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bueno se abran dado cuenta de que no subo como antes mi historia, pues la razón en que estamos en épocas de exámenes y todo eso ,y nos dieron la libreta o boletín de notas y; díganos por culpa de unas personas(profesora de ingles tiene la culpa)bajo mi rendimiento además de ello mi compu esta en mal estado por ello la demora.
pero no se preocupen tratare de subir la historia lo mas antes posible espero que lo entiendan. 
Sonic walked up the hill to find a cross. The wind blew in his quills as he made a stop. He held a red rose in his hand. Looking at the cross tears flew out his eyes. "Who knew a yearly check-up could lead to this"  . Sonic thought of the beautiful pink Rose as he held the one he had closer. "Amy".


Everyone was at the client after finshing their check-ups. Tails came out with the doctor "uh,Amy Rose"  Amy stood up and walked with the doctor and called out "be back in a while". 51 mins passed and the doctor came out. No Amy along side. "Uh,Amy has to go to the hospital"  everyone stood up "what, why?"  Sonic said .    The doctor opened his mouth then closed it looking at the clip board. "Well.." Knuckles asked. "A-Amy Rose was positive for..." he paused before saying" Ebola" . Everyone paused nothing but silents  filled the air where they stood. Cream broke  the silents by breaking down in tears. Sonic walked away as his friends and doctor looked at him. He couldn't believe it. He didn't know what to feel. Anger,sadness differently not happiness,but he sure was surprised . He ran back into the client at full speed grabbing the doctor by the collar making him drop his clip broad.  

Everyone was shocked" wheres Amy!"  Sonic demanded. "Sir,she has a sickness you might catch it!". Tails got up from his chair "i don't care!  Where is she!" Sonic demand still holding the man by his collar. "Sonic! Let  him go!" Tails yelled angrily.  "He wont tell me where she is"  Sonic said. "Sonic don't you see!?. She has EBOLA! You can't see her you can't . Or you might catch her disease! " Rouge yelled grabbing every ones attention.  Sonic looked at her. Shes right sonic was taking his anger out on the doctor who had nothing of any sort to do with Amy's illness-hey,he did had a emotion to this.Anger. Letting go of the scared doctor. "And what are you. Talking about he cant she her?" Tails said ponting a the frightened doctor." Well you see sir-" .

Tails walked to him "you can' t catch it by water,air or being in the same room . The only you can catch it is by touching the person  when their sweating and so on." Tails back the doctor into a wall " sir-" "it dosn't take a rocket sicentist to figure that one out."

The conversation was interrupted by people in the suits you'll wear to prevent germs coming your way. Sonic watched in complete sacredness   as they  took Amy out of the hallway and into a wheel chair. She screamed and cried as they took her away.

"Amy!" Sonic was about to run to her but two male doctors guarded his way " Amy!-What are you doing she- she needs me!".  Sonic started to feel tears come out his eyes as he watched them put her in back of the ambulance and closed the door. He was feeling mixed emotions. He was mad he was her hero he saved her in the time of need. But this time he couldn't.
Joby and Aubrey rush to the pokemon center.
As they enter, they noticed a few things.
One; Feraligatr is ok.
Two; many other pokemon trainers were here. An unusual amount.
"What is going on?" Joby asked.
"The Professor has the answer to that." Gold said.
"Professor?" Aubrey questions.
"Sit down." he said.
Joby and Aubrey take a seat.
The Professor hands Joby a box.
Joby peers inside. All he sees is a slip of paper.
"What is this?" Joby asks.
"Take it out." the professor says.
Joby takes out the slip of paper and unfolds it.
Joby sees latitude and longitude lines, as well as specific coordinates.
"Its a map. But of what?" he asks.
"Of Kalos. Those coordinates are a particular spot on an island farther out, known as the King's Isle. There is much rumor of a legendary temple which lies on King's Isle. Legend goes that the wilds of pokemon were ruled by "Royal pokemon", pokemon superior to the rest, which each ruled a portion of the world. It is also said that the Temple of the Lizard King, a temple dedicated to a lizard pokemon which was a "Royal pokemon", known as the Lizard King. He ruled majority of the jungles of the world, and he protected the pokemon under his rule. Then, one day, all the Royal pokemon vanished. However, it is said that the Lizard King's spirit still watches over his land and guards his temple." the Professor said.
"Wow! Imagine that! A Royal pokemon!" Aubrey said.
"What does this have to do with Matthew, or a Mega stone?" Joby asks.
"I have been doing much research. And I became curious when I read of a supposed encounter with the Lizard Kings spirit. One of the witnesses said that he wore a "strange device with a stone imbedded in it." I dug through more research, and found many legends of the Lizard King with similar details in the report, including the stone. I have a theory that the Lizard King was a Mega-evolving pokemon." The Professor explained.
"And as for Matthew.....Joby, he's after the stone. And it wouldnt bother me, except that he misuses his pokemon. He is so absorbed with something, that he's not even realizing that some of his pokemon are worried about him. He has a kind of raging attitude. I thought you could maybe beat him to it and show him that his pokemon arent happy. Im worried about him." the Professor finished.
"Yeah, I guess I could." Joby says.
"What is with all these injured pokemon?" Aubrey asks.
"Some were supposedly attacked by the King Lizard.....the rest are Matthew." The professor explains.
"Thats awful!" Aubrey said.
"I wish you all good luck." the Professor says as he stands up.
"I have research I must attend to."
The professor left the center.
" are we going to reach the island?" Silver asks.
Gold chuckles.
"Were going to catch some pokemon. Ive got an idea." he says.
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AN: Sorry for the wait, I had a lot of homework to do so I couldn't write the first chapter! OK so I do not own the Creepypasta's. Some curse words, and violence. Enjoy!
(Y/N)= Your name (L/N)= Last name   (F/C)= Favorite color    (H/C)= Hair color

(H/L)= Hair length    (S/N)= Sisters name (Younger sister)   (N/Y/H)= Name you hate

Your age: 16    Toby's age: 17

Your POV:

    I ran as fast as I could, but I knew I had no chance. Jim was the fastest runner on his football team. There was no way out. 'Dammit why did I run this way!? This only brings  
me deeper into the woods!' I kept running. I could hear Jim getting closer. I turned my head to see how close he was. As I was looking behind me I tripped over something, and fell. I rolled down a hill, comming to a stop at the bottom of the hill. Sitting up I looked down at my legs. It was obvious that one of my legs were broken. 'Fuck! I can't run like this!' I sighed, then heard a twig snap. Looking up I saw Jim, with (N/Y/H) walking up behind him. "Oh no. Look's like we caught you!" She giggled.

     "Your a lot stupider than I thought (Y/N). Thinking you could run off and get away" Jim smirked. "But know you have no where else to run." I looked around, desperate for something I could use to protect myself. (N/Y/H) grabbed me by my hair and made me face her. "Ya' wanna know something? I always hated you." I smirked "Oh r-really? I never n-noticed!" I felt her grip tighten. "You better shut up! Cause your smart ass remarks arn't gonna help you outta this one!" She grinned, pulling something out of her short's pocket. "Whoa (N/Y/H) what are you gonna do with that!?" Jim asked. "Calm the fuck down Jim! I'm not gonna kill her. I just wanna have a little fun." That's when I noticed what she had. 'Where the h-hell did she get a p-pocket knife!? And why does sh-she even have o-one!?' "(N/Y/H), what g-good is that gonna do y-you when I won't e-even be able to f-feel it?" I smirked knowing this would piss her off.

      (N/Y/H) grinned. 'Huh?' "Oh silly (Y/N) this isn't for you." Before my mind could even process what happened, in one swift movement, she cut the strings on my guitar. Then before I could do anything else Jim plucked it from me. "G-Give that b-back!" I yelled. Jim smirked. "If you want it back so bad then beg!" He said looking down at me with a smug look on his face. I looked up at him. "P-please give i-it b-back? Please?" Jim looked up, and tapped his chin with his finger. "Hmmmm, how!" He smashed it against a nearby tree. The guitar broke into pieces, the top half of the guitar was still in Jim's hands. I sat there, peralized, and in shock. (N/Y/H) smirked and let go of my hair. She stood up and turned to Jim. "Let's go I'm bored." Jim dropped the half of the guitar in his hands to the ground, and stepped on it, causing it to snap into pieces. "Alright. I was getting tired anyways."
    They walked off, leaving me there. I just stared down at the pieces of my guitar. I couldn't help it, the tears came, falling onto the ground. 'Why? Why do they do this to me? I never did anything to them!' Standing up, I picked up the pieces of my guitar. I wanted to stay there, and just lay on the ground and give up, but I knew if I did, someone would just eventually find me. Begging to walk I just drug my broken leg behind me. 'Mom's gonna be so pissed when I get home.' When I finally arrived at the front of my house I sighed and walked inside. "I-I'm h-h-home." I said weakly. It must be late because most of the houses had no lights on.

   Mom came running down stairs. "What the hell took you so long?! Do have any idea what time it-" She stopped when she saw me. I must've looked like hell. My (H/C) hair was a mess(with a few sticks in it) , I was covered with dirt, I probably had scratches and bruises all over me, my clothes where ripped up, and to top it all off my leg looked even worse than before. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU!?" She screeched. I flinched, hugging the pieces of my guitar to my chest, and kept staring down at the floor. "I-I just f-f-fell. I-I't no b-big d-d-deal." I said. "No big deal?! NO BIG DEAL!? Your filthy! You managed to break your leg, and you guitar! And you say no big deal!?" (S/N) came to the top of the stairs to see what the noise was. When she saw me, she almost laughed, but then glanced over at mom and say how pissed off she was and decided against it. Instead she turned around, and went back into her room.

*Time skip*

   Mom and I where driving back from the doctors office. I had a cast on my leg and bandages on my arms, legs, and head. Mom sighed, still irritated. "What the hell am I going to do with you? Every time, every fucking time I let you go off somewhere you somehow manage to get hurt! Are you trying to make me mad!? Because it's working! God i swear you costing me a fortune! Why can't you be more like your sister! She's responsible, does what she's told, and she's normal!" I just kept looking out the window ignoring her. Suddenly, she slammed on the brakes. "Are you even listening to me!?" I glanced at her, but then looked back out the window when I felt my eyes beggining to water. "Yea, loud and clear." I whispered. Afraid that she might hear my voice crack.

*Another time skip*

   As soon as we got home I ran upstairs, ignoring (S/N) when she tried to talk to me. I went into my room and slammed my door, locking it. I turned my back to the door and leaned on it, sliding down to the ground. Putting my head in my heads I felt the tears fall. Then I heard the voices in my head. Why won't they stop? Why can't they go away? Why can't I be like everyone else? 'Everyone hates you! Your a monster! No one loves you! You should be dead! Your worthless!' The voices just kept repeating those things, over, and over again. After sitting there for what felt like hours I stood up, and went over to my bed. Laying down, I let my leg with the cast hang off the side of the bed. Still hearing the voices, I fell into the darkness, letting sleep take over.

(AN: OK well that's all I hope you enjoyed chapter 1! You guys will find out why the guitar is so important in chapter 2. And don't worry Toby will show up in either chapter 2 or 3 so please be patient. Thanks for reading! Comment what you think!) (P.S. Special thanks to OpalLovesToSlaughter and URSHIuniverse! Thanks for favoriting Opal! And thank you URSHI for becoming my first watcher!)
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Hello if you love jewelpet then as a co-founder I will make sure this group get people and I won't give up so if you lobe that show please join

~Bailey Aka littlestpetshopfan1
Lore: Humanity's Final Flight is the details of Humanity's fight against the tide of Anthro-Mutants and lesser mutants. The various super-states of Earth that weren't under the Global.World.Government tried to splice animal and human DNA for them to fight against the GWG. Unfortunately, the Protectorate of Africa would unleash the Anthro-Mutants upon Humanity. The first site of Anthro-Mutants trying to convert Humans into Anthronization Chambers were in Africa at the time the GWG would destroy much of the Caribbean Isolationist League.

The POA would send Tyger-Stryke Super-Commandoes and various robotic forces to counter the Anthro-Mutants. Despite the power of the Tyger-Stryke, the Anthro-Mutants would overrun the Tyger-Strykes in a full wall of mutant animal body parts. Reports of strange mutants called Chimeras would roll over into GWG newscast.

Within four months the POA would be fall into Anarchy. And the first Anthro Empire would be formed to fight against mankind so they can bring about their "Peace", by converting all Humans into Anthros. With the rest of the un-GWG world in chaos or complete and utter confusion. The GWG would send in their most skilled soldiers to annihilate these Anthros: their genetic instability to mutate would cause much of the GWG to constantly bombard Morgadish under a hailstorm of Napalm and Plasma. In Humanity's Final Fight, their will be two victors.

Each of these victors could change Earth's future and bring about a new golden age. Or make Humans into a nearly-extinct race that would be forever remembered in their ancient ashes.

Kodi and Megan were sitting in the main lobby of the Blood-Cross headquarters, waiting for their first orders from Michael, the new headmaster, “So what do you think our first mission will be? I hope it’s something cool!” Megan said eagerly. They heard someone walking, it was Michael, “Well guys! I’m assigning you your first mission!”, Megan jumped in glee, “You’re going to be detectives in this, there’s been reports of a small town quite a few miles outside of the city being empty, they say there’s residents living there, but at night they’re all gone, nowhere to be seen, but there are also reports of orbs and strange disembodied voices, so they call it The Town of Ghosts, I want you two to check it out, stay there until nightfall, and see what the heck is going on”, Megan grew nervous, “A ghost town?! Are you kidding me?! I am not going to die by the hands of a ghost!” Megan freaked out, “Stop! You’re not gonna die, if anything, the residents are kind people, they’d never harm a fly!” Michael tried to reassure Megan. Kodi got up and grabbed Megan by the arm, “C’mon we’re going”, “No I don’t wanna die! Please I can’t die yet I’m too young please! No please! Kodi don’t do this! I thought you were my friend ;-;" Kodi walked out dragging the babbling girl. “We made it, and my legs feel like jelly, no thanks to you!”, Megan had been on Kodi’s back the whole walk, “Stop being a scaredy-cat and get off my back!”, Megan hopped off, nearly making him fall backwards, they approached the small town, it had a few small brick buildings, a couple shops, it didn’t seem too bad. “Oh hello children! What brings you here?” a woman, about 30, walked up to them, “Oh, hello ma’am, we’re just here to check it out, we noticed it while we were walking!” Kodi said it was a smile. “All the way out here? You children these days, haha!” She said kindly. Megan peeked from behind Kodi…”She’s a ghost I just know it!”, Kodi looked behind, “Oh haha! She didn’t mean that she’s just delusional from the heat!” He blocked Megan’s mouth so she wouldn’t say anything else that’d get them in trouble. “Oh that’s okay, it is quite hot out today isn’t it? Here, come to my husband’s café we’ll get you some food and something to drink” she walked them over, and they went in. “Jason, we have guests!”, she turned to Kodi and Megan, “My husband is off on business, so my son is working the café today, he’s about your age” Kodi looked over at him…*Cue classic nosebleed scene*Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2]  “May I ask why your son is shirtless and his nice bo-“ Megan stopped him, “Haha! He means to say why is he working shirtless! Hehe (Whispering to Kodi: You better keep it in your pants, buddy, we’re on an important mission!)”, "Oh he just has a habit of that! I hope you don't mind!", "oh, I don't mind one bit Blush" Kodi replied. the waiter gave them tea and pastries, “Enjoy!” he walked away and looked back at Kodi and winked *cue second nosebleed scene*Nosebleed  when they finished they got up, “it seems to be getting dark, I guess we should head back to the city” Kodi thanked them and so did Megan, they walked out. “It doesn’t seem too suspicious, but we should have a stakeout, let’s make a plan!” they waited until nightfall, “Better close up before they pop up again!” Kodi listened, “They?” he asked to himself, the sun has set, everything seemed fine, until…”Kodi! Look over there! On the street!” there was a person, floating, she was pale, almost transparent. “Is that a ghost?!” Kodi looked closer, then the ghost looked at him, “You should hide, or the Dark One will get you”, her voice had a faint echo, ”Dark one?” Kodi asked as he walked closer, “Yes, she is a mean woman, she took my soul to use as a magic source” she replied, “Then we must be dealing with a witch! Damn! This’ll be tricky…Do you know where she is hiding out?”, the ghost pointed into the woods nearby “Over there, straight ahead, please, free our souls!”, “You can count on it!” Kodi replied smiling. As Megan and Kodi were walking they came across a hut…a witch’s hut…”This must be it…Hey isn’t that-“, “CLAIRE?!” Megan barged through the door as Kodi snuck in through an opening, “So, you guys are here? So sad that you had to find out…now you’ll have to die…” she unleashed a strange vibe…no doubt evil…”You came across a snake, now you’re gonna get bit!!!” Megan readied her blade, Kodi got ready to sneak attack her, “prepare to die you bitch!” Megan yelled, she went and attacked her, Megan was fast, but not as fast as Kodi, she attacked her over and over, but her black magic protected her, “damn it you coward! Start fighting! I’ll avenge those lost souls, you’re going to die!” Kodi watched, planned, and waited, “Satan will rise again, and bring in a new world, a world cleansed of mortal beings!” Claire laughed. “You witches dealing with matters that will get you killed! You’re a fool Claire!” Megan kept attacking, starting to break the barrier of black magic, “You will die! You evil scum!” Megan finally broke the barrier “Kodi NOW!” he hit her, with speed faster than any human could have, and defeated her, “Y-you bastard! *coughing blood* Satan will succeed!” Kodi kicked her, “He will not! He is weak! Evil always loses!”, “I guess you’re right…why don’t you just finish me then?!” Kodi looked at Megan, and then back at Claire, “You’re not worth killing, I’ll let the authorities at the Blood-Cross deal with you” Kodi took out a cell phone, “Michael we found out the problem, little Claire here can tell you ALL about it!”, “What?! Claire?! What’s going on?!”, “Oh nothing, just that she’s a snake witch!”, after some time Michael and the authorities came, “So, little Claire here is a witch? Your black magic is coming to an end” they took her. “Kodi, Megan, you did a great job, you deserve a break after all this, you got tomorrow off, thank you guys, you’ll have your pay in the morning”, “Actually, let Megan get the pay, she did most of the work, besides I found my new favorite café that's better than money *day dreaming about Jason* hehe” Megan looked at him…..”BAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” *Falcoooon PUNCH*

“Oh gosh you two….”

Next Time! -=Vacation On The Beach! Release The Kraken!=-

Original Q version here: Demigod Thruths and Dares.

Okay This is not a real chapter. I just want people to start sending in well, truths, dares and questions. Now I'm going to set a few rules.
1) No life threatening dares
2) Dares cannot be escaped no ifs, ands, or buts about it
3) Please keep it under a T rating. There may be children reading this
4) I reserve the right ignore any thing I don't see fit for my story (i.e. over T rating)
Now you may ask/dare Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, Leo, Frank, Nico, the Stolls, Clarisse, Piper, Jason and my OC Crystal. I will add more characters later. Now some info on Crystal she is an elf(Keeper of the lost cities elf) so that explains some odd things about her personality and the things she can/does do. For those of you that do not know what Keeper is search it or "Shannon Messenger" and read it! The book is AWESOME! *Clears throat* Any way like I said send in those suggestions, I need them to make this successful!

A/N: Okay, yeah, I copied and pasted.

             The Dark mist that had surrounded me that night, it was not normal. In my mind, it felt as though I was being shut out and the mental door in my mind kept trying to break through the barrier that was keeping me from controlling my own body, my own voice. It had caused me to do something absolutely unsanitary. There’s no doubt that I wasn’t the one trying to do all of that, but I had no words on how to explain what had happened, because I don’t even know what had happened. All I know is that I heard a voice in my head, it was first a commanding male voice, and then there was the voice of a woman who sounded as if she were having sex.



              When I was about to leave the club, a certain voice took over my mind and caused my controls to shut down and then entered her controls instead.


               “You gotta have some fun, hun! Let me handle this, aight?” The woman’s voice said.


                I was going to say something, but before I knew it, her voice had shut me out. I was no longer in control, I felt like I was drowning in shadows, but then a certain figure emerged from the shadows and possibly didn’t see me standing there. He pointed and opened his mouth, but I heard no voice coming from him, no sounds or anything. That’s when I realized I was unconscious. But for some reason I felt like attempting to speak to him and yell out his name… but the problem is… I didn’t know his name.



                  Our health paper was in due in two days. And I haven’t even started it yet, after all that’s happened. All I did after getting home alone was stare at the mirror in my room. Then I thought about the health prompt… “When you look into the mirror, what do you see?” Our reports testing our self esteem levels. Thoughts swarmed around in my head, and this is the one thought that was uncontrollable, I had to keep staring at the mirror in order to keep myself from blowing up.

                   The coldness of the back window spreads throughout the room and sends mild slivers of ice down through my shirt as I change into my usual pajamas. I look in the farthest mirror across the room to notice something different about my facial expression. I’m not my usual self, no emotion, nothing on my face that says either sad or happy or anything. It’s just a blank face, but with faded eyes. I take a look at my eyes and notice that they’re almost like a dead fish’s eyes. My brother ditched me at the mall and left me to just walk home all on my own, he tried to apologize at least, but it still wasn’t enough. I was so tired…I was so tired of being played with. I was so tired of people walking all over me. But most of all, I was tired of being the weakest one in the family.


                       I look straight into the mirror, and see a figure appear in the mirror, he had a frown at first, but then he began grinning. His hair was snow white with a black “X” colored in the middle, he had a little bit of blood on the edge of his lower lip, he was wearing a slightly torn tuxedo, the kinds you wear at prom, and he was slightly covered in blood. His lips were moving, but no sound came out, and he disappeared once more. I don’t know how, but it felt as through he was trying to whisper something in my ear, but his words just weren’t clear. It felt as though I needed to come closer, but the closer I got, nothing changed. What’s missing? What’s the reason why I can’t hear him? Then I look down at my hands and realize that we’re already linked, and I cannot hear him either. That night, I just decided to go to sleep. The rage, frustration, and amount of anger I have stored in my heart all this time, it wasn’t healthy for me to go to sleep like this. I never woke up, until the next day, after school.



                           As soon as he’s about to wake up, my next minion goes in for the kill, I gave her the orders and she replied with “I’ll put the pain on them, Master!” She has a very angry attitude. But Her own aura is full of pain and suffering from her very past. I told her when creating her, that she could get her vengeance and dignity restored if she does what I ask her to. She hasn’t mentioned it ever since, maybe because she doesn’t know whether she will restore her vengeance and dignity or not, or whether I’m not to be trusted. But beating up the angry souls of other people, is the only way she knows how to feel at peace.


                          After walking in the school, my host had started shivering. The wind was getting to him and he began to sneeze, but we soon decided to suck it up and walk into the building. Big girl and her purple eyes began to reflect through the host’s eye sockets to try and make her eyes appeal through his.


                         “Who should I beat up first, Master?” Big girl asked as she clenched her fists.





                         I stood by big girl’s side and stared through the vision, trying to find a very abusive target to crush. As soon as we begin to walk through the hallways, our host gets slammed into a nearby locker by a very strong force.


                      “I’m surprised you still have the confidence to step into this school!”


                        A very deep voice spoke; we turned our host’s head to the subject and identified it as a very large man with two other very large men who are laughing along with him. Big girl decides to do her thing; she picks up the host’s two big fists and injects her power into those fists making them glow. The large men showed through the host’s vision are still laughing and teasing, this was our chance, and they didn’t notice a thing.


                        “POWER CLENCH. FORCE. SUPER PUNCHES.”


                         Big Girl had started screaming those words; the memories of these guys from the host must’ve put pressure on her head. But somehow, these memories haven’t affected me.


                       “Big Girl! Calm yourself! You must resist the pain! Beat down these guys with as much as you got…” I commanded.


                                         Soon enough, Big Girl came through and she started rapidly punching the biggest guy multiple times. She punched and punched and punched and she didn’t stop, not even when her fists started bleeding. When 

“Our organization is set up here in America, we’ll be taking trains, since both of you are afraid of heights, we will not be traveling by air. (I hope they don’t have motion sickness either, or we’ll never get anywhere!)” Michael told us. I wasn’t so excited since I’ve got a bounty for my birthright, but it’s worth a shot, as long as I got Megan by my side I think I can pull through, the whole time I felt sick, and nervous. “Kodi I suggest you stay behind me when we get  there, everyone  in the Blood-Cross has an ability to sense demonic forces, they will target you easily”. We finally made it off the train, we were in a city...New York City, “Hey what’re we doing in NY? Do people know about this organization?”, “Of course! I’m surprised you haven’t heard of them before I told you!” Michael yelled, “We are heading to the main building”, we walked the streets of the city, shady characters in ally ways made me nervous, we just about there when we were stopped, “Michael, you have a demon with you, he can not come near the building!” Michael walked up to him with a look on his face, “I know I have a demon  with me, he’s on OUR side, and last I recall, I am the strongest in the Blood-Cross! So don’t act like you’re the boss of everyone, Claire”, she stood there quietly, “Let’s go guys” Michael mumbled, we made it to the front door when we ran into even more trouble, “Oh great”, we had guns pointed as us, or to rephrase that, guns were pointed at me, “Michael why have you brought a demon here?!  I swear tell me now or I’ll put a silver bullet in him!”, Michael stood there with an angry look…”Put those GOD DAMN guns down NOW” they answered to his command, and lowered the guns, looks like Michael actually cared for me…strange…”Michael, what’s with all the commotion?!”, a woman came forward, she was in a uniform, she had glasses, and had a book, it was full of stories written by Edgar Allen Poe, must be into creepy things…or she was emo…” you brought him…come, bring your two friends we’re heading to the 5th floor”, “Yes ma’am”, we took the stairs, which killed my legs. “So, son of Satan-“, “I have a name you know”, she got mad for a second, but continued, “Kodi, I had a vision, I wasn’t sure if the demon was really you, but I had a hunch, but I want to see if I can trust you, I heard you had a goal-kill Satan, if this is true then I was wrong about the demon in my vision”, “Yes, it’s true! He killed one of the most important person in my life!”, “And who are you, little girl?”, she looked at Megan, “Little? You’re the same age as us? Actually, why are YOU the one leading the Blood-Cross? Why isn’t an adult in charge?!”, she looked at Megan like she was a fool, “Because I’m more mature than even the adults in this organization, all half of them do is drink at the “fancy bar” in the main lobby, damn thing should’ve been torn down a long time ago”, Michael was sitting there watching them argue, “By the by, I never got your name”, she looked at me, “That is not to be known, I just go by the name Bloody Mary”, sheesh what a name! “Well, I guess you two are official members of the Blood-Cross, but just know, I’ve got my eye on you, Kodi”, I just smiled, which may have raised her suspicion-uh oh-and now we’re members! “Since you will attract demons we can not have you staying in our main building, rather, even in this city! So we need your team isolated for a while, I’m stationing you guys in Alaska!” it went silent for Megan and Michael (~_~), I was cheering  (^u^), “I love cold places! And if anyone gets cold I can use my flames to heat things up!” Megan and Michael didn’t agree with me, though. “Sheesh I wish you were Japanese so the Japan branch can deal with you!” Michael said depressed. We headed out, but a problem..”*on a private plane* WE’RE GONNA DIE UP HERE!” Megan and I screamed the whole way. “We should’ve went by sea!” We finally landed after a long flight, we were stationed in a small to of cabins and a few stores. “Well, looks like we’re here for a few months! We got settled in, and after a few days it seemed quiet…until one night…we heard screaming…”What the hell is that?!”, “RUN!”, we ran outside, there were a bunch of demons, destroying the village, “We know you’re here son of Satan! Come out and come to your true home!” Then I heard metal being unsheathed…Michael had a sword! “Guys, stay back, I’ve got this!” He went ahead and attacked them head on, “Michael I can help! My flames hurt Satan, so they should prove affective on these demons! “ he nodded in agreement, Megan stood there and watched. “Why do you refuse to come with us?!” their voices were raspy, “Because I am not going to a place of evil! I used my flames like a gun, and pointed my fingers in the shape of guns, though I looked like a fool. I burned them all to crisps, Michael sliced them up, “That’s it I’m calling the headmaster! We’re not staying in this cold wasteland anymore!”, he grabbed a cell phone, no service, he knew what was up, “She sent us out here to kill us! She tricked us! We’re heading back by boat, no doubt she paid the pilot to leave us here”, we waited till sunrise, we went to the coast and Michael paid a lot for a boat, “We’re going there by sea!” we were on the ocean for weeks, almost a month, surviving on fish, we finally made it back in New York. As we got back on dry land we had no time to spare, we headed straight for the headquarters, and we stormed through the doors, Mary was in the lobby, and Michael flipped out without hesitating…”YOU BITCH! YOU SENT US OUT THERE TO DIE!” he pulled out his sword, and pointed it at her neck, “YOU’RE GOING TO PAY!”, “Before you do, let that demon scum know that I never trusted hi-“ he slit her throat, in front of everybody, “She had no rights to leadership, she had no right to try and KILL us, I will take leadership, and I will make sure everyone is treated equal, and NO One, and I mean NO ONE will be sent to die” everyone ignored their former leader’s death, and accepted his “request”, he was a man of action. “Kodi, Megan, I am promoting you two as the second rank of your class, that is, you need to choose your class, What will it be? Swordsman?  Rouge? Theres many to choose from!”  Megan picked swordsman, I picked rouge.

A long journey has just begun…

(This is the end of a 3 chapter prologue, the story will now be written in third person, I do hope this entertains many of you who are reading)