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When having a hard day/ month / year or even life, sometimes it just takes for the power of music to touch your heart.
Or maybe it takes just that one person to tell you that they care. Maybe, you don't have that one person and if you don't I will take that empty spot and tell you "Someone doesn't have to even know you to show that they care. And with that said, I care."

Please know how special and unique you are--not having that special someone to remind you this (whether it's a bf/gf, friend or even a family member) to comfort you can be truly difficult. Trust me, I've and many people have and are experiencing the pain you are in. Sometimes the future doesn't look so bright cause' life has continuously thrown curveballs at you that you have yet to hit. Maybe, many people's "love" for you have failed in the past and you've blamed yourself ever since, completely shied away from the world that seems to enjoy hurting you.

Maybe it's the opposite. Maybe you're like me who received it on both ends, inconsistently (but still) loved but was still taught self-hatred. Perhaps you worked hard on a project whether for work, for school, for the dA community, or even yourself..and unsurprisingly it failed to be recognized or appreciated.

You wanted to give up.

You wanted to give in. To every. single. negative feeling that could exist.
All seems lost, all seems over. but guess what...I've been dying to tell someone this for a long time..

Don't feel unloved.
Don't feel unappreciated.
Don't feel unimportant.
Don't feel alone.

cause guess what!

Feel loved!
Feel appreciated!
Feel important!
Feel free!

There is only one you that can ever be and will exist, you know what that means?... YOU ARE INFINITE!! The reason why you can't be person A or person Z is because you are PERSON YOU. You must remind yourself every day that you are beautiful, smart, and have a big heart to share with the world.

THE REASON WHY THE WORLD SEEMS CRUEL IS BECAUSE WE AREN'T USED TO SEEING THE GOOD THAT IT INHABITS. There are many gorgeous people who inhabit the earth, that would love to be with you and share their love with you. And the best way to find those people is to be those people! You can't expect unconditional love when you don't give it to yourself. Believe me you, you must love yourself more than anyone else could. Because one day, life will test you and you must pass everytime! And when you do pass, even more people like you will appear!

I guess what I'm trying to get at is: cease trying to be other people. The only idols we should worship are ourselves. Instead of having idols, have inspirations. Instead of regret, have experience. Instead of hate, have forgiveness. And life will start to open up in ways you've never experienced before. 

Trust does get better. But first, you have to BE BETTER!

Here's another beautiful song from Clueso.[link]

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I can't believe it! It is impossible to even fathom! 
These were the thoughts of a cashier as she waited on a customer who stripped her of her dignity and lowered her to the mud for the simple mistake of hitting the wrong button on the console and for being new at the local grocery store.
" I am so sorry sir!" she said with such sincerity hoping the guy on the other side of the lane would hear it in her voice.
" No wonder this store loses business!" the man angrily shouted, " It's because of morons like you who cannot do their jobs properly!"
"Sir, I am really sorry," The girl once again explained, " But this is my third day on the job and I haven't learned everything on the computer yet."
" Then why do they put YOU out here instead of in a room to PRACTICE?" asked the man.
Feeling defeated and ashamed of even having set foot into work that day, the girl phoned for the supervisor to come and help with the distraught customer. Why are people so belligerent and mean? Thought the girl, There is no need to be like that at all! What an asshole!
The supervisor came over to handle the situation as the overwhelmed girl looked on and listened to the customer's complaint. After correcting the girl's mistake and finally getting the angry customer out the door, the supervisor turned to the girl to reassure her.
" It's ok Mia," she explained to the girl, " don't let that get to you, customers can be real assholes sometimes. Some just don't care if you are new or not, they expect you to know how to do everything on the computer. That only comes with time, so don't worry too much about it."
Mia nodded telling the supervisor that she understood and went back to waiting on customers.

That night as Mia arrived home, she took to her computer and began her first journal entry of her experience:

Confessions of a Cranky Cashier Entry One:

Well tonight was crazy at work. I had so many customers and being new to the job I don't know everything on the computer yet. I had a girl come through with three full to the brim cart loads of groceries, I thought I was never going to make it through that order! How many people is this chick feeding? Her whole neighborhood? I would hope so at $550 worth of food! Good God! 
Then this guy came up a few hours later with a few things to go on his WIC card. He insisted that I tell him his balance before I started scanning his items. The thing was, I couldn't do it, there was no way to do what he requested. So I politely told the customer that I would have to scan his items and then the WIC would automatically separate after he ran his card. He looked at me as if I was the town idiot and said "This ain't Wal-Mart, it can be done" . It really couldn't, but the man, who obviously was some sort of well-to-doer who might pretend he's a good guy in the public eye, but is actually a purebred asshole, kept insisting that it could be done. OK dumb-ass, since you know SO much about the systems here at our store, maybe YOU can find the correct way to figure your balance! (these were mere thoughts, had I said them, I am sure he would have slapped me and I would have been fired on the spot).
Finally the guy allowed me to scan his items and then I instructed him to run his card through the Pin Pad, which when he did, it separated the WIC from the other items he was purchasing and I said in a positive tone, " See, it does it automatically, so all that is owed now is $3.15 after the WIC." That is when he blew up at me saying how stupid I was and I should be fired for being so stupid but perhaps not because I wasn't cut out for anything else. Anger rose up inside of me, who did this guy think he was? And I was going to strike back at him with hell-fire and brimstone but if I want to keep my job, all I can really do is stand there and smile sweetly. Of course in my mind after Angie, my supervisor corrected my mistake (which there really wasn't one, she just came over to calm the man down), I fantasized throwing a can of frozen orange juice at the man's head for shredding me apart like a rabid dog going after raw meat. Thank God this is NOT my chosen line of work and that it is only temporary.

With that off my chest, I am going to take a shower, enjoy a nice cup of peppermint tea and watch a movie before heading to bed. Gotta go back tomorrow, new day fresh start, another day another dime. Night Journal! -Mia

                                     To Be Continued...
Here is where we all join to Roleplay ForbiddenClan and also indroduce your characters after having it checked by me. (Tubbsi) There are many areas you can choose to Rp In;

Nursery- Where all the Kits and some elders are being kept after as they play or tell stories; Located in a slightly large cave, covered in moss and soft grass as well as the outside being the play area for most kits.

Feeding Grounds- Where all captured and of course killed prey go; Located off to the side of the Leaders Cave and nestled in a small rocky cave to be kept after and matained.

Leaders Cave- Where Burntstar and non-existent lover sleep and also where the Group Leaders(Alpha,Beta,Deta) hold their meetings; Located next to the Feeding Grounds, Nursery and the Great River.

Great River- Where every feline comes to bathe or drink, in two different areas of course. Felines drink from the Narrow part of the Great River, whereas they bathe in the slightly shallow round pool, getting deeper the more you swim towards the middle, meaning the supervisors take extra care of the kits that bathe; Located near Leaders Cave and the Feeding Grounds.

Stone Hedge- Of course every Clan needs their rock. This rock is obviously used for whole Clan meetings and newly formed Aprentices; Located near the Training Grounds and Axis Cave.

Axis Cave- Where residential felines sleep and socialize; Located near Stone Hedge and the Training Grounds.

Training Grounds- We all need Training Grounds, especially ones with their own Leader carefully watching over them; Located near the Axis Cave and Stone Hedge.

Lastly, the small area far from the rest. The Breeding Grounds- Oh my, It's that time of the year? Every feline and their fur seem to want to get down and funky~ Not all, But most. This is the most efficient area of all. It's a need if you want to keep your Clan up and running.

Of course,there is the small passage way that connects ForbiddenClan to the rest of the world located at the end of Leaders Cave. Very convenitent of you don't want your kits to get lost.
"Shhh, Historia it's alright" I murmured to the small longmane who was shifting her weight anxiously as we peered through the bushes at the wild tokota before us. The melanistic barbaries grey-brown eyes were staring right at us and that was when I knew she could see us - and even if she couldn't she could probably smell us considering the wind was blowing straight from us to her. Blackbird her nickname was, apparantly. I could understand why the Historia was shifting uncomfortably beside me, the stare the wild female was giving us almost looked like a disgusted scowl.
And then the weirdest sound I'd ever heard a tokota make, something between a grown and a bark - deep but rough and short.
My brows furrowed in confusion, was something wrong with her? Was she sick? Injured? She didn't look like she was ill or anything of the sorts so I just sat there, deeply confused at the sound she had made.
Taking a step towards us the female let the same noise escape her muzzle and my jaw dropped slightly in shock. It was positive now that she could see us, but actually moving towards us was now just even more confusing.
I felt Historia still from her shuffling beside me and I risked a cautious glance towards her - shocked to see her slowly taking on a defensive position. Despite being submissive her tail was slightly raised and her teeth bared, her hackles raised.
Historia was usually a very timid soul, not usually showing aggression to anyone or anything so this was extremely surprising to watch the usually shy female taking on a pose of defense.
I looked back to 'Blackbird' just in time to watch her jump to the side quickly and bounce one step forward, her tongue now hanging loosely from her mouth and her ears pricked forward in a show of curiosity rather than fear at the longmanes defense.
This was, by far, the strangest taming expedition I'd been on so far.

I paused my movements again when 'Blackbird' let out high pitched whine. I raised an eyebrow and cocked my head slightly to the side, what was she trying to do? She didn't look at all scared or angry that we were in her territory - just curios, and this made me curious.

This wild was just so strange. I slowly lifted my hands from the ground infront of me, where they had been resting to hold up most of my weight whilst I had knelt down, and standing slowly with my palms up and facing towards the female in an attempt to show her I was no threat. She hadn't been showing fear or angrr, YET. But anything could change around such large and unpredictable creatures.
I moved, very slowly, to Historia's side and moved one of my hands from mid air to rummage through the saddle bag to search for a rope halter and some treats.
Finally locating and removing said items I shakily clipped the halter to my belt and moved slowly out from the bushes before crouching again, now only a few feet from where 'Blackbird' stood. I threw 2 out of 5 of the treats in my palm infront of the female, in which she looked down and sniffed curiously before looking back up to eye me wearily - the first time I had seen her being cautious or fearful of me, but I couldn't blame her.
I smiled slightly even though she probably had no idea what the gesture meant. 'Blackbird' eyed me a for a few more seconds before picking up the treat carefully between her front teeth and swallowing it whole, doing the same with the second.

I threw out the third treat slightly closer to me this time, making the female step forward two steps to pick up the treat - which she did with minimal hesitation.

I threw the forth treat out so it rested a few inches by my knee. I turned my gaze to look at the ground beneath me, warily keeping the female in my perhiperal vision in case she only now decided to act out.
She didnt, though. 'Blackbird' just moved forward again and picked up the treat before looking to stare up at me, her tongue hanging out of her slack jaw. I could feel her breath on my bare arm and it gave me goosebumps. Swallowing past the lump in my throat, and doing everything I could to swallow my nerves and anxiety - to show the female I was nothing to fear, I outstretched my hand towards her slowly, my palm up and open. I turned my head to look at her, but kept my gaze away from her eyes to make sure I didnt end up unintentionally starting a fight I wouldn't stand a chance in.

I glanced at Historia who was now just sitting down at staring at us curiously, her head tilted to the side and her eyes and ears following our every movement.
My breathing hitched when I felt a wet sensation on my palm, looking back to watch 'Blackbird' lapping up the treat in my palm before nuzzling her head back into my palm, a noise somewhat like a whine coming from deep within her throat as she looked back up at me. A large smile spread across my face as I slowly reached for the halter hanging off my belt with my free hand. Unclipping it silently I moved it around infront of me and set it along my wrist on the hand 'Blackbird' was nuzzling, her attention turning to the rope.
She lifted her head and began sniffing at it cautiously, her gaze shifting from me to halter.

I moved my free hand again, picking up the rope and causing 'Blackbird' to move her head back some, watching me carefully as I moved the halter up and around her muzzle. I smiled, holding it there for a minute or two before trying to move it up further and over her ears, causing me to move to the side of her neck to do so.

I'm not sure whether it was me that had spooked her, or she just suddenly changed her mind, but 'Blackbird' flung her head up suddenly, making the halter slip off and me to loose balance and fall face first into the thick snow.
I groaned loudly, squeezing my eyes shut tightly as I raised myself up on my elbows and looked up at the wild female who was now a few meters back again, her eyes shining with amusement as her tongue lolled out of her mouth limply. I groaned again and pinched the bridge of my nose before looking over at Historia who was rolling around in silent laughter.
I grunted in annoyance as I sat up on my knees and turned my attention back to the melanistic female who was noe sitting down and eyeing me with interest. I sighed, looking down at the halter and back up to her before holding my arm out and shaking the halter slightly in a silent question. She snorted in amusement, her breath visible in the cold air, before shaking her head sharply.
I glared at her with no real intentions behind the look, nothing but determination anyway.

"I'll get you for that," I tried lacing some venom into my words but it all just came out in amusement and mild irritation. I shook my head before standing up and shaking the wet snow off my pants before looking back towards 'Blackbird' and retreating back to Historia to get some more treats. It was going to be a long day.
The figure watching the wyverns summoned a Gaster blaster, firing at one of the two that were about to fight, stopping them dead in their tracks. "What the he-" He used another and shot the one that wasn't fighting in the face, removing their head with no mess. "You're gonna have a bad time..." This made the wyvern that ate me spit me up, as I added too much weight for her to get away. "Screw this shit! I'm out!"
  I looked at the figure, only able to see a silhouette due to the glare of the sun. "H U M A N,  I S  T H A T  H O W  Y O U  G R E E T  Y O U R  S A V I O R?  T U R N  A R O U N D  A N D  S H A K E  M Y  H A N D," And so I did, only for a whoopee cushion to go off. "Oh, real mature,"

Yay! It's Skelck! A friend's char! :iconpoppy4526: TOLD YA HE'D BE HERE SOON!

Dining by Rachelsabines

Dinner Dates & Girl Talk

Jared was sitting patiently in the dimly lit bar waiting for his date to arrive. He was an entrepreneur, so he always dressed as if he were meeting a potential client. One of the downsides to being a career orientated man is that at 27, he had focused so much time on work that he had completely overlooked women. He had met someone on an online dating service and arranged a date. Tonight he wore the grey slacks that hugged his behind, his favorite light blue button up with the first button open, and the watch his sister gave him for Christmas that year. He knew his date the moment she walked in. She had dark hair that fell in waves just below her shoulders. Her naturally bronzed skin shone in the dim light. Her almond eyes lit up the moment they locked with his.

"Jared!" She called out

"Wow, Marah your profile picture does you no justice. Excuse my boldness, but you look stunning."

They moved from the bar to restaurant. They were halfway through their appetizers when Marah set her fork down.

"Jared, there's something I should probably tell you."

Jared swallowed hard and prepared for the worst.

"I'm having a wonderful time tonight, but the truth is I really don't like men."

"You what?!"

"It's too bad; you'd make such a beautiful woman..."

"Excuse me just a moment" Jared stood up and walked towards the restroom.

As soon as he was out of sight, Marah reached into her purse and pulled out a small vile. She removed the cap and put three drops into Jared's drink. She had just enough time to cap the vile and put it back in her purse before Jared sat back down.

"Feeling better?" Marah asked  

"Yeah, just shocked" Jared replied as he took a large drink of his wine. “ I thought this was going so well”

Marah smiled and they continued their meal in an awkward silence.      

Jared could feel his body temperature rising.

"Is it hot in here?" Jared asked

"Nope" Marah said, "just you" and she smiled.

Jared took another sip of wine. He almost felt drunk, but knew that he wasn't, he was still only on his first glass. He felt a tightening in his chest, like his insides were being forced into a new shape. He looked down where his flat, sculpted abdomen had been and instead saw perky breasts practically forcing the buttons off his shirt. He turned his head and felt hair brush his shoulders. He grabbed a spoon from the table and looked at his reflection. His eyes were still the sparkling blue they had always been, but his face was rounder and softer. His five o’clock shadow was gone and in its place were full lips and high cheek bones. Looking at himself, he looked like the type of woman he would totally hook up with. His mousy brown hair that had been gelled in spikes at the beginning of the evening now hung almost perfectly straight    near his shoulders. He looked like the girl next door type that had filled his high school fantasies.  As Jared admired his newly begotten body, Marah watched in amazement. It had been almost three years since she was given the same concoction, though her transformation wasn't nearly as quick or smooth. Jared looked up from his spoon, straight into her eyes.

"What's going on?" He asked practically panicking.

"Calm down honey, everything is fine" Marah said soothingly "in a few hours everything will have settled and you'll be feeling as good as you look." She ran her tongue around the outside of her upper lip for emphasis. "Why don't we order dessert and talk about a new name for you. I've always been fond of the name Charlotte"

Jared smiled. He had always wondered what life as a woman would be like.” I like Charlotte"

Marah laughed "Charlotte it is. So for our second date" Marah teased as she reached into her purse” we should meet at your office and talk about how to market this" and held up the tiny vile.

Charlotte's eyes became as large as dinner plates. Marah winked and put the vile back in her purse.

"Dinner’s on me tonight babe" Marah said as she put cash in the bill folder. She helped Charlotte out of her chair and wrapped her arm around Charlotte's waist to keep her pants from falling.

Charlotte leaned into Marah's shoulder, it was weird being the shorter of the two, having gone from a 6 foot male to a 5'6 female.

"Marah?" she asked


"What happens next?"

Marah laughed. "I take you back to my apartment and show you why they say girls have more fun"

 Brunettes-women 00247694 by Rachelsabines


I saw the trailer for FNAF Nightmares Unleashed, now I'm hyped AF. Holy sh*t this story's real good.

OC qualifications are in process!
Message :iconinsan3-cr3atur3: for this!
They watch me
They watch me fall
Falling and falling
Nothing helps
Just me
And my rain.
Help me
I yell out
But they don't listen
And I fall
I continue to fall.
And now
I have fallen.
I am just another occurrence
In this big world.