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My boyfriend's book is up, published and ready to be bought! It's an amazing story that many will enjoy. Something that has really been heard of.

It's in the fantasy genre and I can promise it will not be a let down.

If you would like to check it out go here…

Reviews and ratings are welcomed! Everything helps no matter how big or small
This morning, I watched with my pop pixar movie, 'Inside Out'. And, I can relate to the family.

What I observed in this movie?

DAD: He looks like my high school/college friend that is super techie but loved American sports.
MOM: She reminds me of my mother who also has thick eye glasses and dyed long hair.
RILEY: Similar to my BFF's personality, which means my idea about my BFF. 
STORYLINE: I can relate. Because every child has an imaginary friend, like Bing Bong! (Loved colored Unicorns, Cotton Candies and Day Dreaming too!)
BROCOLLI: Every kids hates that! Except that I loved eating that veggie, specially if it is cooked with stir-fry beef.
CLOWNS: The movie makes sarcastic comments on clowns. Ha ha ha!!!
CORE MEMORIES: More like a science to me!!!
GREY MEMORIES: The maintenance thought they are not useful.
COLORFUL MEMORIES: They are used to build towns or villages, eg. Goofy, Family, Honesty, Imagination and Day Dream.
HARD WARE/SOFT WARE UPGRADE: Are we talking about technical stuff as the years passed by?
JOY: She is the leader because she wants everything happy for Riley.
SADNESS: Reminds me of my friend, but in a good way that she is a empathetic type of person and broadminded. She reads books so she knows what to plan and to digest. 
DOGS: Emotions bark as their means for communication.
BUS DRIVER: EMOTIONS have the same physical aspect like 'Anger' but they differ in colour.
DREAMS: Soap Operas for the emotions if they want to relax, or it is their overtime duty to observe their host's behaviour.

I liked the movie and it makes science much fun and in colorful way!
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                                           **My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and it's characters belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust, 
                                                          Princess Diamond Jewel belongs to Lexi Dotter aka: princessdiamondjewel
    The story of Princess Diamond Jewel, by princessdiamondjewel, written by BlackHat6

        After a day of business for Luna, her sister, Twilight & Cadence; as well as a day of play for Diamond Jewel, this evening was going to be the scene for a pleasant dinner for Luna, her sister, and Jewel's friends along with their parents, this should be a night to enjoy for all who are involved.

    That evening everypony dolled up for the evening meal, Luna got Jewel dressed up and at Jewel's request applied make-up just like herself so Jewel could look like her mother; the two then headed to Celestia's room to meet up with her before heading down to dinner.

"You excited Jewel?" Celestia asked.


"Good; you look beautiful Jewel, mommy help?" Celestia asked.

"Yes she did" Jewel replied happily.

"I think she did a good job, and that dress is lovely" Celestia said warmly.

"Thank you sister, she does look beautiful; she will be a lovely mare when grown up" Luna said.

"That she will Luna, that she will" Celestia said; the journey went on without anything more said.

The three finally arrived and the guests were seated appropriately at the respective tables with the adults at one table, the foals at the other with Jewel's friends smiling and then welcoming Jewel when they saw her.

"Hello everypony, thank you all for being here and making this evening possible; this means alot to Diamond Jewel and to myself" Luna said warmly and gratefully.

"The honor is ours Princess, and it is a pleasure to give Jewel and our foals a special evening" a mare said.
  Alone, Cat walked in the forest far away from Mobius. (Is that how you spell it?) Her dressed got ripped up to her knees. Her hair was down and she kept walking looking down.

  "It's all my fault!" Max said disappointed of what happened last night! "Oh wow! You're worried about a stupid girl?" Zorix laughed. "Shut up!" Max yelled. "Woah buddy! It's just a joke! Geesh!" Zorix said. "I think I love her!" Max said surprised.

To be continued by Winter5587
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