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After a few weeks of my "Wonderful" Job, I was getting more Curious and Curious by the door every few Second I wander out and about a few times.My Manager Mr.Becks was...a Unique man. He was a bit Mysterious...he always change a subject whenever I asked him if he had a spouse, he would just simply Ignore the question ad change the subject Such as about the history of meat or Where he got the meat.He would always Replies very strange topics of meat "Did you know that Meat was still here ever since the Dinosaur Period?" 

I never get it...He was a strange man. Setting Up Cameras up around the whole place as if the meat shop is turned into a criminal Prison! What's get me the most is the creepy smile of Mr.Becks puts up...On the corner of my eye when i chop up someone's Order to Get a pig's liver or a cow's Rear he gives me this Strange "What the Hell?" i would say in my mind, It almost felt like he was a wolf watching an Innocent Rabbit that's going to be it's meal.
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(SNEAK PEEK: This will be deleted upon the Chapter's completion so fair warning; Look to Gallery for finished chapter.)
  The next day was nice and I slept decently, but breakfast was calling and Twilight once again demonstrated her skills in the kitchen by making an appetizing breakfast; but that was after I took time to freshen up by bathing in a shower I could use and soon I headed down stairs to enjoy the meal Twilight had prepared. The breakfast looked amazing, waffles, biscuits, and sandwiches with an Orange Juice Pitcher for serving multiple ponies...or ponies and dragon, "Hi Spike" "Hey Heart! Sleep well?" Spike asked with his mouth half full, "I did actually...where is..." I was about to ask where Twilight was when she entered, "Hel-lo there!~" Twilight chirped walking in, "Heloo Twilight, sleep well?" "I did actually" I replied kindly, "Did you?" she asked in reply, "Yes I did too" "Good! Now let's eat". Soon we were eating our meal and it was lovely hit the spot just right, "So, when is AJ going to have you work?" Twilight asked, "It was 9:30 she said I start...." I stated drinking my juice, "Oh; okay then after breakfast you better walk to Applejack's ASAP" Twilight advised, "Sounds wise, I thank you again for the Ponyville Tour." I said warmly, "You are welcome Heart, I hope you do well when you start" "I hope so as well" "I think you will do fine; you show energy & drive when you put your mind and heart to it" "I got that back home" I said blushing, "Well it is true...but, that only applies if you pursue that goal you strive for...." "I am aware Twilight...very aware" I said seriously, "Good, nice to know you understand" Twilight said, "Why would I not?" "I did not say that...I was just making an observation that's all" Twilight stated kindly, "Okay then..." "How was breakfast?~" Twilight asked coyly, "It was good..." "*giggles* I knew that..." "Then why did you ask?" "*giggles* Just to be coy, I know you were enjoying it, you took seconds and you were making faces...*chuckles*" "Uh-huh..." I said looking annoyed, only to elicit a laugh from Spike & Twilight....hilarious...real hilarious Twilight....but eventually after teasing and helping with dishes, I made my way to Sweet Apple Acres and my first job.

Daily Lit Recognition for March 6th, 2015

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Suggested by: MagicalJoey

Featured by: TwilightPoetess

How We ForgetThe world is so packed
to the brim –
I do not know
How such a full sea
Has not yet been displaced
By the weight of the teeming wild beneath it:
Surely only the mountains
Are safe from the precarious below.
We live on boats
but do not sail.
And how we miss the land we
can’t return to:
I await the day the last canyons are filled
with tapwater,
And we forget.

How We Forget by Serentic

This is a powerful, heart-wrenching message.

Featured by: chromeantennae

Photoshopped LifeYou can't saturate the wheel
In the colors of real life;
You can't always up the contrast
In your mother's loving eyes.
You can't play with the exposure
Of a blinding summer day;
You can't include the clover
Or the smell of drying hay.
You can't take the sound of falling snow
And post for all to see,
Or capture every icy rainbow
Shining from the trees.
You can't enhance the laughter
Of the two friends by your side;
You cannot crop the flying hairs
So that they lay just right.
So let the hues be slightly dull
Who cares if skin is clear?
Just take the days, appreciate
The lovely and sincere.

Photoshopped Life by EmmieBeeCreations

This is a simple, succinct little piece, with a smooth rhyme and good message.


Featured by: Naktarra

Suggested by: Steve-C2

Where do you live, Arry?    The sound of sandpaper followed Arry everywhere that he went.  Dragging his feet behind him as he walked home, he recognized that godforsaken sound again.
    He heard it all day at work, he heard it in his tired, dragging feet, he heard it in the sound of tires across pavement and chipmunks running across grass.  It was forever present, forever torturing him.
    Arry was only 10 years old, yet he was working an illegal and dangerous job.  “Street rats” like himself didn’t usually get all that much protection from the government, and they didn’t ask for it.  If you wanted to live, you worked.  If you wanted to live, you dealt with the conditions of your job.
    In all his 3,653 days of Arry’s life, there were none so important as this.
    Arry just didn’t know it yet.
    To him, everything looked the same.  The cramped house

Where do you live, Arry? by cassyme

Suggester says: The story started with a simple prompt. It takes a talented writer to take some simple words, and create a sweet, heartwarming story that is riveting from beginning to end.

Featured by doodlerTM

Air HeadI looked out the passenger-side window at the cloudless blue sky, anxiously beating my palms against the dashboard. The air was still and warm, though not hot, and a queasy ball of squirming anticipation roiled in my gut.
"Just let me out."
Mom sighed, her fingers tapping restlessly against the steering wheel. "Be patient, all right? We're already past the post office, the mall's only two blocks away."
"I'm gonna be late for work!"
"Not for another half hour."
I stretched my neck as high as I could while sitting, trying to see an end to the Friday afternoon traffic jam. Not a car was moving as far  as I could see.
"At least let me get out and look around," I whined.
Moms huffed and started to reply, but I was already out of my seatbelt and squeezing through the window into the September sky.
I managed to float about thirty feet straight up before Moms called my cell.
"You get down here right now!"
"Mom! God! Why do you make me sit in traffic with you?"
"If I have to drive you to w

Air Head by KwisatzHaddascratch

A delightful fantasy about flying.

Foreign Language

Featured by: Malintra-Shadowmoon

Die Linde vor dem ToreLehn Dich an mich,
wenn Du müde bist
und Deine Reise noch so weit.
Lehn Dich an mich,
ich werde rauschen
und wieder Lieder flüstern mit dem Wind.
Ich werde stark sein
und Dich beschützen
vor allem Sturm und Unbill dieser Welt.
Ich werde stark sein
und unverrückbar,
lehn Dich an mich, vertrau, ich geb Dir heute Halt.
Und wenn die Nacht kommt,
will ich für Dich wachen,
damit Du Deine Träume weiterlebst.
Und dann am Morgen geb
ich Dir für Deine Reise
ein buntes Blatt mit, dass Du mein gedenkst.

"Die Linde vor dem Tore" by fantom125

Beautiful free verse poem, inspired by FedersStrich poem "Dryade" and an old German folk song "Der Lindenbaum - Am Brunnen vor dem Tore"

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Prepared by: doodlerTM

Skin by SimplySilent
The male walks along the beach, his bare feet sinking only slightly in the sand as the water from the oncoming change in tide washed away his steps. The breeze, carrying the scent of salty waters made him smile. The male chuckled silently to himself as he slid his hands into his pockets before pausing in his steps to look up at the stars. He smiled, a gentle smile that not many have seen. It was gentle, it held the look of innocent bliss and could melt hearts if anyone was to actually get him to show such trust in a person.

He closed his eyes, letting a few memories pass through his mind. Soft memories, the few good memories and tender moments he`s shared over the course of his life. It was like he was sitting in a theater, watching as his mother praised him for something simple to just get her to smile. The moments with his sister, the only sibling of blood, fighting with him over something ridiculous and then she and him would laugh about it later. Noticing how dumb they sounded only a few seconds ago.

After a few moments, the male slowly opened his eyes to look back out across the endless field of stars that seemed to call to him. Making him wish gravity would vanish and allow him to float off to join the the beautiful scene the universe had created for him to watch. He smiled once more, one that held a tender sadness as his blue hues hazed only for a moment as a single tear fell. Streaking his cheek with the salty stream as he remembered a few past loves. The ones that were good to him.

He started walking once more, the waters once again erasing any trace he had been there. Letting a few tears roll down his face as he trekked the beach. "Emily..." The one name he could never forget. For it`s the one he knew would love until the beating in his chest would cease. The only one that could get that pure smile from him, that secret smile that was only shared between them.

He wiped his tears away, trying to keep the memories from flooding his mind. The moment she passed. But it was too late, the memories rose of the last moments as he held her hand to his heart. Tears streamed down his face as he watch her gaze fall distant whilst she smiled at him mouthing the words `I love you.`. An unknown disease claiming her life before his very eyes. Once she closed her eyes, feeling her strength leave her body. The male couldn`t handle it, he just stared. Passive tears burned his face as he just sat there and cried, looking at her face and mentally denying what happened.

The memories made his knees fall weak and buckle as he fell to the ground, his knees digging into the sand. He hunched over, his fingers meshing the sand as he stared down. Watching as tears were quickly absorbed into the beach. He remained silent for a moment before completely breaking on himself. Like he should have done years ago but had completely denied what had happened. He gripped the sand as if it was the only holding him to the Earth even though moments ago he merely wanted to float off. His smile was replaced with hollow wails of grief that echoed across the emptiness of the ocean.

He simply cried, letting his body heave and shudder in his moment of weakness although he promised himself he would be strong for her. Though some people can only hold their sanity and tears back for so long. Everyone breaks at some point, and the male was long overdue.

As he slammed his fist down into the sand, he the padding of feet coming from behind him. Then pause only a few feet away. The male wiped his tears, holding back sobs as he turned his head to catch a glance at the one who must have heard his screaming and sorrow.

<To be Continued>


Chapter 1: Why so fat?

        Maddie Friend was chasing Billy Acachalla around the Acachalla household, like usual. But something wasn't usual, Spencer was out of the basement playing BARBIE DOLLS WITH SALLY! WOW! NEVER SEE THAT! TAKE A PICTUREEEEEEE!!! Oops sorry. Back to what's happening. "Miss Caypliearia would wike sum tea Miss Arianna." Sally said to her...Stepbrother? Brother? Half brother? I don't know. They're a weird family. Well, DUH. I need to calm down. I'll be right back.
  I'm sorry it's been a long time but I have ran out of ideas for a very long time and so, anyone can choose to continue the stories, The Alpha Symbiote and Symbiotic Revelations.
  That's not all, I've got plans to upload What If stories of the television programme, Egyxos and Kaijudo.
  Sorry guys for not uploading stories.

  This is the season 1 opening for Kaijudo.

  And this is the season 2 opening for Kaijudo.
  I couldn't get the pictures or the opening as information on Egyxos is scarce.

Help Stop Hunger

Thu Mar 5, 2015, 6:33 PM
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By simply answering math facts at this website you can help stop hunger!!! You can make a journal to help spread the word too!…

   (Y/N) Your name
   (F/C) Favorite Color

  Well things right now are going pretty crappy right now. Cross that. Things ARE SHITTY AS FUCK! You made the biggest mistake of your life when you placed your (F/C) pen against the the somewhat dirty paper of the administrative Freddy Fazbear's Pizza application. Well apparently Freddy thought is was a good time to torment you, staring into the camera with those dark soulless eyes. Freddy that happy 24 year old bear that you thought was the nicest and the most beloved creature on earth was tugging with your emotions. You had a rack of anger, sadness, and fear. Also knowing your life is in danger, because after hearing that obnoxious phone guy telling that that the animatronics can forcefully stuff you in a Freddy fazbear suit, and shit. And to be even worse it was 4 AM and you only had 14% power left. We'll lets look over your life. Your were just a high school girl looking for some money. You drived a car right? Uh... Damn, you should've made a bucket list. That's when the room went dark.



You closed your eyes. NOOOO!!! I'm too young to die! Please! There was only one action you could do. 


You shot up. Dropped the tablet (fuck electronics), and sprinted as fast you could out the right door.

You can hear the Toreador March playing just as you left. That's when Freddy realized you were gone.



''C'mon Bonnie!'' That kid didn't mean it! You're very masculine! You don't look like a girl!
I was banging on the supply closet door trying to get Bonnie out of there. Bonnie isn't the most assertive bunny in the restaurant, but I always try my best to make him feel better. So far it wasn't working.

Gosh, some brat had to mess with him. Normally I love children, but when one kid is making fun of one of my friends I will kick there ass. Even though that would possibly get us closed down (again).Bonnie was usually very happy. But most of the littlest words hurt him.


''Godammit Ma! Why did you have to bring me here. This place is for kids! Everything here is so stupid especially the animatronics. But mostly Bonnie he looks like a girl!'' He probably a puny ass bitch!''

Ah. Goodness. ''Bonnie if you don't come out here I'll go get Foxy!'' That's when I heard the door unlock with a click, and saw a distressed and teary eyed Bonnie exit. Nobody wants to mess with big brother Foxy. Bonnie wiped a tear from his eye. To be honest I was very worried about him. He's like my big brother, I absolutely hate to see him like this.


That's when something ran into me.

As strong as I was, I didn't go flying in the other directions. But that impact sent the other person flying.

''Oh my goodness!'', I cried. Are you o.k sweetie? When I saw the new security guard, correction, lady security guard passed out on the floor, (see what metal can do to you people?). I was surprised, I thought we all agreed that we wouldn't hurt the new security guard. Wait a minute.

''Freddy you butt!!!'' I screamed.

He snickered.
''Sorry. ''I wanted to see how she would react.'' I poked him. ''You so mean!!!'' I joked.

''What are we going to do with her?'' Bonnie asked in his quiet voice as usual.

Freddy thought for a Moment. ''Lets take her to Foxy!''


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Speed Shock Chapter: 6

Shadow's Pov-

Rouge and I were walking through the forest, and I seriously couldn't handle  her anymore. She was annoying me so much I actually considered killing her. Sadly, I couldn't. She's here to help, not to die. I still hate her right now.

Rouge: Ugh! I'm thirsty! Where's my golden glass of wine?

Shadow: *rolls eyes* For the last time, we didn't bring wine! You and I both know how you act once you drink wine. And your golden glass is back at the cave. It was WAY to heavy to bring.

Rough: WHAT?! Then I will die from thirst, because I'm not drinking out of the water bottle you packed from me. The color black is not my favorite color for a water bottle. *grins* Though, I wouldn't mind if I drank from YOUR water bottle.

Shadow: Don't even try to persuade me. The answer is no forever.

Rough: *whispers to self* Darn!

Shadow: We're almost at the location where the strange creature was. I wonder why it would be in the park.

Rough: I don't know either. I really don't care though. I just like spending time with my good 'ol pal, Shadowie.

Shadow: If you call me "Shadowie" one more time, you will never make it out of this forest alive.

Rouge: At least I would die in YOUR arms. How romantic would that be?

Shadow: Nope.

Rouge: My legs are tierd! I can't walk anymore! If we want to keep going, you have to carry me. *whisper to self* It would be so romantic!

Shadow: *stops walking, looks at Rouge, rolls eyes* I won't carry you unless you faint or your legs and WINGS are broken. You always talk about how your wings are a gift, so use them.

Rouge: Grr. Fine! *Flies close to Shadow*

Shadow: *continues waking, rolls eyes* You don't care about Blaze, do you?

Rouge: I hate to be rude, but NOPE.

Shadow: So... You only came because I was going?

Rouge: Yup.

Shadow: Your very desperate for me, are you?

Rouge: Sorry! I was born to be naturally romantic.

Shadow: *smiles a tiny bit* Well, that's what makes you unique. And also why I haven't killed you yet.

Rouge: True...