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No matter what your age is, it is never prematurely or too late to be worried concerning your skin. Your skin, being the outer layer of you, is the part of you that people see, and also reflects your total state of health and wellness and also age. Thus, it is a smart idea to take good care of your skin as early as feasible.

The results old on skin do not take place overnight so the most effective approach of anti-aging skin care is to begin youthful. The earlier, the far better, right? In a period of just a few years, the visible effects of aging skin are the result of a procedure that has been happening for as long as you've been alive.

What triggers the skin to age? Various foods like tension, cost-free radicals from way too much UV exposure, tobacco and also alcohol. The most effective method to treat maturing skin is to avoid committing the above mentioned causes. The good news is there are certainly foods around that can slow several of the effects old down. Below are the top 5 anti-aging foods in Asia that you could attempt at home:

1. Melons

In addition to them being incredibly tasty, they are likewise an exceptional source of vitamins. The melon's secret component? Carotenoids. These are an important part of our body's immune system that combats growing old. They make the skin appearance more healthy as well as younger. Munch on melons and melons to achiever that healthy carotenoid radiance.

2. Green Tea

Green tea, widely utilized for centuries due to its wellness perks, is packed with anti-oxidants which help the skin from harmful complimentary radicals. Green tea polyphenols are known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory homes. It additionally aids slow down the skin's early aging procedure.

3. Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is the element being fed by to their young ones. It is rich in powerful antioxidants that repair and also turn around the harm dued to the air's pollutants, UV rays, and other unsafe drug that we find in the setting. It could likewise aid protect the skin from future harm.

4. Avocados

Apart from its high nutrient worth, this superfood is filled with anti-oxidants and amino acids. It is thought about as one of the best anti-aging foods by increasing the collagen buildup in our skin. It additionally consists of carotenoid anti-oxidants (much like melons) that reduce dark places as well as marks.

5. Placenta (Buy Placenta Soap Right here).

Do not be misguided by its name. This placenta comes from the actual heart of youthful plants, where it operates as a nourishing liquid for the fruit to expand. It is abundant in amino acids and peptides which helps in creating collagen and cell regeneration. The result-- decrease of creases, fine lines, stretch marks as well as scars. There are placenta soaps and placenta creams now readily available online for optimum outcomes.

These are simply several of the best meals to reduce growing old. You can look for others and view what works as well as ditch the rest.

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-Late morning, the trio are on their way to investigate a slave operation that has a connection to Dahak. Spirit sighs "This is going to be a bad day I can tell." Maxinus nods saying in return. "With Dahak everything is bad." Tygo remains silent till he stopped and said. "When this is over I will make us a good lunch of sesame chicken and white rice." Spirit and Maxinus smirked at the food thought till they stop and hear screaming, all three ran and spot Shadowlings dragging someone in a net as Maxinus said, "their six so we take two each." Spirit nods saying, " I get the ones with the net." Tygo thought might as well get the leftovers as they jump and rush. Spirit uses a flame like sword to slash the net holders as they vanish to dust, Maxinus slash two armored ones in half as they vanish, and Tygo gets shot by the last two with guns, but it bounces off when he is in his metal coat form and swipes a blade hand of his, chopping them in half as they vanish. Spirit cuts the net off as Arnelle said, "Thank you you save my-" before she can finish, Spirit and Arnelle lock eyes with each other. {Gary Wright-Dream Weaver playing}  Spirit smiles saying. "Uh hi...I am Spirit," Arnelle smiles saying her name, "Arnelle but many call me Arnie, have we met?.." Spirit reply as they stare with a smile when he said, "No..but you look beautiful," Arnelle giggles and reply, "Thank you very much." Tygo goes "AHEM!" Spirit snaps out and introduced Maxinus and Tygo as they hear her story the best she can since she tries to describe it. "All I know this place has a big D on the cave entrance." Tygo eye scans and looks around, he then spot the cave saying, "Found it! 1,000 yards off!" They ran as Arnelle holds on to Spirit hand as he looks and smiles. "I will protect you no matter what," Arnelle smiles and said, "I can take care of myself so do not worry." They made it to the cave as they enter silently, they duck and spot children forced to work in the mines as the leader talk to Dahak through a screen saying, "So far one got away but we will find her." Dahak glares and said, "I do not forgive failure so do not fail..." As the screen goes off, Spirit growls with the words, "Has he have no soul, this time he has gone to far!" They split up to take down the gaurds, Arnelle hops of two, slamming them down as they poof, Tygo grabs two feet each and trips the two gaurds, then Maxinus snuck behind and slash their backs as they poof, and Spirit punches the last two when he had them turn around.  As all four land by the leader, the leader grew into a large metal machine as Spirit asked Tygo and Arnelle to get the slave children out, they nods and do as they told but Arnelle kissed Spirit Cheek for goodluck as Spirit and Maxinus are left to duke out the robot. As the Robot smashes down, Maxinus runs up the arm and sliced it off from the shoulder, Spirit forms his hands together as a pulse begins to form, "PHOENIX SHOCKWAVE BAZOOKA!" The shockwave hits the machine, he falls back as the cave begins to crumble with Maxinus saying, "Time to go!" As everyone watched, Spirit and Maxinus makes it out in time, Arnelle rushed and hugs Spirit and she quickly lets go patting his back blushing saying, " Uh glad your ok hehe" Everyone returns to the village as everyone greet their children back home, Arnelle asked Spirit if she can go with him and the boys as Spirit nods, Maxinus with anime tears saying, "WHY CAN'T SHE BE A FEW YEARS OLDER!" Tygo smashed his head annoyed, Arnelle hides behind Spirit cause of that as Spirit laughs saying, "You will get used to it." The town leader asked who you guys are and the trio forms swords and raised up with a Oath for all to hear. 

As long as the moon is bright,

And the sun continues to shine,

Darkness will lose its might,

Let Shadows fall before our light,

And our spirits burn bright,

For we defend purity and life,


With that Everyone applaud as Spirit, Tygo, Arnelle, and Maxinus left on the Journey. Dahak who saw the whole thing, smashes an orb he watched through saying the words. "One day..I will win...and Spirit...WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  ((Arnelle belongs to :icontwisted-kitsune:  ))
Todsünde wears boxers instead in panties
-En Español-
Hola Amigos mios, Quiero que cada uno puedan Leer esta lista sobre mis 10 pokemon que merecen tener una Mega Evolucion, y supongo que todos van a preguntar porque lo merecen Por curiosidad, Bueno Empezemos con la Lista:
#10: Los Pokemon Iniciales de Johto (Meganium, Typhlosion & Feraligatr)
Pregunta: Por que Quieres que los Iniciales de Johto merecen tener una Mega Evolucion?
Respuesta: Bueno como los Iniciales de Kanto & los Iniciales de Hoenn Tuvieron una Mega Evolucion, Supongo que los Proximos Iniciales en tener una Mega Evolucion serian los Inciales de Johto.
Mega Meganium
Tipo: Planta / Hada
Habilidad: Potencia (Aumenta el Doble de Ataque del Usuario)
Mega Piedra: Meganiumita
Sinopsis: Al momento de Mega Evolucionar, la Flor de Meganium empieza a convertirse en un Lilium Asiatico Hibrido Rosa que puede soltar un Dulce Aroma capaz de Calmar al Oponente, las Antenas se vuelven mas largas que en el cual cada antena le salen Azucenas Blancas y una tambien en la cola, le empiezan a salir 3 Crestas Espinosas en la cabeza que en el centro es mas grande, y los pies le salen Garras Afiladas capaz de dar el Ataque al Oponente.
Chikorita, Bayleef & Meganium Ahora pueden Aprender estos siguientes Movimientos
-Por Nivel:
*Viento Feerico
*Defensa Floral
-Por MT (Maquina Tecnica) :
*Fuerza Psiquica
*Brillo Magico
-Por Tutor de Movimientos:
*Cabezazo Zen
Mega Typhlosion
Tipo: Fuego / Tierra
Habilidad: Poder Solar (Durante una Intensa Luz Solar, Poder Solar Aumenta el Ataque Especial del Usuario por un 50%, Pero Pierde 1/8 Parte de sus Maximos Puntos de Salud al Final de Cada Turno)
Mega Piedra: Typhlosionita
Sinopsis: al Momento de Mega Evolucionar Typhlosion le Empiezan a Salir 3 Volcanes en su Espalda que en la Central es Mas Larga y un Volcan pequeño en Cada extremo del hombro, la boca le Empieza a Salir Lava Hirviendo, las Garras se vuelven de Piedra tan afiladas como estalactitas, los pies de Roca Dura, el Torso y la parte baja de la espalda Le salen Grietas de Lava.
Cyndaquil, Quilava & Typhlosion Ahora pueden Aprender estos siguientes Movimientos
-Por Nivel:
*Disparo de Lodo
-Por MT:
*Roca Afilada
*Cañon Destello
-Por de Tutor de Movimientos:
*Poder Terrestre
*Cabeza de Hierro
Mega Feraligatr
Tipo: Agua / Dragon
Habilidad: Mandibula Fuerte (Mandíbula Fuerte aumenta el poder de los movimientos de mordisco por un 50%.)
Mega Piedra: Feraligatrita
Sinopsis: Al Momento de Mega Evolucionar, Feraligatr empieza a estar cubierto de Cicatrices Despues de Tantas peleas duras que ha tenido, Los Brazos le empienzan a Salir espinas punteagudas, las espinas de la cabeza, espalda & cola se vuelven mas largas y punteagudas y en la Mandibula le salen mas Dientes de los que tenia antes que se vuelven mas Grandes, Desfigurados y Filosos Capaz de Triturar Cualquier Cosa que atravieza a su Paso.
Totodile, Croconaw & Feraligatr Ahora pueden Aprender estos siguientes Movimientos
-Por Nivel:
*Furia Dragon
*Colmillo Veneno
*Carga Dragon
-Por MT:
*Pinchazo Veneno
*Pulso Oscuro
-Por Tutor de Movimientos:
*Lanza Mugre
#9: Machamp & Golem
P: Por que Quieres que Machamp & Golem merezcan una Mega Evolucion?
R: Pues Alakazam & Gengar Tuvieron una Mega Evolucion, Entonces porque no Tambien Machamp & Golem?
Mega Machamp
Tipo: Lucha
Habilidad: Puño Férreo (Puño Férreo causa que la base de poder de los movimientos basado en puño aumenten un 20%.)
Mega Piedra: Machampita
Sinopsis: Al momento de Mega Evolucionar, Machamp Le Salen 2 Brazos Extra Siendo 6 En total, Capaz de Dar Multiples Puñetazos sin Parar, llevando puesto unos Shorts de combate estilo Luchador de artes marciales mixtas, un Collar de Cadena de Acero, y Los pies totalmente vendados, estando lo suficientemente preparado para Pelear.
Machop, Machoke & Machamp Ahora pueden Aprender estos siguientes Movimientos
-Por Nivel
*Puño Bala
*Puño Sombra
*Gancho Alto
*Puño Meteoro
*Brazo Martillo
-Por Tutor de Movimientos:
Cabeza de Hierro
Mega Golem
Tipo: Roca / Acero
Habilidad: Roca Solida (Roca Solida reduce el daño de los Ataques super efectivos por ¼. Un movimiento que Causa el daño por 2x se convierte en 1.5x, y un movimiento que Causa el daño por 4x se convierte en 3x.)
Mega Piedra: Golemita
Sinopsis: Al momento de Mega Evolucionar, Golem Empieza a tener una Armadura de Acero afilado siendo capaz de resistir el daño de los golpes duros de sus oponentes, al empezar a Rodar, el cuerpo de este pokemon parece una Sierra giratoria dando un gran daño al oponente.
Geodude, Graveler & Golem Ahora pueden Aprender estos siguientes Movimientos
-Por Nivel:
*Garra de Metal
*Bomba Magneto
*Disparo Espejo
-Por MT:
*Cañon Destello
-Por Tutor de Movimientos:
*Puño de Hielo
*Cabezazo Zen
*Super Iman
#8: Milotic
P: Por que Quieres que Milotic Merezca una Mega Evolucion?
R: Porque en la Revista de Coro coro que mostraron las Mega Evoluciones de Salamence, Altaria & Lopunny Mostraron Tambien a Feebas & Milotic, Pero no han mostrado la Mega Evolucion de este Pokemon.
Mega Milotic
Tipo: Agua / Hada
Habilidad: Piel Feerica (Convierte los Movimientos de tipo Normal en tipo Hada & Aumenta un 30% de Poder.)
Mega Piedra: Miloticita
Sinopsis: Al momento de Mega Evolucionar, Las escamas de Milotic empiezan a Brillar como una Gema, Se le salen Alas en la Espalda como si fueran de una Mariposa, Las Orejas se vuelven mas Largas que Tambien Brillan como una Aurora Boreal, y La Cola Le salen 3 escamas Mas Siendo 7 en total, que cada uno tiene un diferente Color representando los Colores de un Arcoiris, Capaz de hacer que el Oponente se quede inmovil ante la gran Belleza de este Pokemon.
Milotic Ahora puede Aprender estos siguientes Movimientos
-Por Nivel:
*Campo de Niebla
*Fuerza Lunar
-Por MT:
*Fuerza Psiquica
*Brillo Magico
-Por Tutor de Movimientos
*Hiper Voz
#7: Torkoal
P: Por que Quieres que Torkoal merezca una Mega Evolucion?
R: Bueno Como Torkoal no ha tenido ni tanto una forma evolucionada ni forma preevolucionada, supongo que este Pokemon pueda tener una Mega Evolucion.
Mega Torkoal
Tipo: Fuego / Acero
Habilidad: Filtro (Filtro reduce el daño de los Ataques super efectivos por ¼. Un movimiento que Causa el daño por 2x se convierte en 1.5x, y un movimiento que Causa el daño por 4x se convierte en 3x.)
Mega Piedra: Torkoalita
Sinopsis: Al momento de Mega Evolucionar, el Caparazon  de Torkoal se transforma en un techo de una fabrica de acero con una Chimenea de un Tren, Teniendo una Mayor Defensa para poder resistir los Mayores daños de los ataques de sus oponentes, La Cabeza parece tener una especie de un Casco duro que permite dar multiples Cabezazos, y las Garras se vuelven mas Largas y Afiladas capaz de cortar una enorme roca a la Mitad.
Torkoal Ahora puede Aprender estos siguientes Movimientos
-Por Nivel:
*Garra de Metal
*Bomba Magneto
*Disparo Espejo
-Por MT
*Cañon Destello
-Por Tutor de Movimientos
*Cabeza de Hierro
*Cabezazo Zen
*Super Iman
#6: Quagsire
P: Por que Quieres que Quagsire merezca una Mega Evolucion?
R: Porque es mi desicion de acuerdo?, Ademas nececitaba que un Pokemon Con una Mega Evolucion tenga una Habilidad relacionada con el effecto Climatico.
Mega Quagsire
Tipo: Agua / Tierra
Habilidad: Llovizna (la Lluvia ahora dura al menos 5 turnos durante la batalla.)
Mega Piedra: Quagsirita
Sinopsis: Al momento de Mega Evolucionar, la cabeza, espalda, cola y rodillas de Quagsire se le Salen Espinas como si fuese de un Pez Escorpion, Las mejillas le salen Antenas como si fuesen iguales a las de su forma preevolucionada macho solo que estan cubiertas con piel, en el pecho le salen aletas capaz de dar una gran velocidad al momento de nadar y los brazos le salen branquias dandole un pulso para dar tremendos puñetazos.
Wooper & Quagsire Ahora pueden Aprender estos siguientes Movimientos
-Por Nivel
*Aqua Jet
*Hidro Bomba
Bueno es todo hasta ahora, pero pronto se me ocurriran el sipnosis de las Mega evoluciones de los 5 restantes espero que lo hayan leido, Adios.
-In English-
Hello My friends, I want you each to Read this list of my 10 pokemon that deserves a Mega Evolution, and I guess everyone of you will ask why they deserve Out of curiosity, Well Let's start with the List:
#10: The Johto Pokemon Starters (Meganium, Typhlosion & Feraligatr)
Question: Why do you want the Johto Starters Deserve a Mega Evolution?
Answer: Well as the Kanto Starters & the Hoenn Starters had a Mega Evolution, I guess the next Starters to have a Mega Evolution would be the Johto Starters.
Mega Meganium
Type: :icongrasstypeplz: / :iconfairytypeplz:
Ability: Huge Power (Huge Power doubles the User's Attack stat.)
Mega Stone: Meganiumite
Synopsis: at the Moment of Mega Evolve, the Meganium's flower start to become an Pink Hybrid Asian Lilium, that can drop a Sweet Arome able to calm the opponent, the antennas become longer that which one will come out in each antenna white lilies and also one on the tail, in the head will start to grow three Spiny peaks which in the center become larger, and the feet will come out sharp claws able to Attack the opponent.
Chikorita, Bayleef & Meganium Can now Learn these next Moves
-By Leveling Up:
*Fairy Wind
*Flower Shield
*Play Rough
-By TM (Technical Machine) :
*Dazzling Gleam
-By Move Tutor:
*Zen Headbutt
Mega Typhlosion
Type: :iconfiretypeplz: / :icongroundtypeplz:
Ability: Solar Power (During intense sunlight, Solar Power increases the User's Special Attack by 1.5x, but the User loses 1/8 of its maximum HP at the end of each turn.)
Mega Stone: Typhlosionite
Synopsis: at the Moment of Mega Evolve, Typhlosion will start to grow three volcanoes on its back which the Central is more longer and a small Volcano at each end of the shoulder, the mouth begins to leave Boiling Lava, the Claws become Stone making sharp as a stalactite, the feet become solid rock, the torso and the lower back will have Lava cracks.
Cyndaquil, Quilava & Typhlosion Can now Learn these next Moves
-By Leveling Up:
*Mud Shot
-By TM:
*Stone Edge
*Flash Cannon
-By Move Tutor:
*Earth Power
*Iron Head
Mega Feraligatr
Type: :iconwatertypeplz: / :icondragontypeplz:
Ability: Strong Jaw (Strong Jaw increases the power of biting moves by 50%.)
Mega Stone: Feraligatrite
Synopsis: at the Moment of Mega Evolve, Feraligatr begins to be scarred after many tough battles that had, the Arms grows out pointy thorns, the thorns of the head, back & tail become longer and pointy and the jaw grows more teeth that had before which become larger, disfigured and sharp able to shred Anything that crosses its path.
Totodile, Croconaw & Feraligatr Can now Learn these next Moves
-By Leveling Up:
*Dragon Rage
*Poison Fang
*Dragon Rush
-By TM:
*Poison Jab
*Dark Pulse
-By Move Tutor:
*Gunk Shot
#9: Machamp & Golem
Q: Why do you want to Machamp & Golem deserve a Mega Evolution?
A: Well Alakazam & Gengar had a Mega evolution, so why not Machamp & Golem too?
Mega Machamp
Type: :iconfightingtypeplz:
Ability: Iron Fist (Iron Fist causes the Base Power of affected punching moves to increase by 20%.)
Mega Stone: Machampite
Synopsis: at the Moment of Mega Evolve, Machamp will grow out 2 Extra arms being 6 in total, capable to give a multiple nonstop Punches, wearing a shorts look like a mixed martial arts Fighter, a steel chain collar, and the feet completely bandaged, making Fully ready to Fight.
Machop, Machoke & Machamp Can now Learn these next Moves
-By Leveling Up:
*Bullet Punch
*Mach Punch
*Shadow Punch
*Sky Uppercut
*Meteor Mash
*Hammer Arm
-By Move Tutor
*Iron Head
Mega Golem
Type: :iconrocktypeplz: / :iconsteeltypeplz:
Ability: Solid Rock (Solid Rock reduces super effective damage by ¼. A move that would deal 2x damage will instead deal 1.5x damage, and a move that would deal 4x will instead deal 3x.)
Mega Stone: Golemite
Synopsis: at the Moment Mega Evolve, Golem begins to have a sharp steel armor being able to resist damage from the attacks of their opponents, to start rolling, the body of this pokemon seems like a rotating Saw giving great damage to the opponent.
Geodude, Graveler & Golem Can now Learn these next Moves
-By Leveling Up:
*Metal Claw
*Magnet Bomb
*Mirror shot
-By TM:
*Flash Cannon
-By Move Tutor:
*Ice Punch
*Zen Headbutt
*Magnet Rise
#8: Milotic
Q: Why do you want to Milotic deserve a Mega Evolution?
A: Because in the Coro Coro Magazine showed the Mega Evolutions of Salamence, Altaria & Lopunny also showed Feebas & Milotic, but they not shown the Mega Evolution this Pokemon.
Mega Milotic
Type :iconwatertypeplz: / :iconfairytypeplz:
Ability: Pixilate (Pixilate causes all Normal-type moves used by the Pokémon to become Fairy-type and receive a 30% boost in addition to all other modifiers.)
Mega Stone: Miloticite
Synopsis: at the Moment of Mega Evolve, the Milotic's Scales begin to shine like a gem, showing out a wings on its back as if were a butterfly, the ears become longer that also shine as a Aurora borealis and the Tail will grow 3 more scales being 7 in total, each scale has a different color representing the colors of the rainbow, able to make the opponent froze to the great beauty of this Pokemon.
Milotic Can now Learn these next Moves
-By Leveling Up:
*Misty Terrain
*Play Rough
-By TM:
*Dazzling Gleam
-By Move Tutor:
*Hyper Voice
#7: Torkoal
Q: Why do you want to Torkoal deserves a Mega Evolution?
A. Well As Torkoal has neither have a evolved form or pre-evolved form, I guess this Pokemon can have a Mega Evolution.
Mega Torkoal
Type: :iconfiretypeplz: / :iconsteeltypeplz:
Ability: Filter (Filter reduces super effective damage by ¼. A move that would deal 2x damage will instead deal 1.5x damage, and a move that would deal 4x will instead deal 3x.)
Mega Stone: Torkoalite
Synopsis: at the Moment of Mega Evolve, the Torkoal's shell becomes a roof of a steel mill with a train chimney, taking a Major defense to resist the Major damage the attacks of their opponents, the head seems to have a kind of a hard helmet that allows to do multiple headbutts, and the claws become more long and sharp able to cut a huge boulder in half.
Torkoal Can now Learn these next Moves
-By Leveling Up:
*Metal Claw
*Magnet Bomb
*Mirror Shot
-By TM:
*Flash Cannon
-By Move Tutor:
*Iron Head
*Zen Headbutt
*Magnet Rise
#6: Quagsire
Q: Why do you like Quagsire deserves a Mega Evolution?
A: Because it's my decision Ok?, and Besides I need a Pokemon with a Mega Evolution having an ability related with the Weather Effect.
Mega Quagsire
Type: :iconwatertypeplz: / :icongroundtypeplz:
Ability: Drizzle (The rain now lasts only for five turns during the battle.)
Mega Stone: Quagsirite
Synopsis: at the Moment of Mega Evolve, The Quagsire's head, back, tail and knees grows out thorns as if be a scorpion fish, the cheeks will leave antennas as if they were equal to their male pre-evolved form but that are covered with Skin, the chest grows out fins capable of have great speed when swimming and arms will have gills giving a big pulse to give tremendous punches.
Wooper & Quagsire Can now Learn these next Moves
-By Leveling Up:
*Aqua Jet
*Rock Slide
*Hydro Pump
Well that's it for now, but soon I'll think the synopsis of the Mega Evolutions of the 5 remaining hope you guys have read it, bye.
im kind of making this up as i go along so here we go :)

Is it so bad to want you
 by Jessica Mcquistan

It is a almost primal need
like lust
but with deep,
romantic urges
I feel like 
I want to be closer
to you, 
to touch your face,
and to feel loved
to soon perhaps
but yet I feel it
a love 
a lusting after something, 
I will never have

you are like daylight, 
in my darkness, 
but oh the things, 
I want to do, 
with you, 
in the dark,
my soul cries out, 
for some sign,
of emotion,
showing that you,
actually care.

its a fairytale,
but its mine, 
and oh how,
I wish it were true

I could really 
use a knight
in shining army
someone to touch me
and make me
feel wanted

this hazy gray
is turning pitch black
soon I will disappear 
and will be gone
from your memory
a candle
burnt out
like the snap of a branch 
we will break apart
and distance ourselves 
strewn far away
from the feeling
this feeling
its gone.
  • Mood: Fear
I have a planned plot. I already have the charcters and their characteristics. I'm already making the first chapter in my notes.

I think I'm gonna post my story... I think.

I still can't think of a nice title though.

But at the moment, the title is "Dearest Pearl". If it sounds lame to you, sorry.

Here's the summary:

Lia Pearl is an 11 year-old girl living with her parents. Yet her friends doesn't believe her. Her parents look nothing like her -nor act.

One day, at two in the morning, she woke up and saw something shine from the forest near their house. She went out and found it.

She took it home. What was it?

It was a pearl.

*summary end*


Here, more information (the top is the summary):

She Showed it to her parents, yet they rejected telling her the truth. She didn't told her friends because, she doesn't trust them.

In the same day, the pearl accidentally talked because of the gruesome things that were happening while Lia  was playing a surgeon game.

umm, yeah, that's how they met.

I'll be posting the first chapter now, so, that's it I guess.


There it is, the summary. I'll only tell that to you for now...

Sorry if it's a bad summary or perhaps, doesn't make sense.
I have read many x Readers.
     NO SHAME.
Their great, I'm serious.
Just read the good ones, and you'll be fine.
My favorite is Armin,  so send your Armin stories forever. >w< (I need unlimited stories for Armin)
 I read my first Reiner yesterday.
So I guess I'll try all the types. . .
If you want to my first (whoever) story, then send em!  Own the honor.
I remember all my first stories... 
I have not read a.....

  Mikasa,             Annie,           Bertolt,       Mike,        Oluo.. ._. Never will,       
 There are sometimes combinations, like... Armin x Reader x ... so on...
But I haven't read a lot of thosee.....
     I've only read  
Levi x reader x various.  and like a Armin x Reader x Eren..
   So three people are not discovered yet.
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2 years after the destroying of Terra and the battle of necron in FF9.
It is friendly and nice in the Gaia. But the Day comming....
Villager of Alexandia is suprisend of the day. The Man with a black cape is comming.
He say: "I will spreaking with Queen of Alexandia."
Villager: "Yes she is in to castle."
He say: "Thank you very much"
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I am entirely devoted to maintaining my sanity,
My body and soul is suffering from sever exhaustion.
Teenage hormones amplifies conflict severity to what its not, 
I am told my life isn't bad, others are worse, so what?
Are all my feelings just an illusion, just a misconception? 
Do all my experiences amount merely to a web of lies,
One in which I am the helpless fly caught on a thread,
Continuously struggling and pulling, only to further constrict,
While in actuality all I had to do was wake up from my dream.
I was running away from a Blob Arceus that was Hungry for me, I was a Powerful Boy Braxien, everyone wants me for a Vore toy in account if my Legendary sweetness and Super soft fur,who was injured in the fight against the Blob Threat, You see me running from the blob Arceus you decide to-
A ) Fight alongside me
B ) Help the Blob Arceus take me away for food
C ) Be the Blob Arceus (Play as the blob Arceus)
D ) Get infected with the Blob virus (Become an eating machine!)
Blob Arceus Options
A ) Absorb me through your Blob skin
B ) Tell me to beg for mercy
C ) Mess with me before you eat me
D ) Shove me up Your blob bootey