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If You Could DD: Literature

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 8:00 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

I couldn't have passed the opportunity to showcase some works of literature that I think deserve a Daily Deviation. I read all kinds of prose literature. It is a good way to show off the kinds of works I read in my spare time. Literature pieces are in no particular order. 
                                    The White Snake (One Good Deed)To her people, the queen was a prophet. To her enemies, she was a witch. She smiled across the table at the visiting dignitaries, all of whom shifted in their seats, unwilling to meet her gaze.
“As I was saying,” one of the lords addressed his dinner plate. “Our carriages were molested during our journey, and our valuables taken. If her majesty could offer a donation, it would be immensely appreciated.”
The queen smiled, popping a glazed cherry into her mouth. “The only molesting of your carriages is that they must carry a liar. You lost your riches in the gambling houses long before coming here.”
The man blushed, sinking down in his chair. His wife turned to him with a stony expression. The queen tittered and turned her attention to the next visitor, who quailed under her gaze.
A young servant girl, whose name was Blanche, observed all this from the corner of the room, as she did every night. Once the queen and her guests were finished with their me
The White Snake (One Good Deed) makes for an interesting twist on a Grimm Fairy tale. It is was a challenge piece to switch the genders of the characters in the tale. It was done beautifully with this work, and I love the ending.

                On Seeing without SightPATIENT 1 - a young boy of ten-twelve years; was discharged from hospital one week after operation. He is in his bedroom, surrounded by wooden objects and shapes on paper.
BOY: Depth? What is depth?
DOCTOR: Depth is the third dimension, other than length and width. (motions with hands)
BOY (bemused): Dimension?
DOCTOR (holds drawing of square and a wooden cube): This drawing has two dimensions: length and width. This wooden cube has three, including height.
BOY (struggles to reach wooden sphere): This is depth? (holds sphere with both hands, ogling)
DOCTOR: No, that is roundness. The sphere has depth, though.
BOY: I don't understand.
PATIENT 2 - a young male slightly older than Patient 1. He is in a hospital bed, preoperative.
DOCTOR (presses wooden cube and sphere into patient's hands): Can you tell what these shapes are?
On Seeing without Sight is a very interesting piece that has one stopping to think about each world. All smaller stories are based on one sense sight, and it is written beautifully.

  Edge of the Ocean by Wesson1941  
Edge of the Ocean was a captivating read. I hadn't planned on reading it until I started to read it. The short story is well written, and it definitely pulls a reader toward it. The title page even brings readers to want to scroll down.

BabydollPropping my daughter against the towel on my shoulder, I rhythmically pat her back. Nevaeh's just had her second bottle of the day, and try as I might, I still can't get her to burp. Today is no different, and in the end I give up, wipe her small round mouth, and pop her in the bouncer for a while. It's the electric kind, with a soft lullaby and swinging motion, so I know she'll be entertained while I get on with the mountain of washing that needs to be folded.
You wouldn't think just two people could make so much washing, but ever since her dad had left me, it seemed like the washing pile had grown larger instead of smaller. Despite the lullaby, I make conversation with her as I fold - it seems to me that it's the best way to develop her speech, for her to hear it. She's such a good, quiet baby, I often wonder how long until she starts making more noise.
By the time I've reduced "mount fold-me" to a mere foothill, she's asleep, so I leave her in the bouncer and dash out to check the m

Babydoll is a story that brings a slap in the face at the very end. Unreliable narrators are hard to write, but this short piece pulled it off well. The creepiness factor also appeals for this piece.

Four of my favorite pieces that I would DD if I could DD them. Though, it makes me curious why I hadn't submitted them as a suggestion to the CVs yet. Anyway, enjoy my picks! I hope others find them as good as I found them. 


nice snowy day at Proxy High and tonight is the first ever Christmas party at the gym. A time to celebrate for what we've done and a day of peace we need. So far I invited many of my friends.

Slenderman does know about this, but no worry about being shutdown as long as I clean up the gym after this. But little does he know that I invited some of the teachers as well as him and Ally. So the party started off with the gym being covered in colors and filled Christmas music.

Seeing Warrior jamming out with LOST to some remixes of classic songs, and Carissa and Widget talking over a the punch bowl. I can't believe that Dany can make some good remixes if Christmas music, well I also give credit to Unhealer for helping him out.

Man the party has gone amazingly wonderful, but right now I want to see the most heart warming girl I ever met, Willo. I really want to see her, but afraid of that mysterious man who managed to turn Willo's flames off. He told me he will keep an eye on me before he left, he thought that I might hurt Willo, but why?

Why do I want to hurt someone that I love? And who the hell is he? A friend? But I don't want to think about it, I want to be cheerful and happy, it's Christmas after all. I walk passed Pierrot doing his belly dance while Jinx was entertained by it. I managed to find Toby, while he wolf down on some waffles. Damn makes me hungry.

I ask Toby , where was my dog, Rin, the dog that Willo gave me for my birthday, went. He said he's over there with Mary and Lover. As I walk over to them, they were playing with Rin with a stick from the woods. Rin run around fetching the stick and retrieving it, makes me think about life, how it could've been.

I ask the girls to have Rin back and thanking them for looking after him. Rin and I walked to find Willo, I wonder if she found the cat, me and Toby adopted for her. Rowan then started to dance with me, I couldn't resist. We had jolly dance even Rin joined in. Oh my slender it was fun.

After we dance, Rowan thank me for inviting him to the party. I smiled and thank him for coming. Now I went off to find Willo to have a dance with her. But no use, I couldn't find her right now. So I decided to get a drink and gave Rin a bowl of water, for we have been having a good time. Still wonder where Willo went. I then starting to think of all the times I've been through these past two years and wonder what will happen next. Before I think the worse, I felt a warm feeling.

Narrador : Esta historia empieza días antes de navidad, que es una...
Uri : Pos hace poco, no? .-.
Narrador : ...Sí, ahora... dejame seguir contando! D:
Uri : Mejor ya pasa a los hechos..
Narrador : Ok 7-7 , todo empieza en :D ...
-Aparece una escena del iglú de la PB-
Narrador : Oh, VAMOS! 7-7
En el iglú de la PB

Todos : -hablando, jugando, practicando, lo que sea-
Uri : AHHHHH! D: -le pega-
Cadence : Es Hanukkah?
Fany : No :D
Todos : ... -la persiguen-
Fany : -corriendo- AHHHHH! D:
Narrador : Eso no pasó! D:
Uri : Lo se, solo quiero volver esto más divertido! :3
Narrador : 7-7 , sigamos con la historia que...
Uri : BAH! Ya mejor pasa a lo del recital navideño, que esto me aburre! -Q-
Narrador : Ok, entonces empecemos con...
Cadence : Que recital? Stare
Valentina : Habrá un recital navideño para conseguir fondos para el orfanato
Franky : Y nosotros vamos a ... participar?
Fany : Si alcanzan, sí
Cadence : No estoy convencida de que...
Aurora : Saldran en TV
Keishly : ...Nos destruirá a todos! :v
Uri : ._. -le pega a Keishly-
Keishly : ;-;
Narrador : Cadence Nunca dijo eso! Rage 
Uri : Claro que sí! ;-;
Narrador : Ok? ._. , oye, tu sólo me interrumpes! :shifty: 
Uri : Nope, Nope, Nope Doh! 
Narrador : Mejor sigamos, que sino nunca voy a termi...
Uri : :sleepy: 
Narrador : ASH! CURSE YOU! , bueno, mejor sigamos con lo que pasó en ese recital...
 En la audición del Recital Navideño

Todos : -formados-
Aurora : En el camino
Tink : Exacto
Uri : Pero tú no nos escuchaste!
Dierctora de la audición : -sale- EMPIEZAN LAS AUDICIONES! ASÍ QUE PASÉ QUIEN SEA!
Durante las audiciones

Johan : -haciendo malabares- Tatataratatataratatatara :D -se cae- Auch! ;-;
Directora : SIGUENTE!

Con Uri
Uri : -cantando disfrazada de reno- You know Dasher, an Dancer, and Prancer, and Vixen :meow: ...
Directora : SIGUIENTE!
Uri : 7-7 -se va-

Con Fany
Fany : -cantando- Con mi burrito sabanero voy camino de Belen! :D
Directora : Me gusta la canción, pero... SIGUIENTE!
Fany : Pero... quiero participar, como... árbol de navidad?
Directora : No
Fany : Ok ;-; ... -se va-

Con Aurora
Aurora : -tocando el teclado y cantando-
Acting nice and gentle,
she prepared for me a wonderful dinner.
As soon as I took my bite, she smirked...
As my consciousness fades, I start having a dream about
a fairy tale I read in the past. My time has frozen.
Directora : ...Estaremos en contacto...

Con la PB y Cadence
Cadence y Franky : -cantando La Nieve es Genial-
Directora : Ok, ustedes estarán
Todos : YAY! :D
En el iglú de la PB
Keishly : Y si compramos muérdago?
Uri : Para?
Valentina : Pista : Cadence, Franky, Muérdago...
Uri : Ohh... ya se para que -u-
Aurora : Saben que significa?
Fany : De que las uvas no son buenas para la digestion?
Uri : No, lo del muérdago!
Fany : Ohh... ya sé! :meow: -saca muérdago-
Tink : De donde lo sacaste?
Fany : De las cosas inmencionables de mi cuarto, y a eso me refiero a mi block de dibujo :D -lo cuelga- A esperar!
Petey y G Billy : ... -se paran bajo el muerdago accidentalmente- ... -lo ven- :? ... -se van-
Fany : Ok, mal lugar para ponerlo -lo quita-

P is for Prose

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 6:17 PM
Here are some wonderful pieces of prose I've stumbled upon. 

BelligerentDrunken sparks, blood-thirsty.
And I can no longer see in singular colors.  Everything is a blurred swoon, rippled motion.  Ghosts taking shape in the faces of my friends.  My words come out like play-doh, like an infant’s first garbled croon.  An ineffective attempt at communication to say the least.
It is unlikely they will understand or comprehend or even stop to listen but still I spit and slather sideways sentences.  Mouthing shouts of unintelligible inability.  I grasp and ache for what I cannot say.  I do not have the words.

The Marquise   For as long as I can remember, my grandmother has never been very talkative. And yet, her thoughts were hardly idle and she always found a way to reach me, to say more than words could tell. I suppose that’s why when bedtime drew near, she would have infinite stories to tell me. Saving her words like pennies in a jar, she hoarded treasure troves of wisdom, excitement, and mystery in the form of fables and songs.
   No matter how fast I grew up, no two bedtime stories sounded the same. Playful stories of young animals gave way to legends of magic, of beautiful damsels and errant men, and of robbers and sorcerers as I grew older. One night as we sat together by the hearth of our home, she told me a story she had been told as a child. Like any rite of passage, it had to happen whether I liked it or not. I was no longer a little girl and it was time for me to face a world that wasn't so gentle.
   Her last tale was the scariest one yet. That
Locket SirensIf there's something I'm not supposed to be doing, I've forgotten. The locket rests, heavy and cold, on my palm. I shiver, gooseflesh prickling my bare arms as the wind shifts course. In a frenzied game of tag, the curls I slaved over this morning dance and flatten across my face and I squint, trying to see through the thick locks. The locket hums again, haunted, and grows colder still. Frowning, I flip my palm upside down, trying to rid it of metal. The chain binds my fingers closed. The locket doesn't budge, but hangs instead from the gap between my life and heart lines. A pain, like pinching and releasing the skin, pricks across the flexes of my hand.
"You can't let it go now, Lees," Koto whispers beside me, his chrome-tinted eyes bulging and riveted to the necklace entangling me. There's a sheen to his lips I've never seen before; as I watch, his tongue sweeps across them again. A nervous habit.
Despite myself, I chuckle--a clipped, haughty sound that falls from behind my teeth lik

Death BeadsThe lights were bright and she closed her eyes. A loud crashing noise stung her ears. The sound vibrated her ear drum and was almost deafening.
Her eyes fluttered for a moment. She was standing though she didn’t know for how long. A light with no obvious source filled the room and she shied away; her eyes forced to dilate. Her senses were accosted from all sides and she wanted nothing more than to crumble to the ground.
It was harrowing, to say the least.
Light reflected off the four white walls. They were perfect and clean; no dust or distasteful nicks to speak of. Along the right wall was a large, metallic table indented with four questionable dump bins. Was she in a buffet line?
Her blurry vision cleared and she could see just to her left a small, metal stand on wheels. In one tray was a DVD player kept in good condition with title-less, black DVD cases stacked along its sides. On top of the stand was a 32” flat-screen TV. Its cord was wrapped into a circle and pl
When Summer EndsThere was a place in the world where all flotsam eventually drifted to. All the jewel-studded goblets of the royal ships, the colorful plumage of ladies’ hats; the torn flags attached to planks of wood, all the way to spices and tea and the carefully crafted fashion dolls that seemed a bit too real for personal comfort. One way or another, the wind would blow, the waves would dance, and the planet would turn so that all nature’s might would send the floating junk to a cluster of islands in the southern seas.
It was after a terrifying storm had raged in the north; the islands were waiting for their usual haul, and were beginning to see the glints of rum bottles, when a lump of cloth clinging to driftwood washed ashore.
After stirring a few times, the lump stood.
He was a man of advanced years, with eyes shining fiercely like a hawk’s. His hair and scraggly nest of beard carried bits of ocean that forever rid them of their natural color. By his rude demeanor he might ha
Blackout Days (bit 1) I remember the Blackout Days, when I was young and machines thrummed. Dark days, yes, but there was the tiniest streak of light on the horizon called hope. Baseball players wore black uniforms; it was easier to see them against the floodlights. We didn’t have pets; anything was considered fair game for the table in those lean times. But we kept the machines running, and focused on that strip of light on the horizon.
 Looking back now after so many years, it’s amazing that we took it all in stride. But it was just the way things were. I was twelve when I began work in the factory, my schooling done. But I was proud; I was doing something important. I was feeding the machines, making sure they never stopped. I didn’t really know at the time what might happen if they stopped, but I knew it was something bad. It was every citizen’s duty to contribute, to keep those machines working. I was glad to do it, even though my hearing is diminished now from the no

It's Burning Down Anyway"You shouldn't play with matches," she said. "You'll hurt yourself."
I lit a cigarette - with a lighter - and remembered Annie Venter telling me that in the eighth grade as I lit matches behind the school. I had stared at her and lit the whole matchbook on fire, and then I had dropped it in the grass. She made me stomp it out.
I stood on the porch of my apartment, listening to the rain and staring out at the fog and the clouds and thinking that somewhere out there, Annie Venter was probably sleeping, not thinking about the time she told some stupid kid not to play with matches. I flicked the lighter on and off a few times to see if it would feel the same way the matches had all those years ago, but it didn't.
The smoke curled above me in the cold air, a visible metaphor for addiction as it hung off me. Everything in my life smelled like that anymore: like ashes.
I dropped the cigarette on the deck and I stared at the small red ember, letting it burn and smoke, letting it become

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
Listen when you read! [OMG SAD SONG :(]
Its been two years now since the death of Petra Ral, also know as your close friend to you and Levi.
Sometime times you would cry in your room thinking about her. She was like a sister to you, She helped you through deaths of friends and family.
~Two years before~
"Y/N promise you wont die?" Petra said
"I promise do you promise Petra?" Y/N said
"I promise"Petra said hugging you 
"But if I do die read this" Petra said handing you a note 
"You wont Petra trust me!" You said putting the note in a box in your cabin
~Time skip to the Female titan Rampage~
"PETRA!!!" You and Eren shouted as she got kicked into the tree
Eren's pov 
'NOT ANOTHER!' I thought as I bit my thumb allowing me to turn into my titan form and I started to fight the female titan after the death of all my trainee friends
Normal pov 
You were crying hard now but when you saw Eren turn to his titan form you felt a little relieved and started to calm down and you Kept on going you turned your head for a second to see the death of your friend and tears immediately fell fast and you turned back and found that others started following Eren also
~Regular time~
You forgot all about the promise until you remembered The box 
You got out of bed and grabbed the box from under The bed and took out a sheet of slightly ripped paper that said "Y/n"
You carefully opened it and read it
Y/n, If you are reading this I'm sorry. I loved you with all my heart you were one of my bff's and I failed the promise we made. I'll hopefully meet you in another life 

i will do that before going to bed

no one will care about it but lets go

1- a journal doll
2-a icon ( of my character Pac tomorrow i put the link i am on IPod )
3-anyone adopting my adoptables its just 5 points
4-somene giving me pointzzz ( kidding i want points but was a joke )

Well,,dat is....everyone will ignore...i will sleep bye i will be back tomorrow 💤
A jar of teeth- rattling,
Clicking. Bone marbles of worn enamel
And chipped smiles long
The spent embers of a life
Once lived, now hidden away
In glass and
A proud warrior denied his destiny. A princess taken by fate. A dragon that scorches the land with hellish flames.
gate between heaven and hell has been opened, and now the middle ages hark to the dark ages. The earth trembles
corruption spreads, turning the living into undead beasts. The possessed take on the forms of demonic monsters.
era of darkness now begins for humanity.

Is there no

Who will lead us to

The answer lies within the

Rise from your grave, for this is your true destiny!
The proud one who
sleeps in misery, rise from your
casket, and reach for the very earth in which
you lay under!

I grant you power, use it, and bring mortal balance to
this barren land of Solgarde!

The Gods have forsaken the earth, and have run in
fear of their own creations.

I am death, the harbinger of souls! Purify this land,
and I will resurrect your princess from her watery resting place!

The gate... you must close the gates of hell!

I decided to dub a Brave Frontier fan fiction called 'Bloodstained Waltz'. The story was written by AbyssWings on Tumblr that's also a Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal fan.

It took me two months to work and one month of delay in between to finish, trust me. One wonky computer at home and one working one at a high school? Yeah, it took me that long.

So anyway, the story itself was taken down because of typical credit stealing. But I was lucky to save the story by the time and the rest is history. I just wonder when AbyssWings will bring the story back up...

So, in the meantime, see the story unfold on YouTube and visit my Tumblr page!
1) Who is your favorite Guardian?

A) Nicholas St. North
B) E. After Bunnymund
C) Toothiana (Tooth)
D) Sandman
E) Jack Frost
F) Pitch Black (Yes, I techinac consider him the Guardian of Fear)

2) Would you have sex with this person?

A) Yes
B) No
C) Maybe

3) What would you do in your free time?

A) have sex
B) watch videos
C) masterbate
D) watch funny ROTG Home Videos
E) watch TV
F) play spin-the-bottle with ALL yo friends!
G) other - _________________________________

4) If you two were locked in a room together, what would you do?

A) have sex
B) make out
C) stand there awkwardly
D) play trivia
E) talk about movies
F) sing random songs
G) other - __________________________

5) What would your reactions be when you first met each other (if you didn't know the other existed)?

A) scream
B) fight
C) make out
D) become friends
E) ask the other out on a date
F) other - _____________________________

Now spread the fandom to three other unlucky saps and see what happens! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄