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Here's another installment, featuring an uke Prussia. Seriously, finding a uke Prussia story is rarer then someone noticing Canada.
Disclaimer: I don't own you or Prussia.
You were lazing in a tree, about to fall asleep when you heard an unfamiliar bird call. You opened one eye to see a small yellow bird flying above your head. You smiled and brought a hand up for it to land on, which it did.

"Never ssssseen you before, little one." You said, petting its head. It chirped happily and rubbed its head against your hand.

"Gilbird! Where are you?" You heard someone shout. You looked down from the branch you're on to see an albino human looking for this 'Gilbird', that you assume is on your hand.

You were surprised to see a human wander in the forest; normally humans avoid this place completely thanks to the more aggressive Nagas. You were intrigued by this human for his bravery, or stupidity (Most likely the second one), and because he was also a rarity amongst humans.

You quietly slithered down the tree to the lowest hanging branch, which was still over his head. "Hello, losssssst one." You said, chuckling when you saw him jump. He turned around and looked up to see the top half of your body, the bottom half was hidden from his sight.

"Where did you come from?" He asked. "I've been here a while. You looking for him?" You asked, bringing up your hand to show Gilbird.

"Gilbird! There you are!" He said happily. You smiled as you brought your hand for him to get his bird. But you saw him blush when he got a good look at your bare, sculpted chest and abs. (Uke Prussia, rarity: F*cking impossible to find! Until now.) You smirked at this.

He noticed you were watching him, and quickly grabbed Gilbird and look down, trying to hide his red face. Your smirk widens.

"Th-thank you for finding my pet. I suppose I should introduce myself, I'm the awesome Gilbert!" Gilbert said, almost completely losing his uke mask. You chuckle at his sudden confidence. "I'm (M/n)." You said.

"What are you doing here in the forest anyways?" Gilbert asked you. "I sssssshould be the one to assssssk you that. Don't you know it'sssss dangerousssss for you humanssssss to be here, thanksssss to Nagassssss." You asked.

"Pfffft! I'm too awesome to get hurt! And besides, Nagas don't exist." Gilbert said arrogantly. 'Ignorant and arrogant. Isn't that a rare attitude?' You thought, sneakily sending your tail towards Gilbert.

"You should believe that Nagasssssss exissssssst." You said. "Why should I?" He asked you, annoyance in his tone. "Becaussssse..." You started as you wrapped your tail around him, bringing him up face to face. "You're talking to one." You said, huskily as you saw fear in his eyes.

"You are jussssst too cute, you know that?" You say, stroking his cheek that turned red at the touch and compliment. "Wh-what are you doing?" Gilbert asked you, shivering lightly in fear and... something else. "While mossssst Nagasssss just like to eat humanssssss, we also have another thing we're famousssss for." You said, bringing your face close to his.

Your lips so close yet so far from his, you could tell from his actions that he wanted, no needed you, as much as you needed him. "A-and that is?" He asks. "Ssssssseduction." You said, finally crashing your lips against his.

Gilbert almost eagerly kissed you back, being so submissive to your dominant ways. You glided your forked tongue across his lips, asking for entrance, which he gives to you easily.

Your tongue glided across the terrain that was his mouth, making various moans, groans, and mewls. You break the kiss and move to his neck, kissing and biting it sensually, making him whimper in pleasure.

"I'm not going to lie. You are the mossssst interessssting human I've ever come acrosssss. And I want you asssss mine." You said, nibbling his ear. "I... I don't think I would mind being yours." Gilbert whimpered out.

"Good. Becausssssse I would've taken you anyway." You said, taking him back to somewhere more... private.

And Gilbird sat on the abandoned tree branch, happy his plan worked so well.
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Part 1

When the night is falling from the sky

Just keep walking

On a highway

When the world is deaf to all your cries

Just keep going

You'll be there someday

You're not alone

We're against them all

Hold on to me

I'll never let you fall

Even if someday all hope is gone

I will not give up



     You wished those words were true, looking at all the scars on your thighs. Holding the blade closer to your skin, then slashing it. The ruby red of your blood, turned into a line you’d wish to happen. Death.


(Y_N), yeah that’s you the depressed girl. Your only friend, well let’s say…is a total nut job. Yeah that was Ami for you, punching (B_N) until they passed out, yet today was different. Today was the day of the school’s talent show, Ami and you were preforming with her boyfriend, Emil, and his brother Lukas.

‘God Lukas, I wish you could save me,’ you had thought.

“Hey (Y_N),” a familiar slight Russian accent had you heard. You turned, as always Ami and her constant accent changing. Emil was next to her, and waved. You of coursed waved back. “So are you ready to rock out,” obviously she did an air guitar, “Yeah, It’s a good thing were going to do Something Better by Softengine.” “Yeah”, You turned looking at a Norwegian boy. You had shivered. Lukas, oh had he made your day, everything and you mean everything about him was perfect! ‘Squealllll!!!!!!!!!’




To be continued….Maybe

Heyo, everybody! :D (Big Grin)
I decided to write a little Journal where you can find more Info what my stories and projects are about. I haven't told you much about the storylines and themes yet, so yeah. Before you start reading a book, you're flipping it and reading what will go on - since I don't have these backcovers you have to read everything here XD And when you don't like the story after little-reading so far already, you don't have to waste your time and start reading the comics.
Here we go~

Dog back Home
The story of DBH is about Jake , a young and joyful Dachshund-Jack Russel Terrier-mixed puppy, who enjoys his life as a normal housedog and treasure of his family. But everything changes after a raged dog irrupts into Jake's house one night and begins to chase him for unknown reasons. The puppy flees far away from his follower and after shaking him off, Jake can't find his way back home. He finds shelter at a little farm where he also meets Phyllis , a basset-mix-puppy and they soon make friends. Phyllis and the other farmdogs want to help Jake finding his home again, but before the search would have started a terrible thing happens. The farm burns completely down, responsible for this is the same dog that also chased Jake away - his name is Knox. 
Jake and Phyllis get seperated from the rest of the farm-habitants and Jake promises that they will find a new home together. Soon, they find an abandoned human-city. Abandoned by humans, but not by dogs. Hundreds of homeless dogs found shelter in the buildings and already built up a little civilization. Their leader Piffy , an old and friendly husky, welcomes Jake and Phyllis offers them to live there and the two pups happily joined. But also that place isn't peaceful at all: The dogs are also terrorized by Knox and his gang. Jake decides to stop him doing such bad things. Together with Phyllis and some of her old friends from dog-school Peace, Benny and Buddy they are in training for fighting Knox. While living more and more together with his new friends, Jake also finds out how he could return to his home. So he has two goals now: Bring the peace back to the city and becoming a Dog back Home.

Teased is about the life of a teenaged girl named Dorte. While her schoolday is a boring torture and she hasn't got much inspiration anymore and she's just a tool for doing homework, her afternoons are the whole contrary. After she met Sashi, a boy who's new in her village, they experience alot of adventures a normal schoolgirl would normally not even dream of! This is the time, when the teenagers realize, that there's not just a world of homework and practising for exams and unnessecary school-things - there's something like a second childhood that's even better than the one before!

Lisa und Nele/Chaotic Cousins!
Lisa, a chaotic and a bit silly girl, and Nele, the complete contrary, are two befriended cousins. They could have a total normal life if Lisa wasn't such an idiot who brings her cousin and their friends in trouble mostly everytime when they want to do normal and easy things like cooking, swimming and other free time activities. But hey! What would life be without a little jerk in your world?

The Bone Trio
Rudy, Pank and Russ - together they are The Bone Trio, a gang that 'haunts' the streets of a village named Little Valley. Well, at least everyone just thinks, that they are some crazy idiots always wanting just stealing snacks from the other kids. But they are even more, they are accidently responsable for alot of adventures the whole village experiences. Just awesome adventures of course that are stir the boring everyday life. Everything could be so cool for the three, if there wasn't another gang called The Paw Trio, that makes the life of the poor boys hell...

Hamladventurous! -A The Bone Trio Spin-Off
Hamlet, the little Anthro-Great-Dane that also takes part in The Bone Trio, wants to enjoy the big summer vacation with his brothers at their farm. But he hasn't expected with Spezy, a girl who rents a holiday home in Hamlet's parent's little guesthouse. First, she's just a normal guest, but from day to day she becomes friends with Hamlet an Luke. Together with the neighbour-kid Eddy and his cat Shagun, they are surviving alot of crazy adventures. But everything changes, when Hamlet and his friends are getting a letter - they have to go to vacation school to rectify everything they missed while skipping the classes! And school in free-time...There's nothing worser, it can cause alot of trouble!

Paw Stories
A little Island somewhere in the sea. This is the place where the grumpy Anthro-Corgi lives with his arrogant roommate Minusch the cat and her chicahuahua Chico. Muffin doesn't seem to care about much what's going on and just loves watching TV and eating, while Minusch just cares about fashion, make-up and her dog. But everything changes when some strange people come to the island and want to kidnap the three! They can escape from their home with a rubber dinghy. A sheep called Schorschey pics them up with his helicopter and tells them, he can bring them to the coast - but then he has to fly on for searching proofs that a legend called the Paw Stories is true! Minusch and Muffin are excited about what their new friend tells them and want to research too! And this is, where the adventure begins, an adventure full of new friends and rivals, emotions and experiences and the more they find out the more parallels are appearing with Minusch's and Muffin's faile kidnappers...

16-year-old Cheryl awakes from a comatose - after 16 years! So, technically she is 32 years old, but still acts like a teen of course. After escaping from the hospital in a panic-attack, she is totally confused. Fashion has taken over the world! It rules everything and the ones who wont follow the rules become clothing-sewing and make-up-testing slaves. Some no-rule-followers were nimble enough to start a secret life somewhere in the woods and abandoned streets of the city where they don't get 'infected' by this fashion-addiction. These people are called The Outsiders, always at the top of wanted-lists. Luckily, Cheryl gets picked up by outsider Brandon who tells her everything that happened while Cheryl was asleep. The goal of the outsiders is to stop the madness and make everything normal again. Cheryl joins the outsiders to help too. But not just this madness is the problem - Cheryl has amnesia and wants to know about her life again of course! Plus, many ordinary things have changed from 2009-2015 and the poor girl is surrounded by billions of questions in her head...

The story starts with the normal school-life of Jay, a 12-year-old boy. Well, it's not that normal, because he's bullied by a clique in his class. It's not that he really cares about that, but that's also the fact why he hates Clay -the bully- and his friends. But everything changes when Jay is doomed to share a tent on a class-camping-week! And that's still not the worst thing, after a catastrophe Jay and the other four kids are all alone in the wild and can't find a way out! That's very strange and mysterious, because they can't find any civilation or something for miles! Just meadows and trees and some little creeks - pure nature.
Can Jay and the others find their homes again or is there really no way out?

Deep Instinct
When people hear about Pawlington, they always just think about the wonderful things of this cute, little town. But not many know about what happens at night in the not so wonderful dark streets. People there are always panicked that someone could come through the window and kill them every moment. In this cruel world live the two drug dealers Mitch and Dove, who finance their life with little deals with weed. They don't make much money with it, there aren't much interested persons for this drug, plus half of the money goes to Mitch's and Dove's boss. Life's a torture until their boss comes with a brand-new drug one day - it's called Deep Instinct. The two dealers are instructed to test it and sell it for a good price when it's good. While Dove sees the potential of the drug and wants to sell it as soon as he can, Mitch realizes what people could do with the power the drug gives them and tries to prevent the sale, before it's too late. And this is, when he brings everybody he knows into a deathly situation...

Nonsense Stories
When you're young your fantasy is the most precious thing you have. You're making the most fantastic and adventurous stories an adult can't even think of. Physics and logic is simply nothing but unnessassary. In one of these stories lives the 10-year old Candy, a friendly anthro-jack-russel-terrier. He has to rescue a friend that accidently flies far away with a chewing gum bubble, has to build a plane and so much more. Candy and his friends are just enjoying the most awesome childhood someone could have! A life full of funny and happy nonsense.

Big Pfot
After beeing hurt in an avalanche a young dog is send to the animal shelter. She is quite confused and angry about the humans that aren't thankful about what she has done in her life so far - she rescued people that were attacked by avalanches! With her new friends she met in the shelter, Snick the cat and Sneaky the hamster, she can flee from the cages they live in. But how the hell has the dog done this? She somehow got superpowers! Now she isn't rescuing humans anymore - she's rescuing animals abused by humans! Now she isn't an ordinary nameless dog anymore - she's Big Pfot!

A new medicament, a new makeup - most of this stuff is tested on animals. One of these animals is Waldemar, a rabbit that already survived hundreds of brutal experiments. Experiments where he became something the humans originally didn't wanted - he has the IQ of an average human, can walk on two paws and is resistant to everything but natural death. Together with his little brother and a few other resistant and intelligent animals he tries to break outta the laboratory every night to tell the normal humans what kind of cruel experiments are done there and how many animals have to die for the human's well-being. Of course the doctors of the laboratory don't want this and are developing a deathly virus the animals aren't resistant of. The whole laboratory gets infected and a paw race against time begins - Will the animals of the laboratory survive long enough to find a way out or will they die without bringing the truth out to the people?

Proffesional Organizer
Since forever Mäx hated standing in the focus of something. But since something forces him to organize people sharing an apartment he feels like the main person of a chaotic story! Everyone acts different and has his very own and special head and opinion - Chaos all inclusive!

(will add more stories from time to time)


2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle)

3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal)

4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first)

5. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink)

6. YOUR IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, first two letters of your middle name, last two letters of your first name then last three letters of your last name)

7. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (both parents middle name)

8. YOUR GOTH NAME: (black, and the name of one of your pets)

9. NINJA NAME: (First two letters of your first name added with Ruto)

10. PIRATE NAME: (Your middle name after the word Captain)


Reei screams as she runs throughout convention halls with asking random strangers unknown to her if they liked ass, while Rukia and Izana starred transfixed by the amazing photo of Levi's booty, drooling. What could we say? We liked booty.

Bear Emoji-03 (Love) [V1] ~ Commercial brought to you by the 'Sexy asses on fine men' company where workers that used to work at McDonalds, take pictures of anime butts then sell them for a large price. ~ Bear Emoji-03 (Love) [V1] 

Rukia and Izana looked up to see if Reei was was anywhere near them so they could continue their spree of looking for the wonderful asses of anime men. They expected her to be right next to them doing random shit but instead they found that Reei was to busy starring at Mari-senpai's booty in a 'ready to jump' form.

"She's going to pounce any second now.."

"I bet she's going for dat ass-"

"Oh god-"

"Just look how perf it is."

Oh it was true. Izana was the Joker of pervs. Perv plz 

Rukia cracked into giggles and held her stomach. "STAHP IT TOO MUCH LAUGHING-"

Izana smirked as put on her dark sunglasses as if to say 'Deal with it'. Deal With It 


Reei raised her hand and did and 'come here' motion.

The two girls went towards Reei while joking around then stopped when they heard a "SHHHH."

"Look. Theirs our pray." Reei quietly said pointing at Mari-senpai's ass.

"Our mission is to contain it idk."

Izana held in a giggle.

"How will we?"


"Hmm... by...  WAIT I KNOW eue."
He twirled her around in circles that made her feel dizzy. Her light laugh rebounded throughout the room as the piano played the light melody that had snagged her soul and held it captive. She could have danced for hours to the tune, the notes playing into every fiber of her being. Her dance partner was silent but methodical, a predator cleverly disguised. He hugged her close, his steps intertwining in a complicated pattern that made her smile in giddiness.
He was her first love, and he had ensnared her heart. The sky blue gown she wore rippled with every step she took, the length of it making her partner smile. How she was dancing this beautifully, he could only hope to know.
The masquerade ball continued inside, and he glanced at her mask now. A stunning royal blue, it had flecks of gold sprinkled throughout it, reflecting the same gold in her eyes.
He had no idea who this girl was, or where she was from. But he knew one thing. He'd follow her to the ends of the earth.
The piano continued to supply the music to her dance, winding around the couple and creating that inseparable bond that only music can. The room seemed to blur, surroundings disappearing under the veil of the piano and strings until it was just...them.
His eyes locked with hers, and he sensed something almost...otherworldly about her. As if it wasn't just the girl herself dancing, but the very fabric of everything she was as well. She danced without holding back, something so rare that it astounded and enslaved him. The look on her face was of peaceful bliss as they twirled under the canopy, roses entwined with ribbon floating around them and making the area smell of sweet innocence.
Her personality shone with every movement she made as the moon shone down on her.
His eyes followed strands of auburn hair as they flew, kissing her skin as she turned and dipped like a fae in the woods. Her eyes captured his soul and held it, two galaxies that sucked him into her thrall like black holes.
He wanted to spend eternity with her. After this night, the mask wouldn't matter. He would find this girl, this magical, beautiful creature. And he would make her his.
Bucky woke up. He didn't know what time it was, but he knew certainly that his head did ache like if someone smashed it with a hammer, and it happened already to him, so he could confirm it felt the same. He opened his eyes and...freaked out. He wasn't in his room. Bucky sat up quicky and looked around. It was Steve's bedroom. "How did I get there? What even happened last night?" he whispered and desperately tried to remember anything after the point of Tony suggesting to go to a bar. They were walking from one bar to another. He was drinking with Steve, Tony, Natahsa, Clint, and Bruce was sitting next to them drinking some non-alcoholic coctail and looked worried, but it was normal for him. Bucky had one glass after another and...blank. Nothing. "What have I done?" He made the bed and searched for some trousers, since he was only in his underwear, what made him even more nervous. Finally he found them in the other corner of the room. But not his T-shirt. He took a deep breatk and went to the kitchen of Star tower where they now all lived. All the mighty Avengers and company. 
Steve's room was actually really near the kitchen so what seemed to him as minutes were actually seconds. He sat on the bar and checked time. 9:30, not bad. Tony and Natasha were there already. They both seemed quite fine, nearly like if they didn't have any hangover. "Morning party animal!" cheered Natasha. Both Bucky and Tony made an unhappy groan. So Tony isn't that good on it. "Party animal? What did I do?" asked the Winter soldier as he was handed a glass of water and an aspirin. "You don't remember? It was epic!" smiled Stark Jr. Oh no. "So, what did I..." But he was interrupted by the entrance of Steve. "Morning feelas!" he smiled. Than he looked at Bucky. "Morning darling!" And he kissed him an a cheek, grabbed a waffle and left. Bucky just stared and blinked for a while and than turned to his equally shocked flatmates. "What happened last night?" His voice was death serious as well as his expression. They just shrugged and smiled. "I guess you don't understand. I woke in Steve's bedroom wearing only pants. I need your help." Nathasha started to laugh loudly and Tony just seemed even more shocked. But they finally made some kind of summary of the evening. 
They went to three bars and with more alcohol in his blood Bucky started to tell embarassing stories about Steve, who blushed really much and made them calm down when they were to loud because of his inability to get drunk and fact, that Bruce left. After the third bar, Tony started a fight with a barman and Natasha accompanied him home, insisting that the rest of the group, Bucky and Steve, continue to have some fun. Bucky remembered flatly but after that point he still didn't know. 
"Do you think that you and Captain did the..." Tony stopped himself when he saw Bucky stretching his matel arm, "fondue?" Winter soldier just put his head in his hands and frowned. He was kinda blushing, but he tried to hide it, because he didn't know why was his body doing that. Maybe the kiss? Natasha put her hand on his soulder. "And would it matter to you? I mean, if you wanted that to happen isn't it just good?" "Oh comme on, he's not..." "Shut up Stark, I'm asking him! Bucky?" "I'll just ask Steve and find out what I did so I could apologize." He stand up and leaved the room quickly. Maybe to avoid the answer. 
The Winter soldier walked around the tower and he tried to think about yesterdays night but the only thing that came to his mind when he thought of Steve was this morning. His stomach skipped. He's my friend. In fact my best friend. He's a guy. Although he's really handsome...Stop it! Stupid brain! He had a girlfriend remember?! "Screw this!" he shouted. "You alright?" Bucky jumped. It was Steve. "" It's better if I tell the truth. "I can't recall anything from last night after we stayed alone. I don't know what was I doing in your bed, where did my T-shirt dissapear and why you called me a darling." His friend just stared at him. He tried to say something but closed his mouth again. "So, you don't remember anything?" Bucky shook his head and Steve took a deep sigh. "Well, you were to hammered to get to your bed so I placed you in mine insted. That's about the bedroom. You also mannaged to spill beer all over your T-shirt so I put it in the washing machine this morning. And..." "And?" Bucky held his breath. His heart was beating incredibly fast and his palms were sweating. "You helped me to lose my virginity last night." "WHAT?" "Just joking! I was joking!" cried Steve when he saw that Bucky was about to faint. "So what did I do?" he was red as tomato. "You confessed that you have feelings for me and you in fact..." now Steve was blushing too, "are in love with me." "No joke?" He just couldn't believe that he said that, but somehow he felt, that it is the thing he would say if he had the courage to. "But if you don't feel like it anymore, you can easily take it back and I could pretend I can get drunk and I don't remember it," admitted Steve sadly and turned to leave. "No, no, no, no! " Bucky caught Steves arm, turned him face to face and kissed him. This time on the mouth. "Seems like you two found out what you did last night, huh?" They broke apart and saw Natasha coming their way. Steve smiled and Bucky noded his head. They were both a bit new to this whole thing but they knew it was just alright.
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Twilight p.o.v

Today was the day when he kidnapped me and everything changed. I remember how I defeated Trixie and got back the Mystery Shack. Me and mine uncle got closer and I thought he wasen't that bad. But I never thought that mine uncle was hiding something that big from me and mine friends. Then later me and mine friends found bunker where the author of journal was, but he wasen't there. Still Bigmac found something and it was laptop. Also we find out that in the journal has secret writing what only can see by the light. (invisible writing, but I don't know what that light name is) Bigmac later fixed the laptop then me and Pinkie went to library to try the laptop.

Normal p.o.v

"Ok Pinkie, today is the big day" Twilight said. "Big day!" Pinkie said happily. "We got finally to know who is author of the journal" Twilight said. Twilight opened the laptop, but it wanted password. "Of course there is password" Twilight said. "Don't worry Twilight, we will find out it together. Nothing can interrupt ..." Pinkie was saying what when she saw a lot sweets she went to eat them. Twilight only shocked her head wile smiling. Then Twilight used her magic to laptop to carry with her. When Twilight and Pinkie left from the library they did't notice that shadow of Discord was following them. Also some odd reason Pinkie wanted to puppet show so mane six started to make puppets. When puppets was ready Twilight yet again to guess laptot's pass word. "Wrong, wrong, wrong! What is the password?!" Twilight said. "Twilight, try to relax. You have been with that laptop whole day" Applejack said. "Also Twilight, you haven't eat much" Rainbow said. "Twilight you should keep a break from that laptop" Fluttershy said. "You know what? You girls are right, maybe I should keep a break" Twilight said. "It's late already, let's all get some sleep" Rarity said. When Twilight's friend's were sleeping Twilight herself awake in the roof to try guess the laptop's password. "I start to hate this sound" Twilight said to herself. "Who would know the password?" Twilight asked from herself. Then horrible idea came to Twilight's mind. there is only one creature who knows and it's Discord. "Even thought I hate this idea but it's only way" Twilight said. Twilight summoned by her magic a letter and send it to Discord. (Now comes the part what was in first chapter so let's get over it) "Fine, but you are gonna come with me" Discord said. Discord suddenly grabbed Twilight by her front hooves and pulled Twilight to his chest. "Discord let go of me!" Twilight said. "No can do, besides you said you would do anything for me. But I still gonna destroy the laptop" Discord said. Discord's eagle arm started to glow and sapped the laptop and it destroyed. "Why you are doing this?" Twilight asked. "Why you ask, I have plans for you and I can't let nopony to stop me" Discord said. Then Discord snapped his fingers and portal appeared from no were and both of them went inside the portal. "What Twilight you think of mine home?" Discord said. Twilight look around this weird world what Discord called his home, then Twilight's horn disappeared. "Discord, give mine horn back!" Twilight said while get away from Discord's hold. "To make sure that you try escape and now let's say hello to your friend's" Discord said. Discord snapped again his finger and throne, big screen appeared front of throne. Discord went to sit to the throne and put Twilight sit to his lap. Also Discord was stroking from Twilight's mane to her tail. Twilight's friend's show up in the big screen and they were worried. "Twilight! Are you alright?" Twilight's friends asked at the same time. "Don't worry Twilight is with me right now, but if you want see her back then stop solving Ponyville's secret's" Discord said and made the screen to disappear. "Now Twilight we should rest, I had made us plans to tomorrow" Discord said. Sudenly throne changed to big bed, then Discord grapped Twilight with his tail and was sleeping. "What I had done?" Twlight said to herself and try to sleep too. (This is last code: Zkdw Glvfrug zdqwv?)

[X] You don't have many friends
[X] You cry a lot
[X] You are socially awkward
[X] You have been rejected
[X] You often feel alone

[X] Your friends have betrayed you before
[X] You have been called pathetic
[X] You have been called stupid
[X] You never go anywhere fun (e.g, movie theater, theme park)
[X] You have been told to get a life

[X] You are often physically harassed
[X] You are often verbally harassed
[X] You are often cyber bullied
[X] You are short
[X] You get laughed at alot

[X] You have caught someone talking about you behind your back
[X] You sit alone at lunch at school
[X] You have been cussed at
[X] You never have friends over
[X] You are always alone

Multiply your total by 5


If you got 0-10 call this journal: I barely get bullied
If you got 11-40 call this journal: I fairly get bullied
If you got 41-70 call this journal: I get bullied quite a bit
If you got 71-100 call this journal: I almost always get bullie
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Here is the synopsis of my novel; I just realized a large chunk of you don't even know what it's about yet. Silly me! But here's the summary:

When Kristen Emibello Monifa left her perfectly comfortable rich-girl life for a life on the front lines, of course she expected danger, adventure, and lots of near-death situations. But what she didn't expect was to find that there were more people like her out there.
Born with the Markings of a Zac-rac, the wings of a Wulotus, and the impossible strength of a human, Kristen and her parents haven't been able to figure out what kind of weird hybrid freak she is for eighteen years. But now with five new Draco friends, she's got it all figured out.
And suddenly she wishes she was back home with her demon and her rich, overprotective parents.
Rumor has been floating around the kingdom that the evil King Taizkehwa, who was imprisoned by the Queen for tyranny and slave-holding, has escaped his prison and is now running loose through the kingdom. Apparently, according to a prophecy from Zanthius and Canthius themselves, the six young Dracos were born not only to become great warriors, but also to put the tyrant back in his place and bring back the real King, once and for all.