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Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 9:03 AM
I'm seriously tired of this shit! I want to draw other stuff too!
And I clearly said that I was going to make more but you people keep demanding/complaining so please stop,
This only makes me want to draw UKnT less..

EDIT : Thank you so much for understanding, and for all those kind words :heart:

Top Bird

......(੭ˊ͈ ꒵ˋ͈)੭...........
Baishop by ReversedClock

Baishop by ReversedClock

Hiii lovies! ♥~ヽ(`Д´)ノ~♥
It's me again lmao
I feel so honored I can't say really anything to express it, except:  ANOTHER PIXEL + ART RAFFLE !!! whoop!

The pool I made yesterday… got 100 votes faster than I thought it would be :heart: ehe
//shotshotshot jkjk

I'm really thankful for the 2'100+ watchers (homi 4 digits..) and 49'000++ pageviews :iconyuicry2plz: and now I'm holding a raffle  Panda Emoji-11 (Clap) [V1]

Pixel - Onigiri Bounce Divider by firstfear

It'll be a modest raffle, win 1 S1 icon & 2 S2 icons & 3 chibini (so total 6 winners now) :blushes:

>>example of S1 icons
IC: mi-ya-ka by ReversedClock  IC: FeliciaSilvermoon by ReversedClock IC: Manami-Doll by ReversedClock  IC: Cyril by ReversedClockIC: Ciri by ReversedClock
IC: luililie by ReversedClockIC: NezuPanda by ReversedClock  IC: Koleta by ReversedClockIC: Kai45 by ReversedClock  IC: Stella Miru by ReversedClock

>>example of S2 icons
EXTRA | KamiKaMi 1,2,3 by ReversedClockIcon packs #4 by ReversedClock EXTRA | KamiKaMi Ichigo + Kotton by ReversedClockIcon packs #5 by ReversedClock Icon packs #7 by ReversedClock

>example of chibini
Chibini |3rd batch by ReversedClock

>example of chibi food
Chibi Food | 2nd batch by ReversedClock

++Extras Panda Emoji-09 (We're sleeping) [V1] :

I'm a bit busy right now, but if the participants exceeds..

80+, I'll add one more chibini to the prizes.
120+, I'll add one more chibini to the prizes.
300+, I'll add one more chibini to the prizes.
680+, I'll add an icon more (so total 4 icons) to the prizes.
800+, I'll add an icon more (so total 5 icons) to the prizes.
1000+ I'll add 1 chibifood to the prizes.

:new: Current participant counter: :iconsparklesplz:

**Requirements & How to enter Panda Emoji-08 (I love mah bed) [V1] :

  • Fav+ this journal :+fav: (this is important, your name won't be on the list if you dont ._.;; )

  • You do not need to watch me (but that would be really nice of you if you do and I'll love you forever Fool Emoji-16 (Pervy Yay) [V1]  //kicked)

  • (optional)
    Journal advertisement
    about this raffle + tag at least 3 of your friends when commenting below you will be awarded with extra number of the raffle Bear Emoji-03 (Love) [V1] 

  • Comment below with your favourite food.
    (this is also important, your name won't be on the list too if you don't >-<;; )

    Raffle will end on July 1st, I'll be using to choose the winner(s).
    Well thank you and good luck to you!!
      Panda Emoji-07 (Snuggy) [V1]

Skin made by fantasy-alive
Hey guys's here's a full 20min chapter from the latest lesson on for your viewing pleasure :)

Hope you like it! Don't hesitate to check out the full lesson HERE, much more cool stuff in there!

  • Mood: Joy

500w Raffle!

Journal Entry: Sun May 24, 2015, 3:20 AM

Finally :iconrazycryplz:
I'm making a rafflefaffle 
I love you all, 501 little bees ♥

How to enter

►You must be a watcher
►You must fave this journal
►You must comment below and I'll give you a number 


1 Full/half body and 1 chibi 
01001001 01000001 by Namine-L Go Kuran! by Namine-LAT: pindanglicious by Namine-L Balloons by Namine-L


The raffle will end in two days, then  I'll say the winner


A normal day with my mother...

Sun May 24, 2015, 2:40 AM
I asked for a banana. Mother carves one into a penis and gives it to me.

I told mother that people online get crushes on fictinal characters and even pretend they are married to them. She is now married to The Phantom, Raoul, Olaf, Scrat, Sid the Sloth and Jack Frost.

Now we are watchling Les Mis and she is laughing. I asked her why. She said she had a random thought of Jean Va Jean sucking his own dick.

Also she said when I am older I can work at the condom store and if I get a good sum of money, she would be OK with me being a porn star.

She wants me to print out R34 for my grandma.

She always pays for my friends when we have outings :D

Thanks so much for Lychee Chong add Bloody Painter on "Cweepypasta".
The video is SO CUTE AND EXCELLENT!! <3<3<3

Hey all. I just wanna answer some commonly asked questions about the Pandoraverse and my art and stuff

How was Pandora born?
Pandora's conception is truly one those classic tales of romance. Discord falls in love with Twilight Sparkle, they marry, Discord pops a magic egg out one day at breakfast time with Twilight. Pandora hatches from it a few weeks later. Wait did I say it was a classic tale of romance? No i meant it was a kinda weird and random tale of romance

When does the Pandoraverse take place in the MLP timeline?

Pandoraverse is an alternate story timeline occuring a few years after Season 4 of MLP. A marked difference would be that Twilight's tree library was not destroyed by Tirek, and that her Season 5 crystal castle does not exist in the Pandoraverse. Why? Mostly cuz I don't wanna draw that crystal castle thing, if I'm being honest. Anyway, most of the events occurring in Season 5 won't be referenced in the Pandoraverse storyline. Neither will events that occurred in the Equestria Girls movies.

...Twicord? DumbbellDash? ScootaSpike? Lopoddity, why are your ships so weird?
I tend to ship whatever I find most entertaining, whatever would give me lots of story/art material. Twicord is a favorite of mine because Twilight and Discord are my favorite characters, I enjoy their dynamic, and because the narrative possibilities present in them being a family unit in Ponyville are nearly endless. There are safer, more common ships I could go with-Fluttercord, SoarinDash, FlashLight, but I choose not to, because hey, I'm the artist and the storyteller, and I like to work with what interests me (and hopefully keeps you all interested).

I disagree with your ships! Here's a long explanation why!
Have fun writing that cuz I do not caaaare. This is all just for fun, guys. Don't get bent out of shape because I ship different candy colored horses than you do.

You have a lot of NextGen characters. Have we seen all of them?
Noooope, there's still more to come. ;) *coughcoughTrixieNextGencough* *coughcoughLunaNextGencough*...ahem. I like to think I've still got some surprises for you all in store.

Will there be NextGens for the CMC?
I'm not sure. Scootaloo marries Spike and has Jasper, but Applebloom and Sweetie Belle...I don't really ship them with anyone, and I wouldn't stick them with some random male for the sake of making offspring. We'll see.

Who is your favorite NextGen in the Pandoraverse, Lopo?
Cupcake. Cupcake is best pony.

You said the Next NG Family Portrait you upload will be Rarijack. Why is it taking so long?
Cuz my old tablet up and died halfway through working on it, and I'm still adjusting to my new tablet. I'm not abandoning the NG Family Portrait series, no worries

Speaking of things that are taking forever, where the heck is Mister Discord Part 3?
I dunno. I don't want to say the comic is discontinued, I really would like to get back to it someday, but I don't want to force it, y'know? So for now, it's on indefinite hiatus. Apologies.

What happened to Wisteria? Is she canon? Why don't you ship Sparity anymore?
Wisteria isn't canon in the Pandoraverse anymore, sorry. I may, however, be considering revamping her as a ScootaSpike NextGen. We'll see. As for Sparity, I never really shipped it in the first place. I would cite the age difference, but I ship Twicord, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite.XD Sparity just doesn't appeal to me, at least not enough to have it in my verse. I still find it very cute when other artists make cute shipping art/stories of Rares and Spike tho

Who is canon? Oddball or Snickerdoodle?
Both. As Paradox is an alternate dimension male counterpart to Pandora, Snickerdoodle is Oddball's female counterpart. They have met.

Your NextGen storyverse has a lot of gay ships. Why?
If I'm being honest, I don't really know. I tend to ship characters together because of their personalities, with gender not being a concern of mine. Say, if Discord were female in the show, but retained Discord's personality, I'd probably still ship "her" with Twilight. So because of this approach, I ended up with a few non-hetero ships. I'd appreciate it if you guys stopped pointing it out, as if there's some limit to how many gay ships you can realistically a fictional work about talking magic horses.

You said Pancake(Pandora/Cupcake) and Sharknado(Bruce/Aerostorm) are officially canon, but I ship Pandora/Bruce, Cupcake/Aerostorm, Pandora/a giant rock, etc. Is that okay?
Sure. Ship whatever you want, don't let me stop you. And pssst, Bruce/Pandora's canon that the two of them dated when they were teens. It...didn't work out. Pass it on. XD

Can I make fanart/fanfics of your characters?
Absolutely. And show me when you're done! I love every bit of fan work I get. :)

Can I make a suggestion about what you should draw next?
Sure, feel free. I love getting suggestions, the more creative the better. :)

Will you draw my OC?
Nope. No requests for OCs will be considered. I take commissions, which should open sometime in July.

Where do you get inspiration for your characters?
From everywhere. People in real life, fictional characters, etc...Most of my characters come to me when I'm daydreaming, eg. Pandora was born as a doodle during class, PB and J came to me in the shower, Snickerdoodle occurred to me while waiting in line for coffee...and then I just do concept art and do rough drafts til I hit a design that works. Try to have a character's personality in mind before you design what they look like. With NextGens, really think about the impact the parents would have on your NextGen's personality.

What art program do you use?
Adobe Photoshop CS4 with Huion Tablet (initially Genius MousePen Tablet)

Are you a self-taught artist?
Yes. Like a lot of you, I saw all the cool artists here on DevArt when I was like...12 years old-ish, and decided I wanted to be as good as them (still workin' on it). I was accepted into SCAD art college a few years ago, but I couldn't afford the tuition haha *cries*

Are there any Pandoraverse fanfics?
Yes indeedly doodle~
Pandoraverse fanfic list- All Pandoraverse fanfics + new ones!Decided to compile ALL the Pandoraverse fanfics. I recommend every one of them, they're all fun reads.
King Stuffypants the Alicorn and the Land of Draconequuses
by alarajrogers
    Little Pandora asks dear Daddy Discord for a bedtime story. What follows is a tale of sheer, unadulterated dad trolling.
Saving Princess Skyla
by Between Lines
Princess Skyla's been kidnapped on the eve of her wedding day! And it totally wasn't Pandora's fault...honest!...Alright, yeah, maybe a tiny b

Bruce/Aerostorm shipping fic list- Bruce/Aerostorm fanfictions So the lovely :iconRoboHeather: has been an absolute gem and written not one, but four amazing Bruce/Aerostorm (Sharknado shipping) fanfictions. Each one is absolutely GLORIOUS and charming and I really can't recommend them enough, if you're a fan of the characters and the ship. I recommend reading them in order. :)
  "Night Train", a short drabble in which Bruce goes stargazing with his best friend Aerostorm. Involves a curious bit of Luna's magic, an incident with an owl, and a tender moment between friends.
"The Storm Inside" Following the events of "Night Train", Bruce is being a surly moody butt about his confused feelings(?) for his best friend. All he wants to do is sulk indoors, but fate kinda hates Bruce, and a certain pegasus comes a knockin'. Involves a grumpy shark horse working through some complicated emotions, misunderstandings, sweet kisses, and a grumpy Pearlie. Rated PG-13.

Fics written by me- Lopoddity's Secret Fics!    I'm so excited you all expressed an interest in viewing my writing. Lately I've started writing my own Pandoraverse fics, and they've been piling up in my stash. I'm gonna share em, but be warned, I'm a hack. XD Feedback is greatly appreciated! Without further ado:
  "Pages and Pancakes" Set in the humanverse. Pandora is in love with her minion, Cupcake. She has been for many years. But that's okay, she's fine keeping that painful little secret bottled up, if it means preserving their friendship. Unfortunately, a catalyst event leads to Cupcake learning of Pan's secret feelings. Deals with the aftermath. Kind of a feels roller coaster. Warning for some suggestive content and adult language
  "Grey Skies" Drabble. Set in the ponyverse. Explores the brief fling between teenage Pandora and Bruce. Bruce/Pandora shipping, obviously, but really more of a study of a fairly dysfunctional relati
Even more Lopoddity ficsIt's like a crazy train that's off the tracks, I just can't stop writing. More Pandoraverse fics from me. ;) Just three this time.
  "Worst Rescue Ever" When Aerostorm and Cupcake are kidnapped a malevolent, magical being, Bruce and Pandora are forced to team up to rescue the ponies nearest and dearest to them. Will the two rivals be able to overcome their differences long enough to work together? ...No. No, they won't. Worst rescue ever. Features Bruce/Aero shipping and Pandora/Cupcake shipping
"Mistake" Set in the humanverse, exploring a what-if alt future where Bruce and Pandora remained together past their teen years. Bruce/Pandora shipping, obviously. Short and sad. Mild suggestive content and adult language
"Homecoming" Ponyverse, set somewhat in the future, after Pan and Cupcake have had Oddball. Cupcake's military involvement sees her stationed overseas, a

Wouldn't it be funny if there was a new FNaF teaser image on Scott's website in the next few days?
Grem2 Guidesheet by MrGremble


-The dominant coloured blood premanently colours the nails,claws, and pawpads, it also colours the ears and eyes
-The recessive coloured blood permanently colours the feet

-dominant blood has to show SOMEWHERE in the eye, whether its the iris or the sclera, it doesnt matter
-recessive blood colours the ears and eyes when they are feeling negative emotions

-give them black teeth (this means they have black bones)
-use anything you see on the species sheet

-go outside of the species sheet

Petite Pagedolls

Sun May 24, 2015, 9:21 AM
Y u n by zomgO3OA k i ~ by zomgO3O

  ✿   lil' petite Pagedolls   ✿ 
▶ $ 5.5 or 500 pts each ~ ◀

The above examples are Pose 1 and Pose 5
Its in 6 different poses , so please choose which base you would like to have ~

 Fill this form to order :                                                                    

Username :                                                              
Type : Lil Pagedolls                                                     
▶ Pose : //select from the image below //                                 
▶ Character ref :                                                           
▶ Expression :                                                              


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Special Thanks to SimplySilent