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Daily Lit Recognition for November 27th, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
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Suggested by: MagicalJoey
Featured by: TwilightPoetess

This beautiful piece by gonegal brings chaos to life for readers.

Featured by: NemoX7

A beautifully composed poem, evoking simple word choice to effectively portray longing. Fluid, provocative and sincere.


Suggested by: SilverInkblot 
Featured by: chromeantennae 

Suggester says: A two sentence horror story that's wide open to interpretation.

Suggested by: Malintra-Shadowmoon
Featured by: SilverInkblot
The Wizard's Fate [806 Words]High on a snow covered mountain these soldiers had made their camp. The tents were frayed torn, their clothes are tattered and threadbare. They look badly injured, many are sick.  They huddle around the few campfires that are lit. None smile, and there is no conversation.
The dirt and blood stained uniforms the soldiers wear are all the same. Some of the shields still bear an elaborate crest, one you might find on a royal house. It appears as if this may have been an army in the past, but you can find no pennants flying or other signs of the kingdom they may have served.
There is a single tent in the center encircled by rest of the camp. It bears its share of tears and holes, but is in better condition than all the others. Inside is a man in a velvet robe, with a long white beard.  He sits in a corner of the tent staring at the last sips amber dregs in his bottle.
"A fine mess you've gotten into,” he thinks. "Help King Azalon win his war.  Wonderful idea. Now here

Suggester: "Fantasy story about a beaten army and a fallen king. A touch of horror and suspense... an interesting read. Very intensely written."

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to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

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~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: chromeantennae

Skin by SimplySilent
*sniff* What do you want?~Sonic

I'm here to tell you something.~ Scourge

What is it?~Sonic

i'll only say if you make a deal*sneaky tone*~Scourge

what*sniff* kind?~ Sonic

i tell you and in favor you do something for ME in return ~Scourge

fine, it's a deal~ Sonic

okay. Amy is pregnant with a child of some else who's not you.~ Scourge

what?! That can't be! Amy'd never do that! Who's the father?~Sonic

Can't tell you.~ Scourge

Now. Go home to YOUR Amy.~Scourge

Shadow's P.O.V

Okay do we have the results for the fingerprints on the gun?~Shadow

yes, actually.~ Jessica

so what are the results?~ Shadow

The results say Amy shot you.~ Jessica

good. We can send this to court and I can show Sonic is no good.~Shadow

well, if you want to win for sure, you need more proof~ Jessica

okay. I'll be back~ Jessica 

Sonic's P.O.V

" Amy how could you?!" I said. Amy tried explaining to me that's all fake and that its my kid and not someone else's. I tried to fully belive her, but I was still unsure if she was telling the truth, but come on its Amy we're talking about. As I walked into my house and as I was about to go upstairs someone knocked on my door. I answered the door and saw Shadow and asked " What are you doing here?" He said " I have important news, Amy was the mysterious person who shot me that day." I couldn't belive that! How could she?! Unless... She did it so I couldn't be with Shadow... It was too much information for the day so I had to ask him to leave because of have to think it all over. Shadoe said " Fone. Don't belive me, I don't care." And he quickly gave me his back and walked out of my house. Was this all one mystery and is finally clearing up?

Normal P.O.V

it was getting close to Christmas time  and Rouge chose to make a Christmas party. She invited everyone like Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, and the Chaotix Team. She gave a white envelope with a green Christmas tree stamp.
                                        ~ 2 Days Later~ 
It was the day of the party, the first one to come was Tails because he loves being early. After Knuckles, Cream, Sonic and everyone else. Amy was cooking the food for the party, Rouge was calling everyone to sit because the food was being placed on the table.

Shadow's P.O.V

As we all had sat down I sat in front of sonic so it would not be awkward . Next to me was Silver on my right and knuckles on my left with Rouge beside him. Sonic had Amy on his right and tails on his left. Rouge made a toast; " I'd like everyone know how happy I am that Any has been pregnant for 4 months now, Have you guys  decided names?" Sonic said "  Actually we are nam-" and was cut off by Amy saying " If a girl, Rose and a boy, X ( short for Sonic X )." " What lovely names" she said. 

As I sat there eating, Silver was talking to me as I nodded to show I understood even though I actually was secretly watching Sonic move ever-so-often, but also fantasizing many things. I noticed Sonic had poor maners when it came to eating , he'd speak with his mouthful, use his hands instead of utensils and he'd lick his fingers than use a napkin. I watched Amy be so closey and lovey-dub-e, but  I knew I'd have him for my self all I needed is more time and proof. I thought of things that could get me and Sonic close , so I told Rouge my game I thought could blend in normally but can give me what I want.

Sonic's  P.O.V

As I saw Shadow sitting infront of me , I knew he was watching me ever-so-often. It didn't bother me, but what did was Shadow and Silver talking about him and Jessica being so close and in love. Maybe I did give her a punch at the café, but it still bothered and made me want to scream " I love you more than Jessica!" But, everyone would know I have no feelings for Amy,  when she is pregnant. I still wondered if it's true she almost killed Shadow and lied about the baby being mine. Out of nowhere Rouge told everyone to sit on a cushion if they already haven't . Rouge chose me said we were playing  "Truth or Dare" card style. Rouge chose me to go first . I chose a card and chose Amy. The card said "Tell me something you know that I don't ." Amy said " I  know the gender of the baby, it's a boy." Everyone  said ".Congrats" or something similar. Amy chose Shadow and picked a card.  The card said " I dare you to tell the truth, who do you have a crush on?"

As I heard those words I chose to say " I like Jessica, she's actually my girlfriend." Instead of saying " I LOVE Sonic" Sonic shocked ran upstairs . Tails as first instinct was to comfort Sonic. Rouge told him not to and gave me a "go now" look, I said " if you'll exude me, I'll be back" I ran upstairs to go see where he was. I saw him laying on the guest bed crying. I felt really bad. I just needed him to see how much he does love me. He turned at me and yelled " What do YOU want?!" I told him " I love you , I need you to understand you do too." He replied " I know I do, I just can't." I said " what if I bring you more proof?" He replied almost confused " I guess, but it's just so confusing!" Out of my  normal curiosity I asked" What is it?" He said " a few days ago Scourge told me the kid is not mine and its Amy and someone else's ." I could not belive how ignorant Sonic was at times I said " Confront her. Tell her you want the truth strait flat!" He said in a confident tone " I will."
Inside and out, I am an anime fan
I can finish a whole show in one day
I just love those shows from Japan

Axis Powers is where I began
Just seeing countries walking around as people
I cannot argue, I am an anime fan

It didn't take long for me to start loving demons
My dad makes fun of Black Butler, but I don't care
I just love those shows from Japan

Only weeks later, the demon must thwart a new plan
Now I both fear and love spiders
What can I say? I am an anime fan

Around the corner, a host club takes my brain
I can easier understand the teenage problems
No matter that I'm American and they're from Japan

My path through anime will never end
From Hetalia, to Host Club and beyond
Inside and out, I am an anime fan
You cannot change that I love those shows from Japan
I decided to open up this again, ask/comment me if you're interested~
All drawings belong to me.

Paypal Stamp by artist4com Commissions [Open] by RevPixy
Thinking that the price is too high? Deal with it, I'm a mouse user and it takes time.

Crystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designs

NeKodan by Calic-0
(Digital) And another! by Calic-0 (Traditional, pen) Smile by Calic-0 (Traditional + Digital)

1 person: $10 (Traditional)
              $15 (Digital)
              $18 (Traditional + Digital)
2 or more: +$3 for each person

Bullet; Yellow Your OC
Bullet; Orange Gift for a friend
Bullet; Yellow  Randomness
Bullet; Orange  Your Minecraft character

Send me the reference. Depends on sketch,

Duration: 30 mins - 1 hour, depends on sketch and reference used.

Crystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designs
output oDNF8U by Calic-0  output uA0fEt by Calic-0 Calic-0 by Calic-0

1 person: $10
2 or more: +$5 for each person

Bullet; Yellow Your OC
Bullet; Orange Gift for a friend
Bullet; Yellow  Randomness
Bullet; Orange  Your Minecraft character

Send me the reference. Headshots only.
Blinking only

Duration: 15 mins - 30 mins, depends on sketch and reference used.

Crystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designs
[SPRITE] Deadlox by AlSeven [SPRITE] Alia by AlSeven  [ANIMATED]
BrOX8KKCUAEeH5G by AlSeven  001 by AlSeven [NOT ANIMATED]

1 person: $5
2 or more: +3$ for each person

Bullet; Yellow Your OC
Bullet; Orange Gift for a friend
Bullet; Yellow  Randomness
Bullet; Orange  Your Minecraft character
Bullet; Yellow Animated [+ $5]

All-pixels, depends on reference.

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1 person: $50
2 persons or more: + $20 for each person

Bullet; Yellow Your OC
Bullet; Orange Gift for a friend
Bullet; Yellow  Randomness
Bullet; Orange  Your Minecraft character

Send me the reference, fully coloured and outlined, speed art of drawing is included with it.

Duration [DRAWING]: 1 hour - 1h 30 mins, depends on sketch and reference used.
Duration [SPEEDART]: Depends on the drawing duration, the time taken to set up the video on Windows Movie Maker, and the editing.

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Herobrine Journal Doll by Alia78904 Eeeeee by Calic-0  Untitled1 by Calic-0


1 person: $5
2 or more: +$5 for each person
Animated: $10+

Bullet; Yellow Your OC
Bullet; Orange Gift for a friend
Bullet; Yellow Randomness
Bullet; Orange Your Minecraft character

All-pixels. Made with SAI and animated with

Crystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designsCrystals Divider by r0se-designs
Image (39) by Calic-0 Image (40) by Calic-0 And another! by Calic-0

$1 for traditional
$2 for digital

Bullet; Yellow Your OC
Bullet; Orange Gift for a friend
Bullet; Yellow Randomness
Bullet; Orange Your Minecraft character
Bullet; Yellow Animated

Send me the reference, it's a bit sketchy but pretty.

Duration: 15 mins - 30 mins, depends on sketch and reference used.

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Your smile - so sweet,
And so bright.
Kept me going
When day was as dark as night.

You never ever judged me,
You understood my sorrow.
Then you told me it needn't be that way
And gave me the hope of a better tomorrow.

You were always there for me,
I knew I could count on you.
You gave me advice and encouragement.
Whenever I didn't know what to do.

You helped me learn to love myself.
You made life seem so good.
You said I can do anything I put my mind to,
And suddenly I knew I could.

Our friendship is one-in-a-million,
So let's hold on to it and each other.
We cannot let this chance of pure bliss fly away.
For there will never be another.

Friendship is the kind of love,
That never can grow old.
Warm and cozy it will stay,
When other things are cold.

Through the restless days I've had with you,
There will never be another you
You made my smiles glow
And I will never be mad at you

Thanks for always being there for me.
I love you so much; you all are the best
And with you near by, I can close my eyes and rest
And know when I wake up, the world is where it should be
All because you’re a great friend to me.
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Who wants to rp with me? I'll be RP-ing as Male!BlackComet.

Yus, dat fine boy.

If you want to, comment below and If it's funny enough, I might post it as a story..






WARNING: This story may contain inappropriate content. Read the journal entry under my profile to get an idea for what the story is about.


I never really knew much about the society that I was living in until I turned ten. Before that, the world around me seemed huge and seemed to stretch onward forever, past the city blocks, past the small parks and past all the tall manmade structures. Of course, if they were even “Man” made that is.

I was young at the time and I really didn’t catch on to what was really happening in my life, nor did I catch on to how society was ran. All I ever knew was being around other boys of my age, playing a game with each other or talking. Those seemed like the best of times, when I was ignorant and unaware of this society that we all lived in. I wished I could just go back.

Now, I’m seventeen years old, and I am now fully aware of the sort of world I live in. To be quite honest, I’ve never really left the blocks around where I live. It seems like staying in that general location is all that I know. I have been further than that, once, but I never went back. I still can remember memories about how that day went.

I was strolling by myself and minding my own, when I took a good hard long look at my surroundings. The skyscrapers that made up more than three quarters of the city’s structures were always lit up with neon colored lights. Signs and different colored images flash across screens on the buildings sides with displays of woman outlines that can be seen on every digital billboard. The streets were always wet with water and residue, causing the blacken asphalt to become a mess of black and brown rubble. There were always a few cars and trucks on the road that were driven by females. There were also bicycles that rode by females and motorbikes rode on by females.

Hence why I am explaining this. The genders in front of my eyes that day were all females, ranging from the ages fifteen to fifty. Somebody once told me that females were a kind and loving creature that tended to everyone’s needs. Dressed in beautiful dresses and robes; they were lovely and served everybody with a smile and a friendly greeting. That seems like the complete opposite than what I have experienced, though. These woman and girls around me are not clothed in beautiful dresses or robes; instead they wore really tight clothing that reveals their body with a most unpleasant show. They wear clothes that are short and tight and are usually showing pieces of their private undergarments, something that is actually really common to see in a time period like this. They also wear a large amount of makeup, lipstick and eyeliner, which turned their faces into that of clowns and circus performers; though some actually wear very little while others wore a lot. The hair styles of these women were also in the oddest of forms, ranging from simple black straight strands or even short blond hair to purple, green and orange strands curled into a bun with a few traces of it drooping down the sides of their faces.

I didn’t really mind it, since it was a common thing I suppose, except I always felt a deep feeling inside me. It felt like something protruding out of me that resulted in me shaking with intensity and letting out an occasional sigh. After a moment or so, the sensation disappeared, say for a rough feeling in my upper thighs that still shook me. It always happens to me when I stare directly at them and when they stare directly back at me. The inner excitement within causes me to twitch and I result in another sigh.

Continuing on more into the city, I began to notice an abundant amount of television screens around me, all with images of more women wearing more exposed articles of clothing and advertising products in their hands. The most common one was some kind of digital displaying a female silhouette dancing slowly around what seemed to be like a pole of some sort. Other digitals show images of women bending forward in front of something and ones of them touching another silhouette carelessly. From my knowledge, it seemed like a normal thing since most of society actually displays that sort of thing. Any and all things that were purchasable must be bought using something called a Digi-Denarius, a small electronic microchip that everyone had inside of their hands. This was something that males don’t have.

Politics was similar; they were decided over a powerful council of females who told everyone what to do and how to live their lives. This specialized group was underneath the leader of the world, a sexualized and ludicrous woman known as The Grand High Empress. All the women who were council members wore matching outfits consisting of red shirts, purple ties, black skirts and long sexual leg socks. They also wore the same matching hair style and makeup of blush and red lipstick. They always made choices regarding their own gender and barely any decisions for the males.

I, myself, was not free, nor was any of my friends. The male human race was under complete control of their counterparts and had no choice but to follow their orders or be imprisoned. I have also heard wild stories about the place that they are sent to called The Panopiticism Palace, a devious containment center where these imprisoned males are locked away in. Such tortures there were considered some of the most violent in human history. It scared me so much when I heard this that I fled from the room to escape the sounds of the tormenting place.

We are all placed in where we work at a young age by The Grand High Empress. From what I remember at that time, all the boys were separated into different rows and were inspected physical from head to toe before going up to the Empresses throne. We couldn’t see the Empress because she didn’t allow males to see her with their own eyes, so we were all blindfolded before we went into her chamber. After our pathway was revealed, we were escorted out of the room and into a transport for our living quarters.

No education was given to us, nor was any true knowledge of the world outside of our metropolis. It seemed like the female race was doing a great job of keeping us locked away from everything else. Crime seemed to be the master of the city streets and it appeared to be on the rise. The Law Enforcement and Military Forces of the future were advanced at executing orders and agenda of The Grand High Empress without any problems. With super technology on their side and personal scouting android’s with them, these forces of law were unstoppable to any and all foes that stood in their way.

While on my way back home after that day of wondering freely around the city, I decided to take the underground bullet metro back to my place. I will soon learn that going that way was a huge mistake. A Police Officer was standing guard at the door of the box car as it was taking off from the station. She was wearing a blue metal and white helmet with a yellow decal on the front of it. She was wearing a loose blue short cut jacket with a gold badge shining on it. Over her legs, she wore a tight pair of black leather shorts, with a pair of handcuffs and a handgun dangling from around her belt.

I tried to avoid all possible eye contact with her, but after a minute or so, she slowly walked her way over to my side and stood in front of me. Looking upward, I saw a face staring down at me with a cigarette at the edge of her mouth. She was smiling at me, which startled the daylights out of me.

“You alone, boy?” she asked in a strange tone of voice.

“Yes, I am.” I replied nervously back.

She lowered herself to her knees and bent forward towards me slowly.

“You know that boys like you aren’t allowed outside alone.”

Taking the cigarette out of her and removing her helmet off her shortened black hair, she asked softly, “Do you mind the smell of smoke?”

I shook my head in disagreement not knowing if it was better or not to say yes or no.

“Good.” She snickered and grabbed hold of my face and began kissing me.

In the process of this, she began to unzip both her jacket and my jumpsuit and revealed a black bra under her short blue jacket, in which she proceeded to rub herself against my chest. I simply felt defenseless as she took full control of my body. I couldn’t describe the rest from just straight up memory, but I did remember the train not stopping at anymore stops all the way home, as if it was determined to keep me and the officer alone with each other for as long as possible. By the time we arrived, I felt like a mess. I couldn’t believe what just happened to me.

“I’ll will be waiting for you tomorrow.” She said as she watched me leave the box car.

That was how my day outside my home sector ended. With the feminists in control of everything and with the word “Sexual” enhanced to become a word that everyone in the world is required to know by heart, I felt like my future was bleak and hopeless. I lay on my bed and looked up at the ceiling later that night and thought to myself, “Is this what my whole future will consist of? Nothing but slavery and lewdness?”

Years had passed and I still remember that day. It’s a new day, however, and it’s time for me to go to work at the nearby factory, the occupation I received for a lifetime by The Grand High Empress. On the way out of my room, I came to plaque on my door that was labeled, “Citizen 325B – Redmond”. I rubbed it with my hand and covered my palm with the collected dust.

“Another day, another 12 hours of no pay.” I sighed and gently closed the door behind me.

It's Thanksgiving! I want all of you people out there to eat as many turkeys as possible. Why? I don't know, but I will sure be eating a bunch of turkeys. Now here's your quote of the week!

"Experience has taught me to investigate anything that glows."
— Sonic, Sonic Colors
Hi everyone happy Thanksgiving ummm.... I normally don't celebrate this holiday....i think its an American holiday but since I'm in a America now ill celebrate. Sooo umm comment what your thankful for and what you want to see from me (art, song covers, poems, short thankthanksgiving story) I'll also be taking art request so gimmie you oC and I'll draw them or make name plates but here is what I'm thankful for :)

FRIENDS (you guys and gals are my friends), MY NEW GF, fossil ;) and i am also thankful for energy drinks and amazing art.

Oh don't forget my sims 3 creepypasta thing. Give me your OC if you want them in
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