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The noise of several rambunctious children and the sound of Christmas music filled the mall as you groaned. The aches inside of your head wouldn't be able to be soothed by a simple rubbing of the temples. Furthermore, if another little brat decided to look up your unreasonably short dress you were going to scream. 

Another cookie was shoved into your mouth out of pure frustration as you chewed. The half-hour break you got would soon be over and then it was back to eager little kids pleading for you to take them to your boyfriend's lap. 

"Hello, my angry little elf," You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend's greeting. The red suit he wore of which matched a certain idol among children fit him well. Somehow, he managed to score the job of Santa Claus for the holidays and you were his little elf. 

More so, you both needed the community service hours and these were the only jobs you could find last minute. 

"Eren, I will bite your fucking finger off and swallow it whole. I'm sick of these kids." 

"First, you love my fingers," Eren gave a small smirk as he picked up a cookie to inspect it, "Secondly, I'm sick of this job as well. Luckily, the mall is almost closed so we can go home but I have had to change my damn pants three times." 

You chuckled and began to tease the man. Something you enjoyed to his dismay as he quickly got annoyed. 

"Oh, did you really get scared of so many kids?! The great E-"

"I got pissed on." 

"Oh," You mumbled awkwardly as Eren gave you a look which had you stuffing another cookie into your mouth to avoid meeting his gaze upon you. 

"Come on, [Name]," Eren huffed dragging you by your hand and out of the break room to your displeasure. 

:mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: 

"Happy Holidays! Who's next?" You feigned glee as you stood next to Eren who yawned and straightened himself up for the next child. This was a boy with a raven-colored black undercut followed by a smiling girl with eyes that matched Eren's and red hair and another boy with pale brown hair and grey eyes. The three walked hand-in-hand up to you. 

"We gotta talk to you to meet Santa right?" The boy with the undercut pointed out. He didn't seem to like being in the center of the other two children and have to hold their hands. You looked at Eren who just observed you and discreetly adjusted the white beard he wore. The shirt he wore was stuffed with about three pillows. The mall's owner had to make due with what was offered. 

"Yes! If your parents want to take pictures or if you want to get some cookies, then you do!" You smiled and bent down at the knees to peer at the three children. The boy with brownish hair stared hungrily at the cookies behind you that some blonde girl came to refill every once in a while. The girl, on the other hand, eagerly looked at your boyfriend before she turned her attention towards you. 

"I like your outfit." She complimented you as you looked over yourself. You wore a bright green dress that came to your mid-thigh, a pair of striped red and white stockings, and a long-sleeved red shirt underneath the dress. Your red and green shoes had little points on them, of which ended in a pair of shiny bells. You wore a curved hat which had a single bell of its own. It was a pristine white and had mistletoe on its side. 

"So, where are y-" You stopped yourself as you read the tags they each wore. It each had their name on it followed by: 'Belongs to the Underground Orphanage of Maria.'

You remembered how awful the orphanage was from a report you had to do in the ninth grade. Two years passed and you still worried for the children's welfare. 

"Where are our whats?" The girl named Isabel looked up at you with wide, curious eyes. 

"N-Nothing, Isabel," You replied using her name for yourself, "Why don't you, Levi, and Farlan go get some cookies and tell Santa what you want for Christmas?" You smiled broadly as you turned around to the tray filled with cookies. You selected two cookies for each of them, more than you were supposed to, and gave it to them in a napkin. 

Isabel thanked you gleefully as she took a bite of a sugar cookie before hopping into Eren's lap as she began babbling about what she wanted for Christmas. Your heart ached as her wishes probably wouldn't be fulfilled.

Farlan quickly devoured his cookies as he hopped up to sit on Eren's other leg. Levi stood next to you as he carefully ate his cookie to avoid getting crumbs everywhere. His black jeans and white shirt made you question how any child could be so neat. 

"Levi, don't you want to sit with Santa?" You smiled gently at the boy. 

"Santa isn't real." 

"W-Well, he's right there." 

"There's no way for him to be able to exist. I also saw you two making out against a car." 

Your face paled, "Uh, we weren't dressed in our costumes yet and we weren't making out." 

"I am about ninety-five percent sure you screwed in the back seat." 

"Five percent means you're wrong which you are." You sneered at the boy who just glared in response, "Isn't there anything you want, even if Santa isn't real?" 

Levi pondered momentarily before nodding, "Yeah." 

"Well even if you don't believe in Santa, go tell Eren what you want." You whispered to him. He shrugged and climbed on top of Eren's lap and you distinctly saw the look of pain on Eren's face as Levi's knee hit his crotch. 

"What do you want?" Eren strained out as Levi whispered into his ear. A look of surprise came upon his face before he nodded and smiled. 

The three children climbed down off of Eren. Isabel came over and hugged your legs as you smiled and crouched down to hug her back. You handed her and the boys another cookie as you waved them away. 

That was before Farlan and Levi lifted up your dress making you blush and growl at them as the laughter of several children waiting in line grew louder as you stuffed a cookie into your mouth. 

"'Tis the season, eh?" Eren laughed loudly as you rubbed your temples and shot him a deathly glare. 

The small squeak of fear boosted your ego immensely as you smirked to yourself and fixed your dress.

:mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: 

"This is the place?" Eren asked as he held a sack of toys in his hand. You looked at the map on your phone and sure enough, this was the place. 

You nodded and exchanged a cautious look. The orphanage was in a bad part of town to begin with and looked a little shabby from the outside. The building had faded, bright colors consisting of what was pink, blue, yellow, and a little bit of green. 

You walked on the creaking steps as Eren followed you. You opened the door to find a group of kids huddled around in a small group. 

Nothing could describe the amount of joy you felt as children's eyes widened as they saw Eren in his costume. 

"Santa!" They screeched and ran over to Eren with giant smiles. The kids all looked a bit underfed and a little unclean. 

"Hello, kids!" Eren announced happily, "Who wants presents?" 

The kids bounded up to him excitedly as he laughed deeply. The joyful glint in his eyes caused butterflies to erupt in your stomach. The blonde worker was already notified of your presence and surveyed you with a grin. 

You looked around the room as you saw three familiar kids looking at you in your elf costume. You clutched the small bag you held as you strode over to the trio sitting in a corner. 

"Hey, Levi," Farlan muttered to the boy in question who turned around. 

"Oh, you again," Isabel smirked before turning to Levi, "Big brother, didn't that sound cool?! Like out of a movie or something right?" 

"Idiot," Isabel pouted at the word before Levi turned to you, "What do you have there?" 

He pointed to the bag you held as you kneel next to the three. 

"Some presents," You smirked. The ones Eren carried were donations you had collected over the two weeks since you last saw the kids and with Christmas being in a few days, you finally were able to purchase gifts for these three especially. 

You pulled three wrapped boxes out of the bag. One was red with a golden bow, another blue with a green bow, and the last black with a white bow. 

The three peered at the gifts before grabbing the one with their name on it. Isabel opened her gift carelessly as a broad grin appeared on her face. 

She pulled out a white bear with red roses on it about the size of your hand. Isabel marveled at the gift before her as she hugged you tightly. 

"Glad you like it, Isabel. If not, all these scars would be for nothing," You grinned and showed her your bandaged fingers. The girl gasped and inspected them, "So cool..."

Farlan then proceeded to carefully open his gift as his eyebrows raised in delight, "A Nerf gun...?" 

"Eren chose that one," You explained as a small smile appeared on his face. 


Levi stared at you as Eren came to crouch down next to you, "How's my little elf doing?" 

"Just fine, Santa!" Isabel grinned as Farlan played with his toy. 

"Open your present, bud, you'll like it," Eren grinned cockily as Levi slowly opened his present. His eyes widened slightly as he pulled out the dark green jacket with wings on the back. 

"It's from a show," Eren explained as Levi slipped it on. It was a bit big so he could wear it for a few more years. The raven-haired boy stood up to model it as his two friends clapped merrily. 

"Thanks," Levi muttered quietly as Eren and you smiled. 

Then, in what only could be described as a Christmas miracle, Levi hugged both you and Eren. You both were momentarily surprised before you hugged him back. Another pair of arms wrapped around you and your boyfriend as you chuckled. 

"Merry Christmas, guys." Eren chuckled as the two of you stood up. Eren pecked your cheek making you blush wildly. He detached the mistletoe from your hat and waved it in the air. He kissed you quickly and chuckled at your reddened face. 

"Oh! Oh! Farlan, we're under the mistletoe!" 

"W-What? I'm not kissing you!"

"Fine, I'll kiss you!" 

Isabel placed a firm kiss onto Farlan's cheek making him blush and squirm uncomfortably under Levi's questioning gaze. 

"Happy birthday, Levi," You whispered to the boy and handed him a packet of wet wipes from your bag. 

"Thanks, Miss," Levi took the packet and opened it. He immediately removed a wet wipe and wiped Farlan's cheek where Isabel had kissed him. 

"Big brother!" 

"You're filthy." 

Eren chuckled and reattached the mistletoe onto your hat, "Come on, my little elf. We have to go back to Santa's work shop because I'm pretty sure you're on the naughty list. Obviously, you need to do something to get back onto the nice, huh?" 

"That was so cheesy, I might cry." You groaned and chuckled before you gave a final farewell to the children and walked back outside. It had gotten considerably colder and you rubbed your arms. You had to walk back home as neither of you had enough gas to take your car. 

Eren removed the three pillows he wore and the beard before he wrapped his coat around you. He pecked your lips and scooped up the items he had let fall. 

"Merry Christmas, my l-" 

"Santa, no!" 

"I told you brats Santa wasn't real." 

:mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: :mistletoe: 

Love dA Lit: Issue 192

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2014, 2:30 PM
IrrevocableFate's Lit treasure chest!
Issue 192

Welcome to the one-hundred ninety-second issue of Love dA Lit! Misc Emoji-02 (Snowman Heart) [V1]  Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.

Note: Happy Holidays everyone! I hope your all keeping warm (or staying cool if you're on the other side of the globe). ♥ Here is to having a lovely holiday, no matter what you celebrate.

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Hugs, love and thanks to:

:iconsonamyfan362: my favoritest LITplease Community Liaison.

:iconxmothermoonx: for letting me run LITplease’s Community Portal.


Natsu? Why don't you like Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

       Lucy was happily walking down the road towards Natsu and Happy's house.Today was Christmas and she had a very special present for Natsu.Lucy nocked on the door.She expected for a pink haired mage to open the door, but no.Nothing happened.She waited until she decided to enter.

"Natsu...."-Lucy wispered.She found Natsu laying on the floor sleeping.Well, that wasn't weird.What was weird was that he had a beef bottle next to him. She left her present for Natsu on the floor.Natsu didn't drink unless it was for a party and he only drank on Fairy Tail.Not at his home alone.

"Natsu, wake up"-Lucy said as she poked his cheek.

"Natsu..."-said Lucy again poking his cheek constantly.Until Natsu grabbed her hand suddenly.He noticed that her hands had little cuts over her fingers.At the time he didn't care.

"Merry Chris...."-Lucy was about to say but Natsu interrupted her.

"Shup up will you? I don't want to lisen to you and I don't want to celebrate your stupid party."-Said Natsu coldly and he stood up and went to his hammock and give Lucy his back. Lucy was speechless. She was also hurt,but today was Christmas and her hope was way.She would not give up that easily.

"Come on, Natsu.I have a really amazing present for you!"-Lucy said as she got closer to Natsu. As she did, she stumbled across some papers.She bend down and picked them.They were letters and it said:

Dear Santa:

For Christmas the only thing I want is for Igneel to come back.I have been a good kid this year.

                                     Natsu Dragneel

The following letter said the same, and the following and the following, the last one was kinda different.

Dear Santa: 

Please I just want Igneel back. Is it because I am a bad kid that I don't get what I want? I am really a monster as everyone says?

                                          Natsu Dragneel

"It wasn't because of those letter that I don't celebrate Christmas...."-Said Natsu again, still giving Lucy his back.

"It because stupid people like you keep bothering me with your stupid parties, just go away"-Said Natsu.Oh but Lucy wasn't going to give up that easily.

"Oh come on Natsu...I am pretty sure you will cheer up once you see the present I brought you. Look let me help you..."-Lucy said cheerfully and she bend down to open the present for Natsu to see.

"You know,my perfect present will be a present to make me able to go to the past and stop myself from meeting you, so you don't to make my life miserable, now...GO AWAY!"-Natsu said coldly and firmly this time.

"Oh...ok....I am well ...i am going now then. Sorry...."-Lucy said almost crying.She was having a perfect day.She was being very positive. Now her day was miserable.She stood up and left Natsu's house.She felt pathetic, she couldn't even help her best friend to feel better on Christmas. 

Now on Fairy Tail....

       "I just don't get why Natsu won't celebrate Christmas,I know he want to see Igneel again,but..."-Lucy said sadly to Happy and Mirajane.

"Lucy, Christmas was the day Natsu would celebrate with Igneel. The last time Natsu celebrated with Igneel,they got into a fight. Natsu never liked Christmas after that"-Happy said as he was eating fish.He knew that at this time it was better to be at Fairy Tail than at his own house.

"Still, I think Natsu went over board, by telling Lucy that he wished that he hadn't meet her."-Mira said as she cleaned some plates.

"Mira thank you....but I think I will be going now, i am going to visit my parents graves."-Lucy said as she stood up and left Fairy Tail.

"Wishing you hadn't meet Lucy, uh Natsu? ....I guess we can fix that."-Mirajane said with a evil smile.

            Natsu didn't felt well.He really regretted saying all those things to Lucy.He stood up from his hammock and went over his present.He got to admit, that was the best present someone has ever gave to him.He stood up quickly and running he went to the guild.

           "WHERE IS LUCY?!"-Natsu yelled as he entered the guild.

"What Lucy?"-Mirajane said.

"I am so happy that you decided to show up in the guild for Christmas, we are having a party today,Natsu."-Said Erza as she approached Natsu.

"Yeah whatever, where is Lucy?"-Natsu asked again irritated. 

"Who is Lucy?"-Asked now Gray. Natsu looked at them weirdly, until he found Happy.

"Happy, have you seen Lucy?"-Natsu asked with hope.

"Lucy? Who is that Natsu?"-Happy said.Natsu could not believe it.

"How do you guys not know who Lucy is? She is Lucy, our friend, one of us, a member of this guild! she is my Lucy!"-Natsu asked with desperation.  Everyone looked at each other and gave the "Natsu is really crazy now" look. Natsu just went out of the guild and run to Lucy's aparment.

"Lucy!Lucy!LUCY,!"-Natsu yelled as he nocked on the window.He would have normally just barged in but the window was closed.Which for Lucy always left the window open.

"Yes?"-asked an old woman who opened the door.

"Excuse me, but what are you doing in Lucy's apartment?"- Natsu asked.

"I am sorry young boy, I am the only one who lives here"-said the old women and with that she closed the window. Natsu stood there.He didn't want this.No, no, he didn't.He never thought his wish was going to come true.He wanted Lucy back.He wanted his Lucy back.

      Natus looked for Lucy everywhere.She was nowhere. He decided to go back to the guild and obligate everyone to look for Lucy.Even if they don't remember her.He knew they would help.He need to do it and he would do it.

"EVERYONE, I NEED TO...."- Natsu stopped mid sentence as he found Lucy talking to Mirajane. Wait what did just happened? He run towards Lucy and hugged her.Oh how he missed her scent.

"Natsu...are you ok?"-Lucy said as she patted Natsu's head.Mirajane looked proundly as she knew her plan worked out just fine.

"just... Thank you"-Natsu said.He didn't want to let go of her.Natsu suddenly grabbed her hand and run away with her.Everyone watched as the both of them disappeared from the guild.

" I swear that if after this they don't get together....I will kill Natsu"-Erza said.

"It seems that your plan worked well Mira"-Said Gray.As only Mira felt proud of her matchmaking skills.

           Natsu opened the door of his house and let Lucy in.Lucy saw how he unwrapped his present.

"Thanks for the present. I really like the Dragon you made for me.You also sew other ones that look like me, you and happy"-Natsu said.He took a breathe. " I am sorry"

"what are you sorry for? I already forgot what happened."-Lucy said with a smile and then she hugged Natsu.

"Merry Christmas,Natsu...remember I will always be here for you"-Lucy said as she kissed his cheek.

"Merry Christmas,Lucy"-Natsu said and he let out a tear. 

A/N: I know i might be a little but late. but please enjoy and comment! I am also working for the next book of my "taking care of little natsu" and "this is my natsu" series overall i will call it the "Natsu's" series.this have been a great year and I hope you enjoy my stories. MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Hello everyone! I’m happy to see you could make it on our second Christmas Eve Special of ‘Adjusting The Antennae.’ Our seventeenth episode is extra, extra grooovy! Haha, this is a wonderful time of gift-giving, showing love, and creating memories with friends and family. So, of course you know I have to get a deviant who is absolutely amazing for this Christmas Eve special. Before I reveal this fantastic deviant though, I am your host, chromeantennae, and it a pleasure to have you with us on the eve of Christmas.

And my guest for today’s show is none other than the inimitable
Naktarra!  Naktarra here has been one of the more active personalities in our literature community, showcasing her kindness with her great features, her impact in all sorts of different groups, and her unique writing. She’s one of the quirkiest, most hilarious personalities you'll ever come across here in this community and she is one of my favorite people on deviantART. I love Naktarra so much and I'm so thrilled I could have such a unique and lovely character here for this Christmas Eve special! 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me for this series, Naktarra. Your presence on ‘Adjusting The Antennae’ makes this series that much better. It is so greatly appreciated.
Before we start this, is there anything you’d like to share with us? How your day has been, any pieces you’re working on at the moment, any interesting trivia some of us may not know about you? Simply anything! From a shout-out to a favorite deviant of yours or a huge exclamation! Anything that you can think of before we start this interview.

Everything is going absolutely dandy! I'd like to sneak a shout-out to kuku88 and StarryStarrySky7267 as well as francie1002 because I love them so much. (Also I love you too, chromeantennae) (I love you too, Naktarra.)

I've been all over the place this month with articles and events and writing. I suppose that's all in the fun of wrapping up the year to start fresh in January. Though to be honest, when January hits around I might go into hibernation for a month and stuff my face with cheesies and left overs from Christmas. (I am planning some pretty big events and articles for 2015! A new year, a whole lot more content coming from me!!)

First off, I’d love to know where you got the inspiration for your username “Naktarra!” Personally, I believe it’s one of the prettier-sounding usernames around and I would love to know where it stemmed from, if it stemmed from anywhere particular at all.

Naktarra was something I came up on the spot with my brother. I needed an account for something and I did not want to use my real name. I remember suggesting a name before "Naktarra" and my brother rejecting it, but I honestly don't remember what it was. I've used Naktarra for so long that's all I can remember about the history of the name. Just think, if my brother didn't stop me, I could have been something along the lines of “XxPrincess-Unicorn_DEMONXx.”

  ...Not to say that isn't an entirely grooving alias to write under.

Also, you’ve been here for about 2 years now (on this particular account that is), how do you feel about deviantART after these two years (Happy dAnniversary by the way! You just turned two on the 4th of December, haha!)? Any major changes now (besides the logo, hehe) from then to now?

I can be all cliché and cheesy —still thinking about the cheesies— and tell you about growth within my very heart, but my heart is always growing with love for you squishy people in the community. I've completed my first NaNo, I've completed the thirty poem challenge and FFM2014, I've gotten my act together and I'm interested in what a future on deviantART has in store for me. I'm hoping that when the writing challenges swing around that I'll be able to do them with a much better writing mind. DeviantART has been a massive source to improve on my writing these past two years.

Now to the impressive impact you’ve made in only a pretty small amount of time. You’re one of the busier bees around in this big literature hive and I’d love to know more about all of the projects and events of sort you have going on?

As of the moment I run three articles:

Literary Justification—A place to motivate writers who want to be clued in with optimism of the world around them!
What is Love?— My interview article for all the groovy cats out there in the literature hive!
Literary Almanac Monthly— My monthly featuring article where I spotlight nine writers as well as scattered news around the community.
It's also super flattered to hear from you that I have been making a big impact. On my side of the world it just looks like I'm making and releasing content onto my page. I suppose that since February when I really started to get involved that with all these projects "Naktarra" has been stapled to more and more things. Sort of a nice tingly feeling, you know? :giggle:

In particular, “S.M.I.L.E.” and “What Is Love?” What really got those two projects started and what do you think of its current progress?

It was a spontaneous idea that I fulfilled with no months of planning or long processes of editing. I wanted to name a project "S.M.I.L.E," so I named it that. Then I thought of a good name for an interview article and made a project out of that. I always think names are the most important part of anything. It was dark and I didn't want to do any other work and so I decided to do something long-term to keep myself nice and busy and make something of the time.

S.M.I.L.E has the raffle done and the main project will be on hiatus for a while and most of its operations will be moved to DeviantART-Smiles. Otherwise my interview article is going strong and I'm hoping that in late January or early February it will be back with its sixth installment. :heart: :heart: :dummy:

Speaking of “S.M.I.L.E.,” you also run a group centred on this idea as well as a bunch of other groups too. Can you tell our audience a bit about each group you’re a part of and contribute to?

Writing-Rampage— I'm now the co-founder of the group as the other admins have gone inactive. I keep everything going by accepting all sorts of literature entries from nearly four thousand deviants! Once in a while there's prompts and contests and articles featured on the main page. :heart: :heart:

DeviantART-Smiles— This is the group which is the successor for S.M.I.L.E.'s project. It's expected to become more active in 2015 for more opportunities to every type of art on deviantART. I run it with my lovely friend Lukahhhhhhhh  

DoodleWorldComicsLukahhhhhhhh's drawing project that they've contributed beautiful art to! I've been sticking around more for moral support and management of the group. I've also been trying to find some inspiration to create some of my own characters for it.

LitRecognition— I'm a prose admin for the group where I feature short stories and flash fictions from both fiction and non-fiction genres. It's been a whole lot of fun to be a part of a project that brings daily positivity. :heart:

GrammarNaziCritiques— I do critiques for both prose and poetry. I like to offer advice and ideas for future projects, I'm not too huge on trying to change the current ones unless the author really needs a suggestion.

Now to your great gallery; if there was one piece from your gallery of yours that you feel encompasses who you are as a person, creator, or both, what piece would you pick and why?

My Spider Wears a Tinfoil Hat     Murder is wrong. Murder is usually, most entirely and for the most part extremely bad when it comes down to it. Shockingly enough, people thought murder was so wrong that they made laws about it. You can't murder people is what they say and they say that you can't harm animals either. That doesn't stop one from killing alien species.
     The alien in question was tall, black and had eight legs. Eight long, entirely gross and disgusting legs that scurried away into dark corners with its equally—if not more-so—ugly eyes. Spiders sucked and that is really the point of it all.
     There are a lot of options on what one can do when they spot one of these alien creatures. Scream is always the first option whether one likes it or not. The louder and higher the scream depends on where one happens to find the spider. If it's on the floor about fifty or so feet away, a quick “ah” is sufficient. However, if you find the s

It might seem a bit kooky, but I really do feel this piece represents me as a whole. I got the best reception from it and when I wrote it I was extremely proud of myself. Honestly, it took me about thirty minutes to create, but I think that sense of a raw flash fiction makes it even greater as an accomplishment in my mind. I didn't try to cut miles of content; I tried to make sure I didn't have too many grammatical errors. This is the sort of impact I want to make on people again and essentially why I like writing humour. It made a whole bunch of people laugh from what I've heard.

And as far as just pieces that you are most proud of in general, what would you point us to?

Hello, Hello Pennsylvania?Hello, Hello Pennsylvania?
Take me off to Pennsylvania
some exotic Transylvania
Make me feel like the Tasmanian devil.
Take me up and taking down,
take your feet right up the ground.
We'll go up and upside in Pennsylvania.
I want us to make ruritania in
some exotic Transylvania.
Flip me up and upside down,
There's no reason to frown in Pennsylvania.
Take me for your bride—
with truth
Take me like you're my
Babe Ruth.
Take me off to the station
Alcohol has no relation
to how much I want to see the nation
Through blood relations, health complications,
I want to see the world's location!
Bad dictation, price inflation
I want to see it all!
Take me off to Pennsylvania
some exotic Transylvania
Please, before I explode with mania.
Take me off on a ride to Pennsylvania!
  American M-I-N-U-T-E-M-E-NWake up every morning
for the:
Everyday could be the day,
the gun is polished at the door,
we've got a minute before--
“The British are coming,
the British are coming!”
Take your marks.
Get ready:
Welcome to Massachusetts,
where the militia chooses
who and who to shoot.
The English have their evil,
feeding taxes,
drinking their upheaval.
It's a wonder why,
they come back spry
as we dump them
all in Boston.
Bang starts the revolution
clear around the world.
A start for North America:
the game for France's mania.
And finally 17,000 men take their—
And finally it all comes crashing—
  Warm Laundry     I'm stuck in a type of an experiment that involves an extraordinarily large laundry shoot. Claustrophobic as it may be, it's one of the most comfortable experiences I've ever had. With five foot thick walls surrounding me in a sort of dull grey arena, the addition of cozy sweaters and miss matching socks really brightens up the decor.
     Everyday, there are five pounds of laundry that is stacked up through a laundry shoot in the corner of the ceiling. At first, I let the laundry stack up a bit, until I decided it would be much more comfortable to sleep on an ugly sweater than concrete ground. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, because all of the laundry was still warm after days of just sitting there and collecting dust.
     The flow kept coming and I suspected that there was another pound of laundry being added to the load. I'm always so snug and cozy though, so I don't really care all that much. I just really wish I had

These were some of my favourite things I wrote this year. :heart: :love:

Also, are there any pieces from others that have stuck to you lately? It can be as far as back as years ago or just 30 seconds ago, haha.

There was one on deviantART I adore, but I've never been able to find it again. I don't know if I favourited it and it's lost in the piles of poems, but I remember it made me laugh. It was the first humour poem I saw on this site and it was really neat. I'd say it's the poem I think about whenever it comes to writing humour. It made me really value that a poem could make a point and make you laugh instead of just being a long and bland sea of similes and metaphors.

I would also love to know who some of your favorite literature artists are, both on deviantART and otherwise.

My two favourite authors are Janet Evanovich and Douglas Adams. They're both able to make a point and have fun. I've never been too inspired by dramatic writing, but that might just because I value humour so much more than I value a sob story. As for dA, I'm always rooting for kuku88 and StarryStarrySky7267. (Even if it takes me a while before I catch up sometimes with their stories.)

And can you speak on how your literary journey began? Did it start an early age, later age, because of someone you knew, etc., etc.? Anyone that inspires (or inspired) you?

When I was but a wee lass, my siblings were all far out into role playing. I was the younger sibling by about three, seven and ten years with the experienced on-the-spot writers, so I basically sat in the corner and tried not to get in the way. I still remember the day where I asked my brother—when I was quite a bit older—if he wanted to role play. He just grunted and told me that he would never role play with me again if I didn't come up with an interesting plot. I tell you, if Roman madness and contemporary America isn't interesting enough, then I don't know what is.

In all seriousness, I write because literature has always been there. Basically everyone in my family owns their own personal library, I spent a few years role playing online with friends, and by the time I hit dA I had a vague amount of knowledge on how to structure a story. I wouldn't really say I was good, but I've had two years of serious practice and personally I think I've progressed a lot. I started at a real early age. Games like Sonic the Hedgehog 3 on my darling SEGA Genesis showed me what a story could emotionally make you feel and that I was surrounded in the products of writers everywhere.

Also, particularly, what is your muse is when it comes to writing any type of poetry or prose. Do you have a particular writing process that helps you in the way you write or is there another method in which you go about things? Is your writing process different now compared to when you first began writing? What about when writers’ block hits? Do you just keep trying to push through it or do you back off from writing for a bit?

If the block hits—write something else. Otherwise you're just wasting your time, really. That's why I stick to more than one story at once. I'm not obligated to finish anything for anyone and if I don't like what I'm writing, I throw it out because it's not quality. The block usually means that I messed up somewhere and I either need to back track, or it's a sign I don't want to be writing what I'm writing. I mean, I love to write and I have a lot of stories planned and in progress, but there will be the few I'll announce and never release because I don't like them. Even if I end up posting a story I don't like on dA, I can guarantee it'll be pulled down within a week.

My process is just to write it. I don't like thinking about what I'm writing because I want to treat it like an improvisation exercise. How fast can I string a chapter or story together and have it easily thread together into a moral or the next chapter? I have a bunch of ideas I find throughout the day written down on odd pieces of paper. I might see something written on a door, or I'll see a cute craft design which will stick in my head. If I was to give any sort of advice to my process it would be: Write down what interests you, have a wide range of random facts stored in your noodle and that thinking about writing is just as important as actually writing. So let those wild arguments in your head go wild while you're washing dishes and don't be afraid to quit a crappy story.  :tighthug:

Also! What writer(s), given the perfect circumstances, would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Collaborate? I'm not entirely sure. I've been meaning to work on the DoodleWorldComics project with my buddy Lukahhhhhhhh and a short story with StarryStarrySky7267, but other than that I've never been the type to want to collaborate. I've always found working with others—if it's not a philosophical conversation—tends to feel a bit restricting if I can't make all the rules. I feel a lot better to be working with my own train of thought. My brain always makes a lot more sense than anyone else's.  :dummy:

Are there any goals you’d like to accomplish here on deviantART? Seniority, receive a DD, anything of that nature? Are there any goals or accomplishments here that you’re really striving for or is that something you try not to think about?

Seniority and a DD are my top-of-the-line goals. Those would be my top-of-the-top accomplishments which are on the trophy spot of writing in my head. It'd be really cool to get there someday and it would bring back all those warm tingly feelings. :giggle:

On deviantART I'm not too sure other than that. I would like to be able to finish my NaNo novel "Louder Than Life," and I would like to be able to share and get feedback on bits and pieces from people I trust in the community. This is a bit of a first for me since I honestly tend to strive not to have critiques done. I don't really value the random "you have to do this" from just anyone, which is why it's nice that I've made a few friends since I last requested the critiques and I trust their opinions more than anyone else's. :heart:

Finally, do you have any last words for our audience? Anything you want to add or say before this interview is over?

Make sure to take care of yourself and stay groovy everyone! :heart: :heart: :tighthug:

Happy writing,

And to everyone that took time out of their days to tune into another episode of “Adjusting The Antennae,” I give you my most gracious thank you. Also, for those of you that are new here, “Adjusting The Antennae,” is the show where we try to shift the focus of dA to the greatness of poetry and prose. Of course, it is my greatest pleasure to have gotten this far with you all and I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate everyone’s support of me, my works, and this series. I also hope that you all enjoyed this Christmas Eve installment of “Adjusting The Antennae.”

I also want to give a huge thank you to the truly lovely Naktarra for taking time out of her busy schedule to share more about herself and her spectacular artwork with this amazing community.

On one last point, if you know of a writer who deserves more attention or a writer you believe would make for a good interviewee, please comment below or note me with your suggestion(s)! You're also more than welcomed to add questions along with your suggestions, too. Also, if you enjoyed this interview, please show Naktarra some love, spread the word on this series, or just let your thoughts be known on this with a comment!

(A/N): I know this is a weird christmas themed fanfic. . . ( I know it should have been on Halloween or something ) But I just thought of it so. . . . DON"T JUDGE!!!!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Late Halloween. . . . I guess

Five Nights At Freddy's

You have heard of this game ,but you have no idea what it actually is.

Five Nights At Freddy's

Neither did you really care what is was. Until today. . .

Five Nights At Freddy's

Your friends were coming over and they asked you to play the game. That's when you found out what it was.

~ FlashBack Time! Brought to you by Golden Freddy! Geez. . . He gives me the creeps ~

"Come on (y/n)! Please?", Hanji pleaded. 

"W-what? To be honest, I have no idea what you're talking about.", you said quietly. 

"You know. . . That game! Five Nights At Freddy's!", Sasha answered back with a smile. 

"We want you to play it!" "Okay. But, what is it?", you asked. 

"Oh! It's a sca-" Hanji slapped a hand over Sasha's mouth. "Ouch!", you heard Sasha's muffled voice underneath Hanji's hand. 

" It's just a really really fun game that lots of people play!", Hanji lied. 

"We can't tell (y/n) it's a scary game or else she'll say no! Got it?", she whispered in Sasha's ear.

"Mmm hmm!", Sasha nodded in agreement. 

"Okay!". Hanji lifted her hand off of Sasha's mouth and you cocked your head to the side.

They both looked at you and thought, 'Oh no. . . she's confused.'

After a long two minutes of staring, Hanji finally spoke.

"Well, (y/n)! We'll see you on Wednesday!", she said, heading for the door.

"O-oh! Yeah, see you!",you replied with a small smile.

Back to the Present! ~

That was two days ago and now you what Five Nights At Freddy's is.

Five Nights At Freddy's is a scary game that is played worldwide. ( (A/N): I'm not sure about that part. )

Key word: scary.

You hated scary games and by looking at the thumbnail of this game, this was going to be the worst day of your life.

Sadly, you had already downloaded the game before you had even looked at the thumbnail.

You were startled by the sudden knock from the door.

You got up from the couch and walked towards the door.

As you opened the door, you were greeted by a big bear hug.

"S-Sasha?", you gasped.

"Oh, (y/n)! I missed you!", Sasha giggled.

"Sasha. I saw you two days ago.", you exclaimed.

"Pfft. Oh yeah!"

You were also greeted by Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and Connie.

"How are you doing, (y/n)?", Armin asked shyly.

"I-I'm doing okay.", you stammered.

"I heard about that game you're gonna play. Sorry about that.", Eren said ,scratching the back of his head.

"Thanks, Eren, but I'll be fine. I hope.", you smiled, mumbling the last part.

"Don't worry, (y/n)! Me, Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Sasha, Jean, Levi, and Hanji are gonna be right next to you the whole time!". Connie grinned.

"Wait, Levi's coming?", you asked.

"Yeah! We actually convinced him to come! Why do you ask?", Sasha beamed. 

"N-no reason.", you said, blushing slightly.

"(y/n). . . .", Sasha started.

"W-w-what?", you replied nervously.

"Do you li-"

"N-N-NO! I-I DON'T!", you yelled a lot louder that you thought.

Everybody looked at you in complete shock, not expecting their shy best friend to yell like that.

"S-sorry! I didn't mean to! Please don't be mad at me.", you apologized, looking down at your feet.

"Aw, (y/n). You're to cute for us to be mad at you.", Eren said with a bright smile.

"W-what?", you replied as you head shot up to look at Eren.

"NOTHING.", he answered rather loudly.

~ Time Skip! ~

"I understand why Hanji and Levi are late, but where the fuck is Jean?", Connie asked.

"Maybe he's running late.", you said softly.

"Or maybe he's fooling around with Mikasa. If you know what I mean.", Sasha teased.

Everyone looked at Sasha with wide eyes. 

"Uh, Sasha?", Armin questioned.


"Mikasa's here. . . See?", Armin said pointing at Mikasa

Sasha looked at Mikasa, who was sitting quietly, texting on her phone.

"Oh. ", Sasha grunted under her breath.

The six of you stayed quiet until a sudden knock was heard from your door.

"Maybe it's Jean.", Connie sighed as walked over and opened the door.

"Hey, Connie! Can we come in?", a familiar voice questioned.

As Connie closed the door, Levi and Hanji walked into the room.

"Hey guys! We brought food!", Hanji smiled, holding two bags over her shoulder.

"Hanji!",. you said happily as you ran over and gave her a hug.

"(y/n)? Uh, hi?", Hanji answered nervously.

"Is this really (y/n)? I don't remember her being, you know, this clingy."

Eren, Connie, and Sasha just sat and smirked.

"What?", Hanji asked with a confused look printed on her face.

Hanji looked down at you and noticed you with a small smile and your hands behind your back.

You began to turn with your hands infront of you now and walked toward Sasha, Connie, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa. 

"(y/n). . .", Hanji started as you kept walking.

As you tried to get away with stealing a bag of popcorn, you felt a hand firmly grasped FIRMLY GRASP IT! by boeingboeing2 your shoulder.

"Oi, brat. Put. It. Back", Levi snapped in his stern voice.

"G-gomen, Hanji! We were hungry!", you squealed softly as you gave the popcorn back to Hanji.

"Aw, Levi! You didn't have to make her do that! Don't worry, (y/n)! It's ok!", Hanji said as she hugged you.

Levi just did his signature " Tch " while the other three boys just stood there and blushed.

Hanji noticed this and smirked.

This was going to be a fun night.

~ Time Skip! Brought to you by Jean! What the hell is taking him so long?! ~

You were all in the living room.

You were sitting on the couch, Eren and Levi were sitting on both sides of you.

Connie sat beside Levi and Armin sat next to Connie, leaving enough room for Jean.

Hanji, Sasha, and Mikasa were sitting on the carpet floor, since there was no more room on the couch.

While you were setting up the game, Levi and Eren looked at the screen of your laptop and occasionally at you.

It was quiet, until you heard Eren sigh.

"Where the hell is Jean? He knows that we can't start the game without him.", he moaned.

That was when your phone went off.

Everyone stayed quiet and watched you talk to an unknown person on your phone.

"Who was it, (y/n)?", Mikasa asked, looking back down at her phone.

"That was Jean.", you said.

"He said he'll be coming right about-"

You were interuppted by the door bell ringing.

"Now. . .", you finished.

You began to get up when you felt a tug on your hand.

You turned to see Levi holding your hand.

"I'll get it.", he offered.

You nodded and watched him leave for the door.

"(y/n). How does Jean have your number?", Connie questioned.

"Well. . . He asked for it, so I gave it to him.", you replied.

Eren growled loud enough for you to hear and you turned to him.

He looked up at you and blushed.

"S-sorry! That was my. . . .  Stomach! Yeah! I'm hungry, aren't you (y/n)?"

You blinked a few times in confusion, then you giggled,"Yeah! A little bit!" 

Levi came back with Jean.

Jean was holding a giant plushie panda in his arms.< link >

When he looked at you, he smirked.

"Hey (y/n). Sorry I was late. I heard you were playing Five Nights at Freddy's, so I got you this.", Jean exclaimed.

"T-thanks, Jean! But, you don't need to apologize.", you smiled.

You fixed your position in such a way, that you were sitting on the panda's lap.

"Since everyone's here, are you ready (y/n)?", Hanji smirked.

"Y-y-yeah.", you gulped. 

"I'm ready."

Two minutes into the game and you were already doing pretty well.

Only because nothing has happened.


"You're doing pretty good, (y/n).", Eren complimented.

"Really? Wait. . .", You started, you widened as you looked at the screen.

"What?", everyone asked in unison.

"T-the b-bunny is g-gone.", you stammered.

"THE BUNNY IS GONE?!", everyone repeated in unison ( again )

"Ok, don't panic (y/n)! Just check the cameras and the lights on the left door frequently!", Sasha reassured.

"S-s-sure.", you stuttered, not hesitating to show how scared you were.

You checked the camera on the stage and you noticed something was very wrong.

"Guys. . .", you started.

"Yeah, (y/n)", Armin responded.

"T-the chicken. . . I-i-it's gone, t-too."

The room had gone quiet and you began to move the cursor torwards the light switch.

The light turned on and he was there.

"AAAAAHHH!!!", you screamed.


You moved your cursor to the door switch and closed the door.

After that, you closed your eyes and tried to grab the panda's plush arm.

But instead, you grabbed something a lot more muscular than plush.

You looked up to see Eren's beat red face looking down at yours.

You immendiately let go of Eren's arm and soon enough, your face was the same color as his.

"I-I-I'm sorry, Eren! I-I-I didn't mean to! I-I was just-", you flushed.

"(y/n)! I-It's okay! I-I-I don't mind!", Eren stammered back.

"I-if it m-makes you feel b-better, y-you can keep h-holding on. . ."

"Really?!", you beamed with eyes sparkled brightly.

Jean, Connie, and Levi glared at Eren while Armin just made a look of disappointment.

"Thanks, Eren!", you smiled, linking your arm with his.

"N-no problem, (y/n).", Eren blushed.

"(y/n). . . did you check the lights on the right?", Sasha asked, glancing at Hanji.

"N-no. W-why?.", you choked, looking back at the screen

"You better do that.", Hsnji smirked, getting what Sasha was catching on to.

You moved your cursor to the light switch on the right.

It. Was. There.

"NOOO!!! IT'S THERE TOO!!!", you yelped.

You could already feel the hot tears swelling in your eyes.

"(y/n)! It's ok, just hold onto my arm.", Eren suggested.


You held his arm even tighter than befor and that made him glow red.

Eventually, both Bonnie and Chica left and you survived the first night.

But sadly, your friends begged you to play until the first night.

Being the shy person you are, you couldn't say no.

Levi asked you if you wanted him to hold your hand and gladly obliged it.

You played the game until the third night.

The whole time, you squeezed Levi's hand and held tightly onto Eren's arm.

Jean, Armin and Connie didn't seem so happy about it, but they encouraged you with their words.

While Sasha, Hanji, and Mikasa laughed quietly at your situation of five guys liking the same girl.

Finally, you finished the third night.

You saved the game and closed your laptop.

You sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

"So, (y/n). I heard that there is a Five Nights At Freddy's 2. . . ", Hanji started witha smirk.

Oh no. . .  

once upon a word

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 23, 2014, 2:55 PM
The Story Maker's Tools by TheFoxAndTheRaven

and so we sit down in the empty attic
it's all sunday morning winter grey
time takes its turn and we
find stories in the dust

Ars Moriendi My grandfather told me that I would find the map to heaven in the sky.
"the clouds are secret doors for the wicked to sneak through."
So, at 6, I spent my hours searching the sky for a cloud big enough that my whole family could fit.
My mother said he was just plain crazy. 
She told me heaven was dying after a sinless life and that for a girl: the only sins I really had to worry about were men.
So, at 12, I told the boy who asked me to the movies, "no." He didn't like that word much and said so with a few bruises in places I didn't dare mention.
My brother said that heaven was found in a Bible.
He had always been better at navigation than me.
So,at 13, I stopped going to youth groups because heaven surely couldn't be found next to people who tasted miserably alone.
Some werewolf boy told me that heaven wasn't in the secrets or the starvation that I was learning to love.
But I was more concerned with my own nightmares.
So, at 14, I told him I didn't love him: again, and again, and
  Perhaps I Dreamed itShe stepped into the chilly night and sat right there, beside the door. As she lit her cigarette, her face blossomed in the glow of the lighter. For a singular and consequential moment, I saw the blue and vast emptiness of her eyes before the darkness took her again. She had no awareness of my existence, feet away from her, crouched and breathless in her bushes. Although I—a complete stranger—sat there and watched her, I felt as though she was the one trespassing on my sanctuary. I did not call out to her. I made no attempt to warn her of my presence, told myself that it would only upset her, that her trembling hands and quick, short breaths could not take the shock. I know now that it was those beautiful and frighteningly void eyes that had stopped me. My curiosity has always been stronger than my courtesy.
I watched her, and she sat, still in the darkness except for the occasional drag from her cigarette. Halfway through her smoke, she began to cry—great, silent sob
  The Lousy TipperDeath took the stairs one step at a time. His cloak rustled quietly against his bones.
The shadows he passed reached out to him, curling towards him, melding with his shadowy cloak.
Where his skeletal feet touched the carpet they left an almost inky residue, printing the intricate picture of the tiny bones on the fabric, only to be swept up by his trailing cloak without a trace.
Although they probably should have, his bones did not creak as he moved and he advanced in a sliver of utter silence but for the sound of shadows lapping at his feet.
He carried his burden with a reverence usually reserved for the most holy of relics. He supported its squarish form on the tips of his outspread fingers – balanced without even the barest of trembles. In his other hand he gently swung his scythe in what little area the stairwell permitted.   
Death stepped out into a narrow hall. He noted the mould encroaching across the walls and the odd stains on the carpet and something akin to

daughter on the stepstool         I count the cracks in between the blocks of cement as I walk, eyes downcast. Sets of two, sets of two. I can never quite shake the way my bones don’t sit right under my skin, too big for my body. It’s a constant itch that I can’t scratch, only mollified when I listen, when I listen to what it tells me. My disease tells me to count in sets of two—blink four times, two sets of two. I don’t understand, but those numbers are safety in a storm. They ruin me, though. They ruin me. I hide behind mathematical equations that account for sets of two, and I leave her to drown.
These are my hands, but they’re really just earthquakes. I am not afraid to crumble anything that gets in my way, and it’s always her. She always tries to stop me, tells me she loves me after calling me fucked up. Fucked up. I lose sleep because sometimes I dream in shades that I do not like. Blue, like her eyes. One syllable, half of a set. A ghost
   Empty Parks: Slept on Sunday 
          Do you even remember the first time we kissed?
            My garage was just another room and we couldn't get in the house. I’d left my keys. Silly, I did that often in the beginning.
            My black dress was plain and my heels had been kicked off carelessly onto the floor. Your suit was black, offset only by a red tie and you’d placed your hat on my loose waves. You thought I looked better in it.
            I sat on the sofa with your head in my lap and I thought for what must have been the hundredth time that I would’ve killed for eyes like yours. You didn't even appreciate them. I did a lot of thinking; too much, probably. I’m not sure what it
    --At first, she made dirty jokes, swore too much, and wore much more black than anyone should care for. She got annoyed far too easily and cared way too much. She wanted everyone to be happy, but she wasn't trying to please anybody by changing into something she wasn't. She'd make fun of herself and always found something humorous in any situation. She was attracted to the dark and abnormal. She was passionate, cynical, and strong. She was unapologetically herself.
Dig a little deeper, and you'll notice the bright blush across her face when she presented in class. You'll hear the softness in her voice when a teacher called on her, and realize that she never raised her hand, or greeted people first in the hallway. She always apologized first, often excessively. She felt bad for things that weren't her fault. She was the first to hold someone's hand when they were scared, and the last to give up on something that was important to her. She was shy, insecure, emotional and compassionate. She
   we are not titans but-we are the echoes of Giants, living in footprints of
Goliaths, huddling in storm-shelter bays while Tornadoes
roar and Oceans spin and in all the chaos of Life, in the midst of
Atlas letting the earth roll off his spine and the Sky caving in like a fissuring
porcelain bowl, my eyes still find yours and life doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Parenthesesfrom sand castles to starry constellations
and the grass and grit between
(our bared toes), you and i have walked
without moving, really.
i can still look back and count
the miles(tones) and beats:
closer (farther?) together (away?)
(where are you going?)
our friendship is distance, nearness,
what we make of those miles.
     The Ruinswalk with me in this crumbling chapel,
gold & stone lining every crevice,
as beams of sunlight illuminate the space.
the sound of our bare feet pressing against the floor fill the room;
emptiness flooding a place where sacrifice shall be made, no matter what the cost-
still, i wish to stay here until the moon flutters away with you.
and is it against your religion to trespass here?
to trek through this place with nothing but linen coating your skin?
would god dislike the fact that we sit & laugh where blood was spilled for idols to indulge in?
but this is freedom,
to no longer be restrained by common practice,
by what everyone else defines as 'normal'.
and if i take your hand,
would you teach me how to stop collapsing like the very structure we lay under?

cobwebs and crinoline confettiand you'll pout your pretty lips and
watch the moon go down, wishing it was in
your back pocket black lockets stare
at you from the mist they got here
first but they're not
afraid of strangers heart eyes hard tires
of rubber bicycle chains of
red rose crumble claims this has to be
the only place they'll blossom the
only place they will kiss and crash and
the way wanderlust
sighs on some dust driven dew drenched
brides of dandelions crown the river, the colour of
the unlocked sunset in
the pages of bristled notebook sides.  
   we who are wearywe who were afraid of those dim evenings,
homesick for the soft rains which were
never ours,
are uncertain again of
the waning stroke of the moon.
we who embrace the wicked
leave the seasons to maneuver themselves
and wind into each other,
sure of their graceful oblivion.
we who are weary descend,
following our fingers as they are rising,
the thick air before it can kill,
we who were once war personified,
worn down,
warn them of our great coming.
and we shall not run,
but walk.
     We Will Always Take You BackYou and your rebels,
you thought you were safe,
but you forgot,
no matter how far you run,
no matter how many times
you bleed out
and cast aside our ways,
spit in our eyes
and tell us we're wrong,
break our chains
and go against us,
we will always take you back.
There is no escape
from this planet for you,
and we control it,
so we control you.
You've got no choice
but to try
and change us,
and you know yourself
just how hard that can be.
   But You Do Matter.Kind Heart,
I hope you read this and hang off of every word like it's a piece of yourself
and I hope you never lose those pieces because they're precious,
they're beautiful because they're you.
Don't tell me "no" or "I don't think so",
this is what I see.
I see a beauty so strong that you outmatch the Violet-spotted Charaxes,
you have a voice so powerful that otherworldly angels can hear your roar.
And what would I give to see you shine like the light I know is inside of you?
You are a gentle presence in the midst of chaos,
you are the sun that refuses to dim even during the most atrocious of storms,
and when the rain has gone away, you leave a rainbow of colors on everyone's doorstep.
You are so much more than you give yourself credit for,
I hope that one day you can see what I see.

................. .................
Ok, so i noticed something, I am doing 'Romeo and Juliet' in my English honors class and we have to do an alternitive writing project at the end, and I have decided to do mine on Hetalia, (lol why the heck not) and of course, my character is different and probably will be different then your's is reader-chan, but since i loved this idea, i have decided to do an N. Italy x Reader for you all. I was going to make it Romano x Reader, because, well in my opinion i like Lovi better XD but I used my brain, (yes i actually have one) and found that Verona, where the original play is set, is in Northern Italy, so it make sense if I used Feli's personification instead of Lovino's. But enough of this Jibber Jabber, I now introduce,

~Romeo and Juliet? Not quite... N. Italy x Reader~

Two alliences, both alike in dignity,
In a fair war, where we lay our scene,
From recent grudge brake to mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From the forth the fatal groups of these two foes
A pair of star-crossed lovers might take their life;
Whose misadventures piteous overthrows
Doth with their love bury their friends' strife.
The fearful passage of their doomed love,
And the continuance of their friends' rage,
Which, but their comrade's fall, naught could remove,
Is now the short story told by the writer;
The which if you with patient eye's attend,
What here shall miss, my toil shall strive to mend.

(on the island with the Axis)

"Germany! Germany! I made pasta!" Feli bounded over to his tall German friend. "Not now Italy! Can you not see the allies on the cliff above?!" Italy looked up and instantly panic set within him, "China I chose you!" America yelled and Italy started to wave his white flag rapidly. "Don't hit me! White flag, white flag!!" they of course like their previous battle was interrupted by an image of Grandpa Rome singing, causing the Allies for some reason to retreat. After that, the Allies didn't attack for a while and the Axis finally got off the deserted island.

*Once home, Italy went for a walk in one of his favorite cities, Verona, Italy*

Italy casually walked around one of his favorite cities, he loved it here, all the history, the stories, the art. He smiled and somebody bumped into him, "Oh hey Feli, kesesesese! I vas looking for you! Here, take a look at this!" Prussia smiled and handed him a fancy envelop,

~*~*~*~*~The Allies Annual Mid Summer Ball~*~*~*~*~

Hosted by Arthur Kirkland, or England in the royal palace.
All Ally members are required to attend, Anyone of the allienced forces is permitted to attend as well as any country without relation to the Axis Powers. Please, people may bring one guest. And this is a masquerade ball, guests are permitted to wear masks throughout the party.

~With care~
Arthur Kirkland, England
Alfred Jones, America
Francis Bonnefoy
Ivan Braginski, Russia
Yao Wang, China
Matthew Williams, Canada

Feli looked at the Prussian male in front of him in confusion. "I vhanted you to come vith me to spy on the Allies! France and America said I could go even if Vest is my bruder! Und I can't bring him because he'd be spotted to easily and Kiku is too quite and would crack! You know about ball room dancing and customs anyvay right so you have to come to the ball vith the awesome me!" Feli blinked, and smiled. "Sure! I would love to go!" and the prussian smiled "Awesome! but not as awesome as the awesome me of course. Go get packed for the ball, I need to go tell vest!" Feli nodded and ran to his home, packing everything he would need, pasta included.

(with the Allies! And you reader-chan!)

(y/n) sighed as Arthur and Francis had her walk out in different dresses. She was part of the Allies and America was her older brother, but unlike her over hyper burger loving brother, she was quite refined, slightly care free, a rebel and somewhat innocent. She didn't care much for these poofy grand dresses she was trying, she would rather wear a tux then this. But seeing how she did not have a choice she went with it anyway. She had already tried on 27 different dresses with colors and patterns in different verieties. All which either the British or French man picked, but due to them not getting along, neither where happy with what you were wearing at the same time. getting fed up of this (y/n) looked through the plethura of dresses and found a slightly poofy, but not over exaggerate (f/c) one that was strapless and had a cascade of ruffles from the waist down, the (f/c) dress fit perfectly and the (h/c) haired girl was overjoyed. The dress didn't pinch at her sides and overall was actually very comfortable and somewhat easy to move it. taking a deep breath she walked out to the two arguing and stopping to look at her. Arthur blushed, "y-you look lovely in that one dear" and Francis winked, "Oui, I agree with the Black Sheep of Europe for once, you look very pretty mon cheri." (y/n) blushed and smiled "Thank you both, this is the one I wanted to wear for a long time. I think I'm going to take this to my room and have my servant help me." the two nationalities nodded before going back to argue with each other. (y/n) sighed as she changed and went to her room. She lived in the mansion with the other Allied forces and was the only female, she was a small island that was a territory of America, making her his little sister, though everyone treated her like a princess. And she didn't like it. She hated to be overly spoiled, she thought it corrupted those who were lavished and had an easy going life. She headed up to her massive bed room and saw her best friend and life long servant, Pennsylvania, or Nora, Nora was one of the states which were America's servants and friends. the first 13 colonies became servants to him and he gave Nora to (y/n). "(y/n)! Back from dress fitting I see!" Nora smiled and rushed over to the tired girl and took the dress out of her hands and hung it up. "Wow (y/n) this is a very elegant dress you chose, I bet it looks splended on you, but I see you're a bit tuckered out huh, come here hon, I already started the shower and got your pj's there already." the (h/c) girl smiled and nodded tiredly, "Thank you Nora, I'm glad you're always here for me." Said girl smiled and rushed her off, "Come, Come, you can chat after you're fed and clean, I'll bring up your favorite ok?" (y/n) nodded and smiled and got into the bathroom and began to shower.

-----(Timeskip of showering because im pretty sure most know how to wash their own body o3o )------

After getting bathed (y/n) came out smelling like (f/s - favorite sent) and sat down on her large fluffy bed. and Nora came in. "Ah (Y/n)! You're done that's good, I brought your dinner" she held out a tray with (f/f-fav,food) and (f/d-fav,drink) as well as several other things (y/n) loved. She      smiled and ate food and share some with Nora, and then she yawned. "Oh, (y/n), I believe you should rest, the ball is tomorrow and I wish for you to have a wonderful time, even meet someone~ " the (y/n) chuckled lightly and shooed her caretaker out. after that (y/n) lied awake in her bed. "meet someone huh?" she smiled lightly to herself. Her brother never let her out to meet people, and she never fell in love before, (y/n) read of it, of course, she and Arthur spent countless times in the  library just reading, and she often found herself wanting to be the heroines she's read about, or the princess who was swept away by the prince of her greatest dreams, but that's the problem, (y/n) only dreamed. she wanted to do more, go meet people, not just the small group of 6 she grew up around. And tomorrow would be her chance, and (y/n) made a determined promise to meet somebody new tomorrow, and form a friendship, maybe even a romance. And with that thought. (y/n) closed her bright (e/c) eyes and dreamed of tomorrow.


(y/n) sighed as Nora got her ready for tonight, she looked at her in the mirror, she was wearing the (f/c) dress and had her hair done up beautifully. She wore several pieces of accesories and had  light makeup on. (y/n) sighed as she heard the music strike downstairs. and she smiled to Nora who was dressed up a bit simpler but still nice. Nora and her went down stairs and saw Matthew in a tux "ah (y/n), you look beautiful this evening, as do you too Nora." he said in his quite whisper, i giggled and smiled. "you look quite handsome yourself Mattie" he blushed and smiled. "T-Thanks (y/n)" (y/n) walked through the crowds, somehow loosing Nora in the process. "Hey (y/n)!" (y/n) turned her head to see her annoying but kind older brother make a beeline for her. and he took her hand. "the hero wants a dance from his little heroine!" (y/n) giggled as Alfred spun her around and around and after the dance the two were met a man with a white mask with some tiny yellow feathers and a tiny gold ingraving of a bird on it. "Kesesesesese! Alfred, you didn't tell me you had a frau!" Alfred gagged and so did (y/n). "Ew, dude, she's my sister! (y/n) meet Gilbert, Gilbert meet (y/n)." The Prussian male had a wide smile on his face as he skimmed her features, (y/n) was one of the most prettiest women one might lay eyes on, but sadly being pretty also meant perverted people, Gilbert being one himself. "A pleasure to meet you (y/n)~" he said and winked at you, you, being the somewhat innocent girl you were smiled and giggled and replied. "It's nice to meet you too!" and Alfred heard the tone in Gilbert's voice. "Hey sis, why don't you go, I don't know, look around?" You looked at you brother with a smile before nodding and walking off, meanwhile you heard him scream at Gilbert. "Dude! Don't hit on my sister! Not cool bro!" (y/n) wondered around a bit taking in all of the figures and their outfits for tonight, you sighed, and heard a cord strike up, "Oh! I know this song!" it was a traditional song that was a group song, so anyone could join the dance. The (h/c) girl smiled as she stood over with the ladies, "Alright! Ladies take your positions!" the singer announced and then called for the Gentlemen. Then the dance started. There was laughter and clapping as people danced to the beat, and then, suddenly, she saw him. she didn't know him or who he was. But she was breathtaken. He had a suit on with a red tie that was slightly undone, he had light brown hair and a random curl that suck out from his mask, which the mask was simple, white with red roses on vibrent green stems and thorns. He seemed to notice her too, and he smiled and approached her, "Cio bella!" he said, (y/n) blushed, he sounded Italian, (Noooo its only N. ITALY x reader, *reader-chan smack writer-chan* Shhhuuutttt uaaaappppp) (y/n) read that they out of any race or nationality were the best lovers. "Hello there!" he danced his part with her and when she turned she felt him grab her hand, "Who may you be bella?" you smiled as he gently lead you off the dance floor, "oh, I am (y/n)! and who may you be?" He smiled and lifted his mask, giving you a full view of his rather handsome face. "My names Feliciano, but i prefer Feli." you giggled and curtsied. "A pleasure to meet you Feli" Feli blushed and smiled, "no! its a pleasure to meet you (y/n)! " she giggled and they quickly began talking, (y/n) found out that the man had a brother, loved the colors green, white and red, was italian, and also really loved pasta. after a quite awhile of just talking, they noticed that guests were leaving, (y/n) felt sad. "Feli, will I see you again?" he sighed "I dont know bella, i really want to see you again." The (h/c) girl got a pen and scribbled her number on his wrist and looked into his dazzling hazel eyes. "Just, don't forget me..." he smiled and leaned in giving her a quick peck on the lips, "I don't forgetting you would ever be possible (y/n)" she blushed darkly and they hugged before Nora came and saw her talking with Feli. "Sir its time to depart. I must ask you bid my Mistress goodnight. Feli nodded and left and Nora grew pale when she saw him depart. "(y/n)! Do you know who that was?! That was Italy! From the Axis Powers! Oh dear! I heard Francis saying he was here and it didn't matter because he was practically useless, but you didn't tell him about anything that the Allies doing right?!" (y/n) shook her head "No, we just talked about pasta mostly, did you know there is 310 different forms of pasta?" Nora shook her head, "I think its time for bed for you missy, I wont be able to help you tonight sadly, i must help clean the main floor. " (y/n) waved her off, "I'll be fine on my own Nora!"

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Writer-chan is lazy, so she does magical time skip up to reader-chans room like the magical pixies England can see o.o ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

After bathing and changing her clothes (y/n) was outside on her balcony over looking a small courtyard that she and Nora had brought back to life. "Oh dear, Oh dear. I can't believe this, I fall in love with the most wonderful and cheeriest of men only to find we are divided by the invisible line of war. How i wish that i could love like a normal girl, but no, fate seems to always have it out for poor (y/n). I have always seem to be the one that the heavens seem to laugh at. " she put her hand in her face and softly cried. "Bella!?" she heard a voice and instantly went ridged, "who goes there?!" the (h/c) girl demanded and she saw him climb up on the balcony. "F-Feli?!!" he smiled, "I heard you speaking after i jumped the wall to get away from a drunk Gilbert, he becomes increasingly uncomfortable" I giggled and hugged him and he smiled and kissed her forhead "Bella i don't care if there's a war, nothing's going to keep me from you..." (y/n) smiled brightly and her eyes sparked with happiness as they kissed once again. And when people say Italians can kiss, well they were right. They two eventually had to part for air, and they looked at each other gasping and holding tightly to each other, "So che abbiamo appena incontrato , ma io ti amo mio bella rosa" (y/n) blushed and stuttered back, she knew italian and several other languages because she had nothing better to do but to learn different languages. "E mi sento lo stesso mio bel principe , ti amo troppo" he gasped in suprize and swung you in circles and smiled. "Feli, promise you'll come back tomorrow night?" he nodded "I promise my bella." he kissed you once last time as and handed you his tie, then he left. "He left his tie for me? As much as I'd love a momento of this night i must hide it... " you giggled as you sniffed it, and of course it smelled like pasta, after putting it somewhere safe you lied down and sleep peacefully,
you couldn't wait to see your italian lover once again.
Side story                                                                 UNBREAKABLE
I hope their aren't to many error's because I doubt am going to re-edit this one :)

Y/n and Levi sat alone at the HQ table. Y/n with so many question's couldn't grasped the idea of Levi being his brother. Levi went back to the beginning.

-In and Out Of Flashback-

" I didn't tell you, because I didn't want you to remember. I was actually grateful you hadn't remember.... us", Levi cut his sentence short. Not wanting to go back into the past. " Us?", Y/n question, " are you talking about our parents," he felt his heart knock at the thought of his parents. " Tch no ... us Isabel and Farlan." Y/n eye's widen at the names. ' "look at the kid natural crook already", a male voice echo in his head and he recognize it as Farlan. " You were naïve, only because I didn't allow you to witness the cruelty this world held. My actions grew to become a burden." Y/n stared at Levi with every word flashes of these memories flooded in.
-' "I wonder where they're going", Y/n sat criss-cross holding on to his feet as he glazed at the sky through the creek of the underground district. Isabel who layed beside him watched the same birds who flew freely. " The birds?" she asked him. He looked at her and smiled making her smile. He nodded. Farlan wrapped his arm around Y/n," far away lil Levi... far away". Levi looked over at them. Than up at the birds. " They can even go beyond the wall", Farlan continued. Y/n stood walking over to Levi," We can do that too. Right Levi?" Y/n tugged his pant's leg. " even with our gear there are still places we can't go", Farlan replied to Y/n comment. "That's true...", Isabel confirm. Y/n had a look of disappointment. Isabel looked over at him," but just you wait! one day we'll go there!" her smile feel Y/N with hope. He looked at Levi," promise?" Levi looked at him not responding but rubbing his head playfully, not certain he could make such promises, " Let's Go."-
" The underground city..." Y/n spoke the words not sure what meaning they held. " You remember?.. you could have been no older than 5," Levi held disbelief in his voice. Y/n held his head. " No I don't... I just feel. I feel the pain. I know when pain is near or when pain has been." Levi knew exactly what Y/n spoke of, " It's because you're an Ackerman", he responded with a slight smirk. " What happened?.... brother", Levi sat straight, " tell me". Levi grabbed Y/n arm.
-' Y/n hopped out the carriage, " Y/n get back here", Levi called for his brother. Who looked around amazed at the open world. " I'll report of your arrival stay here", a soldier order. Y/n looked confuse," you guys are joining the survey corps?" He tugged Farlan pants leg," I held the same question." He responded. "I'M NOT joining the survey corps. I just need to get closer to that blondie ..." replied Levi Y/n didn't say anything else. Noticing the dark expression on his face. Y/n back away hiding behind Isabel. " You three come here." As they began to walk forward he stopped them," wait who's that", he gesture to Y/n. Levi didn't bother to look back," My little brother I ensure you he's no threat... " The guy turn his back," unless he need to be", Levi mumble under his breath. " What was that?" the guard turn around. Levi ignored him.
 " listen to me Y/n", Levi kneel down to meet eye level with his brother, who lay in the bed, " I'm serious. Some day we'll get out of this trash dump and live up there." Y/n half sleep hug his brother, " as long as Its just us brother we'll be Unbreakable". Levi watch his brother close his eyes and not before long he was sleeping with a grin. " unbreakable", Levi repeated.
Y/n walked out into the inner's of the underground city. His stomach growled. The smell of bread brung him to some people. People he had recognize, the one's Levi told him about. "Hey kid!" one of them yelled. Y/n looked up, "Yah..", he responded harvesting Levi knife in his back pants pocket. The guy walked up to him with a drunken grin, " you look pretty hungry want some bread", he handed him a loaf, however pulled it out of reach," wait what are going to give me",he reached for Y/n wasted . The guy friends laugh in the back. " i'ma boy", Y/n grasped the knife unnoticed," not with this hair you're not", he ran his fingers through Y/n hair looking back at his friends. Y/n jabbed the knife in his hand the guy shrieked his friends to drunk to react properly watch. The guy held his hand which had a hole in it. Y/n smirked, " You're going to pay for-" the guy began. Y/n jabbed the blade in his neck, and continually stabbed him once his body dropped to the ground, A disturbing sight. Y/n looked up pushing his hair out his face the other two guy's had vanish. Y/n wiped the blood of the blade on the guys pant's. Than pick up the bread they had left behind. " Levi you guy's look", Y/n found them on the roof. "Look at the kid natural crook already", Farlan Laugh taking a piece of bread. Levi rubbed his fingers down a strand of y/n hair both his tips ended up red. " Where you snagged this from y/n?" asked Isabel. Levi took the bread and rubbed the blood off his fingers.-

" Some thing's are better left un said.." Levi let go of Y/n arm. " I murder someone at 5?" Y/n asked in shock," tch age is but a number", Levi replied drinking some tea. " I still don't understand if we were unbreakable how-why did you get rid of me...?" "We joined the survey corps..." Levi looked down and a very small grin crossed his lips. " I was to young to join right?" Y/n filled in the blanks. Levi shook his head," At first. I thought this would occur as a problem, But you are my brother... we weren't told what we could and could not do", Y/n grin," We do what we want and showed everyone why that was better..". Levi nodded than once again grasped Y/n arm.
-" ATTENTION!" Y/n looked around at all the soldiers. He was pretty tall for his age almost the same height as Levi. "FROM NOW ON THESE 3 WILL FIGHT ALONG SIDE YOU! YOU 3 INTRODUCE YOURSELVES!" Y/n notice a lot of glares coming his way and mumbles. He put his hands behind his head and sighed it off. Levi looked off, " Levi..." he finally responded. " MY NAME IS ISABEL MAGNOLIA NICE TO MEET YOU" ,y/n averted his attention to his friends. "MY NAME IS FARLAN CHURCH please to meet you". Everyone stared blankly. "Who's the kid?" Y/n step in front of Levi,"I'M Y/N." "He will also be joining you all". "What are you insane he's just a kid!", " Is this  a joke?", " He want make it the first day". " SILENCE WE WILL HAVE TO SEE WHAT THIS LITTLE GUY IS CAPABLE OF!" Y/n gritted his teeth," bet I got more skill than all of you put together.That's a promise" ,Levi rubbed his head," I'll take that bet."  -         
" Isabel... I feel like me and her were close... like she was my-",".. sister", Levi finished his sentence," Was she our? ", Y/n looked down, " No but we - I was all that she had. "
-Y/n hoped on the top bunk next to Isabel. Who wrapped her arm around him. He snugged himself underneath her. He sighed than inhale her scent," you're so pretty..", she looked at him with a small laugh, " what you say?" she pie face him backwards. " Y/n control yourself," Levi warned him. "DON'T worry Farlan!" Isabel said hanging downward from the bunk bed. Y/n mocked this behavior, "We will handle all who try to stop us", Y/n continue," Yeah just like we did underground" Isabel rubbed Y/n head making him fall off the bed. " Be quiet you two it is best to remain quiet here", Farlan scolded. Levi help Y/n up. " Do you think I'm stupid!?" Isabel snapped at Farlan. " Alright than what's 18+ 22?" he asked. Y/n sat on the floor counting his toes while Isabel counted her fingers. Levi rubbed harshly both their head's," it's forty idiots ". Isabel pouted and so did Y/n. He climb back on top bunk. " I guess we're not all that smart", he scratched his head with a smile. " Don't talk nonsense, stupid math wasn't needed underground, It was more important to eat than count", Levi ensured them.-
Y/n snapped out of thought. For a moment he didn't respond," Can you see what I see?" Y/n asked looking at Levi's expression,"  The memories? yes but they fade.."," you didn't want me to join the corps. Why?", Y/n could read the expressions that were in beaded on Levi face in the memories." No even though you held your on. Something didn't sit right. "
-"THIS IS AWESOME!" y/N stood on the back of the horse as it galloped in full speed." Yahoo!" Isabel galloped up beside him," Race you around the tree in back!", Y/n nodded and took off with the 3d-gear he sprung in a full circle around the tree and landed back on the horse just barely beating her," YEAH THAT'S GOOD!". Y/n hop off the horse on to his feet. The horse galloping beside him." That was great guy", he rubbed it's maine. The soldiers stared at him in disbelief. "Humans were the worsted.." he heard Isabel say as he walked up" captain and the rest speak poorly of those who live in the underground city". She notice y/n walk up and stop talking. Isabel realize why she stop talking," its o.k he doesn't bite", she wrapped her arm around his neck," please continue". The girl looked a bit cautious," was it hard to live there? did you all suffer?" she rushed the words out. Y/n  rubbed his head,"...hmm yeah I was born and raised in the city.I lived among the garbage, though that's obvious", Isabel responded, " No its not", Y/n hop on the back of his horse. A his comment made Isabel smile. " yeah when I was about to die Brother save me", Isabel continue smiling at the thought of Levi," Oh you mean Levi", Y/n did a back flip off the horse than springing into the tree," YEAH MY BROTHER IS THE STRONGEST IN THE WORLD! ", Y/n shouted." Wow that kid has skill." Farlan watch as Y/n flew among the trees. " You wouldn't expect anything less from the brother of Levi", Farlan ensured the guy.
Y/n jumped up and down," WE'RE GONNA PRACTICE KILLING TITAN'S NOW RIGHT!?" Y/N held his blades spinning around his fingers, so fast it  created a small breeze blowing his her back," KID ARE YOU INSANE! HASN'T ANYONE EVER TAUGHT YOU NOT TO PLAY WITH KNIVES",Fargon snapped y/n still spinning the  blades turn to the panicking soldier. He shook his head than stop," You're not suppose to hold your blades that way", Y/n look at his hands the blades went backwards.. Levi walked up holding his blades the same way." you don't actually hold your blades that way right? They aren't meant to be held that way" he spoke to Levi. Y/n saw no problem with holding the blade the way he held it. Levi didn't respond, " DO YOU BOTH WANT TO DIE DURING THE FIRST EXPEDITION!?" y/n walked off into the woods along side Levi. "It's only meant for cutting the back of titans neck let me do what I think is comfortable..", Y/n put his arm's behind his head still holding the blades. Fargon look at him in disbelief," besides what's so bad about dying..", Y/n said walking pasted him. Fargon eye's widen "TCH". Y/n sprung into the tree's with a look of excitement," Y/n", Levi called to his brother," bet I can take out more". Y/n stuck his tongue out. Than took off. Levi still by his side. He waved playfully causing Levi to look at him than he whipped around a tree making it to a dummie. He slashed into at the exact same time as Levi. For the first few they tied. Only because Levi wasn't trying. A soldier was growing aggravated and butted into their competition. " I'll be damn if I allow myself to be out shown by a criminal and a child", Y/n heard him say. " Y/N LASTED ONE OK!" Levi told him. Y/n grew focused. The guy jumped off a tree in Y/n lane off travel causing him to land on a tree branch. Levi shot ahead with a spinning technique that amaze Y/n." He beat the guy to the kill. "That was awesome Levi you gotta teach me that," Y/n made back beside his brother. -
" IF you had already taught me everything. Why was it taught to me again?" Y/n question. Levi look a bit distant for the moment," You had forgotten, but I promise you we will live in the light. Isabel promise you that one day we would venture outside the walls. We kept our promises.. NO REGRET'S"
-Serveral Months had pasted and everyone had accepted them even Y/n. He sat on the back of his horse wairing the wing's of freedom on his back. He look amazed yet focused all at once. They were about venture outside the wall. " See I told ya Y/N one day", Isabel eye's where filled with life. The gates were open. " EVERONE GO!" they galloped outside the walls. Y/N layed backwards on his horse staring at the sky. At the birds." AWESOME!" Farlan and Isabel were just as Amaze, Levi not showing it  was also amaze. Y/n noticed the impress expression fade from Farlan face. "don't worry i'll deal with the titan's somehow", he heard Levi say as he came closer. Farlan still didn't look satisfied. "Isabel I think Farlan scared", Y/n made fun,"  hehehe are you scared Farlan?" she teased. "HEY AM NOT SCARED!" Farlan snapped. Y/n stood on the back of his horse. Being careless as usual," just leave to us Farlan!",Y/n tighten the straps on his gear. His balance was fumble." Yeah! we'll get rid of those nasty Titans for you", Isabel ensure," It'll be easy", Y/n plop back down. " YOU TRASH FROM UNDERGROUND DON'T GET SO FUL-OF YOURSELVES! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SOLDIERS HAVE BEEN EATEN BY THE TITANS! STOP TAKING THIS AS A JOKE!" Sayram shouted. "hey if I kill a titan than everyone here will be that same level as the," trash from underground!" Isabel confronted him. " WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!" y/n hop on the back of Y/n Isabel horse, " she SAID YOU'RE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF TRASH THAT YOUR MOM THREW OUT!" Y/n stuck his tongue out. Sayram gritted his teeth as Levi ran his horse in front of Sayram. " Y/n get back on your horse", he order. Y/n kiss Isabel on the cheek before she could reject than scampered off. She laugh," Thanks Y/n". Levi shut the Saycram up. "TITAN!" y/N look up amazed by the size of the beast. " WOW!" he exclaim, " Y/N STAY BE MY SIDE UNDERSTOOD! DON'T ATTACK UNLESS I INSTRUCT YOU TOO" Levi shouted seeing as Y/N was drifting away, " YES sir", Y/n focused himself once more. " ANOTHER WAS HIDING! ITS AN ADNORMAL!". Y/N felt his heart pounding from pear excitement. " KEEP IT IN THE FOREST!". " NO ITS HEADING TOWARD THE CART!" y/N eye's widen as it was approaching. He wanted to attack it but he was waiting on Levi call. " FLAGON SQUAD DO WHAT IT TAKES TO PROTECT THE SQUAD!" Y/n watched as his fellow soldier's flung into the Titan." why are they making this so difficult just slice threw its NAPE!", y/n grew aggravated. " it's RUNNING AWAY!" y/n gritted his teeth he look at his brother head than at the back of the titan . He stood on his horse back grasping his blades. Levi looked back at him. The glare made Y/n sit down with a sigh. " You WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING!" Flagon asked Levi. A question Y/n wanted answer himself. " you said don't take those titan to lightly didn't you? than don't estimate the way we fight either." Levi looked back at Y/n Isabel and Farlan. " BROTHER, ISABEL, FARLAN LET'S GO!" Levi order. A huge smile took over Y/n face. " if I knew we would face this sipping water from the gutter sounds amazing", cried Farlan. " FARLAN STOP SAYING THAT AND GET IT TOGETHER!" Isabel shouted," YEAH FARLN WHEN DID YOU BECOME SUCH A COWARD!" y/n rode next to him. " WA-WAIT YOU 4!!" Flagon shouted. They ignore. " The way it swings its arm's may be a problem but at the same time it stopped moving its legs", Levi noted. "Damn there huge!", Isabel clinched her teeth," WHERE THE HELL IS IT GOING!" Y/N scratch his head looking forward. " Yeah... there's no way we can beat it.. but still", Farlan mumble under his breath. " Farlan quit being a whuz", Y/n grew aggravated at Farlan constant doubt. " I'LL DISTRACT THE TITAN YOU TRY TAKE OUT ITS LEGS MAKE INABLE TO MOVE!" Ordered Levi. He sprung to its back. "NOW!" y/n stood on the back of his horse gripping his blades," FINALLY!" He shouted. With no hesitation. Y/n using Levi spinning technique took out its ankles as Isabel and Farlan slice through its thigh as it fell. Levi sprung up and delivered the final blow to its nape. " WOOHOOO!" y/n landed next to his brother," IS IT DEAD?" he asked as the other soldiers stared dumbfounding," yes idiot", Levi pie face Y/n. " That was Very COOL BIG BRO!", Isabel shouted just as excited as Y/n. " You guys did well too!" Levi looked at Y/n. Proud in his eye's-
Y/n stared at Levi," the way you treated.. It was as if I was your own. That's why my memories were mistaken the way you felt and what was true mixed I my mind", Levi looked down," when I lost I didn't feel as if I was losing my brother -","..but a son". Y/n felt his head begin too throbbed. Levi gritted his teeth. Tears stream down his face. "  I made the wrong chose. I left you all. CHOICES I HAVE MADE HAVE ALWAY'S LEFT ME WITH REGRET!" Levi squeeze Y/n arm.
 -The rain poured. "HEY WHAT THE HELL ARE WE GONNA DO WE LOST SIGHT OF EVERYONE!" shouted Isabel. Y/n strain to hear anything. His hair stuck to his face and clogged his ear's., but he was certain that the plan had been a fail. The flare gun's could no longer function under the weather, and the formation would be disturbed. Levi constant calls for his brother where only murmur. He looked at him, but couldn't hear. Levi pushed his hair back. " Keep your hair pulled back! AND PULLED YOUR HOOD UP YOU'RE USELESS DEAF!", Levi order. Y/n did as told. " I'm going alone", Levi said next. Y/n stared at him conflicted, " you three catch up to Flagon!" Y/n watch still only hearing every other word spoken. " Levi", Y/n rode behind him," Y/N I SAID STAY BACK!" ," there's no way AM LETTING GO ALONE!" Y/N cried. " Y/N AM BETTER OFF ALONE! THINK ABOUT THE SKILL LEVEL WE ARE FACING! If you leave them their liable to get eradicate, if you stay it's just as I were here. Y/N DON'T BE SELFISH!" a dry expression overtook Y/n attire. " There's no way to be certain of an out come be for it happens. Even with me anything can happened. YOU CAN'T PREDICT THE FUTURE! BROTHER! " Y/n snapped. His horse pulled back. Both of them stop, " Y/n we're unbreakable together.."," What about apart? I hope I see you again brother!" Y/n took off in the other direction. Y/n made it back but was stun by the sight of titan's attacking the squad. Sayram was in the grasp of a titan," SHIT NO!!" He was eaten before Y/n could pulled his blade. His vision being blurred by the rain he look desperately for Isabel and Farlan. " Y/N!" He recognize the voice as Farlan's but he couldn't find him. " ISABEL FARLAN_" a titan reach for him even though Y/N only seen a figure he jumped off the horse in a backflip as it was crushed he sprung up the arm of the titan slicing it all the way threw. Just as he went through the nape, he saw Farlan laying on the ground . Than Isabel in his side view his foot slip off the titan, but he regain balance. He flung downward slicing threw the nape while its back was turnt. " WAY TO GO Y/N!" Isabel shouted," LISTEN DON'T STAND ON THE TITANS THERE SLIPPERY!" Y/N warned," GOTCHA-" ,Y/n pushed the horse off of Farlan leg. Just then noticing Isabel sentence was cut short he turnt. A titan caught her cord she dangle helplessly. Y/n shot forward. He flung his blade into it's eye," YOU DIRTY PIECE OF SHIT!" He threw his body into its jaw going through it with his blade as it dropped Isabel. " ISABEL!" she hit the ground hard. Y/n took the titan to the ground hitting the ground himself, he broke an arm. However he didn't cry out.Y/n doge another titan's grasped slicing through it's fingers with arm, when he attempted to shot out the wires nothing happened, it had jammed. His hair once again covered his ears. His hood fell back, he looked at his comrades being over powerd by the beast. Even Flagon had been devour. Why wasn't Farlan fighting? His gear wasn't connected. Isabel lay unconscious. Than two titan's approached Y/n,he smirk," looks like the unpredictable happen... all the odd's are against us- me. I want coward. YOU HEAR ME I WANT SHOW YOU FEAR YOU'RE NOTHING BUT GARBAGE!" The titans frown at him, growing angry with his words. They swung full force at him, " brother...remember me", Y/n closed his eye's. " Y/n !" Isabel jumped in the way, being grasped by the titan. He open his eye's," Y/n find out where those birds go!"she grin at him. Y/n felt himself himself break as blood splatterd. It crushed her body in his hands. " ISABEL!!" Y/N  sliced threw its ankle making it drop the body. His teeth clinched as his tears fell he kneel beside her," Isabel this can't be real.. people aren't suppose to just die. That's unreal", he kissed her hand. Completely ignoring the titan's, Y/n stood. As both titan's reach for him he jump up its arm than sliced it off, flipping over to the next. He couldn't hear Levi calling for him. As he was approaching he saw the glimmer of metal. He sliced through one of the titan's calf as he jumped down, another titan catching him out the air. Pick him up to eye level the same titan he jawed earlier. It held his only good arm. instead of eating him it threw him to the ground. Levi went through its nape. Y/n smack his head on the ground, blood splatter out his mouth. Levi was sure no one could survive a fall so brutal.-
Tear stream down y/n face, his heart pounded as he relive this traumatic experience. " I thought you died. Just as Isabel and Farlan, because of the choice I made, my worsted nightmare had become reality. That was particularly true. " You stood up, and I couldn't help but hold you in my arm's I had my brother back. I was given a second chance I thought but you just stare at me...
- "Y/n speak to me! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU SPEAK TO ME!" Levi shook his brother." WHY?WHO ARE YOU! GET AWAY FROM ME!?" Y/N pulled out of Levi's grip. Levi stare at him his relief turn back into dread. " OW!", Y/n grabbed his head.-
" You had forgotten me. I guess that was my punishment for the decision I made I can have you but you not know me..tch"," it was bad either way right?" Y/n began to understand. " No I realize the second chance wasn't for me but for you. Y/n you died. It doesn't matter how you put it. I don't know how you got up...", Levi drifted off. " That family promise to take care of you... you deserved a family Y/n". Y/n gritted his teeth, " but you're my family!"," be that as it may with me you would have never been safe!" Levi stood. " FUCK THAT!  FARLAN, ISABEL ALL OF US WERE UNBREAKABLE UNTIL WE PARTED!!" Y/N felt the memories become apart of him once again, he felt the emotions explode inside him. Tears ran down his face as he clinched his teeth. " NO Y/N WE WEREN'T!" Levi raised his voice, feeling all the emotions overwhelm him just as it did then. Levi sat down holding his head, with a distant look." Just you Y/n...", His voice was once again low.

" You're Unbreakable"


Daily Lit Recognition for December 23rd, 2014

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Featured by: TwilightPoetess

The piece is disjointed and a little abstract, which is fitting for a poem about dreams.

Suggested by: Nathaira-From-Hel
Featured by: NemoX7
Don't make promises you can't keep,
Don't do love and you won't weep,
Don't describe what you can't see,
Don't try to be what you can't be
Don't lie about what you don't feel,
Don't prefer illusion over what's real,
Don't wake up until you sleep,
Don't shout out what you don't read
Don't make friends without some foes,
Don't sing jazz without some blues,
Don't pretend to be their fool,
Don't let them force and break your rule
Don't cut your hair or lose your weight,
Don't give in into their hate,
Don't cry for those who don't deserve,
Don't shed tears for those who aren't worth
Don't kill and kiss at the same place,
Don't let your feelings go to waste,
Don't cheat death and copy his work,
Don't be cruel and please don't hurt
Don't paint blood with bible verse,
Don't screw up and make it worse,
Don't rape and tell her to shut up,
Don't rape and tell him he would suck
Don't choke a children's little throat,
Don't wear a fleshen furry coat,
Don't violate the wea

An interesting poem from Nathaira-From-Hel revolving around the word don't. Thoughtful and insightful with a good measure of wisdom thrown in too.


Featured by: doodlerTM
Milky Way Greetings       Santa groaned, leaning his face on the papers splayed across the table. Mrs. Claus came up behind him and placed her hands on his velvety shoulders, “What’s wrong, dearie?”
       “These kids keep on sending me letters,” he replied, face red from eggnog, “Guess what they want? Go on, guess! Gifts. Every last one of them, nice list or nah, they all want gifts and we can’t supply them.” He gestured to the huge sacks of mail lying scattered on the floor. “Every day, the little elves bring in more. And the reindeer just can’t - *burp* - carry anymore…” His voice trailed off, and with a sigh, Mrs. Claus realized her love had fallen asleep.
       “He never could handle his heavy eggnog.” Mrs. Claus muttered, summoning a nearby elf to clean up the mess. Frowning, hands on her hips, she surveyed the letters. Most of them were from places that w

A lovely Christmas story about Santa Claus that explains how he gets to every house in a single night.

Featured by: Naktarra
Samhain (complete)For what may have been the thousandth time in her life, Julia Nantes walked down the walkway to her apartment, starring furiously at her Y-Phone the whole time. Her anger was directed at a single fact a friend of hers on Just4Yu had sent her: The Y-Phone 5D was going to be $50 more than the previous model.
“How dare Mango treat its loyal fanbase like this!” Julia shouted into, and onto, her phone. “Do they not realize that now I'll have to use my credit card?”
“I know it's like sooo crazy,” Julia's friend replied. “But, like, what can you do a butt it? Sorry, I meant about.”
“I know full well what I'm doing!” Julia grinned, as she pushed the 'show-off' button.
In no time at all, Julia typed out a scathing attack on Mango, filled with sarcasm in all one hundred fifty five characters, Just before launching her strike, Julia decided to immortalize it by taking a quick picture of herself, and then using it as the post photo. While

A vignette that wonders at imagined stories and implications.

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