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because every month im feautiruing 2 watchers on my page and im raffling numbers to get a watcher and almost every acc i get is dead or has no art on it rip

well sheet

Sun Aug 2, 2015, 7:24 AM

I ended up being in huge tax problems. So I am going to sell many of my characters in hope to get the amount I need before it has to be paid. I want to thank anyone who are willing to help me out with this! 

AND if you have made any of the under in my current contest, do not worry, I will judge as if I still owned them <3

please dont complain about prices and I am willing to do a weekly paymentplan for the ones 100 and up.

I will be taking paypal only, no holds unless you know you can pay full, or weekly.

baaaad timing for me to get this now since I have a planned trip to thailand and hopefully can get SinCommonStitches to visit me before that.

I will also put your icon on my page if you end up buying one of these and have the box open for the rest of the year as another small thank you!

Vex $100
Vex by griffsnuff

Bananarockfish $50
Banananaanarock fish by griffsnuff

Atom $200 Emberguard' Payment plan in 4 ( 0/200)
Atom ready for takeoff by griffsnuff…

Chalkface $500 SOLD MizAmy
Fluff by griffsnuff…

Chark $100  Midnightflaze (HALF/HALF pay) 50/100 paid
Chark by griffsnuff…

Crow $250
Crow by griffsnuff…

Cyprin $100
Cyprin 3 by griffsnuff…

Dexter $500
Dexter by griffsnuff…

Finnur $250
Finnur finnur finnish ur dinner! by griffsnuff…

Gem $500
Gem sit by griffsnuff…

Hanz $50 FlyingGuardianFish PAID
HANZ by griffsnuff…

Lyra $70
This is a title by griffsnuffLyra by griffsnuff

Minku $400
Icon_Minku by griffsnuffMinku by griffsnuff…

Nope $500
The glow by griffsnuff…

Phaux $100
Phaux by griffsnuffPhaux by griffsnuff

Pion $200
Pion by griffsnuff

Sopp $500
Sopp- Reffrence sheet by griffsnuffSopp_Transform_Icon by griffsnuff…

Zero $50 Hackwolfin (Notify on the 13th)
Zero by griffsnuffFoolee_1 by griffsnuff

Leek Pararamus (green one ) $50
Hello by griffsnuffP1-2 NO16 nooooo by griffsnuff

Avian Pararamus $50 Skitzen PAID
P6 Avian Pararamus by griffsnuff

Caw Terratrap $100
Terratrap_purple ants by griffsnuffAt last by griffsnuff

Rant $30 SOLD MizAmy
Rant by griffsnuff

Canvas $500
Canvas by griffsnuff

Sting $250 FlyingGuardianFish
Sting by griffsnuff…

Pil $250
Pil by griffsnuff…

Sink $300 FlyingGuardianFish
Sink by…

Sykkel $300
Sykkel by griffsnuff…

Fog $250 TheJadedJay (paymentplant) (25/250)

Fog by griffsnuffFog modes by griffsnuff

Mau $50
Mau by griffsnuff

Lunap $50
Dangus Liutas_2 by griffsnuff

Slur $50
Slur by griffsnuff

Cocker $50
Cock griff by griffsnuff

Bone $50FlyingGuardianFish PAID
pew pew pewww by griffsnuff

Fun $100 g-o-o PAID
Flower by griffsnuffFun by griffsnuff6 Desember by griffsnuffFun by griffsnuff

Some hexafusions, click to view.

2 by griffsnuff

1 by griffsnuff
3 by griffsnuff

Blue $50
Blueberries by griffsnuff

Peaches $50
Peaches by griffsnuffPeaches 19 by griffsnuff

Ami $100
Amibun by griffsnuff

Aki $100
Riceraptor by griffsnuff…

Melville $50 Toucat  PAID
Melville by griffsnuff…

Fiber $500
Fiber by griffsnuff…

Pebble $100 Toucat  PAID
Pebble by griffsnuffpebblepow by griffsnuff10 Desember by griffsnuffPebble Pixels by griffsnuff

Zorah $50
Zorah by griffsnuff

Be sure to check out my Tinasect account
Less art:icontinasect:more life!
I have no title for this.

I was going to upload the picture before anyone else did, but I decided against it for reasons you might or might not understand.  So, why not just post it here instead.

Thank You by gold94chica

I'll upload something else instead.  Thanks Scott for once again interrupting my SFM plans lol.... I've been "out" of things again, but I was trying to get right with myself... and this shows up.

I have no feelings right now, but I will say that it is really strange to see the FNAF1 characters from Scott again.... it's the first time since this entire fandom started!!

There's nothing hidden in the picture, but it's cool to see them all like this, together, again.  And it sure really shows how bad our 3D models are, lol.  I'll see what I can do.

I am personally not under the impression that it's all over, but either way, I'm here to stay :)
nsfw artist: *purposely draws exaggerated anatomy that emphasizes the sensuality of a character for erotic or aesthetic purposes*

Sticks the badger by StarbitChildMiss Amy Arcade by StarbitChildAT with ThisGirlInTheCorner by StarbitChildBusting robots by StarbitChild

I'll be taking some free requests
I need to have something to draw on the side if I get stuck on a drawing, you see I believe I have an art block so to get around it I'll draw some requests. I also need to practise my drawing and shading style more, but I dunno what to draw ( /)w(\✿)
I'll only have a few slots open, and when all of them are full I won't be taking anymore ever.

Bullet; Yellow I'll choose to give a slot to the character I want to draw the most Bullet; Yellow

To recive a slot you need to:

1. Make a journal with the link to my requests.
2. Write a comment with the link to the journal you have mentioned me in, link the character you want to be drawn and also say what type of requset you'd like to have. Additional info about the character and pose, etc, can also be written. Then that's it c:

Bullet; Green You can put many characters in the comment. It will increase the chanse for you to recive a slot. But I won't do more than one pic per person.

Bullet; Green Many drawings, refs of the character is appriciated and will increse your chanse of having a slot.
Bullet; Red Don't ask "can I have one", etc, will be ignored. Just follow the instructions to have a slot.
Bullet; Red Charactes that has an unclear reference will I not draw.
Bullet; Red I prefer sonic characters but I'll also do anthro and human characters. NO PONIES OR ANIMALS. I'm bad at drawing those, sorry :c
Bullet; Red 
One inportant thing though, I have the right to decline this whole thing. If my arm can't keep up or I get stressed I won't take any requests even if I've started and there's still slots left. 


Star! Halfbody or fullbody drawing: one Soft shaded, one Cell shaded Star!


Star! Chibi, one soft shaded and one cell shaded Star! 
1. (cell shaded)

Star! Pixel doll/ Icon Star!
Pixel doll and an extra chibi

Also, I'm a slow artist, I need the time I need to finish them, so no rushing ;_;

1 month premium membership giveaway

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2015, 3:44 AM

EDIT: YOU HAVE TO FAVE THE JOURNAL OR YOU CANT WIN LMAO from where do u think i chose w the random org thingy? also i check for the journal and comment

im feeling nice and im going 2 do another one
if wren turns out to be charles or -A

so yeah

only one winner sorry

u have 2 be a watcher(if u unwatch me after ill come for u bitch)
fav this journal
and make another journal linking to this journal
and comment the link of ur journal down below

giveaway ends on 10 august?(if i dont forget abt it lmao!)
ull be chosen w random org

dont enter if u have 1239192837 month pm lmao sorry(but u can enter for a poor friend)
this is for the poor people

so yeah good luck


Free Icon - Rainbow + Clouds - by CutieChoco Free Icon - Rainbow + Clouds - by CutieChoco Free Icon - Rainbow + Clouds - by CutieChoco
Z lekkim poślizgiem chciałabym was zaprosić do nowego konkursu w naszej grupie.
Tym razem tematem są księżniczki! Waszym zadaniem jest sponyfikować dowolną księżniczkę z popkultury lub historii. Możecie więc stworzyć kucykową wersję Arielki, księżniczki Lei, Éowiny z Władcy Pierścieni albo księżnej Diany Spencer; Xeny wojowniczej księżniczki, Princess Peach z Super Mario, Margaery Tyrell z Gry o Tron... Wybór jest ogromny – dajcie się ponieść wyobraźni i postarajcie się w miarę możliwości nie dublować postaci, które już ktoś narysował. Są setki innych księżniczek niż Elsa :D

Termin: 2 sierpnia – 30 września
W opisie pracy zamieśćcie informację, jaką księżniczkę narysowaliście i jaki jest materiał źródłowy (np. Jasmina – „Alladyn”)
Prace dodajemy do folderu „Konkurs z księżniczkami”.
Dozwolone wszystkie techniki, digital, traditional, wyszywanie, co zechcecie.

1 miejsce
Nagrody: fullbody promarkerowe kucyka od AwesomeDashie, 2x fullbody kredkami z elementami tła od Moonlight-Ki, 3x full body digital art z tłem i portret digital od DoctorwhoFan-Ananas, fullbody cieniowane, szkic, 2 cieniowane portrety, vector od FireCook, fullart z 2 kredkami bez konturu od Truskawcia, fullbody od matrioshkka, 145 :points:

2 miejsce
Nagrody: 2x fullbody z tłem traditional od DoctorwhoFan-Ananas, fullbody kredkami z elementami tła i 1x portret ołówkiem z kolorowymi elementami od Moonlight-Ki, digital fullbody kucyka od KlaraPL, Fullbody kredkami od Truskawcia, fullbody cieniowane, szkic, 1 lineartowy portret od FireCook, fullbody od MajeczkaSlasher, 120 :points:

3 miejsce
Nagrody: 2x headshot traditional z tłem odDoctorwhoFan-Ananas 2x portret ołówkiem z kolorowymi elementami od Moonlight-Ki, chibi traditonal kredkami od Truskawcia, fullbody lineart, 2 szkicowane portrety od FireCook, portret ołówkowy od MonteLight, 2 kucyki od darkangle66, 95 :points:

Punkty przekazali: Swist47AK, MadBlackie, Mrowka333, Agussska, Anzu18.

Jeśli ktoś zgłosił nagrodę i zabrakło go w tym zestawieniu, proszę o kontakt w komentarzu lub w notce. Dalej zbieramy nagrody, więc chętnych do przekazania punktów i rysunków serdecznie zapraszam. Osoby, które są sponsorami nagród dalej mogą brać udział w konkursie.

Becase FNAF 4 was the final/last installment of Five Nights at Freddy's series, I would like all of us to say thank you Scott Cawthon for makeing all of FNAF game series. Thank you! But FNAF movie is coming soon.

Freddy and his friend will always be with you, forever.…

Black Fredbear pixel icon by SonicTheDashiePurple Man pixel icon by SonicTheDashieNightmare Bonnie pixel icon V2 by SonicTheDashieWithered Springtrap pixel icon by SonicTheDashieFredbear pixel icon by SonicTheDashieNightmare Fredbear pixel icon by SonicTheDashieYellow Nightmare Fredbear pixel icon by SonicTheDashiePurple Freddy pixel icon by SonicTheDashiePurple Guy pixel icon by SonicTheDashieSpringTrap pixel icon by SonicTheDashieToy Freddy pixel icon by SonicTheDashieShadow/Purple Freddy pixel icon by SonicTheDashieShadow Toy Bonnie pixel icon by SonicTheDashieGolden Freddy (Fazbear) Pixel Icon by SonicTheDashieBonnie The Bunny pixel icon by SonicTheDashie
Foxy The Pirate pixel icon by SonicTheDashieToy Freddy (Fazbear) pixel icon by SonicTheDashieToy Bonnie pixel icon by SonicTheDashieToy Chica pixel icon V2 by SonicTheDashiemangle pixel icon V3 by SonicTheDashieBrown Freddy pixel icon by SonicTheDashieNightmare Bonnie pixel icon by SonicTheDashieScott Cawthon Colorful by SonicTheDashie Scott Cawthon Running by SonicTheDashie Scott Cawthon Emoticon by MangleTheFoxToy Freddy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Golden Freddy Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Foxy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's Bonnie Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy'sChica Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's 
 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Toy Freddy - Icon GIF SpringTrap - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Icon Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Shadow Freddy - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mangle Foxy - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Marionette - Icon GIF Cupcake GIF Icon - Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Toy Bonnie - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Sexy Chica - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Old Foxy - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Toy Chica - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Balloon Boy - Icon GIF I am still here. - Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Icon Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Old Chica - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddys 3 - What can we use? - Icon by GEEKsomniac
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - The Puppet - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Shadow Bonnie - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Faceless Bonnie Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Purple Man - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddys 2 Blue eyed Toy Freddy Icon Five Nights at Freddys 2 - Mangle Foxy 2 -Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mini Cupcake -Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Phantom Balloon Boy Icon Five Nights at Freddys 2- Chicas Cupcake -Icon GIF  Five Nights at Freddys 2 - Endoskeleton - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddys 3- Phantom Freddy -Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddys 2 - Balloon Girl -Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddys 3 - Phantom Foxy - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddys 3 - Phantom Puppet - GIF by GEEKsomniacFive Nights at Freddy's 2 - Old Freddy - Icon GIF by GEEKsomniac
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Spring Bonnie Five Nights at Freddy's - EndoSkeleton by JoyJoyfulTheRabbit Five Nights at Freddys 4 - Nightmare Cupcake - GIF Five Nights at Freddys 3- Phantom Chica - Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddys 3- Phantom Mangle -Icon GIF Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Broken BB FnaF Icon [34] - Nightmare Bonnie BUMPER CARZ Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - Plushtrap Nightmare Chica NightmareFoxy Nightmare Fredbear Nightmare Bonnie Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Golden Freddy - Icon by GEEKsomniac

            THE END

Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Freddy head - Icon GIFFive Nights at Freddy's 3 - Foxy head - Icon GIFFive Nights at Freddy's 3 - Chica head - Icon GIFFive Nights at Freddy's 3 - Bonnie head - Icon GIF 

           IT'S OVER!

Thank you  :iconscottcawthon:

Ipod Touch 4 Giveaway

Sun Aug 2, 2015, 5:25 PM
 I love giving away stuff o v o. I have had an Ipod touch 4 for around 2 years now. It works perfectly and all                   data has been deleted. Screen may have a few scratches but none thats noticeable! It looks almost brand new                          and it's been taken care of well ^^. I got a new Ipod and I want to give this one away.  Its white w/silver back and it had 8gb.

 It comes with~
wall charger

                                                  The camera works fine and like I said it's in perfect condition o w o.

                                                                               :bulletpink:How To Enter!:bulletpink:
                                                                                 To enter draw your OC with the ipod touch
                                                                                  Creativity and skill does not matter

                      Winner will be picked with a random number generator online. 30 participants allowed.

                   If you win I will note you. Tell me the address you want it sent to. 

                Check out my other giveaway as well! Circle Lense giveaway 

Skin by SimplySilent

I used to think it was just a joke

Sun Aug 2, 2015, 6:19 PM
EDIT: Just told my mom about it, and she said she knew just didn't make a big deal about it because she felt she shouldn't and I'm totally cool with that because it shouldn't be a big deal as long as they're supportive so yes.  She's told me that she could try and find a counselor for me and stuff ;w; im so happy i could cry yknow :'D

that is, me wanting to be a guy.  I used to think "lol i wish i had a dick lollololol" and just thought i had a massive level of penis envy aka thought it was a phase....but lately it's been in my mind that "im a guy."  Every time i see myself and I dont see a flat chest and a dingle dang between my legs im like "oh... right."

and it literally gets me to fucking depressed but i continue to smile all "this is fine c:" because I am happy with my figure, just not the female anatomy of it.  Like I would be fine with a flat chest and everything else as the same but it would still eat at me with "why isn't there a penis there."  but im worried that one day the realization that I'm not what i feel I should be is gonna hit me hard and I'm just gonna lose myself to depression.  And that thought terrifies me.

I've been calling myself genderfluid for a while because i literally felt one way one time and one the other.  But lately the male side is just screaming "this is me" and then the mirror says "no it's not." and then im just "oh."

I've made so many subtle hints to my parents about this and they are pretty open minded people but i feel if it's not gay or straight, it's like "What??? that doesn't exist" but they love caitlyn jenner so im like "maybe if i did that they'd be cool with it."
hell i straight up asked me dad what if i did that and I can't remember exactly what he said but it did lean towards "I would be fine with it" so at least he's supportive.  Really not sure about my mom because every time i mention something about not wanting to be a female, i swear her tone goes to "oh, okay." like it makes her uncomfortable??? idunno, I'm too scared to ask because the anxiety I get for thinking she'll be unsupportive practically kills me inside |D  Dont put any sort of negative opinion on my parents because they are more accepting than any parents who seem to own a possible transgendered child.  (not sure if I worded that right)

I made a journal about this last year and due to my horrible mindset/mood, I came off as very inconsiderate to those who go through this and a bunch of people went off on me.
I do know that people struggle with this, I do know they feel similar to how i feel.  What I said was "you dont know how i personally feel" because in reality, no one person knows how another is feeling exactly, and I think that's what people misunderstood |D  I know people can relate, but i honestly hate when people tell me "I know how you feel."

I dont understand why i need to explain myself to people.  I dont understand why there is such a thing as "coming out" because i think it's bullshit that you have to hide who you love/want to be because it's not "the norm", like why can't people just love who they want without the fear of being judged? I guess that's just human nature, judge something they don't understand yet are too stubborn to learn about it because they think it's "Weird". smh.
       I wish people could just accept everyone for WHO they are, not what they identify as.  Like pay more attention to their personality than their gender identity.  Like if someone came out as gay but where a total dickbag, I wouldn't like them/care because they're a jerk and it doesn't matter what they identify as?  IT shouldn't be an excuse to be a douchebag.  But that's just my opinion, dont get mad at me for having one.  I have just as much right to one as anyone else.  Funny how if i said they were a straight person i bet people wouldn't care, but the moment i say gay it's "wrong."  Why? because "straight" is normal???? Who fucking says?  Just because it's more common doesn't mean it's "normal."  Fuck what the bible says, it's called the BIble, not the Straightble. js (got that from tumblr, im not that clever)

I feel like even WITH the information I've given, my opinions are STILL gonna get shat on by some butthurt baby. //sighs
fite me bruh

but in other news:
I'm wearing a male tanktop right now so it hides my female figure so i feel pretty comfortable c:
PS. Please keep your bigotry out of my comment section.  If you do not support me/others who go through this, keep it to yourself and/or unwatch me.  This does not affect you, it only affects me.  End of story. Good day ;D