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Italy-3-hetalia-north-italy-34409483-1560-2600 by Macaroni-Art-888

    You had just gotten off the plane to Italy. It was a country you always dreamed on going to. You were so excited! Words could not describe! Though you weren't there just to go sight seeing, you were hoping to get recodnision for your srt. So...this trip was pretty important for more than one reason. 
    You tried to get out of the air port as quickly as you could. Walking fast, you couldn't help but have a bumb grin on your face! Finally you got out of that crowded building. It was so warm outside! You were glad you wore (cool outfit). You looked at your phone, searching for your temporary hotel room. 

    You looked at it in frustration. "Why is this stupid thing not working!?" you said to no one inpraticular. Though you did not notice this, a man stopped behind you upon over hearing your situation. He tapped your shoulder causing you to turn to him. "Ciao bella! look a little lost" he said in a sweet and friendly tone. 

    You gave a sheepish smile back to him. "Eh, yeah...I am a little" You gently rubbed your arm. He noticed your embarassment and grabbed your hand. Your eyes widened at this random action. "That's alright! I'll help! Where are you heading to?" You grabbed the handle of your suit case. "Just over to the nearby hotel..." You said, slightly blushing at his random kindness. "Oh! It's so close!~" He gently tightend the grip on your hand and led you to your destination. 


He offered to carry one of your bags. You just shrugged and handed him one. atleast he offered, right? So then you headed to your room with him to follow. You unlocked your room with your key until...BAM! Your eyes widened and you looked at the ground. Your canvas had slipped out of your bag. You panicked and picked it up as quickly as possible. You checked to see if everything was okay with it. luckily, everything was. 

    The young man looked at your painting in awe. "Did you make that!?" He said pointing at your art. You again, gave a sheepish smile to him. "That depends if it's good or not..." You said in a joking way. "What are you talking about!? It's amazing!" The Italian said with a large grin. "Thanks" You replied, blushing again.

    You walked into your new room after the incident. You put all of your stuff onto your bed. Youturned to him "Hey..." You brushed your hair out of your face. "I never got your name did I?" He chuckled, "Guess not. My name's Feliciano! Feliciano Vargas!" You loved his name. Just by hearing it. It seemed to roll off the tounge. 

   "My name's (First) (Last). Thank you for everything! I really appreciate it, and I hope I see you around." That was your polite way of telling him to leave, but he just stood there! "Umm..." You said said in the awkward silence. 

    "You can leave now..."
    "Oh...sorry bella!"
    He walked back to your door and you giggled on how adorable he was. "Ciao!" Was the last thing he said before he closed the door. 


    You had unpacked all your things the other day...well, most of it anyways. You had washed your face, brushed your teeth, and put ona fresh pair of clothes. You opened your hotel door to see Feliciano on his knees, holding flowers. You instantly blushed. "(name)WillYouPleaseGoOnADateWithMe!?IMeanYourNiceAndPrettyAnd--"

    "Feliciano! Please! Speak english!" He took a deep breath "(name) will you please go on a date with me?" Your blush grew larger. "Wa-Wait! We just met eachother!" 

    "I-I know, but your...just so kind and beautiful..." Okay, this guy definatly knew what to do to win your heart over. So you accepted He took you to the park to walk around. It was so beautiful and breath taking! There was a little lake with a few benches and a bunch of flowers. There was much more, but I shouldn't go on. The sun was now setting. You quickly grabbed your phone and took a picture. 'Oh, I am going to paint this!' You thought to yourself. 

    The date had ended. He took you back to your room. It was so romantic! You were so tired though. you flooped onto your bed. "Maybe I should just..." You closed your eyes and fell asleep.


Feliciano helped you with your art, getting you out there. You had even won a compitition and had your painting set up in an art meuseum for a month! Once you grew into a more popular artist and sold some of your work, you decided to move to Italy. Feliciano was very happy to hear the news. He even offered you to live with him. Of course you accepted. You and Feliciano were happy to say the least, you had finally met the love of your life...


    You woke up, curled next to your boyfriend. He was sleeping with a ridiculously cute smile on his face. You looked up to see his strange curl. What even is that thing? You thought. Without hesitation, you gently poked and tugged at his curl. He jumped up so quickly! He had his eyes wide open and red showed on his face. "Don't. Touch. My curl. Bad things. Will happen" He said, keeping his shocked expression. You gave a look of confusion and curiosity and tugged at it once more. He roughly kissed you, a french kiss! With not enough he broke the kiss and said "Are you ready bella" Smirking

                                                                                                  ~The end~

Be it Role-playing, a Collaboration, Play-script, or even *shudder* Fanfiction; I'd be happy to help any fellow writer's create their works.
My strength lies in  plot logic, world building, and tying both together.

If you're interested in joining creative forces, please comment on this post.
Well since Sweetcakes gave up I needed something to do so here I type my perspective on the WORLD and type something that might be super depressing
      If I cry will you come to help, if I fall will you bring me up again, if I break will you put the pieces back together, if I start to die will you be there, if I am hurt will you help me, if I only could do things for myself, if I leave will you follow 'till the end or will I be left alone to fill in the answers for you.
I've decided to give up on writing journals I wasn't good at it anyway
               From Sweetcakes
The moon was rising in the sky as a group of felines gathered in the middle of a hollow, also known as the OakClan camp. One was speaking louder than the rest of the mixed meows of worry.

"WillowPaw, AcornPaw, QuickPaw, DeerBite, DawnStep, WindLeaf, and I will go on the battle patrol. Anyone else will be either a back-up or a guard for camp." ShadeStar meowed, her feminine voice gentle yet loud and strong.

Then warriors and apprentices that had been called out nodded, before the patrol turned around and padded toward the exit of the hollow.

QuickPaw felt her paw pads tingle with excitement. She tensed her muscles, stretching her legs before she sprinted to catch up. One of the senior warriors, DawnStep, hissed at her to be more quiet and to keep up, so she crept along stealthily. She felt a pelt brush against hers in a friendly manner and looked over to see WillowPaw and AcornPaw padding alongside her, their eyes filled with anxiety. Plus, she could smell their fear scent so strongly. She didn't blame them. She nodded to them and they nodded back. AcornPaw even added a small smile.

"Okay, you wait for my call." ShadeStar whispered as they finally reached the river. They were lucky; the river was shallow enough to wad through for the warriors. Not so much for QuickPaw and the other apprentices, but they managed.

She got to the side that OakClan had attempted to claim as theirs. To their surprise, the other clan warriors were there already and WindStar unexpectedly immediately called the warning.

The first thing QuickPaw did was launch herself at a WaveClan apprentice, who she had met at the Gathering, DarkPaw. He screeched as she raked her claws down his back, hissing furiously. Pain slammed into her as he butted her in the side, knocking her into the reeds, getting her tangled. He took this as a chance to rake his claws down her belly ruthlessly. She yowled, kicking him in the chest and sending him flying across the battle, slamming into a bed of reeds.

QuickPaw smiled, realizing she had knocked the air out of him. She was taken by surprise as a brown tabby slammed into her, the tom's claws sinking deep into her cheek. She howled in pain, but mysteriously, the weight was removed. She scrambled to her paws and saw WillowPaw and AcornPaw viciously attacking the warrior. WillowPaw had her teeth dug into his foreleg while AcornPaw had his claws dug into the warrior's back.

Suddenly, WindStar appeared and bit into WillowPaw's chest, tearing her off of the warrior and slamming her into the ground. Blood splattered onto QuickPaw's pelt as she launched herself at WindStar, biting his neck and drawing a large amount of blood. The leader dropped WillowPaw and tried to grasp at QuickPaw. He gripped her tail in his jaws and threw her off.

AcornPaw raced up to WindStar, clawing his face. The leader swatted the puny apprentice away as if he were a fly. The WaveClan leader seemed set on running off WillowPaw.

Or so she had thought.

The tom fastened his teeth into WillowPaw's haunches and threw the silver she-cat into the air, causing blood to spray everywhere. ReedFoot noticed WindStar's vicious treatment and she threw herself at the tom in a vain effort to save her apprentice. She raked her claws down the cat's face, causing him to whip around to face her, a limp she-cat in his jaws, halfway crushed.

"WILLOWPAW!" QuickPaw yowled, hissing before clawing WindStar's left ear off, screeching. He yowled in pain, dropping WillowPaw. AcornPaw screeched, biting into his throat, widening the wound QuickPaw had created. QuickPaw launched herself at his exposed underbelly and raked her claws down it, blood spraying all over her face as she smiled devilishly. DeerBite and WindLeaf stared, taken aback by the viciousness of their apprentices. Soon, though, they leapt at the leader, too, and one fastened his fangs into the base of his tail while the other fastened his teeth into the leader's foreleg. The remaining WaveClan warriors looked over to see their leader, on his last life, being bombarded by cats. Instinctively, they leapt and clawed three of the cats off. ReedFoot became locked in combat with a she-cat while WindLeaf was battling a broad-shouldered grey tom. DeerBite had his teeth fastened in a she-cat's scruff. ShadeStar was in combat with another she-cat while DawnStep was clawing a tom.

QuickPaw rammed into the leader's side, knocking the already unbalanced Tom off of his paws. AcornPaw sliced new, fresh wounds into his shoulders energetically. DarkPaw, who was passed, dove at AcornPaw and distracted him.

QuickPaw looked at the bleeding leader, slowly dying. "THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" She yowled before digging her teeth not his neck and watching as the life drained from him. With a flash he was dead. She padded away, her eyes narrowed and she had a sick smile on her maw. She launched herself into combat with DarkPaw, assisting AcornPaw. She suddenly turned around, seeing WindStar. "I have two more lives, mouse-brain!" He suddenly looked up. "WaveClan, RETREAT!' He yowled across the battle field.

All the warriors belonging to the rival Clan fled, leaving the bloody land to OakClan.

QuickPaw darted up to the motionless WillowPaw. "Did we win?" She gasped. QuickPaw nodded. "We won. You fought wonderfully. Without you, we would've lost." She whispered. AcornPaw came up behind her. "Sister, I love you." He mumbled, nosing his sibling. "I have to get up. We must tell the clan. Come on!" The she-cat attempted to stand but failed and she collapsed again. "No, you must rest. We'll tell you about it in the morning, I promise. Just go back to sleep, WillowPaw." He whispered. "But we have to get back to camp! I feel fine! I'm just all sticky from the water!" She meowed. "You're fine, WillowPaw, just go to sleep. We'll see you in the morning." QuickPaw added. "Did you get that mangy Windstar-r-r?" She asked. Her eyes were fading. "Yes. The whole clan got him. You need your rest." AcornPaw meowed. Tears streamed down QuickPaw's face. "Your both right. I'll tell them in the morning." WillowPaw said, blood trickling out of her opened jaws. The light disappeared from her eyes and her raised head fell to the ground.

"WILLOWPAW, NO!" AcornPaw screamed. QuickPaw looked away, tears sliding down her face. ReedFoot ran up, wailing. She pressed her nose into her apprentice's pelt. "Oh, StarClan, NO!" ReedFoot screeched. ShadeStar looked at her daughter, who was dead.  (Yes, you read right. ) DeerBite went up to his daughter (Snap!) and nosed her fur. WindLeaf looked at the apprentice, his eyes tearing up. " She-She was the best friend and sister.." AcornPaw whispered, crying silently.

ShadeStar and DeerBite picked her up and carried her back to camp, where loud screams could be heard. QuickPaw buried herself in WillowPaw's pelt as the scent of death overcame her. She could feel AcornPaw next to her, weeping. Tears slid down her face as she let out an inaudible screech of pain.

"Goodbye, sweet WillowPaw."

Listen to this song and read her death and tell me you didn't cry.))
After Sunpelt was healed, she inspected ThunderClan's damage. Here and there as she walked, Sunpelt picked up leaves and straightened den curtains. Sunpelt approached Bluestar to ask, "Why did those rogues invade us, and find our camp?" Bluestar replied, "I believe they're working with ShadowClan." Sunpelt couldn't believe it. If they were for ShadowClan, then how were they rogues? Sunpelt walked back up the edge of ThunderClan's ditch. She lay in the sun thinking of the rogue attack. What if they really were with ShadowClan? What if they all attacked ThunderClan? Sunpelt rolled over on her side. She stretched and yawned, then closed her eyes for a second. When she opened them again, she saw the weeds and sunlight and grass and trees. It was all so beautiful. It was a shame the rogues could come back and destroy all that beauty and peace.
~~~Darkfalls POV again!~~~

Its been a few days after him getting caught, and he was sore and everywhere, every time he even tried to get up, Darkfall would cringe in pain and sit back down. He also noticed his hair was beginning to grow out, and sighed bitterly. "At least they didn't catch that group yet..." Darkfall muttered as he leaned his head on the wall. He would've fallen asleep, until he heard a very familiar voice

"You look like your been through hell." Said another teen, and Darkfall instantly opened his eyes and looked to the person. The teen had very unnatural red hair and he also had cat ears, but his eyes were a colder is blue, even colder than Waves. This made Darkfall jump to his feet and grab the bars, glaring coldly at the red head, who chuckled.

"Ah, so you remember me?"
"F@#$ you..."

He bared his teeth at the teen, who just slightly raised a eye brow.

"Nice to see you again, too.."
"Leave me alone, Bloodpelt! Your a curse to me and Waves life!!"
"Ah, but she isn't here to help you, is she..?"

Bloodpelt grinned, seeming to enjoy making Darkfall mad, then continued;

"What? You can't handle that I'm right?"
"YOU KNOW NOTHING!! Your a crazy physco! How in the hell did you get in anyway!?!?"
"That's for me to know, and for you to find out. For now, enjoy your cold cell."

Then the red head walked out of the room, and Darkfall closely watched him go, before sitting down due to his pain. What is he planning... He thought to himself as he stared at the floor.

~~~Wavesongs POV~~~

It turned out the 2 new people were Captain Sparklez and Antvenom, who were forced to hide out in a cave due to being over run by mobs, and finally they were approaching the Skybase, everyone was tired of being on the run, Wave kept the group moving forward though. She never wanted to drag them into this, but they didnt blame her for it, and she was very grateful for that.

"We should be there very soon now!" Sky said cheerfully as they walked. He always seemed to keep the group light and bright, he even would make everyone laugh after nearly being caught again, which Wave sometimes admitted it was odd, but as long as everyone was happy, she didn't care.

"Can't wait!"
"Man I'm hungry.. Breakfast was so long ago!"

"Cmon guys, you can eat and relax when we get there!" Wave laughed and flew down beside Sky, before catching a glimpse of something...

She turned to look at it, then looked to the group. "I'll be back in a moment, just keep walking, I'll catch up" The group looked to one another, shrugged, then kept walking,  she headed to what she saw.

"Well, you guys are having quite the adventure." Clockwork smiled as he leaned against a tree, and Wave nodded. She knew Clockwork a year ago, but they met in a strange way, you'd think they bumped into one another, but Wave actually found him in a locker, she wasn't surprised to find him there, either. Humans also sometimes went to her school, but they were picked on, but what DID surprise her is his BIG fear of enclosed spaces, because once she let him out, he litteraly clinged onto her like a scared dog.

"What are you usually doing now?"
"Oh, not much. Still running into trouble, I guess... I don't know why, but Nagas seriously like to torment me.."
"Really? How many did run into?"
"Hmm... About 5..."
"Dang, that sucks.."

He nodded and fixed his hat.

"When you get to Skybase, I want to show you something..."
"Umm.. Okay..?"

She gave him a curious look, but flew after her group, while Clockwork teleported off with his pocket watch.

~~~Sparks POV~~~

Spark was well enough to walk around, and she was surprised by the base and its budder walls, whenever she thought she knew where she was going, it ends up being some other random hallways she never saw before. Once Spark found the training area, she just decided to go there and make sure none of her inventions broke when going through the portal. After testing K9 2.0 and her arm canon, everyone stared at her inventions in awe.

"Where'd you get those?!" One asked, and she shrugged.

"I..well.. MADE them.."

They were more surprised by this, and asked more questions, looking eager to know, which made Spark smile, and some of them offered Spark to train with them, so she accepted, and finally felt happy after the escape from the lab. Don't worry Tyler... I'm coming soon. The thought made her determined to learn from the warriors at Skybase, and she then trained, making sure she was getting the moves right.

~~~OOOHHH Dis Bloodpelt character looks bad o3o Darkfall certainly hates him!~~~

THE LAST HOBBIT MOVIE WAS SO SAD!!! ;A; (gets many tissues)

Im Wavesong, and UNTIL NEXT TIME, my friends!
Since when did I become someone's senpai? i mean what have I done to do this btw im this person's senpai
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