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Dan Hibiki vs Bad Boxart Megaman by Kingkoopa121


Glasses: Okay we're starting out strong then. So yeah fuck Capcom, they pull some real bullshit every now and then.

Dark: Perfect example, Dan Hibiki's opponent for today. Bad Box Art Mega Man

FC: We're here to see which one of these two is less of a waste of coding.

Glasses: And this is our most agressive intro thus far, ON WITH THE SHOW
Dan Hibiki, the Weakest Street Fighter Ever by YellowFlash1234
Species: Human

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 163 lbs.
Occupation: Master of the Saikyō-ryū Dojo, Martial Artist

Created the Saikyō-ryū fighting style by merging the Ansatsuken and Muay Thai
Was trained by Gouken
Has held up against some of Street Fighter's strongest characters
-Actually defeated Guy, Chun-Li, and M. Bison
Avenged his father's death by beating Sagat
-Sagat let him win so he wouldn't keep coming after him
Became the master of a Saikyō-ryū dojo
Trained Sakura Kasunago and Jimmy Blanka
Can channel the Satsui no Hado

FC: Dan Hibiki . . . Where do you fucking start with this guy?

Glasses: Well for one his existence is a jab at two of Art of Fighting characters since they were apparent rip offs of Ryu and Ken.

Dark: His backstory's no better, first his father got beaten to death by Sagat, then Dan wasn't allowed to train for long in Ansatsuken because of his list for vengeance, and then when he finally beat Sagat it turns out it was out of PITY.

FC: Moral of the story, if you're Dan Hibiki, you are destined to suck.

Glasses: But hey Dan's not COMPLETE garbage, he's trained both Sakura and Blanka in his shitty martial art of Saikyo, and look at how well they're doing.

FC: And the aforementioned shitty martial art of Saikyo is his own combination of what he learned from his Ansatsuken Training and Muay Thai, so that's a thing. 

Dark: Even started his own dojo to spread saikyo across the world, unfortunately due to him not paying phonebills, and also a lack of address in the add, not many people joined.

315183-capsnk Misc04 Super by YellowFlash1234
-Can destroy cars and send people flying with his blows
-Can break roof tiles with his bare hands
-Not as strong as other Street Fighter characters
Speed and Reflexes
-Keeps up with the other Street Fighter characters
-Has a quick and agile fighting style
-Helped Blanka master the Beast Roll
5 by YellowFlash1234
-Has tanked hits from Street Fighter heavyweights
-When hit with Zangief's Final Atomic Buster, his head hit the concrete with the force to break it, and he survived

FC: Well this is somewhat impressive, durability's not to surprising. He's a joke character, generally they can take a lot of hits.

Dark: But nothing way too spectacular, its just impressive.

Danend3 by YellowFlash1234
Decent Martial Artist
-Merged principles of the Ansatsuken and Muay Thai to create the Saikyō-ryū style
-Trained by Gouken
-Does fairly well in tournaments he enters
-Saikyō-ryū focuses on backing the opponent into a corner
Good Teacher
-Taught Sakura and Blanka the Saikyō-ryū style
-Trained Blanka in the use of the Beast Roll
-Opened his own dojo
Skilled Ki Manipulator
-Can use ki to fire energy blasts
-Has channeled the Satsui no Hado, a powerful form of dark ki

FC: You know looking at this guy, you don't expect him to be competent at anything. But you'd be surprised to here that he was able to combine two martial arts into his own, can perform (awful) ki blasts, and was even able to open a dojo for his martial art.

Dark: Saikyo is basically Diet Anstasuken while incorporating Muay Thai's usage of all the bodies limbs.

Gadouken by YellowFlash1234
-Fires a green ki blast from his hand
-Said blast is weak and has pathetic range
*The Gadoken's damage is comparable to a light slap
-Rip-off of the Hadoken
Dan-koryuken1 by YellowFlash1234
-A jumping uppercut that knocks opponents into the air
-Rip-off of the Shoryuken
Dan Dankukyaku by YellowFlash1234
-Dan leaps forward and does two quick kicks
-Can be used in the air
-Rip-off of the Tatsumaki
Dan-rolltaunt by YellowFlash1234
Roll Taunt
-Rolls forward before getting up and taunting
-Useful for avoiding attacks
Saikyo Defense
-Dan blocks before thrusting forward slightly
-Defends Dan and does minor damage

Glasses: It really is diet ansatsuken. 

FC: What's next? Diet CHERRY Ansatsuke- Fuck I'm thirsty now I'm getting a pepsi

Dark: Anyway, most of the Saikyo techniques are just the same moves you see from the likes of Ryu and Ken, except weaker because it's Dan Hibiki. But luckily he's added to his own personal touches Saikyo isn't just watered down ansatsuken.

Glasses: It also include taunting, lots and lots of taunting. It somehow allows him to stay in the air longer when he jumps . . . After Waluigi I've decided not to question this shit anymore.

Danshokohken by YellowFlash1234
Shinku Gadoken
-Upgraded version of the Gadoken
-Fires a much stronger Gadoken
-Does more damage than Ryu's Shinku Hadoken, and hits up to six times
-Still has low range
Dan-shoryureppa by YellowFlash1234
Koryu Rekka
-Upgraded version of the Koryuken
-Does a quick, short-ranged Koryuken, before following with a stronger and higher one
Dan-ken-super by YellowFlash1234
Hissho Buraiken
-Dan does a flurry of punches and kicks, ending with a Koryuken
-One of Dan's strongest attacks, but has low range
Chohatsudensetsu by YellowFlash1234
Legendary Taunt
-A series of five taunts
-Does no damage
-Only used to mock foes

Dark: Well since the upgraded versions of his previous attacks are self explanatory, let's cover his ultimate technique.

Glasses: The Legendary Taunt, the ultimate move, truly it is the Kamehameha of ABSOLUTELY USELESS MOVES.

Dark: Its only use it to mock the foes in the form of five taunts and a useless roll. It doesn't even slightly uppercut them, its just pure garbage.

FC: But at least he's got the Hissho Buraiken, it's actually effective barring it's short as hell range.

vZoND5 by YellowFlash1234
Shisso Buraiken
-Upgraded version of the Hassho Buraiken
-Dan dashes forward before doing an eight-hit combo of punches and kicks, ending with a Koryuken
mrDwnfy by YellowFlash1234
Haoh Gadoken
-The strongest version of the Gadoken
-Unleashes a full-power Gadoken that does massive damage
-Has low range
-The attack is so powerful, that Dan gets sent flying back when he uses it
KdoDWQ by YellowFlash1234
Otoko Michi
-Dan dashes forward and grabs the opponent, engulfing the opponent and himself in a ball of energy, which then explodes
-Deals massive damage to both Dan and the opponent
*Does more damage to Dan
-Parody of the Raging Demon

Glasses: Well only one new move for Dan that isn't an upgrade is the Otoko Michi, which is a shittier version of the Raging Demon. Why is it shitty? Because it damages Dan more then it does the opponent, I can't figure out how that works.

FC: Dan's other attacks are all very effective, again because of their low range.

Images By Yellowflash1234-d907hbl by YellowFlash1234
Literally translates to "Surge of Murderous Intent"
Form of dark ki
Rooted in the darkest aspects of human instinct
-Includes the desire to survive, trample, and defeat any opposition
Can only be tapped into when the user is willing to commit murder to win a battle
StreetFighterLegendSakurapdf-089 by YellowFlash1234
Dan can tap into the Satsui no Hado, becoming Evil Dan
-As Evil Dan, his abilities are greatly enhanced
-Becomes bloodthirsty and violent in this form
003 by YellowFlash1234
Raging Demon
-The ultimate technique of the Ansatsuken
-Also known as the Shun Goku Satsu, or the Instant Hell Murder
Glides across the ground before grabbing the opponent and pummeling them with deadly blows
-Destroys an opponent's soul by turning their past sins against them

Dark: Oh neat he can tap into his rage, sadness, and murderous lust for victory to become Evil Dan.

FC: And while you may think it's awesome that he's given a massive power boost, AND has the ability to perform the Soul Destroying Raging Demon, it was stopped by him tripping over a backpack . . . God dammit Dan.

Street-fighter-x-tekken-dan-character-screenshot-6 by YellowFlash1234
Not very powerful

-The weakest character in Street Fighter
-More of a joke character than anything
Arrogant and cocky
-Underestimates his opponents and overestimates himself
-Leads to him fighting battles he can't win
Kind of dumb
-When making a commercial for his dojo, forgot to include the address
-Didn't enter a tournament because he forgot to pay his phone bill

Gadoken and its variations have terrible range
Otoko Michi hurts Dan more than his opponent

Evil Dan doesn't last
-Once lost it by tripping over a bag

Glasses: All around Dan sucks, his attacks either have shit range, do nothing, or actually hurt him.

FC: His Evil form was stopped by a girls BACKPACK being in his path

Dark: He's arrogant, weak, and all around just an idiot.

FC: Is there ANYTHING redeemable about this guy?

Glasses: Well . . . He's persistent

FC: True.
56056026 by Zacmariozero
Real Name: Presumably, Rock. If not, unknown.
Debut: Mega Man (1987)
Occupation: Digger, defeater of Dr. Wily, the man who knows it's "TIME TO BRING HOME THE BACON!!!"
Aliases: BBA Mega Man, SFxT Mega Man, Middle-Aged Hero
Age: Seems to be middle-aged.

Was in Street Fighter X Tekken
A staple in ugly Video Game box arts.
Will basically do anything for Roll. 
  -Even if it involves going to the Antarctic to seek out Pandora's box. 

FC: Meet the ultimate middlefinger to humanity, BBA Megaman. Or Rock, but because fuck this guy, I'm gonna call him Bob.

Glasses: Bob's story is not even slightly similar to the actual Megamans, he was originally a digger sent to Antarctica by his partner Roll, to find the mysterious Pandora's Box.

Dark: And that's it, there's nothing else about this guys backstory, he's just some jackass version of mega man.

Destructive Capacity: Wall level (Slightly above peak human, likely this through giving Pac-Man's mech a good fight.)
 -Should be scalable to SFxT! Pac-Man, his in-game rival, who piloted a GIANT wooden mech that shoots lasers and punches stuff. 
    -However, he cannot be scaled to the other SFxT characters, nor can he be scaled to Classic! Mega Man.
 -Can tank lasers, energy balls, and wooden punches from a mech piloted by Pac-Man.
    -Again, he cannot be scaled from anyone else from SFxT, nor can he be scaled to Classic! Mega Man.
 -For his weight and size, fairly athletic.
Mega Upper
 -A shoryuken-styled uppercut.
 -EX version does more damage.
 -Can slide a short distance.
FC: Wow for a fatass miner, Bob is surprisingly strong, he's capable of destroying at least a wall, and has fought Pacman . . . Who was piloting a mech su- WHAT THE FUCK CAPCOM?

Glasses: And he can perform a shoryuken-esque attack, because when I think one of the most iconic attacks in fighting games, I think a fat guy in a mining outfit. 

Being Bad Never Felt So Good 1 by Zacmariozero
Mega Buster
 -A laser pistol
 -Can fire a small, yellow pellet of energy.
 -Can be charged up to a slightly bigger blue pellet of energy.
    -Used in the EX version of the move and in the Mega Cannon.
 -Can fire the following weapons....
Iceslasher by Zacmariozero
Ice Slasher
 -Taken from Ice Man
 -Can briefly freeze the opponent with minor damage.
Street Fighter X Tekken Thunder Beam by Zacmariozero
Thunder Beam
 -Three, incredibly short-ranged and generally short electric bolts fire in three directions: Up, down, and forward.
 -Does minor damage.

FC: Wait a minute, he has a gun . . . He's a shitty version of mega man . . . OH MY SWEET MERCIFUL CORN FLAKES IT'S THE SHITTY DOS MEGAMAN. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW

Glasses: I have no fucking clue what you're talking about, but anyway Bobs' gun is basically just Megamans Mega Buster, except instead of being a part of his arm, it's a regular laser pistol. But hey, it has range, unless it's the thunder beam with it's terrible range.

Dark: And the ice slasher is only good for freezing the opponent temporarily, and even then it doesn't last long. 

Pandora by Zacmariozero
Pandora Mode
 -Derived from the mysterious box known as Pandora, it's reach going across the entire globe.
 -When used, BBA! Mega Man's strength will increase exponentially.
 -Will always be able to use EX moves, which are more powerful versions of his basic moves.
 -He can also always use his Super Arts too... but he doesn't have any notable ones, other than the Mega Cannon, which was mentioned in the Mega Buster portion.
 -Runs on a 9 second time limit. When it runs out, BBA! Mega Man will perish.

Glasses: He has a super form? Okay then this is a thing.

FC: It's basically just a massive power up which allows him to use his Mega Cannon, however it has one shining flaw. It not only lasts 9 seconds, it also kills him after it ends . . . So basically it's Kamikaze the Super Form. 

Screen shot 2012-03-03 at 8.04.04 PM by Zacmariozero
Cowardly, ill-tempered.
Weapons have horrible range.
Little to no actual speed feats.
Is Middle-aged, and not very experienced.
Once Pandora Mode runs out, he will die.
Is just plain ugly.

Dark: Bob has the unfortunate traits of being Slow, Cowardly, Short Tempered, Old, and being fucking ugly

FC: His super form is garbage because of the time limit of legitimate death.

Glasses: And the range on his weapons are pure trash. So unless there are some hardcore megaman fans out there who like anything resembling the blue bomber, then I think it's pretty easy to say that no one on this planet likes this guy un-ironically. 

FC: Fuck you Bob, Fuck you 
                                               1173735 451967084910421 360238601 N by estrellitaloca
Escuche la puerta de la habitación, pero no podía voltear, Jackson tenía su mano en mi cara, presionando fuertemente.
Era Thomas, no puedo explicar la furia con la que miro a Jackson todo fue tan rápido, lo golpeo en la cara y lo quito de encima de mí, rápido me cubrí con las cobijas, y me puse en la orilla, no paraba de llorar, y gritar, me sentía muy mal, comencé a sentirme débil y mareada, en verdad estaba asustada, no quería que le pasara nada a mi bebé,Jackson y Thomas, peleaban, cuando entro su Mamá, y empezó a gritar como loca.
-!¿Qué pasa?, paren por favor, paren¡.
En seguida entro Samantha, con una bata y una cara de angustia, entre las dos separaron a Jackson y Thomas, su Mamá lloraba, y decía.
-Seguramente están peleando por esta desgraciada, que solo se apareció en sus vidas, para estropearlas.
-Usted no sabe nada-le grite.
Thomas soltó a Jackson, y se acerco a mí.
-¿Estas bien amor?.
El me abrazo y limpio las lagrimas de mi cara.
-No, me siento muy mal.
-Perdóname amor, yo tengo la culpa por dejarte sola, no me imagine que Jackson llegara a esto.
-!Ella es mia,lo fue mucho antes de que tu llegaras a su vida de ella¡-grito Jackson,yo me asuste creyendo que estaba suelto pero su mama y Samantha lo tenian vien agarrado de los brazos.
-¡Quiero a esa mujer, fuera de esta casa!-grito La Mamá de Thomas.
-No sabes nada, ¿no entiendes?, Jackson intento abusar de Marie.
-No digas estupideces, tu hermano sería incapaz,ademas el acaba de gritar eso ya que ESA le a coqueteado como la zorra que es-al escuchar eso me puse mas a llorar,no podia pasar todo esto solo por mi yo no queria que ellos pelearan.
-Es un asco de persona, y lárguense de aquí, ahora mismo nos iremos, pero a la policía, ese infeliz tiene que estar en la cárcel.
-¡CALLATE!, no hables así de tu hermano, desde que conociste a esa niña, algo te dio, que ya no eres el mismo.
-No ya no soy el mismo Thomas Mamá, y si cambié pero para bien, es algo que no has visto-Dijo Thomas-Ahora salgan de la habitación.
Samantha ayudo a levantarse a Jackson,que habia perdido el equilibrio por tanto golpe que tenia en su cuerpo,El salio a regañientes por parte de su mama,luego ella regreso y continuo humillandome.
 -Eres una descarada, maldita la hora en que mis hijos te conocieron, ojala no te vuelva a ver en la vida, ni a ti Thomas, desde ahora dejas de ser parte de esta familia.
No me dolió lo que me dijo a mí, me dolió mucho más lo que le dijo a Thomas, todo era por mi culpa, su mamá salió de la habitación y azotó la puerta.
-Ahorita mismo te llevo al hospital, para que te revise.
-No me alcanzo, hacer nada, solo me toco, aun que me lastimo un poco.
-Ese maldito, no puedo creer lo que te hizo Marie.
Thomas empezó a vestirme, y me cargo hacía la salida, yo cada vez me sentía peor, talvez fue por el susto pero sentía que todo me daba vueltas, sentía que me iba a desmayar, bajo rápidamente las escaleras conmigo en brazos, pasamos por la sala, y no había nadie, me subió al auto y me puso el cinturón, rápido subió el al auto, lo encendió, y se puso a llorar.
-Tranquilo-le dije en voz baja, entonces comencé a temblar sin parar, y enseguida vomite.
-Todo esto es mi culpa, jamás me perdonare a verte dejado sola, no puedo creerlo.
-No te preocupes, no tienes la culpa, de lo miserable que se porto esta noche tú hermano conmigo, pero ahora llévame al doctor, me siento muy mal.
El encendió el auto, y yo sentí como me mojaba de sangre, el pantalón del pijama.
-Thomas, estoy perdiendo sangre, quería esperar a un momento lindo y apropiado para decirte que estoy esperando un bebé tuyo, llévame al hospital, por favor. 
-¿Qué?, es enserió, porque no me dijiste antes amor, tranquila nuestro bebé estará bien.
El comenzó a conducir demasiado rápido, se pasaba los altos y salían tantas lágrimas de sus ojos, yo apenas podía mirar el camino, estaba mareada, demasiado mareada.
Entonces grite, no pude evitarlo, sentí un dolor horrible en mi vientre, como si me apuñalaran por dentro, no podía resistir, Thomas se asusto y me volteo a ver, lo último que escuche fue:" ya casi llegamos amor" no recuerdo la fuerza del impacto, que nos dio un auto, cuando volví a abrir los ojos, nuestro carro estaba volteado, mire a Thomas, estaba lleno de sangre de la cara.
-¡Amooor, abre los ojos
!-Le grite desesperada.
-Marie,Marie, ¿estás bien?.
-Si, amor, estoy bien.
Yo no sentía mis piernas, pero él se veía bastante mal, en ese momento ya no sentía dolor alguno.
-Dame tu mano Marie.
Lo tome de la mano, y él me apretó demasiado fuerte, comenze a llorar como loca, a lo lejos escuchaba voces de personas, que se habían acercado a tratar de auxiliarnos.
-Estaremos bien Thomas, no me sueltes por favor.
-Se que estaremos bien, tenemos que estar bien, por nuestro bebé, las amo a las dos,se que seremos felices con nuestra hija,se que sera niña-dijo Thomas
Yo sentía que me desvanecía y le apretaba cada vez más la mano a Thomas, como para saber que él seguía ahí… 
.......................................................CONTINUARAFabulous Foxy Chat Icon Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon Fabulous Foxy Chat Icon  A La Luz De Luna by estrellitaloca


OMG THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 400 PAGE VIEWS!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! Σ(゚д゚lll)☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) ( ^ω^ )
Okay this is my first fabric ever! I know it sucks but I'll try to get better!

  It started out as a normal day, you and your so called "hero" boyfriend were sitting at your house watching the norm and his favorite genre of movies, superheros and action-packed. Currently you were watching one of his personal favorites, Superman.

"Wow!" all of a sudden you her America "talking" even though it was more like yelling. "He's so cool! I wish I had  amazing power like him! I'd be like BAM! WHAM! THANK YOU MAM!"

"And then, I'D BE ALL LIKE 'SWOOSH'!" after that being said he jumped up off of the couch and ran to your bed room. "Oh my gosh, what is he doing now?" You wonder and mumble to yourself. "Since he's not watching this anymore might as well turn it off", you thought and got up and turned the t.v. and d.v.d player off and sat back down.

"What's taking Ally so long, and what exactly is he doing in there?" you  were quite curious so you went to go investigate. As you were walking down the hallway you see America charge out of your room with your f/c blanket and run past you down the hallway. "America where do you think your going with my favorite blanket!" you screamed while charging after him. It was like a chase between cat and mouse, you being the cat and of course America being the mouse.

After chasing him around (which felt like hours to you.) You found yourselves in the kitchen. Finally you caught up to him. And it was the perfect situation, America was cornered between the wall and your worst enemy the oven' (you don't know how many times you burnt yourself with that thing!) "Haha, you have finally caught up to me! Did you see how fast I was running!" America exclaimed triumphantly while pushing out his chest a little. "Yeah, I did, I was the one who was running with you idiot! Now give me your 'cape' and no one gets hurt!" You couldn't help but feel mad, 1. He took your blanket off your neatly tucked in bed and 2. he made you run for like forever! " hah! You dare threaten me? A hero? I knew your nice act was a fake _____! Your just really a villain!"

Then he did something you were totally not expecting, he basically shoved you out of his way! Rude! And jumped on your polished oak dining table! "I'll defeat you ____! We can't let a stain in the world be walking around free!" he shouted after taking a heroic pose. Ouch, okay that one actually hurt a little. But that didn't matter right now he was on your polished wooden table with socks on! Wood and socks dont mix at all! He could slip and fall and maybe break his neck or somthing! "America, you need to get down from there you might fall!" You shouted. "Ha! I wont fall for that trick, you just want me to get off so you can take my cape!" "No its not like that! I just down want you to get hurt!" You tried to explain but failed miserably. Out of nowhere he started to slip! (Omg told ya so! Socks and smooth surfaces don't mix!)

Upon seeing him start to fall you instantly got a burst of energy and newfound strength. You ran over to him as fast as you could and caught him in you arms. After threat unrealistic thing happening you looked down at your arms and saw America staring st you in amazement. "Wow, dude, how did you do that! You have the speed of Flash and the strength of Hulk except for Hulk your not green and so buff its almost gross! _____ your my hero! You saved my from falling to my death! Your so cool!" He yelled right in your face. But his yelling and rambling didn't bother you at all like it should of have, instead you liked the praising coming from him anyway. "Doesn't the hero always get something for saving the damsel in distress?" You say whilst smirking. "Hey! I'm not a girl! But I guess you do get something for saving me like that." And he leaned in and gave you a passionate kiss. While the whole time he was in your so called hulk arms.
So, I've been into Creepypasta and Marble Hornerts recently.
And I have a wattpad account (…) on which I just recently uoloaded the first chapter for a story about one of my fave OTP's from Creepypasta and Marble Hornerts (MaskyxHoodie... It's acutally my only OTP xD).
I uploaded it there, because on Wattpad it's easier for me to upload it in chapters.

So if anyone of you likes Creepypasta and/or Marble Hornets and likes fanfictions about it or something, you can check it out. I would appreciate it, but if you don't taht's super oki, too ^^ xD

(Oh and of course I will be uploading my Hetalia stories and all that as well. I just got a little writers block on them, but I'm continuing them and will soon be able to upload one again ^^)

So yeah, have a nice day and all ^^
Hey guys check out what game i just got

Cant wait to livestream thisUntil Dawn by awhorns5
Some facts the TD hybrids have
Kitty and Emma's gems allow them to walk on walls and ceilings
Lindsay's gem allows her to Use her voice box for two years before it gets tired

Jen's mother was an experiment

Bridgette,Cody, and Sky all at least got poofed once

Gwen is the leader of all of the hybrids

When in groups they have different leaders

Gwen is the leader of group 1
Bridgette is the leader of group 2
Emma and Noah share the leader title in group 3

Sexual Content - Warning will be present
Life as a cupid wasn't always all that easy. Sometimes you had to make pairs that would end in tragedy and pain, just to make another two fates meet. This was Harvey's job, and although it pained him sometimes to create a couple for it to just end in heartbreak, he still did it, because he didn't want the big man upstairs to beat his ass and cast him from heaven for not doing his job.

It was Valentine's Day, and he had his orders. Only match one couple who has the most potential. And so, like every other day, Harvey slipped into an unsuspecting bar, and took a seat at one of the bar stools. The bar was decorated with cheesy Valentine's things, like frilly hearts and fake red roses. And not to mention the cut-outs of 'cupids'. Oh, did those stupid cupid things infuriate Harvey. He was an angel, for crying out loud, not some fat kid with wings in a diaper.

Putting aside his frustrations, he started to scan the area for possible candidates, hoping to be done with this quickly. No one noticed how his eyes were scanning like those of a predator searching for its prey, and they didn't notice because he was invisible. None of the few people there seemed to jump out at Harvey, but the night was only young.

Ten minutes later, a young woman in a skimpy, revealing red dress entered, it clinging to her body like a second skin, obviously dressed in hope of seeking attention. Black curls bounced on her shoulders, and she took long confident strides, hips swaying. Her blood-red pumps clicked on the tile floor, as she took a seat at an empty love booth, trying to appear seductive.

Harvey looked closer at the women, could this be half of his soon-to-be pair? Furrowing his eyebrows, he concentrated on the female. As he tried to send out wave links to see into her mind, his spell bounced back. Confused, Harvey tried again, but got the same response. Slowly, she turned her head, her eyes falling directly on Harvy. But how could she? He was invisible, unless- hang on. Her lips, painted a dark red, curved into a grin, showing off multiple sharpened teeth.

Scrunching up his nose in distaste, he turned away from the women. No way would he pair a vamp with a human. Who knew what sort of kinky crap would go on (not to mention the fact she may drain the human by accident). That explained why his link didn't work, his powers mostly didn't work on supernatural creatures (although sometimes it did, if it was a lower rank in its species). Time find another pair of humans who won't suck each other dry of blood.

Someone took a seat beside him, ordering a glass of whiskey before turning to him. Her hand found it's way on to his, nails also painted red, "Hey there, angel-boy, why are you trying to get in my head? That's not a very nice way to get to know someone." The vamp purred.

Harvey sighed, why was it always him who screws up and has to deal with these abominations? "I don't have time to flirt with filth like you, I've got a job to do."

She rolled her large green eyes, but didn't seem offended by the insult, "Ooh, big bad angel gonna smite me for asking a question?" She taunted.

"Don't tempt me." Harvey growled, annoyance clear in his tone.

She hummed quietly to herself, before pressing a nail into his suit jacket, "Is angel-boy going to tell me why he was trying to get into my head? Or should I just go back and wait for a snack to try and 'hit me up'?" She pouted, batting her eyelashes.

"I'm here on official orders from Heaven, now go away before I send you back to where you came from." It may of been a bit of an exaggeration about the whole 'sending her back to where she came from', but the more professional he sounded, the better.

"You're not answering my question."

"Why should I answer to you? You're just another blood-sucking piece of tra-" He flinched, as a fork was stabbed into his hand. The vamp's smaller hand was wrapped around the utensil.

"Shut up and answer my question. I don't care why you're here, and couldn't care less what you or Heaven might do to me. Just answer the question." Her eyes flared dangerously.

Harvey turned to face her properly, pulling the fork from his hand as if it was just a measly splinter, the damaged skin quickly healing itself. "Look, I'm just a cupid trying to get two people together to have some kids and you're in-"

"A love guru? How cute." The dangerous look in her eyes quickly fled, and was replaced with what looked liked child-like curiosity. "I've always wanted to meet a cupid, all those other angels are so boring. Tell me about love angel-boy." She fluttered her long eyelashes in an innocent manner, twirling a glass of whiskey in her hand.

"Being a cupid isn't about all that gooey, mushy, 'together forever' crap, it's a lot more complex." He argued, cupids weren't just 'love gurus'.

"Oh? Why don't you explain 'what being a cupid is.'" She smirked.

Without hesitation, he launched straight into it, "Okay, sure, sometimes we cupids just tap two people and they fall in love because, come on, who doesn't love a little romance? But sometimes we have to make sure specific people meet, because their children or their children's children will do something big that could impact the human world and our world. Cupids are all about making sure fate happens the way it is written. Because maybe two people don't fall in love, maybe they don't have kids, and maybe the world ends, because those kids weren't born."

Harvey looked back at the vamp, to see her in quite a stunned faze. Her lips were slightly a jar, and her eyes were half close, "Maybe I was too quick to judge." She said softly, maintaining eye contact with him. Harvey continued to stare at her, they both remained silent for a long time.

For the first time, he took in her appearance properly, from the way her ebony hair framed her head perfectly, or how she wasn't actually dressed to appear that seductive. Her make-up made her eyes pop, like sparkling emeralds carved in her face. For the first time, Harvey noticed just how beautiful-

"So, you need two people, angel-boy?" The vamp spoke up suddenly, her voice guarded, but inviting. "It doesn't look like you're getting any nibbles at this bar." It took Harvey a moment to realise that she had spoken, and blinked a few times before it sunk in what she said.

"I, uh, I suppose I- why do you even care?" He tried not to sound too flustered, and instead attempting to continue his annoyed tone.

Running her tongue over her teeth, she smiled, "I know the perfect two, they're at my apartment building."

"You're not answering my question."

"Well, you didn't answer mine." Her smile grew a fraction wider, why was she smiling so much?

Narrowing his eyes down into a glare, Harvey didn't respond. Her lips closed into a smirk, before she got to her feet. She straightened her dress, and brushed the non-existent dust from it, before walking towards the door. With her hips still swaying, she paused at the doorway, and leaned against its frame. He watched her, admiring how she held herself with confidence and that she was actually quite pretty... for a vamp, at least.

"Are you going to continue to check me out, or do you want to give these two a go?" She still had her smirk on, a small glint in the back of her eyes.

He spluttered for a moment, "I wasn't checking you out!"

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, angel-boy." She tossed a wink at him, before inclining her head to the open door, "You coming or not?"

"As if I'll accept an invitation from one of you blood-suckers." He growled defensively, still trying to recover his posture from before.

She gave a light, yet forced, unbelieving laugh, and her smile slightly faltering, but didn't say anything. She instead left the building, her dress glowing as darkness shrouded her. The door soon shut itself behind her, and he was left to look at the green wood.

After a moment and staring blankly at the door, Harvey mentally slapped himself. He shouldn't have been thinking about her like that. And even worse, she was a vampire. Imagine! A cupid with a vamp! He should of just stabbed her with his blade the minute she came up to him! But for some reason, he felt guilty and sad. Damn him and these stupid human emotions! He had been on Earth for far too long. And still couldn't help but feel lonely.

"Can I get you anything, sir?" The voice startled him, making him turn around in his seat, showing a drink mixer.

Was he talking to Harvey? "Sir?" The man's eyes stared directly at him with concern.

Crap, did his invisibility drop? He was so caught up with thinking about that vamp and emotions that he let his warding falter! "N-No, I'm fine... I've got something to do." He declared, before rising from his seat, and leaving the confused mixer.

He quickly teleported from the bar, to just outside it. Once outside, he wildly looked around to see if the vamp was still around. But his eyes were only met with darkness, with the occasional car headlights zooming by. His shoulder's drop, slightly disappointed. He acted to slow and she was gone. Might as well go and hit another bar and-

"Took you long enough, angel-boy." Her voice came from behind him.

Harvey spun around, revealing the vamp. She had tucked her raven curls behind her ears, and was leaning against the brick wall expectantly. Had she been waiting for him? If so, did she know he would come out for her? "How did you-"

She moved away from the wall, and walked up to him, patting a hand on his large chest, "How did I know you would come outside? I know a lot things." That familiar smirk was on her lips again.

"Vampires, I swear." He grumbled under his breath.

"Ha, not exactly." She moved so she was so behind him, and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind, "If you think so lowly of us, why are you invested on getting one's attention?"

Harvey didn't respond, and stood still, tense and frustrated. The vamp moved around so she in front of him now, arms still wrapped around his neck. She pressed her head to his chest, as if listening to his heartbeat, and Harvey froze. He was so confused. He had never been this intimate with anyone or anything before, and he was unsure of what to do. She moved her head so she was looking up at him. Blinking her pretty emerald eyes, a sly smile played on her mouth.

"I've never had an angel's force before, you know." She whispered suggestively, her mouth already moving towards his flesh.

Registering what she said, his eyes widened, and quickly whipped out his blade, tugging the vamp closer to him and pressing the silver blade to her throat."I wouldn't even let you near my blood, let alone drink it?" He demanded, disgusted.

"Oh come on, it's not like I would kill you or anything. And who said I wanted your blood? I have no reason to kill a pretty angel like yourself." She didn't seem worried about the blade that was digging into her throat, and was more focused on reassuring Harvey that she wouldn't kill him.

"I-" did she just call him pretty? "I'm not letting you anywhere near my blood!" He forced the blade harder against the flesh, a small stream of blood trickling from where the tip was pressed into. For some reason, hurting her made him feel guilty again, and he wanted to stop, but he had to go through with this.

Her eyes squinted slightly, "How about we forget about this and-"

"I should kill you." He admitted, her eyes rolling at the statement.

"But?" Her head tilted, causing more blood to spill down her neck, but she made no move to stop it.

"But I need to get two people to fall in love, or else I get my third warning from Heaven." He released her, and she took a moment to clean her neck before speaking. "These people at your apartment, filth?"

Her lips tightened at the insult, but avoided it once again, "Wise choice angel-boy. Shall we go then?"


Quickly and quietly, Harvey and the vamp entered the apartment building. It was silent and dark, besides the few people who were still awake at such a late hour. He followed her from behind, wary of anything she might try. He took a moment to take in his surroundings, noticing how the plush, forest green carpet squished under his feet, and a beautiful chandelier illuminating the square room. He hadn't expected a vamp to live in such a nice place, especially by herself. Wait, was she by herself? "Where's your nest?"

She threw her head back to look at him, throwing a wave of hair through the air. "You think I would hang around with those lesser minorities? "

"Degrading your own kin? Wow, your community is more screwed than Angel Haven. "

She let out a delicate laugh, "You think I'm a vampire? You angels seem to get dumber the lower in the ranks you are."

Harvey voiced no response, narrowing his eyes into a glare, but didn't question the vamp, or whatever she was, further. He instead nodded his head, indicating for her to keep walking. An elevator stood on the left wall, and he made his way over to it. But as he went to press the up button, he noticed the piece of paper taped to the doors. 'Out of order'. Harvey sighed, before turning to the stairs, where the vamp was already waiting.

They begun their ascent to the fourth floor. Neither of them spoke for the first few minutes of their walk, too focused on getting to their destination. Harvey was focused on trying to think of what she may be. Surely she had to be some sort of species of vampires? A Psi? Maybe a dreamscape? No, probably not, Harvey would of been able to get into her head if she was a dreamscape vamp.

"I never caught your name, angel-boy." She spoke up, asking cautiously.

"Why don't you tell me yours first." He snapped back, even though he wasn't that annoyed or angry at her.

"Smartass." She scoffed, "I won't have any power over you if tell me your name, just so you know. It's Alessia, just for the record."

Eyeing her quickly, he responded, "Hervè, but just call me Harvey."

"Harvey." She rolled the name around in her mouth, "I like it."

They fell into silence again, until reaching the fourth floor. Alessia slinked through the hallway, Harvey following warily. Her dress fluttered behind her, red waves of material tickling the tip of Harvey's shoes. She paused at a closed door, before looking back at him, "Here we are, angel-boy."

Harvey then nodded for her to continue, which she did. She unlocked the door, and stepped into the dark room, as quiet as a cat. Harvey stepped in behind her, and sent out a pulse of energy throughout the room, trying to scan the apartment for these two people Angela had spoken about. But there was no one here.

He frowned, "Where are they?"

Her lips shone in the dark area, and she stepped closer to him, pulling herself into his chest, she moved her mouth to his ear before whispering, "They're right here, angel-boy."


"Well, one is on the others chest."

Harvey looked down at her, eyes wide. She didn't mean-? He stared at her, she waiting expectantly for an answer, a playful glint in her eyes. Oh God, she did. "I-Uh-"

"Oh my, have I managed to get an angel flustered?" She grinned widely, her tongue resting between her teeth. "Hervè, drop the façade please." Her tongue then ran slowly over her lips, making them glisten with saliva. She had used his full name, making him cringe, but it also made him feel something
He didn't know what came over him, but Harvey didn't even hesitate as pulled the vamp closer to him, crashing their lips together. He didn't even know what he was doing, all he knew was that it felt right. She let out a laugh of victory, and took control of what was happening, pushing Harvey down onto the couch behind him, before climbing on top of his chest.

She pushed the jacket off his shoulders, and threw the clothing to the floor. Her fingers played with the buttons on Harvey's shirt. Harvey's breath were coming out heavier now, the bulge in his pants obviously visible now.

Slowly, almost teasingly, she unbuttoned his shirt, moving the clothing from his chest, past his shoulders, until it was flayed out beneath Harvey. Her fingers ran through his chest hair, until they reached his lower abdomen. Her eyes had been focused on her own hands, but suddenly the twitched up to meet Harvey's awaiting gaze.

"Aren't you going to do anything?" She narrowed her eyes accusingly, Harvey not responding. He didn't even know what he was doing, panic flared in his chest, thinking he had managed to screw this up, but the vamps eyes lit up with amusement, "Have I stumbled across an angel who has never been to be with another? Oh, I can have some fun with this, being your first and all."

Harvey still said nothing, his earlier panic deflating, as she reassured him it was okay he had never been with another person before.

"It's okay, angel-boy, just listen to me, okay?" She said gently, "Give me your hands- good, good -now feel this? Okay unhook it," She guided his hands to her back, where two straps were.

"Which one?" He asked quietly.


Harvey did as she said, untying one strap which undid her dress, and material falling lightly on his chest. He threw the red dress to the ground, where it gathered in a neat pile. He then stopped, what was he doing? Here he was, a vamp on his chest in nothing but her underwear. Oh what the heck, screw it. He put his hands back onto her back, his fingers finding the clasp of her bra, where he then unhooked it, the clothing falling away, revealing the rest of her body. Harvey stared at her, only one thought in his head. She was beautiful. She let him have a moment to take in her image, before grabbing his hands again.

"You're going good angel-boy, have no fear. I know what I'm doing." She moved his hands from her back to her front, placing his palms on her breasts. His eyebrows creased with confusion, was this really how it worked? Why didn't they have sex ed in Heaven?

Her hands still had a firm grip on his, and she slowly moved his hands around her chest, a small moan escaping her lips. Harvey got the hint on what to do, and caressed her without her assistance. Her arms dropped to his chest, as he pleasured her. Her breathing quickly became more unsteady, as they turned into pants.

"Okay," She said between breaths, "Time for something a bit more complex."

Harvey nodded in agreement, somewhat eager for less hands. Her naked body dropped down onto his, her hands finding there way to his pants zipper. With little effort, she got Harvey out of his slacks, the pants also discarding to the floor beside the couch. In another moment later, his boxers joined the other clothing.

She crawled closer to his face, close enough till her nose was touching his. She stared down on him for a moment, before whispering, "Have you ever touched yourself, angel-boy?"

His eyes widened slightly at the question, he was more startled than anything, "T-That- that is against God's word."

She laughed giddily, "Well I'm sure your God isn't going to approve of what I'm going to do to you." She kissed him, "Maybe I'll go a little more gentle with you." She kissed him again.

He swallowed, and she lifted herself off of him, hovering for a moment, before sliding him into herself. An instant ripple of pleasure ran through him, his bark arching slightly. A gasp left his mouth, almost in sync with the vamp's moan. His face must of scrunched into an expression of pain, and she stopped for a moment.

She looked at him, mildly concern, "Does it hurt? I can stop-"

"No-No, please don't-don't stop."

She smirked, "Of course."


Harvey's eyes fluttered open weakly. His body ached, and he was cold. Why was he so sore? His memory wandered back to the previous night, how he had caressed her body, and she thrusted- shit. Did he actually do that? He tried to shift where he was, but found that his body was too weak to even move. The couch creaked beneath him, and he shivered as a breeze whipped through the apartment.

The area around him was blurry, and he could barely make out anything. All it was a merge of colour. A dark shape moved in front of him, graceful and petite.


His vision suddenly focused. She turned to face him, victory written all over her features. She smiled a sickly sweet smile, before squatting in front of him. She patted his cheek and cocked her head to the side, "You really should of worked out what I was before doing what we did last night, angel-boy,"

"W-What do you mean?" Fatigue constantly washed over him in waves and he struggled to hold on to consciousness. He knew for a fact this wasn't the aftermath of sex. "What are you?"

"Tell me what this sounds like; I have sex with something and it boosts my power and keeps me alive, and then they die afterwards. Who am I?"

Harvey inwardly groaned. How could he be so stupid? "Succubus." He spat.

"Ding, ding, ding." She flashed him another pearl white smile. "I thought you would of been smart enough to not follow me, but a little persuasion there, a sprinkle of magic here, and presto! You were mine. I also may of lied a tad when I said I would have no power over you if you told me your name." She went to the door and opened it quickly, throwing a jacket loosely over her shoulders. Before leaving the room, she looked back to Harvey.

"Thanks for the life force, angel-boy." She then closed the door behind her. Harvey stared at the close door for the longest time, as one final wave of fatigue overcame him, sending him into an eternal unconsciousness.

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[pt 2:Hetalia x Gifted!abused!child!reader Pt 2
and Pt 1:Hetalia x Gifted!abused!child!reader

'Your name can be (y/n)!'

It kinda felt weird to have the attention, let alone being abused. But You hadn't felt this kind of thing before. You didn't know what it was. Pity? Concern? You didn't know. "(y-y/n)?" You tilted your head to the American. He nodded before picking you up. When he picked you up it hurt the sides, mostly the bruises. "Eek!" You yelped in pain. "Hey you Bloody git! Your hurting the Poppet!" A British man yelled, grabbing you away gently from the Jumpy American. The attention felt but you didn't like it. Then the yelling got louder. The American and Brit was arguing away while the Frenchman annoyed the Brit,  Jumpy Italian talked about plans with a Japanese man and the list seemed to go on. The tears welled up in you (e/c) and(e/c) eyes. "Don't worry aboot it, eh?" a Gentle but soft voice said, making you jump. 

He had Violet eyes, Blonde hair like the American but had a curl which drooped off the side and carried a white polar bear. "Are you okay?" He asked, patting your (h/c) hair. Your head shook and hugged his torso. You cried onto his torso as he hugged back, carrying you with a gentle grip. His warmth was soothing. "My name is Matthew, eh," He said, sitting back down. The yelling stopped into a death silence. You looked up, releasing the grip of Matthew. You felt a great, but dark aura behind you. It could make anyone shiver but you didn't. Turning you saw a man with with a scarf and a long coat. He smiled.

"Hello малютка(Little one) you okay da?" He asked, as you slowly nodded noticing the cute smile. You smiled at him reaching up for his scarf. He was still for a second but grabbed you away from the shaking Canadian{A/N Poor Canada}. He smiled as you snuggled up into his cloak where it was warm. Everyone in the room was shocked but kinda surprised to see that their fellow comrade was nice. "Cold,Da?" He asked as you snuggled up into his chest even more. You felt him squeeze you. " jou vant to um..Take care of her Ru- Ivan?" Ludwig asked, breaking the silence. Ivan nodded taking off wince the meeting was over.

{A/N This chapter was sucky and Ima sorry for not updating much its because the wifi and school so i hoped you enjoyed this or not}
Originally due to be made in 2016, this may be the sequel to the first From Shadows story. And if I get enough help, advice, and feedback, I may do a third story sometime later in probably 2017. If all goes well for the pilot (even though the actual story may take from now to the second half of 2016), the sequel will be made.

Chapter I: Deja Vu

     The past can never be forgotten. Never in a year, a decade, a century, or a millennium. The past will always be remembered, even if it was a bloody one. For the whole world for 2 years, the past that was half forgotten, half remembered, came to the present. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa were destroyed by its history. Few from the world stepped up and embraced the past. South America's country of Chile. Europe's countries of Italy and the citizen-formed Czech Anarchy. Asia's countries of Tajikistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, North Korea, and Japan. However, not all stay with the past. Asia's Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh joined the New Allies In the end, the world was liberated by the present's Allies and the world's former enemies. The New Allies were crowned the victors of war, yet the first war may have slowly declared them the defeated.
     Now in the present day, February 1, 2021: the Light Soldiers Militia, Shadow Resistance, and Allied Liberation Army have a constructive and temporary dominance over the world. Earth, seeing two Shadow Wars not even a year apart from each other, was close to death. The global reconstruction was taking longer than expected in China's Foshan and Great Britain's Manchester. Former Shadow Army/Navy/Air Force members were part of these groups since the Shadow Pact of 2018.
  With protection assured, the civilian population began to increase. Once destroyed cities and towns started to fill with people. Suburban and rural areas began to fill with families. Renewing government and military positions were moved to urban areas with nearby airports. Everyone felt safe.
  On the same day, Polish residents of Lublin reported Russian soldiers marching in 4 long lines with rifles. Children were moved out of the yards and into basements as they went along. 45 minutes later, news crews reported seeing tanks in Bydgoszcz and moving southeast. 
  French residents of Vire reported seeing blanketed trucks with men inside moving east on major routes. Over in Dreux and Chartres, business owners started seeing Sherman tanks with Americans riding atop it.
  British Parliament members meeting in the Old War Office Building heard tanks rolling outside and saw British men riding atop and walking beside them. 
  The interesting thing about it all: they were all Shadows.