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600 points GIVEAWAY

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 5:27 PM

:star: revamp To celebrate the opening of my Online Shop :star: revamp 

To enter

  1. You have to be a watcher to enter ;
  2. Add this journal to your favorites ;
  3. Additional chance to win if you comment ;
  4. Additional chance to win if you post a journal with a link to this giveaway ;
  5. Additional chance to win if you give me a llama (and tell me in comment that you gave it to me for the giveaway).

So this means you can have up to 4 chances to win !


  1. One 300Points winner ; 
  2. One 150:points: winner ;
  3. Two 75Points winners.
-Winners will be selected with a random number generator.

Majestic Freakazoid by TrollcreaK

Giveaway ends October 31st

Halloween - Give away

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 1:44 PM


~Your Oc here giveaway~

The winner will get a bat pony version of their Oc.
Using this base (I made) below.
Of course I can add horns, lashes and change gender etc, to your liking.
If your Oc already is a bat pony that's not a problem.


~Ends: 15 November~
            Halloween - Pixel Giveaway by Neko951
How to enter:

Skull white by Xiahism Favorite this journal.
Skull white by Xiahism Write a journal about this giveaway,
add a link to this journal.
Skull white by Xiahism Watch me.


How I pick the winner:

When favoring this journal, you automatically get a number. So it's important that you do!
When the giveaway ends I will use a random number generator to pick a winner.
I will check if the person linked to the drawn number did all the other requirements.
if not I will generate a new number.


If you have any questions feel free to ask~<3
Happy Halloween!

Divider - Pumpkins by r0se-designs

Skin by Pinipy
Art by Neko951

Art Trade Fraud

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 4:33 PM
Pony Artist

CSS Skin

At first, I gave this user the chance to prove she wasn't being fraudulent. 

AT: Ashley *Subject for Deletion by iPandacakes <-- my half *Which will soon be deleted

She asked me for an art trade, I accepted, I did my part, she loved it.. she never did her half.

Now at first, she said it was due to being busy at school, which is perfectly understandable.
I'm in College, I'm busy, I get it. So I waited.

A few days later, I recieved a note, who shall remain anonymous, stating this: Evidence 2 by iPandacakes


So after recieving the 1st note, I commented to her informing her of my suspicion and that I would be keeping an eye on her.
If she refused to comply with her half or resond with a reasonable excuse, than I would inform her to you, my watchers, as an Art Trade fraud.

She simply answered it, "?????" and then hid my comment. 

That was when I got the 2nd note. 

Well after that, I went back to research a bit and then saw this: Evidence 1 by iPandacakes

Seems yet ANOTHER person is asking if her half has been finished. 

When I confronted her again, she responded to my comment with the one I highlighted in the black box.

"Who the fuck are you?"

Well now, young missy: I would expect someone who was serious about completeing an art trade would remember exactly who they were.
Now not only did you "forget" me, but this goes to show you really do not care about who we are and simply only want art from us, and that in itself is absolutely immature.

I gave you a fair warning I would do this, and I am a woman of my word. 

Do not accept an art trade from 7uprulez

You will not get your half and it will be a waste of time. 
Maybe someday she will smarten up and live up to her words, but for now she is unreliable.

Thank you for reading my lovely watchers :heart:

Sincerely, Panda

Sincerely, Panda

I remember when I was a kid, I'd record Saturday morning cartoons, play them back, pause the image, put a piece of paper over the screen and trace my favourite characters.
Now this was really hard in the VHS era, because a paused image on a VHS is usually either broken up or shakes so much that you’ll have some kind of fit if you look at it too long, it depended on how cheap and sh*tty your machine was.
But I worked really hard at it, man. I spent ages getting the linework just right, I was so careful, and when I peeled the page from the static cling of the bulbous, cathode ray tube screen, the character looked exactly right on the page. And you wanna know what I took away from that endeavour? What all that effort taught me?

Jack f**king sh*t.

You don’t pick up or develop any skills by tracing. You don’t devise and perfect your own methods by tracing. You do not progress as an artist by tracing. All you get is a loss of credibility, especially in this day and age, because even if you rip off the work of a lesser-known, hack-cartoonist like me, someone’s gonna spot it and call you out.



Hello everyone, and yes I am having a contest :la:

So this contest is about my 5 OC´s, Chisue, Qui, Tea, Cherrii and Purpuri.
I wanted you to draw all 5 oc´s TOGETHER in one drawing!
BUT they must do something TOGETHER, (not only standing around at the corner xD).
I want you to draw them, like example, they are cooking together, playing together,
sleeping together, learning studying together anything together etc... Use your imaginations!

sorry for the colored sketch reference only... I will gonna draw them in the next days so yeah, till then I only have this.
MY 5 by 5uemini Chisue by 5uemore comming soon xD
CLICK HERE for my OC´s folder
They all have the yellowish hair color on the top of their head, and they all have their own skin colors.
Please read the discreption! 

:bulletwhite: It can be funny
:bulletwhite: It can be sad

Y O U R . D R A W I N G
:bulletwhite: It can have background, but you don´t have to, i f you don´t feel like making a Background
:bulletwhite: You can Pixel them, (NO ICONS)
:bulletwhite: You can animate them
:bulletwhite: It must be at least 150x150px big and up
:bulletwhite: You can draw my Oc´s with your OC´s
:bulletwhite: You can dress them up a little, but please not too much, so that I can´t see it as my own OC anymore
:bulletwhite: Please draw them in your own drawing style
:bulletwhite: You can enter how many you want, BUT only one of the best of yours will gonna win
:bulletwhite: You can leave your entry on the comments below
all contest entries will be fave H E R E

T H E . P R I C E S
Please note that 1$ = 80:points:
The best Idea will gonna win
I will gonna choose the winner

will gonna win from me 80$ or 6400:points: and a chibi and mini chibi

will gonna win from me 45$ or 3600:points: and a chibi

will gonna win from me 10.50$ or 840:points: and a mini chibi

all people who enetered will gonna recieved some points from me, after the deadline contest

The deadline is set at JANUARY 31 2015
so you have your time, I WILL NOT EXTENDING THE DEADLINE!

Do you have any questions? You may comment below.

Thank you for reading, and Happy drawing if you want to enter :heart:

character and points raffle

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 11:35 AM

wowi'll be leaving dA ,this time i wont come back, but dont worry i will finish owed art ovo
i just,,,don't want to be here idols and friends are unwatching me
and school is killing me
i'll be doing a raffle  ovob,
bye //n

rules: comment and fave(!!!) this journal ;v;
i will use to choose the winner

oops i will do customs, icant just give my characters for free ;b;<3

so yep!there will be 6 winners

2 people will get 500 pts

Skin by SimplySilent


Sun Oct 19, 2014, 7:51 PM



I have no idea what to do anymore. I was trying to draw some designs for my new characters I had in my head. Maybe you can help me with that?



- designs for TWO characters, who must be identical for 80-90%

- they must be not so big and moderately cute creatures - they could be as existing animals as some hybrids you can imagine;

- their design must be simple BUT with a twist (special marking form or small and interesting accessories) - i don't need characters who have many colorful stripes, spots, etc. (i love when desing is simple but unique);

- the eyes could be different colors or the same one;

- it is desirable to draw their human form with animal ears and tail (not necessary), haircut should be different;

- as for their clothes if you want to draw something complex and interesting - feel fre to do it, i also love just T-shirt and shorts and + some interesting detail;

- no need to spend your time for good reff, the point is to see the design (must be clear enough to understand).


First character features:

- he must be male only;

- his colors must be warm colors (beige, red and all the like);

- just about his temper is quite daring; not afraid to speak out, even if sometimes it is quite out of place, a ringleader in this pair - well, I think you know what I mean;


Second character features:

- could be male or female;

- should be bright cool colors (I tend to white with a pinch of black / grays / parts, but may pale bluish);

- he / she is indecisive, shy, compassionate and rather emotional character.


*This is just my preferred criteria that I see them at the moment. But if you have a great idea that is different from this, then - so please, showcase!


Number of entries from one participant can be countless.

I really hope to find that my imagination is not yet able to play. Need some kind of a push in a certain direction, or something. In general, I'd be happy to see your suggestions!


The prize will be only one whose design is necessary to me to taste.

I draw his/her character fullbody with abstract / simple BG.

If I do not find a suitable design to my taste - i draw an incentive prize (and maybe not one, but small), the one whose design was closer in my spirit.


Deadline: 26 October

I hope the week will be enough for you to make a couple of designs.




Я мучаюсь уже некоторое время над дизайном.

Не получается нарисовать. Может кто из Вас придумает то, что зацепит меня?

В общем, вся суть в этом.



- придумать дизайн ДВУХ персонажей, которые должны быть идентичны на 80-90%

- должны быть небольшие и миловидные в меру зверушки - как существующие, так и лично Вами придуманные гибриды;

- окрас должен быть простым, НО с изюминкой (особая форма окраса или интересный аксессуар) - мне не нужны рябящие глаза разноцветные крапинки, пятнышки и полоски (люблю простоту и уникальность в персонаже);

- глаза можно сделать как разных цветов, так и одинаковых (можно разноглазых "противоположно" - то бишь у одного, допустим, правый глаз желтый, у второго левый глаз такого цвета, и тп.);

- желательно нарисовать хотя бы хэдшот человеко-формы с ушками и хвостами (не обязательно), прически желательно сделать разными все же;

- касаемо одежды на человеко-формах: хотите - придумывайте что интересного, но в принципе мне нравятся простые майки и шорты + опять же, небольшая интересная деталька.

- не нужно тратить время на вырисовывание рефок - мне главное увидеть именно дизайн (чтобы его было четко видно).


Особенности первого:

- пол исключительно мужской;

- окрас должен быть теплых цветов (бежевый, рыжий и все тому подобное);

- примерно по характеру он довольно дерзкий; не боится высказываться, даже если порой это совсем неуместно, некий заводила в этой парочке - в общем, думаю, вы понимаете, о чем я.


Особенности второго:

- пол может быть как мужской, так и женский;

- окрас должен быть светлого прохладного тона (склоняюсь к белому с щепоткой черных/серых оттенков / деталей, но может и бледно голубоватого);

- примерно по характеру: нерешительный, стеснительный, сердобольный и довольно эмоциональный персонаж.


*Это лишь мои предпочтительные критерии, которыми я их вижу на данный момент. Но если у Вас возникнет интересная идея, отличная от этого, то - милости прошу, демонстрируйте!


Количество работ от одного участника может быть бесчисленное множество.

Я очень надеюсь найти то, что моя фантазия пока не может воспроизвести. Нужен какой то толчок в определенное направление, что ли. В общем, буду рада увидеть Ваши предложения!


ПРИЗ будет только тому, чей дизайн придется мне по вкусу.

Нарисую его персонажа фуллбоди с легким фоном.

Если не найду подходящего по вкусу окраса - будет поощрительный приз (а может и не один, но небольшие) тому, чей дизайн оказался ближе по духу.


Дедлайн: 26 октября


Надеюсь, недели Вам вполне хватит для того, чтобы набросать парочку дизайнов.

Wikipedia, No.

Sun Oct 19, 2014, 12:03 PM by Reeiden:iconreeiden:



Why love yaoi when you can love yuri?? 
Is like,
Why love boys when you can love girls??
Why love marshmallow when you can love chocolate?
Why love Makorra when you can love korrasami??

well, I'll still loving wikipedia because it helps me on school anyway

Kiriban Winner

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 10:51 AM

Sorry for the huge delay announcing the winner. There was so many screen caps I had to judge from and I'm still very confused about most of these lol. I was not expecting it to happen so quickly! The comment section omg it was hilarious but a complete mess at the same time. Don't expect another kiriban any time soon x'D

Don't feel bad if you didn't win, 20 other people posted their screen cap at almost the same time so you are not alone ;w;

And the winner is:


So I received like 60 notes for my Kiriban please give me a moment to announce the winner x-x

Latetly I've seen a lot of hate to GhostfaceNikol and Suicide-n00dle

There is a rant video on youtube about "Top 10 worst Mary Sues" and guess what, Chris and Nicole are there, lol.

But I love the way the girl who made the video now says Chris is only a bad OC when a time ago she made a video saying how bad and Mary Sue Chris is, lol. Like, you just can't change your opinon like that because you are contradicting yourself.

I also love how people says Nicole looks like Jane... like... wtf. If an OC has white skin that makes them automaticly Jane's rip off? woah!
Like, look at this:


Jane The Killer by moto0523

Oh yes! Their clothing is so alike! And their eyes! And their weapon it's the same!!!!!111!!!111

Stop. Jane eyes are fully black, Nicole's are black with a white iris. Their clothing it's not even the same and their weapon it's different.

And the girl in the video says: I couldn't even find her story. Like, you got her picture and the story was right under it ._.

Now let's go to Chris...

S.T.O.P. pls You make baby Jesus cry.
How is she a Mary Sue only because she is paired up with Jeff? And not even the badly designed Jeff, the Jeff Sesseur did. Now the shitty one in the wiki. ALSO, she is no longer a CP she is a horror OC. stahp it omg.

And I LOVE how those rabbid fangirls says: I HATE JEFF X OC. They even have stapms about it bur, they ship their OCs with Jeff? wtf. Contradicting pretty much?

If you don't like something, why make a rant about it? Just ignore it, it's better for you and for the creator. Also, if you don't care about an OC, why make a rant video about it? Stop contradicting yourself! If you run away or arguments stop insulting omg!


*Blaze out*