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Chapter 0: Story Time

   Rin is an 11 year old girl who lived in Goshen, Indiana. She has dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She wore sweaters and long knit skirts a lot, even on hot days. She got the highest grades in her school, Grace-Valley Elementary. She's very shy, and was bullied a lot because of this. She lives with her mom who works at a business company. Her dad had left them when she was a baby. Her mom got promoted and transferred to another location in a different state. They got moved to Arlington, Virginia. She was enrolled in a school called Nathan Hale Elementary. She was genuinely a very nice person when you got know her. It was just hard since she was shy. She was kind, caring, and a very positive person (when she wasn't being bullied). She was very imaginative and creative. She enjoyed art and music very much, which she aced because of creativity and imagination. She was a really good singer, but she couldn't play any instruments. Her mom used to sing a song to her when she was little called 'Friendship'. It's a song that talks about the friendship and what it is. This was the house rule at Rin's home. The song said 'A true, true friend helps a friend in need' and other things like that. They took these rules very seriously. Rin was very good at blending in, so you never would have noticed her. Although this is a desired trait for a spy, she had no intention of having such a high class and high profile job. But fate had other plans....
This is episode was just WOW! It was so good!
I thought it was waaaaaaay better than last season's premiere. This episode was just really good, hilarious and full of references.

(This is spoiler free)
So there's a new teacher at South Park elementary and Principal Victoria is fired but it isn't explained very well... Anyways, the new principal is a strict guy who wants everything to be politicaly correct. He goes as far to give detention to everyone! Even teachers...

The Randy side plot is also pretty funny. Same with the main plot. I loved how they added references to Mrs Garisson, Chef, Tuong Lu Kim etc. It's awesome, you need to watch it for yourself.

A lot of my expectations were in this episode too which is so cool! Craig's gang, Jared, Tweek, Caitlyn Jenner etc.
They are also lots of Kyman and some Buttman and Style too! It's so cute

I can't really find anything bad about this episode. It was a blast to watch and I can't wait for the next episode.
This season is off to a great start!
Arriving on their very first trip to Dominican Republic, Adventurous Alexander and Relentless Russell couldn't wait to explore the island where a very popular dinosaur movie was filmed. Can you guess which one? While strolling around the grounds, a voice blurts out a question,  "Can we go on the monster truck jeep tour mom and dad?" Shouted  Adventurous Alexander. "Look it's a bright neon green, orange zebra striped ,four wheeler!" He squealed.  His face was lit up like the stars in the night sky.    So his mom and dad went to the concierge desk and signed the family up.  It would begin the next morning.   Until then Relentless Russell and Adventurous Alexander thought about what they might do on the trip. Later that night , as Relentless Russell tried his first sushi dinner, Adventurous Alexander described what he wanted to do on the excursion. "I want the jeep to go 4-wheeling, and I want to get some souvineers! "Exclaimed Adventurous Alexander. By now bedtime arrived and before they knew it ,so did the next morning.  Relentless Russell said he had hoped to find a snake man to take a picture of. He thought it would be really cool to meet such a brave man.  Adventurous Alexander couldn't wait to go thru the mud with the truck.   They went to the front entrance of the hotel where everyone climbed aboard up and onto the steep steps to find a seat.  Where would their first stop be?   After the truck started off it came to a huge farm.  The tour guide said "Who would like to taste a long stick and guess what it is?"  Everyone was given a sample of something that had a sugary sweet taste to it.  Can you figure out what it might be?  He told us how most of the farm workers come from Haiti to work during the harvest of "Sugar Caning". "That's right folks, what you just tasted was a sugar cane that's turned into the powder you pour into drinks to sweeten them up!"Said the tour operator.  Next stop would be visiting an elementary school.   When they arrived they got to go inside and say "Hola" to the students.  All grades were mixed together and the students all wore plaid blue uniforms.  They were busy coloring and writing in their notebooks. Soon their school day would be over because they only go half days.  They don't learn all the things we do here in America.  Adventurous Alexander and Relentless Russell took a picture with the kids and then asked " Where are we going next?" "I want to see a man with snakes!" Remarked Relentless Russell. His mom told him it was probably not something he was going to see today.  Well now they were headed off to see the place where chocolate was made.   They arrived at a chocolate plantation. They could smell the aroma of sweetness in the air.  Soon beans were passed around, and they got to taste the white ,wet ,mushy, sweet plumpness of the cocoa bean.  Everybody got to grind it up into a special tool. Once they were done they walked back to the truck. Low and behold, before their very eyes stood a man wearing a red bandana on his head.  His neck was covered completely.  Sss! Sss! Can you guess what this man had? What was he holding around his neck?  He was holding about 8 snakes all bunched together.  Relentless Russell's dream of taking a picture with a snake man would come true. Relentless Russell and Adventurous Alexander took a snapshot with each of them holding a live snake around their necks. While snapping the picture, the man held a snake right in his mouth!  "I don't know how you did it Relentless Russell, but you wished for a snake man, and at some point he appeared!" Stated his mom.  After all this hard work it was time to head to the refreshing waterfalls.   Adventurous Alexander was thrilled to be heading into the deep waters ,4-wheeling in the mud, to get to the falls.  Splish, Splash!  Swoosh , swish!   "We are now here stated Relentless Russell!"  "Oink, oink,we are at another farm." He said.   This time they could hear and smell the pigs rolling in the mud.  What they were doing next ,was riding on horseback thru the fields of the Dominican Republic.  Everyone was given helmets to put on and Relentless Russell would ride his dad, as Adventurous Alexander with his mom. They start off following the tour guide when Adventurous Alexander almost slides right off the horse. "I don't know if I want to keep riding on here mom?" Cried Adventurous Alexander. The tour guide said hop on board with me.  Off they trotted as the leaders of this group.  They could hear the rushing water crashing and splashing into the lagoon. They finally arrived.   Adventurous Alexander shivered as he entered the cool waters, stepping onto slippery rocks and boulders beneath the water.  Relentless Russell made his way into the cool, blue, waters of this hidden paradise.  His mom and dad swam into the water and went right under the falls themselves.  Last stop of the day , was an excursion to a white sand beach that was by giant boulders that outlined the sky.   Adventurous Alexander and Relentless Russell saw a stand with s man selling real coconuts to drink. They were piled up on top of each other waiting to be opened. The man cuts the tops off as he gives you the coconut. He handed them the heavy, green coconut and gave them a straw.  "Ahhhh! This is so refreshing!" Said Relentless Russell. Next they met a boy on the beach to play with.  Even though he only spoke Spanish,and they only spoke English, the kids were able to play for hours building sand castles and digging in the sand. The ocean was warm and the water was a beautiful aquamarine color.  They spent some time boogie boarding on the crashing waves!  After a few hours they had to head back to the jeep.    "Where do we go next , where, where, where,?" Asked Relentless Russell.  "We are stopping for souvieners and then heading back to the resort,"stated the tour guide.   "This was such an exciting day!  I can't wait to do another tour!" Remarked Adventurous Alexander. Punta Cana had so many things to do and see.  Adventurous Alexander and Relentless Russell saw a whole new world that day.  Will they ever return to Dominican Republic and do another tour?   Tv
The reason why I'm really into Sonic is:
Well I was bullied and I was also suicidal when I was in elementary school until I started watching Sonic X and well Sonic was the only thing that gave me a reason to keep going and to get through the bulling. I actually thought he were real back then. ( I still do same as Shadow and the other characters from the show and games.)
Sonic taught me a lot back then, like how to be a good friend, be there for others, keep the faith, and to never give up.
You've known the Dixons since elementary school, yet you've never gotta over your tiny. Rush on Daryl. It was tiny, and has always been an elementary school crush.

Now, you lived in Woodbury, serving under The Governor and hanging out with Merle since his brother was never there. 

Yet one day that all changed. You were out with Merle when he had kidnapped Maggie and Glenn. You knew both, since you were at the farm with Daryl and the others, but soon got split up from the group on the highway.

You hated it when Merle was a bastard, "Why do you have to be such a dick sometimes?! Those two are nice people!" 

"Shut up, Girly. Plus, they might know where my little brother is for ya to finally get out of the friend zone." he smirked at you, making you glare daggers back.

"I hate you sometimes."


That night you were with Andrea talking about the farm. "It was amazing. And I could just tell that Daryl might have finally noticed my love for him!!" you squeeled.

"What? You love that guy, Y/N?"

"Since elementary school." 

"You went to school together?"

"Actually, yes, and he's only two hours older than me."


"Yes, woman!"

There was a gunshot outside, followed by many. You heard many males talking. Two were talking about Maggie and Glenn, and then Merle and you.

You recognized them. Rick and Daryl. You ran down the steps, "Y/N?! Damn it, get back inside!" Merle yelled at you right when you left the building. Then you noticed Daryl pull his brother into an ally.

"Y/N? Get in here!" you followed quickly, dodging The Governors bullets at the group. 

Daryl wrapped his arms around you tightly, "Now is not the time for a reunion!!"

You were nudged in the ribs by Merle, "Gonna tell Daryl, sweet cheeks?"

"Tell me what?" Daryl butted in quickly after hearing his name. 

"Nothing." you responded quickly.

Daryl pinned you to the wall, kissing your lips. "Now now, Y/N, I've known bout your crush for years." he kissed your cheek before handing you a gun. Then he dragged you out of the allyway.

The Governor caught the two of you sneaking out of the ally, "Now now, where are y'all going?" he pointed the gun at your chest, and you finally noticed Daryl gripped your hand tightly, "The fun's just beginning." he shot, but you were pushed out of the way by Daryl, letting him get the bullet instead.

"Daryl?!" you fell to your knees by him, screaming for his brother and Rick.

"Man, I thought I'd die before for ma little brother." Merle patted your shoulder, looking down on Daryl's limp body.

You felt for a pulse, noticing it was gone and he'd be a monster anytime now. You put a bullet to his skull, vowing to always never get as attached to a man. You plotted revenge, and soon got back the Governor by paying him the same treatment as your elementary crush.

-The end
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