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[12:13] -- mischiefMayhem [MM] began pestering porrimMaryam [PM] at 00:13 --

[12:13] MM: hi

[12:14] PM: Oh, Hell+o.

[12:15] MM: im kind of nervous...

[12:15] PM: Hmm? Why?

[12:16] MM: every time i try to talk to others, they leave the chat.

[12:17] PM: It depends. Y+ou w+on't ask t+o screw me will y+ou?

[12:18] MM: ew, no

[12:19] PM: G+o+od, s+ome human asked me that.. I made his pants g+o +over his head.

[12:19] MM: he or she deserved it.

[12:19] PM: I als+o back handed him several times

[12:20] MM: that would be amusing to watch.

[12:24] MM: i wonder how kankri will react to that...

[12:24] PM: I've d+one it t+o Cr+onus, y+ou sh+ould have been there.


[12:26] PM: And Kanny, he t+o+ok +off his sweater and danced ar+ound like a f+o+ol!

[12:27] MM: ........X'D

[12:28] PM: He is such a stupid brat s+ometimes.

[12:29] MM: mr. triggers? he can be quite, stubborn too.

[12:29] PM: D+on't get me started.

[12:30] MM: oh? he's done worse, hasn't he?

[12:33] PM: He's rude, and sp+oiled, he talked t+o his past life ab+out h+ow his life is bad, c+ompared to The Signless

[12:34] MM: i see...

[12:36] PM: And he w+ondered why His ancest+or slapped him

[12:37] MM: what was the reason that he slapped him?

[12:40] PM: He was like: I gre up in a cave! My lusus is dead, my life was way w9rse than y9urs! s9 you g9t executed, I died t9! Its life.

[12:42] MM: ouch...

[12:43] MM: i cant explain how im feeling right now...

[12:51] PM: I kn+ow right! Sp+oiled little brat.

[12:52] MM: the ONLY thing i like about him is the sweater, ONLY the sweater.

[12:53] PM: I c+ould make an+other f+or y+ou, in dark cerluen +of c+ourse.

[12:53] MM: turtlenecks are my favorite kind.

[12:54] PM: Hmm, its n+ot that hard t+o find w+o+ol in that c+ol+or.

[12:55] MM: really?

[12:55] -- mischiefMayhem [MM] changed their mood to ECSTATIC --

[12:57] PM: Its +only hard f+or red, because, mutants are well, idn+ored

[12:58] MM: i like red, but i perfer dark cerulean, i like dark colors.

[01:00] PM: S+o d+oes Aranea

[01:02] MM: Aranea? the one who's blood color is lighter than mine?

[01:03] PM: Yes.

[01:04] MM: iv'e heard of her, but never met her.

[01:07] PM: She's my matesprit, Y+ou sh+ould, she's really nice, smart.

[01:10] MM: ok, you guys are my new otp...i ship it!

[01:10] PM: Why thank y+ou!

[01:11] MM: your utmost welcome =^w^= ~~

[01:13] PM: Y+ou remind me +of Muelin... Anyway, Aranea needs me, and Kanny is n+ot wearing his sweater, I must g+o g+o+od day.

[01:13] -- porrimMaryam [PM] ceased pestering mischiefMayhem [MM] at 01:13 --                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ok, so this is the chat i had with porrim. I had fun talking to her.

2p!Italy x Reader x 2p!Italy
A/N: Here to let you know that Im not good with writing... this is my very first published writting of mine. Now Enjoy.
Reader's Pov
Hi! Im _____. My friend invited me to join her trip to Italy, Rome! I just can't decline that, right? Upon arriving Italy, my friend and I  to seperate.
I was wandering when I bumped someone.
"Ouch! Ah.. Im.. Im very sorry, mister!" I apologized.
He then didn't answer but instead helped me pick the books I bought.
"Oh. It's alright, Bella! It is my fault so I shall take responsibility!" He exclaimed.
He was wearing a hat with a feather on it. He could be 178 cm. He has a not-so-dark skintone and dark brown hair with magenta eyes. I could only describe him as cute and innocent.
"Im Luciano Vargas, I shall be your tourguide. What is your name bella?" He asked very innocently that I blushed like a tomato.
"I-Im..._-___.." I answered back still looking like a tomato.
"Your red as a tomato, ___! Don't be shy!" He cheered up.

Suddenly my stomach started growling. *////* Its embarassing.

"It seems that your hungry, bella. How about we go to my house first and eat?" He asked. I accepted it since I can't cook very well and my friend has all my money. I started holding his hand- no wait- actually he is wearing gloves. Why would he be wearing gloves?

"Your eyes are very beautiful, bella" he said making me flattered and another cause for me to be a blushing tomato.
"Were here!" He exclaimed. Wow, that was fast. Hes house was big as a mansion. Does he live alone?
He letted me stay in the living room and watch tv while he is cooking pasta.
I looked at the clock, it was already 11:45 am.
"Im sorry, ____, but do you mind opening the door for me?"He asked and I nodded and hurriedly opened the door. A japanese(?) guy was standing right infront of me. He wears a black navy uniform and scary (aggresive?) red eyes. He was scary T.T
"Excuse me, but is Ita-, Luciano here?" He asked. His voice is very calming depsite his scary appearance.

"Yes. Mr. Vargas is in the kitchen, would you like to come in and wait for him?" I asked, I dont have a choice right? I cant just make him go away since Im a guest, too.
"I have other business to attend, but a minute or two wont hurt much" he said. "Besides, I have to catch my flight or ill miss an anime convention" he mumbled.
"What is your name?" I asked.
"You dont need to know" He answered back. How rude.
"You wont last anylonger though" he mumbled

/After several minutes/
"Pasta is served!" He exclaimed
It was delicious..but the sauce and meat tastes.. weird? but it was ok. Maybe I was not used to foreign sauce and meat.
After finishing 2 plates of delicious pasta, I realized they were both gone and it was already 12:45.
"Im sorry, bella. I just had to fix some things with Ja-Kuro" he apologized.
So Kuro was the name of the jerk? That explains it.
"So are you ready to visit the tourist spot of Rome?" He smiled, proudly. I just nodded. He then started holding my hands. This was the first time a guy holded my hand.

/The Colossuem/
"Wow!" So this was the colossuem? Its stunning!
"You know, bella, this is where people fight for their lives or something" he said.
"Ill fight just for you~" He said very romanticly, making me turn into a tomato.
"Don't be shy!" He cheered.
He then suddenly kissed me in the cheek. I blushed furiously. Everyone was looking at us. *///*
This was my first cheek-kiss! I better write this in my diary. Anytime soon I could faint!

/2:30 pm, Palatine Hill/
"The Gellato we had was delicious unlike in my place!" I exclaimed. I was having a great time with him. He could be flirty, but he is a gentleman.
"Welcome to Palatine Hill!" He proudly said.
It was indeed beautiful. Italy has the best tourist spot Ive seen in my traveling days!
"Hey, bella, do you like me?" My eyes suddenly widened. Do I like him? That question is very hard to answer!
"You do not need to answer. Im sorry if I shocked you" he apologized in a sad tone. Maybe he was dissapointed. I really dont know if I like him. Maybe I do.
"Hey do you want to take a pic with me? You know, a memento of this moment?"
"Sure. I want to treasure this moment with you" I answered back. Wait, what Im saying?!
But.. I can not return those words anymore.
Luciano giggled. And He got his phone from his pocket. Wait, what is that sharp silver thing?  I should'nt mind it.
We took alot of photos and exchanged numbers, too!
Could this day get anymore better?!

/Somewhere in Rome, 9:00 pm/
We went to different places other than the colossuem and palastine hill. My time with him is starting to run out. I should make more memorable memories with him.
"I think we should head back to my house, and Ill accompany you until you get home, ok?"
I just nodded, I was spacing off because of the things  that happened to me. It was unforgettable.
"Luciano... Thank You Very Much" I thanked him with all my heart.
"I love you" I mumbled.
"You are welcome,too, ____. Im glad to spend the day with you, alone.
"I know a shortcut, lets take that route" he said, him knowing more of Italy, I followed him in a dark alley. Suddenly...

He pushed me against the wall. Ouch. It hurts. What happened?!
"Lu-luci-ano" I mumbled which was loud enough to echo the alley. But its useless. No one would even hear me since we could be the only people there.
"You are pathetic enough to fall for my trick" he laugh maniacally.
"You poor prey..." He leaned his face nearer to mind. I was in a bad situation, but I was blushing. Why would I be blushing at a bad situation?
Lets be honest
I like him, wait no, I love him.
Did I do something? Was I blind not to realize that this is  trap?
"I-lo-love-you..Luu-cian..o" I cant talk properly, his hand was still on my neck making me unable to breath freely.
"I dont like girls who fall to my trap! You are beautiful, but pathetic." He said, it hurted right in the heart.

He removed his hand on my throat, but I was still leaning on the wall. FROZEN. He then got a knife from his pocket. That was the thing I saw earlier, and failed to realize its a knife. He then pointed it on my heart.
"Hmm.. I regret killing a beautiful bella, but I dont regret killing pathetic people like you!" He then pointed it more nearer my heart.
"But before that..."
He pushed me against the wall, again. It hurts. I can't move.

He started unbuttoning my blouse. He then threw it away. I just want this to stop! He started licking my belly, it tickles, but I can't laugh because of the pain Im feeling both physical and emotional.
"____, you really are beautiful" he said, for the ? time.
He suddenly kissed me.
But wait. Something feels painful

I can feel it

The knife that pierced to my heart

But it was not that painful.

It was more painful, to know the one I like, Betrayed me. Toyed me. Tricked me.

I fell down, and started loosing consiousness. His shadow was no longer seen. There was a blood of pool around me. Suddenly, a shadow appeared. I couldnt see clearly, but I could only see those red eyes staring at me.

"I told you, you wont last longer"  

And everything went black
Im dead?
Or just Uncounsious?
Italy's POV
"I regret it"
"I didnt wish for anything like this to happen"
I walked away, trying to prevent to look at her fresh corpse. I cant bear the sadness and regret I have?
I know it is my thing to kill a girl after tricking them but, I never felt this sadness before. NEVER

Could It Be, I love her too?

  • Mood: Uneasy
  • Listening to: Jurietta to Romeo by Ryo-kun
  • Reading: recommend me an usuk doujinshi
  • Watching: watching you sleep
Step One-

Press the 'Join our group' button at the top. Or if your interested but dont want to join yet the '+' button. Then Read through this, and the Rules Before making anything.

Step Two-

Use the BriarWood Reference Sheet that is right in the Gallery Featured. Make sure you take time to make your cat!

Step Three-

Once you create your cat, fill out the information needed below and your done! :D









Eye Color:
Out of Ten (make it realistic!)

Swimming: /10

Climbing: /10

Hunting: /10

Defense: /10

Stealth: /10

Charisma: /10

Belief In Starclan: /10

Herb Knowledge: /10

(Good and Bad!)


RelationShips and Thoughts On Clans





After that you are able to rp anywhere but the Group profile page! Enjoy, and if you have any questions make sure to ask in the Help page!


~Quote of the Day~


There is another sky

There is another sky
There is another sky,
Ever serene and fair,
And there is another sunshine,
Though it be darkness there;
Never mind faded forests, Austin,
Never mind silent fields -
Here is a little forest,
Whose leaf is ever green;
Here is a brighter garden,
Where not a frost has been;
In its unfading flowers
I hear the bright bee hum:
Prithee, my brother,
Into my garden come!

Emily Dickinson

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Jake: happy holidays


Sofia: *has drawing that says merry christmas*

logan: *carves our merry Christmas in wall*

anti wade: merry fucking Christmas maggots
The heart stops
Frozen in time.
Why did you say
You would be forever mine?

The tear soaked pillow
Reveals your lies,
Of broken promises
And endless mines.

Why am I here,
With my tear soaked face,
When I should be there?
A marvel to you no more,
But tell me,
How many times are you to open that door?

My heart is frozen,
Battered and Broken.
'Cause the world might do me in
It's alright 'cause I'm with friends
'Cause I'm givin' up again
It doesn't matter

And I'm feeling like a ghost
And its what I hate the most
'Cause I'm givin' up again
And this time
(This time, this time)

This time I might just disappear!
This time I might just disappear!
This time I might just disappear!
This time I might just disappear!

Try and hear me when I'm done
'Cause I might just say this once
Seen this played out in my dream
It doesn't matter

Time for givin' up the ghost
For it's you I hate the most
And there's no guranatee
It doesn't matter

This time I might just disappear!
This time I might just disappear!
This time I might just disappear!
This time I might just disappear!
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