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WARINING: Observer is going on a rage, if you don't want to hear her bullshit then don't listen, you've been warned

(NOTE BEFORE YOU YELL AT ME: This isn't targeting all bronies, only the ones who won't stop turning everything into ponies)

Ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies ponies PONIES PONIES 



I can't browse any fanbase without getting pony-fied versions of the characters shoved in my face, look at this:


Five Nights At Freddy's Fan Art

Five nights at Freddy's (mlp poster meme)…………

I found all that from just browsing images of FNAF, oh, and that's not it


Metal Gear Pony

Metal Gear Pony

Metal Gear Sparkle: The Twin Ponies…

Metal Gear Vinyl: Revengeance


Silent Hill Downpour- Murphy Ponyton

silent hill ponies,nurse

silent hill ponies, Asphyxia

silent hill ponies, scarlet fitch


Creepypasta Pony Collection

Creepypasta pony…


My Little Creepypasta

:Contest entry: Creepypasta ponies

[CREEPYPASTA] Make Them Smile


Black Veil Brides Pony…

Black Veil Brides My Little Pony

Andy Biersack as a My Little Pony

I am ashamed to be part of all of these fandoms because of these bronies, if your a sane brony, you are awesome, if your a brony who turns everything into ponies, STOP.

1 or 2 pony pictures in a fandom is fine, but when I can't open one deviantion stack without getting ponies shoved in my face is just to far, please keep your pony art in MLP fanclubs please

Really, fanbases are being ruined by ponies, they are EVERYWHERE

Bronies, stop this right now, end of rant, g'day Fuck you bye 
So I'm posting a preview to a Markiplier Fanmade RPG Maker Game that I've been helping make.  This is just a story
sample from the beginning of the game, and this part isn't exactly set in stone and could be edited or removed.  Please let me know how you feel about it. :)

(P.S.  I know a lot of this is written from "OC" POV.  No, the game is not revolved around them.  It is played in Mark's POV.  These girls just represent a background story to the plot in it.)

Angel by ChibiChanga55Ginger by ChibiChanga55
   Angelique Up Arrow             Ginger Up Arrow 

[Girls’ apartment]

Angelique: (sitting on bed) I don’t know why you worry.  You don’t even know him.

Ginger: (sitting on adjacent bed) ...I’m not worrying.  I just wish there was a way to let him know.

Angelique: He honestly probably wouldn’t even care if you told him.

Ginger: ...Still, I feel like I should thank him regardless.

Angelique: (scoffs) Do whatever you want then.

Ginger: I will, thanks.

Ginger: I wonder what I should do.  He’s not an easy person to contact.
I’ll look up an e-mail address first.  I need to get to my computer.

(Player : Move Ginger towards Computer.)

Ginger: Here we go.  
This fan website says to e-mail him here.  Sounds simple enough.

(Ginger types.)

Email by ChibiChanga55

Ginger: And send.
(sighs) I hope that’s not too weird.
I’ll just give him a few days to answer.

[Mark’s apartment]

(Mark wakes up.)

Mark: (sits on bed) Huh? I must’ve fallen asleep.  What time is it?
3:00 PM already?! I’ve almost wasted an entire day!
I better get up and ---
Ow.  My head aches.
I remember now...  I’m sick.  How could I forget that?
I uploaded a video this morning I pre-recorded... I guess that should be enough.
I don’t feel well enough to do another anyway.
Still... I don’t feel like just laying down either.
I guess I’ll get up and check the socials.

(Player : Move Mark to Computer. Time lapse.)

Mark: I think I’ve done everything I possibly could’ve by now.
I guess I’ll look over my e-mail.  I haven’t done that in a while.
I really don’t want to.  It’s like a tornado in there... But I need to do it.
Eh, I'll need to skim through some..
“Dear Mark... Got a new puppy... Named him after you...”
(smiles) Aww, that’s nice of him.
“Dear Mark... My grandfather died this week...  You made me feel better...”
(frowns) I’m glad I could help.  I’m sorry for her loss.
“Dear Mark... Younger brother... Been bullied for two years... Had to move... Watching you made it easier... Waiting for your reply.”
Aw, that sucks.  I’m glad he’s away from there now.  
Sadly, I can’t reply to her or anyone else since I don’t have the time.  
I hope she understands.

-One Month Later-
[Campus restaurant.]

Angelique: (sitting at table) Like I said before, don’t worry about him.  He’s not worth your trouble.

Ginger: (also sitting at table) I just wished he’d at least reply one word back to let me know he read it.  

Angelique: He probably didn’t read it.  If anything, he probably trashed it.

Ginger: You’re so optimistic, Angelique.

Angelique: Just keeping you in the realm of reality, Gingy.

Ginger: I’m going to have to do something to get his attention.

Angelique: You becoming a stalker now?

Ginger: That’s not my plan...

Angelique: What if he did read it?  Wouldn’t he find it strange if you chased him down just to tell him the same thing he already read?

Ginger: You know me better than to do that.

Angelique: Then what’s your plan?

Ginger: I’m still thinking.

Angelique: (scoffs) No rush.

Ginger: (smiles) I’ll impress you.  I promise.

Angelique: Nothing weird or illegal though.

Ginger: (laughs) I’ll try.

[Girls’ apartment.]
(Assumed Time Lapse or Insert Transition Scene.)

Angelique: (standing behind Ginger’s desk) And this is?

Ginger: (sitting in desk holding a metallic object) A sort of messaging system.

Angelique: Please don’t tell me you re-invented texting.

Ginger: Don’t be silly.  This is more personal.

Angelique: Explain it then.

Ginger: To put it simply, it takes emotions and feelings and converts them in a way that will simulate the feelings to a person who doesn't necessarily feel that way.

Angelique: Wow...  I’m impressed.  That’s actually kind of cool.  How does it work?

Ginger: I’ll hack his computer and put the software onto it.  Next time he puts on his headphones, it’ll send an electric charge to the brain that should safely induce a temporary coma and allow his brain to focus completely on the simulation.  When the simulation is over, his brain will relax and he’ll awaken.

Angelique: Oh man, that’s seriously illegal, isn’t it?  You can’t do that!

Ginger: It depends on how you look at it...  If he enjoys it, maybe he won’t blame us?

Angelique: Us?  No, no, there is no "us" here.  And what if he doesn’t wake back up?

Ginger: Then it sounds like the headphones are still giving off a charge.  
If you just take the headphones off and let him rest for---

Angelique: That is beside the point here, Gingy, and you know it.

Ginger: I promise you it isn’t as bad as you think it is, Angelique.

Angelique: (sighs) Have you tested it yet?

Ginger: Not yet. I contacted a few fangirls of his who are willing to undergo the same process voluntarily and contribute some of their own emotions into it for him to read.  Then if it’s safe, I’ll do it and put the emotions in for my brother, and then I’ll put the program onto Mark’s computer.

Angelique: You need to stop messing with things.  Seriously.

Ginger: It’ll be fine.  Erasing proof that anything ever happened is actually extremely easy.

Angelique: In case you get arrested, I never heard of this.
  • Listening to: Nimbasa CORE
  • Reading: The Maze Runner
  • Watching: Markiplier
  • Playing: Dokapon Kingdom
  • Eating: Fish Fry
  • Drinking: Sweet Tea

Awesome Interview #5! Emily-Ree

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2015, 10:19 AM

Welcome! Today we will be interviewing emily-ree! A WebComic artist in the Making!

Selfie Tag by emily-ree

Jello! I'm WolvezByte, Founder of Unique-ArtStyle-Club. We're very thankful you agreed to do the interview! Now before we get into it, tell us a little about yourself!

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ No problem! I'm flattered you asked! : )
My name is Emily and I'm a graphic novelist and historian from New York. <3 I love comics and fashion.

Q1. How would you Describe your Personality?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ This is hard to answer xD; I'm kind of an introverted extrovert and I use a lot of emoticons. I think that's a personality trait? I'm calling it a personality trait. I really like people and I'm drawn to jobs where I'm trying to do something to better their day; whether it be extracurricular programing in under funded schools (i.e. my day job) or creating entertaining story with characters people can relate to. Hearing that "x" character reminds someone of themselves or someone they know makes me so happy!

Q2. If you were to use 3 Words to Describe your Art Style. What would they Be?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ Bold, Energetic, Deceptively Simple

Pastel Goth Cutie by emily-reeAnarchy Dreamers Page 32 by emily-ree

Q3. When did you First Start drawing? At What Point did you really start Focusing on Improving?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ I've been drawing as long as I can remember. I'm an only child and it's always been a source of entertainment and happiness for me. Heart In high school I was going back and forth between majoring in history or art in college, so I really threw myself into both. I started trying to learn proper anatomy and proportions around age 16 and got into art school at age 17.
: )

Q4. What are your Favorite Things to Work on? Themes, Fandoms, Pop Culture?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ I've got a thing for character development. My comic Anarchy Dreamers and my previous comic Koji Takahashi [stops the world] both deal with personal growth, coping with mental illness and family issues, and accepting yourself. I also love creepy-cute; big eyes, drippy things, cutesy bandages, glittery souls... I think the two themes go hand in hand!

Q5. What are your Specific Sources for Inspiration (Music, Movies, Culture)? Any Influences from admired Artist(s)?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~I'm really inspired by street art and Japanese fashion. I'm trying to cut back on my magazine habit, imported magazines are expensive. >>; I also really love people watching! I've been inspired to design characters off of random strangers so many times! I've also given existing character traits based off things I've seen people do on the train or just walking around.
As far as artists go, I'm influenced by Rebecca Sugar, Brian Lee O'Malley, Akiakane, and Hiroyuki Imaishi.

Q6. What are your Preferred Tools/Media to use? Traditional/Digital?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~I draw everything on paper with non-photo blue pencils and regular pencils, scan it in, and do everything else in photoshop. Learning to ink with the line tool in PS was a game changer for me and finally gave me the look I wanted. There's a HUGE difference between my messy sketches and crisp lines haha

Mini Comic Work In Progress by emily-reeHUUUUUUUUGE Sketchdump by emily-ree

Q7. How long do you usually take on a piece? From the First Sketch to the Final product?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ It really depends. I update Anarchy Dreamers twice a week, so I usually finish those in like 8 hours spread over a few days? Sometimes more, sometimes less. Illustrations only take me about 4 or 5 hours (unless I feel like working slowly... that's cathartic sometimes.)

Q8. Aside from drawing, do you have any other strong hobbies (Music, Cosplay, etc.)?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ I make deco pieces, watch anime and documentaries on netflix, and learn about US History haha~ I also do some historical reenacting a couple times a year. : )

 Decora by emily-ree1860s Gown by emily-reeKazing's Deco Box by emily-ree

Q9. Any Helpful Tips to pass on future deviants who wish to improve?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ Draw every day. Even if you're a busy student with a part time job and family obligations, you can still find 15 minutes. I've been there.
-Be persistent and give yourself small goals. If you're working towards a large goal (say, developing a style or learning to draw backgrounds) giving yourself smaller goals to achieve on your way to the big goal (like, figuring out how you're going to do eyes or learning how to do 2 point perspective buildings) will be more satisfying and make you feel like you're getting to your major goal faster.
-Also; learning proper anatomy and perspective is important before you develop a style. HOWEVER! When it starts to detract from your enjoyment of art, it's ok to take a break and draw however you damn well please. If it stops being enjoyable, there's really no reason to keep doing it, even if your goal is to be a professional some day. You've got to still actually like art a lot to do it professionally. ; )
-Don't lock yourself in your room, you need to experience real life and talk to real people. As a digital artist it's so easy to live your life through a computer, but once I started making the effort to take part in real life and experience new things, my art improved tremendously.
-If you've hit a block don't give up! You can take a break if you like, but don't let that break become weeks or months of stagnation.
-Just don't give up!!!!

:happybounce: Bonus Question's! :happybounce:

Q.What inspired you to start your Web comic "Anarchy Dreamers"?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ A lot of things; mostly related to my own experiences growing up and those around me. Dreamers got a lot of it's depth after two of my friends passed away tragically; one was suicide, one was a horrible car accident. I spent a lot of time thinking about their lives and how the choices we make when we're young can have such an immense impact on ourselves, families, friends, and communities, and how no matter how many times you hear someone say that to you, you don't realize how true that is until something terrible happens. I wanted to try my hand at something that touches on that; something real and surreal at once and work with a large cast of developed, diverse characters. It's... been stressful, but rewarding. XD; As the story progresses, readers are picking up on subtle problems the characters have, like when you start to notice something is up with one of your friends...
But ultimately, Dreamers is hopeful. I swear it's not nearly as depressing as that paragraph implies. >>

Anarchy Dreamers Page 100 by emily-reeAnarchy Dreamers Page 48 by emily-reeAnarchy Dreamers Page 3 by emily-ree

Q.What do you want to do in the future? Any big dreams?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ I'd love for Anarchy Dreamers to catch on. I'm finally at a point where I feel comfortable advertising it and showing it off! You should read it. ; D
Ultimately, I would like to do comics professionally, I'm developing a comic pitch right now! I want to keep doing stories that are meaningful to audiences mainstream comics often alienate.

Q.You've been around DA a long time. How has your experience been up to this point?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ I like dA a lot, I just... didn't take it very seriously for a long time. dA was more of a social thing, and it wasn't until 2 years ago that I started taking my public image and art brand seriously. In that time I have gained more than half of my current page views! This is the only online art community with a large user base and accessibility. It's much easier to keep up with your fanbase and be social here than say tumblr or Facebook, and as a social person I use it to my advantage. :  )


Final Question! Thank You so much for your Time and Patience with this Interview! Any Last words for our fellow Deviants?

:iconemily-ree: Answers~ Keep on being awesome. The world needs more awesome people. Heart

Start reading Anarchy Dreamers now!

Anarchy Dreamers Page 1 by emily-ree

Find more Intereviews, Journals, and Awesome Artist's at Unique-ArtStyle-Club!

(NEW Skin by FoxyAntho :iconfoxyantho: Check him out!)

If you would love to have the chance to be interviewed yourself. Please, leave an Awesome Comment of emily-ree's Work :)

The Alpha's Daughter part 1

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2015, 8:40 PM

pitch black Night some where north in Scotland...

"Night fury, get down!" Shouted the Viking, as just then a plasma blast destroyed a lookout tower!
"Get to the shelters! Secure the livestock!" Shouted a Viking. "Get down is coming back!" Shouted another Viking! And just then a plasma blast hit the same tower! Bursting it to rubble and flames!
this knocked down one of the Vikings in front of the tower. When one of the Vikings shouted, "lookout!" Just then the Night fury landed in between the Viking and the tower!
The night fury with its wings wide open, looked completely black, due to the fire behind it. The Viking on the ground did not dare move for fear the dragon would blast him in the back as he ran. The Dragon began to come closer to the man when another Viking spear in hand was shouting and running towards the Dragon.
But with one shot from the dragon the Viking fell in pain. The dragon continued to come closer to the man, till the dragon was right over top of the man. The man did not move. The dragon looked straight at him. The man slowly turned to look back at the dragon and when he seen its face he note'est that it had a mark like a flower with three petals behind is eye and two in front, this was its birth mark and it was on its left side. but when the other Vikings started to get closer the dragon stood on its hind legs, opened its wings, and roared! then the dragon looked back at the man then turned, grabbed a sheep and flew off not to be seen for the rest of that night!
When another Viking came to help the one on the ground he asked him, "What was that about? I'v never seen a dragon do that before." "I'm not sheer what that just was, but I do know that if it wanted me dead it could have killed me. So why didn't it?" Said the Viking as he got up.
"Do you think it was sending a message?" asked one of the Viking. "No, it couldn't, there not that smart are they?" said the Viking as they all walked to the main hall, where all the other Viking went when the night fury showed up.
meanwhile, As the dragon flew to its home... 
"I wander what throws humans are thinking right now?" she said to her self, in a calm and rather shy voice.
"I hope they remember that next time they try looking for me in my cave." She said to herself.
She flew in between two large mountains, and passed these two mounts was wide open woods. And cutting across to the woods is a large freshwater river filled with salmon and cod, that led to a sparkling spring. And not far from the spring was a cave hidden by mosques and trees. Light to reach this cave during the day, and visible stars by night.
And when she reached her cave, she stored her kill behind the cave for the morning after, then lie down at the mouth of the cave looking up at the stars as she fell asleep.

Hello Members,

Back again with another Monthly Group Feature. This month's feature is focused on Poetry! I didn't get around to reading all the submissions this month, and I apologize, but a few deviations did catch my eye and I'm happy to share them:

SolitudeIt haunts me in times of solitude
A vague whisper of a dream I can almost remember
The lingering warmth of a forgotten touch
I sense it there, in the darkness
In the quiet moments of times I can barely recall
Resting on the limits of my reason
It calls to me, urging me to cry out
Only to have my voice echo into nothingness
It is a history that was written in stone ages ago
And every figure of it has faded away
To leave me here to live in the shadow of a wraith
A vision of what was and a lost wish of what may be
I know it, and I know it is there
It waits for me to discover it once more
To unearth the secrets it holds and find myself
Because without it I am but an undefined impression of possibilities
It becomes me as I have always been a part of it
A promise that has existed since the dawn of thought
A gift inherent in the very fabric of the soul
But it hangs shrouded by the hopes of man
Concealed in ghostly images of all that it should have been
Here in the silence I hear it through th
HumanityThe two roamed through the skies,
taking glances here and there.
"Don't you reckon that was a tad unwise,
and a little bit unfair?"
One glided forward a bit,
squinting at the people fighting in the streets.
"Yes, this is something we must not permit,
but haven't they learned? Why must all of this repeat?"
*lightning bolts*
It huffed, "We saw this last century,
when many were killed for one stupid reason.
Where has it gone, all their purity?
They're calling for a terrible, rainy season!
"Where did this hatred come from?
We've been here for centuries, and I'd thought we'd seen it all!
Look at what they've become,
they're too much of themselves. I recall...
"...I recall when they started marching one time
for what seemed to be the right for marriage;
marriage of same-gendered couples. They did shine!
All the colours, all against those who disparaged!"
The other one glided around gleefully,
"Yes, I do remember! What a ball, I thought
there'd be no more war, no more treachery.
Oh, but look

Contributed by: mmihalko13 and SerenityStars

The invite. (2013-01-12)A hand came from the ebony canvas
with the inviting radiance and screaming wood.
It hinted to the lake of following moonlight
and whispered the words that nobody else could.
I took tainted steps towards deaths hand
with my final breath under this pallid haze.
The reeds are dancing by the tree of black;
The last sight of my very last day.
Sing, Laugh, DanceSing like there's no tomorrow.
Laugh like the world is whole.
Dance like your floating on air.
Love like you'll never see them again.
Kiss her like she's slipping away.
Hug him like you're unable to let go.
Make a promise like you intend to keep it.
Smile as if the sun was shining.

Contributed by: JohnAshleigh and VioletRogue

Battery AcidYou said my kisses were electric
It's because
I have battery acid
In my veins
(there is no blood)
It will explain why I feel
So alive sometimes
and being alive makes me
and I know
and I hope
That I will
Short out
Soon enough
(just wait for it)

Contributed by: gonegal

Thank you for contributing to our group and allowing us to enjoy your deviations.
Any questions, comments or suggestions about the monthly group features? Comment below or feel free to note me.
I want to know how you guys first reacted when you found out Nico used to like Percy in the House of Hades.
Comment on my Deviant 'Oh,Leo' in the gallery and tell me how you reacted. The one I think is the funniest will receive a watch and can request on any PJO or HoO character. The request is optional.
Rules for this mini-contest:
*No swearing
*No requesting for mature content
*Be a fair person and even if you lose you don't get overwhelmed by it
*Have fun!
I'm looking for co-hosts, basically. But cause of work, these won't come out very fast. Also during a verdict, the final call about who wins, should be mine. Enjoy! If I didn't enjoy it, why the heck will you.

Battle #6

Ichigo Kurosaki vs Inuyasha by FEVG620

Inuyasha VS Ichigo Kurosaki 
The battle between Anime's most famous two swordsmen

Battle #7

Raiden vs Akuma by FEVG620
Lord Raiden VS Goki The Akuma 
Goki has been victorious many times, but will he last against The Thunder God?

Battle #8

The Incredibles vs Fantastic 4 by FEVG620

The Incredibles VS The Fantastic Four
Four awesome team members who have : A stretchy one, a bulky one, one who controls forcefields and one who's fast and stuck up
-Co hosting with Megabonzi16-

Battle #9
Spawn vs Shazam by FEVG620

Shazam VS Spawn
Godliness is next to Awesomeness.

Battle #10

Shang Tsung vs Mystique by FEVG620

Raven the Mystique VS Shang Tsung
Battle Of The Shape-shifters!

Battle #11

Altair vs Prince by FEVG620
Altair VS Prince
Slayer collision!

Battle #12

Kiryu vs Gipsy Danger by FEVG620

Kiryu VS Gypsy Danger
Which Kaiju slayer is better?

Battle #13

Boba Fett vs Vile by FEVG620

Vile V.1 VS Boba Fett 
Warriors with an evil spirit within... somewhere...

Battle #14

Quasar vs Sinestro by FEVG620

Sinestro VS Quasar
People who harness the power of yellow energy

Battle #15

 Iceman vs Ice Man by FEVG620

Iceman (X Men) VS Ice Man (Mega Man 1)
They will never be considered 'cool'

Battle #16

Jason Voorhees vs Michael Myers by FEVG620

 Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers
Silent Murderers who stalk the innocent
-Co hosting with Megabonzi16-

Battle #17

Alucard vs Sol Badguy by FEVG620

Alucard (Hellsing) VS Sol Badguy
Enormous power in their palms, yet they prefer the shadows

-Co hosting with ThePerpetual-

Battle #18

DEATH BATTLE Idea: Deadpool vs. Lobo by AdamGregory03

Lobo VS Deadpool
Which is the better mercenary?

Battle #19

Scorpion vs Predator by FEVG620
Scorpion VS Predator
They keep coming back for more, and no matter what, will kill you, however, whenever!

Season Finale : Battle #20

Asura VS Broly

Asura vs Broly by FEVG620

F I ST  F I G H T ! ! !

Will The Legendary Super Saiyan, put down the Destructor?

January Book Club: DAWN Wrap-Up

Sat Jan 31, 2015, 11:32 AM
CRLiterature Book Club Journal Header by GrimFace242

Hellooooo deviantART readers!

I hope you really enjoyed reading DAWN with us this month. It's a really awesome book by one of sci fi's greatest writers, and I know that y'all have had a LOT of things to say about it.  Also, just note, from here on out, there will be SPOILERS for the WHOLE BOOK. So make sure you finish before reading the rest of this journal, k?

Butlerdawn by PinkyMcCoversong

I hope you have a lot more things to say, 'cause now that the book is over, you either want to read the rest of the series or throw the book at a wall, amirite?!

First of all, here's some fabulous art for some of Octavia Butler's other books:

Parable of the Sower by EranFolio
Clay's Ark by AlanGutierrezArt Shori by Kimbot Take Root in the Stars by Rin-Uzuki Babel by Diegopezeta

So. Let's get down to the discussion.

  • 1. When Lilith begins Awakening humans, she's very focused on getting only women awake first, even though Tate really encourages her to Awaken men. Do you think Lilith's logic made sense, or should she have brought Joe out first?
  • 2. How do you feel about the time skips in the book? Part III starts about a year after Part II ends. Did this throw you off? Or do you think it was an effective way of telling the story.
  • 3. One of the themes of the book that is especially highlighted in the second half of the book, after Lilith begins Awakening other humans, is the Cold War. At one point, Tate says, "It was the cultures of the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. that counted." How do you think this book would be different if it had been written in this decade, rather than in the 80s?
  • 4. Joe brings up eugenics. Do you think that the lines the Oanakli have crossed, in terms of genetically eliminating disease and deformities, are at all comparable to the Nazi's eugenics programs that Joe referenced? Why or why not? And where is the line with eugenics?
  • 5. How did the ending make you feel? Are you inclined to read the rest of the series? Why or why not?
Let's hear your opinions! And remember, the top participant this month will get a copy of TIN STAR by Cecil Castellucci courtesy of Macmillan. AND, due to low participation in Book Club over the holidays, and great participation this month, we're giving that participant the prizes from November and December book clubs as well!

Castelluccitinstar by PinkyMcCoversong 


Gouldresurrectionparty by PinkyMcCoversong Heppermannpoisonedapples by PinkyMcCoversong Toughheadfortheedgekeepwaking by PinkyMcCoversong Rushbybeneathbeautiful by PinkyMcCoversong

Aaaaaand thank you for your patience while the lovely DrippingWords has tallied up all of the participation-y goodness from the months of June-December 2014! The winner of the giant box of books in my livingroom, which contains one each of every book we gave away for book club in 2014, is vespera! Thanks so much for being an awesome participant, vespera! vespera, please note MEEEEE with your shipping info!

Our next big prize bucket will be given away at the end of June 15. Dig in, y'all. Read with us!

Thanks so much for helping us kick off CRLiterature Book Club with such style this year. We're psyched to keep this momentum going! Have your say on DAWN, and then check out our next read: "Town of Cats" a short story by Haruki Murakami, with fearless leader neurotype! Keep an eye on CRLiterature for her announcement journal.

Skin by Dan Leveille
In a way a say that is am really nice or friendly I don't know because people don't talk to me but some do so I'm happy
Tell me this am really a friend to you
Am happy to see you you are happy and smiling when do I get to see you my old best friend I miss you you really know me well and you always make me happy we're like sisters
New friend thank you I always say that Haha
You make me so happy
             ch.1: meet the animalgirls and the enemy

The animalgirls are one of the best ones to know how to fight with the enemy.
The leader is of the team is tiger girl.Her nickname is "The Hunter".Next,we
have lady deer or the nickname "The Protecer".Then,there is fem.owl or "The
Flier" but she was the first lady owl that fight for home by herself.Last
but not least,miss sharky or "The Swimmer".

The two enemies' names are dark wolf and sneaking snake.They both fail,maybe
777 times I guess but they will never,ever get one win.Dark wolf and sneaking
snake are atually making people into chikens when they win,but they don't do
that no more.