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P is for Prose

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 6:17 PM
Here are some wonderful pieces of prose I've stumbled upon. 

BelligerentDrunken sparks, blood-thirsty.
And I can no longer see in singular colors.  Everything is a blurred swoon, rippled motion.  Ghosts taking shape in the faces of my friends.  My words come out like play-doh, like an infant’s first garbled croon.  An ineffective attempt at communication to say the least.
It is unlikely they will understand or comprehend or even stop to listen but still I spit and slather sideways sentences.  Mouthing shouts of unintelligible inability.  I grasp and ache for what I cannot say.  I do not have the words.

The Marquise   For as long as I can remember, my grandmother has never been very talkative. And yet, her thoughts were hardly idle and she always found a way to reach me, to say more than words could tell. I suppose that’s why when bedtime drew near, she would have infinite stories to tell me. Saving her words like pennies in a jar, she hoarded treasure troves of wisdom, excitement, and mystery in the form of fables and songs.
   No matter how fast I grew up, no two bedtime stories sounded the same. Playful stories of young animals gave way to legends of magic, of beautiful damsels and errant men, and of robbers and sorcerers as I grew older. One night as we sat together by the hearth of our home, she told me a story she had been told as a child. Like any rite of passage, it had to happen whether I liked it or not. I was no longer a little girl and it was time for me to face a world that wasn't so gentle.
   Her last tale was the scariest one yet. That
Locket SirensIf there's something I'm not supposed to be doing, I've forgotten. The locket rests, heavy and cold, on my palm. I shiver, gooseflesh prickling my bare arms as the wind shifts course. In a frenzied game of tag, the curls I slaved over this morning dance and flatten across my face and I squint, trying to see through the thick locks. The locket hums again, haunted, and grows colder still. Frowning, I flip my palm upside down, trying to rid it of metal. The chain binds my fingers closed. The locket doesn't budge, but hangs instead from the gap between my life and heart lines. A pain, like pinching and releasing the skin, pricks across the flexes of my hand.
"You can't let it go now, Lees," Koto whispers beside me, his chrome-tinted eyes bulging and riveted to the necklace entangling me. There's a sheen to his lips I've never seen before; as I watch, his tongue sweeps across them again. A nervous habit.
Despite myself, I chuckle--a clipped, haughty sound that falls from behind my teeth lik

Death BeadsThe lights were bright and she closed her eyes. A loud crashing noise stung her ears. The sound vibrated her ear drum and was almost deafening.
Her eyes fluttered for a moment. She was standing though she didn’t know for how long. A light with no obvious source filled the room and she shied away; her eyes forced to dilate. Her senses were accosted from all sides and she wanted nothing more than to crumble to the ground.
It was harrowing, to say the least.
Light reflected off the four white walls. They were perfect and clean; no dust or distasteful nicks to speak of. Along the right wall was a large, metallic table indented with four questionable dump bins. Was she in a buffet line?
Her blurry vision cleared and she could see just to her left a small, metal stand on wheels. In one tray was a DVD player kept in good condition with title-less, black DVD cases stacked along its sides. On top of the stand was a 32” flat-screen TV. Its cord was wrapped into a circle and pl
When Summer EndsThere was a place in the world where all flotsam eventually drifted to. All the jewel-studded goblets of the royal ships, the colorful plumage of ladies’ hats; the torn flags attached to planks of wood, all the way to spices and tea and the carefully crafted fashion dolls that seemed a bit too real for personal comfort. One way or another, the wind would blow, the waves would dance, and the planet would turn so that all nature’s might would send the floating junk to a cluster of islands in the southern seas.
It was after a terrifying storm had raged in the north; the islands were waiting for their usual haul, and were beginning to see the glints of rum bottles, when a lump of cloth clinging to driftwood washed ashore.
After stirring a few times, the lump stood.
He was a man of advanced years, with eyes shining fiercely like a hawk’s. His hair and scraggly nest of beard carried bits of ocean that forever rid them of their natural color. By his rude demeanor he might ha
Blackout Days (bit 1) I remember the Blackout Days, when I was young and machines thrummed. Dark days, yes, but there was the tiniest streak of light on the horizon called hope. Baseball players wore black uniforms; it was easier to see them against the floodlights. We didn’t have pets; anything was considered fair game for the table in those lean times. But we kept the machines running, and focused on that strip of light on the horizon.
 Looking back now after so many years, it’s amazing that we took it all in stride. But it was just the way things were. I was twelve when I began work in the factory, my schooling done. But I was proud; I was doing something important. I was feeding the machines, making sure they never stopped. I didn’t really know at the time what might happen if they stopped, but I knew it was something bad. It was every citizen’s duty to contribute, to keep those machines working. I was glad to do it, even though my hearing is diminished now from the no

It's Burning Down Anyway"You shouldn't play with matches," she said. "You'll hurt yourself."
I lit a cigarette - with a lighter - and remembered Annie Venter telling me that in the eighth grade as I lit matches behind the school. I had stared at her and lit the whole matchbook on fire, and then I had dropped it in the grass. She made me stomp it out.
I stood on the porch of my apartment, listening to the rain and staring out at the fog and the clouds and thinking that somewhere out there, Annie Venter was probably sleeping, not thinking about the time she told some stupid kid not to play with matches. I flicked the lighter on and off a few times to see if it would feel the same way the matches had all those years ago, but it didn't.
The smoke curled above me in the cold air, a visible metaphor for addiction as it hung off me. Everything in my life smelled like that anymore: like ashes.
I dropped the cigarette on the deck and I stared at the small red ember, letting it burn and smoke, letting it become

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Narrador : Esta historia empieza días antes de navidad, que es una...
Uri : Pos hace poco, no? .-.
Narrador : ...Sí, ahora... dejame seguir contando! D:
Uri : Mejor ya pasa a los hechos..
Narrador : Ok 7-7 , todo empieza en :D ...
-Aparece una escena del iglú de la PB-
Narrador : Oh, VAMOS! 7-7
En el iglú de la PB

Todos : -hablando, jugando, practicando, lo que sea-
Uri : AHHHHH! D: -le pega-
Cadence : Es Hanukkah?
Fany : No :D
Todos : ... -la persiguen-
Fany : -corriendo- AHHHHH! D:
Narrador : Eso no pasó! D:
Uri : Lo se, solo quiero volver esto más divertido! :3
Narrador : 7-7 , sigamos con la historia que...
Uri : BAH! Ya mejor pasa a lo del recital navideño, que esto me aburre! -Q-
Narrador : Ok, entonces empecemos con...
Cadence : Que recital? Stare
Valentina : Habrá un recital navideño para conseguir fondos para el orfanato
Franky : Y nosotros vamos a ... participar?
Fany : Si alcanzan, sí
Cadence : No estoy convencida de que...
Aurora : Saldran en TV
Keishly : ...Nos destruirá a todos! :v
Uri : ._. -le pega a Keishly-
Keishly : ;-;
Narrador : Cadence Nunca dijo eso! Rage 
Uri : Claro que sí! ;-;
Narrador : Ok? ._. , oye, tu sólo me interrumpes! :shifty: 
Uri : Nope, Nope, Nope Doh! 
Narrador : Mejor sigamos, que sino nunca voy a termi...
Uri : :sleepy: 
Narrador : ASH! CURSE YOU! , bueno, mejor sigamos con lo que pasó en ese recital...
 En la audición del Recital Navideño

Todos : -formados-
Aurora : En el camino
Tink : Exacto
Uri : Pero tú no nos escuchaste!
Dierctora de la audición : -sale- EMPIEZAN LAS AUDICIONES! ASÍ QUE PASÉ QUIEN SEA!
Durante las audiciones

Johan : -haciendo malabares- Tatataratatataratatatara :D -se cae- Auch! ;-;
Directora : SIGUENTE!

Con Uri
Uri : -cantando disfrazada de reno- You know Dasher, an Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen :meow: ...
Directora : SIGUIENTE!
Uri : 7-7 -se va-

Con Fany
Fany : -cantando- Con mi burrito sabanero voy camino de Belen! :D
Directora : Me gusta la canción, pero... SIGUIENTE!
Fany : Pero... quiero participar, como... árbol de navidad?
Directora : No
Fany : Ok ;-; ... -se va-

Con Aurora
Aurora : -tocando el teclado y cantando-
Acting nice and gentle,
she prepared for me a wonderful dinner.
As soon as I took my bite, she smirked...
As my consciousness fades, I start having a dream about
a fairy tale I read in the past. My time has frozen.
Directora : ...Estaremos en contacto...

Con la PB y Cadence
Cadence y Franky : -cantando La Nieve es Genial-
Directora : Ok, ustedes estarán
Todos : YAY! :D
En el iglú de la PB
Keishly : Y si compramos muérdago?
Uri : Para?
Valentina : Pista : Cadence, Franky, Muérdago...
Uri : Ohh... ya se para que -u-
Aurora : Saben que significa?
Fany : De que las uvas no son buenas para la digestion?
Uri : No, lo del muérdago!
Fany : Ohh... ya sé! :meow: -saca muérdago-
Tink : De donde lo sacaste?
Fany : De las cosas inmencionables de mi cuarto, y a eso me refiero a mi block de dibujo :D -lo cuelga- A esperar!
Petey y G Billy : ... -se paran bajo el muerdago accidentalmente- ... -lo ven- :? ... -se van-
Fany : Ok, mal lugar para ponerlo -lo quita-

Listen when you read! [OMG SAD SONG :(]
Its been two years now since the death of Petra Ral, also know as your close friend to you and Levi.
Sometime times you would cry in your room thinking about her. She was like a sister to you, She helped you through deaths of friends and family.
~Two years before~
"Y/N promise you wont die?" Petra said
"I promise do you promise Petra?" Y/N said
"I promise"Petra said hugging you 
"But if I do die read this" Petra said handing you a note 
"You wont Petra trust me!" You said putting the note in a box in your cabin
~Time skip to the Female titan Rampage~
"PETRA!!!" You and Eren shouted as she got kicked into the tree
Eren's pov 
'NOT ANOTHER!' I thought as I bit my thumb allowing me to turn into my titan form and I started to fight the female titan after the death of all my trainee friends
Normal pov 
You were crying hard now but when you saw Eren turn to his titan form you felt a little relieved and started to calm down and you Kept on going you turned your head for a second to see the death of your friend and tears immediately fell fast and you turned back and found that others started following Eren also
~Regular time~
You forgot all about the promise until you remembered The box 
You got out of bed and grabbed the box from under The bed and took out a sheet of slightly ripped paper that said "Y/n"
You carefully opened it and read it
Y/n, If you are reading this I'm sorry. I loved you with all my heart you were one of my bff's and I failed the promise we made. I'll hopefully meet you in another life 

So, I feel like I ruined Zim's personality here, but whatever. I already finished the whole story and I'm not re doing it now. Also, sorry for not posting this for so long.


I looked to Zim in surprise. "Love?" I asked, lifting my head. He nodded. I smiled. "Love is the most important thing on earth. Love is everything. Love is often between
two people. When two people love each other, they feel all swirly and crazy inside when they see the one they love. The one they love makes them happier than anything has made
them happy. Love is scary too. Not knowing if it is going to work. Not knowing what is going to happen. Love is skating on thin ice. You feel like you're flying, everything
is great. But at any moment the ice could crack, and you could fall into the cold water." Zim cringed at the word water. "But when two people love each other, they know
nothing can separate them. No matter the distance between them, they'll be in eachother's hearts." I finished, smiling. "So- so if I loved someone here and I left to my own
planet, they would still love me and I could still love them?" Zim said. "Yes. True love is no matter the distance, you cant be separated with the one you love." I said,
putting my hand on his arm. We stared at each other for a while. But Zim looked away. "It doesn't matter. Irkens aren't aloud to love anyway." He said. My face grew sad.
"Zim, please." I said. He remained looking away. His back moved in unsteady breathing motions. "Zim..." I said. I heard him whimper. I grabbed his head and turned him
to face me. He was crying. Tears streaked his face, and he struggled to turn away, but I held him to tight. "Listen to me. True love is when you cant be separated no matter
what. Are you really going to let a silly law sever that? Are you really going to just give in?" I said, also beginning to cry. He said nothing, he only continued to
whimper and let the tears streak his face. "Zim, Zim, look at me." I said, shaking him. He opened his eyes and looked into my also wet ones. "I love you. I really do.
I cant- I don't know what to do any more. I only want you to be happy. Who ever it is you love, be with them. Don't let that silly law control you. Do what is right
in you're heart." I said, looking into his eyes. "I- I love you." He said, wiping away my tears. We leaned into each other, and our lips met. Love controlled me,
and I simply kissed back, and it all felt so right. We leaned away but fell back onto each other right afterward. I tucked my self into him and he wrapped his arm around
me. After some time, I spoke with a shaky voice. "Zim?" He looked to me. "I- I think it's time I tell you the whole truth." I said. He looked at me, confused.
"Can I use your computer?" I said, sitting up. He nodded and we walked over to the coffee table. "Computer, oped the elevator and bring me to the screen level." he said.
There was a beeping noise, and the table lifted, revealing an entrance to his base. We stepped in and the floor descended. It stopped and the doors opened. We stepped out
and he motioned to a seat. I sat down. "So, how do I use it?" I asked. "Just tell it to open all information on whatever you need." He said. I nodded and looked to the
screen of the computer. "Open all information on the Earth tv show Invader Zim." I said. "Tv show?" Said Zim, confused. "Invader Zim is a TV show made for children centering
a green alien invader attempting to invade earth named Zim. His rival is Dib, the only one who is smart enough to see Zim is an alien, and is trying to stop him.
On the version of earth, every one is stupid, and no one believes Dib." Said the computer's electronic voice. I looked to Zim, who looked at his computer, at a loss
for words. "Show was canceled in 2002, resulting in very little people now knowing of it." The computer finished. "My- my life is a Tv show?" Said Zim.
"Yeah." I said. "You are from the universe where that is all true that we created simply by making the show. The show was canceled, which is you coming here. I was always
a huge fan of the show. Zim, I know more than you think I know. I know you tried to send Dib to a room with a moose. You tried to take over Christmas. You have a child
named nick you experimented on, and now he is always happy. Zim, the script writers controlled your life completely. When the show was canceled, you where given free will."
I said, looking to him. "This- this is crazy!" He said. "I can't make you believe me, but I hope that you will." I said, standing. "I do believe you, but how can- what?"
Said Zim, extremely confused. "Try not to think on it too much." I said. "But Zim, I think you need to know something. Zim, the tallest lied to you. They sent you away,
hoping you would die in the cold void of space. Instead you found Earth. The tallest hate you. They want you dead. And all your life, you where lied to. You are really
not evil, like you think. You have a heart of gold. But the Irkens are all fooled. You were trained to be ruthless, so that you all could become productive members
of society. What your race stands for is awful. They tricked you all. They told you that what was wrong was right. They said being evil was being a hero. To be
a hero is to stand and protect others. To be able to love. They were selfish so they started this whole charade. You are the only one that can bring truth to Irk.
Weather you do it or not, is up to you. But, you can only find your heart if your looking for it." I said, grabbing Zim's hand. "And do not punish any irken
for this. Evil is all they know. Simply teach them." Zim stared into my eyes. "Is- is this true?" He said, touching my face. "Why would I lie?" I said, touching his.
We stared at each other for a while. "I cant make you believe me, but I do not lie." I said. After what seemed like forever, I said, "I should be going home."
"I'll take you." Said Zim. We went back up the elevator and he gave me my coat. "Let me put my costume on." Said Zim. I waited on the couch until he emerged again,
wearing all his fake clothing. We walked out. Zim knocked on my door and my mother opened it. "Oh, Anna! I was so worried!" She said, hugging me. "I invited her over
last night and she fell asleep. Then when she woke up she was sick so I took care of her, but she's feeling much better now. I'm sorry for keeping her." Said Zim.
"No no! You took care of her, no need to apologize." Said my mother. "Thank you for caring for her. Say bye, Anna." Said my mother and she left to get the ringing phone.
"Bye." I said, waving. "Bye." Said Zim, and he gave me a kiss on the forehead. I blushed, and went inside. I shut the door and watched him out the window ans he walked
slowly to his house.
I need special permission to do this thing... OCxOC group couples,
I have chosen to different groups... and now I need to make pairings/couples
(THAT ARENT REAL) About the two.. I've chosen :iconmoonlightwarriors: and :iconwarriorcats-rp-group:
I've already decided one for snakefangs LOL
i will do that before going to bed

no one will care about it but lets go

1- a journal doll
2-a icon ( of my character Pac tomorrow i put the link i am on IPod )
3-anyone adopting my adoptables its just 5 points
4-somene giving me pointzzz ( kidding i want points but was a joke )

Well,,dat is....everyone will ignore...i will sleep bye i will be back tomorrow 💤
You were fairly new to this world of countries, you never would have thought you would befriend one. They were so goofy and funny, well most of them, you had especially grown to like Spain, Italy, Iceland, but there was one that scared you...Russia. He was cold, rough, mysterious. He was wrapped in secrets, and old myths. You were warned often that he was destructive, but he looked so lonely...And you being the kind person you are decided to talk to him. But it wasn't going to be easy, you would have to make a plan...


The smell of food filled your nose and the sound of sheer Italian laughter made you smile. You were at Feliciano's house, while Spain and Romano had decided to visit, seeing you would be in town for a while they had also invited you to the next world meeting that day. Which was perfect for the plan..

Spain sat next to you laughing " Thats right! Romano was a very interesting child!" He got close to your ear and whispered loudly " And you know chica, he used to wet the bed and blame squirrels.." He burst into laughter and so did you and feli. Romano sat in the chair diagonal from yo, face red, cursing a storm. 

" Well you know what taco eater? It really was squirrels!" He crossed his arms and looked away. This made the three of you laugh even more.

" Bella." You heard Italy call you by the nickname he had chosen for you. " Are you-a coming to the world-a meeting? " He cheerfully smiled at you, tilting his head in a cute way.

You straighten up to answer him " If you'll have me, I'd love to join you!" You moved your (h/c) bangs out of your face. Spain patted your back a little to hard which made you spill you drink a little.

" Of course (y/n)! We'd love you to join us!" He eyed Romano " Wouldn't we Lovino!"

Yeah yeah, whatever you stupid jerk." He was still pouting. 

" Well since we have to be there in an hour I'll take (y/n) back to her house to get changed and I'll meet you there, si? " Spain linked arms with you and you said you goodbye's to the Veneziano brothers.


You and Spain climbed the steps of the world meeting building, cars parked everywhere but no sign of anybody. " Are you sure they're here Antonio?" You were cautious of asking too many questions because you didn't want anyone catching on about your plan. Let alone Spain, he would send crusaders, and conquistadors after you. 

" Si, they're on the top floor (y/n)...hope your not scared of heights!" He joked with a giggle that sounded similar to Italy's. 

Antonio held the door open for you as you walked in looking around at the fancy decor.. The floor was a rich brown marble and the lights almost like chandeliers, giant windows almost touching the ceiling were draped with a creamy wine colored fabric. Plants dotted the area, with still no one in sight Spain led you to the desk. He took out a small card and handed it to her.

" Spain." She said in an almost monotone voice " Your checked in now, and..who's this?" She raised a brow, with almost a look of disgust.

" Aha!This is my good friend (y/n), she's with me today to meet the countries." He smiled a charming smile at the rather rude desk secretary.

" Fair Enough." She said, still sounding annoyed.

He skipped to the elevator with you a few feet behind, " Well...she seemed...nice?" You giggled and shrugged your shpulders.

" Ugh, no no no. She's awful, chica. And stay close, its not exactly 'safe' around here." He dialed the buttons for the top floor.

" What do you mean, Antonio..." You tilted your head curious.

Spain sighed, " well chica, some of the countries are just...not..well.." He looked for the right words while you waited. The elevator began to move. " Some are nice, but some are..not so nice."

" Oh, so some re kind of rude?" You nodded feeling like you understood.

" No, try...some are evil and aggressive, so..stay close, si?" He smiled a bright smile while you stood wide eyed. 

" Si.."

Spain led you out of the elevator and down a long winding hallway, still everything was silent. You began  to worry, am I under dressed? This seems fancy..Are they all evil? Or was he just talking about - Her train of thought was cut short by Antonio. " be prepared (y/n)." He opened a huge black door and all you could hear was shouting and chatting. Your eyes went wide.

An array of accents and voices filled the room, you heard hisses, shouts, laughter. Someone choking, someone cursing. It was definitely interesting you thought, putting you (h/c) behind your ears. " LA SPAIN!!" You heard an accented voice shout.

A tall blonde man in a purple trench coat and burgandy pants gracefully walked over to you and Spain. " Bonjour my good friend!" He grabbed your hand and kissed it. " And who might this be?" He smiled at you, which you found extremely creepy.

" Spain slapped France's hand off you, and your eyes stared in dismay. " This is (y/n), and please, hands to yourself amigo, si?" He laughed nervously.

" Oh, Antonio! Embrace the la amour!" He smirked at you, and you took a step back, creeped out.

A Yell sounded in the distance, " FRANCIS YOU BLOODY FROG! LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!!" Another blonde guy stepped out, you couldn't help but snicker at his bushy eyebrows.

" Ugh what do you want?! I was just meeting the visitor!"

" You perverted loony! Your touching her!"

" You're just jealous!"

The guy with the eyebrows pulled out a sword and got a dark aura, so did the perv. The began swprd fighting in the middle of the room and moved there battle on top of the table, cursing and swinging. You stared blankly at the two countries.

Spain led you away, " Those two are France and Britain, they are..forever fighting." He laughed and walked around people weaving through the crowd. And then another voice. Oh god, you thought.

You turned to see a small very light blonde guy wearing a long light grey trench coat and holding  polar bear. " awww." You couldnt help peep.

He stuttered when he spoke, his voice was very quiet. " H-hi, i'm Matthew." He smiled softly.

" I'm (y/n)," You replied shaking his hand.

" Are you a country, or a visitor?" He beamed.

" I'm a visitor, and i'm assuming our a country, right?"

"Yeah, i'm Canada, no one really sees me-

" HEY (Y/N)!! WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?!" Spain turned to see (y/n) talking to empty space, with switzerland staring at her like she's crazy.

" I'm talking to Canada.." 

" Who in the world is Canada?" He scratched his head. " oh well, c'mon, the meetings about to start!" He grabbeed her hand, and dragged her away. He put you in a chair between him and Italy, you look around to see all sorts of people. Russia.

" Where is Russia??" A tall German man asked as he took his seat at the front of the table.

A small brown haired guy raised his hand. " I hope he die, aru!"

" Okay thanks for the input China.." He went through his paper work for a moment and looked around. " Shall we start the meeting without him?" He asked a brown haired guy with glass and a navy blue trench coat.

" I dont care, we never get anything done at these anyway.." He crossed his arms.

" You heard Austria! Now pay attention- Germany was interrupted by the black door creaking open. A cold wind blew through the crack and (y/n) shivered. In walked a tall silver haired man with a long pink scarf and a long light brown coat. He had various medals pinned to it, and a creepy girl followed him. Her dress frilly with stripes. You could hear her growling and hissing, and then the sound of tympani drums could be heard followed by a girl with grey hair and baby blue overalls. The trio stalked to the three seats across from (y/n), by three trembling guys. The took there seats, and looked up at Germany. Now the room slightly smelled of vodka and the air was cold as ice. The creepy girl death glared everyone and the grey haired one smiled and waved.

Germany spoke with a stern voice to the tall man. " Are ready to start the meeting Russia?"

" Da."
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My mind swirled with the words in my brother's letter as I paced the room.  I couldn't sleep or even stay focused on packing anything, even though Ivan had volunteered I had decided to do it myself.  But I couldn't even do that.  I wandered back and forth in my room as I pondered the letter's meaning.  Big brother had acted so distantly towards me before he left like he hated the sight of me, but now it's like it never happened and he's treating me the same as he used to.  My kind older brother seemed to be back, but I was still confused.  What made him change back?

I stopped in front of the window which had a perfect view of the garden.  In the center of the garden was a large fountain with two dragons intertwined in an eternal dance.  One had bright glowing red eyes with orange scales that reflected the water in the fountain.  The other had bright sapphire eyes and light blue scales.  They twisted together and then their heads faced opposite ways to spew water.  When we were younger, big brother told me this was his mother's private garden that only she would tend to.  She had loved her garden.  But now it was a painful reminder to the family she left behind.  Only a select few were permitted to tend to it just the same as she had to preserve the garden.

Big brother had been so kind, letting me into the garden no one was allowed to enter.  Of all people, he had let me.  But before he left big brother had made it so I wouldn't be allowed so much as to even visit it.  If I were caught, Ivan would escort me in the house and lock the gate.  I'd only visited it a few times until I was caught and he had sealed it off from me after that, preventing any other attempt to do so.  I didn't understand why big brother had hated me so suddenly.  But now his letter gave me the impression he had never hated me.  It was too confusing.

As I thought over the questions that boggled my mind, a loud knock sounded at my door.  I didn't respond to it right away so they knocked again, but much harder this time.  "Come in," I snapped, then instantly regretted it.  The person knocking at my door was none other than my other brother Luke.

Luke glared at the suitcase lying on my bed and I stumbled back a few steps at the rage that showed in his eyes.  His eyebrows furrowed in what was most likely disgust and his jade green eyes moved to me next.  "Where the hell do you think you're going," he asked, his deep voice causing my head to hurt.

Lie, Rogue.  Lie!  "I'm going out of town for a while," I said quickly, a half truth coming out.  "I've got things to take care of."

"So you think that since Haden left so easily you can too," he snapped then hiccuped loudly.  "I don't care what happened to him, but right now you're in what will soon be my house.  So, I say if you can go or not."

My patience was beginning to run out and I could feel the ties of reason snapping one by one.  "I'll be eighteen in two months.  Like hell you're going to tell me what to do.  You're not even a candidate to be the head, even your second cousin George is ahead of you.  What makes you think that you'll suddenly get the title, huh?  You're just an asshole who cares only for himself."

As soon as I said those words, I knew I had done the wrong thing.  But it was too late.

Luke took two strides across the room and snatched me by the throat.  I didn't even have time to register what had happened.  His large hand tightened on my throat causing me to gasp for air.  He held me up to meet his face and his mouth spread into a maniacal grin.  I tried desperately to wrench his hand off of me, but to no avail.  He did loosen slightly, however, allowing me to barely get air.  His eyes moved from mine down and I got a sick feeling in my stomach.  The stench of hard liquor as he exhaled was all I could breathe and caused me to gag.  He was drunk and I should have known better.

"You're a fiery little girl, huh," he said with that nasty grin on his face.  I began to try to wiggle free from his grasp but he tightened again.  He chuckled lightly at me and smiled like an amused child.  "This should be fun."

Before I could react to his words, he slung me to the floor and pinned me down.  His face hovered inches from mine as he grinned at me.  I screamed for help and he headbutt me in the nose.  The pain brought tears to my eyes and I screamed again.  "Geez, you can't take a hint."  He maneuvered my wrists above my head and held them with one hand as the other came to cover my mouth.  I whimpered at the roughness and tried to knee him where I could.  His face shifted to anger and the hand holding my wrists tightened so much I could hear a slight snap in my hand.

Luke smiled at my pain.  "You're always concerned about big brother, big brother.  But never me.  Why?  Am I not kind enough to you?"  I glared at him viciously.  "It's always about Haden!  You never are concerned for me.  You've never once called me your big brother."  He leaned in closer to where our noses touched.  After a moment he moved his hand away from my mouth to gently wipe my tears.

"Get your filthy hands off of me," I commanded and tried to pry his hands off of my throat.

"Why," he questioned, the hand wiping my tears moving down the side of my body.

"Please," I begged, scratching at his hands.  "I'm your sister, Luke!  And you're drunk!  You don't mean this -"

"But maybe I do," He hissed and licked my cheek.  "You don't know much about men, do you?"  I squirmed beneath him, but to no avail.  "Virgins aren't usually as fun... But no matter.  I don't want you to be my sister anymore."  He sat up slightly and grinned down at me.  "Don't worry, it'll be short."

I didn't even struggle at this point.  I simply stared up at him, and at that moment a memory from a long time ago came to mind.  Big brother had taught me to climb a tree, and once there we sat and ate apples, sweet ones with red and yellow.  "Rogue," he had said, "I'm glad you're my little sister."  He had smiled brightly at me, his childlike features still clear in my memory.  "Are you glad I'm your big brother?"

"Of course," I told him kindly.  "At first, I wasn't.  But now I'm really glad.  You're so nice."  I bit into the apple and grinned at him.  "You always defend -"  Then, I remember falling out of the tree and landing on the stone path.  Luke had pushed off the branch we had been sitting on.  He had laughed at me until big brother punched him in the eye.

Luke, even though bigger than Haden, lost in that fight.  He left us and I just sat in the path crying.  My knees were scraped up through my tights and my palms were bleeding.  But, Haden picked me up nonetheless and carried me inside to Ivan.  He even helped bandage me up...

God, I miss those times.

And for some reason, I was calling him for help now.  So he could save me just like that day.  I silently prayed that big brother would come to save me.  But even I know that is a foolish hope.  This time, Luke was going to have his way and there was nothing anybody can do.

But at that moment, the door slammed open and someone stalked in.  My tears had blurred my vision and I couldn't tell who it was, but they pulled Luke off of me and flung him aside then picked me up into their strong arms.  "Rose," they said, "what did he do to you?"  I rubbed my face in their shoulder as they carried me, and once my tears were gone I glanced up to see Victor's worried expression.  Honestly, I was a little disappointed that it wasn't my brother coming to rescue me again, but I sure as hell was glad Victor had came.

"I'm sorry," I muttered as he carried me away from my room and walked quickly through the hallway.  "I'm really, really sorry," I said again and again.  Victor gave a weak smile then focused his attention forward.  The collar of my shirt was torn down to almost become a very low v-neck shirt.  I sighed and looked at the fabric.  It had been such a nice shirt too.

Ivan rushed up to us and we stopped in our tracks.  Ivan brushed my hair out of my face to get a better look at the damage.  "My lady, are you alright," he asked hurriedly.  He took my hand and the pain flared again, causing me to wince.  Victor flinched at the sound, but didn't say a word and merely bit his lower lip.  Ivan gently rubbed his fingers over the sorest part of my hand.  "It looks like two fractures in your hand, maybe."  He looked back at my face a gently touched my nose.  I could feel the pain from the small touch and I forced my eyes shut.  "Well, it's not broke, but maybe cracked."  He recoiled his hand and on his white glove was deep red blood.  My blood.

I looked back at Victor to hide my face in his blood stained shirt.  "Too much blood," I mumbled then moved my face away to look at him directly.  He gave me a worried look.  His deep eyes were full of so much emotion that I couldn't quite register what he was feeling.  I used my uninjured hand and touched the stain.  "Your shirt..."

He gave a sheepish smile.  "It's just a shirt," he said with a pained laugh.  "Geez, I leave you alone for a few hours and you get all banged up.  This only proves you need me by your side.  Damn it, he nearly broke your nose and hand!"

"Mr. Trinity, we need to get some morphine in her system so I can attempt to reset her nose if it's broken.  Take her down stairs to the kitchen," Ivan said then looked at me.  "Get some ice on those hands, my lady.  And Mr. Trinity is more than capable of handling this.  So with that I'll take my leave and go handle Luke."  With a fierce look I'd never seen before, Ivan stalked back to the direction of my room leaving Victor to carry me to the kitchen.

"Rose," Victor said quietly as he walked.  I looked up at his face again.  He was still facing forward, but his eyes looked pained.  I nestled into his shoulder again and watched his facial features change.  But now he was confused.  The torment of his pain began to spin inside of me again.  He asked, his voice sounding hurt, "Why did Luke do that again?  And why is there a suitcase on your bed?"

I couldn't lie to Victor, so I relayed what my brother had asked of me in his letter, then I told him what happened with Luke.  He went from confused to pissed very quickly.  "What the hell?  Is he freaking insane?"  A low growl settled in his chest and he muttered, "Next time I'll do more than throw him through a wall."

"You threw Luke through a wall," I asked in pure shock with my vice cracking at the end.  Truthfully, it was unimaginable.  Victor looked as if he had no upper body strength yet he was able to throw that hulk like idiot through a wall?  It was actually kind of incredible.

Victor gave a forced smile, but then it faded.  "When I saw him on top of you....  I simply lost it," he said slowly as we descended the stairs.  His brow furrowed again.  "I never have been so angry or scared in my life until tonight."  He looked down at me and stopped walking.  "I never want to see something like that again."  His eyes began to water as he added, "I'm not leaving you alone like that again.  So don't you ever leave my side."

I gave a firm nod.  "I won't."



"Then why were you trying to leave tonight?  You should have told me.  You'd be a lot safer if I went."

"I can agree with that, especially now," I told him with a small laugh that only caused my body to hurt more.  "It actually makes more sense that you come along."

We stayed quite for a moment on those stairs.  I could hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest and I found myself listening closely.  He looked down at me and watched, until he spoke up again.  "Hey, Rose."  I looked up at him expectantly as he gnawed on his lip.  "Can I kiss you now?"

It was a simple request, yet I didn't have an answer.  I looked away from him and thought about it.  He didn't beg or press for an answer, but watched me think it over.  After everything I'd put him through, it was only reasonable to fulfill a simple request, right?  I looked up at him and said very quietly, "Yes."

He gave a small smile and leaned down very carefully.  I closed my eyes as our lips met.  It was a short, but sweet kiss.  When he parted, he smiled at me with his eyes closed.  I brushed back his hair and kissed him lightly on his cheek.  "I'm sorry," I said and he shook his head.

"There's no reason to be," he said, then began to descend the stairs again.  "I love you, Rose.  I have no problem taking care of you."

"Thank you," I told him just as he entered the kitchen.  Victor sat nee on the counter and told me move then rushed over to the freezer.  I looked down at my hands to see purple around my wrists.  When Victor returned, he sat next to me and held the ice pack on my hands as they rested on his leg.  No one was around but I still felt anxious.

Gently, Victor rubbed my wrists until he find the break.  I winced as he snapped the bone back into place.  "Are you going to let me protect you," he asks suddenly.  "Because, I really want to.  I don't like you getting hurt...."  I smiled at him kindly and nodded my head, but inside the knots of guilt and anguish tangled and tightened even further.


A few hours after the incident, I had managed to convince Ivan to let me travel still.  It took both Victor and I to explain that it'd be fine if he came along with me.  Ivan argued that although Victor had handled Luke just fine, he would be nothing against the other threats that lied beyond the city borders.  But after a long debate, Ivan reluctantly packed my bag and we left the estate.

My brother had gotten me -and me alone- a train ticket.  Victor had bought his then we bordered the high tech train together.  People gave us strange looks because of the cast on my left hand and the dark bruises under my eyes from the fracture in my nose.  Victor gave them all a hateful glare and kept his arm draped over my shoulders.  But their stares didn't bother me.  I couldn't help but think about what big brother would think of Victor.  Would he hate him?  Would he approve?  It all rattled around in my brain as I tried to read the book in my lap as we rode the high speed train.

"Are you okay," Victor asked me quietly.  I glanced up across the small table to where he sat with his hands clasped on the table top.  He was leaning over to look at me.  His calm expression settled my nerves and I closed the book then set it on the table.  "Are you that nervous," he asked with a small smile.

I gave a forced smile and shrugged.  "A little."  My smile faded.  "I'm not sure if big brother will be accepting of you.  I mean, he probably thinks I'm coming alone.  Besides, if I show up like this..."  I pointed to my face.  "He's probably going to assume it was you.  And he's usually not easily convinced.  Oh dear, if he decides to fight you -"

"Rose," Victor said, breaking me from my hysteria.  My breathing was rapid from the panic and with his eyes steady on mine, I began to calm down.  "That's better," he said calmly.  "It'll be fine, Rose.  I'm certain of it."  He took my hand and held it tightly.  His other hand covered the cast on my other hand.  "We'll explain what happened with Luke and he'll understand.  You said in his letter, that Luke wouldn't be so nice about it.  He practically said so himself.  Plus, this sort of thing has kind of happened before.  He'll have to understand."

I turned my attention to our hands.  Even though I finally let him kiss me, it didn't relieve the knots in my heart.  It hurt still, but not even consenting to him was enough.  It was strange.  "I don't think he'll believe us," I said quietly and took my hands back from him to lay them in my lap.

He didn't seemed to be upset about it, but he left his hands on the table. "He'll have to believe you, because I'll convince him if I have to.  By force if necessary."  Victor got up slightly and leaned across the table then kissed me gently on my lips. "It'll be alright."

Before I could respond, the train jerked and I grasped the table edge to steady myself.  Victor sat back down then looked out the window and furrowed his brow in distaste.  We were on the outskirts of the city's borders leaving the city.  Outside of the city's walls was a dangerous world most were not permitted to stay in long.  The city we lived in was the second largest in existence.  The largest was the capital called De'Lea, home to the council and the center of our society.  Other small cites surrounded it, but ours was one of the most known.  The city of Nora was known for it's beauty and population of over half a million.  We were the center of the trade and production industry.  Most of the companies resided within Nora and the family's could rest in peace within the city's protective walls.  My father was a council member, but had chosen to live in Nora instead of Tria like the other fifteen members.

But more on the outskirts of Nora, I felt the danger settling in.  "Looks like we'll be delayed a few hours," Victor said, as if he weren't even concerned.  I glanced over to the clock to see we had been on the train for a mere two hours already since boarding.  With the short amount of time I had to handle things with father this delay only made me antsy.

The conductor came over the speaker and said, "Code 2543.  I repeat.  2543.  We are experiencing some engine troubles, so will all personnel follow procedure for code 2543.  Thank you."

Victor and I stared at each other.  The conductor's words were curt, sounding a lot like this was more than engine troubles.  Before either of us could speak, a man walked over to us and leaned down.  Victor glared at the intrusion until the man said, "Are you the daughter of William Stone?"

I didn't answer and slapped on a poker face to hide my panic.  "What would his daughter be to you," I asked carefully as Victor took my hand.

The man smiled, revealing sharp pointed teeth.  I swallowed hard and kept a steady gaze with his light orange eyes.  "Just as I should expect from Haden's sister, very witty and sharp."  He leaned away and looked a at Victor.  "What's this, a member of the Trinity family?"

Victor glared at him.  "How did you -"

"You smell of their blood," the man said.  Then, he looked at me.  "You obviously aren't related to the Stone family by blood, so that's why I had to ask.  But, the daughter of Will isn't biological, is she?  But you smell faintly of Katro Cologne, his signature favorite that his daughter buys for him every father's day and Christmas.  Then, you smell of sickness.  So I'm assuming he's not well then.  Shame.  Will was a good man."  The man smiled and it shattered my facade.

But Victor spoke before I could.  "Who the hell are you," he snarled.

The man smiled deviously.  "A coworker of your brother's," he said to me, almost ignoring Victor's presence.  "You weren't supposed to be on this train though.  So this changes things."  He stood tall and looked down on us.  He looked to the front and back of the dining car and scoffed.  No body was left and we were alone.

"What do you mean I wasn't supposed to be on this train," I asked.

"This train is carrying precious cargo to our enemy," he snapped, then sighed.  "With you on this train only puts you in danger.  We need to get you off."

"Why the hell should we trust you,"  Victor shouted at him.

The man looked at him, almost as if he just remembered Victor was there.  The man pulled something from his pocket and my heart almost stopped.  He held up the conch shell I had given big brother on our first family vacation.  It was a deep violet purple with ridges that were a soft lavender.  I had found it on the beach in a small town called Ventro.  It was nothing of real importance, but the fact this man had it bothered me.

"Haden said you'd settle down once you saw this," the man said lightly with a chuckle.  "Believe me now?"

I didn't answer him but instead asked, "How am I on the wrong train when he bought the ticket for me?"

"We didn't for see the cargo on this train actually.  We were expecting it on another one that would be departing two weeks from now.  But, we misjudged," he said with a nonchalant shrug.

Victor took my hands again and glared at him.  "What," was all I could say.  I swallowed hard and closed my eyes.  "Where is my brother?  What does he have to do with this?"

The man stared down at me, his eyes strangely soft and kind.  Victor's warm hands trembled slightly from the panic.  I held his hands back tightly as I waited for the man to answer.  At last he said, "You really don't know your brother as well as you thought did you?"

And that was what I had been fearing the most.  Big brother was not the same.  I took a deep breath and let that settle into my mind.  "I guess not," I murmured and looked calmly at Victor.  "We need to trust him...."

But even though I said it, my own mind was sending warning bells.  Please, tell me I've made the right choice.

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This is an America x OC Sad Story. And please, listen to the music while reading this!

Tatakai ga owatta to shirase wo kikimashita
Machi wa yorokobi ni afurete
Kumo wa sari manten no hoshizora ga miemashita
Dakedo kokoro wa harenu mama
Anata ga kaeru sono hi made
Mado wa aketa mama de matteru wa
Itsumade mo

I read the letter that said that the war was over and sighed as I put away the letter, stood up and walk to the window and looked up to the starry night sky as I thought 'I'll be waiting, always'

Aitai aitai aitai
Anata wa doko na no
Hitori-kiri no yoru kara atashi wo sukutte yo
Onegai kikasete namae wo yobu koe wo
Nakeru hodo odayakana yoru ga
Yukkuri fuketeku

I walked off the window and picked up the flowers that you gave me before you left.
After a while, I putted them down and went off to bed since it was getting late.

Saigo no yoru kawashita yakusoku wo

I woke up and got ready then started to remember the last night that we had.

Kanarazu modotte kuru yo,

I remember you gently cupping my cheek with you hand and say "I'll come back for you"

Soshitarasa, futari-kiri de
Itsumade mo sugosou ne
Nidoto hitori ni wa shinai kara

Then after that, you gently held my hand with your free hand promised me that when you come back, we will live our lives because you said "I won't leave you again"

Anata no kotoba wo tayori ni
Kyou mo nemurenu yoru wo
Koete iku naki nagara

I sobbed as I recalled that memory and started to walk to the door and went outside to sit on the swing and continue to cry.

Aitai aitai aitai
Anata wa doko na no
Hitori-kiri no yoru kara atashi wo sukutte yo
Onegai kikasete namae wo yobu koe wo
Todoku hazu no nai kotoba wo
Yokaze ga hakondeku

When I finished crying, I wiped my eyes and prayed to the winds to bring you here. After that I walked to the town and when I got there, there were lots of cheering to praise all the heroes. 

Heiwa no uta ga narihibiki
Dare mo ga eiyuu wo tataete mo
Atashi ni wa kikoenai
Koko ni anata ga inakereba

But I couldn't hear all that, because you're not here with me.


Aitai aitai
Anata wa doko na no
Hitori-kiri no yoru kara atashi wo sukutte yo

I sobbed as I remembered all the times that we had together before you went for war.

Onegai kikasete namae wo yobu koe wo
Nakeru hodo odayakana yoru ga
Yukkuri fuketeku

I felt a cold air swept through me and at that moment, I thought I felt some one hug me from behind but it disappeared 3 seconds later. 

Atarashii asa ga kuru tabi
Anata wo sagashiteru


I miss you...... Alfred F. Jones

Yeahhhh......... I cried while writing this because I was listening to the song. The title of the song is the title of this story. Oh and Gumi sang this, if ya wanna know. 
P.S. sorry if it wasn't that sad, I just followed the story in the music video


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