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2,000 Points Give-Away!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2016, 4:05 PM

Hello my friends! Heart I want to share my points~~

So I decided to do a give away ^^

Dedenne Avatar by SeviYummyDedenne Avatar by SeviYummyDedenne Avatar by SeviYummy

There will be 2 winners in total:
1. 1,000Points
2. 1,000Points

Here come the rules! :

Star!1-Make another journal featuring this one.
Star!2-Put the link of the journal you made featuring this one here on the comments.
Star!3-Watch me.
Star!4-Favorite this journal

NOTE: The rules are NOT optional! You have to do all mentioned above! 

I'll use to pick the winner!

Dead-line is February 14 2016


Dragonite gif by SeviYummy 

Well, it's time to be all philosophically scary...

1.) If all of our actions are determined by past experience and chemicals in the brain, do we really have free will? And if we don't, how accountable should we be for what we've done? For example, we get dopamine for doing things we like, but no one ever truly chose their hobbies - I didn't choose writing, I discovered it.

2.) The hedonic treadmill states that people will keep doing something they like until they reach satiation, and then they'll be looking for that next shot of dopamine somewhere else. If this is a constant cycle, can we ever truly be happy or satisfied?

3.) How did the very first life get onto Earth? If it was a chemical reaction that initially sparked life, why (as far as we know) has it only happened once?

4.) How does one become patient zero of an STD?

5.) Is it better to live a shorter life, sacrificing health for happiness (like eating fast food or doing things like sky diving) or is it better to live a longer life (abstaining from fun, risky behavior and eating blander food), continually sacrificing happiness? Considering they're so frequently opposed, which of them is the better choice?

6.) It's stated that eventually the human race, the earth, and the universe will be destroyed in some way and everything we've done will ultimately be forgotten. So... what would the point of leaving any kind of legacy be for anyone? In everyone is forgotten eventually does anything even have the capability to matter in the grand scheme of things? Is our time in the universe just... some cosmic game of Tetris, and the best we could hope for is getting some kind of high score?

7.) We've always heard a teenager shout "I didn't ask to be born" but that leaves a very dark question - is bringing a child into the world a moral action? No one asks to be born and some people live truly miserable lives. Then again, some people live very happy lives. But we never know that at the beginning. 

8.) Why are we looking for life on other planets like we'd look for life here on Earth? Life evolves to its environment, not the other way around. It's like looking for life under the ocean and assuming everything needs to breathe in as much oxygen as land creatures do. How do you even really define what life could be?

9.) Considering the speed of light, it would take 20 years for anything to get to the nearest solar system. Sending a goodnight series of text messages at that speed would take over a century. What if we can never break the speed of light? Are we doomed to never be able to explore other planets beyond our own solar system?

10.) Is there any logical reason to dedicate someone's life to something that probably won't be finished by the time they die, and may never be finished afterwards?

11.) Why does there not being any life anywhere else in the universe sound scarier than there being life out there?

12.) Why do I push the elevator button more than once, even while knowing that it can't make the elevator go any faster?

13.) If every cell in my mind has died and been reborn, and does so every five years, how am I the same person with the same memories, experience, knowledge, etc... just with five years of development? What is consciousness? Why does it exist? And is my consciousness the only one that could exist within my mind?

14.) What will be of the human race after I die? I may be able to see the course even 50 or 100 years from now, but beyond that... I can't, and it really bothers me. The span of the human life is like only being a part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy for one 30 second scene in the middle of the first book and hoping they beat Sauron in the end.

15.) What's the difference between wrath and justice, beyond "good targets" and "bad targets"?

..... And that's all I got for now
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600 watchers raffle!!

Thu Feb 11, 2016, 12:39 PM

In celebration, I am doing a lil raffle. There will only be 1 winner (will add more winners if this gets 100+participants) //!

The prize will be a full body pixel: 
(I can do humans, kemonomimi and anthros!)
EFFIGY: EVENT 2: CYN by ohilinHazel by ohilin

To qualify to enter you must:
-Comment below (1 ticket)
-Favourite the Journal
-Be a watcher (New and old can join!)

Optional (extra ticket!):
-Post a poll or a journal with this linked! (Make sure to put it in your comment- 1 ticket only)

!Raffle will end on the 19th of February!

: ' ) might do something for the first person who enters //winks

Pretty straight forward question. So how many characters do you have or created?
First and foremost - THANK YOU ALL!
So took a look at my watcher count out of random curiosity and I was SO SURPRISED!!! I'm honestly super flattered guys, I feel so honored! It's been a couple years of much fun and exploration and I'm glad so many of you tagged along to watch and help me grow as an individual. It really means a lot to me <3 I've met so many amazing people and great artists, I am very thankful <3

As a way of showing my thank you I'd like to host a raffle for all of you awesome peeps!

How to enter!

- Must be a watcher! (I will be checking!)
- Favorite this journal!
- Comment below that you have entered and favorited!

For an extra entry:

- you can advertise in a poll or journal for an extra entry! this is not mandatory, only if you want to do it!
- please leave a link in your comment if you make a journal/poll about it (I will be checking! xD)

Your entry # will correspond to the order of favorites, and I will be picking a winner using a randomly generated number via!

Please do not:

- Beg/harass/be rude to others!
- use multiple accounts to enter (I WILL be checking carefully!)

that's it I think! Oh yes, and the prize of course!! xD

Raffle prize

One piece of art of your character of choice in any of these styles:

Pouf party! by TidalCast Tarot 1 by TidalCast Chibi Commissions - closed by TidalCast {OTA} Bone Pride Steamy Dragon (closed) by TidalCast


a sketch sheet of your character of choice!
Please note, these examples are old, but will be drawn in a similar style!
05 by TidalCast 04 by TidalCast 03 by TidalCast

again, THANK YOU!!! and Good luck! :D

Raffle will end on February 15th!
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Too sad...Hello my friends,:happybounce: 
good morning,
It´s already sundayWaaaah! . Weekend will be over soon and with it my holidays. But I wish you a very nice day or rest weekend.Party  
HugI also wanted to say thankyou to all my friends and the people who gave me pageviews and comments.Hug 
Love Love Love 
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 the little raven by poisen2014 empty sides by poisen2014 where should I go... by poisen2014 the mystery of the tower by poisen2014 wait around by poisen2014 wherefore by poisen2014 the old wall by poisen2014 Way to the Castle by poisen2014 always ready to Hunt by poisen2014 Welcome to the side of the two worlds by poisen2014 lovely-sunset-bridge by poisen2014 in the Light of the Night by poisen2014

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~Monthly Raffle - February edition~

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 11, 2016, 5:32 AM
Hi there sweeties! 
So I decided to do a new thing for you - A raffle every month!

Hope you like this idea and participate
~ Love you all very much  ~

Free Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-Dame

So the Raffle Prize this month will be:

A Little Sparkly Chibi

[C] ~  CairolingH by MyStarryDreams
(something like this one ^^)

Free Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-Dame

♡ Be A Watcher 
New Watchers are welcome ! However, 
But plz, only watch me if you like my art, not only to enter this raffle ;; w ;;

 Favourite This Journal 

♡ Make A New Journal / Poll With the link to the Raffle Journal 

♡ Comment with the Link to your Journal or Poll you've made 
so I know that you did follow the rules 

Free Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-DameFree Icon: Rainbow Hearts by Jedi-Dame

 ~ Winner Announcement ~

1 - March - 2016
♡ I will be using the Random Number generator to choose the winner 

Good luck to you all !!

Also check out my contest!  I'll be giving there some good prizes there ~ * Contest - Draw my Oc's (open) *

Skin by UszatyArbuz
Another parody for 2016, this time being a Steven Universe parody! This one took a lot of help from different people, especially for helping out voicing the Gems. So in this homemade-flash animated tale, Peridot learns about control, by certain dance moves.

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i just saw the preview reboot of ppg on cn. it looks sssSSSOOOOO GOOD

i'm so glad they didn't keep these designs oh my god. i was so worried when they released these all that time ago…

(for those who haven't seen it) the new style looks so good to me oh my god. like, i personally really love this because it just looks like they modernized them instead of overhauling the designs??…

im so happy omg. i can't wait until april

Meet Lightning Bliss

Thu Feb 11, 2016, 12:02 PM

(this is about Lightning Bliss's oc)
Tagged by  :iconflowereagletale:Rules:

1. Do not change any of the following questions
2.keep it appropriate, only mild cussing,sexual, gory, and violent content please.
3.tag at least 5 people
4. follow these rules
5.have fun

1.) First, show us your character's face. What does he/she look like and what is their name?

Just an Avatar by Lightning-Bliss
Her name is Lightning Bliss and she's a rainbow alicorn

2.) Very nice, tell us about them! Their personality, dislikes?

She's a much smaller alicorn then average, even for a pony! She doesn't like being called cute repeatly either and tends to hide in her tail painted dimension with her rainbow pet monster Twink. She LOVES chocolate milk, and milkshakes as well as malts. She's also very good friends with other reviewer ponies and none ponies.

3.) Cool! Now if your character was going in a movie, what would he/she sound like? Like a voice actor or something.
She's would sound like how she normally sounds?

4.) Does he/she have any kids? And if so with who? And do they have a mate?

No children, but she is married to a Frost Demon named Sub-Zero

5.) Is he/she a virgin?
Not your buisness I think XD

6.) Does he/she believe in world peace?
Yes and tries to strive for it

7.) How did they come to be?
Like any other foal, she was birthed and raised by her mother and father

8.)How tall is he/she?

She's smaller than the average pony by a few inches

9.) Is he/she capable of falling in love? If so, how would they react to it?

She is married so clearly yes lol. When she fell in love it was through circumstances of fightning for her world and freedom alongside her lover.

10.)Are they religious?

11.)What are their faults?
- She has a short temper with being called cute or short
- She can't control her alicorn magic
- Sugar makes her very hyper
12.)What are their positives?
- She's determined to prove herself to others
- She can be creative and helpful to others
- She loves to help others in need

13.) Is he/she straight or other?
She is straight...

14.)Any regrets?
She can be very OCD when it comes to her enviorment and keeping it organized.

15.)One wish?
To master her alicorn magic

16.)If he/she has a crush, what do they like about the other?
Their bravery and passion for each other

17.)If he/she had a soundtrack to describe them, what would it be?
Rainbow Brite Theme

18.)Does he/she have a rival of any kind? Like a childhood friend or something?

Her inner ego

20.) Has he/she went through any life changing events? How are they different now in the present then their past selves?

She's constantly challenged with being taken seriously

21.) Last question, what is his/her favorite sound?

She loves the sound or a rainbow whipping by despite getting thrown by it

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