazy). I sent a report to the Help Desk in which I stated the issues I was experiencing and the next day I received this reply:

            "(...) Is it possible that this user posted their journal then edited it and added in your artwork/name? If so it would explain why you were not notified. Only original posts of mentions send a notification, edits don't."

            Since this wasn't what happened, me being the one who posted those journals and comments, I went ahead and continued the discussion:
            "(...) Someone told me yesterday about a spam limit, eg. if I have in my journal more than 100 deviations/names/icons they will not receive the mention because it's considered spam by the system. Even if that was the case, the first journal and those two comments do no meet this standard; plus, from the latest journal, the DD feature one, few people appear to actually have received the mention while the vast majority didn't. I can't tell you for sure if the artists I featured received the mention or not because I didn't contact them, but given the fact that none of them came to comment on the journal makes me think perhaps they didn't either."

            I said 100 just to make a point, i don't know what the actual limit is.
            Then I received this enlightening reply which can put all our minds to rest:

            "(...) There is indeed a spam filter for mentions that can cut off after a certain point. There is also a velocity filter which can cut you off if you are leaving too many mentions in a certain time period. (...) As an example, it would appear that comments like this one:… are using avatars from plz accounts; that particular formation is trying to send 12 mentions at once. Multiplied by however many of those you send back to back all add up."

            So there it is, the answer to our mention/notification problems. It is not a bug, it's just the anti spam system doing its job and now we also know how it works :la:


                 You receive a mention only if you/your work is posted in the original comment/journal, if you're added after an edit, then you won't be notified.

                If you post comments too quickly, the spam limit activates and you will have to wait a while until you will be able to post again.

                The mentions in your comments add up with those in your journals and after reaching a certain limit, the artists/artworks won't receive any notification; hence it can happen that only some people in your comment/journal will be notified while the others won't.

My advice

            If you're doing (long) features on a regular basis and also comment a lot, avoid using many mentions in your comments so you won't reach the anti spam limit. This way you are sure the artists you feature/tag will receive your notifications.

            I hope this helped shed some light on what was going on with the notifications. Please spread the word about it and show this journal to others so they won't send a ticket to the help desk anymore on this topic. Let's help the staff a bit by not flooding them with tickets about bugs that are in fact just the anti spam system doing its job.
            In the end, I would like to thank the staff member who was  patient and kind and helped me understand what is happening. I'm well aware the staff is under a mountain of pressure trying to reply to us all and solve our problems/tickets, so please be patient with them and show them some love. They always do their best to help and if they don't succeed, it is because it's out of their hands (I'm referring to the site's rules and policies which are not under their control), not because of bad will.

            Have a wonderful day and spread this around! :heart:

:star:UPDATE;// there are PROBABLY less than 19 headshots now, since i havent updated the journal in about 1 hr. I'm going to bed and will fill in the rest of the slots tomorrow <3

This is something that's going on around dA and it sounds like a TON of fun. I'm going to start it when I finish ALL of the commission requests I've received, as well as my trades and the kiribans. YOU MAY get one even if we've already traded. I may not get to your headshot so please be patient when I start! I'll be uploading them in sets. I've also decided I'd like everyone to attach an EMOTION to the character you ask for. There are EIGHT different emotion catagories below. 

How to ask for a head shot: 

1. (Optional, but very appreciated) Make a journal talking about this! I don't have a 100 watchers and I doubt everyone will see this of those that do watch me, so I'd love if you could tell some people I'm doing this. A good title for said journal is "free headshots" c:

2. Leave a comment on this journal with the following information

Character name:
Character Species: (If they have a specific breed, please include that as well)
LINK to character reference or detailed description:
Specific emotion: REQUIRED (please list what specific emotion you'd like your character's face to show!) 

PLEASE make sure to reply to the specific featured comments:
Please by Ehckko

3. Wait! I'll add your name to the list when I've decided on your character c:

Star! you may ASK for more than one character, but I will only do one c:

SAD Emotions
(Sad, Melancholy, Somber, In Pain...ect! Get creative!)
1. futile-love 's 39 (Melancholy)
2. NinjaCheetah 's Zero (Disappointed)
3. Sinful-Souls 's Loonfang  (Defeated)
4. CrownPersona 's Moon (Pained)
5. RarelySophisticated 's Zachariah (Heartbroken)
6. gayunicorns 's Batcry (In extreme Pain)
7. Soul-of-Sin 's Max  (Broken)
8. dizzzyspells 's Hayden  (Depressed)
9. HollowThinker 's Tucker Arrain (Lost)
10. JustAnotherRandomOne 's Wisteriarose (Guilty)
11. BurgundyWind 's Aisling  (Agonized)
12. demonsxx's Blake (Miserable)
HAPPY emotions
(Happy, Content, Tranquil, excited, proud...)
16. Amber-Draws 's Hailey (Grateful)
17. Fire-of-Fall 's Reedpaw  ( Happy)
18. NoxFeline 's Wildpoppy  (Bubbly Laughing)
19. Mustang890 's  Lore  (Tranquil)
20. fallenraen' 's  SpiritoftheFlames (Excited)
21. KingApollo 's Pitch  (Playful | Devious/Blushing)
22. :devbrrambles: 's (Broken Link :() Crowfost ( Grinning)
23. kaboom360 's Pezzottaite (excited)
24. littlekitadopt 's Broken LInk :( (Relieved)
25. awkward-latina 's eeltongue (chuckling)
26. Laurenpunny 's Emerald (starstruck)
27. Kutsivi (Gift for RarelySophisticated) 's (Modest)
28. TheBirb 's Naeil (ecstatic)
29. Giqqles 's Heatherlight (Cheerful)
30. JalanKhaleesi 's Topaz (Proud)
ANGRY emotions
(Frustrated, Mad, Upset, Wrathful, and so on)
31. xXBlackcatwithahatXx 's Kory (Furious)
32. 52Thistles 's Thistle (pissed) (need new link)
33. vampirewitch2016 's Fierce  (Angry)
36. Jay-of-Creation 's Lyric  (Frustrated)
35. JinxDragon 's Puddle (Flustered) 
36. vodkadeer 's Stonestep  (Ruthless)
37. BlueLunaLuv Nikki (Blood Lustful)
38. Wolfchick36 Solarblade (livid)
39. eliza1star 's Zenobia (Staredown/Domination)
40. Baerrito 's Eponine (Agitated - snarling)
41. tigerribs 's Errol (grumpy)
42. MaryAnnGilligan1964 Obcasus (Murderous)
43. Sycophantism 's Celino (vexed)
44. rainadoodles's Snaketongue  (exasperated)
45. spiritofthenight's Zephyr (enraged)
FEARFUL emotions
(nervous, scared, terrified.... and so on)
46. Narcolepsee 's  Rem  (Anxious)
47. :devaceofthestars16: 's Hofu  (Unsure)
48. RedlightWolf 's RedLight (Paranoid)
49. Splinterstripe 's puddlebelly (Uncertain)
50. xRembear 's ??? (link Broken) (Alarmed)
51. kiralebia 's Hydra (Frightened)
(Suprised, Anxious, Curious.. and so on)
61. glasscattus 's A Brilliant Light (Curious)
62. Thebumsofsteel 's[DVA] Ayanna  (Suprised)
63. Queen-Splash 's Lavender Wispie  (Eager) 
64. SpriteSplash 's Ludere  (Excited)
65. Pachirisupaw 's Kieran (Intrigued)
66. toastysun125 's Kai  (Craving)
67. :dev
(Bored, Distracted, and so on)
71. DrawMachine030 For Profile (Bored)
72. KianaTheDumbGirl Puraid  (Spacey)
73. indesomniac 's  Asterkit (Distracted)
74. SKlNKY 's Nuka (Disinterested)
75. caracal100 's… Storm (Apathetic)

(Loving, Crushing, Comforting, Admiration)
76. X-Lollipop-Gothica-X 's  Gemsona (Crushing)
77. CrayonSoup 's  Maemou  (Comforting)
78. CameronKoehler123 's Metal  (Loving)
79. 2wolfan EBC: Minerva  (Endearment)
80. Darth-Emily 's Marcus's ref (Flirty)
81. ghostingkaki 's A C E  (Deviously Flirty)
82. Reganthestrange 's  OC  (Sympathetic)
83. WilfurSulxio 's Wilfur , (Gleaning) 
84. xoxo-tee-xoxo 's SilverKit (Innocently affectionate)
85. :amoresylv: 's Character (Empathetic)
86. CrystalCobwebs 's Lynn  (Lustful-demonform)
87. stray-thought 's Unamed (Fond)
88. Akirageni 's Mikeila (captivated)
MISC emotions
(emotions where you don't know where they fit)
91. SilverWolfe34 's Tigerlily  (Brave)
92. BlackWhite101 's Viper (Evil Grin)
93. xxPopiclesAreDelious 's Janet (Insane)
94. ShadowedHeartsofwar 's Suntail (Serious)
95. :devthewhovian103: 's Zepyr  (Annoyed)
96. Half-Filled-Quarter 's (Smug)
97. Chromatic-Alchemist 's  Eiffel (Embarrassed)
98. Sootopulis 's Pandora  (Mischievous)
99. unwholly Darkflame (Teasing)
100. PinkPoodle543 's Annette  (Disgusted)
It feels like every day I get a handful of people sending me comments and notes asking to make bases out of my artwork. Honestly, I'm getting tired of saying no, and even more tired of stumbling across traces and bases made of my work anyway. It's getting so incredibly frustrating wondering what will be stolen next. I'm just so fucking sick of this.

Drawing is hard. I get it. I get that a lot of you are young and just getting into art. A lot of you may not even know how using and uploading unauthorized bases hurts the artist in question. And a base does present a way for inexperienced artists to create pony drawings and tell stories of their own. That's fine. If you want to use bases made from the show, or with the permission of other artists, that's fine. But my gallery is not your personal sampling board for tracing. I do NOT allow bases made of my work.

I work hard to have my own distinct storytelling style in my drawings. I do thumbnails, I reference real life animals, I get frustrated and rip drawings up and start over. I do this again and again, always trying to figure out how to clearly communicate ideas, draw the best poses, and depict characters that charm and entertain. I pour a lot of myself into my art. It's my escape. It's terrible seeing someone else blatantly copy me.

Mom Talk by Lopoddity

This is one of my favorite works in my gallery. I had fun coming up with the poses, dialogue, and designs for my Older!Mane Six. It's a drawing I'd been wanting to do for a while, so it was wonderful to finally finish, and lovely to read all of your feedback.

Then I come across things like this:
Awful Base by Lopoddity

So. You piggybacked off my own creative labor and just painted over it with your own OCs. This isn't flattering, guys. It's theft, plain and simple. It's insulting, it's lazy, it won't teach you how to be a better artist, and frankly (in the above example, at least), it looks awful.

Also, don't look into that one purple OC's eyes for too long. I don't think it has a soul

I'm not attacking artists that use bases. No, you guys carry on. Neither am I attacking people who have politely asked to make a base out of my art, and accepted "no" as an answer. I'm calling out people who trace and steal my work specifically. Let me reiterate: I do not allow bases made out of my art. No exceptions.

Hi guys, since yesterday was my birthday so i am in a really good mood.  
And i just realized i haven't really been able to thank my watcher for there love all these times.
Therefore here you guys go
with a little shameless ad in extra

In order to get 1000:points: free :

1) Fav this journal to get your number
2) You have to be a watcher of these 2 acc  :iconnaomiibeii: :iconcamelliabei: (always welcom new ones)
3) Make a journal entry or poll featuring this give away journal
4) Comment below the link of your journal or poll

 after 15/9 i'll choose 3 people through

sorry if I don't answer your comment but i just want to thank you all

There'll be 2 winners each gets 500 :points:

:iconjapanpastaplz: Thank you so much for participating :iconjapanpastaplz:

aries : donald trump may become president 
taurus : donald trump may become president 
gemini :  donald trump may become president ,
cancer :donald trump may become president 
leo : donald trump may become president 
virgo : donald trump may become president 
libra : donald trump may become president 
scorpio : donald trump may become president 
sagittarius : donald trump may become president 
capricorn : donald trump may become president 
aquarius : donald trump may become president 
pieces : donald trump may become president 

Hey guys! Over the past week, I decided to pixel an icon again! And then this Mary Poppins Umbrella idea came to my head. I quite like the idea so I wanna do more of them <3

I hope you guys will be interested ^^ 

- must be human or kenomimi, girls/boys I am able to do
- if you want one, please fill out the form by commenting on this journal 
- once you pay, i will start the commission ^^ (will try to get it done as soon as i can)
- unlimited slots atm :'D
- for anything extra, you may ask for stars (for night), a rainbow, maybe you want the umbrella to have ears and a face or something, etc.

to do:
1. Haruka28 - waiting for payment
2. pastyllia - paid 
3. piirmy - art trade
4. Toppolain - paid
5. MeiHakuna - paid
6. CookieHolicNyu - paid

Serrea by Serrea

180 :points:

umbrella color(s):
background sky colors (will be gradient):
anything extra:

for whenever you commission someone

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 5:32 AM


youre not "just a customer". YOURE A PERSON

dont accept artists that will treat you bad for asking for changes, or even disliking a commission
especially when it was no efforts put whatsoever


i as an artist do my best with commissions and even if i do give 100% i will understand
if i couldnt make a customer happy
cuz both opinions matter
and noone should be treated bad :iconcraiplz:

i just had a rly bad experience rn , this destroys my faith in commissioning ppl
again for a while 

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"So like literally everyone has made these 'ship lists'. 
I decided that I would make one too! Just for those who are curious to which APH ships I like! <3
No hate please, respect my ships and I will respect yours, lets not start a argument over something as silly as shipping!
Remember shipping is suppose to be fun and these are all my opinions and views, you don't have to agree with me! ^^; "
Neptune Wink Icon 
For those who are curious about my sexuality headcanon for the characters of APH I agree with this headcanon
I found on tumblr 

Forever OTP's

*Yaoi and Yuri UsUk!
APH: America x England Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat APH: Arthur Loves Alfred and We All Know It by StampillaDiChocolat APH: Fem!America x Fem!England Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat

My first APH ship still going strong! I've always felt like these two belong together :'DD
I really do like UsUk in all forms ,but my favorite will always be
the boy x boy & girl x girl version ~! But when it comes down to it
as long as they are both together I don't care lol.

*All forms of GerIta
APH: Germany x North Italy Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat GerIta Is My Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilku APH: Germany x Fem!North Italy Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
My favorite forms being the yaoi and Germany x Nyo Italy version.
I've always shipped them, but one of the main reason is because of 
the amazing fanfiction "Auf Wiedersehen ,Sweetheart"
After reading this I don't think I could ever think about not shipping it.

*Denmark x both forms of Norway
APH: Denmark x Norway Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat For all calm DenNor fans by Tea-Strawberry APH Denmark x FemNorway Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat 
Eeeeeeee~ I've always liked this pairing, but recently my love for it has sky rocketed !!!
I like all forms but my favorites are
the yaoi & the Denmark x Nyo Norway versions!
I love the relationship between Denmark and Norway I think it's so cute.
((They are my current obsession right now!))

*Prussia x Hungary
For all calm PruHun fans by Tea-Strawberry
APH PruHun Heart Couple Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping APH: Pru-Hun Headcanon 01 by ChokorettoMilku
Hands down, probably one of my favorite Hetro ships! <3
When I got more involved with the fandom I came to love this ship //w\\
I think it is a very interesting pair! ((And I love the
Hungary's first kiss was taken by Prussia headcanon lol))

*Nyo France x both forms of England's
Nyo!Fruk Fan by ChokorettoMilku APH: England x Fem!France Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
I support all forms of FrUk but my favorites will always be
Nyo FrUk & England x Nyo France. 
The yaoi and France x Nyo England has never had much appeal as these two. 
((I think it's because I really love Nyo France lol<333))

*Sweden x Norway
APH: Sweden x Norway Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
Probably one of the most underrated pairings I ship.
Recently after learning more these two strangely make a LOT of sense.
((maybe even more then SuFin and DenNor??? //shot))
I have a headcanon that Sweden loved Norway before Finland! <3
Don't get mad hard core SuFin fans lol xD

*All forms of Sweden x Finland
APH: Sweden x Finland Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat APH: Fem!Sweden x Fem!Finland Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
How could I not ship them lol? Their love is amazingly fluffy~ ^3^
I really love all forms but my favorites are the yaoi and yuri version!
I like it that way because I think it's more interesting!
((Plus I really just love gay love lmao))

*Japan x Taiwan
APH JapTai Hearts Couple Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingAPH: Blossom Pair Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
Aw these two are such cuties! I honestly think that
this pairing is adorable. For me,Japan adores 
Taiwan and thinks she's really cool, but she isn't aware of his feelings ;; w ;;<333
((kinda like the boy wants to confess his feelings but doesn't have the guts~))

*Luxembourg x Liechtenstein 
LuxLiech is my Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilkuLuxLiech OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingLuxLiech - Switch Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
Need I explain why? I have drawn them before <333
I imagine Lux trying to woo Liech haha, they both in my eyes have a sweet 
relationship. I think that Lux would be the kind of guy that 
would make sure Liech is happy you know?
He would do really sweet things for her like buy her flowers and dance to slow songs eeeee //w\\
((I see him as very romantic and classy~))

*Yaoi and Yuri Russia x China
APH: Russia x China Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat APH: Fem!Russia x Fem!China Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
Yes I also love this pairing~
I have read a really cute RoChu fanfic and fell in love! I don't know 
what else to say really... I just love them for some odd reason! : P

*China x Liechtenstein 
APH: Calm ChiLiech Shipper by StampillaDiChocolatAPH China x Liechtenstein Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
This crack ship is love~~
I don't even know where it came from but I'm digging it!
It's really adorable and I could see this happening <33
There are a lot of really cute works I've seen with this pair~! ^^

*Hong Kong x Iceland
Stamp: HKxIceland by Janbearpig APH Hong Kong x Iceland Stamp by megumimaruidesu
This pairing is nonsense and idgaf
After reading many cute fluffy mini comics and fanfictions of these 
two I've came to love them! <3 Before I never really understood the love for 
this ship but now that I do I could never look back xD



Prussia x Hungary x Austria
APH :: Frying Pangle by makeitstampyFrying Pangle OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping

France x America X England
APH: FrUKUS Shipper by ChokorettoMilku

Denmark x Norway x Sweden
Flag of Denmark x Flag of Norway x Flag of Sweden 
APH: Denmark x Norway Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat APH: Sweden x Norway Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
((I literally couldn't find a stamp for this OT3 lol
*I am really the only one? xD))

America x Japan x England
Stray Trio (USA x Japan x UK) OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
I've always like this OT3 It's very interesting ~ <3

Canada x Netherlands x Denmark
Canada x Netherlands x Denmark OT3 Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
Hehe I like NedCan & NedDen so....//w\\


Pairings I like/ kinda love!

*Yaoi and Yuri Prussia x Austria
APH: Prussia x Austria Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat APH: Fem!Prussia x Fem!Austria Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
Lol I after reading many touching Prussia x Austria fanfics this 
pairing has earned a spot in my heart <333
I think all forms are great but my favorites are the yaoi and yuri versions.
((But I lean more towards the yuri for this one!))

*Romano x Belgium
RomaBel -Stamp- by ParamourxLightsFeed me with ROMABEL by ChokorettoMilku
Also another underrated pairing, I really like these two. 
I know that Spain x Belgium is more popular
but they never really worked for me like Romano x Belgium did. I see her as being that 
fun energetic girl that Romano is swoon over and adores<333 Romano tries to act cool around her-- Spain 
knows that Romano likes Belgium and teases him about it ~ **or at least that's how imagine it lol

*Spain x Romano
APH: Spain x South Italy Stamp by StampillaDiChocolatAPH: Spain x Fem!Italy, South Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
I tell myself I don't like it all that much, but deep down I
do lol. It's probably because my friends were all Spamano shippers and the love
for it rubbed off on me. I think it's cute though~!
I imagine Spain is very flirty with Nyo Romano heheh... <3

*Belarus x Liechtenstein 
'Adelheid' x  Natalia by Tea-StrawberryBelaLiech Stamp by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: Male!Belarus x Liechtenstein Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
This pairing is so cute! 
I love it so much--- I don't even really know why.
But I think that Belarus and Liech is adorable <333 In a very fluffy way
Especially Nyo Belarus x Liech eeeeee~~

*Norway x Finland
NorFin - Switch Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingNorFin OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping APH: Norway x Finland Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
Ahhh, but seriously I love these two together I think that it makes 
a very interesting pairing hon hon ~~

*America x Liechtenstein
APH Checkered AmeLiech Stamp by megumimaruidesuFeed me with AMELIECH by ChokorettoMilkuAPH America x Liechtenstein Stamp by megumimaruidesu
Excuse me, while I fangirl.
I LOVE THIS PAIRING ahhhhh~ I think it is so cute!!
Fluffly adorableness to the extreme ; 3 ;
I think they would get a long so well and Leich would be
somewhat shy around him <333 heheh

*Hungary x Belgium 
HunBel OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
Both awesome gals together! Heheh I've seen som really cute pictures //w\\
I think that their personalities clash well together ((I guess it's more of a I like you- maybe more as a friend
kind of relationship))
Their theme song would be "Girls like Girls" haha //shot <33

*Prussia x Canada
APH: Prussia x Canada Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat APH: Prussia x Nyo!Canada Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
I recall being a big fan of this back in the days where all I shipped
was yaoi pairings x'D
Heheh... and I still love it! Especially Prussia x Nyo Canada that
one is really cute <333 ^^

*America x Japan
AmePan Fan by ChokorettoMilkuNyo!AmePan Fan by ChokorettoMilkuAPH: America x Fem!Japan Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
I remember back in seventh grade I made I cute doujin 
that centered around America and Japan it was really fluffly ~
I love all forms of Ameripan but my favorites
are the yaoi, yuri, and America x Nyo Japan verison!

*America x Romano
Romerica Fan by ChokorettoMilku
I love this pairing I think that they would go perfect together!!!
I've seen some really awesome drawings with this pairing;
((It's doesn't get much love though??))
--but yeah I totally ship it.

*France x America
FrUS stamp by DatAppleFrUS OTP Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingAPH: USA x Nyo!France Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
Underrated pairing needs more love ;; w ;;
I think France x America is amazing! America has such a childish attitude and France is
such and old man it's interesting because in a relationship I see France teaching America a lot about love <33
Adorable yes?
Heheh I support the Yaoi and America x Nyo France versions ~

*Belarus x Russia
APH: Male!Belarus x Fem!Russia Stamp by StampillaDiChocolatAPH: Russia x Belarus Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
I seriously love this pairing, and nothing will change that. I love the way Belarus (obsesses?)
slash is in very in love with Russia.
I think it's adorable and that all Belarus wants is to be loved by her brother <333 ;; w ;; I ship this in a very fluffy way~

*Netherlands x Belgium
APH: Netherlands x Belgium Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
Another incest pairing I love haha.
I really do love this pairing //w\\ I think that they really do look out and care
for one another. Which is really adorable<333 I'm sorry,, I'm crazy I know

*America x Norway
APH: USA x Norway Stamp by ChokorettoMilku
Ahhhh I just love weird pairings don't I? 
If this isn't a thing already. I'll make it a thing xD ! (this is the only stamp I found)
I think that this pairing would be very interesting, I could see America having
some sort of fascination with Norway and wanting to be friends with him
((like me lol seriously Norway is stunning))

*Romano x Liechtenstein 
APH RomaLiech Hearts Couple Stamp by World-Wide-ShippingAPH: South Italy x Liechtenstein Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
This rare pair is adorable, I could defiantly see this happening.
Romano and Liech's personalities would be so sweet clashing together I heard Romano is more 
kind towards females so he would be me open and kinder towards her ~~

*Thailand x Vietnam
 APH: Thailand x Vietnam Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat ThaiViet Stamp by Miss--Liberty
These two aren't as popular as other ships, but I honestly really do love them. <333
Just look at them, they look so happy together, isn't it precious??
This pairing has so much potential //w\\ It just needs a little spotlight to truly shine.

*Sealand x WY
Peter x 'Amanda' by Tea-StrawberryI ship Seland x Wy stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantSeaWy Stamp by Miss--Liberty
Young love birds lol<333
They remind me when the kids at my school are mean and 
tease one another because they like each other! And I think it's really cute //w\\
I could see these two having a crush on one another at one point.

*Hetero Russia x America
APH: America x Fem!Russia Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat APH: Russia x Fem!America Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
I think both the hetero versions are great! The yaoi and yuri not so much...
I think it's more interesting with the straight versions.
Heheh... I can't really choose if I like America x Nyo Russia or 
Russia x Nyo America better.



Favourite OC Pairings

*Slovakia x Slovenia
APH: Feed me with SLOSLO by StampillaDiChocolatAPH Ship Badge - SlovenSlovak by World-Wide-Shipping
To be honest I can only see myself shipping this with my OC Slovenia and Weniiii 's 
Slovakia OC because he is thy bae so well developed and the design is amazing<333
Although they may not have any real history together, I find it funny how people always
confuse Slovenia for Slovakia and their ship name is to die for! xD
It's a very adorable crack ship indeed~ ^_^
Their personalities would clash very interestingly... 

*Croatia x Slovenia
APH Croatia x Slovenia Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
I've been kinda been putting off the fact that I actually ship my two OCs
Croatia x Slovenia together because I was scared I was going to get judged for shipping Slovenia
or Croatia with multiple characters....
Ehh,, but at this point idgaf. I a multi shipper there is no holding it back.
I love to ship my two Hetalia OCs together, I think that their personalities go well and
it's really cute. Croatia and Slovenia have always been described to have a rocky relationship ,
they still fight to this day, but deep down they try to get along!
I can see them as both platonic and romantic.
I can ship this for any good Slovenia and Croatia OC!

*Hetero Croatia x Italy
APH Checkered ItaCro Stamp by megumimaruidesuHetalia ItaCro Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
My bae would go amazingly with Italy- they are perfect! 
They are described to have a great relationship and get along quite well. But with the way 
that I portray Croatia these two are destined to be a happy duo.
((Still debating whether it's more of a BrOTP tbh but I like it!))
I prefer if it is going to be romantic that one of them be Nyo though... Because I see
Croatia and Italy more hitting on girls not each other lol xD

*Austria x Slovenia
APH: Austria x Slovenia Stamp by StampillaDiChocolat
Ahhhhh~ Slovenia was very infatuated with Austria, he was a very big 
influence on her culture, one of the reasons she loves music so much.
When she was living with Austria and Hungary Slovenia often preferred to spend her time with him,
because he would read an teach music to her, he had never mistreated her and always treated her fairly and with respect.
He had supported her independence and looked out for her and that is the
reason she loves him! <3.

*Switzerland x Vatican City
APH : Switzerland x Vatican City Flag Stamp by APHStamps98SwissVat OTP Stamp by World-Wide-Shipping
FedeEvilQueen 's Vatican City is waifu material
and is stunning standing next to Switz <333
I really love her OC she's beautiful //w\\

Yay!! We made it to 1 year of flowery goodness, thank you all for the immense support 8D

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The Day Without Guard by vavacung

This is a reason why I don't want to argue with any comment in my work. But choose to stay silence or choose to be wrong or let's other watcher deal with it and clear their difference mind with themselves => 
After read To Love Alicorn Part 9,10's comment 

Because I know I will never win. With my poor English skill. I will not stand a chance. I said with 1 sentence and they countered back with 4 paragraph. I said 2 paragraph. They countered with 1 page.....So I choose to silence...I just don't want to join the battle that I know I will never win. And use my precious time to draw more picture instead lose it to argue...

......But at least I got new comic idea from my battlefield. It's a none-sense  story name "The Day Without Royal Guard". Just a silly story about that all of Royal Guard just suddenly disappeared and Celestia have to deal with many things by herself.

But You will never see it soon...Cause I have a lot in my hands now....Until next time, dear. =w="