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I'm sure you've heard of the vocaloids. The kawaii, innocent anime characters that anyone could love. I had the Hatsune Miku vocaloid software, and a very strange error code happened. I was inserting notes for her to play a song, it crashed completely. The screen turned black, in which I heard a broken down version of Mikus voice, as she chimed in,
"I might do a performance you might not like~!"  It gave me the choice to pick, close software, or to continue until it fixed itself. It also had a 5 second time limit to choose. Me, shivering, I picked nothing. In which that's when the whole thing started.  "ERROR 808" The huge, bloody lettering said on the blank screen. The screen faded into Miku's music factory, her in her uniform.  Her eyes were a toxic green, with electrical wires through them. " To make sure the machines are safe.... I would be honored to try it out myself!" the crashed vocaloid said, laughing. She ran inside a room with many machines (which looked like instruments), and hopped into one. Miku said" This one, is what I like dearly." It looked like a guitar, but what it did wasn't one at all.....

She turned it on, sadly I saw this strange machine work. It was disgusting. Thousands of needles jabbed into her, as it played a rock song. her heart had the sharpest needles, in which they inserted into there, and where her heart was, an entire wave of blood came out.  Red liquid poured onto the floor from the gory machinery. This kept on happening for straight three minutes, repeating the stabbing over....... Over..... and OVER..... AND OVER AGAIN. The guitar after awhile turned from green, to a bloody red, dripping. She never screamed once, in fact, she laughed the entire time. Finally, it was over. She had walked out, gears rusted, dark  eyes with glowing red wires around it (How did those wires stay? I don't know!) , bloody clothes.
"Yeah, that's definitely the perfect 'performance' for my friends!" she exclaimed, smiling twistedly. "But now," she continued," I just need the audience, that shouldn't be hard at all, EVERYONE loves ME!" She had disguised herself as another vocaloid. "No-one will know me in this."

          So that's when the twisted factory owner went to claim her victims. She had sat on their bed, waiting for them to wake up.
"The weak is what I should target. It makes it easy to- Oh look! Its morning, already!" Miku said, giggling. She coughed to quickly change her voice. The girl had woken up, and stared at Miku, and answered politely "Yes?"

  The girl's voice adorable and sweet. Miku answered "I've told the teachers at your school this very urgent info." Miku continued
" And..... To make sure you're healthy.. you have to at this building." she showed the little girl a picture of her factory. It looked pretty kid friendly. "OKAY. I'll go, Ms. Miku~" the girl said. So then she followed Miku toward the factory. They started a conversation. "So... whats your name, dear?" the Factory owner asked. "Um... I'm Kaai Yuki. and I'm nine years old." said the little girl. "Who's your teacher in this school? There's many in your elementary class." Miku asked. Yuki answered, once again,"Hiyama Kiyoteru.... Why?"  Miku lied," He's quitting his job, and you'll be switching classes."  Yuki looked shocked. "BUT HE ALWAYS LOVED HIS JOB... Why would he wanna quit?" Yuki thought.  After awhile, they were finally there.

       "Just sit in one, and close your eyes. It won't hurt" said Miku, lightly smiling. Once the girl got in, she closed her eyes. Then, Miku had pressed the button. Now, a different process changed for each machine. Miku sat her in the one so called "Piano Machine 900" The soft, light music brainwashed the poor girl, so she wouldn't even feel the pain, and to also get her in Miku's control. Then it started pounded her eyes fifty or more times, and stabbing her body. Like the last time, a huge blood wave came out of the machine, and formed a broken heart.
"Aww, does this mean she died before she had a love! Oh well, she was too gullible." the twisted factory owner said, laughing. after it was done, the little girl walked out, hugged Miku, and laughed with her. Miku asked, happily" Are you feeling anywhat different?"

          "Of course. I'm feeling WAY different. Got any other killing plans? I've got your next victim!" the little girl said, brushing out the blood from her black pigtails. "Of course... that's perfect...." Miku exclaimed, smiling twistedly....

What will happen in my next software? I don't know. But here's a warning.



"Icaca kommst du bitte mal runter? "ertönte die helle stimme meiner Mutter. Also stand ich auf ging runter und erstarrte auf der Treppe als ich sie mit einem riesigen Spiegel in den Armen sah. "Schätzchen hilfst du mir mal bitte diesen dicken Johnny  in die Ecke zu stellen?"
"Wo hast du denn DAS Ding her? "Ich half meiner Mutter den Spiegel an den richtigen Platz zu lehnen. "Vom Flohmarkt! Und er passt hier super hin! " Kelly grinste mich an und ihre rot gefärbten Haare standen in alle Richtungen ab. Ihr langer blaubrauner Rock war zerknittert. Sie sah eher aus wie ein zu gepflegter Hippie als wie eine Mutter aber ich liebte sie mehr als alles andere,auch wenn sie mir den dümmsten Namen auf der Ganzen Welt gegeben Hatte. Ich konnte nicht anders als sie zu umarmen. Als ich mich wieder von ihr löste guckte sie mich fragend an. "Wofür war das denn ?"  "Nur so" ich versuchte zu lächeln was mir aber gehörig misslang. Natürlich bemerkte das meine Super-Mama. "Was ist denn los Icaca?" Sie verzog ihr Gesicht. "Ice Mom,und das weißt du. "Kelly setzte sich auf die Couch und klopfte einladend auf den Platz neben sich. "Natürlich. Ice. Was ist los?" Ich setzte mich neben sie um direkt danach ihren tröstenden Arm auf meiner Schulter zu spüren. "Miranda und ich waren heute im Café und dort ist sie zusammen gebrochen. Sie atmet nicht mehr." Meine Mutter blickte mich geschockt an. "Oh gott Ice! Wo ist sie denn jetzt??Und was passiert nun?" Meine Mutter hatte schon immer einen guten Draht zu Miranda. Und diese Nachricht traf sie wie ein Schlag. "Ich weiß es nicht ." Eine Zeit lang war stille bis ich sie brach."Mama?" Ich blickte in ihr bleiches Gesicht."Miranda ist nicht tot."
"Nein. Natürlich nicht." Sie strich mir mit Tränen in den Augen über den Kopf als wäre ich ein kleines stures Kind. "Wann kommen ihre Eltern?" Ich senkte den Kopf "Sie sind in Fitchi oder so. 2 Monate vielleicht. Sie haben lange auf diese Weltreise gespart die können sie nicht einfach abbrechen. " Meine Mutter nickte. Sie verstand. Dann lächelte sie. "Wie wärs wenn du dich Bett fertig machst, wir uns dann mit Popcorn aufs Sofa lümmeln und einen schönen Film gucken? "
Hey peeps here's the new chapter three! the original is going to be chapter four and the same with the original chapter four being chapter five. (insert usual disclaimer) Rose is owned by KaronaBHM.

Chapter 3

Rose's POV

I was sad when Esmeralda dragged Trixie and a few other gypsys away to earn some money for the Court. So I went to go set out everything they would need when they got back. I set out Esme's dress and accessories along with Trixie's green mask that strangely looked like Clopin's purple mask for some reason.

'Will have to ask her about that later'

I ran out of the tent and quickly went to get in my outfit and blended in with the crowd as we waited for Clopin's group to come marching down.

Come One! Come All!

Leave your loops and milking stools!

Coop the hens and pen the mules!

Come One! Come All!

Close the Churches and the Schools!

It's the day for Breaking Rules!

Come and join the Feast…Of…!

I then heard Clopin sing out and at the end his famous laugh, "Fools! Hahaha!"

I danced around with some of the gypsys that were near me not caring in the world of what was going on.

Once a year we throw a party here in town!

Once a year we turn all of Paris upside down!

Every man's a king and every king's a clown!

Once again it's Topsy Turvy Day!

I eventually saw Clopin following a poor guy that no doubt Trixie had pointed out to him and was probably laughing right now.

It's the day the Devils in us get release!

It's a day we mock the prig and shock the priest!

Everything is Topsy Turvy at the Feast of Fools!


Everything is upsy daysy!


Everybody is acting Crazy!

Dross is gold and weeds are a bouquet!

That's the way of Topsy Turvy Day!

I saw Trixie and Clopin spinning for a moment realizing Clopin probably lost the guy for a bit and decided to have some fun.


Beat the drums and blow the trumpets


Join the bums and thieves and strumpets

Streaming in from Chartes to Calais

Scurvy knaves are extra scurvy

On the sixth of Januvry!

Clopin had disappeared and Trixie was dancing with the crowd close to Frollo's so called throne.

All because its topsy turvy day!

The crowd stopped as Clopin arrived and Trixie noticed that everyone stopped and turn to see him. I saw that she quickly hid amongst the crowd near the stage and waited for Clopin to pull her up so they could disappear just as planned.

Come One! Come All!

Hurry, Hurry here's your chance

See the mystery and romance.

The others and I laughed when Clopin showed once again no fear when singing those last two lines of the song.

Come One! Come All!

See the finest girl in France

Make an entrance to entrance

As he sang Esme's entrance line he shook his fist then threw it down letting a cloud of smoke appear around them and the fell through the trap door that was there while Esme quickly jumped up while the smoke was still there.

Dance La Esmeralda….


and there it is Rose's pov of our ever so favorite song Topsy Turvey Day!
Warning: have swearing(well it's Romano duh!)

You wake up in your bed, looking at the roof thinking words in your mind. You couldn't talk sense you were born. At first the doctor's were thinking you dead but after recherche they find that your vocal cord was not enough evolve and that you will never talk of your life. You go to the kitchen and eat breakfast. After taking a bath, you start your homework. 

  After two hours of studying, you decide to go outside take some fresh air. 
" Hey!!~   (y/n)  !!!" you turn your back to see Italy running too you and Romano behind him, walking looking annoyed. You know them since grade 5.You smile at him and say "hi" with your hand. You look at Romano."what are you looking at?! Idiota!!" You obviously didn't respond but your turn your head to Italy. "What happening you can't talk someone cut you though??!!" You look at him with a dark glare.
"ve~?! Roma that was rude!..."

Romano pov

Oh shit what did i done!? I totally forgot..She's Mute! She keep looking at me with those   (e/c)  that she have!
I turn my head. I'm so awful! how could I say such a thing!
"Roma you should" Say my Idiot brother. I feel my cheeks getting warm. "fine!! I'm sorry!!!!"
she look at me and smile at me. I could feel my cheek getting warmer. Her and my brother notice it so they start teasing me about it...
"Hey   (y/n) ! I have and idea!!! Ludwig is coming to sleepover! do you wan't to join us??"

Normal pov

You where surprise of Italy proposition but accept to join. Italy start jumping everywhere talking how much fun they gonna have.
"...and there's going to have a horror movie and..." You have stop listening at the word "horror movie". OH no!! but it's to late 
to say no!!! You always have being scare of horror movies. At even the light droop of blood. Romano seem to notice." hey idiota!! don't tell me that your scare of horror movies". He smirk at you evilly. You look at him with a "NO WAY" face. 


  You were now at Italy's and Romano house. It was a cute house. You ring and someone open the door.
" ya who is it??" "and you are you??" you was thinking. 
"Hey potato Bastard!!!!!touch or you Ii'l die!!!!" "I vas doing anything!!". You recognize Romano's voice but then your wear crashing sounds. "so you are you?" Germany said. You were trouble can't talk. You were just staring at him awkwardly.
"what should I do??" you said in your head. You eared footsteps, it was Romano. He saved your live
"Stupid potato bastard!! let her in!! it's  (y/n)  and she's mute. After what Romano said, Germany feel really guilty because we was waiting a respond. "oh vell...sorry I didn't know". He let you in and the first thing that you have is a hug from Italy. 
 "Hey what are you doing??? get off!!!" "ve~?? It was just a hug!!". The two Italians were fighting...well not really Romano swear and scream. And Italy was just crying trying to defend himself. Ludwig was trying to calm the two down(mostly Romano). You were just looking...wan You had an Idea. You take A piece of paper and write something on it. Then you approach the two Italians
and poke Romano."what?!?!?!!?" he yelled. You show him the paper. It was write " are you jealous???" you smirk at him. He was blushing, almost like Spain's tomato. " N-NO I'm not!!!! I...hum..I'M...let's just go watch the movie!!!!" "yay!! let's start the movie ve~" Crap you compliantly forgot about the horror movie!!!! The four of you were comfortably install on the big couch. Then Italy start the movie. You hold your breath maybe it's not gonna be that bad...


Only 20 Min. the movie start to be extremely gore... 
Without anyone knowing a very bloody and scary scene came out of nowhere. You didn't think a second. You get in the arm's at the person at your left and it was Romano. 

Romano pov

omg WHAT SHOULD I DO??? she jumped and hugged me... wait is she crying???.
"HUM...guys I think      (y/n)     is hungry we will go get something to eat..". We leave the room and go to the kitchen.
" ok...What's wrong with you!?!??! stupid ragazza !!!!If you were scared of horror movies why did you accept to come?!!!?!" she start to cry more. OH FUCK OH CRAP. "*sign* I-I'm sorry..wanna strawberry?" she nods trying to get off her tears. 

Normal pov
Romano gave you some strawberry in a bowl. You smile as thank you and blush lightly. Your angel smile make Romano turn is head blushing. Romano and you start eating strawberry. After a while there were just one strawberry left. You make sign to Romano take he can take it. Romano was not convinced, we think want to be selfish with you. You notice his student smirk. He
take the strawberry and approach you. You was looking quite nervous, what was he going to do? 
" hey do you they are sweet?" you nod your head. He put the strawberry in his mouth and kiss you. You were charring the strawberry in a surprising way. At first you try to break the kiss but you look forward to it. He stop the kiss looking at you.
"They are sweeter like that.." we was blushing red like I tomato. At the same moment Ludwig came in the kitchen." Vell what are you...... " Romano start cursing in Italian to Germany.He was in rage.


hi sorry for the sudden ending

This is my first Fan fictionLlama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]   

Oh and sorry for my grammar..I'm horrible at English.Fail 
because I'm CanadianAPH Canada  at Quebec. and there it's almost all french peoples.

dam you france!!!!France (Scared) [V2] 

Hope you enjoy...

PS: if you see a grammar error tell me pls.
Ok so this chapter will be in Perceptors POV.

Summary: After a accident in the med-bay with a allspark fragment, while Wheeljack and Perceptor are visiting Bumblebee, Perceptor and Bumblebee are given cat ears, claws and tails. Can Perceptor and Bumblebee take all the attention that the other mechs are giving them? Or are they doomed to be forever stuck like this?

Fandom: Transformers Animated (my AU)

Pairings: Ratchet/Optimus, Optimus x Blurr x Wasp x Bumblebee x Ratchet, Wheeljack/Perceptor/Bumblebee/Wheeljack, Prowl/Bumblebee/Perceptor/Jazz, one sided Grave digger/Bumblebee, Bulkhead x Bumblebee x Perceptor x Bulkhead, Sentinel x Bumblebee, Jetfire x Bumblebee x Perceptor x Jetstorm, Starscream/Perceptor/Bumblebee/Starscream, Hothead/Icy/Random/Hothead, Wreck-gar x Bumblebee x Perceptor x Wreck-gar, Perceptor x Ratchet, Hothead x Perceptor x Bumblebee x Hothead, Random x Perceptor, Icy x Perceptor, Random/Bumblebee/Icy, Lugnut x Bumblebee, Megatron x Perceptor x Bumblebee x Megatron, BA x Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus x Bumblebee, Sunstreaker x Bumblebee x Sideswipe, Sunstorm x Bumblebee x Perceptor x Sunstorm, Skywarp x Bumblebee, TC x Bumblebee, Dirge x Bumblebee x Perceptor x Dirge, Thrust x Bumblebee, Ramjet x Bumblebee x Perceptor, mentioned Yoketron x Bumblebee, Bluestreak x Prowl, Bluestreak x Perceptor, Bluestreak/Bumblebee, Dinobots x Bumblebee

Warnings: mentioned non-con, non-con, mech x mech, yaoi, brotherly fluff, self harm, pain, bad memories, crossdressing, mentioned mechpreg, sicknesses, blood

Age required: 18
Looking at the large black and purple seeker I growled deep in my throat. Getting up I kicked his spark chamber hard. He groaned in pain and I just looked at him. Walking back to Bumblebee I was surprised when he suddenly hugged me crying.

Rubbing his helm I looked back at Grave digger only to see that he was gone. Looking back to Bumblebee I felt him start to shake. Letting out a spark breaking sob he grabbed a hold of my arm and held it. Smiling slightly I picked him up and put him in my lap and started to rock him.

"Hush little bumblebee. Stop your tears. Stop your cries. I'm right here so there's nothing to worry about. My little bumblebee. Everything is fine. Everything is ok. There's no way I'll let anybot hurt you. So hush little bumblebee I'm right here" I said softly and rocked him a bit more as his optics slid closed and his sobs subsided.

I watched Wheeljack walk towards us and sit down next to me. I watched as he gently rubbed Bumblebees twitching ears. Bumblebee made a soft purring sound as Wheeljack played with his ears.

Wheeljack looked really happy as he played with the swishing tail. Chuckling I watched him closely. He smiled as he played with the sleeping youngling. "This is so cool Percy!" He said looking at me.

I nodded once and looked up to the remaining members of the autobots. Looking down at Bumblebee I decided that now is a good of time as any to tell them. would they react when I tell them Bumblebee was raped?
~Okay! So I've seen some favoriting going around the theory I made for FNAF night 1. I've did some research on my favorite character Mangle from FNAF 2. Now most people are saying that Mangle is a "He" instead of a "She", but in my book, I call her "Lady Mangle". (Shoutout to #Mylafox to her art piece "Let's Play". Check it out it's amazing!) My theory on Lady Mangle is that she was a very lonely girl whom suffered polio (Which is why the animatronic crawls and climbs.) She has a widowed father who was a local fisherman, which he loves his daughter so. He created a lullaby (Part 2 of the song) which is sung by Lady Mangle whom twists it around and adds more to it. (Which sounds scary as hell.)

Part 1
Little Girl, Little Girl
Why are you so alone?
The darkness scares me to the bone.
Little Girl, Little Girl
Why do you cry?
I weep my memories goodbye.
Oh Why? Oh Why?
Oh Why? Oh Why?
Kiss them tears goodbye.
Part 2
Come take  my hand,
for I will lead you to a land,
Where creatures who greet you and speak to you and lay out in the sand.
Little Girl, Little Girl,
Take this ship to the land of fair dreams,
And set sail to the vastness of seas.
Little Girl, Little Girl,
The sun is now set,
It's time for bed,
This night will be yours.
Now sleep, my darling,
Sleep till it's morn.
title: cracks in the armor
panel 1: (two mares are infront of derpy looking condescending while derpy's head has dropped slightly)
mare 1: "oh, would you looks, it's dizzy derpy"
mare 2: "looking as stupid are ever"
panel 2: ( a small are now gathering around, the two's head's are slightly are rised from last panel, derpy head is now pointing down)
mare 1: "i wonder if she can ever what's in front of her"
mare 2: " can she even count"
panel 3: (close up of derpy's face on the verge of crying with eyes close, hateful words like dumb and "special")
mare 2: it goes 1,2,3" (coming from out of frame, the texts trails off, probably don't need to show the mare but just context)
panel 4: (derpy's eyes are now open without tears)
panel 5: derpy's head is now bolt upright, the mares are slightly lower in posture then derpy)
derpy: now listen here you batty bullys, i'll have you know my intelligence far surpasses what i assume yours to be"
panel 6: (several minutes later in the corner of the frame,derpy is pointing forwards with a proud look , the bullys are looking at the ground walking away from her, the crowd is clapping)
derpy: "now be gone from my sight, before i compaire you to a subspecies of worm, vagabonds"

samel trickster of the dammed -
this was a uh ship story thing... untill my sleep deprived brain relised where the story was actually ment to be.......... and I don't know how to delete this sooooooooooooo yea
“I’m a paradox. I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad. I’m lazy, yet I’m ambitious. I don’t like myself, but I also love who I am. I say I don’t care, but I really do. I crave attention, but reject it when it comes my way. I’m a conflicted contradiction. If I can’t figure myself out, there’s no way anyone else has.”

Sometimes at night when I can’t sleep, I lay awake wishing I was sleeping next to you. Imagining you there, somehow gives me a comforting sensation and helps me sleep. I crave you to be so close, yet I lay there alone. On a bed that feels too big and under sheets that seem so cold. I think about our future and I wonder if maybe you’re thinking about me too. There’s nothing I want more than to sleep next to you with my body pressed up against yours while I hold you tight to me with my arms around you. I want to sleep with you. I want to be there to hold you when you have a nightmare and you wake up crying in the middle of the night. I want to stare at you all night long while I run my fingers through your hair and tell you how beautiful you are. I want to sleep with you. I want to sleep with you, in the most innocent sense.