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Ponies of Equestria! Ponies of Deviantart! Listen up!

Contest #7


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"Cutie Marks are Magical!"
I want you to show us the magic of your OC's cutie mark!

Draw a picture of your OC doing/enjoying whatever his/her cutie mark represents!

All OCs (and background ponies) are allowed - except the Mane 7!

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Saturday, 09th January 2016

Your picture has to be submitted after the 30th, November!

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The Winners (Place 1 - 7) can choose 1 of these prizes:

12 Months Core Membership (on dA)

6 Months Core Membership (on dA)

3 Months Core Membership (on dA)

1000 :points:

1 (Simple) Animation made by

1 (Small) Maud Plush made by
Mini Maud Custom Plush by tsand106

1 Vector + Comic Cameo in
"Past Sins" by
Past Sins: Treachery P2 by SaturnStar14


The Winners (Place 8 - 17) will get 400 :points: each!


Every participant will get 5 :points:!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

How To Join!

Draw a picture and submit it dA (not!

Post a link to it as a comment to this journal!

I'll not visit pages outside dA!

As soon as you're mentioned under "Entries" you know I accepted it!

You're allowed to submit MORE than one entry!

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Your picture has to be submitted after the 30th November!

No stealing.

It doesn't matter if the picture is digital/tradional - no sketches!
Backgrounds are not a must.

Bases are allowed!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


Are comics/animations allowed?

My OC has no cutie mark. What can I do?
Draw a picture of your OC - without a cutie mark - believing what her "special talent" will be!

What about griffons, dragons, changelings a.s.o.?
They're allowed! Just let them imagine what it would be to have a cutie mark!

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


Check out these journal(s) for your entry/entries!

Pixel Raffle { OPEN }

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 2:47 AM

so its almost christmas+im pretty near 4k watchers so i thought why not hold a raflle that'd be nice.

Raffle ended 14 DEC 2015 

Prize : 1 100x100 pixel [ can be human/anthro ]

 Commission - litecchi by SirPansolCommission - inkray by SirPansolCommission - smogmonsters by SirPansol
To Enter :
-be a watcher 
-fave this journal
-write a journal/poll of it
-write a comment on the journal including the link
[I'll respond with your raffle number ]

notice: i will be in japan from 9dec-12 dec so i might respond late then

Good Luck~

Pixel by Kittyrocker
Img-og by seoul-child

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.

Introducing griffsnuff


My name is Tina, and I am a bubbly happy artist from Norway who enjoy sharing and learning more about art. I have been drawing my whole life and it is probably thanks to my mom that I kept on drawing. She has always been my biggest supporter and encouraged me to keep drawing.

I joined DeviantArt in 2005, and that is also were I have met my best friends, learned most about myself and my art. Meeting new people from so many different parts of the world and with so many ideas, is really inspiring to me and has made me work and try a lot of different things through my years, I also worked as a concept artist on Among the sleep and that taught me a lot about design which is my favorite part of art besides colors.

I also would like to say thank you for the enormous support and love I have gotten from this community, your words and ideas have inspired me to do so many things, and being able to create art that gives others joy, is worth every second I spend on here and on the art I make!

December 2015

Deviousness Award Winner

griffsnuff is a widely recognized member of the DeviantArt community! A deviant for over 10 years, she's made a huge impact on the chibi and adoptable communities. Her bright colors and distinct line art give her artwork a unique and instantly recognizable look. She's always willing to answer questions and has created an extensive collection of tutorials to aid fellow artists.  We're proud to name griffsnuff as the Deviousness Award recipient for December 2015.

Showing Some Love

Community Quotes

:iconmzzazn: :icontsaoshin: :iconthegalleryofeve: :iconmiloticscale: :iconstygma: :iconwen-m: :iconsandara:

It is always a treat to find art work from griffsnuff appear in my feed. If you take a peek at her gallery, her artwork is colorful, clean, and also fun in nature. It is inspiring to see how much she has grown from her works in 2005 until now and her tutorial folder is well organized. From experience, I know that tutorials can take ages to create and the fact that she has more than a handful available as free resources is fantastic and shows her willingness to share her knowledge. Some are quite comical too! Thank you for being an inspirational role model to many on DeviantArt and also for being part of this community, griffsnuff! You deserve this.

I am inspired whenever I explore griffsnuff's gallery. It always excites me to see her drawings pop up in my DeviantArt feed, with their beautiful designs, vibrant palettes, and whimsical character designs. In addition to being a wonderfully talented artist, griffsnuff is a down to Earth friendly person who consistently reaches out to the community with fun journals, polls, and events. Her amazing passion for her craft is a big motivation for me and I'm sure for many others in the community. Congratulations, griff!

griffsnuff is one of the most inspiring artists around DeviantArt!!! Love From the color palettes, the lovely expressions of the characters, everything griffsnuff creates is pure joy to the eye!!! I'm very happy to see this award bestowed on griffsnuff, this friendly, amazing artist who selflessly provides sweet little chibi linearts for the entire community to enjoy and color!!! Deviousness is an even sweeter concept today, thanks to griffsnuff !!! Congratulations my friend!!!

griffsnuff definitely has some weight to her name. She's been at the front of the market for commissions for as long as she's been in my watch list. I often see updates from her in my message center and get super curious about what she has to offer and what she's provided recently. Her artwork is simply astounding, and on top of that, she's super friendly and approachable. She always seems pretty eager to answer questions or lend a hand when someone needs real advice from someone who knows what they're doing, and it's pretty hard to find that in serious artists nowadays. She is truly a gem. 

Starlord, I mean griffsnuff, is among my favorite artists. I enjoy her art, from the silliest critter to the full detailed pieces; it is fun and can brighten a moody day. I admire her for doing what she likes instead on just focusing on making serious realistic art. griffsnuff is not only skilled; she also makes time to interact with her watchers, making her stand out from many popular artists. I am inspired by her and her work. griffsnuff is a teacher too! I've learned many things from her live art streams and tutorials. From her, I've learned tips and tricks about art, animation and even webpage coding. I appreciate all those things and I believe that griffsnuff is a key member for the DeviantArt community and fully deserves the Deviousness Award!

I came across the art of griffsnuff while searching for a whimsical style, and I just love the way she uses shapes, color and subject matters. The consistency in her gallery is also something that made me watch her, she has a definitive style that I really enjoy!

griffsnuff has come a long way in the years I have known her. Her creatures are super cute and well designed. She's very active in the DA community, and her posts are usually quite funny. She totally deserves the Deviousness award! Congratulations!

Congratulations to griffsnuff!

View Profile


Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 3:13 AM

Xmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-LehreXmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-LehreXmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-Lehre
Mini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinku

I will do this cause yeeeey.. i reached 300 watchers ~~ and it's december~~ ; v;// <3 i feel like doing sweet things~~ <3


1. You must be watcher .

[ doesn't matter if you watch me after I post this journal or you've seen a link to the raffle `` ; v; ]

2. Fave this journal.
3. You'll get assigned a number.

4. If you share about this raffle & show me the link, you'll get an extra number!
  [ post a journal/poll/whatever and link me to it ]
I'll be using to generate a random number, so if your number comes up you're a winner!

Mini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinku
Free JingleBell Divider by PhoebeRoseFree JingleBell Divider by PhoebeRoseFree JingleBell Divider by PhoebeRoseFree JingleBell Divider by PhoebeRoseFree JingleBell Divider by PhoebeRose


C: My bae~~ by Hitomi-chyC: Sakura petals and light~~ by Hitomi-chy
Afraid of what? ~ Owari no seraph OCs by Hitomi-chy

~ 1 half-body character ~ request

if there are more participants.. I WILL ADD MORE PRIZES``` uhuuu``` 

Mini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinkuMini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinku

Free JingleBell Divider by PhoebeRoseDEADLINE : 20 december
cause Christmas is coming``` :lights: i got a letter Merry christmas everybody 

Xmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-LehreXmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-LehreXmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-Lehre

Now that December has officially started, it is time to get in the spirit of giving and mirth! Because of this chilly time of year, we at the Band of Butts have decided to kick up our first official Secret Cinna Gift Exchange Event!

What's a Secret Santa?
A Secret Santa is an event where a group of people get together and agree to get a gift for one other person. The names of each participant are chosen randomly, and everyone is assigned someone to give for! This provides an element of surprise and wonder!

What are the Rules/ Formatting?
This will be a fairly simple event that people of any skill level can participate in! As such, look more towards the thought of giving to someone opposed to what you're receiving. What you give may not match what you receive, but that's not what matters here!
*As previously stated, any skill level is welcome, along with any medium. However, if you are doing traditional artwork, make sure that you can take a decent photo of said work.
*Put effort into the drawings! No sketches (unless it's a sort of sketchbook or something, but seek approval from one of the admins running the event), and make sure it is not on notebook or grid paper!
*In order to participate in the Secret Cinna you must have a Cinnadog. HOWEVER, if you do want to participate and DONT own a cinnadog, you can instead draw one of the cinna's listed below. The lord of winter may bring you something special for your kindness.
*Entries are due the 24th - 25th of December! If you cannot make the entry, you must inform us before  the 18th so we can find someone to fill in! If you fail to notify us, you will not be able to participate in another event for a while!

In the comments below, CrowCakeys will have a comment asking for people to fill out a form! Reply to that comment with a filled out form. You will then receive a number from one of our helpers. DONT DICTATE THE ENTIRE DRAWING IN THE SPECIFICATIONS. IT WOULDN'T BE A SURPRISE OTHERWISE.

Cinnadog(s) I would like drawn:
Holiday Preference?:
Specific Details/ Requests:

on December 3rd (or 4th) You will receive an email from one of the staff with the link to the person you were chosen to draw for! Please post the entries on Dec 23rd-25th. (if you need to post sooner or later, let someone know ahead of time and well see if that's alright). Again, if you cannot finish your entry, you must inform us by the 18th!

These are the Cinnas you may draw if you still want to participate but do not currently own any Cinnas:, (NOTE: Please dont draw his mouth ;u; ), (This is a cinnacat, for those who have trouble drawing non feral posed cinnadogs :'3)

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's drawings, and hope everyone has fun with this!
just in general, all types of idiots. i had some FREAK comment on one of my rats videos, saying they needed to be killed. MY BABIES needed to be killed. then i got one on some random video telling a story bout a man who killed a dog. not to mention ones that say "i hate your voice no wonder you're manic depressive," as if VOICES give you mental disorders. and that's only a couple examples of the bullshit i have to deal with. people who accuse you of being something you're not, people who judge you simply by your views, and not your character. people who insist on trying to tweak you by insulting you with things that don't even APPLY to you! though i do have a pretty funny one.

about a year ago, i had someone note me, and he only put his entire message in the subject bar. he started with, "ur gay."

me: well, actually, I'm pansexual, but thank you.

him: i did ur mum last night

me: i wouldn't be surprised, she's a whore.

honestly, i don't remember what he said next, but it was cracking me up because he kept trying to insult me with things that AREN'T insulting! eventually he gave up when he finally realized he wasn't hurting my feelings. a similar thing happened on a video some time ago on youtube, where someone started trying to insult my *barf* mother. "yo mama's a whore." yes, she is. "yo mama's so fat." well no, she's actually REALLY skinny, but i got a better one. my mama's such a filthy slut, people mistake her for a sperm bank. so a bunch of people got in, telling yo mama jokes, and i pitched in as well. these are the few times when idiots are very entertaining.

but my god. some people. it's just like, where do these things come from? was your mama your daddy's sister? there are over seven billion people on this earth. eight years ago, there was only four billion. we just keep reproducing, idiots making idiot babies, idiots driving the smart ones to suicide, idiots telling the smart people how horrible they are because they know the world for what it is. they're going to drown us, all these druggies, drunks, cheaters, liars, self righteous bigots, and to quote MJK, "hip gangsta wannabes." you know what, i AM praying for mayhem, I'm praying for tidal waves, because we need to be brought down. we've done nothing but infect this planet, and because there are so many idiots, we can't try and fix it because THEY ruin it.

we need a change. a HUGE change. and you know what bugs the shit out of me? I CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.


I think there's a HUGE understanding. people keep telling me to just ignore and block them, but I guess I failed to mention that that's what I do. I only respond to the hater comments that don't bug me. the ones that do bug me, I block and remove/hide the comment depending on what site I'm on. I haven't responded to an actual troll in about three years. just because I don't respond, and just because I block them and stuff, COMPLETELY ignoring them, doesn't mean it doesn't bother me. they don't know it bothered me, but that's not the point. the point is, I SAW THE COMMENT, and it made me angry. I could do whatever I wanted with it, that doesn't change the fact that it made me mad. the only reason I'm explaining this is because I'm tried of repeating it every time someone tells me to just ignore them, because I already am.
  • Mood: Hostile
  • Drinking: water

A Quick Blinking Animation Tutorial

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 4:41 PM

[ TW: Moving Images  | Gifs ]

[ Ever wanted to learn how I make things do the "blink" ? Ever wanted to know that it's actually a lil bit simpler than you thought? WORRY NOT; for I have bullshitted a tutorial for all of you, my friends! It's not INCREDIBLY accurate because again I just kinda...doodled it out and I'm still learning myself. But it should do the trick for getting you slowly into the field of the dreaded and tedious Animation . SO LETS GET ON WITH IT. Down below you'll find a shitty guide to making your ocs...or your favourite characters, BLINK. JUST MAKE SURE, you have photoshop because this is what I use to animate things. If you wanna use a gif maker, then by all means...but I strongly recommend at least Photoshop CS3 or Higher...or even GIMP. But personally I have no idea how to use gimp. ] 

Blink Tutorial  by BitterBile

[ Once you've finally put it all together and if You did it right. You should come up with something like this! ] 

Blink 1 Constant Loop by BitterBile

[ However, With the way I animate blinking.

My frame order is this:

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 3 , 2.

My Frame SPEED is at this: 

1 ( 0.5 sec )
2 ( 0.08 sec )
3 ( 0.12 sec )
4 ( 0.12 sec )
3 ( 0.1 sec )
2 ( 0.08 sec )
1 ( 0.1 sec )
2 ( 0.08 sec )
3 ( 0.12 sec )
4 ( 0.12 sec )
3 ( 0.1 sec ) 
2 ( 0.08 sec )  

Put that together and you get my standard blinking Loop: 

Blink 2 by BitterBile

So I hope this helps you out guys! If you use my method, I'd love it if you could share the drawing! Anyhoo, Happy Animating, my friends! ] 

Pony Creator Contest!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 9:01 AM

My Profile PageMy GalleryMy Journal

Heya dear bronies and pegasisters?? about if we do a little contests? OwO
Do you want to win a free custom pony for you?...

This is very simple and funny!

:heart:What is it about?

Easy. using the Pony Creator, you must create a pony...use your imagination and create an amazing pony, be creative and do an awesome pony. :la:

:star:IMPORTANT!: please, DON NOT create a super hyper mega complex pony, with a loooot of accessories and
incoherent colors, in a nutshell, DO NOT create a "mary sue princess alicorn bat pony rainbow kawaii desu ne" pony.

The best design, with the best colors and composition, will win the same pony that you created, but in my custom style...example-> Custom Blue Astrology Pony by YukiAdoptablesPonies

This a good opportunity for you to create a new oc for your collection! :la:

Please, before to
compete, read the rules:

:heart: RULES:

1- Watch me!...only my watchers can participate!

2- You MUST use the Pony Creator ->
Pony Creator v3 by generalzoi (any version it's fine, pony creator 3D is allowed too)


3- Comment with the link of your desing (you can submit it in your or in your gallery) AND SHARE THIS JOURNAL!...add the link of your poll or journal in tha same comment!

4- The contest ends on Sunday, December 13th and I'll  announce the winner at the next day...(I will ask help to a friend that isn't a pony fan to decide the best design with the best colors and composition, so, the decision will be very impartial)

5- If you have a question, please DO NOT COMMENT HERE!!!...this journal in only for the entries, for questions, go to this other journal -> Pony Creator contest!Your questions here, dears! >w<


This is where you feature your friends.

This is where your featured deviations go.

Skin created by (c) r0se-designs
  • Mood: Joy


Thanks to those who have stated their opinion on my previous journal, the prizes are kinda influenced by them =P

1. You
have to be a watcher;
2. You have to share this journal in your journal/poll/whatever really;
3. You may or may not favorite this journal, but it's always some kind of a sign that you at least read the rules :B
4. You have to put in a comment with a link to your journal, the tagged person if you want to take part of an additional drawing, and if you want to a word "Bald banana" putted somewhere in a sentence. Just for fun =P

But it can't all come down to just rules, that's not how society works, does it? ;)


Equestrian Mail Services by BaldMooseChocolate Skies by BaldMoose
ONE HIGHLY DETAILED PICTURE OF MY WORK OF ONE CHARACTER (90+ entrants make it two characters)


Silly Horses by BaldMoose
ONE MILDLY DETAILED PICTURE OF MY WORK OF ONE CHARACTER (60+ entrants make it two characters)


You're my hero, Max by BaldMooseThey Will Follow You by BaldMoose
ONE PORTRAIT OF MY WORK OF ONE CHARACTER (50+ entrants make it two characters)


To get this prize you have to tag one person you would like to spend christmas with! Friend, foe, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever!
I will randomly pick 5 people, who will get drawn with a person they tagged :)
(This comes down to ink only, since I can't put up with many drawings at once)


17th of December 2015 12PM (Warsaw time)

I will announce winners two days later, 19th, on Saturday! :)


Dziękuję wszystkim którzy wyrazili swoją opinię w poprzednim journalu, nagrody są głównie przez nich takie jakie są =P

1. Musisz być moim watcherem;
2. Musisz zrobić journal/ankietę o tym giveawayu;
3. Możesz sfavować ten journal, zawsze miło :B
4. Musisz skomentować ten journal z linkiem do swojego journala, stagowaną osobą, jeśli chcesz brać udział w dodatkowym losowaniu i jeżeli Ci się chce określeniem "Łysy Banan" wplecionym gdzieś w logiczne zdanie. To ostatnie dla zabawy, lubię patrzeć na takie rzeczy =P

Ale nie można się ograniczać do zasad w życiu, nie? ;)


Equestrian Mail Services by BaldMooseChocolate Skies by BaldMoose
JEDEN DOKŁADNY RYSUNEK MOJEGO WYKONANIA Z JEDNĄ POSTACIĄ (90+ osób biorących udział to dodatkowa postać)


Silly Horses by BaldMoose
JEDEN MNIEJ DOKŁADNY RYSUNEK MOJEGO WYKONANIA Z JEDNĄ POSTACIĄ (60+ osób biorących udział to dodatkowa postać)


You're my hero, Max by BaldMooseThey Will Follow You by BaldMoose
JEDEN PORTRET MOJEGO WYKONANIA Z JEDNĄ POSTACIĄ (50+ osób biorących udział to dodatkowa postać)


Aby zostać wziętym pod uwagę przy tej nagrodzie, musisz stagować w komentarzu osobę, z którą chciał(a)byś spędzić święta! Przyjaciel, wróg, chłopak, dziewczyna, cokolwiek!
Wylosuję 5 osób które zostaną narysowane ze stagowaną osobą :)
(Będzie to tylko lineart, ponieważ mam masę rysunków do zrobienia naraz)


17go Grudnia 2015 o północy (z czwartku na piątek)

Ogłoszę wyniki dwa dni później, w sobotę! :)

Have a thing

Meh, it's close enough to December over here. Only like half an hour more XP

Anyways! Wanted to do this instead of a Yes or No journal since I feel bad for not getting to some of your guys' questions on my profile page/deviations. Figured it'd be easier for me to answer them all here in one place :D So ask away! I'll try to answer the best I can!

  • Limit yourself to three questions pretty pleaaaase
  • Before you ask a question I recommend you check out my FAQ on my profile page 
  • Listening to: Ma Boy by 씨스타19