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Wed Jul 1, 2015, 2:45 PM

WIN A WACOM CINTIQ 12WX! + A Digital Painting of your choice and 2,000 points!
Click HERE for more info about the tablet!

THEME: Draw one of Skailla’s Characters in a scene/situation!

Do write a little back story on the comments! You can do paintings, comics, animations... read the rules! =D

You can choose ANY character from ANY Story! Pick the stories below or from my gallery!  


:bulletorange: The Entry must be sent to me by NOTE otherwise I might not see it!
:bulletorange: You can do as many entries as you like!
:bulletorange: This is a drawing contest only, but the drawing can be followed by a description/story.
:bulletorange: There must be at least one official character in your drawing.
:bulletorange: Any media and form of drawing is accepted:  Animations, comics, paintings, digital, traditional. 3D modelling is also welcome. It’s up to you!
:bulletorange: No explicitly sexual themes.
:bulletorange: No stealing, it must be original work, created by you.
:bulletorange: HAVE FUN!!!

Now… to the best part :heart:


:bulletorange: 1st PLACE
- One Wacom Cintiq 12WX! :wow:
- A complete digital painting of your choice!
Ex. I Hoped It Would Be You by Skailla
And + 2,000 points! :points:
If the winner doesn't want the Cintiq, it'll be passed on to the second place and so on.

:bulletorange: 2nd PLACE
- One digital painting with a simple background of your choice!
 Ex.  Hope by Skailla
And + 1,000 points! :points:

:bulletorange: 3rd PLACE
One digital sketch of your choice! Ex.
+ 700 points! :points:

Other places also win prizes!

:bulletorange: 4th Place + 500 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 5th Place + 400 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 6th Place + 300 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 7th Place + 200 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 8th Place + 90 points! :points:
:bulletorange: 9th Place + 80 points! :points:

Guys, this is a fat contest and you got a huge chance of winning! :la:

DEADLINE IS ON 1rst SEPTEMBER! But don't leave it to the end! ;)

I thank you in advance for participating, and GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

Created at
This month DeviantArt has decided to bestow me with the award of 'Deviousness'! They've given me a crown for my profile and everything! The announcement article is here: I have to say I am happily stunned. I never would have thought I would be considered for such a honour! It's also poignant because this award comes at a time when things are taking off for me, mentally I'm getting better, and I'm finally earning enough to make an actual proper living as an Artist (with a capital A ;))

DeviantArt has truly been instrumental in allowing me to become a professional artist. When I started drawing, being an artist meant doing commissions, or working for a publisher, or applying to a curated gallery, but all I wanted to do was draw. So I did. I thought it might be a nice to share my drawings with others, so, 11 years ago, I started to put my art onto this little website called DeviantART. I never had any formal training in art past highschool, so in many ways DA has been a teacher, people would tell me what they liked about my stuff, and would also point of the wonky hand or dodgy eyes and give me tips, and that spurred me on to be better, to push my improvement. It also let me connect with people. It's no secret my art deals with darker themes sometimes, and these personal connections to people have been so important to me throughout these rollercoaster 11 years. 

It was in 2010 I did my first even convention: I traveled from London to Dundee Scotland, on a whim and without a proper table booking, just an email that they might have a spare table. Luckily they let me in and I had my first taste of selling my art. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!, Meeting people and hearing feedback on my drawings was fun and rewarding, I even managed to turn a small profit! Imagine that! making money from my art! It was a great feeling. So I booked some more conventions later in the year, and haven't stopped with them since. Now a lot of people who I meet at conventions have seen my art before online, which is a big change :) I have now been able to give up the various jobs I've done part time to support myself and I now make a (very modest) living from my art through conventions and print sales. I still don't know if I should use the term 'professional' for myself as I still don't do any commissions or draw for anyone else. I just draw whatever I feel like, and I'm so happy people like it enough to support me.

'Making it on your own' on social media wasn't an option when I started, there wasn't a mold to fit into, I didn't even dare to dream I could be a professional artist. So I had no idea it would work out like this! I just wanted to draw. So when my Deviousness Award says "DestinyBlue is one of DeviantArt's most recognized and beloved artists" it sounds almost unfathomable to me! How did that happen?! But i am so happy and grateful it has worked out like it has. I get an immense satisfaction and joy from what I do. I'm so glad so many connect with my art! I love meeting people though the conventions, though often the work that goes into organising them can feel unrelenting (so much goes on behind the scenes for planning, preparing and printing for a convention, especially overseas) but it's also a dream come true. The next goal is working out how to get in more time to draw and develop my skills -as you can see I haven't uploaded a drawing in a month! I am also quite aware, like everything in life, this could slip though my fingers (and that's okay too) I'll work hard at it, and try hard. But no one ever said living as an artist wasn't precarious!  XD

It's beautiful to get this recognition from DeviantArt. Reading all the wonderful things people said about me was so heartwarming. (How did they find you?!) I feel humbled and proud, which are tough to feel together, but welcome to my emotional life ;)

I write this from a Eurostar train to Paris, after touching down from Australia yesterday. I'm planning to post a journal about this adventure, so keep an eye out for that!
I'm in Paris for Japan Expo. In the 'Young Designers' section D111, at the back (where I will be literally melting)
It might well be the last time I do this show, so please come say hello if you'd like to ^-^

Thank you! :heart:

Peace, Love and Crowns
Blue x

Gemigon MYO Contest [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 2:21 PM

Gay Royalty ♔

CSS Skin

heeey happy gemigon july everyone ;3c

July 17th 12:00 PM MT

 :iconcatdoq: :iconhyena-vomit: :iconkinqsaber: :iconipheline:

How to Enter:
- Read everything on the gemigon site.
- Draw a full picture of your gemigon - it can be traditional or digital!
- Make a journal or poll with a link to this journal.
- Submit your entry to the group in the folder "MYO Contest 2015".

Entry Rules:
- You can make two entries (only one can win).
- All designs won from this contest can only be traded, not sold. Runner up designs can be sold for 10$/1000:points:.
- If you dont win you can change the species of your design and keep it, or save it for future MYO events (though there won't be many).
- Anyone can enter except judges, even if you already have a gemgion.

Design Rules:
- Common and uncommon traits are allowed. All traits can be found on the gemigon website under "Anatomy and Traits".
- Remember that the inside of the ears/nose, the eyes, and the mouth/teeth must all look similar to the gem. Also, sclera ('whites' of the eyes) must be colored and cannot be pure black or white.
- Some accessories are allowed, some are not; please ask before giving your gemigon any accessories.
- Only standard gemigons are allowed for this contest, not runts/windrunners/brutes.
- Changes can be made to your design up until the deadline.

- There will be four winners who get to keep their design for free. Each judge will pick one winner.
- There will be four runner ups who can keep their design for 10$/1000:points:. Four more will be added if the contest has more than thirty entries.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or need some help!

believe in steven ☆

A couple people have asked about my reaction to the Supreme Court Rulings so I though I'd make a post about it. I'm not going to be getting into any debates or arguments becuase I simply don't have the time.  This is just my two cents.

For some reason, I don't feel terribly worried about the fate of Christians. For me it's an opportunity to stand firm because the Bible says count it on joy when we encounter challenges like these. God is going to use it mature, unify and purify the church. He is going to separate real believers from false ones too like separating oil from water.

I'm very clear on Facebook about my position but my pro-gay friends still talk to me sooo, seems they respect my position. I've known some of them for years and I doubt politics would easily get in the way.

I however, still mentally prepare myself for the loss of friends and family through disagreement. It's just a reality we deal with living in this world and standing firm for Jesus our High Priest. Jesus said the truth will separate and divide sometimes. I know they will even use this issue as a litmus test to try and blacklist people economically and in the job market, thus resulting in a attack on our property and finances. It has already happened to Hobby Lobby and several bakeries.

What do you do? We fast and we pray like always. We are in the world but not of it. The world has nothing I want; by now God cut a lot of its strings off me. The only thing keeping me here is whatever mission YHWH has for me and the people I care about, otherwise I'd love to go Home.

The LGBT activism is a blown up lie and spiritual prison for people and the spirit of Jezebel is behind it (not talking about the more average people who just want benefits and live their lives). I pray for God to rescue these people and the children that are involved. He loves them and is so concerned for them. Christians must not be contentious but react in a Christ like manner. Don't get defensive because Jesus is your advocate and defender. This requires staying full of God's Word and in step with the Holy Spirit.

We also need to be sure to protect our kids and ground them with truth in light of the brainwashing that will be imposed on the youth like the X-rated sex ED to strip away the bit of innocence they have left. Also to resist the dumbing down of education that attempts to dull their ability to think critically.

We as the church need to clean our house and get it in order because we will need to be there to help pick up the broken lives that these lawless rulings will cause. Just prepare yourself, don't be afraid, and cleave even closer to Christ. Take back our job from the government concerning caring for the sick and needy, educating others, and building them up according to the high value Jesus Christ has for them.  The church was the one founding all the schools, hospitals, clinics, and disaster relief.  Why do you think so many hospitals have "St. This or That" as the name, Red Cross, Salvation Army, and all the Universities started out as seminaries for pastors? We need to wake up and take our jobs back.

You have to seek him yourself and ask him for wisdom to face these times. At the end of the day, this is no different from what the prophets of the past faced. :-) (Smile)

I hope the church continues to form consistent prayers meetings and pray with true concern and urgency. My prayer is that God knits us together closer than ever before and expand our capacity for justice, freedom, righteousness and compassion. That we will be hospitable and welcoming without compromise. The church also needs to repent and turn from its own sins so that we will be worthy of the call.
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LADY's Kuroshitsuji Plushie Giveaway

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 11:13 AM

Summer's here!!

So you know what that means...

Black Butler (The trio are relieved) [V1] Black Butler (The trio are relieved) [V1] Black Butler (The trio are relieved) [V1] 

It's time for my Fourth Annual
Kuroshitsuji Mini Plushie Giveaway!!

I'm going to be giving away FOUR custom made Mini Plushies (8-9 inches tall~) of any character from the Kuroshitsuji series, open to all fans!!

All you have to do to enter is:


on this journal (you can fav/watch if you want, but it's not required <3) and tell me who your favorite character is. Feel free to share why, as well!!

In turn, you will be numbered for the raffle. <3

Once the contest closes, 4 numbers will be selected randomly and they'll get to have a Mini Plushie of the character they named, in whatever outfit they choose.

I will also pay for them to be shipped small heart - black 

Since this is a summer giveaway, I'll be leaving this open until the season starts to come to a close on AUGUST 31st. Any other entries after that date won't count.

If you have any questions, just let me know~

Good luck, and have fun!!
Sebastian Michaelis (Hawt look) [V1] 



*ONE comment/entry per person; any multiple comments will automatically disqualify you from this giveaway, and future ones as well. ^^

*Name your favorite Kuroshitsuji character. You can tell me why you love them; I enjoy reading your answers. o3o la 

*All participants will be accounted for by numbers, and randomly drawn~

**NOTE** Winners will have the chance to pick the costume their plushie will be dressed in (doesn't have to be canon, either~ Any outfit will work~~)

Prize!! Chibi Plushie Street Wear Undertaker by ThePlushieLady Mini Plushie Prize!! Drocell Keinz by ThePlushieLady

Mini Plushie, Tutor Sebastian Michaelis by ThePlushieLady

Book of Circus Chibi Plushies by ThePlushieLady

Commission, Mini Plushie Robin Ciel by ThePlushieLady   Commission, Mini Plushie White Rabbit Sebastian by ThePlushieLady

Mini Plushie, Weston Undertaker by ThePlushieLady

Mini Plushie, Lord Aleister Chamber by ThePlushieLady Commission, Mini Plushie Alois Trancy by ThePlushieLady
Commission, Mini Plushie Meyrin by ThePlushieLady

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Anyone out there knows this song? :


Total addiction to this song from me now!
I'm officially a slave to the rhythm of it.
Nothing makes me keep going and get hyped-up better than M.J's songs. 
I'm usually a major lazybones, but tonight listening to this song, I jogged over 2 miles! X'D

Also... My birthday is today (or rather tonight, it's over 1 a.m right now)! 
Still waiting to get a new 3DS and maybe some baby tarantulas as an addictional birthday present :heart:

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Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart Hello friends! Hope you had a wonderful June ^.^ Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart Little Pixel Heart

Things have been absolutely amazing this summer so far!

pink heart bullet **NEW!** Live Streaming on Twitch pink heart bullet

If you’d like to watch me work on my art LIVE, follow me on my revamped Twitch channel!…

I’ll be broadcasting digital painting and sometimes PC gaming

:heart: rvmp Points And… in case you missed it last time… Points & Llama Giveaway!! Points :heart: rvmp

So, I’m kinda obsessed with giving out llamas & points!

My dream is to give every artist/creator on this site a llama & points Points Llama Hug

Comment/fav this journal if you would like a llama or points! Points depend on my personal resources but I will always give a llama in the meantime :)



Thank you all for your support!! :heart: revamp

Bunny Emoji-09 (Heart) [V1]



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Equestria Girls - Friendship Games - Trailer

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 6:53 PM
Pony Artist

CSS Skin


I found a trailer to the new Equestria Girls movie coming out - featuring the EQ World Twilight, and not the Equestrian Twilight.

Sincerely, Panda

Equestria Girls - Friendship Games!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 4:07 PM

I'm so HYPED!

Here's the first trailer!…

:iconindigozap: < Indigo Zap Looks amazing!!
:iconmylittlemystery: < Mystery Mint was spotted!!

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Death Gauntlet Preview

Wed Jul 1, 2015, 6:49 PM
Death Star Gauntlet Run By Water Frez-d8zfd8f by JeffersonAirship

--- --- ---

In a world where legendary figures from the popular culture are forced into gladiatorial combat...
Two crazy people dared to dream of putting the same legendary figures... into obstacle courses. To the death. 
So, more of the same, but with racing and traps and more contrivance.
From the same sadists who bring you Death Battle, comes a new show to satiate the human need for mass violence and cathartic destruction...
Death Battle Presents:
Premieres this Summer
Rated PG-13

Death Gauntlet Promo By Jarvisrama99-d8zdn6k by JeffersonAirship

Cel: Thanks, Deep Voiced Movie Trailer Guy! I knew he was worth every penny. 

Fel: Right? That guy can make anything sound more epic than it actually is... not that what we have here isn't epic itself, but, well, uh... Cel, tell them about this crazy idea of our's. 

Cel: Station Management greenlit our proposal for a spin off to Death Battle! But instead of, say, "From The Desk of Death Battle" or "One Minute Melee," we thought it'd be cool to take our usual formula and give it a real Running Man spin!

Fel: Or Hunger Games, to us millennials. 

Cel: Instead of fights to the death, we'd take our usual suspects and place them in various game show-style scenarios, where they have to compete and reach a certain goal before any of the other contestants. Whether it's a race to the top or a survival out in the wilderness of the deadliest worlds in fiction, Death Gauntlet will take beloved pop cultural icons through the ringer and see how their skills and abilities would help them out in these scenarios.

Fel: Think of it like The Amazing Race crossed with Battle Royale. Or Survivor, but less fake. 

Cel: As usual, we'll be your hosts!

Fel: Except this time we'll take a more active role, as sports commentators. I've already taken the liberties of dressing Cel up in the sexiest, short-skirted and most cleavage-exposing cheerleader outfit I could find. Also, tied her hair into pigtails, she looks adorable. 

Cel: ... Um, yeah, I've been meaning to ask, how does this help me do my job-?

Fel: It'll keep the audience's attention. 

Cel: ... On our witty, rapid fire observational sports commentary?

Fel: ... Sure?

Cel: I implicitly believe you!

Fel: Then yes. Now, all this being said, this is a trial run. Management's given us enough funding for a pilot, but if reception gets chilly they're pulling the plug. So, you know, audience, support us. (Whispers hurriedly) evenifitsucks-

Cel: For our first episode, we'll be taking six of the greatest escape artists, action heroes and stealth experts of all time, into one of the deadliest facilities ever conceived in all science fiction... The Death Star. 

DeathStar1-SWE by JeffersonAirship

Fel: Our contestants will have to find a way to get off this not-a-moon if they want to win, or, you know, survive. They'll just have to contend with Stormtroopers, droids, garbage monsters, malevolent architecture and one angry Dark Lord of the Sith. Incidentally, we're splitting the prelude into two components: one covers the contestants, the other the layout, rules and goals of the game. Sound good? Great. 

Cel: (stands up and starts waving pompoms enthusiatically) Let's meet our S! T! A! R! S! What does that spell? STARS! Yaaaaaay!

Fel: (staring dreamily, nosebleeds)