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Contest: Randomly Winner-Contest ( October 2015 )


Hello members :)

To enter next contest  " Rules " :
1- Join our group,
2- fave :+fav: this blog ,
3- Watch :+devwatch:  one new Supporter you didn't watch before , Then you will participate :)

How does the contest work:

Random Contests Rules
Hello members :)
We are doing some changes in our Random Conests now.
We will do 2 or 3 Random Contests every month, that means more chances for you to win ;)
You need to fave the previous contest to enter the new one. Everyone who has faved the previous contest has a chance to win. We will choose several people by choosing a number between one and the number of people that are participating (using If we chose your number, you will win 20-50 :points: :)

What do you have to do to participate?
- You need to :+fav: the previous contest here

- Watch one of our supporters below
If you need any help, don't be afraid of asking us ;)

The King Of Features "General":
The Awesome Features "Colonel":
The Excellent Feature "Major" :  

If you mostly Forget seeing our Contests , We will remind you for new contests with note , Just Comment " Remind me " ,


This time we consider 6  winners Of  228  Participants .  :huggle:


    Our October 2015 (1) Randomly Winners :

    First Award : One month Premium Member Ship   Winner :
  1. :iconjessijaguar: (number:141)
  2.   Second Awards : 200 Points :points: for 5 Person . Winners :
  3. :iconiammarcelene: (number:176)
  4. :iconpegasusgirl123: (number:151)
  5. :iconmariofrog4: (number:71)
  6. :icontrinl: (number:219)
  7. :iconnimppy: (number:204)



   Next Randomly Awards :  
1- One Month Premium Member For One Person .

2- 250 Points :points: for 5 Person .


Supporter " Features " List :

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  • Yearly Features "Corporal":


Helper List

  • :iconsimonetry:.:icongoldie-chan:

Tagged by a few people to do one of these lists

Sooooo...thirteen facts about me, hmmmm let me thiiink

13 Facts about me:

1.) I grew up poor, so I never got the chance to try a ton of "common/standard" American foods. I've never once tried a hamburger, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or corndogs, tacos, nachos, chicken wings, cheesecake, onion rings, cinnamon rolls, most traditional Thanksgiving foods (dressing, cornbread, cranberry sauce, etc)...the list goes on and on. As an adult I'm reluctant to try new foods (especially junk food)

2.) When I have the house to myself, I love launching into giant, over-the-top musical numbers. With lots of dramatic poses and loud singing. If I'm being honest, a lot of it is Disney music. You do not wanna catch me in the middle of my off-key rendition of Pocahantas' "Colors of the Wind". XD

3.) Speaking of Disney, I actually haven't seen most Disney animated movies. Never seen Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Pocahantas...I've also never watched a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movie. A lot of pop culture references are lost on me guys XD

4.) I can touch my nose with my tongue. :P (Lick)

5.) I'm badly allergic to cats. Dogs are cool tho. I have a big slobbery mutt named Kona I found in a shoe box outside as a puppy. She mah baby

6.) I tend to depict myself as a grump as my ponysona Bramble, but I'm actually pretty upbeat and sing-songy in real life. I'm a morning person, and an aspiring teacher, and I believe strongly in the power of positivity :) (Smile)

7.) Last summer, I was at the beach, hanging out and swammin' in the ocean with my family...then all of a sudden a huge school of fish appeared around us, then a big dark shape in the water, following the fish. It bumped my leg. And that's the closest I've ever been to a shark~

8.) I don't play many video games, but I have held on to a copy of Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase for the Playstation 1, from 2001. I've been trying to beat this bullshit game for 14 years. Sometimes, at parties, me and my friends will try to beat it. We've never succeeded cuz this game is bullshit

9.) I am, to my somewhat immense embarrassment, a huge Dragonball Z fan. I know it's over the top and silly and the pacing is crap...I love it anyway. My favorite character is Vegeta, since I was nine years old

10.) One time, I threw a tree at my little brother. A small tree, but still, knocked him right the fuck down, and it was glorious

11.) I spend way too much class time doodling, and that's where I get most of the ideas for drawings I post here. No worries tho about grades, I'm a honors student

12.) Although I draw mostly cutesy stuff now, I used to draw more grotesque subject matter, and enjoyed playing with body horror. Case in point, have an old fav from high school: Pottymouth by Lopoddity

13.) I used to be pretty elitist and snobby about my art and never drew fanart ever, and I thought digital art wasn't "real art". I focused on realism and looked down on all things girly and pink and "shallow"...yeah, I was one of those. Now I draw sparkly digital pink horses while listening to Taylor Swift and i still don't know what happened

Seriously if there's anything I get nostalgic about, it's this.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: country music
  • Reading: Episode plots
  • Watching: Rick and Morty
  • Playing: The Sims 3
  • Eating: Too much sugar
  • Drinking: Too much sugar
Its that time again ! 'v' 

In this raffle there will be two winners !!
Each winner will get a pixel of their oc!
Winner get to choose a style between:
Normal pixel - 100x100 Thats amore by hooter-totter
Platform pixel - will be 200x200 Spooked by hooter-totter (This is a bad example as what i offer will be bigger and with more detail) 

- Make a journal featuring this raffle ! 
-Comment here with the journal and you will get a number 

Watching me is not required but would be nice :> 

This raffle will end in 48 hours since it was posted!! 

We Need To Talk.

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2015, 10:52 PM
Sit down. All of you.

this is a "Sub Journal" meaning that I am pinpointing someone or some people out but not saying that out loud since people would attack these people. 
I do not want that since this will be a peaceful community.

As you know we have a family, obviously named "Space Family" where you guys are my star children/misc things, and I am your Space Dad and :iconyouremyglowstone: is your Space Mother.

Some of you don't really understand how sacred this family is to me.

This has become my life, my motivation, my everything.

Please do not take this away from me, I have worked so hard to build this family, and make people happy and to make people see that it's okay to have missing things- because we can fill those rolls.

People call me dad.

Do you know how much that makes me happy?

The fact that you guys call me dad makes me so so so happy.

Please this family is so dear to my heart- I really don't want people ripping this off, or just plain shitting on something I have created that has brought unity.
All I've ever wanted was a family and now that I have it you're going to take that away from me?

I don't think so.

I'm very angry about it, but your mother is keeping me calm.

We have 3 people currently ripping off my stories, my characters, my art style, and space family.
Please for the love of the stars do NOT take my family away from me.

You can take inspiration yes, make your OWN family that has NO CORRELATION TO MINE.

This is NOT okay. 
Not in the slightest.

For those 2 people that are reading this and you KNOW who you are because you do watch me and you know damn well who I am-
Please stop.


Journal skin made by Ashley44598X
Art made by jcm2 | preview devination
  • Mood: Repulsed
  • Listening to: Your Guts- Reel big fish
Hello my fellow people,

I am going to tell you about the "Why Not?" Rule.

Basically, the Why Not rule is when one thinks of something they have to do, or have been meaning to do for a while, and thinks, "I could do that now. Why not?"

Of course, while this rule can be very productive, it can also cause some problems if applied in the wrong scenarios. ^^; "Why not watch Netflix for 5 hours" isn't exactly what we're going for with this rule. 

I've been using this rule lately to get a few things done, and it's actually worked for the most part! :D I've gotten most of a MAP part done, and quite a bit of an AMV done, as well as some schoolwork and commissions...however, side effects have been staying up all night and forgetting to do certain things. ^^;

But yeah, it's a good rule, at least to me. So I'mma say, "Why don't you guys try it?" I challenge you to apply it to that one thing you know you'd better do, but haven't done yet. Just tell yourself, "Why not do that now" and get it done. Your Future Self will thank you. XD

Now, excuse me while I apply it to this Essay I have to finish for English...

Daily Delayed *Update

Sun Oct 4, 2015, 2:35 AM
Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank you all for the kindness and good thoughts! My mom's going to be alright, she might need surgery on her knee, but it's stable now and we got back home.

Seriously, I mean it when I say that I'm grateful for the support. I know this wasn't a life threatening situation, but the sentiments from you guys still meant a lot --y'all are awesome :)

Since everything is stable and I can help her from here (I work at home), the dailies will resume as normal. Thank you all for your patience and have yourselves a good evening/morning.

CSS Coding from

Mommy Gem and Daddy Gem XD

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 3, 2015, 11:01 AM

  • Listening to:
  • Reading: I can't I touch myself
  • Watching:
  • Playing: With myself~
  • Eating: I can't! I touch myself!
  • Drinking: Sorry XD
a wild alan appears XD

Hello, hello? Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled into our group!

Today's message topic is: Negative/Hate Stamps and Art.

The mods have had a discussion about this, and this journal is a result!

This update is good for all of us! Basically, lately the admins and I have been seeing waaay too much unhappy art. And no, i don't mean 'bloody death by animatronics' unhappy (That's just part of the game, silly!). I'm talking about the unhappiness within our fandom!

Our fandom should be a loving and caring community~! Sure, the game is violent and can be scary, but that doesn't mean that we have to be! We should look out for each other, help out the newer members who don't know how to use deviantart, and support each other! Not get into petty fights and arguments and try to make each other look bad.

Starting right now, our group is no longer accepting hate stamps! What exactly are hate stamps? Any stamp that says something like: ' 'animatronic name' does not love your OC ', ' ____ is overrated ', etc.

Those are really mean examples that I've seen! And nobody likes that. Those stamps make me very very sad.

You can have your own opinion about the animatronics! That's fine and we aren't saying that you have to stop thinking that! We're just asking that you don't force it on others in the form of a stamp or a spiteful comic! It just makes everyone who doesn't agree upset. : (

You can make stamps about a character being a bad guy, as long as you do it nicely!

Now, on this topic, we also will not be accepting gross or offensive stamps. And yeah, I know it's bad, but people submit it sometimes. We don't want to accept anything that says something like 'Purple guy x child' or something harmful like that. Shipping is fine, but not something gross like that!

Really quick message on the animatronic gender topic! We will accept cute or funny comics like Mangle being a 'yes' or Mangle not knowing what a gender is, that's harmless fun! Nobody's being offended and it isn't 'MANGLE IS A _____' in big flashing letters. That stuff is fine! We're also fine if you post art that has your version of an animatronic, as long as once again, you aren't making a big deal out of their gender. Everyone's opinions and creativity is accepted when you do it respectively!

I've seen way too many stamps that argue over what gender an animatronic is, and those are becoming tiring. It's not fun anymore to make a stamp that just screams 'THEY ARE A ____ ' . It comes off as forceful! Another reason that is becoming a thing is the minority of people. Some of us see an animatronic as Agender or Genderfluid, or even Transgender,  not just cisgendered! We want a character that represents us! We're constantly erased and ignored for headcanoning animatronics as any of these, and my fellow trans/agender/etc friends have come to me complaining about it. We want recognition too!  There's way more stamps about an animatronic being boy/girl than I've ever seen of something about a genderfluid/agender/trans animatronic! If an animatronic can be cisgendered, they can be anything else. There's more than just boy and girl.

You can make stamps that say 'i think ____'  or  'in my AU _____' . Those are okay! It sounds more like an opinion and you can still submit it! Those are nicer.

We're trying to make this a nice and supportive community that respects everyone! If you have any feedback or questions please post them! We want to hear from you all and what you think! Please, be nice in the comments, rude or snarky comments will be ignored. <3

Well wishes, I love you all~!

~Yeenabun and the mod crew

★ ' 'animatronic name' does not love your OC '
★ ' the animatronics hate you and want to kill you '
★ ' anti-____ '
★ ' ____ is overrated '  
★ ' _____ sucks '
★ ' Your OC isn't _____ '
★ ' Your OC is stupid '
★ 'animatronic name' is a {male/female}'
★ Anything that forcefully states an opinion

★ 'MANGLE IS A {yes/unknown}'
★ 'character' is a bad guy (done nicely)
★ Anything that states an opinion in a non-forceful way e.g. 'I think____' or 'in my AU ____'