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Point and Art Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 6:29 PM
I'm trying to convert back into my old, giving, self. ;v;' I've been personality drained the past few weeks (as most of you may have been able to tell), and I have my reasons as to why; but now is not the time for that, I suppose. Let's get down to giveaway business!~


-In order to enter my short giveaway, you must favorite this journal entry. Simple as that, right?

-Want to increase your chances of winning?-

-You can comment on this entry or share this journal entry somewhere. :> Doing either will give you an extra chance of winning (No, you may not comment multiple times to receive multiple tickets).


The first person to be drawn will be given 400 :points:, and a small chibi drawing of any current OC of yours.

The second person to be drawn will be given a small chibi drawing, as well as 100 :points:!

Easy peasy, right? This raffle will end on Halloween, so keep your fingers crossed until then! :>

  • Mood: Adoration

watcher raffle: win art!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 7:06 AM

ok so i've never really done anything for my watchers;; so i'm gonna art Wink and Dimples 

i will pick 2 random watchers and they will each get a fullbody! but if this gets over 150 entries there will be 3 fullbody winners and 1 digital painting winner!

i can draw either ponies or feral/anthros. no humans please!

rarity by amigotrade: toby by amigo

you have to be a watcher to enter!!!!!

1. fave this journal. your raffle number will be the number next to your name when you click the 'who?' link in the statistics of this journal.
2. that's it lmao how easy can it get right

i will pick the winners 12AM usa time, november 11, the day my o levels end!
no late entries are allowed. faving after the deadline will not enter you into the raffle.
thank you for the continuous support ; v ; it means so much to me!!!! -kaileeeee

Skin by SimplySilent

Riddle of the Sphinx- 1600 POINT GIVEAWAY

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 7:13 PM



(OPEN UNTIL 11/1/14)

            *** If you have been tagged and want to know what this is about before reading everything, let me explain: This is a contest that gives away points to everyone who completes it ^-^ To get the points, however, you must complete a series of riddles or puzzles connected with a story line. If this isn’t you’re cup of tea- Don’t fret! I ALSO am just giving away money to those who fav, regardless if you participate in the riddle part or not. Just by faving alone, you can manage to win 200 points!. Plus, as this is my Halloween Giveaway, there is 1,400 more points to be won here!***

Do you want free points? Is entering contest after contest and waiting for weeks to hear about the results too tedious? DO YOU NOT WANT TO LEAVE YOUR LIFE UP TO FATE?!

            Okay, well, that just sounded like an infomercial. But, seriously. I’ve been there and I think it kinda sucks. Now its my turn to be the one offering up free points, and I’m changing it up a bit. No ‘random number chooser’, no ‘100th watcher’. I am offering a chance for everyone participating to earn free points. What I ask in return? An answer. An answer to a monthly riddle (or two). If you can answer correctly, you WILL get points. It doesn’t matter if you are the first to answer, or if you are the 42nd.

            Still not understanding? I’ll break it down- Every month, I will write riddles and hide them throughout my profile. They will be hidden in different ways, for example for Easter last year I hid Easter Eggs, and the time before I had a sort of treasure hunt. Most times I will have a story line, to make this giveaway a bit different from others. This is for those who want entertainment and humor, as opposed to just mindless faving and commenting. And, in return, you WILL get points, no matter what. If you enter, there is no way you cannot win.

How to enter

·         Make sure you are watching me (So you can keep up to date with monthly riddles)

·         You must include a certain phrase in your comments, to let me know that you read the rules. Read more and you’ll see what you need to say

·         Tag at least three friends who you think might be interested. If everyone who enters gets free points, why not get your friends in on it?

(·        If you fav this, no matter if you make it to the end or not, you enter the draw for some extra points!)

Point Distribution

            I have 1,600 points to distribute. Now, this does NOT mean that everyone is going to get 1,600 points. Heck no. I don’t have that many points. The points will be split up as such- 400 points for team one (divided up evenly between all participants), 400 points between the top group of team two (divided between the 2-5 particpants, 400 for the top member of team three, 200 for the winner of the fav raffle, and 200 going to the winning team (This is special to this particular Riddle of the Sphinx. More on this below)


·         Don’t give the answers in the comments, or you will be thrown out of the giveaway and will get no points (UNLESS SPECIFICALLY TOLD TO DO OTHERWISE)

·         Don’t give any hints in the comments, or you will be thrown out of the giveaway

·         You have three chances for hints, but use them wisely. I created these riddles to be fairly easy.

·        If you are confused, feel free to note me! I will try to explain anything you might not understand

·         When you have answered the final riddle, do as the instructions say and then wait. I cannot give everyone their points until I know how many people are in it. Complaining or noting me about it is unnecessary. No matter what, if you get to the end, you will receive points. I promise you this.

·         Please be respectful

·         Have fun!



Ready, Set… Go?

Greetings mortals! As you MUST know, it is October! Which means… YES! THE MYTHICAL MONSTER MEET-UP HAS ARRIVED! …What? You were expecting ‘Halloween’? Pah! That is merely a human tradition. Here in this dimension, we refer to this time as the feeding period or the mischief zone. This is when the veil between our dimension and yours is the weakest, so many monsters roam around to get some tasty meals and frighten you pesky mortals. And, of course, this time comes with our very own celebration… One we call the Mythical Monster Meet-up (Later dubbed Mythical Monster Mayhem, for all intents and purposes).

Still I must explain? I thought you were smarter than this! Well, think of it as the monster version of… The Olympics! Each monster is eligible to participate in this match of the minds. There are creative competitions, puzzle competitions, and even riddles (yes, yes, I OBVIOUSLY win every year). The rules are simple- No outside sources, and no working with other monsters. However, they conveniently forgot to mention any rules about working with mortals. Primarily because most monsters would rather be locked away in a zoo than work with a mortal… But I tend to think that it’s just a mistake on their parts.

So, as the KIND and CARING Sphinx that I am, I’ve decided to invite you all to help me! It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact the competition is really steep this year. Or the fact that I actually believe you have a grain of intelligence. Because I would never think or say anything like that. No, it’s merely because I believed you might enjoy it. Yes.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one with this idea. There are two other, completely unworthy, candidates looking for your support. It was only with their help that I was able to create a method of transporting you from your measly dimension to ours.

I have come up with a method of getting you mortals into our dimension by disguising you as animals and mythical creatures. My magic alone could only make you into few things, like dragons, aviary creatures (flying creatures, animals with wings), sphinxes, and centaurs. Not a wide variety, I know. That’s why the Sorceress (:iconmoonehdraws: ) and Loki (:iconmovingsilently: ) agreed to help me… On one condition. They too are looking to find the most intelligent mortal minds and put them to work helping them solve the puzzles.

If you are still confused, that’s fine. I don’t expect your mortal minds to comprehend everything. I promise to explain, but first and foremost you must pick a team. Before making you simply chose (because we all know you would chose my team, as I am the Supreme creature and you all worship at my feet) I must let the others explain to you why they believe you should join their groups. Pah! No matter, I know you shall pick me, so I shall allow them to make their ‘persuasive pitches’ or whatever they called it.

Sorceress (MoonehDraws) – Witches, wizards, black cats, unicorns

Obviously you want to join my team! I mean, magic, mayhem and monsters… Oh my! See, my team is for the more creative mortal. The competition I’ve chosen is the art portion, so all the parts involving drawing or art in one form or another. I don’t want everyone though… I want a small group. You can join my group in teams of 2-5, and the winning team alone will split the 400 :points:… Plus, since I KNOW we will win, the 200 :points: will be divided up amongst everyone in this group (Yes. EVERYONE). This is a better deal than the Sphinx, who wants to give small amounts of :points: to everyone in her group, or Loki who just wants one person to win. No, if you have a group of good artists, you’re almost sure to win, and can win a fair amount of points. Obviously, my team is the one to be on.

Loki (MovingSilently - Narwhal, fox, siren/mermaid, serpents

So, the Sphinx and the Sorceress already made their spiel. I’m sure they forgot to mention that neither of them have ever won the full competition. That title has gone to me three years in a row. I am the god of mischief, of course I am able to solve their feeble puzzles. If you joined my team, you would be helping me solve the most elegant of puzzles… Codes, problem solving, clues… The true puzzles. And, of course, as I am a Norse God, I am not quite as open as the Sphinx and the Sorceress. Who I chose to give the :points: to will only be the top problem solver in the group. If you have faith in yourself and want to win 400 :points: just for yourself, my team is far the best. If it doesn’t seem like your cup of tea- Good. Don’t join. I’m looking for only the greatest to help me win.

The Sphinx (:iconhazelstar67: ) –Dragons, Aviary creatures, Centaurs, sphinxes

As I am positive you will all join me, I shan’t tell you any more about myself apart from the fact that I am the Sphinx, and I shall most definitely win this year. I suppose the Sorceress and Loki already informed you how they are running their teams. Well, as you may have guessed, I’m not taking an artistic or puzzle-solving approach to this competition. I am, of course, doing riddles… As I know both you and I are exemplary at them. As always, I shall split the 400 :points: up between everyone who is ACTIVE (don’t just join to get points, I must see you at least trying), and when we win (because, of course, we will), I will split those points up as well. My team is for those who can deal with teamwork, and who can solve riddles. If that’s you, join at once! If not… Well, perhaps my group isn’t for you.



Now that we’ve cleared that all up, it’s time for some information! I don’t want to send you out confused.

    1.   You MUST join a group. You can choose either because of what kinds of puzzles they offer, because of which group leader sounds the coolest, or because of what animal they can change you into. Whatever helps you decide. Remember though, depending on what group you join you may either have to work alone, in a small group, or with a large group. Make sure you don’t go off by yourself if you are meant to work as a team or you will not get the participation points. If it wasn’t clear, you can also not join more than one group. This, I hope, is common sense.

    2.   Mythical Monster Mayhem starts a week before Halloween and there is a new puzzle each day. This is not something you can accomplish in a day. This will be updated, so be sure to keep a look out for when the puzzles are posted!

    3.   3 out of the 7 days, the puzzles will be the same for every group (the other 4 days, the groups will have their own puzzles to solve). On these days, the winning teams are determined on which gets finished the fastest. Whichever team wins at the end of the week gets the 200 :points:. The other 4 team puzzles determine who amongst the groups will win the group points.

    4.   You can ask your group leader anything and everything. Don’t be afraid to send them a note if you’re confused… That’s why they’re there! They will also provide group-wide hints from time to time if you get too confused, so keep a look out.

    5.   Each team has a chatroom to chat at, and a meeting place for their team where they will post new information and challenges. This will be provided to you when you sign up, depending on what group you’re in.

    6.   You can join at any time! Yes, joining the first day is the best. However, this is not required. You can join any group at any time over these next four days… Although, you still need to participate. For example, you can’t just join the Sphinx’s group the last day at the last minute to get some extra points. You must at least be seen TRYING to be recognized as part of the team.

    7.   More information about individual teams will be presented by team leaders, so make sure you read their welcome journals. Do NOT note the team leaders with questions that have previously been answered in their welcome journals.

    8.   The winning team will be featured at the end of the giveaway, as well as any artwork. If you want to do any sort of artwork, you are more than welcome to. Also open to any looking to be challenged is a new Riddle of the Sphinx journal skin. If you can make journal skins and you are interested, note me right away!

    9.   Switching groups IS NOT allowed. I don’t want everyone switching at the last minute just so they can win. If you are truly unhappy with the group you are in, you must note me privately and we can discuss it.

    10. You must comment below with your nickname, animal/mythical creature, and your team. Example: “I am Hazel, I wish to be transformed into a sphinx, and I want to join Team Sphinx!” This way you can get the necessary information and I know you’ve read the instructions.

    11. When tagging your friends (three of them, in case you forgot. This time there is no exceptions. Three friends, or you will receive no points whatsoever. If you don’t have many friends, you still have to tag one friend and make a journal, but there is a possibility I will not accept), many ask what you tagged them for and what this is. If you want to sum it up, you can let them know “This is a 1,600 :point: giveaway done by :iconhazelstar67:. She does these monthly, but this month is a Halloween version. You can either win points by solving puzzles, answering riddles, or drawing pictures. And, even if that doesn’t sound interesting, you could always just fav the journal and go. You’ll be entered in a raffle for 200 :points:”. Or whatever version of that you want to tell them I guess. Compliment them on something, that always works (bwahahahhahhhaaaaaa).

So mortals, do you understand? Good! Let’s get started! Don’t forget to comment with your nickname, creature, and team, and you’ll be on your way!


~The Sphinx~


If you are in the group :icondetective-hq:, join Loki’s group. You’ll be good at that.

If you are very artistic and creative, join the Sorceress’s group. That would be more your style.

If you either enjoy riddles, or you like working on a team, join the Sphinx. You’ll find yourself right at home.)

(Story and puzzles done by :iconhazelstar67:, with art from :iconmoonehdraws:, and help from :iconmovingsilently:)

Journal Layout by lockjavv

If you are going to Bash on Lazari

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 1:36 PM
At least let me help.

Playing the "she is a sally rip off" card is lame and overused.  

Both Kiki and I have talked about this, I will even go out of my way to call her a friend.  

I see it as every child oc is being a ripoff of sally to the untrained eye. I also see it as people being too lazy to investigate her character.  

If you have an issue with my characters feel free to tell me. I enjoy having talks to help you better understand my direction.  If it doesn't change your feelings good! Have those feelings you are entitled to them.

All I am saying is do more indepth research on my ocs before you call them unoriginal unorthodox or rippoffs and marysues.

Peace yo

P.s. getting laptop fixed this weekend

Brown Toko Pups! (Art Raffle)

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 9:07 AM

Salvadore 29 by TotemSpirit x Tikarok 68 by TotemSpirit

Male, Natural mane
Submissive - Healthy
Graying collared brown

Female, Natural mane
Submissive - Healthy
Marked collared brown

This beautiful brown litter is up for grabs, and can only be acquired by drawing any of the following Tokos:

Badger 860 by TotemSpirit Navajo 859 by TotemSpirit Salvadore 29 by TotemSpirit 

The more effort you put into your image, the more tickets your entries will be worth! All entries must be full body and colored!

Colored Sketch = 1 ticket
Colored Lines = 2 tickets
Shading = +1 ticket
Simple background = +2 tickets
Complex/Detailed Background = +4 tickets

You will have one full month to complete your entries. 

Deadline: November 25th


RaggedPelt98 (6 tickets)

  • Listening to: Pandora
  • Reading: Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Watching: Rattatouille
  • Playing: Secret of the Magic Crystal
  • Eating: Hot Wings
  • Drinking: Water

Yes. That is the real announcer from Super Smash Bros. 3DS and WiiU you're hearing. 
And he's singing the Pokémon theme.

:iconexplodeplz: :overreact: :iconexplodeplz:

Dear mister Sakurai, please give this man a raise. And let him sing the full theme and put it in the game. You'll make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, ZILLIONS OF DOLLARS I SAY!

Eh, that's all for today folks! Have a nice day ;)
  • Mood: Optimism

Sketch+Animated Chibi Raffle

Fri Oct 24, 2014, 10:09 AM
Commissions l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

1 lucky winner will get a chibi sketch!

W.I.T.C.H. Chibi Will Sketch by galia-and-kitty

Also, we will add one animated chibi in the prize list if participants will be more then 1000!

Chibi Commission: Elsa by galia-and-kitty

~ RULES of Raffle~
1. +fav  this journal
2. Show a reference picture of your character in comments
2. Optional: make a journal/poll about this raffle
3. Optional: mention 1-3 your friends (more participants - more chances for adding animated chibi to the prize list!)

That's all!
Thanks and good luck!

Raffle ends: December 1st 

P.S. If you don't want to wait you can order a chibi commission right now :la: More info:
Commission Information 2014-2015 (UPD) by galia-and-kitty
October SALE: Two characters/couples Commissions - up to 50% off!October Offer: Two characters! Up to 50% off! by galia-and-kitty

  • Mood: Love

My Halloween Point Giveaway!

Fri Oct 24, 2014, 12:28 PM
Hello guys, so I am doing a 2000 point giveaway celebrating Halloween. The deadline is on October 27, 2014

To Enter

:bulletorange: Add me to your watch
:bulletorange: Favorite this journal
:bulletorange: Write a journal announcing this giveaway mentioning my name
:bulletorange: Send me the link in the comment section below

How Much Points?

:bulletorange: The Grand Winner gets 1000 :points:
:bulletorange: The 2nd Place Winner wins 700 :points:
:bulletorange: The Third Place Winner wins 300 :points:


  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Hellfire (Finnish)
  • Drinking: Water
It’s weird to know that we’ll see AI driven machines within the next two decades. Maybe even the humanoid automatons of science fiction.
It’s all being taken very seriously by certain parties. Some scientists have approached the UN and asked for the issue to be addressed in a more formal capacity, with a hope that laws against these machines taking certain roles will be put in place. Specifically “killer robots”. They don’t want to see a machine deciding when it’s right to pull the trigger.…

That concern is perfectly understandable, but there’s another that is less touched on: are robots getting too cute?…

Robots that look like cute animals, or big-eyed children are designed to evoke a nurturing instinct in people. There are worries that this will have a negative impact on social interaction within society, with the people that rely on them, such as the elderly, preferring them over actual people.

Personally, I’m hoping such machines exist when (or if) I hit old age. I like the thought of having SOMETHING watching over me that has the capacity to call for help if I cannot. We’re not all zombies because of television and texting hasn’t eradicated verbal communication. I doubt a robotic helper will cause the downfall of society. 

My rants when tech fails on me may make me sound like a Luddite from time to time, but I find the relentless advancement of science incredibly exciting. All I think when I read articles about robots is “Cool! Can we choose what they look like? How much will it cost to get my robot housecleaner to look like Morrigun from ABC warriors?” 

Dire Slot Sale: Art Raffle and Auction

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 24, 2014, 2:12 AM
Pinga 921 by TotemSpirit
Tracker Journal for Pinga 921

Alrighty guys here is your only chance to get a slot to my Dire gal. As promised as soon as she was uploaded I would hold this. Please be polite to others during the duration of the Raffle and Auction. 

Bullet; Green You will have until November 20th, 2014 12am US Central Standard Time to get your entries for the Art raffle in.Bullet; Green 
Bullet; Green New The Auction will end October 27th 12am US Central Standard Time to bid in Points or USD.New  Bullet; Green 


1. If you are caught harassing or attempting to bully someone out of entering you will be disqualified and reported to an Admin.
2. If you are caught tracing OR accusing someone of tracing which turns out to be false you will be disqualified and reported to an Admin.
3. Skeletal tracing is allowed ONLY if the stock images are linked and it is clearly stated in the description of your entry.
4. Upon winning the points/USD auction you will have 3 days to sent the payment or contact me for an extension. 
(failure to do so will result in the next highest bidder getting the slot)
5. ALL art entries must be of Pinga and Fullbody, with background, and shading. (Hunting prefered)
6. NO chibi entries
7. Complaining about the fact that I am doing a points/USD action will result in automatic disqualification as the auction is being done to help with my medical bills. 

Art Raffle Bonuses

Something cute between Pinga and her handler Lonsophle will earn you +3 tickets Be aware of their size difference!
New Something cute between her mate Atanarjuat 208 and her will earn you a +Wild Card which will give you up to 3 extra tickets at the time of the drawing.

Including one of my Average Tokotas will earn you +1 ticket per Tokota featured. (no more than 5)
Including one of my Submissive Tokotas  will earn you +2 tickets per Tokota featured. (no more than 5)
Doing an Exploring or Hunting picture will earn you +3 tickets. 
You can Stack these bonuses

Art Raffle String:Here
Entries for Art Raffle and Ticket Holders

Points/USD Bidding String: Here
Starting Bid: 
2,500Points /$25
Autobuy: None
Current Highest Bid: $150 USD


Overall: HAVE FUN
Heart I look forward to the entries! Heart