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Daily Lit Recognition for November 25th, 2015
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
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Suggested By: Malintra-Shadowmoon
Featured By: ssensory
This poem deals with processing the past and starting
something new in the future, with hope in the heart
and a lovely friend. There are a lot of emotions involved,
some kind of bitterness as well as great joy.
It is an encouragement for experiencing something
new after walking through the deepest valleys.

Featured By: NemoX7

With excellent use of repetition, CeeTheaPeia's poem is
a beautiful rendition of melancholy and love.


Featured By: betwixtthepages

Humor and philosophy make a beautiful coupling in this six word story--
you're bound to think this through at least twice!

Featured By: betwixtthepages
The Month of OctoberHugh Everett's ashes are in the dumpster behind the restaurant I work at. I know because they start moving on Monday. By Tuesday, there is a writhing charred leg and parts of his open torso. Wednesday, he speaks to me for the first time.
"What year is it?"
"I think you might implode if you knew."
"Makes sense. Do you smoke, doll?" 
I light a cigarette for him, having pulled it with quivering fingers from my apron, and put it in his mouth. He leans up against a garbage bag leaking shake mix and puffs, exhaling clouds. 
"This is weak. Lady cigarettes."
He rips off the filter with his teeth. He only has three fingers on his left hand and his right arm is a stump. At least his eyes have grown in. 
"Do you know why I left academic physics?"
"To make models for the Pentagon?"
He takes a long drag.
"A model, you see, is a representation of an ideal, a situation that can only occur exactly that way within a given set of circumstances. In reality, we can only create

This short, non-linear prose piece examines life, death, and the
answers in between with exquisite clarity and lovely quirk.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared By: Medoriko

Skin by SimplySilent

In Praise Of... Vol. XVII

Sat Nov 21, 2015, 1:56 PM


Traditional Poetry

DeviantArt  About In Praise Of DeviantArt 

Welcome to a brand-new, and I hope, continuing series where on a daily basis I feature 25 deviations ranging from literature, photography, traditional art, digital art,  artisan crafts, and special features, where I showcase DailyDeviations or LitRecognition deviations.

Please don't be afraid to check out the featured works and if I've featured you, do not be alarmed. I purely mean to showcase your work because I liked it and wish for more people to see it.

On behalf of the owner's whose work I feature please be respectful and do not steal or copy their original work. If you believe a work is stolen, please report to the necessary authorities.

Love literature? A keen poetry enthusiast? Or a fan of stories? Then take a moment to check out LitRecognition and suggest some literature to the team. Each of us has our own guidelines you can check out! :eager: by darkmoon3636 Spread the word! Get those suggestions going folks! Love 

Are you a writer?

Then why not give these a try?

The DeviantArt Writers Questionnaire 2015Inspired by CRLiterature's latest journal What do you want to see from CRLit I decided out of sheer madness to draw up a questionnaire focusing on: what makes you a writer? Why do you write and where did you first have your a-ha! moment when a story or poem exploded into existence? Does it matter if you are a writer? Nope, this questionnaire is even for those who don't write, who loathe poetry, where the sight of a book causes the blood to drain from you. Here's your opportunity to share with others why. 
Love DeviantArt QUESTION-TIME!DeviantArt Love 
1. How long have you been a member of DeviantArt, and for how long have you been writing? If you don't write what realm of art do you work in?
2. Why did you become a writer? Is your reason to write the same now as it was then?&
Nemo's Christmas 3 Word Contest 2015Hey! Hi! So after a year I've decided to restart my 3 Word Contest, which this month will be themed on 3 words you would most likely associate with the Christmas season of snow laden roofs decked in an array of lights, mince pies and carollers. Of course, you don't have to write your entry as a Christmas piece, if you're a secret Scrooge, you may feel free to use the 3 words in an innovative and original manner. Good luck! I am a dummy!
OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Anyway on to the contest itself. OMG! I can't contain my excitement!
Target Aim - to write a poem or a prose piece including one or all of the following three words:
 Snowman. Angel. Frost.
Target IM

LoveLoveThank you for reading! LoveLove

Previous Editions:

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Vol. IV Digital Art 08/11/2015
Vol. V Artisan Crafts 09/11/2015
Vol. VI Daily Deviations 10/11/2015
Vol. VII DailyLitRecognition 11/11/2015
Vol. VIII Haiku 12/11/2015
Vol. IX Traditional Painting 13/11/15
Vol. X Visual & Found Poetry 14/11/2015
Vol. XI Free Verse Poetry 15/11/2015
Vol. XII Animation 16/11/2015
Vol. XIII Prose 17/11/2015
    Vol. XIV. Landscape Photography 18/11/2015
Vol. XV Fractal Art 19/11/2015
Vol. XVI Sculpture 20/11/2015
Out of touch, out of sight,
Nothing's real, nothing's right,
The words I meant to say,
Lost somewhere along the way,
I could lie, I could pretend,
You weren't a lover or a friend,
But the truth shines through,
I cannot hide my love for you,
Breathe in, breathe out,
I need you, without any doubt...

AddictionNo matter how many times I say
"You have no power over me"
You're always on my mind
You're the one I wish to see
It's been forever since those days
But I still remember your smell
I still crave your taste
I guess that's why I fell
You made me feel the way I needed
Complete, whole, sated
Of course it was all lies
We were never meant to be fated
But it doesn't keep me from yearning
Needing to feel you under my skin
It's an endless obsession
A race I can not win
One day maybe, I won't search
Seek for the feel that's only you
Until then I guess I'll suffer
I mean, That's what drugs do.

This Life Sure IsTemporary sad distractions fall short.
Helplessly pulled towards awakening light.
Igniting a fiery passion called forth.
Surviving to do more than make things right.
Luminous in the truest sense we shine.
Improving with every movement that's made.
Fulfilling fortunes lucrative design.
Ensuring ravenous spirit gets paid.
Simplify unresolved complexity.
Utilize great power in believing.
Redefine purpose, fate and destiny.
Energize now our plan is proceeding.
Infinite is the limit with options.
Spectacular this, life sure is awesome.

GalaxiaAnd her name was Galaxia:
Within the threads of her hair,
She held the galaxies unaware.
They produced their light at the break of night
When galactic souls were resting and not one caught its sight.
So precious and small like the star in her eye,
Wisping away amongst the leaves in the night sky.
Protected by the alignment of a constellation,
She was blessed with a powerful touch of inspiration.
Strange and unfamiliar with what the planets brought her.
Curiosity struck her like a whip of lightning—yet, another.
So fragile and alone, she's most unique in all the solar system;
Kept captive by the nonbelievers, trapped and praying for freedom:
“Wish, wish, wish me away
To a place that I could never stray;
Lay me away with the galaxies I pray.
Rest me aside the stars and I’ll stay.
Tell me the stories when the planets align.
Promise me they will always be mine.
Take me on an adventure, where I can see nebulas,
Where I can see the true beauty of supernovas.”

(Who can truly justify)Who can truly justify
Their right to live
Their right to die?
Who could prove on either side
When none here know
The fall or rise,
When darkness comes with penny eyes
To cut our vision
Down to size,
Stealing sound and strength and sight
In that cold, hard,
Eternal night.
Who can truly testify?
Who has seen
With their own eyes
The throne of light on which He lies
And bids us welcome
From on high?
Who has truly touched the sky?
And who could preach
With certainty
And confidence in lofty claims
A going then
Return again?
“No one!” cries the learned man,
A slave to no
Eternal plan.
“Despite what every man may wish,
Our final sleep’s
Not like the fish,
“No evidence convinces me.
No miracles
Can I believe,
For science wins my heart alone,
But lest you think
I’m made of stone:
“There is great power in faith indeed,
For man is fragile
And in need
Of comfort like a little babe
(Our want for Mother
Never fades),

What is Goodbye?But is goodbye
Simply farewell
until next we meet?
Or the beginning of
much more, of
something unknown?

To my old home, I say goodbyeBags begin packing.
Is this an Adventure?
Boxes are stacking.
Where shall we venture?
The truck is loaded.
Where will we go?
This whole thing is coded.
For sure, I don’t know.
To my old home, I say goodbye
For we go to a place, bright and new.
Sometimes though, I wonder why.
We had to leave, we had to fly.
To my old home, I say goodbye.

AgoniasMonstrous demons calling me forward,
To the endless hell, making me a guard
For tortured souls and agonic spirits
That are being kept in cages,
Hanging from the bloody ceilings
Seven layers of hell,
The demons say they have
But I tell you, as well,
That there is, more than that
Ripped souls and deadly lands
Where bloody rivers pass
Where satanic creatures
Are not something bad
Where gods die in the vilest ways
Where humans are the butchers
Of what they create
Ohh, hell, made of concrete.

Save MeTell me a sweet lie,
Under my closed right eye,
Blind me,
Give me bars of lye,
So I cannot cry,
Mute me,
Deafen me, please try,
They yell and belie,
Spare me,
They will come at me,
As they always do,
Save me.

Stitched woundsOnce I was a broken soul,
I trusted the wrong, I was a fool!
I was hurt, near to death,
But you took care of me!
You patched me up, you set me free!
My once broken heart,
You repaired it part by part!
You stitched my soul, you stitched my wounds!
Once I was a broken soul,
But you dragged me out of this black hole!
And all that’s left are a healed soul and stitched wounds!

   e n l i g h e n s
   c r e a t e s

The WitchWith my black hair and white skin
I've the might to open portals
Yet it's easy for me to blend in
and merge in this world of mortals
Superficially normal, even humane
Sensing normal tastes and smells
But on a shelf in my domain
I keep a book of spells
When darkness falls and midnight lands
I'll chant and I'll connive
From the book, through my hands
Black magic comes alive
It flows in me just like a flood
During witching hour, young
Runes that curse unfaithful blood
I voice in demon tongue
No servant of heaven or hell
I believe in neither place
Though they hunt me, they cannot tell
That mine is a witch's face
It's a cold night in early fall
Mobs make their way through
Though you humans want to burn us all
Our fight is not with you
You really think I can be killed?
I guess you've never had a look
Into what made me more than skilled,
You don't know of my spellbook

TransformationWith a beauty to match what is felt within,
showing the real me that lies just under the skin.
so bravely flying with sun kissed wings,
a release that my soul now freely sings.
Watch me fly, watch me soar through the sky,
reaching and striving for what was so high.
But what came before this appearance altered?
It is the making of a beautiful heart un-faltered.
The rebirth of a butterfly's real haloed light,
is every color of the rainbow blended white.
Having to overcome impossibly dark filled days,
that are but a shadow just beyond a reflections gaze.
Gleaming with all that I am and so much more,
just as a newly transformed butterfly, ready to soar.

The Meadows EdgeThe Meadows Edge
And when I found the meadows edge
Upon the field of holy rest

Awaiting there my one true being
Of it was what I was seeing?
You’ll wait for me my precious stone
Across the mist of all unknown
Ungodly child of learned kiss
And frosted touch beneath thy lips
To speak of me my cherished fire
With no warmth in hearts desire
Of the greed and treasured gold
That he bleeds to us alone
Michelle Vigilo

Lying BrokenSad the shiver vertebrae
Mewling in the milky haze
Just another dial turn
Treads as breaking as a burn
I have nothing more to slake
Blood as thick as Pyrrhic pike
Just another clockwork house
Faces for the stormy clouds
Lust for open chest of sand
Lighter than coarse copper bands
Just another sidewalk stone
Glued with pouring backward cones
I have nothing more to take
Skin to peel the rind and page
Just another kind of closed
Crying out of wishing holes
Dictum medals stay my hands
Parlay palmless mercy wands
Leave their incantations blind
Just another kind of sight
I have nothing more to bare
Harvest ceilings rotted fair
Now I watch the stars with eyes
Just to wish that dreams did die

No one could fill my shoesTell me the secrets that lie,
Behind those eyes,
Those dark brown eyes that could reflect the sky,
As we look up from the cold,
Cold ground,
You're reaching out for me,
But the darkside of the moon,
Shines brighter than your heart,
That made me swoon,
Over and over again,
And come running back to you,
But no more,
Shall I be the victim,
No more,
Shall I play the fool,
My part in this production,
Has to be refilled,
Yet no one could fill my shoes.

WritingThere's a feeling in your heart
In your mind, in your sole
You know there's something there
But you can't grab hold
You have this urge
For paper and pen to meet
But when you grasp the pen
You just can't think
It's a painful thing
Not being able to write
When there's something in your heart
But your mind is blank white
The only way to overcome
The wall that is inside
Is picking up the pen
And writing about the first thing that comes to mind

There's Lots of Forest LeftWhen I was young, a little child

I lived next to a forest wild

An endless world, yet undefiled

The sky a peaceful blue.
Then one day the loggers came

Axes held, a deadly game

I was but eight, but all the same

Even then I knew.
I tugged their coats, said “Mister please

You can’t cut down all the trees

Greed will spread, a dire disease,

Say my word is true!”
I tried to stall, I gave my all

But they didn’t care.

They patt’d my head, and then they said,

“There’s lots of forest there.”
Years went by, I was a teen

The forest slowly lost its green

Giving in to the machines

It started to recede.
I said, “Please, don’t do any more

To this place that I adore

Carnage cuts me to the core!”

But still they paid no heed.
They said, “Now miss, don’t have a fit

We won’t s

tercet 14water lilies reaching
for  the liquid lessons
that the sun is teaching

Morning After
Morning After
by Tricia Pattinson

Morning slips onto the world
Courageous chorus cheers aloud
The rainbow filling with prism like hope and warmth
Melting the ice of Night's graveyard
I wish instead of sadness here
The frolicking light could be paired
I wish heavy black curtains to fall away
That love not fear rules Night and Day

Life Or Someone Like YouI thought I saw Life or someone like you
Standing at the evergreen gate
But alas I was mistaken
It was the shadow of our nervous neighbor
(C)2015 ~Moonfire-Lark

Le Coeur Brise de la FranceThe Heart of France Broken
((Le Coeur Brisé de la France))
In memory of the victims of the Paris attack of Friday, November 13th, 2015
The Heart of France is now broken,
The City of Light dims out,
All of our brothers and sisters,
Are sending their tears to shout.
Dear Gay Puree is gay no more,
Because of those damned roaches,
Mon Dieu, have mercy on us all,
Get pain out of our coaches.
Avenue de la République,
Two cafes, la Stade de France,
Bataclan, and, oui, Rue de la,
Fontaine au Roi, by a chance.
Paris is very black right now,
So are the hearts of their loss,
Priez pour la foi, mes amis,
Pray for faith by this grim cause.
Terror is the Great Hell's worst kin,
Pray that it doesn't live on,
To maim other innocent folks,
Let's pray to let it begone!
Red, White, and Blue Forever, friends,
Rouge, blanc , et bleu pour toujours!
Tie a black ribbon to your arm,
As we spread hope and amour!
Vive la France! May terror die!
Hope wins! Vive la Paris!
Our hearts go to the Heart of Fr

Ice SailsWhere was the simile
The banister I left bare
Laurels of poppy seeds
And their nevermore
Where waves came crashing by
I felt their rumbling rancor
Now nothing speaks to me
With their nevermore
Tickles of memory
Came crawling from their splendour
I hear them now and see
Just my nevermore
Cold climes have driven far
And ice now takes my corded voice
I watched before I had the choice
To figure out my nevermore
Where went our rivalry
That quickened ships we harbour
You took yours through the cold
And left her
Left my nevermore

Sonet of insanityYour lovely Skin
so smooth, so pretty.
My entire air, so thin.
I invite you to my City.
Soothing subpoena to my bawn,
I await you there at dawn.
Without your smile I´m just alone,
chilling winds, so sharp, so dire.
Forcing illusive sins to atone
as it's cold burns like a fire.
Bewitched by your final Relish,
as my lust creates your reason to perish.
Flay off the Skin, chop of the head!
Elusive fin, portentious desire.
Glad shall be you! My love now is red!
Be glad be proud, your limbs to hire!
My subject for my necromancy.
Oh dear! So gorgeous, so damn fancy.
And now your final stand is here.
Next to me, now you shall see!
There is no reason for you to fear.
Sweet my part! Now have some tea!
Trapped down in this fierce, bended Dimension.
Be glad! Be proud! You´re here in my mansion.

All Hallows' EveAll Hallows' Eve
When yellow leaves are falling
And long nights are a'coming
The veils between worlds turn thin
In one night of hope and sin.
The dead a'many leave their graves
Well hidden in misty waves.
Lost souls and ghosts are searching
For family still living.
A night for divination.
Pray to God for your salvation.
Tempt the forces of evil.
Hide in church from the devil.
Girl, look into the mirror glass
Your future husband's face will pass.
If you see just skull and bones,
Death earlier than marriage comes.
Be careful what you ask for
Which spirits enter your door.
You don't want to awake mourning
In daylight the next morning.

you woke up with hair that looked like satans ass, you walked down the stairs and saw the FUCKING PUN MAKING SKELETON sans

"hey sans" you said, posing like mettaton randomly???

"hey [Y/N]"he replied, looking at your hair

"you look pretty humerus with that hair" he said, winking

you glared at sans and drop kicked him

he died

rest in grillbys burgers

papyrus walked in and looked at sans dead body

"now im bonely" papyrus said

you drop kicked him too

he died

you walked to sans dead body


sans slam dunked you and you died

you dirty brother killer

rest in pepperoni

the end
So heres a little update for u guys. Imma be casual on this okay (Not)

ME AND HEAVEN ARE BACK TOGETHER *cries tears of joy*

Also shes just taking a break for a while so she'll be back soon
The principal: :iconafraidtobehappy: WELP- BEST PRINCIPAL EVAH-

The Pretty Boy: :iconalexander-male-linkx: ......PFFFFFT--- *DIES*

The Pretty Girl: :iconghost-angel-or-devil: Welp, you is prettah-

Your bully: :iconego-man25: EH?! Big bro wHHYYYYYY-

The nerd who talks about things you don't get: :iconfunstertime: .....wat- o3o


Your Homeroom Teacher: :iconmooshy-moo: YEEEYYY~ >x3

Your creepy stalker: :iconheyistarflamanic: .......SHIT-

Your mom who hates the school system: :iconheyiamsparks: Oh-

Your dad who is way too serious about grades: :iconmariusxxx: PFFFT- XDD HAI DADDY-

Your favorite teacher: :icontohruhinada: YAS-

Your least favorite teacher: :iconnatetkl: WHAT?! WHHHHYYYY- 0A0

- Go to
- Put all the names from your friend's list in the box(line for each name)
- Click 'randomize'
- Use the names as they appear to answer the stuff below OR click 'Randomize again' and use only the name that appears first each time.
- No cheating!
- If you run out of names before you answered all the stuff, just randomize and start again!

My Angry Birds AUs

Ok so I decided to make TWO Angry Birds AUs

Now in my first Angry Birds AU.... stuff we see in Rovio: what is shown in the games, comics, and Toons build up the birds' personality. What happens there like Bird vs. Pig is their life. So the characters ' are just what Rovio has shown us. There are fan characters and a lot of them, depending on the owner if they interact with the birds/pigs or not.

In my second AU....

....there is a story behind the scenes. The Developer Birds directed what happened in the Toons, games, commercials, etc. This AU also explains why there are guest stars like: Shakira Bird and Freddy Mercury Bird, because here, the AB cast are celebrities/actors and actresses.

:bulletpink: Stella's old "designs" are actually different birds trying to audition for her role, with Stella's "final design" being chosen for the act.

:bulletred: Ruby works as a model rather than an actress, as a result she only appears in merchandise, promotional posters and only once in the game to have her picture taken with Red. ( In this AU the Reby shipping is canon, but Red has a problem trying NOT to flirt with other girls)

:bulletgreen: King Pig is Red's enemy on screen, but in reality they are friends. He is still insecure however and thinks that he was given a villainous role because they think he's stupid.
*⚠bad Language ahead*
OK so I couldn't put this on my gallery so the only for you read is was to put this on journal which kinda bothers me :/ but whatever enjoy!

Its been 3 days since his last encounter with bill

I...i .. Can't believe I made out with a demon..a fucking DREAM DEMON!!!  Dipper thought to him self
Why why why why!!!!?
When bill said "try not to dream about me",Wellll.. he did

Dipper is sitting on the shacks  living room couch thinking about what he did with bill

Mabel walks in "Dipper I'm going to the mall with candy,grenda,and pacifica

Pacifica.. That name ran through his mind

"You wanna come along bro-bro"?

"I-im fine mabel"

"You sure dipper,you've been looking freaked out for the past three days". Mabel points out

"Yes mabel I'm perfectly fine"
Dipper crosses his arms

Mabel suggests "You know if you want we can talk about-

"Didn't you hear me"!? "I said I'm FINE"!! "Just FUCKING GO"!!!
Dipper snapped at mabel

Mabel stared at her brother in shock

Without saying anything ,she grabs her purse,and walks out the door

Dipper sighs
"This whole love triangle is ruining me" dipper said aloud
"Love triangle"?

Dipper faces the door as Wendy walks in

"Sup dude"
"Oh..hey Wendy"
"You okay man"?

Dipper was sick and tired of hearing that same question over and over again
"yeah...I'm okay" he faces away from Wendy
"Really"?,"Because it doesn't seem like it" the nineteen year old says taking a seat beside dipper
"Wendy,why the hell do you care"!? He looks down
"Well hey I  mean you are my best buddy" wendy points out putting her hand on his shoulder
Dipper pushes Wendy's arm away "UGH"!!! Can you just...leave me the fuck  ALONE"!!??

Wendy looks at him shocked just like mabel
She gets up and walks to the door
"You need help dude"
And with that she shuts the door behind

Dipper angrily punches the wall causing a hole to appear
"Shit".. He mutters under his breath
He grabs the nearest pic to cover the hole which is the pic of him from fourth grade

Dipper sighs going up to his room...

embedded_item1448417652143 by GFgirl4ever
Okay first couple problems that first pop into my mind about myself
1. I drink a lot, not achohal or crap just like, plainly drinking big Amounts of lemonade or water (rarely) that stuff
2. Hate being indoors but has to be cause I have no life
3. Is a fucking hopeless romantic help me..I fall for people way to easily ;-;

Yep..there's many more but..that's all for now..
Want to do some Rp? Add me on kik.
CourtneyCollins. The only rules I have are no disgusting plots and no nudity. Also you can pred or prey, it doesn't matter. See you there.
Hopefully. I'm STARVING!!!
After the peace of monsters and humans of a young brave hero, there were two girls walking with each other on the mountain."Did you sit on sugar? Cause Yo got a SWEET ASS" the girl with messy curls with blackish brown hair yelled playfully to her best friend named, Jeff. "HOE, I SWEAR to GOD!! If you trying to grab my gay ass.. I'LL FIST YOUR THROAT NOLY!!" Jeff yelled with annoyance with her dark ginger-ish her almost covering the whole face, "Aww.. Need a hug?" Noly began smiled evilly while opening her arms aiming for her hug. "Noly. NO." "Come here my child! You need a HUG!!!" "NOLY OMF-" Jeff fall down before she could've run from the death hug by Noly. Jeff tried to get her balanced but unfortunately from Noly's hugs she tripped by the rock behind them and fell into the Holes of Monsters.  

~just a promo~
I HOPE YOU LIKE IT THANKS TO MystehAsh , WinterIsBeautiful , and I-Only-Draw-Cartoons for helping me of this fanfic ;v; please tell me what you think