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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 28, 2014, 4:41 AM


Thu Nov 27, 2014, 2:33 PM
the last thing i write for you
will have no form no meaning
and seem erratic -
two magpies is double the sorrow
the stars have been barred from their temple again
and i have stopped listening. suffer.

there was no love in you
where love should have been.
a dark soul
a bitter soul
a sick soul

walk into a bar.
somewhere here there's a joke
and i think that it's me

(you will forget in a little while)

Last thing about this

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 8:08 PM

Apparently my last journal needs some clarification, since a few things were misunderstood. This is the last journal I'm writing about this.

There have been enough hate already. This whole thing grew out of hand really quickly.

Plenty of people are suffering from this and this needs to stop.

I don't want to talk about Ferguson situation in itself, again, this wasn't the point since the beginning.

But I just find it ridiculous to call strangers and people you don't know "disgusting/racist/etc. and asking them to un-watch because there is a possibility that they may have a different opinion/way of thinking, when some have no idea of what is going on (Maybe because they lives in a different country?).

The sarcastic part was to mock people who come on an art site to tell everyone who don't agree with them (or don't even have an opinion yet, because they may not even have heard of it?) that they should un-watch them. People should be allowed to watch others if they just want to enjoy the art, without having to deal with drama? Such attitude is not going to fix anything at all. It really sadden me to see so many people building walls and breaking connections without a second thought, instead of trying to be tolerant for a second and try to understand each others instead of judging and assuming things.

I would never be mocking people for being angry at what happened, and would never be mocking the issue itself. People have all the right to be angry after something like this. But blocking/asking people to un-watch over an opinion sure isn't the solution, it won't solve the issue, the only thing achieved is pushing it further away.

With all the possibly false information that still was going around, it's normal for some people to not want to pick a side. Because yes, this is a real thing, I'm still seeing people sharing/talking about completely different versions of what happened and then start arguing with others. I think it is normal to be neutral about something you don't or can't have clear information about? Of course I cannot stay "neutral" about the big picture of what happened, this is a very serious issue and I don't support murder or racism in any way.

I want to thanks everyone who didn't agree with me (and others), but at least showed respect, maturity and common sense, instead of adding more fuel to the fire by accusing of things that were never said and spreading false assumptions.

And of course, I want to thanks everyone who understood and sent me notes and messages of support. <3

If you really want to help, go donate the the cause, but making call out journals, forcing people to take a side and going from journal to journal calling people names isn't doing a favor to yourself or anyone else.

tumblr n4tgc4i0R11tw5bhko1 400 by Kawiku

Okay... So, I was asked to something on this... and while I've said a few things on Tumblr, I'll say it here. 
Hate me all you want but this is going to be an honest rundown of opinions and observations on the Michael Brown situation as well as what is going on in Ferguson. 
NOTE: Most if not all of this is going off of evidence that has been presented to the public, as for that which hasn't... I can't speak with that in mind. So, depending on the authenticity of the information and evidence we've been given as the public, some of this information could be wrong or even a little off base. Please, understand this and read with that in mind.
:new: EDIT: Also -- There are many different viewpoints on this matter and it seems in most cases there's a persistent disagreement on who was right and who was wrong. My view on this is a direct reflection of the information granted to the public about this case thus far; which is not much. Perhaps this would go to show the main reason why many people are upset by this outcome. Not because a young man is dead, but rather because for some reason this incident was kept so secret for no reason at all. A highly public incident was kept under the veil for as long as possible and in the end the evidence we the public were presented with does not coincide with the same the grand jury was given. How/Why? Because if they were given the same evidence we have at our disposal; Wilson would not have walked. That's a fact. Cop or not, he would not have walked, and I'll tell you why...

Firstly, there is no logical way what Officer Wilson did could be justified.
It wasn't protocol to use deadly force after a suspect was downed. I'm sorry, but one shot was enough to bring Brown to his knees; the autopsy reports confirmed that the other several shots after Brown was struck in the forearm were made a downward angle. Meaning... Brown was on his knees/falling to his knees when the last shots were fired. 
There is no reason for that at all. The forensic evidence alone should have been enough to prove Wilson didn't react accordingly in the situation. The final shot to the head is evidence clear enough that his intention was to kill Michael Brown as a bullet to the head is an 'end all' outcome no matter how you stack it. If Brown was disabled (as in shot somewhere that caused him to no longer be a threat) no other shots were needed.
More so shots a such close range (last I hear it was 148 feet instead of 35 when the first shots were fired). 

Judging from the bullet placements, the three bullets Off. Wilson put into his upper body (upper chest region) were likely enough to kill him. Meaning Brown was probably already falling/dying when Wilson laid down the final shot in his head. This wasn't a case of protection, he wasn't scared for his life at this point, he was executing someone. How else could you justify shooting a dying man in the head? They shot to Michael's arm would have been one he would have lived through, but the three shots to the chest? There's a much lower chance of him living with that much lead in his body, more so in the upper body where bullets can ricochet off ribs and bone and cause profuse internal damage as a result. 

The autopsy report we have been given  shows wounds that are in areas such as the chest, neck/throat, eye, jaw, and then the top of the head. It is very likely Brown wouldn't have lived after the shot in the face, let's just put it that way. I said it once but I will say it again, Micheal Brown was likely already dying by the time Wilson laid the shot that ended his life. That in and of itself is grounds for his guilt. "Manslaughter" is what most would call it would it have just been a man and another man in the situation, but it's only because Wilson is a cop that somehow that fact was overlooked. 

The bullet that went into the top of his head had a downward trajectory, meaning it was done when Brown was either bent over or kneeling. There's no denying that, because the only other way that works with Brown still standing is if Wilson is 9' tall and Brown 5' and Wilson is standing right in front of him. 
No, Brown was on the ground (either kneeling or falling) when Wilson killed him. He was shooting to kill. That's all there is to it, and anyone who knows basic physics and forensics can see that. That evidence is too blatant to be ignored. That evidence in and of itself should be enough to have Wilson behind bars right now. 
So it begs the question be asked -- How and why Wilson is free without any reprimand for his actions? 
(Is it that he's a white cop and Brown was a black man or that the grand jury saw evidence no one else knows about? We don't really know since we haven't really been told anything other than horribly cloudy snippets of what happened from witnesses and Wilson himself. Who could, my all logic, be lying to cover himself).

:new: ** There is audio evidence of the gunshots being fired... it wasn't just 6, audio analysts have counted 10-11 shots being fired with a pause in between the first 5-6 shots. A pause in between these shots meaning at least half of them (if not more) were undoubtedly pre-meditated shots. The pause is about 3-4 seconds long and it can be heard here -- Newly Discovered Audio of Actual Gunshots in Mike Brown Shooting 8/26/14 -- Warning, this could be disturbing to some viewers/listeners as these are the be the gunshots that took Michael Brown's life. 

Some will say "he was just doing his job" but no, he wasn't. Not properly anyway. As I recall (and the rules may have changed since I last read them) if a suspect uses their fists or feet to pose an attack and officer is allowed to use one level higher (ie; their gun, tazing weapon, baton, etc).
HOWEVER, unless a suspect is armed and an officer's life is in danger his/her weapon shouldn't be discharged, and if it is it should first be aimed to disarm or disable the suspect. Again, these rules could have changed. 
It was said Brown and his friend ran from the officer (who fired shots in their wake; a couple which hit neighboring houses). When a suspect runs you pursue. You don't shoot them as if they're a deer getting away. Sorry, but that was VERY BAD judgement on Wilson's behalf. He should have called for backup while in pursuit of the suspects. He had a tazer/stun gun on his person, THAT should have been used before his actual gun.
Why wasn't it? Why was his first resort to pull out his gun? 
There is talk that his gun 'accidentally' came un-clipped and it 'accidentally' went off. There's also talk that Brown went for the officer's gun and thus Wilson feared for his life. 

Brown ran, meaning the threat was no longer there and there was no need to use deadly force. If I remember right, lethal force is not the same as deadly force. If my memory serves me right 'lethal force' disables a suspect (either through a non-fatal wound or other means of disabling) 'deadly force' is reserved for a last ditch effort to spare an officer or civilian lives should a suspect be armed and dangerous/ready to kill someone, then you are to take them out to avoid injuries to others. 
Wilson made a pretty huge mistake. As a police officer you are held to have a higher sense of decorum and judgement than the average Joe with a gun. It's your job to protect people and give them fair justice. Wilson didn't do this by any means. The evidence speaks for itself. 
He should be tried for that mistake and he should NOT have been allowed to walk away better off that Scott free (absolved of all criminal charges and given over $400,000?) Meanwhile the Brown family are left losing money and having no sense of justice after having to bury their son. 

The main point of contention is that there was a grand jury trial, meaning it was 12 people in a private session going over evidence that none of the public were able to see. Wilson's lawyer (more or less) placed the evidence before the jury and said "I'm not going to call for any prosecution, I'm going to be fair and let you decide). This manner of doing things is in and of itself very suspicious and unusual. 
Take the Trayvon Martin case (which is an example because the circumstances are similar. Not the same, but similar; man kills young black man after an altercation of sorts. It was also not that long ago and it was a very public case).
What makes this case any different? 
The Trayvon Martin case had an open jury of peers determining the fate of the officer involved. He was acquitted which was judgement no one liked but they were easier to accept it because it was done openly.
Not in private like this case where not even Brown's parents knew what was going on until 9pm of the day the verdict was passed (I believe). They should have been involved from the beginning. This was their son, not some distant relative or a stranger -- their son. Mrs. Brown has said numerous times she doesn't believe it because not only is she a mom who lost her first born son but also a mom who was left out of the informational loop on pretty much everything. 

What kind of justice is that?
Why was was this case treated so differently? 
Why was the evidence proving Wilson's innocence hidden from the public? 
Why was the trial such a mystery? 

To be honest with you, I think if the bodies were reversed... Micheal Brown would have been in jail. That, my friends is a huge racial aspect of this. Even if Wilson wasn't a cop, had this situation in difference circumstances gotten the same level of media attention, Brown would have been convicted so fast... it's kind of sickening how true that is.
I understand not all trials involving police officers are handled in a public manner but this one SHOULD have been. It was a very public situation and keeping all this secretive makes the whole situation reek of conspiracy. THAT is why people are so pissed off. Young men and women are killed by cops and each other every day, so it's not that.  Yes, it's horrible a young man lost his life, but this wasn't a singular situation. 
Dozens of kids and adults are treated poorly by the system every day, be it racial profiling or unfair arrest. This situation was merely 'the straw that broke the camel's back'; 'one bean too many in the pot and it tipped'. 

This situation opened a lot of eyes to the unjust system we have running the men and women who are supposed to be there to protect us. Yes, there are good cops; great cops out there whose priority is first and foremost to protect people and those are likely the cops who are out there protesting alongside others. 
My friend is an ex-cop who worked in the inner city where I live. He is eaten up about this situation because he has seen and heard how cops talk about people of minorities. He quit being a cops because as he said when I asked "I couldn't keep seeing kids dying in the streets" and "They weren't what I thought they were when I signed up". He learned really fast that some cops have a very...skewed sense of justice. More so for minorities. Not all cops had this view but many did. 

"There's a sense of power there, when you're a cop. You get a gun and a badge and you feel like you can do anything. For some of us I guess that means we get our dream coming true of making the world a better place, but for others it's like giving them a godly status. You can treat people differently because you're a cop and if they object, you can arrest them for something. You have to understand that while you will think being a cop is about protecting and helping people, a lot of people see us as their enemy. After all that's happened with cops being unable to control themselves, can you really blame them?
Darren Wilson should have never been allowed to be a cop. If he had that hard of a time dealing with his job he should have never been a cop. Being a cop isn't an easy job, it's actually probably the hardest one out there aside from being the guy who runs the meat wagon. You deal with some shady people every day but you have to keep a neutral head. It's your job to arrest the bad guys and let the trial they have judge their fate. It's not your job to make that judgement. Sometimes you have to deal with people who are so hocked up on drugs and alcohol they don't know what what is up and what way is down. Sometimes you have to make a judgement to kill them, which is never easy, but that is only when there is no other choice left.
Hearing what all conspired with this situation, as someone who has dealt with similar situations before, Darren Wilson made the wrong choice. Hands down. He should be in jail right now."
(what he said when I asked him about his job and this event. Some parts were altered or edited to shorten them, but otherwise these were his words).

Something does need to change. The police system is not what it used to be, and there needs to be a movement done to improve the accountability of their actions. There is a petition out for all policemen and women to wear cameras on their person when on patrol as a mandatory system. This is a damn fine idea if you ask me. The precincts and areas where this was done already have found it's cut police problems almost in half. We need to implement that system, and soon. 
There isn't a city in this country (spare for small towns in small places) where police brutality and the violation of human rights hasn't been played out. Be it police beating people senseless for no reason, shooting them dead for no reason, threatening sexual abused if a suspect in custody didn't comply, or stealing nude photos from the phones of people they detained/arrested. The system has become corrupted and it needs to be fixed. This is a federal system that should be in place to help people; to give them a sense of safety in scary situations. However, it's not. Even I am afraid of cops, and have been for some years now. They pull you over and one officer walks up to the driver's side window and the other the passenger side; both of them have their hands on their guns. It's terrifying to say the least. I get it, it's hard to trust people these days but is it entirely necessary to make it known you have a gun when you're pulling an old lady over for a broken taillight? "Protocol" -- some will say, and maybe it is. However, there should be a better sense of discretion from law enforcement.
Something needs to change in the system and I do think cameras will help deter police violence as visual evidence, while it can be altered, if left untouched doesn't lie.

As for the 'protests' in Ferguson (as well as around the world) -- I support the peaceful protests to change the system. HOWEVER, the looting, the burning or property, the harassment of cops (who are not even from Ferguson's precinct) does not help at all. In that case it's not grieving, it's revenge. 
People are complaining about being arrested or detained for being part of mobs and riots and it's like... You're breaking the law and you're expecting not to be arrested? Do you really think it's okay to burn down a building because you're angry at the police? You're not saying "Fuck the police!" when you're giving them more reasons to arrest you. You break the law you wind up in jail, that's how it is. White people, black people, Hispanic, Asian, and Indian people have all been detained as a result of the riots (which don't believe the media when they cover them since the riots are NOT that huge... they make them look so huge and horrible). 
Now, as shitty as it is the tear gas and the rubber bullets are riot protocol (but again, the riots aren't that large so it seems a bit over the top...). 
HOWEVER, that doesn't justify the manner in which some police are using them. There's a case of a silent protest in CA. where a girl's friend was beaten by a cop's baton because she wanted to cross the street.
That right there should be a clue as to weeding out who the bad cops are. If anything I certainly hope some police districts are keeping account of these incidents and are firing the men and women doing these heinous acts to the public. Not likely, but one can hope. This seems like a pretty easy way to finding out whose a bad cop and who is actually just doing their job. 

I don't think people should be using this situation as an okay card to act crazy; to break into shops and steal things, smash windows, or scream at police officers from other areas -- Insulting them for being a cop. One man pulled the trigger, not every cop out there. I wish people would remember that. 
Many of the police down there right now aren't from Ferguson, some of them are from other areas and many are there as stand-ins or even as a blockade. Some are even there with the intention to help keep people safe. I've seen vine recordings of people screaming at black cops and telling them things like "How does it feel to be a part of the organization that's killing your people! I see the guilt in your eyes, brother, I see the guilt!" --It's like... What? 
How the hell does that work? What does that even do? 
Have you any idea on how messed up a thing that is to do to someone? That's downright unfair in the sense you are placing the blame of other people's mistakes and crimes on the shoulders of someone who wasn't actually involved. 
It's like blaming the man down the block for a robbery that happened at your house because he was home at the time. It makes no sense whatsoever and that isn't how to react. 
I get it, people are angry, but even Micheal Brown's family has asked people channel their anger into making a difference. 
"Ferguson is destroying Ferguson." -- Lesley Brown (in an interview with Charlie Rose 26-11-2014) When she said that she followed it up with the truth that the mayor, the police chief, etc are mainly to blame. The interview can be seen in full here -- Full interview  

Truthfully Brown's parents simply want(ed) justice for their son, as would any parent. They wanted a trial just like they would in any other case. What they got was secrecy and an unfair verdict that basically spat in their faces, showing that the system they trusted betrayed them. Why an underlying reason may be because of race, it's hard to think that to be the main reason because there have been cases similar if not the same which were handled by the book. 
Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr. were quoted by their attorney as saying -- 
"We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions.
While we understand that many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen. 
Join with us in our campaign to ensure that every police officer working the streets in this country wears a body camera. 
We respectfully ask that you please keep your protests peaceful. Answering violence with violence is not the appropriate reaction. 
Let’s not just make noise, let’s make a difference.” in response to the grand jury verdict. 

Many have said things like "This is people's way of grieving" and I say to that -- Was it your son who was shot and killed?
Regardless of what you what to do because you're mad about this, this started because of something that happened to Micheal Brown's family, and whether or not if was their words (word for word) people should respect their request. 
People haven't. Instead it seems like they're using this as a means to be unruly and destructive of their own hometown. How does that even help? What kind of healing does that promote? None. It would be like destroying your neighbor's house because you're angry, meanwhile your home is untouched because you wouldn't dare destroy your own stuff. 
It's not helping at all, and it's not healing. It's giving the police more reasons to be violent and giving them more fuel to show forceful action. 
In those situations where they're using force when it's not necessary record it. Get that stuff on video! Gather evidence so that should this protest actually make a difference (and by the lord I hope it does) there will be indisputable evidence to convict these corrupt officials. 
There was/is no need to destroy something to make a point, this isn't a case of destroying a statue of a corrupt individual, it's people destroying people's businesses and homes just because their angry, or because they're fired up on adrenaline. Gain evidence of incidents of police brutality but for the love all that's holy, do NOT give them a reason to arrest you and then get mad when you're arrested for looting a shop.  

As I said, it's likely a bunch of people are going to get on my ass about this because I "don't know what I'm talking about" or "I'm being racist" or whatever. I've already heard it on Tumblr after saying the same thing. Never mind I'm actually speaking for and seeking justice, but because I'm defending some of the few good cops I'm siding with the bad ones. No, I am not and please do not lump me in with those foul people. I'm defending the innocent lives which are being bashed and harassed for their choice in occupation. I've been yelled at for it and told "it's a form of grief" -- Not it's not. It's projecting anger in the wrong way. It's trying to heal your anger and griefs by putting guilt and pain on someone else. That will never make a difference other than causing more pain for the wrong reasons. 
I don't want to hear anything about race as a reason why someone can't understand oppression, me and my family are no strangers to the corruption of the local justice system. 
There was talk of protesters seeking to interrupt the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, and it's like...The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is oppressing anyone or making people feel left out. It’s something hundreds of kids and parents look forward to very year because it’s just fun and they can see something amazing… And yet, ‘we have to stop it to prove a point’. No, you don’t. It’s not in the place where everything is happening. Never mind the months it takes to prepare for it, the countless hours spent making sure it's as spectacular as ever or even better. Screw the people who spent so long and this parade... They aren't important. What is important that nothing in this world be happy of fun right now it seems. 

I understand there are reasons to protest things that are a negative and deadly action against human rights and people’s lives… However, if you’re just going to hate, protest, or try to destroy something because you can…what good does that do? 
Support a cause that promotes a positive action be done; something influential that betters our human state. Destroying harmless traditions (and I mean harmless as in ones that don’t actually oppress anyone anymore) for the sake of looking like you’re making up for an act of oppression that was done a 100 or so of years ago doesn't do anything but cause problems now and in some cases it just opens old wounds or keeps wounds open. 
A lot of the time I think it’s guilt that drives people to do this… “I’m white so I have to feel guilty for what white people did back during slavery” 
Yes, fine, feel bad about it because it was horrible thing that never should have happened, but at what point does it become an enabler to keep being angry or feeling guilty. That version of slavery is over, but it never stopped because people cannot let go of it. Never mind people fought and died so freedom could be obtained for so many. Never mind their sacrifices; we just need to keep having this ideal that it should never be let go of. 
Never forget it but you have to forgive it. No one owns slaves anymore in the US but there’s a mentality that it never ended. That may be true but it’s not just one race anymore — The sad fact is that America pretty much treats everyone like trash unless you have money. If you’re poor (like I am and many others) you are treated like a peon; worthless trash. The oppression is from our government; the system that runs our lives is the very one that is seeking to pretty much destroy them.

The situation in Ferguson is just one example of this going on. 

Health insurance is now mandatory in America and many people don't have it because they cannot afford it. With my preexisting conditions, and because I'm employed I would spend over $600 a month just for health insurance. It wouldn't matter if I used it or not, I would still pay for it monthly. Without it, I can't see a doctor and if I do it's out of my own pocket (visits can cost up to $200 depending on the nature and reason of your visit). Healthcare is a mess and it's actually killing people in the sense they cannot afford the insurance that covers their medications, and they cannot get their medications without this insurance. Oh sure, for some it's easy but for many others, it's not. The most messed up part about this is the government going to fine people ($50-$100 I can't remember exactly) every month they do not have insurance. They're forcing everyone to do this despite millions of people being unable to afford it. 

Ferguson is just one part of the corruption that is building in this country, but it's a part that seem to have struck a chord with many, which is good. There needed to be a realization that something is wrong and that something needs to be done about this. Protesting is fine; it's key to making changes happen. Riots, pillaging, and looting isn't. This isn't an excuse to act a fool, it's a chance to show just how far the power of words and perseverance can go. 
Burning the flag doesn't prove anything either, if anything it is a HUGE spit in the face to all the men and women who died defending that flag, and to the veterans who are watching this happen. To you that may just be a stupid piece of cloth as a symbol of a corrupt country, but to them it was a symbol of hope; a reason to keep fighting... And you're burning it. You're taking a national symbol and destroying it. Why? Does it do anything but show just how unreasonable people can be when their angry? Than you would blame the whole country and it's people for the actions of a few? 
That is something I can't understand no matter how much I try to wrap my head around it. Being angry over an unjust system is fine, but put the blame where it belongs, not where you want to. 
You want to deny oppression of one group of persons by pinning it on another and putting it under a veil of "we're angry!" -- Then be angry, but don't be angry at everyone. One man pulled the trigger, not a firing squad. Not every cop in America. And certainly not every white person in America. Many of those same people who you are blaming are standing beside you in protest. 
Put the blame on those who deserve it. Be angry for the right reasons; the system is corrupt and needs to be altered. Wilson needs to be brought to justice; all cops who have taken part in brutality need to be held accountable for their actions. The cops who have killed innocents by mistake, by mis-communication, or by racial profiling need to be brought to justice. 

However, this destruction doesn't do anything. It just gives more power to the corrupt system. It just gives them more reason to view is as unruly peasants who can't handle anything without being destructive. 
I know some will come to this and say "Stop trying to silence people's grief" -- I'm not. I'm trying to explain that while their grief is justified their actions and behaviour isn't. To those who have been peaceful and have suffered still... as I said, I hope people have it on film (so to speak) so when this is over (and something good happens; I hope) this evidence could be crucial to weeding out the corrupt individuals. Believe me when I say that I hope that the outcome of this situation is positive, I really do. 
This country needs to move forward and to do that we need to show that the government and it's establishments serve the people, not the other way around. They are there to guide us, not control us by force or pain. 
Almost every person that lives here now either had ancestors who fought to be free, came here from other countries to get away from oppression and be free, or whose ancestors were the cause of much suffering upon others. 
There's no reason the children of today should be held responsible for the actions their ancestors did over a hundred years ago, there just... no reason. They cannot change what happened, they can just do what they can to be a good person today. 
Fight for your rights but you don't have to destroy something to build a point. Be persistent and show the system that while they can try, the won't silence the voices of reason. 

That said, if you disagree fine. You're welcome to. However, refrain from trying to 'school' me in how people should feel and please don't try to make me look like some kind of white privileged asshole. I live in the north and white supremacy isn't really known here, in fact we go out of our way to kick out those kinds of people or arrest them the moment they screw up or go too far in most cases. That crap isn't tolerated here. As such, none of this opinion sprouts from some kind of white privilege thing. I could care less about being white, I'm still treated like shit by my own country. I'm still poor and if anything I'm viewed as nothing but a lazy piece of shit by any government official I talk to. I'm a number to them so... being white doesn't much matter in my part of the US, you're still treated like garbage. This stems from watching this situation unfold from pretty much the beginning and seeing the progression of it. I'm not ignorant to the situation, I've kept a close eye on it because I wanted to see how things would pan out. I myself and shocked as to how they did. I've studied forensic science as well as a few other things and to me the evidence just doesn't add up to the outcome that came forth. It just...doesn't. 

Anyway, I'm done rambling. Thanks for reading. 
If you are looking to help and for more information go to this journal -- HELP/SUPPORT NEEDED /1 added! for links to information as well as a petition to sign to make it a law for police to wear cameras on their person while on duty. Please, sign it... This actually will make a difference, it already has in areas where it's been implemented.
Thanks again for reading. 


PS: If you are going to debate, do it civilly. No racism here and to NOT use this as an excuse to be a jerk to people. Talk, converse, discuss, but do it in a manner that's respectful of others. Thank you. 

PSx2: Have a look at this as to why it's hard to accept the decision made by the grand jury -- 

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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2014, 9:59 AM

Sharing is really important, even if you have only 10 followers it spreads the knowledge to other people, helping the cause!!

So most of you probably know what's going on right now, and since I have a considerate amount of followers I decided to make this post to share these petitions that are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to sign. If you don't know what's going on, you can take a look at these:

Masterpost 1
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There are petitions that are very important to sign, so if you are able to do so please sign!!

This is very important, the goal of 100,000 signs hasn't been reached yet!



If you guys have more relevant petitions that need signing you can comment them here and I'll add them to the list! You can share more tips on how to help as well and I'll paste them on the journal!

Sharing this journal would be a GREAT help!!

journal from vilho


Sharing is really important, even if you have only 10 followers it spreads the knowledge to other people, helping the cause!!

So most of you probably know what's going on right now, and since I have a considerate amount of followers I decided to make this post to share these petitions that are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to sign. If you don't know what's going on, you can take a look at these:

Masterpost 1
Masterpost 2

There are petitions that are very important to sign, so if you are able to do so please sign!!

This is very important, the goal of 100,000 signs hasn't been reached yet!


If you guys have more relevant petitions that need signing you can comment them here and I'll add them to the list! You can share more tips on how to help as well and I'll paste them on the journal!

Sharing this journal would be a GREAT help!!
       Here's the last tip I mentioned in "Be Clueless, Write Awesome:"

If the reader doesn't care about the characters, he won't care what happens to them.  End of story.

It doesn't matter how many brilliant twists unfold in your masterpiece- all just more stuff nobody will read.  Unless your characters make an impression- fast.  Which begs the question.


A few incredibly simple tools have worked wonders for me.

But first, one important distinction.  

I've seen this advice over and over- that readers must 'like' the protagonist, that having a relatable lead character is mandatory.


Readers do not have to like your character.  They don't even have to relate to your character.

They only have to do one thing:  Care.  Be interested.  Burn to see what happens next.

You could write about a kindly old man walking his puppy to the grocer, and he could be the most likeable, relatable codger imaginable- but if he's boring pages will stop turning.  Would you be more inclined to read the biography of Grandpa Grocer, or Genghis Khan?  

  Interesting beats likeable- especially on page one.  

So if making a figure likeable isn't the key to snagging reader interest- what is?

I thought about this question before starting Dreamkeepers, and it took me underneath the stairs, to a pathetic crawlspace in the Dursley household.  One thing was drilled home in the opening of the Sorcerer's Stone, and it wasn't the finer points of Harry's personality, or the meticulous backstory that gradually emerged as the books continued.  We knew next to nothing about him, except one thing:

He was receiving bad treatment.  And he didn't deserve it.  

That one idea is what Rowling hammered home- and it worked.

Let's call it The Gap.

When you see something bad happening to a person- if they don't deserve it- you feel for them.

That hard-wired sympathetic reaction is the hook that causes a reader to care.  Introduce a character being unfairly hurt, and people have an instant desire to see them recover, and see their tormentor punished.  Because a gap has been introduced- a gap between how things are, and how they should be.  That gap sucks in reader emotion, and simmers with tension that needs to be resolved.  Pages start to turn- long enough for plot devices and deeper characterization to start building.

So that's it.  Throw The Gap at the reader early on, and it'll make them care.

It seems simple to the point of insipidity.  Just throwing some heavy-handed injustice out?  How could such an incredibly shallow tactic do anything but insult our intelligence?

It's usually the simple tools that work.  And while any tool can kill a story when wielded poorly, reflect on a few examples.  The Gap shows up everywhere- and it can get away with being surprisingly blatant:

*Harry Potter with the Dursleys.

*The murder of orphan Luke Skywalker's loving aunt and uncle.

*Ellen Ripley in Aliens showing affection to her cat, only to be hideously tormented by nightmarish fears.

*Paige being dunked by Randy.

*Mr. Incredible valiantly battling evil only to be sentenced to Cubicle Hell.

*Street Rat Aladdin chased by bloodthirsty guards merely because he needs to eat.

Odds are you didn't even notice these hooks being placed when you were viewing those stories- but these were key points where you started to care, these gaps between what the characters deserved, and what they got.

One cautionary note on The Gap:  You usually want the audience to pity the character more than the character pities herself.  If the character wallows in their unfair treatment we'll feel this self-centered fountain of misery kind of deserves their misfortune.  Nobody likes a whiner.  

Speaking of likeable- there’s a great tool to help with that.  Often deployed in or around the Gap, it’s called the Care Package.

A Care Package is when we see a character showing compassion and genuine concern for someone else.  

Just culling from the Gap examples above- there’s Luke Skywalker resolving to rescue Princess Leia, Ellen Ripley showing affection to her cat, Mace helping Paige out of the water, Mr. Incredible’s concern for the man being mugged outside the insurance offices, and Aladdin giving his hard-won bread to a pair of hungry kids.

The Care Package is another simple yet versatile tool.  You can drop a Care Package to round out a villain and show their human side- or give them an inverted Care Package, to showcase their cruelty.  

There are plenty of ways to snag reader interest in a character- but the Gap and the Care Package are two incredibly usable techniques to get the job done.  Simple?  Shallow?  Sure.  Is a fishhook a complicated mechanical device?  A satisfying story will, of course, have more to it than a hook.  Once you’ve made a down-payment on entertaining the reader, you win the wiggle room to develop deeper substance.

I didn’t have names for them, but I used the Gap and Care Packages when I started writing Dreamkeepers.  And there was one other thought in mind when developing the cast of Dreamkeepers;


Sharply differentiated personalities.  We wanted them so distinctive that we could take one line entirely out of context, and it would be clear who spoke it.

Different personalities seems like a no-brainer, but it’s ignored all the time.  Think of the last TV show or movie where every character was some minor variation of self-serious angst.  Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like the cast is comprised of different people- like it’s all just one writer, and a few faces get shuffled around to share the lines as they come out.  

When personalities are homogenous it’s like listening to a piano with one note.    

Much richer when there’s contrast between the personalities.  

If everyone is dark and brooding, blah.  But put a grim pouter next to a sunny chatterbox?  Suddenly there’s a dynamic at play, an interchange.  Differences make fertile grounds for conflict, negotiation, betrayal, interesting details of every stripe.    

Often the chemistry, the dynamic between personalities, is vastly more interesting than the characters taken in isolation.  Just something to keep in mind when building your cast.

Hopefully this, along with The Gap and Care Packages, can help hook readers into your story.

But if these tools ignite interest- what maintains it?

What about stories that capture our interest and then seem to go wobbly, deflate, or worse- just stop making sense?  

That’s where the similarities between a good story and a fun game come into focus, and shed some unexpected insight.