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Love DA Lit: Issue 199

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 7:12 PM
IrrevocableFate's Lit treasure chest!
Issue 199

Welcome to the one-hundred ninety-ninth issue of Love DA Lit! Pixel Rose Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.

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Daily Lit Recognition for March 2nd, 2015

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: AyeAye12
schadensomethinggod, do i miss -
and i level the words against my shoulder like a shotgun,
weigh the thought out on my tongue like teeth
- well. does it matter what i miss,
when none of my shots have ever hit the dead
of their plush-pumping targets? i miss, i miss,
god, do i miss. god, do i always fucking miss.
shaky fingers, if you ask me. weak wrists and hollow elbows
and wire-boned shoulders and broken ribs and rattling spine
and, and, and, and, and.
i've tried writing about people who aren't me for so long
that sitting down and pressing probablymy keys to the
letters feels as fake and scripted as it always has. i've
tried writing about people who aren't me for so long that
i've become yet another person who isn't me. i've tried,
and god, do i miss. pull up another target, paint the old
bulls-eye on, cover your ears. maybe this time -
maybe this -
maybe, maybe, maybe. and, and, and
i tilt whatever fake metaphor weapon i'm holding
up and under my chin like your fingers
(because of course, of

schadensomething by wish-sticks

Precise technical skill and careful word
choice makes for a brilliant poem.

Suggested by: SilverInkblot
Featured by: chromeantennae
Railroad CrossingShe loved him with all
of the subtlety of an
oncoming freight train.

Railroad Crossing by everystupidstar

Suggester says: A refreshing,
unexpected image.


Featured by doodlerTM
Fig and Hazel at the Mall“Hmm,” Hazel said.  “Let me see.  That one.”
He pointed off somewhere over Fig's left shoulder.  She licked her plastic fork, then stabbed it in her slightly mushy lo mein.  “Hazel,” she said, “You know it's rude to point.”
Hazel grinned.  On his boyish face, it was positively mischievous.  “Okay, fine.  The one in the blue top and short-shorts.  With the purple Chuck Taylors.”
Fig twisted in her seat, unsubtly scanning the crowd on the other end of the food court.  “You sure?  She's got long hair.”
“My dear, dear Fig,” Hazel said, “You need to learn to let go of all these stereotypes.  It's unbecoming.”
“Yeah, whatever.”  Fig picked back up her fork, twirling a strand of lo mein like it was spaghetti.  “I still don't see how you could think she's gay.”
“You're really going to question this?”

Fig and Hazel at the Mall by anapests-and-ink

A charming story about two
friends and their wacky relationship.

Suggested by: chromeantennae
Featured by: Naktarra

Sunsetting Mirrors            Little Betty hated mirrors. This was a case noted often in Humans her age. Shadow doctors have prescribed the causes to be mainly centered around current social standards. Flaunting brittle bodies and paper-thin skin, Human females were expected to be wind-worthy by their thirteenth birthdays—and by wind-worthy, my dear little readers, I am referring to the capabilities of thin Forest-Shades and Cirrus-Shades who fly away at the merest gust of wind. Like a dandelion seedling, you understand?
            The problem was that Humans can't fly on their own. Past attempts have proven to be most perilous, so they invented airships and parachutes to soothe their love for the sky. Girls like Little Betty, however, seemed to have no desire for travel of any sort. Why, then, were they so bent on shrinking themselves this extremely? Our tale today is about the Shadow wh

Sunsetting Mirrors by Tales-of-Tao

This is a really beautiful piece,
quite simply. It's excellent.

Foreign Language

Featured by: Malintra-Shadowmoon

- Vous savez, je veux bien croire que c'est un animal placide et peu violent, qu'il se laisse facilement manipuler – même si, à vrai dire, j'ai un peu de mal. Mais en toute honnêteté, quand je vous ai dit que j'étais végétarien, je pensais que cela orienterait vos propositions vers quelque chose comme le lapin, ou le rat, pas vers le boa constrictor !
A ces mots un peu secs, le vendeur parut attristé. Baissant un peu la tête, il porta la main vers le cou - s'il était possible d'appeler ça un cou - du reptile comme pour le consoler... Celui-ci, tranquillement enroulé autour des épaules de l'homme, regarda les doigts se poser sur lui, en tirant la langue par intermittence. Quand mon interlocuteur releva enfin les yeux, je levai les miens au ciel.
- Vous m'aviez surtout dit que vous vous sentiez seul, et que vous vouliez un animal de compagnie. Je vous assure que vous n'aurez pas meilleure compagnie que ce serpent.
- F

Ficelle by L-Arbre

>sub>A fantastic short story involving medieval
elements as well as Aztec Gods. Interesting
mixture and a pleasure to read.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: SilverInkblot

Skin by SimplySilent
Un dia en la casa Fletcher-Doofenshmirtz, una chica de 18 años hablaba con su hermano de 2 años mayor que ella y su novio un año mayor, ella se llamaba Samantha, junto con su novio Jackson y su hermano Thomas, conversaban sobre si Sam sobrevive en la lección de manejo de hoy.

Jackson- Tranquila Sam, estarás bien. :D (Big Grin) 

Thomas- La cosa es que, Samantha heredo la "habilidad" de mama para conducir cuando era joven. Stare

Sam- Ahora que voy a hacer?! Voy a matar al tutor con solo un choque! Nuu 

Thomas- Lo harás bien.

Después llego la hora de morir, a cada paso que daba Sam era mas que mi temor por las arañas ¬¬
Ahí estaba, esa cosa con 4 ruedas con motor en frente de la castaña, un hombre de 35 años, canas y traje estaba esperándola.

Tutor- Bien Samantha, suba.

Samantha se subió y encendió el motor.

Tutor- Ahora muéstrame como sabes manejar, según tu examen escrito sacaste una A+, así que no sera problema esto.

Samantha solo puso en primera, pero raramente el auto se va para atrás, y atrás de ellos había un poste, y chocan con este, dejandole al vehículo una marca. Pero cuando Samantha arranca, el auto empieza a ir muy rápido, llegando al parque.
Samantha tenia una cara de miedo, y el tutor escribía un testamento. Sam hace un giro con el volante, haciendo que el auto gire en U a la derecha.
Entraron a un edificio de oficinas, chocaban con todo, casi atropellan a una gorda, el café se derramaba por el vidrio delantero, la radio estaba como nueva y se escuchaba música a todo dar.
Estaban en el ultimo piso, y rompen el muro, cayendo el auto estaba, el tutor casi perdía todas las canas por la adrenalina que sentia.

Sam- Ah no! No voy a morir sin conseguir mi licencia :angry:... THIS IS SPARTA!! THIS IS SPARTA EN AUTOMOVILISMO!!

Samanta piso el acelerador, haciendo que el auto se empieza a mover y cayo, los dos vivos, y volvió a acelerar el auto, andaban por la autopista, se vio un lindo conejito Bunny pasar por nose donde y Sam lo atropello, matándolo.



El auto continuo a toda la velocidad que le permitía, y ahora eran perseguidos por la Police mane!!! Y la castaña saco una pistola de nose donde, le dejo el cargo del volante al tutor y saco medio cuerpo y empezó a disparar como una gran loca.

Sam- Nunca me atraparan! PORQUE SOY SAMANTHA FLETCHER DOOFENSHMIRTZ! :iconcgbplz: :iconcgbplz: :iconcgbplz: 

Era una pura persecución de sangre y... mas sangre, nada de lagrimas, justo por ahi pasaba un hombre de cabello peliverde, nariz cuadrada y ojos azules (Bien sexikawaii dancing emoticons) llamado Ferb Fletcher, el padre de Sam. El mira la gran escena de "aprender" a conducir, que rápidamente salta a la tapa de auto y se mete en la parte de atrás.

Tutor- Señor Fletcher!

Ferb- ...

Tutor- Señor, como haremos para tranquilizar a su hija?

Ferb solo saco al tutor de ahi y lo puso en su lugar, le quito su placa de "Tutor" y el peliverde se lo puso en un costado de su pecho.
Se sentó en el copiloto y espero  a que su hija se calmara.

Sam- Oh, hola papa! Ahora que hago?

Ferb solo le dio una señal que siga con la misma velocidad, hasta que llego a la casa de los Flynn, justo en frente de esta había dos potes de basura.

Ferb- Solo estacionate.

Sam solo asintió y lo intento pero con la parte de atrás del vehículo choco con un bote, se adelanto demasiado y con la parte adelante choco con el otro, igual como le paso a Candace., cada vez que chocaba gritaba.

Sam- Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Dekomori Shouting Icon

Y acelero demasiado, volviendo con la persecución, Samantha atropello a un perro, a un Yoshi, casi a Bridgette, un kiosco con drogas escondidas, una cucaracha, a un millonario, un poste de luz, otro auto, a un osito de peluche, el pie de alguien y casi a Marie.
Después, volvieron al lugar de pruebas y chocaron con un muro que decía "ThoMarie es lo mejor!$, mientras todo el aceite se derramaba por todo el lugar.

Sam- Y bien, aprobé?

Tutor- C-con el escrito vasta querida...

Sam- SI! Tengo mi licencia perras!

Fin! XD
Hello again members,

Taking a moment to spotlight a few deviations submitted to WriteRoomies in the month of February. Seeing quite a bit more submissions in general. Very exciting. Keep it up everyone, and well done!

Human     Flesh and Blood.
     Rhythmic Heart.
     Emotions that
     Tear her apart.
     She's human.
     Only human.
     Colorful imagination
     Soaked in the 
     Cynical thoughts
     Of the past.
     He's human.
     Only human.
     Scarred wrists
     That are healing
     Little by little
     With the help of love.
     She's human.
     Only human.
     Lanky stature
     That he cannot control.
     High-pitched voice,
     That people misunderstand.
      He's human.
      Only human.
     Mesmerizing smiles
     That wer
& Six Word Stories~She's far stronger than you think.
I love you: three deadly words.
Be careful; she's a delicate butterfly.
Can't the peace overcome the hate?
You and I, we are perfect.
 His lips are warm, for now.
Hold me until dawn's subtle light.
He's rare, don't loosen your grip.
Your lethal words aren't welcome here.
 You mean the world to her.
Use more tact the next time.
His heart is torn to pieces.
You only gave her shattered glass.
He had my heart held captive.

Contributed by: VioletRogue

Blank Spaces"I can't love you. You were born from a strand of starlight. My soul was carved out of the millions of miles in-between each one. We'll never reach each other. I'm just a blank space."
"But my dear, we are both from the same night." 

Contributed by: brownhairedmaiden

Valentine's Day
Chocolates and roses
It is overrated, right?
I do not agree.
You see,
Valentine's Day is a day
Where you can love yourself
You don't require a "bae".
If you are single
For this pink and heart-filled day
I want you to know...
To the girls that are alone,
You are beautiful
and you should never look down
I am being 100% truthful
You are perfect just
the way you are, my dear friend 
So do not worry...
To the boys who feel they will never be loved,
You definitely can and will be 
so stand tall, stay strong, and keep being handsome
a girl someday will agree
keep that candle of
yours burning, embrace its warmth
that warmth is special
"I love you"
is a phrase not so simply said, it takes time
so if you think no one loves you
you likely will not die unwed
But in case you feel
Alone on this Valentine's
I would like to ask...
"Will you be my Valentine?"
I won't stop asking until the day is done
I will ask family, friends, every person...
I want many Valentines, not just one
All you have

Contributed by: Bubblemints

cluttered soulsit is so easy to become intoxicated in failure when everyone you love has become nothing more than a mound of bones.
he's dead,
you're dead,
she's dead,
i'm dead.
i've a test tomorrow on adjectives in a language i appear to understand;
i'm beating myself over the head because i don't want to study,
though all i do is worry that i'm not going to pass.
everyone hates me because no matter how difficult the questions are, i always come out with a ninety percent.
i keep messaging you with internet hugs and showering you with gifts of sorts:
ranging from poetry to portraits;
did she steal your ipod too?
and i'm afraid of everything and anything,
even my own dreams-
his ears were severed and blood was pouring from the holes;
he was clenching a cleaver and he was coming for me, i swear;
he punched me and it felt like knives;
and when i woke up, i could still feel him.

i'm running out of good ideas to publish;
i'm worth three stars, no matter how much of others' s

Contributed by: DalekCaanII

Thank you for contributing to our group and allowing us to enjoy your deviations.
Any questions, comments or suggestions about the monthly group features? Comment below.
~your p.o.v~
She stood there speechless and motion less. Her tail was even stuck mid air. I kind of got scared so i stood up and pushed my chair out walking over to her. She still did not move so i waved a hand in front of her face.


I set my coffee down sighing as her tail twitched and i was attacked by a force that sent me to the ground.



I was soon greeted by little punches and slaps and a green faced kitty girl. You know how sometimes parents hit you in syllables? Wellll.....


"HOW *punch* DARE *slap* MEW *slap* MOTHER *punch* FRICKERR *punch*"

She collapsed on the floor next to me as i chuckled.

~nepetas p.o.v~

He actually LAUGHED grrrr..... even if hes my meowrail i will still be willing to punch and slap him. I looked at him.

"Jeez nep it really was fine...."

"No it wasnt" i said teary eyed.

The truth was, i was flushed for him but i would never know if he was flushed for me. Last night only happened cause i was drunk. Would it still have happened if i wasnt?

"Nep...dont cry please"

He scooted closer to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"Y/n....see how could i efur put this...i guess you can say...i......feel red for you"

Dead was killing me did he reject my feelings? No it cant be i knew i messed up how could i be so-

~your p.o.v~

I tilted her head up and softly planted my lips on hers. I never realized how flushed i was for her until now. Yeah i did realize i had feelings for her but didnt acknowledged them so they would go away. They all came flooding back at this moment.

I pulled away keeping our foreheads together grasping onto her though as she may slip.

"Be my matesprit?"

"How could i efur say no?"

And she pecked my lips as i smiled

Be A Critic: Newroleplayer

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 6:42 PM


100 theme challenge parts 11-1511. Memory
Files stored in you brain,
Some go down the drain,
Not enough space,
Too much data in this place.
Important for survival,
Now in digital revival,
Just check out your feed,
There should be everything you need.
Welcome to the digital age,
Where you get internet rage
If you try to say
That perhaps someday
When we're old and gray
We'll all say:
"Did I really post this?
There's something amiss."
But by then our brains
Will have nothing left but grains,
Little pieces of the whole,
We won't remember our role.
So we'll sit in our chairs,
Or down on the stairs,
Stare not at the rain,
But the computer in our brain.
12. Insanity
A subtle change at best,
at worst, laying you to rest.
You must pass the test,
insanity you must best.
Feel it numbing,
Soon you'll be mumbling.
Talking to yourself,
I fear for your mental health.
This isn't something you can't win,
Better check yourself in.
The doctors and nurses
will quickly put us in hearses.
All of the drugs and the pa
Skeletons in the closetI don't have
a closet;
my skeletons
sit with me.
I get scared,
but then I remember:
They're only bones.
They can't hurt me.
FaultySo I know that
so many people
say that they feel
bad, wrong, or
not good enough.
To those people, I want to say this:
If your family can't see how beautiful you are, then maybe they need glasses.
If you can't see anything beautiful about yourself in the mirror, then maybe you need to polish it to see the good parts under the faults.
If you think you are measured by your scars and not you heart, I will laugh and say that I measure you by what you say and what you think about at night and what you eat for breakfast on a Wednesday.
If you think your work doesn't compare, remember that everyone starts out bad, but they get better. People think you are great, no matter what you do.
If you think you are alone, look on the internet, where people like me are always happy to talk.
If you think you are weird, take a look at how many weirder people out there are just hanging around.
If you think you are anything but a nice person, then I'm sorry, but you are wrong because so many of you are so ki

The Challenge

:bulletblack: Pick at least one of the thumbs above*
:bulletblack: Read it
:bulletblack: Comment or Critique it**
:bulletblack: Comment on this Journal with a LINK to your critique***
:bulletblack: Wait for the results to come out!

Start Date: NOW!

End Date: March 14, 2015 @ 11:59PM EST(US)

The Prizes

:bulletblack: Two random deviants will receive 50:points:

Interested in being Featured?

Awesome! It's real simple to sign up. Just drop a note to the group with the thumbcodes to three of your deviations you'd like to receive feedback on. Prose, poetry, scripts, anything (as long as it’s lit)! But, before you send the note, please make sure that the deviations you're choosing have a couple questions in the author's comments. It's much easier to give feedback on something if you know what the author isn't sure about.

*Commenting/critiquing on more than one of the deviations will increase your odds of winning. There is a strict limit of three entries per deviant.
**A Comment is a few lines, possibly a paragraph, about your opinion of the story. It usually includes something that you really liked and should include at least one thing that can be improved. A Critique is many paragraphs about the deviation and will include both personal opinion as well as correction to technical errors.
***Once your comment is submitted, click the timestamp. Then copy/paste the URL into a comment on this journal.

'Everything was good then, back before The Bite'

11:00am -:Seth The Pirate Cats P.O.V:-

Seth the Pirate Cat enjoyed having company with little kids, they seemed nice and throught he looked cool, Despite being told several times by Demon The Dragon, Thunder Fazcat and Silver the Umbreon he still didnt beleive them, he throught Pirates were old, something to be broken and replaced. It wasnt till a dark day in the pizzeria seth was walking across his stage boredly he saw a small child around 5-6 Years old looking at thunder, scine nobody had got on stage before Thunder, who was quite surprised by this, kept saying his lines "D-D-dont Fo-for-forget to get s-s-some p-p-pizza!" the cat spoke calm as always the child started poking Thunders stomach "Little Girl, You have to hop down from the stage, Your not allowed on it" Martyn Spoke trying to act calm "No! Your Not My Mum!!" the child screamed back, martyn turned and faced the childs parent "Ma'am Please, ask your child to get down from the stage." martyn asked clearly annoyed "Is She Hurting anyone?" her parent asked "No But-" martyn began before being interupted "Then let her stay" the child poked thunders stomach again this time thunder was aware of its appeance and looked at the child "Haha! you look stupid!!" the child laughed and poked his head, Thunder Was clearly pissed of and grabbed hold of the child she squirmed and wiggled screaming for her mum who was paralized with fear martyn was facepalming "Thunder Has the best grip.. Should of listened~" he joked then ran to the generator Seth noticed this and ran to thunder forcefully grabbing the child out of his grip tearing a little bit of his paws of seth, then let the child go pinned thunder down, thunder kicked him off tripping the same girl over, her head smashing into the ground making her faint, seth got back up and leaped at thunder who then punched him in his neck, seth hit the wall breaking his voice chip, thunder approaced the kid and with a sharp bite... decapitated its head of.. Seth shivered and ran back at thunder screaming then demon and silver came pulling the two appart as Martyn came back looking at the mess "But i-i" martyn ran seth sighed no witnesses Martyn rushed into his office trying to shut the door when a animatronic scream peicered his ears. 
Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Eren Yeager (Running) [V1] Colossal Titan Gate Destroyer (Charging) [V4] 
Hello everyone, call me Crimson or Hailey. Happy Bouncer 

So, let's get right down to business: what is an OC? Confused 

For those who don't know, an OC (original character) is a character that an author/roleplayer creates, more often than not for a fandom of some sort. An author/roleplayer will typically draw their OC and plan out their personality and backstory depending on that fandom.

However, while there are many good OC's out there, there are also some very bad ones. These bad ones are called Mary Sue's, and male OC's that are like this are referred to as Gary Stu's.

A Mary Sue is an OC that is virtually flawless. The Mary Sue is gorgeous, popular, smart, friendly, and powerful. Everyone around her loves her.

It's only natural for us as humans to create Mary Sue's. When we were creating OC's, especially our first ones, we were essentially making versions of ourselves or what we wanted to be. And this resulted in creating Mary Sue's. However, there are things you can do to fix this. Some authors just choose not to put the work forward.

So, your friend Hailey here is gonna show you all the little tips, pointers, and steps on how to create/edit your YGO OC, and avoid making her into a Mary Sue.

Before we begin, a couple disclaimers: This guide is for YGO DM OC's only. I apologize, but I stick to DM only, so I don't have that much knowledge on the other spinoffs. Secondly, this guide is in no way meant to insult you, your writing skills, or your OC-making skills. Any and all jokes I make in this guide are not to be taken seriously. Kay? Kay.

Alright, let us begin! Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] 

~~Section One: Naming Your OC~~

Alright, so there are many things that you have to consider when naming an OC for Yu-Gi-Oh. The first thing you have to consider is the time period that the OC lives in. Does this character live in ancient Egypt? Or present day Domino City?

Secondly, a common characteristic of a Mary Sue is that they will have an incredibly long name. It's completely unnecessary. A first and last name are all that are needed.

What I would highly recommend NOT doing is including any part of any online usernames in your OC's name, as well as any part of your real name. At that point, it becomes borderline self-insert. And, if that's what this is, then you may as well just stop reading now and go ahead and write.

Also, please consider whether you're using the dub or the sub, because the names are different. If you're using the dub names (Yugi, Tristan, Joey, Tea) then give your OC an American name. If you're using the sub names (Yuugi, Honda, Jounouchi, Anzu), then give your OC a Japanese name.

One more thing I would like to mention is that fanfiction authors like to have the OC's name reflect their personality in some way. Please do not spend too much time on the meaning of the name. Chances are that it's not important to the plot, so you don't need to worry about that. Just pick a name and move on.

~~Section Two: The Personality of Your OC~~

The Mary Sue is friendly, popular, kind, caring, brave, and protective of everyone. Yes, these are indeed admirable traits, however they are also what makes a Mary Sue.

We are not perfect. Nobody is. People have both good traits and bad traits. When creating a character, your OC is no exception to that rule. Remember that.

When creating your OC, you need to balance out the good traits with the bad. So, let's say your OC loves food, but is terrible at cooking. Your character is caring, but as a result of that is also overprotective. Your character is very smart, cool, and calm, but lacks empathy and compassion. And so on and so forth.

Ask yourself some questions. What are my OC's pet peeves? What makes them happy? What makes them sad? What's their best memory? What's their childhood like? What are my OC's likes/dislikes? What is my OC skilled at? What is my OC terrible at?

Stay faithful to your OC's personality throughout your story as well. What I often see is OC's changing entirely after the third or fourth chapters.

~~Section Three: The Physical Appearance of Your OC~~

Mary Sue is gorgeous. She has a perfect hourglass figure, she's not lacking in the chest by any means, has long and silky hair, and a flat stomach.

There are many ways you can change up your OC's appearance. I'm not saying that you have to make your OC unattractive to not be considered a Mary Sue. However, you can include various traits to make your character unique and interesting.

For example, this character could be shorter than normal or taller than normal, rather than the traditional 5'6" or 5'7" for girls or 6'0" for guys. Try short or medium-length hair instead of the "waist-length" cliché. Or, if your character does have long hair, maybe try putting their hair up in a ponytail, a braid/braids, or even pigtails. Maybe the character wears glasses, has freckles, or has different eye colors. Maybe this character is a bit paler than most people.

Now, as far as bust size goes, I'd say anything above a C cup is a bit excessive. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with an OC with big breasts, so long as they don't use them to their advantage. Big breasts are okay to me so long as they are not used to draw everybody in. But a common breast size is B cup, so that's what I would personally recommend.

Another important thing to pick out for your OC is they're dress style. Do they dress like a goth? A tomboy? Casual? Girly-girl? If your character is from ancient Egypt, what social class are they? If they are a peasant, then they aren't going to be wearing anything too fancy. If they're a noble then they will have lots of jewelry and very lavish clothing.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have your character wear the Domino High School uniform. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen fanfics where the OC doesn't have to wear the uniform because she/he is a "special exception". As far as the rules go, your OC is no exception.

~~Section Four: The Occupation and Dueling Skills of Your OC~~

The reason that I put these two in the same section is because a lot of times a YGO OC's occupation will be dueling. That's not an occupation. Although in the YGO universe card games mean a lot more than they do in the real world, let's be honest: you can't make a living off of card games unless you're Seto Kaiba or Pegasus J. Crawford, but there's a 99% chance that you're not. And even then, they both have actual paying jobs. Participating in Duel Monsters tournaments is not something you can do for a living.

If your OC is a teenager (15, 16, 17, or 18) then they will most likely have a job as a waitress/waiter or cashier. Or, if you really want, your OC could be going to college instead of working. If your OC is in ancient Egyptian times, there are many jobs open, such as a priestess, a healer, a tailor, etc.

Unless your OC is Yami Yuugi or Yuugi Mutou, chances are that your OC is not going to be good at Duel Monsters on their first try. Please don't do this. There are already plenty of top duelists on this show, we don't need any more.

Speaking of Duelists, the deck of your OC is important. It's important to create one for your OC regardless of if they duel or not. Make sure the deck is one type, and make sure it contains cards from DM only. You don't want 5D's cards in your DM OC's deck. 

~~Section Five: Crushes/Relationships of Your OC~~

Okay, a lot of people in the YGO fandom will tell you that Canon x OC is a big no-no. But, this is a fandom people. In my opinion, I don't see anything wrong with it. Why not let people do it? We're all just having fun and being creative in the end, right?

However, in order to do that, you need to know how to.

Crushes: we all get them, and your OC isn't any different (unless the OC's sexual orientation says otherwise OR you're not planning on using them for romance stories)

A lot of people will say that if your character is paired with any of the following characters, then she is a Mary Sue. Well, I'll be the one to tell you that that is complete B.S. Do NOT let people tell you that.

Here are the most common characters that I see paired with OC's:
  1. Seto Kaiba
    • Yami Bakura
      • Thief King Bakura
        • Atem
          • Mahad
            • Yuugi Mutou
              • Marik Ishtar

In my opinion I don't see anything wrong with wanting to do an OC X one of these characters. However, you must keep things within reason when creating your story.

Let's use Yami Bakura as an example. He's evil; evil to the core. What I do see sometimes is a Mary Sue using "the power of love" to make him "not evil".

Let's be realistic here guys: Is Yami Bakura going to give up his quest for revenge and the 7 Millennium Items for a girl?

Yami Bakura evil laughter 


But there are some ways to work around this and create a very nice and romantic story. It's been done before.

I'm not saying that Yami Bakura is incapable of love, but let's just say that it would take quite a while and a truly well-developed character to do the job. He's cold-hearted, cruel, and his heart has been hardened by years of loneliness, torment, and suffering in the darkness. It's going to take a lot to get him to love again.

GIVE THE RELATIONSHIP TIME. It's going to take more than a few chapters for love to bloom.

The best part about writing Canon X OC is that you can play around with the canon character's feelings. Every character has something about them that makes it hard for them to really love anyone. 

Couples always get into little quarrels every now and then. Try to include those, especially after they get together (if they get together at all) It makes the story much more interesting.

~~Section Six: The Family and History of Your OC~~

One of the most popular cliché's is that the OC is related to a canon character in some way. In most cases, it will be Seto Kaiba, Pegasus, or Yuugi Mutou. Refrain from doing this if you can.

There are ways you can play around with this cliché and make it much more original, however. The OC could be a step-sister/brother or half-sister/brother of the desired canon character. I've seen some stories that are very well written and involve this cliché.

An OC does not have to be related to a canon character in order for it to be a good story. Got it? Good.

Please stop the creation of other sisters for Ryou Bakura. For those who don't know, he already had a sister that he misses quite dearly. Creating another one for him is insensitive.


It's unnecessary and I can guarantee that as soon as a reader finds it they are going to close the tab and go find something else to do.

Other cliché's include Daddy issues, orphaned, abusive parents, abusive foster parents, etc. Once again, unnecessary.

The backstory and family life of your OC is crucial to their character development. This isn't something you can just skip over or spend five minutes on. Be creative! Maybe your OC has many siblings, or is an only child. Maybe your OC favors one parent over the other. Maybe the OC's parents are incredibly overprotective.

~~Section Seven: Powers and Skills of Your OC~~

I've seen many different powers and abilities of YGO OC's, ranging from flight to being an angel/demon. This isn't Supernatural, this is YGO. Lovely Shoujo (Nods) [V4] 

The only special power that humans have in this show is controlling dark magic. However, the only way that humans can control dark magic is through the use of the Millennium Items. But alas, there are only 7 Millennium Items, and they each already have chosen owners. What is a fanfic author and OC-maker to do?

Why, create an 8th Millennium Item, of course! You're already adding an OC, why not add another Millennium Item?

NO. No, I disagree! 

Please refrain from doing this!! :please:  The chance of there being an 8th Millennium Item is slim to none. Creating an 8th Millennium Item or any similar item would dramatically warp the show's plot.

~~Section Eight: The Past Life/Reincarnation Cliché and Your OC~~

Anyone who has done something similar to this will tell you not to do this. But, personally, I see nothing wrong with it. And when used correctly, this cliché can make for a good story. However, you need to make this cliché much more original in order to make a good story.

Let's think for a second guys: Atem was about 15 or 16 when he died. Meaning that he could not have had a Queen or heir. If he HAD an heir, he wouldn't have given the throne to Seto. You could write as far as an engagement before going off into non-canon territory.

Now, let's switch gears and look at Thief King Bakura. It would be a bit easier for him to have a relationship than it would be for Atem. Bakura is roughly about four or five years older than Atem for one thing, but Bakura has also been through a lot more than Atem has. The loss of his people made him a lot less likely to love than Atem, but even so, that doesn't seem to be stopping people.

While looking at this through a realistic lens, it seems the most believable that Bakura and Atem would only really love someone in the present day if they knew of them in their past lives. However, it's your OC and your story, so you decide how things go.

~~Section Nine: Conclusion~~
Well, I've just about reached the end of my little guidebook here. Soundwave icon please face

Hopefully you all enjoyed this and found it useful! I had a lot of fun writing it! Now go on, you future authors! Write! Write a beautiful masterpiece!

Jay blinked once or twice looking at the odd camp surrounded by reeds. What is this place? Where's.. THE FIRE!! Jay shot up "Whats going on! Where are we?!" Jay looked at all the different cats that smelt alot like fish, Their coats were thin and silky, They glanced up at Jay. "Jay. This is Riverclan" the voice of Deerpaw started to calm her down "Where's Soul? Did she make it through?" Jay added, Concerned about her friend. "She's here too, I think she sleeps during Sunhigh" Deerpaw flicked her ear towards the medicine den where Soul was napping. "Alright. Did you already bury Dreamstar?" Jay looked at the apprentice. "I haven't yet, I think she should be buried on our territory instead of in Riverclan" Deerpaw was annoyed that they had to ask Riverclan for help, "I wonder what my tribe is doing.. I miss them." Jay stared into the mountains off in the distance. "I'm sure they're doing just fine, Redcla-star will be appointing you and Soul warrior names. I wonder what he'll pick." Deerpaw's bright blue eyes watched the almost motionless Tribe cat. "I'm sure he'll pick a good name, You know after the tribe cat and the kittypet came, Alot of bad things have been happening in this forest." A snobby voice from a Riverclan warrior spoke up. "Just ignore that mouse-brain" Whispered Deerpaw. "Why are Riverclan cats allowing us to stay but being so rude to me and Soul?" Jay finally wanted to reply. "I think they have something against Tribe cats and Kittypets.." Deerpaw added very quietly. A loud yowl is heard from the Medicine cats den and the cats start crowding over there, Soul runs through the crowd and quickly flicks her head back and forth looking for Jay and Deerpaw "F-Fire! All the fire! The angry yowls! W-w-hat a dangerous world you guys live in! W-what if i-i'm next?! W-what if the fire gets to m-me like it did t-to Dreams-star?!" Soul starts stuttering and scaredly mewing "Its okay. The fire is starting to die down" a Male voice interupted Soul's stuttering and then the male cat sat down. "Redstar. What are you gonna call Jay and Soul?" Deerpaw asked curiously. "That's a suprise. In need for later" Redstar added. Soul's hyperventilating was brought back to normal breathing, Her eyes remained full of fear of the riverclan cats around her. "Why dont i ask if i can use Riverclan's High-Ledge?" Redstar looked at the excited apprentice. "What a wonderful idea!" Deerpaw exclaimed and Redstar walked off to find Riverclan's Leader. "I wish my tribe could see these clans of amazing cats.. All different personalitys." Jay broke in "I'm starting to get fond of these clans". "Clans are pretty amazing but i'm sure the tribes are as well." Deerpaw looked at Jay, Who had just switched her gaze to Soul. "Soul, Why were you so worried about fire all of the sudden?" Jay Decided to ask that. "I-i i guess i should tell you guys why i am so scared... W-well.. I guess.. I-i'll start talking about my past... I was abused by my owners who banded my tail with elastic bands until my tail fell off. And after this the care no more for me and tossed me out of the house into the snow leaving me to fend for myself. I was half staved when I found You and Deerpaw. and by this time I had had run ins with dogs been beaten by people on the street. In short I felt I should just give up on life. having not found anyone who would love me. i had trouble with trusting others for fear they will hurt Me. I'm very skittish and even the smallest sounds scare me. My sleep is interupted by many nightmares. so I  sleep only in naps."
Soul sighed "You poor cat!" Deerpaw walked up to Soul and nuzzled her paw "A cat like you should've been treated better-" Jay started talking but was intturupted by Redstar yowling from the high-ledge "Cats of Riverclan And Thunderclan, Please join below this High-Ledge for an important announcment, As you know Jay and Soul have found the clans. Soul is an abandoned Kittypet but i think she'll do just fine as a warrior Her name for as long as she is in Thunderclan is...Soulheart!, Jay, Who is already Experianced with fighting and Hunting is a Tribe cat who has come to find the Clans, I Dont know how long she'll be staying but however long she stays She shall be known as Jaywing! Thanks for your attention Cats of Thunderclan and Riverclan. Dismissed." Redstar's words made Deerpaw, Jaywing and Soulheart proud of themselves, Jaywing looked up "Its Sundown. Its almost time to bury Dreamtar" Deerpaw added. "Then lets get t-to it.." Soulheart said semi-proudly as the three cats picked up Dreamstar's body and went to bury her~
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Chapter 8

Clink clink clink. The currency conversion converted one of our one hundred dollar bills into the international currency of gold, sterling, and copper. Twenty gold, fifty sterling, and thirty copper. I opened my bottomless coin pouch Minerva gave me and put the coins inside.

          “Well, we’re good for a while.” I said. “Where should we go now?”

          “I think we should’ve packed some stuff with us,” Violet muttered, “you know, clothes, food, perhaps a tent.” Minerva shook her head.

          “We must stick with the fantasy rules of staying in inns, fighting monsters to get coins, and become stronger through fighting.”

          It’s like what we’re about to do is coming out of a fantasy story. I thought. Oh wait.

          “Alright…” Violet didn’t argue—logic like that is inarguable. We got out of the airport and walked to the border of United Animals. There, we met a few border patrol guys.

          “So, where are you all heading?”

          “Outside.” I said.

          “Where outside?”

          “You know… outside…?” I grinned.

          “I see. You’re going out adventuring? Gonna come back with better weapons than the crap you have right now?”

          “You’re as blunt as your sword.” I said, looking at his sheathed sword.

          The border patrol doesn’t really keep other animals out. Instead, they keep monsters like the Crawlers out. Looks like they missed those the other day.

          “Brad, are you being rude to passers again?” A woman walked out of the building. She was a purple duck with square glasses on. “Oh? Minerva, is that you?”

          “Hi Melinda, how are you doing?” Minerva greeted with her quiet voice.

          “I’m doing ‘A’ okay! (Who says that anymore?) And you?” Melinda ducked down to reach Minerva’s face.

          “I’m fine. We’re about to go exploring.” She said.

          “Ah, have fun and stay safe! Brad, let them go.” He grumbled as he walked away from us. We waved goodbye as we walked away.

          “So, you met Melinda before?” I asked.

          “When I came here, yeah. She was really nice.” Minerva said.

          “Aw, that’s cute.” I chuckled. I don’t know why, but it put me in a good mood.


We walked for about an hour. Our environment dramatically changed, along with the weather. Surrounding us was a large plains. Grass danced freely in the easy breeze. The sun was setting peacefully like it was about to go to sleep. Our noses were graced with the fresh smell of oxygen.

    Due to all the walking, however, Fast and Squeak were getting tired. In fact, everyone looks like they’re about to collapse and fall.

          “Man, we should have brought a tent with us.” Violet groaned. “Oh, wait, if I have it in my spellbook…” She quickly flipped through the pages of her book. “Aha! There’s a page with instructions on how to conjure up a tent! It says here we can make a barrier around it and make fires and everything! The downside is that it’s going to drain my magic bit by bit until I make it disappear.”

          “Oh? Why not make it together?” Minerva offered.

          “I can’t let you do that—you passed out not too long ago from the lack of magic. I’ve built up enough stamina to last for a couple days and nights.” Violet declined. Minerva’s ears drooped.

          “Aww, okay.” Violet read close into her book, then summoned a circle of magic around her. She muttered some foreign words and pointed her staff in front of us. Stars from the sky fell down, but didn’t touch the ground. Instead, they spun in a circle and created a tornado, and it didn’t die down until two tents were made. Next to me, one of the small stars lied there. I picked it up and inspected it. It glowed a faint white.

          It began pulsing light at the speed of my heart rate.

          “I feel like…” Words began to escape my mouth. “I feel like there’s something not right.” Violet tilted her head.

          “Oh? Is there anything wrong with the camp?” She asked.

          “No, not that. It’s just that… that something’s going to happen.” I said. “Never mind. Let’s just go to sleep. Minerva’ll sleep in that tent while we’ll sleep in this one.”

          “Wait, are you going to let Minerva sleep all alone?” Violet folded her arms. “That’s not very kind, especially since you’re her boyfriend.”

          “W-would you quit that?” I coughed as my face went red. “Let’s let either you or Fast sleep with her, then.”

          “But who will keep an eye on Fast if I were to do it?”


          “Then what do you suggest?”

          That was a terrible question to ask. Violet gave me a flirtatious look.

          “Why don’t you and Minerva sleep together like your first night with her?”

          “I’m going to beat her up.” I told Minerva.

          “Do not beat her up.”

          “I will not beat her up. Plus, we should let Minerva have a say in this. After all, this involves her!”

          She went completely silent.

          “Oh. Looks like it’s official. You’re sleeping with her and that’s final.”

          “I hate you so much.” I said.

          “Aww, but I love you so much!”


          I spent the night with Minerva sleeping right next to me. Damn you, Violet!

          I pretended to wave my fist in the air as the tiny mouse slept next to me. She was breathing peacefully as if every problem in the world has disappeared. She seems so relaxed and well.

          Hmm. I inched away from her until I was at the edge of the tent. Her breathing became uneven and her facial expression scrunched up. I inched back and it returned to normal. My ears drooped in humor. I petted her head, and her face gave me a smile.

          I took out the white star. It was still flickering at the rate of my heartbeat. Since it was summoned by magic, does it have any magical attributes? I put it on Minerva’s muzzle. It dissolved into her and a small field green field emitted from her. She looked extraordinarily happy. For some reason, my heart matched the emotion. I slipped under my covers and closed my eyes.

          I opened them eight hours later. Right in front of me was Minerva, her lips almost touching mine.

          I gave this a few seconds to buffer.

          My ears quickly began to release steam as I jumped onto my feet and fell down away from her. The ruckus disturbed her sleep and woke her up.

          “Oh? Hi Tas. Why do you look so red?”

          “I’d tell you, but it would create lots of romantic tension.” I said. She quickly understood what I meant and looked down at her blanket with a surprised look in her eyes and a twitching mouth, trying not to smile. “Man, I got a really good night’s sleep. How ‘bout you?”

          “It was kinda strange at first, but it became really nice.” Minerva allowed herself to smile.

          “Yeah. Wanna know what I did?”

          “You didn’t do anything dirty, did you?”

          “Do you seriously view me as a pervert? Anyways, I put the star I got when Violet summoned the tent on your muzzle, which dissolved into you. It then emitted a field of good dreams, I’m guessing.”

          “Aha, whenever I sleep with a good amount of magic left inside me, I broadcast good dreams into everyone around me. It’s a natural trait for priestesses.”

          So that’s why people online always write about how people want to sleep with priestesses!

          My face suddenly dropped at that thought. I shook my head and went back to a happy expression.

          “Let’s go wake the others up.” Minerva nodded and we walked out of the tent. We went inside the other tent and saw a giant mess.

          Fast’s bottom was sitting on Violet’s face, and Squeak was so close to the tent’s flap that I almost tripped over him.

          “Geez, how did this happen?” I mumbled. “ALRIGHT GUYS, TIME TO WAKE UP!” Everyone was shaken by my loud voice. Fast got off of Violet and stood up. The latter breathed to life right after it and got up. Squeak jumped up with lightning speed.

          “Huh? Oh, right, why do I feel so energetic now?” Violet looked down her body.

          “The power of good dreams.” I winked at Minerva. She became bashful and scratched the back of her head.

          “Ehehe~!” Minerva giggled.

          “Judging by your actions, I assume you two had a good time last night?” Violet said.

          “Nng, yeah, we did.”

          “My brother finally has become a ma—“

          “You’re being really unusual about things like this. I thought you hated this stuff.”

          “I do, but just seeing you with Minerva just makes my heart flutter!”

          Squeak and Fast nodded in agreement.

          “My family is completely nuts.” I mumbled. “We should get going now. Minerva, where are we heading next?”

          “Uhh, we’re going to the forest. There’s a friend that lives there who I want to see.” Minerva said.

          “Okay, ready to go, guys?”

          “Yeah, but I’m hungry…” Fast groaned. Violet looked inside her book.

          “Can’t do anything about that. One of the laws of magic is that we can’t conjure up food, water, or any consumables. We’d have to get ingredients for them instead.” She explained.

          “And we currently have nothing to use it with. Great start to our adventure.” I said. Fast frowned at the sound of despair.

          “Dang it. Let’s go to the forest and see if we can find any fruits.” She walked outside of the tent, then suddenly yelped. “Hey, who is that?” Minerva and I turned around and we all exited the tent, which collapsed and disappeared.

          A purple cat was lying down in front of us. A discolored sword lied next to her, broken and dirtied. The girl seems to have fainted.

          Flashbacks to how I found Minerva played in my head.

          “Squeak, give her mouth-to-mouth.” I commanded. He jumped at the orders, then vigorously shook his head.

          “We don’t know what’s up and you automatically tell him to give her mouth-to-mouth?” Violet scolded me. “We don’t even know her at all!”

          “Shhh, I was kidding.” I ensured Violet. I ducked down to the girl and rolled her onto her back. When I touched her, however, a lot of heat was generating from her fur. “She must have used too much magic. She’s a physical class, though.” I grabbed the sleeve of her green sweater and tugged it.

          “DON’T TOUCH MY SWEATER!” The girl woke up and nearly bit my arm off. All weapons were automatically aimed at her, except for my own sword. She quickly cowered away from us. “H-hey guys, nice to meet you.”

          “Who are you?” Violet asked aggressively.

          “Heather. Heather Fishpie.” She complied with us swiftly.

Chapter 9


I stood up and offered my hand. She took it and I helped her up onto her feet.

          “So, how did you find us here?” I asked.

          “It’s not like I was aiming to. I found a campsite and thought, ‘Hey, maybe they’ll give me an easy time.’ When I was walking here, however, I felt a pain in my chest and all of my magic stopped working.” Heather explained.

          “’All of your magic’? What were you doing?”

          “Sprinting. I’ve done a lot of sprinting recently.”

          “That explains it. You drained all of your magic by just sprinting.”

          “How do you use magic while sprinting?” Fast asked.

          “You know how you use adrenaline when you first start running, then it becomes harder to run over time? Magic helps reduce or neutralize the pain and fatigue while running.”

          “Ohh, damn, you must have sprinted a long, long way.” She looked over to Heather, who was about her height.

          “Wait a minute, how old are you?” I asked.

          “Eh? I’m fourteen.” Heather replied.

          “Fast is twelve, yet she’s about a foot taller than you.”

          “Thirteen.” Fast corrected.

          “Wh—we just met and you’re already making fun of my height?”

          “Well, yeah. That’s how I welcome vertically challenged friends. I don’t mean to offend you—in fact, I find short people really cute. If you’re bothered by it, then by all means tell me to stop.”

          “Ohh, alright. I guess I don’t mind.”

          “The mystery of why you’re here still interests me.” Violet shot at her. “So, how did you end up here?”

          “Oh boy, ready for an earful?

          “I went partying with a few friends, or ‘friends’ now. I’m not the strongest of my group—in fact, thanks to my size, I can’t do much damage, but I can run for my life. My friends saw this and were not happy at all, so they ditched me. In the middle of a forest. No clear way out. I was then chased by a bear (“Hmm?” Minerva became suddenly interested) and down a river until I lost sight of it. I already used most of my magic just sprinting out of there, so I when I found this place, I thought I could finish strong. Well, as you can see, I ended up not finishing it until now.”

          “Gosh, I’m sorry.” I said. “What a good group of friends you had.”

          “I’m glad I didn’t meet the friend of the line, though.” She quickly looked down.

          “Was that a pun?”

          “Yeah, I’m very sorry about that. Trying to put a friend to it.” Heather covered her mouth.

          “Oh boy.”

          “Haha, yeah. You see, the main reason why they ditched me was because of my impulse puns. I met a guy who cursed me with puns. Since then, I can’t help but make puns almost every time I speak. It’s really saying me.”

          “’Saying me’… Oh, ‘slaying’.”

          “Are you paying more attention to my puns than my priceless story?”

          “Paying, priceless…” Fast facepalmed.

          “You nerds.” She whispered to herself.

          “That wasn’t very sweet of you.”

          ‘Nerds’ candy?


          “I’m so sorry, I nerd to stop.” Heather began to tear up, along with the rest of us.

          “Well, good thing Fast is a fan of puns!” I threw Fast under the bus.

          “That’s cool!” Heather exclaimed. The bus began to drive back and forth. Fast looks like she’s screaming inside.

          “Yeah, it’s so cool that even ice doesn’t compare to it.”

          “Ice see.”

          “A-anyways.” Minerva rolled her head to the direction of the forest. “We need to go to that forest.”

          “Oh…?” Heather didn’t seem too fond of that sentence. “I forest some trouble brewing over there.”

          “That wasn’t good.” I commented.

          “It doesn’t have to be,” she groaned.

          “As I was saying,” Minerva didn’t seem too happy anymore, “we have to go to the forest. There’s someone who I want to meet over there.”

          “The bear?” Heather asked. “It’d be beary weird if—dammit.”

          “Yeah, the bear.”

          “Alright, time to party!” I said.


We reached the edge of the forest and the plains. We already saw some apples hanging from the trees, and Fast looked like she was ready to throw down a picnic. She looked at me with puppy eyes.

          “Go ahead.” She grinned and scampered up the trees, chowing down every apple she could find. “Erm, get some for us, too…!” She may be thirteen, but she definitely acts like she’s twelve.

          Well, that may be an understatement, but I promise that Heather’s height is not.

          “I could go for some apples right now,” the latter groaned. An apple was thrown and hit Heather right in the head.

          “From apples to apples, from dust to dust,” Fast shrugged.

          Heather lied on the ground, knocked out from the apple.

          I heaved her over my right shoulder and we continued walking.

          “So Minerva, you’ve been here before?” I asked.

          “About six years ago, yeah. I went on a field trip with my class here to learn about climates and wildlife,” she answered.

          “How did that turn out?”

          “I got lost the second I looked away from the rest of the group.”

          “Ouch, sorry about that,”

          “It’s fine. As I was navigating my way through the forest—or at least, attempting to—I found a small hut with an unlit campfire. Inside a shack lived a lower evolution bear with higher evolution intelligence. He could speak like we could, and thanks to his looks, he can blend in with the other animals and find out things everyone else would be killed for knowing.”

          “Wow, he sounds pretty cool!”

          “He is. Oh look, seems like we’re already here!” Minerva picked up her pace and the rest of us started running while munching on apples. She stopped a clear area.

          Indeed, there’s a hut and a campfire right by it. A small portion of the forest was cleared out—probably naturally or through bears’ razor teeth. Just kidding, lower evolution bears don’t have razor teeth… probably.

          “Grr….” Each strand of fur on my body pointed out. At the opposite side of the campsite, a bear on four legs slowly walked towards us.

          “Who might you higher-ups be?” The bear growled.

          “Spruce, it’s me, Minerva,” Minerva stepped up. The angry expression on the bear’s face faded away and was replaced with pleasance.

          “I see. It has been a while,” the bear trotted to the unlit campfire and snuggled near it. “Come, sit down near me.” Although Violet was reluctant, we sat down next to Spruce.

          “I wanted to ask you something, specifically the knowledge you have said you possess,” Minerva left no room for small talk.

          “I see. Has the time come where you finally require it?”

          “Yes. In three hundred sixty-four days, I will become queen if no one else takes position. However, I do not want to become queen.”

          “I see. You’ve run away from your future to create another one.”

          “Precisely. I’m sure in the past six years, you have encountered some people going by here.”

          “Yes. Your school still goes on field trips to the forest. Not only that, but it’s becoming more secure since the incident you were involved in.”

          “I see. Have you heard anything important?” Spruce turned to Minerva directly.

          “I have, but I must ask you: Do you trust the family around you?” I felt my heart beat harder than had been.

          “They have already put their trust in me. It would be selfish if I didn’t put my trust in them.” Minerva answered with no hesitation. I blushed at the speed and sureness of her voice. It’s been such a long time since before and now—has she trusted us that much that quickly?

          “Your bond with these fellow animals is strong, I sense. I will tell you and allow them to listen.

          “I have heard from drunk guards that the queen is definitely going to be you. In the meantime, the king is ruling solo. The cat kingdom has agreed to lend some of their security force to protect the mouse kingdom until a new queen is appointed. This means that the cat kingdom is going to be weaker for a year.

          “A few members of Team Moonfall have walked through here. They were bragging about how they have killed the queen—“

          “Tell me.” Hey… what’s going on? “Who were they?”

          “I can’t give you precise details, but—“

          “Who were they?” I can’t… control myself….

          Spruce looked displeased.

          “Their names were Shalant and Benza.” The sudden control of my body was released. I fell onto my left hand.

          “Geez, what was that?” I glanced at everyone. Fast and Violet looked horrified. Squeak was looking down. Minerva gave me a worried look.

          “I see. There’s something in you that’s growing.”

          “Should we be even talking about that in a PG-13 story?” I asked. Minerva facepalmed.

          “Though you seem wise, you’re immature altogether.” The bear said. “What I’m meaning to say is that there’s a demon inside of you. I can’t give full details, but it’s coming. If you don’t control it, you might as well die before it comes out.”

          I stared at the bear.

          “Wh… what are you saying?” Violet asked with concern in her voice.

          “Something has taken root in the young mouse’s heart,” I put my hand over the heart of my necklace, “and all I can suggest is to keep his temper down.”

          “Tas has a pretty short temper.” Violet said. “One time, Fast accidentally ate his ice cream when we were fourteen. He was so mad that he locked Fast inside of a closet—which was when we discovered her power of teleportation.” Fast nodded.

          “Another time, we were playing outside and these kids started making fun of me because my last name was Cheesepie even though I’m cat. Tas grabbed them by their collars and threw them into the seventh circle of hell.”

          “That is too much of an overstatement.” I said.

          “I see. I’m sorry.” The bear apologized. “…for your brother having a temper shorter than that cat sleeping over there.” I’m guessing he’s referring to Heather.

          “Heheh, are you see you have quite the sense of humor.” I rubbed the bottom of my muzzle.

          “Humor? What humor? Humor is not in my internal dictionary.”

          “Squeak, please don’t actually pull out a dictionary.” I commanded. Squeak’s right hand was reaching his back pocket, but he slowly let it rest back on his right knee.

Chapter 10


I gave a mighty, loud yawn.

          “Oh, man, where are we gonna sleep tonight? Still in Violet’s tent?”

          “Well, that’s the plan, isn’t it?” Violet asked.

          “You’d better make one tent instead of two this time.” I told her.

          “Not tonight we don’t,” Minerva said, holding the map Spruce gave her, “there should be a village up ahead!” She pointed forwards. A faint light was visible in a distance.

          “Hey wait a minute,” Fast said, about to jinx us, “since it’s night time, shouldn’t monsters be out?”

          “GAAAAH!” Right on cue, Violet jumped and pounced onto me. I caught her and almost fell down onto my back before I recovered my balance. Crawlers appeared from the ground, and they look pretty aggressive.

          “Everyone, jump!” I yelled. “Minerva, now!” I jumped and smashed down the lightning bolt Minerva casted at me. A huge wave of electricity electrocuted everything touching the ground around us. “Come on guys, there’s no time to lose.”

          “What if they follow us into the village?” Fast asked.

          “They can’t,” Minerva ensured, “all villages with a church are immune to monster attacks until it’s destroyed!”

          The electricity jumped to Heather and shocked her awake.

          “WHOA WHOA, NO NEED FOR SHOCKING EVENTS!” Heather woke up saying.

          “Thank goodness, you’re alive.” I joked. “Hang on tight!” With Violet crying and hanging on my back and Heather sitting on my shoulders, the group of oddballs dashed to the village. I tripped and fell when I hit the gravel. Fast and Squeak made it past the field before the other monsters attempted to kill us.

          We all panted as we watched the monsters trying to penetrate the field. It’s no use, anyway—the church is still standing. A couple of residents peeked out of their homes and shops to see what the commotion was all about.

          “Eheh, hiya!” I waved to them while being crushed by two cats.


I handed the coins to the innkeeper, and they handed me a key to our party’s room.

          “Wow. That was fun.” I mumbled as I landed on one of the two beds. Minerva lied down beside me from the opposite side of the bed.

          “Can’t believe we got chased by weak creatures.” Minerva groaned.

          “We’ll probably be here all weak.” Heather said.

          “Perhaps. We should probably check out what’s up in town once morning arrives.”

          “Goodnight!” Violet turned off the lights. A bunch of rustling noises formed and when my eyes adjusted, I found that Violet, Squeak, and Fast were sharing the same bed.

          “Back to this again?” I sighed.

          “What, you don’t like sleeping next to me?” Minerva asked.

          “I can’t say that I don’t, but it’s a bit weird since we’re not married…,” I turned away, “yet.”

          “W-what was that?” Minerva asked.

          “Nothing, nothing at all.” I replied.

          “I’m pretty sure you said something about marrying and not yet.”

          “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

          “Hnng,” Minerva puffed her cheeks, “I already know that you like me, why don’t you just make it official?”

          I tripped on my words and spoke gibberish.

          “Hiheithawelopoatfaje!” I blurted. “It’s because, because, GAAAH!” I dug my face into the pillow.

          “Tas, don’t you like me?” Minerva asked.

          “I do… hey, I said it. I said ‘I do’!”

          “You’re making it sound like we’re getting married.”

          “Perhaps in year.” Minerva widened her eyes and went red.

          “Geez, Tas, your jokes are getting more and more embarrassing.” Minerva whined.

          “Who said anything about it being a joke?” I gave her a wink.

          What the hell am I saying?

          “If you’re serious about this, then sleep with me tonight.” Minerva said.

          “Fine by me.”

          “You weren’t a second ago.”

          We stared into the ceiling as we shared the same pillow. My ear was overlapping her ear.

          “I can’t believe I said all of that.” Minerva fizzled out.

          “Me too. You’re way too bold for your own good.”

          Minerva squeaked from high to low pitch.

          “I guess I can say that you’re actually quite perverted.”

          “I’ll gouge your eyes out.” Minerva grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me closer to her face. She exploded with redness, and then let go and turned away.

          “You’re so much different from a few days ago. It’s scary.” I sighed, then put my hand on her head. “Your tough side is adorable.”

          “You want tough? I’ll show you tough!” She turned back towards me and lightly punched my abdomen. I chuckled and petted her head again. “H-hey! I’m trying to be tough!”

          “Man, love ya, Mini.” She gasped at those words, then closed her and smiled.

          “Love you too, Tassy.”

          Tassy? Wait, are we making cute couple names for each other?

          The roles switched and my face exploded into redness.

          The next morning, Violet woke me up from my peaceful slumber.

          “Hey, wake up. We gotta go visit the guild board.” She told me.

          “Guild board?” I asked.

          “You’ll see. Just come downstairs, there’s someone who wants to talk to you.”

          “Hmm?” I got out of bed and sprinted down the stairs. Nonetheless, there was a woman sitting with Fast, Squeak, Minerva, and Heather, having breakfast. The woman looked at me, and then her face lit up.

          Hey, she doesn’t look… usual. The woman looks like a dog, but her ears are pointed both when they bend and at the end. Not only that, she has a crest necklace around her throat.

          “Hiya, I’m Tas.”

          “So you’re the famous mouse everyone talks crap about here!”

          I looked over to Fast and gave her my death stare.

          “I’m just kidding. I heard that you and your party ran into the village after being chased by monsters?” The hybrid dog asked.

          “Yeah. Say, may I know your name?”

          “Oops, I’m sorry. My name is Narbeth. I’m a guild master of the merchant guild, known as the Selling Society. S.S. for short.”

          “Hello Narbeth, guild master of the merchant guild, known as the Selling Society; S.S. for short. What do you want to talk to me about?”

          “Well, I’m not inviting you to our guild, seeing you’re more of an adventurer than a merchant. Instead, I’d like to give you some pointers.

          “When you leave the inn, I suggest you go to the church and find a bulletin board. That contains all requests from various guilds from various people. If you go there, pick one up, then return whatever’s needed, you’ll find yourself with coins and strength in no time!”

          “I see. So it’s kinda like side quests in video games, right?”


          “Wh—you don’t know what video games are?”

          “No, our technology isn’t as advanced as established countries.”


          “Anyways, that’s all I want to talk to you about. Feel free to visit me through the church any time you need!” Narbeth stood up, bowed, and then walked out of the inn.

          “Wait, who’s going to pay for her meal?” The first thought in my mind came out through my mouth.