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People say the Bible isn't true and yet nearly everyone believes there will be a global Apocalypse of some sort and though views vary their Post Apocalypse views are pretty bad, Zombies, Killer Gangs, Looting, primitive lifestyles, but all of these views are diametrically opposed to the Biblical view that after the Apocalypse we will have one thousand years of Peace without sickness or sadness. Of course the Biblical view doesn't make good action adventure movies so Hollywood cranks out the other stuff which although they may be moderately entertaining, they are not Biblically accurate and so not worth paying money to see, maybe when they are free on Netflix but most likely not at all I choose to believe the Biblical view, what about you?
 Ok, so I'm redoing the stories. They had too many parts almost straight from video games and books. Zerx will no longer wake up in a simulation. It will probably start in the end of the story. Zen doesn't have many changes,  but Ryon now has a different mate. These are only a few, so if you want to know about a specific character or part of the timeline,  ask me via note or comment. Later, guys!

hey hey hey~!! it's Rhe here to bring you news~!!!

i'm going to make another youtube channel with some of my good! expect a lot of randomness and a sorts like that because most of us get bored a lot and easily so yeah!, don't worry though i'm still going to be active here and everywhere!! 

so you better expect a lot of random videos and things there but we're still planing it though 

and that's about it!!! thank you for stopping by and reading this 
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Name: Jolenta Magneta
Age: Unknown, appears very young
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 80lbs.
Gender: Female
Demon: Angel Dust
Sin: Sloth
Beacon: Purple and Pink
S.O.: Closeted
Animal: Chinchilla
Appearance: Purple and Pink/Magenta striped romper with sleeves and matching high boots. Pink/Magenta hair with purple ends and spots. Purple eyes and tan/brown skin.
Ethnicity: Unknown, a mixutre of European and Southern American
Job: Cafe maid

W.O.C: Dagger Hilt

Strength: Normally: 8/10, Full Power: 10+/10

Personality: The basic stoic and sleepyhead. She only shows emotion to Angel or any other people close to her. When given sugar or caffeine, she gets super hyper and out of it extremely, which can include of her using her powers that are elemental or time. If fighting, she uses her ability of time and Dagger Hilt with her elemental powers. Jolenta normally act lazy and sluggish daily/fighting, but if needed then she will show emotion in her daily life and fighting to increase power. 

History: Nothing about Jolenta's origins, Angel found her in a dark alley in a box near a old bar. He didn't know why, but he just had to take her and keep her. At first, Angel thought she was a boy from her short hair and it being dark, or filthy. He also realized that she had lost a ton of blood from a slab in the abdomen and on the verge of death. Angel bit his lip to draw blood and gave her his blood to drink, through a passionate kiss. It revived her back to a demon/sinner. Ever since, Angel kept Jolenta by his side and she always stayed by him closer than some people. Angel alwyas calls Jolenta "Jo" and "Jo Mo". She didn't had a last name, so Angel gave her Magenta for her favorite color Magenta.

Teleporting - This ability allows Jolenta to teleport with a shadow/smoke-like approach.
Shape Shifting -  This ability allows Joletna to transform into her animal form, shadow/smoke-like, or anything. [Practice makes perfect]
Energy Absorb - This ability allows Jolenta to take her opponents' energy and heals her in the process by touch or eye contact.
Mind Control - This ability allows Jolenta to, well, use mind control.

  •  Jolenta actually likes sleeping with Angel than sleeping only. For his warmth, fluff, and a cuddle buddy.
  • Jolenta gets jealous when Angel gets attention from men/women than him giving attention to her. Almost to the point of killing them. [SECRET YANDERE ALERT]
  • Jolenta likes being held by Angel.
  • Jolenta sings alone, unless Angel "makes" her. When singing, her voice is a bit siren-like, meaning a bit hypnotizing.
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Where are you?
Are you here?
Or are you out there,

Somewhere bright?
Or somewhere clear?
Where you are the sun will,

It shines for you,
And all the joy,
That you will bring to me,

Give me your love,
And all that you have,
I will take care of you,
One day.

Forever mine,
Forever dine,
I will be yours like you will,
Be mine!
You choose me,
To be your player number 2.
In the most important game of all.

You are there, when I am in need of healing.
You are there, every time that I re-spawn. 
Always by my side, through every battle on the way. 

When the final quest comes,
I know that there is no better companion,
then you.
 '3 pov'
You woke up to bright light blinding you for a few seconds you felt you were in something soft maybe a bed..? your (e/c) eyes looked at your surroundings and you found yourself in a bedroom it didn't look anything like what you had at home if you could
even call it that, " w-where am i " you whispered your voice a bit hoarse, still taking in what happened yesterday you heard a door creak and you quickly looked over and saw a man with a tray it was the man that found you last night " oh good morning poppet " he said with a  English accent evident " h-hello s-sir " you stuttered scared if this man was like your father. He smiled warmly at you and came over and set the tray that had smelled something overcooked, " i made you breakfast if you like any " despite the terrible smell of burnt bacon and eggs you were starving you ate while still being polite " thank you sir " you said looking at your hands " your welcome" he said smiling Arthur stared at the bruises and scars on your arms and legs he felt a mixture of anger and sadness, " what is your name mister? " he looked up at the tiny voice and smiled " my name is Arthur poppet " you nodded and there was another awkward silence. After a while of silence Arthur took the tray and went to the kitchen he didn't notice the soft padding of little feet behind him  " Mr. Arthur? " he looked down at you " yes? " Arthur said to the young girl " thank you for saving me " she whispered and Arthur could see the tiniest of smiles but he bent down and hugged her small frame (y/n) tensed slightly but hugged back a couple seconds after.

~~~~~~ A timeskip brought to you by cute Arthur and reader fluff~~~~~~~~~
'3 pov'
A few weeks past with (y/n) living with Arthur it's been.... interesting. You were reading a book you enjoyed when you heard a loud bang coming from the front door, startled you hear a obnoxious laugh and a annoyed Brit " you bloody git! " yelled a angry Englishman " oh calm down Artie and lighten up the hero is here to save you from boredom! " yelled a overly energized american you saw Arthur facepalm and you came out from your hiding place " hello " you said Arthur looked towards you and his eyes softened " oh (y/n) " he smiled at you almost forgetting the obnoxious american at the door " whoa who's the little dudette " asked the american, groaning Arthur introduced you both " Alfred this is (y/n) she's my daughter (y/n) this is Alfred your uncle " Arthur explained you smiled at Alfred he just stared at Arthur than exclaimed " Arthur you got laid! " furious Arthur started to rant off Alfred about how he found you and blah blah blah depressing stuff basically, while Arthur was doing that you went back to your book until Arthur finally calmed down. After about a half a hour Arthur finally was calm and Alfred got the full story of how Arthur found you and why he didn't tell him and the other allies Arthur sighed " I wanted you all to meet her this world meeting " Arthur explained " so you even didn't tell me " Alfred said with fake tears in his eyes Arthur rolled his eyes and you giggled "  hey daddy whens the next world meeting? "you asked Alfred Exclaimed " It's tomorrow little dudette " he said while grinning " your gonna meet the rest of the allies and the axis " Alfred responded afterword you smiled while Arthur told more like ranted Alfred of being more serious. 

~~~~~~~ A timeskip by a fighting American, Englishmen and frenchie~~~~~~
It was the day of the world meeting (y/n) was excited while Arthur was a nervous wreck you giggled at Arthur's overprotectiveness he kept telling you to stay away from this guy named Francis Bonnefoy " and if he touches you bite him or yell " Arthur kept saying over and over again you giggled " OK daddy i know what to do and don't worry i learned a few defensive skills from uncle Alfred " you say Arthur smiles and nods and than both of you were on your way to London bouncing in your seat looking at the beautiful scenery of London. Finally making to the world meeting the building was huge you were awestruck Arthur chuckled at your reaction after winding through halls you both made it to the meeting room and Arthur opened the door with you at his feet what you saw was men and women fighting a albino getting whacked in the head with a frying pan a  blonde man trying to get everybody's attention you looked around and saw uncle Alfred you smiled and called out " uncle Alfred!!! " bad idea kid everybody's attention was now on you, blushing you tried to hide behind Arthur's legs than a man with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes came over " oh Angleterre mind telling us who is this petite fille? " Arthur growled but nodded " this everybody is (y/n) she's my... daughter " everyone was silent than you finally said something " hello everybody " you said with a small wave and a few countries double over on the cuteness " aww she's-a so-a cute " said a Italian with closed eyes " aiyah yes she is aru " said a Chinese man  everybody smothered you in love and everybody introduced each other. After all of that The man which you found out name was ludwig said " alright everybody can we start zhe meeting already! " everybody nodded and you all took a seat " OK my boss said there was this new country next to England does anyone want to check it out? " Alfred asked everybody nodded " OK than we'll go tomorrow! " Alfred yelled fist pumping the air you started to feel dizz.y and Arthur noticed " love you alright? " before you past out you said one word " i am (c/n)
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Hey Pat! This day shift was weird, wasn't it? I told you that Marionette is not in the best conditions, but I couldn't think that its AI would change to Freddy's! It was hillarious!
Well, well, I'll be a bit more serious. Do you know what they say about the Puppet? The Security Chief told me that its design was based on an old cherooke ritual or something like that, I dont know really. All I can say is that there may be a superior paranormal being inside of it, a demon. I didn't notice any strange behavior of it, but I wouldn't let his battery run out. Maybe only its Al can avoid that creature.
Its battery is broken becase of the compact design. It needs to be powered remotely. Keep an eye on that Pat!
Good luck comrade!

Ledwie dojrzała, prawie dorosła, z blaskiem we włosach i blada jakby miała zejść. Staje się niewinnie drapieżna, swoim wiekiem zdolna przywieść ruinę mężczyźnie, zezmysłowiona farbami i słowami. Poetąś? Zgorejesz. Głupiego, acz zdolnego, snuje wokół palca, nie wyżej jak u stopy, zadusi dla apanaży. Ukręci włosy, to przedwojenna aktorka. Zaś ufryzuje się opaską, znęci ku rewolucji, zmęczonej tembrem brixtońskich strzelb Nouvelle Vague, tylko spojrzy zza okularów – mélange. Na tyle młoda, że pobawisz się – idzie rak, po gołym udzie, w pocałunkach. Gnie się wtedy jak agrafka. Zabij mnie kochana, zmętniałem w ten nudny wieczór. Najlepsze bowiem, że zakpiłem Świętej Panience, wszak moja osoba to wypisz wymaluj społeczna reklama o zagrożeniach płynących z internetu, nawet mam wąsa i siedzę w jakichś gaciach. Śmieje się jak jej to mówię, lubi post-ironiczny humor. Za tydzień znajdzie sobie nową zabawkę.

Znalazłem stare zdjęcie, pasuje jako ilustracja:
Win 20150810 222741 by Premislaus1988

The Leowolves are dying to hear some more asks from you guys!
Only two deviants asked some of the Leowolves asks.

I really want to do something during the weekend.
So, I hope you guys can send some asks for Portal Master Talia and the Leowolves.

The Leowolves' names are;

Will (Wash Buckler)
Rico (Rattle Shake)
Nathan (Night Shift)
Seiji (Stink Bomb)
Benji (Boom Jet)

And of course, Portal Master Talia!
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