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BTW: I do not claim or own Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus. This is just a story that's been going on in my head.



 Have you ever read a book you thought was really, really cool? For some people, the answer would be yes. For people who need a life.....the answer is no! Well, I'm one of the cool people that read really, really, cool books! For example, have you ever read Percy Jackson? Have you ever read The Heroes of Olympus? Have you even heard of these books? No? what? 'Watch the movies' you say? NO! Those are two completely different things.

 Wait, oh how rude of me. Sorry. I'm Madison Kyle, but at camp, everyone calls me Sonny Jackson and I'll explain to you why later. I just want you to know I'm twelve going on thirteen. I've been reading Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, etc. since I was eleven. Let me just tell you a few things about myself:

My favorite color is Blue (or a greenish blue)

My favorite animal is a horse

My birthday is August 18th ( and you'll find this funny later)

 Now that you know that, I live in Huntsville, TX. I live with my mom and 6 other kids. I have to share my room with three girls. While their sides are decorated with butterflies and Princess hangers, my side is decorated with swords, shields, knives, bows and arrows, etc. I'm a Greek freak so I usually dress based off of the 3 eldest gods: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. If I wanted to dress based of of Zeus, I would wear blue jean shorts, my Green Day shirt and my brown combat boots. If I was in a Poseidon mood, I would wear a blue shirt, blue jeans and my blue converse. If I was dressing like Hades, I would wear black ripped jeans, a black short sleeved shirt with a skull on it and my black combat boots.

 Anyway, my story starts like this:


 Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood....
The Official Fanfiction to this: 5 nights at 1D by SCP-Fluffs
And this: JessBear by Kyanye

I can feel the brain cells going away already


    My name is Jessie Stilez, although you could probably care less about that. ;-;

    It was a Monday, an August Monday. I had faced my worst nightmare:

    My Starbucks money stash being depleted.

    I searched desperately for a place to work online, but all of the jobs required an individuality level of 100. Alas, I was what you would call.... basic. But I was basic and #blessed because I found a #job at #a #creepy #horror #place

    Grabbing my last latte from Starbucks, I eagerly rushed over to the horror attraction. I almost DIED. Luckily I was able to sue them for like $10,000 and had enough money to replenish my cash stash.

    Time passed. I grew bored of texting my friends and going on instagram and taking pictures of my #starbucks lattes.
After taking a #selfie for like the 10000000th time one day, I noticed an ad for a not-so-far-away pizza place that was being renovated. I would've stayed away, but it featured my all-time favorite boy band:

                                                                                One Direction.
    They needed a guard to watch the place at night so nobody stole anything. It would be for a while, but I'd get to hang around there during the daytime. I had loved the band ever since I heard of Harry Styles, whose last name was #similar to mine. I had loved their deeeep songs ever since, and jumped at the chance to work at the pizzeria. Strangley enough, I was one of the only people working the night shift. I wonder why.

    Finally, the Day that changed my life had dawned. Monday, June 19. I drove up to the abandoned b̶y̶ ̶D̶i̶s̶n̶e̶y̶ Pizzeria and got ready to check it out.

    When I got there there was this mean girl who bullyed me
    Liek dis if u cri evertim
    1 like= 1 latte for kids in Africa


            ONTO THE RUINING JHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHeeeeheheheheeeeee


    Noight One

    I was there all alone, checking the cams. There was some kid there but they were crying and their tears were blood. idk why but they kept saying something about a fanfic. I was bored so I clutched my #starbucks #latte In one hand and my phone in the other. While I was there I saw something TRULY TERRIFYING

Nightmare Edgy (You knew this was coming) by Kyanye

It was a wolf or a fox or something and it was black with blood tears! she had emo writtten in blood on her and dark wings with BLOOOOOOOOD. She had sharp teeth and claws and I ran away yelling


And when I ran I bumped into an animatronic.

Zayn Fazbear.

    "Hey beautiful, how ya doing?" his voice, sounding as perfectly fake as the voices of the other band members said. 

    I melted. Ahhhh, Zayn Fazbear, looking at ME?! No way! I am fat and ugly and I have low self estem because I am your typical protagonist. To my  surprise, he said that to the hideous black THING in front of me. Noticing me, he said "Oops, sorry." He went over to the fox and KISSED her! ;;;;;;;;;;;-;;;;;;;; I was MAD JELLY (not mad jam people) so I went over and slapped that B****, (female  dog again technically)  BUTT Zayn grapped my hand! 

    He stared at me like Edward from Twilight stared at Bella from Twilight. Except he wasssss MAAAAAAAD! It was hawt though so I totally forgot  about the death machine in front of me oops.

Edgy The Wolf by Kyanye

Zayn Told me tostay away from her.

"OH NO U DIDNT!!11!" I said.

    "Hey, don't hurtEdgy, she's my girlfriend. " Zayn said.\



    I ran away crying because my life NEVER goes well!

    I was crying in the bathroom when I heard a knock on the bathroom stall.

    "GO.....AWAAAAAAY! I sobbed.

    "Um...are you okay....?" a voice asked.

    "N-No.....!" I whimpered. "A-Are you here 'cause I was crying?"

    "No, I'm here because this is literally the only bathroom in the whole restaurant.



    "Well, I'll just go cut myself then!"I wailed.

    "Don't cut yourself! Be happy!" the voice said.  " Wow she has problems"

    "What was that?" I asked as I came out

    Of the bathroom stall.

    "Nothing." a boy said.

Bathroom-stall155555555565 by Kyanye

    "Wait, what about the other bathroom? And those stalls?" I asked.

    "It's the only one with a toilet, didn't you read the guidebook? I found it in the office." He replied.

    "Um, no, I kinda wandered out of the office, #sorrynotsorry" I said.

    "Well, I just appeared here. I was adventuring with my friend, Scarf hands." he stated.

    "Wait, you don't know where you are?!" I gasped.

    "Um, no, not really...." he answered, as if it was obvious.


    "Nice sweater, by the black." Isaid, pointing at his solid black sweatshirt.

    "Huh? Oh,weird, there used to be text there..." he trailed off.

    "I'm just gonna go back to the office..." I said awkwardly.

    I escaped to the office faster than sanic the hedgehag.

    What happens next? Leave  suggestions in the comments
    It's supposed to be a terrible fanfic, so make sure the suggestions are stupid and cliche
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"Oh? My art sucks, you say? Well then, sit down!! I'ma draw the hell out of you!"
Noah hated humans, didn't he? Then how did this human manage to worm his way into his heart? Though, with everything else in his life, when it seemed everything was going well for him - tragedy always struck...and when it struck, it struck hard and fast.


Male x Male relations, Romance, Tragedy, Mild Gore, Humor, Angst, fluff, WIP
mentions Dorian x m!lavellan (Noah)
mentions Iron Bull x m!lavellan (Noah)
Charger x m!lavellan (Noah)

Horns Up(2/?)

Chapter 1: Love's Requiem
Chapter 2: Sweet Andraste

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Taki tam sobie tekst o takiej tam tematyce. Ogółem takie rozmyślania.
Siedziałam na tylni siedzeniu Fiata. Jechałam z koleżanką do pewnej niewielkiej stadniny. Gadałem dość energicznie, a przynajmniej ona. Ja tylko przytakiwałam, byłam pogrążona w myślach.

Myślałam o mojej przyjaciółce. Na początku naszej znajomości jej nie ufał am.  Tak jakoś. Sprawiała mi wrażenie zaborczej, nie ufnej.  Kiedy poznałam ją bliżej, Eliza, bo tak ma na imię, okazała się wspaniałą, wymagającą i rozumiejącą mnie istotą.

Zawsze mam problem, czy mogę ją nazywać swoją przyjaciółką. Znałam ją od marca tego roku i nie do końca wiedziałam, czy na pewno znamy się wystarczająco długo.

Prawda, spotykam się z nią co tydzień, raz nawet byłam z nią przez 6 dni na obozie. Martwił mnie tylko, że nie uważali nas za istoty blisko ze sobą związane.

Lecz po tym, ile z nią przeżyłam, uważam, że mogę ją nazywać przyjaciółką.  Mogę jej powiedzieć wszystko i wiem, że ona to zrozumie i zachowa w tajemnicy. I nie obchodzi mnie, jak ludzie nas widzą. Kocham Elizę, kocham być jej przyjaciółką i kocham z nią współpracować.

I nie przeszkadza mi w tym fakt, że Eliza jest koniem.
If you'd be so kind and take a look at a fan fiction I wrote.…

Thank You!
Im going to be writing stories about my adventures of being a Dungeon Master in the table top RPG game Dungeons And Dragons. I will be featuring RegiWhite and many other good friends of mine. The adventures will contain comedy, adventure, drama, gore, violence, and straight out AWESOMENESS!
If you go to this link:…
You can start reading the book I am writing, Lost Pride. A new chapter posted every Wednesday and or Thursday.    If you like it, please share it with friends and give suggestions for the next chapter! I would really appreciate it. :3 Thanks!

Time is timeless. We do not live forever,
but were we ever living. Life is just a
segment of the universe. We all have lives,
we can make them the best or we can
waist them away. Make your life timeless,
you have forever. Unless you go by time,
then you just have your life.
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You are a Father and one day you find yourself on a far off world where there is everything good and nothing bad but your family are all back on Earth without the way or means to reach you. Now what if you can give a part of yourself so that they had a way, would you? God knew before He even created man that they would fall and yet He did it anyway because He Loves them with an Everlasting Love and He had the Gift already wrapped and ready to give because He wanted them to be with Him forever. John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him they will have everlasting Life." Romans 6:23 "The wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord."