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After reading through the comments in my previous journal, I feel the need to clarify a couple of things.

First: Tracing. Does. Not. Help. You. Improve. Your. Art.
Never has, never will and you’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise.
Second: Emulation is not tracing. People seem to be having trouble telling the difference.

Tracing does not teach you anything because all you’re doing is copying the line work of an existing image. All real work has already been done. You’re not learning how the image is constructed or discovering for yourself how to use your drawing tools to create the desired effect. You’d be better off just outright copy/pasting the base image and saving yourself the time.
Emulation on the other hand, be it simply trying to recreate an existing image by eye or (even better) going all out and trying to adopt an existing style, does improve your method. By “reverse engineering” an image, you work out how it was created and gain an understanding of how to create the same effect again, or even improve upon it. Assimilating and adapting this knowledge into a method that feels natural for you is a good foundation/support to your own personal style.

All hail our lord and freddy savior Scott Cawthon

I'm taking a while off from DeviantArt and the internet to have more time for real life, art and Emion.

There has been a lot of stuff going on lately. I don't feel the need to elaborate on everything. But I've been feeling hugely uninspired. While it's arguable that the online community serves a huge inspiration and it's uplifting to get support of many, it also comes with expectations and pressure -- which I can unfortunately not deal with very well. I lately found back an old saved file from a forum that I posted my fiction on years ago. While it didn't have so many followers, I miss the in depth support and the way people were into the project... and much more the way I was into the project. It made me realize I haven't been feeling that inspired for a long time. 

So I wish you a good time.
See you around somewhere in 2015

PS; the points-feature thing will still run. I'll have a friend checking & updating that for me on a regular basis.
I’ve been getting a lot of complaints from people saying they don’t like all the “feminism” and “SJW” messages that I’ve been putting into my comics lately. They want me to just make comics that are fun and don’t have political meanings or messages behind them.

Alright... I can get behind that. I understand that sometimes reiterating yourself on your political points can get a bit tiring, especially when you don’t yourself marinate in social justice issues 24/7. No problem!

Except... I haven’t really been doing that. Like, at all. These are the latest 27 comics and Illustrations I’ve made:

JuggerNOT by TomPreston Historical Reenactors by TomPreston Long Live WuKo by TomPreston The Metrics by TomPreston Splatoon by TomPreston Get It Back or Geek Out Trying by TomPreston Skyrim - Resource Management by TomPreston SYAC - Seen The Light by TomPreston SYAC - The Answer Is There Isn't One by TomPreston SYAC - Mascotchistic by TomPreston SYAC - BINGO by TomPreston NSYAC - Time After Time by TomPreston NSYAC - Winging It by TomPreston NSYAC - Crafty by TomPreston NSYAC - Dirty Fingers by TomPreston NSYAC - Premature Departure by TomPreston NSYAC - Less Is More by TomPreston NSYAC - Why Ask Why by TomPreston NSYAC - Listening In by TomPreston NSYAC - Culture Clash by TomPreston NSYAC - Stay Frosty by TomPreston NSYAC - Bummed Out by TomPreston NSYAC - Savant by TomPreston NSYAC - There There by TomPreston NSYAC - Easy as Pie by TomPreston Skyrim - Giant Golf by TomPreston Samus V Ridley by TomPreston

Of that batch only 3 of the SYAC strips could be called “political” in nature because they dealt with GamerGate. The rest? Not really about SJW, feminism, or any sort of agenda whatsoever. Now on the flip side I HAVE been making a lot of journals about social issues because, well, it’s my journal and I like to talk about stuff that’s going on. If my journals bother you, please unsubscribe from them and just follow my art. DA allows that choice for a reason.

So I would kindly like to ask people who are praising me for “going back to regular comics” to knock it off. I’ve been doing regular comics this whole time. And I shouldn’t have to make a journal like this to point that out, either...
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Remmy STUFF!!!!

Tue Oct 21, 2014, 8:46 PM


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Foxy screenshot by cometgazer379

And what is this? :eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636  It looks like Foxy is still with us!
(OH MY GOD THEY HAVE A GAMEROOM) The map is way bigger as well!
Screenshot 2 by cometgazer379

This looks like it may be pirate cove, but it's renamed to "Kid's Cove."
Screenshot by cometgazer379

What's that in the corner? Hmmm

Also, they said that there are NO DOORS! OH MY GODDDDDDD
:excited: I'M SO EXCITEDexcited happy :excited: revamp... again. :excited: excited Excited Blush :excited: rvmp *raves in office chair :chairdance: 


Tue Oct 21, 2014, 4:01 PM
Cuties (animated) by Sparkle-Bliss



Created at
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So my mom visited me today. And we sat down to watch this…

And this is what my mom said (in Hindi, mind):

''Oh my god! How could those girls let that happen? Don't they know any better? Don't they know right from wrong? I just... can't understand what was going through their heads. I mean, if my (male) teacher asked me to give him oral sex I would've been like 'Ew. Gross,' and told someone. Don't they know how to speak up, how to tell someone? Didn't those kids think that behaviour was inappropriate, strange and not right at all? What is wrong with kids these days!''

My older sister, Sandita, the only one in my family who knows about my abuse, saw the look on my face and tried to reason with Mama. ''But Mama,'' Sandita said, ''these kids were scared. They didn't know what to do. These adults overpowered them and gained their trust. That's what pedophiles do. Deep down, these kids know its wrong...but there's a lot of conflicted feelings going on. Part of their bodies feel right and respond accordingly while their brain is telling them 'NO!' But it's fear that holds these kids back. They're afraid of being blamed, bullied, not taken seriously, disowned by their families, or even ... they're lost. They just don't know where to go, who to trust. They keep letting it happen because they think it's their fault and they deserve it somehow. They don't know how to fight back.''

And my mom just shook her head. ''Still. Kids should be brought up to know right from wrong. They should have programs in schools or something that teach kids it's wrong when someone touches you inappropriately. They should teach kids how to defend themselves, how to find help when there's a problem. These kids aren't that young though. I can understand if they were 4-10. But if you're 11, 12, should know better!''

Sandita sighed and gave up, and then she turned to me. I didn't know what to say. I was just disappointed that my mom would respond like that. Would she blame me if she knew? Would she think I was too ignorant and foolish to learn to go to someone? Would she think I should have known better for letting the abuse continue this long? I asked to be excused before visiting hours were over and one of the nurses took me back to my room where I cried myself to sleep.


That's it. I love my mom but she's too close-minded. I can never tell her what happened to me. Not when I was 14, and certainly not what happened between myself and some of my Senseis at school in Japan. She just doesn't understand and she never will. She only knows about my best friend and co-founder Shanti :iconcrippled-glass-wings: because we adopted her. Not legally. But she's part of our family in spirit. Mama doesn't know the whole truth. She only knows Shanti was abused by her brother, but not the details of the abuse. She doesn't know how Ishaan took sexual advantage of both Shanti and I for nearly five years. I never told my family except Sandita.I wanted to tell them all as a family. That's why I was making the comic, ''Wing of Crippled Glass'' (in which this group is named after and Shanti's dA username). It keeps getting delayed though. My father is dead, and we have to file a restraining order against Ishaan. So these are obstacles. Now I'm reluctant to make the comic. My mom would hate me if she knew. And I can't bear that. I already lost Papa. I don't want to lose her too. I need my family the most right now but I'm deathly scared what will happen if they eventually know the truth.


EDIT OF PURE TERROR. HORRIFYING SCREENSHOTS… Old Chica and New Bonnie crawl through the vents. ;-;… IT HAS TWO FUCKING HEADS
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:bulletred: Whoever wanted to see the trailer 

:bulletred: OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! :chairdance: 

lol yeah I'm pretty much excited about Five nights at freddys 2 lol! it looks SO scary and awesome!! 

no doors? eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!excited happy