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It was a cool breezy morning in the pack. Neko wakes up from a dream. Startled, she got up stretch, and went outside the den.Spearheart was still asleep when she heard a noise in her den, she jumped up and searched her den to find a squirrel. She bit its neck and then ate the rest.Neko sat down, closing her eyes, feeling the wind against her fur. She smelled something off in the distance.She opened her eyes jumped down from the rock and started to run north, which was where the smell as coming from.Spearheart got out of her den as Neko was running, right when she walked out side she smelled something strange. She jumped and opened her wings and flew to the sky then toward the smell.Neko stop were the trail ended. She mumbled to herself "why does it stop here..".She started to walk north again, then notice something strange. She look back and with a swift move dodged a trap. "Ugh another one."She got up and ran toward back to camp. Spearheart saw a camp loading guns and burning trees so she flew into the near by woods and attacked them. After when she was headed back to camp she got shot in the leg and couldn't walk.Neko was on her way when she smelled the blood of her own pack. "Oh no..." She whispered.  She turn around and ran as fast as she could to go save her pack mate. She kick it up a notch when she smelled hunter as well in the same direction.Spearheart got up and fell again when she was shot again.Neko jump up high above spearheart and went towards the hunters she started to dodge and attack all the the hunters. She went towards spearheart and put her on her back. Then neko sprinted back to the pack.Spearheart was a bit shocked at first then was in pain "T-thank you" she said weakly." No Problem.... Now let's get you back to camp.." Neko said panting.
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