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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 9:50 AM

According to the results preliminary voting, the majority voted "YES" for the raffle.
So here it is.

I can offer you one chibi drawing of a charecter you choose.

It can be in Hetalia style.

Happy Birthday Quenixy! by NonexistentWorld(commission) Provence by NonexistentWorldAachen by NonexistentWorld(commission) Svalbard by NonexistentWorld

Or in my style.

(For example I used a quick doodle, so finished picture will be more qality.)

Dmitri by NonexistentWorld

How to join:

Bullet; Yellow Become member and watche of :iconchib-ish-club:
Bullet; Yellow Fav this journal.
Bullet; Yellow Create journal entry or poll about this raffle.
Bullet; Yellow Leave a comment below this journal with the link of your journal /poll.

Winner will be choosen by RANDOM.ORG


Raffle will end at
18 AUGUST 2015

Wave   Have fun! Wave

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THANKS YOU kamechan98 and Redworld96

Some Notable Quotes This Kid Has Said:


"You guys just like fucking Smash Bros. even though that game's a fucking rip-off of fucking Halo to look cool like, WHO THE FUCK IS SAMUS I DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT HIM!!!" (lol he misgendered Samus)

"You guys think that Mario is the best game ever made, well you should shut the fuck up, CAUSE YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW WHAT'S FUCKING GOOD FOR YOU!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT FIVE NIGH- MARIO, AND SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT SMASH BROTHERS!!!"

"Zelda: Skyward Sword, that game's the worst fucking game, I've ever played in my fucking life!!! WHY is that game so bad you ask? WELL I'LL FUCKING TELL YOU WHY YOU FUCKING N*GGERS!!!!!! IT'S BECAUSE OF ZELDA... *falls in lava* FUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE ZELDA, IN THAT GAME, YOU- IT'S A FUCKING RIP-OFF OF MINECRAFT!!!"


> thinks FNAF is the best game ever when there are tons of better games out there (like Nintendo for example who are way more successful than Scott Cawthon)
> thinks Zelda and Metroid are rip-offs when they came out WAY before Minecraft and Halo
> doesn't accept other's opinions on FNAF
> says other people don't know good games when it's he himself that doesn't know a good game
> is racist and abuses the word n*gger
> is probably homophobic too
> is your average Minecraft/COD/Halo freak

this kid is fuckin gr8 :thumbsup: :rofl: :lol: :iconlaughsplz: Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] England (Laughing) [V3] Pikachu Piff Plz 
I literally just realized I have over 100 watchers now! Oh my shit! Oh my shit! Oh my shit! Oh my shit! I literally didn't think I would ever see the day, especially in only 4 months of being a member. I just want to say thank you all for taking 5 seconds out of your lives to click on that Watch button. It really means a lot to me that there are people out there who really like my art, even if they're mainly just black and white sketches. So in return for watching me and getting me from 0 to 100 (nigga real quick), I want to take the time to feature everyone who decided to add me to their "Assholes to Keep Up With List". Some of you are true friends, some of you just watched me for the hell of it, some of you watched me hoping to get $5 in return, and some of you... Wait, some of YOU muthafuckas still owe ME!!! Where's my $5?!

Ahem... Sorry about that. Now there are some watchers on this list who are no longer with us. They deactivated their accounts of course. I'm not saying that they died or anything. At least, I don't think they're dead. Anyway, I hope they are feeling well, living their lives to the fullest, and I will miss having them around to bug the hell out of.

Now it's time for me to give a special thanks to the following muthafuckas, sons-of-bitches, assholes, ass-kissers, etc. :D

:iconautumncatytheartist: (Deactivated)
:iconlacyroseparis: (Deactivated)
:icontwilightsparklefreak: (Deactivated)

God damn! Featuring over 100 people to show your appreciation towards them really does a number on your fingers. I am definitely not featuring that many muthafuckas again. Now, which one of you muthafuckas owe me money again?
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Requests Open!

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 6:12 PM

I did a poll here…
Wondering if people would prefer requests or art trades. And it was pretty dead even throughout. XD I just decided to open my requests 
since it seemed like people did what to do art trades with me, but felt like they weren't up to a certain level of skill.
I'm not too sure how many i'll draw, but i'll try my best!
(this isn't limited to fnaf or transformers, i'll take what ever :3, but remember what I draw will be in my style.)

Most if not all of the request I'll be doing will be in a rough sketch. So if you ask me to line/color your character. I'm not going to do it. :P
(sorry for all the rules! I have to be really specific sometimes =^=; )

IMPORTANT RULES (please read)

=You must be a watcher
=Only one character per a person
=Only one request per a person
 (meaning if you request it for someone else, it uses up your request)
=You must give me a reference,
I will not work without one. Even if its a cannon character, you must give me a reference.
=It is NOT first come first serve.
I will do a request if I feel like it. Please do not pressure me or ask where your request is. 
=I will draw shirtless men.
(but you have to ask for that in the request, and they can't be another persons OC, it must be your oc or a cannon character)

OTHER RULES (optional read)

=You can ask for special things like adding a speech bubble or looking erotic or flirty. But that doesn't mean I will add it, it depends on my mood and how difficult it is (that doesn't mean I won't do it, I might just do a default request). So if you didn't get what you described, please do not complain to me.
(Remember it is a REQUEST, meaning FREE).
=Requests may be headshots, bust, or waist up or maybe even full body. Its going to be random, and it depends on the design of your character. If you ask me to do a full body request, I will most likely ignore your request.
(Sorry, I do this at my own leisure, so asking me to do a full body is like pressuring me).
=You don't have to ask me for a request! Just send me a link with a reference of your character.
(I feel like when people ask "Can I have a request?" and I reply "Yea sure! Just send me a link" Its makes it sound like they are guaranteed a request, nobody is guaranteed a request! It depends on the design of the character!)
Sorry for the long rules. But I think you guys get the gist of how my requests work.  Most of the rules involve things like people asking for specific stuff like special poses, or two characters, and other things that take up more time to draw.

:star: Say Hello to my new watchers :star:


Graphics and CSS by Metterschlingel | Want your own?…
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Thanks for you patience everyone! Here are this years winners for the Nuzlocke Challenge Awards. Places were given out the same as last year: two finalists and three honorable mentions. The panel worked like this: each member of the panel chose their five top picks, and gave them a score of 1-5, 5 being the highest. Then the points were added up and the top scoring runs are here, down below in this journal. There were a ton of great runs nominated this year, you can check them out here. As promised, this year's panel members were:

:iconnikkydash: :iconkrisantyne: :iconconfusedkangaroo: :iconoddpenguin: :iconsnowsparx:

The final judge dropped out due to personal reasons, and did not cast any votes. CyMoahk also lent a hand to break a few ties we had.

Without further ado, here are this years winners!

:pokeball: Best Protagonist: The best main character- trainer, team member, or ally that's important to the Nuzlocke. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: Sam from Sam's FIRERED Nuzlocke by :icongodsammit:
:icon2ndplz: Clare from by Clare's story by :iconjexima:

Honorable Mentions: Cassandra from Bringing Down The Sky by RocCenere ; Nikky from Nikky's Ruby Nuzlocke by NikkyDash ; Yu from The Legend of the Emerald by Seiryu6
-This category had a lot of nominations that were close in points, especially in the honorable mentions section.

:pokeball: Best Antagonist: The character that's always messing with the protagonist and trying to make them fail. Or it's the character that the protagonist is always trying to make fail. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: The Winstrates from Red Velvet by :icontotoree12:
:icon2ndplz: Wallace from Emerald Nuzlocke: The Burning Sky by :iconneowth:
Honorable Mentions: Fennel from Odd Ones by OddPenguin ; Team Magma from Alex's Ruby Nuzlocke by Alex-namn ; Magpie from Hazard Nuzlocke by Fascher
The Winstrates ran away with this category, with the rest of the runs being fairly close in points.

:pokeball: Best Neutral: A reoccurring character who doesn't quite fit the protagonist or antagonist category, but is important nonetheless. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: Harry from Folded by :iconemilianite:
:icon2ndplz: Eusine from Shiruba's SoulSilver Nuzlocke by :iconshiruba-wakahisa:
Honorable Mentions: The Limbo King from No Questions Asked by ccucco ; Blue from Sam's FIRERED Nuzlocke by GodSAMmit ; Steven Stone from Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke by ShadeofShinon
Harry and Eusine were originally tied for first, with none of the other runs coming close points wise! The honorable mentions were all around the same though.

:pokeball: Best Canon Relationship: An official (creator confirmed) relationship in the Nuzlocke- romantic, platonic, antagonistic, or other. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: Alex and Mark from Alex's Ruby Nuzlocke by :iconalex-namn:
:icon2ndplz: Fenrir and Solveig from Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke by :iconshadeofshinon:
Honorable Mentions: Sara and Lachlan from First Summer by Krisantyne ; Nikky and Arceus from Nikky's Ruby Nuzlocke by NikkyDash ; Ramune and Damien from Maya'sNuzlockeFireRed by Cancer-Cub ; Rue and Marigold from Judgement by Kittengoo
Alright, so we have 4 honorable mentions for this category because there were two sets of ties. Hehe.

:pokeball: Saddest Death: The death that just pulled at your heartstrings- a teammate, family member, friend, or even villain. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: Roora, Weraldo and Raze from Chiaki's Nuzlocke by :iconchiakiro:
:icon2ndplz: Riki from Emerald Nuzlocke: The Burning Sky by :iconneowth:
Honorable Mentions: Solveig and Jormundgar from Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke by ShadeofShinon ; Bruce from Tala's Nuzlock Adventure by TalaSeba ; Liam from The Fall by Aerorwen
Uh, spoilers. Hope this wasn't too heartbreaking! All of these nominees were within 1-2 points of each other placing wise.

:pokeball: Best Battle: The most intense, all cards on the table, epic battle!

:icon1stplz: Lavender Town/Pokemon Tower Battle from Jutopa's Blue Challenge by :iconjutopa:
:icon2ndplz: Battle VS Flannery from Chiaki's Nuzlocke by :iconchiakiro:
Honorable Mentions: Battle VS Tate and Liza from Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke by ShadeofShinon ; Battle VS the Flying Gym from Doubt and Trust by Nyapapa ; Battle VS Lt. Surge from Raylocke by Raycchan
Another close one between first and second, but the honorable mentions were spread out more.

:pokeball: Best Art Style: Is there a comic that's visuals just blow you away? :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: Myths of Unova by :iconky-nim:
:icon2ndplz: Nessa's Emerald Nuzlocke by :iconshadeofshinon:
Honorable Mentions: Judgement by Kittengoo ; Doubt and Trust by Nyapapa ; Inscriptions by Llaren ; First Summer by Krisantyne
There was another tie in points in the honorable mentions spot, but other than that another close category.

:pokeball: Best Writing Style: Is there a story that's flow is so good you can see what's going on? :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: Fashion and Fyre by :iconcronus-power:
:icon2ndplz: All This Time by :iconpillocase:
Honorable Mentions: Nuzlocke X by astigs13 ; The Colors of the Rainbow by nekomania11 ; Siam only Knows by Cronus-power ; Kisha's White nuzlocke by SofiaKishatu13
Because it was such a small category of nominations, everyone gets an award! :D

:pokeball: Best Drama/Most Intense: The Nuzlocke that's got you biting your nails waiting for the next update, or the one that sucker punches you right in the feels. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: The Ballad of Orville Durand by :icondr-reggie:
:icon2ndplz: Jutopa's Blue Challenge by :iconjutopa:
Honorable Mentions: Chiaki's Nuzlocke by Chiakiro ; Clare's story by Jexima ; Judgement by Kittengoo
Not really a trend in points here. No really close ones at all!

:pokeball: Best Comedy/Funniest: Nuzlockes aren't always sad- these comics always make sure to keep you laughing. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: ZUBATMAN's Exploration by :iconvelink:
:icon2ndplz: PROJECT LIFE by :iconbilliam-x:
Honorable Mentions: Alex's Ruby Nuzlocke by Alex-namn ; Sam's FIRERED Nuzlocke by GodSAMmit ; The Legend of the Emerald by Seiryu6
Lots of individual nominations got points here, but I guess you just can't beat Batman. Er, Zubatman. :batman:

:pokeball: Best Adventure/Most Fun: The journey can be the best part of the Nuzlocke- this one's for the Nuzlockes where you love following the team as they adventure on. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: WRINGLOCKE by :iconumberon9:
:icon2ndplz: Folded by :iconemilianite:
Honorable Mentions: Routes of Kanto by DoktorGilda ; Dear Mom by HaruBells ; Fiasco by Nekiwii
Another close one here! All of these runs are super cute. :meow:

:pokeball: Most Improved Run: This is open to both comics and literature Nuzlockes: maybe the art style, writing style, or plot has gotten better in the last year or so. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: Jutopa's Blue Challenge by :iconjutopa:
:icon2ndplz: Breaking the Threshold by :iconhopelessace:
Honorable Mentions: Fiasco by Nekiwii ; That Comic About that One Kid by dejasquietplace ; Emerald Skies Nuzlocke by UmbreonGal
I'd like to congratulate Jutopa for getting a :star:perfect score:star: from all the judges! Because he had such a high score, the rest of the nominees were pretty close points wise.


:pokeball: Top Producer: All the Nuzlockes- someone who's gone through the struggles of the Challenge many times, and has shared them with all of us! :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: :iconlizdraws:
:icon2ndplz: :iconnikkydash:
Honorable Mentions: Sixala ; Froodals ; Degree-Yo
Liz was one point away from a perfect score, but still ran away with the category.

:pokeball: Top Commenter: You can always count on this deviant to say something nice or helpful about new Nuzlockes. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: :iconroccenere:
:icon2ndplz: :iconjenniej92:
Honorable Mentions: astigs13 ; Seiryu6 ; confusedkangaroo
The description for the category perfectly describes these deviants. Thanks guys!

:pokeball: Most Reliable: The most consistent updater of their Nuzlocke- be it a monthly or weekly schedule, or whatever. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: :iconroccenere:
:icon2ndplz: :iconnikkydash:
Honorable Mentions: SilverStrangequark ; Emilianite ; OddPenguin
You guys are insane- I wish I had your time management skills!


:pokeball: Super Pokéfan: This deviant doesn't just Nuzlocke, they have a ton of other Pokémon related stuff too! :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: :iconkrisantyne:
:icon2ndplz: :iconky-nim:
Honorable Mentions: ShadeofShinon ; Froodals ; Marche-Towers
So many Pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all, especially for these guys!

:pokeball: Legacy Award: This one's more open ended than the other awards, and is not restricted by the updated within the last year rule. This award is for a Nuzlocker who's made an impact on many other Nuzlockes; maybe through a popular trope they created, or it's one of those Nuzlockes everyone has read. Maybe the Nuzlocker created a popular ruleset that inspired other Nuzlockers to play with the same rules. :pokeball:

:icon1stplz: :iconky-nim:
:icon2ndplz: :iconland-walker:
This category confused a lot of nominators it seems, so we're only giving out two places to this one. It's less of an competition and more of a "lifetime achievement award" thing you'd see on TV shows. ky-nim had a nearly perfect score, with land-walker in a close second. Both of these Nuzlockers have incredibly popular and well known runs in the Nuzlocking community. Ky-nim goes beyond that though, and has received recognition from many other sites (including youtube). The popularity of both Tales of Sinnoh and Myths of Unova has drawn many Nuzlockers into the community. So for that, we congratulate you both!

We're always looking for ideas for new categories. This year we added Saddest Death, Best Battle, Most Improved Run and Legacy Award. I was thinking of a best Q&A session category. If you have any suggestions, comment here!

(I'm like 99% sure I got all the spelling errors, but if you see any mistakes let me know. .w.)

See you next year, and until then happy Nuzlocking! :33
I´ll be taking commissions montly. Types can vary from month to month. Also, if i finish the current batch before the month ends, i might offer a few more slots.
If you can share a link to my journal for people that could be insterested , that will help a lot! Heart


:: TYPE 1 ::

Extra: Tenshi Twin by Aritsune-chan  Tengu OC by Aritsune-chan  COMM: Howllaby by Aritsune-chan

► One character only; Half body, painting on white or simple background
► Price: 30 $ (USD)
► Slots:
1. :iconantthatotakuchick: paid sign by Dearest-Dean  Status Bar 0 by UndeadZombiie
:iconantthatotakuchick: paid sign by Dearest-Dean  Status Bar 0 by UndeadZombiie

:: TYPE 2 ::
 BW(monochrome) sketch
(sorry, i do not have any recent BW sketches to show; the finished piece will look something like the picture below but more sketchy)
Tengu Bw by Aritsune-chan
► One character only; on white background
► Price:  Waist up: 15 $ (USD)
  Full body: 20 $ (USD)
► Slots:
1. :iconsilverangel907: fullbody female  paid sign by Dearest-Dean  Status Bar 0 by UndeadZombiie
2. :iconsilverangel907: fullbody male    Not paid sign by Dearest-Dean


:: TYPE 1 ::

Shota Adopt 02 Vk by Aritsune-chan Shota Adopt 01 Vk by Aritsune-chan
► Shota on a base: both male and female characters
► Price: 35 $ (USD)
► Slots:

:: TYPE 2 ::
Custom Exorcist: ifeelfreelikeabird by Aritsune-chan  Custom Uta Asorra-tatsumi2 Sm by Aritsune-chan

► Full body on a base: only male characters.
► Price: 90 $ (USD)
extra 20 $ (USD)
► Slots:

RULES and HOW TO ORDER commission/custom adopt:

► Paypal only, currency is in US$. 
► One slot = one commission. One person allowed to claim max 2 slots.
► Commissions done should be for personal use only.
► Send me a note with filled commission/custom adopt form > I accept and give you my paypal email > you pay(please include paypal fees!> I'll complete.
(please, note i give preference to male characters)

Type: (Example1: type 1; Example2: type 2, Waist up//// etc...)
References: (at least 2-3)
I won't design ur character from description! if you don't have a proper ref, i won't accept your commission.
Description: (1/2/etc personality traits/attitude)
Payment: (write down your paypal name)
When paying, do put in a note saying which dA user you are in the transaction.

Title: Custom adoptable
Type(Example1: type 1, shota; Example2: type 2, full body)
Desired race/species: human, kemonimimi, demon, etc.
Skin tone: fair, tan, etc.
Color scheme: which colors you'd like me to use/ which to avoid. 
-> hairstyle
-> clothing type(like 'fantasy style', 'japanese themed', 'modern clothes'///etc)
It would be better if you give me a link to references, asking for 'this kind of shoes/jacket/shirt/etc.'
Extra features: horns, wings, tattoo, etc.
Expression: smiling, glaring// etc.
If you ordered weapon(optional): put here picture references of it; color scheme.
Payment: (write down your paypal name)
When paying, do put in a note saying which dA user you are in the transaction.

► I´ll submit the commissions to my gallery, If you don´t want it to be post it let me know, then I´ll send you it in a note.
► If unsure of anything, feel free to ask or discuss. 

Its been so long since i last open commission, so they are more expensive than my previous commission rates/// sobs sorry ;_;


The nation with the most votes now is the little lady, Ms Liechtenstein! And with the shit that's been thrown lately, I do think she needs this.

Hell, I think the Hetalia girls in general need it.

Along with the flanderized guys like Romano, England, Prussia, America, Denmark...

*continues rambling on*

Anyway, ahem...everyone will be done eventually! So, let's go! :iconyayliechtensteinplz:

"Italics" - other language; emphasis; quotes
"Bold" - the subject
"Underline" - the answer



Liechtenstein is the adopted younger sister of Switzerland, and is largely more of a supporting character. She represents the Principality of Liechtenstein (German: Fürstentum Liechtenstein).

Currently, Liechtenstein doesn't have an official human name. However, Himaruya did give a list of potential names for her.
:bulletpink: Erika/Erica (because Liechtenstein is a doubly landlocked German-speaking microstate, "Erika" would be the more logical spelling - "Erica" can be used, but it's a less common spelling)
:bulletpink: Sisia
:bulletpink: Elise
:bulletpink: Eva

Himaruya also listed the surname Vogel as Liechtenstein's possible surname.

Liechtenstein does not have a canon human age, but she does have a youthful appearance.

Gender is female.

Her birthday falls on July 12th, which is the date that Liechtenstein was given full sovereignty after its accession to the Confederation of the Rhine in 1806.

Liechtenstein's appearance, consists of a girl with big, green eyes and blonde hair that is cut to a chin-length bob cut that is very similar to that of Switzerland. She also wears a blue ribbon at the right side of her head. Usually, she wears a long-sleeved dress that is either a deep red, maroon or pink colour with white stockings and Mary-Jane shoes. The dress also has lighter, vertical stripes that go down as a pattern.


Before she was taken in by Switzerland, though, her hair used to be longer and in plaits. She also wore a dress and an apron, but they got damaged as she fell into poverty from the aftermath of WWI.


Liechtenstein does not have a canon height. However, she is quite short. Though Monaco is confirmed to be even shorter than her in a post by Himaruya with the following paragraph:



English Translation:
> What is the height of Monaco?
There's not much of a difference between her and big brother France, but I thought she was 140 cm.

She's only a little shorter than Liechtenstein.
In Volume 3, she [Monaco] was drawn a little too largely...


[Personality and Behavioural Study]

Liechtenstein is humble, mature and level-headed individual who is also high-tech. Though her speech pattern is formal, she will clearly state her views. However, because of her more formal and possibly old-fashioned forms of speech, she doesn't understand more casual greetings as seen when she didn't understand the casual greeting between Seychelles and Hong Kong in Hetaween 2011.

Seychelles: Ah, It's Mr. Hong Kong. Hiya, hiya.
Hong Kong: Hiya, hiya.
Liechtenstein: Hiya? Is that a greeting?
(The above dialogue is found here.)

Originally having been born from Austrian nobles, throughout her life, Liechtenstein was passed along to many different nations until the German Confederation finally collapsed, which gave her her independence, but sadly, she went through poverty from the aftermath of World War I due to food shortages. However, she was saved when Switzerland found her, and adopted her as his sister. As a result, she relies on Switzerland and looks up to him, which is a reflection of Liechtenstein having no army in real life, and depending on Switzerland.

This may also be because of real life relations where, if Liechtenstein is unable to attend treaty negotiations, Switzerland is able to negotiate on Liechtenstein's behalf.

Also, considering what had happened in her life where she could've very well collapsed had it not been for Switzerland's adoption, despite Switzerland's mood swings and quick temper, Liechtenstein looks up to him. With the deed of adopting her, especially in the world of Hetalia where the nations can invade more uproariously, for Switzerland to have done a more peaceful approach by adopting her instead of forcefully taken her, or even just leaving her to rot, Liechtenstein was shown that despite his temper, Switzerland does have a heart.

By this extension, it could be seen that Liechtenstein is the type of person who doesn't assume first-hand of a person when it comes to their personality.

The story of Liechtenstein's origin is found in the strip Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness, as well as Season 2, Episode 19 of the anime.

The first time she and Switzerland went outside together when she recently cut her hair to match his style, Liechtenstein was mistaken as a boy due to her flat chest. She goes pales, goes blue in shock, and touches her very flat chest. This prompts Switzerland to buy her a ribbon.

However, this shows that despite being a proper-mannered and composed girl, Liechtenstein does have her insecurities. Namely, her breasts.

This sign of insecurity with her breast size is shown again in the bonus strip A History of Interesting Clothes where Liechtenstein is shown to not smile as much compared to Hungary and Ukraine, and is quite flustered at seeing Ukraine wearing her national costume, and noting how bold the women of Crete are with showing their breasts while wearing their national costume. The same strip is adapted into Season 5, Episode 19.

Still, just because Liechtenstein is shown with her insecurity with her breasts, and is a modest individual, doesn't mean that she lacks any confidence, nor does it mean that she's a shy girl. Her profile in Volume 4 states that she does have a lot of friends, and she is social. Also, she deals with Switzerland's temper (which he only displays towards everyone else but her) without so much as lifting her eyebrows - showing that she can hold herself, and has good conduct of her emotions and has great amounts of patience.

Adding from the point that she isn't a shy girl, Liechtenstein clearly states her views. In the strip Liechtenstein vs. England, she doesn't flinch at England's declaration of his team going to win, nor does she request for England to go easy on her during their soccer match. Instead, she simply responds with the following.

England: Sorry, but I'm going to win this soccer preliminary!
Liechtenstein: ...yes. I won't be defeated. Let's endure together
(The strip is here.)

She instead calmly continues on. Despite losing, she and England got along well.

Though she's more of a pacifist, she does join Switzerland when he trains. It's shown that she does have awareness of some forms of arsenal as she noted that Switzerland had old forms of it in his basement in the strip Liechtenstein and the Hedgehog country where she worries about his well-being because of the old weapons.

However, that brings up on another point - is Liechtenstein a tomboy or feminine?

The safe answer is that she is more of a proper lady due to her mannerisms and speech pattern, but at the same time, she is also very calm, and isn't afraid of getting down and dirty since she does join Switzerland when he trains despite being pacifistic.

Still, she is shown to be a bit more on the girlier as she made frilly, pink pyjamas for Switzerland as a thank you gift for the ribbon he bought her in the strip Liechtenstein's Journal of Swiss Dopiness, which also adapted into Season 1, Episode 25.

Generally, the countries, due to experiencing wars, plagues and other events should be largely aware of all that is around them. Liechtenstein herself is quite aware, considering of her origins where her abandonment was stemmed from the aftermath of WWI due to food shortage. Likewise, she shows concern and worry for Switzerland upon seeing that his planes were outdated models, and her worry is reached once again when he sells his weapons to Germany. This could be shown not only is she an individual who tends to worry a few times, but because of her experiences, she doesn't want the man who took her in and gave her a home to go under as well.

Perhaps because of this, Liechtenstein is not really an innocent nation. Sure, she is kind, proper, soft-spoken, mature and level-headed, however the definition of the word "innocent" includes the following.

The first definition wouldn't work, as when it comes to war, Liechtenstein experienced food shortages during the aftermath of WWI. She, alongside Switzerland, have remained neutral.

Definition two could work as Liechtenstein didn't participate in World War I, declaring neutrality, yet still ended up going through poverty until Switzerland came and adopted her. In World War II, Liechtenstein also remained neutral.

Definition three causes more of an inward debate due to all the synonyms provided in the description. If it comes to describing Liechtenstein as "innocent" - then using it in terms of naivete wouldn't work due to her knowing about war, and also being rather aware of events around her (i.e. Switzerland and Austria's strained relationship; being able to tell that Switzerland's planes were outdated models and being concerned about his well-being of the war). However at the same time, she was confused about Germany referring Kugelmugel as a boy, while she believed Kugelmugel to be a girl.

Though to be fair, Kugelmugel's appearance doesn't really help.

Definition four wouldn't work, either, as despite her pacifist nature, Liechtenstein does train with Switzerland. Also, she clearly states her own views - even shown to not take offense nor fear of England's declaration that he'll beat her in the strip featuring their soccer match. On the contrary, she simply says yes, but she won't be defeated, following with a "let's endure together."

Back to definition three of the word "innocent" - synonyms pertaining to the word "modest" may work more, when it comes to using the word "innocent" when describing Liechtenstein, as she is described by Himaruya as modest. The word "modest" however, can also be described in several ways:

Which, compared to "innocent" - all terms may be able to work for those who want to interpret. The second definition's synonyms of "humble" could fit well.



:bulletpurple: Austria
Liechtenstein is said to have been originally from Austrian nobles. Historically, the two are heavily connected until after WWI, but this is not shown in the strips. In canon however, the two are shown to be polite to one another.

:bulletgreen: England
They were featured together in the strip Liechtenstein vs. England where their soccer teams were against one another. However, as they sang their national anthems, it caused great confusion as the melody of both anthems sounded exactly the same. Despite that, they were quite friendly towards one another.

:bulletgreen: Germany
I was said that Liechtenstein had lived in Germany's house for some time, before the collapse of the German Confederation granted her independence. Otherwise, they haven't been depicted together in the strips yet.

:bulletorange: Hungary & :bulletblue: Ukraine
The three of them are good friends, as shown in Volume 4's A History of Interesting Clothes strip where they have a friendly chat about clothes throughout times in history. They even address each other with nicknames rather than full names. "Hun" for Hungary, "Raine" for Ukraine, and "Liechten" for Liechtenstein.

:bulletpurple: Kugelmugel
On the way to Austria's house with Switzerland, she noticed a large sphere, which was Kugelmugel's house. She immediately ran to meet him upon hearing that he was cute, and when she met him, he exceeded her expectations. However, she believes him to be a boy, and was confused when Germany addressed him as such, believing him to be mistaken. She was enthusiastic at the idea of meeting him again. After their meeting, Kugelmugel asked for his boss to make his house larger as small things were not art, but small living things were - which possibly referred to him viewing Liechtenstein as art (despite her being larger than him).

:bulletgreen: Switzerland
He was the one who found Liechtenstein, and adopted her as his younger sister, which saved her from death, and he offers her the assistance she needs. Since she has no army, he protects her, and the two do daily things together. As a result, they are very close - she is very devoted to, and looks up to him; and he cares for her a lot. However, unbeknownst to Liechtenstein, her relationship with Switzerland reminds him of his childhood friendship with Austria, which he denies ever happened at present. Despite the relationships problems between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein becomes happy when the two meet and talk. In Liechtenstein and the Hedgehog Country, she was entrusted by Switzerland to watch the house while he guarded from outside. During this, she wondered how he was able to survive being independent since he had stronger countries around him (i.e. Germany, France, Italy, Prussia and Austria) for many years. Rationalizing that it was because he was skillful enough to create strong weapons, she desired to be of assistance and sought them out - instead finding very outdated models of planes, which caused her to worry for his well-being. However, when she confronted him about it, he reassured her that due to the topography and large variety of weapons he had were superior in technology to his planes. Though reassured, she gets worried again when she sees him quickly sell the weapons to Germany.


[Addressing Complaints]

Emotions may run high ahead. It could turn rant-like and highly sarcastic with foul language - you have been warned.

:bulletpink: Mary-Sue!
How then, is Liechtenstein a Mary-Sue? A Mary-Sue is a character with no flaws, and has everyone love her, as well as those who oppose her constantly being demonized or being in the wrong. Liechtenstein does have flaws - she's insecure about her chest size; is very formal, so she may have problems understanding more casual greetings and affairs. She's also blatantly wrong about Kugelmugel's gender (though at the same time, she isn't called out from it - it'll probably just continue as a misunderstanding). Also, when people meet her, they don't fall in love with her, nor do they drool over her presence. She's just a nice girl who gets along well with people - that one social butterfly who has friends because she's nice. Not because she's a party girl or a club goer - but because she's a kind person.

:bulletpink: Why is her voice too damn cute?!
That's a complaint? Seriously? It's mainly because of her young appearance. It insinuates also that she could be young, but at the same time, this argument falls to naught as there are women who are old or well in adulthood who do have high-pitched or even feminine and cutesy voices. It's really not uncommon, considering several of my friends do sound like high school girls despite the fact we're all adults.

:bulletpink: You ship <insert pairing>?! That's pedophilia!!!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. First of all, Liechtenstein does not have a canon age. Even if she looks young, that doesn't mean she is young. As a person who has not physically aged since sixteen, and is continuously mistaken for a high school kid despite their older age, I actually take high offense at this statement.


Because when someday I have a man in my life, how do you think he'd feel when others accuse him of being a pedophile, when I'm fully legal? Just because I look young? How do you think either of us would feel if one of us gets knocked down from the judgmental ravings of dumbasses who are too brash and stupid to comprehend that maybe one of the parties just looks young? Do I have to flash my driver's license every time some fucking idiot is too dumb to actually think, "Hey, maybe that person over there just looks young!" so they can shut the fuck up and go screw themselves? It's not my fault I look younger than my age, and it certainly wouldn't be my man's fault if I continue to look young (and no, I don't have a rare disorder - I'm an Asian: we take ages when it comes to looking old). 

Pedophilia is a sick thing where the person, the pedophile, only likes children. Even if someone looks young, they are not young, so they wouldn't be attracted to the fact that the person is of an age outside of the brackets of a child's age. Very sick, but that's the truth, and that's the reality of the issue.

So, I suggest you think twice before you accuse people who ship Liechtenstein or a young-looking person with no canon age (and by that, I mean no numerical value, or even an indication - so no numbers, and no phrases like "is a child" or "is an adult in their mid-low <insert number>") as a pedophile. Because really, in the end, Liechtenstein's age is up to interpretation - some see her as young, others see her as being older than she looks.

And in the end, you look like a complete moron, and have probably offended people left, right and center with your big, fat mouth.

:bulletpink: She looks wrong! She should look like this!
Well, guess what? Don't like her design - go make your own damn thing. Personifying nation's isn't Himaruya's thing - it's something he's well-known for with Hetalia, but he certainly didn't claim ownership of the premise. There is also Scandinavia and the World, and I'm sure there are other works that go with the concept of personifying countries. This Liechtenstein is Himaruya's design, so you should comply with it if you want to do works on Hetalia - if you don't like it, then go make your own work, but do not show us your redesign of Liechtenstein in Hetalia because she already has a canon appearance, and Himaruya won't change it just to fit your redesign.

Also, it proves how much of an ungrateful brat you are - it seems you're only complaining and spitting at Himaruya's hard work like some spoiled and entitled princess, when he really doesn't need to do this. Plus, he actually gets money off his work and art, so really, you're also shitting at his livelihood, which is something that most paid artists would probably get angry at you over.

:bulletpink: She gets in the way of <insert pairing>!
This one will always show up, I feel. Nope. A character only "gets in the way of the pairing" because you make them get in the way. So, congratulations on your failed logic, genius.

:bulletpink: Why does she look so cutesy and moe?!
That one is on Himaruya. Again - he chose this design: if you want to change it, too bad, so sad, you cannot. That is, if you're doing works on Hetalia. Whatever fanwork you're doing, you always comply to the design of the creator's - otherwise, it's not only rude, but it shows how spoiled you are in thinking that you have the right to shit on a person's work. I'm not saying that you must like Liechtenstein - if you hate her, that's fine: we're all entitled to hate whoever we hate, however, do not expect to think that you're correct in shoving your opinion and loudly voicing that you think your Hetalia design of Liechtenstein is better than the creator of Hetalia's.

However, what I can think to explain her youthful appearance is that Liechtenstein is a microstate. And no, a microstate is not a micronation. They are different: a micronation is not recognized, but a microstate is

:bulletpink: I don't like her.
It's fine to not like a character, but at least provide us with a sane reason that isn't "she's a MARYSUE!1!", "SHE GETSIN TEH WAY OF MY PAIRING!" etc. We're all free to hate and like a character as long as we do not bash other people who either like or don't like them.

(If there are any more complaints, feel free to comment down below, and I'll add them in! :D)


[Do's and Don't's]

Tags: Anime, Himaruya Hidekaz, Axis Powers: Hetalia, Liechtenstein, Rabbit, Germanic Countries

:bulletpink: Portray Liechtenstein as a proper lady with manners.
:bulletpink: Remember that being quiet and humble doesn't mean she's shy. She does have a lot of friends in her Volume 4 profile.
:bulletpink: Remember that Liechtenstein's age is not mentioned. At all. So, you can interpret her age from the ranges of 14-18.
:bulletpink: Recall that Liechtenstein can clearly state her own views. She isn't sheltered - she can talk with people just fine, does seem to know about arsenals, and even challenges England in her own calm way during the soccer strip.

:bulletpink: Ever portray Switzerland abusing her - they're close, he protects her, and she's devoted to him.
:bulletpink: Make Switzerland shoot anyone who so much as comes near her - she was able to talk to England without any casualty, so that doesn't mean that he shoots everyone who talks to her.
:bulletpink: Portray her as a hardcore, hard-drinking party girl. Liechtenstein is canonically polite, formal in speech, and also modest. Plus, the microstate of Liechtenstein is a proper sovereignty with a prince as the boss (Prince Hans-Adam II, who is the 15th Prince of the House of Liechtenstein): at least have some respect.
:bulletpink: Bash anyone who likes her, or who ship her with character who have canon ages. Remember that Liechtenstein is still not human, and also, looking a certain age is not the same as acting a certain age.



Have a head-canon for Ms Liechtenstein? Comment below, and it shall be added! :iconyayliechtensteinplz:

Note: If the head-canon is ship-related, it won't be added. Even if it's a ship I like, this journal series is about the characternot the ship.

Note 2: To avoid confusion because some head-canons may contradict each other, I will also give a shout-out to you along with your head-canons. If you don't want to be mentioned, just tell me, and give me a different name instead. =^^=

Note 3: Another nation can be mentioned in the head-canon - it just shouldn't be ship-related. It should be platonic or familial.

:bulletpink: Switzerland taught her how to shoot. She doesn't like to, but if she or her brother are in danger, she will not hesitate to pull the trigger.

:bulletpink: She does have a great collection of ribbons, and is fond of them ever since her first ribbon bought from big brother Switzerland.

:bulletpink: All the older Germanic nations treat Liechtenstein like a little princess.

:bulletpink: Physically, she's not as strong as other lady nations like Belarus, Hungary or Vietnam. However, she makes up for it with her clear head, and objective perspective.

:bulletpink: Liechtenstein never bothers locking her doors, because her country is safe. That she doesn't need to worry about being robbed. - :iconhoneybeegirl94:

:bulletpink: Liechtenstein is very uncomfortable around beaches and rapid rivers, because she grew up in an land locked country. She'd admire them, but not go into them. - :iconhoneybeegirl94:

:bulletpink: Liechtenstein acts as an good big sis to young children, that if you curse in front of them, she'll call out on you. "Do not say that around children!" - :iconhoneybeegirl94:

:bulletpink: Speaking of cursing she prefers to sugar coat her curse words, because the actual ones don't suit her taste. - :iconhoneybeegirl94:

:bulletpink: She's very talented with the piano and violin, thanks to Austria's nobles and influence. - :iconhoneybeegirl94:

:bulletpink: She's a neat freak and a bit of a perfectionist, that she may freak out if something goes wrong. - :iconhoneybeegirl94:

:bulletpink: Liechtenstein is not scared of the bigger nations, in truth, she would much rather get along with them if she can. - :icon13-night-hour:

:bulletpink: Liechtenstein isn't too fond of Czech Republic or Slovakia due to international disputes in the past but in recent times has try to get better with those 2, least Liechtenstein tries. - :iconpoi-rozen:

:bulletpink:  The name 'Lilli' (that one fanon name people use) is actually a more cuter nickname if people have a hard time saying her full country name. - :iconpoi-rozen:

:bulletpink: The only time Switzerland does help out, is to help with farming in the country now a days. - :iconpoi-rozen:

:bulletpink: When it comes to drinking, surprise to say she can hold her own just fine but prefers to drink wine or tea. - :iconpoi-rozen:

:bulletpink: With her ability of knowing high-tech and Switzerland's influence, she tends to keep a good track of money, calculating and knowing to be very careful when to spend it. - :iconpoi-rozen:

:bulletpink: Despite her appearance Liechtenstein is older than Germany and has cared for him when he was a child and he would call her Big Sister when no one's around. :iconapple-rings:

:bulletpink: Liechtenstein knows how to cook a lot of sweets. Some were even taught by Germany or Switzerland. - :iconbajita-chan:

:bulletpink: Despite what many fans think, she does know what yaoi is, but she doesn't really think of it as her kind of thing.  So therefore she is more into BL/shounen-ai than yaoi.  - :icondiamondheart216:


[End Note]

The second entry of the series is now complete! Go here to vote on who shall be next! :iconyayliechtensteinplz:

Hetalia Character Journal SeriesDue to the fact I've been having problems with the next dere character archetype edition with dandere, and being a bit worried about the possible new Hetalia fans that are coming in due to Hetalia: The World Twinkle releasing episodes and also the Hetalia World Stars strips (and I do not want another repeated incident where someone gets bullied by immature brats who think they're right and others are wrong just because we can all have different opinions), I figured why not start a journal series on the Hetalia characters?
Usually also because nowadays, I'm rather disturbed at how badly OOC the characters can be to the point I'm like, "Do you even read the strips? This doesn't even look like this character but a poor excuse to make your pairing/reader insert/cheap plot/bashing happen."
And though it's nice to have head-canons, it is not nice to have OOC-ness: I personally find it unprofessional and boring. Especially be

No ship wars or flames, please.

Hope you have a wonderful time~ 

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