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Barbie's Mini Contest! Open!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:42 AM
Hey everyone! Since my last contest has been judged, I am now posting this one!
You guys really wanted this contest omg (from the results of the poll, anyhow)

So, without further ado, let's get into it!

♥Barbie, what do I need to do to enter this nifty contest?
Well my dear, simple! You just have to draw any of my OC's! 
They can be alone, or with other OC's, I just need at least one of my OC's in the picture!

Rules and Regulations:
#1: I can use these pictures in any way I see fit - (journal skins, posting to my and, etc)
#2: Be polite and kind to everyone here! NEVER degrade anyone's entry! 
#3: Anyone can enter! You don't need to be my watcher! 
#4: There will be NO extensions for this contest what-so-ever
#5: I can add, modify, or take away rules as i please
#6: To ensure you have read my rules, you must put some kind of smiley face in your post!
#7: You MUST share this contest in either a journal or poll, and link it back here in the comments! 
#8: Any one person may only win once, but may enter as many times as they want!
#9: If drawing a closed species, you MUST credit the species owner in the description!!!!!!!! 

♥Barbie, that's great and all, but what kind of art are we talking about, here?
Another fantastic question! And, the answer is: Any!
All art accepted for this contest, including;
♥ Digital
♥ Traditional
♥ Sketches
♥plushies / other IRL goodies

The only thing I am not accepting is stories/literature
(sorry, I don't have any use for them //shot) 

♥Okay great, but.... What's in it for me?
Yes, the all important prizes! I have not forgotten my loves!
For every 5 entries, I will add another prize place up to 5 places (5 winners)
And every prize will be a MYO! of ANY of my species! (yes, including xynthii!!!!)
(MYO = make your own)

Prize #1: Unlocked!!
1 MYO with 3 uncommon, 2 rare, and 1 very rare trait 

Prize #2: Locked :c
1 MYO with 3 uncommon and 2 rare traits

Prize #3: Locked :c
1 MYO with 3 uncommon Traits

Prize #4: Locked :c
1 MYO with 2 uncommon Traits

Prize #5: Locked :c
1 All common MYO!

Amazing! So, how long do I have to make this art? 
You have two weeks! starting today, (11/25/15) until (12/10/15) !
There will be NO extensions permitted, since it's only a mini contest ; u ;

Please Submit your Entries here!!!…

Please Submit your Journals/Polls here!!!…

Questions, comments, or concerns? Reply here!…

My OC's;

Open - Free 3 Day MYO Event

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 10:05 AM

Please note you only have the set time to claim the MYO Slot. Once the time is up the slot is still yours!
You do not have to design it within the 3 days. You just have to claim the slot, which can be used at any time!


So it is the season of gifting! I will openning MYO Slots for all my species.
Yes this is going to be fun!!
So what is exactly going on, I am giving away free MYO's to people who follow the rules below.
This allows them to make a common of one of the species listed.


1. You must create a journal linking it to this journal to receive the slot. If you fail to do so then you will not be added!
2a. You have to reply to the correct comment! Each One is featured!!!!!
2b. Only one slot per person! You can only choose to get one species!
3. IF you do not link me the design for approval then your design will be declined!

Okay now once you made the journal, and comment with a link to it I will add you to the slot list!
Please make sure you comment under the correct comment!!!!


Gelfei - Closed Species by PixByrd
Gelfei Custom - CandehSenpai by PixByrd


Osteo Pup - Closed Species by PixByrd
Osteo Pups Adopt - Round 1 - CLOSED by PixByrdGalaxy Star Osteo Pup by PixByrdOsteo Pup - Myra by PixByrd



Mistique Species Sheet by Pyxe
Mistique Reference - Queen Iridious by PixByrd


Sivryn Traits by PyxeSivryn Species Sheet by Pyxe

Strange Magic - Sivryn Adopts CLOSED by Pyxe

Now Please remember you can only use common slots for the Osteo Pups, Normal Gelfei, Common Mistique, or any Sivryn Rarity!



1. mzza-art
2. CandyTwink
3. Cain-Murderer
4. Lazy-Kiki
5. Midnight-Essence
6. Himonas-Soul
7. crystaIz
8. phantom-fan6735
9. DragonTamer74

Osteo Pups

1. RainbowDraft
2. fairysartstuff
3. Daydream-Beilever66
4. Celestiyale
5. Pugnessness
6. LightningAtHeart
7. ImmaGoddamPony
8. CelestialWolf66
9. TheGurlWithThePony
10. Creepypastapon13s
11. Mythicalpawz
12. BumbleShelbee
13. Hoffnungsstern
14. Tigerfelix
15. Nik-L-Nips
16. Spiritstar1000
17. Bloodstar-Bluestar
18. Sersher
19. nohugforanyofyou
20. rhythmthief000
21. Midnighticycreeper
22. StarlightsCurse
23. DarkToDawn
24. Starry-Sun
25. ILoveCloud14


1. Cruel-Cartoonist
2. AmaJadeWolf
3. ShortAngryTrash
4. SadSushi
5. cephin
6. AttackOfTheFlash
7. illSerpent
8. H-n-B-LavenderTown
9. Foxycrush
10. emod0g
11. XanaduAuxray
12. Snowymouse
13. midnightshedow
14. SpookyBooty
15. ThePeng101
16. moshigal156


1. Faustians
2. mothbone
3. sinnamonrol
4. S-ails
5. warrior-art11
6. WildcIaw
7. Zentok
8. FluffyYuunis
9. ellabunny123
10. sniperXtentapsy
11. svri
12. DoubleDIsMine52695
13. SarahTheGamer
14. mewhaku
15. MajesticButterWolf
16. cloverfeet
18. RubySpades
19. Kea-Corn
20. Cpt-Labyrinth
21. Kirara-Souchou
22. Iucky--Charms
23. AngieART93
24. DarkMoonShadowz
25. pink-pasteI
26. AlphaaCrest
27. fonzie1997
28. PaintScribbleCat
29. XxneedlexX
30. Moonlightdragon60
31. JamesLegendKillr

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

Hey, guys! It's only a few hours until Thanksgiving here in the US, so I thought I'd make a journal dedicated to it. I'm also going to be sharing a little bit of my abuse story, so if any of you are going through a rough time with an abusive family member, abusive girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, abusive friend, or anything else, I want you to know that there's still hope out there.

It's going to be a bit long and boring (I just want you guys to know how big of an impact you had on me), so just BEAR with it. Get it? Bear? Hahaha--ehm.

Last Thanksgiving I went to bed early crying because my mom had screamed me out again. She screamed me out because I had a conversation about wanting to move in with Chillaid when I got older. I don't blame her for screaming at me for wanting to move out, though. I guess I kinda deserved it.

My mom had a habit of doing that, though. It wasn't the first time she had, and it wasn't the last; she would find the tinest things to scream at me about, wheather it be about me forgetting to do a simple chore like cleaning the litter box or filling the animals' water bowl, or me watching a show that she didn't like. She often took her anger out on me, especially if she got into arguments with people online or in real life.

She called me the abuser. She said I was the one who started all the fights.

I felt like it was my fault.

So, that Thanksgiving night, I cried myself to sleep. I cried because my mom screamed at me all night and told me that she didn't like eating with me face-to-face because I triggered her anxiety. I was completely convinced that I was my own mother's abuser, and I was becoming my own father in the process.

In my mind, for a few hours, I felt like I had nothing to be thankful for. I really didn't. I was so close to being pushed over the edge--again. I was horribly suicidal because of the guilt I felt eating away at my mind.

But then I would get online. Being online was the only escape I had. It was my whole world, because I couldn't even go outside. I only went outside four times a month.

I would read all of the reviews you guys left on the first Brothers Of Circuits, and all of the sweet comments you all left on my art. When I was online, I felt like I had confidence. I felt loved. You guys were the only family I had. Every one of you currently reading this have played some sort of part in keeping me alive, even if you don't know it, yet.

Whenever I was down, I could talk with you guys here on DA.

When I was down, I could have Skype calls with :iconjackstoney:, :iconchickenbittle:, and :iconchillaid:. Those guys talked me through so much.

Even though I had hope, it was such a small ounce that I doubted myself a lot. I knew that I wasn't going to make it out of my mom's apartment alive. I was going to commit suicide before I was 20. I knew for a fact that I'd never be able to meet :iconchillaid: or my other friends in real life, let alone live with her.

That was already a year ago.

8 months later, after that Thanksgiving, I moved in with :iconchillaid:. As the weeks went on, the endless nights of crying into my pillow slowly faded in my mind. She started teaching me how to go outside again, and that it was okay to be angry, or sad, or to watch things that I wanted to.

I've been living with her for 5 months. We're going to be spending our first Thanksgiving together.

It's already been almost a year since last Thanksgiving.

I'm not starving myself like I was before. I'm not sleeping in a bedroom filled with black mold. I'm not getting screamed at every night.

If it wasn't for you guys believing in me, if it wasn't for your support, if it wasn't for your caring words, I'd be gone.

If it wasn't for all of you, I wouldn't have been able to live.

I wish I could list all of the people that actually helped me, but there's just so many.

I just. I want to thank you guys for everything so far. I hope I can return the favor someday.

Things I'm Thankful For: Everybody on DA (YOU GUYS!), my friends, my new family, my new life


Important notice:

If you're a victim of abuse this Holiday season (you know who you are), please remember that you're not alone, especially if your mom or dad happens to be abusing you. Parents can be abusive just as much as anybody else. Verbal abuse is just as hurtful as physical, and can be mentally damage you for the rest of your life if you don't get out of the situation.

It's hard to accept the fact that your parents would do that. I still don't know how to accept the fact that my mom did that to me. I still blame myself sometimes, but I know I shouldn't. So, please don't blame yourself, especially if they try to blame you for everything.

I know that a lot of you can't get out of those situations out of fear, especially if you're too young to leave. You wonder what would happen if you called the police, if they'd believe you, what would happen if they DID believe you, where you would go, it's all very terrifying. In my situation, I didn't want to call the police because I believed that I was the one being abusive, and I didn't want to hurt my mom any more than I already was.

But please. Please don't end your life. Someday soon, something will happen and you'll have your chance of getting free. I'm the person with the worst luck, and if I got my chance, then you will as well. Try telling people you trust, friends you trust, and don't be afraid to find online websites/hotlines to talk about it with someone for advice.

Just remember that there's always someone there for you, even if you don't know it, yet. Especially if you have online friends. Online friends are just as real as "real life" friends, I've learned that much. Don't be afraid to share stuff with people you know really well online.

Please believe me. Help will come to you soon. Just hold out for a little while longer.


I hope you all have a safe, happy Thanksgiving this year, and make sure you don't eat spoiled turkey! I love you all so, so much. You don't understand how much I appreciate every single comment, favorite, and virtual hug you all send me. I love you all!

Aw shit son, it's that time of year again. :plotting:

I've hoarded enough DA :points: to have a Holiday Giveaway :la: Since I've been rather flaky this year with my activity, I thought I'd do more points now to make up for it lol xD

This time there's a first place prize of 500 :points:, and 5 runner-up prizes, 100 :points: each. A total of 1000 :points: ;D

The first place winner will receive 500 Points. The next 5 runner-ups will get receive 100 Points each. 6 winners total xD Gettin' in that holiday givin' spirit B)

Here are the rules:

1. Fave this journal (that's how I'll  be picking the winning number I am a dummy! ) *REQUIRED*

2. (optional) leave a comment. Not required, but I don't mind them. Could be on anything xD Even funny pictures or videos, I'm a sucker for them LOL.

3. (optional) fave a piece from my gallery. If you wanna. ;D

*** This is a watcher-only giveaway. I hope you understand.

I'll be using to pick the winners.

Giveaway ends December 25th.


Template by firstfear

500 Point Giveaway

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 1:09 PM

Hey guys, I promised a few months back that I would squeeze in another giveaway towards the end of 2015 and because I have a lot of spare time over the next few months compared to before, I’ll be hosting it now.

You must follow these steps to be entered:

  1. Be a watcher of mine if you’re not already

  2. Favorite this journal only

  3. Comment what you did in the journal comments below

Seems simple enough right? By doing this you will receive one entry.

There will be 5 prizes, 100 points each for now unless there’s a total of 600 or more entries..If that happens I will increase it to 1,000 points (10 winners, 100 points each)  and may extend the deadline if necessary. You have the chance to receive up to 5 entries, it will be likely we will reach the goal so you might as well increase your chances right?

Extra Entries:

*Favorite 3 of my artworks: +1 entry

*Write a journal about my giveaway, must have a link or thumb that connects to the this giveaway journal. : +1 entry

*Comment on one of my artworks (5 words or more, can only do this twice): +1 entry per comment that follows the rules.

Please don't unwatch or unfavorite anything, for this will result in being unable to participate in future and probably better giveaways I will host. It literally takes a few seconds to do each.

Current Deadline: January 2nd, 2016.

Good luck to all, and happy holidays to you guys. :nod:

I will update this journal and maybe my poll if the point amount increases and/or deadline changes.

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Hello everypony! :gallery:

What's better than starting a new day with tons of OCs? x3

... ... ...

OC ref by OblivionHeart13
Honey Wound by victoreach Crystal Vision (Art Trade) by Jinetix Finally ... All will fear me and rejoice! by michal4269 Karma by dennybutt

Colors Never Fade by iMelodyRSB Lemon Tarts Ref by ChryssiPuffRules The OC Chronicles-1-Void Walker by StongInventor18 FluffleCandy Ref by Ask-FluffleCandy
[Art Trade] MLP Chibi, Seeing the comets and stars by TheMidnight-Sound Paige the Pegasus by TheShadowStone MK2nd biggest fan by betaluna Starnote by obriannakenobi
Scarlet Wings Spread by NeroNemesis1 Almas Reference Sheet 1 by RandomComicSheet jet pone by janive4 Bluebell by LadyKochou
Stratos the courageous by KrytenMarkGen-0 Tempest Star by Tempest-Star Inferno Flare by BlizzardTouch My First OC Ever! - Choco Swirl by iShyHope
Starbook by olidoky Thing by Gyroc Thistle by unibadger2 Morty the Diamond Dog by raybony
Wing Beatz transparent picture by TheDarkLordK Slide Fortissimo by Trombone2015 Nycticora by Pony-from-Everfree Shawn (me) by Br0Pny
Pinky silly by Pinkythepony (COMMISSION) Cinderheart by Ink-Dash Flower Dash (reference sheet) by fIower-dashie Red Aura by FluffyFurret
Rock Out Hard! by bluezola Bloody Mary by TheRandomMLPFanatic Remnants by auren-dawnstar Orb Swirl by Raedin
Ponymon Group Shot by PrincessFaeron Moonlight Ref Sheet by MoonlightGalaxy Pirate101/MLP: Christoph as Loyal Chris Grant by christophr1 Leaf Twister by XNightMelody
Motown, aka ME! by MotownWarrior01 Writer's Day Out by SeekerOfDestiny Rhythm the Guitarist by TheDoubleDeuced OC Kazuki by MLPKazuki
(Request) Aphelion laughing her flank off by kuren247 Mlp Luna Chibi (sorta) by sumw1 Flame as a pony NEW LOOK by Infernapelover Jumping through PINK! by Katywingedneko
Crystal Teary Choir by XNightMelody Vanilla Sun by LimeDreaming Mareah, The New Heir to the Monado by Bronymeister Azzula Devil Gif by Shigo96
The Enigmatic Princess. MLP style by ChristalLovePkmn Pyromancer: Divine Ember by 2tailedDerpy Ongca / EQG by Ongca Genesis the Griffon by OnePieceLover555
Colonel Anna by AutumnSkies38 Whisper Call 16 - Rainbow Power by Cranberry-Tofu Misty Sunrise by RoseSong2468 Fable by Kittycatisthat
Dusk Shadow by MistTheElf Shining mind by lenve12 (MLP OC)Snuky by lenve12 Pony oc, walt white  #56 by kirbyfalcon
Character reference: Night Bite [ pony OC ] by Offline65 Moeras (Pond Pony OC) by FredsonV Frostbite- New Ponysona by IsunaO1 Quick Shot 2.0 Cyborg Side showing by shooter50000
Whimsimane by Ashen-Redmane Winters Lynch. (Origninal) by Winterslynch Me As A Pony by Andres240 Fire blade with her cutie mark visible by WinterTheFirebender
Taco plz? by IwuvDa3nd3rmanz Rainbow random by Kittinpaws My OC/Ponysona, Leon Spectrum by ChameleonMan55 Sugar Cloud Reference Sheet by thearticwolf1
Coltergeist OC - Amethyst Rain (?) by pastelbatz OC: Strawberry Swirl (+personality and background) by ColorfulCanvasOC Democratina by FrencineMPercy Dragonheart by dragonslayerman6
Flag Pony by PaintedPencil567 Blitz! My new OC! by CarolajnaART {commish} Blind Side by JazzyBrony Inktober 8: Bughug by Shikogo
(New) Solar Comet OC by Solar-Comet Preparing for the liftoff by CCatdash Walker Ironheart OC Commission by Lightning-Bliss Starlight Night (my ponysona) by 5andycoda
Rainbow's Solar Armor by ponyvillesmostwanted Day 1 Earth Pony by AngelOfThursday79 Ready to die? by SilverWolfEye A Team ~ Collab with Piplii by iMelodyRSB
Hillary Spectrum Ref Sheet by TrippyIceyDASH Stitchwork by ChatterboxThePony Lavender Dusk by Dragonqueen101 Demonoid Phenomenon by Aquashy
Deep Shade OC by Solarcis Flashy - OC mlp by Simby-Pika Ruby Red - 3rd Disciple Of Xander by Macgrubor Chimera's Slumber by ShadowRiderOfWolves
New and Improved Bubblegum! by Pinkyshy101 Vectoring Me by Silver-mj Michelle MLP OC by Undertaker972 .: My Little Pony - OCs :. by home-dat-stuck
ArcticSong and Pone [Request] (MLP OCS) by TheNightStarLight Galaxy Wing Ref by EmCrasher Reference Sheet: Obscure Sonata by Izayoi1265 OC - Glare Ice by MesuYoru
Snowday for Snowdin by Villarrai Dusty Trails [Comms Chief] by SierraSparx MLPOC: Clockwork Gears. by DemonicLucario Paleo Meme by AVATAR1138
Rosewend Reference by Rosewend Will It Be Worth It? by H-StallionWolf Paige by LyraTheCat101 Sweetheart by sweetheartxdiscord
SonicZondaMLP (Darren Lee) 's avatar icon by Gretsch1962 Queen Gemstone by TheBunnyLover You Doing? by theawsomegeek Doctor Seed by Angela-Ross
Blade Thunder (My Ponysona Redesigned) by WhiteBlade-the-Zero Pony Princess by AskBubbleLee Twisted Poison ref by SerpentSolus Ellen Dark's True Form by RainbowBlast124
Shadow by cindytanner HORNBONER ACTIVATE by SteampunkSalutation Sparked Nightingale by ArtemisThePegasus Alanj2007 Games 's OC (Simple Reference) by Alanj2007Games
flying around by Alkharia Kevin Newer Look by MEGARAINBOWDASH2000 Winter Ghost by dragons011 Jessica's refrence by W101-n-Jeannete
''Just stfu.'' by x-VanillaCoke-x More Lucky, woah by Rockethead117 Embers Redesign by riole123 Callos Sombra Son of Sombra by heathfiedler
Reference Sheet: Comet (Capella) by MyPaintedMelody New ID! by MyLittleAsspit Jaeger Sylva by xWhiteDreamsx Northern Haste by mrdoctorderpyx
Orange Candy by ilovemyfavoritegames Dusty Wrath V2 by SkyrimFireDragon Skyler (main character) by lightlucario212 Coffee Cream Reference by PrincessRobocop
Stuck at home by dredaich Pixel  by BaconZalad Tyr by FrozenStar37615 Gamerpen Reference Sheet by Gamerpen
Ruby Reference Sheet by SeaSwirl2001 Spring Heart digitalized by MLP-SpringHeart Please don't bite me... by xSeamair OC: Factory Sense - OLDER by Colonel-Majora-777
Winter Rose in Sweater by GenerosityHeart My Ponysona! by MLP-Violet-Star Dawn's New Hairstyle by babyroxasman Crome the Pegasus by SqueakyNoodle
Cloud Nine/Nina by Silverdiscord Nothing I've Ever Known by Violetathedog [#2 Prize Contest] Zero by vavacung Spring Melody by DoctorWhoandMlp
Alas Negras (OC Pony) by Alasnegras92 Jewk by Dilarus Love Story #2 by Saiadruid Shining Star-Princess of Harmony by LunerPet
Gift: Knight Star by DarkFlame75 Cicada Gala Dress by votederpycausemufins Meet Rosemary and Rosemarie by fluttercord4ever Her Name's Maple Rust by ScarletsFeed
Glimmer Spirit reference sheet by Cha-squared Honeydew Gala Dress by The8thStarArc Iridescence by blah23z My First Draft Of Dallas Blackshirt by DallasBlack
Raven by ThreeDollarBillsYall Abia Ref by PaintTasticPony Infinite Heart Vector by wolfpride228 Lighten Up a Bit Will Ya! by xXCarriePieXx
Daydream some more by AnArtyMess siblings by scribbledonut Skittle Sweet by jeremeymcdude Azure Thief by Uber-Dan
[TRADITIONAL] Random Abdonis Thingy by Abdonis Scar by OctaviaArtist Darkhorse Enigma - Unimpressed by Dark92Enigma Midnight Sun OC gift. by dragonfoxgirl
the king by asktheruppehunter


Wed Nov 25, 2015, 5:17 PM

Alrighty!! My forum post got a lot of attention so I figured I'd keep requests around for people who've stuck around. :'D I.E. Watcher requests, for loyalty and stickin' with it and all that.

-you must be watching me (and stick around)
-please no NSFW requests
-visual references only please
-ummm no more than 2-3 characters
-I'm not obligated to do it :'D

so if you'd like some free art, comment with all this information:

-pose/action/expression/interaction if applicable
-include a terrible pun somewhere in your comment to show that you read this

some gift art ranging in quality fromwell then by dweeblet to Bro-bro? by dweeblet depending on my mood :'D

Love youu <3


my best potatoes

potato is best matesprit

Group Icon/Winter Dream Contest

Wed Nov 25, 2015, 12:59 PM
Hello everybody!!!
As you may or may not know, I have been trying to host a contest for my group to participate in. So, the price in points may be small, but exposure comes with it.

Pt. 1, Icon contest

Group Icon Contest

The contest is simple, make a new icon to replace the old icon on hidden-deviants.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Must be animated
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Must have the words "Hidden Deviants" and "Helping deviants grow" separated or together
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! No NSFW or putting a watermark on it (unless it isn't the final version), it defeats the purpose
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Must be readable
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Must watch me, :iconmaxtron9000: and be a member of :iconhidden-deviants:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! All submissions must go to the "Icon Contest Entries" folder in our group
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Fave this journal
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 1 submission per person


1st place
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 100:points:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Free three weeks feature at the top of our page
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! A journal about you and your work
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! I will move 2 of your best pieces to featured
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! A watch from me
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Your icon will be used on hidden deviants, and we will credit you, forever!

2nd Place
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!1 week feature on :iconhidden-deviants:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!2 weeks of using your icon as our icon.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!A watch from me
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Compliments from everyone!

Pt. 2, Winter Dream Contest

Winter Dream Contest

The contest is simple, draw my OC, Kazumi, in a winter scenario. I prefer it to be kind of dreamy, and fun.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Preferably keep her original outfit, but you can like add a scarf or something
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! No NSFW
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Watch me, :iconmaxtron9000: and be a member of :iconhidden-deviants:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! All submissions must be in the "Winter Dream Contest Entries" Folder
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 1 submission per person
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Fave this journal
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Any media welcome!!

Here are some references for my OC, Kazumi
Kazumi-Chan! by Maxtron9000Commission 2 for Maxtron9000 by tsukinokageCommission 1 for Maxtron9000 by tsukinokage
and Kazumi Reference for her whole color palette

Bold, playful, feminine, loves pastries, cookies, loves the holidays, loves glittery/sparkly things, and can behave like a cat.


1st place
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 100:points:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Free three weeks feature at the top of our page
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! A journal about you and your work
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! I will move 2 of your best pieces to featured
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! A watch from me

2nd Place
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Watch from me
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!2 weeks feature
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!20:points:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Custom lineart of your OC, for you and you only to color.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Compliments all around!

For all the features, the Winter dream 1st place and 2nd place will be featured first, followed by the icon winners

Deadline for both of these contests is Saturday, January 16th. Judging will take place the next day.

*Note: I am in need of more prizes, so please donate some if you do not wish to participate (like commissions, etc.)

Also, if you are apposed to anything in the contest, please let me know

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I got points I don't need anymore so I decided to do what I did last time and raffle em away!~

Okay so heres how we'll do it: 

comment and I'll give you a number! It's a short one so it'll end in like an hour or so! 

first place:

1000 :points:

second place:

500 :points: 


If theres anyone out there who has money issues and needs points/if you know anyone who needs points that they want to convey into money comment here and I'll try and help you for as long as my points can last!
(it's okay if it's not an emergency, if it's for meeting a friend or for buying presents and what not it's still ok!) 
Just link me a journal if there is one and I'll see what I can do. 
yes ok
first of all
i am a boy.

i am a boy who has a vagina.

does that make me any less of who i am?

it doesn't.

and for all the other boys who were born the same way i was,
it goes for you, too.

and i will continue to say that,
despite my biology,
my gender is male.

i don't need a dick to determine that.

nor do i ever.

for all you trans guys out there, i feel this is something i need to say.

i don't even want a dick.

why? because i'm comfortable with what i have.
and this does not make me any less male.

my genitalia has not and will never determine who i am. never.

yours won't determine who you are, either.

there's a bit more i need to address.

if a trans boy is dating a cis boy, that does not make the couple straight.
no, because he is not "female"

and i'm sick of people who try to play it that way.

if two trans boys were to date, that does not make them "lesbians"
the same goes for if a trans boy were to date a cis girl.
or if he were to date a trans girl.

i seriously wish these things didn't need to be addressed, but i feel not many people understand the concept well enough.

so, for the last time,
trans boys are boys, too.